The Process of Your Transformation by Arcturians – Natalie Glasson

Art : Opulent Speckle - Leigh Viner

Art : Opulent Speckle – Leigh Viner


The Process of Your Transformation

by Arcturians

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 10th March 2017 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

We, the Arcturians, greet you with love and joy. Today we wish to discuss the process of your transformation, highlighting areas for you to contemplate and focus upon. Many of you understand your process of transformation while in existence upon the Earth into the light being that is your truth. We, the Arcturians wish to guide you through this process so you may assist yourself more fully, calling upon the necessary aid so that each transformation you experience is easy, effortless and enjoyable.

When you begin to focus on observing your entire being each day, even if only for a few minutes, you allow yourself to connect into the energy, feelings, sensations, colours and sounds of your entire being, becoming present with yourself. At first, you may not understand or even be able to explain the energy of your entire being. Instead, you may be distracted by emotions, thoughts or areas of your body. Acknowledge anything that rises into your awareness and then continue with your focus and intention of observing your entire being. There is no need to focus on experiencing love or connecting with the Creator, simply observe what your energy feels like to you at that moment. Is there a lot of light pouring into your being? Do you feel heavy and drowsy? Do you sense that you are ungrounded or resisting something? Whatever you observe, acknowledge it first and then let it go, if the same observation keeps returning to you then allow yourself to focus on the energy as it may require your attention. Once you feel you have become familiar with your energy then you may wish to use this innovation:

‘Together with my guides, angels, healing and transformational team, I invite the most appropriate energies and frequencies of light to gently penetrate my entire being, anchoring all that I require to support my constant transformation, healing and ascension. I allow all resistance to dissolve as I receive the necessary light to support me now. Thank you.’

Take a few moments to imagine yourself receiving the necessary light and assistance from the Universe of the Creator. This simple process will not only allow you to release blockages and resistance to your ascension, often without realising, you will also become familiar with the presence of your energy. This means that you will be aware when you are moving through a transformational process and when you are experiencing a rest period where your entire being is recalibrating, and light is settling within your being. The more you achieve this practice, the more you will understand yourself and the ascension process you are moving through. Recognising whether a cold is simply a cold or whether it is helping you release old energies. Whether a pain in your body is due to something you have done physically or a resistance within your being that requires your intuitive attention. You may realise that you feel tired because of the great volumes of light that are anchoring into your being, recognising that you require rest. You may feel low in mood because a past lifetime aspect of yourself is returning to merge with your soul and requires to release all burdens before it can fully surrender to the light of your soul. When you are in tune with your entire being, you are more able to assist yourself in moving through your ascension process with ease and happiness. Thus you become intuitive to your spiritual, physical, emotional, mental and ascension needs.

The process of spiritual transformation within a physical body encourages you to trust your intuitive senses. By developing your intuitive senses to aid your own ascension, you become alert and aware of the transformations and positive transitions into greater light occurring within others and the entire Universe of the Creator. Thus, you become a powerful source of light assisting, supporting and encouraging the ascension of the entire Universe of the Creator.

A process of your transformation which occurs often is that new aspects of your soul download and ground into your being to merge with the aspect of your soul already present within your physical body. This means that the presence and influence of your soul becomes stronger within your being, new tools, skills and abilities develop, new passions and desires materialise leading you upon new pathways in your reality, and new wisdom or understanding dawns offering a clearer understanding of self and the Creator. For some people, new aspects of their soul can download every few weeks or months, for others, it can be every few years, depending on the mission of the soul and the focus or acceptance of the personality.

When a new aspect of your soul anchors, this often creates a shift or change in your being or reality which encourages you to let go of an aspect of yourself you are familiar with such as a perspective, habit or understanding. Frequently in order for the new aspect of your soul to enter a transition must take place where you let go of a perception of your identity which no longer serves you. This can be a challenging process especially if the physical body, personality or mind is resisting, unwilling to change or let go. Sometimes we are asked to let go of perceptions, ideas and aspects of ourselves that seem so familiar, which seem to describe who we are and are very much a beloved part of our existence. This can even manifest in your physical reality such as a beloved friend leaving, having to leave a home, job or area which you have enjoyed immensely, losing a precious object or ev en a part of your body. Often these transitions are so subtle that many people do not notice them and simply perceive them as a natural part of life. However, a perception, idea and understanding of yourself is lost, released and let go of to make space for the new aspect of your soul which will bring forth greater fulfilment and new perspectives. A grieving period may even take place which will allow for a deep cleansing to be experienced, a purging of the old to allow for a new perception, idea and understanding of self to dawn which is when you connect with and accept the new aspect of your soul. With the connection of the new aspect of your soul that was waiting to download you will experience a healing and renewal process allowing you to feel as if you are soaring high. This entire experience is a process of transformation, becoming more of the Creator’s light, love and wisdom upon the Earth.

If you are asked in your life to let go of something or someone, realise that not only new energy are entering into your life, a new aspect and level of your soul is grounding and awakening within you, ready to share all its insights, love and skills with you.

In these times with your intuitive senses, you will be able to comprehend that you require support and assistance.

‘Together with my guides, angels, healing and transformational team, I invite the most appropriate energies and frequencies of light to gently penetrate my entire being, anchoring all that I require to support me in letting go and releasing all that is no longer necessary, so I may accept a new aspect of my soul to merge with my physical being, becoming fully present with me now. I am ready to transform with ease and happiness. I invite my soul and soul group to support me now. Thank you.’

It is important to remember that your ascension process can be found in the subtle actions and reactions of your entire being, from your thoughts to your emotions. Even experiences within your physical reality or within your being which do not feel remotely connected to your ascension such as worry, exclusion, fear or anxiety, are keys that encourage you to continue forth, transforming and shifting into the light of the Creator, into your ascension.

Take notice of all that you are; the Creator is speaking to you, through you, guiding you to recognise and remember yourself once more as the light, truth and love of the Creator, and All That Is.

We the Arcturians are supporting the transformation of all upon the Earth. We are aiding you in understanding, experiencing, moving through and accepting each process of your transformation. We are sharing skills, wisdom and tools to encourage, enthuse and support all. Please call upon us for assistance, and we will come forth to share our energy, wisdom and understanding of transformation, as well as offering insights into your own transformation.

‘Arcturians, I call forth your loving, supportive energy to surround me completely. Assist me in gaining new understanding and wisdom concerning transformation and my own transformation process now. Surround me with your healing and inspirational light, love and consciousness as I inhale and accept all you wish to share with me. Thank you.’

In loving transformation,

The Arcturians

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Art : Opulent Speckle - Leigh Viner

Art : Opulent Speckle – Leigh Viner

4D Mental Plane Mystery School–Arcturians and Galactic Family @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Monday, July 13, 2015

4D Mental Plane Mystery School–Arcturians and Galactic Family


The 4D Mental Plane Mystery School

Part 5

The Arcturians and Your Galactic Family

When it is the NOW to continue your journey into the next fourth dimensional Mystery School, you gather all that you have learned and remembered so far and tuck it into your High Heart.

Within your High Heart, which is between your Heart Chakra and your Throat Chakra, all the information that you have gathered on your fourth dimensional journey so far will blend with the Wisdom, Power and Love of your Three Fold Flame.

In fact, it is the NOW for you to resume your journey by entering the Mental Sub-plane of the fourth-dimensional astral world. You will experience this journey through your own aura, as well as through Gaia’s aura. As you travel into the fourth-dimensional Mental Sub-plane take note of the myriad thoughts that you have stored within your consciousness.

You may not have considered the power of your thoughts, but as each random thought pulls up a matching emotion from the Emotional Sub-plane, your mind becomes focused on the thought forms that you have created.

When your consciousness is primarily focused on your physical reality, your consciousness, and thus your perceptions, are primarily driven by the myriad versions of reality that are created by the collective of humanity.

Conversely, as you travel through your own aura, you see your personal contribution to those collective thought forms that are increasingly becoming a reality. Do you, as just one person, have much influence on the outer world that is shared with all life on Gaia?

Instantly, you see how your doubtful thoughts seem to escape from your mind. Do you really want that doubt to sit in your aura to invite more doubt?

“NO, No,” you say to your self. “I see how my doubtful thoughts are instantly joined with fearful emotions to send a dull gray into my aura. But, how can I change a thought form that I have already created?”

Congratulations, dear One, your thought form has not yet left your aura, and already you are aware of its effect on you and on the reality that you will perceive and create. You are remembering that your state of consciousness directs your thoughts.

Those thoughts then direct the emotions that you collected in your aura. Finally, your thoughts and emotions join as a thought form that sits in your aura awaiting its NOW to direct your attention to that perception. Before you took this journey into your own fourth dimensional self, you may not have had a working example of how you are creating your reality.

When you are in the fourth dimensional Mental Mystery School, you will focus on remembering, “What you think about, you bring about.” Also, as you make your journey through this Mental Sub-plane, you can actually perceive your thoughts.

However, your consciousness will need to resonate to at least fourth-dimensional alpha waves for you to be able to clearly perceive and understand how your thoughts join with your emotions to become the thought forms that create your 3D life.

You may also observe that your third-dimensional beta wave consciousness is very reactionary. You, our dear ones who have taken an earth vessel, have been trained by your outer world that first and foremost you must tend to your myriad physical duties and responsibilities.

Then, if you have time, you can tend to other, less important endeavors, such as enjoying your life and being creative. Fortunately you, our volunteers to assist with planetary ascension, are remembering that there is another version of your SELF that perceives your reality from a very different frequency.

Through listening to your fourth, and higher dimensional dreams, imagination and inner callings, you are discovering how to differentiate between the thoughts that arise from within your inner self and the thoughts that are fed to you via your third dimensional reality.

Because you have studied in the 4D Emotional Mystery School, you have learned that emotions are not just feelings. You have discovered that your emotions are a vital component of all third-dimensional and inter-dimensional communications.

Emotions are also very helpful for inter-species and inter-galactic communications because they are not bound by language. In fact, emotions allow you to “read thoughts.” How do you read thoughts with your emotions?

Emotions send you a simple “yes, continue this communication,” or “no, I do not want to engage in this communication.” In other words, emotional communication tells you if you trust or mistrust that person. As you move through the myriad changes that are occurring in your present 3D reality, you will find that this “who do you trust” information is vital.

If the answer is “yes, I do trust that person and/or information,” you can move into the next phase of sharing thoughts and/or sharing thought forms with that person and/or inter-dimensional being.

In other words, you will begin to remember how your Galactic Family communicates via Light Language. Light Language is the language of thought forms and energy packages.

Light Language arises from fifth-dimensional and beyond beings, but remains intact as it travels through the fourth dimension and into the perception of the ones who are still wearing third-dimensional vessels.

Light Language is not produced with your physical speech mechanisms. Therefore, it is not limited to different words that different cultures us for the same message. Light Language does not travel through physical space and does not need an amplifier, telephone, or Internet to be sent to another person.

Light Language originates via the unity consciousness of the fifth dimension, but it is able to stay totally intact within the fourth dimension. In fact, one of the primary reasons we are taking you on this journey through the fourth dimension is because it is important that your personal and Gaia’s planetary Astral Plane (aura) is clear.

When your personal aura is clear you can more easily receive inter-dimensional messages. You will also feel more confident that your personal thoughts, emotions and/or desires do not become distorted.

With this added confidence you will be able to more clearly receive inter-dimensional messages from the many higher dimensional beings who are NOW assisting you with your personal and planetary ascension.

Many of you, dear Ones, meet with us often in your fourth-dimensional dream consciousness, but you cannot translate that meeting into your third-dimensional reality because your 3D brain cannot accept, store and repeat this frequency of information.

Therefore, you forget your dreams and all the vital communications that you receive while in your fourth-dimensional astral body. Fortunately, as you remember how to communicate with your own aura/astral body, you will be able to communicate with others’ aura/astral body.

Once you have learned/remembered how to communicate via thought forms and energy fields you will be able to consciously communicate with fourth and fifth-dimensional beings.

Of course, everything must expand from within your core. Thus, you must first learn/remember how to consciously communicate with your human fourth-dimensional self. Then, communication with the fifth-dimensional expression of your Multidimensional SELF will greatly accelerate.

Eventually, you will communicate with your Multidimensional SELF via higher frequencies of “sounds” that your third/fourth-dimensional self cannot perceive. Your own Higher Self will teach you how to hear and attend to sounds that are often unperceivable to your physical hearing.

Many of you have already begun your inter-dimensional communications. Therefore, your consciousness is already traveling into your own fourth-dimensional aura to better communicate with your own fourth-dimensional self.

When your 3D language easily interfaces with your 4D language, you will have created an inter-dimensional communication system. Once this inter-dimensional communication system is fully connected to your fifth-dimensional SELF, you will move into the NOW of the ONE.

In other words, your communication will break through the time barrier. Once you are no longer bound by the limitations of time, you are free of the limitations of space.

Within the NOW

All life is ONE

Within the ever-present HERE

Within that NOW, all third-dimensional illusions of separation dissolve into a reality of Unity, Truth and Instant Communication. You will not need to wait for a certain “time” to receive inter-dimensional messages.

However, you must be within an expanded state of consciousness to receive these messages. Once in that state of consciousness, you must “let go” of your lower dimensional limitations and perceptions.

However, if you wish to document your communications, which we highly recommend, you will need to also be aware of your physical world so that you can write, type and/or record the information that you are receiving.

We say to each and EVERY one of you that

you are ALL able to experience inter-dimensional communication.

In fact, your brains are wired for that ability. However, that skill, along with your myriad other inter-dimensional abilities, are hidden in areas of the 97% of your physical brain that lies dormant and un-used by many of our dear ground crew.

The dark ones, who have been your “keepers” for more millennia than you would wish to know, have kept their “minions” in survival mode so that there was no energy left for consciousness expansion.

However, the Higher Light is entering your world so quickly and so intensely that you can no longer ignore your inner call to remember. Many humans could not hear that call as it traveled via a state of consciousness that they seldom experienced. They worked and slept, then woke again to work and sleep.

The advanced technology that has been on your planet for many of your years, but was hidden by the dark ones, will be released as soon as there is a collective inter-dimensional call that represents a majority of humanity.

Earth is a free-will planet. We Galactics honor Gaia’s choice and will not communicate with or alter the reality of those who have not asked us. On the other hand, cosmic laws do NOT bind the lost ones. They are the laggards that have failed to ascend on many worlds and realities and have come to Earth to invade and take.

They are devoid of love and conscience. Therefore, they cannot ascend. But because Earth is a free-will planet, their “service to self” orientation allows them to take from and dominate others.

When you meet these lost ones, please remember that even though they appear to have power in your physical world, it is limited to ONLY the third dimension. We further ask you to remember that your world is ready NOW to continue with the process of transmutation into a higher frequency of reality.

It is the fears of humanity that is slowing this process. But, if you become angry or impatient with those who live in fear, you will only add to that problem. Instead, we ask that you send Unconditional Love and Violet Fire to any and everyone lost in the grips of fear.

The ones who serve the darkness know about your potential power. Hence, they are stepping up their fear tactics. Fortunately, you are becoming Masters of the fourth dimension, and most of these lost ones can only adhere to the 4D Lower Astral Plane.

There are some who can enter the 4D Emotional Plane and others who can briefly visit the lowest frequencies of the 4D Mental Plane. Therefore, perceive your self as “Guardians of Gaia’s fourth dimensional Astral Plane,” as well as your own fourth dimensional aura.

Since many of you can now perceive and read thought forms, you can feel if an inter-dimensional message is based on unconditional love and violet fire. If you do not feel the calm euphoria of unconditional love, as well as the trans-mutational power of the violet fire, you know that you are called to duty to heal and transmute this thought form.

You own lower astral body is cleared, your own emotions are centered, and as you see the glorious Mental Mystery School shining just above you (in frequency) you turn to face lost ones to send them unconditional love and violet fire.

As you do so, you realize that many of the lost ones also wish to better themselves, but have been bound by a culture based on power over others. From your many earthly incarnations, you are very familiar with the feel of power over others.

Hence, before you continue, look inside. Are there any components of your own self that wish to have power over others? Please look deeply, as you will not be able to enter this Mystery School until you have made this personal assessment…

Now, look inside your self again to see if there is any prejudice towards any gender, species or galactic beings. You will make this determination by sending unconditional love. If you cannot send any being unconditional love, then you still have a prejudice that will halt your journey into this next Mystery School.

As difficult as it is to master your emotions, it can be even more difficult to master your thoughts. In this case, it is helpful to return to the concept that “creation and perception are ONE” in the fifth dimension and beyond.

This experience in the Mental Sub-plane of your aura is a precursor of what your physical life will soon become. You will be asked to perceive your reality through an energy field that can only be created with the emotional intention of Unconditional Love and the mental focus of transmutation of all life via the Violet Fire.

We leave you now with that assignment. Before closing, please notice the golden stairway leading to the Fourth Dimensional Mental Mystery School.

