Transcript: Sanat Kumara on the Changes Happening to Us, An Hour With an Angel – Linda Dillon


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Transcript: Sanat Kumara on the Changes Happening to Us, An Hour With an Angel, January 26, 2017

[Thanks to Jo Anne for the transcript]

Sanat Kumara on the Changes Happening to Us

An Hour With An Angel, January 26, 2017

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Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Steve Beckow: Host, InLight Radio

Steve: Good evening, Linda

Linda Dillon: Good evening Steve, another exciting day as we move into these rapidly changing times.

SB: It’s hard to keep up. I’ll be moving at the end of the month. Everything’s in boxes and disarray.

LD: I think there are a lot of people both actually and metaphorically that have their life in boxes or in transit, and I think it’s indicative of the changes that we’re going through.

SB: Also, I think there’s a tremendous amount of people who have a crisis in their life, a health crisis, or relationship crisis.

LD: Yes. On the Council of Love’s Saturday conference call Archangel Michael had been talking to the folks because lots of people were expressing enormous exuberance, and others were expressing real crisis, despair, feelings of being adrift and disconnected. I think it’s the clearing of the individual and the collective as well. Don’t forget, the rules have changed and we’re all clearing for millions of people. The key is to use the energy of creative chaos, which is the sixth dimension. But, do not get caught in the chaos because it will just drag you down and eat you up. We are in rough seas.

SB: Yes. And we have Sanat Kumara today, keeper of the universal laws, and our planetary logos, soon to be, in cosmic time – solar logos. And, hopefully, he’ll be able to tell us a little bit more about how to navigate these times. I will let you make your transition.

SK: Greetings, I am Sanat Kumara.

SB: Greetings, Raj.

SK: And welcome to you and to all of you all over the planet and throughout the solar system. Throughout the galaxies, I welcome you all. For this broadcast, yes, goes off and across and through Terra Gaia. But, it is also infinite in terms of what you would think of as radio waves as they continue on. And, certainly your star family who is very close by, is listening, assessing, wondering, observing, participating. And yes, it is a time of massive, cosmic change.

Because you know in the simplest of physics and chemistry and family dynamics that you do not get to change one element of a compound, of a system, of a reality, of a collective, without influencing and shifting the entirety thereof.

Now, each of you, my beloved friends – and might I say even say my beloved family – are dealing with this change, with this fundamental shift in energy and reality in what is available to you in a different way. Note what I say, my beloveds, I do not say “incorrectly” or “correctly,” “right” or “wrong.” I simply highlight and bring to your attention that each of you are dealing with this acting, reacting, observing, participating in these changes in different ways.

And, yes, it is dependent upon not only your experience to date, not only your experience in the immediacy of the situation, not only in the immediacy of this life and many, many lives, but also the elements, the energies that you are surrounded by – those that are apparent and those that are not.

It is a moment, and even an infinite moment, to truly take care of yourselves.

Yes, I am keeper, some would say master, of universal laws. I am planetary logos and that has been not only my duty, my responsibility, but my infinite joy. And, some of you I see you shaking your heads and saying, “Lord, how can that possibly be an infinite joy? There has been such a long history of darkness, of abuse, of cruelty, of mayhem, of chaos.”

But, it has been a forward thrust. Yes, definitely with some detours and some absolute stalls with some horrific periods in time. But this has been my joy: to be your guardian.

Joy is not simply reactive happiness. Joy is not – although akin to bliss – joy does not always mean, my dearest hearts, that everything is going perfectly. So often that is the assumption or the inference that you give: “I’m in joy now. I have let go of my vasanas. My relationship is humming along, money in the bank and food in my belly, I am safe. I am in joy.”

Joy overrides everything. Joy is the ability, the choice, the capacity, the practice to stay in the love, to be the love, to experience and to express the love regardless of what is transpiring, both in what you assume – and I do mean assume – is actuality, or reality that is unseen.

Joy allows you to move into the knowing of love. And in that knowing there is in fact greater joy, greater bliss, greater peace, greater truth because they are stand-alones. Now, it is ironic because this is not exactly what I came to speak of today, but it is what arises in this infinite moment of now.

So, my friends, let us look together at what is going on upon your planet, upon this beloved Terra Gaia, Nova Earth, this tender archangel who has nurtured and shielded, protected and fed you for billions of years. Let us make it very straightforward and simple so that we are not talking about what political or financial person is doing this or that. Oh, that is interesting. But, might I suggest to you, while it is interesting, it is enormously distracting. So, let us look at this.

There are those upon the earth, yes, in the collective that we call, and you call, humanity, Gaians, who generally are of the opinion that the collective humanity, individuals and groups, are like out of control children, rambunctious children that need to be reined in, directed, and basically told what to do so that things will progress in harmony and in accordance with their beliefs and opinions. That group that previously we have also called, and you have referred to them as Team Dark, it is much bigger than that, dearest Steve. It is a worldview.

Previously we have called them reluctant or recalcitrant, or even disinterested. It has been a perspective that is ‘rein the children in, tell them what to do, direct them, keep them in school uniforms and everything will proceed – they believe – in accordance with divine plan. But, in fact, it is individual. That group has been diminishing significantly. But, that group has always been much larger than what you have thought of as Team Dark, Cabal, Illuminati, because it has included those people that have this vision or opinion of how things work, but were never really vocal or proactive or outwardly demonstrative of that worldview.

The good news is, that population has and is diminishing rapidly. Yes, the infusion of many of the energies, but particularly the rapidity of the Porlana C is deeply influencing everybody, including, and significantly, this group.

Now, there is what we will call the freedom group and you are seeing this all over your planet, those who are clearly declaring, claiming, demanding their freedom and those who are doing it on a much subtler level. If you were to take a world pulse, which I do continually, you will see that armed hostilities upon your planet are in fact decreasing.

Now, when I say armed hostilities, I do not just mean the out-and-out wars, declared and undeclared, but also the violence, the violence quotient amongst human beings one to another. And, in that I also include intent because if you are walking around and you are not necessarily beating, shooting, harassing, abusing another human being but you are carrying that desire and intent in your heart, we count that as active violence. That is decreasing rapidly, joyously, upon the planet.

Now, in the freedom group, there are those who are declaring their freedom and those that believe and feel and know – we do not want to diminish this – how they wish to proceed in practicality, in philosophy, in spirituality, in the creation of Nova Earth and their expression of freedom in their lives, in their communities.

Then, there are those who are claiming and declaring their freedom but don’t really have an organized sense, either internally or collegially or communally about how they wish to proceed.

Now, I am not suggesting to you that this is a problem. Left unattended to, it will present challenges because that energy has need to flow in a direction of creativity. So, to simply declare and claim one’s freedom and not do much with it can create simply further chaos akin to anarchy.

So, there is basically this very large group of what we would call the freedom people – and I am talking not just in one nation or another, I am talking globally – and in that there is some variation, obviously. And, then, there is this other group that is still clinging and believing and hoping and, yes, even praying, that they can maintain the old third dimension even though it no longer exists. So, they are looking for a bygone time or energy or situation or planet that is no longer in reality. So, they are going to be brought into the fold and we will be talking about that     along the way, as well. So that is basically the state of your planet at the moment in its simplest terms.

Now, for a very long time, my beloveds, I have been talking to you, teaching you, guiding you, holding you, loving you, and bringing to you, I declare, a deeper understanding of universal law, from sacred purpose to completion, with elimination and change thrown into the middle. We have been teaching about universal law. In this declaration and assertion of freedom, in the assumption of the fullness of your creator self, there has need to be a clarity of direction and a purity of direction. And, that is why the Mother continues to send her amplification of grace and purity and clarity into you, so that the direction that humanity takes, yes, in concert with us, in partnership. But we are not doing the implementation. You are.

So, it is important in this that you truly begin – yes, it is still the beginning – to work with universal law as your creator self.

Now, I hear you, dearest Steve, because the first question and the last question is, “How do we do this?”

SB: Yes.

SK: I do not want to make this complicated. I do not want to and choose not to make this an advanced course in quantum physics. It is utilization of a very simple formula, but, bringing it into the practicality, the everyday actions, feelings, emotions, thoughts, behaviors of your life in any given moment.

My friends, my family, you are the fulfillment agents. What are you choosing to do? What are the choices that you are making that are in alignment with divinity, with your own divinity and with divine mind, heart, will? It is bringing this to ever-present, yes, ever-present consciousness, heart consciousness, so that your beingness, as you are creating the new, which is not simply a patching job of what you’ve had. That has not worked and that is over. So do not look to that. You are building the new.

But, if your daily life, if your in-breath and your out-breath are not in alignment with love, with the truth of who you are, bright angels, then the external construction will not be of the truth and the peace and the love that you are seeking. It will not be the genuine reflection of the universe that rests within thee.

Now, where do you wish to begin?

SB: I think there are several places, Raj. But, I think our listeners would like to know what is coming up in, say, the next three months. When is this chaos going to peak and start to recede? What can we be doing to facilitate it? And also, if the ‘what we should we be doing’ is, say, to take to the streets, then how do we keep it peaceful?

SK: We are not saying that the solution to what is transpiring is taking to the streets. Now, you have had a mighty demonstration of freedom seekers, freedom declarers, freedom claimers go to the streets to express what is. You see, let us be clear about this, when you go to the streets – and, let us use the women’s marches of the planet as an example – you are not seeking permission. You are declaring what in fact is universal law. You are declaring and claiming and utilizing the first law of sacred purpose to say: “I am in alignment and I choose not to be controlled by arbitrary, unloving, unkind, unfair – the list is long – legalities, structures, institutions.”

So, it is not that. You need to change the perspective. You are not protesting. You are claiming. You’re not seeking permission! You already have divine permission to proceed! That has been in place for some time.

So, are we suggesting that you take to the streets? No. That is not the way because that is why I have begun by saying, it is first and foremost an internal process. If you look to what you believe is the external environment, what you are going to see is chaos. And, do not attach negativity to chaos because in that energy is the creative chaos.

Think of it in this way: most of you, at one time or another, whether it has been in a formal situation or sitting around with friends, have done brainstorming, have done dreaming, have come up with brilliant new ideas. But, those ideas and the plans that have fallen out of those ideas have come from a place not of protest, yes, of clear analysis of the clarity that you gain within and from the Mother and from your sacred self, and from that, deciding what is possible.

But, if what you are thinking, feeling, proceeding with as possible is not based on the clarity of your love, then you are not truly creating Nova Earth. And, this is the time.

So, if you engage in what we would call the negative aspect of the chaos, then you are putting yourself in that melee and it will not serve you or anybody else. Take the energy of that creative chaos into the purity of your love and your heart and as you go about your day, bring forth in the very small ways and in the universal ways, that which you wish to experience.

You are in a pattern, a time, when the patterns, think of it, that the patterns of the old are being completely broken down. They don’t serve. They haven’t served. They no longer serve. They are being smashed to smithereens. But, underneath that pattern, or underneath that mask – that you have phrased it – oh, I’m always eavesdropping – and you know that there is a crystal clear pure pattern of what is divine, personally divine action and creation.

And, whether it is a pleasant exchange as you buy a coffee, smiling and looking into the person’s eyes and engaging them and saying, “I really do thank you for this cup of coffee and I really do hope you have a day as good as mine.” Or whether it is addressing Parliament or the Senate or the entire nation, it starts with the purity and clarity and love of your heart. If it is not coming from there, if it is not in alignment with your intent, with your purpose, with the balance – that we keep harping on – then you are not creating what we know and what we are supporting you in bringing forth.

So you asked me, in a very practical way, what does the next three months hold and how long can we anticipate this chaos. You are not going to like the answer because much of this is dependent upon you. And, that is why I have asked to come and address all of you all over the planet and far beyond. And, particularly I am reaching out to this group, this very large group of billions that is the freedom declarers, claimers, seekers who do not have or who have not anchored as yet the clarity of pathway.

So, what lies ahead in these few months is the bringing into substance, into physicality, the tangibility, the physicality of what does that freedom look like. And, it does not look like the old because that opportunity – I need to say this very clearly – the opportunity to course correct, to tweak, to adjust what has been in place and to move forward has basically disappeared.

You are at a point of divergence. We have said this subtly, actually. Mi-ki-el has said it, the Mother has said it: you are at the point of creating a different pathway, and you have already seen it start, that is essentially looks, feels, tastes different than what has been in place. And, it begins with how you are feeling about yourself, how you are behaving. And, you know there are many new patterns of behavior – not radically new but in a practical sense and in a repetitive sense, by the way, are new – so that you are laying down the paradigm of love that we have conjointly been working on for eons.

But, what is being done – yes, in tandem with us, we certainly have never abandoned you, and we have never been more close and more busy with you – because it is in form. Think of it in this way: you’ve had the plans for the highway. You’ve had the plans for the arterial roads. Everything has been passed and studied and approved. It is all green, it is all animal friendly. Now you are beginning the literal construction. It is not about ordering the bulldozers or the ground breakers or the concrete. It’s all ordered. What you are doing is literally laying it down.

Now, I can say to you the Golden Age of Gaia, of course, is long and fruitful. Are you in for very rapid – that is part of being essentially, critically, necessarily grounded during this time? The changes are rapid. There are times when you are going to think, “The construction is going faster than I can keep up of.” And, then there will be moments when you say, “It isn’t going fast enough.”

Because time, as you construe it, is also shifting. But this is rapid change. It is utilizing the creative energies of the chaos to build the new.

So, what lies ahead in the next few months? Feel this as exhaustion because you are holding, literally, more energy than you ever have before and such a high time of creative energy that you think that you don’t want to put your head on the pillow because you have so many ideas and so many projects coming to fruition all at once.

Now, it is necessary that the rest does take place because that is when your body is accommodating and adjusting to the increased frequencies that you are being fed and implementing. So it is not an either/or. The Golden Age is long. This period of what you are thinking of reconstruction and beginning of the literal, physical construction process is about three to four months.

Now, does that answer your question?

SB: Well, let me just revisit what you said right there. The literal reconstruction phase is about three or four months. What do you mean by that, Lord? Because part of the literal reconstruction phase, I would have thought, would be the galactics helping us to clean the oceans and the radiation and what have you. And that’s not even in the offing, as far as I’m aware. So, could you just expand on that a bit, please?

SK: You do not have the same lens, and that is not a criticism, and I mean all of you by the way, that we have. In fact, the galactics are helping you. There is new technology being seeded upon your planet every day. The explosion, shall we put it that way, of new inventions, new technology is not coincidental. So do not feel that your brothers and sisters of the various forces are not in active assistance. They are. So, what you are really referring to is when will the clear acceptance of this come forward. And it is already underway.

Political announcements? Yes. But the key component of this is the massive collective acceptance that of course your star brothers are present and of course people are seeing ships and of course people are having interactions – and we do not simply mean with your star family. We mean with all kinds of previously unseen, or perhaps we should better say, unnoticed masters and enlightened beings, Angelics and Archangelics. So, this is underway and it will be, if we were talking at this time next year, we would be laughing and saying, “Remember when people thought that they couldn’t see these beings or that it was all fantasy?” And, we would in a delightful way, simply chuckle. So, yes, that help is very close, in physical form because it is time for such radical change.

SB: How far away is NESARA, Raj?

SK: Do not look for your governmental people to declare freedom from debt. That is not how it comes forth. It comes from the people.

SB: Right. But, NESARA will bring a wholesale change; all the governments will step down etc. So, it’s much more than just a…something financial. Is that a long way off?

SK: The shift in how government is structured and perceived in terms of structure is about a year to two away.

When you reach, now we are talking collective consciousness, when you reach a realization as a race called Gaians that you are not alone in the multi-verse, it changes the perceptual mind set of how things such as governments, which is really stewardship, is managed and organized. So, with love, and I am not talking as some would say pie in the sky, I am talking the practicality of living the Mother’s love. With that comes the elimination, yes, not decentralization, not the softening, comes the elimination of structures that want to control.

Now, we are not saying – as you well know through the intergalactic council – that there are agreements for what consists of harmonious co-existence that promotes creativity and harmony and all the things that you all desire and that we desire.

But, it is not based on brute force. So that element of brute force of nations, either subtly or actually, will disappear over the next couple of years. Some will be more recalcitrant than others, yes. But, this is a way that cannot be stopped.

SB: What about the revaluation of currencies, Lord. Is that also a year away?

SK: No. It is not. It is much closer than that.

SB: All right. Now, earlier, were you talking about the time of separation, when you were saying that there is going to be a definite difference now, a definite choice for us to make? I realize that you were talking about light workers. But, was it also a reference to the time of separation?

SK: Yes. And, when we use this term, we mean the time of separation of people choosing different pathways. It is not punitive. It is not destructive. But, it is the separation of those who choose to go in a different way.

SB: Could you describe what happens, for instance, to the people who are either lagging behind, recalcitrant, not planning on going forward? I know it’s said they will go to a place where their energetic signature is more in alignment. Are we going to be seeing people getting sick and dying?

SK: Let us begin this by saying that although we have talked this day, and we are constantly talking about this, about these basically three groups, two being in the freedom category – that never has the plan been, and particularly since the very evolved decision of humanity, of Gaians, to proceed in ascension as one – the plan has not been to simply dump or cut out or punish or eliminate those who have been recalcitrant, reluctant, disinterested or just plain stubborn.

So, when we talk about the evolution – and when we talk about the awakening to freedom, because that is really what this love is about – it is about your freedom as an angelic, divine, human, earth keeper, pillar, you name it, to be free, to be who you really are.

So, the divine hope, yes, you know we have talked about hope a great deal of late, is that those who have chosen that pathway, what we would call as a self-interested, egoic pathway, that the energies that are being sent to them are very specifically to awaken them to the higher frequency which is in the love and in accordance, in alignment with who they truly are.

So, it is not that we are saying to you, the divine plan: “We’re getting rid of the evil ones.” Because there is not one being, however recalcitrant they appear, however strange they appear, that did not come with the knowing that they were coming to play a part in the Mother’s unfoldment and restoration of love on this planet. And I know, because I know each and every one of you.

Now, are there those who will ultimately, in accordance with divine love, choose not to proceed in love? Unfortunately, yes. There are those that will choose, unfortunately, regardless of every opportunity, energetically, spiritually and physically that is offered them, who will say, “No thanks.” And that is the choice. That is the ultimate choice that the Mother and Father give you. It is that ability.

Now, it is rather ironic – and some may think a strange set up – because ultimately, when you make that choice and you return home, you discover, much to your surprise and somewhat and sometimes to your chagrin, that in fact all you wanted all along was the love and to be home in the love. So, there is an irony here, and it is an irony that has been repeated, especially on this planet, but on many planets, for a very long time.

You have seen through war, through dis-ease, through the choice to simply depart, many, many leave. And, that will spike. That will continue as those who choose not to be part of this undertaking return home. They are not being reassigned to outer Siberia or to a planet that is akin with their recalcitrance. Because their soul desire was to be part of the rebirth of love. So, it would be akin to punishment to send them somewhere where they simply continue on in their misguided soul purpose. So, many will return home and they will be welcomed with empathy, with compassion, with fanfare. And that is their choice.

Human beings, thus far, except for a rare few, have insisted on externals to leave their bodies when in fact the leaving of a body is very simple and it is an act of will and intent. But that capacity, by and large, has been lost by most human beings. It will be part of the restoration because the hiccup in consciousness is really not necessary. But, I digress.

So, the mechanisms that human beings have chosen have been accidents or dis-ease, and we see disease as an external event that is internalized grief, mourning, sadness, disenchantment, war. So, there are many vehicles that you have established, in the realm that these individuals are choosing to stay in, to escape. So, it will be taken care of. Is that clear?

SB: It’s very clear. We have about eight minutes remaining, so, the prognosis is chaos, opportunity for reclaiming freedom on all fronts?

SK: Yes.

SB: Unstoppable progress, but some recalcitrants yet?

SK: Yes. You have summed it up perfectly, my friend. It is the weather forecast for the foreseeable future.

SB: Rain in California and what have you. Yes, I get it.

SK: And the rain in California is a very clear indicator to you that a paradigm that was holding drought and lack has been broken.

SB: I’d like to get an idea on the effectiveness of light worker efforts. The rain meditation that Kathleen Willis organized, did that have an impact?

SK: The meditations for rain have been the cause. It is that simple. This is one of the wonderful ways in which you witness how your spiritual work takes tangible form, when it is approached with an open heart, with a sharing and a building of community, and what your individual and collective hearts’ desire. Not that your desire tramples on another’s desire or tells another that they can’t have it because you want it. That is what the blossoming is truly about. That is how the co-creation is coming forth. So, that is what the peace meditations do. That is what the drought meditations do. That is what you can assist your brothers and sisters of the stars doing in cleaning up the oceans.

The power of your thought, we’ll say heart-centered thoughts, are extraordinary. And, what you are beginning, and I mean beginning to glimpse in this construction phase, is just how powerful those intentions and those thoughts and those deeds and still point are. Because, when you combine them, the implosion/explosion that takes place, particularly in the new frequency, is unstoppable. You can think of it as a nuclear reaction. You do not stop it halfway through.

SB: Well, then what similar actions have the highest priority right now, Raj? We just talked about meditation for rain, meditation for peace. How can we extend our work in this area? What would you advise?

SK: Tender, gentle, loving relationships. We have talked about sacred union for eons. And, all of you, especially you who are light workers, turn to the Mother and to Gabrielle and Michael, and Magdalena and Jesus and you all say, “Please may I have sacred union?” And, then you do not treat yourself in kind and loving and nurturing and considerate ways.

If you wish to have an assignment, let me give it to you three ways. Choose a partner. It may be a family member. It may be a friend. This is over and above the millions that each of you are working with. It may be a stranger. Every day engage either mentally, esoterically or actually in a kind and loving exchange of relationship that is expressive and reflective and in alignment with how you love and treat yourself and, in reciprocity, how you love and wish to be treated every day.

Then formulate the same relationship with prayer, meditation, intent with your water and with your food. If you were to do these very simple and most difficult three things: individual, your water, and your food. Kind, loving, nurturing and gentle, for one month, and we, I offer you a date my friend. And we were to revisit this in one month, the shift upon your planet would be unbelievable. I do not say significant. I say unbelievable. Because you would be breaking the old pattern and erecting, constructing new, ignoring what does not serve because it does not serve. And anchoring what does serve, what fills your heart with supreme gladness in form. That is why I am suggesting to each of you, to engage with a friend, a family member or a stranger and watch it blossom. Watch it blossom. Watch the old pattern smash away and the new that is underneath truly shine like the brilliant pattern of the Mother and the Father that it is.

I would be glad to help you! I invite all of you to call on me. It is time to truly see and experience, in form, in this lifetime, in this time, the beauty of what it means to be on Gaia at this time.

SB: Indeed. We have run out of time, Raj, unfortunately. Thank you very much. Do you have any final words in closing?

SK: Yes. Choose freedom. Choose to be free and live free because that is who you are. Go with my love. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

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As you know, one of my fondest undertakings is the building of community, it is community that is based on values, on heart, on joy, on trust and common purpose..the building of community is one of the most sacred purposes of the human collective that there is…What is the best way to prepare for Ascension? It is threefold. Love yourself more deeply. Go to the place of awe and from that into the humility, then love your twin and allow that relationship, that union, to flourish and then go to the place of divine union and stay there.

Graham Dewyea: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening. Today, both Steve Beckow of the 2012 Scenario and Geoffrey West of Greenprint for Life will interview our guest, St. Francis. So, with that, I’ll pass it on to you, Geoffrey.

Geoffrey West: Thank you, Graham. Greetings and blessings to all. In a slight departure from our usual program format, it’s a pleasure for both Steve and I to be joining together this evening to welcome in a new guest to An Hour with an Angel. Steve, welcome, and thank you for joining in this particular program with me.

Steve Beckow: Thanks, Geoff. It’s a pleasure to be here with you. And we’d like to invite Linda Dillon to come on for a few moments as herself to introduce our new guest and offer a little background information on St. Francis, or Brother Francis, or…. Linda, welcome, this evening.

Linda Dillon: Oh, thanks. Thanks. It’s not often I get to come on and to speak for a few minutes as myself, as Linda Dillon. So, thanks for inviting me. St. Francis, or Brother Francis, as you have said, Steve, is a — just a phenomenal, phenomenal being, and probably… you know, I don’t think I’m misspeaking when I say one of the most beloved ascended beings. In every culture, it seems to have a soft spot for St. Francis. I’ve been channeling St. Francis I guess for about 15, 16 years. And the very first time he came in, he sent the room into pearls of laughter, and surprise, when he introduced himself as, “ St. Francis, but you can call me Frank.” And I think what he does is he brings the energy of what we think of as St. Francis — you know, which is what, 800, 830 years ago? — into the present, and presents himself as someone who understands and relates to our situation in the here and now, and particularly our situation as we go through, you know, this Ascension process. Which, in many ways St. Francis did in a different way, letting go of his body, of course.

So he’s a character. He loves to make us laugh. He loves to give us food for thought, not so much in terms of answers but provoking us to really think and to feel our way through to where we want to draw our conclusions.
So it’s going to be an interesting show, and it’s… it’s really an honor to channel St. Francis of Assisi.

SB: Thanks, Linda. Geoff?

GW: Great. Yes? Thank you, Linda. Okay, so we’ll give Linda a moment or two to bring in St. Francis, and while she’s doing this we can take a moment to hold the vision of all global change happening as quickly, as safely and as comfortably as possible, for the highest good of humanity and Gaia.

We can hold the vision of Archangel Michael’s blue flame of peace, and some of you may feel called to bring in Raphael’s green flame of healing to send to all of humanity, but especially to those serving in the dark cabal, that they will receive these loving energies and choose to embrace them and be welcomed among the energy of love sweeping the planet.
Okay. I believe St. Francis is with us now. So, with that, I will say, welcome, dear Brother Francis. It is a joy and honor to receive your presence and your energies this first time on our program.

St. Francis: Greetings, and thank you for having me. Yes, I am Francis. And at the risk of surprising your readers and listeners, I say you may call me Frank, and I say this not only because it is a nickname for Francis, but also because that is what I tend to be, is frank. But I am pleased to be with you, by whatever names — and there are many — that you may call me by.


St. Francis and the Birds – New Universe Story Watercolour

It is my honor to talk to all of you, and to talk in plain English, which may be translated in every country in the world, not through sub-text, but through the heart, and through the knowing of the heart. Because that is what I offer, that is what I share, and that is what I bring you this day, is my truth and my heart.
So, dear friends, where do you wish to begin?

GW: Great. Thank you, Brother Francis. The part that I would like to focus on is a little bit about the twin flames and a new concept which I have just recently heard about, which I will touch on shortly. But it has been said of you and St. Clare that when you came together to break bread that you would be found levitating near the ceiling. Now we discover that Clare is your twin flame. Can you describe to us, please, your relationship with Clare?

SF: Well, you have pretty much described it, my friend. Yes, my beloved Clare, twin of my heart, twin of my soul — the other half, as you can think of it — and in this life that you think of as Francis. And yes, it is true I do not refer to myself either as saint, for that is a human terminology.

But let me talk about my beloved Clare — sweet angel of pink, with the biggest heart and soul energy, of devotion, of love, of joy, a gift to the planet, and a gift to the universe as well. My being, even for the short period that we were allowed during that incarnation with Clare was a gift, and I am not presumptuous in saying that it was a gift to both of us.
It allowed us to truly practice, to demonstrate to many, even to this day, what it meant to be with your sacred other. So, the gift was not in the levitation, for that was us at play. It was in the demonstration of what love can be.

Each of us, independently and together, had decided to teach the path of joyous humility, of service, to bring people and to show people about the freedom, the true freedom that comes in dedicating oneself to the pursuit of spirit, to the pursuit of God, to the pursuit of love. Because everything we did was of love.

Does this mean that we detached wholly and completely from human experience? No. And I want the listeners to understand that. The human experience is not to be denigrated or dismissed or ignored, but it also has need to be in the balance of where it truly belongs. And when you become over-involved, obsessed, frivolous about the human physical experience, what you are doing is denying yourself of the bliss, of the joy, that comes from truly being in alignment with One and with yourself, and with your sacred other.

Let me speak just a little bit about this, if I may. Now, yes, I was fortunate to have Clare incarnated and in form with me. And it gave each of us such phenomenal support that allowed us to complete our mission together. But each of you have your beloved other as well, some in or out of form, and as you know it is highly unusual for your twin to be in form with you during your lifetime. Because of the unusual circumstances of Ascension that is more common at this moment than has been in the history of the human race.

But whether they are in or out of form matters not, because when you are embracing each other, when you are truly working as a unified whole, as a unified one, the assistance that you get, the fulfillment that you get from the fullness of that embrace will give you what you need to go forward.

Now, I do not mean that one steps away or divorces themselves from relationships and from community. As you know, one of my fondest and most beneficial — to this day, beneficial — undertakings is the building of community. But, again, it is community that is based on values, on heart, on joy, on trust and common purpose. And it is in that way that community truly begins to function.

And, my dear friends, what I am saying to you also is that as InLight Radio, that is what you are doing. You are building your community of truth. You are building your community of heart, of light. So, when I say to work and to be and to unite and to fulfill your promises to your sacred other, to your twin, I do not mean to the exclusion of your community.

The building of community is one of the most sacred purposes of the human collective that there is. And it has been in many ways ignored and certainly has been part of the old paradigm. Yes, you got off track. It matters not. You are finding your way back.

So, your real question to me, dear Geoffrey, is about Clare, my beloved other, my sacred twin, the one that has sacrificed joyously. She never thought of it as sacrifice, but she did. She followed her heart and she followed her soul, and she never veered away. I like to think that just as Clare assisted me in keeping focused, that I did that with her and for her as well. And that is what your twin, wherever they are, can do for you as well.

So, look to the euphoria, to the bliss, to the elevated love, not simply the human, physical partnership, for in many ways when you put that aside what happens is the relationship has the potential to be even more meaningful. And that is something that human beings do not often think of. No, I do not mean to minimize the joy and the sacred nature of intimacy, but what I am saying is that the intimacy of spirit is so much more.

GW: Great, thank you. Thank you, Brother Francis. Now, you brought up the word unified, and that actually is a great segue into a question that I’d like to ask in a moment. But maybe just quickly, while we’re still focusing on you and Clare, what other lifetimes that we might know of, when you and Clare have worked together, or perhaps incarnated together, has this happened again?

SF: No, it has not. There has … that was a highly unusual circumstance. And as I said we really came together to form community and to support each other in a foundation that would last for thousands and thousands and thousands of years. But no, we have not had that honor. Very often what we have found is that the support that we can give each other from what you think of as this side is more effective. So, no, that has not occurred since that time. But that does not matter, because we are together.

GW: Are there any other incarnations individually that either you or Clare have had come down that we might recognize?

SF: You have known me in the east, yes. You have also known Clare in the east. And I do not believe she would object for me to share this, that she has been Mother Teresa.

GW: Well, that’s wonderful. Great. Thank you. Well, as we move to this question of unified, an interesting experience happened to me very recently in Toronto. I was at a radio television show and met an individual who now publicly informed an audience that he is a unified soul, meaning that he had I guess united as one with his twin flame, not just merely incarnated together with his twin flame. So this was a fairly new term and concept for me, and he indicated that very few unified souls exist that he knows of on Gaia at this time.

Are there… I mean, can you help us to understand exactly this concept of a unified soul and whether or not there are more of them that have incarnated on Gaia at this time?

SF: There are many unified souls on Gaia at this time. So, do not underestimate who you are, for that truly would be false humility, and that is not something that we want to encourage. Now, let us explain. The unification of your own sacred being takes place first. And that has been part of the work that you have all been doing, some consciously, some not. And there are many who have a long distance still to go. But it is the calling back of all parts, all aspects, all pieces of yourself and the finding of love and balance of that within your sacred self.

Now, as I have said, your twin flame, whether on Earth, on ship or in the angelic realm, or any other realm for that matter, may help you enormously with that, because the role of the twin flame is to also to act as the mirror, as the catalyst, as the balancer. So when you are working with your twin flame in that process of reunification and unification, then it is smoother, and it is also more rapid.

But what generally happens in the human experience is that what you have tended to do is to do the self-unification and then go looking for your twin flame. It matters not, the end product will be the same. But what I do say is that if you seek your twin earlier rather than later it will simply be easier and more rapid.

When you reunite and unify with your twin, what you are doing is bringing into balance the wholeness of yourself. Now, what does this really mean? It means that you feel a sense of expansion. If you were to think of it in terms of layers, you would unify with your sacred I Am, with your universal or your higher self, the fullness of your being. Then you would take another layer and you would unify with your twin, which expands you field.

Now, when you expand your field in this way what you are doing is you are also entering into their field as they are entering into yours. So the heart, the being, the energy field is larger than simply one soul. Then you are expanding further into unification with All.

So it is a progression, and it is a progression that all of you are in the midst of. So, to say that one comes, if I understand your question correctly, as a unified soul, is very unusual. Because part of what you have come to do is to be part of Gaia and this unfoldment of the Mother’s Plan, which has also meant the destruction… the same as I sought to destroy the human illusions and false paradigms 800 years ago, you are still doing the same thing. So if you come with full enlightenment, then you are not really destroying, because it is not an internal process. It is not personal.

So you may come as an enlightened master. That would be highly unusual. Most of you go through the unification process simply as I did as well. So it is part of your Ascension, it is part of what you are doing, it is part of the gift of being in form, in the human form, at this time. Does this answer your question clearly? Because I wish to be clear with all of you.
GW: I think we’re getting there.

It has been said that many twin flames, when they get together, can spark off one another and they may find that everything… because nothing can be hidden from your twin flame. So it often tends to be a… at the very least, an uncomfortable process of meeting your twin flame, if not very uncomfortable to another extreme, because they’re mirroring each other.
But in the sense of being a unified soul, has… I guess that mirroring or those differences have been balanced, as you…

SF: [Have been resolved?].

GW: … [ ? ] a moment ago?

SF: Have been resolved and embraced. Now, yes, to meet your twin flame, in or out of form, it matters, not, while you are still in your own process of what I would call becoming, it can be exceptionally uncomfortable. Because… you have an expression now, in your face. They will show you everything that you did not want to look at, and then some. But also understand, my friend, what you are doing is exactly the same thing to them.

Now, it is easier if your twin is on this side because they are not affected in the same way, and that is why it can be such a challenge. Now, there is much written or known about the bliss or the union that Clare and I have shared. But that does not mean that there were not times when she would look at me and absolutely trigger… especially early on, for I loved this one, and my human, masculine self wished to be in union with this one. It brought up all the human things that I felt that I had escaped and left behind by retreating to the countryside, only to discover that I was still human, and in my judgment — and I use that word because it was cruel of myself — I felt frivolous because I was in the physical desire as well.

Well, we got past that very quickly, because our commitment, particularly to Jesus, but to the One as well, was very deep and sacred. And it was the driving force in both of our lives. But there were also times when Clare would say to me, “Francis, you are acting rather arrogantly.” Or, “Francis, why do you think you are the only one who can do this?” Or, “Francis, where is your smile? Where is your joy?”

And I would respond back to her with similar insights, when I had the opportunity, not in criticism — and that is the difference that sometimes twins in form spark. Because it is viewed or perceived, because you have not reached a place of unification or of self-worth where you perceive those comments as judgment and criticism. The severest criticism and judgment of course comes from the self.

But yes, being in form with your twin can be very uncomfortable, because they do know you. And I can tell you, very personally, they are not about to let you get away with anything. But it is reciprocal. But when you face these challenges, when you embrace these challenges and overcome them, that sense of oneness, of looking into the eyes of your very soul, is a gift far beyond any human measure.

But yes, it can be challenging, and that is why we suggest to you right now that you begin, if you have not already begun, to work with your twin, because they will point the way for where there are still obstacles or blockages that have need to be surrendered.

GW: Great. Thank you, Brother. Now, just before I turn things over to Steve, two very quick questions, please. You mentioned earlier that you had incarnated in the east, and I’m sure the listeners would love to know who it was that you incarnated as in the east. And what has been your work, or what has been your work since, in your lifetime as Francis?

SF: First of all, I have incarnated in the east several times, not as saint or master, although you may choose. But I do not wish to really discuss this. I do wish to discuss my work. My favorite thing, my favorite occupation when I am amongst the humans is to tend to the sick, because they grow in the sweetness of capacity for mercy.

I wish to tend the meek of heart, of soul, of countenance, but I also work with the kingdoms. Many of you think of me as a patron for the animal kingdom. I tend to think of it as an honor that they will speak with me and share with me and be with me.

My other task, and I work extremely diligently on this, particularly at this time, is I am a keeper and a patron of the environment, of the air, of the water, of the land, of the trees, of the flowers, of the plants, yes, including my little plant. But that is what I do. And that is why I have been focusing so much on the work with Gaia.

I have spoken of my connection and my dear love of Jesus, but I am also of the emerald ray, and I work and I serve and I bow to Archangel Raphael, and particularly not just his work with the human collective, but particularly with the kingdoms and with the planet herself. Because without that, there is no Ascension, there is no future, there is no past. So that is what I do.

So I have often positioned myself in places of extreme poverty or sickness, where the balance has been, oh, for centuries, out of alignment. There is a deep, abiding prejudice that I am working on with the human collective about their feelings about those who are ill. And I do not mean simply a cold or something minor, I mean those who are very debilitated or disabled, because these are also the teachers and the holders of compassion, of mercy. They sacrifice a great deal. So you will find me in the alleys, in the colonies. That is where you will find me.

GW: Thank you, Brother. You are also an Earth-keeper, and you had mentioned that just briefly a little while ago, and this is going to be a good time to perhaps turn things over to Steve. We are certainly witnessing a change in relations as far as humanity and animals. And on a personal note, a few days ago I actually had a skunk come and eat from my hand for the very first time. So, this is a wonderful example of how I think things are beginning to change. But for now, I’d like to turn things over to Steve. Steve, carry on.

SB: Thanks, Geoff.

SF: Bless you, my brother.

SB: Thank you, Francis. And just before continuing with our interview, I’ve been asked to mention two matters, if you’ll excuse me.

We’ve been talking about the video, I Know My Galactic Family is Here. Do You? a video produced by InLight Radio now on YouTube. The video now is available in several different languages, and you can check out the video link on our show page today, or you could go to YouTube and enter I Know My Galactic Family is Here.

We’ve also been discussing our conference in Sedona next month. The first conference is sold out, so we are putting on another conference on October 30, 31 and November 1, which includes the whole InLight Radio team, and others, such as Mike Quinsey, Linda Dillon, Suzy Ward and other wonderful guests. The link to register is also on today’s show page.
Boy! There’s so much I want to ask you! Were you Mohandas Gandhi?

SF: Yes, I was.

SB: Oh. My, my! I’m so overwhelmed to hear that. Feel so affected. Thank you.

SF: You know that you are ferreting out my secrets, do you not?

SB: Oh, listen…

SF: But yes, I am glad to share it with you.

SB: Oh, thank you, Brother Francis. What rich lives you’ve led! What can I say? You…

SF: It has been a joy, you know.

SB: Well, but they were hard, were they not? I mean, these were hard lives!

SF: What do you think of as hard? I am so glad you have brought up this subject.

SB: Well, you are…

SF: What is hard?

SB: Deprivation, facing an enemy that could be murderous on occasion, a whole nation that rises in conflict — that seems to me to be hard.

SF: No. You are looking at it… do not make me a hero.

SB: Oh, I don’t want to do that. I want to learn from you, that’s what I want.

SF: Then let me say this, because one of the things that you have all talked about is about detachment. And how does one detach? How does one surrender? How does one let go? Well, you turn around and you do it. It is not a mystery, it is not a formula, it is not a trick of spirit, it is simply turning away and walking towards, embracing, truth, love, fairness, justice, community, equality. And caring enough and loving enough to simply do that.

Yes, some could say single-mindedness, but I would not agree with that. Yes, of course it takes the focus of the mind and the emotional body. But once you have truly decided, in every particle of your being, to simply align with what is light and right, what is truth, then what you think of as the hardship, as the deprivation, as what has been defined as lack, yes, of murderous colleagues, it disappears.

Because in many ways all you can see, all you can perceive, all you care about is that light. And as you walk further and further into that light, into that sacred purpose of your life — which all of you have — everything else falls away, like the garments, they simply fall away, so that you are doing what is asked of every human being — and that is putting yourself beyond choice.

Now, what does this really mean? When you put yourself beyond choice, what you are really doing is choosing and deciding to be in the alignment with One, with God, with Source, with Allah. It does not matter. Everything else and the human turmoil, the people who are calling you to turn back, they disappear, not because you don’t care about them or know that they are there; of course you do. But they cannot drive you.

And that is what happens so often in the matters of human life, is that you are deeply affected and driven by affairs and by people who are outside of you and outside that choice for light.

When you are truly in union — and I include in this the unity of community, the truth of unity and community — your community does not grab at you or tempt you to turn aside from what you know to be true. They may not understand, they may not have the exact same fullness of vision, but they support you. And even if they do not agree with you, they love you. And that love feeds you and gives you the strength to keep going.

So, no, my dear brother and friend, I would not say that my lives have been hard. I would say that I have in many, many situations, repeatedly been given the honor to simply show the way. I do not have followers. I have those who choose to walk with me, the same way the birds and the animals do — yes, the skunks, the rabbits, the fox and the wolf; the birds, always.
SB: I… I have so much to ask you and I know I’m not going to have time. I think you know that I too enjoy the birds, especially. You have anticipated some of my questions, and I’d just like listeners to know that, that you’ve already answered some of the questions I had of you, but one question I would like to investigate with you is can you explain to us, as a person who knew this subject very well, the essence of humility?

SF: It is humility… let me back up. And you also know — and for this day I will refer to my life as Francis… and I would be happy to come back and talk to you again at another time also, you know.

SB: Please do.

SF: For now is a time when I am coming forward to speak yet again. Arrogance, the belief in the supremacy that one knows everything, and one is most important on the planet, has been a true cancer of humanity. And that arrogance has led to many of the difficulties that your planet — and mine — has experienced, that there is one right way. And of course that is absurd.

Humility, humility is being in the awe of God. It is surrender to your infinite place within that unified field, within that love, within that eternal, non-changing energy. When you connect in what I have called in every lifetime in divine contemplation, when you allow yourself and practice discipline — a very unpopular term! —— when you are disciplined enough to be in that place of divine union, the sense of wonder renders you humble.

And if you truly — not for a moment, but for a lifetime — can truly look at yourself within the grander scheme and unfoldment, and truly embrace the gift that you are given in and out of form, to be part of this majesty, to be part of that fabric, to help build and create and make what is old new again, then you are in humility.

It is the deep anchoring and recognition that you are all and you are insignificant — and insignificant does not mean less than — but your meaning comes in connection and service to others. Yes, there have been times when I went for periods of time into seclusion as a hermit, but that was to reach a deeper level of contemplation and union, and then to come back to share that energy, to share that love, that absolute bliss with my community, to hold the vision, not for self-grandeur, for that is meaningless, and it is oh, so temporary.

SB: I have to apologize to readers because I’ve thrown my script away. It’s useless. Perhaps you could take us a step further with this, Francis, and help us to understand. What is arrogance? Why are people arrogant? What is it that they accomplish by being that way? What are they trying to do? What is arrogance?

SF: Arrogance is extreme sense of self importance. And arrogance is truly simply a manifestation of a lack of self-worth and self-love, that you position yourself because you are so afraid that people will think you without substance or power that you puff yourself up to look and to feel important. And the danger of arrogance is that it leads to behaviors that are not of love.

A true leader is never arrogant, for a true leader shepherds, does not control. So arrogance — and I am speaking now not only in the human sense; I am speaking in the spiritual sense — because the core of arrogance is believing that you’re better than God. Can you imagine? But that is the true substance of arrogance, that you place yourself above Source and One and therefore All. And you do so because you are afraid, you are afraid that God doesn’t recognize how important you are and he doesn’t love you enough. Therefore you deny and you place yourself above. So, arrogance has no place on Earth or anywhere else.

SB: I feel…

SF: [It leads?] to destruction.

SB: I feel arrogant…

SF: [ ? ] please go ahead.

SB: I feel arrogant at times, and not only that, I enjoy the feeling of arrogance. It has some kind of quality about it that’s, oh, very pleasant, very — I don’t know, something to flirt with. But when I do feel arrogant, I declare it right away, so that it’s out there, so that other people… so that I’m visible, so that I’m not going to allow myself to just be that way and hide it. How does one move from arrogance to humility when one feels arrogance?

SF: First of all, I agree with you, my friend. Arrogance is very seductive, is it not?

SB: Oh, yes.

SF: You know, we don’t talk about sin, and it is a passé term in many ways. But it is because some people always see sin as something that is grievous in nature, something that is injurious. But what you think of as arrogance, or what people have called through the papist hierarchy as sin, is in fact very often seductive.

So, you are correct in one of the first steps is to declare, oh, I am feeling arrogant! I feel like I know better than anyone else, including God, because I do not understand the Plan, and I am sure that I know better.

When you look at that, the first thing to do is to laugh. That is one of the things that my beloved Clare never ceased to show me and teach me, was the ability to see the humor in some of these ridiculous beliefs and behaviors. So, if you can look at arrogance as a temporary moment in time when you can say, “Oh, Source/One is allowing me the feeling of this superiority,” and then say, “but I know it is not of truth, for I only know a piece of this firmament, of heaven, of this eternal energy.”

And so what you do is you take the arrogance and you go into your heart, humbly, without reservation, and say, “Can you please show me more?” And as soon as you do that, what happens is the wonder comes, because you will be shown more. And that will bring you to the place of humility.

GW: That is a… a wonderful share with us, wonderful teaching, Francis. We just have a few more minutes, and I have two questions of you in that last few minutes. First is, I… I put up on the 2012 Scenario the film Brother Sun, Sister Moon, which is one of my favorites. So my first question would be, is that accurate about you? Is it worthwhile that people watch that film?

And the second question is, either, could you tell us how it felt when you ascended, or else give us some advice on the very best way for us to be when our time of ascension arrives? Please.

SF: That is an excellent piece to enjoy, and it teaches a great deal. And yes, it is worthwhile to watch, to observe, and particularly as you are doing so to see what is moving inside of you, because it is infused with my energy and my love. It was a sacred undertaking.

How does it feel to go home? During my life, and during times of divine contemplation, and union, it was difficult to be in body and in fact that is what the stigmata helped with. Now, I am not suggesting you have need to do this. But being in your body, particularly during this Ascension, is very important.

Now, I practiced deprivation, but I also practiced balance. So be in balance of your spheres. Do not be in too great attention to your body. What do you need to do? What is the best way to prepare for Ascension?

It is threefold. Love yourself more deeply. Go to the place of awe and from that into the humility. It is the meek who will inherit the Earth, you know.

SB: Thank you for that.

SF: Then, love your twin and allow that relationship, that union, to flourish. And then go to the place of divine union and stay there. This is how you prepare. It is by building what I would call your love grid.

SB: For a person who practiced deprivation, you have certainly given us a rich feast, Francis. Thank you. We look forward to having you back again.

SF: Thank you, my friend, and go in peace. Farewell.

SB: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 09-24-12



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Transcript ~ Archangel Michael: I Come to Touch Your Hearts – Linda Dillon @ Council of Love


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Transcript ~ Archangel Michael: I Come to Touch Your Hearts, AHWAA, October 20, 2016

[Thanks to Kate Thul for this transcript]

Archangel Michael:
I Come to Touch Your Hearts

An Hour with an Angel
October 20, 2016

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love
Steve Beckow: Host, InLight Radio

Steve Beckow: Good evening, and wlecome to An Hour with an Angel. I’m Steve Beckow, editor-in-chief of the Golden Age of Gaia and with me today is Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love.

And good evening, Linda. We were just saying how we probably really don’t realize how fortunate we are to be speaking to people like Archangel Michael.

Linda Dillon: You know, it’s amazing. I think one of the huge gifts of my “job” is that not a day goes by where I don’t have one of those “ah-ha” moments that I learn something or I see something or perceive something or am activated in a way that just totally wows me.

But this morning, actually for the last day or so, there is this sense, this profound sense of awe, that in fact we are spending an hour talking with an archangel. And, the magnitude of that – that not only do we have this gift and this opportunity to chat with him – but that the energy, the gift of love that flows through that communication is so massive.

When I was sitting here and preparing and I’m thinking in really deep, deep gratitude – thank you, thank you, thank you. And he is reminding me that throughout the ages, for millions of years, that this channel of communication between the various realms has been open and used, that channeling, being a medium, or a conduit is certainly nothing new.

But the level and frequency with which we are receiving these transmissions now is nothing short of phenomenal. And we are being taken by the hand and guided step by step by step in this process of becoming.

And I think sometimes because we are getting such increased frequencies we tend to think of it – and it probably is – the new normal. But when we stop and think about it…oh my God! Literally, oh my God! (laughing) It’s such a gift to all of us!

SB: Yes. I was saying to you before the show that on occasion, AAM has said things to me like, “Dear heart, do you know who you are talking to?” (both laughing) And I can hardly get it. Right? Do I really know who I am talking to?

LD: And, I don’t think we really do. I think it’s really true with the archangels and with the ascended masters, in particular, that on the one hand we tend to humanize them…”they are us” kind of thing…that they have a knowing or an experience of our reality; and on the other hand we tend to make them very God like, Source like.

And, you know, Michael, and particularly lately, has been talking to me a lot about this, about how they are something in between. And I think that we just have little glimpses of the various realms of the angelics and what that really means and how they operate and what they do. But, I think we’re just beginning to understand this partnership.

SB: Indeed. And, maybe Michael might tell us a little bit more about how it operates. I don’t know how he reaches down from the transcendental and ends up here on this plane that is so dense. I don’t know how he does it.

LD: He must be an Archangel!

SB: He must be! (both laughing)

LD: And the fact that they choose to do that, I mean that’s the amazing piece of it, that they actually are choosing. It used to be that our angels, our guides, the archangels, so much of our unseen Company of Heaven friends did things for us. And in the last several years they keep saying, “We are in partnership.”

And they are doing things with us. I love the way you put things, the terminology you use that helps all of us understand, Steve, what we are doing…because to move from the transcendental, through that density, and actually talk to us is amazing.

SB: And, not only us, but thousands of people at the same time.

LD: Yes, thousands. And they even say when we do these shows, both Heavenly Blessings and Hour with an Angel, that, although it is our listeners that are receiving, shall I say, the “full Monte,” That vibration goes out into the atmosphere – and how do they manage that? – to every person on the planet whether they are conscious of receiving that frequency and vibratory rate or not, they’re getting it.

And there certainly is a theme right now of comfort and reassurance. So here is your channel, in incredible awe, stepping aside. Thank you.

SB: Well, you get a ringside seat on the other side. I’ll let you make your transition and we are going to have Archangel Michael with us this morning and it’s a bit of a surprise what he is going to talk about.

I think it might be peace but I think it might also be about Archangels, or Seraphim or Elohim. We don’t know. So, with that I welcome Archangel Michael.

AAM: Greetings. I am Michael, Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, Bringer of News. And yes, I come to talk to you, to engage in this union and reunion and conversation with each and every one of you, to touch your hearts, your souls, your minds, your will and to engage with you in the sweetness of love and the power of peace.

You know, my beloved friends, when you get together with your dearest circle of beloveds, whether it is your sacred-union partner, your family, your soul family, your dearest friends, you do not always say beforehand, or proscribe what the conversation is going to be about.

Sometimes the purpose of the meeting is simply spending time together, of being together in the love, of chatting about this or that and sharing the heart space, the divinity and the might, the sweetness, the kindness of who you are to each other.

So often we – and I include my friends and family on this Council of Love, human and nonhuman – we get together and we have topical areas to discuss. As we have been engaging for many years now in this process of, shall we say, the exchange of information, to bring forth, to attune, and to bring each of you to a different – yes, might I say higher – level of understanding; not only of who we are, of how we operate, but of who you are and how you are progressing in this wondrous process, yes, called ascension.

But also, simply the journey of becoming the truth, the might, the divinity, the wholeness of who you are, of remembering that you are of Creator and therefore creator, of remembering the love of Mother/Father One, however you envision that – of creating and co-creating Nova Earth.

So often our conversations are filled with tools, activations, information, understandings, but every now and then – my friends, my family – I and we enjoy – it gives us incredible joy – to simply be with you.

Recently our beloved Mother has extended Her heart, Her arms, Her being, to each of you in tender embrace, in a welcoming and a nurturing to hold you – not simply you, the collective of Gaians – but you, your unique beautiful self, in Her arms, in Her heart, to nurture you, to reassure you, to hold you. No matter how strong, gentle, kind, humble, prudent, courageous you are, there are times when you simply need to be held and nurtured, loved and reassured.

I could say this to my Legion of Blue, my Warriors of Peace, my Angels of Change. As you know, those of my Legion are deeply committed in their soul missions and purposes to the anchoring of true peace upon this planet and far beyond. …

When I say, by the way, “this planet” I mean this system. I mean all those engaged in this system of what you can think of as the ascension transformation, transmutation of this planet of Earth called Gaia.

So, it includes your star family, the many masters who are working with you, etc., but in this process of ascension, of becoming, of transformation, of change, all rays, all beings, every color, every mission is, in fact, sacred and beautiful, exhausting and exhilarating.

So, I do not simply speak to my Legion of Blue this day or any day. When I come in this form and this format – and, yes, we can talk about that – but when I come, I am coming to address you all. And, yes, as the channel has reminded you, as I address you, with you and through you, I am addressing all beings involved in this system.

Let me explain. There are varying degrees of what you would term “knowing.” So, often you are seeking information from me: ‘Did so-and-so do this or that?’ ‘Who will win an election?’ ‘When, dear Lord, when?’ And it is not that we do not comprehend and deeply understand your questions. Your desire for that – what you consider factual information – is only a piece of knowing, is it not?

Now, everyone involved yearns for knowing. Think of this: your star family, the many galactic and intergalactic forces who have been positioned, some of them for thousands of years, have a very clear knowing – not only of how they operate, but how you operate (humans). They have a very clear knowing of the Mother’s Plan and the unfoldment of that Plan.

The ascended masters – especially since we have all been involved in the Tsunami of One – have a very clear and perhaps a more comprehensive knowing, of the Mother/the Father/the One/the All, certainly the unfoldment of the Plan – and each of our roles, individually and collectively because we do have individuation.

We have this knowing of the Plan and of the unfoldment, yes, even including timelines, which are variables because of the dictum, the Universal Law, the Mother’s declaration that we do not intervene or interfere or override free will in any realm. Let me be clear about that. It is not just the human realm; it is any realm. So, that is what creates variation in this unfoldment of the tapestry.

Then there are the human beings, like you my beloved friends, our listeners, our lightworkers, our brothers and sisters of love, consciously, who have a broader understanding and deeper knowing of the Plan.

Knowing is based in love, trust, action, joy. It is akin, tied, twinned with wisdom. Knowing is not opinion; it is foundational, bedrock truth. Knowing does not shift and change. It may expand as you expand, as you participate in our knowing, which is what we are doing right now, but knowing isn’t malleable whereas events or dates are, at times…at times.

Then there are the groups that are disinterested or recalcitrant and who really don’t care or want to know on a conscious level about the various things we are discussing. But it does not mean that those seeds of knowing are not planted and sprouting within them. It is a matter, again, of degree.

Now, let me go to the reason for this conversation today. As I say, knowing is based on trust – yes, wisdom – but there is an aspect of trust, and even related to that there is an aspect of hope. And I do not mean hopeful, I mean the truth of hope, which is faith, which again is foundational. And in that you have proceeded gloriously! I don’t come this day, this night, with a laundry list of requests – do this, that, and the other thing.

I come to praise you on behalf of all about how well you are doing – that you have proceeded and are proceeding in that trust and faith and knowing. Simply because you want information does not negate that. Simply because you are anxious for this or that to unfold does not negate this.

There are times, my sweet angels, hybrids, earth keepers, star beings, when all of us – above and below – desire, want, and sometimes even need some reassurance, some comfort, some nurturing, some R & R, and to simply take a moment and breathe, and rest and play.

Yes, that is what the Sedona gathering is about…it is that break to celebrate who and what you are. And, whether you are there in person or not, you will still join with us. But, I do not want to digress.

There are times, and this is one of them, when we simply come, following the lead of the Mother, to embrace you, to hold you, to sit with you, to walk with you – as Jesus is doing right now at this very moment – and to say it is okay. It is in unfoldment, it is in process, and my beloveds, you are doing a wondrous job.

Never did the Mother intend, [never] did the Father intend, for any of us – or all of us – to simply work, work, work. The work, as you would think of it, is intended to be joy, is intended to be play and when you are playing and laughing and perhaps relaxing with your feet up or staring at the wall, you are doing wondrous work because you are anchoring and allowing the expansion of your knowing, your trust, your faith and your field.

Action, determination, will, stewardship, leadership, being the wayshowers and the pathfinders – is not only important; it is who you are. So, you are compelled, not by us or any external force, but by your inner knowing to proceed valiantly, prudently, with fortitude, humility – all of these Divine Qualities. But, remember within that compulsion to take time for your beloved self. I am the Archangel of Peace. I am not the Archangel of War. I am not the Archangel of National Treaties or International Treaties. I am the Archangel of Peace.

Think of this: I have mentioned to you at other times that my core being is an artist and a musician. The expressions of truth and beauty and wonder, the sounds of love, the visions of love throughout the universe, the expressions of the One, that is my delight and my core purpose.

So how did it end up that I am with the Warriors of Peace? Because in the presence of disruption, it interferes with the truth and the splendor, the magnificence of that existence. It interferes with all capacity to truly be and witness and participate in that magnificent beauty.

So such disruption needs, by its very nature, to be eliminated – either completely returned back to One, transmuted into the beauty, the wonder, the peace – because peace is being in the splendor, in that knowing of the unity of love.

So it is almost a sidebar that I have brought my attention in service to the Mother/Father to take care of this disruption, this blip on the radar. Yes, it is a significant blip, yes most certainly. But it is but a blip. And you, my beloved brothers and sisters, are working with me and with all to eliminate that blip.

But, what is necessary, fruitful, reassuring, reinforcing, from time to time is for all of us – and I am honored this day that it is me – to help remind you, not only of the absolutely stellar work that you are doing – but to remind you of the peace, of the love.

And so, this night, during our time together, not only do I come to reinforce and nurture, and comfort and support each of you. I come to reignite within your very heart, your core, your being, the transcendental knowing of peace. And I do this right now. And you may feel it initially in your heart but it will be akin to an electrical current, a sparking, throughout your entire being.

I do this, first of all, following the example of the Mother: I do this because I love you. Not as a distant archangel, but as a brother who cherishes you and who understands – yes, from my limited perspective – what it means to be human at this time; to be the valiant warrior in form with, in many ways, limited understanding, deep knowing and enormous trust.

They have called you the implementers, handmaidens, handmasters of the One. Those who have chosen to step forth – not fully knowing, not having all the information, the details of how this works but knowing that it does and that it is in unfoldment.

And, yes, there are times when you feel – and certainly you will feel – that you are working at the speed of love, at the speed of light and that you can barely catch your breath. And that is not merely on the horizon but directly in front of you. And that is also why, right now, I say take time with me, take time with all of us – with the Mother – to allow yourself to be nurtured, comforted, reassured, refortified for that push.

And as important, as critical in formulating a new realm, a new form, a new pattern of existence, of what it means to be human, take the time to truly anchor – not merely intend – but to anchor the time for family, for friends, for love, for romance, for play, for staring at the wall, for the spaciousness of silence and existence…because that balance is critical to the unfoldment of the Mother’s Plan.

You cannot, you would not wish to speed up the blossoming of the rose. You desire to see every phase of the moon, the shifting of light from dawn to dusk to midnight. These are the gifts but they are intended to be enjoyed.

So, come! Let me remind you. Activate, instill that deeper knowing of peace within you this day, this night, this week, this year, this time of transformation. I am truly with you – yes, as archangel, as confusing as that is at moments, as outrageous as it seems at moments. You know me in your heart, as we, sweet ones, know you. Do you have query for me, Steve?

SB: I’d like to illustrate one of the processes that you talked about today, Archangel Michael, from my own experience. Last night, as a matter of fact, I suddenly realized that I could feel all the Divine Qualities, all the wonderful sensations, the bliss, the joy, the love, from all the experiences I’ve had in my life.

And, this was so unusual! Because usually I have one memory and one feeling, so to speak, but they were all available to me. And, I noticed that at that moment that the natural barriers inside me had fallen and I wouldn’t even have thought that that was possible.

And, so I was like a hollow bamboo really, it is a very apt image…it’s the only way I could phrase it. Now, for our listeners, can you talk about what is happening behind the scenes? Was that an experience, for instance, that you brought me? Or, was it triggered by just normal progress in terms of transition? Can you discuss that a wee bit for our listeners? Not as my experience but as an illustration of these moments.

Ascension is gradual and then it’s sudden. And this was one of these sudden moments.

AAM: It is sudden and you have waited forever. (laughing)

SB: Yes (laughing).

AAM: So that is part of the dichotomy, can I even say the humor? Divine humor is sometimes different.

Yes, I would be pleased to explain. All of you, all of you, are in this process of ascension, of expansion, of becoming. And the reason – as I digress for a moment – that we are using interchangeable terms is that too often humans, people, are thinking of ascension as an event. And they say, “Oh, this one has ascended and this one hasn’t. This one is flying through the portals and this one isn’t.” You are all in this process.

When you are in kindergarten or grade one, you are all learning to read. Now some of you have had wonderful parents who have already taught you to read. For some of you it is a facility that flows like the river Nile and for others of you it is a difficult chore. But all of you are learning to read.

And, unless there is an impediment that you have designed, all of you do learn to read. That is important to remember. As you are going through this process of becoming, of transition, what is happening is this opening of experience is occurring that you weren’t aware of, that we really…well, it would have been meaningless to tell you about [it] – even though we are doing that now – but to really discuss it in depth, because you did not have any reference point. Now as we talk about it, it triggers your knowing.

So it isn’t about gathering information on ‘Gee, do I do step A, B, C, and D and this will happen to me?’ That is not how it occurs. It is like the blossoming of the rose.

The barriers that have been constructed by the old Third, by false grids, by core issues, by vasanas, by societal structures, etc., etc. – I could go on with the list – are falling away. As that falls away, usually – usually meaning 100% of the time – there is a blossoming of the joy, of what you are calling the bliss, the ecstasy. But in tandem with that, in partnership with that, displacement, elimination, transmutation of the old, comes the knowing of a broader spectrum.

For some of you it means, as you would identify it, a greater experience of multi/interdimensional reality. For some of you it is that deeper knowing, what you may call intuitive knowing. But it is just knowing of what is occurring, what has occurred, what is about to occur in the grander plan of both your unfoldment and the unfoldment.

There is this elimination of what you have previously thought of as time. Now the Mother has been saying to you for some time that she has introduced Her New Time. It is difficult, unless you are consciously working with it – and most of you haven’t been – to understand this fluidity of time – that it is one lake, one river, one flow.

And everything – all things, all experience, all knowing, all love, all truth, all peace – is within that body of existence so that you can experience, perceive, understand, know what is in that body, that lake, that river of existence all at once.

Now that wasn’t within the realm of your potential previously. You were in too much of a linear experience. You had fortified those walls so, ‘I can be here, and then here, and then here, but I can’t be everywhere at once,’ which is not the truth. Of course, you can be everywhere at once.

Often you have said to me, “Dearest Michael, how can you be in so many places at once?” But this is but a microscopic example of how this occurs. So it is the breaking down of the old and the blossoming of the New You. It is the blossoming of Nova Being and, as it is occurring with and for you, it is also occurring and being anchored for many. Is this clear?


Yes, it is always necessary to unmute yourself, dear friend.

SB: Sorry Lord, I was rattling away here. [Notice that he knew I was on mute. Such a confirmation is always highly evidential.]

The experience of the structures of my mind, I guess, collapsing, or disappearing, removed me from logical, linear kinds of ways of being in that moment and left me in an experience of flow.

I was flowing after the collapse of these structures of the mind and it struck me that that was the paradigm of the Fifth Dimension, that I was now flowing and that left me better situated to go forward on the journey. Am I correct in that?

AAM: You are absolutely correct. So it is the feeling, the experience – and might I even say the knowing, the deep knowing – that you are not stuck, you are not limited, you are not confined by what previously has been informationally identified as time and space. You leave that behind and you enter into the flow of the universe, which is how we operate.

