Aster via Andrea Scully : What is the Hesitation? @ Golden Age of Gaia

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        ART : La-Muse ~ by Albena Vatcheva

Aster via Andrea Scully: What is the Hesitation?

why the hesitation 2Aster: What is the Hesitation?, channeled by Andrea Scully, October 10, 2014,

Hello again, Aster.  How very odd it feels to come to an open page and not know what will come out of it. I also find that if I go back and reread what’s been given before, it’s often like I’ve not read it before. If this is information coming from what basically is from myself (as we are One), then how can this be? It’s a bit confusing, even though I accept this is how it is for now.

Aster: There’s so much of who we are. To stretch to the limits of this, when there are no limits… And yet, in any moment there is whatever there is there to come into focus. To hold all focal points in precision at all times will require much more opening and stretching of what is considered to be ‘consciousness’.

There’s so many beliefs in the human realm at this time to limit this expansion. It’s happening even so, and yet there’s still much to be done in encouraging all beings in limitation to honor what expansion is happening. The habitual stance is to disregard that which is ‘outside’ the norm, and there’s also the stance to dismiss that which can’t be understood in habitual ways.

We continue to encourage you to simply allow for expanded concepts to exist without doing this limiting and back-stepping into limited mind-sets. Most of the Universe is, and will be, incomprehensible so long as there’s the need to corral it into what is seen as manageable or logical sequence in order to perceive it.

It will be a long time until the expansion will be enough for the mechanisms [of the Universe] to be understood in ways that approach what is being longed for here. And truly, in many ways this will never happen. Perception is curtailed greatly by this approach and it must be balanced with an approach that masters allowing for What Is to be in the field of perception without the need to corral it into any notion of labeling or ‘knowing what it is’.

All the naming and labeling that goes on in human consciousness is simply a factor of limited communication faculties. When telepathy is more prevalent the transfer of concepts will be much smoother and without so many mistranslations.

Since there are many levels of integration going on right now, the manner in which this information is being shared is experienced as just out of your field of awareness. It’s not so far really, but to manage your present state of reality, it is unfolding as ‘out there’.

Since you still view it as out there, so it is. This integration will continue, and out there will become ‘in here’, inside your field of awareness. Simply allow and it will soon be so.

Well, this is good to know. I still have a restless feeling that accompanies these conversations. Though it’s easy when I finally break down and open the page for it, there’s always some resistance to doing so. Why is this?

Aster: You will know better than I! But, yes, we would point out that a lifetime of habitual keeping the outside out and the inside in has taken up residence in your field. How is that serving you now, would be our question to you?

Hmmm, good question. I certainly don’t think on a conscious level that I’m all that closed or vulnerable or any of that business anymore. Certainly not in the uber-defensive way I used to be. But, yes, I can see what you’re talking about here. This feeling of resistance is leading me to the underlying and hidden anxiety I’m feeling. Wow, and here I thought I was over that speed bump.

Aster: The remnants left in your field of beingness are small compared to what you used to carry. But the echoes of them are still powerful enough to create a type of blockage. It’s up to you to release them and go forward in a freer way. This is your birthright and heritage as a being.

The realms of consciousness and beingness are for you, they belong to you like the sea belongs to a fish. Do you see the meaning in this metaphor given?

Yes, I do and it makes me smile. How simple this is and yet there’s still so much that only comes to light when I have these conversations with you. It’s pure magic, so I really don’t get the hesitation…

Aster: We would suggest the hesitation for you is the thought that there may be an opening of the page and nothing would happen. In view of the mighty emotion you’ve experienced about getting reconnected with us, there’s a part of you that is afraid it will disappear. Acknowledging this on a conscious level and having compassion for it will begin to heal this for you and remove the hesitation and discomfort you’ve been feeling.

We attend you always. We always have. There’s no possibility of separation or forgetting us ever again. It was a limited time factor and served its purpose. Soon you’ll expand enough to realize that there was never a time ever in creation that you forgot us. You’ll soon remember this too.

