A Poem Found Me – Trevor Taylor


Sun Soakers in Paignton ~ Painting by Dallas Smith


“A Poem found me …
Early sun’s waves tease old harbour wall
Angrier surf greets dark summer squall
Seagulls glide, loud sentinel cry
Shadows of clouds in painted blue sky
Silent sea wakes in mists a’ dawning
Rushing sea-voice herald sounds of morning
Wind bells of sea gently shake souls arising
Pebble dashed rhythm forms words inspiring
Crabs sidewind, fearing small splashing feet
When the worlds of children and shoreline meet
A poem has found me this day …


Sunlight pirouettes off the fisherman’s stand
Deftly casts his rod with a flick of the hand
Praying the sea to give up a catch
He watches and waits, old pipe and match
Sea- weathered brow seeks fin-rippled sea
Rewarding his solitude, fresh fish for tea
No gravity of thought and a weightless mind
Shuffling home fearing ties that bind”
Trevor Taylor

Sally Swatland Paintings ~ Children on the Beach


Trevor Taylor LLB (Hons)
Devon, United Kingdom
Award winning Commonwealth Writer and Academic Magazine Editor.


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