Fill your inner perceptions with that vision.

Fill your heart with the unconditional love beaming from the Mystery School.

Fill your mind with the intention of personal and planetary ascension.

As you follow our directive, you feel yourself floating up the stairway and toward the open doors. The Priests and Priestesses float down to greet you and to personally lead you through the open door of your own mind.

In closing, we remind you to ALWAYS keep your mind open because:

The best antidote to fear of change is an opened mind.

Blessings, we shall return to take you through the fourth-dimensional Causal Sub-plane.

We are the Arcturians and your Galactic Family

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An Unexpected Conversation with the Arcturians @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Thursday, May 28, 2015

An Unexpected Conversation with the Arcturians

Dearest Suzille,

Your resonance has expanded into a higher frequency, but your conscious awareness has not yet flowed into that portal of your SELF because your consciousness has not yet fully occupied that resonance.

You higher consciousness flowing into your earth vessel and the consciousness that now resonates to your earth vessel do not YET intermingle. Therefore, what is occurring is that you feel a bit of disconnection from Source.

This disconnection is just your 3D brain trying to figure out what is occurring. The solution for this issue is that you pull in the protection that you have via your connection to us, your Arcturian SELF.

You have always experienced us as above you. We ask now that you experience us as within you. You could begin with your Pleiadian expressions of SELF, but your primary alignment within this NOW is with us, the Arcturians.

It is difficult to explain in human language what we are saying, so we will speak symbolically .Do you see the picture of your Pleiadian and Antarian Selves on your right and left?


Now see that we are directly above your head, above your pineal gland. Do you see how the Pleiadians and Antarians are protecting you?


Now see how we are directly above your Crown Chakra, protecting and communing with you.


Can you now feel our protection and information entering through your crown and flowing through you and into the core of Gaia?


Around us you also see the Angels and Ascended Masters, Correct?


Good, you just figured out in your own mind—by reading the light language of your life—to look at that which you desire to perceive and ignore that which upsets, distracts, or s you from your purpose.

NOW, this is very important, focus on that which expands your consciousness and release/look through that which lowers your consciousness.

We say, “look through” for we want you to be aware of any potential danger about where you are walking or a darker energy field. However, you must learn to NOT be distracted by the dark.

You have been trained by your life to recognize any danger of darkness, but now you need to acknowledge it exists without any interaction besides a quick thought of unconditional love and violet fire.


That is true. But that “hard way” also taught you that miracles happen every day.


It was your own higher expression that created that miracle, not us.


The difference is in the primary resonant frequency. Your Kepier Self’s primary resonant frequency is currently calibrated to the fifth dimension to have more direct contact with you in case a physical intervention is needed.

We Arcturian no longer lower our resonance to the fifth dimension and remain focused on the eighth through tenth dimensions. After we have completed our Mission to assist Gaia, we (meaning the group of Arcturians the “we” are) will take a much needed “vacation” in the dimensions known to humanity as “Source.”


Yes, and we laugh at jokes too. Evolved beings can enjoy the best parts of being in a physical form without the difficulties that accompany wearing an earth vessel. We love, laugh, and even have what you would call fun.


We are happy to answer any information that you wish to ask us. We are, however, bound by the free will law of Gaia to only give information that is requested. On the other hand, if one of our grounded ones asks, “What message do you have for me NOW?” such as you do, we can look into your consciousness to perceive that which you are able to understand.

Our information to you has progressed exponentially. Also, because of your latest initiation, you will NOW be able to receive and understand even higher frequencies of information.


You needn’t “look forward.” Just stay in the NOW.


Yes, that is an initial adjustment, which you will now be able to work through by channeling the energy—in this case your thoughts—through your crown and directly from your brain.

In other words, the next time you forget something, instead of searching your physical brain, go directly to the “external hard drive” of your multidimensional mind.

Remember, it was your external hard drive that held all that you had entered into your computer. Therefore, when your computer crashed, you could restore everything that you had lost.

Now your “computer” is so full, that you have had to store your information on the hard drive and in the cloud, as the capacity of your computer (3D brain) is insufficient to hold all that information and creativity within your mind.

Do you see how your life is speaking Light Language to you?


Right! You/we (because we are one being) are speaking through YOU (your Multidimensional SELF) so that YOU can use your earth vessel to receive and share our messages.

In this manner, we can communicate with the earth vessels of other multidimensional beings who are on the “away mission” of wearing an earth vessel to assist Gaia. It is for this reason that there are so many “channels” for the Arcturians.

Each “individual” channel (as you are all ONE within our Arcturian essence) has an individual life with individual experiences. Hence, you can say the same thing with a different twist, so that more humans can receive our messages.


“Clear” is what you will seek rather than “correct.” Correct is a term that is bound in time, situation, culture and personality. “Clear” is much like clear water that one can look through to see the bottom of the pond, or “clear” air that one can look high into the sky.

However, different people will see different things because you all see what you look for. In other words, there are myriad things to see in the sky or in a deep pond, so you will unconsciously seek out what you want to see.

What you do NOT want to see may also be there, but you will not look for it. Therefore, you will not find it.


Yes, it is the same. It is in this manner that you choose the reality that you want to perceive. You are all practicing this skill now while you live on 3D Earth, which appears to have only one reality.

However, as you become more adept at changing your expectations, you will all realize that you will find what you are looking for. However, if you do NOT think that you deserve to find that which you seek, you will not find it.


It sounds very simple, but we observe that deserving and believing are often more of a result of what our grounded ones have learned from outside of their self, rather than from inside of their SELF. This problem is the result of myriad generations and millennia of being taught to look out rather than to look in.

The ability to look inside of your own consciousness calls for a level of SELF ESTEEM that has been robbed from many of our volunteers to Gaia. You were all warned of this difficulty before you bi-located to Gaia.

Unfortunately, it was one of the first things you forgot. You forgot because you were trained to “mind” your authority figures, even if your inner self told you not to. Many of you fought this training for many years, but finally succumbed. Looking outside your SELF for love assistance is the key format for a “power-over-others” reality base.


And NOW you are telling everyone as often as you can, and in as many ways as you can.


We do not give 3D complements, but we always tell the truth. However, our truth would have been dangerous for you to share, so you had to hide or disguise it.


Dear volunteers wearing physical earth vessels, we answer this question for all of you. Only YOU will know if it is safe yet or not. You will have to go inside your SELF to find out.


Yes, you all do, at least while you are primarily resonating to your third/fourth dimensional consciousness. However, as you increasingly resonate to fifth dimensional consciousness, you will easily perceive others of that frequency of resonance. You will always be safe with them.

Soon, there will only be NOW.


It means that in the NOW there is no soon.

SOON is a state of consciousness.

Blessings from the Arctuians

Prepare for the NOW by reading the books:

The Pleiadian Perspective on Ascension Books

(Note about Book 4 of the Pleiadian Perspectives on Ascension)

Book 4 was twice as long as the others, so we have split it into two books so you can better absorb the information. If your book 4 is 400 pages, you have the old version, so you have the full ending of the series. However, if your book book is about 200 pages, please stay tuned for Book 5, which is “Changing Realities.”

Through the Portal Book 5

Ready on June 6

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It Is The NOW and Free Morning Message from the Arcturians @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

It Is The NOW and Free Morning Message from the Arcturians



The Arcturians

Click Morning Message for 5-19-15 for Free Download

It is the NOW for ALL of you, our grounded ones, to BE your true Multidimensional SELF. We suggest that you document your experiences and share them with others so that you can facilitate their full awakening. Please “document” your experiences in any manner that best suites YOU.

We are requesting that you share your process because it is the NOW to release the protection of your forgetfulness. Yes, forgetting disturbing perceptions and experiences was often your only protection during the dark times of Gaia, but this reign of darkness is coming to a conclusion.

You, our brave emissaries to Gaia, have had to hide your light. But NOW, you can begin to BE your SELF and LIVE your Mission. NOW, that the light is brighter than the darkness, you can more easily perceive, and thus release, the illusions that you have had to tolerate and live through for myriad incarnations.

Not all of you chose to first enter Earth at the fall of Atlantis, but once you entered the 3D matrix, you could experience an incarnation during any timeline that was in need of your assistance. In many of those timelines, the Matrix was so polluted with darkness that you totally forgot your SELF.

Worse yet, you fell into that darkness and believed what that darkness told you. In other lives, your remained connected to your SELF, but often were punished, tortured and/or murdered for being “different” than the ruling darkness.

Those lives left deep scars on your etheric body, which you have been healing in your present incarnation. However, in order to fully heal these wounds, it is best to remember them. This remembrance can be quite traumatic for your third dimensional consciousness. Therefore, when we see that our brave Away Team is clearing the old to bring in the new, we take them to the Regeneration Chamber on our Ship while they “sleep.”

Most of you do not recall too much of your reality on the Ship because the “homesickness” of that remembering could be quite heartbreaking. However, it is the NOW for many of you, our volunteers, to remember your lives on the Ship. That memory will facilitate your ability to be in conscious, constant, contact with the YOU on the Ship that bi-located into your present earth vessel.

We see that many of your 3D minds are whirling with the remembrance of the myriad expressions of your Multidimensional SELF. However, it the Mission of many of you to inform the masses of the fact that reality is multidimensional, and that everyone has myriad incarnations on different dimensions, realities, and timelines.

Thus, you need to have a “vivid imagination” in order to remember your expressions of self in other dimensions and timelines that are running simultaneously to your life in the physical world. We bring up this issue because many of you, our volunteers, are having the experience of consciously experiencing your parallel, alternate and higher dimensional lives.

You are feeling these “stories,” “lives” and “memories” on different timelines and in different locations because you are “packing your bags” and preparing to move back to your “ancestral” Home. You will no longer “reincarnate” on Gaia’s 3D planets because She, too, is returning to Her Higher SELF.

Dear volunteers to assist Gaia, we, your galactic and celestial families, want to remind you to maintain a conscious connection with your higher frequency expressions of SELF. It is through this conscious connection that you can best remember, and thus fulfill, the Mission that you chose before you took this earth vessel.

Of course, you all have the collective personal and planetary mission of “returning to SELF.” In order to fully achieve this return, you will have to leave time, as the NOW is outside of third dimensional time.

Hence, it is also the NOW to open and expand your consciousness through your personal portals to join us in our Arcturian Corridor. Our Arcturian Corridor is a portal through which the myriad portals of our ascending ones can gather in unity, safety and freedom to intermingle and form a cohesive group.

It is important that our volunteers gather in this manner because the unity consciousness that is created by this gathering will allow you to exponentially expand your personal and group consciousness. Because you are contributing personal ascending consciousness to the UNIFIED energy field of Gaia’s ascending Earth, it is vital within this NOW that you become “Masters” of your energy field.

Because Gaia, brave being that She is, decided to be a School to teach cause and effect, individuality AND free-will, She is a very complicated planet to ascend. Fortunately, because She has been so deeply trapped in the darkness, when she ascends She will expand Her planetary SELF into correlate higher frequencies of light.

Just as one jumping on a trampoline will only jump UP as high as the move DOWN, Gaia has allowed her planet to accept myriad laggards of darkness into Her immense heart. These dark ones have secretly ruled Gaia’s planet for more “time” than humanity could bear to know.

However, just as Gaia has chosen to accept the darkness into her planetary heart, you too must accept that darkness. By “accept” we mean that you do not deny the darkness, for what you deny will only move into your unconscious. Whatever is stored in your unconscious 3D brain, is difficult for you to heal and release.

How can you heal that which you do not even know? This “unconscious” darkness acts like an illness that is denied so long that it is extremely difficult to heal. You, our brave emissaries to Earth, have volunteered to bi-locate into a physical form so that you could assist Gaia from within Her planetary system through the earth vessel that you are wearing.

We speak now to those who have awakened, as those who still slumber cannot imagine that they have the ability to face the monumental darkness that has secretly ruled Gaia for longer than many of you could imagine. But as you remember your incarnations in other timelines on Earth, you will realize that the polarity of light and dark was a constant theme.

We will now look closely at Gaia’s choices of service to all life. These choices are the classes you are attending during your “time” on University Earth. The theme of these classes are to teach you how to:

  • Use your free will to…
  • Blend polarity into unity by…
  • Releasing the illusion of

In other words, Gaia is a planetary “school for ascension.” You, our dear ones, have chosen to take a vessel on Earth within this NOW because Gaia, and her planetary self, are ready to return to Earth’s true multidimensional expression.

Many beings and civilizations have come to Gaia’s planetary body over more “time” than you could count. They came to Earth to take advantage of the opportunity to ascend out of the third/fourth dimensional Wheel of Life—Death—Life—Death.

Gaia has experienced enough lives and deaths and She is ready to ascend her self. Hence, She needs YOU to use your Free Will to unify with ALL life, so that YOU can blend all polarities into unity by releasing your illusion of separation.

One of the most difficult components of this “class” is to release the illusion of safety that your free will created by separating you from a consciousness the knowledge of how much the dark polarities had ruled Gaia.

Since “separation” is a third dimensional illusion, the belief in separation lowers your consciousness to only perceive the physical world. In truth, separation only means that you cannot perceive that which is in-between. And, what is “in between” is YOU.

However, if you are to blend all polarity into unity, then the polarity of darkness and the polarity of light must be united. If you look at the lives of the humans who have ascended from your planet, you will see that they ALL embraced all their inner darkness with their inner light.

These ascending ones have found the power within their SELF to feel Unity with ALL life. “All Life” does not mean unity with only the life that resonates to the light. It does not mean unity with just other light beings. Unity with ALL life means that you unite with and unconditionally love ALL life—light, dark and all the shades of grey in between.

Furthermore, when you ascend, there is NO “in-between.” In between is a third/fourth dimensional concept that is based on separation. If there is no separation, then there is no individuality. You also must release the illusion of your “individual self” to embrace the reality of your Multidimensional SELF.

Your Multidimensional SELF does not begin in the higher frequencies. Your Multidimensional SELF resonates to all frequencies. YOU are your highest light and YOU are your deepest darkness. If you cannot embrace, accept, unite, and unconditionally love your own darkness, how can you heal the darkness around you?

How can you do for “others” what you cannot do for your self? Remember, darkness is just a frequency. There are those who resonate to the lower dimensional signature frequency of power over others. On the other hand, the ascended ones resonate to the higher dimensional signature frequency of power within self.

Soon, it will be revealed just how deeply your reality has fallen into the lower frequency of “power over others.” This will occur because you, our ascending ones, are expanding your consciousness into the higher frequencies.

Once you regain your higher dimensional perceptions, you will read not see people’s earth vessels. You will see and communicate with them as energy fields. Instead of “people with names” you will perceive “energy fields with signature frequencies.”

Individual people can become quite adept at lying, but energy fields can only express the truth of their resonant frequency. Once illusions are identified and released, all that remains is the truth. When you consciously perceive the truth of what has occurred on your planet, your individual self may want to be angry, sad and/or frightened.

Your individual self may want to blame someone because you cannot forgive your self for not knowing what was really happening. Because of that possibility, we wish to remind you of the life stories of all Earth’s ascended ones.

These brave ones meditated, suffered, served others and went deep inside their self again and again to confront ALL their inner darkness. Beloved ones, you can only project out into your reality what you find within your self. Therefore, remember that those who have projected out darkness could only find darkness within.

The Cabal that you have feared and hated lost all contact with their own inner light. Therefore, they try to steal it from others. But light cannot be stolen. Light is free for all to receive, but one can only receive it if they believe they deserve it.

Please use your wonderful gift of imagination to think of how it must feel to believe that you do NOT deserve light. Imagine how it must feel to be so detached from the light that you think you can steal it from another.

The ascended masters did not just confront the darkness around them. They first confronted the darkness within them. Because they found, healed, loved and released ALL their inner darkness, they had only light within them. With only pure light within, they only projected pure light out into their world.

That light was a beacon for all who sought the light outside of them because they could not find it within. Therefore, many people gathered around the ascended one. They wanted to take on the light that the Masters had found by releasing all their inner darkness.

However, some of the “disciples” could not release their inner darkness and became vengeful towards their Master. It was then the Master’s challenge to not allow any thing inside or outside of his/her vessel to activate any of the inner darkness that took them years, decades, and lifetimes to release.

They then came to that final initiation. If a being trapped in darkness wanted to kill them to extinguish their light, could they respond with unconditional love? Could you? Can YOU? Can you respond to fear and anger with light and unconditional love?

Your instant response is likely “Yes.” But, can you look these beings in the face and say, “I forgive you as you know not what you do?”

Please take the remnants of your “time” on the third dimension to look at the darkness within that appears to be “separate” from you and decree,

“I unconditionally forgive you.”

Because you are releasing ALL illusion of separation, you look at the darkness that you perceive in your world and decree,

“I unconditionally love you.”

Since you chose to live in Unity Consciousness with all life, you decree,

“With my free will

I choose to blend ALL polarities into UNITY

So that I can release ALL illusions of separation.”

