What Does Ascension Mean? Awakening with Suzanne Lie


Thursday, August 4, 2016

What Does Ascension Mean? The Arcturians through Sue Lie


What Does Ascension Mean?

By The Arcturians

Seeing the Unseen

Hearing the Unheard

Feeling the Invisible

Ascension is not an action. Ascension is a “state of mind” and “frequency of heart.” The state of mind of ascension is the flow of balancing polarities in your thinking to find the middle road. The frequency of heart is the constant focusing, and re-focusing, of your emotions on unconditional love.

Ascension is the process of returning to the YOU that you were before you began your process of being a third/fourth dimensional human. Your higher dimensional expressions are constantly with you to assist you to remember your true SELF during your present incarnation on a greatly changing Earth.

Once you remember at least one of the higher expressions of your Multidimensional SELF, you have begun your process of restoring the multidimensional consciousness that is innate to your Higher SELF.

With an ongoing connection of your Higher SELF shining inter-dimensional Light and Unconditional Love into your heart and mind, your ascension process is activated while you walk the Path of a planet in huge transmutation.

As you expand your consciousness beyond your third/fourth dimensional reality and into your fifth dimensional reality, you will remember how to:

SEE what was once UNSEEN,

HEAR what was once UNHEARD and

FEEL that which was once INVISIBLE.

In other words, as you expand your consciousness into the higher dimensional NOW, your perceptions will also expand. Then you will SEE with your higher dimensional Clairvoyance, HEAR with your higher dimensional Clairaudience and SENSE the higher dimensions with your Clairsentience.

At first, it may be difficult to perceive a reality that many cannot even imagine, but that is exactly why you took this incarnation. You chose to take this incarnation to be amongst the first to see the unseen, hear the unheard, and feel the invisible.

To walk this Path it is important that you completely trust your Higher Dimensional SELF. People who are around you may not perceive what you are experiencing because their perceptions are not yet calibrated to the operating system of fifth dimensional NOW.

While they are still calibrated to the third/fourth dimensional operating system, everything is ruled by time. Therefore, they are waiting for, working toward and wanting some ‘thing’ to happen in the future.

However, the future is not within the NOW of the fifth dimension. Hence, the third-dimensional search for what you “want” needs to be replaced with the fifth dimensional knowing of “who” you are.

That future is greatly influenced by the past, as they are both bound by time. While your consciousness is limited to your third dimensional perceptions, your past often rules your present to such a degree that it is difficult to create a “better” future.

Third/fourth dimensional thinking is so bound by time that it constantly perceives reality as how it “WAS before” or how you hope it “WILL be” in the future. But, YOU are NOT in the past or the future! Therefore it is often difficult for you to alter your PAST, to change your FUTURE.

You have been taught to “learn more” so that you can “get ready” for something that “will” be coming when the time is right. But, what if that something is right NOW?

Your third dimensional operating system is focused on what you can perceive via the vision, hearing, and feelings of your third dimensional earth vessel. Therefore, your third dimensional perceptions are unaccustomed to seeing, hearing, and/or feeling what you perceive as occurring in the “now.”

But, as you progress into what you would think of as your future, that “present” soon becomes your “past.” These perceptions of the past can, and often do, influence your future perceptions.

The third-dimensional tangled web of Past, Present and Future, is NOW being augmented by your fourth dimensional dreams and meditations. The fourth dimension is still ruled by time, but that time runs much faster than third dimensional time.

For example, you can have a dream or a meditation that appears to take a very long time, but when you return to your third dimensional awareness you may find that very little time has passed, or that more time has passed that you thought.

What if the event that you thought you missed, or are preparing for in the future, was actually occurring NOW?

Just because you do not see something with your physical eyes, hear it with your physical ears, or feel it with your physical body, does not mean that is not right before you, but in a higher frequency of resonance.

Have you ever heard an insect fly past you so fast that you could hear it, but not see it? When your eyes are closed you cannot see who is standing right in front of you. However, you could learn how to use your other senses of smell, hearing, and instinct to recognize that some one is there with you.

If you were deaf, you would learn how to read lips, feel physical movement with your body and be able to recognize the emotions of verbal messages by the looks on their face and the movement of their body.

Do you see how adaptable you are if you do not have a choice? Right NOW, you still have a choice to only perceive reality via your third/fourth dimensional state of mind, vision, hearing and bodily sensations.

Or you can choose to start re-defining your concept of reality.

For many humans, reality has meant “that which is real in your third dimensional world.” Even your dreams and aspirations are not real, but maybe you can manifest them in the physical future.

What if the great idea you are wishing you could manifest has come into your awareness because it ALREADY exists within the NOW of the fifth dimension?

You are standing at the edge of a new way of thinking, feeling, understanding, and living. Because it is so different from what you have known as “reality,” you may not even realize that life has changed.

  • What if your reality were to suddenly change? Would you be happy, afraid, angry, or sad?
  • You have wanted “others” to change your world, so what if “they” did change it?
  • But, who are “they,” and does that “they” include “you?”
  • What if the invisible line between “they” and “you” disappeared and everyone was ONE?
  • If you were all ONE, does that mean that you would take care of, love, support, and listen to every ONE the way you do with your self?
  • Since many of you do NOT fully love, support and/or listen to your self, would everything stay the same?
  • What if you are already connected into ONE, but are playing out the old rules of a reality that shifted into the next dimension when you were not looking?

So many questions with no answers! You, as third dimensional humans, have had many incarnations in which your multidimensional Soul was so surrounded by your physical vessel, that you forgot that you had a Soul.

  • Your Soul resides within the higher frequencies of reality, or does it?
  • Has your Soul been above you, within you, around you?

These questions were asked while in a third dimensional state of consciousness which is ruled by time, separation, limitation, competition, failure and success. All of these concepts were separate from each other and seemingly separate from your third dimensional awareness.

What if there was NO separation? What there was no “separation” between your thoughts and your emotions, between others thoughts and emotions and your thoughts and emotions? What if there was no separation in-between what we have determined as you and I?

In a fifth dimensional reality, separation and individuality no longer exist in the same manner as in the third dimension. In fact, even fourth dimensional realities have overlapping auras. Therefore, everyone in the fourth dimensional Astral Plane, except for those still lost to the Lower Astral Plane, have overlapping auras.

In the fifth dimension, everyone’s state of consciousness is clear to all, as are their thoughts and emotions. There is a merging of auras, consciousness, thoughts, and emotions. There is NO concept of “possession” because everyone shares. There is NO war because everyone communicates with love and acceptance.

How does one enter this wonderful dimension? Where is it and how do you get there?

The answer is that you are already there because you are multidimensional. Therefore, you do not have to become fifth dimensional, as you already are. You do not have to go to the fifth dimension, as you are already there. In fact, you are already in many dimensions within the higher dimensional realities of the timeless NOW of the ONE.

Yes, it sounds simple. Just release all the versions of the third/fourth dimensional self and embrace your fifth dimension SELF. However, it is not that simple. In all of your incarnations, having a third dimensional body meant that you were “alive.”

Therefore, if you left your third dimensional body, that ‘you’ would be what was known as “dead.” However, “dead” is a third dimensional term. Actually, if you were to “die” to the third dimensional container for your SELF, you transmute into the fourth dimensional container for your SELF.

“Transmuted” means that you shifted into a higher frequency of reality. After you transmute into being fourth dimensional, you can decide if you wish to go back to the third dimension to learn a few more things, or advance into the higher octaves of the fourth dimension and eventually return to your fifth dimensional self.

This is where you need to remember that you never left the fifth dimension or the fourth dimension. The concept of separation is a component of third dimensional thinking and does not exist in the higher levels of the fourth dimension and beyond. Hence, your thinking needs to take the leap to allow yourself to trust your self enough to:

SEE the unseen,

HEAR the unheard and

FEEL the invisible.

You can remember this innate ability by expanding your “sense of self” beyond the third dimensional concepts of separation and limitation. Then, you can better allow your fourth dimensional dreams and creative ideas to be as REAL as the car you are driving and the home in which you live.

It may be difficult for you to believe what you cannot perceive. However, if your perceptions are limited to time and space, you can only believe that the third and fourth dimensions are real.

Therefore, it is helpful to remember how to expand your consciousness into the fourth, and even the fifth dimensions, while you are still wearing your earth vessel. This expansion of consciousness has been studied for many of your incarnations.

Hence, if you can trust your inner guidance, you will be able to remember, return to, and even expand your ability to extend your consciousness beyond the limitations of your third dimensional body and your fourth dimensional aura.

Once you expand your “sense of self” to include your fourth dimensional astral body, communications with your fifth dimensional SELF will gradually become normal. As communications with your fifth dimensional, and beyond, SELF become a component of your daily life your consciousness will increasingly resonate to the frequency of the fifth dimension.

Since the frequency of your consciousness directs the frequency of your perceptions, your higher dimensional perceptions will continually assist you to allow your consciousness to expand your sense of self and vision of reality to encompass your fifth dimensional expressions of your Multidimensional SELF.

Therefore, it is important that you find your “multidimensional core” and remain connected to your Higher SELF. Your “multidimensional core” surrounds the Kundalini force within the core of your physical spine, as well as your fifth dimensional Lightbody that is awaiting your “return to SELF.”

As you meditate on the base of your Core and allow the “sleeping serpent” of your kundalini to awaken and rise up your spine, you begin your process of return to your fifth dimensional Lightbody.

Just as your third/fourth dimensional self is contained by your physical, earth vessel, your fifth dimensional Lightbody SELF is contained within the Force of Kundalini that awaits its awakening in the base of your spine.

In this manner, as your consciousness returns to its innate fifth dimension and beyond “Inner SELF,” you will quickly or slowly, create a new body to contain your higher dimensional expressions of Self.

Many Masters, as you would be a Master of Energy, maintain a version of their physical self in case they wish to communicate with those still wearing earth vessels on third dimensional Gaia.

As your multidimensional core is activated, your sense of self and experience of reality will transmute into the next octave of the fifth dimension and beyond. This transmutation will fully connect you with your true SELF as you walk the Path that you chose before you took this incarnation.

As you “walk this Path of Ascension” you will expand your perceptual field beyond the limitations of the third/fourth dimensional reality to encompass the incoming fifth dimensional reality to:

SEE what was once unseen

HEAR what was once unheard and

FEEL what was once unfelt

Most important, you will share your expanded perception with others to assist with the joint process of Personal and Planetary Ascension.


We are the Arcturians

Ascension, the Reval, and Us – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

art BY etheral art title celestial ascension art print

Etheral Art – Celestial Ascension Print


Ascension, the Reval, and Us

Ascension 3658http://inteldinarchronicles.  blogspot.ca/2016/08/steve-beckow-ascension-reval-and-us.html

I’m writing this synopsis of what we know about ascension and how the Reval fits into it for the specific use and guidance of currency holders.

We need to begin by setting the context.  The context in which most of us have been operating for the last few centuries has been called empirical materialism.

Basically it holds that only what is seen, heard, touched, felt, and in other ways physically known is real.

But that leaves out most of the big players in the Reval, such as Archangel Michael, St. Germaine, Kwan Yin, the galactics, etc. It leaves out life after death, dimensionality, the soul, God … everything that makes life worth living.

The cabal reinforcing empirical materialism through the use of ridicule and ostracism is perhaps the most obvious way in which we’ve been dumbed down.

The “guys in the rafters,” as Poof used to call them, occupy “spiritual realms” of varying dimensions – and beyond dimensions in the case of archangels. They’re “the unseens,” as they call themselves.

They work with the Divine Mother to orchestrate the Reval, the Disclosure of our star brothers and sisters, and ascension.

Who is the Divine Mother, pray tell? Christians call the Divine Mother the Holy Spirit; Hindus Shakti, Aum, and Prakriti (Latin: Procreatrix).

The Divine Mother is God in its aspect as Creator, Preserver and Transformer of the world.

The Divine Mother is all sound, movement, light, etc. The Heavenly Father in contrast is stillness and silence.  Both are completely love. We can only know and speak to the Divine Mother. The Father is a transcendent Void and does not speak.

This world that the Mother created was designed to go through cycles or ages. We’ve just left the Dark Age or Kali Yuga and entered the Golden Age or Sat Yuga.

The energy hitting the planet right now is causing an elevation in everyone’s frequency. When that elevation reaches a certain point, everyone willing and able will go through a consciousness shift. That’s what we call ascension.

The consciousness shift itself is known to Earth’s terrestrial sages who call it “Sahaja Samadhi.” “Sahaja” means “natural state.” “Samadhi” means a trancelike condition. Sahaja brings liberation from physical birth and death (mukti); so does ascension.

If you wish to see a person in the state we’ll be in, read anything by Sri Ramana Maharshi. Ramana had Sahaja.

To ascend in previous times, as Jesus did for example, was an individual affair and meant leaving the physical body. We are the first generation, anywhere, to ascend en masse and retain the physical body.

We re-attain our natural state after years living “separated” from it in this Third-Dimensional world where we’ve centered our consciousness until now.

Ascension is both gradual and sudden. The human body could not endure adjustment to the amount of energy required to cause ascension if we received that energy all at once. So we’ve been bathed in tsunamis of love for the past several years, to gradually bring us to the point where our bodies can survive the “shock” of ascension.

There are also times when we make a sudden jump together, times of what Archangel Michael has called “ignition.” Ostensibly we arrive at the end of our journey in the Fifth Dimension but in actuality the journey is virtually endless.

Where does the Reval fit into this majestic plan?

The Reval is a transitional device. It’s intended to “hydrate” society during the period between “now” and the arrival of NESARA (National Economic Security and Reformation Act). This paper would be too long if I discussed NESARA as well. Perhaps read about it here: “NESARA or the Abundance Program” at http://goldenageofgaia.com/financial-wayshowing-reval/

Suffice it to say that NESARA is a comprehensive program that sees to the needs of all citizens, mandates clean government, and eliminates all agencies, laws, and structures that kept the people on a prison planet.

In the period between now and NESARA, what we call “lightworkers,” which are those folks who chose to incarnate at this time to help with ascension, have been given the privilege of receiving remarkable amounts of money and using it for the benefit and wellbeing of humanity.

We could have gone directly to NESARA, but isn’t it a wonderful learning experience for lightworkers, who often have had little in their lifetimes, to suddenly be given the opportunity to take the lead in showing generosity and rebuilding the planet?

And does it not give rise to a group of terrestrial leaders who can treat later with our star brothers and sisters when they decide to uncloak their millions of invisible spaceships and make their benevolent presence known?

Lightworkers are taking the lead in building a New Earth, Nova Earth.  It’s up to us to hold some of our Reval earnings back for ourselves, hold some in reserve as a contingency and tax-payment fund, and then hydrate society with the rest.

After the Reval, I’ll be calling for a conference of lightworkers who’ve taken part to discuss and commit to largescale programs to end hunger, poverty, homelessness, disease, etc., on the planet.

No, I don’t want or plan to benefit from any of this. I’m already a currency holder and have no need to benefit.  Moreover, I’m a monk by proclivity and have no purchases I want to make. I’m in this for the benefit of humanity.

Now back to ascension. Surely you‘ve felt yourself feeling happier and happier as the vibrations rise in frequency. Or you’ve found yourself suddenly gripped by strong issues, as the energies release all that cannot go with us. All these and more are ascension symptoms.

At some point we’ll go through steps in which our vibrations collectively will rise. When we enter the higher dimension we’re headed for (the Fifth), we’ll experience continual bliss, transformative love, a radical increase in knowledge, the end of disease, etc.

I’ve experienced longish periods of transformative love and bliss in the past year and a half and I can tell you nothing compares to them and, while in them, one wants nothing else and nothing more.

So I’ve had a glimpse of those levels of higher consciousness. Once one has tasted them, one works for nothing else thereafter.

To ascend, one must have (A) chosen to ascend and (B) assimilated enough light to induce the change in body from carbon-based to crystalline-based, allowing one to endure the higher-frequency environment.

That sounds like a lot but anyone who is simply a decent person will have assimilated that level of light and the choice to ascend is made more often at soul level than at the level of everyday consciousness. By the Law of Freewill, no one will be forced to ascend: hence the need to choose.

Even if you’re hearing about ascension for the first time, chances are, if you’re reading this, you chose to ascend before entering the body this lifetime.

Relaxing on the matter serves two purposes. It helps you get through the wait. And it raises your vibrations and helps the ascension process.

A great deal more about ascension can be read here: “The Plan and Process of Ascension” at http://goldengaiadb.com/The_Plan_and_Process_of_Ascension

We have nothing but wonderful events awaiting us, as soon as we get through this time of chaos brought on by the rising vibrations. It’s the “storm before the calm,” as Matthew Ward tells us. (1)


(1)   “Sweeping clean national governments and tyrannical regimes is not easy or quick, and the turmoil you are seeing—if we may twist your phrase—is the storm before the calm.” (Matthew’s Message, Aug. 15, 2015, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2015/08/18/matthews-message-via-suzy-ward-august-17-2015/)

All these events and more are covered in the First Contact database: http://goldengaiadb.com/First_Contact


art BY etheral art title celestial ascension art print

Etheral Art – Celestial Ascension Print

Ascension, the Reval, and Us

Archangel Michael Clarifies Ascension – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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Art : Kundalini Spirit


Archangel Michael Clarifies Ascension

Michael 23Today’s Hour with an Angel program arose out of this clarifying discussion that Archangel Michael and I had, through Linda, in my last reading, July 22, 2016. 

Here, he recognizes that lightworkers are tired and that many might transition simply to escape the seemingly-endess wait.

Thanks to Dana for our transcript. Used with permission.

Steve Beckow: I’m a little confused about Ascension, getting more confused as we go along.

Archangel Michael: Good!

Steve: I get that it’s gradual and then there’s a sudden snap or many snaps. For instance, Brahmajnana (1) could be considered a snap. But before, the way I saw it was that we simply would move forward in a gradual way and then experience Sahaja Samadhi and it’s over. We’re ascended.

AAM: No.

Steve: But now we’ll go through Brahmajnana in 2017 and I take it we’re still not ascended? So, I realize I don’t really understand what we’re looking towards in the way of ascension.

AAM: Think of it in this way. You have experienced progressively, periods of unity, of transformative love, of ecstasy, of bliss that you feel (and I emphasize feel) comes and goes.

But every time, you have had this experience it has edged you up a level. So that now you say to me, “Michael, I feel that I have a new baseline. I have a new foundation of happiness.”

But you also have a new foundation of knowingness, of understanding, of wisdom, of humility, of tolerance, of kindness. This has all been bringing you to an expanded sense of self and an expanded sense of not only how we operate but how the collective operates.

It has become clearer in a nonjudgmental way how things are unfolding and, dear heart, they are unfolding. You are seeing for example with your experience with your friend, that situations have need to be brought to the surface and clarified, not even in a way of general mayhem such as the wars or the atrocities that are taking place but in ways that are very personal.

So you are seeing what is the residual for humanity to collectively take that, not only that progressive step, but the snap. Think of every time you especially enter the transformative love, that is a snap. It is not the full dramatic snap, but it is a snap. Each time you are progressing up what you can think of as a level.

Think of [entering into] your love as flying back and forth through the portal. Now sometimes you’re aware and sometimes you’re asleep and sometimes you’re off with me. That is what you are doing and that is what humanity is doing.

It is taking longer because you’re still collectively trying to do it as one. Now that time of potential separation is very close. That is why we are speaking to all of you with perhaps a greater urgency than you’ve heard and felt before.

Steve: What exactly do you mean by time of separation, Lord? It has been discussed.  SaLuSa discussed it years ago.

AAM: When you made the collective decision to ascend as one it was spiritually a very mature and evolved decision. You have witnessed individually and collectively, how many have reneged on that promise, that decision.

That does not mean – yes, in an infinite and eternal existence of the Mother – that she will wait forever because this is the unfoldment of her Plan. This is what the penetration with all of our forces into each and every one of you is about.

There will be those who choose to leave, to abandon their physical form, rather than ascend in physical form.

Steve: That is what you mean by separation – leave?

AAM: That is what I mean and I do not mean being spun off into an alternate world or Earth or Gaia or planet. I mean simply, abandoning the body, dying, and leaving and coming home. There is no penalty or shame or guilt. It is simply a decision.

But it is not the desire of the Mother that this simply continue because what she also sees (what we all see) and what you’ve repeatedly said to us, even though we operate often in terms of eons rather than years, many of you are tired.

Steve: Uh-Huh.

AAM: So we do not wish for those who have been stalwart and continue and practice fortitude and persistence along with love to reach the point where they abandon their bodies. And you are seeing that in many.

Steve: I can think of one person in particular that seems to be thinking of abandoning their body, so yes.

AAM: When it comes to a decision point of whether the recalcitrants remain or whether those who are determined to fulfil the Mother’s dream remain, make no mistake about it. Those who have been in the truth of their heart and service will be victorious. I cannot be clearer than that.

Steve: Coming back to what you said about “ascend as one,” my own understanding of “ascend as one” is the Mother claps her hands and we all ascend as one. But you’re saying that is not the way it’s going to be.

AAM: No, that is not true. Let us be clear about this. Think of it that you have all been training for the marathon, training for the pole vault. So you have all been practising, practising, gaining strength, raising up the level of your energy fields but there will come a time when it is the final pole vault jump. And you will all be on the field together and jumping as one.

Steve: OK. You said that some have reneged and implied that some are not following the program, the Plan so to speak, the Divine Plan. What did you mean? Are you referring to the various chaotic episodes that are happening in the world?

AAM: You are seeing many leaving and that is not necessarily those who have agreed to depart because they are too tired or they are part of the chaos. There have been agreements, soul agreements to act as the catalyst for people to wake up.

Steve: I wouldn’t mind pursuing this in a future program and trying to get our understanding of ascension as …

AAM: I would be pleased to do so.

Steve: What about next time? That definitely works for me. I think everything I wanted clarified has been clarified and I feel much more relaxed having talked to you about what we talked about today, Lord.

AAM: Then let me fill you with peace.

Steve: Fill me with bliss, peace, joy … I’m ready!

AAM: Yes, you are.

Steve: Maybe that’s what I need to say to you. Is it bad to say, “Speed me along?”

AAM: No, it is not bad. It is simply a declaration of excitement, of willingness, of preparedness. I will speed you along, my friend!

Steve: Thank you and tell the Galactics that their red light has also woke me up every day and I very much appreciate it!

AAM: They are saying hello!

Steve: It’s a wonderful pick me up in the day so thank you for that.

AAM: You are welcome and go with my love, farewell.


(1) Brahmajnana or God-Realization occurs when the kundalini reaches the seventh or crown chakra. It’s the first experience of transcendence. It results in a temporary heart opening. Sahaja Samadhi sees the kundalini return to the heart (not the heart chakra) and results in a permanent heart opening. Sahaja, not Brahmajnana, is moksha, or liberation from the need to be reborn into a physical body. After that, we change our form by our own effort.


art kundalini spirit

Art : Kundalini Spirit

Archangel Michael Clarifies Ascension

Gradually Ascending – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

buddhas blue

unknown artist


Gradually Ascending

 Again, this is part of my ascension ethnography.

I’ve talked about the breakthroughs. But there are also bothersome conditions and embarrassing situations.

For instance, I’ve lost my memory. About as totally as I can imagine and still be functioning.

I guess I mean a certain kind of memory because I can still write. It’s become so bad that, if someone wants to have lunch with me, I have to ask them to call me the morning of.

I had a running joke with a conference-call participant. I warned him that I absolutely could not be trusted to remember to place the call at 2:00.  At 2 minutes to 2, I forgot. And I remembered with 15 seconds to spare. It was a hoot.

Today, I locked my shoulder bag in my garage. I forgot it was not outside, but inside.  As I shut the lock, I immediately sensed that something was missing and had just been locked inside.

And my cognitive skills in finding an appropriate solution were … well, Third-Dimensionally-impaired. I fumbled around. It was if I was a stranger in a strange land. I’ve forgotten all the stuff I knew about mechanical repairs, or quite a bit of other once-useful information. My mind is rapidly becoming a blank slate.

AAM once said to me that the Reval had been in the planning for much too long to allow it to go off the rails in some particular. So I’m confident that my memory will return by the time I really need it.

I’m losing touch with the Third Dimension. I know I have to let go. But letting go is challenging.

Certainly, desires hold me back. Desire for the company of certain people whom I love, desire to see the Reval occur, desire to write that one more story in me that burns to be heard and isn’t ready to come out just yet.

But I’m becoming less and less able to operate this 3D body with its 3D programming.

I watch myself eat less and less. I see less and less that I want to eat. I don’t want to go anywhere. I look forward to the time of night when I can lie on my bed and contemplate. I watch myself gradually withdrawing my attention from this world – for a time.

This is the period when mountains are no longer mountains and rivers are no longer rivers. But they’ll become mountains and rivers again.

My mind is ever drifting towards the Divine. The divine qualities, the nature of the Trinity, a world that works, peace, bliss, transformative love. I’m steeped in this conversation and it’s all coming together as a unified whole.

It isn’t as if a war was fought and won. Third Dimensionality is seeping away like the dew on the grass under the risen sun.

In the meantime I’m going to look like Charlie Chaplin. Fumbling around and trying to look competent.

Be kind to someone you see who’s struggling with their Third-Dimensional persona. If there’s a little slippage, a slight out-of-phaseness, they may just be gradually ascending.


buddhas blue

unknown artist

Gradually Ascending

The Gradual Nature of Ascension – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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unknown artist


The Gradual Nature of Ascension

Sacred 111I’d like to take a deeper look at what Archangel Michael said recently in a personal reading.  It’s a clear indication of the gradual nature of our Ascension. He said to me:

Archangel Michael: You are fed up.