Oh my. I almost got what you just said and remembered. I think this is enough for this session as I want to integrate this information now. There’s a whole lot of memories right on the tip of my tongue all of a sudden…

Thank you, as always, for the magic of this doorway we are communing through.

Aster: And we thank you for being the portal for our action on Earth in conjunction with Gaia and her kingdoms. Come again soon, we love you.


art La_Muse  albena vatcheva


Attitude Adjustment & Teamwork With the Body ~ Andrea Scully @ Golden Age of Gaia

sam carlo 24.8.
Attitude Adjustment and Teamwork With the Body

love the bodyBy Andrea Scully, Notes From the Center of the Spiral, August 23, 2014,

Those of us who consider ourselves Lightworkers and path-cutters are perhaps experiencing the brunt of the pressure in this current phase of integrating the energetic changes. If one imagines us as the ‘tip of the spear’ in terms of pioneering this effort to embody the increasing light streaming at us these days, it’s easy to understand why this is so.

Though some of this pressure is expressed in emotional and spiritual challenges, a great deal of it is being expressed as deeply physical for a lot of us.

The automatic writing I’ve been engaged in since last February has repeatedly been about my neglect, inattention and dishonoring in thought and attitude my body elemental/avatar.  These messages coming from my body have been swept aside over and over until I’ve finally realized that this is the source of quite a few of my ‘ascension symptoms’.

With this realization, I’ve been rearranging my priorities in some basic and very down-to-earth ways. I’m finding I absolutely have to pay more attention to my body and my physical well-being. It’s no longer possible to put this aside, or I risk not be able to function at minimal capacity, much less the enhanced capacity I would wish for.

I’m not a lazy person, but physically I have a tendency to be so. My body has been put on the back burner in favor of spending an inordinate amount of time with the more ‘important’ stuff. By this I mean spending hour after hour on the computer scanning for news, communing and networking with others, and writing articles.

The disregarding of, and the ignoring of, the messages from my body as not important and not a priority has gone on for so long now, it’s to the point where I’ve forgotten how to feel what my own body is asking me for.

So, now it’s a process of relearning how to hear again my own body’s wisdom. But more than this, it’s been the growing realization that I’ve become separated from it in my conscious awareness. This separation in the form of neglect (let’s just call it what it is) has had its consequences.

With the huge influx of energies, the demands on my body have increased by leaps and bounds. It’s no wonder that I wish I had every nap I didn’t want when I was little! And yet, when I need a nap it’s so easy to be annoyed and irritated with how tired I am and how my body isn’t serving me instantly and without complaint.

I’m finding that in order to find my vitality again, it’s become a necessity to take a look at how I ignore these basic bodily needs, and this isn’t even considering the increasing pressure on my physical self to integrate upgrades, or especially the needs of my body to be loved and appreciated.

I’m not just talking about good food and water, I’m talking about honoring the need for lots of rest, for special treats and treatments, and for straight-up honoring the service the body has provided me for 56 years now.listen to the body

It’s occurred to me through this recent process of uncovering the root of much of my ascension-related complaints that I wouldn’t blink if a dear and faithful friend asked that I take time each day to give them some love and devoted attention. All of a sudden it becomes plain as day why my body is feeling irritated and tired.

This is a rather new development for me, this moving my attention to the physical and devoting some prime time every day to self-care. I can report I’m feeling much better, more grounded, and the irritation which plagued me for months and months this past year has nearly completely vanished. I have more energy and the ability to be more productive, even with the naps!

The core of my approach has been to change my attitude. My wonderful body has been the loving shelter for me, the connecting element, enabling me to be here and be able to interface with this dreamscape with all of you. Without her, I wouldn’t be here. This in itself is enough, and more than enough, to merit all the love I can muster up, and the devotion on a day-to-day basis which I’ve been neglecting to give.

Along with this are all the little decisions along the way, in the moment to moment. No more pushing my body and its messages and feelings to the back of the line. No more begrudging her wants and needs. In order to move into the new age with all my faculties and all my vitality, it’s going to take teamwork with my body, and I’m going to give her all the support I can.

sam carlo 24.8.