So, for example you have said to me, “Well Lord, how can you possibly – from who and where and how are you talking to us?” So, my beloved friends, in the infinite flow, in the infinite potentialities of the universe, of the multiverse, of the Mother’s omniverse, we can insert ourselves into your consciousness, into your hearts, into your reality, into your transmissions that you call radio or television or telepathy. We can do that.

Now, what I am telling you is so can you. I am not suggesting that you have suddenly become mini-gods, because it is important for this unfoldment that you are not leaving behind what the true definition is of what it means to be humans, angels, hybrids, beings-in-form. But as humans, as transformational, ascended humans, you also have that ability to insert, to participate, to be in that flow.

So think of it in this way: not only are you hearing us, you are talking and communicating and being with us. Yes, you are still in form: that has been the agreement. But you are leaving behind – I was going to say bypassing but it has not been a bypass, it has been an arduous process for many of you.

You are anchored in what it truly means to be a Nova Being and this will just grow. We do not describe or prescribe it because it will be – and it has need to be – a journey of discovery, of knowing, a depth of knowing, of trust and expansion. But, make no mistake. We are doing this in tandem, in partnership.

So when I say that you are in the flow, and you are talking to us, communicating with us as clearly as we are with you – before you have thought this as prayer or contemplation or meditation, all of which has need to come and does come if it is genuine, from the heart and the seat of the soul.

What is occurring is that connection, that knowingness of the seat of your soul is expanding. And in that, our potential – and I do mean yours and mine and all of us – our potential for union and partnership and true co-creation is expanding exponentially.

SB: Lord, I also feel my body in some ways getting younger. My ability to walk up hills, for instance, has increased. There are other changes that are happening that are perceptible. Are our bodies now changing more rapidly?

AAM: They are changing and rejuvenating more rapidly. Now we have always suggested to you – and there are some of you that will continue to simply choose to age – we do not judge this or know why, but nevertheless that is a choice available to you. But, we have always suggested that you are in a process of rejuvenation.

Now let us suggest that in terms of linear experience, there has been a process of awakening, and simultaneous to much of the spiritual, mental, physical, emotional goings on, there has been a reconstitution, a rebuilding of many of your physical forms – some more concentrated than others.

Now that process, by and large – and again it is not the same for everyone – but that process of reconstitution is coming to an end. And in that what is truly coming online, as you would think of it, is this process of very rapid rejuvenation. Is that not good news?

SB: That is very good news! Also, I am having my first past life, vague memories about being in strange places. Like sitting on the Mediterranean beach looking at the waves and saying to myself, ‘how come they are all shaped the same and how come they come in so regularly?’

And, these are past-life memories, I think, of the mathematician that I was many, many, many years ago. Is this also… how does this work, Lord? We talk about speeding up but it is not just linear. It’s not just a faster speed. It is going in many directions at once. Is that correct?

AAM: Do not think of it as linear because that would suggest that there is a necessary form or process of progression. Think of it more as the warehouse of heaven, the library – not the akashic records – the library is wide open. So that it is available to you.

So there of some you who, because of where you are, will spend time or have experiences of these past lives coming to you. Now the reason, for example, that these memories or these visions will be front and center, is that for your next steps, the Mother – in Her infinite wisdom – knows that this information is related and critical to your next steps even though it may feel that it is unrelated.

So let us use the example for our beloved listeners, dear Steve, of looking at the waves, the consistency, the patterns, the patterning of the universe – which is consistent. So why are you looking at those waves, the geometric shapes, etc. rather than how snow is formed or the composition of snowflakes?

Because this understanding of the infinite harmony of the universe is critical – that understanding of the patterning and the repetition of the patterning. The waves come in, the waves go out. Or, when the waves come in, where do they go? Oh, they go into the sand. Well then, what is that about?

Because, it is about the process of the entire universe –the in-breath and the out-breath of the Infinite One. So you are being reminded of this and very subtly, in terms of these past life memories, you are being reminded of what is important for you.

So many of you will have these flashes of memory and that is because it is to assist you. So do not stay stuck in that one memory. Look at it. Enjoy it. Incorporate it. Simply knowing that you are being given – not just the information but the knowing that is going to serve you as you progress in your own progression and becoming, in your journey back to the One – but also in the anchoring and the co-creation with us, in partnership, of this Nova Earth, what we will call a system.

So it is not just the planet, not just the humans, not just the kingdoms. Think of this: not just your star family but the entire system of this galaxy and far beyond. The magnitude is beyond imagination but you are getting glimpses!

SB: Boy, we sure are getting glimpses and getting experiences and it’s starting to get very exciting.

We’ve reached the end of the program. Is there anything that you would like to say by way of final comment?

AAM: Yes, of course! (both chuckling). I would like to say thank you. Thank you for allowing me to simply come and sit with each of you this night. Thank you for allowing the deeper activation of peace – the knowing of peace within you. Allow this to expand and grow. It is my gift to you and I give it to you on behalf of the All. Go with my love, my admiration, my respect. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2016 Council of Love, Inc.


This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

“Transcript ~ Archangel Michael: I Come to Touch Your Hearts,” An Hour With an Angel, Channeled by Linda Dillon, October 20, 2016, at




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Transcript ~ Archangel Michael: I Come to Touch Your Hearts, AHWAA, October 20, 2016

This is the Way the World Works – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Artist – Toni Carmine Salerno


This is the Way the World Works

I was just witness to a large act of generosity and, being with the experience afterwards, I found myself in bliss again.

This is red-hot news to me, not the Presidential race.

We are always-already bliss and just have barriers to seeing or feeling it.

Again, as on past occasions, bliss was there already and simply required me to recognize it. When I recognized it, when I acknowledged its presence, it swirled up in me like a master of the dance, like a cobra winding around my spine.

I surrendered to it and let it fill me up.  Yes, yes, this is the way the world works – in bliss.

I noticed how easy it was to overlook it. It didn’t advertise itself. It didn’t put a stick in my spokes until I recognized it.

And it responded instantly to recognition. Not just a passing glance and thought though, but real recognition and interest, as with a long-lost friend.

Archangel Michael calls this same state “joy.” (1) OK, now that I’m in bliss, I can see that joy and bliss are the same.

I always looked upon joy as me shaking with laughter, but it has an uplifting quality to it that is precisely the same as bliss.

When all the world that chooses to ascend has reached a certain level – whether just inside the Fifth Dimension or a few subplanes in, I don’t know – then all the world will reside in bliss. And when it does, the world will work because no one could imagine things being any other way.

Here it is, a sunny, early evening, and ordinarily I’d be tripping over myself to get out for a walk in the last rays of the sun. But why? All of it – walks in nature, relationships, communication – is simply about achieving a state of … this.


(1) Hour with an Angel, Oct. 20, 2016, at



Archangel Michael on the Journey We’re On


Artist – Toni Carmine Salerno

Transcript ~ St. Germaine: Embrace Your Desires, AHWAA, Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

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Transcript ~ St. Germaine: Embrace Your Desires, AHWAA, October 6, 2016

[Thanks to Kate Thul for this transcript]


Saint Germaine

Embrace your Desires

St. Germaine

An Hour with an Angel, October 6, 2016

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Steve Beckow: Host, InLight Radio

Steve Beckow: Good evening, Linda. I’ve just received my Jesus Book and I’ve read the first chapter and I am enthralled. Can I read a passage?

Linda Dillon: Good. Wonderful! Yahoo!

SB: This addresses the question that I had. The question is are we are going to the fifth dimension? We’re not going to the fifth dimension, but our consciousness is expanding until it connects with the fifth dimension. I assumed that we were going to a place where everything is already prepared. So I was asking myself, what are we to do? What does building Nova Earth really look like? And Jesus addresses that here:

“You do not arrive in the fifth, sixth, or seventh dimensions with it all pre-constructed. This is not a pre-fab job. While there are many elements in place, there are also elements that will absolutely be missing as you leave behind the old paradigm of the third dimension.

“And, that is good news to all of us and certainly to all of you. Out of the dreaming comes what you are choosing to create and co-create. And the unity of your being, and the unity of the circle of what you wish to bring forward in terms of environment, in terms of buildings, situations, institutions, and ways of doing things.”

That just addressed that large question perfectly! So, Linda, thank you very much for this book.

LD: You are so welcome! And even hearing you read it, Steve, brings an expansion to my heart and tears to my eyes because it really does feel that we are being spoken to directly both about our individual plan and our individual questions, and the really big plan – the Divine Plan – and our bigger questions in terms of, well, how does this work? What does it look like? So, thank you.

SB: So, I am through chapter one and will probably be through the book in a couple of days. Now, today we have St. Germaine. I understand that he is interested in addressing the circumstance of desire. The biggest circumstance we all address in terms of drawing towards the Divine as opposed to drawing towards our own desire for pleasure or what have you. Before we go to St. Germaine, is there anything you wanted to say, Linda?

LD: No. I think you’ve said it. I think that St. Germaine has some very – for me, anyway, as I have been meditating on this for a couple of days – some surprising insights. And I don’t know why on earth I would ever be surprised because Archangel Michael has been encouraging us to really dream big. I mean, throughoutThe Jesus Book we are being encouraged to really dream big. And, the connection between our dreams and our desires and our creations is becoming – especially right now – more and more pivotal in terms of bringing forward into concrete action, like what we are doing. So, it’ll be very interesting to hear what he has to say. I guess I’ll listen afterwards (laughing).

SB: Yes, I predict that he is going to the reinterpret the Vedantic counsel, that all desires be put away because here we are on this new earth to play as the Creator Race and as the Children of God. And, so I am very much interested in hearing what he is going to be saying.

LD: You know, so many of what we thought were solidified, ancient belief systems that we have been using as reference points, as constructs, to proceed on our journey, have just been blown apart in the last couple of years.

SB: Yes. And that’s going to continue.

LD: Yes, it is. Get ready!

SB: I think that we were fleeing from our environment, fleeing from our friends and families and being sadhus and renunciates. And we aren’t gong to be fleeing from our environment anymore.

LD: We’re not only not fleeing, we are creating it, we are embracing it. We are it!

SB: So, that’s a huge change. Why don’t I let you make your adjustment…relax.

And whenever you are ready we will welcome St. Germaine.

St. Germaine: Greetings, I AM. How is that for a way to start?

SB: That is classic. Very good. Thank you.

St. Germaine: I AM and you are and we are and I AM. Welcome. Yes, I am St. Germaine. And, I declare this – in the joy, the peace, the exuberance, the excitement, the wonder, the awe of existence – for when you take but the time, in any reality, in any dimension to simply declare your I AM Presence, you are not only claiming, you are anchoring, you are expanding, you are aligning with your Higher Self, your Universal Self, the I AM Presence. And, this, my beloved friend, brings you into the truth – not only the truth of who you are – but the truth.

And, yes there have been many detours, many misunderstandings. Or, let me be clear, there have been many understandings, what the channel has called constructs, situations, institutions, belief systems that were useful in your old realm. But as you evolve, ascend, become, inhabit your Nova Being, co-creating with us Nova Earth, then many of these earlier understandings shift, go by the wayside or are transformed and transmuted – might I say- into a different level of comprehension.

Let us begin this discussion today by my invitation to each and every one of you – lightworkers, Gaians/Terrans, hybrids everywhere, to embrace your desires as if they were the most precious gold that you could imagine. Why they might even be amethyst! Now, what do I mean by this?

You know – and we have all discussed with you – that your deepest, greatest, fullest purpose, inherent, individual and collective, is your journey back to the Mother/Father One. Everything else is infill. But in that, in that extensive journey back to the One, back to the All, is this journey of discovery, of experience, of play and of being in form – the majestic experience. Whether you are king or pauper, serf or leader, it is all the same.

Part of your existence, part of how you journey back to the One, is through this cycle of being in form – through this journey of life as you would consider it. The desire, innate and conscious, to be in that alignment, to be on that expressway back to the heart of One is within you. It is part and parcel of who you are – what you can think of as not only your spiritual DNA, but your literal DNA.

And, I want you to consider that, what I am saying. Your literal, biological, elevated, transmuted, lightbody, lightworker, loveholder self, is embedded with this desire to align, to connect, to journey back to the love. When you acknowledge, connect, anchor, implement and begin to live that desire, then you are truly on your way. So often, I hear from so many of you, “Dearest St. Germaine, can you please tell me what my mission and purpose is?” And, this is sent, and asked and requested, from the purity, the sweetness, the tenderness and the love of who you are.

So, I do not in anyway diminish what this question is. But, my beloved friends, when you truly acknowledge within your sacred self, that your mission and purpose throughout time, throughout all space is to return to the One, then everything else truly begins to fall into place. Now, when I say things fall into place, I am not indicating to you, or implying, that I am naïve enough to suggest that everything is easy – because it hasn’t been and it isn’t – although it can be much easier than some of you make it out to be. Now notice I say, make it out to be rather than it is. And, we can talk about that in a bit.

But when you acknowledge that your core desire is this reconnection with the love, then what it does, is it allows you – gives you permission, encourages you, even slightly nudges you, supports you – to connect with every action, every thought, every emotion, everything that you are with that desire. And, in the life that you are currently living – because I do wish to be practical – that overriding desire then translates into how you direct your life.

When you dream – truly dream, not simply lust – you are aligning with that truth of who you are. Many of you have not fully – but you are beginning and that is part of what today’s conversation is about – you have not made the full connection between desire and determination and creation and action. You have not made the connection between desire, determination and will.

Now, desire, much like earlier conversations that we have had with you, has had a bad reputation because so often in your world – and we are talking about not just this culture or that culture, not just this belief system or that belief system – there has been an overriding belief system that desire is not positive, that desire is wrong. Think of when people talk about full passionate desire, wanton desire.

So there have been negative overtones so much that you are yearning or lusting after something that is inappropriate and out of alignment with the truth of who you are. But, in fact, if you are truly aligned with divine desire – your core desire, and taking that and implementing that as a direction, then really what you are doing is bringing yourself into alignment on that speedway, directly back home.

Desire has been implanted within your very soul design to give you very important, pertinent direction, information about how you – in this physical reality of being alive – want to direct your life. If you don’t want it, if you don’t truly, in the purest sense of the word, desire something, then why on earth would you even begin to pursue it or do it?

Now when I am speaking in this way, I am not saying that the lesser energies – what we will term lower vibrations of desire – need to be listened to or acted upon. But there are some very basic desires that do need to be adhered because they support you in this journey. ‘I desire food’ – not necessarily three squares a day – that is a very western thing. But, ‘I desire food, I desire water, I desire air. I desire shelter when necessary.’

All of these are very practical desires. But they are also desires that keep you in form so that you may truly align, pursue, live, claim, be the truth of who you are. If you dig – and we have had earlier conversations – and yes, I know, there will be further discussion about core issues and vasanas – but if you have dug deep enough to at least begin to shred and shed the debris, then you are clear on what desire is and it does direct you.

If you desire to be part of a group, for example, that works with the animal kingdom, that works with the elemental kingdom, that works with the mineral kingdom, that desire is information and direction divinely programmed into your being about how to proceed – what direction given the magnificent diversity of this planet. What desire does not do, what desire does not give you permission to do – ever – is to roll over others, to exert false authority, false control over another – to somehow believe that what you desire is more valid, more important than anybody else’s. Let us start there, dearest Steve, and proceed.

SB: Well, thank you, St. Germaine. And, I would like to say a few words, if you’d allow me, to the listener to contextualize what you just said.

St. Germaine: Yes!

SB: Okay. If the listeners would like to hear more of the discussion of this desire to return to the Father/Mother which is deeper than our spiritual DNA, as you pointed out, it is a soul implanted desire, then go to the Wiki, the first contact, well any of the Wiki’s, and enter “longing for liberation” (in quotation marks) into the search box. (1)

The fact that we have this homing beacon implanted in us and that, in trying to fill it with houses and yachts and trips and various other experiences and possessions, we always fall short. None of these ever satisfies because that desire is, in fact, for the Divine. So, that discussion, if the listeners want to pursue that further and see what the various traditions have said about it, is there.

And the other thing that I wanted to posit with you, to suggest to you, St. Germaine – I’d like your comment on this – I see as the basic spiritual movement turning from the world – and these are very plastic terms – to God. Turning from our desire for more expansions of the senses and more possessions, what-have-you, to wanting to possess God, so to speak. Is that a correct statement?

St. Germaine: That is absolutely correct. Now, you know that I have walked the planet many times, and for long times. And, I most certainly have lived and experienced many riches of all kinds. I understand the human history, the human detour, the way in which so many human beings deviated from this path of what I would call genuine desire – that desire for freedom and liberation – and became entrenched and enmeshed in the accoutrement of the physical realm of riches. Yes, when you say houses and yachts and palaces and carriages and cars and power for power’s sake, that was a deviation – an aberration of your true self. And, I am speaking to each and every one of you.

Now, I am not suggesting, as I have just said, that there is a basic desire for food and shelter and the basics that are necessary. And, let me be very clear my friends, part of the delight of being an angel at play, part of being the Creator Race, part of the sweetness of having yellow or red, part of the sweetness of having tropical weather or arctic weather – this is part of the joy of being in form.

But this level that evolved, of human greed, of false control, of acquisitiveness just for the sake of having, was an aberration of the design of what was originally intended – of the Mother’s Plan. So that was never part, that was a human – might I even say miscreation? Now that is a very strong word, but I say it for purposes of emphasis not criticism, let me be clear about that.

Now, let me make a little aside. When, long ago I established my trust, my St. Germaine Trust – which you’ve all talked about ad nauseum – I did not bring that forth during that period of time because the mood, the patterns, the behaviors of the human collective at the time were in fact this very big obsession with possessions –obsession/possession with the material realm. Now that is shifting. And to use your phraseology, dearest Steve, moving from this preoccupation with what you think of as the world, or the material realm, back to divine desire, divine pathway, divine alignment, divine love, divine will.

Now, I am going to complicate it. It seems that every time we are having these conversations, whether it is on Heavenly Blessings or on An Hour With An Angel, we are adding these elements that complicate a little. But let me do so anyway, you know how I love to tease you and make you think!

So, at this juncture, in what you think of as the Creator Race, ascension, the creation of Nova Earth, the anchoring in higher dimensionality, we are encouraging, asking, supporting, nudging you – you name it – to direct and bring the entirety of your focus to your divine purpose, your heart’s desire – they are not different – to turn to the God Path. Yes what Linda has called the Jesus Path. What Jesus has called the Jesus Path, and at the same time to be completely engaged and in and of this world. In and of this world in ways that have not been seen but heralded for a long time – but not been the status quo for a very, very, very long time. Now is that time!

So with the clarity of your desire, with that alignment, with sacred purpose in all its myriad of colors and rays, you are also taking that – the power, the infinite divine power of will and of love – and turning it, can we say, to the planet at hand; to the plan at hand, and anchoring into form what those desires, delights – De-lights – look like. And that will be families and friends and community. Yes, it is institutions, and societies and the bigger picture.

But you know – and it is still true for me – when I walked the planet, and I am having visitations again, what was most dear to me was family and friends – that sense of tribe, that sense of community. Because when that is the nucleus and then becomes the subatomic practicality of what is being brought forth into physicality, all is in alignment.

When you build from this place of love into the material world, into the every day expressions of how you live, then that truly is heaven on earth. That really is the joy of being alive. So, what do you desire, my beloveds? Do you desire to end hunger upon the planet? Do you desire to have a cabin in the woods with 20 of your closest friends? These are not incompatible.

The other thing that has gone awry so often with desire is the duality and polarity of the old third. So that sometimes you desired one thing and believed that you desired it firmly and completely. But it came down to you often feeling that you had to choose A or B or a neutrality ho-hum C – either/or. And, that is not the truth either of desire. You can create in a whole spectrum of ways.

Now you’ve had a saying – and it was prevalent in my day too – of ‘be careful what you ask for, be careful what you desire’ because that is one of the starting fundamental points of creation. So, that clarity of letting your heart explode in the truth of what you really want – not only to heal, not only to cure, not only to fix, but what is going to give you extraordinary, outrageous, exceptional joy.

So to go back to my example of living in a cabin in the woods with 20 of your best friends may give you that extraordinary joy, and taking steps to heal human hunger will also give you extraordinary joy. You don’t have to – please, be very clear about this – do not sacrifice. This is an old outworn, boring belief system. I do not mean sacrifice in terms of, ‘Oh I won’t have that piece of candy or cake. I will sacrifice this because I am being good.’ That is absurd, my friend.

You do what is best for your body and your being. What I mean is, do not believe, do not call back or re-implement the belief system that requires you, or you think requires you, to sacrifice what you truly desire and want for the collective good. If it is good for the collective, in the biggest sense, then it is good for you and true to that divine desire, then it is good for the collective.

There is a harmonious design. There is a harmonious tapestry where every millimeter of every thread is divine perfection and necessary. So it has never been and it will never be about you sacrificing what your heart desires because you think it is what you are supposed to do. That is not reflective of true desire. Is this clear, my dear friend?

SB: It is. And what you are saying is just setting off a state of explosion over here in me, St. Germaine. There is a passage in the Bible that talks about the Christ bending the knee before the Father and giving back to Him the whole world, so to speak. And for me that’s that last moment before the total reunion. Giving back all the world is giving back everything that the soul created or accumulated or saw or in any respect worked with.

Now that, to experience that moment is my desire, is my passion, is my heart’s strongest wish. And at the same time I am doing light work so I’ll be knee deep in numbers and dollars, whatever – I don’t know what the work will entail right now. It’s going to be very practical. So here I am, with a desire to see that – just as you said – see that hunger ends in the world, and a desire to merge with the One and it appears to be in conflict. And, I think there probably will be many lightworkers that will be in the same situation. What would you say to us considering this supposed dilemma that we appear to be in.

St. Germaine: And what a delightful dilemma. It is not, from my perspective, a dilemma. Think about what you have said, my friend. At the end of your journey – your big journey, we could call it “Steve’s Big Trip” – and you are holding this world to present back to the Father. Now you have choice. Would you like to present back to the Father in all that splendor, something mediocre or would you like to present back something so golden, so beautiful, so filled with love and the expression of love that it truly represents that desire to be back in the Love – to be back and reunited?

Well, it is beyond question. Of course you want the totality of the offering of “Steve’s Big Trip” to be the most splendid thing that you could ever even conceive of, and then some. None of you came – including myself, by the way – none of you came to live a mediocre life. Now there have been lifetimes because of these detours from the truth of ‘one desire’ that have been horrific. And there have been some lifetimes that because you have been true to that desire, have entailed brutality and mayhem and torture and starvation and illness and on and on.

Well, who wants to give that to the Father? “Oh, I sacrificed a great deal. Yes, there was a great deal of bloodshed and yes, this entire world I am handing you is all bloody and it is filled with chaos but please, let me back in.” No, of course not. You want it to be as full as possible. And, yes, part of that suffering will be reintegrated and transformed in ways that you do not even comprehend – in ways that I do not even fully comprehend.

But, part of that preparation, if you can think of all of your lifetimes as preparation for that moment, you want it to be as clean, as loving, as bright, as brilliant as possibly can. What can be more brilliant than being able to say – both to yourself and to the One, “I was a tiny piece of implementing, of anchoring, of bringing to fulfillment the Mother’s Dream.” Because I can assure you, my friends, the Mother’s Dream was never for people to go hungry – was never for dirty water. It was never for mayhem and war.

So while I am asking, and telling, and inviting and supporting each of you to turn to the world with the cleanest and clearest of desires. That engagement in the world, yes, which at times may feel overwhelming and also tedious, you think – and this is a good thing, in terms of grand terms. healing hunger. But when you are dealing with some of the practicalities it may feel frustrating, boring, tedious, aggravating, and that is why it is so important to keep returning – front and center – not only to your mission and purpose but your desire, your driving purpose, your core, so that you can attend in the world to what may feel at times minutiae. But if that is approached with love, with grace, with clarity, with a keeping your eye on what is really being done, then you are accomplishing, and fulfilling and experiencing why you are here, because you are experiencing the love.

So even when you sit in a room, let us be practical, and you are trying to figure out in terms of healing world hunger, transportation routes, planting schedules, distribution schedules – and there are thousands of people working on this and everybody has their piece and some are pulling out their hair because trains don’t run that way – keep coming back to who you are, to your heart’s desire about what you are really wanting to accomplish.

Now, in that it is important of course to keep your eye on what you wish to accomplish – but I also refer back to what I had said earlier – which is, ‘never does your desire have ascendency over another’s.’ That does not erase leadership, mentorship, stewardship – let me be clear about that. Someone has to drive the bus. But, when you think of process of making sure that it is inclusive, and kind and loving and understanding and patient and prudent while practicing fortitude, all of these divine qualities will come into play and be tested.

And that is why it is so important that that desire, will, determination and love be in clarity of alignment. Because there will be – I know, I have walked as man – there will be moments when the human transition is frustrating. Or when you say, “I am here to create a new planet. What the heck am I doing spending hours trying to figure out this minutiae?” And there is part of you that might say; “Well, you know, I’m comfortable, I’m okay, I’m taken care of. I’m going to just go on a trip somewhere and take it easy.” Well that, depending…and you thought I was going to say ‘wrong,’ didn’t you?

Depending on where you are might be the best solution because it is not for your highest good to proceed, feeling that you are burdened or doing the world a favor. We have talked and talked and talked to you about balance and about the need in Nova Earth and Nova Being: work, play, family, health, staring at the wall, spiritual pursuit. It is not intended to be laborious.

So, if the work is becoming a mountain of frustration, turn away and come back refreshed. This plan, this dream of the Mother is already in unfoldment. A hiccup in time, to breathe, to align, to be in the Love is not only necessary but desirable. So, you will live – sometimes it will feel like you are living in two worlds – but you live in the amalgam, in the harmonious reweaving of both worlds.

SB: St. Germaine, there are going to be people who turn to lightworker sources and become aware of what is happening in the world, and yet they may still have a very deep reaction to such words as the Mother’s Plan. They may be refugees, so-to-speak from the Cabal’s plan and they may have fresh in their memory Hitler’s plan. And so many of the other large plans that have been around, Stalin’s plan – I could go on and on – have been corruptly based. And now they are hearing that they are to line up with the Mother’s Plan. And, what do you say to people who are coming with these open wounds of having followed other plans and been, in their minds, betrayed?

St. Germaine: First and foremost you heal the wounds of war. When someone is lying on the ground bleeding, whether it is from a duel or the implementation of a false plan – an authoritarian regime – and in that, let me be very clear, I include the plan of the old third dimension. But I also say to you, first you tend in your medical – do not forget I am a healing giant – so in your current medical systems you have systems whereby you decide if someone is needing urgent care or simply needs gentle tending or some TLC.

Triage your populations. And you triage not by saying; “Oh, you want admission? Well, are you in alignment with the Mother’s Plan? Are you in alignment with the love?” That will never work! You deal with people, you embrace people, you heal people, you engage people in the unfoldment. Not from where you are, not from where you are comfortable, but from where they are. You do not talk to a kindergarten child about quantum physics. And that is to not naysay any being. But you must engage in loving ways, in behaviors that are reflective, not of your plan, but of where someone is.

So if they are lying on the ground hungry and bleeding and beaten up, then you do not begin at a place that will cause further injury or reactivity. You engage them with language – Saedor or even Perro – that allows that communication to truly begin. How those who have been either participants, perpetrators, or victims of these various plans – including the plan of the old third – how you engage them is by acknowledging them and healing them. How you really engage them is because you are kind and loving and considerate. You aren’t some Mullah saying; “You must adhere to my belief system or I don’t feed you.” That is not of love. Do I make myself clear?

SB: Yes, very clear. What is involved in healing is a difficult matter. I can think that I have healed a core issue, for instance, vasanas – I’ve been through it a number of times – and then it comes up again. Or, some vasanas that are so deep within me come up and I had no idea they existed. I’ll give you an example. I lost a card the other day, a laundry card with a deposit in it, about $30.00, and I was quite upset. And when I really looked at it I saw that losing something, and being hit for losing it, was one of the earliest experiences that I had as a child; one of the earliest breaks in my view of the world as being idyllic. And so I don’t know how I can heal them, so-to-speak, of a belief, or the impact of a belief, or a vasanas. Do you know what I am saying?

St. Germaine: What you are doing, my friend, is developing new patterns. First of all, you – or anybody – does not heal anybody. You know that. You heal yourself. But, through the interaction that is kind and loving and considerate, you heal both parties. So when you…you do not have to say it out loud, but let us use your example. There is someone on the ground bloody and bleeding who has lost everything. They have lost their farm, they have lost their country, they have lost their children, they have lost their livelihood. I am talking about many refugees. The situation is tragic. Now you don’t say; “Oh, I know what loss feels like. I lost my laundry card.” But, you have a knowing, and that is the gift of the vasana, of what loss feels like. You know what it is to lose your mother. You know what it is to lose a friend. You know what it is to lose.

So you don’t say to the person, you don’t engage with the person of, ‘let us wallow and stay in this place of pain.’ We are not suggesting that grieving is not necessary. It is. But in the kindness of reaching out, in the kindness and love of knowing you are being reached out to, in that exchange of helpfulness – and it is a heart connection, it isn’t a money connection – it is a kind considerate act where two beings or a million beings come together and say, “This has been awful. This has been painful and tragic and an abomination.”

But together – not with me telling you what to do – but supporting one another – because so often there is this subtle belief system that the healer will somehow direct the one being healed. And that is not so. There is a very equal and continuous exchange. So together you proceed. And you proceed in ways that are creating a new experience of what it means to be alive. And that new experience does not erase the memory of aberration. But what it does is align with what is true – the desire of all beings. And that has greater staying and sticking power, my friend. That is what heals.

SB: Just rephrase that for me again or amplify it. That the overarching, overall meaning of life, in other words the return to the One who we have departed from so-to-speak, heals. Did I get it right? Or, I think I missed something.

St. Germaine: In the coming together is the beginning of the healing. Simultaneous to that – because it is not fragmented; it is not chopped up like an onion – think of it more as layers of an unpeeled onion. As you progress from healing to companionship, to shared experiences, to shared love, to shared co-creation, then you have the entirety of the creation. And it is not segmented or fragmented. It moves and there is an exchange so that it becomes a unified whole. So it isn’t, ‘Now I am healing. Now I am healed. Now I am creating. Now I am bringing forth my divinity. Now I am love.’ No, that is not how it works. It is all integrated into one.

SB: I’m going to need to meditate on that. It is very rich what you said and it has to be fleshed out, I think…for me anyways (laughing). So I will. And hopefully you’ll come back again and talk more about that, about this process.

St. Germaine: And meanwhile, take time, my beloveds. Take time and go into your hearts and explore the variations on what you desire, and embrace it, accept it, claim it as your own. And see what desires – what you termed desires- are not really in alignment with that; they are just temporal. They are just material and they really have nothing to do with that moment when you return the world to the Father.

SB: Thank you very much, St. Germaine. Very profound what you said.

St. Germaine: You are so welcome. Go with my love. Farewell.


(1) See also the series on “Understanding the Longing for Liberation,” beginning today at

Channeled by Linda Dillon

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“Transcript ~ St. Germain: Embrace Your Desires,” An Hour With An Angel, October 6, 2016, at

Transcript ~ St. Germaine: Embrace Your Desires, AHWAA, October 6, 2016

St. Germaine – Surrender: The Next Step to Ascension – Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

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Transcript ~ St. Germaine on AHWAA: Surrender: The Next Step to Ascension, July 14, 2016

Surrender: The Next Step to Ascension

St. Germaine

An Hour With an Angel, July 14, 2016

Link to show audio.

Linda Dillon, Channel for the Council of Love

Steve Beckow, Host, InLight Radio

Steve Beckow: Good evening Linda – our ‘soon to be author’ of the book of Jesus’s messages through the years with you. How’s it coming?

Linda Dillon: It’s coming very well, Steve. Hi and good evening everybody. I am in the final stages of the comma’s and the punctuations and making sure the spelling is correct, and then I hand it over for design, and that’s it. It’s done!

SB: Well, are you relieved?

LD: I am over the top relieved, happy, overwhelmed, and teary especially in reading the channelings as they flow and come together on various subjects, it’s just so heartwarming and you know, there is only one message and that is love. And boy, when you keep reading it and reading it, and feeling the energy downloads, it’s just fabulous!

SB: Well, I have to tell you that you’ve inspired me watching you writing your new book, I turned around and massively updated a book on financial wayshowing in the last two or three days. So, thank you for inspiring me.

LD: Oh, you’re welcome. Now, when will it be available?

SB: How about this afternoon? Of course my books are all e-books and they are very easy to put together. Going with paper is a lot more work.

LD: You are amazing!

SB: Does this mean that you are going to get to sleep through the night?

LD: No. No, as I was just mentioning to Suzy before the show, we have St. Germaine with us today and somewhere around 2:00 or 3:00 he woke me up and started talking, so it’s just on to the next one.

SB: That’s right. Do you want me to take him to task?

LD: Let me put it this way – I would pay big money for a really good night’s sleep. (Laughter)

It’s okay, I mean I understand how lucky I am and how many of our listeners would pay that big money to have St. Germaine or Jesus or anybody wake them up in the middle of the night for a chat. So I count my blessings.

SB: Yes, indeed. You are blessed. Well, why don’t I let you make your transition and while you’re doing that, I don’t think there’s anybody in the audience who doesn’t know St. Germaine. He appeared and disappeared throughout European history for centuries, affecting the histories of France, Russia, various other countries. He appeared in Turkey, and he had a life in Tibet.

And of course, we know him as the leading light of the St. Germaine World Trust, along with some of the ascended masters. And always with a tremendous sense of humor, gaiety and frivolity and teaching through things that appeared to his contemporaries to be magic and through humor. So I’m delighted to welcome St. Germaine back to the program.

St. Germaine: And welcome to you, my beloved brother, and to all of you, my brothers and sisters. I am St. Germaine and it is my honor and my pleasure and my delight to meet with you this night and to meet with you any time, anywhere, in any kind of situation. It does not need to be in the darkness, the silence, the night, it can be in the boisterousness of the bubble of the city, or the delight of a pub, or the busy streets, or when you sit, my friends, in anguish, because anguish comes and goes.

But what I say to you, what I say to you this day and always, is that it is time for anguish, for sorrow, for grief to be a thing of the past. Yes, there will be moments when you glance at a situation – the passing of a friend, of a loved one, be it a dog, a cat, a partner, or a parent, and your heart will say, “I miss you.” But at the same time it will also say, “I love you and thank you for sharing this journey with me.”

I have existed as Gaian, as Earthling, for thousands of years on and off, seen and unseen. I know what it is to walk this beautiful planet. And, my friends, I know what it is to seek ascension, to seek enlightenment, to walk the journey of awakening, and that is what I come to speak to you about this night, because it is time, sweet brothers and sisters, simply for the next step.

I wish to speak to you about surrender. So often you hear us say – whether it is our beloved Mother or Michael or Yeshua or Sanat Kumara, dear Raj – you hear us say ‘surrender’ and you think, “I’m trying. I’m doing it. I surrendered twenty two times and now you tell me to surrender some more?”

And there is a part of you that gets a little frustrated and then there is another part of you that is saying, “What the heck, what in the blazes do they mean?”…because this is one of the most loaded terms that you will come across.

And here I am yet again to discuss this issue, this process, this undertaking, this monumental undertaking of surrender. So, I want to be your practical guide. I want to be your friend that has walked this planet, who understands the challenges, the hardships, the opportunities, the golden openings that are available to you right now.

And while surrender is one of your next steps, I would like to also suggest to you that it has never been easier. You are being flooded, not only by the Violet Flame, not only by the I AM Presence, not only by the gold, the blue, the red, the pink rays, the legions of light, the Company of Heaven, the Council of Love. You are being washed and cleansed and raised up to a frequency that you have never known. And yes, your job is to sit, to stand, to lie down and simply allow this to happen. But in that allowance is this issue, this process of surrender, and it was one of the biggest and final steps that I undertook in my journey.

So, I speak to you as fellow journeyman, as pathfinder, as wayshower. Surrender does not mean absenting yourself from life. What you are being requested to do is to be the participant and the observer and in many ways in this new realm, this new paradigm of existence that we have spoken to each of you about before, and that many of you are experiencing as you fly back and forth through the portal in this new way, and it is brand new to you because it has not been fully available to humanity.

But you are being requested to be the observer and the participant, to be the leaders, the wayshowers, the stewards of new time, of new reality, of Nova Earth and Nova Being, and to be the observer of the old as you insert or ascend your frequency or vibration – which is only love – back into the situations that are still in the midst of chaos.

So at the same time, in surrender, what you are doing is being the beacon, the transmitter, the vibratory tuning fork, the observer, but your vibration is your participation. So you are both the observer and the participant at the same time, completely outside of judgment.

You can look at it. You can see the turmoil, the chaos, the reluctance, the disinterest in what is going on in your reality, in your world, and yet you can also see the process of change. You are doing that and then at the same time, you are also participating and observing in the reality of building a new realm based on the divine qualities.

Now, you are vigilant and you are absent at the same time. Now this is difficult for many of you to get your head around, and yes, I am not just talking about your heart consciousness, I am talking about your mental, emotional body and even addressing your egos as we speak, because this part of you, the mental, emotional, ego, wants to not only understand, but still be in charge. And in the new realm of existence that is simply not the way to proceed; you can’t do it, otherwise you are thrusting yourself back into the non-existent realm of the old third dimension.

So often you say, “How do we progress – 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 12th?” You progress by surrender. And what surrender means is the being present and being the observer, of being the participant and knowing when to be perfectly still and not participate. This is hard and in the old way many, including myself, absented themselves from what you can think of as the busyness of society. And it did not matter whether it was the court of the King of France, or New York City in this day, people will absent themselves from the hubbub in order to achieve this sense of being fully present in themselves and in the higher realms; but also to be quiet and be in the silence of existence in unity with One.

But that is not what is being asked of you. Yes, what is transpiring, do not forget – I will say in an aside here – do not forget, do not overlook that this entire journey of your life, each and every one of you my beloved friends and family, this life is about ascension. This life is about the fulfillment of the Mother’s Plan, the anchoring and the renewal of love upon the planet. Not in some esoteric, religious manner, but in your everyday life, in your actions, in your thoughts, in your behaviors, in your interactions, in your relationships, in your structures, in your institutions, in your societies, in your nations and in your body.

So, are there many distractions? Is there a great deal of both the pot boiling over and simmering on the back burner? Yes. Ignore it. Look at it, perhaps turn the burner down, remove the pot, and then ignore it because that is not what you are here for. You are here to surrender to your love, to the love and to your love, and you do that by being vigilant as participant and observer of yourself to start with.

Now you will receive and see and witness and observe many distractions, many situations that do not feel or look like love and they can frustrate you and they can aggravate you and they can even anger you. And what do you do? You surrender to the divine and you surrender to yourself and the truth of who you are, and you come back to the love.

Now, this is difficult when you are seeing situations – and there are so many upon the planet right now – that not only look like but that are cruel and unjust and unfair and unloving and uncaring and unkind and inconsiderate. And you say to me, “Well St. Germaine, I can’t just stand back and let that happen.”

My friends, that is not what I am saying; what I am saying is don’t get mixed up in that whirlwind, don’t get mixed up in those tornados. Stand back. Your participant self is to send the energy, to inject the energy, to send it across the air, the light and the sound waves into the situation, but not to drag yourself down by putting yourself into those situations.

Now, many of you are thinking, “Oh, I know exactly what he is talking about, I know he is talking about the political situation, I know he is talking about the deaths in Orlando or in Dallas or the multitude of shootings and death that occur in the wars across the nations.” Yes, I’m talking about that but I am also talking about the friction that you will feel with friends or family or the person down the street who murders or hits their spouse or children or their dog.

I am talking about the unkindness in the line in the supermarket. I am talking about the breadth of chaos. And you say to me, “Well St. Germaine, isn’t it more important that we send love and energy to a situation in Dallas or Syria? Is that not more important in terms of anchoring peace?”

My beloved friends – the peace that’s within you – that is the starting and finishing point of surrender, of balance, of stewardship. It is to be fully in the now and not in the now at all. It is just as important that an atrocity against one person that is within your sphere – what you can think of as your immediate environment as your community – that level of brutality or injustice or cruelty is just as important as sending energy to Syria. Do not assign greater value because the magnitude of the issue seems greater.

When you help or heal or address injustice, whether it is next door or two miles away, you are doing it for all those people who are suffering and who believe themselves alone, abandoned and hurt. And what about those who are not being hurt or maimed or killed or treated unfairly? What about those who are simply unaware, who act with a sense of entitlement, who proceed with a sense of simply being in the chaos, who seem uncaring, unkind, inconsiderate?

They are important because they are those that Michael has talked about being on the fence. They are not completely recalcitrant, but they are certainly not through the portal. When you address your energies to them, what you are doing is giving them a nudge off the fence and when your intentions and your love is matched with ours and the entire legions that are now flooding the human race, what you are saying is, “I agree. I want the change, I surrender to the change, I agree with the change, I am creating the change, I am participating in the change.”

Because beloved friends, without you, without you who are the lightworkers and the wayshowers, the pathfinders, the teachers, the healers, the channels, it doesn’t happen.

I have told you I am Master of the Violet Flame and I am on this side, and for the time being I’m not going anywhere. So, who will do it? Who will be the anchors of Nova Earth if it is not you, if you do not surrender to who you are, to your mission and purpose? And in that – teach: by mentoring, by role modeling, by simply vibrating with the truth of who you are. We are relying on you just the same way you are relying on us, and there is a point at which there is enough surrender and light that we fully proceed together.

Now, let me stop there because Steve, I feel you…you are itching to get a word in.

SB: Busting, yes. It’s very interesting that you’re talking about this subject and…but before I get into why it’s interesting, I need to point out to listeners that a short while ago in my reading, Archangel Michael said to me that it was time to let go and surrender. And in a recent article I say that he’s saying this to everyone. He’s not just saying it to me. So, here you are now amplifying the message and making the point that this is not just said to one person but this is a much more general message.

But what I wanted to talk about is, I went downtown yesterday and for some reason on this day so many people were breaking the rules; they were entering the bus by the back door, they were jumping lines, they were standing in my way in front of the subway so I could not get off the subway without asking them to stand aside, and just all over the place. It was almost like this nice, kind society that I’ve been living up to until now started to disintegrate or something, and it was very hard to surrender. I got very annoyed. I became part of the problem I’m sure and so I’m very much interested in what you’re saying.

I acted like the policeman of the world rather than the person surrendering. So, I’m listening to what you are saying very acutely and just fascinated with you bringing up this topic at this time. First of all, is there a breakdown of some kind of social order? And then, secondly, if there is, then why? Is it because of the energies forcing all this up?

St. Germaine: It is because of the energies, but let us even back up a little more…people breaking the rules! You’re darn right they are, because the level of feeling penetrated by energies and vibratory rates, frequencies that they don’t understand…think of it as people are crumbling and the more they are crumbling, they are reverting to assertive, aggressive, the nastiness – let’s call it what it is – that has been within them.

The façade, because that is what it is…there has been a façade of civility, civilization. What has been civil about your old third-dimensional reality? It has been based on lies, on greed and lust and untruth, I could go on and on, but it was civil enough that everyone more or less complied.

So you could have murder and mayhem and chaos and aggression, but it was alright because you could at least have your place on the subway. It was never alright. It never worked. But because you all agreed that the emperor was wearing lovely clothes no one said ‘boo.’ Now, is there civil unrest and disorder? Yes. Is it all breaking down? Yes, because it is essential, essential not just desirable, critical that people come to realize that that old paradigm that is simply vapors, never worked.

You have a saying that you get more bees with honey than vinegar. People are needing to realize that this level of brutality, whether it is pushing on a bus, or cheating on a bus, or committing murder in Syria, is unacceptable. And the reason that it becomes unacceptable in both the macro and the micro levels is that it doesn’t feel good. It is abrasive. It’s not the kind of society that any of you want to live in.

But unless you see the example as the observer in your society, then the reasons for wanting it to change do not emerge, so that the society that is based on equality and freedom and mutuality and respect and unity does not emerge. So what you are doing collectively is getting a first-hand experience of what the lack of love looks and feels like yet again.

Now, the Mother and many of us have spoken about how to be in human form. Other than when you are in the state of bliss or ecstasy in your day-to-day walkabout, you experience love as an expression and an experience. When that disappears, when one can’t find it in the everyday life, the recognition comes forth…there is something desperately wrong.

Now, it does not mean to armor up with aggression and weapons and nastiness. It means step back, surrender to the truth, be that vigilant observer sending the light but absolutely refusing to participate in that chaos. And yes, you’ve had a very up close and personal experience of this, my friend.

So there is this breakdown, but it is necessary at the same time to step back, to surrender to the greater good.

SB: Well, we certainly have our work cut out for us because things like surrender…well, we have been a very materially oriented society. We’re used to doing, we’re used to walking and taking something in our hands and moving it and manipulating it. And surrender is the exact opposite of that. So it’s a very difficult concept to work with.

St. Germaine: Yes, and I’m about to make it even more difficult.

SB: Ha ha. Well, thank you very much!

St. Germaine: You are welcome, my friend, because now I want to take the next step and talk to you about how creation is also a key component of surrender. So you say, “But we are used to – our pattern as human beings is in fact – to step forward, to walk, to take action.” I am not suggesting that you not take action. And the most substantial action in form, in tangible reality that you can take is the action of creation. And you have not fully…you have begun, but you have not fully engaged in the truth of your race, the creator race…all of you.

So, if I might…and you are going to say, “Oh, this is too hard, St. Germaine.” If I might use you, my dear friend, as an example…

When you are in a situation, for example, where people are blocking your exit and they are being obstructive, let us stop using euphemisms for what is really nasty behavior. Lightworkers are often reticent, reluctant to call something…they say, “Oh, I don’t want to label it.” It is simply identification, my friend. If it is obstructive, it is obstructive.

Now, what happened is that behavior, which is very distant from love and consideration, what you felt was this anger and aggravation, this frustration and you allowed that to capture you instead of saying, “Whoa, step back. I need to be in my observer self and in my observer self I see this as obstructive behavior.

And my participant self is going to blast these people with love and then perhaps even tap them on the shoulder and say, ‘Hey, I don’t know if you realize it but you’re blocking my way. Could you just please move? Thanks a lot.’” Rather than allowing it, you feel like you have been invaded. You have been obstructed. They feel that that behavior got them exactly what they were looking for and nobody wins.

When you see someone cheating and jumping on a bus without paying, you step back and you observe and then your participant self says, “Hey”…again a gentle tap on the shoulder…and you say, “But I’ll miss my stop” and I say, “So what?”…you tap them on the shoulder and you say, “Hey, I noticed you got on the bus from the back. Is it because you don’t have any money?” And you will be able to discern my friend, not judge, but discern whether in fact that is the case, in which case give them the price of the bus fare.

But if it is not, what you are doing simply by saying that…and to the people around you…is that that behavior of theft is not acceptable even in the smallest way. It creates social dissonance. And you are not only addressing the individual, you are saying to the entire bus,“this behavior that is based on dishonesty is not acceptable” and you are affirming for all of them who are sitting there thinking “what just happened?”, that you can speak for them as well.

Do you understand what I am saying? And in that you are creating a different paradigm.

SB: I do and I think the leftover residue is here with me because I feel aggressive, period. It’s like I have this experience of aggressiveness going on with me. So, that’s what I’m faced with overcoming so to speak, or transcending. In the end it isn’t really a case of the breakdown of society, it’s a case of me spoiling for a fight.

St. Germaine: My beloved friend, that IS the breakdown of society. When you are sitting there wanting and spoiling for a fight and believe-you-me I have felt the same…you know that I was an excellent swordsman and there were many times I went looking for a fight. It is you, so you cannot divorce yourself from that feeling that things are breaking down because it is like you caught the virus of chaos.

Now, what I would suggest to you and to all of you, because you are all experiencing in different situations and in different gradations this sense of, “I want to punch somebody” – surrender… take a giant step back…and then fall back into my violet bonfire. Come and rest on my purple velvet bed on my air mattress. Surrender and turn to any of us and say, “Expletive, expletive, expletive, I don’t want to feel this way! Take it away.” You see, you don’t think or feel, when you feel this way that you can just turn to us and say, “Oh, there goes my old third-dimensional self. Can you help me out here?”

We are really good at that. We can really help with that, but because you feel…and I mean you collectively…often you feel “Oh, I misstepped; oh, that is not a very nice vibratory thing to feel.” And then what you do is you go into self punishment. You go into nay saying yourself and feeling poorly about yourself. And then of course, you get to blame those people on the bus, or the subway, or the bank, or the supermarket, or Syria, and then it just builds and you are caught once again in that downward spiral, like water going down the drain.

That is not how I am asking you to proceed. Surrender these emotions that aren’t the truth of who you are, or perhaps they are, it doesn’t matter. If you don’t want it, ask for help. Surrender it. You see, you think, you feel that this righteous anger somehow achieves something…I am bringing it up – I am letting go. Well then let go.

There were many things that disturbed me, to put it mildly, when I walked the planet. And my greatest lesson was surrender. And in surrender, in this realization that I can use and be the love energy of Father/Mother One, I crossed that line from what you can think of as being an old human to what you will think of as being a new human.

I have been through the process that you are going through my friends right now…and for a brief time I got to keep my body…and it is difficult, it is hard to be in the body holding these frequencies that have never been held individually or collectively in a body, and certainly not in a collective body because what has happened previously is when you reached that point, you simply turn into pure light.

But the Mother is asking you, and you have said, “Yes” to hold that light and love and to actually be in a body. And what makes it even more difficult is She has asked you to do this and you have said “Yes” to do it with a “civilization” in transition. So, not only are you surrendering, becoming the truth of the love participant/observer, but at the same time you are witnessing and transforming and co-creating Nova Earth and destroying through love what is not of love.

You can only destroy what is not of love with love. You can never destroy it with anger, or control, or aggression, or greed. That will never work. And so, unless those who are in that whirlwind receive a helping hand, if they are in the middle of the tornado and you extend a hand into the middle of the heart of that tornado and pull them out…if not they will go down the drain. And you say, “Well, that is alright.” And part of it is alright because that is their choice to either accept or reject.

And there will be many, and there are many right now who are rejecting and who will return to our side and complete their mission from the light. And part of them will smack their heads and say, “Oh my gosh, what did I do” and some of them will recover and some will say, “Thank God I’m home.”

But for those who are choosing to remain and be the co-founders of Nova Earth…can you imagine throughout all existence, not in a way that is of ego but in the way of recognition of the fulfillment of the promise to the Mother, to be able to say, “We did it! And it was brutal and it was hard and sometimes I didn’t know if I was going to make it…but we did it.” That is a gift beyond measure.

That is why I began this day by saying, “Surrender and remember you are here for ascension. Everything else is part of creation of Nova Earth. But if you keep your eye on surrender, action that is appropriate, that is of love, of co-creation of the new – very shortly you will be saying, “Oh my, it actually shifted.”

And you will see in the structures, in the openings, monetary, social, political, star family…it will all be there.

SB: I’d like to go back to what you were saying about the body because I think most of us consider that the body is neutral, we carry it around, it has its aches and pains, but that’s about it. But in effect the body is a tremendous drag on consciousness is it not?

It’s very dense. We’re carrying it around and it doesn’t allow the experience of emotions that we’d have without the body. It doesn’t allow us to think in the ways that we are capable of thinking. Can you just talk to us a bit more about the impact of these energies on this body that we’re carrying around?

St. Germaine: Now I am going to make it even more difficult…and let me also say that each and every one of you have your mountains to climb or your valleys to plunge into. It is metaphorical as well. So, you have thought of your bodies as this luggage and baggage you are dragging around instead of a harmonious engine that is allowing you to experience physicality. When the Mother in Her infinite and eternal wisdom has given you, all of you and you individually, this beautiful vessel, it was a gift not a curse.

In the energies, particularly now – but this has been going on for years, increasing, increasing, increasing until you think that you are spinning out of control, but you aren’t – but in the increases, your bodies have never held this much energy and I am talking about your physical form not your extended bodies.

This vessel that you with your guardians and the Mother and many of us helped you design and choose…which was perfect by the way…it is feeling the electrical light quotient. So many of you are feeling exhausted – energized – exhausted – energized – exhausted…you feel physically different. Not only has your external world shifted and how you perceive what you have defined as that reality, the reality of your physical body, is also radically changing.

So yes, there are aches and pains, digestive, heart, joint, all of these issues are to the forefront just as the poor behavior is through the roof, so are the experiences of your body through the roof at this time. But the body, the intention for the body, wasn’t separate from your heart consciousness, from the knowingness. It was to be fully conscious in a form, a humanoid form which is shared by many beings, of what joy and love feels like.

Now you have just begun to edge…and now I am speaking of the collective, not the individual…but collectively you are just moving into what it feels like at a cellular level to feel joy and love inside those cells. And for some of you it feels as if you are suddenly effervescent ginger ale. For some of you it feels as if you have your finger in a light socket. For some of you it feels like overload, but the purpose is to actually feel this sense of such enormous vitality that you don’t even feel, as you adjust, that you can stay inside your skin.

And increasingly, a greater definition as the observer of who you are in body, and then a disappearing in many ways of the container of your skin because you feel, even in form, completely connected to everybody. And it starts with the feeling of connection of those closest to you, so that you feel each other’s heart. You feel each other’s energy. You feel each other’s thoughts, not in a sense of invasion or breaking of confidentiality or what you have thought of as boundaries, but in a sense of unity consciousness that you have never felt before that is growing and growing and growing so rapidly.

So the shift that has been talked about so much is not just the shift upon Gaia, shift in dimensions, shift from mental to heart consciousness. It is also in your body so that you are feeling “Here’s a little ancillary engine I’ve got going and it can take me anywhere.”

Do you understand what I say?

SB: I do understand, but unfortunately we’re running out of time so I’m regretfully going to have to ask you to perhaps give your final thoughts on the subject.

St. Germaine: My final thought is we have just begun and I would be pleased to come back and continue my practical discussion of surrender, if you will so honor me…

SB: A practical discussion on a very difficult topic to get a hold of… I’d love to have you back to discuss that, St. Germaine, or anything else for that matter.

St. Germaine: Then I would be delighted to come. Go with my love and, my beloved friends, do not forget…surrender your debris, your garbage, your anger, your angst to me. Farewell.

SB: Thank you. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

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Transcript ~ St. Germaine on AHWAA: Surrender: The Next Step to Ascension, July 14, 2016

Serapis Bey, Master of the 4th Ray, the Ray of Ascension – Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

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ART : Buddha Sadhana Meditating Buddha by Bhargav08 @ DeviantArt


Serapis Bey, Master of the 4th Ray, the Ray of Ascension

Normally it is each of you, my brethren, that seek me out for the purposes of letting go, eliminating, bringing forth the truth, the purity, the beauty of who you are in this process of going forward in your ascension process. Now, what is my role in this?

Serapis Bey, Master of the 4th Ray, the Ray of Ascension
Serapis Bey
An Hour With an Angel May 31, 2016

Linda Dillon Channel for the Council of Love
Steve Beckow Host, InLight Radio

Steve: Our guest today is Serapis Bey and I think, Linda, you have the meditation that he gave you on your web site?

Linda: That is correct. And in fact, I had sort of forgotten about it and he nudged me this morning as I was getting ready. There is a meditation that he gave during a workshop that I did a couple years ago. And it is an ascension meditation, taking place at the Ascension Chamber in Luxor. And it’s actually a beautiful, beautiful meditation. I went back and listened to it and it’s very powerful.

You know I haven’t heard from Serapis Bey that often, but when he shows up, it’s always monumental. You know, he’s a no-nonsense kind of being. He doesn’t mince words, and when he has something to say, it comes forth strong and powerful. So, yes, he has suggested to me that after listening to what he has to share with us today, he would really like people to be listening to this meditation.

Steve: Well, very good. While you’re making your transition, let me say a few words about Serapis Bey, because we haven’t had him on the show before and some people may not be aware of him. He is the Master of the Fourth, or Ascension Ray – the Ascension Ray of the Mother – the Hierarch of the Luxor Temple. In one of his past lives, he was reputed to have been the Spartan King Leonidas who stopped the Persians at the Pass of Thermopylae, where he died. Leonidas has come to symbolize personal responsibility and self-discipline. We know him best as one of the three Ascended Masters, the other two being El Morya and Saint Germaine, who began many centuries ago what later became known as The Saint Germaine Trust.

He’s here today to extend the discussion we had last time with Archangel Michael about ascension. So, with that, I welcome Serapis Bey.

Serapis Bey: And I welcome you. Yes, I am Serapis Bey, known by many names, as have each of you my beloved friends. Yes, known as the great disciplinarian, as Master of the Fourth Ray. This is the Ray of Ascension. This is the Ray of Purity. This is the Ray of the White Crystalline essence and energy of the Mother that we have told this channel a long time ago is called Luminesa. I welcome you.

Normally, and it has been this way for an exceedingly long time, it is each of you, my brethren, that seek me out for the purposes of letting go, eliminating, bringing forth the truth, the purity, the beauty of who you are. And this has been the way in which I have worked with many of you in this process of going forward in your ascension process.

In your acceptance of the beauty and uniqueness, the wonder, magnificence of who you are; while eliminating through perseverance, through consistency, through self-discipline, through self-responsibility any sense of your ego, of your own uniqueness, of that sense that you are special in the human ego way of the old realm.

You are unique and special because you are an expression of the Mother, the Father, the One. And that expression is strictly and uniquely so that you can manifest the wonder and light of that purity and beauty: to go from a sense of singularity, to be transfigured into resurrection, to return to the Mother, Father, One.

Traditionally, and I am certainly one for tradition…traditionally this has been an arduous journey. For although I assist you in this rebalancing, it would be erroneous for me to pretend that it has not entailed a true devotion and a singularity of focus to go through this ascension process. Now you, each of you – and in this I speak to the entire collective, to all who currently sit upon Gaia – have made a very unusual decision. Yes, in December of 2012. And you made this decision and in that moment did release your sense of ego and individuality enough that you said collectively, as a unity consciousness, that we will go forth in our ascension one by one. No, as One.

I am ancient. You might say I have been at this for a long time in your reality or any reality. Never had I experienced, witnessed, or envisioned a decision of such magnitude and gratitude, a recognition of the connectedness between all of you. I have never seen or anticipated this.

Now, of course, the Mother, in Her wisdom, always knows the unfoldment of Her Plan. But, it has certainly shifted how I work in my service to Her. Now, in that, in the intervening years, I have stood back and I have still continued to work with many of you, one by one by one. Occasionally, you have come with your sacred partner. But, even in sacred union and partnership, the diligence, the balance, the stepping forward is and has been individual.

But I have also worked with the collective quietly, which is my want. Humans have used far too many words and ignored the strength of spirit. But although there have been many words in these intervening years; particularly you the light workers, love holders, have gained in strength and a sense of discipline. And you have gone forward and I have worked with you silently and sometimes not so silently.

You see, endurance and fortitude and prudence are required – yes, required – for ascension. And you say to me, “But, Serapis, I like to be in the flow.” Well, there is no room for laziness, spiritual or physical. So when you say that you wish to be in the flow, there is still a requirement for attention to your being, your responsibilities, and for steering the vessel, as it were. You cannot abandon that. And I extol your virtues, because you have not. You have paid attention. You have relinquished a great deal of ego because there is no room for self-aggrandizement. The only thing that we adore is the unified Mother, the Father, the One.

Now, why do I speak of this? As Michael, Mi-ka-el, has spoken to you, as the Mother herself deigns to speak to you, there is a new energy that penetrates your entire planet and this collective of One. So it is not individual, and yet, of course it is. But it is equally shared to all. And the Mother, in Her infinite and eternal wisdom, has asked all of us to share, to expand, to extend, to unify, and to penetrate the entire planet with our unique expression of Her love.

This is a gift beyond measure. I do not think that many of you fully comprehend what this means. You could no more resist this flow of energy…like a Tsunami of One. In fact, that is a good name, is it not? You cannot resist it. So your method of not merely survival, but of taking true measure, advantage of this energy that we all send you, is to conjoin with it. Yes, in prudence and balance, fortitude and endurance, acceptance, allowance, thanksgiving, gratitude, and purity.

Now, what is my role in this? And believe you me, I have asked the Mother this many times throughout many, many, many, many, many, many centuries. I assist with ascension and there have always been committed adepts who have come to me. But in this shift – because that is what you are in the middle of – my role also changes. You, my beloved students and disciples, for those who are brave enough to even approach, have always come to me in and out of form. It matters not. But, at the beckoning of the Mother, I come to you. So you see, this shift, this ascension, this process that you are undertaking, shifts things not only for humanity, but for many of us as well. Now we are fully capable and willing and happy, joyous, to do this. But it is certainly a change of venue. There is nothing that I would not be honored to do for our divine Mother. And, because each of you are of the Mother, of Her pattern, there is nothing I will not do for you.

But I do not do it to you. There has been much discussion in the past several years with many of us and the Archangels, about the nature of sacred partnership, sacred union. And repeatedly we have said to you that we are in sacred partnership. Very few of you have the time or have taken the time or have the inclination or have sought out the insight to truly know what this means. Now let me tell you. I do not do this for you. I do not take you and simply flip you through the ascension process. I will not do that. There is an awakening of your will, the elimination of ego, the opening of heart, the alignment with divine mind and heart and will. And all of these aspects are necessary for ascension. So, “What then,” you say, Serapis, “do you do or help us with?”

I come to you as brother, as one who has walked the planet many times. And yes, I am the disciplinarian, but only insofar as it brings you to the place of purity and power and the acceptance of responsibility for your sacred self, because that is your promise to the Mother. So now I come to you in sacred union and partnership to offer you my assistance.

All of humanity – I come to you to assist you in the deeper letting go, in the deeper elimination of all aspects of your being that are not a crystalline, clear alignment with your divinity and the Mother’s divinity. I will guide you, I will support you, I will walk with you, I will correct you, because it is not of punishment. That concept, and certainly that behavior does not exist on our side. But if you are headed consistently, or even now and then in the wrong direction, if you are praying and praying and working, and at times even struggling to come into that alignment that you can simply walk right through the portal and you think you are doing your best, but you are erring in one way or another, I will correct you because I love you, because I honor you. Not because I wish to point out that you are in the wrong. That is futile. I would correct you, and I will correct you if you ask me to, so that you do not waste your energy and your heart energy in pursuing something that is not going to get you where you want to be.

There is every gradation of heart consciousness right now upon your planet, and many doors that you have been waiting for, for a long time, have been flung wide open. Now we are adjusting and helping you adjust to these new ways of being. Now, for those who are completely oblivious, there is a more subtle penetration. But I am also speaking not only to Gaians but to those of you that are awake.

You’re saying, “Well, what can I count on you for?” You can count on me to be fully and completely consistent. You can count on me to point out and correct when you misstep. But not only to say, “Oh no, you are doing it wrong,” but to gently, and sometimes not so gently, redirect your energy.

Why I do this is to bring forth purity and beauty, love. You’ve come to this planet as the implementers of the Mother’s Plan. Now we are part of that implementation team, but in a very different way, because this ascension is in physicality. This ascension is remaining on Earth and creating and anchoring Nova Earth – a beautiful paradigm that I would and in many ways did manifest when I was in form. So I know the diligence, the attention, the hard work that this has entailed.

So yes, I come to tell you that I am bi-locating mightily. I am still in the chamber at Luxor. But I am also in every town, city, metropolis, countryside of your planet, working with everybody. I do this for the Mother, but I also do it for you.

Those of you who choose to work with me, who take my extended hand, have a deep level of commitment, valor, bravery. So why do you do this? Because it speeds things up: that your yearning, your determination to ascend and to lead the many is so strong, your commitment is so deep, your eagerness is beyond what humans think of. That is why you do this. And with that, that is why I accept you.

It requires balance, self-responsibility, and discipline. You cannot say I will do it one day and then slack off for the rest of the year. I do not work like that. Ascension does not work like that.

Now, dearest friend Steve, where do you wish to begin?

Steve: Serapis, your discussion has been most unusual among people that we’ve had on the show. Up ‘til now it’s emphasized what I may be permitted to use “the divine feminine,” which is to let go, to flow, to drop resistance, to surrender. And yours is very much the voice of the divine masculine – use of will, the exertion, effort, discipline. So it’s a very different perspective you’re giving us.

Let me ask this question. Either in ascension or in the stewardship of the Mother’s abundance, in either field, your words apply. That we need to show discipline, we need to be consistent in our practice, et cetera. Can you talk to us more about this whole faculty of will? About where light workers are with their exertion of will? And any changes we need to make into the future as we either go into ascension or into stewardship?