Steve: Yes, fed up with waiting. Nothing seems to have happened [on the Reval, personal Ascension, etc.] and here I am dangling again. …

AAM: You are not dangling. You are in the process of your Ascension and what is coming to the forefront is the tiny remnants – and, yes, we know to you it feels massive – but it is the tiny remnants of what remains in terms of your attachment to the old human experience. That is why it feels so intense. (1)

“You are in the process of your Ascension.” So Ascension is a process. Yes, it’s also a snap at moments of enlightenment like Brahmajnana and Sahaja Samadhi. But for the rest it’s gradual.

Zen is sometimes described as being divided into sudden and gradual schools. But is not the truth that both are true? Enlightenment may take decades or even lifetimes of slow, gradual progress before, in a snap, enlightenment occurs.  The process of which enlightenment is a part is both gradual and sudden.

And how could our Ascension be anything but gradual in important phases?  We’re not discarding the physical body; we’re taking it with us, refurbished, updated, lots of power under the hood.  I got to see that we cannot overstretch the body from my operation.

I got it. I got it! No more lessons needed on that one. We have to observe the manufacturer’s limits on this human frame.

In terms of the Company of Heaven’s communicational strategy, I don’t think it would have made a lot of sense in the early years of preparation for Ascension (1990-2010) to emphasize the gradual.  I’d have emphasized the sudden, use that to build momentum, and then deal with the disappointment of those who choose not to remain till the end. That’d be in preference to emphasizing the gradual nature of Ascension and attracting very little attention among the populace of Earth – and fewer ascending.

And, to tell the truth, I think that’s what they have done. And if I take that a step further: I wake up to the need to support this effort to keep people awake and alive to the end, and to stop my own foot dragging because I personally am weary and discontented.

So “tiny remnants” are coming to the surface. Again the mere fact that there is a step in the process that Ascension is during which “tiny remnants” due to remaining attachments to Third Dimensionality (habits, vasanas, conditioning) are coming to the surface establishes that the process has steps. A process which has steps over time is a gradual process.

As to the “tiny remnants” themselves, they feel like “massive” icebergs or meteors to me. I am going through the worst of our common feelings – loneliness, depression, disappointment, you name it – every day. Doesn’t this remind you of the initiation process  – the cleansing – seekers had to go through in past times?

It’s serious but not fatal. Serious because it’s necessary work. But not fatal because I know I’ll weather this next storm with flying colors. The only one of the voices inside of me who’d say otherwise is the one who derives satisfaction from perpetually complaining. And I’m not listening to him any longer.

All that has ever harmed me has only been my own thoughts and feelings – what my brother Paul would call “our interpretations.”

I know the remedy so I won’t suffer (please don’t write me). The remedy is to open to the experience of these awful feelings and be with them until they complete themselves and disappear. Anything else is resistance and causes persistence.  Only being with them causes their disappearance.

Nevertheless, as one who’s agreed to mark the trail, this latter part is at least one of the dark nights of the soul that we sometimes come across.  It may be the last or it may not. I don’t know. I just know, as AAM said in the reading, that it will all work out.

Going through it and seeing that it takes time, and knowing that it’s only one step in the process that Ascension is, I get, at least experientially, that Ascension is a gradual process.


(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, July 1, 2016. Used with permission.


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The Gradual Nature of Ascension

Serapis Bey, Master of the 4th Ray, the Ray of Ascension – Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

art Buddha Sadhana Meditating Buddha by bhargav08 at DeviantArt.

ART : Buddha Sadhana Meditating Buddha by Bhargav08 @ DeviantArt


Serapis Bey, Master of the 4th Ray, the Ray of Ascension

Normally it is each of you, my brethren, that seek me out for the purposes of letting go, eliminating, bringing forth the truth, the purity, the beauty of who you are in this process of going forward in your ascension process. Now, what is my role in this?

Serapis Bey, Master of the 4th Ray, the Ray of Ascension
Serapis Bey
An Hour With an Angel May 31, 2016

Linda Dillon Channel for the Council of Love
Steve Beckow Host, InLight Radio

Steve: Our guest today is Serapis Bey and I think, Linda, you have the meditation that he gave you on your web site?

Linda: That is correct. And in fact, I had sort of forgotten about it and he nudged me this morning as I was getting ready. There is a meditation that he gave during a workshop that I did a couple years ago. And it is an ascension meditation, taking place at the Ascension Chamber in Luxor. And it’s actually a beautiful, beautiful meditation. I went back and listened to it and it’s very powerful.

You know I haven’t heard from Serapis Bey that often, but when he shows up, it’s always monumental. You know, he’s a no-nonsense kind of being. He doesn’t mince words, and when he has something to say, it comes forth strong and powerful. So, yes, he has suggested to me that after listening to what he has to share with us today, he would really like people to be listening to this meditation.

Steve: Well, very good. While you’re making your transition, let me say a few words about Serapis Bey, because we haven’t had him on the show before and some people may not be aware of him. He is the Master of the Fourth, or Ascension Ray – the Ascension Ray of the Mother – the Hierarch of the Luxor Temple. In one of his past lives, he was reputed to have been the Spartan King Leonidas who stopped the Persians at the Pass of Thermopylae, where he died. Leonidas has come to symbolize personal responsibility and self-discipline. We know him best as one of the three Ascended Masters, the other two being El Morya and Saint Germaine, who began many centuries ago what later became known as The Saint Germaine Trust.

He’s here today to extend the discussion we had last time with Archangel Michael about ascension. So, with that, I welcome Serapis Bey.

Serapis Bey: And I welcome you. Yes, I am Serapis Bey, known by many names, as have each of you my beloved friends. Yes, known as the great disciplinarian, as Master of the Fourth Ray. This is the Ray of Ascension. This is the Ray of Purity. This is the Ray of the White Crystalline essence and energy of the Mother that we have told this channel a long time ago is called Luminesa. I welcome you.

Normally, and it has been this way for an exceedingly long time, it is each of you, my brethren, that seek me out for the purposes of letting go, eliminating, bringing forth the truth, the purity, the beauty of who you are. And this has been the way in which I have worked with many of you in this process of going forward in your ascension process.

In your acceptance of the beauty and uniqueness, the wonder, magnificence of who you are; while eliminating through perseverance, through consistency, through self-discipline, through self-responsibility any sense of your ego, of your own uniqueness, of that sense that you are special in the human ego way of the old realm.

You are unique and special because you are an expression of the Mother, the Father, the One. And that expression is strictly and uniquely so that you can manifest the wonder and light of that purity and beauty: to go from a sense of singularity, to be transfigured into resurrection, to return to the Mother, Father, One.

Traditionally, and I am certainly one for tradition…traditionally this has been an arduous journey. For although I assist you in this rebalancing, it would be erroneous for me to pretend that it has not entailed a true devotion and a singularity of focus to go through this ascension process. Now you, each of you – and in this I speak to the entire collective, to all who currently sit upon Gaia – have made a very unusual decision. Yes, in December of 2012. And you made this decision and in that moment did release your sense of ego and individuality enough that you said collectively, as a unity consciousness, that we will go forth in our ascension one by one. No, as One.

I am ancient. You might say I have been at this for a long time in your reality or any reality. Never had I experienced, witnessed, or envisioned a decision of such magnitude and gratitude, a recognition of the connectedness between all of you. I have never seen or anticipated this.

Now, of course, the Mother, in Her wisdom, always knows the unfoldment of Her Plan. But, it has certainly shifted how I work in my service to Her. Now, in that, in the intervening years, I have stood back and I have still continued to work with many of you, one by one by one. Occasionally, you have come with your sacred partner. But, even in sacred union and partnership, the diligence, the balance, the stepping forward is and has been individual.

But I have also worked with the collective quietly, which is my want. Humans have used far too many words and ignored the strength of spirit. But although there have been many words in these intervening years; particularly you the light workers, love holders, have gained in strength and a sense of discipline. And you have gone forward and I have worked with you silently and sometimes not so silently.

You see, endurance and fortitude and prudence are required – yes, required – for ascension. And you say to me, “But, Serapis, I like to be in the flow.” Well, there is no room for laziness, spiritual or physical. So when you say that you wish to be in the flow, there is still a requirement for attention to your being, your responsibilities, and for steering the vessel, as it were. You cannot abandon that. And I extol your virtues, because you have not. You have paid attention. You have relinquished a great deal of ego because there is no room for self-aggrandizement. The only thing that we adore is the unified Mother, the Father, the One.

Now, why do I speak of this? As Michael, Mi-ka-el, has spoken to you, as the Mother herself deigns to speak to you, there is a new energy that penetrates your entire planet and this collective of One. So it is not individual, and yet, of course it is. But it is equally shared to all. And the Mother, in Her infinite and eternal wisdom, has asked all of us to share, to expand, to extend, to unify, and to penetrate the entire planet with our unique expression of Her love.

This is a gift beyond measure. I do not think that many of you fully comprehend what this means. You could no more resist this flow of energy…like a Tsunami of One. In fact, that is a good name, is it not? You cannot resist it. So your method of not merely survival, but of taking true measure, advantage of this energy that we all send you, is to conjoin with it. Yes, in prudence and balance, fortitude and endurance, acceptance, allowance, thanksgiving, gratitude, and purity.

Now, what is my role in this? And believe you me, I have asked the Mother this many times throughout many, many, many, many, many, many centuries. I assist with ascension and there have always been committed adepts who have come to me. But in this shift – because that is what you are in the middle of – my role also changes. You, my beloved students and disciples, for those who are brave enough to even approach, have always come to me in and out of form. It matters not. But, at the beckoning of the Mother, I come to you. So you see, this shift, this ascension, this process that you are undertaking, shifts things not only for humanity, but for many of us as well. Now we are fully capable and willing and happy, joyous, to do this. But it is certainly a change of venue. There is nothing that I would not be honored to do for our divine Mother. And, because each of you are of the Mother, of Her pattern, there is nothing I will not do for you.

But I do not do it to you. There has been much discussion in the past several years with many of us and the Archangels, about the nature of sacred partnership, sacred union. And repeatedly we have said to you that we are in sacred partnership. Very few of you have the time or have taken the time or have the inclination or have sought out the insight to truly know what this means. Now let me tell you. I do not do this for you. I do not take you and simply flip you through the ascension process. I will not do that. There is an awakening of your will, the elimination of ego, the opening of heart, the alignment with divine mind and heart and will. And all of these aspects are necessary for ascension. So, “What then,” you say, Serapis, “do you do or help us with?”

I come to you as brother, as one who has walked the planet many times. And yes, I am the disciplinarian, but only insofar as it brings you to the place of purity and power and the acceptance of responsibility for your sacred self, because that is your promise to the Mother. So now I come to you in sacred union and partnership to offer you my assistance.

All of humanity – I come to you to assist you in the deeper letting go, in the deeper elimination of all aspects of your being that are not a crystalline, clear alignment with your divinity and the Mother’s divinity. I will guide you, I will support you, I will walk with you, I will correct you, because it is not of punishment. That concept, and certainly that behavior does not exist on our side. But if you are headed consistently, or even now and then in the wrong direction, if you are praying and praying and working, and at times even struggling to come into that alignment that you can simply walk right through the portal and you think you are doing your best, but you are erring in one way or another, I will correct you because I love you, because I honor you. Not because I wish to point out that you are in the wrong. That is futile. I would correct you, and I will correct you if you ask me to, so that you do not waste your energy and your heart energy in pursuing something that is not going to get you where you want to be.

There is every gradation of heart consciousness right now upon your planet, and many doors that you have been waiting for, for a long time, have been flung wide open. Now we are adjusting and helping you adjust to these new ways of being. Now, for those who are completely oblivious, there is a more subtle penetration. But I am also speaking not only to Gaians but to those of you that are awake.

You’re saying, “Well, what can I count on you for?” You can count on me to be fully and completely consistent. You can count on me to point out and correct when you misstep. But not only to say, “Oh no, you are doing it wrong,” but to gently, and sometimes not so gently, redirect your energy.

Why I do this is to bring forth purity and beauty, love. You’ve come to this planet as the implementers of the Mother’s Plan. Now we are part of that implementation team, but in a very different way, because this ascension is in physicality. This ascension is remaining on Earth and creating and anchoring Nova Earth – a beautiful paradigm that I would and in many ways did manifest when I was in form. So I know the diligence, the attention, the hard work that this has entailed.

So yes, I come to tell you that I am bi-locating mightily. I am still in the chamber at Luxor. But I am also in every town, city, metropolis, countryside of your planet, working with everybody. I do this for the Mother, but I also do it for you.

Those of you who choose to work with me, who take my extended hand, have a deep level of commitment, valor, bravery. So why do you do this? Because it speeds things up: that your yearning, your determination to ascend and to lead the many is so strong, your commitment is so deep, your eagerness is beyond what humans think of. That is why you do this. And with that, that is why I accept you.

It requires balance, self-responsibility, and discipline. You cannot say I will do it one day and then slack off for the rest of the year. I do not work like that. Ascension does not work like that.

Now, dearest friend Steve, where do you wish to begin?

Steve: Serapis, your discussion has been most unusual among people that we’ve had on the show. Up ‘til now it’s emphasized what I may be permitted to use “the divine feminine,” which is to let go, to flow, to drop resistance, to surrender. And yours is very much the voice of the divine masculine – use of will, the exertion, effort, discipline. So it’s a very different perspective you’re giving us.

Let me ask this question. Either in ascension or in the stewardship of the Mother’s abundance, in either field, your words apply. That we need to show discipline, we need to be consistent in our practice, et cetera. Can you talk to us more about this whole faculty of will? About where light workers are with their exertion of will? And any changes we need to make into the future as we either go into ascension or into stewardship?

Serapis Bey: I would be pleased to talk to that. And yes, my tone, my energy, is significantly different from many who have come forth. Let me begin with an observation, which is grounded in truth. I bring to your attention the value, the importance of the divine masculine and the masculine. As you ascend there should be, and yes I say “should” – should be no differentiation between those two.

I am a servant, so deeply honored to serve the Mother. But what do you think the divine masculine does? Now, very often, in these discussions, which are correct by the way, there is discussion of the divine Godhead, shall we say, of being the unspeakable, unknowable, unmovable. But the masculine serves the feminine, feeds the feminine, infuses the feminine, so that that movement, that eternal infinite creation takes place.

Now, the divine feminine in that creation, in that movement, in that speech, serves the divine masculine. It is the balance. It is the reciprocal nature of all.

Too often, in the history of humanity, which is long and bloody, the sense of the masculine traits have become bastardized, have become abused. And that is part of the self discipline to never fall…never fall…into the patterns of authoritarian control, or greed or lust – abuse of power. And that is part of what you learn at my temple.

You are entering a phase of time where it is the fullness of our Mother’s energy re-anchoring upon this planet, and actually much farther than that…but we will focus on this Gaia. But what has also happened in this spiritual awakening of many, and now I speak particularly of light workers and love holders, is there has been a somewhat shying away. And I am speaking in generalities, so do not feel, unless it is totally applicable to you, that I am in any way chastising you, because I am not; I am explaining. Many of you have backed up from what you have thought of as those masculine traits, and moved into what I have suggested – the flow, the surrender, the acceptance. All of these are completely necessary for stewardship and for ascension.

But so is the balance with the divine masculine. How action from your heart consciousness, from the love, comes into form is through will. How you demonstrate the power, in the purest sense, to be a steward, to assume that responsibility, is through that sense of self-responsibility. If you do not have self-discipline, self-responsibility – not in the sense of self-aggrandizement, but of commitment and knowing the truth of your place in this grand unfoldment – then you cannot be a responsible steward. So that balance of both is absolutely necessary.

Action, with the new responsibilities coming to you, is necessary. Now, what has happened with humanity, male and female, is that when I speak of action and bringing into form the building, whether it is the temple at Luxor or a home for yourself, it requires action. Now, there has been a belief system that has come into form that action or attendance…because I will not use the word ‘work’…is somehow arduous or that it has to take a long time.

And none of that is of truth. But, it is the willingness and the will to be in alignment with truth, of Michael, of the Mother, of the beauty. Why would you create anything – whether it is a meal, or a cup of tea, or a city, or an institution, or a tradition – that is not of purity and beauty? But that requires the self-discipline to make sure that the self-aggrandizement isn’t creeping in.

Now I am not saying that there is only one vision of beauty or purity. There are many reflections and expressions of it and that is the unique beauty of each of you. But, when you are taking these actions in what you think is a balanced way, the beauty is a reflection of that part of your divinity and the Mother’s. It is the willingness to service. That is what stewardship is. And unless that is present, the blessings do not flow.

These blessings that you have talked about are given in a responsible way. That was our agreement when we have formed this, and many by the way, several trusts, that they would be divinely patterned, divinely inspired and a reflection of divinity in form. So, there is no room for what people have thought of as the old masculine, of the ego.

There is work to be done. And that is why I have said to you, if you are going slightly askew, then I will correct you. And it will be gentle, and then it will be stronger, because it is important in our partnership that we listen to each other. I do not speak or whisper simply to hear my voice. I have no need of that, for it is far more wonderful to simply listen to the Mother. But when the Mother has asked me to step forward in this way, and teach and model and mentor the self-responsibility and the balance, I do so.

So is my voice one that you are not used to hearing? Yes. But, is it part of the balance that already exists and exists in you and of you? And so both sides, not either/or, but the cooperative partnership of your divine masculine and your divine feminine. But, what moves, what moves you, what speaks through you, what anchors on the planet is the divine feminine, infused and held by the will and the spirit of the divine masculine. Both are necessary. Do you understand what I say?

Steve: Yes, I do. Oftentimes, I don’t follow up on something a person in your position says, Serapis, and I kick myself afterwards. And I don’t want to do that here. Please, could you talk to us about the work that remains to be done? And I’m talking specifically of light workers, of ascension way showers, financial way showers.

Serapis Bey: Examine your motives. Now, this is something, whether I come to you or you come to me, it will always be our starting point. Are your motives – and I do not adopt an accusatory tone, this is simply the way I speak – are your motives, is your motivation of purity? You have seen upon your planet how money and power have corrupted. How it can easily, very easily, lead to egoic thoughts, feelings, and expressions. And that is the road to hell. (Chuckle) Not that hell exists.

The motive of being a steward, whether it is a pathfinder to ascension, a pathfinder to new institutional ways, pathfinder of new communities, a pathfinder of new financial wherewithal, the motivation is actually quite clear. It is this humble, exalted, desire to serve the Mother. And in that expression of service is to serve your fellow humans as well as Gaia and all the kingdoms.

If it is – and I am not suggesting, by the way, that this means that your own personal wherewithal is not attended to, because if you are not taking care of yourself, this is self-responsibility – if you are not taking care of yourself, if you are not taking care of your family, and in this I mean not only your biological family, those you have chosen to incarnate with, but also your soul family, your soul community. If you are not taking care of that, then you are not being responsible and self-disciplined.

But, what is your motivation? Is it based on an ego desire to be important, to be boss, to have power of the worst kind over others? Or is it in your own discerning, humble way to truly serve? So the first thing that is worked on is the mental, emotional, ego needs, because there is no room for this.

Think of it this way. In a hierarchy, which is often how humans have thought, you want to put yourself at the very bottom of that hierarchy because that is what service is. Now, in your traditional thinking – thinking that I have to be at the top because I have to lead – leadership is patterning the right behaviors that are true to the Mother, the right actions that are true to the Mother, Father, One. So we start with this sense of “Oh, I’m going to have money. Oh, I am going to have power. Oh, I am leading the way.” Now if it’s because it makes you feel important or does it make you feel truly important because you are fulfilling your promise, your responsibility to your sacred self and to the Mother.

Because there is a fine line, and this how humanity has gotten off track – that you want to be in charge, or you want to be more important than your neighbor down the street. No being, not on our side or yours, not throughout any multi-verse, is more important than another.

That includes me, El Morya, Jesus Sananda, Maitreya, none of us. You cannot assume this. There is no room for ego. And this is something that you must, MUST, be vigilant of and that you must give each other permission to observe and if it is in need of course correction, to speak of in saedor, in kindness, in balance, in love. But if you see truly, not from a place of anger or mistrust, but if you see one of your dear family going off track, then of course, out of love you point it out to them. Then the choice is theirs. You’re handing them over to me. But this is work.

Now, the second thing that you work on is consistency. I hear many of you say to me – you don’t know you’re speaking to me. Sometimes you just think you are speaking to each other. You say, “Oh, I can’t meditate.” And then you just don’t bother trying. Well, that’s the same as saying, “Well, I can’t run the 10K and therefore I am going to stop walking.” It is absurd.

This is self-discipline. And meditation takes many forms, and I am using that as an example because it is a popular one. So, my question to you is, do you consistently give yourself a path, not a sense of path, not a sense of path as in “I do not wish to harm myself, I love myself because I am love and I am the love of the Mother. And the Mother loves through me.” But if you are in genuine relationship, think of your partner, your spouse, your best friend and you say, “I am in this deep, abiding friendship. Oh, and by the way, I can’t call you. I can’t talk to you. No, I don’t have time to see you, but I love you.” Well, is this real? Of course not.

You are lying to yourself. So where is your consistency? Where is your self-discipline? There is a belief… you have come to think of discipline as punishing, controlling, some form of pain, or that you have done something wrong. That is not discipline. That is cruelty. Think of discipline and self-discipline as consistency. Are you consistent in what you think and feel? Where you place your attention and your actions? Or are you all over the map, as you would put it?

And, if you are, the disciplinary action is not, my beloved friends, to beat yourself up. It is to gently take my hand again and bring yourself to the center, to stillpoint if you can, and simply refocus. So this is another area of work.

And, in that, look at your actions. “Do my actions and behaviors and interactions match the truth of what I am really hoping to achieve, that fulfillment with the Mother?” Your biggest area, can I say, where you can improve somewhat, is in the treatment, thoughts, feelings, actions, anchoring that you have of yourself. Now there is still some more mayhem on your planet. But if you bring the attention back to yourself, “Am I being pure? Am I purity? Am I beauty? Am I love? Am I luminescent joy?” You’re very hard on yourselves.

And, think of this. Yes, in your lifetime there have been many, many challenges…I do not deny or minimize at all. But in the treatment, the feelings, the knowing of yourself; you see, all those control and hurting disciplines, they come from ego, who is very eager to maintain control. But, the Mother, our beloved Mother, is nothing but gentleness. The reason we do not tend to speak of the qualities of the Mother in terms of will, for example, is that it is not necessary.

When She dreams, or creates, there’s such gentle love that you do not feel the necessity for will-directed action. So when you are looking at yourself, is the balance there of the gentlest love that simply puts the will into place and allows it to flow smoothly, gracefully, beautifully? Discipline and self-love is not about cutting off your arm to show that you intend to serve. It is about loving your arm and loving yourself. There is work to be done there.

Steve: Serapis, I have squeezed every minute out of the hour to give to you. Is there anything you want to say in closing, since we have reached the top of the hour?

Serapis Bey: I have declared myself as a being that is traveling your planet. If you whisper my name, if you approach me in Luxor, I am at your disposal. It is my dearest desire that you will call me. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
©2016 Council of Love, Inc.


art Buddha Sadhana Meditating Buddha by bhargav08 at DeviantArt.

ART : Buddha Sadhana Meditating Buddha by Bhargav08 @ DeviantArt

The Constant and Universal Theme of Service – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

egypt female and worker

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The Constant and Universal Theme of Service

Part of our role in this Ascension is, not only to ascend ourselves, but also to serve as incarnated lightworkers, helping others to ascend or helping to prepare the ecostructure of the New World they’ll ascend to.

From start to finish, the role of incarnated starseeds, celestials, and other lightworkers in this planetary Ascension, unique as this Ascension is in the universe, has been to serve.

Others, who are approaching Ascension for the first time, are devoting their attention – perhaps at higher levels of themselves – to their personal preparations.

Archangel Michael said there was no one “Event” but instead will be a series of events. One is Ascension. The other is the Reval. And both have stages and processes.

I’m preparing to start my own financial service and found myself reflecting on how I would do it.

I came upon a part of myself I had not really given much thought to yet. I call it “the dominant cast of my mind.”

The dominant cast of my mind is that of a monk. I’ve either been a monk or a philosopher several times, apparently. I realize that this lifetime I need to serve as a financial wayshower and a man in relationship – neither of which come naturally to the kind of monk I think of myself as being.

But this was a much-neglected side of me that now was asserting itself as I got closer to dealing with funds.

Werner Erhard would have called the dominant cast of mind our “always-already listening.” It’s the predetermined cast of character we bring to the situation, that which precedes the situation and frames our response to it. We come to any situation with our mind already partially made up.

So here I am, having tossed my hat in the ring to serve as a financial wayshower, and I am by inclination a monk. How might it work with financial wayshowing? I asked myself.

Well, I have very little attraction to money, except for its usefulness in conveying love and support in tangible form.  Above and beyond my daily needs, I have very little use for money except to assist others. That seems to me to promise some relief from actually dealing with funds: I won’t be attached to them (I hope).

Moreover, as a monk by leaning, I can draw on spiritual knowledge that may not be available to some others. For example, I’m aware that the treasure of life (love) is to be sought and found in the heart, not in material wealth or what it can buy. I’ll skip buying the yacht and the chateau in the South of France.

I’m also aware that remaining centered and balanced in all things is imperative when acting as a financial wayshower. Many more things can be handled by remaining in the center than when on the extremes of passion and emotion.

These things I draw on spiritual knowledge for. As you know, spiritual knowledge was more or less elbowed out of the marketplace from the 1980s on. Instead business was cast as an exercise in preventing others from stealing our lunch.

How fortunate to have interviewed Serapis Bey last week because he re-kindled my interest in the divine masculine, which is exactly the part of me that I’m going to have to draw on after the Reval.

I think of the divine masculine as being “will.” I think of the divine feminine as being “love.”  That does remind me of the Heavenly Father and Divine Mother.

