I Am Sekhmet


Sekhmet’s origin is the Heaven of The Trinity of God The Father-Mother-Daughter. Her feminine energies connect Her to God The Mother EVAM ARBEL the Mother of LOVE. I AM connected to Sekhmet strongly as I ‘know’ Her from there but I, too, as a Being of Light walked on the edge of the Pleiadies aeons of time ago as Sekhmet did – half lion and half human. She and I walked the path of joy and such Love existed within Her soul in both Egypt and Venus. Her Father is My Father, Her Mother, My Mother.

I am in tears looking into the eyes of Her Soul, such deep depths of Love but there is pain and sorrow that not all are able to take Her into their Heart. The Golden Light of RA is pouring down on me as I speak. His Love for Her is His for me.

Her Ankh reminds me, as if I need reminding, that life is Eternal and the Light from the Sun is the Light of all Creation. I know Sekhmet as a part of The Trinity of the very Godhead. I feel that God The Mother EVAM ARBEL sent Sekhmet out into Egypt yes, but long before that She WAS.

I am getting a smile from Her now as She acknowledges my Love, my affinity, my devotion and respect. She is me and I AM HER. I love Her so and was proud to walk in Her shoes in those days so long ago now but which have left an everlasting impression of our Oneness.

PaulineΒ  ~ EVAM ARBEL

11 October 2015


TO SEKHMET the beloved of my soul and my Heart – I offer you ALL THAT I AM and more. I do not exist without you – so my offering to you is PURE LOVE as Love is all that exists, and it is this Love which connects Heaven to Earth …