Archangels Raphael & Michael: Say “Yes!” – Linda Dillon

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Archangels Raphael & Michael: Say “Yes!”
Sweet angels, are you ready and willing to accept?

At the behest of Archangels Raphael and Michael, Andrew shares these fabulous and timely gems from his reading with Linda on January 18, 2019.

Archangel Raphael: Greetings – I am Archangel Raphael. And welcome to you, beloved brother. Yes – healer, physician, creator, expander.

And I come to speak to you – yes, of course, everybody is present! – but I also come to speak to you of the healing of the human heart, the human soul, the human psyche, the collective of this most magnificent beautiful planet called Gaia because, as you well know, my mission, my service… my love for the Mother is to be her Healer – and this includes this collective, this planet, this galaxy, this section, this part of her infinite and eternal cosmos.

Now, I am not coming this day because there is an emergent urgent situation; it is not that the collective is in the emergency room – although many times we have really wished they would be! I come because there is a shift in the realm of human consciousness, as our beloved Mother has spoken of, and the shift to conscious awareness of creating and co-creating with the seen and the unseen realms, of the materialisation – the bringing forth into physicality – of what has been worked on, prayed on, in the unseen realm for so long.

And this is a significant step forward, particularly, might I say, for those Gaians who are awake and who are in a place of the balance of assuming their Divine Authority, their divine birthright, in the deepest levels of humility and compassion, excitement, exuberance and action.

Now, why do I, as Archangel of Healing of the Emerald Ray, of the Heart Centre, why do I speak of this? Because it is vibratory, and this is a theme that has been emerging of late, and a grander and greater understanding of the necessity for the vibration – the frequency – of the human race to be raised, to be cleared, ‘dusted off’ and raised.

Now, much healing directly from the Mother herself and all of us in between has been sent to this glorious planet, and to the collective of the human race. And might I say, in all modesty, that this healing has done remarkable work in the upgrading of the human collective vibration.

But you as physician, my beloved brother, understand – and that is why I speak to you about this, this day, because I also know you will share it – there is a point at which the patient, the recipient of treatment, needs to say “yes”, that there needs to be the freewill choice – this voluntary embrace and acceptance of the healing.

And, in this case, what we are calling “healing” is simply the raising of the human vibration. And in that “yes” by the humans – and, might I say, the lightworker and loveholder community – what you are doing is becoming the embodiment of the New You, of Nova Being, of acknowledging the divinity and allowing it to be activated that has always rested within.

It is like a graduation ceremony where the students say, “Yes – I have learned what I have needed to learn, I have done my homework, I have done my essays, and I am prepared and I welcome moving on to the next rung of the sacred spiral – to the next level – to fully engage with what lies ahead”… not spending time simply ruminating about what has or has not happened, about what has occurred in the past.

Learning those lessons, gaining that insight, but moving forward to the higher vibration because in that higher vibration, in the vibration we call love, the potential and the reality of being able to create more – and might I even say “more with less” – is fully present… not just partially present, but fully. So the deep embrace of the higher vibrations is and has been a gift to each of you, and to the whole of humanity.

So the question that I pose to you – and through you, my beloved brother – this day, is: “Sweet angels, are you ready and willing to accept?” As Archangel of Healing, I know, my beloved friend, that your answer and the answer of many is “absolutely, yes!” And there is the knowing that there is no room for the old paradigms of lack or limitation, shame or blame or fear or anger – or any of these.

And as you say “yes” – think of it in this way: you are saying “yes!” for millions who do not as fully understand as you do that the conscious choice is part of the process, and it is also part of the pathway and the reward.

So I thank you, my beloved. You both are doing enormously well – despite all odds, you do not know the meaning of giving up. Endurance – and I say this as one who has served the Mother forever – endurance is a mighty gift and the quality, the stamina, the courage, the consistency you have both practised is stellar.

There are great changes taking place upon your planet. Perhaps the most significant is, shall we say, the obvious arrival of your Star Family and friends – not as hidden boots on the ground, but as they step forth in the fullness of their ‘olive branch’ and their offering of community and unity, of love, of friendship, of cooperation, of the sharing of technology and wisdom… and the stories, the tales, the sharing of what lies beyond what people think of as your galaxies.

And so, beloved brother, I am with thee, I am with both of you – I am with all three of you – and I am with the totality of humanity. This is the time when I step forth on behalf of the Mother and we will raise, and you will raise, and all is in order – all is in unfoldment – not as some distant horizon but right now. That is why I come. You may note… I do not speak frequently – only when it is, shall we say, necessary. And now is one of those times.

You are deeply, deeply, deeply loved, honoured and respected. I love you, my friend.

Andrew: Thank you so much for that very inspiring message. And yes, I certainly look forward to sharing that with many. So thank you so much and farewell.

AAR: Farewell.

* * *

Archangel Michael: Greetings – I am Michael.

Andrew: Oh – greetings Michael.

AAM: And welcome to you – welcome to all of you, this small family of three! A replica, a model, of intergalactic harmony!

You have been stalwart my friend. And yes, I know – you are exhausted. And so I take you this day, not to do battle but simply to nurture – perhaps to play my harp for you or to invite you to listen with me to the celestial choirs, for their sound and their light can heal and lift the most exhausted tired soul.

When my brother, Raphael speaks of raising the vibrations, he is not adding a task, a job, another mission, for this is as natural as breathing. But it is the consciousness, it is the awareness of each of you as independent sovereign beings that you have the right – and the choice – to simply increase your frequency, and that you are at a point of awareness, of consciousness, where this is actually able to be raised by a conscious choice and decision.

It is a choice that is based on the awareness of your partnership, the unity with us in the sweetest harmony of our Mother, of our Father, of the One. So it is not an action or an undertaking that requires exertion – what it requires is a choice point and decision and a “yes”. And to you and to me and to all of us who serve – it is inconceivable that you would not say “yes!”, because the deepest longing of your heart and our heart is that raising up to a vibratory rate that is the harmony – is the song – of Nova Earth.

So I had wished to also elaborate and to further clarify this aspect of raising vibrations – it is to be done in joy, in laughter and sweetness. It is as if you have just been invited and you are underway, or perhaps even in attendance, at the coronation – not of some distant deity or monarch – but of the autonomy, the sovereignty of your soul.


Channeled by Linda Dillon
© 2019 Council of Love, Inc.
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Permission given to share. Thank you Linda Dillon 

Archangel Raphael: Intend to heal and I can bring you even more – Lee Degani

 Open yourself up from your crown and let me fill you with this healing light, with this healing love…Channeled by Lee Degani.

 (Lee says: “Someone is Here.”) I am my love, I am beloved. I am Archangel Raphael. I come in many forms so don’t be surprised that you see me this way, that you see me with those eyes because my eyes are always looking at you with such love and my arms are always embracing you and my elixir is always being transmitted to you.

When you open yourself up, when you set the intention that you truly want to have healing, I can bring you even more. So open yourself up now. Open yourself up from your crown and let me fill you with this healing light, with this healing love. And I haven’t forgotten the animals and I haven’t forgotten the earth or the children.

So, see this healing elixir come through every part of your body. It is warm and it’s smooth. It is royal. And now let it come and seep through your feet and as it seeps through your feet it goes into Gaia. She takes it and then spreads it throughout her sacred self; through her veins and arteries, through her passageways, through the rivers, through the mountains, through the deserts.

And as this elixir is taken to all parts it comes up to the surface and those who walk on it receive it. The animals, the children, the trees bring it up through their roots. And the birds eat the leaves and the animals eat the leaves and they ingest it.

This is what you do. This is what you do when you accept my gift of love. This gift of love is for all. And you are appreciated, you are commended, you are loved for opening yourself up to bring it in.

Remember this dear Lee, remember this when you work with the children. Remember to invite me in as well, for these children need to have healing before they can take the next step. And I leave you with this thought and this understanding that you will call on me and I will be there.  I always am. I am with you at all times. But I do not take a step forward until you request it.

I leave you now. I am Archangel Raphael, bringer of healing, bringer of love, bringer of the joy of balance. I leave you.

By Permission.

© 2017 Council of Love, Inc.

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Guardian_of_the_Gateway art by Lily Moses - face

Guardian of the Galaxy Art by Lily Moses




You all know what you want to create and I am here to assist thee as you remember how you do this in the higher realms. Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings dearest ones! I am Raphael, Archangel of love and holder of the emerald green ray, universal healer and physician, in service to the Mother and to all who call on me.

I am here to assist thee with these wonderful creative endeavors you are undertaking, with these new projects of building loving and harmonious communities of Nova Earth.

You all know what it is that you want to create. You all know the end result and that feeling of fulfillment and pride that is brought by well done work at the completion of a job of high quality. You know how to lead others with love and respect. You know how to work hard while feeling that you need to do everything by yourselves. You know how to give all that you have and more to the ones you love.

But you have a difficult time asking for help, receiving graciously, and saying ‘no’ to others unless you are exhausted and depleted emotionally and energetically. You feel that you need to prove yourselves and your worth. You feel that you need to build this heaven on earth with your bare hands, without taking much time off to rest or just to be and dream, or to sit with your guardians and angels.

You get upset when you feel sick or out of sorts, blaming yourselves because you believe you should have known better and kept yourselves in balance and at a higher vibrational level. You want to assist everyone. You want to take all the burdens away from your families and friends, and in truth from all of humanity.

At the same time you are not quite sure how to manage this transition into the higher dimensions and how to better work with the multidimensional selves. You want to be in unity with all, but there is a strong feeling that it is necessary to set firm boundaries with others that seem to trespass often and take every ounce of energy that you have.

Dear angels of love, sweet and brave healers and light holders, you are always so eager to give and bring all that you have and share it with the entire world, for you feel this is your purpose. It is your dream to bring love and unity to planet Earth, and to fold love into form and beauty.

And you remember how you do this type of work in the higher realms.

There is no separation, and there is no need to set limits because there is no taking more than one needs, there is no abuse or the feeling of need to deplete another. There is no fear of lack, and the notion of not enough or of limitation doesn’t exist because everyone has access to the Source, to the warehouse of plenty, to the infinite abundance.

But in the lower and denser dimensions where one feels separated and severed from the Source, and where many of the humans have completely lost the awareness that their abundance rests within their own power, those then feel that they are entitled to ask for it and take it from the ones that have it. And you are very happy to give all, thus neglecting the clues that your souls and bodies give you, that it is not wise to do so.

Dear hearts, you need to stand up and honor your selves and to learn to say ‘no’ without apologies and much explanations and negotiations. Even if it is not clear at the time why you can’t seem to agree to push yourselves over the limits, know that your higher selves know why and that it will become apparent to you. For the most part it is a question of respecting the need of every being to learn and evolve according to their plan.

Let go of any guilt; let go of trying to justify and defend your decision. Sit quietly within your sweet hearts and feel the peace enfolding you while making the loving choice to honor your soul, and your entire being. This is not selfishness, this is loving and nurturing yourselves first so that you can better stand tall and strong and then assist everyone else.

Call on me and on everyone here in the higher realm to assist thee with releasing all these last few blocks that are distracting you and still standing between your desires and the fulfillment of your creations.

I will leave you now with my love and peace. Farewell.

By Permission.

© 2018 Council of Love, Inc.
Permission Given to Share ~ Thank you Linda Dillon 

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A Greater Purpose to Requesting Healing by Archangel Raphael – Natalie Glasson

archangel raphael - named angel


A Greater Purpose to Requesting Healing

by Archangel Raphael

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 25th January 2019 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings, I am Archangel Raphael, I come forth to you with my Angelic Healing Team to share wisdom and high vibrational healing transmissions. I wish to encourage you to ask for healing from me, Archangel Raphael, my Angelic Healing Team and in truth any guide you resonate with upon the inner planes. Asking and requesting healing for yourself is now essentially important, as healing is not only a transference of energy or a physical aid, it develops your connection with the Creator allows you to support the lives of others. As you ask for healing, whether out loud or in your mind, you are creating a pillar of light that flows from the inner planes into and through your being. The more light you anchor into your being the easier it will be for you to manifest and experience the qualities of the Creator within you. Through requesting healing, you merge yourself with the Creator and experience the power of oneness with the Creator as you go about your everyday life. Below are some examples to assist you in anchoring a healing for yourself:

‘I ask to be aligned to the healing energy of Archangel Raphael, allow me to accept and experience a healing that is appropriate for me.’

