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Friday, December 26, 2014

Looking Back to Leap Forward – Year 2008




Consciousness, like a stream of pure water comes into you, fills you and flows out from you. As long as what comes in is pure, your thoughts, emotions and intentions are pure; and that which flows from you remains pure.

However, if tainted water enters your stream or hides inside of you, it taints the water that flows out from you and precedes your every experience.

Your stream of consciousness is your only eternal treasure. Therefore, it needs to be owned, protected and cleaned. Your consciousness is the one possession that will assuredly go with you as you navigate through the myriad changes and expressions of your reality.

In fact, your consciousness is actually that which creates the changes and experiences in your life.

Only you can protect your consciousness. Only you can guard it against the invasion of the unwanted as you travel through reality and interact with the millions of other streams. You, as well as many other streams, have chosen to follow the Flow back to the great Ocean of Unity from whence you came.

Upon your return, what do you wish to contribute to this Ocean?

How will the Ocean of Unity change when your stream flows into it?

Is your stream clean, or has it been muddied by your outer and inner environment? If your stream creates your reality, how can something outside of you muddy your inner life?

YOU are the one who chooses what enters your consciousness. YOU are the one who must walk the tightrope between denial and choosing to perceive only unconditional love.

Once you know that you will carry that which you allow into your perceptions, you will become more vigilant as to where you allow your attention to rest.

Also, once you realize that the stream flowing from you goes ahead to create the reality you have allowed into your consciousness, your vigilance of perceptions will become more and more defined.

The reality you choose to perceive is the reality you choose to live.

The choice is yours.

As long as your inner stream is as clear as a finely cut diamond, you can perceive other diamonds within the other streams heading toward their destinations.

Once you are clear enough to see the Flow that unites you with the β€œother” diamonds, these outer diamonds become inner diamonds.

Within the Flow, inner and outer realities become ONE.

All the many streams of consciousness become ONE.

And, the past and future is NOW.

All extremes, measures and polarities blur into the ONE of the NOW that is infinity HERE. HERE and NOW you are the stream of consciousness that unites you with the Ocean of Spiritual Unity.

You have arrived at the Ocean to which you have been flowing. Long ago, when there was time, you were a small individual spring. Now, YOU are the ocean.

However, because you have chosen to take the long journey from infinity to individuality and back again, you return asan individual Drop of Infinity in the Cosmic Ocean of Unity.

2008 was an interesting year for me, so I wish to share my 5 W’s WHO – I was still Suzan Caroll, as it still not feel safe enough to me my real name. WHAT- I had finished my Seven Steps to Soul poem bookΒ  WHERE – I compiled most of it at my parent’s house Β during my Mother’s dying process WHAT- I wrote a workbook for my Seven Steps to Soul book, and for my website WHY – I was trying the find the ME that was how I perceived as MY SELF As a Happy Holiday gift to you all I have placed that 36 page booklet in my dropbox. You can download it form the below link:


Happy Holidays to all of you and thanks for your wonderful sharing.

I had a meditation in which I was instructed to add the below section to this process.

I hopeΒ that youΒ wonderful readers will join me in this activity by posting your answers.

Then, as we “Look Back to Move Forward,” we can do so together.

I begin by posting my answers.

The 5 W’s

WHO did you see yourself as in 2008? (how we perceive our self is WHO we are)

WHAT were you doing? (and how did “doing” that impact your perception of self)

WHERE Β did you live? (where we live greatly influences us)

WHEN were you most SELF-aware in that year?

WHYΒ were you SELF-aware in that NOW?

If you wish to post your answers it will assist in our Unity Consciousness.

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suzanne lie 27.12.b