Communication Through Sound


Communication Through Sound

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When it became necessary to submerge a portion of the great valley which surrounded the tableland on which the great and glorious temple of the Father-Mother-God stood, a large number of Masters were sent forth, a group to the north, a group to the south, a group to the east and a group to the west.

That sending forth took place over a very long period of time. They were not just called and sent out as so many of king’s messengers into the void; they were prepared, and part of their preparation lay in linking with the first and second groups who had gone forth and who, studying earth conditions, prepared for the later Masters to follow them.

The children of the Breath came to the Nile valley. They arrived fully adult, descending through the ether and, wrapping around themselves according to the command of God the denser ethers as they made contact with them, so that when they woke from the sleep of their coming, they were beings of flesh and blood clothed with the light of the Father-Mother-God, breathed upon by His Breath, so that the Holy Spirit within them was of Him and with Him, beings of culture and wisdom, of spiritual understanding.

They came to earth for a special purpose, that they should separate from their twin souls in the etheric planes that these twin souls should be born anew, fully adult in the physical body after a sleep which to them was as the sleep of death is to you, leaving behind the place of light and entering into the flesh and the darkness of the earth plane.

But they came that they might fulfil their task of creation and bring into being children of the Breath, made of the flesh of their own bodies, blood of their blood, physical of their physical, completely, and yet ever of the Breath of God, holding within them the seed atom of the heart, the culture, the wisdom, the learning of the great Holy Temple. These children, fruit of the twin soul incarnate, came to earth as tiny, crying infants and grew under the tutelage of their parents to manhood and womanhood.

Thus you find a wonderful legend woven around Moses, who was a child of the Breath incarnate in the physical body, born into the physical world as a child. But he did not cry. He was joyous, full of joy; it was only when the various parents had spent continual time upon the earth plane that the sorrow of the earth plane entered into their souls and their children came to cry instead of to rejoice.

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ART : Hieroglyphics @ British Library


We have considered the great difference between the incarnate children of the life-spark and the incarnate children of the Breath, and we realise, therefore, how the land of Egypt came to be divided into two distinct portions; those with the spiritual culture and the wisdom of the place of light, endeavouring to build a foundation on the physical plane through all the denseness of material vibrations, and the children of the life-spark, their heads bent and grovelling in the dust, people who must achieve their culture and their spiritual knowledge through fulfilling their service to the children of the Breath in the physical plane.

The children of the Breath came into that fertile land surrounding the Nile valley. They looked always towards the symbol of Aquarius towards the Aquarian age, for which even in those far distant times preparations were being made. They increased in fairly large numbers and they began to feel that the time had come when they needed a leader. They communicated with their Father-Mother-God and they asked Him that He would send them a king.

A long time elapsed before the Father-Mother-God sent forth the second group of Atlantean Masters, a group that went to Egypt. There were two hundred and forty of these Masters; each one had held a specific and responsible place in the great Atlantean Temple; each one had his own work to do upon the earth plane, and although all began in the Nile valley, all were not commanded to stay there, for one hundred and twenty remained in Egypt, the other one hundred and twenty being under the command of the Father in a different direction.

We have seen how these early children of the Breath prepared the drawings of their Temple, of the clay which they formed into tablets of the Nile mud. When they began to move away from each other and to use messengers for communication, they traced on tablets of dried mud, while the mud was wet, their messages.

Communication through sound 3. I am the Bennu bird, the Heart-Soul of Ra, the Guide of the Gods to the Tuat

ART : ‘Bennu Bird’ (Right)
NOTE : ‘The Book of the Dead’ says ~~~

β€œI am the Bennu bird, the Heart-Soul of Ra, the Guide of the Gods to the Tuat”


These were always symbolic – a large bird in flight, a small bird in flight, a stone pillar or a stone pyramid, a group of men carrying bundles on their heads, men kneeling, men attaching ropes to heavy stones, men cutting reeds and playing them, men cutting bigger reeds to make pipes.

These symbols were the basis of the Egyptian hieroglyphs, and the one who went away to whom the messenger was sent, was thus kept in constant communication with his family, β€˜family’ meaning the community, by messengers who were chosen from the life-spark because they could not read the symbols, carrying these tablets as you would send a letter from one to the other.

When the hundred and twenty special Masters came, they abode on the delta of the Nile. If they penetrated further up the Nile they did not remain very long. And here they prepared a very wonderful stone, a stone which was called diorite which could only be found in the delta of the Nile, very much like the quartz stones of Atlantis, transparent, malleable but unbreakable, and this was moulded by the children of the Breath, who had already for some time dwelt in the Nile valley, into a shape which was inscribed in symbolic form the names of the Masters who came forth and who caused the stone to be prepared.

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That stone still exists today in the city of Palermo and is known as the Palermo Stone. It bears the name of the hundred and twenty Masters into whose charge was given the land of Egypt by the Father-Mother-God.

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These Masters were called β€˜Bati’, a word which the Egyptian translator describes as β€˜king’ because king is the highest office he knows to describe it. A Bati is a Master to whom we bow the knee, whom we face with humility, to whom we offer praise and thanksgiving, for he is chosen of the Father-Mother-God for a special way of preparation.

He is part priest, part angel, part minister and teacher and part king, and therefore you will realise how the children of the Breath reverenced their Bati, how they offered them homage and came to learn of them the culture which had continued in the great temple on the tableland long after these first children had come to earth.

At this time the study of sound began to increase. The child of the Breath in the Nile valley, standing by the flowing water in the early morning light, would breathe deeply, holding in the diaphragm and drawing in the Holy Breath, so that his body became still in the sight of God, and as he expelled at the end of his exercise he would utter the long, low β€˜A-a-a-h,’ and then he would call to his fellow across the river and he would draw the lips in for a moment, and β€˜O-o-o-h’, and louder, β€˜0β€”o-o-h’, and these sounds uttered in the silence of the great open spaces picked up the vibration of the ether around them.

new website The Three Graces by Emily Balivet

ART : ‘The Three Graces’ ~ Emily Balivet


Here we find the child homesick probably for his great temple on the tableland, remembering the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. For a long time these two sounds were the only sounds uttered by the early children of the Breath.

Then came the β€˜E’, your ordinary letter E, holding and dying away, the mother calling to her child, the child responding on the same note again picked up upon the ether. And then the β€˜I’, the voice raised, watching the flight of the great Egyptian cranes, for the river cranes, which were symbolised in the writing over and over again until today, stand for one of the great Egyptian symbols.And then the β€˜0o-oo-oo’, its intensity of sound in the centre, another call, another note, another sound.

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ART : ‘Isis’ ~ Susan Seddon Boulet (Left)


Much later came a sound which is necessary for training the children of today which links with the zigzag of Aquarius, the sign of the Water, and again upon a deep breath the sound of the wind in the rushes, which precedes the storm in the ether, the sound which, dying away, traces upon the ethers of light the note of peace – β€˜Whe-e-e-e-w’.. Thus gradually more and more sounds were added and used in communication.


Communication Through Sound ~ taken from Initiation By The Nile

by Mona Rolfe PhD

Mona Rolfe, PhD was Oneferua, a Medium for the Teachings of Oneferu, the 9th Master of Atlantis. He was her Twin Soul and a Master Initiate who came close to Earth from the planes of light to give an understanding of life today by drawing a picture of the teaching given in the great Temple in Atlantis.

Oneferu was Incarnate as Men-Aton during Akhenaten’s reign

First published in 1976 and still available


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