Serapis Bey: I would be pleased to talk to that. And yes, my tone, my energy, is significantly different from many who have come forth. Let me begin with an observation, which is grounded in truth. I bring to your attention the value, the importance of the divine masculine and the masculine. As you ascend there should be, and yes I say “should” – should be no differentiation between those two.

I am a servant, so deeply honored to serve the Mother. But what do you think the divine masculine does? Now, very often, in these discussions, which are correct by the way, there is discussion of the divine Godhead, shall we say, of being the unspeakable, unknowable, unmovable. But the masculine serves the feminine, feeds the feminine, infuses the feminine, so that that movement, that eternal infinite creation takes place.

Now, the divine feminine in that creation, in that movement, in that speech, serves the divine masculine. It is the balance. It is the reciprocal nature of all.

Too often, in the history of humanity, which is long and bloody, the sense of the masculine traits have become bastardized, have become abused. And that is part of the self discipline to never fall…never fall…into the patterns of authoritarian control, or greed or lust – abuse of power. And that is part of what you learn at my temple.

You are entering a phase of time where it is the fullness of our Mother’s energy re-anchoring upon this planet, and actually much farther than that…but we will focus on this Gaia. But what has also happened in this spiritual awakening of many, and now I speak particularly of light workers and love holders, is there has been a somewhat shying away. And I am speaking in generalities, so do not feel, unless it is totally applicable to you, that I am in any way chastising you, because I am not; I am explaining. Many of you have backed up from what you have thought of as those masculine traits, and moved into what I have suggested – the flow, the surrender, the acceptance. All of these are completely necessary for stewardship and for ascension.

But so is the balance with the divine masculine. How action from your heart consciousness, from the love, comes into form is through will. How you demonstrate the power, in the purest sense, to be a steward, to assume that responsibility, is through that sense of self-responsibility. If you do not have self-discipline, self-responsibility – not in the sense of self-aggrandizement, but of commitment and knowing the truth of your place in this grand unfoldment – then you cannot be a responsible steward. So that balance of both is absolutely necessary.

Action, with the new responsibilities coming to you, is necessary. Now, what has happened with humanity, male and female, is that when I speak of action and bringing into form the building, whether it is the temple at Luxor or a home for yourself, it requires action. Now, there has been a belief system that has come into form that action or attendance…because I will not use the word ‘work’…is somehow arduous or that it has to take a long time.

And none of that is of truth. But, it is the willingness and the will to be in alignment with truth, of Michael, of the Mother, of the beauty. Why would you create anything – whether it is a meal, or a cup of tea, or a city, or an institution, or a tradition – that is not of purity and beauty? But that requires the self-discipline to make sure that the self-aggrandizement isn’t creeping in.

Now I am not saying that there is only one vision of beauty or purity. There are many reflections and expressions of it and that is the unique beauty of each of you. But, when you are taking these actions in what you think is a balanced way, the beauty is a reflection of that part of your divinity and the Mother’s. It is the willingness to service. That is what stewardship is. And unless that is present, the blessings do not flow.

These blessings that you have talked about are given in a responsible way. That was our agreement when we have formed this, and many by the way, several trusts, that they would be divinely patterned, divinely inspired and a reflection of divinity in form. So, there is no room for what people have thought of as the old masculine, of the ego.

There is work to be done. And that is why I have said to you, if you are going slightly askew, then I will correct you. And it will be gentle, and then it will be stronger, because it is important in our partnership that we listen to each other. I do not speak or whisper simply to hear my voice. I have no need of that, for it is far more wonderful to simply listen to the Mother. But when the Mother has asked me to step forward in this way, and teach and model and mentor the self-responsibility and the balance, I do so.

So is my voice one that you are not used to hearing? Yes. But, is it part of the balance that already exists and exists in you and of you? And so both sides, not either/or, but the cooperative partnership of your divine masculine and your divine feminine. But, what moves, what moves you, what speaks through you, what anchors on the planet is the divine feminine, infused and held by the will and the spirit of the divine masculine. Both are necessary. Do you understand what I say?

Steve: Yes, I do. Oftentimes, I don’t follow up on something a person in your position says, Serapis, and I kick myself afterwards. And I don’t want to do that here. Please, could you talk to us about the work that remains to be done? And I’m talking specifically of light workers, of ascension way showers, financial way showers.

Serapis Bey: Examine your motives. Now, this is something, whether I come to you or you come to me, it will always be our starting point. Are your motives – and I do not adopt an accusatory tone, this is simply the way I speak – are your motives, is your motivation of purity? You have seen upon your planet how money and power have corrupted. How it can easily, very easily, lead to egoic thoughts, feelings, and expressions. And that is the road to hell. (Chuckle) Not that hell exists.

The motive of being a steward, whether it is a pathfinder to ascension, a pathfinder to new institutional ways, pathfinder of new communities, a pathfinder of new financial wherewithal, the motivation is actually quite clear. It is this humble, exalted, desire to serve the Mother. And in that expression of service is to serve your fellow humans as well as Gaia and all the kingdoms.

If it is – and I am not suggesting, by the way, that this means that your own personal wherewithal is not attended to, because if you are not taking care of yourself, this is self-responsibility – if you are not taking care of yourself, if you are not taking care of your family, and in this I mean not only your biological family, those you have chosen to incarnate with, but also your soul family, your soul community. If you are not taking care of that, then you are not being responsible and self-disciplined.

But, what is your motivation? Is it based on an ego desire to be important, to be boss, to have power of the worst kind over others? Or is it in your own discerning, humble way to truly serve? So the first thing that is worked on is the mental, emotional, ego needs, because there is no room for this.

Think of it this way. In a hierarchy, which is often how humans have thought, you want to put yourself at the very bottom of that hierarchy because that is what service is. Now, in your traditional thinking – thinking that I have to be at the top because I have to lead – leadership is patterning the right behaviors that are true to the Mother, the right actions that are true to the Mother, Father, One. So we start with this sense of “Oh, I’m going to have money. Oh, I am going to have power. Oh, I am leading the way.” Now if it’s because it makes you feel important or does it make you feel truly important because you are fulfilling your promise, your responsibility to your sacred self and to the Mother.

Because there is a fine line, and this how humanity has gotten off track – that you want to be in charge, or you want to be more important than your neighbor down the street. No being, not on our side or yours, not throughout any multi-verse, is more important than another.

That includes me, El Morya, Jesus Sananda, Maitreya, none of us. You cannot assume this. There is no room for ego. And this is something that you must, MUST, be vigilant of and that you must give each other permission to observe and if it is in need of course correction, to speak of in saedor, in kindness, in balance, in love. But if you see truly, not from a place of anger or mistrust, but if you see one of your dear family going off track, then of course, out of love you point it out to them. Then the choice is theirs. You’re handing them over to me. But this is work.

Now, the second thing that you work on is consistency. I hear many of you say to me – you don’t know you’re speaking to me. Sometimes you just think you are speaking to each other. You say, “Oh, I can’t meditate.” And then you just don’t bother trying. Well, that’s the same as saying, “Well, I can’t run the 10K and therefore I am going to stop walking.” It is absurd.

This is self-discipline. And meditation takes many forms, and I am using that as an example because it is a popular one. So, my question to you is, do you consistently give yourself a path, not a sense of path, not a sense of path as in “I do not wish to harm myself, I love myself because I am love and I am the love of the Mother. And the Mother loves through me.” But if you are in genuine relationship, think of your partner, your spouse, your best friend and you say, “I am in this deep, abiding friendship. Oh, and by the way, I can’t call you. I can’t talk to you. No, I don’t have time to see you, but I love you.” Well, is this real? Of course not.

You are lying to yourself. So where is your consistency? Where is your self-discipline? There is a belief… you have come to think of discipline as punishing, controlling, some form of pain, or that you have done something wrong. That is not discipline. That is cruelty. Think of discipline and self-discipline as consistency. Are you consistent in what you think and feel? Where you place your attention and your actions? Or are you all over the map, as you would put it?

And, if you are, the disciplinary action is not, my beloved friends, to beat yourself up. It is to gently take my hand again and bring yourself to the center, to stillpoint if you can, and simply refocus. So this is another area of work.

And, in that, look at your actions. “Do my actions and behaviors and interactions match the truth of what I am really hoping to achieve, that fulfillment with the Mother?” Your biggest area, can I say, where you can improve somewhat, is in the treatment, thoughts, feelings, actions, anchoring that you have of yourself. Now there is still some more mayhem on your planet. But if you bring the attention back to yourself, “Am I being pure? Am I purity? Am I beauty? Am I love? Am I luminescent joy?” You’re very hard on yourselves.

And, think of this. Yes, in your lifetime there have been many, many challenges…I do not deny or minimize at all. But in the treatment, the feelings, the knowing of yourself; you see, all those control and hurting disciplines, they come from ego, who is very eager to maintain control. But, the Mother, our beloved Mother, is nothing but gentleness. The reason we do not tend to speak of the qualities of the Mother in terms of will, for example, is that it is not necessary.

When She dreams, or creates, there’s such gentle love that you do not feel the necessity for will-directed action. So when you are looking at yourself, is the balance there of the gentlest love that simply puts the will into place and allows it to flow smoothly, gracefully, beautifully? Discipline and self-love is not about cutting off your arm to show that you intend to serve. It is about loving your arm and loving yourself. There is work to be done there.

Steve: Serapis, I have squeezed every minute out of the hour to give to you. Is there anything you want to say in closing, since we have reached the top of the hour?

Serapis Bey: I have declared myself as a being that is traveling your planet. If you whisper my name, if you approach me in Luxor, I am at your disposal. It is my dearest desire that you will call me. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
©2016 Council of Love, Inc.


art Buddha Sadhana Meditating Buddha by bhargav08 at DeviantArt.

ART : Buddha Sadhana Meditating Buddha by Bhargav08 @ DeviantArt

Transcript ~ Archangel Michael on AHWAA: Energy Surge Not Seen Since Earth’s Beginnings – Linda Dillon

ART in_the_beginning_was_the_word  Shiloh Sophia McCloud

ART : In The Beginning was The Word – Shiloh Sophia McCloud


Transcript ~ Archangel Michael on AHWAA: Energy Surge Not Seen Since Earth’s Beginnings, May 17, 2016


[Thanks again to Jeri for this transcription.]

Archangel Michael: Energy Surge Not Seen Since Earth’s Beginnings

An Hour with an Angel, May 17, 2016

Link to show audio

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Steve Beckow: Host, InLight Radio

Steve: Welcome, Linda.

Linda: Welcome to you, Steve. Welcome back after your surgery.

SB: Welcome back from the dead, eh? Yes, indeed!

LD: Resurrection and Spring, right?

SB: Absolutely. It certainly helps me to understand what you went through with your two shoulder surgeries. That’s for sure. So, how long did it take you to get out of pain?

LD: Months and months and months.

SB: Oh, no kidding. Oh, my God!

LD: I guess I’m at the end of it now, but it has taken 11 months. It’s been a really long haul, but now I am feeling reborn, you know, and there is that sense of having gone through that dark night of the soul…like, “What on Earth? And where did my life go?” And for me, the most significant part of it was my sense, even when I was in that dark night of the soul place, that I’m really a joyful person. And, that sense of joy, of what I call my smile in my tummy, had gone away. And, I didn’t know if it would come back. How about you?

SB: Oh, yes, I remember that…more compressed than yours. During the time of pain was my dark night of the soul. My God, how do we make it through?

LD: Well, it was great time of personal reflection for me and especially when it was starting to get better, the Council would say to me every single day, and sometimes many times a day, “What do you want to do? What do you want to do? What do you want to do?” And it certainly has led to a shifting in my work…and in my play…and reclaiming the other parts of my life.

SB: Shifting in your work?

LD: I love to write. I absolutely love putting together books, and that is usually on my to-do list, because I am doing individual channelings and group channelings and classes. And writing got shoved to the bottom of the list. And yet, it’s one of the things, along with these shows, actually, that gives me the greatest joy. So, like: “What the heck are you doing, Linda?” So, I’ve cut back on individual channelings. And, I also am finding that the individual channelings have amplified…that the energy and the information that is coming through is so much bigger, meatier.

SB: How’s your book with Jesus coming?

LD: Oh, I love it! I am just having such a great time with Jesus! And it’s funny you should ask, because last night, he was talking to me and I was asking about having some days off at the beginning of July. And He said “No! No, no, no…that’s about the time when we want to launch the book. You’re going to be really busy.” So, it was like, “No.” So he’s sitting there with me as we’re editing these channelings. And you’re just completely enfolded and folded in his energy, and the realization that the message is so straightforward and so simple. And, yet, I look around and I think – the human Linda thinks – “Why haven’t we done this?”

SB: Oh, I’ve had that thought myself so many times.

LD: Yeah, so, it’s really coming along. I’d say we’re most of the way there. These are his messages. Literally, I think the tag line will be “Messages for the 21st Century.” These are his words. It’s going to be a beautiful, beautiful book.

SB: Why don’t I let you transition, Linda, and while you’re doing that, just to thank the readers because Linda’s ability to reduce the number of channelings she’s been required to do to earn her living while she’s been recovering. And, don’t think that I haven’t been lying in bed thinking that the readers’ donations have allowed us both to recover as quickly as we have, as well as we have. So, my heart goes out to you all. Thank you very much. You really have supported us at this time.

And with that, I think probably Linda has made her transition. So, please let us welcome Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael: And welcome to you! Yes, I am Michael. Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, Bringer of News. Welcome, my beloved family, my beloved friends, my beloved allies, my beloved circle. And I also welcome and broadcast this night to all Gaians across this planet, across this world. And they will hear and heed, perhaps not my voice, but the energy that is transmitted as we join together.

For this is not simply me coming and preaching and sharing and chatting with all of you. It is us, as community, as family, as one, joining together in this sacred union, in this sacred partnership, in this sacred partnership called love, to share our hearts, our wisdom, our understandings, our plan, the Mother’s Plan, and the insights to assist you, each of you, in various ways to go forth on your journey of unfoldment.

Often, I have heard you say, “I know that this program was directed specifically for me.” And, when I hear many of you say that, it makes our hearts sing. Not only me, but St. Germaine, the Mother, Lao Tzu, Sanat Kumara – it matters not. When you feel that these messages are for you, then we have done our jobs.

But, let us also begin this day by commending you. Many, at this time, have been taken out, shall we say, put on the sidelines for reconstitution, rewiring, regridding…some just to learn how to breathe again. And yes, you beloved readers, listeners, participants in the creation of Nova Earth have shared from the generosity of your hearts and souls and pocketbooks. Often we have nudged you and many we never needed to nudge because your compassion and generosity was already in full force.

But it falls upon us that we want to express our gratitude for the myriad of support that you give to each other. Yes to these two, can we say limping angels, but to many. So as we begin this day, let us celebrate your generosity and accept our gratitude for the truth and the sweetness of who you are.

This is a primary example, as we talk later today, about the creation of Nova Earth and Nova Being. Now, I do not mean to infer that generosity has been absent upon the planet even throughout the malaise of the old third, but it has been pockets.

What you have all been doing is anchoring, expressing, stepping forward with the truth of your hearts, sharing what you have. And it matters not whether it has been a dollar or a million. It has come from your hearts. It has come from the desire to create community and share. And sweet angels, we are not only in gratitude to you; we are proud of you. You are acting as true Gaians.

Now, beloved Steve, where do you wish to begin this day?

SB: Well, Lord, you’ve certainly given me a good intro to the topic of building Nova Earth, and I plan to go there directly after one other question. And that is about the energies that are hitting us right now. Last week the Buddha spoke just a little bit about them and said they were the strongest ever. Linda said she was knocked sideways. I was knocked sideways anyway, so I’m not sure I’m a good source about that. But can you tell us a little bit about this new influx of energies, please?

AAM: Well, the Buddha has mentioned, you know in his understated way: quietly and softly dropping a sack of diamonds at your feet, and then forgetting to tell you it was there!

The energy that is penetrating not just your planet, because sometimes when we refer to penetrating your planet, you do not realize fully that it is penetrating each and every one of you. The channel is correct: it is knocking you sideways, left, right, center, backwards, forwards, up and down.

Now, let us explain. You are in a time of extraordinary change. Many of you have forgotten, but thankfully, the Mother has not. Her Tsunami of Love has never ceased. There have been times when it has been stronger or softer, but that has never changed. But, what She has done is called upon all of us. Now, you know that we are all one and that we participate in the One.

But, aside from that, each of us: the archangels, the seraphs, the cherubs, the angelic realm, the legions of light, the legions of sheer energy that we don’t speak of that often, all the legions of your star brothers and sisters, the entire legions of the ascended masters, the entire legions of what you can think of as your ancestors both on and off planet – the clarion call from the Mother went out to us.

And, this has been saved for the time when the final push had need to come. All of us – there is not a single being of what you think of as the Company of Heaven, the Council of Love, all the councils, the Intergalactic Council – we have all been asked to send the full force of our loving energy, our creative force, to each of you.

But, the waves that are penetrating not merely your heart, your cells, all of your bodies – awakening glands (pituitary, pineal, thymus, thyroid), the energies that are speaking to your cells, to your nanostructure – are being laser-like, filled with this collective energy from all of us.

You can think of it however you want. You can think of it as the wildest thunderstorm you have ever experienced; as the strongest golden rain (that is my sister Gabrielle’s favorite); as the tidal wave, the tsunami; as the perfectly quiet peace and silence. But, there is not one of you, aware or unaware, recalcitrant or indifferent, that is not receiving the impact – full impact – of this energy.

Now why, at this moment, has the Mother – can you think of it as – enlisted her troops, her legions? Now also, as I say this, understand you and the planet, all of Gaians, all of what you think of as humanity, are in the framework of the Mother’s New Time. We have spoken of this, but think of it as time being fluid rather than frozen and linear.

In this fluidity of New Time, there is a conjoining, a stirring, a melding of the energies of above and below, of what you would have thought of as future and past all coming into what you perceive of as your now. And, not only the time frame of what you think of as now, which is strange, but into your physical bodies and all your other bodies.

So you are going to be experiencing, yes, feelings of exhaustion. Think of this as a multiplication of what many of you have thought of as ascension symptoms, or flu. So there will be exhaustion, there will be elation; there will be interest in new things. There will be some life review including future review. And, there will be a sense of readiness to get going. You say, “Well, Lord, we have been waiting to get going for a long time.” There is an appropriate moment in all reality for stepping forward, stepping back, and staying still.

What this energy is doing is also, and primarily, reawakening your sense, and perhaps I would say your drive, for the fulfillment of your mission and purpose; the understanding of that mission and purpose, but also the excitement, the awe, the wonder, the feeling of persistence to get going with your mission and purpose.

And, the second is the penetration of enough fuel. And, what is the fuel? The fuel is love. So, think of it this way: You are being loved. You are being filled with love; you are feeling the love; you are expressing and experiencing the love. You are being loved in ways that humanity has not felt since the very beginning.

It is the restoration of the Mother’s Plan. It is the restoration, not of the planet – she is doing well, it is coming along – but it is the restoration of your deep knowing, partnered with the wisdom that that knowing can and does reflect, that you are here to experience love in form, and to create. She has given you the pattern, the paradigm.

Look at your planet! Why do you think it attracts so many to her? Not simply because this is the time of restoration. But, look at her! The grandeur, the diversity: from meadows and flatlands, to the Himalayas, to the oceans, to the streams, to the deserts. The Mother created and birthed this pattern of such diversity to show you, to remind you what is possible. And, then she did it as she inserted within you, because all things are patterned on our Mother.

So you are not all alike. You come in different sizes and shapes and colors. And, even within the wonder of this beautiful physical form, there are different colors of hair and skin, differentiation of organs, even a differentiation of toes, of fingers, of digits. The pattern of the grandeur is all around you. So this is the time of real, profound, great, timeless awakening.

So, you say to me, “Lord, what do I do with this energy?” Well my friend, dearest Steve, it is exactly as I have suggested to you in our private conversation. And that is to allow, to surrender, and to enjoy. The gifts and the multiplicity of gifts are enormous. It’s very sad – yes, we know what sad means, and no – not simply as “pathetic,” as my sister says so often. But, it is sad when you arrive at a being, and a being that is calling back all their aspects, activating their entire pattern, and they say, “Oh, no thanks.”

Now there is a rule, a Universal Law, that the Mother has set long ago, that we do not override free will. And we are not doing that. But the penetration of all beings, all seven billion plus, is occurring regardless of the free will. The energy is going in like air and water. What you are choosing to do with it is, of course, where free will comes in. But as you allow this energy to penetrate and to settle, you will feel – and many of you already are feeling – significantly different. Rest when you need to, because this is more energy than you have ever received upon this planet, period.

And this penetration will not stop until our job, in the name of the Mother and Father, is done.

SB: That’s very interesting what you’re saying, Lord. I just have a personal question. I have been listless and exhausted. I’ve associated that with my recovery, but are you saying the energy is doing some of that as well?

AAM: Yes. It is both. So, you are being healed, yes by us, but certainly St. Germaine has been extraordinarily busy with you and he allows me to insert some blue flame here and there, some blue diamond from the Mother. And the humans, of course, have been helping you. But understand this: what you call listlessness, this sense that at the one time you are exhausted and yet you are itching to get going…

SB: Yes

AAM: …is the energy that is coming to the planet. And there is not a one of you who is hearing this tonight, who has not been feeling this way. And, the joyous part for us is that many of you who have been, can we say, “floaters” are beginning to re-engage, re-admire, deeply love and remember your physical bodies. So, you don’t have to get sick, you just have to accept the energy. And yes, rest when you feel that you are about to fall down. What do you think we are doing, telling you to go run a 10-K? No. We are saying, “Please, lie down and receive.”

SB: Wow. Is there anything further you want to say on that before we turn to the topic of building Nova Earth?

AAM: I think I have said enough, do you not?

SB: Oh, I thought you did a bang-up job, I really did. By the way, every time I think of you talking about the blue, I recall your joke of a few weeks ago when you said that so many people think of things as black and white when they’re so obviously blue. (Laughter)

AAM: It is the truth!

SB: It is the truth. Hallelujah. Turning to the topic of building Nova Earth, in our last private conversation you said that the overarching principle of financial wayshowing after the Reval (currency revaluation) is stewardship. Well, if we widen the purview, if we take an overview of the whole prospect of building Nova Earth, would you say that the same principle is the overarching concept, or is there a different overarching concept to the general work of building Nova Earth?

AAM: No, this concept of stewardship applies. And let me add a couple of thoughts. Let us pair stewardship with leadership and responsibility. And let us explain. In the old world, there was a great deal of attention, energy, placed upon ownership. Now, ownership is a relation to greed and control and, might we say, even avarice, and the belief that there is never enough. And that there is a subtle, and not so subtle, level of competition amongst human beings, which has also resulted in your terminology of haves and have-nots.

Now, there are many indigenous people all over your planet that understand that ownership, per se, and ownership of land, and the planet, and the waters, and the sky is absurd. And they are correct. Why you are here, each and every one of you, and there is not a soul, a person, a starseed, a hybrid upon this planet at this time that is not an ancient wise being regardless of what mask they are wearing, what role they are playing who came to the planet during this time of renewal, of ascension, of shift – were the ancient wise ones.

Most of you, many of you, original Creator Race – with many starseed and star visitors thrown in. In that, the concept of Nova Earth is community. Each of you have role and purpose. It is the reason you came. It is the reason you have come on this and on many planets again and again and again and again. But at this time it is for the fulfillment of this promise that you made, in regard to this time and this undertaking, to the Mother.

Creating Nova Earth community and equality implies generosity and sharing and compassion and discernment. It is not about foolishness. There has been enough thoughtlessness, foolishness – and I say that from mayhem to chaos to war to murder to rape to pillage to indifference. There has been enough of that, and it has lasted thousands and thousands and thousands of years.

What you are doing, and it is not from a place of ego; it is a place of wisdom and knowing and willingness to work, to play, to join together to create a world, a paradigm, a pattern for this planet that is in partnership with the planet herself, with all of the kingdoms – yes, with your star family and far beyond. You were invited as full partner, as full participant to the Intergalactic Council about a decade ago. And yet, it is only now that you have served your apprenticeship and are moving into that full membership. But, even prior to that, what are you doing to shift?

Now, leadership: There are always going to be some at the head of the parade. And they are the role models and the showers of the way, and the mentors so that, in the process of entrainment, the human collective knows which way to head. Then there is leadership in the melee of the masses, because not everyone can see the conductor at the head of the parade. So there are pathfinders and wayshowers in that general collective – and, might I say to you, that this is one of the most difficult, challenging, rewarding and important jobs that you can have.

Because what you are doing is putting yourself, literally at times, in the chaos – whether it is esoterically, etherically, bi-location, inter-dimensional, it does not matter, you are putting yourself in that school of humanity – and saying, “Let’s turn this way, and that way.” And as you are walking and, yes, walking with all of us, you are pointing out subtly, and not so subtly, what needs to be done in terms of building this new world.

Then, there is leadership at the back of the parade. And, that is the shepherd who goes and finds the lost lamb and makes sure that they bring it back and that all are included.

Now, this is a time when many, many – because of the penetration of the energy – many are simply choosing to leave. Is it sad, in terms of the personal, for many? Yes. But is it sad in terms of the ability for them to return home and to complete their mission and purpose from this side? No. They are welcomed with open arms.

But this is leadership, and part of leadership and part of the awakening is knowing where you fit in. But knowing where you fit in is only the very beginning. It is being the participant/observer, of stepping into action. Even when it is inaction, when it is observation, when it is in the pause, you are still in the process of participation. You cannot create Nova Earth, in our sacred partnership with you…you are our boots on the ground, and so you are the doers: You are the builders: You are our construction crew, you are our architects, you are our engineers. You know how to operate that big equipment.

And it sounds easy, but it is anything but. Because what we are speaking of is the massive, massive task of shifting institutions, societies, the way communities operate, the way that families operate. This is fundamental change. You know the dream, but what you are doing is stepping into the practicality of the doing. And sometimes, the doing is standing perfectly still; understand that as well.

But, in that, you have been given the Divine Qualities, and particularly clarity and purity and grace. But the Buddha has also given you passion and compassion. Uriel has given you foresight. Gabrielle has given you joy. You have the Blessings and the Virtues in order to go forth.

But it is in stewardship you are entrusted with the practical and the universal, in terms of how to and what does it look like. Because if it is based on something that your definition is ownership – that is exclusionary. Now, I am not suggesting to you that you do not have bank accounts, or private homes, or a personal life. But all of those practicalities, first and foremost, have to be built on, “What is best?” Yes, in your radical discernment, “What is best for the collective?” And, there are times that the collective is simply your little collective of family, or your block, or your community. But, if you start with that question: I am entrusted, not only with the wherewithal, the practical wherewithal, but the esoteric Universal Laws, the Blessings, the Divine Qualities – “What is best?”

Not, “What will do?” That is what has gotten humanity into this quagmire to start with. There is a carelessness that has been rampant upon this planet for far too long. It is far better to not take action until you have that knowing of what is best rather than simply to do something for the sake of doing. Because it is not based on knowing and love; it is just based on, “Well, there is an expectation of me; I’d better do something.”

So, this sense of being entrusted with your segment that interlocks like puzzle pieces with every other segment of your entire planet comes to you right now. Some of you are stewards for the animal kingdom. Some of you are bridges to the elementals. Some of you are bridges to the past and future. Some of you are healers or channels or teachers.

You say, “Well, I am feeling the energy, Lord. But I’m not sure yet about what it is I am supposed to do.” And what I say to you, in complement to the Mother, who has always said, “Does it feel like love?” I say to you, what is it you have always wanted to do? What is it, if the playing field was wide open, that you would desire and jump at the chance to do?

For some of you, it is building and helping to assist and activate fully, in your time, the Cities of Light. For others of you, it is literally being called to participate with your star family more clearly and completely. But it is not an either or, because the Cities of Light are populated with all of you: with your star family, future parts, you currently, animals, elementals. So it is not an either or. So it is also discernment and knowing and accepting.

You don’t have to have all the answers – because even if you think you do, you don’t. But it is allowing that your piece of the puzzle will unite and fit perfectly with the piece of the puzzle of another group, another individual, another billion who have the same vision, desire.

So, you see, you can’t own your project, your vision. You have to be willing to share that stewardship. Because there are many, and that has been part of the plan, who have a similar vision and mission and purpose – and it will fit with yours.

Now, I have said several times that there are times to stay still, to be the observer, not be hasty. Yes, I know, you say to me, “Lord, I am dying to get going!” But that is what it is: it is dying, not living. Elongate your time. You are in the fluidity of time. Choose where you position yourself. Visit the past, visit the future, bring it to the richness of the now.

Allow the joy of what you are doing to seep into your very bones. And if it does not feel like joy – and I do not mean that you are happy and smiling in every single moment, because there will be times when you will feel that you are working in the community and you are batting your head against the proverbial brick wall – but the outcome of your vision is what is bringing you joy, and you know you are on track. This is the creation.

Now, responsibility: That is the ability to assume the mantel of shared authority. Yes, like many of your Native Americans say, it is the ability to respond in appropriate, kind, considerate, loving ways. And that is what so many of you have already been doing. You say, “I don’t know where to start. Dearest Michael, show me.”

But dearest friends, you have been showing us! The Mother would not have sent out her clarion call if you were not fully ready to say yes. So, responsibility is the willingness to be the steward, to step forward, to do – and to not do what is not best for you and for all.

No, it’s not an either or. You say, “Well, sometimes I think it’s best for me, but it doesn’t really serve someone in Brazil at the moment.” If you don’t think, and feel, and in your inner true heart know that the ripple effect will benefit all, then restructure what you are doing. It is a very simple, tried and true method that we use. And we are dealing with a much bigger universe, and far more variables, than you.

But, what does responsibility mean? It means trust: trust in yourself, trust in each other. When you trust, what you are doing is calling forth the highest, purest part not only of yourself, but those that you are placing trust in and with. And that is the role of stewardship that is entrusted to you and entrusted to others.

Now, will there be errors and mistakes, mishaps? A few. But you don’t look at these as tragedies. When a mishap occurs, it is a chance to come closer together, to forge that bond of unity and community. “Gosh! What did we do wrong? How did we misstep? How can we come together more closely in our shared mission to do it right? To do it better?”

So it is an expansive, joyous undertaking! It is not dependent just on money flowing. It is dependent on you holding the wisdom and vision and taking whatever actions you can, right now, to be part of this magnificent unfoldment.

Is this clear, dear Steve?

SB: I just want our listeners to know what a cushy job I have. You’ve answered all the questions on my question paper, Lord. I was going to ask about responsibility, etc. So, it isn’t that this isn’t a dance of two. It very definitely is. Thank you.

Just before going, Lord, are there any words of assurance that you can give to the Brazilian people who are watching chaos spread in their government circles?

AAM: It is a very strong breakdown of existing systems. So, it is not just the people of Brazil to whom we send great support and compassion. Because, what you are witnessing, and living through, is this split. Now, we have said that many people are leaving, and that they are welcomed home with wide-open arms and great fanfare. But also what has come to the forefront, and you are seeing many examples of it upon your planet, is this friction between those who want to cling to the old third regardless of the fact that it no longer exists. They believe, in their arrogance, that they can recreate it and they are not willing to let go!

Now, it is past choice in that regard. We are not renewing the old third. You have a vague memory of it so that you don’t recreate the old third, but it simply won’t be permitted at this juncture. But see it, and send peace, and calm, and tranquility, faith and trust to these areas where you are seeing such difficult, difficult transition.

It will be sorted out and it will be a very unexpected solution. So take faith, my friends.

SB: Well, thank you for that Lord. Is there anything you would like to say in closing?

AAM: I think I have said enough, so do not worry. The only alien troops that are in North America are your star brothers and sisters. And they are more than welcome.

SB: Well, that’s very good. Thank you for that, Lord. I’ll make a change to the article that I wrote that incorporates your comment.

AAM: Go with my love.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

©2016 Council of Love, Inc

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“Transcript ~ Archangel Michael on AHWAA: Energy Surge Not Seen Since Earth’s Beginnings,” Channeled by Linda Dillon, at



ART in_the_beginning_was_the_word  Shiloh Sophia McCloud

ART : In The Beginning was The Word – Shiloh Sophia McCloud


Transcript ~ Archangel Michael on AHWAA: Energy Surge Not Seen Since Earth’s Beginnings, May 17, 2016

Transcript ~ Sanat Kumara : Universal Law is Not the Jail Cell, but the Releasing Key – Linda Dillon on An Hour with An Angel

Caroline_Young_Mystical_Kingdom_2013 ART

ART : Mystical Kingdom 2013 – Caroline Young



Transcript ~ Sanat Kumara on AHWAA: Universal Law is Not the Jail Cell, but the Releasing Key, April 28, 2016

[Thanks again to Jeri for this transcription.]

Sanat Kumara: Universal Law is Not the Jail Cell, but the Releasing Key

An Hour with an Angel, April 26, 2016

Link to the show

Linda Dillon                Channel for the Council of Love

Steve Beckow             Host, InLight Radio

Steve: Our guest is Sanat Kumara today. Welcome Linda.

Linda: Welcome to you, Steve. What a great day we are having with our special guest.

SB: Let me introduce him while you make your preparations. Listeners may know, or may not know, that Sanat Kumara is the Planetary Logos. He, in fact, will be the Solar Logos at some point in time. But of course, there is no time on the other side.

He is known to all the world’s religions. He has incarnated and affected all the world’s religions. I can name some roles that he has played. For instance, the Zoroastrian’s knew him as Ahuramazda, the Wise Lord. The Hindus would know him as Skanda and Subramanya. Buddhists would know him as Dipamkara, “the Lamp-Lighting Buddha,” who received Gautama Buddha’s request to be a Buddha. The Aztecs or Mexicans or Mayans, I actually don’t know which, would know him as Quetzalcoatl.

I have to say, this is an amazing feat for me because my memory is not working very well these days. It’s been taken away. So, the fact that I can recall this is astonishing me. But, he has played a role in all the world’s religions, and he is the keeper of the Universal Laws. And we’re going to be talking with him today about practical uses of the Universal Laws. With that then, welcome Sanat Kumara, welcome Raj.

Sanat Kumara: I am Sanat Kumara. And, yes, I am your dearest friend and ally, Raj. And welcome to you my beloved friends, beloved Gaians, beloved family of this sweet planet. Welcome all. And I, like many, declare in this day that you call time, this night of infinity, that this vibration and frequency travels to all the hearts of Gaians, that all may continue to receive the multiple blessings that are being sent to each and every one of you, continuously. It is a wave of love. It is a wave of practicality. It is a wave of trust, and hope, and grace that each of you receive. I bring you this night my golden radiance. I bring you the pink of Venus.

Upon this glorious planet, you as human beings, and you as Gaians, are at the point where you have the opportunity to shift, to extend, to expand, to ascend, to descend into the love, to be the anchor, the beacon, the epitome of love upon this planet.

Yes, I am often addressed in many ways and as keeper of Universal Law – this is one of my pivotal roles. As Universal and Planetary Logos, it is the teaching, the application, the imparting, the anchoring, the integration of Universal Law into your very core and into the practicality of your life. I have had the privilege, the joy, and the honor of speaking to you, all of you, about Universal Love, individually and as a collective, for several years now. It has been my joy to share with you the essence, the substance, the elements of how Universal Law works, of how your planet and your system works.

Beloveds, I have not shared this truth, this understanding, this wisdom, as an esoteric exercise – for such exercises are merely, in many ways, simply of ego. And there may be many things that I come to the forefront to share, but it is not of ego.

I come so that these laws may be applied, utilized in the very life that you are creating in the co-creation of Nova Beings, Nova Earth, Terra Gaia: in the new way of community with each other, with your star family, with all beings above and below, within and without. But, the reason I have asked to step forward this night is that so much of what I share with you, what I eagerly share with you, is not being integrated or implemented in the fullness of what is possible.

There are some of you who have chosen and selected certain laws that attract you – and that is a good thing – and you are utilizing these principles. But, in many ways, we – and when I say we, I mean the entire Council of Love, I mean the entire company of heaven and your brothers and sisters from far and wide – are somewhat surprised that this wisdom and knowledge, the depth of understanding, has not been more deeply embraced.

Now, let me be very clear. I do not say this in the way of criticism and most certainly not of judgment. What I say to you is: obviously and apparently, I have not done an adequate job, have I, in sharing this information and the importance, the practicality, of this information with thee?

There are some who have suggested that I have moved on to a new role. That, my sweet friends, is not of truth. Yes, there will come a day, in your realm and in ours, when I will proceed to yet another assignment. But, it will still be with Universal Law and the Law of One, which is love.

But, until such time as all of Gaia, all upon her, have come to this next step of interdimensional, multidimensional reality, practical application of the law – the anchoring, and the practice, the expression and the experience of love – I am going nowhere! Does that in any way dismay me? No.

You live, in this bracket of the Mother’s time, in the most exciting place in the multiverse! It is beyond imagination, human or otherwise. Well, never beyond the Mother. But what is occurring is so magnificent, so splendid, of such impact throughout the multiverse, the omniverse, that this is the place to be! Angels and earthkeepers, archangels, starseeds, portals and gatekeepers, wayshowers, pathfinders: you have chosen the right time and place to anchor your mastery, to accept the truth, the might, and the creative power of who you are.

We have spoken to you about how you are the Creator Race. What does this mean in practical terms? How does one work with the Creation Formula that I have spoken of and taught you? Well, you also do it through the utilization of Universal Law. These are not laws that, at this time, are reflective of human law. Human law departed from the purity of the law and became entrenched in so much of the old third paradigm, but that was never of truth.

Now, Nova Earth and Nova Being works in accordance, lives in accordance, celebrates in accordance with the Mother’s Law, with the Laws of One.

Long ago we have gone, not through the same process, but a similar process upon Venus, which so many tend to think of as the planet of love. I would refer to it as the planet of grace. As Gaia and Earth go forward, you become that sister planet in the beauty of who you are; it is a return to original form.

But, the return to that original form is not by our declaring. The Mother’s desire is already in place, so that is completed. But it is done in sacred partnership – not with some, not with a select few, but with each and every one of you.

Your planet, your collective, too long in the old pattern of duality/polarity, lived in the haves and have-nots; the powerful and the disenfranchised. That is not of love. So, it cannot be that there are a select few, that there is an “in” crowd and those left behind. That is not the collective desire that you have designed and declared. And it most certainly is not our desire.

Now are there some, through that exercise called free will, choice, decision, who do not choose to transmute, transform, accept, acknowledge, embrace love or the laws? Yes. And they are not merely the recalcitrant or the distracted; there are some who are simply indifferent and choose not to engage. That is acceptable. And, in the infinite history of evolution, they are never excluded; so nothing is lost.

What you think of as the smaller group – regardless of how you term yourselves, what category you place yourself within – are the wayshowers. Because what you are doing in that re-patterning is not only anchoring, but forging the way. You are breaking down the barriers and you are opening the doors so that all are free, and know themselves to be free.

Now you say to me, “Raj, what on Earth, or anywhere else, does this have to do with Universal Law?” Beloveds, allies, my family: when you are working, applying, invoking, utilizing the laws, it makes your life easier because you are in that alignment with the Mother, Father, One in its most simplistic terms, and its most complex. That is what Universal Law is.

You have been given so many gifts, and particularly the gift of karmic dispensation, so that you are free to go forward. And forward is simply a term to mean movement; movement that is in alignment and reflective of the Mother’s movement. This is a time – what Jesus Sananda has declared “an extraordinary time of change” – of unparalleled opportunity to go forward, to shift, ascend, expand, be in the heart consciousness which opens the doorway of interdimensionality, and awareness of that. Would you accept? Of course you would.

So, in my role as your Planetary Logos, I return to talk to you – to be your wayshower, to be your teacher, your healer, your mentor, your coach – because this is my desire. This is my role; this is the fulfillment of my promise. Now, it is not only that my heart belongs to the Mother, Father, One that I choose to do this; it is because my heart belongs to each and every one of you. That is the nature of my being. And that is the nature of your being. There is room enough in each of you to love everybody.

Now, my dearest friend, Steve, where do you wish to begin this day?

SB: Well, thank you very much, Raj. At the end of the broadcast, I have a question for you from a reader in Brazil. The opposition in Brazil is attempting…well, has voted to impeach Dilma Rousseff. But, before we go there, let me ask you a very simple question about Universal Law. You once said to us that our lives won’t work if we don’t align with Universal Law. Can we take a very everyday example: that of a married couple, in which two people use every stratagem, every manipulation, to get their partner to do something he or she does not want to do? That seems to be a violation, and an ongoing violation, of the law of free will. What are the consequences for the two people who routinely violate that law in this manner?

SK: Well, the most dire consequence is you will never be happy. You will never move into the expanded heart consciousness. You will never know the bliss and the ecstasy. You will never be the fulfillment of who you are, your sacred design, your mission and purpose, if you persist in such behavior.

Let us back up a little bit, and I am pleased to be practical; that is the nature and perhaps what I missed on the first round. Why would you wish for someone to align with your will when it is not their will? What is it within your being that makes you think, feel, believe, that you are more aligned, more correct, and have the position to assume superiority over another’s life? How, in any construct, could this ever be considered love?

How – in overriding what you think of as right or wrong, correct or incorrect of what you think someone else is thinking, doing, behaving, feeling – how can that ever be translated as love? Well, it obviously cannot. It is an egoic move, and it is a move that is rooted in insecurity and lack of trust, forgiveness and self-worth.

Now, parents often are put in this very difficult situation with children who are entrusted to them, and you see what you discern; and that is different than judgment. So, I want to make a difference between partners, and parents and children. You see your child putting themselves in harm’s way and, of course from love, you will wish to redirect or snatch them out of a position where they are going to be injured. But, even in those situations, one must come from the purity of knowing, rather than wanting, of discernment rather than judgment. And this is a very important topic to be discussed, and we will be.

But when you are in a difficult situation – let us return to your question, beloved – with your partner, and you are trying because you genuinely, from the heart space of love, see that they are on a path that is not of their design or wholeness. You do not interfere with their free will. But you might wish, I would suggest that in the relationship, that you begin to invoke the Universal Law of sacred purpose, the Universal Law of change, the Universal Law of unity, of transmutation – so that that person and your relationship begins to shift. That it is in alignment with their highest good.

Now, there are times when an individual in partnership, comes into alignment with their highest good – because that is really the purpose of Universal Law, is it not: the highest good, the highest design, the purest love in alignment with the Mother, Father, One. And there are times when invoking that law will mean one of two things: either there will be harmony and balance restored to the relationship, or you will part ways. But you have need to accept and surrender.

If the separation is the result, then that is in accordance within divine plan and your divine plan within that plan. But you cannot – not at risk of your soul and your soul purpose – you cannot interfere or try to override another’s free will. It is highway robbery.

Is this clear to thee?

SB: Well, 99% of it was clear. 1% was not. You said, and this has puzzled me for a long time – you said that we’d never be happy if we violated Universal Law. Saint Francis, as a young man, violated every Universal Law one could think of. I’m going to exaggerate for the sake of clarity. He reveled, he cajoled, he wasted every moment in the most debauched way he possibly could. And yet, he experienced the bliss of realization. How could this be? And he’s not the only one, by the way; there are others, too, who have led similar lives, and in a moment their lives have been transformed.

SK: And, in that moment, they aligned with their sacred self and the Self, the One. So, it is not if you have lived, as you have put it, a debauched or erroneous life that you can never reach this place of knowing. But, it is from that place of knowing and connection that you proceed to really create.

Now, you create every single day. So, it is also erroneous when I hear, time and time again, human beings, Gaians, saying, “I don’t know how to create.” If you are breathing, you are creating. If you are trying to override your partner, you are creating. If you are beating your children, you are creating. If you are drugging and drinking, you are creating.

But are you creating what you desire? Are you expanding love? Are you in alignment with the Law? Is what you’re creating going to last or will it be destructive and lead to your downfall? You may be happy in the moment of being in debauchery, but will it give you eternal grace? No.

So I am not suggesting to you, and that is why I have mentioned the children who go also on these scenic detours: there are times when the forays into experimentation (that is what I will call them) serve a purpose, much the same way as illness, or dis-ease can serve a purpose. But it is to know – not think or feel, but to know – what is the experience of that, the expression of that. But that is not the end game, and that most certainly is not the end game for this planet.

Now, let me say something very frightening. Can it be?

Not really. That game of debauchery, which we could say has existed for hundreds of thousands of years, is not the truth. And, perhaps I err when I say you will never be happy, but you most certainly will never be in joy or bliss. There is a point at which one departs from that belief system or that engagement in a vibratory rate that is not uplifting and aligned with truth, with the Law, with the love. And it is only then that the sublime joy enters.

Does this clarify for you?

SB: Yes, it does. I know St. Francis has a wonderful sense of humor. And I’m going to say I think he made up for his earlier life in his life of asceticism as Mahatma Gandhi. How…?

SK: But, I can make a joke as well. And say was this one not extremist from one end to the other?

SB: Oh, yes indeed. And, I’m sure he had other lives that illustrate that as well.

SK: Yes, he has. (Laughter)

SB: What a task we have ahead of us. Because, you know, the people of Earth, I believe, are yearning for freedom. They’re yearning to be free of all chains and encumbrances and constraints and injunctions and all that. I mean they’ve led lives, some people have called…as slaves. Some people have called this a prison planet.

So, they are going to burst out of their chains. And then we’re going to turn around to them and say, “Well, now you need to learn about Universal Law.” And I think many people will say, “Well, sorry, I’m on vacation,” or “Sorry, I just got here and I don’t want to go back,” into what they might conceive of as a jail. Can you speak to that, please?

SK: Yes, and I will speak of it in several ways. First of all, Universal Law – I have had it called many things; jail is not one of them.


But if you wish to think of Universal Law in this way, then Universal Law is the pick, the chisel, the key. It is not something to constrain you, but rather to free you, to open that cell and show you.

So, let us use this example. If you are in jail, literally or otherwise, and you begin to use Universal Law – and you invoke the law of free will, the law of intent, the law of instantaneous transmission, the law of dispensation – what you do is you begin to call in an energy whereby the cell door opens; where you think of even human – but certainly divine justice comes and unlocks the cell.

Now, let me back up a little bit, because I am committed to truly making you understand. I hope I will; I know I will. Human beings – as you say, far too many are yearning for freedom, that believe that they are restricted, constrained, chained; there is a whole list of ways in which to describe it.

But, let us start with the truth. And, the truth is: you are free. You have always been free. You came free – even those who have been enslaved, even those that are currently enslaved, in prisoner camps, etc., in jail. You, your essential self, is free.

Now, partner that with the, not the belief, but the fact – immutable – that you are creator; that you have brought the fullness of your soul design into this tiny little body (because it is small). And in that you have everything you need. So, it is like a puzzle. You are in the jail: the file, the key, the hammer, the pliers, they’re all stuck in your mattress and you don’t know they’re there. But, if you lie on that mattress to meditate and say to me, “Raj, could you help me out here?” you would immediately feel all the lumps sticking in your back and your backside, because the tools are there.

You are not imprisoned. You only believe, and it is false. And this falsehood has been so deeply ingrained and believed that you don’t even try and leave the compound. But it is not real.

You say to me, “But Raj, it is real. I don’t have enough money to go and explore. My job is to save all the animals; I do not have the money to buy the land in which to keep the animals.”

And so, I would say to you, “My beloved friends, are you invoking the laws of within and without, above and below?” There is no shortage of what you think of as resources, cold hard cash. We don’t use that currency (but you may think of it that way) in our realm. There is only abundance.

When you start to invoke this law of what is above is within me: “It is in my bones, it is coming to me, I am attracting it. I’m invoking the law of attraction and repulsion. So, I am pulling it into my being, into my sphere, into my life.”

Then, you think outside of you. Well, there are many, many resources, abundance upon your planet. You say, “Yes, but I don’t have any.” But, are you pulling it? Are you declaring – not stealing – but accessing and pulling it to you? That you have, not to the detriment of another, because don’t forget, there is only abundance. This planet was created with infinite abundance; that is what is being restored.

But, when you come from a place of belief in scarcity, then that is exactly what you get. If you are believing and practicing the law of flow and abundance, that is what you get. You see this every single day. Whether it is finding a dime on the street or a stranger giving you a dollar, it matters not.

But, when you sit and you feel the shackles on your ankles and on your wrists and you say, “I am trapped. I do not have any power,” then you have created – powerful creation – a self-fulfilling prophecy. But when you refuse, when you exercise your power of “No,” not just “Yes,” and you say, “No, that is not in alignment either with my free will and choice, and it certainly is not in alignment with the Mother’s Will.”

If you are born, if you have come to this incarnation to live in poverty (I am being practical here), then within your heart – not within your ego or your psyche, but within your heart – you don’t have the desire to go and create millions. There is a knowing within you that you have come to this lifetime to allow others to express generosity and sharing. So, you don’t have the same drive.

Now, if you are in dire poverty and you think, “This is not what I agreed to,” then you do have that desire; you aren’t listening to what your heart is telling you, not about us, but about you. We keep saying to you – and I am not going anywhere; I am in sacred partnership with you, collectively and individually, and what that means is I am here to help.

It’s very simple, but it begins with you knowing you are already free. You always have been. So let that illusion, that old illusion of control – because it is an exercise in control that you feel imprisoned – let it go.

You have that saying that the emperor is wearing no clothes. Well, not only is he not wearing any clothes, dear heart, he has not substance! That God control that has been worshipped – that erroneous power figure – it does not exist. Let it go.

SB: Raj, I have another question, and then I’m going to try to allow between five and ten minutes to discuss Brazil. The last question I have on the subject is: I can hear some folks saying, “Oh, this is so complicated. I need a Ph.D. to understand the Universal Laws, figure out all these laws. I don’t have the time or the wits for it.” What would you say to them?

SK: What I would say to you, even though we have given you a body of thirteen very simple laws, think of it in very practical terms. You do not need a Ph.D. or anything else. What you need is your heart because that is where love lives. That is where truth lives.

Think of it in terms of your digits. So you go through this very simple process when you are trying to create: “Is this in alignment with who I am, my sacred purpose? Is this what I really want? Is this for my highest good?” The answer is yes, you proceed, and you invoke the law of sacred purpose. If the law is not fitting, if the answer is no, then you simply set it aside. It is not memorizing ancient texts. It is not learning new rituals. It is very, very practical.

“I feel that I need a new pair of shoes. Oh, wait a minute, the angels go barefoot. Am I intended to go barefoot? No, because there is too much dirt and pollution upon the beloved face of Gaia. And, besides which, my feet hurt.” So you think of this and you say, “Okay, then can I have the shoes from the enormous warehouse of shoes on this planet? Can I pull from what’s out there, the without, to me to the within?” Outside your field, inside your field – without is outside of you, within is inside your field. “Can I pull, very practically, a pair of shoes to me? Can someone help me with this – either the money, the fit or the wherewithal?”

“I want my loving partner. And I know that my love, my twin, in most cases is above; can you please help me in the below? I am sitting here dying on the vine. I want someone to talk to, to love, to share, to grow, to be with. Can you send somebody?” Then, when they show up, don’t pretend that you never asked or that you have nothing to learn from this person, or that you’re suspicious because it came out of thin air.

When you simply work with the Laws, you have sayings that have been in your various languages all your life; these are simply reflections of balance, of attraction, repulsion, change. Right now your planet is going through such change. If you ignored all the Laws and said “I am working with the law of change; just help me to change into who I am, to change what doesn’t work and to bring in what does.” That’s all the law of change is: It’s realizing that everything, every breath in, every breath out, is change. It is simple as the seasons, as the sun coming up and going down, as the moon coming up and the moon going down.

Why do you think this is complex? It is the pattern of the Mother and it is already within you. So it is not hard. So, how about, sweet Gaians, if you just work with the law of change?

SB: Well, thank you for that, Raj. I am going to turn to Brazil. One of our readers from Brazil has asked, “What is our fate? What is our future?” Dilma Rousseff is being impeached, probably; it looks like by corrupt opponents who are trying to mitigate their own process of exposure. What can you tell Brazilians about what’s happening in their country, and what the outcome looks like it’ll be?

SK: What you are seeing in Brazil you are also seeing and witnessing and participating in Iraq, Iran, Syria, in the United States of America. So there are two pieces here. But let us talk first about the broader desire on the part of the people, the populace, the Gaians, to change. Now, many who are engaged in this desire to free themselves from the shackles of oppression do not understand the political intrigue and gamesmanship that is going on at the higher levels; so let us first talk about that.

The fact that so many upon the planet are desiring this shift is promising. It is not that they are (and I’m talking about the collective now), that they are seeking power. They are seeking equality, community, and unity. And that is a positive thing.

Now, you may say (or think or feel) that you think that some of these large groups, depending on which side of the coin they are operating on, are being manipulated with half-truths or untruths. And that is true, by the way. But that does not negate this human spirit drive that people are finally, collectively realizing there are some serious mistakes and errors that are not of love on both sides, on all sides, that have more to do with the maintenance or the gaining of control and power than they have to do with sharing and freedom and love. So the wellspring, the wave of change that you are seeing in a variety of expressions, is a very positive move.

Now, how you would work with the law of change is to make sure and invoke that this change is for the highest good of the collective, and that it is in alignment with the Mother’s Plan. That is the practical, two-second exercise.

Now, in Brazil, might I suggest to you – why don’t I just tell you – that neither side is completely clean; that there have been errors and missteps on both sides. And there has been desire for power and the maintenance of power on both sides. In Brazil, by those who are in power, there was a genuine desire to create positive social change, to move in the direction of Nova Earth and Nova Being. But there have been many vested interests – ah, yes, money – money and power. They go hand in hand in many places; not always, not in Nova Earth, but in the old. And they have been displaced and they are feeling it, and therefore there is a great deal of rumor-mongering on the part of what you call the opposition in order to discredit the current ruler.

And it is very likely that she will be impeached because there have been some missteps. But all of this, for the truth to come out – if all the people of Gaia or Brazil were beginning to invoke the law of change for the highest and best, you would see a very different outcome. The truth would emerge; there would be what you think of as a reparation, repentance, reconstitution.

And that would be a good thing because the vision of true governance – not government, governance – would be restored. What is happening is that many of the populace that is desirous of change, instead of truly working for the changes that would be so positive, are buying into one side or the other – into the drama of one is right, one is wrong, one will win, one will be defeated – rather than looking at what is the best solution, what would truly serve the people and the spirit of freedom that moves in Brazil more than many, many places. So that addiction to drama, which does not exist here.

So if they were to say, “Make it below as it is above,” the truth will reign. Call in Michael so that truth will emerge and peace will be re-anchored. That is a very practical use of Universal Law.

But there is a period of great upheaval right now in Brazil and, unless there is a shift away from the drama and into the truth, there will be a great deal of destruction and chaos. And that is very sad because it sets the planet and the collective back.

SB: I hear you on a great deal of chaos. But I think that listeners in Brazil, for instance, who hear that will want to know, for instance, will it slide into civil war?

SK: No. It is highly unlikely that it will slide into civil war. It will be civil unrest and turmoil for a period of months. And then it will settle down.

SB: Okay, that’s very good. Well, thank you for that word for the people of Brazil who are very anxious about what’s happening. And it sounds like they have an anxiety-producing period ahead of them, unfortunately.

SK: But do not fall into the fear. Fall into the trust. And call us; that’s what partners are for.

SB: Right. And it is a little uncomfortable to be sitting here in the trust when all about us are, you know, the flames are rising all about us, etc. It feels a little as if we’re off in a world of our own, so to speak. And maybe we are.

SK: Another way, when the flames are rising all around you, what else can you do?

SB: I suppose. Maybe we can discuss that in a future program, too, Raj.

SK: I would like that.

SB: Very good. Well, thank you ever so much for coming to us today and giving us another insight into this most important topic of the Universal Law.

SK: Oh, it is my pleasure, and I am not about to give up. Go with my love. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2016 Council of Love, Inc.

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Transcript ~ “Sanat Kumara on AHWAA: Universal Law is Not the Jail Cell, but the Releasing Key,” Channeled by Linda Dillon, April 28, 2016,



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ART : Mystical Kingdom 2013 – Caroline Young

Transcript ~ Sanat Kumara on AHWAA: Universal Law is Not the Jail Cell, but the Releasing Key, April 28, 2016


AHWAA: Sue Lie and the Arcturians on the Impact of Consciousness on Perception @ Golden Age of Gaia

angel Scripture Angel painting by Jane DesRosier

ART : Scripture Angel painting by Jane DesRosier


AHWAA: Sue Lie and the Arcturians on the Impact of Consciousness on Perception

An Hour With An Angel

Steve Beckow with Sue Lie and the Arcturians,  January 26, 2016. Thanks to Linda and Deborah for our transcript.

Steve Beckow: Good evening, everyone, and welcome to An Hour With An Angel. I’m Steve Beckow, Chief Editor of the Golden Age of Gaia, and I have with me today, Sue Lie, who’s going to be channeling the Arcturians.

Everybody I’m sure knows Sue and her work over – gee, Sue, since 1980 or 1990?

Sue Lie: Well, let’s just say that I was one of the first websites up.

Steve: Wow.

Sue:  I actually did a webinar, which was a test with a university, I think, in Idaho, about whether or not you could make money from a webinar, off the internet. So, we did this whole test, this whole talk. And from the research, we discovered that, no, we’d never be able to make money off the internet.

Steve: [laughter] That’s very funny.

Well, we’re going to be talking today with the Arcturians today about some Ascension-related topics, specifically about the energies that are coming in. So is there anything you’d like share with us before we begin?

Sue: Yes, Me, Sue, would like to say that there is so many people that are really waking up to the unknown. And basically because it’s so unique and beyond our third-dimensional language’s ability to give a definition or even an adequate explanation, but people are being so brave.

There is a “Wow, this feels really different. Something is happening here. Don’t know what it’s.” But they’re realizing that it feels good, and it feels different, and more complete, higher. Higher in a way that we don’t think of higher. Not higher like you go higher up stairs, but higher and faster.

Everything is moving faster. Everything in your body is moving faster. Your day takes ten minutes, and you wake up, and it’s the next day. Everything is different. And then there are people that absolutely don’t see it at all. Absolutely.

Steve: Interesting.

Sue: So there is a parting of the ways here.

Steve: Well, there are also some lightworkers who don’t feel some part of it and are very worried they’re being left behind or left out. What would you say to them, Sue?

Sue: I’d say to them to begin to really meditate on a regular basis. To set down a cast-in-steel time where they go to the same place at the same time, and mediate for at least fifteen minutes in whichever way is their given way.

And take a piece of paper, or the computer. And when you finish with your meditation say “Dear One, do you have something to say to me today?” And maybe you will get a “Hello.” But it’s like any kind of a relationship. It starts off “Hi, how are you doing?”, and then it expands.

But it’s the commitment that we put Ascension first. And, yes, even first for our kids because we want our kids to have this new life. And first for our jobs because we want business to be done in this new way. And first in our friendships because we want to experience unconditional love with everyone.
Steve: What about our paths, too? I’ll give you an illustration from my own case.

My path is a human-growth path, and I’m focused on my internal reality. I follow it moment by moment.

I’m not focused on understanding the way the chakras or my aura work. Consequently, I don’t necessarily have experiences of seeing people’s auras. Let’s just take that as one example. That’s not a sign of deficiency within me. It’s my choice to focus on my internal state. Is that also something that may be happening with some lightworkers? That they may not have this experience, because perhaps they’re focused on that experience?

Sue: Yes, remember that my Father’s house has many mansions. And within unity consciousness, we realize that there are so many different kinds of people. All those people that are within a given road, a given spiritual path, so to speak, will seek guidance and sharing and leadership within that path.

And then all these different paths will be like myriad rivers that move into a big lake. And then they intermingle in the lake at the top of the mountain, and then slowly as one, the lake spills down all the way to the ocean.

So, yes, there is no right way. There is no wrong way. It’s just really your way; the way that works for you, whoever you are. And we know what our way is because we can feel the love within it. And also, we know what our way is because that’s what interests us.

We’re just suddenly drawn to that. Like I was drawn to multi-dimensions when, if you looked it up on the internet, multi-dimensions, there was me and multi-media. That was it. No one even thought of it.

Steve: I remember maybe six or seven years ago when you were talking about multi-dimensions, I was new to this. I was saying to myself “What’s she talking about?”

Sue: Yes, and so you know all of the galactics, all of the angelic kingdom, all of the ascended masters, all of the planetary logos, they’re all out there supporting us. And all of them have presented different pathways to get to the same place. So, whichever pathway one gets is great for them.

Steve: Ok. Well, hopefully that reassures some people that don’t have this particular experience, but may have the other, or have chosen to do a certain line of work where – well, again I can cite my own example.

I’ve chosen to do the work of a communicator. I need to stay within the range of the people I’m writing to. So in my case, I said Ok, I’m not going to go there [higher states of enlightenment] and that may be an example of somebody choosing by soul contract not to go certain places.

Sue: Yes, and the same with me. There’s things that are relatively new to me. And I don’t have a sense of mastery, and so I’m interested, but it isn’t something that I’m ready to teach. It might be something new that I’m bringing in. And you know, maybe someday that will get integrated into the package that the Arcturians offer through me. I’m always learning new things all the time.

Steve: We were talking about this before the show. I’m having many of my prized theories kind of knocked out from under me. In public! [laughter]

Sue: Yeah, yeah. Yes, in public. Ok, well, that’s good. [laughter]

Steve: Very humbling.

Sue: Well we’re all going through this process of releasing our ego self. And our soul self says “Oh, good look at this. Now this person, our Earthling, has learned how to move beyond that contained package.”

And each of these higher-frequency, contained packages already are one. And as they filter down into such a completely diverse planet, with so many different types of religion, and spirituality, and science that these packages get cemented. And [we say] that this is the right way, and that’s the wrong way. Right and wrong are third-dimensional concepts. There is no right and wrong within the fifth dimension.

Steve: Yes, can I just put a bookmark here? We’re discussing the impact that ego has on lightwork and I’d actually like to spend a few minutes there if you don’t mind.

Sue: Absolutely.

Steve: It seems that the thing that – ruins might be too hard a word but to use that provisionally – that ruins more lightworker team efforts than anything else is the presence of a person on the team, who has a sense of self-importance, or needs to have their own importance validated and reinforced. And they want the attention on them. And they pull it away from whatever business is going on.

Can you talk for a moment, drawing on your background as a psychotherapist perhaps, and a channel, on this predicament of self-importance and how it impacts lightwork, please?

Sue: Yes, I’ll start with me a little bit, and then I’ll bring in the Arcturians in case they want to alter what I’ve said in some manner.

Sue: Well, I kind of have to talk from me at the beginning to get started with it. Is that I have to always remember ‘through me and not from me, through me and not from me, and through me and not from me.’

And sometimes when I meditate or sometimes when I’m in a challenging event, I’ll take my ego self and I’ll say “Honey could you please go over there and sit down? I’ve got some toys for you. You can go play.” And I physically have to separate that part from me. And for people.

Steve: What gives you the indication that you need to do that? What is it that sounds the alarm bell?

Sue: Good question. Probably some sense of ownership, or defensiveness, or competition, or comparison. Any of those types of thought patterns are seperative. It’s a [conflict]. There’s this, and then there’s that. Where we want to live is in the middle between the this and that.

There is the polarity version of it: of “Oh, I’m the best” or “I’m the worst.” And in the middle: “Yeah I know my dark side, and am aware of my dark side, and I have to work with that me all the time. And I probably will until I ascend or cross over.” And that’s that humility, that we have to keep looking. Because if we were perfect, we wouldn’t be in this imperfect world.

So the mere fact that we’re still wearing this earth vessel means that we’re still using it. If you look at the Ascended Masters, they wore their earth vessels for awhile. And St. Germaine was popping in and out of them all of the time. But it was just a covering for them. It was like the channel that you pushed on the TV to get a certain show.

And so, when people move outside the cooperation format, it’s likely that they’re feeling threatened in some manner. You know, there are people who just are bossy and mean, but we’re not going to run into many of those people because we don’t live in that frequency. And when we have a group, or when we have meetings, or when we meet with people, we’re just not going to run into those people.

But sometimes somebody will get a core issue. We will just be talking about whatever, and bang it hits their core issue that they have not resolved. And so, instead of acting as the person who has moved through, healed, and released that core issue, they act as the person who created that core issue within them.

Steve: Right you mentioned the middle. Is one of the signals – because I can think of other signals like graft, for instance. But looking at the middle for a sec, if I depart from the middle, and I’m out on the extremes of passion, is that an indication that something has happened that[I’m going for] a shot of other people deferring to me and saying I’m important or something?

Sue: Yes.

