Rouge by Escume - female face x

Rouge ~ by Escume



Β Lakshmi ~ Ishotepa in AtlantisΒ Β 


A window opens for me and I see into my Atlantean past. I am young and female and a High Priestess of Atlantis. I am wearing a white tunic with a gold belt studded with deepest amethyst jewels which radiate light and it is this light which crystalizes into sparkling jewels of many hues and shades. I have blonde hair and light green eyes. My hair falls loosely to my shoulders because I am not working at this moment – just relaxing and meditating in my ‘quiet’ time. I am ISHOTEPA and my Divine Complement (Twin Flame) is ISHOTEP. He is a High Priest but our duties are separate although I know he and I are conjoined in love as around his head and body there emits the most beautiful light whenever he sees me, which is absent from others he meets. However, such love is not spoken of as I volunteered to assist the men of Earth in service to my Divine Parents. I feel the vibrations within me and which are reflected outwards in light, in sound and in colour. By these “notes” I am known by. There is so much joy I am experiencing as my love as a Ray Child is enabling me to serve in this particular Temple in Atlantis, not just anywhere in Atlantis but The Sacred Heights, no less. Atlantis consists of three different areas: The Sacred Heights, The Tablelands and The Lowlands. Each section allows us in only according to the degree of light we are.

I volunteered to come down from the Divine Spheres and live and work in Atlantis for a season because I am assisting the Divine Sparks who are known as Yevahics. I smile with much affection for they have arrived in the Lowlands of Atlantis by somewhat tortuous routes. They are not brought forth as a Ray Child and Created from the Breath of God as I was and all Adamics but were given bodies by the misuse of power and hence their struggle to know and understand by “adoption” what the Ray Children knew at Source. As they evolve they will lift their bodies into higher frequencies and more light which will allow them to change their DNA structure.

Each High Priestess has a special teacher/tutor and my own is MINOTA who loves The Father Mother God as much as I do. Oh, how I love him. So, going forward through the Portals of Light, as I am able to do because of my Temple training, I see he is there in many lives of mine as a member of my Light Family. Even in my present incarnation he was my Father and my Book of Life (Akasha) tells me he will always guide me with his own inimitable love. His eyes have so much wisdom and compassion. His aura is pure Gold and he is enveloped within this sheer Radiance as he oversees my training. When he speaks to me I notice my own aura expands greatly in his presence and if I listen carefully I hear music emanating from his Heart Chakra. This is so beautiful my happiness always increases with this awareness.

The Sacred Heights wherein my Temple is are only accessible by levitation and in this Sacred Space I hear the Voice of my divine Parents as I am held within the Golden Radiance of the Spiritual Sun (Son). My days are full as I am using my skills to heal and the many Crystals to scrye in service to the large number of Souls who are brought to my Temple of pure white stone. There are many pillars and benches, flowers and water around. The flowers are so abundant that by smelling their scent I am immediately spiritually refreshed. The Lowlands are where the Yevahics are first brought as they remain the furthest from the Divine Spheres. Over time, as they slowly evolve, they are able to move up to the Tablelands, which are just below the Sacred Heights.

I am allowed and trained to look into the future as a Divine Oracle and the only thing which mars my joy is that I see this special place being destroyed one day when it can no longer hold this pure vibration of light and love. This makes me very sad and I ask MINOTA why this will be allowed to happen. He answers gravely and with compassion that this time we are sharing together is what will always and forever be known as The Golden Age of Atlantis. As aeons come and go, the pull of the Earth’s pleasures will exert their influence and many Souls will cease to be content in our refined atmosphere. Slowly they will forget the Higher Teachings the Priests and Priestesses have shared of truth, of love, of healing and will prefer to follow the sensual temptations of their neighbours. So, as I look into the future far ahead in time, Atlantis will eventually be destroyed as the only way to stop the decline from spreading and influencing many others.

I spend my days in total love and commune with ALL from the tiniest flower to the beautiful and delicate Unicorns which are so popular in Atlantis, together with my fellow High Priestesses and of course my Divine Complement (Twin Flame) ISHOTEP. However, I know this time in The Sacred Heights is given me for a purpose which is not personal but an acceptance of my desire to assist my fellow Brethren to evolve to the point when they, too, can call themselves God’s Children By Adoption, rather than us who are known as the Children of The Breath as we serve God our Father Mother throughout all time.

Lakshmi / ISHOTEPA

12 May 2016