‘I ask Archangel Raphael and the Angels of Healing to surround me completely in a bubble of healing and nurturing light. I ask that your healing light assists me in increasing my light quotient, realising my abilities of acceptance, transformation and anchoring the consciousness of the Creator that I require currently in my life to activate my Creator presence within me. Assist me to in embodying the wholeness and completeness of the Creator’s light within me, building my bond with the Creator and inspiring others to do so. Let it be.’

‘I invoke the powerful loving consciousness of Archangel Raphael, the Angels of Healing and the Creator to penetrate my aura dissolving all negative energies, emotions or thought patterns. I invoke the powerful loving consciousness of Archangel Raphael, the Angels of Healing and the Creator to penetrate my physical body converting all negative consciousness of pain, suffering, illness and disease into positive loving consciousness of the highest vibration. I invoke the powerful loving consciousness of Archangel Raphael, the Angels of Healing and the Creator to particularly penetrate (part of your body) to manifest perfect glowing health. I am open to my energies shifting so that my entire being is aligned to the light of the Creator, experiencing a continuous awakening process.’

‘I am open to a healing from Archangel Raphael and wish to ask you to predominantly assist me in understanding the purpose and meaning of my current suffering so that I may realise the lesson that the Creator wishes me to overcome, achieving perfect health with ease.’

‘I ask Archangel Raphael to activate my natural healing abilities, my natural ability of absorbing and deciphering the consciousness of the Creator, gaining mastery over the skills of acceptance, shifting and anchoring healing vibrations. Allow me to feel, sense or acknowledge your healing vibrations and my own healing, caring and awakening light flowing from my being. Thank you.’

‘I invoke the healing presence of Archangel Raphael to channel the consciousness of love, balance, peace and equality between the masculine and feminine aspect of the Creator into my being. Please allow me to experience the blissful and joyous vibrations and consciousness of the angelic kingdom.’

‘I ask for an intensive healing from Archangel Raphael, the Angels of Healing and the Creator. I ask for an intensive awakening, embodiment of light and consciousness, and connection with the Creator. Allow all negative blockages within my physical and spiritual body to fall away so that I may focus on building my bond with the Creator. Thank you.’

You may use one or many of these invocations to aid your connection with me, Archangel Raphael, and the Creator. I will support you in receiving an appropriate healing and a deeper connection with the Creator.

Anchoring the Creator’s Energies of Acceptance, Transformation and Love

The Creator realised within my expression and energy, Archangel Raphael, the quality of healing, caring, the ability to help and soul connection and evolution. Helping and caring for people is in fact one of my many purposes; sharing the most essential energies to aid their growth. We can now see that every soul has the ability to heal because every soul can, if they wish to, devote themselves to caring for themselves, and caring and helping others through the process of anchoring the Creator’s energies of acceptance, transformation and love. I feel this message is very simple and yet vitally important because it helps you to realise how easy it can be to embody the light of the Creator, creating transformations in your life and the lives of others.

A Greater Purpose to Accepting Healing

There is a greater purpose to my current communication and encouragement of requesting healing for yourself. My purpose is to alert you to the transformation that is available to take place within humanity through the simple process of requesting healing. This transformation is the shifting and rebirth of your energetic vibrational pattern especially at a physical body level.

Humanity has created a template of existence through their thoughts of how a physical body manifests on the Earth generating this over many generations and civilisations. It is akin to a knowledge or understanding of human life that is embedded into the physical form and consciousness of a human passed down through generations. These simple beliefs dictate the appearance of a person, how they should act and react, what is available and possible for them on the Earth and in truth most things that every person experiences on the Earth. It is akin to DNA; information, characteristics, features and mannerisms passed through generations. Of course, every physical person is different, and the soul can influence the manifestation of their physical body depending on the lessons they wish to learn. This template has evolved and changed and yet all humans hold the same consciousness which manifests within their physical bodies.

With more people awakening and the vibration of the Earth quickening. The information, template or coded consciousness within each physical being is no longer appropriate or relevant to the current day ascension. This has been transforming for some time now, however, I, Archangel Raphael and my Angelic Healing Team wish to boost, transform or upgraded humanity’s template of existence held within their physical bodies in order for their physical bodies to equal the light of their souls.

Many of you are already experiencing and receiving updates to your energies and the consciousness of your physical body. It is important to realise that this needs to happen on a mass scale. I, Archangel Raphael wish to support the release of pain, strives, suffering, negative thoughts and false beliefs held within the consciousness or cellular structure of the physical body of all from current reality and from generations ago. Now is the time to release old energies from the physical body and allow a new higher positive vibration and consciousness to anchor to support your soul’s development. If your physical body’s particles, cellular structure and physical manifestation hold a lower vibration then this will only ensure your vibrations remain at a lower level. By increasing the vibration held within your physical body you allow yourself to link into higher dimensions and assist in releasing the limitations and cloak of fear that obstructs and weakens humanity.

Currently when people on the Earth are asking for healing, with the permission of their soul, we, the Angels and Archangels work with the energy of their physical body to allow fears and limitations from their own reality and that of the generations before them to be released, bringing a greater freedom to their energies. This manifests an improved health and vitality, a renewed vibrancy to their body and its function on a physical and spiritual level. It is simply a healing with focus on the physical body and releasing old energy patterns. This practice enables the person to create a consciousness within their physical body and cellular structure that is appropriate for them, gaining a greater sense of mastery.
If you wish to experience this healing process to aid your spiritual growth and to assist in your physical body gradually being converted into pure Creator light, then you may use this invocation to assist in the healing and activation.

Healing and Activation for Your Physical Body

‘Archangel Raphael, Archangels and Angels of Healing, my beloved guides and the Creator, I call upon your sacred presence, support and protection. Please balance and prepare my energies so I may be open to converting the consciousness and light vibration of my physical body.

I ask that you now channel the pure and blissful angelic and Creator healing energies into my energy and physical body. Please allow me to accept a higher vibration of light, a purer vibration of love and a new positive consciousness, anchoring this deep into my physical body, flesh, bones, blood, organs, DNA and cellular structure.

I ask that all negative past programming, consciousness, beliefs and fears stored within my body from previous generations on the Earth and from my current lifetime on the Earth are dissolved, released now with ease and perfection.

Please assist this conversion of energy within my physical body, ensuring that this is a gradual process of peace and increased perfect health. Please anchor into my being and energy your support and assistance.

My physical body now holds the pure light, love and consciousness of my soul, soul group and the Creator to aid my further spiritual development on the Earth, free from fear or doubt, embraced in love and positivity. Thank you and let it be.’

Take time to imagine, sense or acknowledge the healing, rejuvenating and activating light flowing into your physical body, sit or lie in peace until you feel the process is complete. It is beneficial to practice this each day for 14 days in order to allow the transformation to occur within your physical body. It is important that over the 14 days of transmuting any negative vibrations and embodying positive vibrations that you invoke the Angels of Love from the angelic level to surround you and to channel their pure energy of love deep into your being. Ask for this at least three times a day, as it will ensure that you are supported and held in love, allowing all negative energies or consciousness to be released instantly and converted into love of the highest vibrations.

This healing process is naturally occurring to those who are calling on healing from their guides and the inner planes, however, to focus your intentions on this healing and activation process will boost your spiritual growth and allow your physical body to become a supportive energy to your development on the Earth. It is a step forward to ascension, mastery and a greater integration with the soul of the Creator.

In constant support and love,
Archangel Raphael

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I will give you my scalpel to remove and eliminate all limited beliefs, lack of self-worth, and all blockages and debris of the core issues holding you back…Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings dear ones! I AM Archangel Raphael, Healer and Physician of this Universe and beyond, in service and on constant call to you and to all. I AM your healer, and your brother and family!

I come now to ask you to go deep within, dearest ones. I come to ask you, to beg, and urge you to have the courage to analyze your thoughts, your fears, and every single physical and emotional discomfort that you have. Then we can get rid of all blockages and debris of the core issues that are holding you back from the fulfillment of your mission and your dreams.

I am here to be your guide and hold your hand, I am here to be your gentle teacher who is holding you in a sacred space when you need to work through and to dissect your core issues. And, yes, I will give you the tools and the means – the scalpel – to remove and eliminate them all. This time I want you to go deeper, dear hearts, there is no need to stop halfway, there is no need to postpone your complete and final healing.

I promise thee that in the end this process will provide all that you had asked and prayed for so long, and that sense of power and the exhilarating sense of lightness and freedom are such that you will never want to go back to the previous heavy state of being. Your mind and ego will try to stop you, to scare you away so that you remain where you are at this time. It will try to distract you by directing and diverting your energy and focus into other areas and activities that are taking your attention from the only work that needs to be done – going deeper within the stillness of your hearts and letting go of all of these remnants of limited beliefs and lack of self-worth.

Never underestimate the power of your fearful mind to keep you in smallness and in the “safe” old paradigm. This is why we have been constantly asking you to balance your hearts; to keep track of what kind of thoughts are flowing through, what feelings and emotions are arising within, and all of the physical symptoms that are directing you and giving you great clues as to which way you need to shift, and most of the time, what you need to let go of.

More often than not, it is not what you do but that which you do not keep on doing that brings you back into balance at all levels. But, of course, the reason why you do this and overextend your sweet selves is because you feel that you owe it, or that you need to earn your love and acceptance from others. When you get deep inside and remove all these old lies and find out how lovable you are, and truly love and appreciate who you are, then you will not look outside yourselves for approval or validation.

You will assist the ones in need, you might even overextend yourselves occasionally, but because you will be joyful and exuberant, without lower motives and fears, you will be constantly connected with the higher vibrational parts of yourselves, and therefore with the infinite supply of energy of the Source.

The end results, dearest hearts, is that you are able to maintain that unique, strong, and beautiful energy of yours in perfect balance and harmony with who you truly are, and from here the inspiration and the power to manifest all that you desire is there for you, always. When you are in harmony with all that you are, it is easy to tend to the parts of the self that need expansion and strengthening. And at the same time, you can rise above the negative and chaotic energies, and set firm and clear boundaries to those who want a free ride, or who simply want to stop you on your journey.

Let’s proceed then with the help of my green emerald and love! Take my hand, dear and brave brothers and sisters, and let’s not stop until the healing is complete!

Farewell for now!

By permission.

©2018 Council of Love, Inc.

This material is protected by copyright. It may not be used without written permission from the Council of Love. We will gladly allow its use if your planned usage meets our criterion. Please write us at: In brief, we require that it not be used for commercial purposes, that it be used in its entirety, that you not alter, transform or build upon this work, that the channel is given credit, and that the website link is included. For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the license terms of this work.

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Contemplations – Archangel Raphael by Carol Heyer for Doreen Virtue



Let it fill you and enfold you in its warm healing power and assist you on your journey by bringing you back into a high vibrational state… Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings dearest ones! I AM Raphael, I AM Archangel of Love and Light, I AM Healer of the Universe – always on call, in service to the Mother and to you all.

I come today to bring you the Emerald Green Ray of Love and Power. I come to ask you to breathe it in so that it fills you and enfolds you in its warm healing power. I am here to ask you to allow the emerald green of healing to assist you on your journey so that you can proceed gently and calmly on your chosen path.

Healing comes from forgiveness of yourselves and of all the negative experiences that you remember. There are some bitter bits and pieces of your story that come into your minds from this lifetime, and some from previous ones, but it really matters not when you chose to experience any of these harsh lessons. What matters is that you remember them to get the entire picture and the gem of the lessons and then let go of them.

Shed emerald tears of healing and forgiveness for as long as you need, but do not allow these memories to pin you down in low vibration for too long. This is not what you intended to do when you decided to go through those scenarios with the beloved members of your soul family.

You have this tendency to ponder on your perceived problems or traumas in the false belief that the more you study and re-live them, the deeper you get into the reasons for the experience undertaken, and that, therefore, it would be easier to avoid the same in the future. But the truth of it is that you need to see them as events and planned experiential roles and templates that you decided to undertake for the sake of your soul’s expansion and growth.

You do not want to have them repeated and felt, in real life or in a dream state. And so, all you have to do is to let them go and then move on. They have the same weight and importance as your experiences of the other side of the spectrum – the positive, light, and good ones. Both of them had extreme power to teach you about life in duality, about the balance and moderation that is needed for a smooth and even expansion of all of the parts of your wondrous selves.

Let the emerald green remove and dissolve any harsh feeling and suffering. Call on it and give it few minutes every day to bring you back into a high vibrational state that will help you to stay centered and poised, a stable leader and pillar of light, a teacher and healer of all.

I thank you for your service. I commend you for your fortitude and stable presence on planet Earth at this time of chaos and transformation. Stay in love and peace! Farewell!