Steve: And the reason I know something has happened is that I’m now out on the peripheries of emotion, rather than again in a centered, balanced place, which is egoless.

Sue: Yes, absolutely. And it’s when we get off our center for whatever reason – you know, maybe we didn’t eat, or are hungry and our blood sugar is crashing. Maybe we have a big challenge that we’re not able to push away now, or maybe somebody really pushed our buttons and we weren’t able to send them unconditional love in time. There are so many different things.

And the main thing is that as long as we’re wearing an Earth vessel we’re going to have these experiences. We’re still in the third dimension, and there are polarities. And there is good and there is bad, and there is fun and there isn’t fun. I know with me, if I get too tired, or too hungry, or too busy, or I haven’t grounded myself, or meditated enough, it’s hard to stay in that centered field.

Then you get pulled out, into anger or sorrow usually. One of those types of things, or, fear or anger. They’re all the same of course. It’s basically about a state of consciousness. And sometimes if somebody comes into an event, and they’re not really able to resonate to that state of consciousness, they’re not going to be able to understand it. And so, they’re not going to be able to feel camaraderie, they’re not going to be able to share the joy and the illumination that the other people in the group are experiencing. And depending on their history, they will get sad and slink away, or get angry and make a fuss.

Steve: Or they will want some reassurance, which is where the self-importance comes in.

Sue: Right, yes. And it’s really the task of the group, especially the leader, depending on how bonded the group is. But it’s the responsibility of the ones that are in a higher state of consciousness to see that the other person is sending out an SOS and to in some type of invisible kind way reach out and touch them. Or take a break and have the group ask questions and let them re-pull themselves back together.

So, I think that in most energy fields that are about these types of topics, it’s not going to be that “Oh, the Illuminati is coming in and they’re going to mess with us.” I think that all of us that are having these groups, we would recognize that person. And we would say “Oh, thank for coming, but you know the group is full. Why don’t you contact us later. Thank you so much,” and close the door. You know?

Steve: So you are actually saying that on some occasions the lightworker group might have to ask someone to leave.

Sue: Well, actually what I’m saying is that the leader or leaders, or the most secure of the group need to identify that person before the group begins, and deal with it as soon as it happens. Because once the disruption begins, then the disruption begins. But it’s a lesson. That in itself is a lesson.

All of us have good intentions. We go out in there in the physical world. Something disrupts it. It all falls apart. And we get angry, sad, disillusioned.

And in this case it’s the group that gets angry, sad, and disillusioned, but then the group can talk about “Wow, I really got triggered by that.” “Where did that come from in me? Why was I not able to unconditionally love that person?”

Steve: Right. Well, I know that there is a change in frequency happening right now. We’re having a leap in the frequency in reality. And I wondered if the Arcturians wanted to say anything about what that change of frequency is going to look like, and what it will require of us.

Sue: Yes, I will definitely bring them in.

Blessings to all of you and those of you who are familiar with our messages know that there is a built-in protection within this process. And that protection is that people can only perceive that which resonates to the state of their consciousness.

And so somebody who is in a third-dimensional, beta-wave form of consciousness is likely not going to perceive that ascended master, that higher being, that ship that’s flying over the top of the buildings.

They won’t perceive it because with every perceptual mechanism, whether it be a camera, a telephone, a radio, a television, there is a certain frequency that it matches. The information that moves through that has to match the frequency of that which displays and/or shares the message. So therefore, there is that automatic protection.

Now it’s back to me, Sue. I saw a picture – I think it was probably on your site, Steve – where there’s people and there’s all these space ships, scout ships obviously, because they were smaller. There were all these scout ships and people were looking up in awe, and shaking, and having all these experiences. And then there were people that were just walking in a straight line looking at what was in front of them and didn’t see any of it.

Didn’t notice that the people were pointing up at. Didn’t look up. Didn’t look down. They just kept going.

Steve: There was a triangular craft you saw over LA, right?

Sue: Yes, the triangular craft, absolutely. The cover story was that was a missile that was sent up in the Pacific. Now how that missile took a huge u-turn, I’m not sure.

I saw that as we were stepping out the front door. I saw it come into the atmosphere, make a huge u-turn, and go out of the atmosphere. I was like Ok. And we had a couple of guys with us and they ‘Oh, there is a missile.’ And my girlfriend and I said “Ah, yeah, a missile. That sounds good. We’ll call it a missile.”

But the thing is if people don’t want to see, this is a free-will planet. We need to respect people’s free will. And when we have a group, we can take a moment and focus in with our higher self and say I’m calling in those who are able to accept this information and who will not be frightened.

Because they’ll accept it, and love it, and then take it. But all of those negative reactions, they’re all based on fear. They’re fearful reactions. “You are messing with my reality. What are you telling me this for? I don’t agree with you.” So that’s totally fine. They don’t have to agree.

Steve: Yes. So, what is the nature, extent, quality of the change in frequency that’s going to be happening for us in the almost immediate future, I think?

Sue: Yes, again we say that this is dependent on the consciousness and perception of the people who are interacting. So, for those that have surrendered into their higher expressions of self into their angelic leaders, into their galactic leaders, into their religious traditions, or whatever it’s that they have that makes them feel safe, that gives them love. Because if you experience love in your life, then that’s a differentiating force.

Because if you go into an energy field, and you feel fear, leave that energy field. Trust yourself. Ok, this isn’t an energy field that I want to be in because I’m experiencing this fear. Fear is “no, leave.”

Now if you go into an energy field that’s like “Oh, wow, this feels like home,” then stay. That’s your energy field.

And there’s also another feeling for those that have really developed their internal differentiation of perceptual information. They can say “Well, this is interesting. I can see that this is a really great thing. I can see these people are really going to gain from this. And I appreciate that, and I support them. And that’s not really mine. And blessings be, I’m going to go over there.”

You can choose not to go in the door at all. You can choose to absolutely go into the door. And once you are in the door you can choose the room that feels like your room because there are so many different ways.

Now Gaia is a very, very diverse planet. There are few planets that have so much diversity as Gaia. And because there is such diversity in the environment, there is great diversity in the people. Some people are raised in deserts; some people are raised on islands; some people are raised where it’s really cold; some people are raised where it’s really hot. And this is going to affect who they are.

And they’re all going to be different. They’re going to see the same reality through the vision that they grew up with. So therefore, my house has many mansions.

Now we the Arcturians support this. We support that there are so many different avenues and so many different groups of people that are coming into this oneness because that shows that an overall percentage of Gaia is awakening.

Steve: Can you tell us, we hear that a wave of energy is coming in, but we don’t where it’s coming in from. We don’t know who is blessing us with this energy. Can you tell us where it’s coming from?

Sue: Well, first we would like to share how you will likely be feeling it.

Now this energy that’s coming in is for the planet. And the guardians of the Earth are the humans, and the guardians of the water are the cetaceans. And so the cetaceans and the Earthlings, they will feel this energy field. And they will feel it in the earth element of their physical body, the air element of their breath, the fire of their synaptic junctions, and the water within their body.

You will feel it on an elemental level. And so we’re saying to tune into to your bodies now because your physical body on the level of the elements – earth, air, fire and water and ether – are what is absorbing this energy field within this nowness.

And the reason for this is that this energy field comes into the humans and integrates all this earth, air, fire, and water. And then as you breathe out, it goes out into the planet, and it goes into the earth, and it goes into the air, and it goes into the fire, and it goes into the water.

And, in order for this whole planet to be able to ascend, there needs to be a unity. And this unity is beginning at a cellular level.

Steve: What does that mean?

Sue: It means that the earth element is in our bodies. The fire element in the earth is in our bodies. And so it’s going into the cells that create the physical body. And the cells that are within the air that’s breathed and into the synaptic junctions that are [firing] with the fire element. The water that we take into our body that moves through our body and releases from our body. And all of the body.

And then blood, of course, is a combination of the oxygen and the blood. And as humans bring this energy in, in an aware fashion, then when we breathe it out in an aware fashion, we’re realizing the immense creative ability that we have.

Because when we realize, when we’re at a higher state of consciousness, and we can be aware of our bodies on this almost cellular level, at least on an elemental level, and take the responsibility of filling each of these elementals with love and light, and then sharing it with the planet, then that greatly expands our wisdom, our power, our ability to love.

[Subsequently I tried this exercise the Arcturians describe and saw that it does work.]

Steve: How significant is the energy we anchor into the planet? Are we anchoring a great deal, or just a little bit? Do you know what I’m saying?

Sue: Well, the thing is that they’re more than anchoring. They’re actually working as a portal through which the energy flows. So the energy comes in, and through, and out. And if all seven billion plus people were aware of this and were able to proceed within this manner, the transmutation would happen now in an instant.

Now, what we say as the Arcturians, is that this is a planet of free will, and humanity has free will, And humanity has a lot to do with how this process develops.

Now humanity has fallen into the very dark ages of everything to be resolved with some kind of a war. And it wasn’t really the humans that were even initiating these processes. These were the Illuminati that were in the power-over [position].

And what needs to happen is that those of power within need to exceed in intensity those who are working under power-over.

And one of the ways that occurs is that those who have power within actually send unconditional love to those who have power-over. Because unconditional love is an antidote to fear, and those that have power-over, they eat fear, they collect fear, they love fear, they get a charge from fear. And love, especially unconditional love, not “I love you when you are nice”, No, “I love you because you are.” Unconditional love disrupts that patterning in them. It disrupts it. And some will not give up and change, and some will.

The members of the Illuminati go through horrible rites when they’re children. The things that they do to strangers, they do to their very own children. First they’re programmed.

And unconditional love and this higher light come in, and as this higher light comes in, it starts reversing that programming. The programming cannot remain attached to that frequency. That programming can only attach to the frequency of fear. And so if we send them lots and lots of unconditional love, and they get some, it starts to disrupt the programming.

Steve: I actually knew a woman who’d been treated to some of the treatment that you are referring to, and I don’t even want to say it on the air .
Sue: No, and I’ve clients and I’ve heard in detail about these things.

Steve: This was a person who was coming to Enlightenment Intensives. That’s where you go through really deep clearing processes.

She had to process the same thing repeatedly. Oh, my God. So I do get a sense of how deep the scarring goes.

Sue: Yes.

Steve: But we’re talking right now only about the power-over Illuminati. I’ve watched myself, you know just in ordinary normal relationships, and the control thing isn’t only strong in me, it’s invisible.

Sue: Yes, the invisible is the difficult part.

Steve: Oh man, oh man. I mean, we’re into control. Never mind the Illuminati.

Sue: Oh, absolutely, absolutely. Ok now I’m speaking as me. This is where the channeling really helps. Because I have this being that’s like right there. And when I really start lying to myself, I get this little [tap, tap, tap]. “Hello, hello. Did you see what you just did? Did you notice that?” “No, don’t bother me.” [laughter]

Steve: More than just conscience, it’s your PA, your personal assistant. [laughter]

Sue: So once that connection is made, you have a personal lifeguard. “How are you doing? You starting to drown there in the dark? Do you want a leg up? Come here, take our hand.” [laughter]

Steve: Have enough of what you really don’t want? [laughter]

Sue: Yeah. [laughter] Oh, wow.

Steve: What impact can we expect to see from this new wave of energy that’s coming in?

Sue: Well, this is me and the Arcturians and what we say is expect the unexpected. Because if you’ve known it before, then that’s not this. This is brand new, unexpected.

Steve: Unexpected? In what way?

Sue: Well, not unexpected. Well, unexpected in that it’s not something that you can’t. The mere fact that we’re saying I have to get better so I can receive it means we’re saying I’m not good enough to receive it now. And so we have to listen on an unconscious level. And this again is me and the Arcturians kind of pulling it together because it’s their information, but they want me to speak because I’m a human.

We’re feeling it in our bodies. If anyone has a pet- a pet dog, a pet cat, pet bird. They know everything. I’ll go for the refrigerator, and the bird will tell me what he wants.

We think we’re getting ready to leave, and the bird will say “Take care,” or “Open door,” or “Go outside.” So we haven’t even decided. How did the bird know that? And the same thing with dogs and cats. They know. And they know in their full beingness. They know in their body.

Now we have an animal’s body, too. This is just a more evolved animal, and in some cases, less evolved. But it’s an animal. It’s a third-dimensional animal that stands on two feet.

What we’re saying is we have to let go of all this self-importance. That maybe humans are more important than the rest of the planet – No. Every molecule is important and it’sn’t about personal Ascension. When people say “I’m sick of it. I want out of here.” that isn’t a higher-dimensional statement. That’s a fearful or angry statement, and it’sn’t going to get you where you want.

But when you say I have come for Gaia. I have come to assist the entire planet, and I dedicate my life to assist with planetary Ascension. Now that kicks your consciousness right up to the sky because you are unselfish and are thinking on a planetary [unitive] nature.

Steve: Wow.

Sue: So again, Earth is so vastly diverse that it’s impossible to answer how we will respond. There are so many versions of we. And so what we need to focus on, is how am I helping the planet. Seven billion people was the last census. It goes up pretty quick when you are starting at 7 billion as a baseline. I don’t even know what it’s now.

The most important thing is Unity consciousness. If you have all the humans on the planet focusing on planetary Ascension, now that would make it happen. I mean it’s going to happen. But it will make it happen more within our now.

Steve: So you say it’s going to happen, as if Ascension is an event that’s going to happen, say, a year from now, two years from now.

Sue: Gaia is going to move into her higher-frequency experience. There are many, many possible, parallel, and alternate realities about how that will occur. And just as every human is concurrently running alternate, possible, and parallel realities, every human can decide to go into any one of those possible parallel and concurrent experiences of planetary Ascension. Or if they want to experience planetary destruction, they can create that one, too.

Steve: Well, what I’m thinking is more this animal body that we have, this human body, can only take so much electricity, juice, energy. So, I think we all are becoming a little bit accustomed to the fact that Ascension is for the most part, gradual, going up by gradual increments so that the human body isn’t overtaxed. But then there is also going to be something, snap, ignition, whatever the person wants to call it, which can also be thought of as Ascension proper. The icing on the cake, so to speak.

Sue: Yes, there are basically two things – speaking in terms of the physical body. In that the physical body as we know it’s pretty much functioning off of 3% of the DNA. And that was on my blog. I posted it on my blog.

Ninety-seven percent of the DNA was junk. We’re not using it. Ok, that 97% of DNA is highly activated by higher frequencies of light. As the higher light enters the body, it’s that 97% of the DNA that’s first going to embrace it, that’s first going to shift it.

Everything begins from the inside. You know the Universe doesn’t come down. It comes out from the center. And then the other thing is that all humans have the kundalini force. And that kundalini is at the base of the spine.

And as this higher light is coming in, anyone who has meditated for a long time, or who has done yoga for a long time, or who is aware of it’s beginning to feel this little stirring thing down at the base of the spine. I know I had to kind of like stop because I was afraid I was going to go out. But that kundalini comes up and flashes into lightbody, into our fifth-dimensional body.

So we’re all hooked up, just like the planet is hooked up. And so what we’re wanting is to synchronize ourselves with the planet. It’s like any high-frequency thing. If you don’t ground it, it’s dangerous. If you have a high power cord and it’s not grounded, you don’t want to touch that.

Ok, so we really want to stay grounded. We want to meditate. We want to change our diets. Very often a lot of people will have to take some supplements because so much of our food has been so tainted from the Illuminati. And also, sometimes it’s hard to eat because the symptoms come in and the body is shifting and appetite comes and then it’s gone, and then you are ravenous, and then you can’t face food. And so, make sure you get supplements.

There are all kinds of supplements that people take. And you can all go to your own trusted health care worker to find out. I’d not say go to a physical 3D doctor because those are Illuminati medicines, and we don’t really want to take any of those. And you know how they have little markers in them now.

Steve: No, I didn’t.

Sue: The illuminati are putting little robot things in their medicine. So, you’ve got to be careful about things you get over [the counter].

But it’s all going to change. Let me say one thing – Me, Sue – that’s been happening to me. It’s very interesting where something will come up. Now I had a dream a long time ago. Well, who knows time? And I had this dream where I was in this room and somebody came in with like a shotgun, like the St. Valentine’s Day [massacre] and shot everybody.

But then I woke up and went in and wrote the Arcturians and said “What was that dream about?” And he said, well, first off you realize that nobody got shot and nobody died. And then they said that there will be lots of frightening illusions, and you do not want to participate in those illusions. And they said what you do is you say “I refuse to participate in that reality, and I send it unconditional love and violet fire.”

And there have been things in my life. I’ve done this maybe two, three times- not like someone is going to shoot me, but little things like “Oh, this is such a bother. I refuse to participate in that reality.” And I sent it unconditional love and violet fire. It goes away. I don’t know how it goes away or where it goes to. It just dissipates.

Steve: Wow.

Sue: My dissertation was about the right-brain, left-brain, and how much we use it together, and what it did. We have been using a very small percentage of our brain. We have so many untapped abilities.

So our physical body is a very modern interdimensional jet and we’ve been using it as a small, little city-to-city type thing. And so our body is good to go, and when we move into the energy field, and allow the energy field to move into us, and we live in unconditional love, and stay grounded, and do all the things we all do, the body is going to be fine.

Steve: So is it inaccurate on my part to say that the energy is being released to us gradually so our bodies don’t react in an unfortunate way?
Sue: No, that’s a very correct statement because all of these mechanisms have been turned off for many, many, many, many incarnations.

Steve: This is the 97% “junk” DNA?

Sue: Yes, most likely, yes.

Steve: Are these energies coming in now turning on the junk DNA?

Sue: The energies that are coming on are definitely igniting experiences in people. And you know I have been taking to people one-on-one for I don’t know 35 or 40 years. I’m hearing stories that I have never heard before. And then in groups that I’m with, and when I’m taking with groups, I’m hearing stories. I’m getting emails that I’ve never heard before.

Steve: Can you amplify a bit? Can you give an example of the kind of experiences you are referring to? I’ve been having a lot of bliss, ecstasy.

Sue: Oh, ecstasy and bliss, absolutely. Ecstasy and bliss. Also, the opposite of that is fatigue because we go into ecstasy and bliss and we resonate.

If you have a relatively old car and you’ve only driven in first, second, third gear, maybe once in a while, fourth. And then, suddenly, you push that car into tenth gear. That car goes zooomm, but then it like stops and says “Whoa, what was that?”

Steve: [laughter] “That’s enough.”

Sue: [laughter] So, we have to adapt. So we get a little adventure, and then it goes away. And we say “Why did it go away?” Because you’ve got to adapt to it. You know, you just turn this little mechanism on. The human body is really an amazing thing. And we have been using such a small percentage of it.

Steve: Yes.

Sue: Even within the physicality of it.

Steve: And this is an interim, adaptive response, right? At some point, we won’t need to rest after an experience of bliss. Is that correct?

‘Sue: As we have, I’m hearing the word amalgamated. (1) I’m not even sure what that means.

Steve: Amalgamated?

Sue: Amalgamated. When you amalgamate, what does that mean?

Steve: Well, amalgamate mean you take in external things, and bring them into yourself and become a bigger entity. Like a company.

Sue: Well that’s exactly what it is. As we amalgamate, as we bring these energies into ourselves – and see, we have receptor cells. You know if you are going to take something in like light, you have to store it in something. You can’t just stick it on your hand. You have to store it, ok?

So, there’s all these storage places. There’s parts of our unused body that are specifically able to take in these higher frequencies. So, we’re changing our frequency and so we bring in something, and it starts with our strongest organs. Because if you have a weaker organ, that will be the last one to integrate this energy. The other ones will become stronger, and work together as a unit.

Everything in the body works together as one. If we humans could work with other humans the way the body parts work within ourself, we would have complete, total unity consciousness.

Steve: That’s interesting because the weaker organs are the ones, which succumb to disease first. For me, it was my colon, where I put a lot of stress, etc. etc. I tamp the stress down to the bottom part of me, and there’s where it ends up.

You are saying the stronger organs are the ones that are going to show….

Sue: No, I’m saying that we all come with our own versions of stronger and weaker organs.

Steve: Right.

Sue: You know, we’re all different. So maybe somebody will have a really strong stomach and they can eat anything. I have a very delicate stomach, and I’ve always, all of my life had to be careful what I eat. And I get huge reactions if I eat something wrong.

So, my stomach isn’t my strongest organ. But other organs are strong and they work good. I’ve never had like bladder infections or any of those kinds of things. As Matthew [Ward] would say, that’s part of our soul contract. We write this into our soul contract.

Because an organ like your stomach represents the energy fields that you take in. And if you digest that energy field, you disseminate that energy field in a healthy fashion throughout your body. A stomach takes that energy in. You know, that’s just a brief example.

But everything in our body is able to function at a higher frequency. And then we flash into lightbody. I’ve had one time when I was meditating on the beach, I was sitting down, and the Arcturians kind of came into my meditation. The Arcturians that I see are kind of like this blobby kind of star being that could be any kind of way it is.

Steve: Thank you very much. [I’m an Arcturian.]

Sue: [laughter] That’s what it looks like. They just move around. They don’t have a form.

Steve: Ok, Arcturians are these blobby things.

Sue: [laughter] Exactly, well, that’s how I perceive it. Well, blobby probably isn’t a very good word, but mutable. Totally mutable because from a very high frequency they don’t have form there.

And so, then it came down in front of me and kind of took on a human form, and said “Do you want to see what happens when you ascend?” And I said “Yeah, yeah, show me.” And so what happened is it had this little form and then this little white light kind of came up the middle and then it went whoosh.

Steve: Wow.

Sue: Yeah. Oh, ok.

Steve: Is that flashing into lightbody.

Sue: Yeah, flashing into lightbody. That’s what I thought. Yes, it’s a transmutation. It’s not a growth. It’s like the violet fire. You transmute what is into a higher frequency. And so that’s what it is.

Steve: And so there’s the gradual process, and at some point there is a sudden process. Correct?

Sue: Ok, now this is the Arcturians answering this question. Now we have to tell all of you that there is a collective version of Ascension, and there are personal versions of Ascension. Now if all of the collective had the same version, then Gaia would be ascended now, and so would you. What the issue is is that there are so many different versions.

Steve: Oh, my gosh. You say that in last five minutes of program.

Sue: [laughter] Think about that.

Steve: [laughter] Thank you very much.

Sue: And that’s why the unity is so important. And the unity of diversity. So in other words, we all have to unconditionally love everyone, no matter how diverse they are, so that we can unite with them. When we’re united, no matter how diverse, good guy, bad guy, saint, poor guy, street person, wealthy person, all united in unconditional love, now that could ascend a planet.

Steve: Now just backing up a sec, you said that’s the reason why unity consciousness is so important. Before that, you said there’s all kinds of personal versions of Ascension. There’s a planetary version. I haven’t quite made the leap as to why the fact that there are so many different versions of Ascension makes it important that there be unity consciousness.

Sue: Because it’s about diversity and unity. That’s unconditional love. When you can unite, when you can embrace, and accept, and unconditionally love a person, place, situation, or thing that in all of its different stages of diversity, think of the amount of unity that would be. No judgement. No “I’m better than you”; “you’re better than me”; “you need to do this”; “I need to do that.” Just a “we’re unconditional love. We’re Gaia.”

Steve: There are two things that I’m finding difficult to understand in this whole thing. One is the life lived without control. And the second is how this works that there is diversity and unity, and how the two are harnessed so to speak, so that they planetarily work together. That still eludes me.

Sue: You are correct in that confusion, as are many. And this is what humanity is in the process of remembering. Because all of you have the answers within. Now that remembering process is one thing, and the gathering together is another thing. But you are correct in noting the two things that humanity has the most difficulty understanding.

And so what we say is the fifth dimension isn’t a dimension that you understand, in the way that you understand your third dimension, or even understand your dream states of the fourth dimension. The fifth dimension is a reality in which you are.

There is a little germ of fear, not that fear is always bad. Fear isn’t always bad. Fear creates change. So that germ of fear comes in and says “How do we” and “How does this”, etc. And that’s wonderful. There’s a little bit of Draconian in the core of the brain there. So that’s there and so that is a quantum leap. Then there is no fear. You don’t need to understand. You just let go.

Steve: And of course, then you are in the flow.

Sue: Yeah, then you’re all One.

Steve: And you have just noted how we humans love understanding and labels. So, I’m going to ask you one more time before we go. Where is this energy coming from?

Sue: It’s being beamed to Earth from multiple locations in outer space. And it’s being collected in the armada of starships that’s surrounding the planet. And then being translated so that it can integrate without damaging whatever area it’s sent to.

Steve: So it’s that precise, is it?

Sue: Yes.

Steve: My gosh. And when you say being beamed from other areas of space, I think we all know that the original source is Source.

Sue: Source, yes. Yes, Source. And then Source goes … well, down isn’t really the word, but we would say down. It comes from Source. It’s like when you put together things – what’s the word?

Steve: Step-down transformer?

Sue: No, when you have a car, and the car comes down the line and you put the wheels on and the car goes down the …

Steve: Assembly line.

Sue: Assembly line, yes. It’s almost like an assembly line. Source says ok and then the assembly line goes down to the next frequency and then it adapts and adjusts, and down to the next frequency and adapts and adjusts, and down to the next frequency and adapts and adjusts. And this is important so this higher light does not just burn out the Earth.

Steve: Right. Now when you say burn out the Earth, do you mean Gaia or do you mean the inhabitants, or both?

Sue: Both. There’s a series of adaptations of step downs and calibrations and recalibrations. And so the thing is at first, Earth is resistant and “No, I’m afraid” and so they have to recalibrate it very staunchly so that [it takes ] a lower frequency in specific areas.

But then as that expands, then they can make the mix hotter. They make the mix hotter, and they make the mix hotter, and they make it hotter. So therefore, we get it, receive it, adapt it, integrate it. Get it, receive it, adapt it, integrate it.

Steve: And the beings who are doing this, I take it, have in mind that this is going to be done with another planet or in another context. And so they’re watching all this, are they not, to see the impact on the people that the energy is ultimately going to?

Sue: Well actually among the people who are doing this are us our own higher frequencies, our own multi-dimensional selves.

Now Earth is a very specific planet because it’s so diverse, and there are so many different cultures, and so many different people, and so many different religions, and so many different lands. It’s so diverse. So, therefore the people are so diverse and the land is diverse. Now Mars isn’t diverse like that. And there’s other planets that are not as diverse as Earth.

So, it’s a procedure. It’s a procedure. And the key to the procedure and the key to the receiving is, if it feels like unconditional love, bring it in. If it doesn’t feel like unconditional love, send it unconditional love, but don’t bring it in.

Steve: Very good. I’m afraid we will have to stop there.

Sue: Yes, that’s a good place to stop.

Steve: Thank you very much for that, to Sue and to the Arcturians.

Sue: And thank you. And this is me: when the channeling is to somebody who has a greater understanding and who can ask more diverse questions, then the information can go much higher and much faster.

Steve: Well, thank you, Sue, and I look forward to the next time when we’ll just pick up where we left off.

Sue: Yes. And for the readers I’ll give you the same challenge that we give to each other, that we journal about what we said here. I mean, how do we ground this information? I don’t know. Do you think I knew all of the stuff? No way, no way. Don’t blame me. [laughter] So we all journal it and all of you listening journal it and we pick up in two weeks, right?

Steve: Right.

Sue: So, we have two weeks to integrate this. So, any of you who want to do that can email me at

Steve: This is an ongoing learning process.

Sue: Yeah. Let’s all bring it on. Let’s join in consensus. It’s unity of diversity.

Steve: Are there any last words that the Arcturians want to say before we wrap up our program?

Sue: We send each and every being from the smallest insect to the highest mountain, our unconditional love and respect. Blessings.

Steve: Thank you. Farewell to you until we speak again.

Sue: Bye-bye


(1) In retrospect, I think Sue was probably looking for the word “assimilate.”olden


angel Scripture Angel painting by Jane DesRosier

ART : Scripture Angel painting by Jane DesRosier

Archangel Michael – Your World is Changing – Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

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unknown artist


Transcript ~ Archangel Michael on AHWAA: Your World is Changing. This is the Transformation. January 19, 2016

Your World is Changing. This is the Transformation

Archangel Michael

An Hour With An Angel

January 19, 2016

Linda Dillon                Channel for the Council of Love

Steve Beckow             Host, InLight Radio


Steve: I am very happy that Linda Dillon is back with us today after a long recuperation from surgery. Linda, how are you?

Linda: Hi, Steve! What will I say? I will say it’s fabulous to be back and to be doing this channeling with everybody who is tuning in and everybody who will be tuning in. And as the Council of Love so often tells us…we’re really talking to the entire planet and the collective when we do this. So, I’m juiced and good to go!

SB: That’s great! And I think that we have Archangel Michael today.

LD: Yes, yesterday Archangel Michael indicated that he would like to be the one to step forward. It seems fitting at the beginning of this new year, that we begin with Archangel Michael who has been our on-again, off-again host with you, Steve. And with me, I guess. So, we’ll hear what he has to say as we begin a new chapter.

SB: Okay, well just before we do that, though, you probably had lot of conversations with a lot of higher beings. Anything you want to tell us about all that time recuperating, spent talking with them?

LD: It has been an expansion of real personal growth time, in terms of insight, understanding, and endurance. Understanding the bigger plan, understanding that as a warrior, both a physical warrior and a spiritual warrior, that there are times when we are put, shall I say, on sabbatical and prepared for our next assignment, which I am beginning to gain deeper and deeper insight into.

But the biggest thing – I guess there are two themes. I’m glad you asked this. One is this theme that the Mother and the Council have been talking to us about in terms of this year. Jesus Sananda has been very emphatic and very present in terms of us going through a period this year of extraordinary change. And behind that is something that I’ve been spending a lot of time looking at, and thinking, talking, and meditating on, that so many people are going through.

I don’t know if it’s part of the extraordinary change or the preface to the extraordinary change, but it is massive clearing and massive letting go, surrender, health challenges, financial challenges, emotional challenges, and relationship challenges. You name it…it’s up for grabs.

Now, the past year 2015 saw us do two rounds of the core issues class and we knew that we were working with the collective in terms of doing that. And it would seem on a global level that core issues and everything associated with letting go of those core issues – of clearing them up once and for all in the physical, in the third, renewed third dimension – is really present. So we’re seeing a lot of that.

That people, on the one hand, are really ready for what lies ahead and for the changes that are being referred to by Jesus and others. But, at the same time, they’re exhausted. They feel that they have been beaten down and that we’re seeing people leaving the planet in droves. And, I have to tell you, that’s really good news for them, because they’re certainly going to a better place. But for those of us who have chosen to remain and really see this through, it’s been a challenging time.

So, have I been in a position where I’ve been encouraged to stay still and to reflect? Yep. But I know that there are a lot of our listeners that are going through very similar circumstances. So, we need…we need both. We need the help in terms of the letting go and surrendering. And then we need the juice to take the next jump.

SB: And, you mentioned new assignments. Is it too early to be talking about that or do you want to give us a little preview?

LD: I am going to be working more…well, let me back up. My mission and purpose on Earth, and elsewhere, all the time, has always been to be the channel for the Council of Love. That’s the message. That’s the one I work on: I’m the Love girl.

But, as an intergalactic and as a human woman – and no, those are not exclusive to each other – I will be working more with the Intergalactic Council in terms of formulating patterns of behavior, of thought, of action. In terms of how Nova Earth looks, what it feels like and behaves like, not in terms of erecting institutions or fixing Wall Street, but in terms of really what it means to be human in a new reality, in an inter-dimensional reality.

What does love in action look like on Nova Earth? So really addressing how we see ourselves, how we see our ability to create, get going on creation, and then, how do we interact?

You know, the mother spent, what, two years with us talking about sacred partnerships, sacred union within and without, above and below. And, this is where we start to put sacred union and love in form, in human reality – into practice. And, that’s what I’m going to be working on, even more intensely.

SB: Wow. Thank you for sharing that. That’s very exciting.

LD: It is exciting, and what’s really exciting about this is that, although it’s being called Project Earth by the Intergalactic Council, it’s not restricted to the collective of Earth. What we’re doing is we are working, in a spearhead approach, with all our galactic and intergalactic brothers and sisters.

SB: And, of course, there’s going to be just a rippling of the ascension after ours, based on ours.

LD: And that’s why it’s so important for us to get this template, this pattern down, because, if it’s going to be replicated, it needs to be really clean.

SB: Wow! What an assignment! Eh?

LD: Laughter: Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water!

SB: And, I’m sure Archangel Michael will tell us more about that, too.

LD: Oh, I’m sure he will. It feels like tonight is a love fest. So everybody put on your warm and fuzzies and get ready.

SB: Wonderful. Well, why don’t we let you transition and then we’ll welcome Archangel Michael.

AAM: Greetings! I am Michael!

SB: Greetings!

AAM: Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, Bringer of News. Yes, I wanted to sneak that in, dearest Steve. Welcome. And, welcome to all of you! Welcome back. Welcome forward! Simply, welcome from my heart to your heart. From all of our hearts and the heart of One. Beloved ones. Terra Gaians, Galactics, Inter-galactics, Earth keepers, way showers, you know who you are. You have always known who you are. Have there been times, decades, lifetimes, where you have shied away from this truth, this basic truth, of who you are? Yes.

You have done so out of a variety of reasons. Sometimes out of self-protection, security, fear of repeat of rape, pillage, death, mayhem. Sometimes because it felt too egotistical to step forward and declare the mighty nature of who you are; sometimes because you have been concerned, not fearful, but simply concerned about the how-to… concern about letting the Mother down should you begin and hit stone walls or dead ends.

All of this is part of the human experience, as it has been in the old paradigm. But, my dearest friends, my family, my angels on Earth, my masters upon planet…you no longer live, exist, or even manifest in the old paradigm. It is past time that that illusion simply be surrendered and let go.

So yes, I have asked to speak this day, to extend my arms, my energy, my being, in tandem with Jesus Sananda, and to beckon to you to join me, to join us, to join the Mother-Father-One, the Angelics, the Archangelics, the seraphim, the masters, those who are sheer energy, sheer galactic star families, to come into being. Not only in union and in unity with us, but to enter and to anchor and to inhabit and to embody a new state of your beloved self.

And, in that new state – that expanded state of bliss, of ecstasy, of joy, of truth, of might and of action – to step into a new form of unity, of community, and of creation through focused action.

Many of you, sweet friends and allies, say to me repeatedly, and make no mistake, I hear you all. You say, “Mi-kai-el, I am prepared. I am willing, and I believe I am able to step forth and assist you, to stand by you and by all in this creation of Nova Earth, of unity, of the new expression, the original expression, of what it means to be human.”

And then you pause, and you say to me, “But, Mi-kai-el, I don’t know how.” Sometimes you feel restricted by what you think of as physical circumstances. Everything from family responsibility, to money, to health, to societal norms, there is still a concern about being excluded, about being shunned, or about having your family pay the price for your choices and decisions. Sometimes, it is simply a knowing, of not exactly being clear about how to proceed.

Do you ever think, dearest hearts, that you could be judged or found wanting for this not knowing? Of course not! Even in our reality, which is more fluid and, might I say, more clear than yours, not everything is defined, predestined, spelled out. The only constant that is our guiding light, our guiding star, is love and the fulfillment of the Mother’s dream.

With the quadrillions and then some, of variables, there are alterations, there are changes. Why does it not disturb us? Because, we know of the fulfillment. And I need…I am asked…by the Mother, to share this understanding with you. The fulfillment for us, for all of us, is not at a future date. The fulfillment is constant. It is a wellspring that is constantly refilled. The fulfillment which is constant is because we are in the experience, the knowing, the existence, the expression of love.

In every blink of what you think of as an eye, in every motion, every movement, every breath, inhale and exhale, we are in the love. We are the love. We are in the bliss. We are in the ecstasy. We are the ecstasy. So, the fulfillment is ever omnipresent. Now why do I speak of this other than the fact that the Mother has directed me to and I would never deign to say no? She says this to you, my beloveds, so that we shift with you, right now to this experience, this knowing, this expression of constant fulfillment and love.

The truth of your divinity, your unique expression of the Mother’s essence was never intended to be put on hold. It was never something that had need to be earned. This was not a process of life in which you would finally arrive at that place of love and the knowing of self and therefore divine, or the divine and therefore the self. For these are both two ends in balance.

Now, how? How do you get there? That is your ultimate question. And it is our ultimate question to you. No, we are not playing riddles this day. You do it by deciding, by claiming in what you consider not only the Mother’s new time, but your time within that time. Every moment you are accepting, you are claiming, you are surrendering, and you are living the love…the love that you are and the love that is all.

So, it is forming new habits. It is allowing the truth of your inter-multi-dimensional selves to truly blossom, so that you may exist and claim this love wherever you choose, while at the same time, bringing it into your body – yes, your physical form – and expressing it, sharing it. Because if there is one truth about love, it is that it is to be shared and in that sharing it grows, not at the speed of light, but the speed of love. The most extraordinary change that you are experiencing right now is this shift into love like you have never felt before.

Is there some clearing of the decks? Yes. Is there some residual letting go? Yes. But the primary motion is the bringing in, the bubbling up, the allowing of this union. Previously, we have talked and discussed, necessarily a great deal about unity consciousness. For this was somewhat of a foreign concept, particularly upon Terra Gaia. And it had been lost in the evolution of illusions and the old third. And it was a necessary base for you to incorporate within your various fields, not just your mental, but your emotional, your spiritual, your etheric, etc.

Now, you take this knowing of unity consciousness existence and you are transferring it, allowing it to spread out into your life. You say to me, “Mi-kai-el, that is beautiful, but how do I do this?” And, we circle back to your question and your concern. What does it look like?

It looks like a smile. It looks like a smile on your face, your lips, your eyes. It looks like a smile in your tummy. It looks like compassion and the shedding of tears, for what you see is the denial and the pain, the suffering of others. Not to assume or to descend into that pain and suffering, but to understand it, to extend your hand and your heart and to lift that person, that situation, that environment up.

Your world, this Archangel, who in service to the Mother’s sweet Gaia assumed this form…knows all about that. And she and all the kingdom and us, are supporting you in this. Your world is changing. When I say your world, I mean your experience of what it is to be human, personally and collectively. So I am not necessarily speaking of planetary changes, although there will be those as well. I am speaking about the experience of what it means to be on Earth.

What you think of as the megatrends are shifting, the mega events are taking place. And you may, or may not, be involved in what you think of those grand events. And, let me say, “think of,” because, my friends, you are absolutely involved in each and every one of those shifts. Some of you are at the conference table. Some of you are fully participating as what you think of as the limelight. Not all of you have volunteered for that. And, I hear your collective sigh of relief, saying, “Thank God!”

Those who are in the leadership, the new definition of leadership, not the old, cannot proceed without the support and union, unity, with each and every one of you. So when you extend your hand in love, in friendship, in support, in commiseration and compassion to another, you are immediately contributing and activating the global changes.

When your heart, through your decisions and choices, flies free, then you are declaring freedom and liberation, and might I say, my favorite topic, declaring peace on planet. Not at some future date of fulfillment, but in the moment and the ever-present moment of now. This is what you are doing. This is not what you are going to be doing at some future date. It has already begun. And, yes, that is what it means. It has already begun.

Now, dearest Steve, where do you wish to begin?

SB: You’ve covered quite a bit of ground, Lord. My first question goes back to something you said in the beginning in relation to the light workers. Recently we had a light worker who was ready to give up. She just ran out of money, she was about to be homeless.  And, the emails onto that article showed that there were many others in the same position. What words of comfort can you give to people who are hanging on simply by their fingernails?

AAM: You are hanging on by your fingernails – and this will sound slightly strange and perhaps even bizarre to you – because you, in concert with all, have brought you to this place of exceptional brand new beginning. Too many of you…let me be practical…too many of you have felt forgotten, abandoned, destroyed; that the work, the extraordinary work, the effort, the years of service have counted for naught.

That is not so. I do not say this because we wish to nay say, or in any way deny how you feel. There are so many of you, and might I say, particularly what you and we might term the leadership of the love holder – light worker movement, who are in this position. And that is why the channel has also referred to it in her opening.

But you have brought yourself to this place not just to hang on. Because hanging on by your fingertips, quite literally, is extraordinarily painful. You’ve brought yourself here, in concert with us, to let go. Not to let go of that which is most precious to you – which is your belief, your heart, your love. What you have dedicated your life to, what you are letting go of is the old world. World, not planet. The old world that you feel and have no experience of in terms of support and recognition. And when I say support, I mean it in practical terms as well.

You are letting go so that you can begin again. Now for some of you, for many of you, this will mean a slight hiatus, what you can think of in practical terms as a reboot; as you return in some fashion to this idea that you do not need to save the entire world all at once. That what you need, YOU, not us…we are cooperating and supporting you; that what you need is to be able to be in a place once again where these old destructive patterns are so far gone that the love of who you are is so almighty that you can smile with genuine glee at yourself and at each other.

Now, having said that – because this will be distressing to many of you – but there are times when you, and I have said this many times, you fall down the well and you think you are either imprisoned or drowning or simply caught in the dark night of the soul…until you realize that there is a trapdoor at the bottom of that well and when you open it you simply fall into the light, fall into the love. It is surrender and it is action at the same time. Think of this. We are talking about a brand new slate. And how do you achieve that slate: empty, of nothingness…unless you let go of it?

So it is truly a new beginning. Now we are not eradicating or asking you to eradicate the truth of who you are. But you are letting go of the belief that you are not supported, and the ways, the many ways, in which you are physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually supported. So, it is the transition.

Now, you say to me, “Lord, how does this relate in any way, shape, or form to love, and to ascension?” When you are stripped bare, and you realize that the only important thing, as we do, is love, and that you are that love; the feeling, the bliss, the feelings of fulfillment, the feeling of the constant reward – your terms, not ours – begin to simply take over.

Now, I am not saying, let me be very clear about that, that you are intended to live in the gutter, homeless, and without food. That has never been the divine plan and it certainly isn’t your plan. But this shredding away of what is left of the illusion and the clear standing there in the purity and grace of who you are, that is liberation. That is the freedom, which I and St. Germaine speak of continually.

And it frees you up to proceed as you are choosing. And I don’t mean a casual choice. I mean from the depths of your being choosing and bringing forth what you create. That will be the most extraordinary change that is already underway.

SB: Wonderful. And, I’m very pensive about what you said, myself. I’d like to talk about the energies; maybe I can give my own case as an example. Yesterday, I found myself in transformative love, universal love, unconditional love, whatever you want to call it and then I moved into bliss and then I found myself in ecstasy and I almost went into trance and samadhi. And I veered away and stopped there. The energies seemed to be out of this world, so to speak. Can you tell us about them?

AAM: Well, they are not out of this world. In fact they are very much in your world. Can an Archangel say a joke?

SB: Oh, absolutely!

AAM: So, that is what we mean. The shifts of the energy are very strong. You are finally fully receiving the Mother’s Tsunami. Might we say it is about time. But, let us not veer away from this conversation. What is changing is your ability to deeply and fully immerse, connect, and unify with these energies that are being made available to you.

So what it is doing is also taking much of your tension away from what we have called the mega issues, the big issues, even the small issues of rent and health care and relationships. And it is allowing you to connect with your essence and the essence of all, of the Mother.

When you are doing that, everything else drifts away. We do not mean that it is not important to eat, to breathe, to speak, to love. But this immersion and acceptance into the various forms of love, the experiences of love, is the biggest change. It is the extraordinary change; and it is not an external extraordinary change.

First is coming the internal, up close, and personal extraordinary change. And, that is what you are feeling and that is what many are feeling, and that is simply going to continue to grow because the more each of you is doing this and experiencing this…it is like a contagion and it is spreading person to person to person to person.

And that is why we are telling you that it is almost more important in this moment to smile and extend your hand, your heart, your arms than anything else…because, this is the transformation. You can change and you are changing societal, political, monetary, institutional, familial structures. But you can’t change the structure if the participants in that have not already shifted. It will never work.

So, the focus is on the internal embrace of ecstasy, of bliss, of love. Now, we want to be practical as well. Dearest Steve, how many hours did you take to do this?

SB: Well, thank you for asking. Actually, I just awoke to the fact that I was in transformative love. And over a period of maybe two, three hours in the afternoon, it just expanded and expanded and expanded. It was wonderful and I didn’t do anything to bring it on. Does that answer your question?

AAM: You don’t have to do anything. What you have done, oh for quite a number of years, is you have said ‘yes.’ Oh, you have begged, you have pleaded, you have railed at me many, many times. But, primarily you have said ‘yes.’ And you have held the vision and the determination. Yes, determination, which is simply an alignment with Divine Will. You have held that alignment in order for this to come forward.

Any being can be blessed with a flash of ecstasy at any moment, so be prepared. I speak to all of you now. But, on the practical level, you also have to be willing to give some – what you think of as time – to be in the experience. And then when you have had the experience, or are in the experience, then you feel like sharing it either during or thereafter. That is what you have been thinking of as ascension.

You are flying through that portal to a different reality, experiencing the truth of all existence, then you come back and you share it with those still on the other side of the portal. But, you have need to simply not be so engrossed in what you think of as the minutia of the old third to not pay attention and give yourself the gift of this wondrous expansion.

So, for those of you who say, “Michael, I love you. Mother, I love you. Jesus Sananda, I adore you. Oh, and by the way, I don’t have time to talk. I don’t have time to listen. I don’t have time to pray.” Our deepest desire is to be in unity with you. It always has been. It always will be. If you are in relation with any being, and you do not take time to chat, to sit quietly, to simply be in each other’s energy fields, to share the blessings of the love that you share, then where is the relationship?

Now, this is not intended to be a sermonette on the benefits of meditation, or simply beingness, attentiveness, mindfulness.

SB: Awareness.

AAM: It is a reminder. You have need to be. Simply be. Not distracted, but filled with your love, the love of every person upon this planet. Can you imagine for one moment, sixty seconds, if you allowed yourself to be filled with the love of every person on your planet? It would change you. And when you allow yourself to be filled with our love, it changes you, but not only that; it changes the people who love you.

We benefit by the love that you give us. You and your love stream are part of that wellspring that I tell you is constant. It does not simply flow from our one source. It flows from every direction, constantly. So you are learning. And yes, this is part of it. This is part of the next steps. You are learning to open and to receive all of that. Is this not exciting?

SB: Very exciting, Lord. You know this has been such an informative hour so far that I’d like to ask you another question along the lines of seeking more information. And that’s light workers, as they go forward into their service, they may get new requests, new responsibilities. They may find themselves in an expanded arena. And, that will bring up more core issues that they never even knew they had.

So, could you talk a little bit about this, to reassure light workers when they take up these new positions and new issues come up: “I don’t want the public speak”, “I don’t want to do this”, or “I don’t want to do that,” that it’s not an invalidation of their service so far and their work and their lives and who they are.

AAM: Of course not. Now the core issues, when you say they are not aware of it, dearest heart, you make me smile. Of course they are aware of it. They may not wish to acknowledge it thus far. But it is a continuum. So until these core issues are eliminated, once and for all, completely, they will arise and with the rise or the increase in the fulfillment of your mission and purpose…yes stepping into new arenas.

And, might I suggest to you that most of you in the reboot are being prepared or stepping into expanded arenas. These issues will arise and they will arise because your own insecurities, your own fear of not completing for the Mother, your own sense of unworthiness.

But, it has nothing, nothing to do with truth and whether or not you are worthy and capable and prepared through a multitude of existences to do so. You have always been prepared. Why do you think you have had so many lifetimes? Why do you think we have spent the last several months helping you and assisting you and calling back all aspects of your being? It is because this next step involves having the totality of who you are fully and completely present. So when these issues arise, stop, smile, go into your heart. If you can, laugh. Laugh!

See the humor of it! It is like running into an old partner, a boyfriend, girlfriend that was your first love and who you thought you were going to die without, only to run into them and discover, “Thank goodness, I didn’t end up with this person! We were not suited at all.” But they gave you the gift of awakening love. So think of your core issues in this way. Thank them, laugh, and say, “Thank God, Thank Mother, Father, One, I don’t have to take this on my journey any further!” Bless it, pass it to the Mother, pass it to me, pass it to your guardian angels, but pass it. Let it go! Free it the way that you demand to be freed!

If the energy does not serve you, if it is not of love, then there is no room for it. As you fill your Self, as you accept greater transformative love, greater unconditional love, what it does is it sweeps the core issues from you. There will be no room, so you acknowledge and let go.

SB: Yes, yes, yes. Yes! I totally agree. In transformative love, there’s no room for these issues. The other day, I think it was probably also yesterday, when the energies got so high, I had a lot of things happen that were very disturbing. And what I noticed…in the past, I would have gotten really resentful. You know, “Oh, you’re not doing what I want you to do and I resent you and I’m going to punish you.” But, in these energies, there was no room for resentment. I was amazed! You know, I was waiting for my own resentful response to things. And it just didn’t come up. There was no room for it!

AAM: That is exactly correct. There is no room for it, so it is swept away. If you think of a jug that can only hold so much, and then the overflow simply goes down the drain; and that is what you are doing. And when I say you, I mean sweet angels, beloved family, all of you. So, let it go down the drain. Stop hanging on by your fingernails. Let go! Let us catch you! We will!

SB: We’re nearing the end of the hour and you were talking about archangelic jokes. We also talked about time and I wanted to tell you that my friend Sarah and I were discussing what we would get you for Christmas and we thought, well, why don’t we get you a gold watch. And then you could wear this gold watch and instead of saying soon, you could say two weeks from today at 6:45 in the evening. You could even write yourself a little reminder and set your alarm.

AAM: That would be a magnificent gift. My only challenge would be to get the humans involved to agree to show up and cooperate!

SB: Absolutely! And also, do you have an arm to put the watch on?

AAM: Well, I can have whatever I want!

SB: There you go. As I saw in Portland, and as I saw outside my apartment as a matter of fact.

AAM: That is correct. If an arm is needed, I can have an arm. That is not a difficult thing. That is a very minor challenge in the scheme of things.

SB: How is your peace initiative coming?

AAM: It is coming to fruition. You know that I will never give up on this. This is the promise that I have made to the Mother. Yes, throughout the Omniverse, but the focus has certainly been upon this planet of war, for you have been at war for far too long. The weariness has moved into action. And that is why I am encouraging each and every one of you to extend your heart, your arms, your hands, your smile because that is what creates peace.

When you are holding someone’s hand, when you have been entrusted by a soul to soul exchange through the eyes, the desire to murder one another disappears. So, we are doing well. It is only a small, small, and increasingly shrinking handful of beings that still worship war, and we are in full attendance with them. And so are many of you, for which I thank you from the bottom of my esoteric, spiritual and physical heart.

SB: Well thank you Lord, we’re at the top of the hour. It’s so nice to have had you back. Is there anything you want to say in closing?

AAM: Yes. Go and play. Allow yourself the time to receive. Think of this as a time of receiving from your Self, from us, from each other. Try this exercise of receiving the love from the entire collective. You will enjoy it! Go in peace and go with my love. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2016 Council of Love, Inc.


This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

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Interview with Steve Beckow – Part One – Timelines @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

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ART : Anna Dittmann


Sunday, December 27, 2015

Interview With Steve Beckow–Part One-Timelines


Click here for the full recording

I was out of town and lost track of this wonderful discussion with Steve Beckow. I will release it bit by bit according to topic.

Flashpoint to Lightbody

The Arcturians

Hour with an Angel       December 7, 2015

Dr. Suzanne Lie       Guest Channel for the Arcturians

Steve Beckow           Host, In Light Radio,

Part ONE—Timelines

Steve: We said toward the end of the last program that we wanted to continue the discussion perhaps getting into this elusive concept of timelines. I don’t know that anybody can explain to me very simply about timelines. So I’d be looking to the Arcturians to perhaps explain that to us.

Arcturians: Earthlings, we are the Arcturians and we are happy to speak with you again, Steve.

SB: Thank you for coming. I was hoping that you could make this whole topic of timelines very simple and clear, because, people are writing in and asking me “What timeline am I going on?” and, “What about my children, are they coming on my timeline?” I don’t understand timelines at all. So, could you help us please?

ARC: Yes. Let us begin by the fact that the main timeline is, of course, a third-dimensional concept. Because as you move into the fifth dimension, there is no time, there is only now. It’s a third, fourth dimensional concept. It is activated now, because when you flow into the fifth dimension, it would be much like diving into an ocean. And, once you dive into this ocean, all of your lives are continually bound to each other via the waters through which they are flowing. Now, of course, the thing is, when you are above the ocean, all lives are tied to each other via the air that they are breathing.

However, in your third, fourth dimensional perceptions, you cannot perceive the frequency of the air molecules that are binding you into oneness. Whereas, when you are under the water, which has more density than the air or the sky, then you can see that there is an element that is connecting every living being in the oneness of the element of water.

Now the element of sky is connecting everyone outside of the water, but people cannot perceive that concept as easily as they can when it is water.

SB: Hah! Well, what is the impact of timeliness on all of us who are ascending? How it will show up in our lives that we’ll see it?

ARC: Well, this is, of course, a very vast question. So, we will categorize it for the sake of the third dimensional, fourth dimensional thinking. There are timelines on the third dimension, which are different from the timelines on the fourth dimension, which are different from the timelines – which would never be called a timeline – on the fifth dimension. Do you understand what we are saying?

SB: Yes, so far.

ARC: So, we will start with the third dimension. And, on the third dimension, as you know, every reality is a living reality by the interconnection of the members of that reality. So within Earth, there are many different realities. There is the reality of the people who are awakened, and know that the world is multi dimensional and know that there is a huge shift that is occurring; all the way down that information scale to the people that are only knowing, “If I could just get enough dinner my family won’t starve.”

So, out of those are different versions of reality, different frequencies of reality. So, when you think of it in a third dimensional manner, these frequencies are still realities, that appear to be separate, because third dimensional perception separates things.

ARC: Now, let’s talk in terms of timeline on the third dimension, from the beginning of Earth to when she has completed her journey through the third, fourth dimensions and so on. There are many timelines. There is ancient Greece. There is ancient Egypt. There is modern United States. All of these “timelines” are usually – we say usually – not always identifiable by whatever civilization is peak within that “now.”

SB: Okay.

ARC: Or it could be is in deep fog, such as the timeline of the Black Plague. That timeline, if in the physical world, is held together by a common experience that made people all stay within the same “time.” So therefore, it is called a timeline. And, it’s called a timeline because something like Egypt was, what you might say, a long timeline. On the other hand, if you were to look at the United States official timeline, it’s still a very baby reality.

So, the reason why it’s called a timeline is that it has a beginning point and an ending point, which makes it very third dimensional. Because it is in the third dimension, in the reality in which people think in terms of beginnings and endings. They have to have a separation. If it began, it would be like a birth. And so, whatever made it begin is not part of that timeline, so to speak. And then it ended. And what happened afterwards is not considered.

But, if you go into the fourth dimension, all that led up to it and then all that ended after it, would be a component of that timeline, because the fourth dimension is more ‘all encompassing.’ It is a higher brain wave. It is a higher frequency of reality. And it is a reality in which most people visit via their dreams and meditations when they are in a higher state of consciousness.

The perception of the timeline is really the result of the state of consciousness of the one who is perceiving it.

SB: Okay. Many people, when they think about timelines, think, “I am about to go off down this road and my spouse is about to go down that road, called timeline. Mine is timeline A, his is timeline B. Is he going to disappear? Because he’s on a different timeline, will I stop seeing him in my reality?” Can you discuss that perception or thought, please?

ARC: Well, again, it is about your state of consciousness. If your state of consciousness is third dimensional, and a couple decides to go their different ways, then they can perceive that as a separation. But, if you think of it as multi dimensional: many of the beings on our starships, fifth dimension and beyond that are not living under these constraints of time, they might go on separate missions, where one would go take a body on the Earth and the other would stay on the starship.

Now the one who took the body on the Earth is bound by time, except because they have such a high state of consciousness, they could be in continual communication with their mate on the starship. And, so there isn’t a separation between that timeline of staying on the ship and that timeline of entering the body, because it moves out of time. As long as it stays in a world of time, it is timeline. But once you enter the multi dimensional world, timeline has a completely different meaning, because time is relative to your state of consciousness.

SB: I think the predominant concern is that “I will lose sight of my husband on a lower timeline, a third dimensional timeline.” Now, of course, I know that as a multi dimensional being, we don’t lose touch with our friends and family that are on a lower dimension. We don’t lose touch. But, nevertheless, people conceive of timeline as dividing, separating, and isolating them.

ARC: That is a very third dimensional way of looking at it. The same situation with a husband and wife that should split, if there is a multi dimensional, higher state of consciousness, they would still communicate because they are not just the bodies that they are using to visit that “timeline.” They are pure essence. They are consciousness.

And their consciousness internally intermingles with the consciousness of their completion of self, of their complement, and of the beings with whom they hold love and admiration. Much as humans might think, “Wherever I am, I can still connect with God.” Because, God is above that third-dimensional “timeline.”

SB: I think that Salusa said, many years ago, there would be a time of separation, and others more recently have said, “yes, we’re in it, or it’s coming soon.” We are going to separate out at some point, are we not? The Cabal will, or the recalcitrants – however you want to conceive of them – will either die off or be taken to another more amenable setting. So there is actually a time of separation. Can you discuss that?

ARC: The time of separation is that those that move into a state of what is called “ascension” leave time.

SB: Leave time. Okay.

ARC: And move into the frequency of the NOW, of the One.

SB: Okay, so really you’re saying the separation will come with ascension.

ARC: The separation is from the ones who are on the Earth who still maintain a lower state of consciousness. They will experience a separation. But the ones that ascend will still be able to access that “frequency of reality” if they choose to do so. That ability will not be lost.

SB: Right. Speaking of it as a definite time of separation, as Salusa was doing…is that something that adheres to ascension or is there going to be a time before ascension when people will leave the planet? Will there be a formal time of separation?

ARC: Now, again we understand that it is very difficult to think in terms in such a multi dimensional fashion. So, really we will say what we have said before as a third dimensional way of explaining this. Those who ascend will not have to leave anything. They are expanding their essence.

They will be able to be fully aware within their fifth dimensional self. And, if they choose to also assist beings on the third dimension, they will do so. In fact, there are many beings on the planet right now that are in that state…that are fully connected to their higher dimensional self and are only wearing a body for the sake of assisting the planet, or assisting people, or whatever it is that they are assisting.

Now, the reality in which everyone that has a body is amongst that group because most of the people have forgotten. And so, therefore, their consciousness is stuck in that lower third dimensional frequency and so is their thinking. So, they can only think in terms of something ends, dies, and something new is born. Because, they are not able to experience that birth and death are third dimensional concepts, which are bound by time. The time that you are born and the time that you die…within the One there isn’t birth and death.

Within the One, there is existence, there is life, and there is love. And, that reality is now blending into, dipping into the third dimension. And so, instead of there being a harsh cut-off date that, okay, that ended and that began, there is a blending or a bleeding-into.

If you could see the harsh boundaries that are around the physical planet and then you perceive the fifth dimensional unconditional love, violet fire, divinity, connection with all that is that is slowly drifting into and bleeding into the third dimensional reality, those that wish to enter this new possible reality could surrender into the higher frequency feeling and begin this process of transmutation into their light body so that they are then able to move within that oneness.

Now, eventually there will be a time where there is a high enough frequency of Earth that the beings of darkness will no longer be able to adhere their frequency of that planet and they will instantly be pulled into the lower astral plane where they will continue their darkness until they learn that energy out is energy back.

It is about a graduation, in a manner, learning that Gaia is a planet of cause and effect. To graduate from the third dimensional component of Gaia, one must learn that energy out is energy back. And those that still put out darkness, they will have to go to a frequency where they get that darkness back right away until they learn to stop putting out darkness. It is not about a punishment; it’s about a pass/fail.

And, then, there are those that will not be able to make that great a consciousness shift. And, many of them will be relocated to another third-dimensional planet so that they can continue with that experience. In this manner they can slowly learn about the process of transmuting.

SB: Now, that is what I would point to as being a time of separation. Right? What you just described.

ARC: You could use that third-dimensional term. But it isn’t a “time,” because each person will experience it within his or her own state of consciousness. It will not be a collective time.

SB: It’s interesting because we get these notions originally from the Company of Heaven. In this case, Salusa talked about the time of separation. It was he who talked about divine deadlines. And, then when we go to apply these notions, then we run into all these problems, about, “oh, that’s not a fifth dimensional concept.” It’s a bit frustrating for us to have a concept given to us and then when we try to understand it, the concept is gradually refined or taken away altogether.

ARC: Humanity likes to be able to look at a timeline and say, “If I can just hold in the next 25 years, then I can ascend.” And that gives them a state of security. And that’s good, because when they live in a state of security it allows them to expand their consciousness.

Then, when they expand their consciousness, they begin to expand their perception, and they begin to perceive the world differently, interact with the world differently, recognize the higher energy fields that are around them, and begin the transmutation into their light body and into their ability to merge with a higher frequency. So, there isn’t a separation between time and no time, except for the people that are staunchly thinking in terms of time.

Join us as we Journal our Way to New Earth

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october_copy_by_escume-d6otl24 ANNA DITTMANN ART

ART : Anna Dittmann

St. Germaine – “You Are Creators in Form” – Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

Art Olivia Curry - Poetic Dreamer

Art : Poetic Dreamer – by Olivia Curry


Transcript ~ St. Germaine on AHWAA: You Are Creators in Form, October 27, 2015

Hour With Angel picYou are Our Creators in Form

Saint Germaine

An Hour with an Angel

October 27, 2015

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Steve Beckow: Host, InLight Radio

Steve:  Good Evening, Linda. How are you today?

Linda:  I’m fine, it’s all about that time thing, in and out of time.  You know the council tells us that time, in terms of what we used to know as the 24-hour day, is down to about 11 hours a day now. So if you’re feeling like things are just flying so fast and you can’t get done in a day what you used to get done in a day, that’s part of the reason.

SB:   And that’s the internal experience?

LD:  That’s the internal experience.  I think a lot of us are feeling, in addition to receiving all those energy downloads and doing our work with Archangel Michael at night, that we put our head on the pillow and two seconds later the alarm is going off.  So, it is that shrinkage of what we have known as the 24-hour day.

SB:  Well, we’ll have to ask the day or the night to be speeded up while we’re working and slowed down while we’re sleeping.   (Both laughing)

LD:   Or maybe the other way around so that we extend our time hanging out with Archangel Michael.  (Both laughing)

LD:   Somebody just tapped me on the shoulder…and you and I have talked about some people having difficulty accessing the Golden Age of Gaia website and that what they need to do is to delete all their cookies, turn off their machine, then reboot their machine and everything will be fresh and beautiful.

SB:  Linda, you’re hired!  (Both laughing)

LD:  Oh, good, I was looking for a job. (Linda laughing)

SB:  The ironic thing Linda is that the very people who need to hear that can’t access the blog so when I keep reposting the message they’re not hearing it.  Some of them haven’t been on the blog since September 21st so thank you for that. I think we have Saint Germaine on with us today.

LD:  Yes, and now I’m going to step far, far away. (Both laughing)

SB:  Okay and we’ll welcome Saint Germaine as soon as you make your transition.

Saint Germaine:  Greetings, greetings, greetings, greetings, my friends, my allies, my fellow Gaians, my fellow humans, my fellow star seed.  I could go on and on but I simply wish to say hello, good morning, good evening, good afternoon.  Welcome to this council and to this sacred time of transition.

I come to you this day, yes, as keeper – and what many of you term as master of the violet flame, of the violet flame of transformation, of transmutation, of transubstantiation – as keeper of the “I Am” presence.  It is my honor to be with you this day.  It is my honor to travel with you and to be with you always.

My beloved friends, I come this day to speak of many things, but I come primarily to speak to you about creation, for is this not a topic, a subject with such wide spectrum and such wide ramifications that there is not a being upon the planet that is not interested?  So I remind you, sweet light workers and love holders, that as I address you this night I also address all beings, all- collective, all humanity upon this beloved planet of Terra Gaia, of sweet Earth.

And that as you act with your heart, your mind, your ears, your bodies as a receptacle to what I transmit to thee, you are also acting as the transmitters out into the further universe and out upon your planet.

So even before we get started, I thank you.  Now, my good friend and ally, Albert Einstein, has spoken to you about the patterning of the universe, about dimensional and interdimensional reality.  And might I say to you he is as brilliant on this side as he was on yours.  He never ceases to amaze.

But I wish to pick up and expand, humbly expand, if you have ever heard me use that word before…expand upon what (laughing) sweet Einstein has said.  And that is twofold: all patterning through out the omniverse, throughout what you think of as the multiverse, throughout the universe is upon the patterning, the pattern of the Divine Mother.

