How the thread of Spiritualism is the cornerstone of every religion


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Most people, when the word Spiritualism or Spiritualist is mentioned, think of a séance or people talking to the so-called ‘dead’. This doesn’t do justice to Spiritualism and I will show why this is too simplistic a description.

Spiritualism’s message is not primarily one of comfort to the bereaved, although this is very valuable; but that this world and the spirit dimension interpenetrate each other seamlessly. We cannot read the Bible with intelligence without recognising that the Old and New Testament is full of spiritual happenings : Visions, trance, materialisation, de-materialisation, levitation, mediumship, automatic-writing and spiritual healings, together with the many spirit messengers who were both seen and heard.

new egypt King Sethi I opening ...

ART : King Sethi I opening the doors of the shrine of Amon-Ra (blue-skinned),
Scene related to the Daily Temple Ritual; from the north wall (upper register) of the Chapel of Amon-Ra in the “Great Temple” of King Sethi I at Abydos


We read in the Bible how Jesus talked to the ‘dead’ ~ for instance, Moses and Elijah. Therefore he saw, heard and spoke, to those discarnate (who had left the physical world). Today, more and more people are outgrowing the dogmas and doctrines of the church and looking (and finding) a new approach to their spiritual identity (religion).

Spiritualism is considered by some to be a religion, others a philosophy. However, Spiritualists believe they have a sensitivity (empathy) to the vibrations and energy transmitted by the spirit world. This sensitivity enables them to act as facilitators, so they are able to deliver messages or act as a channel for enlightened beings,

The basis of Spiritualism is the conviction that spirit is the essence of life and that it lives on after the body dies. It is often defined as spirituality outside of religion, whereby its practitioners describe themselves as being spiritual rather than religious; a secular spirituality.

spiritualism 2-Egyptian-Goddess-Bast-Original-Lithograph-Print_-By-Seshetta-Diveena-Seshetta-Art-and-Prints

ART : ‘Egyptian Goddess Bast’ ~ an Original Lithograph Print. By Seshetta Diveena (Seshetta Art and Prints)


This means an adherence to a spiritual ideology without the advocating of a religious framework. Secular spirituality emphasises the inner peace of the individual, rather than a relationship with the Divine. Inner peace is often associated with traditions such as Buddhism and Hinduism.

It is through Spiritualism that we as individuals are able to connect visually ~ through visions, and clairaudiently ~ through Direct Voice, with the divine universal consciousness. This allows us to use our non-physical senses and access what is termed the ‘inner world’.

new website Golden Horus Egype

ART : “Golden Horus”, also known as “Horus of Gold”: Horus in His form of sacred falcon standing above the hieroglyph for “gold”.

Faience Inlay from Khmoun/Shmoun (Hermopolis Megale), IV century BCE; now in the Metropolitan Museum


All religions have at their core, messages of enlightenment and empowerment. These can only be given by metaphysical means. With the myriad faiths and religious ideology operating today, most people believe their own personal way of life is the one which leads to an at-one-ness with the Supreme Being and Creator of ALL.

However, none of the world’s religions could have come into being without an esoteric and metaphysical teaching (knowledge given outside of the physical world and immediate senses). All myths and legends can be taken symbolically or literally, or both.

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As Alice Bailey said : “The teachings of the East and West must be fused and blended before the true and Universal religion”.

There are various forms of mediumship ~ remembering that a medium is purely a conduit to other planes of existence.

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Some aspects of Mediumship are listed below:

Mental Mediumship

This relies on telepathy, where the medium hears clairaudiently. The ‘voice’ manifests through the subconscious mind and is materialised by the brain which is the physical wireless apparatus. The voice is real and understandable to the recipient of the messages because he, or she, is in a state of full consciousness.

Clairvoyant Mediumship

Spirits from the higher planes manifest in thought, conveying a definite picture from the physical brain to the pineal gland, known as the spiritual eye. This allows the conscious mind to see those things which are coming through from the planes of spirit.

Trance Mediumship

The medium allows his ego (self) to step aside and enters a trance-like state where spirits (discarnate beings) communicate through that individual soul.

Physical Mediumship

This involves perceptible manifestation and uses energy (ectoplasm) released by the medium (as in a séance).


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Helen Duncan (above) ~ a Spiritualist Materialisation Medium through whose body, milky ectoplasm flowed and formed into complete human figures, which could walk and talk and greet their living relatives with intimate secrets known only within their families

Direct Voice

Communication involving spirits speaking independently of the medium. The medium connects both the Earth and spiritual dimensions, which mean there is no separation between the different spheres of existence.


These are teachings and higher spiritual truths given by ascended masters and enlightened beings for the benefit of humanity.


A form of impressional mediumship. It covers the ability to ‘read’ individuals and their physical state of being.


The ability to ‘ know’ something without knowing why or how; in other words the gift of intuition.


A drawing or painting connecting to the spiritual planes ~ where either a spiritual guide or teacher, or a loved one’s energy and image, is produced for the sitter.

spiritualism 5 Chan

A Psychic Drawing by Coral Polge : ‘Chan’ ~ Spiritual Guide of Medium Ivy Northage (Right)

spiritualism 6 Ramadahn

‘Ramadahn’ ~ Spiritual Guide of Ursula Roberts (Left)


A form of extra-sensory perception and the ability to make assumptions from an unknown object through its energy field.


Spiritualists (mediums) believe there is one God, one universally, all-pervading presence of life, the voice of I AM, the Creator of All That IS. They also consider everything to be made up of energy. However, Spiritualism need not mean a particularly religious approach to life.

What it does mean, however, is an acknowledgement that those in the earth world and those in the spiritual realms can be brought close together in order to further the evolution, understanding & progress of Gaia and its inhabitants.

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