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Saint Germain ~ Clarity

July 9, 2015

Méline Portia Lafont

A message of clarity by Saint Germain

I AM welcoming you all today and my blessings to all of you beautiful Master Beings. I come here once more to speak to you through the heart of unification as this binds us all, being sparks of the One. What I wish to speak about with you all is the meaning of clarity and the need for clarity. As I was speaking to this beloved earlier today, clarity has become an intrinsic need or part of your lives. For who does not seek for clarity, isn’t it so?

You have made this to be for real in your lives and thus created it so. Clarity can only exist and be if there is a recognition and acknowledgment of confusion and being blinded, for it is the opposite of its polarity experience. It is therefore not necessarily so that you need to experience both as a separate thing, rather bring those polarities together and experience them as one. That is the all knowing and seeing things as they truly are without having the complexity of needing to seek what you think is lost.

Nothing is lost in the first place for all is you and within you, as you know. Thus understand that when one is seeking for clarity it actually means that one has forgotten the understanding of “One” and “All” simultaneously. Clarity is a part of you, it is the true meaning of understanding who you are as a whole and that you can BE everything at once. It is the nature of true perception as to where you can perceive things as they are in truth: oneness. As soon as confusion comes in, it means that you are occupying yourself with duality structures of separation as to where you feel inclined to pull to one side or the other.

It is a thinking pattern of: “it is this way or that way”, and not all at once. That seems impossible for the human mind, thus you cannot accept this by heart. That is what clarity is showing you in this dimension: that you are taking clarity as a choice of how things are or can be.. and most of the time you probably want it to be just one sided or it would be too complex to understand. There is not just one side of explanation to offer clarity rather there are many, one might say that all things are clarity because they are as they are. As I would say: it is as it is.

Now that I AM taking you further into that matter, the only reason behind this message of today is to help you realize that not all things have to be clear to you as you tend to forget sometimes that everything is about the experience of things. To engage with your experiences and allow this to unfold is clarity for you see things as they are with an open heart.

There are many things entering your planes of duality at this time and it surely feels to you all as if your plate is continuing to fill more and more and that you have no space left to even take on more. My dear Master Beings, the only reason why you even can experience the feeling of your plate being so filled is because you hold on to certain things that are crossing your path. You take on more and more to hold and thus things will become complicated for you at a certain point as you cannot see things clearly anymore through it all. The complexity dominates.

You are filling your minds with more things to come and are already occupying yourselves with what might be coming soon as well. To live in the every now moment will make it impossible for you to even hold on to things as you flow along the stream of the moment and experience it as it is. It is like a receiving and passing on as you experience the moment with acceptance and joy.

Now, there are many time-lines and opportunities that dwell within you and are wanting to emerge into your realities which can enhance the confusion and the need for clarity. You will learn to Master your own consciousness in the sense of allowance without the fight for resistance and control. You will learn to stop seeking for answers to know, understand and have clarity as you will be offered the experience of what it is to already know, see and be clarity within. Things are as they are, there is no need to make things complicated nor to confuse yourself with wanting to know the answers to give you a false sense of contentment.

That is what you will learn in this time, that clarity is about allowing things to be as they are. To move yourselves through the many opportunities as these arise and to just experience what you hold by heart and want to BE. When such confusions arise and there seems to be too much to handle for you at the time, take a step back out of the hustle and the bustle of events, take a breather and go within for a moment. Take a closer look at all the things that are ruling your reality and your experiences and see where these creations are originating from.

Where did it all start? What made you think this way or another? Which thought or emotion has moved you towards certain conclusions or perceptions? Go back to its origin and see it there as it is, where you have built further upon to create this all into your experience. It applies mostly to the most subtle and smallest things you easily overlook. Much is always related to fear and the wanting to have things under control. Here is where confusion originates from for you cannot control anything, you just can Be.

Well let us now look at the bright side of this circumstance and see that this gift offered to you is simply a reminder of where you put your attention, what you feed and how you see yourself. You are all taking in more of yourselves from other planes and Dimensions as well, thus many different vibrations are deciding to play along and enter your human experience. Some of these aspects may behave like children: uncontrollable and wild! These feel like they are entering a playground they never were able to enter before and thus are excited!