Dear Emissaries of light and Love, we salute your courage to look inwards in order to change your world


The Arcturians

Prepare for the NOW by reading the books:

The Pleiadian Perspective on Ascension Books

(Note about Book 4 of the Pleiadian Perspectives on Ascension)

Book 4 was twice as long as the others, so we have split it into two books so you can better absorb the information. If your book 4 is 400 pages, you have the old version, so you have the full ending of the series. However, if your book book is about 200 pages, please stay tuned for Book 5, which is “Changing Realities.”

Thank you.

Through the Portal Book 5

Ready on June 6

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Dear Beloved Volunteers to Assist Gaia–Arcturians and Galactic Family @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

suzanne lie 1.5.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Dear Beloved Volunteers to Assist Gaia–Arcturians and Galactic Family

Written within the NOW of 4-30-15

Dear Beloved Volunteers to Assist Gaia

We ARE the Arcturians

Beloved Multidimensional Leaders,

Within the NOW of Suzille’s last evening, we instructed her to prepare a Manual of many of our blog posts since January 2015. This Manual included much of what we have been sending to YOU, via our ONE wearing an earth vessel. All of you, our dear Leaders, are also wearing earth vessels, but are in constant contact with your Multidimensional SELF.

During the course of our “time” (according to your earth vessel) and our “NOW” (according to your SELF) we will assist you to deeply and intimately unite your current earth vessel with your higher dimensional expressions within the ONE of the NOW.

We would like to say that this unity would continue infinitely within your time-bound consciousness. However, you will only experience that deep sense of Unity with SELF while you are in a higher state of consciousness.

Hence, you can begin your class NOW by reviewing the messages that we have sent since the beginning of YOUR time of January 2015. WE (meaning the consortium of ALL your higher dimensional expressions) are gathering into ONE blissfully awaiting your NOW in which we can deeply and consciously unite.

First (speaking in 3D, sequential terms) you will unite with your “personal” (personal being a third dimensional term) higher expressions.

Then (again speaking in 3D sequential terms) you will unite with the members of your group. It is our intention that throughout our NOW with you, that we can assist you to remember your innate process of thinking and communicating within the NOW.

We perceive this process of remembering and returning to full Unity Consciousness, much like a long row of “dominoes falling into a collective picture.” Once that first domino/human emissary clicks into unity with the ONE next to it, the entire stream of dominoes/human is activated into transition by the surrounding dominoes/humans.

YouTube link HERE

Above is the link to your YouTube that we had Suzille find about the winner of the 2015 “domino contest.” We directed her to this YouTube because it demonstrated how just ONE domino clicked into action can create a chain of reactions that influences 500,000 other dominos.

We say “other” dominos, as the dominos are all individuals, yet they are ALL joined into ONE purpose. Note that it took an entire company to prepare for this “contest.” It is for this reason that we are calling a “company” of you, our beloved ONES, to serve this ONE purpose of planetary ascension.

One person standing alone could not complete the very complex pattern that is already, carefully prepared by OUR united purpose. If you see in the YouTube, the company spent much “time” and group effort preparing for that “event.” You, our beloved ONES, are creating a much greater Event.

Yes, indeed, YOU are creating that event because Gaia is a Free Will planet. Therefore we, your higher dimensional expressions of SELF, cannot create the EVENT without YOU. It is for this reason that we, the members of the higher dimensions surrounding Gaia, have sent a spark of our essence into the living earth vessels of humanity.

Much like the parable in your Bible, some of these sparks landed in deep water. Therefore, this spark drowned in the un-mastered emotions of that earth vessel.  Some of the sparks landed in the harsh sunlight where the thoughts of the spark could not join with the emotions to create a thoughtform.

Fortunately, some of our “spark” landed in an earth vessel that had just enough water/emotion and light/thoughts to send down roots into the Core of that earth vessel, as well as the core of dear Gaia. YOU, our leaders, are among that group.

We see that you have “worked” hard in your life to gain a degree of mastery over your emotions and your thoughts. Allow us now to present a brief explanation of “mastery over your thoughts and emotions.”  (We will go into great detail when our group is gathered.)

The best way to summarize what Masters have spent many incarnations learning is that mastery of your thoughts and emotions can only occur when your personal Portal is OPEN. When your personal portal, which you may experience as your spinal cord, inner brains and chakras, are open, you can become “Fully Connected.”

Again “Fully Connected” is a term that will be deeply explored in our group energy fields. We will NOW simply tell you that “Fully Connected” means that the CORE of your multidimensional consciousness is simultaneously connected to the Core of Gaia, the Core of your earth vessel, and the Core of your Multidimensional SELF.

Remember, dear beloved ones, you did NOT enter your current earth vessel for your personal ascension. You have all passed these initiations in former incarnations. YOU, our dear ONES, volunteered to bi-locate into a small, dense earth vessel to assist Gaia.

We salute you for taking this very dangerous “away mission,” but we know that you are ALL able to be of great assistance to Gaia. You see, most of you have had many incarnations on the body of Gaia, some of which were concluded with your personal ascension. (We will define “personal ascension” when we are gathered into ONE.)

Also, you are ALL members of one and/or many of our Galactic/Celestial clusters of Unity of Purpose. We will assist you, dear leaders, to remember the “cluster” and/or clusters with whom you are ONE within your higher expressions of ONE. We remind you that ALL of you have had former incarnations on the body of Gaia.

Therefore, you are familiar which the many eras of her planetary reality, as well as the myriad challenges that you have assisted Her to meet. However, within your NOW, Gaia is facing one of Her greatest challenges. Her planet is overpopulated to the point that She can barely provide for them all.

This fact is greatly worsened by the fact that many of Her humans, and or inhabitants in human disguise, have worked to conquer rather than UNITE with Her. We ask you all to think of yourself as a loving parent, much like Gaia, who did the best that you could to provide for, love and protect your children.

Then, after you have spent uncountable time providing a life for your children, they “got into a bad gang” and turned against you. Some of these children created horrific bombs to create immense damage to each other. Worse yet, they “tested” these bombs inside of your very body.

In other words, the children that you created forms for, raised with loving care and great sacrifice, returned your dedication by poisoning you. This may appear to be an extreme sentence to some, but you must realize NOW that Gaia is a Living Being! Your earth vessel is made of the very same earth, air, fire, water and ether as Gaia’s body.

We know that we are, as you would say in your 3D terms, “speaking to the choir.” However, as our leaders, you need to realize the severity and importance of your Mission. You have incarnated onto a planet in great transition. Gaia can wait no longer wait for Her wayward children to return to the Light.

Gaia is on the verge of “Planetary Ascension.” Just as many of you answered Gaia’s call at the fall of Atlantis to assist Her so that She would not fall off her Axis, She calls you NOW to join in Unity with your Planetary Mother.

Just as it took “a company” to create, align and activate the string of events that moved 500,000 dominoes into alignment, it will take a “company of united humans,” in fact MANY companies of united humans, to assist Gaia the “win the contest” of uniting the Many in ONE purpose.

All of you, our dear Leaders have prepared for this “NOW” in myriad incarnations on Gaia and/or on other planetary bodies. It is for this reason that you volunteered to take your current earth vessel.

Your current earth vessel is much like an old Ford Model T. We ask NOW that  you “come out of the garage” in groups to BE the Leaders that you KNOW you are inside of your own Multidimensional SELF.

As you fully unite with your Multidimensional SELF, (which we see that many of our ONES are NOW doing), your Model 3D Earth vessel will slowly and safely transmute into your Model 5D Lightbody. In fact, many of you are within the process NOW.

We are honored to discuss and guide you through this process.


The Arcturians and your Galactic Family

May YOU too join us on May 2, 2015

Click Here for details and to register

(I will complete “The Medicine Man” in the next blog.

Thank you, sue )

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Message Hidden Inside the LIGHT — The NOW of the ONE @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

suzanne lie 26.2.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Message Hidden Inside the LIGHT — The NOW of the ONE


The NOW of the ONE

The Message Hidden Inside the LIGHT

Dear Arcturians,

Is there a message for me today?

Yes, dear, Earth Emissary,

There is a message for you every day, every hour and every minute. There is, in fact, a steady flow of Light Language energy packages that infinitely flow from our dimension, our Mothership and our collective hearts into the hearts of our very brave volunteers.

Your family and friends aboard the Ship all hold you all in great esteem. Among them is your own higher expression of SELF who has sacrificed a component of sacred essence to live within your earth vessel.

We come to you all today to assist you in remembering how to read your Light Language packages. We know that you feel these messages are within your heart, but your earth vessel self may not realize that that brief feeling of love and inner peace is because you have just received another Light Language package, which we will now refer to as Packages from Home.

On the Ship we send a thoughtform to each other when we perceive that our human representative is ready for and/or needs another light package. More and more of you are beginning to remember and acknowledge your higher dimensional SELF on the Ship and/or serving in higher dimensions. Many of you are also becoming aware of the YOU who is serving on Fifth Dimensional “New Earth.”

Actually “New Earth” is much older than the 3D Earth that your earth vessel inhabits. As you are beginning to remember, creation flows from the higher dimensions and down into the lower ones. Therefore, just as you all have sent down a component of your personal multidimensional essence into you personal earth vessel, Gaia has sent a component of Her planetary multidimensional essence into her planetary vessel.

It is important within this NOW that you all remember that Gaia is a living, planetary being. This remembrance completes the circle of incarnation. When many of you all first took an incarnation on Gaia as what you now call the “indigenous people” you knew that Gaia was an alive being. You also knew that you were in deep unity with all the members of your tribe.

It is the forgetting of unity consciousness with your “people” and your “planet” that sent humanity gotten off track from their original goal. Therefore, it is the remembrance of Unity with ALL Life that will release you from the matrix of the 3D wheel of life and death. However, when we say “you” we mean your personal AND your planetary expressions of SELF.

We will now remind you of YOUR planetary expression of your SELF. Your planetary expression is the earth vessel, which is the envelope for your multidimensional consciousness. This earth vessel is made of the elements of the planet. Hence it is deeply entwined with the planet. Thinking that your human form was more important than your planetary form is where your path to ascension took a wrong turn.

You thought that taking a human form would allow you to assist humanity, as humans are the primary reason why Gaia has not completed her ascension. All your multidimensional expressions have realized that fact. Therefore, you sent your essence, not just into the elementals of a human being, but into the elements of Gaia’s planetary being.

Therefore, you are not just ON the planet. You are also OF the planet. Your humanoid earth vessel is of the same earth, air, fire and water as your planetary earth vessel. Can you take a moment to allow yourself to FEEL how it feels to actually BE a component of the planet? Just as you imagine that the ground, the rocks, the water, the land, the plants the animals are members of the planet, so are YOU.

Allow the concept of being an actual member of the planet to replace your old image of be on the planet. You were ON the planet, but not OF the planet. Therefore, you could destroy the planet without destroying your self. At least, that is what humanity thought before there were so many of you incarnated at the same “time.”

There are many humans who act as if they are children who broke their toy and want their parents to buy them a new one. A child does not consider that it was their responsibility to take good care of that toy and treasure it, or he/she would not have broken it.

Where did humanity forget that Gaia was an alive planetary being? It was when the force of power over others separated them from the land and from their tribe. They no longer needed to live as a tribe, but sought to become individuals. Yes, the seeking of individuality was one of the goals you set when you decided to join the evolution of Earth. However, because you sought individuality, you shunned unity.

If Gaia had not chosen to display the extremes of polarity, if Gaia had not chosen to be a free will planet, the issues that you face today would not have occurred. However, Gaia is an exceptionally brave and daring being and wanted to be a vastly diverse planet, which she is.

Since there are few planets that have the degree of diversity of Earth in your sector of time/space, She was not aware of the challenges that her choice would reveal. Gaia did not know that her beings would turn on each other. The plant and animal kingdom do feed off of other beings and/or plants, but they do so for survival.

On the other hand, humans learned to “feed off” of others so that they could gain control of them. Part of the problem was that many renegade beings from other planets, solar systems and even galaxies wanted to experience this greatly diverse reality. Some of them had evolved into higher states of consciousness, so they knew that all life was ONE.

However, some of Earth’s early visitors were still in the state of power-over-others when they came to visit Earth. Just as many of the evolved early humanoids and higher beings to Earth stayed on Earth, some of the un-evolved power over others visitors stayed.

For many millennia these two groups remained distant and did not inter-act. Therefore, there were not wars, but since they remained so separate a suspicion began to grow between them. Uncountable generations later, the fighting began.

Some civilizations were literally “whipped off the face of the Earth.” Some, such as Lemuria moved into the core of the Earth. Unfortunately, divergent groups who had not chosen to intermingle with each other made different decisions. Then, because they were so separate, they did not learn about each other.

Since the unknown is the greatest source of fear, much fear began to fill the peoples, auras, water and earth of Gaia’s planet. Gaia, who is a kind and loving mother, tried to find a manner in which her people could ban together in unity consciousness. She wanted them to come into unity because She offered them beautiful oceans with plentiful food, rain that watered their crops and fire that kept them warm.

But the peoples did not ban together for joy and appreciation of their wonderful life. Each individual group was able to do this, but the groups still remained separate. The extreme separation of the tribes created fear, judgment, anger, war, sorrow and pain in the emotions and thoughts of the people.

These thoughts and emotions went into the elements of the human’s body, breath, lungs, neurological synapses and bodily fluids. They then breathed out these distorted elements into to elements of Gaia’s planets. The earth of Gaia’s land was polluted and over farmed. Blood from human wars and massacre of animals bleed into the soil to mix with the tears of loss and sorrow.

The air of Gaia’s atmosphere became filled with fear-based emotions and the water was tainted with the poison of fear and anger. The only way that Gaia could release these toxins was to have what human’s called a “storm.” The winds of the storm cleared the air, the water cleaned the plants, animals and humans, and the fire released that which had reached it’s completion. Also, huge bodies of earth moved as a component of Gaia’s natural landscape changes.

These natural responses of Gaia to clean Her planet where thought of a “great punishments” set upon the peoples. They even offered virgins as a sacrifice to appease the angry planet. But Gaia was not an angry planet. She was just trying to clean up the mess her humans had made.

Did the humans say, “Thank you Gaia for cleaning up our mess”? No they quivered in fear of the planet and thought of it as a “thing” of which they were not a part. With every era there were some humans who understood that Gaia was an alive being. They loved Her, but often gave sacrifices to Her. Gaia did not want a sacrifice, but a bit of gratitude would be nice.

For eon upon eon the same story was repeated again and again. “Will humanity ever evolve enough to remember that they too are a part of my body?” wondered Gaia. Then, finally, certain humans began to awaken to their own higher expressions of SELF. Once they began to merge with their own higher frequencies of their SELF, they began to perceive Earth in a very different manner.

Some, and there was not many for a very long time, began to remember what they knew before they were born into the small, dense form of a third dimensional human. This memory reminded them that they were much more than the small vessel that they were wearing. Then some of them realized that if they had a “Soul” then all life must have a Soul.

Of course the concept of “all life” having a soul, a spirit, a higher emanation was not a popular idea and those who had it were often killed and/or tortured. Aeon after aeon, the brave, awake humans returned and many of them died trying to tell other humans what they had learned.

Then a Golden Age began in Gaia’s time/space. The world was still very hostile, but more evolved and higher dimensional ones could take a human form with the intention of assisting Gaia. The NOW had finally arrived in which Gaia could get assistance from the very humans who had created such havoc on Her planet.

There were still many humans lost to old ways of fear, domination, war, desperation etc. etc. However, there was a new frequency of light that was entering Gaia’s body and the bodies of all her plants, animals, and even humans. Many human feared the light or wanted to use it for their own selfish intentions. Other humans tried to hide the light from the awareness of others.

But, there were some humans who began to remember who they were in the higher frequencies of their consciousness. At first this memory wafted through their hearts like a warm ray of light or a bright smile of a loved one. The feeling was unique and frightened many of them who turned away from it with fear and suspicion.

Others, the same ones who had taken bodies again and again over many eras, recognized this light. At first, they could not “put their finger” on what it reminded them of, but it felt so good that they accepted the light. The more they accepted the light, the better they felt and the better they felt, the more light they could accept.

Gradually, just as they had allowed themselves to be a part of the planet, they also became a part of the light. OH!! It felt so wonderful to be a part of the light that they unified with the light more and more. Then an interesting thing began to occur. Those who had accepted and unified with the light began to accept and unify with each other.

People from all over Earth, from different areas, religions, cultures, genders, ages, interests began to communicate with each other. They began to accept each other for exactly who they were. After all, the light had unconditionally accepted them. And, since they had become the light and the light had become them, they could accept them self.

Even more wonderful, they began to openly accept others. At first they only accepted those who had also accepted the light. Then, gradually, the light transmuted them in such a manner that they could not see how people were different. They could only perceive how people were the same.

