Reincarnation 1 bronze buddha

Today, not only in eastern religions but in the somewhat materialistic western societies, countless people now believe or are starting to believe in reincarnation. This isn’t confined to any one religion as in the past.

At this present time individuals are making spiritual life choices based not only on personal preferences but, ‘cherry picking’ if you like, those aspects of divinity which appeal the most.

Therefore one can be a Spiritualist, for example, and have a belief in reincarnation. ~ or follow a more orthodox pathway. This seems eminently sensible taking into account both personal preferences and the diversity in new age and esoteric channellings.

reincarnation 2 pb in egypt

An Akashic drawing of me in an Egyptian life (above) when I ‘walked the sands of Egypt’ 


Think for a moment about the inequality in the world: Extreme poverty versus massive wealth; high intelligence compared to a non-academic lifestyle; the different personality traits that abound.

Grief and tragedy in an individual’s life compared to what would appear to be a charmed existence in another’s; friendships, opportunities, and the like.

If only one life is lived, then it is inevitable to wonder why there is so much disparity in the world. Also, why ‘me’ ? For instance why am ‘I’ a (perceived) failure or alternatively, a success ~ either in a material concept or spiritual ~ compared to other people?

reincarnation 3 pb in atlantis

An Akashic drawing of me from ‘a life in Ancient Atlantis’ (above) 


Reincarnation allows us to accept that our present life is but a window of opportunity in the great scheme of things. It doesn’t matter if you do not believe in a divine source or a Creator; personal or impersonal.

The reality is, as I will show below, none of us have any choice in the matter until we are sufficiently evolved to choose not to be incarnate on earth, or to reincarnate.

When a soul plans to come to earth, many facets are taken into consideration. We are born under certain stars and planets in order to best help the evolutionary progress of our soul.

Over a period of time, which is not measured as it is known on earth, the soul about to undergo a new physical incarnation has many detailed and all-encompassing talks with both the Lords of Karma and his or her own spiritual Master, guides and teachers.

The soul is allowed to look back over different lifetimes with particular reference to their last incarnation to see which karmic conditions ~if any ~ plus lessons accruing from past lives have yet to be understood and overcome.

The law of the universe is exact – the law of cause and effect (otherwise known as karma) cannot be avoided …

Therefore, we are all of us accountable for our actions in any one lifetime : the manner in which we live our life, how we treat others, what we give back to society and so on.

The permutations are endless and unending; so, the law of karma comes into operation from the freewill of man.


Gratitude to artist


The freewill of man ~ or woman ~ works upon the earth plane and works after death upon the astral plane, until the soul has repaid every injury it has ever done to those who remain in the physical world.

It is very much easier for a soul to finish and clear karmic debts on the Earth plane than to remedy these debts on the astral level.

For those not used to the concept of reincarnation, it can seem a little strange and unattractive at first. When I first consciously believed in reincarnation in this life it was 30 years ago. Now, it seems unnatural not to have this belief.

There does come a point, though, when reincarnation ~ taking another earthly existence ~ is voluntary. However, this does not happen until the soul has reached a high degree of spiritual supremacy.

But it does mean that we are not in an endless cycle of life after life, after life, without a good reason.

Talking about the soul : The soul is that part of God to which God Himself, gives Light and Life.

Looking at the soul after many incarnations ~ many different lifetimes ~ it can be seen that it has returned to earth over and over again, learning under different personalities and family conditions the lessons which it needed to experience in order for the soul to evolve into a perfect Son-Daughter of God The Father-Mother.

The signs of the Zodiac which govern the personality change with every incarnation, until the moment comes when the cycle of all 12 signs is complete. At this stage the soul begins once more to undertake incarnation into matter ~ life on earth ~ and thus once again refine his or her spiritual self so as to reach an awareness that the soul and spirit are As ONE.