By permission.

©2018 Council of Love, Inc.

This material is protected by copyright. It may not be used without written permission from the Council of Love. We will gladly allow its use if your planned usage meets our criterion. Please write us at: In brief, we require that it not be used for commercial purposes, that it be used in its entirety, that you not alter, transform or build upon this work, that the channel is given credit, and that the website link is included. For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the license terms of this work.





Call on me, the Mother, Michael, or Raj, to make this process smooth and painless. Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings dearest healers of the heart and soul! I am Raphael, archangel of love and emerald green light, physician of this universe, multiverse and beyond, in service to the Mother, in service to you, and all that call on me.

Even just thinking of calling me draws me close to you, faster than either a phone call or a loud shout. For you see this is what I am here for, dearest hearts, to assist you and everyone in need that I am being requested to help. I have discussed this issue with thee that if one of you is asking me to fortify, to help and clear the negative energies, the distorted thought-forms and disease from the ones that do not understand what makes them feel less than happy and vibrant, then, that will be done swiftly and efficiently.

And so, do not hesitate to call on me to assist your close friends and family, and your beloved pets that are taking in as much if not even more of these new chaotic energies that are being released from the body of Gaia and from the human collective at large.

Dear hearts, you do understand that much of the compounded energies of powerlessness that are being released to be transmuted and eliminated, for it is the time, and it is the Mother’s desire to remove these shackles of disempowerment at last and for good. Many are being affected greatly, some are even becoming bedridden because these are very dense and heavy energies and they are causing severe back pains and kidney issues.

Yes, humanity was kept enslaved in these energies for thousands and thousands of years and it is the time to release all that is contributing to this predicament. The unaware dear souls are reacting, unfortunately, in the old-fashioned way, lashing out in anger,  projecting out their self-hatred and futility emotions, while feeling trapped in this game of powerlessness, limitation, and uncertainty. There is so much resentment, and feelings of rejection, fear of failure, and guilt have been used to perpetuate these feelings of powerlessness that have kept humanity in smallness and survival mode for so long.

You do not have to panic, for this is your beloved partner, your physical vessel, that is communicating with thee and asking you to eliminate…just as your kidneys are meant to completely get rid of these toxic energies that do not belong in this new world that we are creating.

Send the intention to do so by calling on me, or on the Mother, or on Michael or Raj, it matters not, for we will gladly assist in making this process smooth and painless.

The faster you are asking for assistance the easier it gets for you and for everyone around thee to remain balanced and loving, therefore breaking this self-perpetuating cycle of disempowering that occurs when one reacts in fear and anger.

You are the ones in the forefront, the trailblazers, and for a reason, for you are the beacons of light and hope, you are the healers of the heart and soul and so much more. And so, as does any healer and competent physician, you have to be able to keep yourselves healthy and vibrant at all times in order to assist everyone else effectively.

You have to see and feel the truth and to discern the cause of any disturbance that occurs in your world. And by choosing to respond in a novel and empowering way, you are not only removing and eliminating the old patterns, but you are also empowering others to do the same.

You are doing a magnificent work, dearest ones!

Know that I am with thee always and always proud and eager to work alongside thee.

Until next time. Farewell.

By Permission.

© 2018 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.




Use it daily to refresh yourselves, to detox and to purify your bodies… Channeled by Genoveva Coyle

Greetings my dear ones! I am Raphael, Archangel of love and light, healer and physician in this universe and beyond, in service to the Mother and to you and all that call on me.

I bring you today my emerald green elixir to remind you to drink it, to sip it throughout the day, to breath it in, it really matters not how you feel like using it, just use it on a daily basis to refresh yourselves, to detox and to purify your bodies in every moment, so that anything coming your way and which might want to stay will be dissolved and removed gracefully.

For all you here and beyond reading these messages, the pathfinders and the trailblazers, the ones traveling in the forefront, it takes a great deal of awareness and clarity to move through the chaos and mayhem and at the same time to remain poised and balanced at all times.

Whenever you travel and immerse your sweet selves into the densities of the third and lower third dimensionality you might bring back with thee some energies to transmute and eliminate. Whenever you meet some of the soul families in distress that are being directed to thee for assistance you might capture some of the distressing energies that need to be purified.

And so, you see it is in the nature of the work you have chosen that you might get inadvertently affected and contaminated and that would drag you into the lower vibration and slow you down. You might see yourselves as healers or as physicians that need to wash their hands with water or energetically clear the space between different patients, so you protect others and yourselves.

The only difference is that your “patients” are everywhere you go, at home – your children, parents, partners and spouses, at work with your clients and co-workers, and while shopping and buying your groceries – literally everywhere – even where you are traveling when dreaming, day or night, it matters not.

It has been said that if you are only love and light, that there is no darkness that can affect you. And that is true in the sense that there are none of you who would succumb to your own dark sides, for this is the only aspect of self that can affect thee, any other forces are not going to be able to find their way to you. In this new era and age, on the Nova Earth, it is not permissible and so, rest assured that this is not possible any longer. Period!

But what I am saying to thee is that there are those little and small dense energies – like the small amounts of debris leftover in your fields that can still affect you – enveloping you and having you feel out of sorts or in a less than joyful spirit. Those can and will slow you down, stalling you in your progress.

Dear and brave healers of the souls, warriors of the peace, holders of the love and light, it is the Mother’s desire that you are in joy and peace at all times. It is our wish that you have a light and pleasant journey and that you fill every moment of your day with smiles, laughter, and love for yourselves and for everyone else. Whenever you feel less than bursting into laughter and shedding tears of joy then you need to remember to take in my love emerald elixir and to call on me, for I will gladly come and restore the brightness and your peace of heart.

I am with thee always at your service, always on call.

Until next time, farewell

By Permission.

© 2018 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

Transitions of Healing for Now and 2017 – Archangel Raphael via Natalie Glasson

unknown artist


Transitions of Healing for Now and 2017

by Archangel Raphael

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 28th October 2016 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

I, Archangel Raphael, stand before you as an emerald jewel of light emanating all that I am to you. I am known as the Archangel of Healing as well as the Archangel of Soul Discovery/ Synthesis. I wish to be of service to you supporting you in your transition of embodying your soul with greater intensity. Please receive my presence and breathe my light deep into your being, it is potent with love vibrations, angelic codes and templates of awakening, especially for you.

Healing of any form manifests because of an awakening, synthesis or embodiment of the soul; healing is witnessing the soul’s magic. When I bring forth healing energies to support you, I am giving my light to you which carries an intention of embodying greater volumes of light, love and truth. My light energises your intention of healing; then I connect with your soul inviting an aspect of your soul to merge with your being. I clear your energies so that the energy of your soul may flow with greater ease free from blockages or hindrance. The experience of healing is the moment your soul integrates into your being merging with your intention and my intention, thus increasing your light quotient and energy vibration. You become a beacon of light, which allows clarity and understanding to dawn, in truth a new perspective. To summarise, healing is a transition of soul’s integra tion with your physical aspect, the increase of light within your entire being and a transformation in your perspective. This is the way that I, Archangel Raphael, work with you when you call upon my energies and assistance.

With my explanation of healing, we can easily recognise that the period of ascension humanity and the Earth are moving through now and during 2017, especially at the beginning of the year is a deeply healing process. We could liken it to a global healing which begins within each person eventually creating shifts and transformations across the world. As each person heals within their being, embedding themselves more firmly into a perspective of love, experiencing tremendous releases of old energetic patterns from their mental body, a new perspective will dawn from the depths of the soul within. A new perspective will be the goal achieved; this will be felt as an experience of healing on all levels. The healing which will take place will be between your physical being or personality and your soul. It is not that your soul and personality oppose each other, your soul deeply loves your pe rsonality, in truth all that you are at a physical level. Your soul and personality require to be aligned energetically so they vibrate in harmony. Thus synthesis can take place and an unbreakable union forms between your soul and personality. With this unification, your soul can carry your personality into the high vibrations of the Creator to access further enlightenment. There is a need for healing within your personality to allow the flow of your soul and to support your personality in surrendering fully to your soul. To surrender is to let go of attachment to everything you know to be true trusting in the Creator to guide, fulfil and illuminate you further. To surrender is to gain a new perspective, it may take tremendous support from the light for your personality to let go of all that is no longer needed. However, this will allow you to see yourself, others and the Earth in a new way as if a new world is ready to be discovered and explored.

Your soul will receive healing as well during this period of ascension because your soul will require to be fully energised and empowered to be present with you in your Earthly reality. Your soul wishes to collect all the wisdom, knowledge and abilities it feels are of most importance and download them into your being. The Creator is working with all souls at this time to erase all or any forms of separation energy, so this may filter into each person upon the Earth. Your soul is always connected to your physical body, flowing throughout your being, offering guidance and inspiration while being present within your physical body. This will remain the same, the transitions that will take place are of higher aspects of your soul merging with your physical being bringing forth great volumes of light, love and truth which will feel new, empowering and inspiring to you, yet will simply be a n aspect of yourself. It will be a notable transformation feeling similar to a powerful healing which seems to allow numerous aspects of your ego and illusions to fall away. Your soul will merge with your subconscious mind meaning that the beliefs you draw upon for the majority of your daily life will be inspired by your soul. This will signify that the beliefs held within the consciousness of humanity will also crumble and fall away so that the energy of each person’s soul will be working with the consciousness of humanity sharing wisdom, light and love to reform the consciousness of humanity. This will predominantly take place during the sleep state of each person. Every soul has a mission and purpose of shifting the consciousness of humanity because this allows many limitations which are hindering humanity without their awareness to be erased and replaced with supportive energies and consciousness to aid ascension.

Your soul will blend with your conscious mind which will mean that you will be more aware of the wisdom, guidance and presence of your own soul and the souls of those you connect with at a physical level. Each person’s soul synthesising with their conscious mind could create a seeking for truth and a wish to bring the truth of the Creator to the awareness of others. The truth that could be highlighted is the love, essence and consciousness of the Creator as well as bringing false perceptive which do not align with love to the surface to be acknowledged. In truth all of humanity in different ways will begin to search for the truth of the Creator, what they are actually seeking is a remembrance of the Creator. Some will search outside of themselves; this may mean that illusions are revealed, others will search within themselves which will manifest as many people experiencing a qui ckening of ascension and union with the Creator creating a sense of peace and serenity to be magnified. With the soul synthesising with the conscious mind, many people will experience a conviction in their understanding of themselves as an expression of the Creator, while others will find themselves searching a new to discover their truth.

Each person’s soul will merge with every aspect of their being from their emotional body to the cells of their physical body, from their chakras to their ability to create their reality.  For those who have been focusing upon their spiritual evolution, experiences of powerful healing, inner activation and states of enlightenment will materialise. However, there will be some who no longer feel like themselves; they no longer recognise who they are and do not feel familiar with their inner world and outer world, which will be a symptom of the personality, thoughts and emotions resisting the greater and fuller presence of the soul. This may mean that an inner battle could commence as the ego tries to resist change, healing and transformation. In these situations, deep compassionate love is needed and will support a surrendering to the light of the soul.

Each synthesis of the soul with the physical body and personality is a transition of healing which requires to take place and be experienced to manifest freedom, expansion and states of enlightenment. This transition of healing has been long awaited and symbolises humanity is moving to a new level of spiritual awareness and existence. Every experience is a transition of healing awakening a new perspective. The entire world is ready to heal, stepping into their power as potent beacons of light. Healing is the dawning of a new perspective, the dawning of remembrance of the Creator and a golden age. Please be aware that this healing will take time as subtle shifts take place.

I, Archangel Raphael, wish to include some guidance to support you during your transitions of healing:

Focus upon or hold the intention of surrendering to your soul when your inner or outer reality becomes too challenging, confusing, painful or overwhelming. In these times call upon me, Archangel Raphael, to dissolve any resistance your personality or ego may be holding onto causing the misalignment with the Creator and your soul.

Call upon my energies, Archangel Raphael, to enthuse your being with my light to support each and every transition of healing you move through as your soul and personality merge so that the process may be achieved with ease and perfection.

Ask me to assist the healing transition of the consciousness of humanity, the presence of the Creator’s truth emerging upon the Earth and the release of illusion.

Remind yourself daily that you are healing in more ways than you could possibly imagine, that this is creating a greater union with and awareness of your soul and encouraging a new perspective to dawn.

Repeat daily, ‘I am as one with my soul, a full integration with my soul has now manifested with ease and perfection.’

‘My thoughts, emotions, physical being and entire manifestation is now fully synthesised with my soul, the presence of my soul is now brighter within my being.’