Everything in life will change with the snap of a finger. And how will I remain a monk amid the various perks and tantalizing offers being offered me? It will be challenging – very, very challenging. We’ll all need to help each other with the adjustments that will come.

There’s something else that’s happening.

Everything Archangel Michael has told me lately, via my personal readings through Linda, has ignited in me a much greater seriousness about my work. There are some aspects of the last reading that I don’t feel comfortable talking about but the effect on me was to have me get very much more serious.

To get serious about my work, to claim my dominant cast of mind and make it work, to prepare for the tsunami that the Reval will be, etc. – these all surface in me like strong urges or impulses.

Another interesting occurrence. Recently, in a discussion with a friend about the importance of remaining centered I saw, in a flash, several visions in my mind’s eye. One was of a man hammering an iron rod into stone, planting a flag in the rod, and standing firm. Another was Excalibur being inserted into stone. And a third was Ulysses lashed to the mast.

All three seemed to communicate the message that strong determination will be needed to get through this next chapter – the events of the Reval – and carve out a life that’s do-able,  helpful, and successful. But that’s the first time I’ve been aware of being fed impressions or images.

In regard for the need to have will after the Reval, I think again of Serapis Bey as Leonidas holding off the Persian army with his force of three hundred. Except now all the battles are internal.

It’s the army of desires, issues, resentments, fantasies, taboos, etc., inside of me that I now will need to handle.

Having escaped illusion once, we agreed to return to it again, on a mission of mercy from the Mother, done out of love for Her and her creation. Is that not the constant and universal theme of service?


egypt female and worker

unknown artist

The Constant and Universal Theme of Service

Advancing the Ascension of Your Physical Body by Mahatma – Natalie Glasson

art at colourentice.com - Buddha - by Santanu Maity.

ART : Santanu Maity @ colourentice.com


Advancing the Ascension of Your Physical Body

by Mahatma

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 5th May 2016 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings of cosmic vibrations, I am Mahatma, the Avatar of Synthesis and the overseer of the cosmic level, I am known as the Cosmic Logos. There are 352 levels of the Mahatma energy which spans throughout all the dimensions of the Creator’s Universe. This means that there are 352 levels of my being and the same number of levels which compose your being. With this number in mind it seems more accessible to access all levels of your being and yet each dimension of the 352 levels is immensely expansive occupying vast aspects of the universe and your being. To explore one level of your being can take numerous lifetimes upon the Earth however the energy vibration the Earth is now resonating at is quickening which means your exploration of the levels of your being is speeding up. This signifies that you can explore so much more of your true self in a single lifetime, and also means y our body and auric field have to process more light, love and consciousness. If your body is not aligned fully with your soul then the increase of energy, light and consciousness being discovered, accepted and embodied can create challenges for your body.

There are many factors which can lower the vibration of your physical body and create disharmony between your body and soul:

Increase in spiritual awareness, sensitivity or consciousness which has not been grounded in the physical body and is not being used at a physical level.

The vibrations you choose to surround yourself with from the environment you work and live in to the products you put on your body and the food you consume.

The thoughts and beliefs you have and unconsciously recite about your physical body as well as the feelings behind the thoughts.

Not allowing time to listen to your body, to understand the messages and guidance it is constantly voicing to you. Ignoring the voice of your physical body can create disharmony between the soul and body because the body is not being honoured or fulfilled.

In order for your body to remain harmonised with the major shifts occurring within your soul at this time of ascension and the greater acceptance of the 352 levels of your being there is a need to recognise that the growth and fulfilment of your body is an aspect of your ascension process. When your body is satisfied and is harmonised with your soul then it is so much easier for you to embody your truth, experiencing it with greater fullness daily. Your desire for further spiritual awakening is powerful and develops with each day however I wish for you to recognise whether you are ignoring your physical body. Ask yourself this question. You may feel that it is impossible to ignore your physical body as you are aware of your body throughout your entire day. However, you have perspectives and beliefs programmed within your mind and subconscious about your body which could be no longer a ppropriate or inaccurate. You may feel familiar with your body, however if you are not connecting with and listening to your physical body then there could be disharmony within your body’s alignment to all aspects of your being.

Take a moment to sit peacefully focusing on your breathing to gain a meditative state. Imagine your physical body sitting before you, it will seem as if it is simply a projection of you. Acknowledge that before you is your physical body and invite your physical body to share whatever it needs to with you.  Your physical body may begin to complain at being ignored or feeling unloved, if this occurs just allow your physical body to share without any judgment or impatience. Your physical body is releasing energy it has been holding onto and needed to let go of in order to heal. Your physical body may wish to tell you about an aspect of your body experiencing suffering, again it may need to release the energy or to share with you guidance of how to heal. If the expression of your physical body seems negative, please do not believe yourself to be negative as once the energy has been r eleased a healing process will take place and harmony will manifest. Your physical body may wish to share guidance, sacred spiritual wisdom and enlightenment to serve you further in your ascension. The more you learn to listen to your body the healthier your body will become, the more beautiful and sacred its sharing will be with you. Imagine if you were ignored and suffering, constantly asking for help and it is not being given, when given the opportunity to share at first you may have a lot of pent up energy you wish to release. Please be loving as your physical body shares its truth with you.

Practicing listening to your physical body daily will allow for your body to accept the energies you are communing with spiritually, consciously or unconsciously during meditation, healing or ascension exercises. You will become more complete and will be able to recognise the transitions or release processes occurring within your body before they become too challenging to deal with.

Remember that your body can tell you anything and everything you need and may wish to know. It can tell you precisely what is occurring in your body and every energetic level of your being, why it is occurring and how to instigate healing. There is simply a need for you to open yourself up to realise, listen, receive and value the wisdom brought forth even when others may be telling you differently. Listening to your body is a natural ability which needs to be activated and used in order to develop it into a powerful tool of maintaining the health and vitality of your body as well as your bodies alignment to your divine self within.

Another practice is to take time in your daily reality, especially as you are relaxing, to invite your physical body to achieve a rejuvenation process. In the same way that a computer runs a scan and fixes any areas that require repair your physical body can do the same if you instruct and allow it to. Simply speak to your physical body and invite it to run or achieve a rejuvenation and healing process, transforming all areas of disharmony. Your body will automatically connect with your soul and draw healing light into your entire body so that all areas of your body oscillate and vibrate as the healing energy being transmitted. When all aspects of your physical body are accepting and emanating the same vibration then harmony manifests thus healing takes place. Throughout the process allow yourself to be aware of any sensations or feelings in your physical body this may offer you insig hts to where further investigation is required or you may recognise a continuous pattern occurring. Even in this process you are being encouraged to work harmoniously with your body to fulfil its needs.

In the same way that your soul wishes to be aligned as one with the Creator your physical body wishes to be united with your soul and the energies of the Creator which flow through your soul. When your body creates disharmony it is for a reason and is often an indication that aspects of your body are experiencing separation from your soul and need to be realigned. Of course your body is always connected to your soul however your body is akin to a sponge and absorbs energy vibrations. If your body accepts an energy vibration which does not resonate with your soul, then challenges within the physical body may arise.

You may already recognise your physical body as a temple or sacred ashram to house your soul however do you recognise your physical body as a wise guide, source of truth, answers, transformation and healing? Recognising your body as a wise consciousness that can support you daily will accelerate your ascension tremendously allowing transformation to take place simultaneously throughout your entire being with your body acting as a powerful anchor of your truth.

A further practice to aid your physical bodies embodiment of the divine and greater harmonisation with your soul is to call upon my energies, Mahatma, to achieve a healing with you. This healing will promote the further synthesis of your body and soul, synthesis of your entire being with the most appropriate level or levels of the 352 levels of Mahatma. Please remember I am simply an expression of the Creator so the 352 level of Mahatma are simply a manifestation of the Creator.  I will also align you with the most appropriate level or levels of the 352 levels of your being so new insights, enlightenment, abilities and healing can be awakened and remembered from within your inner truth.

Simply call forth my turquoise, white and pearlescent light to surround you as a pillar of light.

Say out loud, ‘Mahatma, Avatar of Synthesis, please begin your synthesis process within my being to support my healing, awakening on all levels and the harmonisation of all aspects of my being. Thank you.’

Allow yourself to receive, focusing on absorbing my light with each inhalation. You may also wish to recite, ‘I am the Avatar of Synthesis.’ This is a powerful mantra which speaks of permitting the Creator to transform within you so that all aspects of your being are harmonised expressing the divine truth.

When the process feels complete honour your body by breathing the light you have received into your physical body and inviting your body to embody the light anchoring all that has been received into the Earth.

It is time to reform your divine relationship with your physical body. This is essential now as the beings from Venus are sending their pure love into your physical body throughout 2016 with the purpose of upgrading and transforming your body. It is the ideal opportunity to heal and bring harmony to your physical body so that your body can become a source and expression of divine Creator love and consciousness distributing truth. The beings of Venus are supporting the transformation of your physical body so that the true purpose and abilities of your physical body may be awoken and experienced in the future years. Support the healing process the beings from Venus are achieving with you by taking time to listen and communicate with your body, thus you will become a beautiful example to inspire humanity. Your devotion to your physical body and the aid of the beings of Venus will support in the future a reality for all without illness and suffering of the physical body. This would create major shifts in ascension as each person’s physical body would exist constantly in a healthy vibrant state allowing higher frequencies of light and consciousness to be absorbed by the physical body creating tremendous freedom and expansion, with greater recognition of the Creator by all and within all.

I am the Avatar of Synthesis,


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art at colourentice.com - Buddha - by Santanu Maity.

ART : Santanu Maity @ colourentice.com

What is Hindering Your Ascension? Sanat Kumara through Natalie Glasson @ Sacred School of Om Na

ancient of days 2 sanat kumara

Sanat Kumara – unknown artist


What is Hindering Your Ascension?

By Sanat Kumara

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 18th March 2016 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

In a world of limitations your purpose is to move, see, sense, think and exists beyond the influence of limitations. Many people do not realise this when existing upon the Earth instead they accept and absorb all challenges or limitations as their own, a part of their reality which cannot be escaped. Limitations can also be described as illusions; both  are the same. Illusions which are false beliefs, understandings and awareness cause limitations within your being and reality. When you accept illusions whether created by you or programmed into your being by others, you are trapping yourself into what seems like an inescapable space. Everything that you wish to experience seems to exist outside of your inescapable space and yet every time you move towards your desires and dreams you injure and harm yourself by the barriers of the space. It is not until you become aware of the lim itations and illusions you accept which create the walls of your confinement that you can allow them to fall away.

The illusions that you consciously and unconsciously affirm as true in your daily reality create the scope and range of your ascension upon the Earth. If you allow yourself to be free from programming of illusions, limitations and lack, then you allow your ascension journey, process and experience to become expansive and beyond your imagination. In truth, you allow yourself to experience ascension almost instantaneously experiencing the vast enlightenment that is your truth within your being.

With this understanding, it can be realised that your ascension is not being hindered by your inabilities, lack of spiritual sensitivity or need to devour wisdom. All of this is simply a result of your belief in the limitations and illusions of your own reality which ensnare you daily to experience an unfulfilling life where your ascension moves slowly. You may believe that there are many things, people and experiences which are holding you back in your reality however there is only one belief system which has evolved to consume your being and exist within your conscious and unconscious mind. This belief is of limitations and illusions, however at its core is your lack of belief in the expansive and fulfilling nature of the Creator.

Limitations and illusion do support you in existing upon the Earth; they  aid you in being grounded in your reality, believing in the seriousness of your life and encouraging you to feel, experience and become involved. However, the Earth and her humanity are reaching higher vibrations of light within their structures and so there is no longer need to use limitations and illusions as an anchor. Many people are recognising the value of living upon the Earth and how it can create powerful accelerated ascension. Imagine if you were no longer grounded into your Earthly reality, you had the choice in every moment to exist on the Earth or the inner planes. It is most probable that you would wish to return to the inner planes due to the hardship and entrapment you have been experiencing upon the Earth. Illusion and limitations have grounded souls into the Earthly reality for many civili sations however humanity is now able to take responsibility for their own spiritual evolution upon the Earth. If limitations and illusions were removed, you would be able to see the splendour of the Earth with the presence of the expansive and fulfilling Creator in everything. This in itself would encourage you to remain on the Earth to continue to evolve in unison with the Creator. I wish to share with you the message that no longer do limitations and illusions have to be your anchor into the Earth, your pure intentions and love will instead.

Many Masters and Angels have been encouraging you to love yourself and love beautiful Mother Earth; this is because your love will become your new anchor into the Earthly reality; your pure love for Mother Earth. Thus allowing you the freedom to create a reality from truth. When you and humanity love Mother Earth, then illusions and limitations born from yourself and others will no longer effect and influence your being or be relevant. It is truly your compassionate and unconditional love for yourself, others and the Earth which will dissolve the walls of illusions and limitations which seem inescapable.

Our purpose in creating an Era of Love upon the Earth is to allow yourself to be set free to exist as your truth.

There are numerous ideas and forms of conditioning, programming and brainwashing which you and others actively partake in daily. Imagine if many people developed an ability to recognise only the truth, seeing through deceit, truth would become the natural part of the Earthly reality. You do have this ability now; you  always have and you always will, however, it is the limitations and illusions which you accept and absorb which tell and demonstrate otherwise. There are many levels of conditioning personal and from other people, however, there is certain conditioning which I wish to address for souls focusing upon spiritual awakening.

Belief systems I wish to erase and transform are:

False: The only way to grow spiritually is through challenges or your soul likes challenges as this create more growth. Truth: You can grow spiritual through love embodiment, love expression and loving experiences, this fulfils and nurtures your soul.

False: Spiritual souls must deny fulfilment, wealth and abundance as their purpose is to be of service, therefore denying or disregarding their own needs is preferable. Truth: Fulfilment, wealth and abundance are your divine right to receive. Being of service is valuable if it fulfils and nurtures your soul, however, being of service doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice yourself. Fulfilment is eternally available to you.

False: There is a need to be of service or to do something in order to experience the support and love of the Creator. Truth: All you have to do is Be Present with yourself and the Creator to receive the love and support of the Creator. To Be Present means to recognise that the Creator’s support and love are eternally available to you and all you need to do is accept and receive in abundance.

It is time to realise the limitations and illusions which create your entrapment and restrictions of experiencing fulfilment and expansion upon the Earth. What do you believe in which is not true? What have others told you that does not apply to you and yet you have accepted it? What negative situations do you believe consciously or unconsciously will happen to you in this lifetime? (Ageing, illness, poverty, loneliness) What fears do you engage with daily which stop you from experiencing happiness and fulfilment?  In truth, what illusions do you believe in and what limitations do you accept as real and your truth?

It is time to contemplate, discover and explore within your being and mind realising the belief systems born from your conscious and unconscious belief in your lack of connection to the expansion and fulfilment of the Creator. This belief exists within all beings and is being released with the power of love at this time. To quicken the process, you can consciously let go of your habits concerning yourself and your perspective while imagining within your being a vast source of light and consciousness which is born from the Creator. This inner source emanates the fulfilment and expansion of the Creator affirming it in every part of your being. Achieving this daily recognising your inner glow will not only allow you to feel tremendously happy and uplifted it will allow a deep-seated healing to take place within your being which will transform your perspective of yourself to a Creator ent hused loving perspective. You will set yourself free realising that anything and everything is possible in your reality at a physical and spiritual level.

It is only your lack of belief in the fulfilment and expansion of the Creator which is hindering your spiritual evolution, ascension and fulfilment as well as your earthly reality. When you are loving to yourself, others and the Earth you activate and allow the expansion and fulfilment of the Creator to rush through your being and reality creating miraculous transformations aligning you with your truth.

I am known as a Lord of Expansion, please call upon me to support your own expansion: ‘Sanat Kumara, I call upon your energy, love and presence to energise, enhance and awaken my own vibration, consciousness and frequency of expansion. Let me be surrounded by your energies of expansion, guiding me into the core of Creator expansion within my being. Here I can recognise my own healing and awakening vibrations of expansion synthesising them with my entire being and reality. I am and experience expansion. Thank you.’

I Am Sanat Kumara

What is Hindering Your Ascension?


ancient of days 2 sanat kumara

Sanat Kumara – unknown artist

Joy Is The Harbinger of ascension @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Joy Is The Harbinger of Ascension – Suzille and the Arcturians


Joy Is The Harbinger of Ascension

Suzille and The Arcturians

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Joy is the Harbinger of Ascension. This Joy can begin by flowing through the sky, a leaf, an animal or a human. Joy is not just an energy field. Joy is the doorway to open into your reality of fifth dimensional New Earth.

Unconditional Love allows you to feel Joy and Joy is the inter-dimensional portal to New Earth. There is the Joy of a new-born child, the healing of a beloved person, a successful and fulfilling project, and an important contribution to planetary Ascension.

Remember, Ascension is not a place. Ascension is a transmutation. Transmutation is when the frequency rate of a person, place, situation, thing, or planet shifts into a higher frequency of reality.

If you allow your higher self to speak with you, your fifth dimensional expression of SELF will give you a great deal of information about the path that you have chosen before you took this form, but you forgot.

Fortunately, the highest light has attracted your attention back into the fifth dimension and into the fifth dimensional expression of the “you”, who is over-lighting its fragment of the “you” who volunteered to wear a third/fourth dimensional Earth Vessel.

This Earth Vessel, however, is becoming far too small. This dynamic is occurring because your Multidimensional Mind, your Third Eye, and your High Heart are awakening and opening. This opening best occurs when you remain grounded in the planetary body of Gaia.

Once you are grounded in Gaia, your inter-dimensional portal will open and you will feel the connection in-between the core of Gaia and the portal of your own Higher Self. You will also feel the “you” that resides in-between the earthly and higher dimensional opening of your portal.

This “you” can perceive all the frequencies of all the portals that are within your Earth Vessel. Some of these portals are grounding portals, and need to be channeled through your third dimensional physical vessel, as well as your fourth dimensional astral vessel.

This version of YOU is the planetary “you” because you are wearing a garment of the same elements and elementals as Earth. This is likely the version of you who will experience a sense of “ascension.” In other words, this is your inter-dimensional self.

The form you that represents the entire planet, as well as all the frequency from the core of the Earth, Air, Fire and Water that Gaia has shared with you so that you could wear an earth vessel.

The dark ones did not want to share. They want to steal all that they can from Gaia and from all Her beings. These dark ones had the “assignment” of creating the downfall of the “third dimensional expression of Gaia.” But all nature must die to be re-born and that is the NOW of the New Dawn.

To assist in this rebirth, you must LET GO of the third/fourth dimensional versions of reality into which you bi-located. You released you primary attachment to your lives of comfort, purpose and Joy on the higher dimensions, so that you could inhabit a physical body to more fully assist Gaia.

None of you realized that life on the third dimension could be so difficult, as you all volunteered from your Galactic societies within the Now of the fifth dimensional One and far, far beyond. Third dimensional life was much more difficult than you ever imagined and many of you got lost in the myriad 3D illusions.

At least that is how you judged yourself. The truth is that all of you are doing everything that you can within the circumstances, the body, the times, the cultures, the economic spectrum, and the challenges that the particular Earth Vessel you are wearing is now facing.

Therefore, all of you are among the ones that will ride the huge tides of change, as well as all the waves of change that have been moving through the everyday life of third dimensional Gaia’s shores.

These tides of change, winds of change and inner expressions of change, have merged with the skies of change, the consciousness of change, the thoughts of change and the emotions of change and the fluidity of change.

These great changes are all happening around your Earth Vessel and deeply within your Earth Vessel. Fortunately, many of you have remembered the healing power of Unconditional Love and the trans-mutational ability of the Violet Fire.

With the memory of your SELF you can say, “I refuse to participate in “that” reality—and I send it unconditional love and Violet Fire!” transmute that which is stuck in the darkness into the Light. That Light is dawning brighter and brighter each day.

It is only by holding true to your own higher expressions of self that you can remember to re-member the decree of:

“I AM a Multidimensional Being who has chosen to take an earth vessel on physical Earth.

“I AM a Multidimensional Being who came here NOW to assist with the Ascension of Gaia.

“I AM wearing an earth vessel to share my higher frequencies of SELF with all life on Earth.

I AM that I AM.

I AM my Personal Self.

I AM my Planetary Self and

I AM Here NOW to assist with the Planetary Ascension.

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Become an Ethnographer of Your Own Ascension ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Soul Portraits by Wendybyrd Smith...

ART : Soul Portraits – Wendybyrd Smith


Become an Ethnographer of Your Own Ascension

I’m working with a reader, D, on documenting and mapping her consciousness shift.

The invitation I extended to her, I told her I think I need to extend to everybody.  Here’s that invitation.
Start to become an ethnographer of your own consciousness shift.
What’s an ethnographer? My understanding of an ethnographer is that the kind of anthropologist who records what they actually see, hear and feel in an unexplored setting.
They don’t write about the national history. They don’t look at village agriculture through the ages. They actually observe and record what they witness in front of them, right here, right now.
We’re ethnographers in a profound consciousness shift. I can tell you that my consciousness seems to be shifting almost daily (I appear to get some days off to relax and integrate).
When I go into bliss, for example, I notice how I respond to other events in my life while I’m in bliss, where my emotional floor has risen to, how I increase or decrease the bliss, etc. I explore all the questions that come to mind and then make a record somewhere of what I observe.
Sometimes it’s an article. Sometimes it’s a journal entry. Sometimes it’s a note on a notepad.  But I always make and leave a record.
Others will come along after and do with our work what an anthropologist would call a structural/functional study.  Think of the ethnographer’s study as a series of photographs. The structural anthropologist gathers up all the pictures and looks at them for patterns in behavior, dress, gaze, etc.
So the ethnographer’s data is raw material to and for the structural anthropologist.
Our ascension observations, reactions, and discoveries will be raw material to those who gather up all our accounts (or ethnographies) and look for patterns.
Why would people want to do that? For several reasons.
The first is that ours is the first mass, physical ascension ever. I asked Archangel Michael on An Hour with an Angel whether we were going into an utterly-new, previously-uncreated space and he confirmed that was indeed the case.

Steve Beckow: Is the realm that we’re building, to which we’re taking our physical bodies, altogether new?

Archangel Michael: Yes, it is brand new.

Steve: … Brand new, and the rules have changed?

AAM: That is correct.  (1)

He’s been teaching me how the rules have changed in regard to enlightenment. It’s dizzying.
But back to the new space. Previously people dropped the body to ascend. We’re taking our bodies with us. That’s historic, as if the mere fact of ascension was not historic enough.
So our experience of ascension, I believe, is going to prove a very important and very much studied subject on many planets throughout the universe, who are also planning their own ascensions. I know of an ascension taking place in the Seventh Dimension in 200 years and you can bet your boots I’ll be there. Well, I already know I’ll be there. Reporting for duty.
Second reason, have you noticed that no one handed you a User’s Manual to the Fourth and Fifth Dimensions? Not so much as a Michelin Guide or The Fifth Dimension on $5?  (2)
We pop through into bliss, as a friend of mine did the other day, just out of the blue, and look around as if to say, “Now what do I do?” And, after sitting for a great amount of time lost in enjoyment, one wonders, “Well, how is this useful?”
No one tells us what to do.
So having a User’s Guide would be a very, very useful thing and you and I are writing a piece of that when we do our ethnographic studies of ascension.
Start to make the same kinds of notes about you and your consciousness that an anthropologist might make upon coming into an indigenous village for the first time.
Generate criteria of significance.What’s worth your attention and why? What are you trying to do? What are you focussing attention on? Establish the parameters of your study. You at home? At work? On vacation?  Shopping?

Then keep adequate notes of each event in consciousness. “I popped into bliss at 9:00 a.m. today, fully three hours earlier than I did the day before. And I was able to spend practically the whole day in it before it subsided in the evening. People seem to notice it. They seem to pick up around me.”

Everyone kept a diary once in their lives. Well, I’m inviting you to keep one now. Religiously. Maybe even start a blog and record your journal entries. Forget the journal and just write the blog. (Gotcha.)

This is something that every single one of the people reading this article is capable of doing and it’ll prove so valuable.

Nuff said. Thank you, D., for sparking that discussion. I look forward to what your ethnographic study turns up.

(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Sept. 16, 2015.
(2) Am I dating myself if I say Europe on $5 a Day?

Become an Ethnographer of Your Own Ascension


Soul Portraits by Wendybyrd Smith...

ART : Soul Portraits – Wendybyrd Smith

Straight Talk on Ascension with Steve Beckow @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

 - art-greg-spalenka-Bouquet

ART : Bouquet – Greg Spalenka


Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Straight Talk on Ascension ~ Your Collective Self Sings the Song of Life & Talk with Steve Beckow

Feb. 24, 2016

Straight Talk on Ascension ~ Episode #4

Your Collective Self Sings the Song of Life

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There are many gems of wisdom that have been lost to your third-dimensional memory, however, your soul has collected everything that you have ever done, thought, said and experienced and compiled it into the whole of your “Collective Self.”

Your Collective Self is vital to your personal and planetary Ascension because this component of your Multidimensional SELF is the integration of all the incarnations that you have ever had on the body of planet Earth.

Then, when you cross into the higher dimensions of reality either through meditation or through what you once called “death”, your Collective Self deposits this information into your “Soul Bank.” Your Soul Bank is just a title and has as many names as there are people. This Soul Bank then deposits all that was collected during your myriad versions of reality and integrated it into all the experiences that you have had in your myriad incarnations.

You have a section in your Soul Bank for every earthly incarnation, as well as other planetary, dimensional and even possible, parallel, alternate, simultaneous, probable and fourth-dimensional realities that you have ever experienced.

All of these experiences are constantly being integrated into the ONE of each incarnation. Then each and every incarnation with all of its possible, alternate, parallel and simultaneous realities, which are usually hidden to your third-dimensional self, are sent into your Soul Bank.