When they looked through their own light into the face of another, the light seemed to unite them in some strange manner. Even though they did not know how the light had caused this deep acceptance and resulting unity, it felt so glorious, so very safe and so very much like what they all called “Home.”

Then, more and more people began to think about a place called Home. Where was this place? Was it far, far away on another world? “NO,” said the inner light as they asked that question. “I AM your Home. I AM You and I AM Gaia.” You were always home, but you did not have the light to believe it.

“I AM all of you within the ONE of the NOW,” whispered the light into the hearts and minds of the humans. The whisper was very soft and could only be heard when the human focused on their own inner light. But when they did, when they focused on their own inner light, they remembered.

They remembered the “thought” of unity with all life. They remembered the “emotion” of love for all life. Then, one by one, then two by two, then four by four, eight by eight … a memory began to sweep through the bodies of the humans and into and through the body of Gaia. That memory reminded them that:

“I AM Home within the NOW ~ and so is every ONE.”


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Perception IS Creation – Consciousness and Brainwaves Part 7 @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

suzanne lie 22.1.

Perception IS Creation -Consciousness and Brainwaves Part 7


Pleiadian Books still available for 99 cents

Perception IS Creation

Part 7 of Consciousness and Brainwaves

By the Arcturians

In order to be the master of your brainwaves, which is to be the master of your consciousness, you need to remember to “clean up your thoughts and emotions.” As you continue your voyage into higher and higher states of consciousness, you will begin to perceive ALL your thoughts and emotions joined into the living entities of thoughtforms.

Via your third dimensional consciousness, you are unable to perceive these thoughtforms that fill your aura, your home, your car and any place that YOU spend “time.” Just as your dog or cat may leave some of their hair wherever they have been, you leave bits of, or incomplete, thoughtforms wherever you spend your “time.”

We put quotes around the word “time” because when your consciousness is attuned to the fifth dimension and beyond you are in the NOW of “no time.” Then, any thoughtforms that you leave lying around are actually living portals into the higher dimensions. These thoughtforms can only be perceived by your multidimensional gamma wave consciousness and can only be entered if you can perceive them.

Some of these thoughtforms are perceptible via your delta wave consciousness, but your physical form is usually in deep sleep, in a coma, or under anesthetic during those brainwaves. On the other hand, gamma wave consciousness can occur while in deep meditations that are accompanied by unconditional love and deep compassion for all life.

While in this state of consciousness you can have the ascension experience of perceiving each thoughtform as a portal through which you can journey into a higher dimensional reality. Many of our away team, who are aware of their Multidimensional SELF, can open these portals to peak into higher dimensions to expand their consciousness. But as soon as their consciousness drops into a lower frequency, they are instantly back on terra firma.

These trial runs allow you to rehearse for the NOW in which you chose to stay within higher dimensional realities. It is vital that you realize that, just as your consciousness is inside your SELF, these multidimensional portals are inside your SELF. Furthermore, the journeys you take through these portals are inside of your SELF.

Remember, you are within a 3D hologram that YOU chose to enter. You entered this hologram by moving inside your Multidimensional SELF to bi-locate a portion of your consciousness into the 3D Matrix of a human on 3D Earth. To leave this matrix, you retrace your steps by going inside your self to re-unite with the Multidimensional SELF, who you have always been.

Remember, you did not “come to 3D Earth.” You bi-located a fragment of your consciousness into a third dimensional earth vessel. The earth vessel that you are wearing can only perceive the component of your SELF to which your consciousness is calibrated. However, even if your earth vessel is unaware that YOU are within it, your Multidimensional SELF is fully aware of the “3D you.”

The tail may not be aware that it is a part of the dog, but the dog is aware that it has a tail. This tail unconsciously responds to the dog’s happy emotions by wagging and unhappy emotion by dropping between the dog’s legs. Just as the dog’s tail does not know the dog is influencing it many of our volunteers in 3D forms are unaware that their Higher SELF is influencing them.

Your higher dimensional aspects of SELF live within frequencies of reality in which they function via their/your multidimensional mind. Your multidimensional mind resonates to gamma wave consciousness and can perceive and integrate many frequencies within the NOW. It is gamma wave consciousness that ties myriad frequencies of perception into a cohesive multidimensional perception/reality.

As you expand your relationship with your Multidimensional SELF, you become consciously aware that your SELF is constantly interacting with you via the gamma consciousness of your multidimensional mind. Through this conscious interaction with your SELF, you can perceive the higher worlds through your “imagination.”

Imagination is your fifth dimensional thoughts reminding you that in the fifth dimension and beyond perception and reality are synonymous terms. It also reminds you that perception and creation are also synonymous in the higher worlds. When you resonate to the NOW of the fifth dimension and beyond, all sequential and time-bound thinking occurs concurrently.

Thus, the reality that you choose to perceive is the reality that you are NOW creating and re-creating with your every choice of perception. Just as you create the reality that you live by choosing your perceptions, the reality that you choose to live will have the frequency band that is correlated to the dimensional spectrum of your perceptual field.

Thus, when you are choosing to perceive and attend to a certain component of your perceptual field, you are choosing the reality that you wish to enter with your conscious intention. There are examples of this dynamic in your 3D life. For example, if you choose to perceive the “bad news” on your newspaper or television, you have chosen to attune your consciousness to third dimensional fear, anger and sorrow.

Within that state of consciousness, your emotions of fear, anger and sorrow join with your thoughts of helplessness, revenge and heartbreak to create a powerful thoughtform. This thoughtform will float about your aura, linger where you sit, and move into your food and water to assist you to create the reality that you have chosen to create by your choice of perception.

Just as your state of consciousness created the frequency of the thoughtforms, these thoughtforms create the state of your consciousness. For example, when you eat healthy food, you feel good and yearn for more healthy food. In this manner, you assist your earth vessel to become and remain healthy. On the other hand, when you eat junk food you do not feel satisfied, but you still yearn for more junk food, as it is quite addictive.

Your eating choices are similar to your perception choices. For example, if you long to eat something and your body says, “NO, you will feel bad,” and you do not listen to your body and eat it, you will feel bad. On the other hand, if you are thinking of eating something and your body says, “Yes, this is just what I need,” you will feel good if you eat it. Just as your body assists you in making healthy dietary choices, if you listen, your Multidimensional SELF assists you to make healthy perceptual choices, if you listen.

  1. When your attention is focused on unconditional love, unity and your innate transmutational

abilities, you naturally maintain higher states of consciousness.

  1. Because of your higher states of consciousness you can consciously perceive higher frequencies         of reality.
  2. The perceptions of these realities create clear, multidimensional thoughts and loving,    compassionate emotions.
  3. Thus, you create multidimensional thoughtforms that exude love and compassion.
  4. These multidimensional thoughtforms serve as portals to higher dimensional realities.
  5. By continuing this higher frequency cycle of perception and creation, you maintain an open channel to receive guidance from your Multidimensional SELF.
  6.  Your Multidimensional SELF will guide you to perceive, create and re-create a higher dimensional reality.

There are uncountable thoughtforms that serve as possible models for you to choose to perceive via the concentration of your attention and intention. Once you place your attention and intention on a thoughtform, you begin to enter that realty. The frequency of that reality will then greatly influence the state of your consciousness.

That state of consciousness will then influence your thoughts and emotions, which will create thoughtforms that swirl throughout your aura. You can only attend to what you can perceive, and you can only perceive that which resonates to the state/frequency of your consciousness. Hence, your state of consciousness determines your choice of perception, while the choice of perceptions influences your state of consciousness.

Do you understand the cyclical nature of this creative process of your life? When you are functioning on a third dimensional frequency, you can only conceive of third dimensional ideas and can only place your attention on third dimensional solutions and choices. In order to perceive higher dimensional solutions and choices, you need to expand your consciousness into the higher dimensions of reality.

When you desire and think about a chosen creation, and place your intention and/or attention on that creation, you slowly bring your consciousness into entrainment with that creation. If your consciousness is limited to the third dimension, it will be limited to a third dimensional beta wave creation. On the other hand, if you receive an intention via a dream or “day dream,” your consciousness will be in entrainment with the fourth dimensional perceptions of your alpha wave consciousness.

Then, you will be more open to fourth dimensional creations, which can serve as portals from the third dimension to the fifth dimension. If you can remember to write your dreams down as soon as you awaken, you will begin to bridge the gap between 3D beta and 4D alpha wave thinking, emotions and perceptions. You could then choose to go into a deeper state of meditation to activate your fifth dimensional theta wave consciousness.

Many of your theta wave ideas originate in your multidimensional mind and serve as a link between your multidimensional mind and your third dimensional brain. However, these messages cannot come into entrainment with your 3D brain if you are experiencing fear, anger or sorrow. These fearful emotions serve to separate you from your higher awareness because they are based on the separation of fear, the pushing away of anger and the isolation of sorrow.

Separation from your goal, pushing away your goal and isolating yourself from that goal will halt the manifestation of that goal. You have been trained, brainwashed, to believe that only the physical, beta wave perceptions are real. This indoctrination separates your conscious attention from the perceptions of your higher states of consciousness by informing you that they are NOT real.

You have been told that only the spectrum of the third dimension is real. During the times of the Kali Yuga many were punished and/or killed if they admitted that they received information from the higher worlds. These worlds are not higher in that they are better, which is what you were also taught. These realities are higher in that they resonate to a higher frequency.

Since those who sought to have power over others could only maintain a beta wave consciousness, they could only perceive/believe in the physical world. Therefore, they wanted signs of ascension to come into their beta wave, daily consciousness, but these experiences could only be perceived via fourth dimensional consciousness.

This fourth dimensional, alpha wave consciousness can merge with your third dimensional beta wave thinking to assist you in finding ways to ground your higher perceptions in your daily life. Fortunately, more and more of humanity is also coming into a conscious connection with their fifth dimensional theta wave consciousness to create portals, which are frequency trails, from the fifth dimension through the fourth and into the third dimension.

However, only those who are able to connect with their own theta wave consciousness will be able to consciously perceive these inter-dimensional portals and/or messages. Once these inter-dimensional messages can be perceived, and if you can believe that they are real, you can maintain a conscious connection with the fourth and fifth dimensional stimuli and reality.

To maintain that conscious perception, you will need to place your attention on it while you ground that perception, idea and/or reality with your 3D beta consciousness. It is important that you remain in conscious connection with this message long enough to translate it into a format that can be perceived and understood via your beta wave consciousness.

When our multidimensional ones “channel” our messages, they connect with their own theta wave and beyond consciousness and believe that it is real. They then surrender into what they feel, see, hear and/or write. The surrender allows them to translate their experience into one that can be understood on the third dimension.

Once you realize that you are primarily pulling down information form the members of your own multidimensional consciousness, you can greatly expand your “sense of self” to include your own multidimensional nature. Once you realize that you are “channeling” your own Multidimensional SELF, you know that you are not just a human. Instead, you begin to remember that you are a great multidimensional being who took an earth vessel to merge with planet Earth.

Please remember that until you have fully merged with own Multidimensional SELF, you will be vulnerable to the illusions, rules and fears of your physical world. Through your multidimensional unification you gain the experiences of myriad other human incarnations. Your 3D leaders taught you that life is sacred, but they only meant humanity, and the plant, animal and elemental kingdoms were created to be under humanity’s domination.

Fortunately, once you have just one experience of viewing the 3D via your higher perceptions, your life will change. You will see that all plants, animals, elements and elementals are alive, sentient beings. You will also perceive how you create thoughtforms with your thoughts and emotions that constantly impact all the sentient life that surrounds you.

Your perception of reality will shift much as one who was always blind suddenly has their vision restored. This statement applies to all your senses. When you can hear the higher dimensions, you realize how deaf you have been. Yes, your Lightbody self can also touch, taste and smell, but these senses are quite different within each dimension.

Think how different your fourth dimensional dream life can be from your waking life. Now expand that into your fifth dimensional lightbody life. This task may seem impossible to your beta wave thinking, but to your theta wave thinking it is normal. The best part is that you do not have to gain your higher consciousness, as it is already latent within you, waiting to be activated.

Just as a fledging bird must believe it is normal to fly, you must believe it is normal to perceive, create and live in the higher dimensions. Your worst enemy is 3D habit, and your best friend is your own inner connection to your Multidimensional SELF. Therefore, it is vital that you calibrate your attention and intension to your fifth-dimensional consciousness.

Then merge your 4D consciousness with your 4D and your 3D consciousness. Once you unite these Multi-Dimensions of your SELF from inside your self, you can consciously unite with the perceptions, creations and intentions of your REAL, Multidimensional SELF.

Be patient dear Ones, and most important, remember that you are never alone.

The Arcturians


We choose to create a united thoughtform of pristine, restored Mother Earth.

Click above to join Bruce Lipton and many others to Restore Mother Earth

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Your Perceptions of Reality — An Arcturian Lesson @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

suzanne lie 18.12.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Your Perceptions of Reality — An Arcturian Lesson


Dear grounded expressions of your SELF, the physical structure of form in this quadrant of space is preparing to burst into the higher frequencies of spirit. By ‘spirit’ we mean that which is infused with the light of creation.

This light of creation serves as a higher dimensional palette upon which thought can be projected and enlivened by the ‘colors’ of emotion. The Arcturian’s galactic service is to be of assistance whenever a transmutational moment comes into the NOW of any quadrant of space.

We have many ways in which we facilitate your process of “return to SELF.” The greatest challenge is that un-informed humans may perceive the transmutation into lightbody as a form of ‘death.’ They do not understand that death is merely a release from the 3D matrix of illusion.

In fact, this release from the matrix is actually a bi-location. We remind you that nothing can die within the multiverse, but it can transmute into a higher or lower frequency of expression. As we have said, the consciousness of humanity is about to transmute into higher frequencies of expression that resonate beyond the illusion of time.

With the completion of this transmutation, you will experience myriad realities within the ONE of the NOW. You will then realize that you can maintain a conscious awareness of more than one of your higher dimensional realities while you still maintain and/or wear an earth vessel.

Unfortunately, many humans are still so attached to the physical reality they have known as real for myriad incarnations that they resist the process of transmutation.

The power of this resistance creates a waver in the energy field of transmutation. This waver stalls the transmutational event in a manner that frozen moments of lower frequency reality are created.


Those who are afraid to allow a smooth transmutation of their higher expressions of reality will become trapped in those frozen moments of 3D time. Thus their perceptions will remain limited to the third dimension, and they we not be able to experience the impending transmutation into the higher frequency realities.

Because they have chosen the path of fear rather than the path of unconditional love, they will cling onto the “known” and fear that their reality is being deconstructed. Conversely, those who have chosen the path of unconditional love have released the shackles of time and eagerly accept change.

Hence, the path that was perceived as destruction through the eyes of fear is perceived through the eyes of love as constructing a pathway into higher dimensions of reality.

Thus, while the inhabitants of these frozen moments cling to their physical version of life and believe that all around them is being lost, the transmuting ones are creating a perceptual pathway to fifth-dimensional New Earth.

The inhabitants of the frozen moments may even believe that they are the final ones to survive what they perceive as destruction. Those who are resistant to change will no longer be on the third dimensional matrix, as that matrix will no longer exist.

However, they will not be able to believe, conceive or perceive the fifth dimensional reality. Thus, they will bravely settle in to their lower fourth dimensional version of reality.

Due to the belief patterns of the inhabitants, this lower dimensional reality will be filled with fear. However, it will allow those who have lived a life of selfishness, power over others, anger and/or cruelty the need to work with others in order to survive.

In this manner, the frightened victims and victimizers of the frozen moments both have a reason to care for others, find their power within, and allow the sadness and fear, which was the basis of their lives, to be released.

We perceive these ‘islands of resistance to transmutation’ as hospitals in which those who cannot accept change can experience more of the illusion of time to prepare for the transmutation of darkness and fear into light and love.

Most of these lost ones fear change because of their own unresolved trauma. As they resolve their inner trauma by assisting others, their fear can be healed and released.

Fortunately, there are many who are more than ready to release their fear and return to their innate unconditional love. This release of fear, resolved or not, will lighten their consciousness more than they can imagine.

Those who are still bound to the third-dimensional paradigm believe that it takes a long “time” to heal trauma. However, since time no longer exists in the fifth-dimensional matrix, the release of trauma is instant.

On the other hand, while the lost ones’ consciousness is attached to the time-bound, 3D matrix, even transmutation takes time. Time was put into lower matrix realities so that the inhabitants could slow down their process of creation to understand exactly how thoughts and emotions combine into ONE thought-form to create portals.

These portals are two-way in that they allow their creators to enter and/or leave any given reality. Many of our volunteers for ascension are taking time to heal their lower frequency experiences within ‘past, present or future’ lives.

In this manner they can learn to assist those who are so lost in darkness that they cannot perceive the light. When they move through time to heal what they perceive as other lives, they will begin to understand that time is a third-dimensional illusion.

