AHWAA: The Divine Mother Describes a Mass Heart Opening for the Planet – Linda Dillon

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AHWAA: The Divine Mother Describes a Mass Heart Opening for the Planet

Usually I give a brief synopsis of what was discussed in the pre-record of An Hour with an Angel, but today I need to say much more because we appear to be in close proximity to the events discussed.

I’m going to post this early because we don’t know when the event being discussed will happen and so I’d like this information out as early as possible.

In the pre-record Tuesday, the Divine Mother revealed that she’s increasing her Tsunami of Love dramatically and used words like “explosive” and “heart opening” as being what we can expect in the near future.

I asked her if she was describing a heart opening similar to what I had in March 2015 (i.e., explosive) and she said “yes.”

(After the show, I realized I had forgotten to ask if this was a fourth-chakra heart opening and asked Linda to confirm with AAM that it was. He confirmed that it was.)

The Divine Mother said that the energies would reach the place where we feel our heart exploding or imploding and we’re simply to allow the experience to unfold.

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That was what I did, as you recall, in March of 2015. I allowed the energy to mount my body and explode when it reached the fourth or heart chakra. It blew out whatever blockage had been in my heart. (I’ll give references to articles that describe that event in another post.)

She then used the word “flood” and I asked her if people would experience the same torrent or flood of love that I did – which is the real Tsunami of Love – and she confirmed that that was indeed what she was talking about.

I’ve said before that Ascension is gradual with some sudden enlightening events. This is one of the latter events. I anticipate that, after it, we will return to the same gradual process of Ascension, preparing us for the next “snap.”

I asked if this was slated to happen at the solar eclipse or at another time in the Emerald Gateway and she replied that, as much as she likes these symbolic occasions, she’s not in any way limited to them or by them. But I cannot conceive of us having such a discussion and the event not being in the near offing.

A heart opening, a fourth-chakra event, in the old annals of enlightenment, represents the first enlightenment, the next stages being sixth-chakra (Cosmic Consciousness), seventh-chakra (Brahmajnana) and a permanent and full heart opening (Sahaja Samadhi).

I can tell you – well, I already have – that life after a heart opening is wonderful, for as long as the heart remains open. Many spiritual experiences before Sahaja wane after a while. But it’s a taste of what life will be like after full Ascension (that is, after a full and permanent heart opening). And some features of the experience do last.

As if that were not amazing enough news for one show, Archangel Michael went over Ascension matters, taking great pains to explain the situation of people, for instance, who decline to ascend to be in loving company with their families. This is such an important matter to understand clearly that we discussed it back and forth at some length.

The answer in its shortest terms is that the Company of Heaven has plans to meet every situation that arises for the best possible outcome of each person, while respecting free will.

One thing is clear: If one person in a family is declining to ascend out of love for the others, chances are that the culture in that family is so loving that all have probably decided at soul level to ascend and will ascend. If not, he outlined other plans that also resulted in Ascension for those on the borderline. He reassures us again, as he has done before, that Ascension is an inclusive, not an exclusive, event.

This is not a program people should miss. But if you do miss it, and only read this (well, I can’t see how I cannot write more on the subject but…), remember only that, when you begin to experience very strange sensations in your body (that you’ll explode or implode), this experience comes from the Divine Mother and will produce wonderful results for you. If at all possible, though you feel you’ll explode or implode, simply allow it.


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Transcript ~ The Divine Mother: Take Up Your Divine Authority – Linda Dillon @ Council of Love


Universal Mother – unknown artist


Transcript ~ The Divine Mother: Take Up Your Divine Authority, AHWAA, February 23, 2017

Thanks again to Jo Anne for this transcription.

Take Up Your Divine Authority

The Divine Mother

An Hour With An Angel, February 23, 2017

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Steve Beckow: Host, InLight Radio

Steve Beckow: Welcome Linda. Have you got a new book in the offing by any chance?

Linda Dillon: Actually, I’m working on two things: One is the expanded, updated version of The 13th Octave LaHoChi. And then also, I have begun work on the book, Sacred Union and Sacred Partnerships.

SB: Oh, Wow!

LD: (Laughing) Think the Council of Love will leave me alone?

SB: No, of course not. They know a good thing when they find one.

LD: They know someone who says ‘Yes.’

SB: And, of course, the sacred union and sacred partnership, not only with our intimate partner, but also with the Company of Heaven, I would imagine.

LD: When the Council of Love talks about sacred union, they are talking about, yes, a meaningful, wonderful relationship with an intimate other. But they are also talking about the Company of Heaven. And they are talking about each other. A big piece is yourself, being in sacred union with yourself, with your family, with your community, with the planet, with humanity. So, it goes on and on.

SB: And the architect of the plan, the Divine Mother, is who we will be speaking with today. (Pause.)

Let’s let Linda make her transition. (Pause)

We are welcoming today the Divine Mother, which of course is the most pleasant of circumstances. We’re so greatly honored to have Her with us. And I believe she wants to discuss with us the Divine Plan.

Welcome, Mother.

Divine Mother: And, welcome to you. Welcome to all of you, my beloved ones upon this planet, this sweet archangel that has incarnated and assumed the form as planetary Gaia. I begin with this because I want you to conceive of the potential that each and every one of you carries. When we first spoke of this planet being an archangel in form, of how they assumed this form of planet, ancient being in service to the One, many of you were hesitant or dumbfounded.

But the reason we speak of this is for you to comprehend, my beloved ones, the scope, the majesty, the potential of what you are capable of. Yes, as archangels, as angels, as star seed. It matters not how you conceive of yourself, how you perceive of yourself, you are of my essence. And in that you carry the pattern of all. You carry the pattern of love which has such a myriad of faces, expressions and ways of being.

So often of late, which is one of the reasons why I have asked to step forth and speak of the Plan, so often of late I have heard your cries, your pleas, your tears in the night suggesting and telling me, pleading with me, saying that you are not sure that you can go on.