However, once your multidimensional thinking and multidimensional perceptions come online, you are able to see and understand how every individual life is actually part of a tapestry of myriad choices, actions, thoughts, emotions and inter-dimensional experiences.

Some of these inter-dimensional experiences were unconscious to you during your incarnation. But you can easily peruse these experiences from the vantage point of your Multidimensional SELF. Your Multi-dimensional SELF is the great interpreter who pulls all of your myriad, and sometimes separate, experiences into the ONE of the NOW of the fifth-dimension and beyond.

Within this ONE of the NOW there is no separation, as there is no time to create the illusion of separation. Time is a vital component of the third dimension because it creates a separation between each second, minute, hour, day, month, year, decade, possible, probable, simultaneous and alternate reality.

Time is the vital component of the third dimensional matrix of the school of Earth. Different planets have different matrices because the purpose of each planetary school has a different contribution within the NOW of the ONE.

Every Planet, Solar System and/or Universal School offers a different frequency and “song” through which the inhabitants can learn and expand their consciousness. By “song”, we mean the collection of information that is spun into a collective whole so that it can be shared with others. We also use the term song because the words, thoughts, emotions, and melodies are strung together into a cohesive whole that is enjoyable for others to visit and experience.

Yes, you often visit and experience others’ realities, which you may interpret as a great meditation, an amazing walk in the woods, or even a wonderful communication with an inner being. In fact, these “other beings” are of course higher expressions of your own self. There are many, many ways in which you can experience these inter-dimensional songs of your life.

It is at this point in Planetary Ascension in which we present the information about your “Song of Life” because we want you to enjoy your process. We want you to rejoice in your process. And, most important, we want you to share your process. We ask that you use your amazing individual consciousness because each individual experience is a contribution to planetary Ascension.

You are vital to Gaia’s Ascension because you are becoming awake and aware of your expanded self. Once you are fully aware of your own expanded, Collective Self, you will never be alone. We would like to take a moment of your “time,” to which you still resonate, to remind you of the components of your Multidimensional SELF that are speaking with your physical self.

We ask your physical self to fully connect with

your own inter-dimensional line of communication and share your experiences.

Many of you have shared your experiences with others, and whether you know it or not, you are always sharing your experiences with Gaia. Do you see now how important you are and how important your current physical and individual self is to the process of planetary Ascension?

Your current self has the ability to fully connect with all of your Collective Self. Then, your Collective Self can perceive all the incarnations that you have ever experienced in order to remember everything that you have learned in all of your myriad incarnations on Planet Earth, as well as any other planet, place, dimension or realm you have ever experienced.

We tell you this information NOW because only the consciousness of your fifth-dimensional, and beyond, self can resonate to this timeless Now to be able to activate your Collective Self. You see you can only perceive this Collective Self when you are consciousness resonates beyond that which you have called “your individuality.”

As you can well imagine, if all the experiences you have ever had, as well as all your myriad incarnations, were laid out in the sequential fashion of your third-dimensional consciousness, it would take an infinite “time” to perceive them.

Fortunately, more and more of you, our volunteers to Gaia, are increasingly having experiences of a fifth-dimensional frequency of consciousness, which is actually your Collective Self, who is becoming your Ascending Self.

Please remember that all of you to whom we speak are multidimensional. Therefore, you all have many expressions of SELF who reside within the fifth-dimension and beyond. Because of that fact, you have not come to Gaia for your own personal experience of Ascension.

In fact, many of you are now receiving visions and experiences of your true Multidimensional SELF, as well as us, your Galactic Family, who now surround Gaia in our myriad Starships. As you know, from looking out your window, our Starships are not visible to your third-dimensional world.

Our Ships are patiently awaiting your visits in the fifth-dimension and beyond realities of your/our Collective Self. Yes, we are all ONE within your/our Collective Self. In fact dear Gaia, and Her planet Earth, also resonate to this higher dimensional Collective Self.

This higher dimensional collective includes all life that has ever been, and has ever existed, in any timeline on Planet Earth that has been able to embrace the NOW of the ONE. This Now of the One first appeared as their as their personal Collective Self.

However, on the return to their Collective Self, who resonates to the timeless Now of the fifth-dimension and beyond, each of you experienced the NOW of the ONE of Gaia’s Planetary Collective Self who resonates just beyond the Rainbow Bridge at the highest sub-plane of the fourth-dimension.

Remember our dear ones, who are returning home to your Multidimensional Self,

you have never really left your galactic collective reality to which you are returning.

Oh, the rush of Unconditional Love that you will experience as you return to your Galactic Collective Self, as well as to all the inter-dimensional friends who have been supporting you with your experiences of having the great honor of assisting dear Gaia as She returns to Her fifth-dimensional Planetary Collective Self.

Blessings, Suzille and the Arcturians

What do YOU experience when you fully connect with your

inter-dimensional line of communication?

Please share your comments below.

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Emerging from the Chrysalis of Ascension – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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Emerging from the Chrysalis of Ascension

butterfly-492536_1280-300x211As we all continue our gradual emergence from the chrysalis of Ascension, I’m now noticing stages in the development of my ability to express love.

In the early years of my marriage, it was as if I had a hole in my heart. I couldn’t generate love for life or money.  My wife hung in with me, loving me always, for 23 years, even though there was apparently nothing in it for her.

At that time I was not aware of the impact of vasanas. It was in fact the clearing of major vasanas or core issues that contributed to the breakthrough – the heart opening – on March 13, 2015.

But at that earlier time, I was a loveless being for most of my life. Not like I knew I was. Not like I knew what real love was.

I’d polished my constructed self about as much as I was ever going to. I mainly just wanted to be left alone to write. I became more and more frustrated and retreated more and more into the paradigm that anger, rather than love, gets you what you want. It never did.

So not a pleasant guy to be around for practically all the loving women in my life. I was probably about as automatic as they come.

Meanwhile everything that was happening for me was happening internally. My spiritual life was blossoming. Spiritual experiences were occurring right and left. The Flame in the Heart, the Highway to Heaven, the Universe Inside, the Silver Bullet – I named them all for memory’s sake. They would come and go.

I remember saying to myself that one moment of bliss in these experiences made many years of spiritual work bearable.

However, none of this translated into real love for others. Generosity, yes. Affection, yes. Real, transformative love, no.butterfly09

Fast forward to the near present after endless clearing of vasanas.  My love for one woman was like a volcano. But it was focused on that one person only. With everyone else I remained a stick man. But at least I’d had that breakthrough.  It started the glacier calving.

Added to that was an exercise that I’d been doing – raising love from my heart and sending it out to the world. And this exercise worked, where many have not. I began to feel real love.

Then came the heart opening on March 13, 2015. As I remember it, it began as a feeling of energy going up my leg.This could not have been my own kundalini because that would have started from the root chakra, not from my foot. It felt like it was coming from “outside.”

At first I was startled and then I relaxed upon thinking to myself that the Divine Mother was in charge and so why am I worrying?

When the energy reached my heart, there was a sensation as if a gigantic cork had exploded outwards. And the love flowed in a flood now.

This happened at 7 a.m. on a morning I was to have a reading with Archangel Michael at 10:00. I imagine there was no accident involved here. When the hour of the reading arrived, I was still immersed in a torrent of love.

AAM explained that the experience was a heart opening and said that the personal love I’d been experiencing was the precursor of this new breakthrough into impersonal love. He added that the exercise of bringing love up from the heart and sending it out into the world had greased the wheel.

Not everyone will experience a heart opening, as I understand it.  One devotee will derive the same effect from seeing a brilliant Light. (And I’ll be sharing about an Australian friend who’s had that experience.) A bhakta or devotee may see the loving form of their Chosen Ideal.  A jnani or student of wisdom will have a realization.  I’m a student of consciousness or awareness and so I had an experience in consciousness. (This gives rise to perhaps a different meaning of “what you sow, you reap.”)

When I started writing this article I was not in the transformed space and I notice that I now am.

After the heart opening, for many months, love just flowed. And it was a love that made no distinction, what sages call impersonal or universal love. I loved everyone. Of course some people meant more to me than others. We had need to be together. But my love itself was incapable of making any distinctions past that.

So, for me, the heart opening of March 13, 2015 was like a watershed in my life.

I sincerely apologize to the many people for whom I was not present. I apologize to everyone who had to bear the force of my anger because my inability to love revealed me as such a beggar in matters of the heart.  And I could not stand being seen in that light.

The bliss arises in me and settles me down again. I send my love out to all who hung in with me for so, so long.



indian elephants at Sascalia Etsy

ART : Indian Elephants @ Sascalia Etsy

Transcript ~ Archangel Michael on AHWAA: No One Will be Excluded from Ascension

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ART : Divine Feminine in Silk Red Dress – by Talya Johnson @ Fine Art America


AHWAA: No One Will be Excluded from Ascension, October 15, 2015

Hour With Angel picNo One Will be Excluded from Ascension

Archangel Michael

An Hour with an Angel

October 15, 2015

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Steve Beckow: Host, InLight Radio

Steve Beckow: Good evening everyone and welcome to An Hour With An Angel. I’m Steve Beckow, founder of the Golden Age of Gaia and author of Building Nova Earth: Towards A World That Works For Everyone and with me is our channel, Linda Dillon, author of The New You and The Great Awakening. Linda, welcome and your Core Issues course is coming up very, very soon…

Linda Dillon: It actually is going to start on Thursday night, Steve, and yes, thanks for mentioning it. I’ve taken a few days off, actually, to prepare for it, completely unplug, let myself renew, regenerate and be ready to tackle such a huge area of concern, let me put it that way.

We have a wonderful group, not as many people as I had anticipated or been told about…which is interesting…because frankly I think if you’re alive and breathing you have core issues, but I know that this group, which is around the world, is going to be yet another group that is doing the push for the collective and really getting down to breakthrough because the course, of course, isn’t just about core issues it’s about what comes after you’ve dealt with the core issues.

So, I’m really excited and it’s the first time I’ve ever done a webinar series, or any class for that matter, at night. So, I’m curious to see what the difference in the texture and the nature of the energy is. So, I’m excited!

SB: I often wonder if core issues ever stop. Every new situation brings up a new set of core issues.

LD: I think that we do break through on ‘core’ core issues and what we do is then we have the equipment and the understanding to really be able to deal with whatever comes up in our daily affairs, as it were. I know that even as I’ve started to prepare for this class I have a new level of core issues emerging and it’s interesting because it feels much easier than the first round where, again, I had core issues come up and that’s part of being not only the facilitator but the participant as well. So yes, core issues do go away.

SB: I’m looking forward to the day they go away, Linda. So, why don’t we give you a few moments to make your transition and then we’ll welcome in Archangel Michael.

LD: Great.

Archangel Michael: Greetings, I am Michael, Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, Bringer of News. Welcome, my beloved friends, my beloved allies, keepers of Gaia, yes, each of you as wonderful, gorgeous Gaians. You step forth into a new reality, into interdimensional beingness, getting ready to exhale with the might of the north wind and the gentleness of the south.

My friends, much of what I wish to speak to you about this and every day, is about peace, about truth, about love, about worth and worthiness, but particularly in this moment of this night as we join and conjoin together, I wish to speak to you about gentleness.

The Mother, our Mother, not merely your Mother for she is Mother to us all, has addressed you repeatedly about this manner, this way of being with your sacred self and with others, of sweet gentleness. Gentleness my friends, is strength, is valor, is courage, is humility, is joy. This is not a quality, a state of being, that is to be ignored or thought of in terms of weakness.

To be gentle with your sacred self, with your physical, emotional, mental self, and with every being, human, canine, star, angelic, it matters not. The rule of engagement is gentleness, kindness, consideration, unity, connectedness, and balance. When you are too vigorous with yourself and with others, when you feel that you must apply force in order to achieve or gain your goals, then I ask of you to step back, to step back and to examine, to feel, to think, and in your heart knowingness to ask why you believe that any measure or modicum of force is required.

Now, do not think that I equate persistence, consistency, constancy, alignment, with force; I do not. It is when you feel that you are pushing and pushing and pushing and that you are not getting anywhere, either with your sacred self, with the totality of your being, with your sacred union above or below, with your sacred partnership, with your family, with your friends, with the planet, you can not…what is your expression?…win friends and influence people if you are being forceful. Be gentle, as gentle as the mild spring rain, not torrential, not a hurricane, not a tsunami unless it is the Mother’s.

I wish to talk about some of this today and I know beloved Steve, my ally, my partner in this undertaking that this will come up as we chat as old friends, as allies, as forever allies. So where do you wish to begin?

SB: Well I think, Lord, the first thing I would like to discuss with you is about the events of the Blood Moon Equinox. They are historic. Can you describe for us what actually happened on those days so we can understand those days?

AAM: First of all, you as a collective and as individuals – do not think that we only speak to you as a collective, that is not the truth; I speak to the heart and mind and beingness of each of you. So, each of you has a tendency to hear me, to translate, to perceive what I say differently, and that is alright. That is your filter.

So, let us begin by saying the events of what you refer to as the Equinox and Blood Moon is a response to your desire individually and collectively to look at dates. You love events, do you not? And that is not a critique. It is a conjoining. So often you have asked and requested for dates and seldom, if ever, do our dates coincide, but events do.

What has happened is exactly as I have indicated; there is a higher frequency, a higher vibratory rate, a willingness to receive and to exceed expectations and to go forth in a manner of ease, of acceptance, of surrender, while coupled with meaningful action.

You have been sent energies directly, for some time, from the Mother, from the Father, from the One, from our realm of angelics and archangelics, seraphim, elohim, cherubim, you name it, from the masters and enlightened ones, from your star family, you have been bombarded. And let me be extraordinarily clear, you continue to be bombarded, to be filled, to be lifted up, to be grounded, to be elevated.

Many of you have felt this shift. You have known that you are in the Ascension process, some of you more fully than others. It matters not. Everyone is invited and none are excluded. Some of you have felt the intensity of the energy but because your vibration, your frequency, your light-body, however you conceive of this, is at a higher frequency, a higher level, you are more able to absorb and to cohabit with these energies.

So, while you know, mentally and emotionally, that the frequency is higher and very intense, you also feel that it is smoother, more gentle. This is one of the things we are talking about. So you are not feeling the same sense of your finger being stuck in a light socket. You are not feeling the same levels of complete exhaustion.

Issues, what you have defended and kept sacred to yourself as issues and problems are coming to the forefront for definition, for redefinition, for deeper understanding and comprehension on all levels, for compassion and passion, for resolution.

My dearest friends, you say to me, “Michael, Mi-ka-el, I am in the process of this Ascension and yet simultaneously I am encountering difficulties with my finances, with my family, with my spouse, with my colleagues at work. I feel separate and at the same time conjoined in sacred union, what the heck is going on?”

Let us say that the body, individually and collectively, of issues, of areas that have been as unresolved as yet are gently, and that determination of gentleness comes from you and us, they are gently coming to the surface, not to be ignored but because you have the expanded capacity, you have the talent, you have the mastery to address, resolve, release, surrender, eliminate what does not work for you.

That is being gentle with yourself. Now that does not mean the former practice of simply “I can’t deal with this right now, I am too tired and turning your head away.” It is allowing the issue to coexist within your sacred sphere, within your expanded being, and allowing the resolution to simply emerge, to be presented. It does not mean absenting yourself from the process; but what it does mean is seeing yourself, your beloved sacred self, as a participant in the process, but not having to force resolution. And the wisdom that is incorporated in this higher vibratory rate allows you to see that and is allowing you in the outer realm to see the miraculous occurrences that are occurring on every level, from the mundane to the very public.

So, what has occurred is this amazing jump, a quantum leap in terms of your heart consciousness. That is the simplest answer.

SB: There are actually some people who interpret the fact that they may not have felt something or they have not felt very much as meaning that they are excluded from Ascension. Could you address that please?

AAM: And I address those particularly who are feeling this way for this is an age-old problem. And so I thank you for bringing this to the forefront. You are my family, each and every one of you who listens this night; you are friend, you are ally but you are also part, not only of our family but of my family. I claim you as sibling, as friend, as dearest heart.

You say to me, “But Michael, Mi-ka-el, I am not an archangel.” I would say to you, “Do you mean to deny your angelic heritage? Do you choose to deny your magnificence?” I am born of the Mother/Father One and so are you. My dearest heart, brothers and sisters all, so why, why then do some of you have these wondrous experiences and then why are some of you left feeling as if you are left behind crying in the shadows and doubting your worthiness, your very worth?

Sweet angels, let me be clear once more, and I speak on behalf of our Mother: None are excluded from this process of Ascension, for this upliftment into higher, different, inclusive realms, where you are headed, all of you, is inclusive. The Mother did not decide to banish some and favor others; be very clear about that.

And then you say, “Then it is not fair, Mi-ka-el, because she is favoring some with visions, with bliss, with ecstasy, with knowing.” And with that, with that knowing, with that conscious news of movement, of exaltation, of expanded heart consciousness also comes enormous responsibility. And you say to me, “But Michael, Mi-ka-el, I am more than willing to accept the responsibility; give me the enlightenment, give me the tools.” Beloveds, the tools are at your fingertips.

Let us play this out. If some of you are not feeling the expansion, the bliss, the love, that does not mean that it is not occurring. Do you feel the blood running through your veins? Do you feel the constant division and growth of your cells? Do you feel the synapses in your brain, the neurons? Do you feel that movement? You do not always even consciously feel the beating of your heart unless you are taking your pulse, unless it is pounding extraordinarily. That does not mean that your body has ceased to exist, that somehow you have died. This expansion, this upliftment, this increase in your frequency, is taking place regardless.

You say, “Well, that’s all very reassuring Michael, but I would really like to feel it.” Beloved friends, there are several things I would like to say to you: Number one is “are you asking?”… not from a place of feeling excluded, not from a place of anger or fear of being left behind, but from the very core of your heart-soul, are you asking? Secondly, “are you taking the adequate time, the gentle time to simply receive?”…not going into meditation with a visualization, not going into meditation with a list of questions, just going to the stillpoint of your being with a readiness to receive.

And inside of that what you can think of as number three, “have you deemed yourself worthy of the bliss, of the expansion, of the knowingness, of the gentleness of the Mother’s touch, of the caress of her hand, her veil, her gown? Or do you still think of yourself, think of yourself as less than, as part of the excluded?” because beloveds, the excludeds do not exist. So, do not put or even think of yourself as potentially being in that excluded category because it is not in existence; it has been an illusion of your old 3rd that somehow you are being prevented from your joy, from the love, from your very birthright.

It is in the silence; go deeper into the silence. No thought, no action, no movement, simply be and allow the infusion to occur. The infusion, the knowing of the infusion…shall I say generally…and I could say always…takes place when there is no movement, when you are in the place of beingness. So, it does not occur when you are running and seeking and demanding or crying. When those things are occurring, and they do occur, then turn to us, let us soothe you, let us reassure you. It is not that we anticipate or think that you will never be in distress, we know that there are moments of distress, of loneliness, of continued feelings of disassociation, that is a different conversation and still we say “turn to us.”

But the expansion feeling, the enlightened feeling, the knowingness comes in the silence of no movement. Now you say, “Well what about a long-distance runner who has done their 10K and in that moment has the explosion of complete connectedness?” In that moment that being, male or female, is in fact in no movement; they have found the space between the spaces of movement. That is why they enter into an ecstatic field and that is what I mean when I say I could pretty much say always. None are left behind.

Why do you think, sweet angels, that this has been such a slow progression, in your terminology and ours? The human collective reached an incredibly mature decision to progress as one, because of your mastery, because of your heart, because of your wisdom, because of your knowing of the truth of who you are. Has it completely reached and penetrated your mental or your emotional bodies? No, but it has begun to. So, you must be in a state of allowing; allowing the doubt to dissipate, allowing the fear to disappear. None are left behind. I cannot say it more succinctly or clearly than that.

Now some of you have remained very much in your bodies because you are way-showers and you have need to collect the collective. And you know, maybe you don’t know in your limited human self, but your higher universal self knows that if you are completely in the bliss you will not pay attention to the rest who are being left behind and feeling left behind. So you say, “Okay, I will stay with the troops. I will stay until the last person is through that portal.” You are doing your service and you are appreciated and supported and loved for that service. Do not dismiss or minimize what you are doing sweet angels.

Is this clear dear Steve?

AB: Yes, it is Lord and thank you very much for that and I am sure that will help a lot of people and reassure them. I have a related question from a listener, Cammy, and she says, “Linda, in your Core Issues panel with Steve and Suzy you mentioned that many lightworkers were 80% plus, the general population was 50%, and those in containment, still being held, were very high in their light. I had such a strong reaction to this that I wanted to understand it better. Become unfair that an average, descent, perhaps unaware person is less (?) than those who knowingly corrupted our world.” Would you care to comment on that Lord?

AAM: Oh, sweet angels and dear Cammy, you speak for so many. This is the difficulty when you speak of the collective in terms of averages. So, let us clarify, let us begin with the simplest part of this and this is also related to that feeling and this despair and aggravation of being left behind.

When we say that about 50%-60% of the general population is in their knowingness in the Ascension portal, knowing and unknowing, understand what we are talking about…so we have taken all those. Now let us take the lightworkers and put them separate from the general population because that is another issue. But all those descent, hard-working, kind, loving, faithful, courageous people are in the mix with those who still cling to the illusions of your old 3rd, those who are still living lives dictated by control, greed, lust, bloodlust, inequality, lack, limitation, so they are mixed in; when you give a general percentage for the general population, they are mixed in with the war lords, with those that are part of ISIS, with those that are raping and pillaging, and stealing and selling drugs and killing the populace in order to sell those drugs. We are talking about those who live from greed and control, who control government and corporations and stock markets.

So, in the law of averages, beloveds, what happens is the general population absorbs, so that is why you feel ‘oh my goodness, what happens to the good person?’ And let us be very clear because in other conversations we have stated “those who live by the old paradigms, by clinging to the old rules, are very few.” Do they bring down the averages? Significantly. But as your frequency is increasing you are also touching those who are resistant, recalcitrant, reluctant. Now, I am not suggesting in the lightworker community, in the general population, in the recalcitrant population that there are still not core issues to be resolved because there are, that is the nature of the clearing. But you are underway, let us be clear about that.

Now, let us talk about the general population, not about the side pocket of those who are in that category that we have called reluctant, recalcitrant, resistant because that is a separate issue. Most Gaians, by their very nature…listen to what I say…are heart centered, are heart conscious. Now, have they forgotten that? That is what all these increases in the frequencies are about; it is to bring up…and what you are seeing in the billions and billions and billions of people is an expressed desire, not simply unspoken, not dependent upon political leanings or financial where-with-all, there is a collective desire that is being spoken to live in peace and harmony, to have and to find ways…I am not suggesting that the ways are all known…but there is the spoken desire to find ways to accommodate in a more loving, humane – that is the term that is used – humane – fashion.

There is a growing desire to eliminate violence of every kind. There is a desire to tend to Gaia, to tend to the planet. There is an upsurge in the desire for leadership based on values, and what you are being given in every country is the juxtaposition between those who hold values and those who do not; now, when I am speaking values, I am speaking Divine Qualities, Blessings and Virtues. So, the general population, excluding some categories – to put it in your parlance – is, in fact, increasing daily, hourly, minute-to-minute. It was never a requirement that every person, every Gaian, every person on the planet become a lightworker. And, do you know why? Because every person who chose to be upon the planet at this time already is a lightworker, whether they know it or not!

What is the requirement to be a lightworker? To be aware that the Archangels speak to you? No. It is to be kindhearted, it is to be gentle, it is to be generous, it is to be in gratitude for the blessings that are given every day. It is to accept what is viewed sometimes as tasks and hardships, knowing that there is a plan and that you have the inner stability and strength and virtue to go through whatever is presented. There is not a being upon the planet who incarnated at this time without knowing fully and completely what lay ahead. Now, have many forgotten? Yes. But what the population has not forgotten is that they are good people and that they are just as deserving, just as worthy, just as welcome as the most diligent lightworker.

They’re going about their business and in many ways, their business…the taking care of family, of providing shelter and guidance to children when they don’t know what to do, of breaking bread, often of going to jobs they despise because it means they can take care of their families, of being part of a community, of trying to secure safety and shelter, of giving money to the man on the street who has no food, of having compassion for the woman who is 14 and bearing an unwanted child.

This is the fabric of what you have called the general population. They do not carry hatred or cruelty in their heart. Are there areas for vast improvement in terms of racism, gender inequality, misunderstanding of the violence of war, the violence of democracy, of totalitarianism, of commercialism, of finance? Yes, there is great room for expansion, but let me tell you my beloved friends, that desire for improvement rests in the heart in each and every one of them. And in that, I would even include the recalcitrant. So, do not think they are left behind…they are the structure of change, they are the masses and the army of change. They are not discounted; they are being worked on beginning with the Mother’s Tsunami of Love years ago. So, do not worry about them, they are very high in their vibration.

Now, let us talk about the gift of those that are in containment. I think that there has been some misunderstanding about containment, as if this is an extraordinary gift; and in fact it is, because you are put into what you would think of as a chamber, as a box, where you are continually penetrated by light and love. This is not an option that is exercised unless the circumstances are very dire. So, you do not put someone who is an angry neighbor in the box, not the box that we are speaking of.

So, of course your quotient of light is very high because that is the only option and you stay there…there is no release program, no choice! Think of what I say to you. This is a rare occurrence because humans are born for choice. So the very fundamental of being human has been removed from this because the egregious nature of who they have acted out as. The final choice is they emerge rehabilitated, or they come home!

Now, the moment they reemerge, they’re besot by free choice again and they are given the choice to either reengage in their old patterns, in which situation they will be removed yet again, or to be the leaders because those who have been put in containment, as egregious and offensive as their crimes have been, also had stellar leadership qualities. That has been part of what we can call the light rehabilitation, was for them to come to realize who they really are and that their true qualities are needed to build Nova Earth. And if there is still an unwillingness, well then, they will return home; so, it is not such a tremendous gift. Now in that, let us also speak of the lesser gift that the Mother has given you, all of you, of the Blue Topaz box; that is very different than the containment that we put people in, which is a light box – period.