The breaking down of the NOW into time is similar to one of your motion pictures. There are many individual pictures strung together on a long film to which the light of the pictures can adhere.

When this film travels very fast, the pictures blur into one motion picture. Of course, in your present reality, film is no longer needed and many motion pictures stream through a ‘cloud’ to invisibly move from one computerized device to another.

Those trapped in time are similar to the motion pictures in that something is in-between every picture. This something in-between causes time. When a ‘movie’ is streaming through a ‘cloud,’ which is of a frequency that is not perceptible to third dimensional perception, the physical devices can easily capture that frequency of light and display the moving picture on the view screen of that device.

In the same manner, your consciousness can capture the ‘motion pictures’ of fifth dimensional reality, but it can only do so if your perception is calibrated to the frequency that can capture those light images. Of course, if you believe that perceiving the fifth dimension is not possible, then it will become impossible.

Fortunately, once you believe that you can expand your consciousness into the higher frequency of perceptions, you can calibrate your mind to the fifth-dimensional ‘cloud.’ Once your consciousness is calibrated to the frequency of the cloud that is transferring the moving pictures of fifth dimensional earth, you will begin to project this ‘movie’ onto your inner mind screen.

If you believe that you can calibrate your consciousness to receive images from the fifth dimension, you will move towards that possible reality. In the same manner, if you believe that a fearful event will occur, your consciousness will seek out that possible reality.

What you must remember now in preparation for fifth-dimensional New Earth is that your every thought and emotion creates the picture/reality that you paint on your reality screen. In this manner, you create that which you perceive and perceive what you have created. In fact, in the higher dimensional realities, creation and perception are the same concept.

You create your reality by the perceptions to which you choose to attend, and you perceive the reality that you created with your thoughts and emotions. Even while holding an earth vessel, unconditional love expands your consciousness enough to allow you to capture higher dimensional ‘motion pictures’.

Unconditional love also has the innate power to realign what is out of alignment with your highest intention. Once aligned with your highest intentions you are a clear corridor through which higher frequency information can flow.

Unconditional love, which is the healing force of the multiverse, reveals that most dis-ease is due to misalignment with the higher dimensions of reality. Fortunately, even that which is calibrated to a lower dimension can be pulled into alignment with the ONE via the power of unconditional love.

When you are in alignment with the ONE, there is no “time,” as you live in the NOW. Within the NOW, you are infinitely connected with all the expressions of your Multidimensional SELF.

Hence, your Multidimensional SELF can chose to visit the lower frequencies, much as one would visit a university of learning. What YOU wanted to learn in this “University of Earth” was how to ascend a planet without destruction.

Unfortunately, many of you fell out of alignment with the NOW of your SELF and became lost within the third dimensional paradigm of time and separation. That is when you began to forget that you are a being of light that cannot be harmed in any manner by the illusions of a lower frequency reality.

The third dimension is similar to an old-fashioned movie theater where light from the back of the theater carried the moving pictures to be displayed on the screen. If you were to stand between that screen and the projected light, the moving picture would project onto you.

These projections of light could not hurt you unless you had the fearful thought that the moving pictures could harm you. Since what you think and feel is projected onto the matrix of the 3D hologram, your concerned thoughts and fearful emotions could actually create a version of reality in which you do suffer harm.

In fact, it was in this manner that the lightbodies of our away team became so absorbed with the lower dimensional pictures that they believed they were the frequency of the screen rather than the frequency of the projected light that was projected onto the screen.

Then, they began to believe that they WERE the character in the movie rather than the light that created the character. Since your belief greatly influences your perceptions, it is vital that you consciously chose and adhere to positive, loving beliefs.

  • Your belief greatly influences your thoughts and emotions.
  • Your thoughts and emotions create the thought-forms that are the “envelopes” for your daily       experiences.
  • Your daily experiences set you state of consciousness.
  • Your state of consciousness affects your thoughts and emotions,
  • Which become the thought-forms that continue to create your reality.
  • Higher states of consciousness create higher dimensional thought-forms.
  • And lower states of consciousness create lower dimensional thought-forms.

In other words, what you think about, you bring about. And, the emotions that you allow to live within you greatly influence your state of consciousness. Then, your state of consciousness sets your perceptions, AND the reality you perceive is the reality you live.

Which reality do YOU choose to perceive?

(Dear Readers,

I mean that question literally. I would love if YOU would write in the comments the reality that you wish to perceive. The more people that collectively choose to perceive a given reality–the greater chance there is that WE can create that reality. In other words, we create the reality we wish to perceive by stating that it IS the reality that we wish to perceive.

PS, I did not mean to chose this YouTube, but I can’t delete it, so I will leave it for the NOW.  I just watched this YouTube. It is an example of how are “mistakes” can just be our higher consciousness giving us a message.)

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suzanne lie 18.12.

Stepping out of the 3D Matrix and Webinar Announcement @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

suzanne lie 13.11 a


Message from the Arcturians

Your persistent memory of human, physical incarnations has limited your consciousness to the habit of only perceiving third-dimensional patterns of light. Hence, expressions of your self that are calibrated to the higher dimensional grids of Earth’s holographic matrix are lost to your physical awareness.

Your long habit of placing your attention on the lower vibratory grids of Earth’s holographic matrix amplifies the sensations, perceptions and experiences of your physical self. Therefore, your habitual attachment to the third dimensional grids over-rides your connection to the higher frequency grids. Because your primary attention is on the lower grids, you believe that only the physical world is REAL.

Because of this small, lower frequency perceptual field, your higher-dimensional Sirian, Pleiadian and/or Arcturian expressions of SELF who projected into many of your physical earth vessels is invisible to your 3D perceptions. To experience your entire range of light, you must attach your multidimensional consciousness to the higher frequency grids of Gaia’s multidimensional matrix.

The first challenge you face is to remember that YOU are a multidimensional being. Because you are aware of that truth, you can “save” the experiences of your expanded consciousness onto Gaia’s higher frequency holographic grids. In other words, when you save your inter-dimensional occurrences on Gaia’s holographic matrix, they merge with the experiences of other earthlings who have had similar experiences.

Once this group energy is ‘saved’ others can connect with this energy field to make inter-dimensional travel more ‘normal.’ Also, as more of you remember your inter-dimensional experiences in your daily life, your memory will connect the higher frequency grids to Gaia’s third/fourth dimensional grids.

All life on Earth is connected to Gaia’s holographic matrix. It is through the shared experience of this matrix that Gaia’s inhabitants are moving beyond the limitations of third dimensional consciousness and into the higher frequencies of reality. At first these experiences are labeled as “dreams” or “just imagination.”

However, when these dreams and imaginations are communicated to others via the shared grids, they become more ordinary. As the “new normal” expands, more and more of humanity feels safe enough to openly share their experiences. Fortunately, the animal, plant and elemental kingdoms live in unity consciousness with Gaia and naturally embrace Her return to multidimensionality.

Make sure to ground/save your higher frequency perceptions/experiences on all the frequency grids of the hologram. Then, it will be much easier for you to remember your inter-dimensional experiences in your daily life. In other words, you “save” your inter-dimensional experiences in both the “hard drive” of the planetary matrix and in the “software” of your physical brain.

A great disadvantage of the software of your human brain is that it only spans one lifetime and a few dimensions. In order to access all the dimensions and lives of your full SELF, you will need to access the “hard drive” of Gaia’s Matrix. Gaia’s Matrix is much like a transporter in that it carries the DNA codes of every inhabitant that transports/bi-locates onto Her planet.

Therefore, through the ‘transporter files’ of Gaia, you will be able to find all the lives in which you have entered Gaia’s evolution, your point of origin for that entrance and when you logged in and logged out of that incarnation. Most important for your present timeline, you be able to retrieve the files for all of your incarnations on Earth.

In this manner, you can consolidate all that you learned in your many lives on Earth to collect all the information you have accumulated about what you have learned abut planetary ascension. Once your consciousness is fully connected to Earth’s multidimensional matrix, you will experience the light of Gaia’s information that constantly flows from Her planetary light body to your personal light body.

To remind you of an earth expression in which you lived in total unity and unconditional love, I will activate the component of Gaia’s matrix in which we first met in the earliest periods of Lemuria. To access this light code, I ask that we unite our consciousness and focus on the base of Gaia’s Core Crystal

When you gather in front of Gaia’s huge Core Crystal, focus your attention on the base of the crystal. Slowly you begin to feel a sense of planetary consciousness that you have never experienced before.

At first many pictures of myriad realities come into your awareness then, suddenly, you are experiencing two realities at once. You are still in the core of the planet standing before the Core Crystal, while you are also a huge bird.

suzanne lie 13.11. b

From deep inside your being, you hear,

“I am Kaa-ah from the Bird Flock of Mu.” Instantly, you felt the joy of flying above a land that appears to be shades of ocher and gold. The sensation of flying is marvelous beyond words, and the purity and love of that reality is pristine and alive with pure potential. As you listen to Kaa-ah’s story, you we also live it.

“I am Kaa-ah,” you hear again. “I am from the Bird Flock of Mu. You likely cannot say my name, nor could I say yours, for we speak only in tones and melodies. I telepathically connect with you so that I can share the vision of my most beloved memory of flying into our golden city in the center of Mu. Of course, our entire world resonated to shades of ocher, gold, bronze and crystal.

“We of ancient Mu are the first in this rotation of the Great Galactic Cycle to experiment with form. There were many other realities that existed in former cycles, but they are unknown to us during this incarnation.

“We have come from the ONE to assist in creating a reality of duality and are joyous to communicate with you. As I look into your mind I see that the term ‘we’ means many, but to our minds the term ‘we’ means the ONE. We have no term for individuality. We are the flock.

“Each of us cares as much for the flock as for the heart that beats within our own chest. Perhaps we feel this way because we all beat to the heart of the Sacred Egg. We, the Bird Flock of Mu, are the Keepers of the Sacred Egg. The heart/core of our life within this holographic projection Earth is the gestation of the Sacred Egg.

“Mu, who is the entire planet to us, continually breathes Her sacred force of creation into our Sacred Egg. It is this force of creation that is used by all the citizens of Mu, as not all of our citizens are of the Bird Tribe.

“Before we entered this reality, we experimented with many forms. The concept of form was new to us, for in our true Home in the higher vibrations of Light, we are pure consciousness.

“We, the citizens of Mu, came to Mother Earth to initiate a grand experiment of polarities of life in form. We joined this reality knowing that these polarities would become increasingly extreme.

“We also knew that eventually these polarities would create an appearance of separation. Within our experiment, Light was to be gradually split into good/light and bad/ dark and form would be split into the genders of male and female.

“In the former cycles of the Mother’s sojourn around the Central Sun, there had been many other visitors. Mother Earth has long offered a format for many differing life forms to live and gather experiences. In this manner Earth has prepared her SELF for her Final Initiation, the Initiation of Unconditional Love.

“Unconditional love is the cohesive power of the Multiverse and the power of creation. Within the ONE, only unconditional love and divine creation is known. When we no longer require our manifestation, we simply withdraw our attention and intention so that the creation can gradually, or instantly, cease to exist.

“We have long been aware of the myriad torsion waves of multidimensional light and unconditional love traveling the multiverse. With the power of attention, observation and intention we call for these waves to break into particles of creative potential.

“Then using our power within of unconditional love, we create the manifestation of our desire by using the raw potential of these particles of light which are composed of love and potential.

“This ‘new’ discovery of these torsion waves in your ‘modern day’ is common knowledge in our land of Mu. It is in this manner that we create forms for our consciousness.

“We have great fun experimenting with taking many different forms. Just as you experiment by wearing different clothing on your body, we experiment with wearing different forms on our consciousness.

“The Sacred Egg, which is the power source for our planet, is far away from the interruptions of the psychic energy of Mu’s other inhabitants. In the highest tower of our highest mountain, of which we have few, the Mother’s Sacred Egg lives in constant communication with the Mother’s mate, the Father of Light.

“In this manner, Mother Earth’s Egg of creative potential remains eternally basked in the unconditional love of Her Divine Complement, Father Light. This constant connection between Light/Spirit and Matter/Form gives us the power to consciously create our forms and fulfill our needs.

“We, the protectors of the Sacred Egg, needed a form that could fly, as we were the emissaries between the Mother in the central mountain and Her outer lands and oceans. When we first began our experiment of life in form, every being could easily float up the mountain and into the Great Temple of Completion.

“However, as the Mother became more and more polarized we had to choose to live within a form of one of Her four elements of earth, air, fire or water. Some of us chose to walk the land, others chose to fly the air or swim the sea, and others chose to remain in formless light so that they could serve the element of fire.

“Gradually, the water beings could not leave the water long enough to travel the great distance up the mountain, the fire beings chose to maintain their flickering, ever-changing forms of light, and those who walked the land could no longer take the time to journey to the Temple.

“Hence, it was the creatures of the air that became the ‘Keepers of the Sacred Egg.’ We could easily fly from the mountaintop, over the waters and onto the land. We could also converse with the fire creatures. All the beings of the four elements are totally conscious of their form and can easily communicate with all the other beings through telepathy and empathy.

“As Keepers of the Sacred Egg, we create nests around the top of the mountain, just below the Temple, to lay and hatch our own eggs. We only create an egg when we are ready to complete our experience as a member of Mu’s reality. When we begin to long to return Home to the ONE to visit our family of Spirit, we build a nest and lay our egg.

“Once we lay our egg it is instantly fertilized by the Flow of the great Father Spirit that penetrates every molecule of our mountain. We patiently sit on our egg until a being of light desires the experience of our form. Once this being enters our egg, we totally share our consciousness.

“Through our joint consciousness, our potential replacement travels Mu to learn about the experiences and responsibilities of our Bird Flock. If the light being decides to take a form on Mu, it hatches into its bird form. The mother bird maintains her own form until her replacement is ready to perform her responsibilities on her own.

“At this point, the light of the Mother Bird flashes out of her form, and the form disappears as the light returns to the unity of Home. Please understand that there is no ‘birth’ or ‘death’ in our reality. Birth means surrounding our light with form, and death means releasing that form back to its elements and returning to the light.

“Life and death are the same in your day, which to our perception is occurring in the same cosmic NOW as our reality on Mu. In our reality we only ‘eat’ light. Hence, there is never a need for food or any elimination of waste products. All form is filled with life and all form communicates with each other, as well as with our spirit self of light.

“We Lemurians began the cycle which you are now closing. We have come into your awareness to assist you with seeding the Mother’s Core and Cornerstone Crystals. We have come into you for we are you. We represent the birth of this cycle and you represent the transmutation of this cycle into its higher expression.

“We bless you on your journey, for it is much like ours. We are the Alpha and you are the Omega, the beginning and the ending. We began this experiment of polarity, and you are here to close it. Just as we are assisting others to step in to the 3D Matrix, we will assist you to step out of it.

“Once that circle is closed the beginning and the ending will merge into the Oneness of NOW. Once within the NOW you are free of time and will be returned to the ONE.

I AM Kaa-ah,

Blessings on your transmutation

Dear Readers,

I have been preparing “The Landing Party,” Book 4 of the Pleiadian Perspectives on Ascension for publication. In doing so I discovered how much I had changed since I finished this book less than a year ago. I remember stating in my site many times, “What is impossible for your ego is simple for your Soul.”

Before I could understand Mytrian’s Oversoul of SELF, I had to learn more about my self. I don’t know when I learned it, or even if I did, but this time I understood that which confused me before. It is always interesting when life forces you to look at the same thing in a different way. Then, we can really see how we have changed.

When we change our self, we also change our creations. Actually, what I realized is how much wisdom was in that book all along, but my consciousness could net fully perceive it. What I discovered from returning to this book was that everything I wanted was already there.

I have posted a few chapters that it took me till now to “get,” and I will continue to post more of them. Also, we are moving into the “new ending.”

So stay tuned,


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Messages from HOME Part 2 – Walking the Center Path @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

suzanne lie 10.11

Messages from HOME Part 2

Walking the Center Path

Our Dear Ascending Ones,

We the Arcturians and all the members of your multidimensional families realize how long you have served your mission to assist Gaia and her humans who were lost in the illusions of third dimensional Earth. We realize how challenging your mission can be.

We also wish to remind you that all the great Masters of Earth endured years and years of defeat before they were recognized? In fact, many of them were only recognized after they had died/returned Home. Thus we remind you that you are in good company.

How many Saints and Masters have gone through what you are experiencing. Yes, our dear ascending ones, you too are on the path of Saints and Masters. Also, remember that all of humanity has the right and ability to walk that path as well. YOU, our beloved family, have the great task of convincing them that they can create that reality.

There are many who are quietly on the Path of Saints and Masters because they too are the Path of Ascension. In fact, all of humanity can chose to walk that Path within this NOW. Along that Path there are many moments of disappointment, disillusionment, anger and fear.

