Spiritual Rescue Work

spiritual rescue work 1

People ask me what spiritual ‘rescue work’ is. Personally, I have found no better definition than the following extracts from ‘The Book Of Truth And The Teachings Of Osiris’ by H C Randall-Stevens (El Eros) under β€˜Transition Of The Spirit’ :

When the body becomes diseased or dies of any cause, its magnetism ceases to function and the battery becomes discharged.

When this takes place, the spirit-force, which is also magnetism, has no affinity to which to attach itself, and is drawn out into spirit by those spiritual forces with which it has an affinity by reason of its evolutionary state of consciousness.

It will be attracted to that thought plane to which it belongs by reason of the initiations it has passed upon Earth.

spiritual rescue work 2 angels-and-harps-website-by-Sulamith-Wulfing1

ART : Sulamith Wulfing


At the death of the mortal body of a spirit ~ which has not progressed during its incarnation upon Earth, but has lived a vicious or destructive life ~ the spirit will continue to have an affinity with the mortal shell and will seek to cling to it in the belief that it can still live within its walls. It will not have the knowledge to realise that death has taken place and an incarnation has come to an end.

Within the astral regions of spirit surrounding and interpenetrating the gross matter of Earth, there are the equivalent of schools or lodges to which these souls, who are walking in darkness, may be taken.

There, teachers will endeavour to show them the light of truth so that they may have a desire to lift themselves out of the negative state into which they have sunk, and stretch out for truth and knowledge of their own accord.

spiritual rescue work 3 god-ra-original-painting-on-paper-veronica-winters-

ART : ‘God Ra’ ~ Original Painting on Paper : Artist Veronica Winters @ Fine Art America


This is very difficult ~ the discarnate one will only have the fleeting impression sent to it by one of the astral teachers. The message will be sent often, and in the sincere hope that at some time perception will break through, shedding enough Light to cause the distressed soul to make an effort to understand what is happening.

Until this takes place it will remain in the darkness of ignorance, clinging to the physical plane and, maybe, causing much harm to others who come into contact with it when trying ~ without proper knowledge ~ to contact the spiritual realms.

Those incarnate upon Earth, who know how to work can, however, do much good in helping these inhabitants of the lower astral regions.

These souls, who wander in the darkness, cannot recharge themselves for their magnetism is of a low character and has no affinity with that of the higher thought planes.

spiritual rescue work 4  pb osiris

ART : ‘Osiris’ ~ An original Painting of mine

(only part of which is shown)


Negative spiritual energies also have a detrimental effect upon people and buildings in the material world.

Sometimes it can be just a feeling of heaviness around a soul and sometimes more troublesome. I call them spiritual energies but, needless to say, they are not really spiritual ~ just psychic disturbances and very low magnetic vibrations.

spiritual rescue work 5 egyptian_bastet-Palace-Productions-Art-Studio-

ART : ‘Bastet’ ~ Palace Productions Art Studio


However, they are not to be taken lightly as, without the right help, they can cause much unhappiness ~ and totally and destructively upset the equilibrium of an incarnate soul.

spiritual rescue work 6 Isis

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