You might wait a little bit before unleashing these aspects of yourselves until you have this overall feeling that you are ready to handle all these parts of you on the Human level as well. To be ‘up there’ in the Higher realms and experience those realms is one thing but the challenge is to bring these ‘down here’ on the Earthly level while being in a human incarnation. To channel these in through the process of grounding, equilibrium and the self realization is thus key as we keep on stressing that fact for a long time now.

Get to know yourselves on all levels as you desire and just release what is standing in your way or what is making things complicated for you. Not by ignoring or running from it but by embracing it as a part of your creation. To acknowledge is to see things as they are, Master Beings. Thus start to acknowledge ~ see ~ you as the Master Beings that you are and explore this. Clarity is you and that is what you are about to understand more deeply in the upcoming months.


Blessings and eternal love

Master Saint Germain

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As Clarity comes in on all perspectives ~ Meline Lafont @ Awaken Spirit from Within

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As Clarity comes in on all perspectives

April 11, 2015

Méline Portia Lafont

The Lunar Eclipse Portal and Blood Moon has been intense so far. A real emotional roller coaster filled with happy, beautiful things as well as with sorrow. It started out for me personally, with some serious and profound tangible shifts in my physical vessel and all my energy fields being upgraded as to their speed of spinning. Which instigated a vibrational expansion in those areas. I wrote this brief explanation and personal sharing to my good friend and soul Brother Bill Ballard a few days ago:

“so much body changes and energy fields are spinning at a much faster pace. I love this shift! the only thing is that I AM SOOOO exhausted over nothing! But body is coping well, emotional body is being triggered for sure and old decisions which have been made previously are being affirmed and clear as to why they were made. There is no way of being in that old place anymore; it is just not possible as your body reacts to this very clearly. I love how I am starting to feel every cell of my body spinning and vibrating at times. Kind of a buzzing experience and having goosebumps all over. The ascension chakra is very open and pulsating big time. On we go!!!!”

And that is the thing which has become clear to me in the last days going up to a week: that for every personal reality and collective reality, things are becoming clear to each and everyone of us! Hence clarity is in the mix! On a personal level you are being showed in a very stern and clear way what does not work for you anymore, what still does and where you will have to draw the line as to how far you wish to go into some area and reality. Your bodies are responding intensively to the energies that are entering and leaving your plane, as well as to the energies of others. The past decisions which you may have made a while ago are being affirmed that indeed you made the necessary ones and if you still are inclined to not perceive this nor see that certain energies and thoughts are not serving you anymore and are part of the old world of being, it is being shown to you firmly and this as in RIGHT NOW. It even has become more than a sign in this case but something you may have to experience in all fibers of your being.

You may feel very grumpy lately, unable to cope with others’ energy, tired, fed up with things and especially short tempered. There is not much needed to leave you triggered, affected and touched. This is because you are releasing much of the old and the emotional body is being triggered at this time, especially since the Lunar Eclipse. It all boils down to unleashing old settled emotions which are leaving the bodily fields to enable a full expansion of the Higher Heart magnetic field that you can merge with and can settle within your emotional body. On the other hand because of this clarity that is being shown and therefore experienced by you, you will reset your values instantly to likely set up new ones so as to feel comfortable again, as this is what we tend to do to again feel familiar in a new comfort zone. In the end, we will be left with no set of values but only with the instant knowing of all ~ which is our Higher expansion and Higher expression of Being.

On the same note, we are seeing it also happening for the collective consciousness. When you look around it becomes clear as well. The clarity is showing us that the stability of this foundation we call society is not working anymore nor is it able to be implemented in our lives as a collective group. It is clear to all of us ~ even the ones who are still asleep ~ that this is not working anymore for human beings and that the foundation of its energy is unable to sustain itself as it used to. That is why you see so many being grumpy and having mood swings: all that was so comfortable to them is slipping away through their fingers and the instinct is to fight this and to hold on to it. There will be a critical point reached within no time where even this will not be possible anymore ~ to fight a fight that is not even real. There is nothing to fight against in the first place for you are just fighting yourself.