‘I am now a fuller integration and manifestation of the purest vibration of my soul.’

I walk with you through every moment of your healing transition,

I am Archangel Raphael

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unknown artist

The Future of Healing by Archangel Raphael – Natalie Glasson

art the messenger amanda clark fine art america

ART : The Messenger – Amanda Clark @ Fine Art America


The Future of Healing by Archangel Raphael

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 20th May 2016 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Every person upon the Earth has the ability to receive and accept healing vibrations whether it is from another human being, from an inner plane being or the universe of the Creator. To receive healing is a divine right for all souls on the Earth or the inner planes. It is also important to realise it is every person’s divine right and natural ability to express healing energies from their beings to themselves or others. This means that every person can be healed and can be the healer. When you realise your divine right and natural ability, you empower yourself. The universe of the Creator is always delivering healing frequencies to you and through you it is simply your choice as to whether you wish to receive it solely to support yourself or to share it with others in need.

Many people also believe that in order to be a healer there is a need to be guided or instructed in how to express healing energies. There are many organisations which will support you in this matter upon the Earth and the inner planes; they offer an in-depth understanding while encouraging you to take responsibility for your healing ability. They may focus your awareness to certain healing energies within the universe of the Creator you can call upon to work with you. This has for some time been the accepted route to becoming a healer however at this time of ascension many people in their own time and space are becoming aware of their healing ability and the healing energies their soul wishes them to bring through. It is akin to a remembrance dawning or an activation of your divine right. The vibration of the Earth and humanity is quickening significantly causing many to remember their truth; their natural healing skills and alignments.

If your natural healing ability is activating you may be experiencing heat or a tingly sensation in your hands, feet and even in your chest, brow or crown. This may occur at certain times or even continuously throughout your day. Remember that every part of your body has the ability to express healing energy. You may feel energy flowing through your body like a current of electricity. Know that as your healing ability awakens so your entire being and physical body opens and expands. This may create a deep clearing on many levels, enhanced sensitivity and heightened intuitive senses. Your natural healing ability is not awakening from a past or simultaneous lifetime; it is awakening from your original energies, the truth and essence of your being; your soul, which is an expression of the Creator. Many people may remember the healing techniques they have used in other lifetimes and they may feel guided to share these gifts once more. However, it is the healing ability of your soul which is activating and awakening at this time of ascension. A healing ability aligned with the truth vibration of your soul. This may be a healing you have used in many lifetimes; it is the purest expression available to you through your soul. There may also be many healing vibrations which your soul channels through you, each will have a specific purpose and meaning to you while allowing you to serve others.

Activating Your Soul’s Healing Ability

Whether you already recognise yourself as a healer or not, take time to sit peacefully in meditation or surrounded by beautiful nature.

Repeat, ‘I am a healer, I embody and express my soul’s healing abilities.’ Focus upon your soul star chakra above your head, breathing in and out of this area. Allow the energy of your soul and natural healing abilities of your soul to build as a source of light in this areas.

Then place your focus within your earth star chakra below your feet, breathe into this area until you feel the energy of your soul build.

Take the attention of your mind to your heart chakra or higher heart chakra recognising your soul’s energy. Radiate this energy in all directions allowing yourself to be divinely inspired by the guidance of your soul as to your healing ability.

Your soul may instantly align you to the healing frequency it wishes you to express which may be an aspect of your soul or a frequency from the universe of the Creator. Your soul may share with you the way you can express the healing energy or may simply pour the energy through your being inviting you to observe. It is important to realise the more you practice this exercise, the greater your experience and understanding will become. You can then use the energy expression to support your own healing journey while accessing greater understanding of its influence upon your being. Thus taking responsibility for the energy you express. A belief will manifest that you have the ability to heal any situation in your reality with ease and perfection.

Every person is a natural healer and heals in a perfect way aligned to the Creator.

With your soul’s healing abilities awakening your soul will make you aware of certain energy frequencies it wishes you to express. This ties into an energetic shift which is occurring upon the Earth now. Throughout numerous civilisations and areas of the Earth, people have been practising and expression diverse healing techniques. The healing frequencies and information concerning the healing method still remain with the land where they were practised. Mother Earth is now sending her own healing energies across her body with the purpose of activating all appropriate healing frequencies and methods anchored into the land. Some of the healing frequencies may have been lost or long forgotten. There is now an opportunity for ancient and much needed healing frequencies and understandings to return to the conscious awareness of humanity. Thus, humanity’s knowledge of healing especially healing the physical body will progress and develop immensely. This could cause new understanding in regards to supporting the physical body in healing which would become mainstream and globally accepted.

Mother Earth invites you to express the energy of your soul to surround the Earth, with the intention of activating appropriate healing frequencies and methods, which are required to be remembered and are an integral part of the ascension process of all.

Energetically through meditation you may be drawn to a place upon the Earth to receive and accept the healing frequencies and methods which were once used there. You may even be inspired to physically visit certain areas of the Earth or discover you are becoming aware of a healing frequency in a place upon the Earth you had not expected. It is important to allow yourself to be open and receptive, knowing you cannot push or encourage the process to occur, it will manifest with divine timing and perfection.

Simply call upon my energies, Archangel Raphael, to surround you. Whether visiting a place energetically or physically know my green light will support and guide you. As you exist in my bubble of green light simply allow yourself to be guided by your intuition which will share all that is needed and required.

The awakening of ancient healing frequencies and methods which have been safeguarded within Mother Earth coupled with your soul wishing to guide you in realising your natural abilities as a healer, signify a major shift in the consciousness of humanity. Collectively many are taking responsibility, remembering the truth, realising the delusional habits of humanity and wishing to return to a purer alignment with the truth of the Creator. If humanity realises they can receive healing and express healing from the universe of the Creator, this would instigate a very powerful shift in perceptive as many would no longer seek outside of themselves to restore physical, emotional and mental balance and health. This would change how the entire world experiences their day and life. Empowerment, freedom and choice would be the key experiences which would accelerate ascension tremendously. This will take time to manifest however it is a future humanity is moving towards. A step closer is taken for all when one person really allows themselves to tune into and believe in their own ability’s to receive and express healing. It is time to play your part in the development, believe and trust in the magic of energetic healing.

My healing energy is constantly with you, supporting and loving you,

Archangel Raphael

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art the messenger amanda clark fine art america

ART : The Messenger – Amanda Clark @ Fine Art America


Transcript: Heavenly Blessings ~ Archangel Raphael Steps Forth to Heal the Hearts of Humanity – Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

Mensajero - Messenger art by Miguel Angel Danzi Artwork

ART : Mensajero – Messenger ~ by Miguel Angel Danzi


Transcript: Heavenly Blessings ~ Archangel Raphael Steps Forth to Heal the Hearts of Humanity, November 3, 2015

[Thanks to Ellen for this transcription.]

Archangel Raphael steps forth to heal the hearts of humanity

“What I want to talk about is the healing and the alternative. … let us introduce, let us return to the Sacred Promise which is: I will Love and nurture you as I will Love and nurture myself. I will honour the trust you place in me. I will respect your boundaries. I will not invade or violate your sacred space, whether it is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. I will honour you as I honour the Mother, because you are the Mother, you are the Father, you are the One.”

Heavenly Blessings ~ November 3, 2015

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca: Host, InLight Universal

Suzi: Today we will be joined by Archangel Raphael for our show and I’m excited about this topic in particular. Our timely discussion will be on the healing of humanity and the human heart’s capacity to Love and transform. I’ve often thought of awake humans as being like sprinkles on the ice-cream cone of Earth, but sometimes great physical distance between us.

In some cases, we’re surrounded by the unaware and even the seriously resistant, so finding Love can feel like an insurmountable challenge. We really do have enormous hearts and capacity to Love and it’s wonderful to get the higher perspective on a subject relevant to us all.

Good morning, Linda!

Linda: Good morning, Suzi, and what a wonderful introduction!

Suzi: Oh, thanks. Maybe you would like to give some information about just who Archangel Raphael is?

Linda: Archangel Raphael – oh my gosh, I am just crazy about this Archangel but, of course, I never met an Archangel I didn’t Love! [Laughter] Archangel Raphael is the Archangel in charge of or responsible for the healing, certainly of this planet but also of the Universe and the healing of humanity. So this is a massive, massive job!

When I look at Archangel Raphael, he comes to me – I’m sure many of you have seen these posters or greeting cards with pictures of Raphael on them – but how he comes to me is very tall and lithe… When I look at Michael, he’s almost like a body-builder type, and Jophiel looks like a pirate man! [Laughter]

But Raphael has this slender, very distinguished, calm, serene energy about him. He has blond hair and sea green eyes which, again, are like the depths of calmness and of healing, and has emerald green robes and the most incredible wings. Sometimes his wings are gold, and other times are just massive and white and sprinkled with emeralds. He is phenomenal!

The sense I have is he carries a jug – which to me looks like a vase – filled with healing elixir. When I do my meditations, he cranks open the crown of my head and pours in what feels to me like liquid emerald Light which just fills me and goes to my heart. He has given us his Emerald Flame and his Emerald Hexagon Box. He is just an amazing, amazing Archangel!

He has been the overseer, with the Divine Mother, of the Core Issues webinar series. So for us who are involved in this, Archangel Raphael has been very present. Now, when this all started… I’m sharing class secrets but that’s okay, right!

When this all started, I was in bed and got my regular 3am wake-up-call, and there was Archangel Raphael standing by my bed. As I said, I’d never really worked a lot with Raphael, Gabrielle/Gaby and Michael seeming to be my go-to Angels. But there he was standing, and in this really calm but very matter-of-fact voice said, “Give me 5 minutes.”

And so this has been like the battle cry for our class and I’m happy to share it with everyone who is listening. You give Archangel Raphael 5 minutes – and I’m telling you, you can put on your stopwatch and time it – at the end of 5 minutes, whatever you have asked for help for or with – it’s done!

So he is amazingly powerful and I’m just looking forward to hearing more about how he is working and intending, with all the other Company of Heaven and Council of Love, to take care of healing humanity, because this is a massive job. Talk about a clean-up effort! [Laughter]

Suzi: Yes, and clearly we’re doing it with them, because all the work we do for ourselves personally also affects and helps the collective, probably in exactly the same way… if we’re working on a Love issue, that’s the issue that gets helped for everybody.

Linda: That’s really important and I’m glad you brought that up, Suzi. It’s really important for all of us to realise that sometimes we have these physical-mental-emotional-spiritual things we’re working on that we would call wounds or injuries or hardships or challenges or obstacles – we’ve got all these nice names for it! – but we’re not at this point doing it just for ourselves.

Now, a few years ago, it used to be that if someone said they must be clearing for so-and-so, I would think, “No, this is your issue; you’re just not really ready or willing to look at it.” But here we are in this time frame – and certainly since I’d say around 2012, that infamous date – is that when we’re doing this work in any realm, we’re doing it, yes, for ourselves, because we are creating these situations or we’ve agreed to take on these situations, but we are doing it for the collective.

So, if you’re one of those people who is out there working on something, really be gentle with yourself, but give yourself a huge pat on the back and accept our gratitude!

Suzi: Oh yes, this human gig is not easy and it’s wonderful that we have so much help, if we just say yes to it.

Linda: Yes, absolutely.

Suzi: So are we ready for a fabulous, wonderful meditation?

Linda: We are. We’ll have a Raphael meditation! So let’s begin…

[Meditation from 08:28 to 14:38]

Archangel Raphael: Greetings, I am Raphael.

Suzi: Welcome.

Raphael: And welcome to you. Yes, I am Healer of the Universe, Healer of Humanity, and although I am pleased to work with each and every one of you upon this magnificent planet of green and blue this day, I request more than 5 minutes for we have much to discuss.

It is true that mostly I conduct my work in silence, but I step forth this day because it is a time of healing, of repair, of reconstruction, of resurrection, not only of each of you, my beloved friends, allies, family, but of the collective, of this very mixed group called humanity.

As I have begun, I have said to thee, my mission and purpose, my service to the Divine Mother/Father/One is the healing of the Universe, the Omniverse, the Multiverse and your Universe. And yes, I am in many, many places, like all of us, simultaneously, and it does not in any way diminish my efficacy.

But having said that, let me address humanity. Let me address this collective of sweet Gaians. It is your turn! And in this, we have waited, you have waited, and what I suggest to you is, “Wait no longer,” in your reality of what you conceive of as time and in ours. All is in alignment.