While at the same time and in the same sacred space, declaring your glee, your happiness, your joy that you know that this is the time of fulfillment and the bringing forth of your plan, of the blossoming of you, sweet one, in the larger context of my dream, my Plan, the Plan, for we do not necessarily claim ownership. In many ways, think of this plan, this plan for this planet because the grander Plan might be too large to talk about. We will see.

But the grander plan for this planet is very simply the unfoldment of love, the re-anchoring of love as the fundamental energy and guiding principle of existence in this realm.

Now, think of what I say to you this day. When the reference point of all creation, all thinking, all feeling, all action, all interaction is love, then the harmony of One, our harmony, and yes, our sacred union, is in place. And, while we say re-anchored, think of it in this way, because you have never been untethered of the Father and I, you have never been untethered from the love. That is not, in your realm, a possibility, and there are infinite possibilities.

So think of it in this way: that you have dropped or weighed anchor far out on a very, very stormy sea and you are but a row boat. And you have been tossed and turned and sometimes upheaval has occurred and you have had your little boat full of water and you thought you were sinking. And, this has been the state, both individually and for humanity, for a very long time. Do not think, my beloved ones, that I am not aware or do not care about the turmoil that you have experienced both in the immediate present, past and distant eons.

Now, what I say to you is you are taking that row boat, your beautiful sacred self, [by] my Plan, and let us say that the archangels are in charge of this transport, along with your star family and we are transporting this sweet little row boat to a placid little lake or an inlet in a favorite cove. And the water is crystal clear and your anchor is simply gently upon the bottom and you bob up and down now and then, or you simply stay perfectly still. And you enjoy the peace, the beauty, the harmony of existence.

Now, I do not imply that to be in the harmony of One, which is my Plan, to be in the harmony of love, in that perfect balance of bliss and exuberance and joy, negates adventure. Quite the contrary!

I have been beckoning you. This is my Plan. I beckon you, I invite you and now I am reaching out to you. Take my hand that we may go forth in the truest adventure of the co-creation of Earth, of Gaia, of Gaians and humanity and the multiplicity of the kingdoms.

To be your creator self is the Plan. You cannot fully embody and embrace the totality of your creator self, especially in form, if you are not in alignment with the love, with the will, and even with the divine mind. That harmony necessitates creation and it is also a precursor to meaningful creation.

And it is true, it is genuine. And, of course you have had many names for this: betrayal, abandonment, you know the list. And, you have internally and externally blamed others, blamed me, for this state of affairs, not wanting to assume that mature responsibility for your choices. And all this, while not welcomed, has been allowed, until such point where my desire and your desire, individually and collectively, have re-conjoined.

This has always been the plan. That at the point when you have turned back to the Father and I, metaphorically and actually, that what you have found is us standing right here waiting and beckoning and reaching out to you to begin this next phase. We are infinitely patient.

And, yes beloved ones, there is such a thing as divine timing. And divine timing in this instant, because that is what it is, is you turning back to us. Not because of rigidity or control or power structures. And, I do not say this as a critique of all structured religions. But the turning back to me, to us, has been direct, not because it was required, not because you have been told it was necessary, but because your heart, in the truth and the yearning of your plan within our lan has brought this forth.

Now you say, “But we made this collective decision, Mother, in and around 2012, spiritually and physically, emotionally, in every realm.” Spiritually mature decisions also require, my beloveds, spiritually mature preparation. You have entered a phase of claiming your birthright of freedom and power, in the truest sense, to be in sacred partnership with us.

So, have we been assisting you? Yes. We have been showing you how to tie your shoes, how to bake bread, how to create Nova Earth. But we have not been tying your shoes for you or serving up your dinner because that would not empower you. And the anchoring of your promise and the promise of this plan is your assumption of your divine authority. I do not use these words lightly.

Divine authority, what does this mean? That you have stepped forward. You are authorized and empowered. And you are and will be given the wherewithal to proceed as your creator self, never simply as a minion, a puppet. Often you and we have used the word servant which sometimes has a slightly different connotation in your understanding, because we are all servants.

Yes, beloved, I am a servant to you, to the One, to the Father, to the All. You do not conceive of me this way. And you and Michael and Raphael and St. Germaine and all beings are servants to one another and to the All. To the All of this planet and each other and to the All, if you are thinking of a galaxy or a universe, the multiverse or the omniverse.

It is all of a piece, child. And, because it is all of a piece, interwoven, interdependent, interconnected, there are evolutionary steps – that is what I will call it – that are occurring upon sweet Gaia and within each of you that have far-reaching impact and consequences throughout the omniverse.

So, when you hesitate – and you haven’t been hesitating, by the way – but when you hesitate or do not carry through on a soul promise, then the impact is very far reaching as well.

Now, this may feel daunting at times and that is part of the cry and the plea that I hear from many of you. Because seldom, sweet ones, are those cries for help based on selfishness or self-serving requests. The most often plea that I hear is to either come home to the reunification or to have divine intervention that you may proceed in the fulfillment of your dreams and my dreams, that you can be back in balance, the perfect bliss of love because it is far too painful to be anywhere else.

Now, that is a very broad overview. And then you would say to me, “But Mother, we understand the progression of what we have been doing. But where is the fulfillment and what is the chaos that we now witness in so many areas and pockets of this planet?”

It is the last tantrum. It is the destruction of the illusion and the exposure on many, many fronts of what hatred and greed and abuse looks like. Because even for those who are acting as the players in this part of the unfoldment, it is painful for a being that seeks power for themselves or power over another, whether it is a parent over a child, a husband over a wife, a man over an army. It matters not. The yearning, the exercise of control never gives the joy. The pain simply grows. And so, the actions become more grotesque, larger, until the breakdown is [occurring], has [occurred], and will [occur].