The Blue Topaz box is where you have assisted us with millions so that they would be penetrated by the gentle light of the Mother, and within that spectrum of free choice, come to realize that nurturing and gentleness and love is the answer. And you all have been working with that Blue Topaz box tremendously and have done incredible work. But again, when released the free choice option comes back into play but they have been exposed and aware of how beautiful the loving choices are and the impact that those loving choices have. So, we commend you and as lightworkers, you increase your frequency every day and you do so, of course because you long to come home, but home in this Ascension is upon beloved Gaia and within your magnificent vessels, your bodies. You are doing stellar work.

The channel has asked about what the pause is and how this feeling of everything is in slow motion or on pause and the knowingness that all is prepared, the banquet is on the table. If you come to look at the theatre, the audience is seated, the orchestra has tuned, the actors are behind the curtain and the hush has fallen over the audience…you know the celebration is about to begin and you are holding your breath. But as Einstein has explained to you, you are all about to exhale and to enjoy and participate in the celebration, in the gentleness of love, in the rebirth of what it means to be human.

SB: Thank you Lord. I’d like to point out for our listeners again, I do this from time to time but you’re answering questions on my paper without my asking them…that always is a thrill for me. I can see one predictable battle looming, Lord, where someone, political leader, that used to be corrupt, has been in containment and has emerged and has been again exerting leadership and half the lightworkers welcome that, they know he has been in containment, and the other half call the people who welcome him a traitor. How do we know that a leader has reformed his or her character, how does the general populace know?

AAM: Listen and watch with your heart. The history of the human race, since the time of the Creator Race, is ancient. Now, there are many of you that have been aware or have had lives where you have acted in a traitorous manner, in a manner that you would deem, as judge and jury, as less than. That is why we do not ask you to focus so much on past lives. When you look, when you listen to a leader or to a neighbor, to a beloved friend, I am asking you not to erase discernment but erase history. Stop looking through the lenses of the past and look and feel and discern through the lenses of the present and the future.

My beloved friends, you know full well when someone is not speaking from their heart center, when they are not speaking truth, when they are bluffing for their own personal gain, when they are trying not to come from a place of balanced view but of self-interest. You know this. When you don’t know it is when you say, “Oh, but she did/he did/they did that in the past.” So, ask yourself very simple question, use kinesiology if it is useful for you, use whatever you want…the answer is in your heart…say to yourself, containment? And it will be clear…yes or no. Reconstructed? Yes or no. Heart centered? Yes or no. Three very simple questions not based on the past but based as you all face the future by walking hand-in-hand, arm-in-arm, heart-in-heart, in the present.

SB: We only have about 2 more minutes; could you tell us who do we have to thank for readily directing the energy to us? I don’t mean Father/Mother, I don’t mean going back that far, but I think there were galactic civilizations that participated and especially modulated the energies. We’ve heard about (?) some call it the Earth Alliance, who do we owe a debt of gratitude to for what has happened recently?

AAM: There is no group that wishes to take credit for this alignment. There is no group that has not been completely involved in the attunements that have been given to each and every one of you. Your star family, particularly under the direction, the harmonization, of Sanat Kumara have done stellar work. So, it is the galactics, the intergalactics, the various alignments; you have been invited to the Inter-Galactic Council. You are not fully realizing what this means, that how everyone has aligned to help you sit at this table as full partners. And yes, we will be addressing that. But where we would like, where we would respectfully request the vote of gratitude would be to each and every one of you. Let us give this vote of gratitude, and pay it forward, to what you have called the general population who in their unknowingness have said ‘yes!’ and have braved the unknown to accept the expansion of themselves and of the collective. Let us leave it at that dear friends.

SB: Okay, well thank you very much Lord. We’ve reached the end of the program. Thank you so much for giving us many insights into the process…

AAM: I wish to end with a joke: Do you hear this hammering? Well, that is me knocking at your door, let me in dear hearts, let me in. Go with my love. Farewell.

SB: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2015 Council of Love, Inc.


This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

Transcript ~ Archangel Michael on AHWAA: No One Will be Excluded from Ascension, October 15, 2015, http://inlightuniversal.com/archangel-michael-on-ahwaa-no-one-will-be-excluded-from-ascension/



art divine feminine in silk red dress by talya johnson fine art america

Straight Talk About Ascension~ Episode 1 @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

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Straight Talk About Ascension–Sue Lie


Straight Talk on Ascension ~ Episode #1

Dr. Suzanne Lie

Many of us are having a lot of unique situations and the energy feels very different. Those of us who have been on the path for a long time know that this energy is a part of the path. We also know that it is the difficult part because it is where we are moving into brand new territory that we have never experienced before.

This new territory feels like it is “the next step,” but we do not have a clue how to navigate through this frequency of reality. However, we do know that we need to call in our higher multidimensional self and connect with the component of our SELF who is able to assist us in the manner that we can best accept.

It is important that we connect with our own stream of consciousness, our own web of being-ness. Our own higher expressions of SELF know everything about every component of our Multidimensional SELF. Therefore, they can best assist us as we travel through our ascension process.

Furthermore, our Higher SELF perceives everything our grounded self does, but from a multidimensional perspective. Because we are here to Ascend Gaia, we need to clean up every unresolved issue from any of our incarnations. Our grounded self is not aware of all the thought forms and energy fields we have left from our myriad incarnations, but our Higher Self does.

Therefore, we must go down into the basement and up into the attic to clean up every spot of all the lives we have ever taken. We do this for Gaia! We do this for Gaia because we came for Her this time. We’ve gone through many lives when we came for ourselves. We wanted to experience a cause and effect planet – a planet where you put energy out, and it came back.

When we were at a low state of consciousness, our effect came back so much later in “time” that we often forgot that we were the ones who put it out. Therefore, we often felt like we were victims. Now suddenly everything is speeding up – whoosh – so fast. And, we are leaving time, we are moving into NOW.

As we move into this Nowness, everything changes. Everything shifts – because if we don’t have time, we don’t have sequence. Hence, that sequence that we have so relied on was our sub-conscious, our un-consciousness, and our conscious self. Then, there was super-conscious, our higher Angel, our Ascended Master. But beings are not lined up in a row like that anymore.

That separation was an illusion based on the illusion of time. And the illusion of time was created because it was a cause and effect planet. In order for the brave beings that took bodies on Gaia so that they could learn that energy out is energy back—there had to be “time.”

Hence, we put our energy out, but as I said before, then it came back so much later that we didn’t learn. Our frequency energy fields and thought forms are much faster. They move out faster and come back to us much faster—meaning they come back to us in less “time.”

Therefore it looks like we are really working our Ascension by eating right and sleeping right and meditating and unconditionally loving and blazing the violet fire and reading the right things and loving nature etc. etc.

However, even with all these choices, we are the ones having the difficult initiations. Meanwhile, that person over there hasn’t done a thing and they are just riding free and easy. This dynamic is occurring because those people are at that frequency in which the energy that they put comes back to them much later in “time.”

On the other hand, those of us who are “accepting the process of ascension” are having higher states of consciousness. Hence, whatever energy fields and thought forms we send out come back very quickly. In fact, we are also bumping into energy fields and thoughts forms from other incarnations and timelines to clear our other realities, as well as our current one.

Gaia is shifting into Her higher frequencies now. Hence, higher frequencies of Gaia are starting to open up. This opening is because more and more of us have expanded their consciousness enough to expand our perceptions. Then, these higher perceptions allow us to perceive a higher frequency reality just beyond our third-dimensional world.

Those who “only believe the physical world is real” put out those thought forms and those energy fields. Thus, that is the reality that they have created. On the other hand, those of us who are expanding our consciousness and perceptions are beginning to perceive more and more shifts of energy in our daily life.

There are octaves of Gaia that are almost like a stair step that we can only see through our third eye, our fifth-dimensional imagination, and by:

  • releasing our third-dimensional limitations,
  • connecting with our fifth-dimensional and beyond self,
  • creating an intimate daily communication with that our Higher SELF,
  • listening to what it is telling us
  • Then, and most important:
  • Doing what our Higher SELF has shared with us to do.

All of these perceptual changes represent a very big shift in our consciousness, our life and interpretation of reality. In fact, this shift is from being a third dimensional human to being a multidimensional awareness that has taken a human earth vessel.

I was born in 1946 and forgot to forget. Therefore, I felt “cast adrift on a hostile planet” for decades. But NOW I know that it was never the plant that was hostile, it was the Cabal that was hostile. It took communicating with my Galactic Family to realize that, as well as lot of therapy and meditation.

My point in the above paragraph is that I have been on Earth for a while, most of time fully aware of energy fields and cosmic events, but this NOW is different. It was never like this before. This energy is brand new.

Another thing that is different is that—more and more—we, the people, are really taking full responsibility for the reality that WE have created. In fact, we are not only taking responsibility for this life, but also for what we have created in past lives, or even in what we might think of as future lives.

What do we do with this type of a challenge? We don’t know do we, because this hasn’t occurred before. We can’t go back into any memory banks to find out how we did live in this type of reality on Earth. We could move in “time” to see a similar reality, but that’s a different time.

This is this Now. And this Now is different. I know it’s different because I’ve had all these Now’s, all these many decades of this energy field NOT being here. Furthermore, what is happening now is not exactly happen the way humanity wanted it to happen. But something did occur, and is occurring.

There were always times when reality shifted a little bit. Sometimes it shifted down into the dark side, which was not much fun. Other times, the shift was like the clouds cleared, and there was this Now of illumination that we could all soak up and live within.

We, the ones who have been engaged in this experiment of, “Can we transition from a third-dimensional body of clay that is filled with all the fourth-dimensional etheric issues that we have ever left in the Astral plane in any of our incarnations?”

Could it be possible that we could clear all of third and fourth dimensional effluvia in this lifetime? More so, can we do this clearing, not for ourselves, not because we want to Ascend and we want out of here? We are already out of here. We are already multi-dimensional.

The beings that we are talking to all the time, whether we remember it or not, are higher dimensional expressions of our own Multidimensional SELF. We are already completely connected. In fact, we all volunteered to take this earth vessel to see if we could remember that within the earth vessel that we are wearing in this now is our own higher dimensional SELF.

Even more difficult, we volunteered to know we are multidimensional even though our third dimensional brain cannot remember and what we can’t remember within that persona. Hence, we must trust our SELF. We must trust our self even though we may think, “Wow, I really chose a hard way.”

Yes, we chose this way before we took this incarnation. We chose this path while we were within our fifth-dimensional self and beyond. We saw all the myriad incarnations, parallel and alternate realities.

We were aware of all the different types of reality that we would need to pull into one big package and Unconditionally Love and blaze with the Violet Fire. Therefore, we need to say everyday, as we look in the mirror, as we open our eyes, as we look in to the pupils of our own eyes: “I Love You Unconditionally.”

But, what is Unconditional Love? Love was always conditional. If we were good enough then we were loved. If we did the right thing, then we were loved. If we didn’t, we weren’t loved.

Love was something that we earned, and if we were very good, we might be able to keep that love. But, if you were bad, you lost that love. But now there is the concept of “Unconditional Love” in which, no matter what we do or don’t do, no matter who we are or aren’t, we deserve, we are, we live, we channel, we ground Unconditional Love and Unconditional Forgiveness.

Now that can be a challenge. Unconditional Forgiveness is not I’ll forgive you “if” or “when” you… Unconditional Forgiveness is without conditions! This unconditional forgiveness is a fifth-dimensional energy field, because I flow from the ONE of the higher dimensions.

Another fifth dimensional flowing energy field is “Unconditionally Acceptance,” which reminds us that we chose the very program that we are running right now in the holographic illusion of third-dimensional Earth.

We wrote this matrix, we live this matrix. If anyone is to change this Matrix, it must be our self because WE created it. Actually, changing the 3D Matrix that we created is exactly what we are being called upon to do.

And we WILL and ARE changing our third dimensional Matrix, no only for our self but Gaia as well. That is what is really different. We are remembering that we came here for Gaia. We came to Earth to assist with planetary ascension.

We could remember this fact because we have remembered we are already ascended within the higher frequencies of our own Multidimensional SELF!

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Archangel Michael on Sept. 28, the Ascension Portal, Pillars, and the New Domain ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


art BY etheral art title celestial ascension art print

ART : Etheral Art Celestial Ascension


ArchangelMichael Ron HeadI talked to Archangel Michael about September 28 as the date of the first wave of Ascension. He said that people have been ascending and returning for some time now so this is not the first wave. He said that some people like to mark occasion and feel the need for dates so this date was given. But people are ascending all the time now in this heightened energy.

He discusses the situation for pillars and the newness of the domain we’re “going” to (I may need to cease using the metaphor of “going to” because we don’t “go” anywhere).

My mission is to go up with everyone else and write about my experience of it as I go. I therefore usually share more than the next person. I do so in the interests of pushing the ball forward but also in alignment with the requirements of the awareness path for as much transparency as is prudent and possible. Thanks to Dana for our transcript.

* * *

Steve Beckow: Is September 28th the day of the first wave of Ascension?

Archangel Michael: You know that we do not talk about dates. Is the beginning of the “exhale” (1)  already started? The answer is yes. So when people wish to choose dates, then this is a good date.

Steve: I am promoting it because so many other people have said it: Matt Kahn, Patricia Diane Cota Robles, SaLuSa. Was Michael Love’s channeling of you credible?

AAM: Yes, it was.

Steve: Oh! Well, you gave a date there!

AAM: Let us say that there are people that are asking and dying for dates. That is not our preference, as you well know.

Steve: I do. I’m just trying to understand it.

AAM: It is the human obsession with, “tell us the date and time.” They would be very happy if we could say 11:11 [p.m.]. It does not serve as well as it might. Let us put it that way.

But because many people will say, “On this day, I will feel better and am prepared to go through,” then we will give a date. But there will just as many who will be saying, “The date came and went and I don’t feel anything”. So it will be a 50-50 split

Steve: As a pillar, do I ascend in the early waves or do I ascend at the end?

AAM: Now let us say to you that you have been flying in and out of this Ascension Portal for some time. There have been various attunements and increases in your frequency and vibrations. This has been the transformative love that you have felt. (2)

As to the pillar, you have an expression, “last man standing.” That is it.

Steve: What does that mean, Lord?

AAM: It means that you wait until the last, until everyone has gone through and you turn out the lights, so to speak.

Steve: Some people are thinking that if a person ascends they don’t come back. If they go to the Fifth, then they’re in the Fifth. They’re not in the Fourth so they don’t have anything more to do. They’re gone.

AAM: That is incorrect.

Steve: Maybe you could address that? I’m sure there are people who want to know about that.

AAM: First of all, many, many of you are already in the Fifth Dimension and have been for some time. Some of you are in the Seventh. Many of you are in the Sixth. You are in the process of shifting.

What you want it to be is a new room, a new closed door. But the reality is that you are flowing back and forth, that you are in movement because you have committed to assist all of humanity.

So are you in a different, what you would think of, as mindset, heart set? Existing in a different dimensional reality that allows clearer flow? Yes.

But it does not eliminate the other dimensions. That would be [restrictive]. And that is not the intention of the Mother’s creation of this planet. It is that you do experience all of the dimensions.

You anchor with Gaia. 
 And many of you are already there. But it does not mean that you have forgotten or you choose never to visit the other realities. It does not mean that you are not aware of the beings of humanity that are still clinging to the old Third that has long since evaporated.

You are thinking of yourselves as unidimensional [rather than multidimensional]. And you are still thinking of it in terms of a hierarchy [rather than a circle]. That is incorrect.

Steve: So it is different environments like Beauty (Tenth Dimension) and Mastery (Eleventh Dimension) and Unity (Twelfth Dimension) …

AAM: That is correct.

Steve: … And different experiences.

AAM: … Different experiences, certainly a broader realm of talents and capacities because the energy is not restricted. But it does not mean that you are stuck anywhere!

Steve: Well, on the other side [i.e., the afterlife], a person that resonates in the Astral Plane cannot go to the Buddhic Plane, for instance, without protection. You just don’t walk onto the Causal Plane or the Mental Plane. Now isn’t it the same case here that a Fourth-Dimensional person cannot just go to the Seventh Dimension and reside there for any length of time?

AAM: That is correct but what you are doing is preparing yourself, expanding your reality, expanding your transformative heart, expanding your understanding of unity, of joy, of bliss, to truly be able to hold and absorb and experience the energies of the other dimensions. So you are expanding and growing into it.

Steve: Is this new? Is the realm that we’re building and taking our physical bodies with us to altogether new?

AAM: Yes, it is brand new.

Steve: … Brand new, and the rules have changed?

AAM: That is correct.

Steve: Okay, we must have another discussion about that on another occasion.  I wonder if it will be appropriate to talk to Sanat about that on An Hour with an Angel.

AAM: Yes, it will be very appropriate.  …

Let us confuse you a little more. You have already been [through the Ascension Portal]. You see everyone is looking to this wonderful September date as the first wave. It is not the first wave.  …

So you have already gone through the Ascension portal with the very first wave.

Steve: I will tell him that [thinking he was speaking of a friend, whose question he was answering].

AAM: You have.

Steve: Steve?

AAM: Steve, X, Y… You have all done it already.

And you did it about 16 months ago. (3)

Now you have come back holding that critical energy, that expanded awareness, each [of the three] in a different expression. But you know very clearly that you have much clearer, broader, deeper, more loving energy field than you did say a year and a half ago.

Steve: Yes.

AAM: So you have flown through, come back, anchored deeply as a pillar holding the energy for the back of the line so that you can move them, move them, move them along.

Then when you feel depleted, you fly back through the Ascension portal because it is wide open to you and then you come back and you anchor again, even more expanded as an anchor, a pillar again, and so on because that has been your soul agreement. That is the nature of your mission and purpose. …

The old Steve does not exist [any more]. Is he in there somewhere? Yes. But have you experienced the add-on, add-on, add-on, add-on [of multidimensionality]…? Yes. (4)

This material is copyright by Linda Dillon and the Council of Love 2015, Inc., and is used with permission.


(1) I apologize that I was not quick enough to ask him what the “exhale” means.  Obviously it’s this phase of Ascension.

(2) The experience of transformative love became prominent after a heart opening on March 13, 2015. I assume that was one of the “various attunements and increases in your frequency and vibrations.”

(3) After a rough bump in my life in Feb. 2015, I was in so much of a slump that Archangel Michael says he pulled me through the Ascension Portal for healing and restoration.  It happened during my sleep so I have no recollection of it.

(4) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Sept. 16, 2015.



art BY etheral art title celestial ascension art print

Understanding and Awakening Your Ascension ~ Natalie Glasson @ Sacred School of Om Na

buddha and birds


Understanding and Awakening Your Ascension

By the Celestial White Beings

Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 3rd July 2015- Sacred School of OmNa

Dear beloved ones we bring forth our vibration of bliss to you, surrounding and submerging you in the qualities of bliss. This is not a quality of joy, happiness or delight; it is akin to a cosmic happiness which fills your entire being on all levels demonstrating to you that the Creator is fully present within your being. Bliss is like a magic which is born simply from resonance with and acceptance of the Creator, rather than material objects, experiences or people. When you are experiencing bliss your entire being is rejoicing in the exquisite vibrations of the Creator, healing and rejuvenation takes place which allows for sensations and acknowledgement of contentment encouraging truth to arise. Thus greater states of bliss are experienced as you commune on a deeper level with the Creator, becoming and embodying all that is the Creator.

For us, the Celestial White Beings, the vibration and experience of true bliss is a symbol of being united in oneness with the Creator. When sensations of bliss are continuous, ever expanding and deepening then one is residing within the core of the Creator, moving in rhythm with the Creator and embodying the Creator. The vibrations of bliss when experienced purely within the emotional body, meaning that bliss blossoms of its own accord within your being, then stirs the soul asking and encouraging the soul to awaken within the physical body and reality, guiding further. It is often through the emotional body that the soul can be comprehended and activated as your emotions and senses allow you to feel and connect with the expansive nature of your soul which the mind and your thoughts cannot.

When we speak of creating, embodying and experiencing love within your being and radiating it into your reality we are asking you to use your emotional body, your feelings and senses to form a state of being which is open, active, expansive and aware. From this state you are more easily able to access and align with the vibrations of the Creator, downloading and arousing the higher aspects of your being, as well as being able to more fully comprehend the expansive nature of the Creator. Thus states and sensations of bliss are born, which is a higher frequency of the Creator born from vibrations and connections of love. This is why focus upon love and the creation of the Era of Love upon the Earth is essential at this time, the process of manifesting love of all forms within your reality encourages you to enter into states of openness and willingness to connect with and remember the Cr eator within you. States and experiences of divine unconditional love stir the soul allowing the soul to present itself. The body and entire being then reacts due to the presence of the soul creating states of bliss which further heighten the downloading of the Creator and your soul. Focus upon love is immensely important to aid divine remembrance of the Creator which is in truth the stirring of the soul in manifestation and realisation.

Our energy, the Celestial White Beings, holds the vibration of the origin of the Creator. We supported the creation of the Earth with our creative original essence, whenever you connect with us we remind you of your own original essence, the core of the Creator which is so familiar to your soul. This creates an instant awakening, alignment and remembrance, deeply supportive to the ascension of your soul. The blissful vibrations you recognise in our pure white energy are that of cosmic awakening, alignment and remembrance, peeling away all forms of illusions to bring forth truth. With this understanding of bliss you can recognise the healing powers within our light which is always available to you and how we can support your acceleration of resonance with the Creator. To resonate with and as the Creator is to react as the Creator. Observing your reactions is a powerful way of moving th rough illusion into truth and clarity. It is your divine purpose to ensure your reactions are born from a space of truth, alignment and expression of the Creator as your reactions are also your creations fuelling and manifesting within your reality. When your reactions are born from a space of love and maybe at a later time bliss within you, then you know you are unifying yourself with the truth of your being; the Creator.

We, the Celestial White Beings, invite you to take time to observe whether your reactions fuel your creations and therefore experiences.  By noticing the energy present within your reactions you can recognise if it is the same energy present within the situations and circumstances presented by you to you in your reality.

We also invite you to experience our pure white light to build and awaken vibrations of love and bliss within your being, thus aiding further remembrance and alignment with the Creator to consciously evolve.

‘Beloved Celestial White Beings, I call upon your celestial and cosmic vibrational pure white light to enfold my entire being. I consciously open myself to receive your light and divine intervention to form and awaken frequencies of love within my being. May my inner love stir my soul to become in greater action within my being and reality. I consciously open myself to receive your light and divine intervention to form and awaken frequencies of bliss within my being. May my inner states of bliss stir my soul to become in greater action and embodiment within my being and reality. I consciously open myself to receive your light and divine intervention to form and awaken frequencies of remembrance with and resonance of the Creator within my being. May my inner states of alignment stir my soul to become a pure reaction of truth from within my being, creating and manifesting the Crea tor through my expressions eternally. I recognise the process of ascension taking place within my being and the journey of healing and evolution I can experience through emotional states of love and bliss. I am my truth now and I invite the Celestial White Beings to support my conscious awareness and experience of this in my present moment. May your light enfold me now, stirring my soul into manifestation with my conscious acceptance. Thank you.’

We invite you to sit or lie down simply breathing our pure vibrations into your being free from expectation with a simple knowingness and truth within your awareness. Let us be of service and healing to you.

Due to the high quantity of the original energy and essence of the Creator within our light we also invite you to hold the intention of dissolving illusions and expectations while calling upon our energy to unfold you. In a time when love is the pathway to remembrance and heightened states of consciousness we wish to make you aware that expectations hinder your spiritual evolution. Intentions are a focus fuelled by divine energy, however expectations are a focus fuelled by and engaged with attachment, in truth the feeling of lack. Emotional feelings and states of lack fuel a reality of separation which causes pain and suffering on many levels of your being. Such energies and experiences are not aligned with the Era of Love and so require to be dissolved, dispersed and erased in order to offer a space and freedom for the experiences of bliss.

‘Beloved Celestial White Beings, I call upon your celestial and cosmic vibrational pure white light to enfold my entire being. I consciously open myself to receive your light and divine intervention to dissolve, disperse and erase any or all inappropriate illusions and expectations which are hindering and blocking my ascension, spiritual evolution and remembrance of the Creator. As I let go of and consciously become aware of illusions and expectations born from my creations I encourage my soul to stir becoming in greater action within my being and reality. Thank you.’

We invite you to sit or lie down to receive our light and a deep healing to aid your resonance with and as the Creator.

In sacred bliss,

Celestial White Beings


buddha and birds

Your Current Flight of Ascension by Commander Ashtar ~ Natalie Glasson @ Sacred School of Om Na

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Your Current Flight of Ascension

by Commander Ashtar

Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 29th May 2015- Sacred School of OmNa

This time upon the Earth, which will span all of your lifetime, is a period of powerful awakening. Everything within you has the opportunity to awaken and blossom into the magnificence of the Creator; this signifies that the same opportunities are available within your reality and experiences. Never before have we witnessed such powerful awakening at an accelerated rate and with a greater conscious awareness. You are beings of awakening, you are supporting the conscious development and evolution of yourself and those present upon the Earth in your future. It is time to honour the emergence of the divine taking place within your being as this will magnify your experience tremendously.

Your awakening of the divine within you is occurring on more levels of your being than you can possibly be conscious of. Light explosions are taking place within your physical body erupting into your cells like a fast flowing river, influencing your organs and all aspects of your physical body in transforming into quicker vibrations of light. The light of the divine is flowing through your being creating transformation within your etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies as well as all aspects of your auric field. The light you are receiving is a higher and quicker vibration than you have experienced in your current lifetime, it flows from the divine Creator through your soul with one purpose of transformation; magnifying your being to become a true and absolute representative of the divine Creator.