There is no difference between Peace on Earth, the healing of the planet, the healing of humanity, the anchoring of Love, the anchoring of the Violet Flame, the anchoring of the Blue Flame, the anchoring of Gabrielle’s Gold, the understanding of Universal Law – all of these things occur simultaneously.

And yes, my beloved friends, you are being bombarded and we are not about to let up! And so I step forth that you will know and care and Love me, the way that I know and care and Love you. Healing is a topic but, more importantly, it is an action, a transmutation, a transformation whose time is Now.

You have carried the burdens of this collective, of the old illusions, of the old 3rd for eons. And you are sick – literally – and tired – literally – of continuing in this way. Most of you, if not all of you, and certainly all of you who hear my personal message this night-this day-this afternoon-this morning know that you have been through this Ascension Portal time and time and time again.

Our gatekeepers, your gatekeepers, are not there to keep anybody out, but rather, to be the welcome party. And so I stand amongst you, behind you and in front of you at this Ascension Portal, this moment in this day, and my offer to you is the healing.

And it is the healing of your heart because all dis-ease, all imbalance, all lack – your term – of vibrant health in all spheres, all dimensions, all realities, result from a sorrowing heart, result from feeling, believing that you are not loved and cherished, and that you are not Love, that you are not Peace, that you are not Creation.

And this, my friends, is a falsehood. And it is this falsehood that I come, not merely to transform, but to eradicate.

It has been perpetrated – we do not need to go into ancient history – but it has been perpetrated so long and so deep that much of the collective of Gaia has firmly come to believe that illness, death, dis-ease is simply a part of life. My beloved friends, that is an absurdity beyond measure!

And how does this course correction take place? It takes place, my beloved friends, by healing your heart and that is why I am brashly taking advantage of this medium, this beloved InLight Universal, to address and heal so many of you at once. So, dearest Suzanne and Suzi, I thank you.

Suzi: Oh, you are so welcome. I thank you.

Raphael: Now, where do you wish to begin?

Suzi: So much is happening and thank you, Raphael, for joining us today. I have to say this topic is pretty fresh for me and I hesitate to bring personal things to the air, but I think this is relevant to the conversation.

Almost two years ago, I shared on the show that I had found my sacred partner. Our fearless bliss lasted about six months before the need for serious personal work emerged, leading us into an exploratory and leading edge kind of friendship while issues came up for clearing.

By some descriptions, this was a twin flame relationship bound to bring chaos and, hopefully, significant personal healing and then be complete for both. I’m just wondering when our Love relationships will not be all about bringing up unresolved issues. Perhaps the obvious answer is that we clear all our wounding residue and belief systems before engaging in a relationship.

I have to say though, experiencing a breakup of any kind can be so disappointing when things fall apart. This one, in perfect Divine Order, triggered memories from my own issues with my father. Can you speak to that, please?

Raphael: First, let me surround you and all who suffer from a broken heart – because this is not the crux of our discussion. Let me wrap you in my emerald gown; let me wrap you in my emerald mist; let me fill you and your heart with my Emerald Flame, and as I do so, I am healing you.

But part of this healing is the understanding of what leads to this because, as you know and all of you know, you did not come to the Mother’s planet of Love and Joy to experience heartbreak. And yet, I dare say there is not one adult, and most children upon Gaia at this time, that has not experienced heartbreak.

Now, I could be trite – and by the way, the trite response is also the Truth – that you experience heartbreak because you, my dear Masters, are at a point where you are saying, “No more!” You are absolutely correct in your supposition, your desire, your declaration, your creation that to be in relationship, to be human – even if you are a hybrid – on planet, at this time and in every future moment, means to live in the gladness, the joy, the fulfilment of your heart.

You did not come to break each other’s hearts. It is the breaking of sacred promise. I do not say this lightly. And perhaps this is difficult for many to even hear because there have been so many aberrations, might I even say abominations, in terms of relationships. And when I mention relationships, I mean family, siblings, parents, cousins, friends, Love partners, sacred unions, twin flames, community and the planet. I think I have covered it all!

You did not come to break each other’s hearts, intentionally or unintentionally. I have no room for that excuse! So let us talk about this.

When you are on this side – we will talk about this incarnation because that is what is current and that is what we are healing this day. Before you came, you surrounded yourself with those you Love and cherish – and in some cases, some you loved and cherished but still had some karma or experiences that you needed to sort out – and chose to – chose to – sort out in the physical reality of life.

Part of that desire to do so was never, “Let us go to Earth and let me abuse you and break your heart.” Never… Never! And that is what… If there is one thing – and I speak as the Archangel of Healing – but if there is one thing that keeps your Star brother and sisters at bay, it is this tendency that somehow it is permissible – oh, horrid and terrible – but underneath that, permissible to break each other’s hearts. It is not!

So, why does it happen? Is that your question?

Suzi: Well, no, not really. I don’t feel it’s intentional. It feels like relationships are all about bringing up unresolved issues. It’s not an intentional thing, but we are all so wounded that it seems to me we engage in relationship, and things are going to come up because of it.

Raphael: ‘Things’ as you would put it – this is a highly technical term! Things come up but they do not necessarily – and I am not speaking as a ‘Disney Archangel’ right now! – things come up for healing, for mirroring, for deeper understanding, yes, even for triggering. They do not come up for wounding. They come up for healing, for resolution, for reconstruction.

Now, I could go on but I won’t, about the emotional and spiritual immaturity that can result in such wounding. I have no desire to naysay you, to judge you, to criticise you. What I want to talk about is the healing and the alternative.

You enter into relationship, all of you – and it is consistent, by the way – you do so in the hope, the expectation and the belief and creation of Love. None of you – not someone sitting in Afghanistan pulling a trigger, not someone raping and pillaging – none of you enter into a relationship and say, “I’m going to engage personally with this individual so I can hurt them.”

So, what is it? You call it ‘wounding’, dearest Suzanne, Suzi, and that is a deep history of how earthlings – and notice I use that term rather than ‘Gaians’ – how ‘earthlings’ have treated one another.

The pattern has been, “I am hurt, I am wounded; I will seek comfort from you, but really what I’m going to do is to hurt you so you hurt as much as I do,” which, of course, simply is the element of the old paradigm of control. It is control to think that you can hurt another and thereby feel better yourself.

Now, there are many faces to this and there are many other areas I wish to speak to, but the new paradigm as you engage is not to pretend that the wounding has not occurred because you are the transition… what we would term, generation. Our generations span hundreds of years, by the way!

So, you are the ‘transition generation’. So, you are the ones that move from the old paradigm of wounding and being wounded – because it is always both – to the new paradigm of wounded and healed. When you are engaging – and it does require, might I say, a certain element of determination, of compassion, of forgiveness and fierceness.

Now, why fierceness? Because most of you are the gentlest souls in the Universe and so, when someone hurts you, you may lash out momentarily, but the pattern generally – particularly for Lightworkers – is to bury the hurt, to cocoon into your heart and to somehow shift it into self-blame, self-doubt, self-hurt, rather than pushing it outwards.

Now, I am not suggesting that blame and shame and guilt outwards is the way to go; it is not. But there is a fierceness – and you may call on me or Michael for this; Gabrielle is good at it too – to say, “No! No, this is not the way to behave; I do not accept wounding; I will not allow you to treat me in this way and we will not proceed in this manner,” all the while holding the boundary, holding the Love, but not giving – your term, dearest Suzi – permission to be wounded because it is not of Love.

And it is the way in which the paradigm is shifting, is for more and more humans to say, “No!” Michael, my beloved brother Mi-cha-el, has said repeatedly and talked about the power of “No!” and also talked about the collective being at the point where you are saying, “Enough!”

This is where relationships, which are the measure not only of how you are doing but how the collective is doing… When you are saying, “Enough!” there is a ferocity involved, because you are saying, “I will not play; I will not engage in that old pattern; I demand kindness, consideration, gentleness, understanding, compassion and Love.”

And that is the only thing that is acceptable, and in so doing, you are reinforcing your beloved self, you are exhaling, you are expelling the wound, releasing it to the Universe. We can take care of it, yes, in even less than 5 minutes! So you are not giving it back to the person who wishes to do the wounding.

Let me be very clear about that. You are releasing it to the Universe, to us, to me, and you are not taking it on. Give it to me, because this is the transformation. Yes, you carry the wounds, but you are at the same time being filled and lifted up. Your body, your Lightbody, is transitioning.

There is a minute percentage of the population that is truly recalcitrant. So what is it about the collective – and that is what we are here to talk about – that is not recalcitrant, but simply stuck in this old patterning of what I term ‘the broken heart’?

Can we heal it? The answer is yes and I know – yes, I am clairvoyant and clairsentient and I am teasing you! – I know your heart and the heart of all beings wishes to let go, not only to have a mended broken heart but to have a brand new broken heart.

When I say ‘brand new broken heart’, think of the Valentine heart that is in two. You can give half your heart away and the other half will fill it up again, and then you can give another half away and it will fill it up again, and you can give another half away.

If each of you began to think, to feel, to act, to behave, that you were entrusting – not your whole heart because you need it – but half your heart to humanity, to your family, to your loved ones, and you prefaced it by saying, “I am entrusting my sacred heart to your care. My survival and our survival, our progression as humans, as Light Beings, as Lightbodies, as Angelics, as Gaians, depends upon you taking care of my heart,” what do you think the result would be?

I hear your answer, dear Suzi, and you have said, “Well, I did give half my heart away and it has been trampled on,” and that, my beloved friend, is tragic and egregious and beyond sad.

When one entrusts their heart – and I use this meaning their Love, their trust, their hope, their life, their dreams, their creations – to another, and it is not treated in the sacred trust promise manner that was and is intended… The contract did not break because you assumed form. When that sacred promise is broken, it is tragic because the ripple effect it has throughout the collective is devastating.

Now, when that Love is cherished and shared and protected and nurtured and grows, the effect is more powerful than the most powerful nuclear explosion you could ever imagine. It explodes Love all over the planet.

Suzi: Yes. If I might interject here for a moment?

Raphael: Yes.

Suzi: I like to see the positive in all things, and the great and wonderful thing that came out of this for me was a realisation that I have things to clear from my experience with my father. So, I’m just looking at the Divine perfection of it and the timing… So, in this way, this relationship has served a sacred purpose.

Raphael: It has served a sacred purpose – but I am one of the Archangels that is more direct-speaking, yes, than even Gabrielle! There was a better way, an easier way. Is it all in Divine alignment? Yes. And because you are [your] stalwart, prudent, determined, never turn back, warrior self, yes, you can define it that way. It is true; it has brought to the forefront.

But what I am speaking of is, let us introduce, let us return to the Sacred Promise which is: I will Love and nurture you as I will Love and nurture myself. I will honour the trust you place in me. I will respect your boundaries. I will not invade or violate your sacred space, whether it is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. I will honour you as I honour the Mother, because you are the Mother, you are the Father, you are the One.

So, yes, you are insightful enough to see the gift inside the injury and that is the transition generation that is brilliant. But I also want to hold up this sign, this directional GPS for the future, because this is what I am doing and giving to you right now. Many of you – and you have touched upon this, sweet Linda and Suzanne, that you are doing this for the collective – and that is of the Truth.

So many of you have said, “Why? Why am I in a place of dis-ease when all I do is pray and meditate and Love and practice what I know to be Truth?” Beloved ones, many of you are doing this for the collective.

Let us use a prolific example: Many of you suffer from the dis-ease, the burden, of diabetes. And what is diabetes, in its simplest form? It is the craving for the sweetness of life. So many upon your planet crave for the true, the genuine sweetness of life.

What those with diabetes are doing is processing all the disappointed, disillusioned, despairing energy of those who are longing for the sweetness of life so that all may experience it in Nova Earth and Nova Being, in physical reality.

Cancer is the storing away of what we have called ‘bitterness – the seeds of bitterness’. Now, let me be very clear – this does not imply or in any way mean that those who have cancer are bitter.

But they have swallowed; when life has been bitter, disappointing, disillusioning, they have continued to smile and keep going. And so it has morphed into the body, eating at itself, because no-one can swallow the bitterness and survive. In one way or another, you are compromised.

So why is cancer so rampant upon the planet? Because so many are saying, “No more bitterness; no more bitterness in our breasts; no, we cannot digest the bitterness in our colons, in our stomachs, in our livers, in our kidneys; no more bitterness in sexuality; no more ovarian cancer; no more uterine cancer; no more prostate cancer. We can’t do this any longer.” So, my beloved cancer patients, you are processing the bitterness.