So, you observe this and you certainly intervene where you can and where appropriate and you send the love. But you do not engage in the process because you want, and I want, that breakdown to occur.

Do not forget the collective decided to proceed together. And that decision set a pattern and a paradigm, again far reaching. And, was that desire for the collective to come forth as one? Yes. But it was early, so you still have the capacity, dear hearts, to surprise your Mother. But also know, when I say early, I have a tendency to discuss things in much longer time frames than you do.

So I do not talk about yesterday or today. Not because I do not understand it, but simply because I know the volatility of human emotion and how things go up and down but always coming to this place of resolve.

Now, several that I have empowered, particularly Yeshua, have spoken of this as the time of fulfillment. I want you to know that resolution, resolve – using your language and understanding – resolve is not fulfillment. Resolve is two stubborn children having a fist fight in the school yard, stopping and staring at each other with bloody noses saying, “Okay, we won’t fight anymore,” and holding that resolve because there are consequences for them to proceed any further.

Fulfillment is the glorious joy and celebration of what has always been planned not only for the planet and the kingdoms, but beloveds, for each and every one of you, that this sense of isolation or struggle does not exist. And some of you are tasting this and setting down the new paradigm. And that is my gift to you so that this new understanding, this new way of being, is being anchored already upon your planet.

But the creation, yes, it is mine, but it is also yours. If the Mother sees her beloved child as an artist or an architect [she] says, “Here. Here are the water colors. Here are the Lego blocks. Build what is divinely beautiful. I give you my divine authority to do so. I will guide you. I will help you. But I entrust this to you as well.”

Now, I know I give you a great deal to ponder. So, where do you wish to begin?

SB: I could listen to you forever, Mother. I did have a question for you about your comment on our assumption of our divine authority. I think I have heard enough from the Masters and the galactics and the Company of Heaven about our divine authority. But assumption of divine authority. How do we assume divine authority? What does that mean? What does that entail, please?

DM: A brilliant question. Because for me to confirm or reassure you that you have our divine authority and that it is part and parcel of your beloved sweet divine self in human form, from wherever you think that you hail from, is one thing. The reticence … and I do not ever criticize you or chastise. There are times when I am sorrowful, not because of the unfoldment but because I know that you hurt and harm your heart, hurt and harm yourself. But there has been a huge reticence individually and collectively on the part of human beings to assume that divine authority.

And of course, the first step to that is the individual assumption. Now part of that reticence has been the very well-established abuse of authority upon your planet so that many who are of the love hesitate to step forth thinking that authority has so often meant that you are trying to coerce or tell somebody else what to do, and that you don’t want to put yourself in that role or in that position of potential conflict. But that is not what we are talking about.

You are of us, and you are fully and completely autonomous. And in this I mean that that is the gift and the trust of free will. Because free will has been so aberrant in so many ways, those of you who wish to align with love, with divinity, often will hesitate, be reticent, to assume your authority. But, if you do not assume it, then who does?

Now, let me be a very practical Mother, which is not what I am known for. (Chuckles) You have assumed form, and let me say to you I have allowed you to assume form. I have chosen and created and birthed you into form. That is the Plan at work and I have done this, we have done this, with that spark of divinity so that you would be divine in form.

And what that means in very practical terms is the assumption of your divine authority to be in charge of your life, of your thoughts, of your feelings, of your actions, of your behaviors, of your steps, of your environments, all the way out to the edges of the universe, throughout all times and dimensions. But I won’t go there because that would confuse and this is me trying to be practical.

If you do not take authority over your existence – think in practical terms, this life – then what happens? You are adrift. You are in fact that row boat in the middle of the ocean being twisted and turned every which way. Divine authority means choosing, yes with your free will and your divine authority of free will, to direct how, where, when, if you choose to proceed.

You have the most magnificent internal wisdom and knowing. That pain barometer of separation tells you when you are not in alignment with your divine self and hence with us. There are times, and we mean moments, when the action is what you would think of as doing nothing. But of course doing nothing is always doing something because you are either disengaged or being the observer or participant observer. So, there is no such thing. It is an illusion for you to even conceive or believe or think that you are not in your divine authority every moment of your existence.

Now, if you choose to ignore it, and that is what the reticence is, then you are not fulfilling your joy, your purpose or what gives you the greatest glee. And yes, there are moments when those decisions can be challenging and difficult. But, that shows you your strength, your courage, your valor, your persistence in working your way back to us. So much of that reticence has been, “Well, I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes,” while allowing yourself to be trampled. That is not the plan.

The plan is harmonious, like a dance. Will there be missteps at times? Yes. That is when you bow to each other and chuckle. You do not go to war.

So, there is this reticence, particularly upon the light worker community, because authority has been defined as dictatorial, as controlling. But, what you are truly doing is anchoring and re-anchoring, through this assumption of divine authority, the truth of what leadership, stewardship and creation and co-creation and partnership and community and unity and truth is all about. And, if you do not do it, my beloveds, who does?

Because, as the old is fading away – and trust me, it will fade away, that is a given – then there will be a vacuum if you have not stepped forward and said, “You know, there is an alternate way to be human, to live upon this planet in ways that are kind and considerate and sharing and decent and honest and filled with laughter and sweetness.”

This is a planet of such diversity and beauty and she will be pure again. That is already underway. I am not suggesting that you engage in bully fights. That is futile; it is an exercise in futility. What I am suggesting as your creator self, in the assumption of individual and collective authority, is that you forge a different pathway and you open that pathway for all to come with you. And we are helping you. That gateway is open and you are being flooded and you are being assisted and you will be assisted every step of the way.

SB: Mother, I just heard you say we will be assisted every step of the way and that, in fact, is at the basis of my next question. If I go into building Nova Earth with mind, heart and will that I have now, I worry that I won’t be able to handle the challenges. Sometimes I think of myself as a battery, just the kind you buy in the drugstore, just the single battery that I’ll be completely drained trying to do everything that needs to be accomplished in the coming years. Can you counsel me on that? Can you give me some reassurance that I will have the needed wit and will to get this next phase of work done?