There are also moments of joy, bliss, unity consciousness and unconditional love. To find the Center Path, the resonates in-between all third dimensional polarities is difficult and increasingly challenging in a world in which it may appears that the darkness is winning.

We speak to you today from the armada of higher-dimensional Starships that are surrounding your world. The name of this Starship is difficult to pronoun in your human tongue, so we have translated it to sound like “The River of Light,” or “Rivera.”

This Starship is actually what you would title a Mother Ship because of its size and because the Ship serves as the caring mother for many generations of inhabitants. We Arcturians are no longer limited to a physical planet. Instead, we desire to travel through the Multiverse performing our Mission of surrounding pre-ascending realities with our Arcturian Corridor to assist them with the process of planetary ascension.

Our Corridor is a huge frequency net that serves to protect birthing realities from the harshness of those who do not wish to release the polarities of the third/fourth dimension. Within this Corridor of protection many the members of our “away team to the ascending planet,” in your case planet Earth, there is a level of protection for those who have expand their consciousness into the fourth and fifth dimensions.

Earth is a free will planet, and there are still many who are freely choosing to remain in the Power-Over-Others positions that they have maintained since the fall of Atlantis. Therefore, ascending Earth has many conflicts within Her planetary system. The power-over fractions do now wish to surrender the control they have over the population, and will stop at nothing to maintain their position.

However, since they have used nuclear devises, which have harmed other planets and dimensions, we have been able to turn off all those devises. We also cleared out the huge underground cities they created so that they could fulfill their plan to destroy the surface while they safely waited underground.

It may seem to kind-hearted members of your reality that this scenario is impossible, and we wish that it were. But, in order to fully reveal the highest light, the darkest dark must be brought to the surface of the awareness of humanity. Unfortunately, the brainwashing campaign of the power-over fractions has been quite successful and many still slumber in the illusions of the third dimension.

Due to the free-will nature of Earth, there is not much we can do for those who chose to remain in those lower frequencies of reality. In order for us to fully assist humanity, we must work from the inside by assisting those who are ready and willing to release their third dimensional habits in order to expand their consciousness into their Multidimensional SELF.

You see, the source of the need to have power-over others stems from NOT having power-over one’s self. Thus, the inability to have power-over one’s own self is based on a limited state of consciousness. Those limited to only third-dimensional consciousness have a very small perspective of reality.

Hence, they cannot understand that the energy they send out will eventually return to them. “But those ruled by darkness seem to get away with it every day,” you may say. “If I do something against another, it seems to quickly return to me.”

You are correct in your observation. Those of you on the ascension path have expanded your consciousness into the higher frequencies. Therefore, the energy that you put out quickly returns. Please realize that this immediate return also occurs when you send out unconditional love and multidimensional light.

Those still trapped in darkness can only put out power-over-others, which is a form of fear. If they don’t “do that” first, then someone will “do it” to them. That type of thinking is very fearful and limits their consciousness to the third and lower fourth dimensional realities. The darkness may seem to be “wining,” but you can log-out the entire “game” by leaving that frequency of reality. In fact, that leaving is known as “ascension.”

In the meantime, there are still many humans on Earth who are still operating within the confines of third-dimensional thinking. Third dimensional consciousness is the primer state of planetary evolution in which the inhabitants are still learning that ‘energy out’ creates the same ‘energy back’ into their reality.

Because the majority of the population has not yet mastered this basic law of cause and effect, the few are still able to rule over the many. One of the main reasons that this occurs is because the dominant state of consciousness is still third dimensional, which is ruled by the illusion of time.

Therefore, the energy that goes out into your world takes “time” to return to the sender. Furthermore, the lower the state of consciousness, the longer it takes for the cause to return. Hence, the dark ones, who resonate to a very low state of consciousness, do not see the effects of the energy field they sent out for a very long time.

On the other hand, those on the path of ascension have expanded their consciousness into the higher frequencies of reality are preparing to transmute into the fifth dimension, which is free of all time. Since you are preparing for an instant manifestation of your thoughts and emotions, the effects of your causes are occurring more and more rapidly.

You are like fetuses preparing to leave what appears to be the safety of the womb. You want to live in a completely different reality that is far beyond the knowing of the birthing infant. Just as the infant is very fragile during the process of birth, you are very fragile during your process of re-birth.

There is something that is happening to your body that you do not totally understand. Furthermore, you are getting flashes of realities that are totally unlike the one you are experiencing within the “womb.” Yes, our beloved ascending ones, you are within the womb of our Arcturian Corridor waiting for the NOW of your great transition.

Unfortunately, because your thinking is still bound to waiting, a time bound concept, you have the experience of “waiting for something to happen.” However, as your consciousness continues to expand, your sense of time will transmute into the your experience of NOW.

Within that NOW you will know that you are ascending because you will know that you are no longer who you were and have no real idea of who you will be. It is during this experience that your best choice is to assist others. By assisting others you ground your self in the body of Gaia, and you keep your consciousness in the higher frequencies by sharing what you have learned.

If you look at the lives of your Saints and Masters, their lives were not easy. These ascending ones knew that they would not return to live within the holographic projection. Therefore, they wanted to share what they had learned that had allowed them to return to their true Multidimensional SELF.

Since these ascending ones were moving beyond their “personal consciousness” and expanding into “unity consciousness,” “planetary consciousness” and “galactic consciousness,” they were able to rise above the illusions of the third dimension.

Because unconditional love, unconditional forgiveness and unconditional acceptance are the cornerstone of ascension, they were above all sense of being a victim. They knew that they were the creators of their reality, even if their ascension was preceded by a great personal challenge.

Their thoughts were not for themselves but for the innocent, un-awakened ones who had become so trapped in the net of illusion that they could not perceive how the energies that they sent out would feel when they return back to them. Since one must know universal laws within themselves before they can perceive them in their own reality, these un-awakened ones became easily trapped in the third-dimensional deception sent out by the dark ones.

We Arcturians often refer to the “dark ones” as the “lost ones” because they have become lost in the darkness of power-over-others. Most of them were not born as lost ones, but became lost because of their family systems and outer realities. Many chose to enter these families in order to help, but eventually succumbed to the familial indoctrinations.

We send these lost ones our unconditional love and will be there to assist them when the power-over energies return to them via the law of cause and effect. However, since their consciousness is usually very low, it may take many of their years before they receive the energy field that they have been sending out to others.

What is occurring within your NOW is that there are higher frequency energy fields moving into the actual body of Gaia that are expanding the resonate frequency of the planet into higher dimensions. This process has had to be slow and steady or it would cause great harm to Gaia’s planet.

Those of you who have expanded your consciousness to encompass the higher dimensions will, and are, the first ones to experience that “something in your reality has changed.” You know this change because you feel a sense of protection that was not there before. This protection is your own higher states of consciousness.

Even though darkness seems to be winning in many areas of reality, what is actually occurring is that the darkness is becoming obvious to you because you are moving beyond its influence. You know that because you can perceive the resonance patterns of those who actually embrace the darkness and misperceive it as their light.

What is occurring in your NOW is that the polarities of light and dark are becoming more obvious to you because you are perceiving the third dimension from the higher view point of your multidimensional consciousness.

We know that it is difficult for many of the members of our away team to see how many are be fooled by the darkness. We also know how difficult it can be to remember to send unconditional love and Violet Light to those who appear to be destroying their world.

We want to inform you that Gaia will no longer tolerate the heavy burden of a polarized  reality in which the darkest polarity has far too often ruled. Therefore, She is releasing the density of Her third dimensional resonance. Those of you who have expanded your consciousness will move with Gaia’s into Her fifth dimensional expression of New Earth.

In other words, Gaia has regained Her own inner balance and is releasing the very “third dimensional net” that assisted Her from falling off her axis at the demise of Atlantis. Those who exist in “time” will remain on the third dimensional matrix of Earth, whereas those who expand their consciousness into the fifth dimension and beyond will join Gaia on New Earth. The fourth dimensional astral plane will exist at the “place in-between” to unify and assist those who wish to ascend, but need “time” to expand their consciousness.

You, our beloved family and friends who have taken earth vessels to assist with planetary ascension, are facing many challenges. However, because of your expanded consciousness you KNOW that the best way to help your self is to help others.

You are all multidimensional leaders who will open the portals to New Earth, while you stay behind to assist others through them.

Unconditional love to you ALL,

Your Galactic and Celestial Family

Living Portals of Light – The Arcturians and Gaia @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

suzanne lie 10.10

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Living Portals of Light — The Arcturians and Gaia

Dear Arcturians,

Dear Higher Expression of my SELF, I felt you were telling me something during my meditation. Can you assist me to put your message into words?

Of course Suzille,

We are happy to assist you, for we are YOU. Do you remember your reality as an Arcturian? You have often written as though we are above you in some manner, but we want you to remember that we are WITHIN you. Above and below are third dimensional terms based on space/time.

Our reality is multidimensional and based on the time being NOW and the space being HERE. Therefore, you do not need to go up, down or even in or out. You simple need to BE Aware of your true Multidimensional SELF. When you are aware of your constant connection with “All That Is” you are “HERE and NOW.”

Allow your thoughts to travel within to find your Multidimensional Mind, not above you but within the core of your brain. Allow your emotions to travel within your heart to remember that your emotions are not within your aura, but within your core. When you remember that ALL your thoughts and emotions arise from within your core, you realize that you can only respond to your self.

Your 3D brain puts your thoughts and emotions outside of your core so that they appear as “not you.” Because of this misplacement, our ones wearing earth vessels often feel as though their thoughts and emotions arise as a response to something or someone outside of them. If YOU are the creator of your reality, which indeed you are, how could the tools of your creations (thoughts and emotions) originate from outside of YOU.

Once you take full responsibility for the fact that every thought and emotion that appears to originate from “some one else” is simply a reflection of what is occurring from with in you, you have re-gained Mastery over your energy field. Conversely, as long as you allow your self to “react to” rather than “take ownership of” every thought and emotion you are functioning form your earth vessel rather than from your Multidimensional SELF.

We know what a huge shift in consciousness it requires to take FULL responsibility for every thought and every emotion that is registered by your consciousness. However, once you have remembered that innate knowing, you are well on your return to mastery. We say, “return to mastery,” for all of you are ascended beings who have volunteered to wear an earth vessel to assist Gaia. You may think you have come to assist humanity, which is true.

However, once Gaia ascends beyond Her 3D Matrix, she will be able to offer humanity a reality based completely on light and love. Conversely, the only reason why Gaia has not completed her ascension process is because of humanity. All the other kingdoms of her world, plant, animal, insect, mineral, etc. are cleared and ready for “take off.”

You see humanity’s experiment of separation from the conscious perception of SELF did not go well. Once humanity separated from the conscious connection with their higher expressions of their SELF, many “power over others” beings, mostly the Draconians, slipped into human forms and tainted the experiment.

The experiment of life on a polarized world was to be a training ground to expedite the process of moving through the different expressions of multidimensionality. If one lived in a reality based on the perception that polarities were separate, could they remember that there is always an energy field connecting the polarities?

Once that energy field is common knowledge, you are no longer trapped in the “dark” or far above in the “light.” Instead, the light and the dark are merely states of consciousness that ALL beings experience. And “where” do you feel these experiences? Have you placed them outside of you where you feel safer and where they are NOT you?

Conversely, have you discovered that you are NOT the reactor to your reality but the creator of your reality? If you are the creator of your reality, then your experience of life does not stem from OUTSIDE of your earth vessel. No, if you are the creator of your reality, your experiences must arise from INSIDE of you.

But, which of the myriad versions of even your physical “you” is the source of that inner creation? In other words, which frequency of YOU have you assigned to be the creator of your reality? Did you assign that creation to your 3D, 4D or 5D and beyond expression of SELF?

You are a great multidimensional being who resonates all the way from Source to flow into myriad realities on myriad dimensions. But where is the Source, and where are all these dimensions? Yes, you are beginning to understand us now. They, All In All, are inside of you. YOU are a portal through which the energy fields of multidimensional light and unconditional love flow from Source to Gaia and back again.

Did you ever realize how very important you are? Even when you are standing still, sleeping, driving in traffic, paying your billings, arguing with a loved one, walking in nature, swimming in the ocean, looking up at the sky, YOU are a living portal of light. In fact, every person, place, situation and thing serves as a portal through which the multidimensional light of the ONE can flow in order to experience creation.

Now are you beginning to understand your great importance? Are you able now to realize that your earth vessel is merely a package for the energy field that is YOU? This package was created from the elements of the environment in which you created your body. You have practiced for myriad lives, known to us as missions, on countless frequencies of reality during many timelines to BE a “portal of light.”

You began being a portal on the higher dimensions where there was no resistance. Then, ready or not, Gaia put out here SOS. You came in answer to Gaia’s call during the fall of Atlantis to assist Her from falling off Her axis. Once you entered Earth’s time, you could incarnate in any timeline, even those that appeared to your physical perception to be “before Atlantis.”

When and where did you forget your SELF? In the same manner that one may go back in time to trace their steps in order to find a lost item, we ask you to go back in time to find the NOW in which you forgot your SELF?

You were all born with that memory, but 3D life has a way of forcing you to forget your SELF so that you can survive the rigors of life on a third dimensional planet. First go back into your current incarnation into form to remember what and when you forgot.

You see, our beloved volunteers to assist Gaia, ALL of you came into your current incarnation with the knowing that YOU are a portal of light through which your multidimensional light could flow. ALL of you are multidimensional being who have anchor points all the way up the frequency trail from the physical world to Source.

The fact that you are multidimensional does not make your special, as every human is multidimensional. What makes you so very important is that YOU are remembering that you are a portal. You are becoming aware that you must anchor your portal into the planetary body of Gaia.

YOU are vital to Gaia because you are remembering that your Primary Mission is to open your portal and allow the multidimensional light and unconditional love from Source to flow through your core. As this light and love flows through you, please remember to ground it in the body of Gaia.

If you do not ground this immense energy field it will be too intense for your earth vessel, and you could short-circuit systems that are important for the survival of your physical body. After you have grounded this energy field, it is vital that you open the portals of your chakras to share the light.

Your human vessel is not meant to hold this energy field, but to share it.

If you do not open your chakra portals and share this energy field, you will create a feedback loop within your vessel that will damage it. Remember your vessel is created from the frequency of third/fourth dimensional planet. On the other hand, YOU are created from the Light of Source. This light is not meant to be static, but must infinitely flow within the NOW of the ONE.

It is this “holding in the light” that causes many of humanity illnesses and diseases. Your earth vessel is merely a form of clay and cannot resonate to your true frequency, except for within your core.

Within the core of your spinal cord and brain, your seemingly inactive kundalini/light silently goes about your mission of allowing the multidimensional light and unconditional love:

  • To flow into your pineal gland
  • Through your physical form to be grounded in Gaia
  • And out through your windows of light—your chakras.

If you are receiving this transmission, you have volunteered for this mission. The problem that our wonderful volunteers have faced is the problem of forgetfulness. You see, the third/fourth dimensional brain can only remember energy fields that resonate to the frequencies of the third and fourth dimension.

Furthermore, our volunteers are very busy simply surviving in a reality in which darkness reigns. Within your 3D reality, those who follow the doctrines of “power over others” are often victorious over those who follow the principles of “power within.” This situation began when the Draconians finally lost the Galactic War and many of them migrated to Earth.

Since dinosaurs were amongst the very early inhabitants of Earth, their Draconian descendants saw Earth as “their” planet. Since the power-over-other carnivore, dinosaurs often ruled, they believed that they had the right to rule over your NOW. These Dracs in human clothing have especially dominated your reality during the previous 2,000 years of the Kali Yuga, which recently concluded.

However, your tender, sweet souls suffered greatly during those times, and even now, many of you have forgotten your SELF. Fortunately, more and more of you, our volunteers, are awakening to your SELF every day. Upon your first awakening you are much like an infant who cannot remember that you are a portal of light.

Therefore, we ask all of our awakened ones to:

  • Plug your light portal into the planetary body of Gaia,
  • Connect with the antennae of your Multidimensional SELF,
  • And transmit your light and love out through the portals of your chakras.

Then, we ask that you project your innate multidimensional light and unconditional love out from the chakras of your human vessel and into the chakras of Gaia’s planetary vessel. We suggest that you also share your gift of light and love with Gaia’s earth (planetary body), air (atmosphere), fire (core) and water (oceans, rivers and lakes).

It is through this deep merging of your human chakras and elements with Gaia’s planetary chakras and elements that you provide the deepest and most immediate assistance to Earth. We shall return to share more information about Gaia’s chakra system.

We the Arcturians are grateful for your service, as is Gaia.

In closing, Gaia wishes to share a brief message.

suzanne lie 10.10 b

My dear human portals, I am Gaia.

I wish to tell you that I am infinitely grateful for your service. My “primitive” societies instinctively knew that we, person and planet, were ONE being. However, since the corruption and eventually destruction of Atlantis, many of my humans became detached from my life essence and began to perceive me as a “thing,” “a large rock” on which other things grew and/or lived.

