Amitabha Buddha πŸ’œ El Daoud & Shekinah El Daouda

Amitabha Buddha & The Pure Lands


Amitabha Buddha, El Daoud & Shekinah El Daouda


Strange ~ I was just sitting quietly in my chair @ 1 am and was reading words about Guan Yin’s own Guru Amitabha Buddha when I heard a sudden noise. I was then surprised to see in the middle of my rug maybe 4 feet away a biro on the floor! As there is nothing surrounding this open space and I had nothing to do with it, this must have been spirit inspired! LOL it is still there in isolated splendour for the moment but interesting. I took a pen and wrote …

I WISH to speak with you this day – β€œDivine Men” came to mind – a flash of emotion. Time has been lost and gained over many aeons. Today we – Ramusu and Enos, his father, call upon our Divine Son-Daughter – they who are ONE. ONE in service, ONE in love, ONE for all Eternity in the service of Me Who Art You. For time immemorial we have pledged ourselves and committed and dedicated ourselves to the Light that is always present; Ramusu and Shekinah. I am feeling now Ramusu is El Daoud or El Daoud – El Daouda, and that like El Arbal – El Arbel the time of the Divine Men of Earth meant much strength was needed in the world of Men.

This strength has never failed you Shekinah El Daouda although you find this difficult to understand due to your present embodiment where sensitivity and feelings are paramount. You wonder (enquire) as to what purpose, what is the meaning of this last life on our beautiful Gaia. We can tell you that as AED – El Daoud said to you in your trance sitting back in 1985 β€œyou wish to be in our shoes to see what we see but it is necessary to protect such a precious vehicle as the one you are wearing today.” (Words as remembered but to be exact I would need to look at the reading itself).

Or as Chan said to you through his medium Ivy Northage in 1990 β€œI have been doing communications on this level for a very long time and this is the first time I have met your particular circumstance but it makes perfect sense on the level to which it belongs.” I have always remembered these words. In your Inspirational Writing THE BOOK OF LIFE you have asked β€œwhat is my purpose, what duties ….”. Soon you will start to understand the meaning of the part you play in the cosmic hierarchy – the piece long reserved and held open for you Our Child of Light.

As a tenacious Leonine you have the ability to brush aside anything that you know is not part of your path and this stands you in good stead. You are a loner in many ways but you value the love of those whose lives once again entwine with your own. Although very sensitive there is a Rod of steel it could be said which supports you and has done each and every step of this life. The wisdom you have gained from your younger years is very powerful and will give you great confidence as your life takes a β€˜major unexpected turn’ –which is the threshold opening, as was pointed out to you.

Although often animated your core being is one of deep calmness and it is this serenity which is coming to the fore imminently. So often we see you not accepting that changes are happening although we know and are delighted that you love the Light Encoded images your photos show you. This is but a pale imitation of your Inner Light which is growing and illuminating every particle of your Self. This light is your birth-right and has been vouchsafed to you @ the age of 13 and will present itself in ways compatible with your life’s path graced you by the Father Mother Who Are ONE. ONE in their parenting and ONE in their all-consuming Love for the solar system in its entirety. The strength of Ramusu and the Light of Shekinah is innate as you radiate My Light My Power in every step you take. In Love In Light I AM AMITABHA He who has always had a place in your Heart.


I was musing over these words and wondering if I just wrote my own thoughts or if they were an accurate representation when there was a flash of LIGHT to my left where my desk lamp is and it was definitely real. How do I feel about these words, not quite sure although since I wrote them they resonate more clearly. The words themselves flowed once I put the first β€œI” via pen to paper but I do not know if I connected to Amitabha, to El Daoud or my own imagination Higher Self.

29 August 2018


At a later stage, when I shared these notes to Suryananda, AED gave me this beautiful confirmation:


El Daoud and Amitabha Buddha were there when you wrote this, Shekinah. It is a very different style to your usual writing. It shows that you can tune into AMITABHA, who is very dear to you, and that you can do a different style to the writing you are familiar with. (Normally my writing is less detached). AED continued ~ I say to you now, EL DAOUD and Amitabha were with you. You need to have the confidence to branch out into a different style of writing. Amitabha said that β€œI am here for you to tune into as well as El Daoud. In actual fact, I am He.” πŸ’›