DM: Yes. First of all, you can plug your battery into me. You can ask Archangel Michael for a boost. I say this for all of you because most of you who hear me this night know what it is to be in love. And, yes, I am not talking about just the love, I am talking about head over heels, chemical, hormonal, human falling in love, and how in those initial stages you can’t do enough. You can stay up all night and talk. You can make love for hours. You can plan your entire life together. You can climb tall mountains. And there is always enough energy.

Then of course, it changes, it shifts. I use this example because that is the level of energy when you are plugged in to what you love, that can flow as easily as the intake of breath.

Think of it in this way: I am breathing into you. And in that, in that infinite breath is infinite connection and energy to go forth. Beloveds, I do not, it is not part of my desire that you work yourself to the bone. This is a grand unfoldment, long in coming, infinitely expandable.

Original purpose was for you to be in form and to know love. That is why I have birthed you, to have the joy, the pleasure, the excitement, the experience of being in this form and of living and being love. There is no subcontract that says “and part of that is to work yourself to the bone or to an early grave.” In fact, graves were never part of that design to start with anyway.

You do not do this alone. Yes, you all have unique and beautiful talents and abilities and authorities and roles. And, there is not one role that is not immensely significant. Every single piece is critical.

But, what that also means is you have to allow others of like heart, like mind, like vision, to participate. Not to… listen to what I say… not to help you, but to participate, so that it is a co-creation. Will there be lively discussion on what is the best pathway? And is that not sheer delight to have the latitude to have this discussion? So others participate each to their own way. Because you have not seen the example, truly in many places, of what it means to work in co-creative partnership, most of your structures, institutions, etc., have been top down authority, dictatorial. That is not the way we operate.

You say, “Well, how can we have thousands of people participating in a single undertaking?” And I say to you, “How can you not?”

There are billions coming into entrainment with the love. Will you bump up against each other? Yes, you might. And that will simply mean meeting a long lost friend. You will have the energy. I want to emphasize to you what you have thought of as work has need to be joy. And in that joy is what you think of as tasks, whether it is sweeping the floor or running a foundation. But, equally important is watching the colors of the sky shift and sitting with a friend breaking bread, prayer and meditation, simplicity. If they miss a watchword, keep bringing it back to simplicity.

You have a tendency to think things, and I mean all of you, are incredibly complex. Dear hearts! You have no idea. But in fact it is very simple. Is this love? When I am about to have this conversation or implement this structure or undertake this task, does it feel like love? Does it make my heart sing? Is this something I want to do? And, if the answer is yes, then you are in your divine authority. And if it is no, reconsider. Talk to me. I am always with you. I always have been.

SB: Well, we’re nearing the end of the show, Mother, which I’m sure you knew. Is there anything you would like to say in closing?

DM: Yes. I go full circle and I reach out to those of you, my beloved children who are bereft or uncertain or feel that you don’t know which way to turn. Turn to me. Allow us – for I have many who assist – allow us to put in place with and for you that which you need, that which makes your heart come to a place of balance and peace.

Go with my love, sweet ones. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2017 Council of Love, Inc.


This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

“Transcript ~ The Divine Mother: Take Up Your Divine Authority,” An Hour With An Angel, Channeled by Linda Dillon, February 23, 2017, at http://inlightuniversal.com/the-divine-mother-on-an-hour-with-an-angel-take-up-your-divine-authority/



Universal Mother – unknown artist


Transcript: Archangel Michael – Embrace the Love That You Are ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

helena nelson reed ART,

ART : Helena Nelson-Reed


Transcript: Archangel Michael – Embrace the Love That You Are

March 20, 2015 By

archangel michaelThanks to Erika for our transcript today in record speed for your enjoyment.

Graham Dewyea: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You and The Great Awakening.

Joining her is Steve Beckow, founder of the Golden Age of Gaia and author of Building Nova Earth: Toward a World that Works for Everyone.

Our guest today is Archangel Michael. So with that, I’ll pass it over to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thank you very much, Graham. And I’m looking forward to the discussion with Archangel Michael.

And just before we begin, Linda, we’re again in another new phase of things – who knows if it’s not the final phase of things before Ascension; do you have some insights from your perspective that you can share with us about this phase?

Linda: Hello, everybody. And yes, I do, actually. As I was meditating and getting ready for this conversation, the Council of Love came in and reminded me of a couple of things: One was the name, which you know has never changed, and they said, “We are not the Council of Joy, we are not the Council of Peace, we are not the Council of Creation – we’re the Council of Love.”

And then they went on to remind me even further that all we needed to get home was love, trust, forgiveness, unity, connectedness, and balance. And today they reminded me again that after we’ve done all that, we’re back to the love. So it’s like coming full circle.

And I know for years, we as lightworkers worked on that love, especially love of our sacred-self, trusting, forgiving. Now we’ve moved past that, and we’re really working on the connectedness and that final piece of using all this energy and bringing ourselves, our planet, each other, into balance. And of course that balance is found in the love. So I think that we’re really in an exciting time, Steve.

SB: Me too.

LD: And I’m excited to hear what Archangel Michael has to share with us today.

SB: Yes. I totally agree. The amount of progress that can be made at this time too, it’s all going up exponentially. It’s just a wonderful time.

LD: You know they talk about this quantum leap of love and moving at the speed of love. And we’ve talked about this really briefly on other shows, and as human beings we tend to think of the fastest speed – literally in time and space that we can achieve – is the speed of light. But when they talk about the speed of love, they say it’s the speed of light, squared.

That’s phenomenal. So we can move at rates of expansion and awareness that we haven’t even begun to comprehend.

SB: Wow.