Change is underway indeed and it is happening now. Fighting for this and moving all your power into this form of society ~ thought forms ~ is just something we cannot do anymore. It is tiring and it is not working at all. Clarity comes in and all are feeling it, now it is to find the way ~ and that is different for each unique being ~ to go on from this point of clarity and to navigate yourself through this all. We know this, but how to move from here and bring the change in this all personally and collectively?

Clarity says: BE the change from within as there is no place else to BE than within your own heart.

Everywhere you look and cross paths you can see within yourself as within others that the same is happening: things are clear and being felt. Yet not all might surrender to this knowing nor show it to others but I can assure you that all are feeling it. There is therefore a long period underway that will be all about going inward in your own Temple of Being. The collective needs this and so do we, so we are being helped with this passage that may already have started as we speak. It will be about surrendering to the Self and trusting all that you are. Now is the part of the embodying and ability to Self Love coming in handy as without it there is no way you can trust nor surrender to your SELF. We and the Masters of the Light have not been repeating the same thing all over and over again (Self Love) for teasing or pleasure, as we always have felt compelled to stress this fact as strong as possible for the times to come. And now this time has been marked. You are underway in this notion.

So get used to and be comfortable in that state of knowing and being ~ with an inward focus ~ while sharing this moment with others who are doing the same and who are another part of you. You do a great deal for the Earth and the Collective that way as you feed the SELF which is the I AM and the I AM is the Oneness of ALL. It is thus all of us as the I AM is the I AM of ALL and not just One soul. There are many misperceptions of feeding your I AM or SELF to be only feeding you in an ego way. This is not the case as the I AM is the SELF of ALL. So you feed the SELF of ALL being ALL in Oneness.

All in all my personal sharing in this story of this Lunar Eclipse energy is that I AM experiencing extraordinary connections and Light body activations. I AM aware of so much more as a sort of melting with Multidimensional realities. Simultaneously as I am burning the bridges behind me and going on in the world I embark upon, old contracts are ending once more and new ones come in. On April 8, 2015 I had to say goodbye to my precious companion “Laika”. She was a Golden Retriever of almost 11 years old. This was very unexpected which made the impact even bigger on an emotional level. Because I have contact with her soul, it makes it easier for me to know what is going on and what has happened. It was a very special experience, which makes it so emotional for me. I’ve been crying non-stop, giving way to a paralyzed feeling of being numb for a bit. Even though I know she lives on and is not gone, the experience of a physical death transition has never been beautiful to me. I have seen and guided many and every time I see the body fighting and falling out which I personally experience as a harsh and ugly thing. I am aware this is my personal issue and something living inside me from past experiences. Again the emotional body is being experienced and worked through intensely. My children now know about reincarnation because of this transition as during such events, the soul is really open and innocent to receive. You can read that short story here.

Honor and appreciate ALL life, all consciousness, as ALL is such a unique and exceptional form of life. All life is an expression of the Divine I AM, and so are you! I invite you to enjoy life more and refrain from uttering harsh words and passing on judgment on all your companions, although this is so easily done to each other. Remember that what you think about and do to another, you ultimately think about and do to yourself.

I Love You

Méline Portia ❤

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Divine Mother: “It begins with clarity…” ~ Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

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Divine Mother: “It begins with clarity…”

There is, and there can be, no separation in any universe, on any planet, in any dimension. That is not possible, to be separate. This is the core of what you are coming to fully understand, comprehend, and embrace in the wisdom of your sacred self…

Graham Dewyea: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You: Emerging into the Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness. Joining her is Steve Beckow, founder of the Golden Age of Gaia and author of Building Nova Earth: Toward a World that Works for Everyone.

Our guest today is the Divine Mother. So with that I’ll pass it over to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thank you, Graham. And, Graham, you and Suzy Maresca are joining us at Lake Tahoe.

GD: What a treat! We have a very… a very generous listener and lightworker who approached us and is making that happen. So I know I speak for Suzy as well. We’re just entirely grateful, and it’s going to be beautiful to all gather again.

SB: Right. I only wish we could get the whole gang together! But next year for sure we will!

GD: Yeah.

SB: So, thank you. And I’m really looking forward to it, Graham. And Linda, before we ask you to allow the Divine Mother to speak through you, I’d like to introduce her to those of our listeners who may not be familiar with her and may be wondering exactly who she is.