There are many explanations, theories that have come forth in science, philosophy, esoteric study, about the patterning of the universe.  But what I say to thee, it is an honor and a gift, but it is also the only explanation.  You and we and all are patterned on the Divine Mother and from the very essence of the conjoining of the mother/father one.  It is really very simple.

Now, Einstein has also talked, lectured, spoken to our hearts about the inhalation and exhalation.  And the exhalation is an expression of creation.  The inhalation is the fuel.  You my beloved friends are mighty creators and you create in every moment of every day, whether it is 11 hours or 36!  You have been creating from the moment you were conceived and long before, and you will be creating long after you transition, expire or die. It is the very nature of your being because you are patterned upon the infinite creator, the eternal creator, the Mother.

So what I wish to address and speak to – attempt to engage in conversation with you – this night is what is your hesitation?  What is your fear?  Recently I have given you my even greater attunement to the violet flame, to the I Am presence.  And yes, while this was a very nice gift, what do you think the purpose of it was?  It is to engage you in this process of extinguishing, eliminating, letting go of any hesitancy, let alone fear, terror, trepidation, desire.

To not create is ridiculous. And for you to fool yourself, yes deceive yourself into thinking that you are not creating is absurd. When you breathe in you are creating life.  You are creating life in your very vessel, your being, your cells, your structure.  And when you exhale you are emitting gasses and again letting go of what does not serve you and what is not needed and required in that very moment within your vessel.

Creation, the business, the act, the joy of creation is not difficult.  It is already within you.  It is innate to your very pattern.  Yes, no matter how unique your soul design, how unique your patterning, how unique your soul mission and purpose, your ray; you are not exempt.  For creation, this is part and parcel of your very being.  I could say most of you, but I will not.  I will say all of you who Michael and many have called masters have returned to this planet, to this time and space during this movement and process of shift and ascension, to be creators.

You are creating nova being within your very soul and your physical body.  You are creating and co- creating community and nova earth.  You are creating projects, cities of light, new institutions, new financial systems, new societal structures, new sacred partnerships in human form all in the name of love.

You are about as active as active can be.  And yes, even those of you who are saying, “My work, my mission is to be a beacon of light, a transmitter of love.  I hold the energy and that is what I do. I send the love, I hold the love.”  If that is not an action that is phenomenally profound, I don’t know what is.  It is a creation.

In the very beginning, and now I speak of eons ago, the Mother had birthed and led many of you to this beloved planet.  You are – you were the creator race.  Now for many this has connotations that over the many many thousands and thousands and thousands of years of war and control… has connotations that are not pleasant.

Let me be extraordinarily clear. When I speak of the creator race, I speak of the angelics, the archangelics, the seraphim, the elohim, and the completely sheer creative energy, and some of your star beings of completed evolution that came to this planet to play in form, to be the expression of union, of love, of creation in this form that has been assumed on this particular planet.  Now that included all the kingdoms.  That is not what I wish to address this day.

I wish to address the humans. And I step forth with glee to talk about this to my fellow humans, because as a human whom you have known and loved in many different guises, you also know that I am, shall we say, rather proficient at bringing forth creation.  Whether it is of my sacred trust, whether it is diamonds at a dinner party, whether it is of community and unity, whether it is of transformation with use of the violet flame.  I join you as fellow traveler who has learned about the process of creation from many and primarily from Sanat Kumara, who stands by me this day as I embark on this discussion.

It is time, my friends, to truly embrace your inner and outer creator self.  It is not a matter of waiting.  Now what is the most precious creation of all?  It is the experience of the sweetness of life,  the sweetness of love. And might I say, it is not merely the love of self, which is precious, but it is the love of others.  It is the love of the unknown other.  It is the love of those who surround you.

It is that moment, or lifetime of such unbearable sweetness that at that moment you could gladly die knowing that you have experienced the best that physicality has to offer.  That sweetness came to me, not in the creation of showy diamonds.  Yes, it did come in the caves of Tibet.  It came in union with partner.  It came in the witness of a birth of a child.  And it comes for me in the sweet gift, from this side, of being able to witness and to participate in the birthing of your creator self yet again.

Creation is the simplest and the most complex undertaking you will do, and you will do it in this or any lifetime.  Now why is it complex?  And why has it become more and more complex, not less, with evolution of so called sophisticated societies?  Because of the barriers that you have allowed, of control, of mayhem, of chaos, of fear, of terror, of punishment of creating out of thin air, of being burned at the stake or thrown in the water, hung; it matters not.

Because once you remove that, I remind you, it is intention and still point and action, all three, but there is nothing difficult about any of these elements.  Now many of you think of creation and the practicality of creation, and I encourage you in this direction. As the creation of wealth, of security, which is often financial security, it is the creation of good health; it is the creation of safety and security, meaning the absence of violence and terror, war.  It is the creation of peace and serenity in your home, in your heart.  These are the things of value.

Now, my beloved friends, you are not assisting in the transformation of what you have all been awaiting, in this whole purview of human existence as much as you might.  I say this, not as a critique, certainly not as a judgment, not as a criticism, but as your old friend saying, “let’s stop waiting and let’s do everything together that we can”.

Now in the past several months you have been receiving, not merely from me but from the entire company of heaven, the ascended masters, the elohim, the archangels, the mother, the father, the one, all beings, all star family. You have been receiving downloads, attunements, infusions, how ever you think of or consider the rising of your frequency in a quantity that has never been known before upon this planet since the initial creation.

That in and of itself is a creation.  And your accepting the energy is your creation as well.  You have that expression, which I have always enjoyed, “It takes two to tango.”  Well, in this case it takes about seven billion, but not really.  Seven billion will join the dance.  But in fact, it takes very few.  So I and we are asking you in terms of health, wealth, prosperity, abundance, security, peace, new structure, new earth: this in my invitation to you.

Now we will talk about the meaning of health and wealth and peace but let me not go on and on dear Steve.  Where do you wish to begin?

SB:  Well, thank you very much Saint Germaine.  You already noted that we have trouble with the notion of creation and certainly I do.  I don’t know if you’re suggesting that we all become alchemists or that we’ll be pulling rabbits from a hat, so to speak…in other words creating something new, something that allegedly wasn’t there before.

If I were to bring love up from my heart I don’t think of that as creating because the love was already there.  And since I’m drawing on the universe for it, so I have to say that, speaking for myself, I’m not quite absolutely clear what creation involves and what it is.  Is it …is it essential to the notion of creation that love is created as new, for instance?

SG:  No!  Now there is another expression you have, “that there is nothing new under the sun or throughout the universe.”  And I would tend to agree with that and not agree with that.  I am a really troublesome guest, aren’t I?  (Both laugh)

Now, it means both.  There is nothing if you are drawing upon the true energy of creation.  What you are doing is drawing upon the pattern of the mother, the essence of the mother/father one.  And that is the purity and the clarity, the love, so that is everything. And anything that is not of that nature, and there are many things upon your planet right now, is not truly a creation of love.

So what we are doing and what I am asking is for all of you to become, to utilize, to bring up as you have said, that energy of creation and creator self, because you tend to shy away from the acceptance of yourself in that way and I mean you, the collective.  To be able to be both alchemist and creator of, shall we say, what is viewed as the non-material. But that truly exhibits, from our perspective, as the material.  And what I mean by that is the kind and caring, nurturing and considerate proactive human being.

So we are talking about a level of transformation that has been put into hyper drive, because creation is instantaneous. Yes, you may think of it as taking time, but that is your translation factor, not necessarily ours, unless it is interfering with the highest good of the collective.  Yes, this is a very involved conversation and I am happy to take my time with it.

So it is both the ability to, and the action to realize that you are creating a completely restored -and what people think of as – new paradigm for humanity, for earth, for every function of humanity. And at the same time, because of that – and that is an essential understanding – because of that you are bringing into form what can be thought of as the rearrangement of love atoms to take form.

Now I bet that has given you 22 further questions.

SB:  You really read my mind.  Yes, the drawing together of love atoms.  What is a love atom? That is the building block of everything, right?

SG:  That is correct.

SB:  Well, please tell us about that if you would.

SG:  So, let us try and be practical then.  I will try and use a current situation rather than tell you how I produced diamonds at dinner parties.  Maybe I will do both.  (Steve laughs)  You have suggested, and I have witnessed, Dear Heart, how you bring up the love in your heart.  And is that not the sweetest, most precious experience of life?

SB:  Yes, it is.

SG:  So my friend, I hope you do not mind me using you as our example.

SB:  Not at all.

SG:  What do you do with that love that is in your heart?

SB:  It has to flow.  You can’t just sit there.  So send it out to the world.

SG:  So what you are doing is you are taking all the love atoms, because; think of it, you tend to think of love as sheer energy.  And in fact it is.  But think of it in this way, what if you could collect those love energies, those love atoms?  What else do you think you’re doing, for example when you send energy?  You are sending the love atoms.  So what about if it came out of your heart, and I am not suggesting by the way, that sending it out to the entire planet is incorrect, it is lovely, it is beautiful, it is profound.  But, let us play with this, because you have asked the question.

What if you took those love atoms, pouring out of your heart, and you held it as if you are holding a crystal ball or a basketball in your hand, between your hands, and in fact in this moment, dearest Steve – and everyone who is listening – if you hold your hands as if you are embracing a basketball, because a baseball is too small, or a magnificent globe of Gaia, you will feel the energy that is right there right now.

Then, what if you say, “Well I intend this ball of love atoms to be directed to X”, and with intention and with stillpoint you simply toss the ball, knowing it already has every thing that is required…you toss it where it has need to go.  You send it with directional intentionality where it needs to go.  So let me be even more specific even at the danger of irritating my channel.

Many of you are waiting on the prosperity packages, on the revaluation of systems.  And to say that the human beings involved, not with malintent, although there are some very profound scam artists involved, but that is not the whole of this process…but they are slow.  Not with malintent, I need to emphasize that.  But the process has been dragging and dragging and dragging.  Well, they can use a little help.

So what if all of you took your love atom balls and sent it to assist those who are doing the physical, metaphysical, spiritual drudgery actions involved in this, to help it smooth the way with glee and gladness and kindness and proficiency and effectiveness and efficiency?  What if your ball was the love atoms of these qualities I have just outlined?  And then you send it to those involved, to help them out.  Because in helping them out you are helping everybody out. Is that a practical enough suggestion?

SB:  Yes, indeed.

SG:  Now, there is another aspect to this, what you have called being the alchemist.  Take the ball in your heart, within your hands, and simply say, “I want this beautiful collection of love atoms to be a car, a house, a sacred partner, good health; but that can be more complex, and I want this to be in divine perfection and alignment because I do not choose to interfere with anybody else’s free will or path” and simply hold it.  Hold it, hold it, hold it, hold it until you know it has assumed the frequency.

And you will know, do not think, “I don’t know when to let go”, you absolutely know.  And then place it, bring it back, you took it out of your heart, I want you to bring it back and put it in your solar plexus.  So that it will merge with your will, in alignment with divine will to then manifest and you will know when you eject it from your solar plexus again as a ball of energy of love atoms.  Then it is ready to assume form. Now you are not quite competent enough to do it in the blink of an eye.  But what I am suggesting to you, whether it is the creation of the Empire State Building, the Hope diamond or a new system of reality, that you are our creators in form upon planet right now.

SB:  To me you say we are the creators in form right now, it sounds like you’re saying much more than simply receiving energy from the Company of Heaven and blasting that energy out.   You just said that if it involves creating the new structures and foundations. What guidance have you for us about how we go about that? For instance, well, the divine qualities play a big role. It would be important for us to be reflective of the divine qualities to have our creations be well formed, right?

SG:  It is absolutely essential, not simply desirable, but essential that you are living, not merely working on but living to the best of your ability, which by the way is stellar.  You are embodying the divine qualities.  Now, I want to make sure the translation is correctly heard.  Because what I have already heard some of you saying, “Well, I’m not perfect yet.  I need to do a little more work.”  My beloved friends, the biggest shift is for you to realize you are already divine perfection.  You always have been.  You always will be.

The barrier is the fear that you’re not or the expression that you choose to take, choose to take and act, or feel, behave, that you are less than.  Now that is part of the old third and one of the reasons that we are having this conversation at this juncture in time is that that is no longer.  So yes, it is about the embodiment of the divine qualities, the alignment with the divine, with your purpose and with the mother’s purpose.

But, now as a human, and I had a very long life and many of them, I was very good at making excuses.  So I know all about excuses.  And they are simply an expression of futility. It is futile.  It is a waste of what you and we think of as time and energy, to make excuses.  So yes, do you need to embrace, enjoy, embody, express, and be divine qualities?   And each of you are going to be attracted to different qualities; it doesn’t mean that you reject the others.

Love has so many wondrous faces and you are the expression of those faces.  So do you need to be in the truth of yourself, your sacred self?  Of course.  But my beloved friends, do you really think and feel that I would be addressing you in this way if we had not determined that you are prepared to do this?  We do not set you up to feel poorly about yourself or to feel less than, “Oh my gosh, I am not ready.”

But yes, dear Steve, it does mean embodying, not only the divine qualities but the truth of who you are.  And that, that singularity is the biggest blockage to your creating what your heart desires.  Because the truth of your genuine heart desires is the creation of new structures, physical and non-physical.  Expressions of physicality, when we say, “Let us be practical.”  We say, “Let us create community and unity and unitive consciousness.”

But the expression of that is kindness and consideration to your neighbors, to your friends, to the nation across the planet, to the person next to you in the line.  It is everything.  It is the outer expression.  The physical expression of your creation of what those atoms of love look like.  It is the expression on your face.  It is your body language.  It is the glint in your eye.  It is the smile on your face.  It is the quiet acceptance of not being irritated when a baby is crying.

SB:  How do we begin?  If you were on the astral planes right now and I had newly transitioned, I’d be seeing that people can do things in creation and I would start with just trying to lift a pin off the floor or trying to see a pin bend or something like that.  How do we begin creation here as the creator race which is just starting to remember?

SG:  Start with something small and rather than trying with your kinetic powers to move a pin, start with something in the physical realm that you wish to see.  So do not start with peace on earth.  Might I suggest to you, so that you can begin with me, the practice of realizing just how interdimensional you truly are.  Feel those love atoms, the love in your heart.  All the downloads we have sent you conjoined with the love that you are.  That is what the flow is!  And see it as if it is sitting in your hands.  See it as if it is that basketball that I have referred to.  Now make it something physical.  Something that is in your view doable.

So today I wish to find or be given or receive or simply quote-unquote apparate a five-dollar bill. And then, let go of the energy and then be prepared to receive your five dollars.  Whether it is that you found it tucked in a drawer.  Yes, this is the way it will work to start with, whether it is a stranger giving you five dollars, whether you suddenly win five dollars.  It doesn’t matter.  Start with something small and then receive it again, and again and again and again.  Then start with something larger and larger and larger and at the same time, I ask of you to be sending those love atoms in a directed way to a project that you deem very close at hand and highly desirable.

SB:  Wow!  Thank you very much. We have about 10 minutes left in this show and I wanted to ask you what we can expect from November 8th?

SG:  It is already underway and I would suggest to you that there will be miracles, what you would think of as miracles occurring almost on a daily basis.  Now you’ve had many indicators from your star friends that they are planning, underway, to reveal themselves.  So what I am suggesting to you is expect the unexpected.  But regardless of visible manifestations, which I am wanting to focus on because you have need to focus on them and I mean you, the human collective.  You are needing, it is timely for the visible signs.

But the further upgrades, shall we put it that way, in your beingness because we cannot say, we cannot refer to you simply in terms of your physical vessels because your fields have grown so substantially.  Will you experience it in your physical form?  Yes, you will.  Let me also say to you I do not come to you as psychic Saint Germaine.  But I do suggest to you, strongly, that this is a time of changing of the guard and it means as much in your time as it did in mine.  This is what you think of as November 8th, is a changing of the guard, in and around that time.

SB:  Do you mean by that, Saint Germaine, changing of the Guards, you mean political guard, military guards, economic guard?

SG:  All of the above.

SB:  Are you willing to discuss this topic in more detail or is it something…

SG:  No, because we do not wish to interfere with unfoldments already under way.  That would simply tip the scales in a direction and in favor of those who do not want to see change.  So no we will not elaborate on this much further.  I am impatient and is that not ridiculous for and ascended master to say? So I will say I, but it is a word you understand.

SB:  Yes?

SG:  So let us say that the company of heaven is impatient.

SB:  Impatient that we act or that the others give up and stop obstructing?

SG:  No.  It is the actions.  It is the creations of the light workers, of the love holders and when I say that I include the man in the street, the being, the woman, the child that knows who they are and is tired of war and mayhem and control and abuse.  So when I say impatient and fed up I mean excited, exhilarated, in a period of great anticipation.  But it is a co-creation with you, all of you upon the planet at this time.  It is a realization, a deep realization.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

©2015 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright.  We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge,  and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

Transcript ~ St. Germain on An Hour With an Angel: You Are Creators in Form, October 27, 2015,


Art Olivia Curry - Poetic Dreamer


Archangel Michael on AHWAA: It is your Harvest, a True Tsunami ~ Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

art r c gorman AURORA

ART : Aurora ~ R.C. Gorman


Transcript – Archangel Michael  AHWAA: It is your Harvest, a True Tsunami, Sept 3, 2015

Hour With Angel picIt is your Harvest, a True Tsunami

Archangel Michael

Hour with an Angel
September 3, 2015

Linda Dillon               Channel for the Council of Love

Steve Beckow             Host, In Light Radio

Steve Beckow: Good evening everyone and welcome. Linda, you have a joy workshop coming up and you have a core issues webinar coming up. How are they going?

Linda Dillon: They’re going just fabulously, Steve. And let me tell you, we are in full gear for the upcoming joy workshop here, in my home in Port St. Lucie, City of Light. And, I just…I can’t wait. The material has been phenomenal. And this particular workshop, I think there are several highlights. But, it’s really about being the joy, rather than receiving the joy or becoming the joy. It’s simply about awakening that joy that lives within our divinity.

So, that’s going to be really interesting. Another part of it is that Archangel Michael has asked to be on the agenda to talk, once again, about his strategic peace initiative. Archangel Michael has been working and working on bringing peace to this planet for so long. And he never gives up. He just keeps at it. So, it will be interesting when we gather to talk about joy and in the same space to talk about peace and our interdimensional selves.  So, lots of new information coming.

Then after that, we’re going to, gently, I hope, jump right back into core issues. We’re not finished with this topic as yet, fortunately, I guess, and unfortunately. Let me tell you, when the Council told me we were going to do another webinar series on core issues, I hesitated, because the first round – the maiden round, as it were – was so intense. But the results were miraculous as well. So, come the 15th of October, we will be delving again into core issues and emerging into the brilliance of the heart consciousness.

SB: Emerging into the brilliance of heart consciousness! You know, I’m experiencing a lot of transformative love these days. And, I still have core issues. (Laughter.) And they get triggered by the most unlikely things. Unwitting reminders and what have you. And I say to myself, “Oh, my God. You’re kidding! I’m still here?”

LD: You know, this is what people don’t always realize…that we think, how could you deal with core issues if you’ve just gone through a joy workshop, a claiming of your birthright of joy? How can you still have core issues when you’re in the love, when you are literally holding and being the love? Or, how can you be dealing with core issues if you’re in sacred union and sacred partnership?

But all these aspects of our becoming the divinity of who we are, are intertwined and interwoven. And so, of course the core issues are going to come to the surface so that they can be removed, so that we really can blossom into that fullness of transformative love. So, it’s a little more housekeeping.

SB: A little more housekeeping. I remember, in enlightenment workshops, we would do the exercise designed to reveal ourselves, so to speak. And, we’d either get revealing ourselves, which was very seldom, or we’d get the barriers. So, we’d either get the breakthrough or the barrier.

And, the same thing when we’re opening to transformative love, say, we either get the breakthrough into transformative love, or we get the barrier. And the barrier is the core issue. So it isn’t surprising, really. I’m just amazed that I’m still dealing with them at all. (Laughter)

LD: I know. I expanded this workshop to give us more time, because when we really start to dig deep, we need that time to process. Because, our core issues, as Archangel Raphael says, are those mental and emotional constructs, the lies that we have told ourselves, or society or culture or family has told us, that have really terrified us. So, when we even hover near a core issue, our tendency is to back up, just like you say, and make all kinds of excuses about why we can’t possibly deal with it right now. But, now is the time.

SB: Absolutely, it’s the time. Incidentally, I had an experience of peace in the Spring and it was superb. I couldn’t ask for anything more than peace. So, all of these divine qualities, when you really experience them, like joy or love or peace, they’re out of this world, so to speak.

LD: And that’s the whole idea, to make them of this world. That’s the rub, right there, huh?

SB: You bet. Why don’t I give you a chance to make your transition and we’ll welcome Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael: Greetings I am Michael!

SB: Greetings, Michael.

AAM: Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, Bringer of News. And, yes, I will go gently on the channel’s voice and her throat. But, we are able to not only give guidance but to accept instruction. Welcome my beloved brother, sweet angel of blue. Communicator and builder of this platform in which you and I and we all together – as light workers, love holders, hybrids, star beings – bring about not merely the divine quality of peace, of peace within and peace without, of peace above and peace below, but the actuality of peace on earth.

Of Peace upon our beautiful sweet planet of Gaia, this mighty archangel who has stepped forward in service to the Mother and who has patiently, prudently, and with great fortitude, awaited humanities’ awakening to the need, the joy, and the reality of peace. It is fundamental to the building of Nova Earth.

And you laugh and you say, “But, Michael. Mi-Ki-El. You tell us that so much is ‘fundamental’ to building Nova Earth.” And you are correct! There are many aspects. You do not build a city of light or even an individual building without plumbing, without electricity, or a source of light, shall we say, without floors and flooring, walls and ceilings, windows.

And, so it is with the construction of Nova Being and Nova Earth, that there are many factors, many elements that we bring – peace and love and joy, compassion and magnificent passion. It demonstrates in sacred union, in sacred partnership, it demonstrates in unity and the building of community, in the sharing of wisdom and knowledge, mutuality of support. These are the elements of your new Earth. These are the elements of your new being.

It does not need, it is not required that it come in any particular order. There will be shades and glimmers and then full blasts, depending on who you are. But, let me suggest to you that the very air you are breathing in this moment is filled with healing expansion attunement, a higher frequency, a broader realization, not only of who you are, but what is possible…what is your potential. You enter in this day, into a time of a new month, a beautiful month, the bridge between the days of summer, filled with sunshine and play – to fall, to the time of crispness, of bracing air, the time of harvest, the time of fulfillment.

Now, that does not mean that you forget, or place aside, the need for sun or enjoyment or play. We love to see you frolic. And, you don’t frolic half enough. That is truly what the Joy workshop is about. It is about frolicking. It is about rolling in the grass and acknowledging that giggles are powerful, that laughter is sacred, that community and communion are irreversible.

When the joining of hearts – whether it is my heart to yours, your heart to another’s, or another’s or another’s or another’s – unless you choose to create separation, which is an illusion, you are united for eternity. That is the realization that I am bringing you, not only in this night, but in every waking moment.

You are unified within your sacred self, and you are unified, bright angels, with each other. And, that is the truth, particularly of this small group of seven billion plus that has come unified in their service to the fulfillment of the Mother’s dream. Not only Her plan. First came the Desire, and as soon as the Desire is in existence, the Fulfillment is in the existence. It is not reversible. Have there been pits, and detours, and pit stops? Yes. But it is not reversible. It is forward thrust.

So think of it: a group, a soul circle of seven billion plus have come together united in heart and purpose, to fulfill the wishes and desires of the divine Mother. It is overwhelming. It is extravagant. It is beautiful. And in many ways, my friends, it is done.

Do not say to me, “Show me the signs.” For I will say to thee, “Look within your heart. See the shifts that have come forth, that have made you smile, or catch your breath, or take your breath away, the deep realizations.”

Now, has everybody in your small group of seven billion understood this sense of community, of unity, and sacred purpose? No. But it does not matter.

And, you say to me, “Well, Mi-Ki-El, of course it matters. We are dependent on them.” And yes, my beloved ones, you are. But think of it in this way. When a child is born, and hopefully tended to, when the child grows and it is three or five or nine, sometimes there is an explanation that they are a member of a family. But, in most instances, the roots, the connections, the unified grid are simply received telepathically, emotionally, mentally. That union of what it means to be a member of a family is anchored by the experience.

And, so it is with those who are either unaware or actively recalcitrant. It is the experience of being in family, of unity of heart and purpose with you that is shifting them, whether they know it or not, whether you know it or not. Most of the energy we send you, the attunements, the alignments, the upgrades in frequency are not seen.

You receive them and you see the changes within yourselves, but you cannot truly touch them or measure them. You do not have that kind of equipment quite yet. And, yet, you know it. You experience it. The shift within applies to your actions in the without. And, so it is with your group, with this small group.

You, my beloved friends, are awakening the planet. You are the bell ringers. You are the whistle blowers. You are the disclosers. You are the action of reevaluation of every system upon your planet. We are at your beck and call and we are at the beck and call, just as you are, to make sure and to ensure the smoothness of the unfoldment of the plan of the Mother, the desire of Herself.

We work as one. Have we increased the energies that are not only being sent to you, but made clearly available during this time, particularly in the past month and will continue for several months? Yes. The Ascended Masters as a group, the Mother herself, the Archangels, the enlightened beings, your star family…there is not one group that you can think of that is not in full duty, full alert, working with and on you. We know you have felt it. So, there is much to discuss this day, dear Steve. Where do you wish to begin?

SB: Absolutely, much to discuss. Where I’d like to begin is with what you called that kind of equipment. How is the transformation of the body from carbon to crystalline going? At what stage are we Lord?

AAM: Well, it is not something that you can say for the entire collective. But, for many of you, let us think of it in terms of sub groups. For most of the light workers, you are at 80 to 90%. Now, those of you that are still clinging, yes, to what I was going to call outmoded grievances, are perhaps at a lower quotient.

And, let me explain why I call them ‘outmoded grievances.’ Because most of these grievances you believe are at the outer world, or at us. But in fact they are grievances that you have held against yourself. Let them go.

Now, what you would think of as the general population is somewhere more around 50%, while those who are in the struggle of being recalcitrant are a much lower quotient. Now, those who have been cast in containment, completely penetrated by the light, are at a very high quotient of their crystalline self. Because the light that penetrates them and their outmoded grievances, have literally transformed them.

Do we release those who have been placed in these containers, as yet? No, we do not. But what we want you, what we would guide you, what we would ask you to also focus on…well, it is two things. We have given you the information that your crystalline form is well underway. That is why you are receiving so many attunements, particularly from St. Germaine. Because, your new form gloriously absorbs these attunements. You are ready for them. The expansion is magnificent.

But you have also to feel. How do I feel in my body, in my form, in this vessel that I have created, albeit with help from many? So, how do I feel? Do I welcome my crystalline, higher frequency form, my true dimensionality? Or do I simply continue on as if it is same old same old, same old carbon?

So, pay attention to your bodies because this is the vehicle that you are keeping for your ascension. Will there be a time when all of you will simply evolve into sheer energy, sheer light, many of you gold? Yes, that time will come. But, for the time being, pay attention to your body. Ask your body…most of you do not have adequate or fulfilling conversation with your physical, human form.

You do not, on a daily basis, ask your body, not simply yourself, because most of you eat emotionally or mentally. Have you asked your body what it wants to eat, how it wishes to be nourished, what ray it requires, what it wishes to drink? Are you programming your water? Are you praying over your food? Are you transmuting any disease within your form?

I could speak for hours on how fortunate and what a blessing it is to have these forms and how you may treat and engage with your body. Not just your components, but the totality and the beauty of this physical form. Pay attention, my beloved ones.

SB: Lord, you mentioned 80 to 90%. But I don’t know what you are referring to. Are you referring to 80 to 90% light or 80 to 90% crystalline?

AAM: 80 to 90% crystalline. You are not going to be sheer light bodies, not yet.

SB: So I’m, looking at my arm. How do I know that arm is crystalline?

AAM: Go inside it.

SB: (Laughter) Okay. How do I do that?

AAM: So, you know what your conception, and it is a concept, of your arm looks and feels like. It is esoteric information, is it not, is your body carbon or crystalline?

SB: Yes.

AAM: But, if you place your hand and simply allow your eyes – your eyes that are physical, your third eye, your fourth eye, your fifth eye – to gently open and simply gaze at your arm as if your skin has suddenly and magnificently become transparent. Look at the structure and keep it simple. Inside, what does your tissue, your blood, your veins, your arteries, your bones, your muscles…what does it look like? The carbon tends to give you the impression of solidity. We won’t say dark, but certainly of a certain quality of denseness. Most humans have difficulty looking inside their bones.

Now, when you are allowing the vision to be activated, and this is also part of your expanded capacities, dear heart, when you gaze at your arm, your knee, your leg, it will appear transparent skin, simply because you want it to be transparent. It is that simple. Look inside and it will appear more crystalline, as if it is clear, quartz crystal. Now, there will be variations because there is a need and a necessity for structure. But, what the crystalline form does, it is simply a clear, literally, transmitter for light to move through you.

Now, you are not at the point of physical or spiritual evolution that you are becoming sheer light bodies. That is a ways away. But, the crystalline is allowing you to hold a greater quotient of light. So, when I say 80 to 90%, I am talking about the transfer from carbon to crystalline, and most of you will see a combination thereof.

It can be as simple as, on a daily basis, yes, in meditation, or reflection or in prayer, simply saying, “I welcome the transformation, transmutation, transubstantiation of my form to crystalline.” So, that you in your free will, and the laws that are governing your planet and this universe, are giving, by the act of free will, the welcoming of this transformation. Now, you may continue.

SB: Thank you. I want to relate to something else you said earlier. You talked about the recalcitrants being lower in this percentage of crystalline. Now, here’s a dilemma that faces light workers. You were talking about some of the recalcitrants being in containment. And I’m hearing, there’s a conversation now that’s going on that some formerly dark individuals are now serving the light. But, there’s not a lot of evidence that I can refer to to know whether that’s true or not. A reader wrote in and said that Hillary and Bill Clinton are now serving the light. Is that so?

AAM: We do not wish to comment, particularly on the Clintons.

SB: Okay.

AAM: And, we would always guide you, particularly…let me jump off your comment, if I might, dear brother.

SB: Please.

AAM: You are creating Nova Earth and you have been given, blessed, with some spectacular leaders. Have they been stymied and blocked? In many situations, yes, and I’m talking about all over the globe. Are there former forces that, we would suggest, served their own interests and what we would term the dark interests of hatred, control, greed lust? Yes. And, are they now serving the light? Yes.

There have been behind the scenes, tremendous, tremendous transformations. Now, having said that, and having anchored in your heart from a place of discernment rather than judgment, understand that you and we are creating Nova Earth, and that is a state of being that is reflected in institutions, structures, systems, power, leadership, that is based upon unity, transformative love, divine qualities, and the anchoring of love on Earth.

When you discern and decide, as an act of free will, that you are going to support someone, please come into your heart. Yes, of course converse with others. The entire purpose is the global conversation. But, sit in your heart and look, the same way I have had you look at your arm. Look at the people that you are considering, whether it is a neighbor or someone currently in power. Look at them with your heart. Look at what they are doing. Not ancient history, not, perhaps, what they did five or ten years ago.

Look at what they are doing in the moment. Not merely what they are saying, but what are they doing? What actions are they taking, in say, a public arena that indicate to you, to your heart, and to your intelligence, to your discernment, that they are truly co-creators with you on Nova Earth. If the evidence, which you all love, is staring you directly in the face, then by all means follow your heart.

But, if it is murky, if the actions are not matching the words, then look for an alternative. You are not saying, you are not judging, you are not to judge those you are considering supporting. And, they are not excluded from the full participation in creating Nova Earth. But, be very clear, because you do not wish to continue this cycle of abuse of power.

SB: Right. You have said to me earlier that you didn’t want us investing in banks that have just simply perpetuated the manipulation of the population. And, we’re all concerned, too, that too many politicians are expert at making it seem as if they serve the light, so to speak, when they are not. So, it’s difficult sometimes to discern.

Now, when you say go to our heart, is that partly because we’ll receive guidance from you and our guides?

AAM: Yes. And it is your own heart consciousness that will guide you as well. Do we always love to chip in and give guidance? Yes. But it is your heart that is the place for your true discernment, not merely your emotional heartstrings, which is very different, or your history or your simple mental body.

Now, we have told you, we have guided you, we have asked you, we have suggested strongly, that you not invest in the old paradigm, because, again, it only reinforces the old. You have had a stellar example of investment and the chaos of manipulated markets in the last several weeks. Why would you wish to reinforce that? Of course, you would not. What you are doing, and we are not saying in the slightest that investment is a bad or negative pathway to follow, quite the contrary.

But what you choose to invest in are areas, intelligence, buildings, communities that support Nova Earth, not that reinforce greed and lust and control. So systems that have been based on manipulation have to transform. And they need to transform prior to any consideration given in order to support those old systems.

Now, you may say, “But, Michael, Mi-Ki-El, I will invest in my bank because I will put light into that money and I will have a seat on the board of directors of that bank and in that way I will transform what that institution looks like.” And if that is your guidance and the direction of your mission and purpose, then by all means go forward. But be very clear about what you are doing because it is not the purpose of redesign, of redistribution to simply create a new elite.

SB: Right. Can you discuss with us some of the plans you see people making for the use of their reval funds, some of the imaginative creations that you are seeing? Please.

AAM: There will be substantial reevaluation. And let us, once again emphasize, yes, we know that I have spoken many times about spiritual currency. But that is really what you are working with and it is investment, and yes, physical basics – food, clean water, healthy food, housing, roofs and shelter. But from there, there will be those, and there are many, already working on those basic situations, which also includes healing.

Now, the healing, what you think of as healing and healing technologies, will explode with the full participation, shall we say, full arrival of your star family. As will the technology for building of housing. It will change substantially.

But, nevertheless, I do not wish to get off track. Many are concerned, and have need to be concerned, about my favorite subject, peace. Peace, as in the cessation of violence, armed conflict, terrorizing, abuse of women, abuse of children, violence in the streets – whether it is Africa or Chicago, it matters not.

There is a whole group – long ago many migrated from the planet that you know as CCC. It is in the outer galaxies. The Hussians. And the Hussians, many of whom are in form upon the planet, particularly, are working with the anchoring – they’re already established, so I say the anchoring – of the Cities of Light. And what you can think of as city-states of light, and I do not mean the United States. I mean areas where there is a core of activity whether it is healing, or art, or literature – my favorites – surrounded by neighboring communities that contribute and participate as they wish.

There will be many healing centers that will emerge. Not only to use the new technologies, but to return to the old ways of knowingness, using the plants of Gaia to create and to bring forth the balance within the body. And, the healing will be substantially different because your bodies are also shifting. Not only reenergizing, reconstructing, reversal of aging and dis-ease, but there will still be a need.

When we speak of healing, we mean the establishment of vitality, not simply the absence of illness. So, much will be contributed in that area as well.

Now, there is a whole other group that will be concerned and vitally interested in what you think of as governance, because cooperation, unity consciousness, community, is beautiful. It is the foundation upon which you build. But, the idea of governance, of who does what, who makes sure that these cities of light, or the places that are not cities of light, simply continue to have power and water and sewers and roads.

Even as your concept of those things change, your concept of what governance means will also change. And, there will be a group committed to working with the populace, to working with this small group of seven billion, to determine what forms – plural, many – fit for that area, for that community that is at the same time part of the Gaian community and part of the intergalactic community. What are the principles of equality and fairness and access and distribution?

So, there will be many places for activists, for political philosophers, for social philosophers to begin to formulate more inclusive ways of governance. The list is endless, my friend. And the imagination, the inspiration that we are seeing amongst the light-holder, love-holder community, is impressive.

SB: People will at once be busy and will want to congregate, to convene, and talk together about very many things. How are we going to, well, what’s your guidance on how we should coordinate our gifting and our thoughts about new areas for gifting, etc.?

AAM: I have some very practical advice for all of you. And that is: Please – all of us, the entire company of heaven, the divine Mother included – beg you to pace yourself. Yes, you will be busy. Yes, you will be excited. You will be filled with inspiration and ideas. But, my beloved friends, if you lose the balance in your eagerness and excitement to move ahead, then the chance of duplication, of misstep, of not being thorough in your planning is very high.

We suggest there will be many, based on interests, there will be many what we would call congresses where many will meet. And this will be a massive project in and of itself. But, you are already learning through this experience how this can look and work.

It requires you to work as a community, and a global community. Many sub groups, yes. Not to interfere with the freedom and the desires of your heart and where you feel led, but to share, to invent, reinvent, restructure. So there is a need not to make haste.

You say, “Well, Michael, how can that be when I know there are millions starving?” So, I have given you your priorities of food and water and shelter. But, as you proceed, do so in an orderly way. Otherwise, dearest hearts, you will be tripping, with the finest intentions, over each other. So, that would be waste. And, you have seen enough waste upon your planet to last several eternities.

SB: Thank you for that. There are lots of blogs and commentators who are talking about the energies of September, that they’re very, very different and very, very much more powerful. You’ve talked about just a bit already. Can you tell us a little bit more about the nature of the energies of September, the origins, the consequences that will flow from these energies, please?

AAM: These energies have begun in August, and even slightly in late July. And, think of it as this, that the floodgates are open. The origin is within you, your willingness to receive. In another conversation, we have discussed how you are already in the planning stages. Now preconstruction is underway. Now, what does that mean? It means not only from our side, but your side, as it were, that the willingness to proceed, the readiness to step forward and begin, is truly anchored. And it hasn’t been, in fullness, before.

The origin, the origin of these energies, the difference that you are feeling, is that you are being, in many ways, bombarded by energies from all the groups that you think of as the unseen realm. Which actually are not really unseen at all. But directly from the heart of the Mother, Father, One, the angelic realm, the archangelic realm, the seraphim, the masters, those that are sheer energy, everybody in between, your star family.

So it is as if all energies, and, you cannot discern, nor should you even try, but it is that all of us, from the Mother, have been given the go ahead. So the sensation is somewhat like a true Tsunami, which has never ceased, by the way. Much the same way as my desire for peace has never ceased. And it never will. But, it is flowing into you and at the same time pushing you along, letting you have glimpses and knowing and moving into action that you have not previously been ready for.

So, you are being moved, and the nature of this energy is such that you are accepting – in fuller ways, practical ways, physical, human ways – the sacred nature of our partnership and creating together, co-creating together.

It is highly electrical, rather than magnetic. It is not that the magnetic balance has been eliminated. It has not. But, it feels and is what you would experience as more electrical, therefore, more action oriented. When you are feeling the magnetism, the sense is you are pulling towards yourself and being glued to your seat, pulling it in so you can understand who you are. With the electrical energy, it is more that you have, yes, as the channel has said, put your finger in a light socket and you are wired and ready to go. And, that is the sensation.

Now, some of you know exactly where you are going and what you are doing. Some of you are still waiting for the full script and that is fine. But the energies that you are feeling and will continue to receive throughout September and part of October are these energies of fulfillment, of harvest.

SB: Where will that leave us, Lord? How would you describe us at the end of October, energetically?

AAM: Now, we have not talked, for some time, directly about ascension. And, it would be at great peril that I would give dates to anything.

SB: Oh, no! Let’s not do that! (Laughter)

AAM: I am teasing you and I am teasing the channel.

SB: Can I just make an observation here? That anybody, anybody, anybody, who has ever given a date so far, has been wrong. Correct?

AAM: That is correct.

SB: So, we’re all through with dates. So please continue.

AAM: So we are all 100% correct, right?

SB: Yes, our batting average is perfect.

AAM: That is correct! But, what you are looking for is the feeling that you have – and when I say feeling, I mean the true knowingness – that you have shifted. That you are in your expanded heart consciousness, and that you are in the transformative love, and it is simply growing, and growing, and growing, and that you have finally comprehended the meaning, within you, of infinite.

Infinite, eternal, does not stop and start. It is the expansion ‘into.’ And, that is where you are going, into this glorious expansion ‘into’ your divinity, your magnificence, your ability to create, your interdimensional self, your Nova being, your transcended self. And in that, isn’t the desire to depart. Quite the contrary, my beloved friends. In that is the desire to stay, to anchor, to enjoy, to be the joy, and to move ‘into’ why you are really upon sweet Gaia at this time. To revel!

Not that the shift, the fullness of ascension is completed. But, that you are in the process, and it is so big and expansive that you think that you will explore and expand forever. And you are welcoming it with such excitement and eagerness and enthusiasm that you can’t sit still.

And, in that there will be the balance. And you will say to yourself, “But, I will sit still, because when I do, I receive more. And I want more. I desire more. I desire to be more. And I desire to unite with my small group of seven billion plus. And I can only do that in the quietude, in the certitude, of my heart, of my soul.”

And, make no mistake about it, you, right now, have the capacity to connect with your entire small group, not merely of light workers, but of entire Gaians. You haven’t given it a real try. Might I suggest you do so? You will be amazed in the most positive of ways.

SB: Wow! I’m afraid we’ve run out of time, Lord. And, that’s too bad because this is an absolutely absorbing topic. You said expand and explore, I would add to that, explode! (Laughter)

AAM: Laughing: Yes. But in a good sense, dear heart.

SB:  Fortunately, it isn’t the end.

AAM: It is not the end, it is simply the beginning. It is your new chapter, it is what you have wished and prayed and toiled for. It is your harvest.

SB: Absolutely. Totally know what you are talking about. Just one quick question: People ask me, how do you have a heart opening? Mine, by the way, was explosive! It was like some kind of cork blew out of my heart! How do people who want to have that experience have that experience, Lord?

AAM: Drop down into your heart. Most of you are “thinking” or “feeling” about a heart opening. Bring all your energy up from Gaia, through your feet, into your heart from every chakra, and down from the heart of One into your heart. For some it will be like the quiet dawn. The door is opening quietly. And, for others it will be the champagne cork popping. It will be explosive.

But, either way, sit there at the seat of your heart. Burn your tri-flame brightly, of the blue and the gold and the pink. Anchor and feel it. Not sense it, feel it. Just be in your heart without any agenda and allow it to come to you.

SB: Thank you, Lord. Is there anything you’d like to say in closing?

AAM: Your patience, your prudence, your balance have led you to this point. Proceed bravely, courageously, with excitement and awe and glee. And turn to me. Turn to all of us because, beloved ones, we are with you. Go in peace!


Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2015 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

Transcript – Archangel Michael on AHWAA: It is your Harvest, a True Tsunami, September 3, 2015


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In the last ten minutes of the program, we looked at the plight and promise of the under-thirty generation. So many are couch-surfing and house-sitting to make ends meet and at the same time producing videos and works of art, inspiring projects, offering healings, and so on. Archangel Michael addressed the mission of this generation and how they’re going about fulfilling it.


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An Hour with an Angel

Linda Dillon – Channel for the Council of Love

Graham Dewyea – Host

Steve Beckow – Interviewer

Steve Beckow: We welcome Lord Maitreya back again this week to continue our discussion of unitive consciousness and unconditional love.

Lord Maitreya: And welcome to you my beloved friends and followers, my fellow journeyers. I am Maitreya. I come to you as Buddha, as Buddha of Love, as Buddha of One, as Buddha of All, and I call, and I beckon, and I speak yet again to the Buddha within each of you. For you are bright stars, incredible beings, mighty spirits, masters in form.

So, you do not need, my friends, to look so desperately to me, for I am with you always. But also look to one another. We continue this discussion of what it means to truly be in unity; in the unity of heart and heart-consciousness, of mental and emotional unity, to be in absentia to fear, to be in absentia to judgment, and to embrace and embody all beings in all forms, all kingdoms, all energies upon this planet.

We have left our last conversation in speaking about the hidden fears. And, I am knowing, not assuming, that you have had the opportunity not only to mull over, but to truly integrate, anchor within your sacred self, the nature and the energy of what we have spoken of previously.

The human race grows, ascends, shifts, becomes, expands, at an incredible speed — in your definition and in ours. You are washed, you are cleansed, you are fertilized. You are nourished by the Mother. And you are nourished by the entire Company of Heaven, of which I am proud and honored to be a part.

So, in this, it also means that you are prepared in all parts of your being, not only to relinquish fear, but to relinquish limitation, to relinquish this limited definition that you have had of your own sacred self and of the capacity, the role, and the function of humans on planet, particularly at this time.

So, I welcome you. I welcome you, my fierce peaceful warriors of blue, magenta, gold, russet, orange and red, silver and grey — it matters not what ray you carry or how you define yourself, because in that wonderful kaleidoscope of diversity and of uniqueness, we are all One. It is one of the most grievous illusions that there is any form of separation, of isolation, of abandonment.

So, beloved friend, dear Steve, where do you wish to begin this day?

Steve: Well thank you, Lord Maitreya. What I’d like to begin with is asking you, if you can for us, knit together these two concepts of consciousness, — and you could call them universal love if you like — I prefer the term transformative love. But, how do they relate together for people who, like us, are just emerging from third dimensional consciousness and can’t quite get the link yet? What is the way in which they are linked, or one, please?

Maitreya: There is a propensity, and one that I quite admire, but there is still a propensity in the human condition — and I use that term very specifically — to wish to define love. So, is it unitive consciousness? Is it transformative love? Is it divine love? Is it romantic love? Is it filial love?

What you try and do in some of these descriptive terms — which I fully understand — is you are trying to separate out, to give descriptors to the various forms of love that you feel and experience and know, rather than simply jumping in feet first, head first — it matters not — into the love.

When you take away the limiters: ‘Oh, this is romantic love. Oh, this is filial love. This is parental love.’ When you take that away and allow yourself to simply be engulfed, transformed, fully engaged in every chakra, every meridian, every fiber of your being, then what you are doing — ipso facto — is in fact being the love. Because you cannot dive in, embrace, or engage — truly engage — in the love without becoming part and parcel of that love.

Now, does it transform you if you truly allow it to, if you surrender to it, if you welcome it, if you determine yourself, your free will, and your choice, to be it? Most certainly — beyond your imagination and even beyond what you think is inspiration.

Now what is the bridge? Let us talk about what is the bridge, say, from where you are sitting or standing, or pacing today in this realm, which is figments, fragments, whispers of the old third, the renewed third, the fourth, the fifth, the sixth, the seventh, and far beyond — what is the bridge that takes you from where you are to the acceptance of love? Because, that is truly the question.

When you begin to acknowledge, and accept, and enjoy the knowingness that you are part of All, not merely upon your planet, but everywhere. Now, in your framework I do not necessarily anticipate that you will — well, some of you will, but most of you do not want to immediately explore how you are part of the eternal, infinite spectrum of time and space even as you know it.

So, when you get to the point where you are accepting, and enjoying, and participating, that you are part of all of humanity, this entire collective in all its array of colors and behaviors, and prejudices, and glory, and virtues, and that you are part of the carpet, the furniture, the cement, the Earth, the trees, the kingdoms, the animals, the fairies; when you recognize you are part of this Company of Heaven that you refer to so often; when you understand and again begin to enjoy — the joy is a factor here — that you are part of the Mother/Father/One.

When you have come to this point in your consciousness, and what you and we have termed this unity or unitive consciousness, then you have already done all the preparation, the clearing, the shifting to the higher realm where you can be, accept, and be proactive in the creation mode or simply the state of being, the love.

So, you may think of, because in many ways this is a thinking conversation, although I am working on many levels with you, but this is the thought pattern that you can understand of how you get from where you are this day — and that includes the entire range — to where I am inviting you, to where you truly are and have always been, and where I am welcoming you back to remembering, and inhabiting.

So, think of it in this way — you want to do quantum physics, but you haven’t gone to grade one yet. So, first you learn and you remember one plus one equals two. Then you learn to multiply. Then you learn algebraic equations — which are rather useless, (laughter) but nevertheless — you progress to a point to where you are having the foundation to understand the quantum physics, both abstractly and practically.

So, as you are traveling in the unitive spectrum, what you are really doing is laying the foundation to BE the unitive consciousness, because that is a precursor and part of the love. But it is also the homework, if I can put it that way. Is this clear? Because I want you to practically understands what I say this day.

Steve: Well, both practical understanding and deep understanding result, eventually, not right away perhaps, but result in realization. And it’s realization that opens the door, is it not? But, I wanted to just comment on something you said — I don’t like interrupting you, so it’s about ten minutes ago now — it sounded like you were saying we just have to BE the love, we have to enter into the love, jump into the love, and that reminds me of Sri Ramakrishna saying: “Jump in the lake, walk into the lake, dive into the lake, it doesn’t matter how you get into the lake, but just get in.” And, am I correct in thinking that the Company of Heaven is not stressing technique, and discipline, things like that, but simply being the love?

Maitreya: Yes. Now, in the human — and now I speak in generalities — in the human journey, in the diversion in what has often been called that scenic detour to the old third that humanity took, there was a period of time in re-learning, re-integrating who you are, and that is particularly true in the Buddhists, but in many traditions, that the discipline was part of the process.

Now, like many things, the humans took it to the extreme. Now, not that it did not have benefit, but, as this brilliant being has suggested, jump in the lake. Wade in, dive in, get thrown in, if necessary — but jump in the lake!

Get into the love! What you have come to think of as discipline, which even has its own negative construct or reference points, has been rigorous, many situations arduous. The feeling that if you do not adhere with discipline that somehow there will be punishment or lack initiated, is not true.

Discipline is simply intended to be part of practice, consistent practice — that is it! So when you consistently focus on the unity of All, of BEING in the Love, allowing that water to seep into your skin and into your soul, then you are doing exactly what is required.

You have made it – oh, and we have cooperated – a multi-step, difficult journey. And if you miss step 53, you have to go back and start all over again. And that is absurd! Do you really think that we are that unjust, that the Mother has no sense of compassion, or even a sense of humor, that we would require you, or in any way, punish you?

Punishment has been perfected by the human race, by the human mind and ego, not by Mother/Father/One. And so, if there is a discipline to be adhered to, it is the discipline of practice and belief that says: “No blame. No shame. No fear. No anger. No lack. No limitations. I am worthy. And all I have to do is to accept that I am constructed, I am fabricated — my skin, my tissue, my tongue, my eyes are fabricated — from the essence of creation and therefore the essence of love.” So, stop separating yourself. Please.

Steve: I think there might be a lot of listeners, Lord Maitreya, who hear you say that we are fabricated from love, and they listen to that and say, ‘Well, how can that be? What is love that you can fabricate something from it?’ Now, there’s all kinds of dimensions that love goes through before — well, I can’t say that for sure — but, I was going to say before it reaches the third. But, I don’t think we understand how we can be made from love.

Maitreya: And what I say to you, not as a riddle, but to deepen the conversation — which is rich — is to say how can you not be fabricated from love? You have many scientists, some who are brighter than others, who will say to you, ‘You are created from the matter of the stars.’

And is that not delightful? And where, and from whence, did the stars come? Now you have quasi-scientific understanding and research. Your scientists are only just beginning to fully acknowledge and recognize the fabric of dimensionality, of expanded-dimensionality, and inter-dimensionality.

In fact, your creative people, your fiction writers, your movie-makers, your cinematographers are in many cases further ahead than the, what I would call, the concrete scientists. But I am not trying to avoid your question. I am giving you the framework within which your understanding has been constructed.

Now, we have spoken — I have not, I believe it has been St. Germaine, but it matters not because we all speak one truth. Think of it even when you create a new being, a body, a child, a baby, and you say, ‘Yes, but there are many children that are born and they are not born of love.’ The energy of that copulation, the energy – and this is why you say, ‘But this is an unwanted child. Can you imagine such a term, such a grievous term, an ‘unwanted child?’ And I do not mean that you do not have freedom of choice, you do — but let me continue . . .

When that being comes into form, when that soul — that is an agreement from your higher self, your twin flame, the person you are copulating with, their higher self and their twin flame, the being that is coming into human form, their higher self, their circle of advisors, as you would call them, their guardian angels, their pod, in consultation or previous, long-ago, prior approval of the Mother.

How that morphs into form — yes, we know all about genetics — but, what is that spark that in fact creates life? Now, I am not, nor do I wish to be, associated with any Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist or any other form of religious dogma.

Let me be clear — that spark of light as a soul chooses — it is a decision and an ignition of love. There are many times when there is copulation and such ignition does not take place; not because there is not love between the couple, sometimes there is not, it is violence. It is rape. It is abhorrence. But, there are many times when it does not result.

When the spark of love is inserted, what you think of as that life-force energy, your life-force energy is love-force energy. And it is in that ignition; it is in that spark, that it can begin to achieve what I would call materiality, form, substance. But the essence is the love.

It is the love of all beings involved, conjoining, particularly the soul coming forth and saying, ‘I will be the love.’ Regardless of what you think of the whole realm of karma — and there has been much written and much said — there is not one being, upon this planet or elsewhere, that does not come forth with the absolute, anchored belief that they will be love, that they will experience love, and that they will be loved. Not one.

Now, does this often go awry because of the disillusions, circumstance, free will, choice? You have a nice long list. But the truth is the spark of creation — it’s not just an expression of love — it is that energy of love taking form.

So, when you are in your body — whether you are 13, 43, 63, or 93 — you are still — no matter what you have done, no matter where you have traveled, no matter what denial mechanisms you have very sophisticatedly developed — you are still carrying that spark of love, and the desire to love, to be loved, and to BE the love. It is the essence of creation.

Steve: Well thank you for that. But it’s so hard for us to understand, I think, because it’s not only the essence of creation, but it’s the building blocks. It’s the solvent. It’s the glue. And it’s very hard to encounter this one thing — love — and see it play so many roles and functions, and some of them entirely opposite to each other. It’s the glue, and, it’s the solvent. So I have to say, I don’t understand, as much as I enjoy experiencing love, I don’t understand love. I can’t, I can’t . . . Are you any closer to understanding love, after all your years of looking at these questions deeply?

Maitreya: Yes. And how you arrive at understanding love is when you allow yourself — not only to love or be loved, not only to have the experience, because it is beyond experiential — when you BECOME the love, you are closing the circle and the unity, because you are becoming reunited with Mother and with the love.

It is not so much to be explained as to simply BE. So you look for words, you look for explanations: ‘Tell me what love is.’ And we speak in riddles to you because we tell you that there is nothing that love isn’t. And you say, ‘Well, what about the terrible torture? What about the child that is hurt and ill and hungry? What about the woman who is tortured or abused by her husband? How can these be love?’

And I say to you, with the deepest sadness, which is different than human sadness. None of those things are love. Those are human creations attempting to deny love. But it still comes back to love, does it not?

Steve: I’m not sure. You’ve said that they aren’t love, but everything is love. So, I guess I don’t need to understand, but I think of understanding as the first step towards realization. And the next step would be to experience it, and the step beyond even that would be to leave experience behind and realize it. So, . . .

Maitreya: When you wish to understand it — let us be human and practical – think, beloved light workers, and why we call you love-holders, think of how you feel, how you operate, how you exist, when you feel that you are quote end-quote, “in love,” how you feel when you think that you are loved.

Now, why, in your human understanding, you feel fabulous, you feel excited, you feel energized, you feel that you could climb mountains and swim across oceans. And there is very little that you would not do to maintain and sustain that feeling. That is you coming to know and understand love.

And when you feel that the love is fading, or that it has not been true, or it is not the fullness or the magnificence that you were hoping for, then you feel desolate, disappointed. And the reason for that is you are looking outside of yourself. But that is part two, shall we say, of the same conversation. But an understanding. Simply think about how you feel when you feel that you are loved and lovable, and you are in love.

Steve: So, opening your Christmas presents or . . .

Maitreya: That is correct because it is an expression of, “I have value. Someone loved and cared enough to buy me a little something.” Whether it is a new Jaguar, or a pair of gloves, or socks — it doesn’t matter. It is the feeling that you are cherished. And when you don’t feel cherished, you feel unplugged. You do not have the same level of creativity. You try and distract yourself by staying, quote end quote, “busy.”

I do not tell you things that you cannot relate to you — all of you — and understand. So the first piece of understanding, in a very human way, love, and that is why you try and define it. That is, ‘Oh, now I am in romantic love. Now this is my forever love. Oh, that is the love of the Mother. This is my parents’ love. This is my love for my sibling or my friend.’

You try and define it, but it’s all about the love because it is the love that makes you feel alive. And it is when you do not have the love, however you are defining that experience, and that will grow and is growing every day. You are doing well my friends: Let me make sure I am telling you that.

But when you do not feel the love, then you feel like, ‘Life is boring, life is not worthwhile. I will keep myself busy because I do not make the choice of suicide. Oh, yeah, and I promised the Mother that I would stay, even if I am not in my creative, creation self.’

So start with that; with the evidence that is present in your everyday life. How do I feel? Do I think more clearly? Am I more creative? Do I smile more at everybody on the street? These are expressions. And the reason that you yearn for it, that you want it, that you work so hard — because you do — to maintain it, why you are so reluctant to give it up, is because you know at your core level, in your heart consciousness, you know this is what defines me. And you cannot see it. You cannot measure it. You cannot touch it. But it is in the air you breathe and the water you drink — and you know it.

So your understanding — in a very human, right-now way — is not limited. And that is why we have taken the entire year to speak to you about sacred union, sacred partnerships, to elevate in every form of relationship — including, and especially, with your sacred self — why we have said to you, “Let us elevate this, let us take this innate knowing, this innate desire to expand, to the next level!”

Yes, because the Mother has designed it. But also because you, and especially when I say, you, I mean you who listen this night, I mean you light workers, love-holders of sweet Gaia, you are ready — you are ready to expand more fully into the love.

Is that practical enough for you?

Steve: Oh, that’s very practical. Now something you said a couple of minutes ago suggests that there really is a much finer plan afoot to irradiate us with love — if I can say that — than simply a third wave of the Tsunami of Love. Can you tell us what steps are actually being taken to raise and elevate the human race through this irradiation of love? Take us into more detail than just saying the third wave, please.

Maitreya: Yes, I can. And with you, of course, I bow to the Mother. Now let me give you, again, a practical example: If your prime minister or chancellor or president declares a situation. Let us say, for example, that all armed forces are put on high-alert because there are massive sightings of star ships in the sky, so everybody is on high-alert all over the planet . . .

Now think of it in terms of how we work — and I include the Archangels, the Angels, all the Masters, all the Ascended Beings, the Enlightened Beings, you name it — when the Mother declares — which is the way you will understand it — that she is not finished yet, that the humanity in the ascension process has not reached a level of love integration enough to a quotient where it will be sufficient for the final leap and integration into not only the higher dimension, but a dimension that is vibratory frequency compatible with your star brothers and sisters, with us, with the Angelics. When she makes a declaration of this magnitude — and by the way, gets to work — do you think that we simply sit by and watch her? Oh no! We are all on full alert!

Think about it: If all your armed forces, if every corporation, if every school child was put to work on a project, what this would mean . . . Well, my beloved friends, we have all been put to work on this project of love. So, each in our own way, and our own unique expression with the qualities that we demonstrate —because we love to — are working with you.

Now the umbrella of this is anchor, your term irradiate, elevate, shine into the darkness, create peace on Earth — there are so many ways. But, what you are doing in the very air, not only that you are breathing — think of it in this way; think of the air that is touching your skin in this very moment that we are talking, filled with love. Think of it, every time you get in the bath or the shower, the rain, or have a glass of water, a cup of coffee – filled with love.

There is nothing that is surrounding you — and in this way I speak of the collective — that is not being infused, elevated, attuned to, love. We have never been so busy. You think that we simply float around on clouds, except for Michael, of course, who is very busy. But, that is not the case.

Steve: [laughing]

Maitreya: We are all fully employed. We are working, in your terminology, we are working long hours, over-time, because the Mother’s desire that you know what we are speaking of this very day — this is a part of it, your air waves are being filled with the attunement of love.

Steve: Could you give us some examples of what — I was going to say people, I don’t even know if I can use the term people — but what the Company of Heaven is specifically doing? I know that Archangel Michael is visiting the battle fields, and doing other contributions to his peace initiative, and I know what Raphael is doing, and Gabrielle, but what about the Masters? Can you give us some examples of what they are doing to fulfill the Mother’s mandate, as it stands at this moment?

Maitreya: St. Germaine is igniting, and shall we say torching: He is igniting and destroying issues of lack, limitation, and particularly working with Archangel Uriel, and being part of the crew that is anchoring the Mother’s gifts of greater clarity and purity. You know that there is a move afoot — yes with a hearty circle — but there is not one human being that on some level is not having their core issues bubble to the surface. The night, the nights – and this is particularly true for light workers, regardless of what appears to be external, or visible, physical circumstance – the nights, the darkest nights of the soul, are dissipating.

And, St. Germaine is igniting — in the heart, in the mind, in the core — the I AM presence in each person. So what that, in practical terms, means, people, humans, whether it is the head of Chase Bank, or IBM, or a head of state, are re-evaluating what they see.

As the old disappears, there is a new light emerging in them. And they are re-evaluating what they really want to do with their scope and their power of responsibility. And some are choosing to completely redirect — we would suggest that what you see as massive resignations, is not always due to some exposure of illuminati or cabal — it is a redirection of heart. So that is what St. Germaine is up to.

Lao-Tzu is working on — very intensely — on the healing, the physical healing, and the mental — again — healing of humanity. And, he apparates very often.

Serapis Bey is taking thousands upon thousands upon thousands every day through his balancing of Alpha and Omega. Again, the balancing — what it is doing, in practical terms, is balancing what you think of as personality, ego, heart-consciousness, and the physical realm of behavior.

People are being assisted, beyond your imagination, to be their Ascended Self. So they are letting go of the debris — yes, it is being washed by the Mother’s Third Wave — but we are all inside the wave and we are in your homes, your offices, your beds. We are working . . .

Steve: That’s incredible. Thank you for that. I need to ask you a question before we run out of time. I promised a listener that I would ask this question. There’s been a report that the Iraqi army is all together disbanded, that they just laid down their weapons and walked away.

And that, on the one hand could be good, but as long as ISIS is roaming the countryside, it also could be bad. We don’t know how to interpret whether there is truth to the report, and if there is truth to the report, what it all means. Can you help us with that, please?

Maitreya: Stand back. Be the observer. Now Michael has suggested to you — and yes, we will say on his behalf — the peace initiative is not completed as yet. And he will not rest and paint the sky until such time as it is, and that is true for all of you who are committed.

And it does not matter whether you are blue or orange — he has suggested to you, he has promised to you, that the time would come when many, and of many nations, would simply set down their arms, and this will be done in a whole variety of ways.

Now, who is most likely to set down their arms, not necessarily as an expression of defeat, of terror, or even of compliance of a hostile force? Those who are sick and tired of war, those who desire to create a nation-state, a planet that is honoring of love, honoring of the responsibilities that they have in very productive ways to their family, to their community, and yes, to their nation, to their culture.

Those that will lay down their arms are those who are in that place of greater yearning. They are the most easily reached because they are not so volatile and in the emotionality of chaos. So, do not simply look to Iraq: Look to China, look to Korea, look to the United States of America.

Steve: I think the question on everybody’s mind is look to ISIS. Is ISIS going to be laying down its arms?

Maitreya: They are being worked on. As you know, they are very intensely being worked on, not only by Michael, but by the Mighty Archangels. Mohammed himself is working, speaking directly in dreamtime, and to the minds of the ISIS leadership.

You can look for a softening and a laying-down, because in the — can we say — the removal of the Iraqi army — now there are two things: They can be the hoards of Genghis Khan and keep going, or because they do not have the pressure to struggle against anything, they can stop.

Steve: Hmm. Are we laying any bets on which it’s going to be? [laughing] We don’t know, do we?

Maitreya: I will always be backing Michael. He is far more powerful than any leader of a military group.

Steve: But you had to respect free will up ‘til now. Have we passed a divine deadline whereby you don’t have to respect free will any longer?

Maitreya: We are respecting free will, but also know that free will — thanks to your little group — is beginning to grow. And, as free will becomes in greater force, so does the realization that free will does not necessarily want to be destructive. It wants to be in alignment with love. Now if that does not bring this discussion to full circle, I do not know what does, dear heart.

Steve: Absolutely. I think what one of the lessons I take away from what we have been talking about so far, is just how easy it is, and yet not easy, and that is simply to BE the love. It’s easy to say, not necessarily easy to do.

Maitreya: It is not easy to do. And I wish to say — is it the most natural state of being? Yes. It is who you are. But as you tear away, as you shed the skins of illusion of who you think you are, of who you have been programmed to be — that is the part that is not easy.

You are stalwart. We cannot even begin to tell you how impressed we are. Do we all jump to it when the Mother says, “Let’s go!” Of course we do. But Sweet Angels of Light you have as well. It would be an error of a magnitude that we do not wish to leave you with; you have truly complied, applied, and continued on.