LD: Bring it on.

SB: Pretty exciting! Okay. Let’s give you a moment to transition. And you said earlier that Archangel Michael was raring to go and we’re raring to hear him! So we’ll let you transition and thank you for your comments.

Archangel Michael: Greetings. Greetings, Gaians.

SB: Greetings, Lord.

AM: And greetings to all beings throughout the universe, greetings to all beings throughout the multiverse, greetings to all beings throughout the omniverse.

And I am honored and I am humbled, and I am joyful and I am peaceful. And I am Michael; I am Mee-keye-yel – Warrior of love, Archangel of peace, Bringer of news, and so much more.

Often my beloved friends, I have spoken to thee about my original plan. And it has been so distant for so long – not entirely set aside, but most certainly at arms length.

But I have shared with thee that I am artist, I am musician, I am creator force. For it is not simply the skies and the midnight sky that I love to paint, it is the music of the spheres. It is the harmony of creation. It is ALL these things that I have deep love and interest in.

Now why do I begin in this vein this day? Why do I begin speaking of music and harmony and artistry, when we have decided that we are going to speak about love?

Because I wish to speak about the freedom that love – within, without, above, below – brings. And you, my sweet brethren, my family, my friends, are beginning to understand, comprehend, and to embody this love. That is the essence of the freedom that I have spoken so frequently about.

I know that I have spoken at length to each of you – both within this medium [InLight Universal] and, yes, upon your sweet platform, dear Steve, and to each of your hearts – about peace.

And the need for peace as we go forth in the final phases of Ascension, and the complete anchoring, the complete embodiment of love in your form – not merely as a concept or precept, not merely as a virtue or a value, but the complete embodiment of love in your very core and very cell, in your subatomic matter, in your physicality, in all your bodies in your entire beingness. And what is this except the deep acceptance and the anchoring of who you really are?

There has been a myriad of conversations and we have approached this subject of love from many, many different perspectives. And we have done so – if you can think of it this way – chipping away at your resistance, at your fear, at your sense of unworthiness, at your sense of limitation, your sense of your own divinity and power.

And I daresay, this constancy of your commitment, in partnership with our commitment – and I do not merely mean my commitment – I speak this day for the entire Council of Love, for the Company of Heaven, on behalf of the Divine Mother, and on behalf of your Star brothers and sisters.

This arrival at the discussion, the understanding, the embodiment, the embrace, the expansion of love – is everything. It is what you have waited for. It is what we have waited for. And it is the blossoming and the fulfillment of the Mother’s plan.

To feel and to be in this state of love, of ecstasy, of bliss, is a heart opening of your fundamental, core-consciousness. We have talked a great deal about core issues. But what about this concept, this state of being in your core-consciousness?

This is the truth, and the might and the totality of who you are – without the obstacles, without the “buts” or “what if’s.” And what it does, my beloved friends, is that it absolutely changes your internal landscape and your external environment – it fundamentally changes and shifts who you are, not merely how you perceive, but who you are.

Think of this. And you say, “Well Michael, how does this occur?” Because when you are anchored in the love, when you are the love – everything else fades away.

And that is the phase that you are now in. (1)

Now I have spoken and said, many of you committed lightworkers, love holders, have been floating, flying, walking, even crawling in and out of the Ascension portal for years. And the reason that you have kept returning – into what you can think of as the human realm – was the commitment to the collective.

When the channel has referred to connectedness as one of the keys of Ascension, as one of the keys of coming home – it is this sense of connectedness to all that you had need to achieve, if need, in the fulfillment of your plan, within the Mother’s plan.

But when you are in the love, that effort, that sense of working on this, of working on unity or even unitive consciousness simply disappears. (2) Because when you are in the love, when you are the love, that sense of complete connectedness and unity is a given. (3) It is that simple.

And so, sweet angels of light, where do you wish to begin today?

SB: You’ve answered every question I had on my question paper, Lord. Thank you for that.

But there’s more, much more to discuss. So first of all, I can validate everything you just said from my own personal experience. It’s very, very useful to be able to do that.

In the face of love, judgment disappears, resentment disappears, irritation, forgiveness is no longer needed because you can’t remember anything that ever happened to you that’s bad, your memory is wiped of all those pressing memories.

So I validate everything you’ve just said from my own experience, and I’m sure there’s a lot of listeners out there who are saying to themselves, “Well, how can I experience this heart opening? What do I need to do to encourage it? What barriers do I need to let go of, obstacles that I need to walk around to be able have a heart opening?” – What would you say to them?

AM: I would say, “Keep going!” And I won’t say soon, I won’t say near, I won’t say often. I will not put a timeline on it because there is no need for timelines. I have told you, and the Mother has told you that you are operating within a concept – because that is the only way we can explain it – of new time, new times. And what this means is that there is a re-definition – now we know you still use the 24-hour day, and that is a global concept, even though in fact your day has shrunk, in terms of reality to about 11 hours. But that is an entirely different conversation.

In the new time, you are able to flow in and out, above/below, inter-dimensionally. It is a different usage and a different experience of time. Now many of you who are listening will say, “Well Michael, I have not experienced that.” And I would say to you, “Have you asked to? Are you allowing yourself to?” But your question is, “How do I get there? How do I become the love?”

Let us be very practical, because although Gabrielle and Jophiel claim the practicality in our family, I can be extraordinarily practical. So let us begin with the question – Are you in your heart? Are you in the richness, the center of your tri-flame? Are you in and filling, receiving, giving, sharing, living, love everyday? Or are you, my beloved friends, still living in your head or in your lower chakras? Are you still in fight or flight? Are you still in survival?

And then you say to me, “Oh yes, Michael, I am in survival because I am broke – I do not know how to pay my bills. I’m not sure if the electricity’s going to turn off. I’m not sure whether I will have food for my children. And by the way, I am in exceptional pain.”