Now, I do not say this to simply give you a high five and leave you sitting alone and suffering. I give you this day, right now, by attunement, my Violet Flame combined with my Emerald Flame. Germaine and I together, we torch, we eradicate, we enter into the sacred contract of removal, right now.

Suzi: Thank you.

Raphael: This is my job, but this is my honour. I have stood back long enough, silently doing my work. I am so eager to fully engage with all of you.

Suzi: Oh, are you setting an example for us to do the same thing?

Raphael: Yes, I am!

Suzi: Thank you.

Raphael: There is no room for heavy hearts. And so, yes, when I have suggested this day that we would speak of the healing of humanity, I am enlisting each and every one of you.

Now, let me be crystal clear. I am not asking you, requiring you, requesting of you to engage in any dis-ease or injury in order to transmute and eradicate, remove pain and suffering of any kind from this planet.

When you hold the Violet Flame, the Emerald Flame and, yes, even the Silver-Grayelsha Flame of Uriel – I’m sure he will be next… oh, he has preceded me… hmm, well! When you hold these, you may do the work with us.

So yes, we are doing a group enlistment this day to heal humanity!

It does not need to be lengthy. That is the other misconception: “Well, time heals all wounds.” That is terrible.

So let the healing be rapid and light. Let the healing be as instantaneous as you choose and the recipient chooses. When the pain, the suffering is not there, it is replaced first by a deep sense of Peace which bubbles up into Joy and blossoms into Love. Let us do this together.

Suzi: Yes, happily. Thank you so much for joining us today, Raphael.

Raphael: It is my honour. I give you this attunement, and I invite you – I ask you, I plead with you – use the Flames. They are yours. They are entrusted to you from our heart to your heart. Take care of them.


Suzi: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2015 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

“Transcript: Heavenly Blessings ~ Archangel Raphael Steps Forth to Heal the Hearts of Humanity,” Channeled by Linda Dillon, November 3, 2015


Mensajero - Messenger art by Miguel Angel Danzi Artwork

Tips for Ascension by Archangel Raphael – Natalie Glasson @ Sacred School of Om Na


Raphael (artist) Italian, 1483 - 1520 The Niccolini-Cowper Madonna, 1508. NGA, Washington, DC on FLICKR

Raphael (artist) Italian, 1483 – 1520 The Niccolini-Cowper Madonna, 1508. NGA, Washington, DC on Flickr


Tips for Ascension by Archangel Raphael

Channeled through Natalie Glasson –  6th November 2015 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

I, Archangel Raphael, wish to share with you five areas of focus that I believe are beneficial at this time of your ascension.

Energy Flow

Be still and listen to the flow of energy surging through your being, it will inspire so much for you to contemplate and observe concerning your ascension.

The energy flowing through you now has the potential to manifest anything you wish to experience on the Earth. This energy is of high vibration holding the essence of your higher self or the more evolved aspects of your soul. Such a high vibrational energy flowing through your being is already creating magnificent shifts within your being, clearing all that is no longer needed and magnifying all that you choose to focus upon. Allow yourself time, space and silence to recognise and realise the flowing vibration of light moving throughout your body and aura. As you bring your attention to the energy you will notice its impact upon your being and your awareness of its presence intensifying. Let the attention of your mind be present with the energy flow as if your focus is merging with the light pouring through your being. Allow the light to speak to you; it may guide you as to how to express the light, it may share with you its purpose of flowing through your being. The light can communicate with you sharing numerous insights when you allow it to, thus you are intensifying your connection with your own ascension process. Valuable knowledge and wisdom is present with the constant and ever changing energy infusion which is pouring into your being, it is now time to be aware of the shifts of ascension which are naturally and automatically being guided within your being due to the flow of light from the Creator.

Now is the time to focus upon that which you wish to experience as you have a powerful surge flowing through you to support your experience of any thoughts you choose to create.


Manifest your spiritual ascension, and material or life fulfilment through the process of grounding.

Be sure to ground yourself. Grounding is an essential aspect of your current period of ascension, it is required now to support the manifestation and embodiment of your truth within your physical body and reality. The grounding we speak of is not to simply encourage you to remain present, alert and aware at a physical level when achieving spiritual practices, there is now a greater purpose of grounding. To ground your energies into your physical body and the Earth is to embody and become the sacred light vibrations you experience within and during meditation. Grounding at this stage of ascension invites you to acknowledge and realise that which you wish to be, the energies you wish to embody and the Creator qualities you wish to express. It is to contemplate how you wish to exist upon the Earth now in your present and future, so you may begin and continue to become your focus anchorin g the necessary energies into your Earth Star Chakra below your feet; this chakra supports the materialisation of energy into matter. The more you can focus upon grounding your energies, the energy of the Creator and your intentions for your experiences upon the Earth into your Earth Star Chakra the easier you will find it to experience the Creator fully upon the Earth.

With simply a focus upon grounding the light of the Creator shared you will aid your ascension. If you contemplate the energies which are lacking within your being you can then anchor certain qualities of the Creator which will create fulfilment within your being. Alternatively you can contemplate, focus, imagine or simply acknowledge the experiences you wish to have and the energies you wish to emanate, then call the light vibrations of the Creator to anchor into your Earth Star Chakra to support and further manifest your intentions.


Your focus upon receiving will alter the way in which you think, act and react upon the Earth, unifying your energies with the Creator.

Be open to receiving. Grounding is a process of receiving and yet focus upon both grounding and receiving are essential at this period of ascension. Greater, more expansive and higher vibrations of light rays are flowing from the Creator, as ascension continues so the energy being distributed to the Earth will only intensify. When you accept a focus of receiving this signifies that you are able to absorb these precious light vibrations free from limitations and boundaries. This is akin to surrendering to the Creator, allowing the Creator to divinely intervene, to divinely oversee and divinely support all aspects of your being and reality upon the Earth now. While a focus upon receiving is essential, it is to alter your perspective and beliefs to adopt a constant thought pattern of receiving the blessings of the Creator which will support you in easily navigating through ascension. Imagine if every thought held the energy and was phrased in a way, by you, to create the constant vibration of receiving within your mental body, which would integrate into your entire being. Imagine if you continued to believe that the fulfilment of the Creator constantly blessed you and all beliefs in lack were erased eternally. Bring the attention of your mind to your thought forms, do you believe that your greatest purpose upon the Earth is to receive the Creator? If not then this belief is required to be remembered from within your being once more.


Let your emotions arise, release them and heal yourself, know that this is a process of manifesting freedom within your being and reality.

Realise that your emotions do not belong to you. It is important to be aware that you are a soul in existence within a physical body, this certainly creates the arising of emotions within your being for you to experience, however some of the emotions may arise from within you because they require to be released and healed from the general energy and consciousness of humanity. This symbolises that any healing and release process you allow yourself to move through benefits the energetic vibration and healing of humanity.

You are your soul, your soul is beautiful, magnificent and wise. The emotions you experience do not belong to your soul and are mostly your body’s way of dealing with energies which are building, stagnating or manifesting due to outside experiences. Negative or uncomfortable emotions often manifest because of lack of understanding or lack of self-love. It is important to realise that you cannot always understand the experiences you create or manifest, however you can realise that the Creator always has a larger picture and divine plan or purpose for your reality upon the Earth, which will always bring forth fulfilment. It is also vital to know that self-love is the greatest healer, with this knowledge any emotions which arises can be very easily released and healed. You are then more easily able to see that it is only when you attach to the emotions that you experience greater d ifficulties and pain within.

Emotions are arising now within many with a purpose of bringing forth and manifesting within the realities of humanity a greater sense and experience of divine freedom and expansion. This is needed for the further embodiment of each person’s soul at a physical level.


Your recognition of your constant connection and communication with the Creator will allow you to acknowledge the magic of feeling fully as one with all that is the Creator.

Focus on your constant connection. It is time to really engrave within your mind, emotions, actions and reactions that you are in constant connection and communication with the Creator. There is no form of separation between you and the Creator, only what you choose to believe in. Realise that the Creator is constantly support you, sharing with you insights, guidance and assistance always and eternally. Your constant connection and communication with the Creator has always been occurring since your birth onto this Earth, there is simply a need for you to more fully open yourself up to realise the Creator is constantly with you existing in your heart and soul, in truth every cell of your being. As you remind yourself of this truth you will notice that your awareness of the Creator enhances, your ability to sense, see, hear and acknowledge the Creator will develop. You will begin to realise and experience a form of magic in your reality as you become aware that every moment of your reality is a moment of communication and connection with the Creator. A process of the Creator receiving you and sharing with you as well as you receiving the Creator and sharing yourself with the Creator until unity and oneness is absolutely experienced.

‘I am in constant communication and connection with the Creator, the Creator always responds to me.’

With focus upon these five areas, whatever ascension process you are moving through you will experience greater ease, perfection and love in your reality.

Please know you are constantly supported by myself, Archangel Raphael, the Angelic Kingdom and the Creator.

We are in love with you,

Archangel Raphael

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Raphael (artist) Italian, 1483 - 1520 The Niccolini-Cowper Madonna, 1508. NGA, Washington, DC on FLICKR

Moments of Silence by Archangel Raphael ~ Natalie Glasson @ Sacred School of Om Na

RAPHAEL ARCHANGEL gallery of modern folk artist   ART : Archangel Raphael @ Gallery of Modern Folk Artist


Moments of Silence by Archangel Raphael

Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 1st May 2015- Sacred School of OmNa

It is with the deepest of love I, Archangel Raphael, embrace you now, I bring to you through the vibration of my love deep healing for all aspects of your being. I wish to encourage you to access and witness moments of silence within your being as a tool of accelerating your ascension and discovering your truth. I do not necessarily invite you to seek quiet spaces within your reality and daily routine, as although helpful you are seeking outside of yourself and your truth. Instead I encourage you to access and witness moments of silence within your being as this will connect you deeper into the core and essence of your truth; all that is the Creator.

A moment of silence is a moment of being at peace with yourself and your reality, a moment of resonating in harmony with the Creator to encourage your Creator vibrations and essence to strengthen and be empowered. A moment of silence is when you allow yourself to realise your divinity, rejuvenating your entire being with sacred vibrations of your soul and the Creator while also recognising your expansion and connection to all aspects of the Creator. It is to recharge your faith and belief in yourself and the Creator allowing yourself to feel tranquil and supported. A moment of silence is like taking a breath in harmony with the Creator feeling the benefits of this connection flowing throughout your entire being and reality while allowing you to feel limitless and free.

The greatest tool of connection with the Creator and to cultivate numerous moments of silence within your being and reality is to focus upon love. As a soul in a human body upon the Earth love is the energy, experience and embodiment which is most likened to the vibrations of the Creator. It is not that love is powerful, more so love is the vibrations and resonance which is most similar to the Creator and therefore leads all into states of resonating and vibrating in harmony with the Creator. Love is a tool which can return to you your Creator consciousness, memories of your divine truth and the powers existing within your being. A moment of silence within your being is actually a moment of experiencing love, which in truth is a moment of embracing and surrendering to the Creator.

When you allow yourself to vibrate as love everything within you and around you becomes peaceful, flowing and supportive. One of the easiest ways to navigate the Earthly reality is to resonate with the Creator so you become the vibrations of the Creator. This can be achieved through expressing the energy vibrations of the Creator through your being, focusing upon being and expressing love or simply allowing joy to bubble from your being as often as possible. Joy and happiness can be accessed through gratitude. There are so many different pathways to reuniting yourself with the Creator which is in truth remembering yourself as an aspect of the Creator.

I wish to invite you to choose a simple tool which resonates with your own truth and essence, inspiring you to experience the support of the Creator more fully within your reality every moment of every day. Whatever your chosen tool, let it be simple and something you easily believe to assist you in experiencing the Creator more fully within your reality. Let your focus be dedicated to this process with an inner knowledge of your achievement and success.

I wish to propose to you the tool of a moment of silence to enhance your resonance with the Creator.  When you believe that silence can only be born from within your being and can be achieved without the need for peace or quietness outside of you, then you let go of allowing the outside world to impact your being and reality; in truth you detach. From a space of detachment you are far more able to navigate your earthly reality and inner reality with clarity and kindness.  No longer do you take things as a personal insult, impact or rejection, more so as a simple occurrence from which the truth of the Creator can be accessed.

With a greater sense of freedom you are able to move into and cultivate a space of love which can be achieved through recognising a trinity of love which is always present. The trinity of love is to realise you are loved unconditionally and wholly by the Creator, you have a natural ability to love all that is the Creator unconditionally and wholly and you have the capacity to love yourself unconditionally and wholly. This realisation is immensely powerful, the trinity of love is your natural truth, even when your physical body no longer exists you will still experience the trinity of love; it is your eternal experience. When you remind yourself of your natural trinity of love you connect into your truth and move into a space of consciousness aligned with the Creator, where the Creator can be present with you. You can never escape the trinity of love no matter what you do; it is eternally present with you.