Fortunately, many of my early inhabitants managed to survive and still know me as their Mother. Also, those who lovingly work the land or live off the waters know that I am an alive being with intentions and emotions similar to theirs. Unfortunately, many have tried to conquer others so that they could steal my land and own my waters.

Since they had no love within them, they had no love for their Mother Earth. In their grasp for meaningless power-over others, they destroyed untold members of my biosphere, even reaching up into my fourth dimensional worlds. Once their destructive manner invaded my fourth dimensional realities, the Galactic Federation of Light was given permission to directly assist me.

Before that moment, the Federation could not assist me, as I had foolishly chosen to be a “freewill planet.” I had no idea how destructive that freewill would become. Fortunately, humanity is my only inhabitants who “spoil their nest” and damage the very planet that allows them the experience of being a third-dimensional human.

Now, that the Galactics and Celestials are answering my call by making the great sacrifice of wearing a human vessel, I see that there is hope for my survival. My planetary body has faced possible destruction more time than humanity knows. You, the humans who were meant to be my protector, have also been invaded by the darkness.

My beloved humans, I can NOW lovingly tell you that the long, dark night is transmuting into the dawn of a new planetary “day.”

Dear volunteers, who answered my call, thank you, thank you, thank you!

I AM the grateful Mother of the earth vessel you are wearing,



Ascending Earth


Message From the Arcturians @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie


Georges Armand - Canadian Fashion painter - Tutt'Art@ (16) art

ART : Georges Armand - Canadian Fashion painter @ Tutt'Art


Message From The Arcturians

The Volunteers

(NOTE FROM SUE-I woke up this morning with the following dream/message.)

We are the Arcturian, speaking to you from the NOW of 1946,

We are in what is known as a “hospital” awaiting the birth of the female human that we will be over-lighting. The year is 1946 and Earth is in great danger again, and still. Gaia has put out another call to the Ashtar Command and the Galactic Federation to assist her. She needs some humans who can be a genetic combination of galactics and celestials to assist Her in the dangerous times ahead.

The testing and the droppings of atomic bombs have wounded Her body all the way into her fourth dimensional expression. It appears that the Draconians wearing human forms have lost this latest World War, but in reality they have infiltrated much of the Allied forces that appeared to have won.

These forces have now gone underground, both literally via their many underground cities, and physically in that many Draconians have taken an earth vessel to disguise their true nature. To counteract this ruse, we of the Galactic Federation are contributing our genetics to certain humans who have volunteered for this Mission.

We will then over-light them throughout their lifetime. “We,” meaning the Arcturians, have joined our genetics with the Pleiadians, Antarians and Sirians from Sirius B, which is one of our Galactic Regional Centers. The contribution of this genetic combination will be implanted in our galactic family members who have volunteered to take a human vessel during this NOW.

The main area in which these decisions and actions are occurring are on the Arcturian Mothership. Our Mothership that has been over-lighting dear Gaia during the horrific destructions during World Wars I and II. From our Nowness on the Mothership we can see there are many possible realities in which Earth is destroyed by yet another World War. In fact, the seeds for this third world war are already planted.

We see that the Zeta Reticuli who have worked with the Nazis on their plan to create a “superior race” are about to shift their attention to the United States. The United States has taken many of the German masterminds into their scientific community. Also, the Draconians in human disguise who supported the Nazis during the first two world wars have shifted their interests to the United States.

From the Draconians’ perspective of the fourth dimension, they have been able to view the possible reality of their defeat during WWII and are already planning another world war, with their base in the United States.

Because the Draconian timeline is out of phase with third-dimensional Earth time, they are able to implant their genetic codes into many of the founding fathers of the United States. They have already taken over the Freemasons, who have been the holders of the Atlantian technology and information since Julius Caesar destroyed the great library in Alexandria, Egypt.

To combat what the Draconians have done, as well as what we see the United States will allow the Zetas to do, we have decided that we must implant much of our genetic material into humans who are being born from this NOW of 1946 and forward.

These humans will have a greater chance of receiving and activating the 97% ascension genes that have been turned off in humanity ,until the fifth dimensional light can activate them. The ones who are born just after WWII will be mature adults during the possible timelines of Gaia’s ascension.

Therefore, we are contributing our genetic material, as well as our constant higher guidance, to as many of these humans as possible. In this manner, we anticipate that some of them will be able to remain in some degree of contact with their higher expressions of SELF. We also hope that this multidimensional contact will assist them to remember to accept the higher light into their consciousness so that it can activate their 97% Galactic DNA.

Those humans will have the ability to remember their true, multidimensional natures and will be able to communicate with their Pleiadian, Sirian and Arcturian higher expressions of their Multidimensional SELF. Since these galactic beings were amongst the ones who initially seeded the human race, we have been chosen to assist Gaia by assisting her people.

From our location in the fifth dimensional NOW we can see all possible “future” realities. Therefore, we know that even though Gaia’s plans for planetary ascension have been greatly disrupted by the Draconian humans, stemming from this 1946 timeline there is still a possible reality in which Gaia does, indeed, ascend.

Therefore, we have decided to genetically upgrade certain members of the human race. We are hoping that this upgrade, as well as our constant over-lighting of these volunteers, will create a support system for Gaia’s plan to transmute Her third-dimensional shell back into Her true fifth-dimensional Light Planet.

As we look forward to that impending “time” of 2014 and beyond, we see a strong possible reality in which enough humans can transmute their third-dimensional physical body into their fifth-dimensional Light Body. We know that Gaia will be ready, Her minerals, plants and animals will be ready, but many humans will still be trapped in the darkness of 3D illusion. It is for this reason that we have decided to contribute our genetics and constant guidance.

Oh! We sense that the physical being we are over-lighting is about to be born, but there appears to be a problem. We will need to over-light her from within the surgery room. In this timeline the mother is often put to sleep so she does not suffer the pain of delivery. However, the labor has been long and the mother cannot assist in the birthing process while she is unconscious.

Immediately, we are in the surgery room. We see the Lightbody of the one soon to be born hovering over the mother’s inert body. We will have to enter her physical form while in utero, or she will not survive. Thus, we send a fragment of our collective SELF into the mother, then into the unborn babe.

The mother is awake to her physical form, which allows her to perceive our assistance from her etheric self. In this manner, we are able to assist with the delivery. However, the mother has been under the ether too long, and her life signs alarm the doctor and nurses. Hence, the newborn is somewhat abandoned on a metal weighing table while everyone tends to the mother.

This moment of abandonment will be replayed in her psyche until her full awakening. On the other hand, being a newborn, she is able to perceive our energy field, which is lovingly encompassing her while the others tend to the mother. This early merging of consciousness, which appeared to occur as a “mistake,” will actually assist her perceptions of us throughout her life.

It is in this manner that we, her higher expressions of SELF, remember the density and chaos of the third dimension. Just as she and the others who have volunteered for this assignment will greatly benefit from our guidance, we will learn through them how best to guide humanity.

All of those who volunteered to take this “away mission” will be wearing an earth vessel that has been seeded with galactic DNA. We are hopeful that this higher dimensional DNA will assist them to activate and merge with the higher expressions of their Multidimensional SELF at an early age. The difficult component for our volunteers will be the great loneliness for “Home” that they will suffer.

We move forward now into the timeline from the 1950s through the early 1990s in which the Zeta Reticuli are using human DNA to augment their own over-replicated DNA. Because of their long war with the Draconians, as well as their own mistreatment of the planetary surface, the Zeta’s needed to retreat into the inner caverns of their planet.

Before they realized it they had sterile and had to replicate themselves via cloning. Since they cloned out emotions, they were unaware of the fear they induced in their human subjects. The Zetas, along with their Draconian companions, came to Earth to take DNA samples from their abductees.

They were especially interested in the humans who had volunteered to be our “away team to Earth” because they were holding a constant genetic connection with us, the members of the Galactic Federation. The United States made a deal with the Zeta’s to exchange human DNA for Zeta advanced technology. (As shown in the X File series) This technology was kept by the Illuminati, Draconians in human vessels, and was never shared with the masses of the people.

The “away team” of our galactics and celestials in human vessels has had to silently know what could not be discussed for many decades. They knew the truth of what was occurring because we told them. We told them everything in their dreams and meditations and guided them toward information when we saw they were ready.

Many of our away team felt different, isolated and alone with an inner secret that they did not totally understand and would not dare share with any one. Therefore, they became lonely, depressed and often went “off into their imagination.”

However, when others thought they were just “day dreaming,” they were actually communicating with us. Unfortunately, once their consciousness returned to 3D life, they usually forgot what had occurred in their higher dimensional selves.

With that brief history lesson, we the Arcturians return to your NOW of full awakening. Due to all that we have described, many of our away team forgot to remember their higher dimensional expressions. They, you, were often haunted by dreams and imaginations, which were actually the true reality. In addition, the brainwashing of the third dimension was much worse than we had predicted.

Therefore, many members of our away team in human form forgot about the higher expressions of their Multidimensional SELF that actually connected them to their Home for which they so longed. And some of our away team was primarily associated with the celestial, angelic kingdom. On the other hand, some of them were primarily associated with the members of the Galactic Federation and/or Ashtar Command.

Thus, some of you have more “angelic traits” and others have more “galactic traits.” However, once your awareness expands into your higher fourth and fifth dimensional expressions of your Multidimensional SELF, your reality will become increasingly based on unity with all life. Then the “difference” between angelic and galactic will merge into the true unity of the ONE.

In the higher dimensions, Angels, Galactic Federation members, Ascended Masters and Elohim, who are builders and holders of form, all merge into the ONE of the NOW. Then, as your consciousness increasingly merges with the higher expressions of your Multidimensional SELF, your human graduation from third-dimensional individual consciousness will transmute into the higher dimensional unity consciousness with all life.

We, your higher dimensional expressions, are HERE in the ever-present NOW to merge with our courageous representatives on Earth. We see that all of you have suffered much, but have not given up on your own inner directives. We commend you all for somehow remembering us, who are higher expressions of your SELF, in spite of the immense third dimensional campaign to force you all to live in fear and follow that which is outside of you.

YOU, our beloved volunteers who have chosen to wear an earth vessel during this time of great personal and planetary transmutation, are ALWAYS with us. We are with you and observe how even when you are tired, frightened or angry you carry on. Somehow, you have remembered to remember your SELF.

Because of your courage and tenacity, we can openly communicate with you in your NOW. We thank you for remembering your true, Multidimensional SELF and lovingly commend you on your great sacrifice and courage. Despite all barriers that you have confronted, we see that you are still able to hear our call to action!

Remember that WE are YOU, NOW!

Together we serve Gaia in Her task of planetary ascension.

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Georges Armand - Canadian Fashion painter - Tutt'Art@ (16) art

Arcturian Message ~ The Stairway of Unity Consciousness @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

suzanne lie 12.9

Arcturian Message – The Stairway of Unity Consciousness

Message from the Arcturians
The Stairway of Unity Consciousness
We are always ready to communicate, commune with you. In fact, we are constantly communing/communicating with you, as we are ONE. While wearing your physical earth vessel, you may experience that there are times that we are ONE and times that we are not. However, since we resonate beyond the frequency of time, we are always ONE with you NOW.
One of the most difficult adjustments to your fifth dimensional SELF will be the release of the illusion of time. This challenge is exceptionally difficult for our Masters in the bigger cities, which are ruled by time. On the other hand, societies who work with the land will not have that difficulty as they already live within the flow of Gaia’s NOW.
Therefore, we request that you connect deeply with Gaia. This winter the landings will begin in earnest. The landings will not be in areas, but in people. In other words, people will begin to flow more easily into the NOW.
Once in the NOW, which is a fifth dimensional and beyond, state of consciousness, you will begin to remember your galactic and celestial consciousness, and thus your galactic and celestial memories. In other words, you will begin to awaken to your true SELF.
All of you chose to send a fragment of the essence of your galactic and/or celestial consciousness, genetic coding, and thus, memory into the higher consciousness of your earth vessel. As your consciousness expands into the fifth dimension and beyond, you will increasingly remember that your galactic/celestial SELF is a higher dimensional component of your physical self.
Some of you are predominantly representing the Angelic Kingdom and others are predominantly representing the Galactic Federation. The Galactics and Celestials work as ONE within the fifth dimension and beyond. Therefore, the bonding of the earth-bound galactic and celestial representatives will greatly assist Gaia.
Once our “away team” to Earth unites with their own higher expressions of SELF, they can share the unity of that multidimensional consciousness with other grounded Celestials and Galactics. In this manner you will create a very powerful multidimensional energy field. By uniting this energy field with physical Earth, you greatly assist Gaia.

You are building your “stairway of unity consciousness” by:

• Uniting with the Core of your Galactic and/or Celestial SELF
• Remaining in constant contact with your Galactic/Celestial SELF
• Uniting those who have merged with their Galactic/Celestial SELF
• Uniting with Gaia’s planet Earth

The order of these expressions of unity is not important, as “order” is a third dimensional term. As your consciousness resonates more and more to the fifth dimension, you are finding that many physical concepts are becoming obsolete. In this manner, there is a stairway of Unity Consciousness. This stairway begins by remembering that you are a Multidimensional Being who is ready to connect with the ever-expanding expressions of your SELF.
This decision to consciously unite with your galactic and/or celestial energies, and to ground that expanded energy field in the body of Gaia is the first step towards assisting Gaia with Her ascension. Remember, whatever Gaia’s beings experience greatly affects the entire planet. Much of humanity has forgotten that Gaia is a living being who has volunteered to be the “school for ascension” for your sector of space.
Gaia, like yourselves, made promises from the higher dimensions of reality without realizing how extremely difficult it would be to carry out those promises in the lower frequencies of the physical plane. Furthermore, these promises were made long before Her planetary frequency dropped so severely after the destruction of Atlantis.
Because of Gaia’s fall into the lower third dimension, the forces of darkness could take a strong hold on Her planet. To assist dear Gaia, your galactic and celestial selves volunteered to take a form on Her body to assist in raising Her frequency.
Many of you took your first earth vessel at the fall of Atlantis, not realizing that you would need to continue re-incarnating on Her planet for the duration of her third dimensional form. Dear Brave Ones, we the Galactics, Celestials and Ascended Masters who have guided you through your many incarnations, are happy to tell you that the Clarion Call has been sounded.
The “Clarion Call” is a strongly expressed demand or request for action. In order to effectively answer this call to assist Gaia, those who can remember their Multidimensional SELF must join in peace and love. The forces of darkness have been very strong, but the “time” is NOW.
Gaia has waited long enough for those who have abused Her to find their inner Light. She can wait no longer, as it is the NOW. Within this NOW, Gaia must answer Her Clarion Call to return to the higher frequencies of Her planetary expression of SELF. The best way to assist Gaia is by uniting with the higher frequencies of your Multidimensional SELF. Then you will able to perceive Gaia’s ever-expanding higher light to join Her in the glorious NOW of planetary expression.
We must remind you, our dear ones wearing a human vessel, that you are NOT the vessel you are wearing. YOU are a magnificent multidimensional being who has volunteered to wear a vessel by implanting your consciousness into your human body. The seed of your multidimensional SELF has been lying in different stages of latency within the human form that you are wearing.
Beloved volunteers, the Clarion Call has sounded within YOU. Hence, it is the NOW for you to fully awaken to the infinite wisdom, multidimensional power and unconditional love of your true, higher dimensional SELF.

By “fully awaken” we mean that you:

1) Remember ALL of who YOU are.
2) Remember how to live in constant contact with that “YOU.”
3) Remember your many “rehearsal” lives.
4) Remember the Mission that YOU volunteered to fulfill.
5) Remember that your Mission begins NOW.

