‘Some Day’ ~ ‘The Magic Hour’



some day 1

Violets ~ Image from Henna by Heather



Eager am I, O Fate, to sojourn here,

To sojourn lovingly on this dear earth,

Until thy summons fall upon mine ear,

And bid me rise and meet Thee face to face.

Eager! So I can rise and welcome

Thy stern call, in solemn joy, when’er it come;

No apprehension in my heart, no wistful

Questioning, nor undue sorrow or regret

To part from that which cometh not again;

Nor yet lament for sweet delights foregone,

Since all Earth’s fairest things are incomplete

With latent hope of what the longing heart

May ne’er attain: blossom never to fruition

Brought, or joys still-born in pain.


dome day 2

Photo : Anastasia Tsarskaya


Eager! ~ Not always so! ~ Not always so!

Some day a wind will Spring from Life’s abyss

I have not known ~ a strange and mystic wind,

More keen, and purer than before ~ caress

My brow, and wanton softly with my hair,

And murmur low a secret that I thrill

To hear…….

And then a light will quietly dawn

From some far distant, unnamed bourne, and grow

Most strangely luminous, most strangely clear,

And I shall spread my arm in rapture,

Towards the light, and slowly I shall know, ~

Shall know, for sure, ~ Thy call hath come,

And bid dear Earth adieu, and go.



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