Now I do not make light of this. But I am giving you the key. And it is the same golden key that Archangel Gabrielle has given you years ago. And the key my friends is – are you in your heart? This is the first step.

And we have talked about this time and again, but I say it again, I hope – and Steve, correct me – yes, you can correct an angel – correct me if I am not very straightforward and simple.

SB: Actually I’ve been sitting here saying, “Yes. Yes. Yes!” So no corrections so far. [laughing]

AM: So it does not mean that I am guiding thee not to confer with your brilliance, with your mental body, even with your delightful egos. I am not saying to ignore the phone bill, the electricity bill. But where you anchor your core is your heart, because that is where you are experiencing the love and becoming and being the love.

Now, once you are in your heart I will say to thee, I will guide you, I will take you by the hand, and I will ask of thee – go deeper, go deeper, go deeper! – until you are in the bottom, the seat of your soul. And you can think of this as the bottom of your heart, your physical heart – for there is such a place.

But the point being – many of you say, “Oh yes, I am in my heart.” But you don’t feel the love; you aren’t the love – I do not say this in a way of judgment or criticism.

My beloveds – if you are not feeling the love, if you are not feeling that you are able to live the love, then you are not firmly enough anchored in your heart consciousness. You are allowing – what I have referred to as the distractions – to take too much of your attention. Think of it as your life force of your love force.

So every day you awaken and the first thing you do in your heart – and you can simply think of this in a physical way because it is becoming a physical experience, finally. And you say, “Do I feel it? Am I the Mother? Am I the Father? Am I connected with All that is? Am I One in my love with my guardians, with my circle?” And then you proceed throughout your day to cocoon yourself in that love, in that sense of extraordinary bliss.

Now part of this adjustment, what has so often been called the shift – the shift was not cataclysmic disaster or this or that event or the turning of the axis of your planet – the shift is in your heart. And in your heart are you able to act.

Now you say I am too blissed out to even act. I am simply afloat in the ecstasy. But that is the first part of this adjustment, and in many ways, sweet angels, it is the most exciting part, it is the most joyful, it is the most extraordinary because you feel and know and are the breakthrough that we have discussed for so long.

Now this expanse: this is not the final arrival point. And as this channel has said, there is always more.

And where do you think she gets that from? It is directly from us! There is always more. But as you adjust to this sense of the truth of who you are, is this a gift? Yes. Is this a co-creation? Yes. Is this your creation? Yes. Is this a new normal? Yes.

But what you will do as this new state of beingness anchors within thee is you will feel, in physical reality, the expansion of what we have referred to as your capacities, your inter-dimensional self, your vision in terms of your regular eyes, your physical eyes, your third eye, your fourth eye, your fifth eye, your auditory capacity, your clairaudience, your clairsentience, your clairvoyance – all of these are expanding.

And then you find that you are in relationship, whether it is a nod to the clerk at the bank, the policeman on the beach, or your dearest beloved, your exchanges are loving.

Let me be even more clear. They are love. You take your love and you give it to the other person. So it is not simply a loving action. It is not simply a kind action. You are taking your love – that is the mother’s love, that is all love – and you are giving it to every being you meet.

And you say, “Well, maybe I will be empty.” And the answer is, no, it is an ever-present, infinite, eternal flow. And when you have keyed into this – and I invite you to do so – you are there.

Now can you eradicate this by an act of will? Yes, that is possible. But that sense of will that has been so defeating in terms of control and fear is gone when you are in the love. (4) So that is how you do it. And you say, “Yes. I receive, I am ready, I allow, I surrender, I welcome, I celebrate…” – whatever the words are for you.

We understand intent. So yes, is this clear?

SB: Very clear. I think I should get a gold star for patience here because I’ve wanted to interrupt you so many times in the last ten minutes, but all I’d be saying is, “Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes!”

I’m in the experience that you’re describing, and in interacting with other people I’m very conscious of the fact that what I’m doing is sending them love. And then there’s also a conversation that’s going on – and the conversation of course is impacted by the love I feel – but I’m well aware of this intention of sending this love that I feel.

Could I just say a word for men, Lord, because they may have trouble with this whole concept of heart, being in the heart, as you know – and that’s just to suggest to men that they think of it as being in dead center, right in the middle, but right in the center in a place of balance, in a place of equanimity. So not on the peripheries of emotion as so many men are because they’re being strong, going for power and control, and all that stuff – but to come back, be in the center, and then go as deeply into the center as you possibly can. That is the heart.

So it’s not like we’re in a different place, but it just may be a way that they could picture it this way.

Lord, the love does quiet down. It’s brimming over right now because I’m listening to you and your words carry love, but also your words are awakening the love just unto themselves. But the love does quiet down, and it’s almost like love has to be paid attention to.

If I neglect love, it grows quiet and waits for me to come back.  But then when I do the exercise of bringing love up from the heart and sending it out, it comes up again like magma from a volcano. Can you talk just a little bit about the fact that you said this was a permanent heart opening. That doesn’t mean that it’s always volcanic, right?

AM: That is correct. Think of it in terms of the volcanoes; not all volcanoes are always spewing. So it does not mean that inside the volcano, on the volcano floor, in what you think of as in the heart of Gaia, or as you have put it the center of the volcano – it is still there. It is still bubbling. It is still waiting for the appropriate moment.

And you are defining those moments. And when I say you, I mean ALL of you are defining those moments when you choose. So we are not removing or trying to override choice. What we are trying to do is allow you to adjust to this sense of such extraordinary expansion but still maintain, what you think of as your life.

But does love need to be paid attention to? Absolutely.

If you have three billion dollars and it is all in precious metals, and you take it out and you bury it in the farmers field 12 miles away, and then you come home and you forget about it, and you say, “Oh that’s really good because I have this security,” what good is that money doing you? You are not tending to the most precious treasure you have ever been given, that you have ever claimed. You are not living in your certainty.