Take a moment to imagine your soul bringing forth from the Creator such supreme light and consciousness that it instantly transforms your entire being on a physical and energetic level. These transformations are like miracles within your being creating renewal, rejuvenation, healing, emergence of consciousness with a greater and divinely realistic self-worth. This moment is so breath-taking it is akin to a rebirth which is occurring for you now and will continue for the rest of your life enhancing and developing. Each time you wake up from your sleep you have more light within your being, each time you breath consciously you invite transformation to take place in deeper levels of your being, each time you speak you project more light and every time you think and feel you immerse yourself deeper into the eternal truth of the Creator. We wish for you to know and acknowledge how magnificent you are, how wonderful your dedication and how beautiful your transformation. If you doubt our words then these are energies which require to be observed and resolved. Your ascension is occurring so beautifully there is simply a need for you to recognise this, acknowledge and believe it in your heart, therefore allowing the magnificence of your ascension to become your reality and experience upon the Earth.

When you are consciously aware of the magnificence taking place within your being or simply believe and know this to be the case then you enhance your experience of your true transformation, allowing it to become a deeply inspirational and empowering aspect of your reality. In many ways we are asking you to believe in yourself and your evolution so you may see the miracle of transformation you are and can further evolve into. In order for you to allow yourself to bring forth this consciousness which is of wonder, love for yourself and astonishment at the miracle of light occurring within your being there is a need to let go of the consciousness of the mundane. This consciousness speaks to you of everything in your life and including yourself as being mundane, dreary, monotonous and ordinary. We wish you to let go of the consciousness of the mundane recognising yourself as transformational, magnificen t and beautiful, which is the truth and your true consciousness.  It is a consciousness which leads you into a deeper space with the Creator. It is also a conscious state which can be challenging as you encourage yourself to recognise the difference between the knowingness of your soul of your true magnificence and the false interpretation of your ego of your magnificence. When you can allow yourself to recognise the magnificent transformation occurring within your being from your soul rather than from the seat of your ego then you will allow yourself to truly acknowledge the truth of the Creator. If you are constantly trying to acknowledge yourself and accelerate your spiritual ascension from your ego or even as a mental perspective then you may never allow yourself to feel completely satisfied and fulfilled nor will you allow yourself to acknowledge the magnificence of the Creator.

We wish to share with you a very easy way to distinguish between the knowingness of your soul and the false identity of your ego. In all creations and recognition of yourself from the seat of knowingness of your soul you will recognise the presence of love, unity and peace. The love will be for yourself and others, the unity with all aspects of the Creator including yourself and the peace an expanding space within you. Even in the most exciting experience the peace created within you will be ever expanding. In creations and recognition of yourself from the seat of your ego you will recognise the presence of feeling better than others, there may be an air of competition and separation as well as a feeling of arrogance. There may be a feeling of being satisfied but this may not last as new needs and desires would arise. In truth when love, unity and peace are experienced within your being you know you are recognising yourself and reality from the truth of the Creator within you. Recognising the simplicity of life and your own being can guide you into a deeper space of oneness with the Creator, and yet we are asking you to recognise the magnificent transformational experience which is continuous within your being. This is not to recognise with your ego, it is to see the truth unfolding through eyes willing to witness the truth of the Creator within your being. We wish for you to realise how beautifully magnificent you are while experiencing love, unity and peace within your being. When you think and perceive yourself in mundane and disempowering ways you experience separation from the true miracle of your being.

Take time to seat peacefully with the intention of observing the magnificent transformation of light occurring within your being. Even if you cannot perceive how the transformation could be taking place simply encourage yourself to be aware, observant and ready to receive the understanding. If you feel your ego arising then send your love to your ego, the thoughts, energies or experiences it wishes to create or the reaction it wishes to generate within your being which may not be aligned with your truth. The ego may manifest creating a self-importance which results in any form of energetic of physical separation or it may materialise as a victim or doubtfulness within you. All of these manifestations simply require your love, acceptance and release, free from your response. We wish to say that self-importance and self- love can seem and manifest as the same experience and yet self-importance creates separation within you and self-love create the vibration of unity within your being.

Here is an intention to support your observation of the magnificent transformation of light occurring within your being:

‘I now allow and support myself in recognising the truth of all aspects of my being. I open my senses and awareness so I may acknowledge with ease and perfection the awakening, emergence and blossoming occurring within my being due to the continuous flow of the Creator and my greater acceptance of the truth manifesting within my being. I am now ready to recognise myself and inner transformation from the seat of my soul, from a space of love, unity and peace with myself and all aspects of the Creator. I am transforming, every cell, organ and aspect of my physical body is magnificently transforming into a supreme beacon of light. I recognise and acknowledge this with ease and truthfulness. I am transforming, every aspect of my auric field and entire being is magnificently transforming into a supreme beacon of light, I am ready and willing to accept and experience this as my truth now. As I go wit hin my being I am able to observe the transformation and rejuvenation of my being whenever I wish, bringing forth my greater confidence and trust in my ascension practices and experiences. I invite my guides and soul to support my conscious awareness as I observe within my being now. Thank you.’

Take time to breathe deeply while trusting yourself to recognise the truth within your being.

We came forth to you to support you in recognising more fully the aspect of the Creator within you, we wished for you to acknowledge you are never stagnant or delayed in anyway in your ascension, transformation and ascension is occurring within your being right now. We also wanted to encourage you to bring your observation to the subtle ways of the ego and your soul’s knowingness so you may allow yourself to live in a greater space of truth within you, encouraging yourself to move beyond the process of reaction to the presence of your ego. Allow yourself to be observant of your ego and soul’s knowingness, both can be subtle and blatant.

Please know we are here to support you always, we send to you our love and encouragement eternally,

Commander Ashtar

Overseer of the Airborne Ascended Master Team

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2015 Was Birthed In A Star Burst of Light ~ Patricia Cota-Robles @ Era of Peace

ART : Edward Robert Hughes 


by Patricia Cota-Robles

January 8, 2015


     Beloved Mother Mary is an exponent of the Feminine Aspect of our Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omnipresent Father-Mother God, the Cosmic I AM, All That Is. She represents the Divine Mother Principle on Earth, and she has accepted the responsibility of holding the Immaculate Concept, which is the Divine Blueprint for the Ascension in the Light of every single person on Earth. In order to assist us with the critically important and unprecedented process of transforming our Earthly Bodies and the Body of Mother Earth into Crystalline Solar Light Bodies of Vibrant Health, Eternal Youth, and Radiant Beauty, Mother Mary has given us a Life-transforming invocation.

During the December 20-21, 2014, New Moon Solstice, Mother Mary joined with the Feminine Aspects of Deity throughout Infinity and our Mother God to anchor on Earth   NEW and higher frequencies of the Twelve 5th-Dimensional Solar Aspects of Deity than Humanity has ever been capable of receiving. This Light was absorbed by the I AM Presence of Awakening Humanity and secured into Earth’s Crystal Grid System through the Heart Flames and Twelve 5th-Dimensional Solar Chakras of willing Lightworkers.

Now Mother Mary is making this unfathomable Light available to every man, woman, and child in Earth through the sacred invocation that she refers to as The Rosary for an Ascending Humanity.

This sacred Rosary is designed to recalibrate Humanity’s DNA structures into higher 5th-Dimensional frequencies of our Father-Mother God’s Crystalline Solar Light than we have ever experienced.

Scientists used to believe that our DNA was stationary and stagnant. We now know that our DNA is a shimmering, waveform configuration that is moment by moment being modified by Light, solar radiation, magnetic fields, sonic impulses, thoughtforms, and emotions. When Humanity’s I AM Presences join together to collectively imprint the genetic codes for the Twelve Solar Aspects of Deity onto our DNA through our 5th-Dimensional Twelve Solar Chakra System, these patterns ignite every cell in our bodies and lift us into alignment with our Crystalline Solar Light Bodies. This Crystalline perfection is then secured in the nucleus of every atomic and subatomic particle and wave of Life on Earth. Once this is accomplished, our transformation will take place in what will be perceived as “the twinkling of an eye.”

Humanity’s Twelve 5th-Dimensional Solar Chakras and the corresponding Solar Meridians that radiate through our newly activated 5th-Dimensional Solar Spines are unique and radiate Light in new ways. Each of our 5th-Dimensional Solar Chakras is a sphere of Light, a radiant Sun, that pulsates with all Twelve Solar Aspects of Deity simultaneously. These multi-colored, multi-faceted spheres of Light are referred to as Circles of the Sacred Twelve by the Company of Heaven.

In our 5th-Dimensional Solar Spine, every Chakra reflects ALL of the Divine Qualities and Aspects of Deity ALL of the time. But, if we want to amplify one or more of the Aspects of Deity for a particular reason or in a particular situation, we simply ask our I AM Presence to increase that specific Divine Quality, and it will instantly expand through all Twelve Chakras simultaneously.

Our I AM Presence always monitors the situation, and when the appropriate amount of Light has been projected through our physical, etheric, mental, and emotional bodies, the Circle of the Sacred Twelve will return to perfect balance in each Solar Chakra.

We can amplify one or more Aspects of Deity through our Twelve Solar Chakras anytime we want to, and we can do that as often as we like according to the need of the hour and our service to the Light.

The Rosary for an Ascending Humanity is a Gift from Mother Mary that is designed to help each and every one of us greatly accelerate our Ascension process by assimilating and projecting into the world of form the Twelve Solar Aspects of Deity. The Divine Intent of this wondrous Gift is to utilize the Light of God to seal our bodies permanently in the Immaculate Concept of Eternal Youth, Vibrant Health, and Radiant Beauty.

This invocation is stated in the first person so that we will each experience this Gift of Light personally and tangibly, but know that whenever you invoke this Rosary you are simultaneously invoking the Twelve Solar Aspects of Deity on behalf of every person on Earth, because we are One and there is no separation. So listen to your heart and invoke this amazing Light as often as you feel prompted to do so.

And we begin…

Mother Mary’s Rosary for an Ascending Humanity

I AM my I AM Presence and I AM One with the I AM Presence of ALL Humanity. As One Voice, One Breath, One Heartbeat, and One Energy, Vibration, and Consciousness of Pure Divine Love I invoke the Twelve 5th-Dimensional Solar Aspects of Deity one by one:

The 1st Solar Aspect of Deity is Sapphire Blue.

This exquisite frequency of Light is now descending from the very Heart of God and entering my 5th-Dimensional Crown Chakra. The Blue Light flows down my Spinal Column and radiates through each of my Twelve 5th-Dimensional Solar Chakras transforming them into radiant Sapphire Blue Suns.

The Divine Qualities of the 1st Solar Aspect of Deity are: God’s Will, Illumined Faith, Power, Protection, and God’s First Cause of Perfection.

My I AM Presence permanently secures these Divine Qualities within my Twelve Solar Chakras as I Affirm the words of Beloved Mother Mary’s Rosary for an Ascending Humanity:

“Hail Mother full of Grace, the Lord is with Thee. Blessed art Thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of Thy womb “I AM.” Hold for me NOW the Immaculate Concept of my true God Reality from this moment unto my Eternal Ascension in the Light. I AM That I AM.”  (Pause)

The 2nd Solar Aspect of Deity is Sunshine Yellow.

This Divine Light descends from the very Heart of my Father-Mother God and enters my Crown Chakra. As this Yellow Light descends down my Spinal Column, it radiates through all Twelve of my 5th-Dimensional Solar Chakras transforming them into radiant Sunshine Yellow Suns.

The Divine Qualities of the 2nd Solar Aspect of Deity are: Christ Consciousness, Enlightenment, Wisdom, Illumination, Understanding, Perception, and Constancy.

My I AM Presence permanently secures these Divine Qualities within my Twelve Solar Chakras as I Affirm the words of Beloved Mother Mary’s Rosary for an Ascending Humanity:

“Hail Mother full of Grace, the Lord is with Thee. Blessed art Thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of Thy womb “I AM.” Hold for me NOW the Immaculate Concept of my true God Reality from this moment unto my Eternal Ascension in the Light. I AM That I AM.”  (Pause)

The 3rd Solar Aspect of Deity is Crystalline Pink.

This resplendent Pink Light flows forth from the very Heart of God and enters my Crown Chakra. As the Pink Light from the 3rd Solar Aspect of Deity descends down my Spinal Column, it radiates through all Twelve of my 5th-Dimensional Solar Chakras transforming them into blazing Pink Suns.

The Divine Qualities of the 3rd Solar Aspect of Deity are: Transfiguring Divine Love, Adoration, Tolerance, Oneness, and Reverence for ALL Life.

My I AM Presence permanently secures these Divine Qualities within my Twelve Solar Chakras as I Affirm the words of Beloved Mother Mary’s Rosary for an Ascending Humanity:

“Hail Mother full of Grace, the Lord is with Thee. Blessed art Thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of Thy womb “I AM.” Hold for me NOW the Immaculate Concept of my true God Reality from this moment unto my Eternal Ascension in the Light. I AM That I AM.”  (Pause)

The 4th Solar Aspect of Deity is White.

This beautiful White Light flows from the very Heart of my Father-Mother God and enters my Crown Chakra. As this powerful White Light descends down my Spinal Column, it radiates through all Twelve of my 5th-Dimensional Solar Chakras transforming them into brilliant White Suns.

The Divine Qualities of the 4th Solar Aspect of Deity are: The Immaculate Concept, Purity, Hope, Restoration, Resurrection, and Ascension.

My I AM Presence permanently secures these Divine Qualities within my Twelve Solar Chakras as I Affirm the words of Beloved Mother Mary’s Rosary for an Ascending Humanity:

“Hail Mother full of Grace, the Lord is with Thee. Blessed art Thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of Thy womb “I AM.” Hold for me NOW the Immaculate Concept of my true God Reality from this moment unto my Eternal Ascension in the Light. I AM That I AM.”  (Pause)

The 5th Solar Aspect of Deity is Emerald Green.

This Emerald Green Light descends from the Heart of my Father-Mother God and enters my Crown Chakra. As this Emerald Light flows down my Spinal Column, it radiates through all Twelve of my 5th-Dimensional Solar Chakras transforming them into resplendent Emerald Green Suns.

The Divine Qualities of the 5th Solar Aspect of Deity are: Illumined Truth, Healing, Consecration, Concentration, and Inner Vision.

My I AM Presence permanently secures these Divine Qualities within my Twelve Solar Chakras as I Affirm the words of Beloved Mother Mary’s Rosary for an Ascending Humanity:

“Hail Mother full of Grace, the Lord is with Thee. Blessed art Thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of Thy womb “I AM.” Hold for me NOW the Immaculate Concept of my true God Reality from this moment unto my Eternal Ascension in the Light. I AM That I AM.”  (Pause)

The 6th Solar Aspect of Deity is Ruby-Gold.

The Ruby-Gold Aspect of Deity descends from the Heart of my Father-Mother God and enters my Crown Chakra. As Ruby-Gold Light flows through my Spinal Column, it pulsates into all Twelve of my 5th-Dimensional Solar Chakras transforming them into magnificent Ruby-Gold Suns.

The Divine Qualities of the 6th Solar Aspect of Deity are: Divine Grace, Healing, Devotional Worship, Peace, and the Manifestation of the Christ.

My I AM Presence permanently secures these Divine Qualities within my Twelve Solar Chakras as I Affirm the words of Beloved Mother Mary’s Rosary for an Ascending Humanity:

“Hail Mother full of Grace, the Lord is with Thee. Blessed art Thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of Thy womb “I AM.” Hold for me NOW the Immaculate Concept of my true God Reality from this moment unto my Eternal Ascension in the Light. I AM That I AM.”  (Pause)

The 7th Solar Aspect of Deity is Violet.

This exquisite frequency of Violet Light descends from the very Heart of God and enters my 5th-Dimensional Crown Chakra. It now flows down my Spinal Column radiating through each of my 5th-Dimensional Solar Chakras transforming each one into a radiant Amethyst Sun.

The Divine Qualities of the 7th Solar Aspect of Deity are: Mercy, Compassion, Forgiveness, Transmutation, Liberty, Justice, Freedom, Victory, and God’s Infinite Perfection.

My I AM Presence permanently secures these Divine Qualities within my Twelve Solar Chakras as I Affirm the words of Beloved Mother Mary’s Rosary for an Ascending Humanity:

“Hail Mother full of Grace, the Lord is with Thee. Blessed art Thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of Thy womb “I AM.” Hold for me NOW the Immaculate Concept of my true God Reality from this moment unto my Eternal Ascension in the Light. I AM That I AM.”  (Pause)

The 8th Solar Aspect of Deity is Aquamarine.

Aquamarine Light now flows from the Heart of my Father-Mother God and enters my Crown Chakra. It descends down my Spinal Column and pulsates through all Twelve of my 5th-Dimensional Solar Chakras transforming them into exquisite Aquamarine Suns.

The Divine Qualities of the 8th Solar Aspect of Deity are: Clarity, Divine Perception, and Discernment.

My I AM Presence permanently secures these Divine Qualities within my Twelve Solar Chakras as I Affirm the words of Beloved Mother Mary’s Rosary for an Ascending Humanity:

“Hail Mother full of Grace, the Lord is with Thee. Blessed art Thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of Thy womb “I AM.” Hold for me NOW the Immaculate Concept of my true God Reality from this moment unto my Eternal Ascension in the Light. I AM That I AM.”  (Pause)

The 9th Solar Aspect of Deity is Magenta.

This Divine Light descends from the very Heart of my Father-Mother God and enters my Crown Chakra. As this Magenta Light flows down my Spinal Column, it radiates through all Twelve of my 5th-Dimensional Solar Chakras transforming them into radiant Magenta Suns.

The Divine Qualities of the 9th Solar Aspect of Deity are: Harmony, Balance, Assurance, and God Confidence.

My I AM Presence permanently secures these Divine Qualities within my Twelve Solar Chakras as I Affirm the words of Beloved Mother Mary’s Rosary for an Ascending Humanity:

“Hail Mother full of Grace, the Lord is with Thee. Blessed art Thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of Thy womb “I AM.” Hold for me NOW the Immaculate Concept of my true God Reality from this moment unto my Eternal Ascension in the Light. I AM That I AM.”  (Pause)

The 10th Solar Aspect of Deity is Gold.

Beautiful Gold Light flows from the very Heart of my Father-Mother God and enters my Crown Chakra. As this powerful Gold Light descends down my Spinal Column, it radiates through all Twelve of my 5th-Dimensional Solar Chakras transforming them into brilliant Golden Suns.

The Divine Qualities of the 10th Solar Aspect of Deity are: Eternal Peace, Prosperity, Abundance, and the God Supply of ALL Good Things.

My I AM Presence permanently secures these Divine Qualities within my Twelve Solar Chakras as I Affirm the words of Beloved Mother Mary’s Rosary for an Ascending Humanity:

“Hail Mother full of Grace, the Lord is with Thee. Blessed art Thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of Thy womb “I AM.” Hold for me NOW the Immaculate Concept of my true God Reality from this moment unto my Eternal Ascension in the Light. I AM That I AM.”  (Pause)

The 11th Solar Aspect of Deity is Peach.

This exquisite Peach Light now descends from the very Heart of God and enters my 5th-Dimensional Crown Chakra. It flows through my Spinal Column radiating into each of my 5th-Dimensional Solar Chakras transforming them into beautiful Peach colored Suns.

The Divine Qualities of the 11th Solar Aspect of Deity are: Divine Purpose, Enthusiasm, and Joy.

My I AM Presence permanently secures these Divine Qualities within my Twelve Solar Chakras as I Affirm the words of Beloved Mother Mary’s Rosary for an Ascending Humanity:

“Hail Mother full of Grace, the Lord is with Thee. Blessed art Thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of Thy womb “I AM.” Hold for me NOW the Immaculate Concept of my true God Reality from this moment unto my Eternal Ascension in the Light. I AM That I AM.”  (Pause)

The 12th Solar Aspect of Deity is Opal.

The Opal Aspect of Deity descends from the Heart of my Father-Mother God and enters my Crown Chakra. As Opalescent Light flows through my Spinal Column, it pulsates into all Twelve of my 5th-Dimensional Solar Chakras transforming them into sparkling Opal Suns.

The Divine Qualities of the 12th Solar Aspect of Deity are: Transformation and Transfiguration.

My I AM Presence permanently secures these Divine Qualities within my Twelve Solar Chakras as I Affirm the words of Beloved Mother Mary’s Rosary for an Ascending Humanity:

“Hail Mother full of Grace, the Lord is with Thee. Blessed art Thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of Thy womb “I AM.” Hold for me NOW the Immaculate Concept of my true God Reality from this moment unto my Eternal Ascension in the Light. I AM That I AM.”  (Pause)

Each of my Twelve 5th-Dimensional Solar Chakras is now pulsating with the Infinite Light and Divine Qualities associated with my Father-Mother God’s Twelve Solar Aspects of Deity. From this moment forth, my I AM Presence will perpetually bathe my Earthly Bodies and all Life evolving on this Planet with this scintillating multi-faceted, multi-colored Light from the Heart of my Father-Mother God.

Now with the assistance of Beloved Mother Mary and my I AM Presence, the multi-faceted 5th-Dimensional Solar Aspects of Deity pulsating within my Chakras lift me into the full embrace of my 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light Bodies as I decree:

I AM the Immaculate Concept of my true God Reality, NOW made manifest and sustained by Divine Grace.    (Repeat 3 times)

It is done!  And so it is.

Beloved I AM. Beloved I AM. Beloved I AM.


God Bless YOU,

Patricia Cota-Robles

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Mother Mary speaks to us of Her Ascension @ Saint Germain and the Great White Brotherhood

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Feliz Día de la Guadalupana, Our Lady of GuadalupeHere, Mother Mary speaks to us of Her Ascension:

Within about nine years before the close of my embodiment, I said to Peter: “If you will build a small house and chapel for me now, apart from the community, by the edge of the stream, I shall cloister myself and prepare to meet my Maker.” This was done, and there I lived for the rest of My life.

Mary of Bethany and other beloved friends would bring flowers, candles and fresh fruit. I spent those years in contemplation of My Lord; in reminiscence of the early days of My life, My first Christmas and all the years with Joseph; the parting, while Jesus went into India so soon after His father had left the Earth; His triumphant return; the Resurrection and His own Ascension.

It became physically difficult for Me to climb the hill of Bethany and John kept the vigil for me. I began to enter more into the world of the ‘beyond’ rather than the world of the ‘here.’ Finally, in May, right after the Pentecost, I said to John: “Call the disciples and apostles home, for before August closes her radiation, I shall have joined My Son.”

You know, it took a great deal of time, sometimes months, to reach individuals who were in far away places, like Greece. They all came home, but in the meantime, I had asked that a small chapel be built on top of Bethany’s hill, just a very simple one. On the tenth of August I walked up that hill, having asked that I might be alone on this occasion. I placed my feet in the shining footprints of My Son as I ascended that hill. For three days and three nights, I remained there in that chapel, fasting and praying. By then, all of the disciples and apostles were home, and they came up to the hill for me. I spoke to them, to the original disciples, particularly. I told them that I would leave this world and that on the fifteenth of August My Ascension would be completed. I asked them how they wished to pursue the rest of their course. John said: “I shall follow you, mother, as soon as I hear the voice of my Presence.”

I blessed them all, and then the other members of the community came in. I blessed them, too! Then I closed My eyes on this world, to open them in the presence of Joseph first, then Jesus. As you know, they placed My body within a rocky tomb and sealed it for three days. During this time I was free in the higher octaves, preparing for the Ascension of My physical form. Then did I return and raise that flesh form. I called it to Me, absorbed it into My own Holy Christ Self, and consciously entered into the Heart of My Presence, as My Son did before Me. I left within the tomb a white rose for each one of that community. When they rolled back the door of My tomb, they found the body was gone and the fragrance of the roses filled the air.

So this morning, beloved of My Heart, I give the white rose of friendship, in memory of a conscious ascension. Remember, the day when you too lay aside the garments of flesh and stand God-free, I shall greet you, both as a friend and as a Mother.

May the blessings of our Lord Jesus and God in heaven, be upon you, always.

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Arcturian Ancient History – Message to the Lemurians @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

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Arcturian Ancient History – Message to the Lemurians

The Arcturians Talk with the Lemurians

Dear Readers,

I am again posting some of the Arcturian messages that I added to my fourth Pleiadian Perceptions on Ascension boos. In this section, the Arcturians are in Inner Earth speaking with the Lemurians.

Dearest August Members of Gaia’s Planet Earth,

As many of you know, when the Galactics land on Gaia’s surface, you, the members of Inner Earth, will send your emissaries topside to assist and educate the many humans who will be dazed and confused.

With that said, we will continue speaking to you, our dear Lemurian friends, as if you were the very humans that you will be going topside to support. In this way we will guide you in the same manner that you will guide the topsider humans.

We come to you within this NOW to tell about Earth’s earliest history. The seeding of a planet is much like the seeding of the ground. Seeds are planted in the hope that they will grow and prosper.

In the same fashion, beings from different planets, galaxies and dimensions planted their “seeds” in the hope that they could live, grow and prosper on a young (in planetary terms) world. However, rather than physical seeds, we Galactics planted seeds of consciousness.

We, the Arcturians, were among the first Galactics to send our seeds of consciousness into the life forms of planet Earth. Hence, it is we who have come to you to deliver this message. We encourage all of you to remember your Galactic Family.

Those of you who have taken incarnations on surface Earth will need to dust off the cobwebs of forgetfulness from your incarnations during the Piscean Age. During that age of the Kali Yuga, which is referred to as the Dark Age, humanity was as far away from the ONE as possible.

