I would like to act as an alchemist and to help ALL receive the spiritual gifts of the Grail which is their birth-right, as it is mine. I have been thinking of the Grail recently but not just to do with King Arthur and the Round Table. I will meditate on the inner Grail work and below is my experience in connection with OSIRIS and His own REBIRTH – an alchemical transformation, even.

I did my preparatory work first, and saw myself in a pyramid within my beautiful Merkaba. I visualised my Merkaba as a double pyramid, comprising pale and translucent shades of amethyst, lilac and blue. I placed myself in the Pyramid of Giza and in my meditation I summoned the four elements. These were:

AIR ~ cloud (which takes me to heaven)
WATER ~ white lotus (which takes me to my Father God)
EARTH ~ white jasmine (which takes me to my flower and Divine Mother Evam Arbel)
FIRE ~ red and golden sun (which takes me to the Egyptian Sun God RA)


I breathed in as well as I could these elements and spiralled the power of each clockwise and out through my crown chakra. The way I personally did this was to summon the four elements to me, one by one, and when I had finished connecting to all four, I sent them forth one after another through my crown chakra. I directed my Merkaba to travel to SIRIUS, in actual fact SIRIUS B because this is where part of my own heritage is as a blended Sirian/Venusian and where OSIRIS Himself is.

I arrived at Sirius B and there were crowds of very happy people there to welcome me. Then I saw a tall, dark man, with longish hair who came over to me. LOVE such LOVE. His eyes were deep pools of it, and I made the connection to my Lotus and felt such deep emotion. Tears. I heard “The Beloved of El Daoud” as well as “Evam Arbel and me”.

OSIRIS – “I love you Lakshmi, my princess, heart of my heart, beloved of my soul. You art me and I AM you”. Brown tanned skin, long eyelashes, such compassion and – excitement. He is telling me of His REBIRTH to the Men of Earth as was written in The Book Of Truth And The Teachings Of Osiris with the Age of Aquarius which had yet (forth) to come.

“The time is now” He is saying. He is more. SO much more than an Egyptian deity – part of the SOLAR LOGOS and a Master of Creation. “You and I know each other well and as the aeons have gone on (and on) we have never been separated. Our hearts have beaten in the ONE Breath”.

Actually many more deep tears as OSIRIS is connecting me so strongly to MOSES. He has such strength and wisdom but through these traits runs a river of compassion. Again, aware of my Lotus and ‘feeling’ my Water element.

Egypt and RA The Sun God brings a knot to my solar plexus (SOLAR) Sun God – center of my Being and the universe itself.

MOSES will not go away (such LOVE). Is it the way OSIRIS looks (that I am seeing MOSES) – no, perhaps not! But the strength, the total Love for God My Father and His own Beloved Mother Evam Arbel. He takes charge and tells everyone to make space for me – not to overcrowd me but that I AM Home and He has waited a long time for this. He tells me a few stories of us together many a long year ago but the words do not register, all I could see was His great presence and great Love.

“Tell me about OSIRIS” I say to Him, awaiting with Love and Joy for Him to speak.

OSIRIS – “My REBIRTH into even greater Light has long been foretold but the people of Earth did not comprehend or understand I will have the Full Force of God within and without, hence why only an Ascended Being of Light is able to provide the vehicle for this REBIRTH. It is now time for those Divine Men of Old and yes, dear Lakshmi, you were One, as it has been confirmed to you, as also is dear Suryananda. The preparatory work has finished and as Gaia Herself ascends ever more and Her own footsteps become lighter, the gap between heaven and Earth or Sirius B and Earth has closed into the bright Light of this New Day”.

“Welcome Lakshmi. We will meet again”.
The faces of those around Him were full of such Love that I am reminded of Yeshua and His own followers. However, 2000 or so years ago the world was a different place than today. Now – the ‘mission’ which OSIRIS has accepted to bring to fruition, is to bring the full Light and Power of The Father Mother God, so all may know HIM.

ENDS – but OSIRIS’ essence of Love still lingers, like drops of dew on my Jasmine Flower of Life.

There are many who will allow the gifts of the Holy Spirit to manifest in abundance and in eventual totality, both within and without. My mission as I work on my Inner Grail (self) is to turn Darkness into Light. That not only will all Souls BE Light but can return to the Light of God. I AM Light and my compassion is born out of tenderness of The One Shared Heart. My compassion embraces all and it is this Love which reaches out to souls trapped in the pain of their own actions and those who are suffering because they have been traumatized by deeds of others. I AM LIGHT and my own Light is part of the Light of my Parents of God The Father Mother.

Lakshmi / Miriam, Sister of Moses ….Β 

4 September 2015

OSIRIS ~ part of my own painting by an artist friend