Is it easy? No. Is it worth it? Yes. And will you, with us, be victorious? Beyond any shadow of a doubt. Because we are united, we are unity consciousness, we are united in our hearts, our minds, our souls, and we are united in the very fabric of the Mother. No other outcome is possible.

Steve: I hear the music in the background and I regret that we must draw to a close. Is there anything you would like to say in closing now, Lord Maitreya?

Maitreya: Go with my love, all of my love. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
© 2015 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.


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Lord Maitreya – Your Deepest Desire – Your Greatest Fear ~ Linda Dillon @ Council of Love


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Transcript: Lord Maitreya – Your Deepest Desire ~ Your Greatest Fear, May 26, 2015

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An Hour with an Angel

Linda Dillon – Channel for the Council of Love

Graham Dewyea – Host

Steve Beckow – Interviewer

Steve Beckow: We have as our guest today Lord Maitreya that many lovingly call the Big Buddha. And we are going to be talking to him about unitive consciousness. Welcome Lord Maitreya.

Lord Maitreya: And welcome to you beloved brothers, beloved sisters, beloved friends.

Yes, I am Maitreya. Buddha. And Buddha of love, Buddha of One, Buddha of All. For we are but one energy, you know! So as we come this day to gather and to converse about unitive consciousness, about unity, is it not fitting that we begin by the acknowledgement that, in fact, we are all one?

So, as I come to address you, as Maitreya, as Buddha, do I not address the Buddha within each one of you? Do I not call forth the enlightened being within each one of you? It is my honor and my pleasure and my sacred duty to do so. And it is not because, in any way, my dear heart friends, that I wish to diminish or dismiss any other aspect or part of your sacred being.

But when you allow and bring to the forefront this piece of you that is already, and always has been in your mastery, in the unity of one, it allows the conversation, and more importantly, the energy of our union to proceed more smoothly.

For there are things that I will speak of this day, this night as I join you, that perhaps you may not fully comprehend or understand in your current, logical mind. But in your heart-awareness, in the totality of your being, you know exactly what I am saying.

You are not, nor is it feasible that you are not united and fully integrated as part of One. Now, many of you, in this wondrous exercise of ego and free will, have traveled as far as you possibly could to be away from this understanding and from this acceptance of who you are.

And I would say to you, what a valiant effort and try so many of the human race have made. And I invite you to join with me to see the humor of that because, dearest hearts, it does not matter how far you flee or what illusions you erect and resurrect – it does not change the fundamental reality that we are all connected, interconnected, interwoven, inter-gridded as One.

Yes, each in your unique expression of One, each in your own explanation, as convoluted or as clear as that may be – it doesn’t matter.

Now, when I say it doesn’t matter, I do not mean that your free will, spiritual, mental, emotional, causal, physical, decisions, actions, behaviors, do not matter. They matter immensely. And they matter in every aspect of what you can think of as time.

What I mean is that the illusions that you are somehow separated, or isolated, or that you, in your mighty decision-making power, have removed yourself from the web of One – that thought pattern, that emotional pattern, does not matter because it is not of truth. And it is time. And I have heard many of you say, “Lord, it is long past time that this recognition of separation be over and done with.”

I do not have a plan at this juncture to wait thousands of years to speak to you or to spend thousands of years trying to convince you of what is already known, yearned for, desired, and, to some degree, differing with every being upon the planet, accepted within your heart consciousness and to some degree within your mental and emotional consciousness.

I step forward as a being of love. Many have called me “Master of the Masters.” It is not a term that I drag out very often and certainly not for special occasions. Because in our unified grid, in our unified consciousness, there is not a hierarchy. My reason for mentioning this is to address you in your mastery, to allow you to raise your head and declare the truth of who you are in the totality.

And you may say to me: “But, Lord, I do not feel like a master.” And I would tease you. I would sit with you. I would cajole you. And I would ask for you to consider – what does a master feel like? And how do you know? Why are you so eager to deny your potential?

The declaration, the anchoring of mastery is not, and never has been, and never will be, a declaration of ego, of superiority, of any form of hierarchy. It is a declaration of piety, of humility, of service. It is a declaration that you are willing, in your enlightened process, to do whatever it takes, from cleaning latrines, to scrubbing floors, to cleansing the sky and the oceans, contributing to the rebuilding of Nova Earth, and that includes contributing to the disassembly of the old.

It is done in the knowingness that every thought, every action, every blink of your eye has impact on the whole. There is nothing that you can do. Think of what I say: There is nothing that you can do, feel, activate, not activate, not do. Inaction is action. So there is nothing that you can feel, or believe, or hold to be true that does not impact – not simply have ripple effect – but directly impact the entirety of the whole.

Now, if that is not power and might born of mastery, I do not know what is. When you have collectively, in your unified consciousness, decided that you would ascend as one, as one planetary element – think of this – in form that you were strong enough, stalwart enough, committed enough, diligent, consistent, powerful enough to undertake such a Herculean task.

This was a declaration of your desire and determination to be an expression, and an action, and a result of unification, of that surrender and acceptance of unified grid, of unified heart, of unified consciousness.

There was a deep soul recognition that individual by individual, while there is respect and honoring of each being’s soul decisions, soul design; that the true service to the Mother was the declaration of One.

Now, many of you have put this aside and said, “Well, what is the next thing? We have been twiddling our thumbs and waiting for ascension. We have been waiting event after event and the significant shift into the higher realms. So, now I am bored and I will move on.”

But, my sweet beloveds, you do not move on, you are still in this process, you are still in the Mother’s third wave. You are still in the wakening to the realization of the fullness of who you are. And it is only distraction, to quote my beloved brother Michael, to think that you are not in the middle of this, and, in fact, it is not the middle, it is the end. But that is part of the discussion we have this day.

Now, I have spoken at length, and dearest heart, Steve, I know you wish to begin.

Steve: Well, I’m absolutely enthralled by what you’re saying, Lord Maitreya. Yes, we can begin another line. And that is that, if I could start here: I think we’re all having trouble either understanding unitive consciousness or realizing it or feeling it. And probably the chief impediment is that we all exist in separate bodies – Linda’s over there, Graham’s over there, I’m here.

Now how can unitive consciousness exist when we are in separate bodies? I think that’s probably the chief question that listeners might have about this topic. Can you explain that, please?

Maitreya: The creation, not only of humanity, but certainly of far beyond – and I will answer the question – but there has need to be a backdrop to this explanation. Many of the creations, in fact most of the creations of the Divine Mother are an expression, an experience of what you think of as singularity and uniqueness.

And that is true whether it is a human form, or an animal form, or even a planetary or galactic form. Because even a galaxy, for example, has many elements, but it tends to think of itself, yes, think of itself, as a unified One.

The underlying, pinning consciousness, even in the expression of singularity, is unity. You are seeking something, and I will get to the practical, but you are seeking something that is already part, an element, of your core being, of your heart.

Now, many have kept this aspect, this element of themselves buried, hidden, ignored, denied, but the light workers, the love holders, whom I joyously address this night, have passed that point, long past that point, of denial and are seeking the greater, the outer expression of that unitive consciousness.

Now, think of your body. Your body is a living – in your reality – example of unitive consciousness; the cells, the organs, the tissue, the bones, the skin, the structure, even your unseen bodies, your chakras, your meridians – they all work in harmony, in a unified consciousness grid.

It is only when it is interfered with, ignored or damaged, by physical or human choice, that it does not. And even when that occurs it strives to restore that unified balance. So the underpinning of creation – which is a very significant statement that I make to you this night – is unity, is the connectedness of all.

The gift – and there has been great discussion throughout the ages about the nature of this gift – but the gift of singularity, particularly as we will restrict this to the human collective, has been this element of free will which was given to you to be able to align, to not be forced or have it as a given, but for you to discover and choose the joy, the bliss of being in that alignment with unity.

Now, has that gone askew? It most certainly has. But what you are asking of me is how do we reunite. How do we reconnect when we have these forms, these bodies?

But you are not, and your mind and heart are not restricted or contained by these bodies. That is an inner shell of your being. But your outer shell, your heart consciousness, and even as you go forth, your mental consciousness, your emotional consciousness – yes, in balance – is able to fully connect telepathically, energetically, what you think of as physical or oral communication, written communication.

And this potential, this ability to connect into the collective consciousness, which is unified consciousness – not of the old realm, but of the true realm – has been growing exponentially, explosively, by quantum leaps in the past several years. And has it been assisted by we who serve you, by your star family, and by each other? Yes.

Let me go to the science for a moment – no not the complicated quantum physics and beyond that you would not comprehend. The most sophisticated expression of science is love. It is the form, it is the substance, it is the matter, it is the expression of all creation.

But think of it, in your scientific realm, how there have been – and there have been many, many, many, many examples of this, of an idea, not just of a scientific idea, of a formula, of an invention, of a creation, but of an idea: The world is round; we are not the only life force or life expectancy upon the universe or within this galaxy; that there are other forms of nationhood or governance and liberty; and that perhaps there are different ways in which equality expresses.

These ideas, which are inspirations, but they are human – and yes, transmitted inspirations – occur simultaneously upon the planet out of what you can think of as thin air.

But what is truly transpiring, and the capacity that is growing, is that you are already keying into this collective, unified grid of consciousness. And the realization is that you are not separated from that over-arching connectedness. And it is not restricted to simply ideas. Most importantly it is connected to the love, to the heart.

So you say – and this has been assisted by your star family giving you what you think of as technology to connect – but you find yourself in sacred relationship, loving friendships, partnerships, soul family, union, increasingly with people all over the globe whom you have never had the opportunity, as yet, of meeting on the street, of sharing a meal, or a cup of wine, or a cup of coffee, that you have never gazed at the sunset together or shared the stories of your singularity.

And yet you find yourself, by choice, engaged, committed, and what I would refer to as bound to each other – not by obligation, not by a sense of responsibility – but by a sense of heart knowingness of this love, of seeing the divinity and the bright singularity in each other.

Now, is this, at this juncture of your time and space, limited? Yes. But does it grow? You have only a tiny glimpse of how significantly, rapidly, dramatically – in our sense of the word – that it is growing. All over the planet beings are communicating in the name of just causes, in the name of corporations and businesses, in the name of nationhood. But what is truly transpiring – people are connecting and seeing, in very real, heartfelt, unitive consciousness ways, the value, the recognition of each other.

And these relationships that begin their definition by purpose or cause, be it government or corporations or good works, these relationships are taking root. And the growing recognition of family as fellow journeyers on Gaia, yearning for the same things: to be treated fairly and equally, and honorably, and lovingly, with kindness and consideration – this is growing. And it is not dependent upon the body. It is dependent upon the yearning and the desire and the willingness, this freewill decision, to allow the connection.

Do you understand what I say?

Steve: Yes I do. And, I continue to be looking at this difficulty. I guess it boils down to why can I not both understand and feel and realize unitive consciousness? What stands in the way of my realizing that, Lord? And, I speak for all the listeners, of course. What work remains to be done or what obstacle has to be removed?

Maitreya: Denial.

Steve: Denial of?

Maitreya: Denial of self. Denial of your ability to truly link-in. Now, let us speak very clearly. Your deepest truth and desire is not only to return home, to return to the Mother, but it is to be loved. It is to be seen, to be acknowledged, cherished, and to be free to fulfill the expanse, the vast expanse, of your soul mission.

And when I speak of soul mission, I am not simply speaking in the narrow interpretation of your service to the Mother, because a key component of this soul mission is also to know love and joy in the physical realm. That is why you are maintaining – and it is a choice – maintaining this physical singularity.

This is your deepest desire, and it is your greatest fear. It is what you have constructed, many layers individually and collectively, and I mean as an entire collective of the beings upon Gaia, that you have constructed these ideations, these paradigms of false separation, and none of it is true. But you have constructed it just in case your deepest desires do not manifest and are not true.

So you allow – yes, allow – this deviation, this detouring, and you feel that you are batting your head against a brick wall saying, “Let me in,” when the brick wall is not real, that you are in denial of your ability to simply walk through and join me.

You have had, each of you in different measure, have had the experience of the explosion of love. When you are staying in that place of that love, for self, for others, for all, there is no separation, you are there. And when you stay there, that hookup, as you would think of it, that flowing into the unitive consciousness of One, of absolute joy and bliss; it is a given.

So it is only when you start to back away and you say, “I was in this bliss, but it went away.” But you are learning – yes denial and all – you are learning not to deny, not a feeling, but that sense of beingness because that is the truth of who you are. It is, you have this delightful expression of your unique form and capacity, but it is part and parcel of a greater whole.

So these illusions that are erected – and when I say illusions, too often humans, and particularly my beloved light workers, you tend to take this as a critique, as a criticism, and it is not meant or intended that way.

Some illusions are very personal. Some illusions are the collective constructs that you have accepted as firm reality when it is not. So you are breaking down both your internal mechanisms and the external walls of Jericho at the same time.

But what is required is this, “no reason.” That is the gentlest word I can use. For you to say, “I cannot be there because I am ill, because my body hurts me, because I am broke, because I am overly concerned with making money, because people are starving. I cannot be in the bliss when there are people suffering on the planet and being martyred and mutilated. I cannot be there when there is such injustice.”

All of these, in your realm, are not self-serving. So, do not think that when I say, illusion,”I mean being self-serving. I mean it as a form of denial, and the denial is you are denying yourself the bliss, the ecstasy, the unitive consciousness in order to address what you feel and believe are very real issues, when in fact allowing yourself into the unitive consciousness allows the solutions to simply blossom.

That is why I say, I do not need to come and to preach for 60,000 years. All if have need to do in order to serve you the way I wish is for you to allow the unity that was planted within you to come to the forefront, to not think that you have to strive and strive and strive to become what you already are.

And you say, “Lord, I am at sea and I am lost because you are speaking of this, and I know you speak the truth, but I have no idea how to get there.”

So let me address this. Your expanded being, your spiritual self, what you may think of as your higher self, your universal self, the seat of your soul, your soul design, does know. And that is what you have been working with in this process of being clarified, purified, cleansed, and brought into a state of grace.

Now, it is not merely the Mother or any of us who do this to you. We do this with you. We do this in the unity of our love. So how do you get there?  You go into the depths of your being, into the depths of your heart – no, much deeper than any of you have traveled. Do not forget the Mother’s creations are infinite and you are already in the unified consciousness with us. So, what you are seeking is simply the realization of that.

So, think of it in this way: You have been traveling from Vancouver to Germany, or China, or India. And you have fallen asleep because it has been, and it is, a tiresome journey, and you awaken and you are completely disoriented. You do not know what time it is and you do not know that you have already landed. In this moment, in the deepest part of the seat of your soul, allow us to join with you in the fullness of this consciousness and basically flip the switch.

Steve: I’m just flipping a very big switch here, Lord. [laughing] In my mind I’m following you at every step, and I’m having trouble staying conscious, so to speak.

Maitreya: That is what I want.

Steve: [laughing] One of my big fears is right here on the radio, I’m going to have a spiritual experience. I probably shouldn’t be afraid of it: I should probably welcome it if it happens.

Two words that go together are unity and love. In other words, in all the channeled messages that are happening these days, there seems to be this linking of unity and love. Are universal love and unitive consciousness the same thing?

Maitreya: Pretty much.

Steve: So if we couldn’t get in unitive consciousness, we could switch over and put a little time in on cultivating universal love and still be going forward – is that correct?

Maitreya: That is absolutely correct. Because when you are in the unity, the universal love, it will deliver you. It is your airplane and it will deliver you where you wish to go. And I have used the example of us turning on the switch. Do not worry, my beloved friend, I will keep you conscious enough that you do not lose track.

Steve: [laughing] Thank you.

Maitreya: But, think of it, I use the switch, but think of it in this way: Because we are in the Mother’s tsunami – if a tsunami passes through an electrical dam do you not think the force of that tsunami is going to trigger each and every one of those switches? Of course it will. Yes, safety or no safety.

When you enter into the flow of the One – now, think of what I am saying – I am inviting you and I am telling you, you have already the program, the energy, the knowingness, the desire to do so, in you. So when you enter into this flow, not only with the deepest, highest, most sacred – because this is a sacred undertaking, the sacred part of yourself – you are at the same time allowing and entering into the flow of all that is.

Now, this seems to you, in this first conversation, that this is beyond imagination. It is beyond imagination, but, my beloved friends, it is not beyond your knowing and your wisdom that is firmly anchored within thee. So you want and you are allowing.

Now, at first you are going to restrict like an ant inspecting a blade of grass, you are going to restrict the quadrant of the All of the One. But you investigate, but you allow to flow with and through you and to explore – this is an exploration, an adventure, an adventure of ecstasy. But as you finish with that blade of grass there is an entire Omniverse.

Now, this feels for you almost so large that it is frightening. And that has been part of this useful – and I say that with reservation – this useful framework of denial, these illusions that were constructed: “Oh no, I am limited to the area of experience of beingness that I am entitled to.”

Now, even in your most logical dissertation, why would the Mother create limitation in her infinite, eternal expressions? You know that your soul, your being, your spirit, lives forever and is integrated back to the whole until such time as you decide in concert with the All to begin yet again. You know this. And yet you desire this. And you deny this. So stop the denial. Can I invite you? Try it my way for a while.

Steve: [laughing]

Maitreya: Shall we say several million years.

Steve: Thank you. I have this image in my mind of a swordsman who, at once is confident and lunges forward, and in the next moment is defensive and blocks and parries and what have you. Is that how we are being with love and with unity?

Maitreya: Yes. And it is based on long histories, both of the collective and your individual experience in this and other lifetimes, on and off planet. So it is that eloquent approach/avoidance, defense/offense.

But it is just a habit, and many of you have relinquished habits that don’t serve you. Well, this is one that I would heartily endorse letting go of. Because it is the bliss. It is what you have been waiting for. It is the expanded consciousness – not that you are earning – it is your birthright. It is the truth of who you are.

Steve: Hmm. We have five minutes remaining, Lord Maitreya, and I was wondering if we could take a look at the subject of fear because that’s clearly what stands between us in both universal love and unitive consciousness. The fear at basis is a fear of extinction, is it not?

Maitreya: No. Yes and no. It is, in your realm, what you think of as a fear of extinction. But it is also a fear of your magnificence.

Steve: Really?

Maitreya: Absolutely.

Steve: Boy, please explain that.

Maitreya: It is your fear: “If I do this, I will die. I will be extinguished.” And I do not simply mean extinguished in this life form, but I will be extinguished. “I will choose to dis-create myself or I will request to be dis-created.” So that is the fear part.

Another aspect of that fear part is: “What if I proceed in my journey of exploration and discovery and I discover there is nothing there. And that is soul, soul, soul-destroying that I will wish to be extinct as well.”

But, what if you find the magnificence of your being and all it entails in terms of the totality of your being? Then there is the fear: “Well, what if I find out that I didn’t measure up or that I can’t measure up? Or that I can’t fulfill the actions, responsibilities, the promises I have made? I would rather stay in the shadows and be safe and say I can’t see.”

But you are denying yourself because you are afraid of what you may or may not be able to accomplish with your expanded self. So is it a fear? Yes. But it is an unfounded fear. “What if I love? What if I become the purest form of love? What if I become Maitreya, and I am simply love and yet I do not experience or know the love of others?”

Now, that is not possible, but that does not stop it from being a fear. “What if I give my all to love, and I find out the Mother doesn’t love me, or that I am not as wondrous as I think I am in her eyes, because there is so much?”

That is fear. And it is based on a limited view of what love is. Because it is All, it is everything. So you are afraid to proceed and you are afraid not to proceed. You are caught in the prison of your fear.

Steve: Frozen with fear. I am afraid I think I’m going to have to intervene because we’ve run out of time. But, I would like to ask you, is there any parting comment, any last thoughts you’d like to leave us with? And, also, I’d like to ask you to come again to continue this discussion, please.

Maitreya: I would be honored to continue this discussion because it is necessary, and it is part of my journey to assist you. I give you the keys to unlock the jail.

Steve: You most certainly have. Thank you very much for that, I’ll listen to this show again and again.

Maitreya: Go with my love, beloved friends and allies.  Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
© 2015 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.



Transcript: Archangel Michael – On Mastery and Leadership – Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

archangel michael by daniel mirante

Art : Archangel Michael ~ by Daniel Mirante


Transcript: Archangel Michael – On Mastery and Leadership, April 16, 2015

archangel michael

An Hour with an Angel

Linda Dillon – Channel for the Council of Love

Graham Dewyea – Host

Steve Beckow – Interviewer

Graham Dewyea: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You and The Great Awakening.

Joining her is Steve Beckow, founder of the Golden Age of Gaia and author of Building Nova Earth: Toward a World that Works for Everyone.

Our guest today is Archangel Michael. So with that, I’ll pass it over to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thank you, Graham. Before we go into Archangel Michael and begin our discussion with him, I’d like to ask Linda if she would tell us a little bit – I think there’s a third wave of the Tsunami hitting, it appears quite strong, Linda.

Linda Dillon: Yes. There surely is a third wave of the Tsunami of Love hitting, Steve. And you are correct, people are exhausted again. I make a joke of it, just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water.

LD: [laughing] This energy is of an intensity certainly that I’ve never felt before, and you know the example or vision that I’m feeling is that it’s sweeping all of us up to the top of the Matterhorn, or Machu Picchu, or wherever the highest peak in your country is. And it’s just lifting us and fueling us again with that energy of the Mother’s love.

And it is really knocking people sideways; some in a completely blissful, joyful, ecstatic way, and some are doing a little bit of struggling because the other thing it is doing of course is that if there’s anything left inside – now we’re talking core issues. If there’s anything left inside it’s coming to the surface for clearing, not for picking apart and analyzing, but just for clearing.

SB: Absolutely. I think I was telling you before the show that I had a trigger that was so ancient that it was before my vasanas, and the trigger was a ‘startle’ mechanism. And that in itself traced to when my father first hit me, right? So it’s like, if that is not core, I don’t know what is. And that’s coming up in the face of the Tsunami of Love.

LD: That’s exactly right. And one of things I’ve said, and I don’t think I’ve always explained it well, or that people have always understood what I’m saying, is that the vasanas and core issues that we have talked about are really two distinct things. And when we talk about core issues we are talking about that deep dark gunge that is so hidden in the shadows of our being that very often we haven’t been aware of it.

Very often I’ll have people say to me, “Well I have an anger issue, and I think that’s my core issue,” and I think, no that’s not your core issue, that is simply a vasana, a cover. It’s one of the things that you’ve hung your feelings on, your experience of life; and your core issue is a handful of things like lack and limitation, like that grouping that we had in the old third dimension. And it’s usually things like deep fear of betrayal or acknowledgment of betrayal.

SB: Or life threatening.

LD: Life threatening. Martyrdom. Fear of not being seen or not completing your mission – that coming to earth is so not what you expected that you don’t know that you can stay and complete it.

You know, when you peel it, it starts to come into the worthiness area. But most of those core issues are the negative side of where you want to be. And if we don’t get rid of it? Well, the Mother’s energy is washing right through us and bringing us to great heights, and you know what, sometimes as human beings and as lightworkers who have been working on this for ages, we need a little help, and that is what the course is all about that I am going to be doing on core issues.

SB: When is that Linda?

LD:  Starting May 9th. It is a 5-week course, and it is going to be intense because we are going to dig in. This is really under the auspices of Archangel Michael, Sanat Kumara and Universal Mother Mary. We are digging in. We are cleaning out. And no more of this ‘wanting to create’ or ‘hoping to create,’ but every time you go to do your heart’s desire you sort of hit that brick wall. So we are tearing down that wall and we’re going for it!

SB: You’re right. It interests me very much.

LD: Well come on down!

SB: [laughing] Well thank you for that. Are we ready for you to transition?

LD: Yes.

Archangel Michael: Greetings, I am Michael. I am Mee-keye-yel. I am Michael. I am Archangel of blue, I am brother of blue, I am ally of blue. I bring the blue breeze of peace – yes, don’t forget. And I am here as warrior, as friend, as ally and bringer of news.

How is that for an introduction dear heart?

SB: Bravo, bravo, Lord! You outdid yourself! [laughing]

AM: I introduce myself this way – yes, as a way to make you all smile, but also as a way to reflect back into your hearts, your minds, your cores, your very being that you also do not have a singular definition. You may have a primary definition of your sweet self, but you are known and loved and honored and adored and admired for your many faces.

And one of things that has not been said is how this third wave of the Mother’s Tsunami is also integrating and anchoring within your very core, blossoming, germinating the seeds of who you are and bringing to the forefront all the magnificent capabilities, talents, desires, and creations of your heart.

And our goal – and when I say our goal, I mean all of our goals, the Company of Heaven, the Council of Love, your star brothers and sisters, and this group of Inlight Universal. It is our goal that this energy extend, and this wisdom, this bright day of a new tomorrow extend to every being upon this planet. So let us begin.

SB: For sure. Well, I woke up this morning feeling, the only word I could find to describe it was, substantial…substantiality about myself and where I placed my awareness was very truthful. I understood what was happening with that part of my body, and I went from there feeling very peaceful and loving. Is this just happening to me or is it happening to many people out there in the face of the third wave?

AM: It is happening to many. And part of this third wave is the deeper sense – and you have chosen the perfect word my friend, as always, substantiality. Because one of the things you are doing is truly embodying, anchoring the energy of the substance not only of who you are but of the unified field, of the re-gridded field, of the love of the Mother/Father/One.

You are feeling in substance the energy of your participation with and in them, that you are of the whole. So it shifts you; it shifts you in form, in your reality, not in the old third, but in the bright, new, inter-dimensional reality. And it is showing you, in a way, that you are incorporating this sense of love, the reality of peace within and without…what Nova Earth looks, feels, tastes, and is experienced as.

And it is from this knowingness, it is from this essence that you go forward in the creation, not merely of what you think of as buildings, as structures or institutions or social institutions, but of who you are, not only who you are upon sweet Gaia and as Gaians, as Earth keepers, as Portals, as Star Seeds – but throughout the cosmos. You are defining yourself and accepting that truth of who you really are.

There are so many of you, and now I do again speak to the people of Earth – all of you. You think and you feel and you come at this from a place of abhorrence and fear. That the humanity, the collective cannot be healed, cannot be lifted up; that the vibratory rate, the frequency, the essence of who the collective is, is so askew, so distracted, so abhorrent that it can’t be fixed.

I speak on behalf of the Mother. That is ridiculous, that is absurd, that is incorrect.

Now, we do not override humanity’s freewill. Quite the contrary, we support you, we guide you…often we overlight you. And yes, as I have said to one of you, we influence you. Now let me explain what that means. And when I am talking about influence I am talking about how we are talking with you energetically, telepathically, physically, soul to soul, heart to heart in addition to the Tsunami that is passing through you.

We don’t influence you in the paradigm of the old power structures of control and abuse. We influence you by saying: have you thought of? Can you feel? Can you at least look at what the other choices are?

There is no need, there is no payoff, there is no win, there is no ecstasy, there is no joy in the choices of war or control or mayhem, and that is what the Tsunami is washing out and then elevating you. It is taking care of these old, outmoded ideas.

Now does it bring to the surface, yes, these core issues…these paradigms that you have clung to? Of course it does. But these too can be addressed, erased, destroyed, eradicated, eliminated…returned back to the light. And all the while we are speaking to you, to your heart, to your mind, to your very being, saying, “Can you please just think of the alternative?”

And then we introduce the realm of responsibility of your magnificent being, your mission and purpose: leadership. What is free will and choice, and how do we work in the love of sacred partnership and sacred union?

So has the energy and the vibration been increased? Yes, it has. But this is not simply something that is being done to you. It is coming forth, yes directly, from the heart of the Mother with us as your beloved add-ons, but it is being done because you, in your hearts have said, “Yes. Please bring it on.”

SB: I just wanted to check one thing with you about the influence and maybe then we can turn to the subject of leadership. You say that you influence by saying, “Can you think of alternatives?” I experience statements like, “There are alternatives,” or, “I can see an alternative.” And when I really watch closely I notice that these thoughts are not coming from me. Is that a way that you influence?

AM: That is correct. We are not overriding your ability to choose.

SB: I understand. I experience it as a suggestion. [Laughing] And I know I can override it. Leadership. Now you talked with me in a personal reading quite a lot about leadership. There are so many questions though, that we have about that. And the first question I have is that lightworkers have been, many of them, subjected to ridicule and many of us are still hiding in the closet hoping we are not noticed. And now you come through and say, far from that, “You are going to be leading.”

Well, it raises fears in me of coming to the attention of the public so to speak. What do you have to say to us about making this transition having been shunned, ridiculed and stayed in the closet, and now being asked to come out and actually lead?

AM: It is time to come out of the cave. It is time to stop hiding your light under a bushel basket. It is time for many – all of you – to step forward and assume in the fullness of joy. So not only are you being asked to step forward, to let go of the fear, the angst, the anger, the concern, but we are asking you to step forward [laughing] in outrageous joy! So this is quite a request is it not?

SB: It is definitely quite a request. [laughing]

AM: Now, would we make such a request, such a suggestion because that is what guidance is…but I tell you, this request comes directly from the Divine Mother. Now let me go back and then we will continue. Do you remember what we have said – that when the Mother has a desire, it is an intention that stretches out from her essence and being into infinity and everything and everybody lines up – because that is the Love.

SB: Thank you for saying that.

AM: That is the Love. So you have been lined up, but hiding in the shadows. And you have been hiding in the shadows because of this, not only actual ridicule, but being dismissed, not being seen as fully present or intelligent, or anchored, or part of the collective thinking.

There have been a myriad of reasons why you have been in the shadows, not the least of which has been protection. Now, what we are asking and suggesting is that you are stepping forward into leadership roles, yes, to lead the parade. If you do not step forth in the fullness of your creator-race self, as the mighty beings that you are, there is a massive vacuum.

Let me explain. I have said unto thee, that the old third is but a whisper, an echo, that to try and physically ground in an energy that has no substance, no substantiality – one cannot anchor there any longer.

But let us suggest that you are not about to ‘become.’ You already are, and always have been, but now the acknowledgment and the embrace of your interdimensionality as creators and co-creators of New Earth comes to the forth, comes forth in a way of magnificence that has never been known, never.

In this, the old of who does what – let us be practical, because I can be exceptionally practical. You are the embodiment and the physical anchors, activators, doers of creating Nova Earth. You are the anchors of ascension, of the new reality, of the heart consciousness that is the new reality.

If no one steps forward into the ‘how to’, into ‘how do we go about this?’ How do we begin, how do we proceed, how do we build, how do we create in the practical sense? Then there is a massive vacuum because many of the billions upon your planet have not yet learned, adapted and integrated the new tools – the fullness of this new energy.

So they are assigned…or try to step up to create and to take the leadership role. They do not have the training and insight to do this in a way that is achievable. It is not a critique or a criticism or a judgment in any way of the collective, but if they are not fully engaged and enjoying the energy of wholeness, then they are not bringing the engineering of that wholeness to the project of creating Nova Earth. So there is a lack, a vacuum of leadership.

Now, who upon this wondrous planet, who has been hiding in the shadows or edging out, or in the limelight and is ready? Who has prepared? Who has been diligent and practiced patience and fortitude and stamina, and anchored the divine qualities? Who is it that is prepared to do this? Well it is the lightworkers.

Now there is a reticence on two levels. There is the practicality of, “My family thinks I am absolutely crazy,” “I do not want to risk my job, my friendships, my position in my community by speaking out.” And there is also the fear of success. There is the fear of the old paradigm of leadership, which was control and greed and lust and authority, meaning abuse of power.

And so the concern is we do not wish to duplicate the Illuminati. My friends, there is not a chance above or below that you are going to duplicate. That is what you have strived to eliminate. What you are being asked to do is to step forth in the truth of your gifts, your abilities…some in a minor way, some in a major way, but each in accordance with your true mission and purpose on Gaia – not on other planets…in tandem and cooperation with your Star brothers and sisters, but not off planet…to bring forth this wondrous new.

It has not been done in form, anchored in a physical reality, a physical reality that is absolutely interdimensional. That is the task at hand. We know the magnitude of what we are asking, but we also know the support that we are prepared to give on every level.

SB: Boy. If I could step in here for a moment, Lord. What you said is totally fascinating to me because I’ve been going through some of those stages that you are talking about. For instance just last night I wrote an article that looked into what mastery was, and you said earlier that people need to inquire into these areas that they don’t necessarily have expertise or a good means…that they don’t necessarily know the whole of the path.

So I began to inquire into mastery and I trashed the article because I thought I was getting too far ahead of the discussion. But you’re saying we need to step onto these new paths or at least make a trial formulation and get the discussion going. Is that what you are saying?

AM: That is what we are requesting. And you should not have trashed that article.

SB: [laughing] Oh, well I can resurrect it.

AM: Yes. We know you can, and if you cannot we most certainly can.

SB: [Laughing} Very good.

AM: You see there is also a shying away. And we have been saying this, that you came in your mastery – and I am addressing all of you. You came in your mastery to this incarnation. And most of you shake your head and shy away. Now we used to, and I am talking about, oh a decade ago.

We used to tease you and say you were masters in the making. We called you the M&M’s and we teased you and began, back then, planting the seed so that you would begin to get used to this whole idea of mastery. And then you shy away and you say, “Well I am not St. Germaine, I am most certainly not Jesus Sananda. I am not St. Francis. I am not Serapis Bey or Sanat Kumara.” And your humility, which is charming and a sacred virtue, is beautiful. But in that humility, do not fall into false humility where you deny the truth of who you really are.

It is time my beloved friends, to delve deeper. Yes, you have heard about your soul mission, your ray, your colors – all of this. But you have need also as a starting point in this discussion of mastery, to unequivocally without any fear, to look in delight, at who you really are and not deny – you have been given many labels, many assignations, some are Earth keepers, you my beloved brother are a communicator…you are a warrior.

There are many in my legion of blue who are peaceful warriors, each acting in a different way; some are communicators, some travel with me in the dark of the night to the most horrendously dark places, some of you work on the home front literally and theoretically, some of you are transforming the ideas of wars between kingdoms.

Each of you has a unique piece of this puzzle, of this unfoldment of the Mother’s intention. And you carry, yes, the broad spectrum of talents, but also the very particular talents that you have mastery of. Stop hiding.

We need, yes need, our partners front and center. So often you have said to us, “Where is the company of heaven? How are they assisting us?” We are right here with you in this unfoldment, every step of the way in love. Nothing else. Yes, the side effects, the elements of love, peace, joy, passion and compassion and patience and stamina – all of these are part and particle, subatomic fibers of love of the essence of Mother.

We are right next to you. So our question is, our request is, will you step forward in the truth with us? The Mother has deigned and designated a new group, very recently as ‘guardians of the truth’, and this is a pivotal role in the unfoldment of Nova Earth: that there can be no falsehood. That my blue truth, Gabrielle’s golden truth, Maitreya’s magenta truth – all of it shines brightly.

So what does it mean to step forward in the leadership? It means courageously, with exceptional valor, not only holding the truth of who you are and standing back, but beginning – yes, with discernment, but perhaps more vociferously than you ever have – declaring what you know to be true.

SB: Yeah, if this is my opportunity to jump in, Lord. First of all, let me speak for lightworkers in saying that we gladly step forward to serve in any way you require. We’d like to know from you what roles you require? And that will come, I’m not saying right here and now. But can you tell us what mastery is?

AM: You will be surprised at the simplicity of my answer. Mastery is the acceptance, surrender, and embodiment in form of you – as design, as love.

SB: Is that by a process of emergence, breakthrough? How does that happen?

AM: It is through the process of surrender. It is the process of elimination. It is the process of illumination into emergence. And that is where you are, most of you, right now. That is why we are saying if you are not there, do the elimination and come into emergence. We are here to help.

And through the emergence: then you have become what you have thought of as the ascended being, the mastery of your being, of who you are in that mastery, in that emergence into the truth – because there is only one truth. There’s not this truth or that truth. There’s not this love or that love.

When you emerge and stay in that frequency, in that energy, then what happens is the whole tableau: the whole realm of understanding of what you think of as enlightenment or vision or wisdom opens up so that you are not seeking elsewhere. That does not mean that the honoring of unique qualities, of the contributions that every single being has given to this become of no meaning; in fact they gain greater meaning because you truly begin to see in your mastery the fullness and the mastery of all.

SB: Can I tell you one difficulty I have in this, thinking about this whole topic, Lord?

AM: Yes.

SB: Well supposing we have thousands and thousands of masters and leaders. Who is there rowing the boat?

AM: The master oarsman is rowing the boat.

SB: [laughing] Okay. So masters on the oars, masters at the helm.

AM: Master cooks, master chefs, master caretakers, master nurturers. We are not saying, you have the expression, “All chiefs and no Indians.” That is not what we are saying. There are many, in fact the majority who have chosen to come in a service…and I mean in this sense, a practical service role. And then there are those that have chosen to be in leadership, in what you think of as a leadership role.

But part of mastery is knowing who you are and what you excel at and what makes your heart absolutely burst and sing with joy. And for some it is being in that role as oarsman, as the support, because that is what they want to do. That is the role they chose to serve the Mother. Now, that doesn’t mean that in future times they will not choose to be a leader in a future ascension. It just means that they have chosen, in this incarnation, that their mastery will be in a certain role. But to deny the role, to deny what truly is your truth, it is dismissing yourself.

There are many lightworkers who say, “I do not want to be in the limelight. I do not want to be front and center. That is not what I have chosen. It is not what I desire and it most certainly is not what my heart would be singing about.”

But let us use your example of oarsmen. If the leader is not keeping the tempo for those oars to go, it is not then incumbent upon only the leader to keep the rhythm of the oarsman. If you are an oarsman and you are in your mastery, and the rhythm is off and the flow therefore is not occurring, then as master oarsman do you not raise your hand and bring this to the attention of what is considered the leader? Of course you do. And that is the importance of everyone being in the place of their selection…of their choice.

It is not a matter of trying to fit everyone in a slot and saying, “Stay there,” because in the leadership paradigm that we are talking about, in the mastery paradigm, people ebb and flow. It is not a fixed, stratified structure because the mastery of one may be needed this week and the mastery of another needed next year. And there has need to be in the collective, in the unified field, the willingness to adjust to that ebb and flow. That is what the new community looks like.

I know that you turn to me so often, but think of it on our side; I do not do everything, of course not! Each of us has our primary role, but there are many other things that each of us attends to on behalf of the Mother and in service to the Mother, and we never hesitate to bring forth the help of others as we need it and require it because we know of our strengths and weaknesses. Only Gabrielle would never admit to a weakness.

SB: If we were in the fifth dimension, all of this would be totally known and totally natural. We would be operating in this way just continually. But I think we are probably in the fourth dimension now if I’m correct, and there are still traces of ego. There are still creations to be made, vasanas to be removed. Is there a transitional teaching that we can have that could get us to this period…developing and allowing this mastery to emerge?

AM: Yes. Stop thinking you are less than. Now I know that sounds like a very simple teaching, and yes it relates to core issues.

Now let us back up a little. Gaia is anchored in the seventh. So you have this saying, “Fake it ‘til you make it.” Put your feet in the seventh dimension of Christ consciousness and love. You are most certainly in the fourth, edging in the fifth. That is why so many of you are experiencing such rapid, and in many cases tumultuous issues of change including: the memory issues, the mental fogginess issues, some of the rapid ‘change in body’ issues.

Stop pretending. Stop pretending because it is not even real. It is an antiquated, outmoded belief system that you are in any way, shape or form, stuck anywhere or ‘less than.’

Now the transitional healing that is going on right now, this is the Mother’s plan to sweep through you. Yes again, stronger than ever…and lift you up into the higher dimension. So your transitional work every time something is coming up: is letting it go, surrendering it, relinquishing it and embracing that truth of who you are.

The choice is, “Do I want to be miserable? Do I want to be less-than? Do I want to be restricted mentally, emotionally, financially, situationally, environmentally? Do I want my freedom incubated?” And all of you are crying and screaming and declaring, “No we demand our freedom.”

And part of that declaration…your declaration not only the Mother’s…is that you are willing to step out of the shadows, not in an ego way, not in a way, “I know the truth. I am the light. I am the savior.” You have had enough of saviors upon your planet to last many, many billions of years.

Mastery, leadership is not about becoming an egomaniac. It is about becoming the shepherd. It is about becoming the gentle leader who serves his people – her people – and shows them the way. And if it is the way to the table, if it is the way to the boat, if it is the way to their heart, then this is your way, this is the choice of your divinity and your mastery.

So the lesson, the true technique is to love yourself. When you anchor in your heart, when you anchor in the seat of your soul filled with the energy of the Mother, can you say and bring forth into your being, into your consciousness, into your everyday action, “I love myself. I honor myself. I am alright. And if I misstep, if I take that misstep for a day or a week, do I forgive myself? Do I understand that I am learning something that will help the collective, that will build my compassion, that will show me, so that I can show others where not to go? Am I brave enough to share my missteps? Do I care enough about others to share my insights…not from a directive way, but from a way of compassion and humility and incredible patience?”

Because many of you who are on planet are masters, and part of that is you have a stubborn streak a mile long, and that is because you are sticking with it. This is a stellar quality, but sometimes you are reluctant to listen to the wisdom of others, so open your hearts and love yourself.

Love every aspect of who you are and who you have been, and then dive deeper and see really the truth of who you are. And if there is any trace vasana, core issue…surrender it. Let it go, because it is not of love. It has been a very powerful defense mechanism that you no longer need. It is time to co-create together. Are you ready?

SB: Well I think we’re certainly ready, Lord. And yet I’m interested in your statement that gentleness is what is called for because you have in your trade an awful lot of warriors of peace, and to some of them gentleness is altogether new. Could you talk to us a little bit more about gentleness, perhaps especially to the men?

AM: Gentleness is key. Think of it very practically. When you grab somebody by the arm, by the scruff of the neck, and you sit them down and you say, “Listen to me. This is what you are going to do. This is what you came here for.” Well, that is about as effective as the old third dimension has been. It is the old paradigm.

And that is why persistence and stamina are important, but gentleness – it is one of the qualities of the Mother, of the Feminine. Think of it when you approach someone, not in false humility, but in authentic, genuine, heart friendship. You take them by the hand, you touch their heart, you acknowledge who they are and you say to them, “Will you come and sit with me and share your heart, your thoughts, your dreams, your desire? Will you let me share mine? Can I share the insights that I have received? And can we do so in the garden of beauty, of sweetness and kindness where you are not threatened or controlled.” Then you have cooperation and you do not encounter resistance.

Too often in the male archetype there has been a sense that you need to put your head down and plow through – that this is what you do and it has been what you have done. And you have done it with the clearest and the sweetest and kindest of intentions, “I am going to put my head down and provide for my family. I am going to make sure there’s food on the table. I am going to protect my sons and daughters from violence.” So I do not criticize you, and those of you who travel with me to the dark places at night know situations of fierceness, but you also have known situations of such gentle kindness that it has changed the entire situation in the blink of an eye.

So what you as peaceful warriors, as central administrators, as healers, as teachers are learning is that gentleness, first and foremost to yourself is a reflection of the Mother’s love. If you cannot be kind and gentle and sweet to yourself then you cannot be gentle in relationship. Gentleness carries a sense and an energy of such love-force that the resistance disappears. So this is resistance that the humans have had, and rightfully so, of being told what to do. That is why we always say we suggest, we guide. We will never tell you what to do unless it is to save your life, and even then we may not say a word.

Gentleness is the key. Kindness is the key.

SB: Thank you for that profound teaching, Lord. Truly I’ll be reflecting on that quite a bit.  Is there anything you would like to say in closing?

AM: Yes. This discussion of mastery, of leadership, I would like to continue. And I would like you all to think, to feel, to explore: “What is my mastery?” And to embrace it with such incredible glee that you are jumping up and down and coming out of your skin.

Go with my love and go in peace. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
© 2015 Council of Love, Inc.

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Transcript: Sanat Kumara – Coming to a Unified Whole ~ Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

Archangel Michael Portrait by Esther-Sanz art

ART : Archangel Michael Portrait by Esther Sanz


Transcript: Sanat Kumara – Coming to a Unified Whole – April 9, 2015

archangel michaelWe spoke with Sanat about what it would take to create an integrated, unitive and direct spirituality. And he said it would arise without us having to push the river. Our thanks to Erika for our transcript.

This transcript and future transcripts for An Hour with an Angel will be posted as received from the Council of Love, Inc.

An Hour with an Angel

Linda Dillon – Channel for the Council of Love

Steve Beckow – Host

Steve Beckow: For any listeners who don’t know Sanat Kumara, he was worshipped as a deity by the ancient Persians, Hebrews, and Hindus, and as a Buddha by the Buddhists. He’s presently Planetary Logos who will soon take up the responsibility of Solar Logos. So with that I’d like to introduce Sanat Kumara.

Sanat Kumara: Welcome, I am Sanat Kumara. Yes, Planetary Logos, keeper of universal law, and I come to you this day not as distant deity, not as simply Venusian but as old friends, as Raj, as fellow journeyer.

Each being throughout the omniverse, throughout the universe, throughout every universe, has role and purpose. And of course that purpose is always the same; it is the rediscovery, the reanchoring, the remembering, and the coming back to the One, to be the embodiment of love.

There are many examples and faces to how this journey exhibits, how one discovers and continues in their path. But it is the same for all. Yes, sweet friend, even me. So do not think of me as distant entity, but rather one that works and cooperates and co-creates with you, and hopefully assists you in the understanding of this unfoldment of your planet.

My role as Planetary Logos is to see the unfoldment, the fulfillment, however you wish to think of this, of the Mother’s plan for Gaia, but within that it has to be and it is the unfoldment of your plan, because there is no either-or in this situation, it is a unified effort. It is unified joy.

I come to you on the Golden Pink Ray. And it is the gold of wisdom and the gold of joy. It is the pink of Venus and the pink of beauty. And I ask each of you to join me in the brilliance of this ray that you may come to not only understand, but to choose the truth, the might, the joy, the love of who you are.

This role of ego, and I might even preface this – the unfortunate role of ego upon this planet and within much of humanity has been amplified to such an extent that the feeling, and what many believe is the construct of separation, of individuation, of isolation is held to be true. And it is not. It is one of the biggest illusions throughout many galaxies.

So what are you doing as you receive a deeper, higher, stronger input directly, not only from we who work with you, but directly from the heart of the Mother as she nurtures and tends to the growth, the anchoring of love within you? What are you choosing to do and how do you go about it? How do you find a place to maintain the delight of your personality, your uniqueness, your expression of divinity, your ego, while simultaneously coming to a place of the unified whole? Because in many ways this is exactly what we are speaking of when we are discussing the fulfillment of the Mother’s dream.

Now let us talk about this for a moment. There is much discussion and the Mother herself has even spoken of this. What is her dream, her plan, her desire? Let me explain this undertaking in a visual. If the Mother has a dream or a desire it is automatically an intention, and in that intention it is automatically, in terms of any form of thinking, a creation.

Think of the Mother’s intention as a straight laser line that extends for billions of years and then some. It does not waver, it does not really change. Have there been hiccups along the way because of human choices that She has allowed, given the gift of freewill? Yes. But think of it in this way, not as predestination, not as fate, but as this laser line of intention and creation that all agree to. Because my beloved friends, how could you possibly not agree and fall into line with the Mother’s dream, with her creation of which you, each and every one of you, is an integral part?

There are so many elements and aspects and variables within the fulfillment of that intention, that desire. But all of us, myself, all masters, all archangels, all angelic realms, all beings of light and love fall into alignment with this.

Now, so often I have heard many of you – and I thank you for your complements – say Raj, “How difficult a job you have to see the unfoldment of the plan upon sweet Gaia, the unfoldment of the plan for humanity and all kingdoms upon this beautiful planet.”

You say to me, “This is Herculean. This is the most difficult,” and I smile and I touch your heart and I embrace you and I reassure you. Has it been lengthy? Has it been at moments challenging or arduous, dramatic? Yes. Has it been pathetic and sad, grievous in moments, and I do mean moments? And the answer is yes. But difficult, no.

Difficulty is a state of being that is not heart-conscious based. Difficulty is when you assume, and there have been assumptions by the collective along the way…difficulty is that assumption that has created those small tornadoes and dramas when the assumption is made that the unfoldment of the Mother’s plan is not a given.

Think of me as a manager helping, assisting, training, teaching, guiding so that the various pieces that complement…that are keys or portals to this fulfillment, open. But never, not only for myself but throughout the realm…there has never been what you would think of as a doubt as to whether this unfoldment would come to be.

This is not about dates or predictions or any of the milestones that humans so often look towards. This is about all kingdoms, including humanity, reaching the point where you say “Yes” to love. It is the ultimate surrender and it is the ultimate upliftment. It is not a question whether you will continue your journey back to the love, back to the source; that is written in the stars and written in your very DNA, both spiritual and physical.

So really the question has been the breaking down with love of the various levels of resistance that humans have had to accepting the love and accepting the fact that they are love. Incredible headway – incredible, remarkable, stellar progress has been made, and the choices for love have been shifting substantially every minute of every day in your realm in what you think of as time in our realm.

So I bring great news this day! Because we are at the point where we can have this broader, deeper conversation on the meaning of the journey, not about this or that event – and I do not dismiss events – we know they add to the quality of your life. They are markers in your journey, that is why you have birthdays.

So dearest Steve, where do you wish to begin today?

SB: Well thank you very much, Raj. And what an inspiring talk you’ve given us so far. I’d like to take it into a discussion of spirituality if that’s all right with you.

SK: I would be delighted!

SB: On the blog we used to speak about a cross-cultural spirituality, but I’m convinced that if we are to have religious peace in the world we have to get bigger and think about an integrated, unitive, and direct spirituality. I’d like your feedback on whether that’s the right direction to go in, the right approach to take to bring about religious peace, and if not, what would be a better approach?

SK: Let us speak about peace. And yes, I know that you would normally go to your beloved brother Michael for this. It is not just religious peace, it is peace: world peace, Gaian peace; and in that peace, it is the ripple effect throughout your galaxies.

Do not forget, my friends, that you are first in line. And you say, “Yes. This has been a blessing and a curse.” But what you are doing in terms of this anchoring, of what you are calling integrated spirituality, has effect throughout the cosmos. So am I pleased to speak about it? Other than universal law there are few other topics I would choose to discuss. So let us begin!

In the old paradigm which was based on the illusion of separation, of limitation – you know the list, it is endless. And when I speak this day – I have need to be very clear; I speak to those seeking truly the path of enlightenment and what you would call, what is it speed dial? So you are asking about, “How can we get most directly to where we want to go,” which really is back to the Mother.

Now in the old paradigm much of the construct entailed, because it was in the human psyche, many feelings of disempowerment, lack of hope, feelings of inferiority, and not believing that you had direct access to Source.

Now each of you in your mastery have come to realize that perhaps you would grade yourself higher or lower, up or down, but that you are here in the fullness of your integrated self. Every being upon this planet in their mastery brought the totality of who they are to bear for this lifetime, for this incarnation. And every person – because the other kingdoms have already taken care of this, so I speak of humanity -every person is reaching a place of acknowledgment of the definition of their integrated wholeness.

Now in the old paradigm many religions were formed and set up. I do not choose to dismiss or disregard what many still hold dear. But let us suggest to you, no let me guide you. A precept of every religion was the infusion of hope, of empowerment, not necessarily self-empowerment but empowerment of a group, whether it was a priest, or a rabbi, or a mullah; that there was a hope that at least there was a go-between so that you could connect with God, Source, Allah. It does not matter the name. And that in that, if you followed a proscribed set of rules, of behaviors of a reflection of Universal Law – not always a good reflection but nevertheless a good try – that if you were a good person then you were breaking the paradigm of darkness, of separation, of fear, of control that had held you in that old paradigm for thousands and thousands of years.

So the religions acted as a bridge for many to discover, not only the spirit externally but the spirit within. Because with the practice, with the ritual, with the prayer, with the community came a sense of belonging, came a sense of being on a path that was, yes, proscribed but nevertheless gave you the guidance of what to do and what not to do.

Now you are at a point, my beloved humans, all of you – you are at a place where you are acknowledging the spirit of who you are, the truth of who you are, the God within, the divinity within. The Mother has repeatedly said, “I am within thee and you are within me. And there is no separation, there is only unity.” In this and in concert, yes, with Universal Law you already know – oh it may make you a little nervous now and then – but you know that that connection between you and Mother/Father/One, us, the Company of Heaven, your guardians, is direct.

If you had not forgotten this when you first came as creator-race to this planet…if you had not forgotten this there would not have been necessity for the evolution of what we would call religious sects. They have assisted you enormously and many will still find comfort, if you look at it not as a rigorous guideline on how to do or behave, but as community. But the connection is the integration of the truth, not of the myriad of cultural traditions or distraction or misinterpretation of the truth, but just the truth.

Now the truth of all religions comes down very basically to peace, to love, to prayer, to ritual, to meditation. When you unite the truth of all journeys then you are reaching a place of integration.

Culturally, think how your planet and Gaians have shifted. Let us simply use the last two decades, how you have become more global – yes because of the electronics, the unseen airwaves, the connections – because of the gifts that you have been given from your star brothers and sisters, it is not simply electronic wizards or programming wizards that have given you these gifts, they have been implanted and shared with you because of your star family. And you have through that become more global. Do you love your neighborhoods, your culture, your food, your traditions? Yes. And that is fine. But your perspective has shifted.

Some are still fixated, and I use that word specifically…fixated on their nationhood. And quite frankly that is outmoded and outdated because there is nothing that one nation does that does not affect the whole. So those of you who are in the light understand this, that you work with the globe, with Gaia, with all nations, all cultures, and you have seen the cross acculturation – many, many examples that I do not need to go into.

So the spiritual integration of stand alone truth, love, goes forth. And will this result in peace both within and without? Absolutely. You are on track. You are inspired.

SB: Thank you for that. Very inspiring words you are giving us too. Now in the past, trying to integrate the world’s religions has been a slow affair or it hasn’t been very successful. What is your guidance on how to go about the task of bringing the world’s religious leaders together and achieving this, what you’ve called spiritual integration of stand alone truth?

SK: You are going to be shocked by what I say. I am not even suggesting that that attempt be made. Let me explain.

Why would you take structures, organizations – let me be frank – that are bathed in control and rigidity…why would you attempt to talk them into agreement when this conversation has been taking place for thousands and thousands of years? There is no point. So it is not a matter of trying to convince a hierarchy, because that is really what you would be dealing with, institutional hierarchy and trying to convince them to relinquish the control that they have wielded and the belief that they are right, and to let go.

This is going to be far more spontaneous, far more organic. It is the people, it is all of the people of Gaia, the billions upon billions upon billions that are declaring themselves, one by one and in groups, taking what serves them. And I do not mean serving them in the way of war and control and brutality, let me be very clear about that, but they are taking what serves them and what feels in alignment with the growing love in their hearts and then following their speed track directly to the One.

You have seen it already. Many, many beings no longer attend what you think of as religious ceremony or service, or they give it lip service, which is not realistic. So what you are seeing is a movement of people in every culture, where they are saying, “I like this part of my belief system, of my religion. This I hold dear to my heart, culturally, most often culturally, spiritually, somewhat. And I am following my own path.” They keep bits and pieces of what they love and what works for them, and they leave. and they are leaving by droves, leaving the rest behind.

That push that you are speaking of to integrated spirituality is coming from the grass roots. And what happens and occurs in these structures, these institutions, when the halls are empty then there is a realization that the structure either crumbles entirely or has to adjust, and the adjustment comes because these very people who are in the positions of power and authority and control are also being implemented into the new energy. They are not being left behind.

So you will see and you have seen glimmers here and there where there are, what may not appear like radical departures to the enlightened person, but are radical departures for those institutions. So they are trying to catch up with the grass roots population.

So do not look to the heads of these various religions to come together in some council and declare that they have found the middle way. They are too enmeshed, too entrenched in this moment, of being right.

SB: Okay. Well there are actually two levels of meaning to the word integrated; one is, just as you talked about, the futility of trying to enlist the hierarchies in integrating spirituality, but the second is what you talked about earlier – the notions of truth. Now the only reason I speak about integrating is that it might give their adherents a feeling of comfort that they recognize what we are dealing with. But maybe that’s not necessary either. Maybe we should simply be stating the truth as we see it and leaving it at that.

SK: No, comfort is very important and we have spoken of the old paradigm and we have suggested that many of the various religions grew up for an infusion of hope and community. And in that, of course, are the qualities of comfort and security, familiarity and truth. But it is more subtle than that; it is that sense of comfort and sense of belonging.

This is a human heart condition that longs to belong, really because you miss Mother/Father. You yearn for love, and what the religious sects have done is that if you are loved and if you do a, b, c, and d, you will be even more loved. You will be assured of God’s love, Source’s love.

So what you do is you point to the truth of each religion so that there is a comfort factor. So peace is a very good example; the sense of value that each human being within these various structures has value and value to the community, but also value to Source, that they are loved, that they are loved and lovable and they have the capacity to love, that they have the capacity to create. So reassure and bring in the threads of similarity, so that they do not feel that they are losing, but rather being empowered.

So you do not need to throw away all the sacred ritual, which is beautiful, or all the deities, which serve. What you are talking about when you are talking about this integrated approach is a broadening of the palate, of the spectrum from which all beings can draw from. Because the person who is Hindu today was a Christian or an Atheist last time around, and the person who is a Jew today was a Muslim last time around. So what you are doing is you are bringing the comfort factor, you are dissolving the intermediary institutions, the structures, the control structures, and the patterns of that control that does not serve anyone, not above or below.

When we feel the love from one heart it is extraordinary and it is a gift beyond measure. And it does not need to be filtered through another human being. Now I am not suggesting that many of the religions – and I use this for all who serve in the various religions – that they do not also have their pathway and have found great comfort for them in being the go-between or the interpreter. But it is no longer necessary.

There was a point when it was necessary given the fear factor of where humans were positioned. Their feelings of lack of connection, lack of self worth; that is no longer so.

So while you send the love to all who have served in those various capacities, while you honor all of the various prophets and leaders and deities, you do not need a translator.

SB: So interesting, you’re anticipating my questions – you know the plan, you know the future trends, how it’s all going to be opening up, and I don’t. So I tend to project what exists right now into the future and that’s a deficiency that I have to be with, I suppose; if I were to project my view in the future I would see certain religious hierarchies fighting against this trend, but it just may be that with the rising of love on the planet that that won’t happen at all, and I don’t know that. So could you paint us a picture of how this is all going to unfold, bringing in the kinds of changes that we might not factor in, and tell us what it’s going to look like in terms of our emerging spirituality, please?

SK: When you look, for example, to one of your sister planets, or brother planets for that matter that have evolved to sheer energy, they have not evolved into that place based on sectarian beliefs. They have come together in a unified heart and whole of love.

There are truly – when you allow the scraping away, when you allow the Mother’s tsunami of cleansing and washing and the replanting of the seeds of love of Spring -there are very few religious leaders, or what we would call the lower tier who have engaged in this vocation, because it is a vocation, it is a commitment; very few began because they wanted power and control.

They came up from the grassroots, either culturally or spiritually guided because they felt not only that it was a job, but that it was a job that called to them. It was a pathway and a vocation not only that would serve others, but that would assist them on their pathway of service to the Mother. And too often, both by the populace and by the individuals themselves, this original intent has gotten forgotten or mislaid along the way. But this, and there are certain groups that are working very specifically with this sector. They are restoring that original intent because that original intent was in alignment with the Mother’s intent and dream.

Now in your world there comes a time when certain jobs or vocations no longer serve the job or purpose that they originally served. So you no longer have sailors sending semaphore messages upon ships, you do not use the Morse code – you get my idea. Even the typewriter has come and gone and a whole slew of telephone operators have gone by the wayside. Because those vocations no longer serve the need as Gaia and humans progress into a new age.

Now are new schools developed and required? Absolutely. So it will be with those who see their role, truly their role as spiritual guides, teachers, helpers and servants. Piety, humility, compassion do not go out of style. They are more necessary now than ever.

So what happens is that the lower and the middle range already, of those who serve are finding different ways; and the persons who are at the very top of your hierarchy are being penetrated by the love. Now some are sloughing it off and not wishing to listen, and some are, each in their own measure and time in that realm of freewill. But they will also reach the point of remembering why they became involved in this path in the first place.

So when you look at the future, when you look for example at a city of light, there will be many temples and what will those temples be? They will be temples where those who have heart consciousness and choose to use that transmission of love, of God-force to heal people, to assist with the wounds of war in the transition period. There will be temples of song and movement and chanting, not of a particular religion, of many ancient songs that will reemerge and the chance that your star brother and sisters and your wingmaker future selves are bringing to the forefront.

And there will be many who will go; some to hear and to chant the old songs, some to learn the new. Then there will be temples of complete silent meditation because that is what is enjoyed, that is where the depth of connection is felt.

So it is not that you eliminate spirituality and that depth of connection, the expansion of connection, but it is not based on one truth being exclusive to one group because that does not work.

Love, joy, peace, humility, compassion – these are divine qualities true to all religions. So it is an expansion and it is a bringing back to the root and it is a joy; it is where community is built.

Right now, when you think of the situations of people saying, “Come join me in my church. Come join me in my prayer service. Come join me as I face Mecca. Come join me as I go to temple,” has shrunk, but the joy of going with a friend, with a family, with community will be a given.

SB: Well I’m moved to say that I think at times even lightworkers seem to come to the table, so to speak, with a desire to have their own point of view accepted, and perhaps even in some circumstances to be accepted by the whole group. And there aren’t really, sometimes, as many people who might be listening or trying to bring the whole thing together. What would you say to lightworkers who perhaps try to push, and push might be too strong of a word, but “push” their point of view upon the collective?

SK: I would say, “Have you learned to laugh at yourself?” There are far too many lightworkers who arrive on the scene with a declaration of, “I have found the truth and the way, come follow me. Now listen to what I say, come follow me. Come follow the path that I have found.” No. Come share with me. Come join with me. Let us get together and expand our understanding. Let us weave a new understanding out of what I have discovered and you have discovered.

There is still this whisper of control that often is found in your very lightworker, love worker community. The other element of that is still the desire, the desire to be important, to be seen, to be a leader, to be loved, because all of those are really a preface of, “I think I have earned this, and if I can tell you that I have found the truth maybe you will follow me and love me.” That is not how it works. And that is what the integrated spirituality path is truly about. There are a million…millions of pathways and the only litmus test is, is it of love? Is it of freedom? Is it of liberation? Does it support not just me, but the collective? Does it expand my heart? Does it make me feel outrageously joyous? Or does it put me, back into a new regime of strictures?

If you find yourself, beloved lightworkers, doing this, look at it and laugh. You are in a time and a space, new times, when you are discovering, not so much externally but internally anchoring the love. And when that is really, truly anchored, everything else disappears and all you want to share is the love, and you don’t need to be in charge. In fact you probably don’t want to be in charge because you want to be out exploring the next thing, the next level, the next truth, the next input of energy.

So when you see this pattern emerge, this old pattern, simply laugh at it, go, “Oh there we go again,” and let it go. Take the kernel of truth that you have discovered for yourself that you wish to share, do so, but do not put any, any requirements on sharing your love.

SB: Boy I think you hit the nail on the head when you said that many lightworkers will not want to be in charge, they will want to be exploring the next frontier; that certainly applies to me. What is your charge to those lightworkers that join in the effort to create an integrated spirituality?

SK: You have the charge of the Light Brigade. It is the true charge of the Light Brigade; I give you an image. I have begun this day by suggesting to you that the Mother’s dream and desire, which becomes intent and creation extends as a straight laser line of beautiful blue light, out for millions of years – jump on that laser beam of light and charge ahead!

You, my beloved friends, my sweet Angelics, Earth Keepers, Pathfinders, Portals, Gatekeepers – you are the anchors of the future. And yes, to steal from my brother, Uriel, the future is now. You have entered into a whole new adventure of discovery and you are speeding ahead, not at the speed of light, but at the speed of love!

So the charge of the Light Brigade is to be the anchors of the integrated self that has no concern about sharing the beauty, the sweetness, the love of who you are. You are magnificent. I address you as friend and brother, helper, ally. You are the anchors, so do so.

SB: Thank you, Raj. I hear the music sounding and that’s been a rousing discussion of an integrated spirituality and I thank you very much for that.

SK: Oh my dearest friend, thank you. I thank all of you. Farewell.
Channeled by Linda Dillon

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Transcript of the Divine Mother: Unloving Emotion is Density; Love Is Lightness of Being ~ Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

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Transcript of the Divine Mother: Unloving Emotion is Density; Love Is Lightness of Being

March 6, 2015 By

An Hour with an Angel, March 5, 2015 with the Divine Mother

Graham Dewyea: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You and The Great Awakening.