On Withholding and Transparency ~ Part 2/2 : Andrea Scully @ Golden Age of Gaia

shaman susan seddon boulet new

ART : ‘Shaman’ ~ Susan Seddon Boulet


On Withholding and Transparency – Part 2/2

transparency(Continued from Part One.)

Is protecting myself so important as to have a value higher than truth and transparency? I don’t think so. I think this is one of the biggest contributors of the trouble we keep on creating with these sorts of choices as individuals and as a global community.

The releasing of all the reasons not to be authentic and transparent, and the releasing of all secret-keeping was a part of the agreement I made with myself in order to recover and move out of drug addiction, misery, and victim consciousness.

If thirty years of keeping secrets and seeing first hand how this doesn’t work hadn’t taken me to the such levels of extremity, perhaps this core issue wouldn’t have popped open for me to see what was needed for me to deal with it in ways that do work.

Here’s a sample of a portion of the shift I had in reasoning during this process.

The reasoning that says one has to fortify oneself behind a wall and ‘not-me’ mask doesn’t take into consideration that from an observer’s point of view all it takes is one look at me to see where the fortification is, and then all know perfectly well where the weak spot is. Those who would wish to attack or to take advantage of this will do so, no matter what one does to avoid it. Rather than being protection, it’s actually creating a target with a big bullseye.

This faulty reasoning also doesn’t take into account that the foundation of such fortifications and protections are built on fear. Since fear is the foundation, it’s not in alignment with the Truth, which is always coming from Love.

The basis of this fear, whatever its face, is the belief that there’s something unlovable and unacceptable here, and the fortification for it, the withholding, is a neon arrow pointing right to it. For any who would wish to attack me, or to take me out of a situation, this sign reads;, here is my broken heart, here is my place out of integrity, the weak place, my death zone, place your arrow here.

What holds such core fears in place in the first place are the ways we’re failing ourselves in giving the unconditional love necessary for our foundation, and instead we’re trying to fortify the lies we hold which are based in fear.  It occurred to me, at one point, that doing this was unworthy of all my life energy, and that it was in fact undermining me and my ability to do what I came here to do.

To build this foundation of unconditional love deep inside ourselves is the work we’re called to do and no one else can give us this aspect of Divine Grace. How can they when we are so busy denying ourselves of it, and denying there is a need for it?

When one gets over the fear of coming out with whatever-it-is the fear is supposedly protecting, what ammunition is there left for anyone to use against anyone? Once the whole story is known to all, then the idea of blackmail over it is laughable. Who will you tell? I’ve already told them.

I have no secrets left, and therefore there’s no need for the fortification, or to squander my energy worrying over the discovery of my weaknesses. The good, the bad, and the ugly is out in the open for all to see and know.

From here, from this foundation of Divine Grace in the form of the unconditional love and acceptance I give to myself, and therefore, seated in truth and transparency; for the first time in my life, I have a chance to begin anew.

Whatever choices I make now are what matters. Many mistakes and mis-alignments have happened, but the magic is in the fact that in every moment there’s an opportunity for me to choose again.

I’m choosing Love.  It starts with me.  If this is courage, then it is, but I say it’s compassion and I say it’s the remedy for much of what ails us.


shaman susan seddon boulet new

On Withholding and Transparency ~ Part 1/2 : Andrea Scully @ Golden Age of Gaia

ART : ‘Sand and Sea Horses’ ~ by Sandra R Cutrer


On Withholding and Transparency – Part 1/2

fearlessly authenticA conversation I had with a colleague recently brought up some interesting insights into the subject of dealing with core issues. I’ve been asked to share some of my personal experience with this here.

A core issue has been explained as whatever it is that we’re withholding, either from others and often-times from ourselves, which ‘we’d rather die than face’. We all have something like this.

I don’t believe there’s anyone who’s exempt from this sort of deep fear-based issue. We’re so diverse that I don’t pretend to know what the answer is for everyone. I can only share what my own personal thoughts are.