If you are in relationship and you are deeply, devoutly, passionately in love with your sacred partner, and you never say to her, “I love you. I honor you. You are precious to me,” then you are not tending to the relationship and to the love. So if you do not tend – think of it as this – the love is the sheer energy of the Mother/Father One, and particularly the Mother because it is a movement. It is an activity. It is creating.

If you never tend to it, it will go quiet. It will be like a child waiting for you to turn and to say, “I love you. I cherish you.” So, yes, the more you work with this, the more you tend – because we do not really like the word “work.” But it is a term you use and understand.

But if you tend to it like the most precious commodity – because it is you, it is her, it is All – if you tend to it, it grows and grows and grows. If you ignore it, it will still be there.

SB: What does tending to it look like, Lord?

AM: Tending to it is simply allowing yourself to be in that heart center and feeling, experiencing, sharing, being that love, every day – every single day. And if we were to have our preference, we would say many, many times a day of allowing it to wash through you, to explode, to feel that orgasmic love.

SB: Wow. Love seems to be very accommodating to our foibles and everything else. If I feel fear, love quietly goes away, and I’m sure it’s the same with irritation or anger. Can you talk to us a bit about how that happens? Why does love allow fear to kinda push it aside? Why does love not say to fear, “Get thee gone!”? Is this free will?

AM: This is absolutely free will. And it is you, and when I say you, I mean humanity arriving at the point where you are fundamentally understanding and living your free will. So there is a choice when you are falling into fear, you can say to yourself, “Well I think I’m going to wash that with love.” And the fear is gone.

SB: Yes. And loneliness will go in the same way if you wash it with love.

AM: It is exactly the same way.

SB: Yes.

AM: And when you are in fear, you are in your lower chakras. You are not anchored in your heart.

SB: Right. And you’re also creating this icy feeling, which results in the contraction of muscles, so you become more dense.

AM: You are denying the expansion of your true light body.

SB: Right.

AM: And so the point is – you see there has always been great discussion upon your planet about whether the angelics or myself, or any of the ascended ones have this element of free will. We do.

Now long ago we have chosen. And it is beyond what you would think of as a conscious or a thought process – but our choice is to align with the love. That is the choice that we have made and it has been so long and so consistent that there really isn’t another choice for us.

And that is the point at which you are at – do I choose to be the love, to know this blissful ecstasy, to know fully who I am, or do I choose to minimize, reduce myself? Because it is your choice. It is not our choice, it is not the person down the street’s choice, it is not a dictator in Iraq or Iran’s choice – it is your choice.

And it is strange, as in baffling, as in confusing, that the choice for something that hurts you had been so consistent for so long. Now what you have chosen is to change – that was the precursor – you were washed by the Mother’s tsunami. You have been given gift after gift after gift – most important being clarity.

And in that you have said, “I think I’m going to choose change, because this situation, this reality that I have been occupying – whether it has been for ten years or seventy years – doesn’t really work for me. It doesn’t give me the joy, the love, the peace that I want.” So now you have gone through the change choice and you are choosing love.

SB: Why would anyone not choose love? Perhaps if one doesn’t know this love. And I’m talking about transformative love. I’m not talking about romantic love. I’m not talking about these lesser states of being, but transformative love, the kind of love that erases from your mind everything that you were thinking about and all the persnickety little thoughts you had and the irritable little feelings, and just erases them all. Why would anybody – except that they don’t know about this state – choose not to have this state of love?

AM: Now you say that perhaps they don’t know about it. But in fact it is a seed, a knowingness that is planted within the hearts of all beings, all beings. (5) Think of it.

And so it expresses for some as this deep amorphous yearning – and you are correct. They’re not quite sure that they are yearning for this level of absolute, infinite love. What you term, transformative love – and that is an excellent term – is also a conspiracy. Let me use that word in the truest meaning of it.

It is a conspiracy of the ego. It is the ego that has been the driving force for so long, and the ego intervenes along with the root chakras, with the lower energies of fight or flight and says, “Don’t go there,” because you are risking rejection, risking finding out that in fact there is nothing but empty promises. And that is a dire threat that has been the conspiracy of the old Third and no longer applies.

So I announce [that conspiracies are laid to rest]. That is why I have said I speak not only to Gaians, but throughout the multiverse this day. I have said that the echoes of the third are just that, that conspiracy is laid to rest. We invite you to come and to claim your birthright, your truth.

And the truth is you are loved. You are not merely loved. You do not merely have the capacity to love. You are love. It is the essence, it is the foundation – energetically and physically – of who you are.

So now you know and the choice is yours.

But we know that once you have reached this stage – not of simple understanding or knowledge, but of wisdom – your choice will be for the love and to tend that love.

SB: Absolutely. There’s actually two conspiracies, Lord, is there not? There’s the conspiracy of the ego to hold us in protection and safety and watching out, alertness, but then there’s a second conspiracy that you’ve referred to as the seed of love placed in us from the beginning. Now I, after Shankar and other people, call that the longing for liberation. It’s always pulling us back to God, right?

AM: That is correct.

SB: So that’s the second conspiracy isn’t it? Against the conspiracy of the ego is the conspiracy of love, where God is constantly pulling us back, and we feel the yearning and fill it with a new car or a yacht or a trip to Hawaii or a new romance, and it never satisfies for long because only God can satisfy, right?

AM: That is correct.

Well, the Mother is very thorough in her plan. So yes, you may call it a conspiracy – I would call it a perfect plan.

SB: Right.

AM: But, yes, the conspiracy – your soul, your very core conspires with you, and sometimes against you, but it conspires to bring you back and forward, and in the present moment of what you have termed the eternal now into the love.

And it is a conspiracy that you cannot escape from. That is what surrender is truly about. It is you falling back into the infinite arms of love and saying, “Alright. I get it. I receive. I allow. I am.”