In fact, humans believed that the Sun revolved around the Earth, and that the Earth was the most evolved planet in all of the Galaxy, or even the Universe. It takes a strong person to recognize they were mistaken in their perception of reality. It takes an even stronger person to recognize the many lies that have limited their expansion into SELF.

It is your NOW to release your fear of other civilizations. We come to remind you that you have many expressions of your Multidimensional SELF who are currently holding forms on Starships, different planets and in other galaxies.

Most of your galactic expressions live in fifth dimensional light bodies that exist within the NOW of unconditional love. However, there are still some members of the Power Over Others galactic worlds that exist on the third/fourth dimension of our Galaxy, as well as on Earth.

Most of these beings have changed their ways once they finally lost The Galactic War. However, many Draconians came to Earth after they lost the war. The Draconians are the descendants of the great dinosaurs of Earth’s ancient history. Therefore, they believe that Earth is their planet.

These beings are primarily responsible for the fall of Lemuria and Atlantis, as well as many of the wars your planet has suffered. However, their reign has come to an end. Because of their resistance to unconditional love, their resonance is unable to expand into the fifth-dimensional lightbodies that will inhabit Gaia’s new fifth dimensional Earth.

Fortunately, just as some members of these civilizations remained lost to the darkness of ‘power-over-others,’ there were others who ascended into the fifth dimension. Some of them took refuge in the earth, such as your selves, to await their opportunity to ascend themselves and planet Earth.

Therefore, do not judge another by their species or the habits of their greater family. All life has an opportunity to join Gaia on New Earth, and all life will be welcomed. Many, such as this gathering of Lemurians, live just one half octave above the physical world on Earth’s surface.

You, our dear Lemurian friend, entered Earth before She plummeted into Her lowest frequency. Because of the completion of the great cycle of the Procession of the Equinox, Earth is now in alignment with the Galactic Center. Thus, the planet’s frequency of resonance is slowly and surely rising.

In fact, Earth entered Her Golden Age in late 2012 and She will remain in this era for 2,000 years. During these 2,000 years, multidimensional light and unconditional love will flow directly form the Galactic Center and into the heart of Gaia. Hence, it is the NOW for transmutation of Gaia and ALL Her inhabitants.

Gaia is ready NOW, as is her plant and animal kingdom. It is humanity that is still attached to the 3D Matrix and cannot look beyond it. Fortunately, there are also many humans who are fully prepared to transmute into the higher frequencies of reality. Dear members of Inner Earth, when you go topside, your first assignment is to find these fully awakened ones.

Then, just as we talk to them when we bring them on our Ships, you can talk to them as they walk the body of beloved Gaia. You may wonder when all this will occur, so allow us to answer this question. All that we have spoken of will occur not at a given time, but in a given frequency.

The number of humans who can perceive this frequency, which is of course the resonance of the fifth dimension, is expanding exponentially. Therefore, we ask once again, be patient within your NOW. Cherish every moment of the life you NOW live. In this moment you live in unconditional love, which is the key to your transmutation into your fifth dimensional Lightbody.

When we say we are WITH you, we mean we are IN you, just as you are IN unity with us. When we finished our message the room was totally quite. We knew that the task of going topside to try to communicate with the third-dimensional humans was daunting to them. Therefore, we continued.

Yes, our dear friends. Humanity has been lost in the illusions of the third dimension since the fall of Atlantis. We know that you are impatient for their awakening, but remember that you have been living in the fifth-dimensional pocket of Gaia’s heart.

Do you remember when the Atlantians destroyed your world? Do you remember the great fear that you felt and the anger that filled your hearts regarding the Atlantians? The topsider humans have been experiencing this degree of fear and anger since the fall of Atlantis.

We send a wave of unconditional love into this audience again to open their hearts and minds to more information. When we felt their confusion and worry transmute to love and dedication to purpose, we continued.

Lemuria and Atlantis were meant to bring Gaia into a dualistic reality so that Gaia could serve as a school in which beings could incarnate to learn the Law of Cause and Effect. This law was to be taught to the students (inhabitants of Earth) by giving them “time” between the energy field going out into reality (cause) and when it returned back to the sender (the effect).

In a unified, fifth dimensional reality, cause and effect occur instantly. Hence Gaia chose to resonate to the frequency of the third dimension. To do so, she had to lower her resonance from the NOW of the fifth dimension and beyond into the time-bound resonance of the third dimension of duality.

Since time is created by polarities such as male/female, good/bad, day/night, Gaia would need to have males and female inhabitants. Lemuria was to be the female ‘Mother Civilization’ to represent the Flow of the electron, receptive/inflow, feminine polarity of energy, experienced as love and emotions.

Lemuria began when life planet Earth was in its infant stages, and the ‘mothers’ loved the infant planet by merging with the elements of the earth, air, fire and water. You Lemurians had no desire to become an individual or to ‘think’ about having personal power. You saw yourselves as one with all life on Earth.

Atlantis, on the other hand, was to be the ‘Father Civilization and was meant to represent the Flow of the proton, expressive/outflow, masculine polarity of energy, experienced as power and thoughts. The Atlantians enjoyed thinking and discovering how they could change and improve their world.

Whereas your Lemurian spirituality was based on love of all life and Mother Earth was your divine leader, the Atlantians looked upwards into the sky. They could understand and conquer the land and sea, but they could not, yet, understand and conquer the sky. Therefore, their spiritual guidance came from far above them.

Are you beginning to see how polarity began to take hold on Gaia’s planet?” we asked and observed as they shook their heads yes. Through the marriage of feminine, Love/Emotion and the masculine, Power/Thoughts, the two landed expressions of Gaia could gain the great Wisdom to combine their thoughts and emotions to create a beautiful reality in which everyone could learn by putting together what had been separated.

When the humanoids, the Keepers of the Land, could unite their thoughts and emotions (masculine and feminine) they would create their new world. Unfortunately, instead of a beautiful bonding and resulting ascension, their “marriage,” like many Earthly marriages, ended in a long “divorce” in which both of them lost everything.

Part of the reason for this divorce of power and love was that the ‘Power-over’ galactic ancestors of these great civilizations could never approve of this marriage. All they wanted was to ‘have it ALL.’ In other words, greed was the cause of destruction then, just as it is in your NOW.

Since Gaia is NOW in the energy field of galactic light and planetary unity, the marriage of ALL polarities into the ONE is the hope and means of ascension. As we tell the age-old story of love and power, peak and fall, unity and separation, we ask you to listen with your Multidimensional SELF, so that you will remember YOUR Truth.

Through remembering your own Truth, your own perception of this story, you can take that which was in your distant past and bring it into your present to create a future of ascension within the NOW of the ONE.

In this manner you can travel in consciousness via the oscillation of the sine waves of your consciousness. The higher your consciousness, the faster the oscillation of sine waves, and the more quickly you will travel inter-dimensionally via your consciousness.

The frequency of your consciousness is influenced by the rate of the spin of molecules within your form. If your form resonates to a much lower frequency than your multidimensional consciousness, your consciousness and form will not be in entrainment. Therefore, you will not be able to perceive what is occurring within your higher frequency consciousness and inter-dimensional travels.

It is the discrepancy between the frequency of your form and the frequency of your consciousness that creates the illusion of separation in which you feel separate from your Multidimensional SELF. In the world in which humanity has lived since before the fall of Atlantis, this type of “separation from SELF” was unknown.

Before the fall of Lemuria, and even until the later times of Atlantis, the humanoid form resonated to the fifth dimension and beyond. Because of these high frequencies, the bodies did not have a static form. In fact, many did not need a form at all and existed as pure consciousness.

Through the early and positive actions of the early Atlantians, Spirit can now inhabit the fourth dimension. It is the challenge of the grounded ones, who are the descendants of Atlantis, to bring Spirit into the matter of the third dimension.

The Atlantians created this splitting of their spiritual and denser forms when they began genetic engineering. Before the genetic engineering, all forms on Atlantis were ‘visited’ by androgynous Spirits of the higher dimensions. These spiritual beings visited Atlantis in the same manner that you would log in to a video game.

We share return to speak more of on early Lemuria.

Blessings, We are the Arcturians

suzanne lie 30.10

What Does Oneness Mean to Me? ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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What Does Oneness Mean to Me?

OnenessWhat does “Oneness” mean to me? Here’s my opinion.

I don’t mean the expression of it to be a show stopper. I mean it to be a show starter. If it doesn’t prove to be, then I’ve failed in my intention.

Oneness for me implies a number of things.

It implies a lack of barriers against the well-meaning individuals of this world. Obviously, as long as there are those who wish us harm still operating in our world, a modicum of discernment is sill required.

But leaving that aside, oneness implies the elimination of all barriers to connection, whether they be physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. It implies openness and transparency.

Oneness in this world would also see a generosity arise that’s natural and normal, a free sharing of all resources, and a balance of give and receive, rather than simply all giving or all receiving.

This sharing would go on until equilibrium is reached and that equilibrium would be maintained as a natural and accepted condition and practice.

Oneness for me also means a response to the awakened heart and the heart awakening to everyone, to the plight of all. It means being unable to turn aside from the suffering in the world but to help out in any way we can. It means that attitude being generally shared, understood, and accepted.

Oneness means a recognition of our common parentage – at all levels – whether our common extraterrestrial parentage in such civilizations as the Pleiades and Sirius. Or our common physical parentage in the highest angelic realms. Or our common existential parentage in Father/Mother God, Creator Source.

As an hypothesis and a test, I’m willing to assert and predict that: When the barriers fall and all is freely shared, when compassion flows and we deeply recognize our common nature as children of the One, we’ll reach the state of Oneness, unitive consciousness, as individuals and as a world, gently and naturally.

I have to leave it to others to prove me accurate or inaccurate. As a journalist, I have a role to play and it has its requirements, discipline, and limits.

Archangel Michael told me some time ago that I’m to follow the social wave of Ascension, chronicle it, and interpret it. That means I don’t sink down deeply and ultimately into any one subject. To do that is the work of a lightholder and I’m a lightworker.

I’m also a pillar and so I have a contract to remain till the last. These are all active rather than meditative roles. They define my agreed-upon part in this divine play, the World Game, and mean I play some roles but not others. It’s the same for all of us.

In common, what we as lightworkers have agreed to do is to work for Ascension and and to participate in the building of the New World, before and after Ascension.

Ascension is being handled by the higher realms. We play a part in it but not as much of a part as in the second area.

The second area involves building Nova Earth. It involves cleansing Gaia, eradicating disease, eliminating poverty, housing the homeless, feeding the hungry, and addressing all other conditions of global unworkability.

Because this is our planet, because we burdened Gaia in the first place and owe it to her to clean things up, because it will assist other worlds if we’ve learned from this experience and can speak about it, and because we agreed to do this work before we were born, the task falls to us, in concert with the invisibles.

We also support the lightholders who are anchoring the love and light on Gaia and bring enlightenment to those who are open to it. The rest of us will have our meal later. None will go without.

Such is the perfection of the Divine Plan that I predict that we’ll arrive at a global condition of Oneness imperceptibly and naturally in the course of events, varying in individual experience and timing. Ascension will ensure it. But our efforts at building Nova Earth will promote it.

Hindus would call this spiritual path “karma yoga,” “seva” or “selfless service.” It’s a recognized path to God, just as meditation is. And it’s the path that all those who resonate with service have chosen.

Steve will be taking Nov. 30-Dec. 3 off to move his apartment.



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Steven Trevor Rich: On Spiritual Death and the Hero’s Journey @ Golden Age of Gaia


ART : Anna Pugh

Steven Trevor Rich: On Spiritual Death and the Hero’s Journey

Everyone should be familiar with the ‘Hero’s Journey’. It has been written about by Joseph Campbell and others. And it has been the central theme of some of the most popular movies of all time. Star War’s Luke Skywalker comes to mind, but then there is Harry Potter and my favorite blue hero in Avatar. We are all on a hero’s journey, and with this journey comes spiritual death, followed by eventual rebirth.

It feels like I have died more than I would have liked to in this life. The last one happened in 2012. My wife and I had driven into the Texas hill country for that much anticipated cosmic event, whatever was to happen, or not. We were sitting atop a granite mountain on the morning of December 21st, just breathing and meditating. And it wasn’t long before I was overcome, not with rapture or release, but all the usual signs of a sudden flu. Good ol’ ascension flu.

I spent the next few days in bed. When we returned home I didn’t get much better; I would be sick for 6 long weeks. Along with the sickness I was depressed, apathetic, and disappointed. Sure, the lack of collective ascension was disappointing, but I hadn’t honestly expected that the whole world would be magically lifted into the heavenly realms all in a day. I had hoped for upliftment, a great clearing of energy, a feeling of joy, release!

But what I was feeling now was a profound grief, like I was mourning a death of something or someone very close to me. It was crushing at times, and aggravated by the various channels who congratulated us on our great victory and on all the new happy, fluffy, joyous energy that now enveloped all of us. From a perspective of the higher realms, we had all ascended. It was a done deal, they said – only our human minds could not perceive or feel it yet. Yeah, that was a big help.

I can see now that it was a spiritual death I was experiencing. Not just a death process for me alone, but for the collective as a whole. Perhaps there are those of us who are here to hold space for that death. We were feeling the death of the old paradigm, the death of the 3rd D. As with any death, there is no way around the grieving process, no sidestepping allowed. We must embrace the pain, feel it deeply and transmute it, before letting it go.

Ascension hadn’t happened for me, nor for anyone else I knew. I was lucky enough to have had an experience of it twelve years ago and that is what I long for again.

I was living on Maui, working as a hiking leader and doing rainforest tours. One day I awoke and I was different—very  different. You could call it Christ consciousness, or what I would rather call ‘ heart consciousness’ on a very high level. I was love in body. I saw how everything was connected, and how we are all family within the One. I was in bliss, yet able to function in top form. I felt the power of being tapped into something that held all life in its loving embrace. I felt great humor in it, too. If a question came to mind, it was answered simultaneously. Such is that level of elevated consciousness, where all is simply awareness.

Our country was in the early years of the Iraq war and there was fierce negativity aimed at Bush and his cronies by people from all over the world. I remember seeing how Bush was connected to it all, and the awareness came to mind as it embraced me. “He agreed to play this part,” Awareness said. “He is a brave soul to take on this role and be the receiver of so much hate and darkness. He is playing his role well, don’t you agree?” I did. I smiled at that. I even loved him for it! Ahh – cute and cuddly Georgie Bush.

And in that state of consciousness that had come upon me so quickly, I knew that my judgments had evaporated just a suddenly. My fears were gone, my negativity in all its numerous forms was gone. And the brilliant thing was, in that elevated state of consciousness I simply had no access to it!  There was just nothing to struggle against within myself, nothing to release; because I had no access to anything but love, compassion, understanding and joy. Life was gonna be amazing!

Three days later I woke up normal again. I went on, reluctantly, sad and baffled as to where the awareness went, and more frustrated in not knowing why or how it came awake in the first place. How could I get it back? I was pissed at President Bush. I was back in that 3D consciousness with all the other poor souls. Many years have passed and now I see it as a glimpse into the future, a gift of my higher self, and I am grateful.

A few years later I died again. I had been living and working in South Africa. I was the only American, white and much older than my peers, to be doing safari guiding in Kruger National Park. I had invested my life savings in relocation and formal training. What I had managed to pull off in my career was a kind of miracle. Like a pro quarterback playing in the Super Bowl at age 50. It had been the fulfillment of a dream that I had carried since childhood and I was gonna squeeze every ounce of life out of it.

I lived in a tent, with no electricity, no internet or TV, but plenty of elephants, lions and rhino to keep me company. The bush was raw and primordial, deadly and beautiful. It  sang to my soul with the voices of birds and hyena. The night sky was vast and blasted with stars. I owed nothing and owned nothing but what was in my duffle bag, and I was happy. I was 9 months into my work when things unraveled.

It all just ended very suddenly. Circumstances and politics beyond my control forced me to leave the country. I lost my job, my career, my childhood dream and all my money. I returned to the US a broken man; 48 years old, deeply depressed, unemployed, in debt and living on a couch in a back room of my parent’s condo.

Everything I had believed in was shattered; all my spiritual and metaphysical beliefs about ‘creating my own reality’ and ‘always being guided’ and all being ‘in divine order’, now just made me more angry and depressed. Had I really created this for myself? I had believed with all my heart that when you set aside fear to live your dream, that the universe jumps in to support your dream. I am still sorting that one out!

I would love to say that the rebirth was worth it, but in many ways it is still in process. I am still grieving that death, but am reborn at the same time. I guess that has to do with time being non-linear! Six years later, I have a lot to be thankful for; a beautiful wife that shows me nothing but patience and unconditional love, wonderful family and friends who love me, and a beautiful new home. I take it a day at a time and I am different every day. My life of adventure is set aside for now, my existence very suburban. I work at a mundane job in a grocery store. And I experience and feel the spiritual death of the collective illusion as it gets broken apart by waves.

Every morning I wake up, get my coffee and read Golden Age of Gaia. I look forward to the positive, uplifting messages that are always found there. Sometimes I relate to the messages and often I don’t. I look for the shifts within myself and find that I am much the same as I was two years ago. I have no great insights and no emerging buds of creativity. I still have a difficult time feeling any joy. But I have little if any drama to deal with, and believe me, I’m not complaining about that. If I was ever called to take on some mission in these times I am still unaware of it. I feel like I’m in God’s waiting room and I’ve read all the magazines.

What keeps me going these days are my fleeting ascension experiences and the words spoken to me by Archangel Michael many years ago now. It happened in a channeled reading back when I was living in Sedona. As always, I was looking for my purpose or mission, or indeed any reason for being on earth.

I asked what I could do for a job or career that would help me feel fulfilled and happy.

Michael didn’t even pause before he replied, “ Nothing.”

I thought he must be kidding. “Nothing?” I scoffed. “You’re telling me that there is nothing in this world that I could be happy doing?”

He shook his head and smiled. “No, beloved soul. There is nothing in this lower dimensional world that will make you truly happy. Because you are not from here!”

He smiled knowingly at me and continued, “But know this: that you have encoded within your being a fail-safe system. We have heard your collective cries and we are coming, beloved soul. There will come a time and a particular set of circumstances when you will fully awaken to who and what you be. And what is that? A god, beloved soul. A creator of worlds!”

Until that moment – and it can be a sudden moment, I will hang on, because I have seen and felt what is awaiting us all. Ascension doesn’t have to be difficult, and it may come as a thief – make that an angel – in the night.

It’s as easy as waking up to a new day.

Blessings – Steven Trevor Rich




A Message to Lightworkers – November 6, 2014 @ Caroline Oceana Ryan

Art Hans Amis known as An He Guangzhou - China

Art :  Hans Amis known as An He Guangzhou

A Message to Lightworkers – November 6, 2014

A Message to Lightworkers – November 6, 2014

The latest guidance for those on the Ascension path, from our friends, the fifth- and sixth-dimensional beings known as the Collective:


Greetings, dear ones! We are glad to have the opportunity to speak with you again today.

There is a full moon raging now, brilliant behind the clouds that hang heavily in the part of the world from where our writer transcribes this message.

It is carrying higher energies, unbeknownst to even the finest of astronomers, and messages to the subconscious of humankind. Those messages are contained in the Light that is coming directly from your sun, which is in turn reflecting the Light of the great Central Sun of Alcyone.

These energies and their higher vibrations cannot be mistaken for anything other than what they are: They are being sent to humankind at this time as part of an essential upgrade to your DNA and higher consciousness-awakening.

They are there for a specific reason, for though it may appear that governments, military operations and economies are imploding—and elections are being bought and sold, swayed by what you term Big Money—nevertheless, the great moment of Awakening is occurring. And every sacred symbol in air, word and construct of any kind is holding that higher Light, and sending its innate energies out en force to multiply the effects of it.

This is being done so that humanity will awaken more quickly and more fully in these days of recall–of remembering who you are, why you have been born onto the Earth at this time, and your soul’s very signature, including the secret language that only you can decipher, in which it speaks to you of your greatest abilities, your greatest desires, your highest calling and your greatest mission.Full Moon3

For all of you are here now not merely to evolve as individuals, though that is a high enough order.

You are here to aid in the Ascension of your entire human race, taking with you all the animals, plants and every ounce of your natural world with you.

Indeed She is already in the fifth dimension, your beautiful Earth. But for you it is a new and strange idea, to be made of crystalline composition that is Light in matter, instead of the carbon molecules and greatly reduced DNA structure that your scientists have considered to be normal for so long.

It is not normal, nor is it preferable. You were caught and forced into that situation millennia ago, but it is now being righted. And so we would beg you, whatever country you live in, not to look at your news channels and decide that all is lost.

We would ask you to look up to the skies and see, or if you cannot see him, feel the Light of the moon as it shines upon the Earth and understand that the completion of your work and your higher intentions is to be had, for the asking.

Understand that you have not been abandoned to any lower order of things, but are instead being guided to join a great stream of higher thought and intention, a higher order of peace, prosperity and soul guidance.

Full Moon4 The Soul we refer to is that of your planet and your race—for these things have souls, as well as your individual selves.

Indeed all created persons and things have a higher aspect which is their ideal, nonmaterial self, which calls to them and encourages their highest inclinations.

You have not been left to the inhumanities of the dark ones, however it may occasionally seem that they are “winning” their terrible competition for control of your minds, hearts and souls.

That was only ever a false construct, and one that has gone on for too long, and is ending.

We ask you to look up and to concentrate more now, than you ever have, on reaching the “finish line” as you would say.

Concentrate on the Truth finally being spoken in your halls of government, education and commerce.

Concentrate and visualize as often as possible the end to what has been termed the Truth Embargo.

Image the doors swinging wide open to the Truth of our presence, of Earth’s true history, of the truth regarding where science, space exploration, governments, religions, banking and finance truly are, and what they have long belonged.Cliff at Sunrise

For the lies and cover-ups can no longer continue in the astrological season which you have entered, nor will humanity be inclined any longer to tolerate them, or to feel that they are bound to tolerate them, whether all individuals are aware of the truth or not.

Be known, Truth! Come to our Earthly home, and shine as brightly as ever you have shone!

For the people of Earth and all Her angels are singing, and ready to receive you, and we know the time has come, at last has come.

Namaste! We celebrate with you, and send our Light, and great encouragement to you all.

Copyright 2014, Caroline Oceana Ryan

If you repost, please maintain the integrity of this information by including the link to this original post. Thank you.



Art Hans Amis known as An He Guangzhou - China

The Pleiadians ~ The point in the spiral of fundamental change: entering the Golden Stage ~ Meline Lafont @ Awaken Spirit from Within

meline 2.11

The Pleiadians ~ The point in the spiral of fundamental change: entering the Golden Stage

Ok, time for another breather before we commence with the next flow of intensity. Of course every flow has its own uniqueness and openness to receive and integrate and this depends entirely on the individual course you take. Let us speak with the Pleiadians today, as it has been a while since their energies have spoken through me for the collective. In personal communications, we did keep in touch through mergings and conversations. Whenever there are integrations I am allowed to receive, the Pleiadians are with me to orchestrate this for the body.

My blessings and Love upon you all,

Méline Portia ❤

(Received on October 31, 2014)


The Pleiadians:

Blessings and Greetings to you all, our dearest ones

We have been working on the process of integration for all of you and more specifically concerning the integrations of your Higher Galactic awareness and consciousness that is birthed within you all. It is a time of examining the Galactic consciousness within oneself as you start the engines of that confined Galactic consciousness within you.

Understand, our dearest ones, that all is within you and that it is you that will awaken your own Divine potential and abilities. We cannot stress this enough as it is clearly not yet fully understood by all of you. Nevertheless, you are coming to that great knowing and some are starting to excel gradually in this. That’s the reason why you need to gain the awareness of your own personal contribution during the path of Ascension. It is of the utmost importance that you gain your own personal consciousness as a High Christed Light into this body in order to bring this forth into your personal life. And then you bring forth the change you so desire: you, yourself and no one else!

These are indeed great times of change for all of Humanity surpassing even the previous changes and shifts humanity has come to experience. It is as it were a great cycle of profound release of the old for the collective and the Global planes. There comes a point in time where all of Humanity reaches this threshold that stands as a guarantee for the total Global rejuvenation. One that stands first and foremost for the entire Global shift that awakens Humanity to their full potential. That time has now come and is currently unfolding.

It is a center of a Source that you have come to reach, and this Source is in alignment with the Great Source of All That Is. You have reached that point in the spiral of evolution and infinity. This center is a consciousness and vibration that shifts all first within the Self and then without. It now enters your planes of existence to bring along the greater understanding of your own needs and desires for change and for your creations. Change comes forth from growth and insights that are being gained during your evolution as to where you arise from the planes of the old and enter into the new that is about to be created by yourselves.

It is a point in time where all the timelines are merging into one at a pace that is acceptable for all and in the best interest for this Planetary evolution. You come to see and feel that at times these timelines are already merging at cross points and as this spiral of timelines is getting smaller and thinner the timelines become one timeline of infinity. It is a gesture and blessing from your own Higher levels and from the expressions of your God and Christed Selves that have come to be experienced in this lifetime. This is a very important and crucial timeframe for all of Humanity, whether to fall in the make up of your own fears or to rise above the familiar of this Earthly material density and stretch the legs of the newborn you. Are you going to allow the new birthed you to step out or will you keep it within?

Every part of your being is now being tested and cleansed in profound ways to make the choice of whether to stay in your old form or whether to rise above the mundane. The choice is up to you in which form you will come to BE and the vibrations shall come along as who you are and choose to vibrate at this time. What you put your focus on, is now crucially important. You bring the new Earth through you as you birth it through yourself! Come to see it within you and you shall realise it is already here in the Now, for you are here in the Now and from within it shall rise to the surface of your being, emanating that world in your outer reality.

You help the world to change and it is your responsibility as a free will of all. What you carry, you are and you will emanate this at all times.

