Guan Yin statue and violet

Guan Yin



A Memory


Early in the evening I had closed my eyes and saw Violet again but this time it seemed Violet Flames moving quite rapidly – I thought β€œtransmuting” and cleansing as they were very vivid. Then I could see what appeared to be a picture forming and yes! This time there were beautiful Lilac / Violet shapes which formed into Guan Yin in Japanese form. She was wearing Violet and White with Her hair up and surrounding Her were gorgeous blossoms of the same beautiful shade.

My evening carried on and at 9pm I was filling up the kettle and the kettle changed completely to Violet again with more flowers touched with green which were moving, not static and allowed me to feel I was walking amongst the flowers. The experience continued. Then not only the kettle but the area around it had the same pretty and delicate Violet flowers, quite stunning. I thought perhaps I could see this on another item and I did so on a white mug and when looking at my fridge the whole top had the same vista.

Feeling delighted for many reasons. As I am typing this the Violet flowers are still with me as they have now materialised on my keyboard and around me as I type, still moving. What is lovely about this visualisation is that it is seen with my eyes open as I go about my evening; I am not sitting in meditation but the fruits (blossoms) of cumulative meditative states allow this moving panorama of the most stunning flowers to blend so completely with me both within and without …. πŸ’œπŸ’«

Lakshmi Amrita El Daoud

3 April 2017

Artist ~ Kusaba Kazuhisa