You may wish to use these words to support your mental understanding; however it is your emotional resonance which is of greatest importance in accessing a moment of silence:

‘In this moment I love myself unconditionally and wholly, in this moment I love all that is the Creator unconditionally and wholly, in this moment I know in every aspect of my being I am unconditionally and wholly loved by the Creator eternally. This is my moment of silence which will continue to reside within me and emanate from me forever more. I thank myself for allowing this moment of deep resonance with the Creator as I permit myself to be completely supported and loved by the Creator.’

You may wish to read through my words until you feel yourself aligning, resonating and awakening to become the energy and meaning of the words. Alternatively you can simply allow yourself to focus upon love building within your being abundantly, emanating from every aspect of your being. In this moment and in the coming moments as love builds and overflows from your being notice how the presence and focus upon love allows for experiences of silence, as if your entire being rests, relaxes, rejuvenates and recalibrates. I invite you to use this practice as a tool to support you in experiencing moments of silence.

Other tools are to imagine yourself as a radiant beacon of light with the light of the Creator streaming from every cell of your being. To allow yourself to be grateful for all the blessings you have manifested within your reality however small or large, with the knowingness that you determine the blessings you allow yourself to receive through your willingness to receive and recognise yourself as being worthy. Another tool is to focus upon your breath as often as possible throughout your day knowing your breath is a conscious flow of the Creator and a gateway to an illuminated state of the Creator, allowing yourself to move beyond separation.

You may wish to focus upon a deep purification with my support, Archangel Raphael, as a tool of moving into a moment of silence. Simply invite me to shower you in soft green and pink light born from my healing Angelic vibrations to dissolve all resistance and false illusions hindering you in making space for moments of union with the Creator. Invite me to bring forth my healing as often as possible. You may wish to call upon me to remove old wounds of pain with my Angelic Healing Light.

You may also wish to sit peacefully and ask your soul to inspire you with a new tool to support you in experiencing moments of silence which are moments of resonance with divinity and healing.

While many techniques may feel appealing to you or you may feel the need to focus upon several in one period of time, I wish to invite you to dedicate yourself to one alone, even if only for a few days, knowing within your heart and soul that the tool will support you in moving to the next stage of your ascension. While also knowing you will allow yourself to devote your focus to your chosen tool whatever may be occurring or distracting you in your reality. Please know I am a healing supportive presence in your reality eternally.

At this stage of ascension I invite you to enhance your devotion, focus and determination to recognise yourself more fully as your divinity and all that is the Creator. This will strengthen your energies and understandings while allowing you to open and surrender more fully to the Creator, awakening your deep unity with the Creator.

With Angelic Blessings and support,

Archangel Raphael


RAPHAEL ARCHANGEL gallery of modern folk artist

The Sweetness of the Soul by Archangel Raphael ~ Natalie Glasson @ Sacred School of Om Na

Ira Tsantekidou  art

ART : Ira Tsantekidou 

The Sweetness of the Soul

by Archangel Raphael

Channelled through Natalie Glasson-13th February 2015

I, Archangel Raphael, envelope you in the essence of my love. It is the pure qualities of my angelic love I bring forth to you with the purpose of supporting natural and necessary activations from within your being. With the power of my love supporting I invite you to contemplate keys to your spiritual evolution and natural existence.

 I first invite you to contemplate your relationship with love. What is your relationship with love, how do you interact with and as love? Do you open yourself fully to love or believe the love of the Creator is simply an idea rather than a reality? Do you desire the love of the Creator and yet shy away from that which you desire? Are you unable to see the presence of the Creator’s love in your own reality or do you see its sweetness often? If you had to describe yourself to another in terms of the love within your being and the way you act and react in love, what would you say that would represent you at this time? Remember that when contemplating your relationship with love that the love of the Creator is intended to naturally flow through you and all of humanity.

When you contemplate your relationship with the love of the Creator you are contemplating your relationship with your Soul, your willingness to engage with, recognise and embody your Soul. Often your spiritual evolution depends on your willingness to let go, receive and embody, symbolising your willingness to allow changes to occur within your being and reality.

Where there is love, there is also peace which carries you deeper into vibrations of experience, acceptance and embodiment of the Creator’s love. Peace is not essential outside of you, however it is important to restore, hold and empower the natural vibrations of peace within you, this dissolves all barriers and limitations to accessing love and peace. When love is activated and embraced within your body, mind and emotions, then peace is created which is a deep resonating harmony. Peace activates the flow of further love and so the cycle continues. Recognising and permitting yourself to experience cycles of love and peace seems such a simple spiritual practice and yet it is an immensely powerful key of awakening when one embodies these cycles through pure focus on both qualities within.

Happiness could be one of the qualities created from the presence of love and peace. Happiness is a symbol to you of your connection, alignment and relationship with the love of the Creator. Never neglect to acknowledge the power of happiness and its symbol of the presence of love and peace. It is a wonderful practice to contemplate the qualities, feelings and thought patterns of happiness when it pulsates throughout your being to prepare yourself for further recognition and activation of happiness in the future present moments. True happiness is born from the cycle and activation of love and peace through your focus without the need for any outer reality experience. Happiness can be present eternally pulsating throughout your being when one reactivates their natural habit and instinct of focus upon love, creating peace thus more love.

When you are happy this encourages your Soul to come forth to be more fully present within your being. Another way of explaining is to say that when you are happy you are in alignment with your Soul, you relax any barriers you may have to the expression of your Soul and recognise the presence of your Soul flowing through and from you. If every aspect of your body is pulsating with happiness or you feel an inner smile beaming as if from the core of your being whether the experience is born from connecting with love or through an outer experience you allow, become and see your Soul with greater clarity. Happiness and all its beautiful qualities is the key to unlocking or more truthfully recognising your Soul once more. True happiness flows from the cycle of love and peace, as both assist processes of letting go of limitations, fear and attachments which are not conducive to happiness, a s well as inspiring empowerment, compassion and unconditional love from within. If your happiness is activated due to observing or even inflicting harm upon another then it is most unlikely this form of happiness will align with or bring forth the recognition of your Soul. A happiness which is loving, giving, expanding and truthful has the power to align you instantly to your Soul and all that is your divine essence. Therefore your happiness is a key transition, state and existence of Ascension. There are so many levels of happiness to be experienced within your being and in your physical reality. When you engage with the vibration of happiness within, you also begin to create and attract further levels of happiness. There is a need to seek happiness within your being firstly to recognise and become aware of true happiness, then you can seek the same in your physical reality experiences.

My essential message for you today is that happiness creates a state within you which allows easy access and recognition of your Soul. When you are happy your Soul is dancing with joy wanting to weave its vibrations further into your being, wanting to create and exist in harmony with you. When you are happy, whether focused upon fulfilling yourself and your Soul’s purpose or not, this will naturally occur with very little effort. Imagine a world where everyone was happy all the time, their Souls would be free to move through and fulfil their purpose in every moment. If you believe such a reality would be uninteresting or tiresome, then it is your attachment to drama which needs to be let go of as it is restricting your natural vibration of happiness which is akin to a key unlocking all of your being and spiritual evolution. Fulfilment of the soul’s purpose is such a promin ent goal within light workers, wondering which rock it is hidden beneath or when it will present itself to them. With happiness you naturally become aligned with the purpose of your Soul therefore, express, live, experience and embody the purpose of your Soul. Many wonder how they will know or recognise their purpose when it flows through their being and manifests as actions in their reality. The answer to this is simple, happiness will blossom alerting you to the knowledge of your Soul being consciously present with you and working through you.

You will be able to trust in the truth of your happiness and your alignment with your Soul when your happiness is not due to avoiding a fear or limitation, when your happiness fills you with sensations of meaning, fulfilment, content, inspiriation and most importantly expansion. The experience of expansion of your energy is a symbol of your greater connection to the Creator, your essence and purpose.

‘Through my happiness I deliver my Soul to my body, mind, emotions and reality,

Through my happiness I live, breathe and experience my Soul’s purpose,

Through my happiness, I am my Soul, I am my Soul’s purpose liberated.’

Seeking happiness in your life is a sacred process of igniting your Soul and embodying its purpose, there is no greater spiritual journey. Bliss encourages all to soar to states of remembrance of the Creator.

I invite you to discover and activate the vibration of happiness within you for your experience, knowing it is a pathway to your Soul and Soul’s purpose. Then calling upon assistance to intensify and embody this sacred vibration more fully.

‘Archangel Raphael, I call forth your loving energy, support and powerful healing vibrations. Please support me in releasing from my perspective, unconscious mind, thoughts, emotions, beliefs and knowledge everything that is not aligned with the vibrations, sensations and experiences of happiness. Let all forms of unhappiness be released from all levels of my being. Please begin this healing with me in this present moment and continue to heal me until I am truly ready to let go of the vibration of unhappiness of all forms within my identity.

My natural vibration is happiness; I now activate and embrace happiness within my being. I recognise that happiness is born from my intentions and my willingness to embrace the love and peace of my being. I ignite my happiness allowing it to flow throughout my entire being pulsating throughout all my cells.’

(Take a few moments to breathe deeply as you focus upon the vibration of happiness rising and igniting from within you. You may also wish to repeat the affirmation, ‘Through my happiness I deliver my Soul to my body, mind, emotions and reality.’)

‘Archangel Raphael, with your energy and the pure vibrations of the Angelic Kingdom please boost, enhance, magnify and empower my vibrations of happiness so they powerfully fill my entire being creating the most beautiful healing, transformation and awakening within my being.’

(Take a moment to breath in the healing energy shared with you allowing it to enhance feelings and vibrations of happiness.)

‘Archangel Raphael, I invite you to support me in grounding my happiness and the empowerment I feel into my being, reality and the Earth thus more fully and consciously grounding my Soul and Soul’s purpose. I now choose to recognise the presence of my Soul more fully within all moments of my existence, knowing happiness is my truth and divine right, a key to recognising my Soul and its beloved presence within my being. Thank you.’

(Take a moment to breathe deeply, feeling the energy flowing into the Earth, you may wish to imagine Mother Earth filled with vibrations of happiness as your continue to soar.)

Your happiness is essential now, it is a pathway to greater recognition of your Soul, embrace this pathway and let it be so in your reality.

With constant support and angelic blessings,

Archangel Raphael

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Archangel Raphael implores us to assist him in reestablishing perfect balance upon Gaia…Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

linda dillon 6.11.

Archangel Raphael implores us to assist him in reestablishing perfect balance upon Gaia…

I call to you this day to assist in the joyous anchoring of balance upon your beloved planet, between the kingdoms and within your sacred self. Stay in the alignment and in the center of your being, which is your heart. Be in the exquisite balance of stillpoint…

Well, the room just turned green and magenta. So, let’s begin by taking a nice deep breath of magenta, that color of wine, of port, of grapes, of chrysanthemums, and breathe in the magenta. Breathe it in, in through your nose, filling your sinuses with magenta and breathe out and go down into your heart and feel your heart anchoring and expanding. And feel that color, that Ray of Compassion, of the Christ Consciousness, of Jesus Sananda, of Lord Maitreya, and our beautiful Buddha. Feel that energy and breathe magenta.

And let go of the week and all the things you hope to accomplish on the weekend and just be in your heart. And now, let’s take another breath of pristine, radiant, emerald green; it’s the green of Archangel Raphael, healer of the planet and of humanity. It is the color of Gaia along with the Mother’s blue. It’s the color of your heart, of St. Francis, and it’s the ray that many, many of the animal kingdoms, the plant kingdom, the fairies, the elementals, the devas, travel upon. So, breathe in the green and as you do feel these lines of your grid going out and connecting with all the kingdoms, from the pussy cats to the tigers and lions…well, the elephants are magenta, connect with them…with the mountains, the lakes, the streams, the elementals in your garden. Feel those lines of connection to all the wonder and the beauty of Gaia. And go deeper.

And in that center of your heart feel your own blessed tri-flame and let’s work today with the flowers, with the blue diamond flower, the rose of the Mother and the Divine Feminine, and the golden rose of the Father, and our beautiful pink rose of our divinity, of our grace, of our wholeness, and really feel it. And feel those stems braiding and coming down your spine, out your root chakra, and anchoring firmly into the heart of Gaia. And feel those stems also braiding upward, through your head and through your crown, into the heart of Mother/Father/One.

