Lakshmi & Evam ArbelΒ 

Today was a very quiet day for me, I shall call it a nurturing day. My intention was to connect with EA (Evam Arbel) more consciously, not in any particular set meditation-time but as a part of my day. However, it seemed a strange day – not quite sure why and so at 6.15 pm I decided to close my eyes for a moment or two and relax. I opened them and saw out of the window the most beautiful Sun going down on the horizon and thought:

This is Evam Arbel, this is Her world – much Violet and Blue, and shimmering Rays from the disappearing Sun, deep violet and I likened it to a flower, with Blue around the Circle – moving – the red and gold sky, that portion of it held or, as EA says is β€œheld in my Heart” – turquoise blue as well. They seemed like giant Orbs – the blues and violets, then all the Rainbow colours seemed to show their glory, ever moving across the sky. I hear EA whisper: πŸ’œ “These Orbs represent the beats of my Heart. In / Out (rise and fall) the Rainbow colours are the very Rays which are radiating from my own Amethyst Ray. They take from my Ray a particle and add to it their own addition as to their purpose. My World, my Sun, my People, my Joy, my Gaia.”

EA – β€œI AM Evam Arbel and yes, Lakshmi, you are my Child of Light and Light will always surround those who you Love”. I took a deep breath and heard Her say “I AM EA and AED Vishnu are part of my Heart. I am EA looking out over My world. When My eyes close the darkness covers the face of the Earth, when they open, there is the Light of a New Day.”

Connecting to EA and Being Her, I am of course connecting to the Father in / by Whose Hand the Worlds were formed. OM – I am saying quietly but EA takes over and Her OM breathes colour into all manifested Life – “OM – my Breath (EA) My Gaia. I AM Divine Mother, God The Mother. My Breath IS All Life. A fragment / aspect of Me walked in the consciousness of Mary, the Mother of Jesus. You, Lakshmi, in your Embodiment as Mary Salome, wife of Zebedee, mother of John The Beloved and James, knew me well. As I told you in a message to you via the Akasha, the Amethyst Ray which I AM Head of and which is your own Ray of Origin is the one most important to you in this life because it connects you to that time of Christ, and your closeness to Jesus (Sananda). You and He are of the El Arbal-El Arbel line in your sojourns on Gaia and this closeness to the Embodied Christ fills my own Heart with a Mother’s Love.”

BEing EA I feel Her pain but I am also enveloped within and without by Her magnificence and the magnificent Amethyst Ray. My own Twin Flame Divine Consort is ONE with me and there is no separation; what I feel, he is a part of. EA continues: β€œI have been in Embodiment as Saraswati, as Guan Yin and as Tara – for I AM them and they carry out the wheels of Created Life as I was brought out from the Very Heart of He Who IS God The Father. He IS The Father and I AM the Mother of All Beings, and all Sentient Beings are our Children and we, their Divine Parents. I am now Being wrapped in Her Love, in a protective ‘blanket’ of unconditional Love and hear Her say: πŸ’œ “Although there are many Lighted Beings who surround you Lakshmi, you and I are joined ineffably with your own Divine Consort and my Beloved Son who IS God The Son, The Cosmic Christ, The Holy Spirit but who will be known in time to come as The Future Buddha Maitreya. The Buddhas, Monks and Nuns who have walked with Me in Service, in Light, have been in communication with Myself as their Ear unto The Godhead, His Very Heart.”


Lakshmi and Evam Arbel

13 October 2016