Joining her is Steve Beckow, founder of the Golden Age of Gaia and author of Building Nova Earth: Toward a World that Works for Everyone.

Our guest today is the Divine Mother. So with that, I’ll pass it over to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thank you very much, Graham. And I’ve been trying to think of a way to introduce the Divine Mother that’s not the same as what I usually say.

All I can say is that the Divine Mother is the active phase of God. She’s responsible for everything and she’s the level of reality or being that all of us relate to – the Father is silent and still – so she’s our everything.

So with that, I’ll introduce the Divine Mother.

Divine Mother: Greetings. Greetings, beloved ones, sweet angels, and earthkeepers. Yes, I am Mother; Mother of the ancients, Mother of the new, Mother of the eternal, Mother of the infinite, Mother of the all, Mother of the one, and Mother, beloved ones, of each one of you. Yes, each one of you and far beyond. Welcome. Welcome, you unique, wondrous beings, born of my heart, from the pool of One.

Dearest, you say, when you bow, that I am your everything. I wish to begin this day, this night, this week, this year, this eon, by saying that each of you is my everything.

I am not like some apartment building or rabbit warren where the space of my beingness, the space of my love, the space of my energy is divided up into tiny cubby holes and your are assigned to one space. That is not the way in which I work, operate, or exist.

You are my all. And I am your all. And we are One.

Now, we will discuss some of that this day. But also understand, there are parts of this, in the infinite and eternal – yes, even in the fulfillment of my Plan, even in what I have termed ‘New Time’ – that you may not fully comprehend.

Then you may say to me, “Well, Mother, why would you even speak of it?” I speak of it as I speak of many things. I plant the seed, not merely of knowing, but of remembrance within me.

As you water it with my clarity and grace, purity and love, it will sprout and it will grow, and you will come to know and understand, and expand in ways that are wondrous to you, to all, to me.

There can be no separation, no isolation. Now, this is one of the most difficult concepts and contexts for you to comprehend, for you to truly bring within your heart and your mind and your ego, and understand. And more importantly than the understanding or the comprehension is the acceptance and the surrender.

Often you wish to know – and I do not deny your query in any way, but let us start here – often you wish to know how I/We work – what is the operational framework, what are the systems within which we operate, how are we engineered, what are our structures?

But it starts with this very simple concept: that there is and there cannot be any form of separation, any form of isolation.

Now, in this you say to me, “But then Mother, why are we born individual and unique? Why in this realm of Gaia, in this Universe and this Multiverse within the Omniverse, why do we have this sense of uniqueness? Why do we have, so often, this almost innate desire to be unique and special, to be seen and loved and acknowledged, not only in the uniqueness of our ray, our mission, and our purpose, but in the uniqueness of your love for us?”

This is a very good question. So as your Mother, not as a distant deity, but as the Mother that lives within the core of your being, in the same way that you live within my core and essence – let me address this.

You are an expression, a beautiful unique expression, by an act of choice, of your decisions and free will, of us, of One. Does that somehow make you an automaton or less than? Absolutely not.

Let us make it very simple: You are the embodiment of love. You are the expression of this unified force that you think of as Father/Mother One, actively birthed in what you have framed as ‘creation.’ I tend to use birthed, but use these terms cautiously but interchangeably.

I am of such an infinite and eternal nature, that I can have, beyond counting, beyond what you consider infinity – yes, your mathematics have a long way to go – but beyond that, as many expressions as I choose. Now, that does not, in any way diminish [your knowledge?] – in fact, if anything, why I speak of this is so that you will realize your spiritual DNA, the truth of who you are.

There is much discussion on your planet about DNA and lightbodies, and people even having their DNA tested to see from whence they came. Well, is that not an interesting exercise? But from whence you came dear heart is I, is We, is One, is All.

In that acceptance and surrender, there can be no sense of separation. Have you gone off on an adventure, on a journey, of your making in concert with your guardians, with your circle, with me? Yes.

And is that sometimes chaotic, sometimes delightful, sometimes been painful and other times ecstatic? Yes. But that does not change our unification. Now, let me stop there, because this is meant to be the fullness of a discussion, and I know you have many questions when I pose such absolutes.

SB: Oh, I’m totally enthralled listening to you, Mother. I love hearing about the absolutes. So let’s turn to another absolute, perhaps, and in doing So we’re simply turning to another aspect of you.

You said that everything is created from love, that love is the only essence, substance, fiber there is. So love is the building blocks of the universe. But others, like SaLuSa and the Arcturian Group, have also called it the glue of the Universe, and others say love is the solvent – love dissolves various things and plunges them back into voidness.

We here have a great deal of difficulty in thinking of something doing such seemingly different functions. How can love both build, preserve and dissolve? What is it about love that allows it to do so?

DM: It is a multipurpose tool. It is a multipurpose energy that can be whatever is required. So there are times when it is the dissolver, there are times when it is the building blocks, there are times when it is the glue.

There are so many expressions, or what you would think of as elements, of the love, the joy, the sweetness, the nurturing, all of the divine qualities; hope, purity, chastity, charity. All of this is unified in the love.

And you say, “Well wait a minute, what is love? Is it the joy? Is it the nurturing? Is it the creation?” Now, each civilization – and I mean upon Gaia and far beyond. You have mentioned the Arcturians for example. Do I stop and correct them? If course not! Does this matter? Is this a critical element? Not as long as they are using and being the love.

But let us be very basic. My essence is love. The Father and I are conjoined as One, our love. And it is from this union that all is born. This is part of what Sanat Kumara has been teaching you:  The transmutation of that essence, of my being, can be a building block, can be a glue, can be a skin, can be a heart, can be a limb, can be a building, can be whatever is required. And what I do – and this is the heart of the discussion that we have this day – I give you again and again and again and again, my essence. I am part of you. Inseparable.

My essence is love. Now, in many cultures and civilizations, they call that love by many names. That does not matter because the knowing, the feeling, the experience, the energy does not change. I am a part of thee, each and every one of you – and this has been reinforced by my Tsunami of Love.

But, beloveds, you are also a part of me, of us, of One. And that is the piece that oftentimes is forgotten. And that is why I say there is no separation.

So think of it in this way – if you are an energy healer, a healer of the Violet Flame, one of St. Germaine’s best friends, you send the love from your heart, from your hands, and you flood the person with healing energy, and it is a flow of color and richness, seen and unseen.

And what would St. Germaine say to you? You are sending the love – his expression, Archangel Raphael’s expression, Lao Tzu’s expression, Sanat Kumara’s expression. So you would have variations of that healing energy. But if you scratch the surface, it is the wondrous expressions of love.

Now, if you are a wordsmith, then your tool and what you choose to create are words, sentences, paragraphs, and space between the letters and words. And it is brilliant, and it is challenging, and it is insightful.

But what is it? It is a transmission of love, whether it is from Gabrielle or Michael. It is love – It is the substance. It is the form. It is the energy. And it is the message. So which part of it is the love? I suggest to you, all of it.

If you are a bricklayer, and you are building a home for your beloved family, is it the brick or the stone, the mortar or the foundation that is the love? Or is it the energy that the bricklayer puts into them? It is all of the above.

So the answer to your question – and I am pleased to address this – is that all of it is my love. And I can take a billion forms, and I have just begun. So do not take your time, my sweet beloveds, trying to count the number of angels on the head of a pin, because they are all expressions of love just like you. Does this make sense to thee?

SB: Well, it does, Mother. But it leaves us with another quandary and that’s between “is” and “is not.” You’ve said that love is everything there is, yet there seems to be in the whole scheme of things, something that love is not; for instance, hatred or anger, or killing somebody, or blowing up a nuclear bomb and destroying people. We say these are not of love, and in fact Archangel Michael will say over and over again “This is not of love.”

What does it mean in a world where everything is love that there could be something that isn’t of love?

DM: In the blowing up of a bomb, in racial, gender, or national hatred, in hatred of your child, hatred of your next-door neighbor, in cruelty, in anger, and fear – What are these except desperate deviations?

Now, I have prefaced what I have said today because you are spiritually mature enough to understand or at least begin to understand what I am saying. There are many upon your planet [who hate, etc.?], and yes, is it an expression of love? Well the answer would be no. But let us qualify what I say – no, not to juggle, but literally to clarify.

There is not an aberrant action that is not a desperate gesture to get back to the love.

Now, this is going to be very hard for many of you to understand. There have been many instances in your history, which is lengthy, of even your universe, where such aberrations have taken place. Is it an aberration on the free will and the surrender? Yes. But when one acts in such in way, it is a pathetic, desperate plea for love.

Let us dig deeper. When one comes from a place of hatred – and let us take some of the worst examples. So when one is in a place of hatred, of cruelty, of control, and power as in the use of force, and one is exhibiting and exercising that hatred, that cruelty – the question that you as lightworkers, as love holders, as spiritually cognizant and aware ascended beings is, why? What could possibly be the reason, the rationale?

It is that individual’s sight, and it appears that it is a sight of struggle and outright war to gain power and control. But why, why, why the urge for this power and control and the exercise of brutality?

Now, not all these people have been brutalized, not all these people have experienced hatred, so why? Because they have forgotten, or they are not experiencing any love within them. They know it’s there, and they are a child acting out desperately, in the most desperate of ways. And that is the only reason.

You may have forgotten why containment was introduced in the first place, and we have been very, very mild on containment in the last couple of years, other than my blue topaz box.  But let us suggest to you, they are seeking the love.

Are they going about it in the wrong way? Well, there is no question about that. But what are they really doing? They are seeking acknowledgement of their value, of their essence, of the fact that they are worthy, that they are loved and lovable, and that somehow in their aberration they will prove themselves, not only to themselves – because that in fact is quite minor – worthy of the love, but they are going about it completely wrong. They are trying to bring up that essence, that essence of love that is their core.

So then you say to me, “Mother, how can we tolerate such behaviors, actions, institutions, that have destroyed so many?” Well, you are doing it, and you have been doing it. Yes, through your exercise of anchoring peace, but also of accepting your love, which is my love, which is Father’s love, which is the essence of All.

And yes, by sending, bombarding with the entire Company of Heaven and far beyond your [galactic] brothers and sisters, who are currently hovering.

So this definition, this delineation of have and have not, love and not of love, has been wisely used to describe a sector that has forgotten who they are. And it is important to this unfoldment, to your unfoldment and to my plan, that this be rebalanced.

Now, let us explain – during the time of the intergalactic wars there was massive amnesia, and in many quarters, hatred and control and force reigned, and entire planets and civilizations were destroyed.

What transpired was the acknowledgment by all the beings involved that such behavior – a demonstration of that hatred and that yearning for a sense of worth and a place within the universe – that the way in which they were proceeding didn’t work because it was not of love. They were not getting what they were seeking.

Now, I know that you look at your sweet Gaia, and you think that this planet or, shall we say, masses of humanity, that things are in a terrible state of affairs. That is why I am speaking to you in this way.

And even though those who are aberrant – shall we say, the ones that are so yearning for love that they have forgotten it is in the cupboard of their heart, they do not listen to this radio show, yet.

But this message, my energy cannot be halted. And so it travels to those who suffer – those who suffer at the hands of those who create devastation and those who are the devastators. And I say to thee, remember – you are loved, you are me, and I am you. And, there is no difference and you are cherished.

SB: Thank you, Mother. Here we are on the road to Ascension, the gradual climb to Ascension and it’s said that the achievement of unconditional or universal love was next to impossible in the dimension we’ve come from, the Third Dimension. As we rise through the Fourth, how are we to proceed so that we can achieve universal love?

DM: By waking up every morning and opening your eyes. [She explains in a minute what she means.]

And I am not being facetious. Now let us, if I might, digress a little. Sweet children, when your planet and the experience of humanity, the Plan, was formulated, the Third Dimension was bright and beautiful and extraordinary. And yes, it was a place of physicality – now, not that other dimensions do not have physicality or forms of physicality, they do, and that is what is unique about this Ascension that you and we have planned.

But there were those, again who went on that aberrant path, very similar to what occurred during that time of the wars, so that the Third became – think of it this way – as a duplicate, a shadow of itself – and that was never the intention. And it is in that realm that the true qualities of all twelve dimensions were not clearly experienced because it is as if you had built this enclosure that nothing was permitted to pass through. You were in prison camps.

Now, you have acknowledged that, and you collectively have said NO. No, we are not prisoners and we do not wish to be in prison camp, and we claim our birthright of love. And some of you call it joy, and some of you call it creation, and some of you call it divinity and your higher inter-dimensional selves. It matters not.

As you are making that declaration, you are already in flux. You are already in movement – and, sweet angels, do not assume that Ascension is a completely elongated process. Is humanity, of course in concert with us, timing this? Yes. But that is a timing question and I will not insult my channel by going there.

But you are already in the love. Your hearts could not have absorbed the energy that I send to you this day, you could not have absorbed the truth of what I share with you in this moment a couple of your years ago.

Now, because I do not remove or declare that your freewill is null and void – it is part of this creation, and the restoration of love in its entirety of the experience of being Gaian. So what you are doing every morning, when I tease thee and I say open your eyes, you choose the love, you choose in fact to be part and parcel – every action, every thought, every gesture, every interaction with others – you are choosing to be the love. And for some of you it is in staying still, and in others it is writing and in communication, and in others energy. Each of you are builders of Nova Earth.

Sweet Steve, you have said to me many times. How do we build this Nova Earth?

SB: [laughing] Yes, Mother.

DM: And you build it, my beloved son, by claiming the love, by claiming the building blocks, the glue, the dissolving agent, and you use it as your creator self however you choose. And I support those choices because when we are in harmony, when I am permitted to be acknowledged and loved within you as you are within me, then the choices are always reflective of this forward movement of Ascension.

SB: Thank you, Mother. I think a lot of us are also wondering if universal unconditional love and unitive consciousness are the same thing?

DM: I have talked about many expressions of the love and unitive consciousness. Unity, unity, unity is an expression of love. Now let us explain why. Your greatest fear – and this is so for every being upon the planet – is that you are not worthy, and that you are not loved and unique and not special, and that is a very curious human theme is it not?

SB: Yes.

DM: And your greatest desire is to be in union – with us, with your guides, with your beloved sacred union partner, and with each other. When you enter into unity consciousness – think of it as the implosion and explosion of heart consciousness – it is you surrendering and at the same time assuming responsibility for the truth and the totality of who you are, all aspects, all parts – integrated divinity.

In unity consciousness, the fear of not being unique and special disappears because the knowing, the wisdom, the sublime bliss of being love is enough to let down your barriers and joyfully, ecstatically, without defenses – without what you would call vasanas (1) – to join in genuine cooperation, admiration of each other, of the uniqueness of your gifts, of the unique expression you have chosen, and I have chosen for you. And so this sense that if I conjoin I lose something is gone.

And so is unity consciousness part of the Ascension, an expression of the higher-dimensional realm? Absolutely. And it is an expression of joy. It is the relinquishing of struggle.

When I look at each of you and the struggle that you have to prove your worth, your power, your talent, your capacities, the fact that you are lovable and can be seen in this way, it is sad, because it is already there. So often you say, “Am I in my light body yet? Am I there yet, Mother?”

And there is a part of me within and without, inside you and far outside of you that has to smile gently and chuckle if I had such features, (2) and I would say, “You have always been there.” But it is the acknowledgment; it is that sense of surrender. It is that sense of being overjoyed that you are part of One.

Many of you as children have been part of a team – either a team with your family, a team with your cohorts, or a team at school. When you are in a place of employment or work or volunteer activity, you desire to be part of a team. You seek out your soul family. That is what unity consciousness is – it is you acknowledging you are part of the team, you always have been.

And the team, sweet angels, and human, and starseed, and hybrids, pillars, wayshowers, and gatekeepers – you have always been part of the team – above and below. You made it. You made it before you even took form. You made it eons ago.

You cannot – and this is what the aberrant forget – you cannot order me out. You can try, and many have. You can say, “I’m going to ignore you.” And many have tried, not one successfully. You cannot order me out. You can try and forget me. You can try and ignore me. But I am not going anywhere – I am part of who you are, your spiritual and your physical DNA.

Where do you really think the totality of your DNA comes from? It is not merely from what you think of as your parents. It comes from your parents all right. It comes from us [Divine Mother and Holy Father].

SB: Boy oh boy, [laughing] that’s a lot to think about.

DM: So claim your light body.

SB: That’s very wonderful. Can you tell us how is it that density impedes love, light, and consciousness? We could take the example of our dense, Third-Dimensional bodies that we are leaving. What is the process whereby their density impedes love?

DM: Density is a term, and I will not go into physics, quantum or otherwise.

SB: Yes. You’d lose me if you did.

DM: [laughing] Yes, we would have to have Albert [Einstein] interview me would we not?

SB: Absolutely.

DM: Or perhaps Stephen Hawking. Yes. [laughing] But we are not asking to do that.

What is density? It is mass. It is what you think of as heavy matter. But it is not real. This is yet another one of the human illusions.

So you say, and I’m not suggesting you are not speaking truth, but truth as you’ve known it existing. And it is with great glee that I suggest this to you: Density of the human form is caused by unloving emotions. Now let me clarify one more time. It means emotions that are trying to ignore, forget, or shove out the love – unloving emotions, self destructive emotions. You can equate density equals destruction, self-destruction, collective destruction.

The only time that density – and we use this in a very different reality, and yes, I will get into the physics then because it is a quantum formula whereby energy can assume form. The energy particles that make you up are not dense. They are as light as air. They are as sheer as clear water, as clean air.

So density is unloving emotion – petulant, self-destructive, heavy, hateful thoughts. And the most self-destructive, in terms of density, which then of course creates collective destruction, is the self-loathing, the self-hatred, because that is when you are trying to push me out.

And then what it does is it absorbs. It absorbs into the physical form so that you do not feel a lightness of body, you do not feel a lightness of intellect, and you do not feel a lightness of heart or emotion. And eventually what occurs is that you do not feel. And that is very sad. And that is what you are correcting in this Ascension process. So the density is dissolved.

Now here comes the multipurpose love. That density is dissolved by love. It is dissolved by choice. It is dissolved by decision. It is dissolved by joy.

When you are in joy, when you are in love, when you are in purity, even if you are in the proper application and holding of compassion, there is no density – there cannot be in that purity. Density is one of the creations of the humans to control – it is a complete illusion. And it takes this mental and emotional, and it will exhibit as disease and challenge, and institutions that are dense or nations that are dense, or practices that are dense.

So what do you do? I offer you a very simple solution. Just turn up the love. Turn to me. If you say, “Mother I am not sure if I know how to do that. I am not sure how to activate all these DNA bundles. I am not sure how to activate all my DNA markers. And I do not have twelve weeks with you to take this class.

So what I say to you is simply, ‘Mother turn up the gas.’” Can that be simpler?

SB: I don’t think it can be simpler Mother, and I can hear the music in the background. I’m afraid we’ve reached the end of our show. I wish we could go on for another hour.

DM: Invite me back. I am not going anywhere. I am with you. I am within you and I am outside of you. The Father and I give you our love.

SB: Thank you, Mother. Thank you.

DM: Farewell.

SB: Farewell.


(1) Vasanas was Ramana Maharshi’s term for archaic reaction patterns rooted in memories of past traumatic incidents.

(2) The Mother is not a person, does not have features, is not a woman (nor is the Father a man), etc. And yet she could appear to the devotee in whatever form the devotee worships. She appears to Linda, the channel, as Mother Mary (in whom she apparently incarnated).

Thank you to Golden Age of Gaia


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Claim Mastery Within and Without: A Roundtable Discussion @ An Hour With An Angel


ART : Josephine Wall


Claim Mastery Within and Without: A Roundtable Discussion

archangel michaelThis is the second part of our discussion with Archangel Michael of peace on Feb. 14. Joining Graham, Steve and Linda of An Hour with an Angel are Suzi Maresca of Heavenly Blessings and Geoff West of Cosmic Vision News. Thanks to Mary for our transcript.

AHWAA Special Channeling 02-14-15 Round Table Discussion

Graham Dewyea: Thank you Steve, and the next part of our show is to get into a discussion with the InLight Universal team to share some thoughts and perspectives on what we’ve just heard and on what’s been coming up for us generally.

As we know, it’s important for people to connect with one another, to share perspectives, ideas, because we are the ground crew here on the planet and we’re doing this work as a co-creative process.

Before I open it up to the full team Steve, what’s coming up for you as you reflect on this exchange that you’ve just had with Archangel Michael? What are your thoughts?

Steve Beckow: Well, Graham, you know I raised myself on Classical literature – Landmark Classics and even Classics Illustrated. I’m used to dramatic battles being fought and various amazing things happen so I have a taste for the amazing.

But when I can put that aside, and all of us have matured so much over the years and we’re not tied to these kinds of monumental announcements and all that as much as we were, I’m very, very happy.

The Ukraine has become peaceful. That is a concrete demonstration that it’s happening and I have not been able to say until now that they would be talking to people like ISIS, Al Qaeda, from the interior, the archangels, and the Mother, and especially Mohammad.

I’ve not been able to say that. But they are doing that and I’m sure they will bring them under peace.

So I’m not ready to go out and shout on the street. I’m not quite there but speaking as a mature human being I’m also thrilled with the progress we’ve made and I know we’re going to finish bringing Peace in the world.

And I’m a committed partner of the Company of Heaven, I’m not going anywhere. So that’s my response Graham, that’s how I feel, that’s how I see things.

GD: Thank you, I appreciate you sharing. I’d like to bring Linda on in just a moment, but if we were to recap the gist of what Archangel Michael has shared with us today, he basically said ‘well, okay, so Peace is not immediate on the planet, but, boy, we are making progress. We are well underway. The inner Peace within us, as humans on the planet, has expanded more than ever before’ and his words were ‘we want you to know what’s possible, do not stop, keep forging ahead.’

So, the message is ‘progress is being made’, that’s certainly the case. My takeaway is that we’re seeing this more so than we’ve seen before. We’re able to speak to some news items you mentioned it a little bit. We’ll bring Geoffrey West on, from Cosmic Vision News, to speak to that some more. Would you say that that’s the gist of the message today, Steve?

SB: I definitely say that’s the gist of the message today and I don’t know about you, Graham, but I feel better. I feel so much more hopeful, so much more courageous. I feel very impatient. I really do want to get to work bringing aid to the women of Darfur, bringing comfort to the citizens of Burma, all the people in the world who are crying out for Peace.

So part of what’s happening for me is this impatience, this desire to be at work. But we are at work and we are doing the work of accomplishment. This is laying the groundwork, so yes, I think that was a pretty fair summation, Graham.

GD: I hear you, Steve, I am right there with you. We are ready. We are forging ahead. We know it’s possible. It can be challenging sometimes to not be experiencing in our reality at times what’s possible. We’ll get into that more and more.

Linda, what’s coming up for you? And thank you for your channeling today.

Linda Dillon: You are more than welcome. What’s coming up for me. Well, I have to tell you that I feel much better having heard.

Before the show I spent hours today already with Archangel Michael, and this human part of me, this human part goes to this place of doubt and fear, so it also tells me that perhaps our hearts – and I can only speak for myself – perhaps our hearts or that war within is not completely done.

Because there’s this ‘oh my gosh, are they going to quit the Peace Initiative?’ What I’ve seen in the last week or 10 days was this coming together as a community in really determined but blissful, joyful sacred community of ‘we’re doing this’ not ‘we’re going to do this’ or ‘let’s see what happens’ or ‘maybe.’

Sure, there were some naysayers, absolutely, and I’m sure they’re going to have a ball today. But this sense of communion that we, together, we’re really co-creating with the Council, with the Company of Heaven, in ways that we haven’t really done before.

You know, I don’t know if this is in the channelings or not, but the offer to create peace, either through Archangel Michael or other beings, has been made before and I can hear Michael chuckling. I mean, think about it. This is what Yeshua spoke of 2000 years ago.

And the sense that now that we have reached that point in our Ascension, evolution, Shift process that we are actually ‘doing it and bringing it into physical reality’, not only within our hearts but anchoring it on planet and that our vibration is high enough and that we’ve reach a place of clarity and decision and choices, that we can actually be in that kind of partnership with the archangels. That thrills me!

So, when Michael says, “Okay” as he did earlier today, “you’re there but it’s not fully anchored everywhere and you need to keep going,” there’s a part of me that goes ‘aahhhh’, you know, ‘I thought I was going out for gourmet dinner and I ended up at McDonalds.’ And then there’s this part of me that thinks we’re being fed and we’re being nourished and we’re being mentored and we’re being included, so all of that, to me, feels really good.

I guess what I got this morning is: I’m the channel and I can choose to believe or not believe, and this is true for all of us, and what do I choose to believe in? Is it the gourmet? I pick and choose what I believe in?

Or do I just say, “I believe and I’m proceeding in ways that I am guided in”? That’s my choice and, if that’s called certainty, then count me in.

GD: We humans tend to focus on the end result a lot, don’t we? And sometimes we get lost in result and of course, the expansion and the opportunity for growth and the peace and growth of bringing light on the planet and expanding it outward into the multiverse is infinite.

And I appreciate the level of transparent sharing here, Steve and Linda. The human part wants to celebrate in the gourmet way and the full way and say ‘yeah, we’re here.’ We had a date, a goal and Peace is alive and well on the planet, not just the absence of war but conflict is resolved in a harmonious, considerate way. We respect one another. We see an absence of violence on the planet to a degree where we can say we are fully anchored in our hearts, as a people. We are living our evolved, full brilliant potential.

So maybe we’re not there yet but here’s what’s coming up for me. Before this show I was thinking to myself ‘okay, come on, peace on the full planet by a week from the time it was announced for Valentine’s Day? Really? So there’s that human part, right? And at the same time for me, and it didn’t take me long to get there, I see over and over and over again in my life as I scroll through the experiences that I’ve witnessed and been a part of, there are so many times where we’ve seen almost instantaneous results.

When we, as a people, pull our collective power, wisdom, and intent, amazing things happen. We’ve seen it on the international stage when international communities have come to help with disaster relief. We’ve seen it on a very local level.

And when individuals throughout history have proposed opportunities for us to reach new heights, whether that’s John Fitzgerald Kennedy to say ‘hey, we’re going to be on the moon in 10 years’, and of course there’s argument to say that that had already occurred, (1) but the point is the idea was put out there. It was achieved.

And here’s what’s key and this is what Archangel Michael was saying. We’re able, with these events and activities, to see the potential and shoot for it. So this initiative, this campaign, this effort is absolutely important because it raises the bar. It helps us live, envision, and embody within our heart’s potential.

And I would agree that, like what you said, Steve, I feel much more peaceful if I look at my own internal process and my own experience and, of course, that radiates out to the world, so the more and more we can anchor into our hearts and find Peace in our hearts and shine that out, that’s going to have a direct effect.

I’m also thinking: look what Gandhi did with the British Empire and salt production and sovereignty and Peace among Indians. Or a soldier who lost his legs, but was given the idea of becoming a competitive sprinter with adapted equipment, and he did it. So we’re raising the bar, we’re anchoring in our heart’s potential, and, yes, let’s keep forging ahead, for sure.

Suzi, I want to give you an opportunity to share your thoughts. What’s coming up for you today?

Suzanne Maresca: Hey Graham. Well, it’s really up to each of us to keep doing our own clearing work, to let go of the idea ‘we can’t do this.’  Are we willing to call it sacred play and accept our power to do such things?

It’s just the ego who wants us to remain small and deny our power. So I guess in really simple terms we set the intention and join with Michael and allow a Peaceful Blue Breeze through each of us and out to any and every one and really the truth is we get to put in the order for what timeline we want our experience and the moment we embrace that truth there’s no way to control us. So we can have what we want and, if we want Peace, we shall have Peace.

GD: The opportunity and invitation is there for us to take advantage of and, we’ve seen this in our own lives, if we want something bad enough we can usually manifest it. There’s the whole dance of the ego and fear and worthiness, but every one of us knows we have the power to make things happen.

So as we bring that all together and we expand it multifold across the planet, everyone’s focusing on that goal with that intention, huge things can happen. What other thoughts are coming up? How are you feeling about what Archangel Michael had to share?

SM:  I’m happy to hear what he has to say and, well, honestly we all have our own interpretations of what messages are coming in and the point that he made that we aren’t going to get a media report on miraculous things that happen? My personal process is going to be to just say ‘yeah, that’s true.’ It’s certainly true in my reality and in what I want for the world, so I’m going to go for it. You know, why doubt? That would not help anything so I’m all in. I’m just in trust mode and did I have the expectation? Well, we’re not through the day yet and who knows what’s going to happen?

GD: That’s absolutely right. Well, you mentioned media reports and, of course, Geoffrey West of Cosmic Vision News, part of the InLight Universal group is with us too. And, Geoff, you have your pulse on what’s happening in the world in terms of news developments and Steve talked about Putin earlier and what’s going on with the Ukraine. There’s the anchor Geoff and then there’s the personal Geoff, but if you were to speak to what you’re seeing on the planet that we can point to more recently about the progress we’ve made on the planet, what are some things we can look at?

Geoffrey West: Thank you, Graham, thank you all. As you pointed out, Graham, I’m coming from a slightly different perspective on the team because as a news program it has a slightly different base than other programs.

So I’m playing a role where I have to interpret or try to interpret from both a Third-Dimensional or a lower-awareness perspective and also a higher-awareness perspective and translate this information in a way or disseminate or share the information in a way that will resonate with as many people as possible.

And that, of course, is impossible because every soul is uniquely different, uniquely beautiful and they’re going to interpret every event, every perspective from the criteria by which their life was experienced.

In other words, I was born as a white, Canadian, male living in a small town having had certain experiences, growing up in a Protestant Methodist religion and all the different experiences.

So I speak a certain language. I’m a male by gender. I have a certain orientation as a heterosexual. I have a culture as a Canadian and every soul is uniquely different so I look at the world from those particular filters and every soul is looking at the world and events from those particular filters.

Now, of course, we speak a lot about this global cabal, or the group that I call this global cabal and they’ve been perpetrating various events for the experience of humanity to learn who it is through the experience of who it is not. And we, from our uniquely-different, equally-beautiful perspective have the opportunity to choose. Are we going to use these criteria into which we incarnated? Will we use them for service to LIFE as I call it, the ever-evolving process of the All That Is? Are we willing to put those criteria into that level of service or are we willing to use these criteria to further separation and fear?

Now, in terms of the global event, historically we have been more inclined to put those energies into fear and separation. And that is exactly what the global cabal has wanted and needed for humanity. At a higher Fifth-Dimensional level it was necessary for the human species to have this illusion or this duality of separation in order that we could use our free will choice to experience fear, separation, or love, but also use that free will to fulfill whatever uniquely different, equally beautiful role each soul incarnated here to do.

That, by it’s very nature, makes the term ‘peace’ a bit of an abstract because many people have looked outwardly to leaders of the world, to groups, to institutions, to define this experience that many claim to want as ‘peace’ and of course, we have not experienced that and the cabal, by its very nature, has kept us in separation for that purpose and to keep that illusive experience of peace from us so that we keep looking to them instead of looking within ourselves.

And what we’re beginning to witness now – and this is coming more directly to the question you were asking me, Graham – the global events we’ve been experiencing over the last year, I can say from my own personal experience, things are happening at very rapid levels. But I’m looking for it.

Each week I’m there, day in and day out, looking for those kind of events and not everyone else is necessarily looking for those events. So a new listener might come to the newscast and just simply say ‘oh, well he’s full of crap’ and that individual is probably right because from that individual’s perspective he or she has accepted a particular truth to the world where that judgment becomes valid. So for that individual, yeah, okay, maybe I am; for many others that might not be the case.

So, I experience in my interpreting or observing of global events, a shift in human and planetary consciousness. We, as a species, are beginning to embrace this higher awareness that allows each of us to choose from that uniquely-different, equally-beautiful perspective of service that creates peace, first and foremost at the inner level, at the micro level within the individual but later manifesting outwardly as a macro level experience of Peace.

So what Archangel Michael has said, we have to first experience it inwardly in order for it to manifest outwardly. And it’s Dr. Wayne Dyer who said, “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

So we begin to shift our perspective from only seeing negativity to beginning to see what was once interpreted as negativity as merely being an expression of basically an energy and that’s really what it is, everything is energy, it’s an expression of energy that is allowing each individual to choose something different.

GD: Well said, Geoff, and you have this unique perspective because you have studied the subject of peace extensively and actually went to a Master’s program, did a thesis on it. You’ve spoken so well about this very subject and you can speak to it from a number of different angles, if you will, and your underscore of it needing to happen within is so important.

If we are to look at specific events happening in the world, what kinds of things would you point to that give you encouragement in terms of developments that we can hang our hat on that say ‘yeah, these are pretty significant, Peace is happening’?

GW:  I have to preface by saying that these are my own personal perspectives. I do not ask anyone to embrace what it is that I am choosing to share at this particular time. As a journalist I have to speak more neutrally, but on this program I am seeing a very optimistic sense of events playing out but we may not yet see them as optimistic.

What I mean by that is that there are many people right now who are very much against Obama and they have their own reasons and I certainly respect that and there are arguments that might suggest that he is a cabal player from one perspective. From the position that he has had to serve, he has had to play a certain role and that has required him to make certain choices and these choices have upset a lot of people.

From my perspective I am observing what Obama is doing as a form of pushing people into active service. In other words, he may have made some choices that the cabal wanted him to make but these were the exact choices that polarized many people into action.

They are now learning more about what is going wrong in government than ever before. They are beginning to see things from a different perspective. They are beginning to question things much more intensively. And how does this play out with events like Ukraine or whatever?

I have a personal feeling, and of course, the coming moments of Now will reveal if this is actually true. I have a feeling that both Obama and Putin are working at a very high level to facilitate this transformation. In other words, I have a feeling Obama might actually know that, if the cabal keeps doing what it’s going to do, the cabal is going to implode. So Obama might actually be attempting to accelerate some cabal activities to facilitate the implosion.

And that is what we’re beginning to see in terms of events in the US and more and more people therefore are beginning to look at events in the Ukraine, events involving Russia, from a slightly different perspective. Does it mean that Putin himself is an angel? No. He is as much a human as I or you and of course, we all make Third-Dimensional, lower-energetic decisions that we’ll each have to address in some future moment of Now.

I feel very optimistic in terms of what Putin has been attempting to exemplify. He hasn’t done it perfectly, but the sense that I get is that he and Obama are attempting to shift the global perspective away from this group that we have called the global cabal.

Even Pope Francis, in his own way, is attempting to do that, I believe. Now, is Pope Francis still a cabal player? There are some who say he is. There are some who say that he is guilty of crimes from many years ago, from his days as a Bishop in Argentina.

But I have to say, “Let ye who is without sin cast the first stone.” In other words, we have all done things in our past that we may look back upon with some degree of…I don’t want to say regret…but with some degree of reflection and we have to say to ourselves ‘these were the events that helped us learn who we are because of who we were not.’

Perhaps it was very necessary for Francis to do these things, if he did in fact do them. It may have been necessary for him in order to facilitate his survival within a structure that allowed him to now come into the position where he can at least attempt to do something else in the world.

GD: I appreciate you bringing him up because we can certainly point to that, right, in terms of what he’s done in his role that has been quite encouraging in terms of how he has reached out across the world, how he has represented the Catholic Church and made some changes within, and has started in earnest to speak some widespread policy changes. It’s encouraging to see him as Pope and I would suggest that he is doing some things that are really impacting the Peace Initiative on the planet.

Before I turn it over to the rest of the crew here to share, before we start to wrap up the show, do you have any thoughts you’d like to share about Pope Francis – any more thoughts?

Is it your read that on a global front, his role and what he’s been doing has certainly had a huge impact on global Peace?

GW: In terms of any global leader, well, in terms of any human really, if we seek to experience peace, the opportunity for each soul is to pull back and try to avoid how we judge others based on the criteria that we were born into.

We’ve been taught certain views about Russians. We’ve been taught certain views about Canadians, Americans or others, and those filters often come to the forefront.

Each time something happens we’re quick to judge according to what we’ve been conditioned to believe and education, the media, religion, our business leaders, our political leaders have all conditioned humanity to think and react, a certain way. And when we step into that judgment we begin to pull ourselves away from the humanity and the Divine Masculine and Feminine that we are.

And as we look at Francis attempting to be something, he is the be-ing of his truth and I say him specifically, I do not necessarily say him as Pope or him as leader of the Roman Catholic faith.

He has chosen to model a way of be-ing that was an example to practitioners of Islam or to Buddhism or to Christianity or to any other faith. It’s just merely treating others as one would want to be treated and respected oneself.

I know you want to wrap me up. I know I talk too much so I’ll turn it back to you, Graham, and let’s move on to the team.

GD: Well, we could talk about this for so long. It’s such an important discussion, it deserves an extensive discussion and of course, the journey and the discussion continues.

Steve, I know you’d like to speak more about the Mastery opportunity within us and generally what’s coming up for you? And thank you, Geoff.

SB: Thanks, Geoff.

I want to share with the listeners just what a tremendous pleasure and learning experience it’s been to work with our InLight Universal group, which is mature, committed, courageous. I’ve grown so much out of watching all of you and I know we’re in midstream, there’s a long curve ahead of us and probably a fairly steep J-curve at that.

But the commitment that the group has shown, the sober, neutral, impartial analysis of these things that we’ve seen, the way that we discuss decisions – it’s an honor for me – and this is coming up for me. I’m listening to us here and saying to myself that probably the most wonderful team experience or work experience I’ve ever had is working with this team. I just want to acknowledge that.

Your leadership, Graham, certainly stands out in that regard, and Linda your neutral channeling and the brilliance of your channeling also stands out. Thank you.

GD: Did you want to speak to the invitation of us stepping in as Masters as we continue on this journey, of course beyond this team, we’re talking about the planet, if I interpreted your intention around that earlier, is that something you’d like to expand upon more?

SB: Thanks, Graham. There are some decisions that we’re going to have to make in the future which we may not like if they carry a degree of risk, etc. One of those is we’re going to have to start doing what we did with this project more and that’s to set deadlines. I’m saying deadlines where people are working on a project.  I’m not talking about deadlines for super-mystical events or when the rider on the white horse is coming or something like that.  I’m not talking about.

I’m talking about all of us as lightworker teams, taking on projects because only by setting a deadline can you coordinate action, can you orchestrate something.

So I’m going to be pushing for this more and more that we as lightworker teams in getting together, not only set the intention for the projects that we’ll be doing but also come to peace with this notion of setting deadlines. We may not make the deadline. Okay. So you renegotiate. You set a further deadline. But you keep setting deadlines in order to help allow the team to coordinate with each other.

So, I think that would be my final word Graham.

GD: Well, what you’re saying, what you’re speaking to is so important because when we set a goal and we set a time table to that, it has the rich potential to mobilize partners and stakeholders to build energy and to entice people to take action.

And so I just want to speak to something in a transparent, authentic way as I kind of scroll through what this team has been part of. We can refer to things and events like the Neptune and what we attempted to do around Disclosure and we discussed things like NESARA and the RV and one can say ‘well, gee, these events come and go…what has materialized really?’

Or one could argue, well, these things didn’t come about and I’ve certainly thought about that and reflected on this myself because it feels really important that the work I do is of integrity and is aligned with my soul contract and what resonates and what feels good and I have to say that all of this has been worth it, even if we didn’t see exactly what we wanted to see. Each time we do this it continues, as I mentioned earlier, continues to advance our efforts on an individual level and on a global level and as the frequency on the planet rises these opportunities become more and more attainable.

So, I think it’s just so important to keep going, keep going, we heard that message loud and clear, keep going.

Linda, what else would you like to say before we wrap up?

LD: Well, I think you’ve touched on a button here, for me, when we talk about risk and when we step out in this way it is a risk because we are stepping front and center,.

As producer, as Golden Age of Gaia, as Council of Love, as channel, as news broadcaster, we’re putting ourselves front and center and taking the risk that the guidance, both within our own hearts and coming from above, as it were, is going to be worth that risk.

Now, the payoff for that focus on outcome isn’t always what we anticipate but it has been expansive and enriching and bringing us to the place of deeper understanding. And yes, I feel more hopeful, I feel more integrated.

When we began InLight Radio, aside from Geoff’s hands-on experience, we hadn’t the slightest idea about how to do radio shows, be a radio-broadcast system, what interviews are going to look like.

Wait a minute. We’re going to get on the air because we believe that the messages and the guidance, the community that we want to create is worth taking this chance and just stepping forward. And this is us, the reason I’m bringing it up is this is us and when I say us I don’t just mean our team. I mean everybody who listens. Everybody who looks at our websites, especially our beautiful new website.

It’s us creating community and stepping into our mastery and it’s mastery that we didn’t even know we had. It’s saying we will be the communicators. We will be those agents and angels of change and it may not always look like what we expect but the process and how they’re bringing us along, sometimes kicking and screaming and sometimes blissed out, is worth it. It’s just worth it.

GD: Well said. Thank you, Linda. Suzi!

SM: Hey, yeah, I just keep having this amusing vision of merging with Miss Universe up on stage and saying, “I, with all my heart, want World Peace.” That’s it…

GD: Yeah. It’s about intention again. It’s about stepping in. Thanks for that Suzi…beautiful. Geoff…

GW: Okay, a number of things were popping up as people were commenting on that. When we talk about taking risk it’s part of setting the example as well.

And the example that kind of comes to my mind is, I’ve heard many Christians, and the only reason I’m saying Christians is because these are the particular ones. I’m sure this happens all over the world, in many different faiths, but I’m relating specifically to people I have known as Christian. They may cry out in anger to God or Divine Creator asking why God has allowed their child to die, for example, if they are such good people, why would God allow this to happen to them?

And as we step into this wider awareness and this oneness of life, we begin to see that it’s not a punishing God that speaks to impose something negative upon us. It’s a divine given experience to allow each of us to show our strength and model that strength to help uplift others around us.

So as lightworkers begin to step out into their service, we take risks. We put ourselves on the line with the things that we say, with the things that we believe, and in some cases we put our lives directly on the line. And it’s in that example where we try to work our way through, and maybe this is why some of these events in the past, particularly affecting our group, did not manifest exactly the way they were supposed to manifest, partly because there was an example that people needed to go through to learn how to be detached from expectation and many of the world faiths have taught some form of detachment in various messages.

So with the lessons that we gain from what happens to us, again it’s a matter of interpreting it as positive or as negative and if we can take what’s given to us and do our very best to model the positive, then it becomes our maturity that has grown through those events.

Even if they didn’t manifest exactly in a certain way we have to reflect on ourselves ‘well, what was our expectation in the first place?’ So we get the practice of, or the lesson of practicing, our focused intention in others. We get the chance to practice more and more the experience of our Divine Masculinity and Divine Femininity.

It’s not going to magically manifest the very first time we do it and, like anything, it’s a practice and when people are looking externally, to their ego or whatever, they’re looking for the quick fix.

And Suzi mentioned it earlier in the show where she said ‘the ego might speak to keep people small’; it could also be the opposite extreme were the ego seeks to step out and wants to help and save everyone when that may not be possible. It may not be our role to do that.

So there’s a certain maturity that comes in learning our own power so that we don’t limit ourselves but there’s also the maturity that comes in realizing that in this larger service to humanity we cannot save everyone else, we can merely be our own example without attachment to the outcome. And it comes from Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, and a number of the faiths as you pointed out in a text message to me, Steve, so thank you for that. This is our growing. This is also our service.

Back to you, Graham.

GD: Thank you, Geoff. Linda, will you help us transition out with a brief meditation or something we can hold in our hearts together, us here as a team and all those who are listening and all those who will be listening to help us anchor Peace within our hearts before we close the show today?

The Divine Mother

LD: I would be honored to and it’s funny because there’s another Being who told me she would be speaking today and I thought, well, you’re not up on the roster, so here we go.

Universal Mother Mary: Greetings, I am Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of Change, Mother of Love, Mother of Constancy, and, yes, sweet angels, Mother of Peace.

Welcome my sweet children, children of my heart, children of my soul, children of my essence. We have spoken of my Plan and the unfoldment of my Plan upon this sweet planet, this Archangel named Gaia, and the unfoldment of peace within your hearts, within your homes, within your actions, behaviors, relationships, sacred partnerships, and your union with me, with the Father, with the One and with the All.

Are you constantly, eternally, and infinitely evolving, maturing, becoming? Of course you are. And at the same time, sweet angels, you are already infinite and eternal. You are already the essence of Peace, of Love, of Change, of Hope. We would not be undertaking this Shift and Ascension together if it were not already done, if it was not possible, if it was not what you think of as a likely outcome. The becoming, the anchoring, the choosing, the choice to align with our Love, with our heart, with my vision, that process is the outcome.

I leave you with this. Go to your hearts. Anchor into your hearts right now, my sweet ones, and ignite my Blue Diamond Flame and feel this essence of the Divine Feminine that rests within you and that is you.

And on the opposite side ignite and feel the Gold Flame of the Father, of the Divine Masculine that is with you and is you.

And in the center, ignite and feel the Pink Diamond of your tri-flame that is the magnificence, the mastery, and the magic of your balanced self; the Pink Diamond Flame that is you and you are in and with us.

The fulfillment of the promise and the dream cannot be complete without you. The sacred union of our hearts, of our essences, of our energies, of however you construe this, is One. I am never leaving. I am never forgetting. I am ever present with thee. We all are. And, sweet angels, not only do I express a Mother’s gratitude. I express my pride, my joy, in your accomplishments, in your choice for peace and love.

Go with my blessing. Farewell.

GD: Farewell. Mary has offered us some wise words and I want to thank Linda and Mary for helping us transition and close the program today.

But it occurs to me, given that this is a co-creative process with you, us, those of us on the ground, it occurs to me to share that, as Mary said, the fulfillment of the promise and the dream for peace does not happen without us, without you. This is a co-creative effort.

And so, I invite us all to awaken to and step into our power and mastery. Go into your hearts and claim mastery within and without and hold that vision every day, every moment of what’s possible and available for us, for this beautiful planet. And do it with conviction, with trust, with faith, and a smile and we shall have it.

Thank you everyone for joining us today.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 02-14-15 Universal Mother Mary


(1) The secret space fleet, Solar Warden, has been ion Mars since the 1960s and, I believe, the Moon as well.


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Core Issue of Disappointment ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Marianna Mikhaylyan ART

ART : Marianna Mikhaylyan 

Core Issue of Disappointment

DisappointmentI usually hear what Archangel Michel says as having direct applicability to me.

Not because I know it does. Not because I have a persecution complex, am a doormat, or have self-esteem issues. But for the benefit brought by looking at what he says.

This Hour with an Angel, in response to me asking for details, specifics, etc., he talked about inner peace and the need to let go of core issues like disappointment.

He actually said “disillusionment,” but that didn’t fit. The nearest relative was disappointment and that did. (1)

I’ve taken his words into myself, asked if disappointment is a core issue for me, and looked – for the value processing might bring.

And right away I’m particularly struck by something AAM said in my last reading with him. I asked him if I’d integrated all my aspects (past lives) and he said one of my ancestors (my term for my past lives is “ancestors”) (2) has not come in. Apparently I’m resisting him.

I now see that I’m resisting him because of the issue of disappointment. I fear that welcoming him in means welcoming the issue of disappointment into my life.

The ancestor won a major battle but lost the war.  He did so because he didn’t press his advantage home and slaughter the remnants of his enemy, including their city-state, the way his enemy would have slaughtered his (and eventually did).

When he had the winning hand, he felt enough bloodshed was enough and turned to negotiations, which went nowhere.

The very next moment I saw that disappointment is already in my life, has been since forever, and actually does drive me in many ways.

His disappointment lay in the fact that his approach was considered a failure in the end.

When I look, I see that my disappointment has been a continuing theme in my life because of a position I’m in.

I’ve spoken to so many of you who are in the same position. I now see it as a function of who is here.

Apparently I was born with a runaway intellect. When a consultant tried to measure my IQ, he ran out of tests and gave up.

The earliest disappointment in my life was that no one understood me; my language was polysyllabic in construction and latinate in diction.

No one understood why I was constantly reading or why I was reading what I was reading. I felt alone.

That just increased with age.

All this time I assumed that I was broken in some way and needed repair. I gradually became withdrawn – a hermit, a lone wolf – for various reasons, but disappointment was one of them.

This isn’t a sob story. This is processing.

Now, as an adult, I can see that I was allowed to bring my intellect into this lifetime and it carried penalties and disadvantages that I was expected to weather. (And I hope I have.)

So I’m going to tell the younger lad, Little Steve, who was consumed with disappointment all his life until he gave up hoping, what it was all about. This is me rewriting my story.

Do I know if any of it is true? No, I don’t. But what the heck? I made the other one up anyways. Here’s the new story I’m making up.

Little Steve, your pre-birth soul agreement was to serve in this Ascension as a writer. You agreed to go up slowly with everyone else, writing about it as you went.

You were given the tools of a writer: an insatiable thirst for knowledge, a robust intellect with which to process what you find, and the courage to explore new frontiers, open new doors, and walk new paths.

You were told that it would be a lonely life for a very long time and then a busy life for a long time after that. Your mission was to stay the course and comment along the way.

The value of your service is that others may recognize within themselves what you’re discussing. Others may feel reassurance that they’re not somehow insane or alone.  Others may find the doorway to their own missions as a result of your explorations.

This position carries with it challenges: ridicule, poverty, loneliness. But if you succeed, you have the opportunity to serve millions, Ascension and the future.

So far you’ve chosen to complain about these matters. Now that you’re aware that you knew about these challenges beforehand and agreed to them and now that you know what the value of the work is, do you wish to rechoose how you see the matter?

Yes. I choose to see the matter as you described it, Big Steve.

And what about the issue of disappointment itself? Given that you know that the totality of your reward comes from the Divine Mother and that only something that does is worth having, can you release your disappointment with anything that happens in the future?


Is there any charge left on this issue? Anything more to process?


Great. What is the principle that you’ll invoke when you feel disappointment rise again?

That I am serving the Divine Mother’s Plan and that it involves enduring a certain amount of ridicule, poverty, and loneliness. That the reward for my efforts comes later and it comes from the Divine Mother.

The presence of factors in my life like ridicule, etc., are not a sign that I’m abandoned or have been defeated. If anything, they testify to me being in the thick of things. They tell me that it’s now time to make my contribution.

Nothing else remains. No residue, no leftover feelings.

Good job. We’re complete. Go out and enjoy the sunny day.

(2) “Who are My Ancestors? Who are My Children?” Dec. 23, 2006, at


Marianna Mikhaylyan ART

Transcript: Archangel Michael Declares the Day Hostilities will End on the Planet @ Golden Age of Gaia

art   witness  by patricia ariel

ART : Witness ~ by Patricia Ariel

Transcript: Archangel Michael Declares the Day Hostilities will End on the Planet

archangel michaelHere’s the full transcript of the Hour with an Angel program on which Archangel Michael tells us that war and all other forms of hostility will end on the planet on Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14, 2015.

Linda Dillon points out that the Tsunami of Love also started on Valentine’s Day, 2014.

To make it easier for readers, we’ve indicated what portions of the transcript were posted earlier.

Thanks to Ellen N. for a speedy turnaround on our transcript.

An Hour with an Angel, Feb. 5, 2015

Graham Dewyea: Hello, and welcome to an Hour with an Angel with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You and The Great Awakening.

Joining her is Steve Beckow, founder of the Golden Age of Gaia and author of Building Nova Earth: Toward a World that Works for Everyone. Our guest today is Archangel Michael; so with that I’ll pass it on to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thanks very much, Graham. Linda has shared that Archangel Michael is brimming with joy and eager to talk with us so why don’t I welcome to the show Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael: And welcome to you.  I am Michael, Archangel of peace, warrior of love, bringer of news. Welcome by beloved friends.  Archangels, angels, starseeds, star beings, humans, Earthkeepers, wayshowers, my goodness. There are many of you.

I welcome you this day, with the totality of my being, with what you would think of with my power and might, the depth of my heart, the essence of my soul.

Talking about Peace

I come this day, and, yes, I know, sweet Steve, you have a lively conversation planned. But I come to talk about peace. And I come to talk about creation and co-creation, about “New Time,” and out-of-time, inside of time, jumping time, so let me begin and then we will continue.

The section that follows, down to the next marker, was posted earlier.

In your realm, and in the realm of the omniverse, in the realm of my mission and purpose, (1) I come this day – yes, once again but perhaps never in such an earnest manner – to ask each of you and all people, my beloved lightworkers, lightholders, listeners to this hour with an archangel, I am asking you to create and to co-create with me in this moment peace on earth.

There has been great discussion, and of course this is an endless topic, about peace within being the foundation, the anchor for peace without, upon the planet.

My sweet friends, and I say this with incredible urgency, but I come this day with incredible joy, with incredible laughter, sweetness, because I am speaking with some of my dearest friends. But it is within my mission and purpose to create and to co-create with thee this peace.

I do not simply mean the absence of war. … Peace is joy. Peace is love. Peace is harmony and balance and truth. And the ability to create and co-create Nova Earth, Terra Gaia, without one modicum of concern or fear of interference or disturbance, of dissonance.

And I come because of our sacred partnership that is in the fulness and the ripeness of our union and in order for this to fully proceed, my friends, my allies, … all beings, I need your help. I am requesting, from my heart to yours, your help.

Now there is a belief and it is one I would like to eradicate right now that the anchoring, the experience, the fulness of anchoring peace on Earth takes time.

The Mother herself has declared “New Time” and what this means in practical terms (2) is that you, my beloved, friends, Ascension flyers, have reached a point in your evolution where you may fly, move, jump in and out of time, and perhaps shrink time, stretch time.

I preface what I say to you.

Peace on Earth does not need to be an undertaking that takes decades or years.

Think of it in this way. Every day of your human Earth time, there are hundreds of thousands of individuals who end their marriages or young beings who leave their homes and they simply say: “I’ve had enough. I’m leaving now.”

Now this may have been percolating for year. It may have been an incident or a series of incidents or simply a grand awakening. They simply say, “Enough. I’m going.” And it is over.

Now the parents of the child or the child who leaves may cling to the past and try to create a drama out of this situation. But in essence once the decision is made, the relationship is disintegrated.

Because in your hearts, your minds, your will, your physical actions, you say: “That’s it, I’ve had enough. It’s over.”

Now there may be practicalities to be worked out – where do I live? Clean up the bank account? Child custody? Visitation?

But these are simply actions that follow a deep, heart-conscious, unconscious, subconscious human decision.

I use this illustration not of heartbreak but of the declaration of freedom. It is one of the best examples of human beings saying “I require peace. I demand, I choose, I claim to have peace in my life and heart that I may experience love.”

I am asking you, as your beloved brother, as your partner in this undertaking, for Gaia herself, for the intergalactics who assist thee, and the entire Company of Heaven, I am asking you to become peace portals, peace mongers, peaceholders – to be the embodiment, within and without, right now, of peace.

Think of yourself as a portal because you are and allow the breezes, not the hurricane, not the storm, but the gentle blue breezes of peace to simply flow through you. And as they flow through you, they intermingle with your energy and absorb your decision of peace, right now.

All of you – and most certainly all of us – are tired of waiting. You do not tend to think of an archangel or a master reaching the point of being tired of waiting. Thousands and millions of years pass and still we wait and hold and infuse.

Most of you do not have a genuine, authentic memory of what peace looks, smells, tastes, and feels like, it has been that long, upon sweet Gaia, since peace truly reigned.

We are talking of no war, no side-skirmishes, no racism, no gender inequality, no family violence, no institutional violence. (3)

I know the magnitude of what I ask of thee, each of you this day. But I also know, my beloved friends, that you are as ready as we are. And you are ready, not merely to claim your birthright of peace, but to be the anchors of peace.

So declare it with me now and allow this to flow through you, as you become the fulness of this peace portal, it flows to every being close to you and far, far away.

Breathe in the peace and exhale the love, exhale the joy, exhale the balance, the harmony. You have been granted these divine qualities by the Divine Mother herself. They are innate to your very being.

Let’s put them to work!

End of the first section that was posted earlier. The next portion of the interview was not posted earlier.

Now with that request on the table, in your hands, I bow to you, Steve. Where do you wish to begin this day?

Beginning of Questions

SB: Well, that was very powerful, Lord. Thank you very much for that. I think we all need to turn our backs on war, really. We really need to turn away from it just as you were saying that a person makes a decision to turn away from either a relationship or family.  I’m really quite inspired by what you just said.

And of course you answered a number of questions on my question paper, as you’ve done in the past. I’d like to ask you one question about yourself personally and then I’d like to go to a number of news-related questions and, if we have time at the end of the hour, maybe some questions about the other archangels.

But the one question I have for you personally is exactly what is your mission in the end times? What has the Divine Mother tasked you with? What has she sent you out into this part of the universe to do? I could say “Ascension” but I want to hear it from your mouth. I want to hear how you would describe your mission right now?

Is it peace? Is it Ascension? Is it more?

AAM: Let me put it in a broader framework. My mission – and many of my brothers would say the same – my mission is the elimination of darkness within the hearts, the minds, the beings, the essence of this universe and I expand to this multiverse and omniverse.

Now you notice that I tend to avoid or I have tended to avoid – the use of this word darkness because it is so charged, it is high voltage for many upon the planet, for in your reference of the old, it tends to bring up issues of judgement rather than discernment.

Now this is a massive undertaking. So the collective darkness, the whispers and the wisps of darkness that exist in people’s hearts. The darkness that exists upon the planet because of the remnants of war and violence.

So it is bigger in many ways than merely peace or Ascension. Now does it result in peace and Ascension? Yes. That is why I use, not merely the analogy [of breeze], but the breeze of peace that I am asking to flow through you is what you would think of as my energy, my breath, my exhalation.

So whether there is a kernel of darkness in the depths of the ocean where it has been planted by those who wish to destroy the civilizations and the energies that are stored there or whether it is a pollution in the sky or a pollution in a culture or a form of government, all of this is part of my tenure. Is this clear to thee?

SB: Yes, it is very clear. Thank you very much. Now you used two words that I’ve never heard be used in conjunction with each other. You said whether it is in the multiverse or in the omniverse. In just one or two minutes, can you tell us what the difference is between the “multiverse” and the “omniverse”?

AAM: You live within a universe and there are many, many universes. So when I use the term “multiverse,” I am speaking of the rather distinct systems. When I speak of the “omniverse,” I’m speaking of the collective whole as one.

SB: And what about what’s beyond that?

AAM: You can’t deal with that.

SB: Oh, OK. So I can’t deal with that. BUT is that where you live?

AAM: Yes.

SB: In other words, beyond that. The space within the space, you once called it. (4)

AAM: Yes. That is correct.

SB: OK, well, thank you very much for that. I do believe that listeners expect me to ask some news-related questions even though I’d much rather continue with where we were going. So let me get to that.

Start of the second section that was also posted earlier.

Has most of the karma that’s being played out in the Middle East now been completed?

AAM: I will answer that in this way. I will say “yes” and “no.”

Has there been vast improvement? The terror – and there is no other word for it, especially if we have a conversation of frankness this day which includes speaking about darkness – the terror that has reigned in the Middle East for a very long time is dissipating.

One of the reasons it’s dissipating is the human acknowledgement, the human exhaustion, the human recognition that this does not work. It is not viable. It is not applicable.

Does it allow the explosion of the worst part of the human psyche? Yes. Is it being remedied? The answer is yes!

Now long ago we had talked about doing the meditation for karmic dispensation and most of you have done this. What we would recommend is that you do this meditation – and you can choose: you can take countries or tribes or situations – take them along with you to the Karmic Board and allow them to receive the karmic dispensation and erasure that can take place and finish this off rapidly. That will contribute mightily to the peace brigade.

S: That’s a wonderful idea. Has our frequency as a planet and as lightworkers reached a high enough level where the Reval and the historic bonds and the prosperity packages can now flow?

AAM: Yes. Now let me also explain, when the Divine Mother spoke to you – and I know as your brother, and I speak to all of you – new techniques, new tools, expansion tools are being given to you – to explore the multiverse. Your universe alone would be magnificent.

[She has invited you] to claim, to bring in and to anchor in physical reality that which is your birthright, that which you desire, that which you are co-creating both together and with us – that invitation was in fact a declaration by the Mother and certainly thereby by the entire Company of Heaven, and the Council of Love, and everybody else throughout the multiverse, is that your evolutionary progress had reached a point where we were not telling you to sit still and pull in.

You were now free to explore. So has the frequency of the entire planet – and by that we mean the human race because everybody else is doing very well – but nevertheless the frequency of the human race, the vibratory rate – we will not get too scientific for you – has reached a point where you are able to create, co-create and, yes, receive.

That is why, my beloved, on why there is so much emphasis on creation, tangible creation, so you are readily-prepared not just to deal with spiritual currency, but what you think of as physical currency – money, gold, resources, it matters not.

But your piece of this, in bringing this abundance flow forth, is creating, not here and there, but every day. That is why I have asked you… And can you imagine? Yes, I am ready and you are ready to create peace on Earth.

But think of this in association the practical question you are asking: “When, not if, when we create peace on Earth in the space of a day – yes, that is what I am asking. Think: there is no more need for subterfuge. All the behind-the-scenes drama of control, greed and lust is gone. Billions and billions, zillions, of dollars are freed up. And abundance flows.

Your job is not to understand the multitude of variables at work; that is our job. But you tend to separate or categorize – because it is more manageable and that is understood – this is financial abundance; this is [the prosperity] programs; this is RV; this is spiritual; this is peace work; this is co-creation and [inaudible].

These are all connected as one. So when you say to me, is there a Revaluation, and note that I will also say “Re-evaluation of financial systems underway.” I say “yes” because it is a re-evaluation of all the systems. It is not just one thread. It is all the threads and it is the people saying “Enough!”

I choose to create, receive, give in a different way because the old not only does not exist but it never worked. There were a few hardy, controlling souls that led the way and created a very substantial illusion, but, dear hearts, you have already seen your emperors have no clothes.

So are you ready at vibratory rate? The answer is yes.

End of the second section posted earlier.

Creation as a Phase

S: OK, well, thank you, Lord. Now I’m going to ask you a couple of questions on creation because that seems to be the phase we’re in so just in one word, I ran an experiment the other day in which I asked for ten pieces of wood and I wrote about this on the blog. (5)

And by a very circuitous route I ended up with ten pieces of wood. Was that an example of creation?

AAM: Yes.

S: It was.

AAM: Yes. Now what happens with creation – this comes back to the variables – you often try to dictate to us how the process should transpire. That is not partnership. That is working for the man.

S: Well, it’s very interesting because in this case the last three pieces of wood came to me by a route that my belief system said, no, no, no, this is not the way it’s going to happen.

But I allowed it to happen and ended up with the full ten pieces of wood. It was an interesting experiment. But let me move on to this wider topic, Lord.

I used to think that building Nova Earth had a lot of outside or external activities connected with it but at least at this time, during this part of the process, it doesn’t seem to. It seems to be almost entirely internal.

We’re creating peace in the world by meditating on peace or turning our backs on war. We’re creating – that’s an internal process.

We’re engaging in modes of purification. Am I correct in thinking that at this phase of things, the primary focus of building Nova Earth is on these internal processes, like creation?

AAM: You build the creation – and do not forget the formula – you build the creation within. You do not build anything without a blueprint. You are rebuilding your blueprint within and it is humming at a higher frequency so that you can then hold that energy and it expresses in the outer world.

How it expresses in the outer world is, as you have said, dear heart, on what you would think of as a more limited scale. And, yes, you create it within but then it expresses with your neighbors, with your friends, with between man on the street, with each other.

Start of the third section posted earlier.

So it is starting what you think of as small. But at the same time you are declaring and allowing this energy, this energy of “Enough!” in every sense of that word. I am using that word very specifically. You are letting that energy of “Enough!” move through you.

And particles – air – move through you and then they expel out into the entire planet, much the same as your voice does. You tend to think that the range of your voice, oh, if you really speak up, is perhaps a few hundred yards.

The vibration of your voice, of your out-loud declaration, is heard around the entire planet – and beyond.

End of the third section posted earlier.

S: I think I’m waking up to that more and more, Lord. I’ve been very active and I put aside the internal things. But let me just recap.

What you’re saying is that this is a phase in building Nova Earth. This is a phase in which we’re constructing the blueprint. It’s not the end. It’s just one thing we’ll be doing in building Nova Earth. Is that correct?