This point in the spiral is one of fundamental change, a chamber of accelerations and shifts that provide all the information and the codes to change this world and your human perceptions into a Golden stage. This Golden stage is one of Christed vibrations and it invites you to think, to act and to BE according to its vibrational frequency. You can only play along and enjoy the joy on this Golden stage if you fit in its vibration, like a perfect match. Therefore BE and bring in your own Christed consciousness within your heart for you all have a Christed consciousness level and expression that awaits to be fully integrated and embodied again.

Crucial times, crucial decisions, crucial choices await you all that will demand instant conscious answers in measurements of Christed consciousness. How to do that you ask? There is no how, dearest ones, there is only the knowing and the inner feeling that will lead you along this adventure and allow you to be able and stay balanced through this all when pressure is heating up.

We wish for you to be still, to keep yourself centered and balanced through every event on Earth as well as within, distractions are very palpable lately on your plane of existence. Learn to keep releasing the old patterns in order to learn and fly with the winds of change. There are too many influxes entering on your planes for you to hold on to just one. Taste the newly arrived Cosmic and Galactic energies of our planes and allow yourselves to enjoy this inner change and bodily shift. You are the Master beings on this Earth and you have come to make this all truly unfold within your own realities.

We are with you in loving support. Allow us to be with you and we will do so with peace and harmony.

The Pleiadians


You want to be able and channel as well and enjoy to bring forth your inner wisdom as a being of Light? I offer a channeling course that assists you in the process of connecting with your Higher Self through deep Self work based on a foundation of self experience gained in my channeling process of years.

You can find more HERE

Méline Lafont 2012 – 2014, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered http://melinelafont.com and http://pleiadedolphininfos.blogspot.com

meline 2.11

The One and Only Assignment, Lifetime after Lifetime ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

website rumi image


The One and Only Assignment, Lifetime after Lifetime

Reposted from Aug. 2012

Please let me comment on the significance of the rise of interest in spirituality as a result of this “process” that many of us seem to be going through.

God is a Spirit and can only be known in spirit, Jesus said two millennia ago. And knowing God is the assignment we all have in common and the reason why we’re here lifetime after lifetime, as my vision from 1987 showed. Rumi phrased the matter this way:

“There is one thing in this world which must never be forgotten. If you were to forget everything else, but did not forget that, then there would be no cause for worry; whereas if you performed and remembered and did not forget every single thing, but forgot that one thing, then you would have done nothing whatsoever.

“It is just as if a king had sent you to the country to carry out a specified task. You go and perform a hundred other tasks; but if you have not performed that particular task on account of which you had gone to the country, it is as if you have performed nothing at all. So man has come into this world for a particular task, and that is his purpose; if he does not perform it, then he will have done nothing.” (1)

No matter what else we do, no matter how noble or consequential it is, if we don’t know ourselves as God, we haven’t accomplished our assignment; we have done nothing.

As our knowledge of our own true nature expands, we move from stage to stage in our spiritual evolution, by what you could think of as Ascension after Ascension. And Rumi describes that as well.

“I died as mineral and became a plant.
I died as plant and rose to animal.
I died as animal and I was man. …
Yet once more I shall die as man, to soar
With angels blest; but even from angelhood
I must pass on: all except God doth perish.
When I have sacrificed my angel soul,
I shall become what no mind e’er conceived.
Oh, let me not exist! For Non-existence
Proclaims in organ tones, ‘To Him we shall return.’” (2)

The way I understand this Ladder of Ascension is that each kingdom – mineral, plant, etc. – has twelve planes or dimensions and within each plane are twelve subplanes. When we jump a plane (not a subplane), that constitutes an Ascension. We ascend from dimension to dimension, not from gradations within any one dimension.

We are constantly ascending, progressing, or evolving subplane after subplane, plane after plane, and kingdom after kingdom on our return journey to God. And we ascend as the result of increases in our spiritual knowledge – not our material knowledge necessarily, but our knowledge of ourselves as spirits and Spirit.

So to experience, as I do, an increase in my desire for spirituality, an expansion of the thirst for spiritual knowledge, is something whose value I understand and whose onset I welcome. It can always and only be a promising and beneficial thing. As I said yesterday, and I feel it bears repeating: Place spirituality first and everything else will find its natural place.

No matter how interesting, rewarding, and revolutionary NESARA, Disclosure and accountability are, remove “spiritual evolution” from them and they become merely matters of passing interest. For me anyways, it’s only their promise in assisting our knowledge of our true nature to unfold that makes them ultimately valuable.

Otherwise they’re simply the king’s official having been sent into a country to do something he did not do.

Having said that, it’s equally true to say that I have grown comfortable in representing NESARA, Disclosure and accountability as being important of and in themselves and will now face a personal minor shift in seeing them through this new lens that’s being offered as a result of this post-transition transition.

One transition is no sooner finished than the next begins and all of them opening us wider or opening newer doors than we anticipated beforehand.

That’s all I wanted to say for the moment. I just needed to put a bookmark in and say that this fueling of an interest in the spiritual is not a trivial development but might ordinarily go unmemorialized, so unremarkable is it on the surface. But it isn’t unremarkable in reality. It’s highly significant in its portent.

And with that, I’m simply going to open to it like the uninvited but most welcome guest who forever dropped into Rumi’s humble home.


(1) Rumi in A.J. Arberry, A.J., trans., Discourses of Rumi. New York; Samuel Weiser, 1977; c1961, 26.

(2) Rumi, in Anne Fremantle and Christopher. In Love with Love. 100 of the Greatest Mystical Poems. New York, etc.: Paulist Press, 1978, 58.


website rumi image

Universal Mother Mary: Inertia…this is your next step…Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

sam carlo 19.10 c

Universal Mother Mary: Inertia…this is your next step…

true-beingInertia…that moment of quiet, that moment of stillness, it is that moment of stillpoint where all the energies of my Tsunami are re-gathered, re-integrated, deepened, before the final battle…and that final battle is your surrender to Love.

Discussion before the channeling:

Before we begin I just have to say, “Thank you to everyone who attended either electronically or spiritually or physically to Lake Tahoe.” It was phenomenal…for me it was such a gift and it was the Mother’s workshop and boy, she’s not finished with us!

I have this rule of three. When I hear something consistently, in meditation and/or in individual peoples channelings, I wait until I’ve heard it three times and when I do I go in and look at it, go deeper, and see if this is something that is applicable for the collective. This next information on inertia fits this category of 3.

The Council, especially Universal Mother Mary, has begun talking about a new phase in terms of our Ascension process we are just entering. It’s an exciting phase called inertia. Now, I always think of inertia as being a second cousin to sloth because it’s when there really isn’t any movement. But the more I meditated on it the more information came through. The COl actually gave Carol a wonderful visual in terms of this term inertia, which we have had a misunderstanding. As you well know, the Council has been redefining language and understandings behind words for us, particularly in the last year. And I remember the kafuffle that started with the reaction to the word tsunami… ‘Oh my god, why are you using that word, it’s so destructive?’ … etcetera…So, here we go again with inertia.

The example they used with Carol was this: When you are really busy, perhaps doing spring cleaning, attacking every nook and cranny of your house and you’re busy, busy, busy, and you’re sweating and you’re working hard… we’ve all done it probably once (Laughter)… Then what happens is at the end of the day four o’clock comes and you take a seat on the sofa or the chair and you’re just done. You know there may still be some dust bunnies somewhere in your house but you don’t care, you just sit there like a bump on a log…and you’re cooked. You want to either curl up on the couch and watch a movie or have a nap or just stare at the wall…which is always a good thing to do…but that’s what the example the COL was using to explain inertia. It’s when you have been extremely busy and the point comes when you are in that place of what they are calling ‘healthy exhaustion’ and you’re just being still. Well, we have all been, particularly we who are light holders and Love holders, extremely busy working on the mayhem, the chaos, the reluctant, the recalcitrant, and on and on and on.

What the Council is saying, and this is what’s exciting, is that the collective has reached this place of inertia as well. Now, if you think of this, inertia, that place of stillness and no movement is very akin to coming, in a natural, physical rhythm, to stillpoint. And we know at stillpoint is where creation, in terms of the creation formula, is where creation is fertilized, implodes/explodes. So, stillpoint and inertia is where we are right now, not just individually but again collectively, resetting our inner mechanisms as it were.

The Council, Mother Mary and Sanat Kumara have been very actively explaining is that it is a necessary part of the process of Ascension because you can’t be fighting and working, working, working, working without stopping to do the reset. You can’t do the reset while you’re in full forward thrust. You have heard the Council use the term ‘the pause’ and the term ‘ full ignition’, well this is that pause so that we can proceed to full ignition.

My thought had been following the incredible gathering of 21 countries coming together for the Lake Tahoe Lovestream, that we would continue exploring Union and Reunion. But what we’re seeing is that the Council is already guiding us to several steps ahead. So while we’re still working on that Union and Reunion but it’s basically them saying, “Okay you’ve got the basics, you’ve got the tools, you’re working on that, now let’s go.” And in terms of ‘let’s go’, let’s go and stay perfectly still.

That’s probably why a lot of you are feeling. Not just the exhaustion that we have felt in the past couple of years as we’ve had these increases in our frequencies and our vibration, but a slightly different quality of “I just want to sit down and be still. It’s not that I’m so exhausted, it’s I want to sit down and enjoy my interdimensional self” because we’re becoming more aware of that interdimensional self. What we’re doing in inertia and in that stillpoint is being still enough that our stranger and our interdimensional self can be actively, go off doing things, as we can become increasingly aware of what it is they’re doing. This just has me completely jazzed!

You also have many parts of you that are interdimensional, your stranger is not your only helper; you have your guides, you have the circle…and most people are under-employing their stranger, to say the least. Remember you are the director or manager of all your aspects. We’ve all seen or experienced managers and supervisors who keep so busy doing your work that they never stop long enough to actually give you clear instruction about what your job and your tasks are. What we are doing in inertia is being the manager, heart and telepathically communicating to our circle, and fully employing all the help that’s available to us.

In this you can revert to some of the issues or questions that we are covering and addressing in the Union and Reunion segment of the Council work, such as “Am I honoring myself? Do I really Love myself? Am I really taking care of my boundaries? Am I really doing what I want with my life?” When you’re running you’re not really answering those questions, you don’t create the space. We all know people who want to run a million miles an hour so they don’t have to look at stuff. So, this stillness, this inertia is our next phase.

The other thing that the Mother has talked to us a lot about is the nurturing and the joy factor. Archangel Gabrielle has talked to us about this, about the joy factor of really nurturing ourselves. She has given us many exercises, many gifts, many tools about working with Joy. She is our go-to ‘Joy archangel’; she has given us the golden rain, the keys to the kingdom, the keys to our heart, the golden bubbles. The list of what Archangel Gabrielle has given us for Joy is long. What we have done in the past is worked with the joy prescription or exercise and that is to choose at the beginning of the day a 15 minutes of joy ritual which subsequently grows.

Yet even this simple exercise has shifted to a new level. What the Council is encouraging is expanding this joy awareness in our consciousness, and do it on the fly. For example, you’re living in the middle of a city and you come across a flower pushing its head up in the middle of a sidewalk; now often we would look at that and we would simply say, “Oh, that’s pretty” and walk on. Or we would see the way the light is coming through our windows, sparkling and sending rainbows, because now we have a crystal hanging in the window, and we’re saying, “Well that’s pretty” and let it go.

Now what the COL is suggesting is that when you come across those moments of beauty or of joy, is to really look at it, grab it and bring it into your heart; just bring it all the way into your heart, to take that ‘pause’ moment and to realize ‘Oh my gosh, this is my Joy gift today.’ So you bring it in,savor it, let that joy fill you up and then you give thanks and gratitude for having gotten the gift.

Again, it’s us being more conscious which is one of the fundamental elements, not only of being the New You but of creating Nova Earth. It’s seeing that joy and beauty and claiming it for ourselves in the little things, and of course in the big things, every single day.

It’s us expanding our relationship with all the kingdoms, whether it’s the tree or the flower or the elementals, the fairies or the birds. It’s us pulling that ray in, the color in to our heart, the qualities of that tree or that flower or that animal. We’re pulling in the dimension. We know that, for example, that the animal kingdom is ahead of us, as Gaia herself is already anchored in the 7th dimension. So when you see these little joy gifts, it’s the flower or the brid or Gaia giving us the energy of that 7th dimension and often higher. Often people say, “Well how am I getting used to being in the higher dimensions?” Well, this is a really easy, obvious way. Our cohabitants of Earth aree saying, “Okay humans, pay attention.”

Everyone is talking about the 5th, the Council has always, never varied, talking about the 7th; we’re going through the 5th and that’s great and it’s opening us up but why would we want to stop there? We’re going to the 7th which is Christ Consciousness and Love and that’s where we want to live. And that’s where Gaia is living, that’s where the heart of Gaia is anchored. She is brushing the top of the 8th, she’s brushing the top of the new 3rd, but if we want to go to her heart go to the 7th. Once we’re anchored in the higher dimensions, we access all the dimensions because it isn’t a hierarchy, we can’t operate without the 1st dimension of knowing what the idea of who we are is and them morphing on up. So, it’s not exclusive, it’s inclusive.

The biggest challenge that I have noted in the people really working and applying the Creation Formula (Intent + Stillpoint + Action = Creation) the Stillpoint piece. With this phase of inertia the Mother is bringing us, in physical and in every other way to that place of stillness. Inertia is when I can’t move even if I want to…so it’s like I’m going to be in the stillness but it’s still going to be in that bubble of joy and gratitude and Love. As always the COL continue to teach us and we’re so lucky.

The Mother keeps telling us that the most precious gifts are the intangibles; a lot of that treasure chest has nothing to do with things that we see, smell, touch, at least not in what we perceive as the 3rd dimension. But what we’re doing is we’re touching and seeing and feeling them interdimensionally with our hearts.

We are ready! And what it sounds like is the collective is ready! But it feels like…here we go, here we go! And the affirmation that Mother Mary gave us the very last day at Lake Tahoe is, “I am prepared to receive.”

In Lake Tahoe Mother Mary aasked us “what lies…(a strong word!) are you telling yourself?” We all do it, unconsciously from old patterning. Think of it as “what are the barriers that I’ve been putting up and I didn’t even know about?” And now, “am I prepared to receive.”


Greetings, I am Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of Change, Mother of Love, Mother of All, Mother of Ancients, Mother of New, Mother of Future, Mother of Past, Mother of Eternal Now. Surely dear hearts, you did not think that I had completed what I have to say to humanity. There continues to be a great deal that humanity has need to hear. And you, my beloved lightworkers, Love holders, you are my spokes-beings; you are the daughters and the sons of my heart.

I continue to speak to you, even as you go into this phase of inertia. Let me share something with you and normally this would come forth through Archangel Michael. In all great battles, above, below, and in-between, there is a moment of fury and extreme chaos and then there is a moment, sometimes a day, sometimes a moment, sometimes a week, of what we call inertia. It is that moment of quiet, it is that moment of stillness, it is that moment of stillpoint where all the energies, all the energies of my Tsunami are re-gathered, re-integrated, deepened, can I say in this terminology, before the final battle.

Now, I do not talk about chaos and bloodshed, death and destruction. The final battle, dear heart, is surrender; the final battle is surrender to Love, to my Love, to your Love, and to the Love of each other. It is the acceptance of your star brothers and sisters, not merely those who hover over Gaia, but those who are galaxies away. It is surrender to your brothers and sisters of the kingdoms. It is surrender to Love.

From the place of inertia you move to creation, you move to the creation of Nova Earth and Nova You. Many of you, my sweet Annas, have carried the energy of the New You; you have done so for me and you have laid the foundation, you have rewoven the grid, you have reconstructed the paradigms. You have been vigilant, diligent, consistent, in holding the flame of my Love. Despite appearances that looks like chaos and no resolution, you have held firm. You have done this, not merely for me or for Michael or for Gabrielle or Uriel, you have done it for all…not merely for those of Gaia…you have done it for ALL. You have only a sliver, a glimpse, a brief idea of the magnitude of this undertaking and what you have already accomplished. It is not the task, the work of Union and Reunion; it is the celebration of Union and Reunion; the joy of a job well done.

You prepare for the victory and I will join you in that dance. And then, sweet angels, no I do not call you home for I wish for you to experience the joy of being on Nova Earth, of Terra Gaia, to know the fruition of the work that you have done for eons. Since you were born as Creator Race, you come into the fulfillment of the Creator Race, of the restoration of the original, of My plan; there will be no desire to leave.

Allow yourselves, during this period of inertia, to receive the bounty I flood you with. This phase is not being placed on hiatus or sabbatical; this is an action of stillness, this is a replenishment of your very soul, this is a replenishment of your physical being, this is the restoration. Look in the mirror and observe.

Now, I do not say, nor would I ever wish to infer that during this period that you do not turn to me because I continue to plead with you. On behalf of my sacred self, the Father and I, your guides, the Council, the ascended masters, your star brothers and sisters, your circle, turn to us and ask for help. And yes, sweet angel, prepare to receive.

Go with my Love, go with my gratitude, experience my gratitude, feel what it looks like in tangible form. I Love you. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 10-18-14

© 2014 Council of Love


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The Great Shift On Planet Earth Occurs Within Our Beings First Before It Is Reflected In Our Outer Environment ~ Sabrina Reber @ Raise Your Vibration


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ART Eng Tay

The Great Shift On Planet Earth Occurs Within Our Beings First Before It Is Reflected In Our Outer Environment

We live in a time of accelerated change and transformation. In 2012, our planet aligned itself in the center, or galactic heart of the milky way. This ushered in a cyclic event that occurs in 26,000 year cycles as the Earth completes a full revolution around the sun. For the next 2000 years, the Earth will be inside the photon band where humanity’s next level of advancement is being offered. The photon band is a band of high vibrational intensified light that comes from the great central sun (son) ~ it is the eminence and radiance of the Christ Light Energy.

The return of Christ is the return of our true self. While we are in the photon belt, encodings activating our memory and dormant strands of DNA are sent through the rays of the sun encouraging us to move out of the dark ages of egoic negative creation and into a more enlightened state of being where we merge into oneness with our higher souls so we can create an era of peace here on Earth. In Aramaic, soul means christ. The return of christ is the return of our very own christ consciousness or higher soul consciousness that lives in a higher vibrating dimension within each persons being. Humanity at this time has a free will choice to remain just as they are, refusing to grow and expand their current level of being, or we can choose to actively participate in our souls transformational process, fully accepting and integrating the christ consciousness within us.

The great shift and planetary ascension occurs WITHIN each person personally before change is reflected back to us in our outer environment. Many people are looking externally of themselves expecting the governments, financial systems, religious groups, and big cooperations to change first in order for our world to reflect “the great shift” everyone has been talking about. Many were disappointed when the world did not change overnight on December 21st, 2012. However, the great shift occurs within the human beings energetic system through the rising of the dormant kundalini energy that lays dormant at the base of every persons spine. Our inner states of being are reflected in our outer environments; so in order to create the changes we desire to see in our environment each person must be willing to first make the changes within their own being through the purification of the blocks stored in our chakra systems so our dormant creator energies can rise through the 7 main physical chakras activating and opening our spiritual chakras – chakras 8-12. The change we are talking about is not an intellectual change, it is an energetic change that happens in perfect divine timing after the 7 physical human chakras have been purified enough for divine energy to flow through each chakra so our lower selves can merge into oneness with our higher self and activate the soul in physical incarnation to radiate a higher level of crystalline (christ line) LIGHT.

This process is happening to the masses now. Many people do not even know what is occurring to them. Their lives are chaotic and everything they thought they knew to be true is collapsing before their very eyes. Things that no longer serve them are being stripped away by the higher soul. The ego’s comfort zones are being tested at such an extreme rate people are running into a tremendous amount of fear. The outer chaos in the world is actually a positive sign of humanity’s inner turmoil that is coming up to been seen, healed and transcended. As the kundalini energies rise up the spine – karma is burned off, old stored emotions come up to be felt and released and distorted subconscious programs begin to dissolve. The kundalini energies will also begin to activate our dormant DNA and spiritual glands that have been dormant since the fall of man. We are all undergoing our own personal apocalypse (which means lifting of the veil in Greek) as the 7 trumpets are played (chakras) and everything that was hidden from our awareness comes forward to be seen so it can be transcended. For we can not heal anything unless we first acknowledge it. This can be a very overwhelming process for people who do not understand what ascension truly is. Ascension is the process of raising your vibrational frequency through the purification of the chakra system so your dormant kundalini energy can rise through the 7 chakras and you can merge into oneness with your higher soul. As more and more people activate the LIGHT within them – which is when the kundalini rises and you have a direct experience of divine bliss, oneness and your true souls nature – you will then be a “Light Worker” and a catalyst to activate others in their awakening simply through the interaction of your activated energy fields that interact with others. So, the healing we do on ourselves has the potential to assist and activate those who are using their free will to ascend in consciousness as well. A “spiritualized” being who has an activated chakra system – through the rising of their kundalini – has the potential to ground in more light on the Earth because their axiatonal lines and spiritual channels are open enough to bring crystalline energies through their energetic system grounding them onto the Earth activating those who are open to receiving this higher vibrational crystalline light that flows through their being.

The work we all do on ourselves helps everyone – especially those who are desiring to ascend. By raising our own personal vibrational frequency not only do we get rewarded with greater connection to our higher soul and God/ddess but we also are able to radiate the greatest LIGHT service to planet Earth and our brothers and sisters. The greatest service, is the service to self….the healing of the self. For we can not give to another what we have not claimed for our self. And at this time on our planet it is much easier for people to activate the kundalini LIGHT within themselves. The Earth is in the photon belt and we are receiving massive downloads of light from the galactic center, the inner Earth, the multidimensional legions of LIGHT and also from the enormous amount of people who are activating the LIGHT within themselves everyday. We are in a time period of rapid transformation with potential for a huge shift in consciousness, not only for ourselves and the Earth but also for the surrounding planets around us as everything is connected and effects the other. Click Here for a list of transmutational ascension symptoms: http://howtoraiseyourvibration.blogspot.com/2011/05/transmutational-ascension-symptoms.html

For help with your souls ascension, you may be interested in the “RAISE YOUR VIBRATION” book. This book has been written to help you understand what is happening to you and it is also a guide book to help you heal your self and clear your energetic blocks so you can merge into oneness with your very own christ consciousness. Click Here for the book store: http://raiseyourvibration.com/the-book/


Ascension: 2014 or 2017? ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden age of Gaia

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Ascension: 2014 or 2017?

Ascension 312I’m posting a short note here based on my reading Sunday with Archangel Michael through Linda Dillon. I asked him if we’re to think that Ascension won’t happen until 2017, based on Matthew Ward’s last message of Sept. 23. (1) Let me record that discussion.

Steve Beckow: Now Ascension was supposed to happen by the Fall. That was several days ago. Why did it not happen, Lord?

Archangel Michael: It is already underway. You are feeling it.

SB: Well, yes.

AAM: You are asking about the snap?

SB: Yes. The ignition, right, yes.

AAM: The humans are not yet fully ready.

SB: OK. That’s good. But Matthew seemed to imply that Ascension would not happen till 2017. That is not the case, right?

AAM: That is what you can think of as Phase 2, when the full awareness is anchored within everybody.

SB: So now the full awareness is Sahaja Samadhi.

Let me pause here and explain Sahaja Samadhi.

Sahaja occurs when the kundalini doubles back from the crown chakra to the spiritual “heart,” or Hridayam. In actual fact, the Hridayam is not the heart but an opening the size of a pinprick that remains closed until Brahmajnana, at which point it opens but closes again.

When the Hridayam opens permanently, Sahaja occurs. Sahaja is moksha or liberation from the need to be reborn into the physical realm.  The actual heart is the same as the Self, Atman or Christ.  When the Hridayam opens permanently, the individual and the Self are united and are never thereafter not dis-united. Sahaja is the enlightenment of the “deep” Fifth Dimension.

AAM: Well now it won’t be that extreme. It will be what you can think of as your Golden Age.

SB:  Right. Has it an enlightenment correlate?

AAM: Yes.

SB: So is it Brahmajnana?

AAM: Yes.

Let me pause again and explain Brahmajnana.

Brahmajnana or God Realization occurs when the kundalini reaches the seventh or crown chakra. It’s a temporary and not a permanent heart opening, accompanied by bliss and expanded knowledge of Self. Brahmajnana is a step along the way to liberation. Attainment of it is called being “halfway up the mountain.”

In Zen phraseology, at first mountains are mountains and rivers are rivers. This statement refers to our ordinary state of awareness. When mountains are not mountains and rivers are not rivers refers to Brahmajnana, the major awakening that most sages possess.  When mountains become mountains again and rivers become rivers refers to Sahaja.

Our vasanas persist until Sahaja. Brahmajnana does not reduce our vasanas to ashes. Only Sahaja does.The fact that our vasanas don’t disappear upon attainment of Brahmajnana explains why so many “enlightened” sages still get caught in the various traps of worldly involvement: their vasanas have not yet been fully eradicated.

Let’s pick up our reading again.

SB: Ohhhhh, 2017 will be Brahmajnana. When will Sahaja occur?

AAM: Shortly thereafter.

SB: Ahhhhh. Well, I’ll be darned. So ignition is going to be fairly soon, is that correct?

AAM: Ignition is well underway. Think of it as you being on the launchpad.

SB: OK. OK. Oh, gee, that’s so interesting.

So Ascension into the Fifth – that is, full entry into the first subplane of the Fifth Dimension, which I’ve called on various occasions, the vestibule or waiting room – will occur soon. It’s already underway.

At this point, we’re like the guests who are inside the house and taking off their coats. But they haven’t yet entered the living room and joined the party, so to speak.  That occurs in 2017.


(1) Matthew’s Message, Sept. 23, 2017, at at http://www.matthewbooks.com/mattsmessage.htm


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