SB: I give up. [laughing]. I surrender.

AM: Yes [laughing], I give up – And that is truly the meaning of liberation, of freedom.

SB: There’s an irony to all this too that one doesn’t get to see very often. It just comes at really clear moments. But the divine plan is my plan, right? It is my plan. I am God, just as every listener is God, and every person in this world is God, and every plant, and every rock. So the divine plan is my plan.

I’m not giving something up in surrendering my ego, or at least its demands, or in surrendering my anger and my fear.

I’m not giving something up. I’m realizing my own plan. Is that not the case?

AM: That is absolutely correct. What you are doing is truly embracing and choosing to embody the plan that you had, and that you have always had because the Mother is within you and you are within the Mother.

SB: Yes.

AM: It is that sacred union. It is the ultimate partnership from which all else flows. It is who you are. Are you a unique expression? Yes. And are you exactly the same as all beings, all energy? Yes.

SB: Now that’s a paradox.

AM: It is the paradox of uniqueness, of separation, and of unity.

SB: Right. Now I have noticed that there is a relationship between love and unity. When my love comes up like a volcano, it takes in everybody. It will not permit me to carve it up and give a big chunk to this person, a little chunk to that person. It will not allow me to discriminate in that manner or it will run away down the block, so to speak.

AM: That is correct, or it will go quiet.

SB: So there is this tie-in between love and unity. Can you help me develop that please? What is the tie-in?

AM: When you are love, you are the part of One. When you are love, you are in union with One and with All. There cannot be any sense of separation. So it is not discriminatory. You cannot separate it.

SB: Hmm. Well, the whole plan, the whole drama is all the created beings returning to the One, and the One having the wonderful experience of meeting itself in the moment of their enlightenment. Now is it just that love has these qualities of unification, no separation, etc. unto itself, period. Or was love an invention of the divine to bring everyone back to the divine?

AM: No. Love is the divine. It is the expression, the essence – you want to put a distant face on it – well, not you, but many. The only face, the only existence of Source, One, God – however you think of that creator force – is love. And when you are truly and fully anchored in that love, you are in unity.

SB: Alright. Could I be the devil’s advocate here for a moment and say, I could forget about God and just fall in love with love and everything would be fine. Is that correct?

AM: If you fall in love with love, if you are the love, then you are in union. You are in and with and part of God, within and without. So you can call it Henry if you choose, but you will be with One.

SB: [Laughing] Well, I’m thinking particularly of atheists who may have a hard time coming back to the pack. But if they think of it as just love and forget about God, so to speak, it may make their re-entry easier.

AM: Yes, because there are many prejudices and opinions about God, and about what God has and has not done, what “they” have not blessed you with, or what terrors have been wrought upon you. So if you simply think of it as love, then you will feel safe. And that is fine.

SB: So what can we expect to see, Lord? Can we expect to see people suddenly bursting into heart-openings here, there, and everywhere, or is there another phase that’s going to open up that we don’t even know about? What can we expect in this movement towards Ascension now?

AM: This is the love portion and this is the “jet fuel” for the catapulting of you into the anchoring in the physical realm of your unique talents, abilities, the inter-dimensional reality, which was always the plan for humanity – the acknowledgement of that and the creation of love, of the expressions of love in tangible, physical form on Nova Earth. So what you are about to see is love become practical.

SB: Hmm. Wow – We have only five minutes left and I’d like to ask a question along a different line, Lord before we go off the air. There’s a news report out of Iraq that Al-Baghdadi had a dream of Mohammed, and Mohammed told him, “Leave Mosul,” which means the start of a retreat. Once you leave a place you’re often viewed as being in retreat. And in fact this report also says that ISIS forces are being defeated in other areas of Iraq. Is all of that new report credible?

AM: Let us put it this way, we continue to work. I continue to work with all of you and with your Star brothers and sisters, with the Archangels, with this issue of peace and the anchoring of peace, and the expansion of love. So none are exempt from this, and Mohammad himself is speaking to these people that you think of as ISIS. So let us leave it at that.

SB: Alright. Well, that’s good. So we have time to return to our discussion. People hearing this broadcast, what they hear will sit for them as intellectual knowledge. Some will have it at a higher level, I know, but for many the first entry of it into their field of awareness will remain intellectual knowledge.

Intellectual knowledge doesn’t move very many people, experiential knowledge gets some to move, but really realized knowledge, as in “I got it! – I just realized I’ve become my Father; I’ve just realized I’ve become love.” How do you get intellectual knowledge up to realized knowledge in the case of love?

AM: The intellectual knowledge is a starting point, but let it flow down as if you are going over Niagara Falls. Let it come down like the teaming water into your heart. It is that simple.

You can say, “Well, isn’t this interesting. This is a good piece of information,” and it means nothing if you are staying it in your head. Allow it – we beseech you – I do not speak to your intellect, to your mind this day, this night, every day, every night – I speak to your heart – let us in. Please, let us in.

SB: Okay. Thank you, Lord. The music is starting and we’re going to have to wrap up I’m afraid. Is there anything you’d like to say in closing?

AM: Embrace the love that you are. Embrace the truth, the peace that you are. It will reign upon your planet from henceforth.


SB: Farewell, Lord. Thank you very much.


(1) I had a heart opening on March 13 and I think AAM is making veiled references to it here. I’m sure it happened to me because they knew I’d write about it!!!!  To think that this is the next phase of Ascension we’re entering – that others and perhaps everyone could share the same experiences, as he implies here – brings great joy.

(2) Yes, it does. I can vouch for that.

(3) Yes.

(4) When you are in the love, not only fear and control are gone, but resentment, irritation, impatience, everything is gone.

(5) The longing for liberation. See http://goldengaiadb.com/The_Nature_of_Life_1#The_Longing_for_Liberation and http://goldengaiadb.com/L#Longing_for_Liberation.



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