Greetings, I am Archangel Raphael. Welcome, welcome my beloved friends. Yes, there are many legions that claim you, from Yeshua to Michael to Gabrielle, and so often I am quiet, I am silent, but my beloved ones that does not mean in any way, shape, or form that I am not present. I am the Archangel of Healing of this universe, of the multiverse, and of each and every being upon this planet. And yes, we are busy and yes, most of you are working with me and working with the Legions of Emerald, the Legions of Love.

I call to you this day to assist in the establishment, the anchoring, the joyous anchoring of balance, of balance upon your beloved planet, between the kingdoms and within your sacred self. In your sweet, sacred fervor you often, in the sweetest and most meritorious of ways, lose your sense of balance. I say this joyously…you are so excited and eager to push ahead that you do so. But often sweet angels what you are doing is you are not allowing the currents of the Mother’s Tsunami of Love to carry you, to wash through you and to be exactly where you have need to be. Do not fight the tsunami; it is like a rip-tide. Yes, you can conquer it but you will be exhausted and at times you will feel like you are drowning. Now, why on earth would you do that when the Mother is gifting you this way?

On behalf of all, I ask of you, I pled with you, stay in the alignment and in the center of your being, which is your heart. Your heart is expanded, many of you are several states big, but whether you are a microcosm of dust or the size of Africa, it matters not, all the energy is there. But the energy, the Love, the radiance of the emerald is only as effective as you allow it to be in balance. Too much of anything is not wisdom; too much listening, too much talking, too much activity, too much inactivity, too much staring at the wall, too much praying, all of this has need to be in the exquisite balance of stillpoint.

That is what the inertia is; it is the stillpoint of balance. It is the stillpoint from which you move forward in perfect balance, perfect action, perfect heart, perfect knowing, perfect love so that you are not spinning your wheels, that you are not trying to make something happen, when if you would only stay still it would be there.

Think of it in this way; you are cooking your favorite recipe and you think, and you don’t even bother looking in the fridge, you think you are out of eggs. So, you rush to the door, you grab your wallet, you jump in the car, you rush to the store…now that part is good because you will share your light…but your light will be frenzied and erratic. You pick up your eggs, you drop them, you have to go and get another dozen, finally you get back in your car, you rush home, you take out your two eggs, you open your fridge to put in the eggs and you realize they were there the whole time. That is frenzied action.

Now my beloved friends, I do not say this in a critical way, I know you’re eagerness and more importantly, I know my eagerness for this Ascension and the renewal of Gaia, in the fullness of her being, to be completed…well this phase to be completed because it will never be over…never. But do not fall into what we would call ‘frenzied or needless’ activity because at some level you think you are supposed to be ‘doing and busy’.

If you are doing a peace meditation dear heart, you are busy. If you are conducting healing, you are busy. If you are going amongst the people and working in a job holding the light, you are busy. If you are working and transmuting the energy of the collective, you are busy. But let it be focused, concerted action that comes from the place of stillness and stillpoint and the knowing, not the thinking, not the feeling, but the knowing that the action you take is appropriate to what you are creating. You do not rush and buy eggs if you are making whole grains. Make it in alignment.

And you say to me, “Well Raphael, how do I do that?” You have just done it. Go to your tri-flame, the brilliance of who you are and connect above and below. And the feeling is that this is a straight beam of light, that there are no curly-cues, there are no angles, there are no right or left turns, you are in direct alignment. And from that place anchored in your heart you simply ask, “What should I do? What is the best thing that I can do in terms of feeding myself, my family, my dog, my cat, my neighbor? What is the best thing I can do to support financial reorganization upon the planet? What is the best thing I can do to ease suffering on the planet or in my block?”

And then with that clarity, the Mother’s gift that she has already given you, fully invoking it, you step forward into the action. “Now, how do I know, Raphael, whether I have heard correctly and whether I am maintaining this balance? How do I know? I want to do the right thing.” And I know you do because I know each and every one of your hearts. How do you know? You feel joy. Emerald is Love but it radiates joy. That is the knowing of the truth of your actions, whether it is staying perfectly still or moving to Florida; it brings you perfect joy.

That does not mean that there aren’t annoyances; yes, that is what I call them. Yes, I know, the channel or Michael or Gabrielle will call them obstacles or debris, I call them annoyances. And what are these annoyances? These are but minor issues that attempt to distract you.

You are mighty, all of you, and I speak to the entire planet now; all of you have been flying in of the Ascension portal for years. You have gained more energy than has ever been felt before on Gaia. Listen to what I say: You are holding more energy in your field of a sacred nature, of the Love nature, that has ever been held in human form, on Gaia, or elsewhere for that matter, while still in form…ever! Do not underestimate how much you have already accomplished.

So, when there are minor annoyances, look at them as such, do not allow it to move you off your balance. Look at it, smile, laugh, and say, “Oh no, oh no, you do not have the power to annoy me in that way.” Blast it; blast it with my Emerald Ray. Transform it back to balance. Embrace it or shoo it away, it matters not. Your wisdom, your grace, your clarity, your knowing knows what to do.

I am imploring you, each of you, all people of Earth, I am imploring you to assist me in sacred union and partnership, to reestablish perfect balance upon Gaia and I implore you to do this with me, right now. I give you my thanks. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 11-01-14

© 2014 Council of Love

linda dillon 6.11.

The Laws of Creation in this Time by Archangel Raphael & Archangel Metatron ~ Natalie Glasson @ Sacred School of Om Na

bon voyage painting by Ira Mitchell Kirk at Fine Art America

ART : ‘Bon Voyage Painting’ ~ Ira Mitchell Kirk @ Fine Art America


The Laws of Creation in this Time by Archangel Raphael and Archangel Metatron

Channelled through Natalie Glasson

With blessings and love, we, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Metatron, come forth to greet you in this exciting period of evolution upon the Earth and the inner planes.

It is a time of evolution of the physical body, emotional body, and mental body, especially due to the fact that these three bodies have been instigated into a spiral of transformation and activation in order to exist in deeper oneness with your spiritual body, soul and the Creator. Thus activating all that is heavenly within the core of your being to be fully present within all aspects of your being.

No longer can one shy away from the light and truth of their being, it is time to fully embrace the supreme vibrations and consciousness of your true self.

You may have noticed a deep continuous cleansing within your emotional, mental, and physical bodies. This was truly activated by your wish and by acceptance of the love of the Creator. Now your entire being is mirroring the process of transformation and shifting occurring within the very core of the universe of the Creator.

So much is falling away to be replaced with a purer consciousness, existence, and perspective, to allow everything to harmonize with abundant and diverse vibrations of love. That which you are now is shifting, do not be fearful of transformation and change within your being. It is important to face the truth with your eyes wide open, understanding that every morning [when] you awake from your sleep you have changed.

With your emotional, mental, and physical bodies purifying, it is as if each time you enter into a sleep state these three bodies enter into an accelerated transformation and healing process, which may also appear as a regeneration process. Thus upon awakening your energy vibration has altered, some perspectives may have shifted, and a deeper peace and connection to the oneness of love may be experienced.

Allow yourself to notice and express gratitude each morning for the transformation that has occurred during your sleep state, because this will amplify and magnify your experience a thousand times. Your emotional, mental, and physical bodies are becoming aligned with your spiritual body in a deeper way, in order to release the programming and perspectives of the past era, and to allow for a space to embrace the presence of the soul and soul group more fully within your being.

You may wish to share in the morning:

‘With love, I call upon Archangel Raphael and Archangel Metatron to be present with me now.

‘I express and recognize my deep knowingness and gratitude for the process of transformation within my entire being while I sleep.

‘I recognize and express my gratitude for the purification of my emotional, mental, and physical bodies, as well as their synthesis in divine perfection with my spiritual body, soul, soul group, and the Creator.

‘I am regenerating, I am transforming, I am purifying, and I am experiencing and manifesting as the love of the Creator.

‘Please support my healing and aligning process now. Thank you.’

With your entire being entering into a state of purification and magnification, and the same occurring within the core of the universe of the Creator, not only can this create periods of turmoil, but more importantly it can create periods of tremendous peace.

Outer influences and past creations of your own mind, and the general consciousness of humanity, begin to fall away; as if the Creator places a spotlight upon you, asking you what you wish to create and manifest through the vessel you currently reside within.

The Creator already knows what you wish to manifest, because the idea and energy has already been born from the Creator. But the Creator asks you to comprehend and discover what you wish to create in every moment of your reality, thus activating a continuous journey of self (Creator) discovery.

As the Era of Love arises upon the Earth new laws of creation become present for all to utilize.

Firstly, is the recognition that the Creator more than ever is looking at you to manifest that which you wish to experience, that which you want and desire, but asks that you connect into your soul, divine being, and heart to source the needed information, thus dissolving aspects of the ego and aligning the mental, emotional, and physical body in divine harmony.

Secondly, the Creator asks us to realise that the Era of Love, this new time and era we are all existing within, is a new beginning, signifying that there will be tremendous change which we will need to become accustomed to.

Change may occur on so many levels of your being and reality, it might be subtle or blatant, but there is a need to understand that in the change you are able to discover a deeper state of peace within your being.

Change allows for the old to fall away, and that which is truly divinely needed to move into place as guided through your being from the Creator. It is important to learn to ride the wave of change, flowing with its vibrations wherever it may lead you. Thus in this process we understand the process of detachment and trust in the presence of the Creator.

Thirdly, there is a need to realise and recognize that in this present era there is nothing holding you back from creating and manifesting the Creator, and all that is the Creator, within your reality.

Outside influences have less of an impact upon your reality. The presence of karma from the distant past is so small upon the Earth now, that it is almost nonexistence, and a deep purification process is occurring which clears your energies, as if planting your seeds of creation upon new soil.

Everything is now fertile for you to create, as this is what the Creator asks you to achieve; to create within your being and reality, the Creator, your divine self, and truth. When you create from your heart and pure space of truth within you, then you are creating the Era of Love upon the Earth.

Fourthly, there is a need to realize, and ground into your being and perspective, that everything is now possible if it is aligned with the divine will of the Creator.

If you require healing, it is possible now, the time and process depends upon you. If you require abundance it is possible now, the time and process depends upon you.

Nothing is out of your reach, unless it leads you from the true path of your soul, but even then you may find you are able to manifest it discovering that it is not what you wished after all and are able to let it go without attachment, stress or chaos.

This is a powerful perspective to adopt within you, as it signifies to you that in your reality there are no limitations. When humanity truly begins to accept the consciousness that there are no limitations, then the limitations of the world you exist within will simply dissolve and cease to exist.

We could say that there is only one limitation, which is the divine will of the Creator. The divine will of the Creator is the only vibration in your reality that could hinder and hold you back from achieving and manifesting what you desire, but the divine will of the Creator knows you completely and absolutely, understanding exactly what your soul wishes to experience and what will bring to you the deepest feelings of bliss.

Therefore if something doesn’t manifest because it is not the divine will of the Creator, it may be worth recognizing that it may not have brought happiness after all.

There is also a need to comprehend that there is also divine timing, meaning that some manifestations may take longer than you wish or anticipate to enter into your physical reality due to the timing not being appropriate. This is generally interpreted as certain energies, situations, or people not being in the right place, but in truth it signifies that you are not yet ready to accept fully into your being and reality that which you are focused upon.

The fifth realzsation is that acceptance is a powerful word and experience at this time of ascension and the process of creation. You can achieve all that you need in order to experience your manifestations, but if you are not yet ready to accept the manifestations wholly within your being and reality, then it may not become physical.

If you are unable to accept, it is often that you are holding onto something else that needs to be let go of first. For example, if you are not experiencing pure health, then maybe you are not yet ready to accept yourself as a healthy being. Instead, maybe you are holding onto another energy, such as feeling unworthy of being healthy.

Therefore the feeling of being unworthy is that which you are holding onto and manifesting. When you let go of this energy and allow yourself to create and believe that you are worthy, then the health that you wish to manifest will naturally manifest with ease and perfection.

Ask yourself, ‘Am I ready to accept that which I focus upon manifesting?’ If not, then what am I holding onto, or accepting in its place, that needs to be recognized and erased?

The process of creation within you, and the energies coming forth to support you, are more powerful than ever before upon the Earth now. It is time to become a being of creation, creating the Era of Love upon the Earth.

With Angelic Blessings,

Archangel Raphael and Archangel Metatron

Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 2nd July 2014-

bon voyage painting by Ira Mitchell Kirk at Fine Art America