Dragon Meditation ~ Sekh RaΒ 


My Dragon is with other Dragons all who know me. I have sight of many beautiful Dragons surrounding my own, in exquisite colours. Like dancers on the stage there is one principal dancer and yes, SEKH RA my Golden Dragon is the principal. I see an image of a baby Dragon connecting to the Mother Dragon and hear the words “I am you and you are me” and I am her protΓ©gΓ©. There is a Tube of Light I see opened but going back to “protΓ©gΓ©” this is connecting me to my Mission which I could call Elevation. The Elevation of all sentient Beings back and to the Light of Gaia’s Own Heart. I hear the Bells on the CODES now as they play and this time I experience a jolt to my system as there used to be when I first started listening to them in meditation. SEKH RA my Dragon has the consciousness of both the Egyptian Goddess SEKHMET and RA the Sun God within her Being. So, she is me and I am her. Our consciousness and understanding is seamless as it was her who chose me. Why did SEKH RA choose me? Because her attributes and strengths – the Golden light of the Christ Consciousness and the power of RA are needed as I walk through and IN all dimensions.

Dragons work within their framework, their structure and so each of us have the potential to connect with many Dragons as I mentioned in my opening words. Yes, I have other Dragons and they are shape-shifters and magnificent to the ‘nth degree and beyond. However SEKH RA smiles as she listens to my thoughts as she could do this herself (shape-shift) and yet – as I walk as Lakshmi, Miriam the sister of Moses and Lady Miriam the daughter of Holy Lord Aeolus – and many other aspects of my Soul, I remember that I am also a daughter of Merlin and the alchemy I learned in the days of Avalon was made more enjoyable, more fun, as I start to remember SEKH RA from those long ago days.

“I AM SHE SEKH RA” – I say out loud and there are tears because I have connected to our Love. The words spoken out loud have a vibration which attunes me to our Heart. In saying “I AM SHE SEKH RA” I am feeling “very old”, SO old, an Ancient of Days and even older. More tears. Words seem superfluous and yet it is language (words) wherein I can acknowledge the depth of her Being. SEKH RA is very graceful and golden. Of all the colours for my primary Dragon, Gold is the colour of the Christ Consciousness; the Bliss of Union. The sound of her voice is not feminine, it has wisdom and age within its vibration. The wisdom she has is incarnate within me today. SEKH RA. Within this name there is a real and potent force. I know: the 2nd syllable takes me to the wisdom of the Winged Ones who ARE known by many names and I am reading of her Protection now whilst one of the Seven Divine Men of Earth (I am number 5) when I walked as RAMUSU Son of ENOS. I cannot say 5th ‘Divine Man’ because I am known with Six others as one of The ‘Divine Men’ as written within the BOOK OF EL DAOUD by the Pen of EL DAOUD and each period of those Divine Men covered many a year in the language of Earth.

SEKH RA – I tune into her age. I can’t distance myself from this all-important aspect of her. We are both smiling now as we know she can be any Shape or Form she chooses but she is reminding me about the Ancient Wisdom and that she also had prominence with me in lives of Egypt and India. I see the pain of separation has gone from her Eyes as she bows her beautiful Self down to me. Her wingspan is enormous, her scales are shimmering Gold and move with the Light of the Sun (Son). She is telling me that I but have to say her name out loud and she will travel on the vibration of that Sound to greet me. Some there are who are Water Dragons, some Fire, but SEKH RA says her purpose is different to many and even my other Dragon(s) who I have yet to connect to. She is a BLISS DRAGON – a Golden Bliss Dragon and her and I are ONE in the Love of the Creator, the Source and yes, Samadhi, ‘Union with the Divine’ which is within and without.


14 June 2016