AAM: That is correct. If your blueprint, and think of the blueprint as three dimensional; it is really multidimensional, as it would look on your computer as with a plan for a building. If that blueprint within you is not of a clear, high vibration, well, for example, the Cities of Light – that are already in form – cannot come and anchor into the physical matching that blueprint.

So first the internal work and then the physical manifestations.

S: OK, and you have confirmed for me that this internal work resulting in a blueprint is the stage we’re in now. Then what are the stages that come next, culminating in the building of Nova Earth?

AAM: Do not forget, you have gone through many stages. The first stage is actually your decision to come. One of your further stages is the collective decision to ascend as One. Your third part, you can think of this as your third part because you are already, most of you, already back and forth through that portal, collecting those who are lagging behind.

But you are not just building the blueprint. You are doing physical work.

Start of the fourth section posted earlier.

There is no more important task on the planet of Gaia in this moment than the creation of physical, tangible, peace. That will be tangible. You will be able to witness it. You will be able to see people put down their guns, to stop beating their children, to turn to their neighbours in consideration and helpfulness, kindness.

This is a tangible creation of Nova Earth and it is the most important step in this phase.

Is it what you would think of as the next step or the next feeling of Nova Earth? Yes.

Then what you are doing is you are beginning to anchor institutions, structures, ways of work, ways of play, ways of family, ways of doing business, that are in alignment with the future Cities of Light – which are very close – which are in alignment energetically, telepathically, heart, with your Star brothers and sisters, with the Ascended Masters, so that we can all show up. Those are the next steps.

SB: Any steps after that?

AAM: There will always be more! [Laughter]

SB: Dream big! [Laughter]

AAM: Dream big! But yes, do not forget, this is a template for this Universe.

End of the fourth section posted earlier.

If we were to talk 1,000 years hence, 100 years hence, this way of Gaia in peace and in Cities of Light, and in places of harmony where perhaps no humans tread other than to come in sacred ceremony now and then, that are tended to by the animal kingdom, the beauty, the sense of the very air, the sky, the land, a feeling and knowing as you inhale that you are in complete harmonious unity with everything.

Start of the fifth section posted earlier.

That is, oh shall we say, a step, several steps away. And as that is the Truth, as that is the templates, the grid, then it is ready to be replicated in other planetary systems.

And each of you will be pivotal in helping to do that.

SB: So that’s a Stage 2, isn’t it? That after we’ve crossed the finish line, after there’s a spirit of unity that prevails around the planet, unitive consciousness, then we take what we’ve learned to other Star systems, is that correct?

AAM: That is correct.

SB: And not only do we do it geographically – i.e., take it to other Star systems – but we’ll be taking it to future ascensions, in higher dimensions as not a template but a foundation upon which they can build, is that correct?

AAM: Yes, because that template is multidimensional, is trans-dimensional, is higher realm, is telepathic, mind-to-mind and heart-to-heart communication.

So you can either send the message telepathically, you can jump on a ship and go, you can be part of a mission and anchor in a distant place… These are the choices that are open to you.

SB: Open to us now, Lord, or open to us at the time we cross the finish line?

AAM: Some of you, not many, but some of you are already doing that. And you will hear some interesting stories, but that is not mine to convey.
But as a collective, it is as you cross your infamous finish line, but let me not leave it like that, hanging.

You see, when we talk about process – and we have done a lot of discussion about process! – but do not forget what I am saying to you about time. You tend to think, “oh, this sounds like a long project”. The project could be completed, not just metaphorically or in a blink of the Mother/Father’s eyes, but in a blink of your eyes.

It can happen as rapidly as you collectively are choosing. It does not need to take years. That is old thinking.

End of the fifth section posted earlier.

So, think of it this way. Think of a piece of music, notes on the page, each note is a progression, the lines are the timelines, but the notes are happening very quickly, sequentially, and you can be finished playing the piece rapidly. Go staccato!

SB: So, when you say some of the things you say about it happening in a millisecond, I find myself feel a kind of a stab of fear. I say to myself “Well, if I try that experiment, it probably won’t work for me.”

AAM: Because you do not believe it can work.

SB: Is it just a simple matter of believing, Lord, because believing is a fairly low form of knowledge, right?

AAM: It is the believing that you need to toss out.

SB: Yes, the false belief I need to toss out.

AAM: When you claim the fullness of your ability… it is not just I believe, I think, I feel… it is ‘I DO’.

SB: Yes, I agree.

This sixth section goes to the end of the interview and was posted earlier.

AAM: So perhaps not a millisecond, because I do not wish you to think that I do not honor the human form. But what if you say that this month, this year, this is done?

SB: And ‘this is done’ refers to what, Lord?

AAM: This transformation. “Peace on Earth” – the declaration of “we have had enough”!

SB: Why don’t we make a deadline, a date?

AAM: Yes, because you are very good at setting deadlines and meeting them!

SB: Well, yes, thank you!

AAM: All of you.

SB: But also, without deadlines we can’t coordinate.

AAM: Without deadlines you cannot coordinate. But it is also the framework within which you have been set up. On the 30th, I pay my rent. On the 10th, I receive my pay check. When I am in Grade 3, I should be able to read. When I am in Grade 12, I am going to graduate.

So you have these frameworks that are associated with time. So setting a deadline is a very good idea.

SB: Alright. What’s the deadline that we should set for the cessation? I’m going to let you define it, Lord. I was going to say ‘the cessation of hostilities, the onset of peace’ but I think I’d better let you define what this deadline would be accomplishing.

AAM: Let us begin… because I do not wish to overwhelm you… right now, by allowing the breeze to pass through your portal. So that is already done.

Let us set the deadline for the cessation of what you think of as ‘war’. Let us set it for Valentine’s. That is our favorite day.

SB: I was going to suggest that and I thought it would be too early. But I love that idea, thank you.

AAM: Let us begin.

SB: I accept.

AAM: And you have just declared that you accept on behalf of all listeners, all lightworkers, all loveholders. And, dear heart, we accept!
I thank you because this is the request I have brought to the table this day.

SB: Thank you. As a sovereign citizen of Planet Earth, I accept.

AAM: As a global Gaian, you accept!

SB: Yes I do. Thank you. February 14. So do you recommend that we get involved in inner work, join together in meditation, have marches… What would you recommend?

AAM: No, I am not suggesting that you storm Washington. I am suggesting the inner work, feeling the breeze, my breeze pass through you, that you are a peace portal, not merely a believer in peace, but a peace portal. So everything can flow through you and you are expanding and sending it out.

And yes, a meditation is a good idea, so we will get busy on that.

SB: Alright. Is global meditation the primary route we should take?

AAM: No, it is not either/or. You cannot do either/or. It is both.

SB: Alright. Well, what other activities could we engage in to ritualize, dramatize and actualize “Peace on Earth by February 14″?

AAM: Spread the word, dear heart. Spread the good news. So will I.

SB: Alright. Okay, very good. So the mere coordinating of this through writing and communication is probably…

AAM: It’s an action and a declaration. Use the word ‘enough’.

SB: ‘Enough’. Okay, thank you I will. Well, I am all equipped, and thank you for that.

AAM: Yes, you are!

SB: Now that’s a creation!

AAM: That is a creation, a tangible creation, an ambitious creation, that you and we can do together.

SB: Yes it is. Does that [creating the context] make it here already? We’ve created the context, have we not?

AAM: Yes, you have. But if I say to you… I know how you humans think. Your mental body will play many tricks on you. So if I say to you, “Well, it is already here”, then you won’t bother to do what I am asking you to do.

And you will say, “Well, I don’t need to worry. It’s already here.” That is not partnership. That is like your beloved asking you to do something together and you say, “Well, she already loves me. I don’t really have to do it.” No, no, no! [Laughter]

SB: Right, okay. I didn’t mean it in that way, but okay, that’s very good. But we have nevertheless created a context right now, have we not? The context is “Peace on Earth by February 14, 2015”?

AAM: You have created the entire context. I have created the context. The Mother is waiting.

SB: Right, okay. So now, the next step for us is to communicate it?

AAM: That is correct. To communicate it, and for all involved to do. So think of it as the doing. It is internal work; it is external work; but it is an action.

SB: Right. Now, it needs to be peaceful, right, obviously?

AAM: It has to be peaceful.

SB: How can you achieve peace without being peaceful?

AAM: You cannot force peace down someone’s throat. But you can gently let the breeze flow through them. They will never know.

No, it is not raping somebody to give them the gift of peace. Let it flow to them.

This is a very ambitious undertaking.

SB: Yes. Now, if we were facing troops, Lord, and we said, “Enough!” and turned our backs on them, this act of turning our backs on systems of war or police-state apparatuses and what have you… would that be interpreted as a gesture of disrespect?

AAM: What you are doing is turning your back on the action and the energy to the people that you are facing.

Send the energy, facing them, looking deep into their heart and their eyes, and send them the breeze of peace, so that they will feel that gift that you bring them, that release, that liberation, that freedom from their bondage.

SB: Alright. Well, the whole delivery of the message to others who are, say, at war, behind war, immersed in war… the whole delivery has to be the message itself, does it not?

AAM: It has to be delivered, and in the delivery of the message is the dissembling of the apparatus of war.

SB: How is that, Lord? How does that happen?

AAM: See it like the phoenix crumbling into ashes, as if it never had substance anyway and it is simply disintegrating.

SB: Right, okay. That’s very good.

AAM: This truly is a situation of ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

SB: Now, you’ve said on numerous occasions that the old Third is just crumbling away. What do you mean by that? If I look out my window, am I to expect these buildings to crumble away?

AAM: No, because you are still… when we speak of the energy of the old Third, we are speaking of death, destruction, lack, limitation, greed, lust, pain, suffering. The buildings do not need to crumble, although some of them will because they are an aberration, they do not hold the energy of clarity, of purity, of Love. So will there be a clean-up energy? Yes, but that comes next.

First you build the blueprint within. So you do not want to see buildings crumbling.

You still inhabit a cleaned-up, shall we say, Third Dimension. But you aren’t stuck there.

Third-dimensional reality merely means that you can have the experience of physicality, just as being in the 7th means you are having the experience of the Christ Consciousness. They are not exclusive of one another.

SB: Alright. But the fall of the old Third, the disappearance of the old 3rd, everything you are talking about when you are discussing that is what I could call ‘internal’, is it not? I am just getting so much, Lord, the importance of the internal world.

AAM: The internal must crumble first. You are correct.

SB: Oh, I wasn’t meaning that but could you elaborate? What do you mean by ‘the internal’? False grids?

AAM: The false grids, but the illusion of value, that there is innate value in many of the institutions or fear of the crumbling or disintegration of those institutions.

So, because there has been this duality… for example, government has usurped the freedom and the liberty… well actually, most governments have done this. But if we speak to you about the elimination of government, everyone goes into a panic and says, “What about my welfare check? What about my food stamps? What about the maintenance of my roads?”

What you are seeing crumbling is the greed, the taking away of freedom, of laws which are unjust, of practices that are completely unjust. That is what is crumbling so that the Truth… and we will use the United States of America as the example.

St. Germaine’s promise of a land of freedom and liberty and the pursuit of happiness… so that can re-emerge and sparkle and truly be the blueprint and the paradigm restored.

But everything else has to crumble. And if it does not crumble within thee, if you say, “I can’t let this go because I need the structure”, then you are being untrue to yourself.

SB: So the real revolution is internal, not like the American Revolution which was external. This revolution is internal, I take it?

AAM: The internal revolution is the most important part because when that takes place, there is no need for upheaval or bloodshed.

SB: We just have a short time, Lord, before we have to go. Let me ask you this last question. Is it correct to say that fear itself is what has to disperse overall before the race is finished, etc. etc. It’s fear?

AAM: It is fear. It is fear. It is that fear that freezes and does not allow the energy to move in the way it wants to flow.

SB: Right. Okay. Well, we are going to have to end there. I hear the music. Thank you so much for this discussion, Lord. It’s just chalk full of the most valuable information. Thank you!

AAM: Then let us begin, dear friends!

SB: You bet!

AAM: Let us begin! And thank you. Thank each and every one of you. Farewell.

SB: Thank you Lord. Farewell.


(1) I had it on my question paper to ask him: “What is your own mission and marching orders from the Mother in relation to the end times?” This is an example of him answering my questions before I ask them. Nevertheless I did ask for more details later in the program.

(2) He now answers a second question from my question paper: “What is the meaning and what are the implications of what the Divine Mother called ‘New Time?’”

(3) He furnishes us with a list to compare results to.

(4) In other words, the Transcendental. So Archangel Michael has just confirmed (again) that he lives in the Transcendental.

(5) Elsewhere I related how I had run an experiment with the Divine, asking for ten pieces of wood to use to help shore my boxes of books up in my garage. The ten pieces of wood came to me but from unusual sources. See “Alchemy, Envisioning and Other Experiments in Being – Part 2/2,” February 4, 2015, at


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A New Series on Universal Law: The Framework – Sanat Kumara ~ Linda Dillon @ Council of Love


sanat kumara GAgeGaia

A New Series on Universal Law: The Framework

Sanat Kumara, Keeper of the Universal Law and our planetary logos has been explaining Universal Law over the last several years through various sources. 

From channelings through Linda Dillon that can be found on the Council of Love website, to An Hour With An Angel (1), to a series that began last August on Heavenly Blessings radio show, Sanat, or Raj as he likes to be called, has been teaching us how things work: how things happen or don’t happen, and guiding us through our Ascension process to a place of balance and heart consciousness.

Universal Law, or the Higher Laws of Love, which is another name for it, is a construct of creation directly from Mother/Father One and the blueprint upon which everything else is formulated.

Why does Universal Law exist? Because it is the rules of how things work, and the Laws do not change.

We can think of the Laws as the framework, which if adhered to and followed, allow the divine qualities to thrive. The divine qualities, or the blessings and virtues, are completely interconnected with the Laws; if you have one, you have the other. 

Sanat tells us here, in an excerpt from Linda’s new book, Chakras As Portals (2), how Universal Law removes the illusion upon which human experience has been based:

“Greetings I am Sanat Kumara, Keeper of the Universal Law, planetary logos. Dear friends, you may also call me Raj.

“Universal Law is the framework that explains how things work. It is part of the universal grid. It is part of the understandings of how things happen or don’t happen, and the alignment that one can gain in terms of your own process of Ascension and your eventual return to Source. Universal Law is a reflection of Divine thought and existence. It is a construct of creation. These Laws are laid down, given, and shared directly from the One.

“Universal Law is the framework upon which creation and the thirteen Blessings & Virtues or Divine Qualities hang. It is the grid upon which you come to understand how things work.

“It is peculiar, is it not, that you have, as a human collective, such an obsession with this word law? You have judicial law, laws of mathematics, laws of quantum physics, natural law, but you do not have, and you have not aligned fully or completely with Universal Law, even though it is the starting and finishing point. When you are in alignment with Universal Law, you understand how to position yourself, particularly within time and space; how your actions, or inactions, or sense of being, can be measured and reflected.

“Think of Universal Law as the framework which, if adhered to and followed, allows the Divine Qualities to thrive. They are completely interconnected. If you think of it in terms of structure, the Law is the steel girders, the two-by-fours, the foundation, and the qualities are the covering and the innards of the building. When you are in the purity of adherence to the Law, then you are practicing, you are living the Law and the Divine Qualities. You cannot separate these out; if you have one, you have the other.

“Universal Law is the guidelines laid down by the Mother/Father One for adherence to the Divine Qualities. When you are seeking how to eliminate or clear issues or blockages, reflect upon the Universal Law and determine what is not in alignment. So often when you are in a clearing process you say to me,

‘Raj, I have been working on this false grid or issue but it does not seem to click for me.

It does not produce the results.’

“How I guide thee is to go back to this codification, this grid, this framework upon which everything hangs.

“All of the Universal Laws are interconnected. It is not a matter of simply working or understanding one individual law. That is not sufficient. Each of you, in tandem with the kingdoms and with Gaia, have reached the point in your transition, your Ascension, your evolution, that you are ready to more fully embrace, understand, and build societies and a planet that is in adherence and alignment with the Law.

“Why does Universal Law exist? Why do we speak of the Law? Because it is the rules of how things work, and they do not change. You are at a juncture in your spiritual journey where you have need and desire to understand the immutable nature and function of the Law. You are at a point where you are yearning to be in alignment.

“One of the issues of being human is that you are in an environment of constant change, whether you acknowledge or realize it or not. That is not only challenging but difficult. When you can understand and refer to the Law, you have a framework within which to work with that phenomenon of constant change, and reach the place of balance.

“The purpose of the law, the foundation of the law, is balance. It is to assist you, to guide you, and all beings, to the place of balance. In the very beginning we said to the Mother

‘How will the beings, not only on Earth,

not only upon this beloved jewel, Gaia,

understand how to construct, how to proceed?’

“And so the codex of the Law was shared. Now, you do not go about every day thinking, or feeling, ‘Am I in alignment with the Law?’ whether it is human law or natural law. It is the way of being, and of being in balance.

“When you are breathing, acting, feeling, processing, praying and creating, you are operating within that framework, on that tapestry, on that grid of Universal Law. You cannot absent yourself from this framework. It is not possible. The Universal Laws that I speak to you of is not simply Universal Law that is applicable to the humans. It is the Universal Law that we all adhere to. It is the guideline for where each of you is headed. That is the crux of inter-dimensional shift; it is that heart-knowing, Love-alignment with the Law.

“Many human laws that have evolved are not in alignment with Universal Law. That is where things have gone awry and where false grids and paradigms have grown up and assumed the illusion of solidity. But such laws do not have a reference point in the heart of One and are contrary to the Law of Above and Below. When misalignment occurs people become disenchanted, disillusioned, disappointed, because they believe they are adhering to law, but it is not having the results of creation they desire. The reason is because they have not taken the time to understand and align with Universal Law, which is actually very simple.

“If you think in terms of human laws and behaviors, you are not necessarily thinking, in each of your actions, ‘Am I behaving within the confines or the prescriptive definitions of behavior that are acceptable in this country that has laid down these laws?’ You don’t really think about it, unless you are breaking the laws. Now, the difference is, is that human law is based on punishment and control. So they have no genuine divine essence, do they? And one can argue, and many do, that the underpinning of human law is order and love and not taking advantage of some people. But that is not the nature of Universal Law. It goes far beyond expediency.

ULaw Pic“How do you come to know Universal Law? You do so by going into your heart consciousness. This is the compass all have been given, and it has recently been reset within you. You know Universal Law by asking yourself one very simple question:

Does this situation, does this action, does this feeling, does this behavior, and does this situation, feel that it is in alignment with Love and with One? 

“You may ask yourself further:

Does it feel within me, within my heart-knowingness, that it is in the balance?

Is this an action, behaviour or situation that moves me along my chosen path? 

Does this jettison me forward in this time of rapid change?

Does this align with the Love that I know within me, that is my divine essence?

Does it align with the Love of the Mother?

Does it feel like Love?

And make no mistake my beloved friends, there is not one human being who does not know, when they are completely honest with themselves, what Love feels like.

Laws of Love“Often you make excuses to and for yourself for not aligning with the Love, which is to say you have not aligned with the Law. Now, excuses are fine because in many ways they coerce you to be very honest with yourself. So when you are making an excuse, understand that you are really doing is addressing an issue that is not in alignment with the truth of your universal self.

“Let us review again how you work with Universal Law:

The practice is simple and straightforward.

Go to your still-point, and simply call me.

Practice your Divine Qualities.

Notice that when you are practicing certain qualities, they more naturally align with different Laws, with different thoughts, with different expressions, shall we say, of God, of One.

But also note and acknowledge the wisdom which is already within you. 

“Working with the Law is being in your heart consciousness and being discerning, considering. You live in a world, and I distinguish this from the Gaia, that has become very busy. Now, it is not that you need to judge busy as good or bad; it is indifferent. However, understand that busy is a very good place for ego to live. Part of that busyness is an emotion of self-imposed struggle. The state of busyness does not engender a sense of smoothness; it is a self-imposed condition where you do not take time to discern,

‘Is what I’m doing directing me to my core essence and to myself,

to my I AM Presence and the I AM Presence?’ 

“When you stop and ask that question, the guidance is already there because your beauty, your heart, your soul or however you conceive of that knowingness, is divinely intelligent. It knows, and you know. In the knowing, you can shift from busy to being, and being does not mean that you are not taking action and building Nova Earth. You are, and it is well under way, I am happy to say.

“We look forward to the human collective decision to adhere to the higher Laws of Love, which is another name for Universal Law. We guide you to adhere to the meaningful existence and the truth of who you are. Know my sweet friends that this is already being expressed by many of you. And trust me; that gives me incredible joy. Never underestimate how well you are doing.”

Channeled by Linda Dillon © 2014 Council of Love


(1) Transcript from An Hour With An Angel with Sanat Kumara

An Hour With An Angel radio show with Sanat Kumara, April 23, 2013

(2) Linda Dillon, Chakras As Portals. 2014, page 4.


Book cover - Chakras as Portals

Archangel Michael: Ascension will See the Entire Planet Fall in Love ~ Linda Dillon @ The Council of Love

new websitge archangel michael blue

Archangel Michael: Ascension will See the Entire Planet Fall in Love

An Hour with an Angel, November 28, 2014, with Archangel Michael

Graham Dewyea: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel on this Thanksgiving Day in the United States. We’re here with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You: Emerging into Humanity’s Heart Consciousness.

Joining her is Steve Beckow, founder of the Golden Age of Gaia and author of Building Nova Earth: Toward a World that Works for Everyone. Our guest today is Archangel Michael. So, with that, I’ll pass it over to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thank you very much, Graham. And Linda, you were saying before the show that the love energy was going to increase.

Linda Dillon: I have been feeling this tsunami of love, which a lot of people have said, “Oh, is it over now?” And I think the last time we spoke I said, oh, no, it’s not over. And I can see this huge wave when I sort of look at the Earth like offshore.

And what I’m being told and what I’m feeling myself is that there is this massive infusion of the tsunami of love energy, particularly between now and Christmas or Hanukkah, however you think of that. You know, we as humans love dates. So it’s just this feeling… And one of the things that has come up several times, in various channelings, is that the Mother is sending energy that is part of the tsunami of love, but she is sending this beam of light directly through the great central sun, through our sun, that is penetrating all of us.

So don’t be surprised if you’ve been feeling a little electric, and some people to the point of really feeling short-circuited. And the way that the Mother’s describing it is, think of this as hydroelectric power. Think of this as Niagara Falls, just the final pushes just rushing right through you.

Again, the energy moves from your head down through your body and out your feet. And as it goes out your feet, of course, every blade of grass, every mountain, every kingdom, every animal, and Gaia herself, are also receiving this energy. So, hang on to your hats!

SB: Boy, that’s exciting.

LD: It is exciting. And, you know, we’ve all been saying, okay, now, how long do we have to wait? And we all know it’s a waiting game. And let me tell you, the one thing that has really stuck with me from our gathering in Lake Tahoe is when the Mother said that she’d been waiting for this for 6.3 million years. That has stuck in my brain.

And every time I feel aggravated or frustrated, and want to say, hurry up, everybody! I go back and I say, well, she’s been waiting 6.3 million years, and probably eons longer, so we can wait a little while longer.

SB: Amazing. Well, it’s a big piece of work they’re doing.

LD: It’s so much bigger than we realize. Both our star brothers and sisters…. The ascended masters have a whole area that they are working on really diligently with the human race as well at this time. They’ve got their own little project going on. And then there’s this huge infusion from Mother/Father One, so there’s a lot happening!  And there’s a lot to be grateful for.

SB: Well, why don’t I let you make yourself comfortable, make your transition, and we’ll welcome Archangel Michael.

LD: All right.

SB: And while we’re waiting for Archangel Michael to come in, I might just say that Linda has just been through a case of the flu. So if she needs to clear her throat from time to time, that’s what’s happening.

And, welcome, Archangel Michael!

Archangel Michael: And welcome to you! Yes, I am Michael, archangel of peace, warrior of love, bringer of news, and participant, for I would love for this to be a participatory process on this wondrous subject of gratitude. How can you be in the joy of existence, in the middle, the beginning, the end, of your ascension process? How can you even live on this magnificent planet called Gaia and not be in joy and gratitude every day?

Oh, and you say, “Yes, Michael, of course I am in gratitude, but what about peace on Earth? What about financial reorganization, re-valuation of the financial systems of the planet? What about the elimination of discrimination, gender inequality? What about all those who suffer from dis-ease and dis-heart-ening?”

There is still so much to be grateful for. And the Mother reminds of us this time and time and time again. So if there is nothing else that you can find, gratitude within your very core, can you not be grateful for your divine connection with the Mother, with the One, with the Whole?

I am so honored to speak, to conjoin, to touch your hearts this day. And yes, we are using the occasion of American Thanksgiving because it is a day that’s marked and set aside for this very subject of gratitude.

So you have a saying, I’ll take it where I can get it? Well, sweet ones, we are taking it.

I wish to bring messages, greetings of gratitude on behalf of all. So let us start by us saying what we are grateful for. And I speak to all the people of Earth, and I speak to each and every one of your hearts this night.

I am grateful for your love. I am grateful to be given the opportunity to love you forever. We are grateful for your patience, for your [audacity], for your valor, for your courage, for your consistency. For how you continue on even when you feel disillusioned. We are grateful that you are finally walking through your core issues. You are not stalling. You are not turning away. You are walking through and you are embracing the truth, the trust, the beauty of who you are.

We are grateful for every head, for every hair, for your smile, for your laughter, for your beauty, within and without. We are grateful that you have stepped forward and declared yourself as Nova beings, creating and co-creating in our sacred partnership, Nova Earth, Nova Gaia.

We are grateful that even in your frustration and your incomplete understanding of this unfoldment that you have trusted and continued on. We are grateful for your love, for your attention, for your vigilance.

We are grateful that you tend to Gaia and to each other. We are grateful that you acknowledge and come to know not only us more dearly, but your star brothers and sisters. We are grateful, most grateful, that you have finally — and may we say pretty much completely — relinquished the old Third Dimension. You have relinquished the false grids, the vasanas, the illusions, and you are embracing your higher, interdimensional, multidimensional self. You are embracing your alignment with the heart and mind and will of One.

We are extraordinarily grateful not only for your love, but your friendship. We are grateful that you do the work of lightwork, of lovework, that you are implementing and adhering to universal law, that you are allowing the gifts that are being sent, the frequency adjustments, the attunements, that you are allowing them. Oh, there are still some that are recalcitrant, that are reluctant, and we are grateful to them! For what it does is it highlights how few are left and how much progress has been made!

We are grateful that you never say, “No, I won’t do it!” when we give you yet another assignment. Dear heart, I could go on and on and take all your time, but as I have said, I wish this to be a conversation. So, where do you wish to begin?

SB: Well, thank you, Lord. I’d like to begin with something you said to me a while back. You said that the galactics were infusing California vegetation with enough water and a chlorophyll-like substance to allow it to stay alive. You hinted that they were doing much more that we would have cause to be grateful for. By way of enumerating our blessings, could you tell us more about what the galactics are doing behind the scenes that we might be grateful for?

AAM: Oh, my goodness. Well, I will tell you a few things…

SB: Okay.

AAM: I cannot say that I can give away all their secrets or blessings, but yes…

The galactics, if we are even to back up half a step, have been the keepers of Gaia, even, oh, 50 or 200 years cocooning her in a beautiful cloud, what you would think of as a protective cushion of strength so that she did not wobble off her axis, as was part of the original thought and plan.

They have assisted in keeping Gaia verdant. Now, you say, “Well, what about the deserts? What about the droughts that are felt all over the globe?” They have kept Gaia alive in many ways that human beings do not fully understand.

They are playing a very active role, yes, in conjunction with me, with our legions, but they have quite literally stopped bombs, taken them out of the air, eliminated them — no, certainly not taken them on board, for that would be far too primitive. They have worked, particularly with we who are the archangels in addressing, again, particularly the violence, the war, first in the Ukraine and throughout the Middle East. They are one of our strongest allies, and they are shielding much of the violence.

And you say to me, “Well, Lord, how can that be when we still witness terrible beheadings?” And what I say to you is that it would be much worse if we and your galactic brothers and sisters were not greatly involved.

The galactics have what you can translate as a water project. Now, you think that this sounds very human. They are working with all the waters — oceans, rivers, streams, lakes, reservoirs; I do not think they involve themselves with puddles, but I would not be surprised with anything they do.

They are working on the restoration and they are working with many of the elementals and the kingdoms on the restoration of absolute purity in the water of Gaia.

Now, so many of you — yes, even lightworkers who do not fully have the comprehension of Gaia’s power, of your star family power, of the restorative power of Gaia, say, “Well, it would take hundreds of years for all of the waters to be cleaned up.” Well, you know when you have a belief system we often allow you to work through it. That is part of your process which we appreciate, which we are grateful for your brilliant minds. But let us tell you, dear heart, that belief is ridiculous.

Your star brothers and sisters are cleaning up your water supply. Go ahead and test it. What do you think this project of bringing water to end a drought through the gentle rains is about? Do you really think that is just Uriel? Of course not, although he takes the lead.

Your star brothers and sisters are infusing each droplet of water not only with Uriel’s silver ray, but with the purity that is required for the restoration of Gaia, not only of the oceans, but as the water hits the land. For what good is it when rain is polluted? Well, very little, really.

So they are working in this; they are working in the depths of the ocean. They are working where there has been nuclear seepage. They are working where there has been oil spills. They are assisting the water sprites, the mer people, the many civilizations that have sunk… These are rising to the surface. Who do you think is running the elevator? Your star family.

So they are doing magnificent, magnificent work. And then people say, “Well, there hasn’t been disclosure, and we don’t get to see them en masse sitting on the White House lawn.” Well, that will come.

But it would be a massive misunderstanding to think that your star brothers and sisters have withdrawn. Quite the contrary, they are building Nova Earth and Terra Gaia, not just for you, but with you — and of course with Gaia, bright archangel herself.

Now, of course they’re also working with those who have — your term — boots on the ground, and that is a period of adjustment, particularly in frequency and communication, fluency — and we do not simply mean language.

They are re-awakening many, many starseeds. Now, there was a voluntary movement of many starseeds born into what you think of as human lives, human form — oh yes, what you think of as ordinary life. There is not one life on the planet, particularly at this time, that is not extraordinary. They are awakening many of the starseeds to the fullness of their galactic star selves.

So, are your brothers and sisters of the stars simply sitting there and observing? No. They are working diligently, consciously and unconsciously, with all of you, as are we.

And let us say there are many of you, my brothers and sisters, who walk out particularly at night and you look up at the night sky and you say hello to the rainbow ships or to the mother ships or to your particular friend. The level of gratitude that is felt when you take that simple action of acknowledgment is so deeply appreciated, your star family is as grateful as we are for those of you who have volunteered to be on planet at this time.

SB: Well, thank you, Lord. Maybe we could talk about two people whose work has expanded our understanding of gratitude, or thanksgiving. And the first one is Dr. Maseru Emoto, who showed that emotions carry different vibrations and have impacts on the body. He said we observe beautiful crystals after giving good words, playing good music, and showing, playing or offering pure prayer to water.

On the other hand, we observe disfigured crystals in the opposite situation.

Taking off from his experiments, what is the vibration that gratitude carries, and what is its impact on our body, minds and hearts and on those of the people we come in contact with?

AAM: This is brilliant work. Now, if you were to speak to St. Germaine — which you will not do this day! — he would suggest to you that this is the work of Atlantis, that this is the work, yes, of science, but of love.


We strongly urge you to pay attention to this bright angel who has joined us now and to give thanksgiving for what he has so aptly and clearly, scientifically — which is the god of your Earth — has demonstrated. There is a card, and we would ask you, oh, do it with your friends, go on line, take that gratitude card and see the beauty of that shape of that crystal, of that molecule. That photograph alone can transform the entire planet.

Can you imagine, when you infuse your food, your water, your body, your clothes, the air you breathe, with these, what we would call divine qualities, you are literally bringing that divine quality, expanding it and anchoring it within not only your heart but your cellular structure.

So, it has a phenomenal — and it is a phenomenon — impact on building, holding, sustaining your light body. It anchors these qualities within your field and within your physical form.

So, also think of it. When you go down to the water’s edge, or when you simply step outside, or inside, and send gratitude — and that is why the visual picture is so helpful for you — when you send this not merely to yourself, but to the planet, to Gaia, to the Earth, to the soil, to the plants, to the air, to the water, this is you, and this is what Emoto was teaching you, and continues to. You are co-creators. You are in sacred partnership, and you are the anchors in form of these qualities, if you choose.

Now, it is beyond imagination that you would not choose. And we are grateful when you do choose, because it is such a simple act, and yet we are amazed. Oh, yes, we can be in awe of many of your actions! We are amazed when you don’t do it.

So, the power of this is phenomenal. If you are in a position, beloved ones, obtain this book, obtain these cards and use them. Use them daily.

SB: Thank you for that. I just looked on line at the crystal for gratitude. Very, very beautiful.

A second group that has been working with love and gratitude are the developers of Ho’oponopono. Morrnah Simeona and her student Hew Len developed it, which most people know through the mantra, “I’m sorry.  Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.”

Wikipedia says it’s based on Len’s idea, taken off from what Morrnah taught, of 100 percent responsibility, taking responsibility for everyone’s actions, not only for one’s own. If one would take complete responsibility for one’s life, then the problem would not be with our external reality. It would be with ourselves. To change our reality, we would have to change ourselves.

Can you comment a bit, please, on the efficacy of this advice to take responsibility for all actions, and tell us if it has a practical result, if it’s a good way of going about things to practice Ho’oponopono?

AAM: There are many pathways. But I would suggest to you that you have — and I do not mean you in particular — but that you have not been listening to a single word we have said if you have not arrived at the understanding of responsibility.

Your divinity includes that assumption of your mission, your purpose, your totality, your integrated self, and it is that assumption that leads to the deeper expansion and understanding of who you are, but also what you are capable of.

The realm of the old third was a realm constructed on control, constructed on false illusions, fault, blame, guilt, shame. There are so many of these we could go on and on, but we wish to speak of gratitude.

So when you shift from that and assume not only what you think of in practical terms as responsibility for your life, but true responsibility to be, to live, to embody your divinity. That, by definition, means alignment with divine heart, mind and will.

Now, when everyone — and we do mean everyone — assumes responsibility, then you are home. You are all through the portal. Whatever you think of as ascension, a key component is this sense of responsibility.

But let us also say that there is a belief, and it is slightly skewed, that you may assume responsibility, particularly for another. Now, do you assume a mantle of responsibility for the collective? Of course, because you are all one, and you are integrated, and you cannot be fractured and fissioned. And it is in that acceptance of the broader responsibility that this is very valuable practice.

When you assume, or attempt to assume — because you cannot really do it — the responsibility of another individual, even when you do it out of the deepest concern and love, you are misstepping.

Now, can you assist them? Can you allow them to be filled with your love and practical support, etheric support, emotional support, mental support? Yes. But you cannot assume their pathway. It is theirs. And it is part of their unique expression of their divinity and of their responsibility.

If you do not assume what you are responsible for, it is very — well, it is impossible to truly be in what we call joy, in what we call love. Because in that is not only the acceptance and the allowance, but the joyful embrace of who you are. And that includes your responsibilities, it includes what you agreed to do during this lifetime, in this timeframe within which you are operating.
Do you understand what I say?
SB: Lord,  I do and I don’t. Where’s the dividing line between the two types of responsibility? If as God in the flesh I take responsibility for my world, but then we go down into the particular and at some point I have to draw back and say, well, no, I don’t take responsibility for your life path or what you need to do in regards to it. Where’s the dividing line, Lord?

AAM: The dividing line is in the assumption that somebody is not capable… you are underestimating their divinity. And it is a knowing, by the way. Let me back up.

Two years ago, when the collective of humanity had backed up, backed off and said, I am not going to do this individually. I am not going to ascend all by myself. I do not want to leave my dog, my cat, my children, my grandchildren, my wife, my grandmother, behind. There was a collective wisdom which was very spiritually evolved that we will do this as one because we are one. And that is the collective, certainly with huge input from a very small minority saying “We are capable of doing this.”

Then you would have millions, perhaps billions at that time, saying, “I didn’t vote for this. I didn’t choose this. I am quite happy the way I am. I love being rich, controlling, greedy and lustful. Leave me alone.”

Of course as part of the collective, you work on that energy, on that illusion, belief system, false grid, and you send love, billions of beams of light, just like the Mother does, to everybody upon the planet.

What do you think the animals do? They do not differentiate and say, “Oh, I will only send it to those who wish to receive.” You send it to everyone because you know that every single being is divine and has the capacity to assume that truth, that responsibility of who they are. Do you do it at different rates? That is why there is going to be this transition period. Yes.

But you cannot walk up to the man down the street, tap him on the shoulder and say, “I am responsible for you. Let me enlighten you so you don’t have to do it because I don’t think you’re capable of it.” That is not of love.

Now, let me also say, this is not a simple matter. Do not forget universal law. And Sanat Kumara, Raj, has certainly been pushing this home to all of you, but let me use this example.

We have been working individually, particularly with the leadership of ISIS, and never — well, it is similar to when there was the Nazi movement, and many of these are reincarnations — but we are working with them individually because frankly, my friends, we know how to do this. This is in our purview of responsibilities, not yours. But we would never say to you, “Do not send light and love to this entire movement,” because it is desperately needed.

But it is not you getting on a plane and traveling to Iraq or Iran or Syria or Afghanistan and saying, “Let me assume your place.” That is incorrect. So, energetically do you give them a shoulder to lean on, a hand in the darkness? Absolutely. But you do not assume their responsibility. Otherwise, what you are doing is you are continuing the old Third where some pass, some fail, and we cannot have that.

SB: Can I ask a question?

AAM: Yes, by all means.

SB: Thank you. We have a friend in San Francisco who’s looking at the physics of relationship. And I’m thinking here to myself about the physics, so to speak, of love and gratitude. Everything is love. Everything dissolves back into love. Love creates all the shapes and inhabits them. And so I would think that love becomes gratitude….

And I’m wondering if you could just talk a little bit about what the relationship is between love and gratitude. What is the difference between love and gratitude? How does love become gratitude? Do you know what I’m driving at? These are very basic questions, I know. But what is the difference between love and gratitude?

AAM: They are very basic questions, and yet they are the most basic particularly for your scientists. That is one of the reasons why Einstein has continued his work on this side. It is the basis of much understanding. So, let us talk this way.

Your northern people, the Inu, for example, what many think of as Eskimos, but that is not who they are, they have many, many words for snow. So, do we have many words? Has the Mother invented in every language an entire thesaurus for love? Yes. But these are elements of love. So think of it as one piece, one pie called love. Yes, and this day shall we call it a pumpkin pie?

But the pie, as you dig into it, as you savor it, you will say that this taste, this is gratitude. I am grateful for this love. I did not even know how much I was yearning, how it transforms my very core. I did not know. And so it spills, it is like a volcano of gratitude.

But the floor of the volcano is the love. The trigger is the love. The gratitude is one of the faces and the expressions, and the circular outcome and input to the love.

And as it comes out it grows the love, and as it comes back in, it grows the love.

Similarly, you cannot have love, true love, without joy. So many beings, they truly discover that genuine, authentic love — first of oneself, sometimes of the sacred partner and through that of oneself, or through a sacred partner the love of humanity. It is a powerful, powerful trigger.

And then they say, “I am happy. For goodness sake, I think I am actually in joy. I didn’t know that this is what joy felt like, because the love gave that piece of pie that is joy.” And it makes the senses tingle. Everything looks brighter, even on the worst snowstorm day. And then the joy is shared with others. It transforms the entire face of the planet — joy and gratitude. And then it feeds back into the love, and then it expands again.

So these are expressions and elements of love. They cannot be dissected. They cannot be separated. You can’t say, not in truth — and you know how I feel about truth — you cannot say, “I am in sublime gratitude, and I wish I knew love.”

If you do not know love, if you do not feel and anchor the love in the very core of your heart consciousness and in every cell of your body, if you do not drink it like the magical elixir it is, then you cannot truly be in the place of a grateful heart. And when you are in the place, anchored in a grateful heart, body, smile, actions, behavior, you are in the responsibility, living who you are. And by that you are literally changing the planet.

You, all of you — yes, all of you — underestimate how this works, how this ripple effect, how the within is reflected in the without, how it spreads. Love is viral. When the Mother had said to you, oh, months ago, she wanted you, all of you, to fall in love, she wanted the entire planet to fall in love, it is that wisdom that when this occurs everything is done. Ascension is complete. It does not matter whether it was a snooze or a snap or a gradual awakening, it is done.

So, express the gratitude. There was not enough expression of gratitude. That is why I have taken so much time this day enunciating but a fraction of what we are grateful for.

Because when we express gratitude, the person — whether it is the collective, but particularly the individual — when you say to somebody, “I am so grateful for you, for what you have done for me, for what you have shared with me, for the love that you give me, for the signposts you have put there for me, even for the times when you have called me on my drama, on my misstep, on my stuff,” when you say that what you are really saying is, “I love you and I give you permission, I encourage you to love yourself, to be grateful to yourself for who you are,” because then, when you feel grateful for who you are and for the blessings you have, not even for what you don’t have, by the way, because there is anticipation, there is excitement, there is gratitude in what is to come.

Many of you do not look at it this way. But you give yourself that opening. And it is contagious. Joy is contagious. Laughter, sweetness, kindness is contagious. It is far more viral than any dis-ease that you have ever witnessed upon the planet, or any planet, for that matter.

SB: I think I’m coming down with love. [laughs]

AAM: Yes!  It is a very serious condition.

SB: Very serious! Will I live? [laughs] Forever?

Can we be alchemists together here Lord, for a sec? I’m looking at the table of elements, and we have hydrogen and helium and copper and sodium and all the rest. Is it so that there is love and joy and bliss and gratitude, and these are all elements, or is there some thread, is there some replication, is there some amplification whereby love is the only element, but it assumes different forms? How does it work? In two minutes! [laughs]

AAM: Think of how the Mother creates. Yes, that is a big thought. But let your imagination go. Love can morph, transform, from nothing to all instantly. It can be the smallest creation, and it can be the multiverse. Love can assume any form.

[Music sounds.]

Go with my love and gratitude! Go with the Mother’s love and gratitude! Go, my beloved friends, in praise, joy and gratitude for who you are!

SB: Thank you, Lord. We’ll pick up this discussion another time. Thank you.

AAM: Farewell.

SB: Farewell.

new websitge archangel michael blue

Archangel Michael: “You are at the finish line” … Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

linda dillon 2.11 

Archangel Michael: “You are at the finish line”…

…this time of inertia, this time of pause, of stillpoint, of becoming and of joining with the energy of all to create and to co-create, bringing forth not only the Mother’s plan, the universal plan, the planetary plan, but the plan of your hearts as well. This time of conjunction, this time of Ascension, this time of moving forth from the stillpoint of oneness is now. You are creating and bringing forth what your heart and your soul demands…

Graham Dewyea: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You: Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness. Joining her is Steve Beckow, founder of the Golden Age of Gaia and author of Building Nova Earth: Toward a World that Works for Everyone.

Our guest today is Archangel Michael.

Boy, Steve, I almost didn’t get through that! I was commenting earlier, I was having a bit of a laugh attack! But I made it through! Over to you.

Steve Beckow: Thanks very much, Graham. And we’re broadcasting, from our end anyways, from Seattle, having had a wonderful visit with many, many lightworkers which we’ll be talking about with Archangel Michael today. But…

GD: You’ve been on [?] for sure.

SB: Yes. Linda, how are you? You’re recovering from Lake Tahoe, I hope? [Laughs]

Linda Dillon: Now I’m going to have the giggle attack. It’s been an interesting recovery. And I think that this year, the… I think the intensity of both the preparation and the actual coming together, not only in physicality but with our family all around the world, and certainly our unseen family… I was saying to Graham a little earlier in preparation for today is that this morning is the first day that I have actually felt back. And here it is the 28th. So it’s been a good three weeks.

And the conversation about union and sacred reunion and partnership and what that means, it just continues. In fact, if anything, it’s growing and becoming more intense. And I think part of what you and Kathleen have been doing, Steve, is literally taking that energy and sort of carrying it with you, as, you know, as you’ve been traveling hither and yon…

SB: Absolutely.

LD: … and entering into community with people.

SB: Absolutely. We see it as a direct outgrowth of Lake Tahoe to be carrying this to the lightworkers of the west coast. Yes.

LD: It’s delightful. It’s really delightful. And I’m pleased to say, I think, finally, as of early this morning, for those who were part of the gathering in Lake Tahoe, the love stream, the live stream, after many hours of twigging and glitches will be available on the Council of Love website for people to watch and recapture. So…

SB: Very good.

LD: … that’s good news. Yeah.

SB: Very good.

LD: Yeah, but I’m …. thanks for asking. I’m just swell, thank you.

SB: Well, I’m glad to hear it. Well, why don’t we let you relax and make the transition, and then we’ll welcome in Archangel Michael.

LD: Sounds like a plan.

Archangel Michael: Greetings, I am Michael…

SB: Greetings, Lord.

AAM: … archangel of peace, warrior of love, bringer of news. And welcome to you, welcome to each and every one of you, lightworkers, love-holders, friends, partners, allies, welcome. Welcome, my beloved family. And I greet you as such that you will remember and that you will join with us in this growth of family, of unity, of community, of being. Yes, the Mother has indicated to you, and begun to speak briefly about this time of inertia, about this time of pause, of stillpoint, of becoming and of joining with the energy of all to create and to co-create, bringing forth not only the Mother’s plan, the universal plan, the planetary plan, but the plan of your hearts as well.

For this cannot be, and is not, exclusionary. This time of conjunction, this time of ascension, this time of moving forth from the stillpoint of oneness is now. It is not a year from now, and you already know it has not been the past year. But it is in your field. And what do we mean by this? That it is activated and active, not merely in what you think of as your heart, not merely your heart chakra, but your heart consciousness, which is massive, it is present in your entire expanded field. You are creating and bringing forth what your heart and your soul demand by breathing.

Now, I know part of your questions for me is, well, I feel this, dear Lord, but how come I am not seeing it?

Well, you will and you are, and you have need to begin, or continue, to look at this in different ways. We will talk about this a great deal today. But I also know, dear friends, that it has been a lunar year since we last spoke. And so I will turn to you and say, please, begin with your questions.

SB: Okay, Lord. Thank you very much.

One of the topics we’d like to talk to about today is sustainability. We traveled up and down the west coast of America, and we’ve seen so much hardship in the form of homelessness in cities, vacant stores, people asking for money on the street. And in addition we’ve heard from lightworkers how they’re just holding on, waiting for the reval — that’s on the road — but also the Hope Chest receives emails from people saying they’ll be homeless in two weeks, a month, whatever, and we have no money to help them. And now I’m going to be very honest and say that we on the blog are not, at this moment, receiving enough in donations to meet our minimum monthly expenses. So we’re really at a critical point ourselves.

And my question is, what are the Company of Heaven’s plans to see to the needs of so many people during this wait for the major event who are suffering so much? And I mean this very specifically. I’m not asking for a general view or a discussion of long-term strategies. How are we all to survive hard times that seem never ending and threaten to topple us all?

AAM: We will be extraordinarily forthright and, can I say, blunt in this discussion…

SB: Please.

AAM: … because that is really what you are asking for.

SB: Yes, it is.

AAM: Now, let us begin. And you, and many, may not like everything I have to say. But nevertheless, I will adhere to the principle and the only reality of truth that I bring forward for you and for all.

And I do not mean, nor will I, in any way, dismiss what you are suggesting is the hardship of many, for it does not matter whether you are begging on the streets of California or Calcutta. The point is that you are in dire straits and doing without. So there is a gradation that we will also speak to.

But let us begin by, yes first and foremost, addressing what you think of as spiritual or esoteric. How do you think we, as you term the Company of Heaven, sustain ourselves? Well you say, “Well that doesn’t matter, because you are instantaneous creators, and there is nothing that you wish to do that you cannot immediately bring forth.” And what I suggest to you is that is not exactly true. Now, let me explain, and then we will be very blunt and very practical.

We sustain ourselves by eating, drinking, however you can think of that, by filling ourselves with love, by continually, not once or twice or three times of what you would think of as meals in a day, but by continually filling ourselves with love, by allowing the essence of the Mother, the essence of every fiber of the universe to flow with and through us and it is a free exchange. Note what I am saying…that exchange of energy, of the love, is a continual, free exchange.

Now, does it manifest in what we need to sustain ourselves? Yes, most certainly. And it has for billions and billions of what you think of as years. Does it instantaneously translate into what our hearts, individually if you wish to think of it that way, or collectively, does it translate into what we wish to create? Yes, in terms of sustainability; not necessarily in terms of what you would consider physical reality.

My only reason for mentioning this is that you speak of the inability to go forward in a physical sense. Your spiritual truths, your adherence, your diligence is beyond question so we do not even go there. But if I might, in this sacred partnership that we, and when I say “we” I mean all of us in the Company of Heaven and the Council of Love and humanity, have formed, how long has it been that we have worked, in every sense of that word, to anchor and to bring peace upon the planet of Gaia, and through that far beyond? It has been, you might think, a few years.

So do not think, because it is a mental and somewhat of an emotional response, to think that on our side everything is in the blink of an eye, and the reason it is not — for we create and co-create on our side in billions of ways of which you are not aware, and even in billions of ways upon your planet and with each of you that you are not aware of. And you do not need to be, for we do not want acknowledgment or even gratitude in a specific kind of way.

But the…what you think of as tangible results of creation are not always physically apparent, either on your plane or on ours. And why is that? Because we are absolutely committed, and have sacred vows of adherence, to working and being in this partnership with the humans, the kingdoms, Gaia, the galaxies, the universe.

Now, you can say Gaia and humanity is where the pivotal action is at this moment. So I want to start there, and my only point in bringing this up is that it is absolutely necessary to sustain yourself. And I mean all of you. All who joyously listen and follow this guidance, all of you who listen and somewhat follow the guidance now and then, and all of the planet who does not even hear my voice but still receives the messages through this air wave. The primary source of sustainability is love. It is the essence, the fabric, the nucleus — everything that will nourish you, hold you up, lead to creation, whatever you desire.

That is my only point that I am going to make on the esoteric.

Now you say, “What is the Company of Heaven going to do to relieve this situation?” We have been working with you, with each of you, not merely as a collective, but with each of you, to create this new world where the issue is not about money, but it is about the unity of heart. Now, you say to me, and I hear you, I hear many of you who are listening this night, and who say, “Michael, I am tired hearing about the unity of heart. I need the money to pay my bills.” But if I am to say to you that the unity of heart, the unity of self with self, with us, with each other, this is your spiritual bank account. And the Mother keeps telling you that when you focus on the intangible, that the tangible follows, that is in accordance not with some made up wishes, but with Universal Law.

When your behavior, when your actions, when your thoughts are in alignment, not only with us but with love and with each other, who are truly the love-holders and the lightworkers, then the, what you think of as support, tangible support, does follow. And you say, “But Michael, we have been waiting for a long time, and we have bitten our nails down to the quick. There is nothing further to go, or to chew on.” But that is not so.

Now, you have enormous spiritual currency that you have been garnering not merely in this lifetime but throughout many, many existences, both upon Gaia and far beyond. Now, how is this translated? First of all, you would not have come, not during this time of such dramatic change, shift, ascension, revolution — because that is what is taking place upon your planet. No, it is not intended to be a bloody revolution; it is intended to be a peaceful, loving revolution. The mere fact that you are on planet is the physical proof of your ability to complete this undertaking. Has it been easy? Not by anyone’s dream.

Now, let us address some of the practical. And let us also say that each person in this unfoldment, from the beggar in Calcutta to the millionaire on Wall Street, each has a role. Now, some are fulfilling, some are not. Some are fulfilling through what we could call negative impulse; that is an entirely different conversation. What you are saying to me is, “How do we go on, not only when we are broke but when we feel broken? How do we continue on when we feel, in the tangible realm, unsupported?”

How do you not go on? No, I will address practicalities, but I wish you to sit with this with me for a moment. How do you not go on? Do you choose, my brothers and sisters, to leave the planet at this time? There is a great deal of societal condemnation of taking ones life, but there is a variety of ways in which to exit, as you well know. And you have need to know, if that is your choice and decision, you are always welcomed home with wide open arms. For that is really the only way to not continue on. And we are most certainly not encouraging you to do that because you are at the finish line. And you would be heartbroken if you missed the fruition, the coming to the fulfillment of what you have worked so diligently for.

But nevertheless, that is the question, because if you say to me, “Michael, this is all hogwash. This is all pie in the sky, and there is no reason for me to continue on this path, there is no reason for me to believe.” Do you really think or believe, dear heart, that we are going anywhere, that we would cease to support you, to love you, to cherish you, yes, to nurture you? That will never happen, not in this or any life.

And your knowing, not merely your beliefs in the old realms, but your knowing and the anchoring, not of my truth, not of the Mother’s truth, but of your truth, is so substantial that even if you were to say, “I am not doing this anymore,” it would still be within you and your guiding light.

Now, if you choose — and for many of you it is a wise choice — to redirect your energies into what can physically support you, then of course we also continue to support you. And you have need to understand, we are not merely speaking of the blog, we are not merely speaking of InLight Radio, we are not merely speaking of the many, many spiritual situations, forums, blog sites, et cetera, that are in this situation. You think we are not aware of this? If you choose to reinvent, to redirect, to reassess your energies and where you are directing them, then of course we will assist. And yes, for some of you it may be very radical. But let us make an aside on this…we are glad to have this conversation.

In families, human families not inter-galactics, in human families — and that is what this is — the conversation of money and finances is often the most difficult and the most fractious and a cause of division in many, many cases, far too many cases, so it is also important that as a family, prior to any intervention, that this conversation — amongst yourselves and with us — is taking place.

You, all of you whom I speak to this night, have been saying, “Where is the event? Where is the re-valuation? Where is the money?” And we have continued and will continue to say it is actually on your doorstep. But we will also be blunt and very clear…it is much closer than you think. But there are still many who are assuming that this is a … it is a diametrically opposed position; on the one hand, there is a belief system that believes that it is a privilege or a birthright, which abundance is, and on the other hand there is a, still, a belief in the “I am not worthy,” or “I am not quite ready.”

Now, I do not say this of many who are more forward thinking or more spiritually attuned. But there are many, many involved. And it does not matter whether you are speaking of a revaluation or a lottery or a gift or money being dropped in your bank account. There is this incomplete relationship, and interpersonal relationship, with what you think of as money and support. You want money to be given to you, and that is exactly… it does not matter whether you think of it as a paycheck or a gift or a winning or a revaluation of currency, it is still, always, money being given to you. But there is also this proviso that you say, “Well, we want it to come in spiritual ways and in clean ways.” We could not agree with you more heartily that funding, regardless of how you look at it, that comes through bloodshed or mayhem or tragedy or dishonesty is not the way to achieve equity on Nova Earth.

But in that desire for clean currency in the physical realm, because of course your spiritual currency is always clean, your desire for the clean currency in the physical realm also has led to some places where you say, “Well, we will not engage with X because they are not of the purity that we wish.” There is a desire, to use colloquial terms, not to get your hands dirty. But when you engage, whether it is esoterically, energetically, doing healing work, doing your peace work, when you are engaging with those that you have observed, not judged, but observed or discerned as perhaps not as tidy as you would like, when you engage with them, you are also completely infusing them with the light and the energy of the most sustainable resource in the universe, and that is love. And when you do that you are also in a position to receive. The exchange is not meant to be restrictive. It is intended to be the free flow of resources of every kind throughout the entire planet and beyond.

Your brothers and sisters of the stars, who you anxiously await for, have been extraordinarily busy, not only with the controlling or interventions in what you think of as war, or bloody terrorist activities, they have also been very involved in helping to adjust systems, behind the scenes, of inequity, not from a place of judgment, but simply from a place of practicality.

Now, let us also talk about those who are waiting — whether, again, it is for a job, for a settlement, for an RV, for a gift, it matters not, for these are packages, and the packages are tied very closely to beliefs, and this belief in limitation and lack is still somewhat present. Is it like it was? No. And the more that you anchor in the higher realms, the higher dimensions, the more you fly through the ascension portals, the more you claim in anchoring your inter-dimensionality the easier this becomes. But there are many who say, “I will receive this money…” and I am not speaking to a select few; I am speaking to many — “I will receive this money; I will quit, I will retire; I will invest in Exxon or AT&T because they have excellent returns.” if you recall our conversation in the very beginning of this discussion, it was to invest — and many of your lightworkers, dear Steve, have brilliant ideas…

SB: Right.

AAM: … so we do not need say these, but the idea is not to invest in the very type of system that brought you to your knees in the first place. If it is required, because you believe it is required, to go out and obtain some form of paid work, then do so, knowing that you are bringing the fullness of your true sustainability to that workplace, that you are hurrying along the shift.

Now, there is an attitude amongst many that the support of spiritual pursuits is the job of someone else, and that is simply not true. And your blog, let me be more clear than that, our blog, is a perfect example of this. You have poured — and many have poured — their blood, sweat and tears, their life force, their resources, practically, emotionally, physically, spiritually, into this undertaking. And there has been some magnificent support, and for this we are grateful. But why does it fall to someone else? I, Uriel, Jophiel, Gabrielle, the Mother, the legions of angels, do you not think that we have very strongly been nudging and encouraging many to support these types of undertakings?

The Mother has said that she has much to say to the world. Well, on her behalf we have much to say, to share, to celebrate, to walk through, to create and co-create with humanity. We have been encouraging, shall we say, readers and supporters urgently because many think — and it is a mental process — that I am not in that comfortable, abundant situation whereby I can contribute a dollar or three, so I will not do it. I appreciate it, I love the information, it sustains me, it keeps me sane, but I cannot donate at this moment because I am poor, because I am strapped. And in that is the personal denial of participation, of ownership, of being a vital organ in this living, breathing being. And whether it is this blog that you and I have formed or others that are admirable, there is the sense of “I will leave it to somebody else,” or there is this sense that “When I receive all my revaluation or winnings or gifts then I will give.”

That is not an action that stays in the flow of giving and receiving. It is an action that says “I am desperate, and I do not believe in the flow, I do not believe that we are changing the world, I do not believe that such massive change is possible, because the mass of change that we are speaking of is of such a magnitude that it does not make common sense. There are many explanations, there are many trusts, if we can call that — St. Germaine, or the legacy from the Dragon family, or the simple reorganization of financial systems, but they cannot come from blood and war. So there has been organization, great deal of reorganization also behind the scenes that many are not privy to. But when there is that denial, of saying, “I will give when I get,” it is enough to make an angel cry.

SB: Lord, can I intervene here? It’s probably…

AAM: Yes.

SB: … a good time to intervene. I certainly don’t want to make you cry, or us embodied angels, for that matter. But before asking you the question — I have a number of questions, actually — but before asking you the next question, I do want to say that the… I don’t know how to say this exactly in a way that could be clear but more gentle, but we… the donations to the blog have been going steadily down. They’ve reached the place now where we can’t go forward, we can’t pay our minimum bills. So we… the long-term solutions… there just… we need a very short-term solution, but we also need a solution that continues to on into the future instead of needing to come back to the readers every month. It’s wearing on everybody concerned, and it just doesn’t seem to be working. It… the donations are tapering off. So I just wanted to make that as a statement.

But the… but the real question is that we encountered somebody who we regard as very knowledgeable who said that there is no such thing as a reval. There is not going to be a reval, the reval would go into Illuminati hands because they’re still in control of banking. Is that true? Is there not going to be a reval? And the second part of the question is, is there not going to be a reval in the very near future?

If you were to say, oh, yes, there’s going to be a reval that’s going to come in — I’m going to exaggerate here for a moment, say five years, well, that’s not very helpful to us who are desperate. I’m sorry, I know you said you shouldn’t be desperate, but in many respects many lightworkers are desperate. So, is there a reval? Is it a reality? And second, is it coming in the near future?

AAM: The answer to both your questions is yes. And why do you assume that all the banking and all the work that is being done by humans, for humans, with humans, with angelic realms, with the legions of light have not been addressing at least some of these questions of what you can think of as reorganization of Nova Earth?

SB: Well, yes, well, I… that is my thought too, but, but I ran into this statement that, in fact, the Illuminati are far more in control of the banking than we suspect. So the only person I can come to for a response to that comment is you.

AAM: And when I have said to you — and I will repeat it — when you engage… you see, when you engage with those that you believe, and perhaps have ample proof, who have been engaged in less than ethical behavior, who have not been adhering to my blue flame of truth and justice, you feel that you are dancing with the devil, that you are supporting that which does not support the plan. What you are not thinking of is that you have such significant power that you, as soon as your light sword goes in there, that you are altering that very matrix that has been so destructive.

When this whole business — for you know this conversation of revaluation of currencies goes back many, many years…

SB: Yes.

AAM: … in fact, to the issue of Japan and Hiroshima, and then Korea, and then Vietnam, because many of the intent of this entire project was not for lightworkers, dear heart. Potential lightworkers? Yes. But it was originally brought forth to support the very troops who were completely soul destroyed by the act of war and mayhem, that they would have the financial and physical support to construct a life and a community that would alter and invariably defeat the program — the program! — of war. Because what is war? It is the lowest vibration, yes, but it is also a very dark way of making money.

SB: Right.

AAM: So, when we ask you to engage, and you have asked us many times, which bank, which financial adviser, which lawyer, when we’re asking or suggesting to you that you are going to engage with these beings, what we are saying is that you are bringing your light to these organizations. It is a fundamental part of creating Nova Earth.

Now, you and I, dear Stephen, have had this conversation…

SB: Yes.

AAM: … and it would be enough to make many angels cry. If there is no desire or ability, because we do not say this in a critical way, to support our platform — this is a platform that we have fully participated in, and it has grown and it has morphed, and then it has grown again — if there is no heart desire for people to participate, then send it to hiatus. I do not wish to hold you or any of my beloved circle of GAoG hostage. I do not ask you to impoverish yourself. What I am asking is the collective — far beyond your current readership, by the way — to expand, and perhaps to reorganize. Yes, I am speaking of the support of corporations that can bring sustainability to your site. Yes, it is that forbidden word of advertising because if people are not willing to support you, then reach out to the deep pockets that are. And what you are doing, dear heart, you are not being co-opted, they are.

SB: That’s very good. Perhaps I could ask you one more question before we need to depart. And that is that… you know, you’ve said to me, “Bring your questions to me, bring your doubts to me,” and I’m bringing this question to you, I’ve been explaining the disconnect over 2014 and 2017 that we talked about earlier by saying that the light-body would be activated in 2014 and enlightenment would occur in 2017. But the same source that I mentioned earlier has said, well, no, that’s not the case. How can the light-body be activated and enlightenment not occur?

So, first of all, is my description of the difference between 2014 and 2017 correct, and if not, what is the sequence of events we can expect surrounding Ascension?

AAM: How many angels dance on the head of a pin?

SB: Millions! (Laughs]

AAM: So, is there a gradation? — and it is gradation that we have been speaking of — the 2014 heart activation, the full consciousness of heart being is already underway. Does that mean the full activation of the light-body? For all intents and purposes, it does. Does it mean that all of a sudden you are simply a pillar of light? Well, you always have been. So, does it mean that you now can see and understand that you are a pillar of light? Yes. Does it mean that there is not, for some — think of it; not everyone is at the same place, and that is because of that wonderful trait called human will and choice. So there are some that will have… not that they have not been activated, but that they will choose to implement that activation at a slower rate that is comfortable to them.

So your terminology is perfectly acceptable. It is the collective reaching the new plateau, getting ready for the next round of expansion, say in 2017. But if you are asking, are we waiting… now, if you want to, if you all choose to, and we see no reason, above or below; the conjunction is now, not later… So why would you do that? That would be… it is unfathomable.

SB: Right. Well, what about what you have described as the ignition? What is the ignition, and approximately, just approximately, when might that be occurring? Is that in the near future, or…? What is the ignition?

AAM: Yes, it is.

SB: All right.

AAM: Ignition is the feeling, the awareness, the understanding — and many of you already have this — that you are love, that you are completely in your heart consciousness, that you are in the joy even when there appears to be a morass of chaos around you, and that your focus is completely on creation, the creation of the new.

SB: Oh, heavens, there’s that dreaded…

AAM: And it is the turning of a switch, for the collective.

SB: The turning of… Okay. There’s that dreaded music! We’ve run out of time about an hour too soon! [Laughs] Thank you, Lord.

AAM: Go with my love, dear heart.

SB: Thank you.

AAM: And go with my faith.

SB: Thank you.

AAM: Farewell.

SB: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 10-30-14
© 2014 Council of Love

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