Needless to say, our personality differs depending upon the Zodiacal Sign(s) that influence our lives. This means we know full well that whatever our personality in this life, whether we like ourselves or not, we have had many other existences in other countries and cultures to show a different presentation to the world. In other words : a new act in a play of our life.

reincarnation 7 Avalon

ART : ‘The Last Sleep of Arthur in Avalon’ ~ by Sir Edward Burne-Jones (Right)

When the artist was asked why he spent so many (18) years of his life, even the day before his passing, working on this one painting he replied ‘Why should I hurry? I am in Avalon’……………why hurry indeed?


Then the soul must return to earth to accept the influence of the moon and the sun, but particularly the moon. In accepting the influence of the moon there is first the merging between soul and personality, and it is at this moment that the soul can begin to guide the personality and raise its consciousness.

There is a circle of light around a soul which in turn is illuminated by the light of mighty planets, and it is these planets which in turn illuminate the Zodiacal signs.

Man has a physical body and a soul within which is the Light of the Holy Spirit; and an etheric body which is the covering for the soul. Within this etheric body there are 7 psychic centres or chakras.

 zodiac cup and saucer

Each of the centres govern its own colour, and where there is colour there is vibration. Light is colour, light is sound, but above all Love is the individual vibration of the human soul. Each person (soul) has its own unique vibration given to it from the beginning of time.

By the way, it is children who choose their parents, not the other way round. This is dependent upon many factors, but always there are lessons and experiences to be learned (positive or negative).

While reincarnation means rebirth in the physical world, there comes a time when the moment of death comes, whether it is for a young or old person. A call goes out from the plane to which the soul belongs. It can be heard by your soul but not by your personality.

If the soul has developed spiritually, it will say to the personality ‘our work together is finished’ and those words will be accepted by the personality which makes death swift and easy.

Upon every incarnation we are accompanied by our doorkeeper and spiritual guide. Our doorkeeper sees that we take steps that are necessary for our unfoldment, and our spiritual guide helps our path of spiritual understanding. They do not ever leave us.


In this reincarnation section, there are 2 Poems which are among my very favourites. They both come from The Book Of Truth And The Teachings Of Osiris, and deal with reincarnation itself.


On The Reincarnation Of An Egyptian Pharaoh

reincarnation 9 small anubis on box

AND the Sphinx looked down with a wondrous smile,

As it gazed on the form that it knew.

When it thought of the glory, that once had been

To him who was now so small.

reincarnation 9 small anubis on box

Yet the smile was kind, and it seemed to say,

‘’My son, thou shalt know one day,

For see, ‘tis the lot of many like thee

To have lost all their earthly sway.

reincarnation 9 small anubis on box

‘Tis well, my son, that thy soul should pursue

The way that thou once did profane

With all thy troubles and all thy doubts

Thou art more than in days gone by.

reincarnation 9 small anubis on box

‘Tis a marvelous thing to think that I

Should have stayed on the spot of my birth,

To have looked on thee in thy former Power,

When thy Princes did tremble the Earth.

reincarnation 9 small anubis on box

But now, O My Son, as I gaze on thy face

(For my gaze doth travel afar)

I see the Light that was lacking before

And I rest. Thou hast opened the door.”

March 22nd, 1925




TO Thee, O loving master

We bend in lowly prayer

That thou canst give our message

Its pathway through the air.

reincarnation 9 small anubis on box

On Earth thou art our sponsor,

To guide our steps aright

To where the fount of wisdom

Pours forth its radiant light.

reincarnation 9 small anubis on box

Our hope of Life Eternal,

That wondrous gift of love

Which through Thee can be purchased

By those who look above.

reincarnation 9 small anubis on box

Osiris, thou art Master,

O Isis thou art wife,

For two in one thou reignest

As one Eternal Life.

January 20th, 1926

egypt circle

Finally, as can be seen, there really is nothing ‘negative’ about reincarnation. In actual fact, without it – that is where difficulties could arise. It just means that we are all accountable for our actions in life – both good and bad. Good actions, obviously, create ‘good’ karma and mean that we are repaid, at the right time, for acts of kindness to our fellow men.

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