I saw a flash about 4am this morning of a Sacred Scarab, and Anubis standing upright with the Ankh in his hand – so have been writing a few notes on ANUBIS

I Know Anubis


My fascination for the underworld and those who are found ‘wanting’ on the Scales of Maat have always been of interest. My work has been in conjunction with yours ANUBIS. You judge according to the Laws of The Hallowed Land and I rescue with you, those souls left behind, those down in The Halls of Amenti. I am not passive, as my strength is needed to pull souls out of the abyss of their own making and always it has been thus. Together we serve PTAH the Creator God of Light and all Worlds. Daily I ask (and I hear you) for protection for myself and my loved ones, each and every day. It is as natural to me now as my very Breath of Life.

I had sight of you dear ANUBIS in my dream recently. You were standing straight and tall, holding the Ankh; the symbol of Eternal Life. Immediately prior to seeing you I saw the Sacred Scarab, once more connecting me to ancient Egypt and the Sands I once walked. The Scarab is a sign of rebirth. Yes, as a Pharaoh myself in days long gone you know me well, but also in many other identities through the passage of time. Egypt holds together the many Threads in my Tapestry of Life. The centre core are the Pharaohs and Priests of Ancient Days. OSIRIS – well, both you and I know Him well. In life after life through the aeons I have turned to you for assistance in all realms including the very densest Astral Regions of darkness. Your protection has afforded me an invisible cloak as I take on the mantle of lost souls everywhere. Those who have erred on their own paths of life but also many others who have been treated so cruelly in different ways. So much so that the Light and strength within them has become dim as they clamour to reach those Lighted Realms once again with clear sight. Their hearts cover the scars of many battles: some lost, some won, but always you hear their call, their pleas for assistance and your compassion, yes compassion, always prevails.

Many are there who think you are a cold and somewhat distant figure, with no understanding of the frailties of human existence but I know differently. Your strength is Magnificent and your soul was created for just such a purpose. Your role in ancient Egypt covered at different times both Embalming and The Weighing of The Heart Ceremony. You have seen much, which not many have as yet seen – as you move and walk between Worlds and Dimensions, and Passageways between form and formlessness. I have been with you, loved you, and yet ours is a working relationship which has honoured me greatly since I first volunteered to serve the Light of The Father Mother God and The Father Mother King of the Dhuman Adamic Race in returning souls to the Light.

My own compassion meets your great power and strength and together we have accomplished much, but there is more still to do as we turn darkness into Light; the pale Light of the Moon into the bright Light of the Sun God RA and Creator PTAH. I am by your side in the etheric in the Weighing of The Heart ritual, as Death takes away physical lives. Symbolic, yes, but also a real awakening for all who need to and do cross that Threshold. The soul being immortal never dies as we are all part of the Mind of God made manifest. Different Worlds yes, and our lineages and Sources of Origin differ. However, for me, you have always been there and speaking to you is like talking to an old and trusted confidant. There is a part of you within me and me within you and it will be thus for all Eternity.

I see your Light enveloping the astral planes searching intently for those who have called your Name. Once you hear their call they are held within your protection which goes far beyond the Ring-Pass-Not. ‘Chills’ now, as I attempt to do you justice and allow others to see that your fierce and tenacious protection, like the Jackal you are portrayed as, is only a fraction of the great soul ANUBIS who I AM blessed to call a loved one. You are a god of Egypt for all time and for all people and I HONOUR you this Day.

Β Lakshmi

8th May, 2016

Scarab of Ancient Egypt