We will now speak in depth on each of the above points:
1) Remember ALL of who YOU are.
This remembrance is not as difficult as it may seem, as your inner child will be of great assistance. Therefore, go into your subconscious to connect with your inner child who still remembers many of the versions of your Multidimensional SELF. With the help of your inner child, you can remember the games you played, the thoughts you had and where your imagination took you.
This remembrance of your child self will leave a puzzle of memories that you can put together as an adult. As you follow the trail of your childhood memories, you might recall what you think of as “past lives.” These remembrances are actually parallel and/or alternate lives that are all occurring within the NOW of the ONE.
Once you can connect with these versions of your third dimensional self, they will create a stairway leading to their higher expressions of your Multidimensional SELF. You see, you have taken many lives, some of them parallel or in slightly different frequencies in which you practiced for the NOW of personal and planetary ascension.
2) Remember to BE in Constant Contact with that “YOU”
Remember that YOU are your best friend. As you listen to, visualize and imagine your realities in the higher dimensions, you will gradually begin to hear, see and/or imagine a Galactic or Celestial being of Light who is now, and always has been, with you. You can ask your child for confirmation.
Then you must release your ego and trust your imagination. Your well-trained, third-dimensional ego will likely say, “Oh, you are being conceited to think that that higher being could actually be you.” Many of our brave volunteers who entered an Earth Vessel have been convinced by the “dark ones” that they are “just humans.”
What is worse, you were trained that you are “crazy” if you believed you are a being of light who has taken on an earth vessel. Be courageous, our dear away team. Ignore the outer voices and listen to your SELF. You are a beautiful multidimensional being who has volunteered to wear an earth vessel so that you can better serve Gaia in Her time of re-birth.
3) Remember Your Many “Rehearsal” Lives
Many of you came to Earth in response to Gaia’s call for assistance. What you may not have when you volunteered to enter Gaia’s evolution is that you did so for the duration of Her process of ascension. Hence, you have lived many incarnations on the body of Gaia.
Some of these were very dark, some were lives of quiet desperation, some lives were filled with adventure, some filled with spiritual awakening and, in some of your lives, you were able to ascend back into the fifth dimensional expressions of your Multidimensional SELF. It was during your ascension lives that you learned what you would be teaching as a Multidimensional Leader, which is how to surrender into the process of ascension.
You all took many “rehearsal lives” in preparation for this NOW of planetary ascension. Many of you are very impatient in your current life to “get on with the ascension.” Once you remember your rehearsal lives, the impatience of waiting one lifetime will be small compared to the many lives you have already spent in service to dear Gaia.
4) Remember the Mission that YOU volunteered to fulfill
Owning that YOU are your true SELF is the key to unlock the door to remembering your mission. Again, you will put together the puzzle of all the things you like to read, to watch and do. When you allow your self to remember that your “imagination” is actually fifth dimensional thought, you can consciously listen and watch what you like to “imagine” you are doing.
This kind of imagination is a rehearsal of who you will actually BE and what you will actually DO. Hence, this “imagination” builds your confidence and empowers your mind. You will know when it is your NOW because you will find yourself actually doing and manifesting that which you once “only imagined”.
Your imagination is how the creative right hemisphere of your brain communicates with the analytical left hemisphere of your brain. Your right brain carries the “blueprint” of your mission, and your left brain materializes that plan in your physical world.
It is important that both of the hemispheres of your 3D brain are in alignment with each other and with your multidimensional mind. We will take you through that process of alignment within your NOW.
5) Remember that your Mission begins NOW
When you unite more and more with your higher expressions of SELF, time will become increasingly confusing as you will begin to live in the NOW. Once you live within the NOW you will remember that your mission begins NOW. You will remember that time and space are only illusions of the third/fourth dimension.
In your higher dimensional expressions of SELF, you live within the HERE of the NOW as you experience flowing within a vast sea of possible realties. When you wish to participate in a given reality, you choose to attend to it and decree with your thoughts, “I choose to participate in this reality.”
You will then extend your unconditional love into that reality to participate in that reality until you feel complete with that experience. Within that NOW you will withdraw your attention and send another gift of unconditional love, as you release all attachment to your involvement with that reality.
Even though you appear to be wearing a third dimensional earth vessel, your SELF has chosen the circumstances of your life within this NOW. This important lifetime is tailor-made so that you can remember that:
You are the creator of your reality.
Which reality do you choose to create?
What reality are you creating NOW?
 If you wish to remain in your present expression of reality, send it unconditional love and thanksgiving. Unconditional love will align you with the highest frequency of any reality in which you are engaging. Also, thanksgiving for the substance at hand will duplicate the substance indefinitely.
On the other hand, if you find yourself confronting or living a reality that you do NOT wish to experience, merely say, “I refuse to participate in that reality!” Then withdraw your attention from it as you say, “Blessings BE!” Blessings BE means, “There are blessings to be experienced should you decide to accept them.” In this manner, you are not abandoning a situation. Instead, you are giving the persons in that reality the key to resolving whatever they are ready to release.
Just as your Multidimensional SELF allows you to resolve your own issues when you need to, you will allow others to go through their own process of discovery without emotion or judgment. Also, what may appear to you to be a grave mistake may be the only way in which that person will go inside to find his or her own Multidimensional SELF.
Our dear ascending ones, we see the strength inside of you that you may have forgotten. Turn around inside your mind to see the magnificent YOU that lives inside your earth vessel. YOU are your Multidimensional SELF.
YOU are the Stairway of Unity Consciousness!
An Invitation
I wanted to extend a personal invitation to you to join my Multidimensional Leadership Classes.
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Either way,
Blessings on your journey
Sue Lie
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Awakening with Suzanne Lie ~ Arcturians on Multidimensional Thinking

Corinne REIGNIER 502

ART : Corinne Reignier


Arcturians on Multidimensional Thinking


Arcturians Continue with Multidimensional Leadership

Multidimensional Thinking

Our Dear Ascending Ones,

We the Arcturians realize that many of you are having difficulty with your third-dimensional memory. We realize that the constant stress of an ever-changing world can interfere with your memory, but you have all had more stress in the past without your present loss of short-term memory. Likely you have realized that you usually forget 3D details about times or dates.

What is Multidimensional Thinking?

It may appear to many of you, the ascending ones, that there is an ever-increasing amount of information about your mundane life that seems unavailable to your daily thinking. You are experiencing this challenge because you are in the process of uploading all your third and fourth dimensional thinking into your multidimensional thinking. “What is multidimensional thinking?” you ask.

Multidimensional thinking is the ability to be aware of more than one version of your Multidimensional SELF while you are in the process of your daily, physical life. You are already accustomed to multi-tasking in your 3D life. For example, you can be sitting at your desk while you pay your bills, think about what you want to buy at the grocery store, remember that your child needs to complete a certain assignment at a certain time, your lawn needs to be watered and, oh yes, you forgot to call your friend.

All of these different thoughts flow in and out of your mind so quickly that they seem almost to be one thought. With multidimensional thinking, your thoughts are not limited to just your physical life. You may be taking a walk, thinking about the dream you had last night and observing the clouds in the sky wondering if one of them is disguising a starship.

Your mind then remembers the “dream” in which you are in a huge room with many unfamiliar people listening to even more unusual being talking. Then a nearby car screeches on its breaks, and you jump back into your physical reality. Because you are accustomed to screeching breaks as a warning, you return to your physical perceptions and totally forget the brief moment of your multidimensional memories.

Physical warning sounds are very common. Even when children are too quiet you know you must check on them. Hence, whenever you get a warning sound, or warning quiet, your attention leaves your multidimensional thinking so that you can focus on your physical world. That moment of multidimensional thinking is often forgotten because some level of fear has entered your consciousness. Once your consciousness drops back into “only the physical world,” your brief encounter with multidimensional thinking is lost.

Fortunately, once you include a possible message from your Higher Self, something that occurred in your morning meditation, or your longing to remember something that you can’t quite put your finger on, you gradually accelerate your brain into the higher brainwaves of your multidimensional thinking. In this manner, you are moving into and out of multidimensional thinking.

When you are calm and peaceful, your consciousness expands into higher brainwaves. Then you multidimensional thinking becomes engaged, and you begin to ponder your higher worlds. Suddenly, a third dimensional warning enters your thinking, such as looking at the clock to realize that you need to attend some physical activity, and your consciousness drops back to the lower brainwaves of your 3D life.

Making Multidimensional Thinking Normal

A major component of returning to your full multidimensional awareness is to make your multidimensional thinking as “normal” as your 3D thinking. For example, if you routinely survey the skies for a spaceship, write down your dreams when you wake up and/or listen for the inner guidance of your higher dimensional SELF, multidimensional thinking becomes as common as your third dimensional thinking.

Just as you ear is tuned to hear your children calling, your boss’s request, or the sound of birds, you ear attunes to what you have determined as “important messages” from the higher dimensions. Unfortunately, your third dimensional brain and consciousness has a limitation as to how much information can be consciously recognized.

While you are attending to your third dimensional responsibilities, you are calibrated to first receive physical information and store your higher dimensional thinking for a later time. Interestingly, it is only when your leave time that your consciousness expands into your fifth dimensional consciousness. Once your consciousness expands to that frequency, you can “read the files” that you have stored in your invisible “multidimensional mind.”

Just as you can only read your Internet when you are “online” with your computer, you can only “read” your multidimensional mind when you are “online” with your multidimensional thinking. Once you are logged into your Multidimensional SELF you can you recall what your inner voice has told you. You may also remember the waves of almost invisible light that quickly passed by the corner of your eye, or the important dream that was actually an alternate reality.

If you read the newspaper every morning, you calibrate your perceptions and thinking to the 3D. On the other hand if you meditate every morning, write down your dreams or imagine that your Higher SELF is near you, you calibrate your thinking and perceptions to the fourth dimension and beyond.

Of course, you do not need to read the paper every day to keep up on the news, nor do you need to meditate every day to keep up with your SELF. But, the habits that you establish in your life determine what is “normal” and what is “unique.”

Thus, if you think only of what is occurring in your physical life, it is abnormal to think about your inner self. On the other hand, once you begin to attend to your inner feelings, the fleeting perceptions and inner message from your multidimensional world, the higher dimensions become normal.

In other words, normal is what ever you carry in your mind on a regular basis. And, what you think about your bring about. Thus, if you only think about what your read in the newspaper, the chores you have for the day, what bills must be paid and what your family or work needs you to do, you have limited your self to only third dimensional thinking.

Because you are wearing an earth vessel and live in a third dimensional reality, third dimensional thinking is necessary. On the other hand, when you also ponder your fourth dimensional dreams and creative ventures, listen for your inner guidance and remember to connect with your higher expressions SELF while you go about your mundane life, you are thinking multidimensionally.

States of Consciousness

Multidimensional thinking in not limited hearing or reading words, as it is a form of “light language.” Light language is relayed and understood via emotions, imagination, tactile sensations, sounds and colors that suddenly enter your consciousness. By attending to these “light messages,” you expand your third dimensional thinking into multidimensional thinking.

It is important that you realize that:

  • Your conscious thinking dictates your state of consciousness.
  • Your state of consciousness dictates your conscious perception.
  • The perceptions to which you consciously attend dictate your vision of life.

In the same manner, your emotions affect your state of consciousness.

  • If you feel in a “bad mood” you see what is wrong with your life and your consciousness lowers to third dimensional thinking.
  •      When you feel in a “good mood”, you see what is right with your life and your consciousness expands into multidimensional thinking.

A bad mood is usually because fear has invaded your thinking. Because of this lower frequency of thinking, you primarily attend to the “I should” and “I have to” areas of your third dimensional life.

A good mood is usually because your consciousness has been able to focus on love, especially unconditional love. Than your thinking becomes calibrated to a higher state of consciousness in which you can remember to attend to your innate connection with your Multidimensional SELF.


Your brainwaves determine your state of consciousness.

Your state of consciousness determines your thinking.

Your thinking determines the frequency of your perceptions.

Your Multidimensional SELF is in constant connection with all of your brainwaves, states of consciousness, within the NOW of the ONE. However, you physical self can become limited to only one state of consciousness at a “time.”

  • Your beta brainwaves are aligned with the perceptions of your third dimensional state of consciousness, thinking and perceptions.
  • Your alpha brainwaves are aligned your fourth dimensional state of consciousness, your creative thinking and perceptions of your upper-third and fourth dimensional life.
  • Your theta brainwaves are aligned with your higher fourth and lower fifth dimensional states of consciousness, spiritual and shamanistic thinking, and the beginnings of conscious perceptions and recognition of your multidimensional expressions of SELF.
  • Your delta brainwaves are aligned with the consciousness of your fifth dimensional Lightbody SELF, as well as multidimensional thoughts and perceptions that resonate to the NOW of the ONE.

Your brainwaves are much like your “mental muscles.” The more you activate them, the stronger they become. If you do not use them, they become weaker. In other words, when you consciously attune to a higher brainwave, and the resulting state of consciousness, a portal between your physical brain and your Multidimensional Mind is opened.

Every “time” you travel this portal between your multidimensional mind and your physical brain, the portal/neural pathway becomes increasingly activated. This activation is much like the activation of new neural pathways that are created when you learn a new task. Whenever you engage in that task, or state of consciousness, the neural pathway, portal, expands from a “small dirt road” into a “bigger street,” until it becomes a “freeway.”

Thus, the more you consciously activate a higher state of consciousness, the more you can integrate those brainwaves into your daily life. Conversely, when you chose not to attune to your higher brainwaves, it is more difficult to integrate those higher states of consciousness into your daily life. Then, you will think of, perceive, and live within the physical world with little awareness of your innate, Multidimensional SELF.

Different brainwaves and states of consciousness also determine what you emotionally feel about your life, as well as how you emotionally interact, react and/or respond to your daily life.

  • Beta brainwaves and states of consciousness are a call to duty, and often result in stress, anxiety or depression.
  •        Alpha brainwaves and states of consciousness feel creative, fun, and more joyful.
  •        Theta brainwaves and states of consciousness feel deeply reflective and spiritual.
  • Delta brainwaves and states of consciousness are very “other worldly.” Thus, they are difficult to access while you are awake to your physical world.

Just as your brainwaves and resulting states of consciousness affect your emotions, your emotions affect your brainwaves/states of consciousness.

  •      Fear instantly lowers your consciousness into Beta brainwaves of your immediate third dimensionally tasks, duties, dangers and responsibilities.
  •       Happiness raises your consciousness into the fourth dimension in which your creativity is activated.
  • Joy expands your consciousness into your fifth-dimensional desire to merge with your Multidimensional SELF.
  •       Unconditional love is the ticket to your inter-dimensional travels.
  •      Surrender, which is the release of all reactive emotions, connects you with the myriad expressions of your Multidimensional SELF.

It is through the sensations of joy, unconditional love and surrender that you begin to experience your Multidimensional SELF in your daily life. Gradually, you will hear the constant assistance that your SELF offers in every moment of the NOW. Eventually, you will know that you are being guided.

As you allow this guidance into your daily life it becomes increasingly consciousness and you realize that you are never alone. You then KNOW that you are ALWAYS guided, instructed, comforted and protected. You become aware that you can put in a call for assistance for any area of your life.

However, just as you need to turn on your phone or computer to get information, you must “turn on” your higher consciousness to receive higher dimensional messages. It is important to document these messages in some manner, as it may be difficult to remember them when your return to your 3D consciousness. With practice, you will learn/remember how to channel your higher messages through writing or via your own voice.

Through the act of channeling your Higher SELF, your perspective moves from “being lost in third-dimensional lies and illusions” to “floating above the cares of mundane life while you visit with your higher expression of SELF.” Then the “YOU” that resonates to a higher frequency can comfort and guide the “you” who is wearing an earth vessel during these challenging times of personal and planetary ascension.

Your Higher Self will assist you to remember that:

First you ascend your consciousness

Then you ascend your thoughts and emotions

This allows you to ascend your ideas and actions

Which will lead to more multidimensional perceptions and experiences

That will reveal your personal and planetary Lightbody

We know that many of you became greatly disappointed that Earth did not suddenly become fifth dimensional during the many predicted moments of time. However, ascension is not associated with time. Ascension is the act of leaving time.

Also, if the planet were to suddenly ascend into the fifth dimension in any of the humanly assigned “times,” the physical planet would have become instantly uninhabitable to all third dimensional form and the greater majority of Gaia’s inhabitants would be destroyed.

Gaia is a loving Mother Earth. Rather than to “pulling the rug out from under” so many of the wonderful life forms that have lived on, in and over her planetary body, she has decided to continue with the suffering that She endures every day at the hands of the dark members of humanity.

Therefore, when you become impatient and ask, “When will we finally ascend?” We, the higher expressions of your own Multidimensional SELF, answer, “What have you done today for planetary ascension?”

We have seen that those who remember that they volunteered to take an earth vessel to assist dear Gaia with Her ascension do NOT ask, “When will it happen?” Instead, they ask, “What can I do to help?”

It is this question that makes them a Multidimensional Leader.

We are the ONES we are waiting for!



Offered by Suzanne Lie PhD, as guided by the Arcturians


What is Multidimensional Leadership?

Each module will have four classes to be offered one module at a time.

The classes in the first course are:

  • CLASS 1 – Understanding your Multidimensional SELF

September 26, 2014 11:00am to 1:00pm Pacific Standard Time

  • CLASS 2 – Regaining your Multidimensional Consciousness

September 27, 2014 11:00am to 1:00pm Pacific Standard Time

During 2 weeks after Classes 1 and 2:

Personal email or 15 minute conversations for each person

Followed by a group workshop for Classes I and 2

  • CLASS 3 – Remembering Multidimensional Communications

October 10, 2014 11:00am to 1:00pm Pacific Standard Time

  • CLASS 4 – Learning to Channel your own Higher SELF

October 11, 2014 11:00am to 1:00pm Pacific Standard Time

During the 2 week after Classes 3 and 4:

Personal email or 15 minute conversation

Followed by a group workshop for Classes 3 and 4

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