It’s my view that authenticity trumps everything. What’s real and what’s true in any given moment have the power to do this.

No matter what else is said and done, until one is coming from an authentic place, a true place, particularly when going into situations that are looking for solutions to problems, there’s no place to go with it.

It robs everyone concerned of the ability to know what’s going on, and it clouds all the issues at hand, so the result ends up being that what we’re conversing and brainstorming about is about what ‘isn’t’.

The sheer amount of energy it takes to withhold what’s true and authentic is immense. It’s like an never-ending stream of anxiety over whether the secret whatever-it-is will be found out, and over the threat of the imagined consequences of what would happen if everything were known to everyone.

It’s a miracle we don’t feel even more exhausted than we do, given that this is what most of us are doing all the time. We keep the core issue pressed into the unconscious realms, as any thought that approaches this territory is bringing up a feeling like we’re going to die.

Authenticity has immeasurable power in the life of the person who dares to cast aside whatever fears are there as ‘reasons’ for there to be less than honest, truthful and transparent in relations, and it has the greatest power in the lives of those in relation to the people concerned as well. It reveals how it really is from the very heart and soul in the living moment of now.

No matter what this moment reveals, everyone concerned can now stop squandering all the energy it takes to deal with what isn’t, and can now deal with what’s actually true in that moment. All of it.

It’s been suggested that I have balls of steel. No wonder my pocket is jingling. But the truth is something quite different. The difference is in the foundation that underlies the choices I make and the value I assign to those choices.

The conversation that happened to bring out these insights was centered around me listening to a dear friend tell me the reasons that there would need to be great care given to withholding sensitive information about oneself that could possibly serve as a reason for someone to latch onto and use it against you.

It’s reasoned that this is necessary in order to protect those close to oneself as well. The thought here is that too much transparency could jeopardize one’s ability to complete the mission one came to do, that this sort of exposure is a weakening factor, and therefore opens one up to attack over whatever the judgment is about one’s character, habits, or past.

As I listened, I completely understood this line of thought. I recognized it as a portion of my own thought patterns too.

Who hasn’t been attacked? Who hasn’t had their intent questioned or their past flung in their face? There’s a part of me that wishes to protect myself and my loved ones from the possibility of attack and from any discomfort whatsoever. I get it.

Only, as I listened, I also knew that if I were to agree that this line of thought was a true and valid way to proceed in my life, then as a person who came here on a ‘mission’, as so many of us have, I’m personally finished.

I might as well pack it in and leave the planet. My personal history is such that there’s sufficient ammunition to take out dozens of people, not just little ol’ me.

Therefore, unless I wish to forget my promise and my mission here, unless I wish to go ahead and die, then the choice is clear, at least for me. And it is a choice. In my case, the fact that it’s a choice is plain, though it may not be so for others.

Perhaps there are ‘reasons’ truly out there that make it ‘reason’able to choose withholding what is authentic and true as the only viable option, and which makes this option or choice a way which has some chance of building a world that works for everyone. However, it seems to me that this isn’t so, particularly for those of us who are positioning to take more public service roles in this planetary paradigm shift.lose the mask

We are all so used to being lied to, and to what we’ve been programmed to see as the necessities of dealing with a world where withholding is what we’ve had to do to get by. Take a look at any TV soap opera for an endless supply of story-lines with these ‘reasonable’ lies and withholds built into them. I think you get my point.

But even this skill we’ve learned for withholding (with the negative drama it always creates), is not enough to keep us, as beings, from knowing on some subtle level that this withholding is happening. It translates to the feeling that this isn’t going to work, and the worse part of it is that there’s no opportunity to even know why.

This is a large part of how we’ve learned to live in a world that doesn’t work for everyone. It’s as if we’re both hostage and terrorist all rolled into one. What we withhold is hostage. It’s the truth that needs to be set free and needs to be known in order to have a proper foundation in relations and in living. It’s the only way I know of to proceed from what is Real in this moment.
Continued in Part Two.