The Divine Mother and Holy Father are two aspects, two phases of the One. The Father is stillness and silence. That’s what differentiates the Father from the Mother: void of movement, but filled with love and wisdom. The Divine Mother is movement and sound, and that’s what differentiates — well, differentiates…it’s hard to use that word — but differentiates her from the Father. And she’s also filled with love and wisdom. The Divine Mother creates, preserves and transforms worlds, life, et cetera. The worlds are created to give us a school of experience that allows us to uncover our identity as the One. And each time someone does that, God meets God. And for this meeting was all of life created.

So, with that introduction, I’d like to welcome the Divine Mother.

Divine Mother: And welcome to you, beloved ones. Yes, I am the Mother — Mother of one, Mother of all, Mother of Love, and as you say, dear Steve, essence of Love and essence of movement, essence of sound. And so it is my joy to make these sounds, and to engage in the movement of sound, and even what you may consider heart and arms, to enfold you, to embrace you, to remind you that you are One, for there is really very little else I have to say. And I say it in a million universes and in a million ways, but, beloved ones of Gaia, of Arcturus, of Andromeda, of CeeCeeCee, all of you are One, different expressions, delightful expressions, of us, of One, and of you.

This is the core of what you are coming to fully understand, comprehend, and embrace in the wisdom of your sacred self, that you are a reflection, a mirror; unique, wondrous in your splendor, your definition of One, of Love.

And as the illusion rapidly disintegrates that you are anything else, the depth of understanding and wisdom anchors within you, not merely that you are in service to One, not merely your deep affinity and Love for me, but your Love of your sacred self. For how, how do you love me? How do you serve? How do you create and become? For you are an infinite expansion as well, dear heart. So how do you do that if you are not in Love, and the Love of who you are?

Yes, this is a theme, a constant, a changeable, an infinite, an eternal, that I tend to harp on as Mother, for you have engaged in various realities, time and time and time again, to have this incredible experience of meeting yourself within and therefore joining, merging and being with us in what you can think of as the without. But it is also within. Just as the universe rests entirely within thee, so you rest entirely within us.

There is, and there can be, no separation in any universe, on any planet, in any dimension. That is not possible, to be separate. Now, that is an illusion that has disintegrated. Your old 3rd dimension is basically eradicated. It was a human creation, the power of which most certainly demonstrated your brilliant facility at creation — and, if I were to tease you, I would say mis-creation. But it has led you back to this point of conjoining, and this point of union and Love.

So, how can it be termed a misstep? Yes, there are many adventurers who wish to stretch their wings and their egos. In some ways, it matters not, because that false identification is only that. Sooner or later, you discover that and in that discovery, you rediscover yourselves and us.

Now, in the past, several years — well, actually for eons, but we will speak of your years because that is the framework within which you have been operating — you have come to the understanding, deeper and deeper every day, might I even suggest every minute, not merely of your worth but of your power, of your will, of your desire. These are merely aspects of your sacred being. And the movement that you are in is towards the fulfillment of your desire, of your mission and purpose, and therefore my mission and purpose —if you can think of it that way.

Because I do not get up in the morning, or at the beginning of a new life, and simply say, “Why am I here, and what shall I do?” That is a uniquely form undertaking. And why I say this is because there is this experience that you are having of a beginning and an end, and therefore in many ways you become, and are programmed to some extent, to be task-driven, mission and purpose-driven.

This is a spiritual drive. It is a heart drive, to not let me down; it is impossible to ever let me down. Because in that, inherent in that, is the feeling of failure or separation. When you waver — yes, and I have felt you, of course — when you waver, when you question, when you delve, I bring you closer. I do never shun you or push you away. Are you free to explore? Of course. But energetically, even in that exploration I bring you closer. And as you become closer to your essence, your Love, my Love, our Love, what often occurs, sweet angels, is that the questioning, the delving — not the despair, but the delving into the truest meaning of your existence and of all of existence — becomes deeper, more profound.

The physical trappings of life, regardless of where you live or what your circumstances are — which have been determined by you in concert with your guides and myself — the outer trappings become less important, less significant, and the journey, the push, the drive, to return to Love, it grows, and it grows very deeply and very rapidly.

Now, have we, in this what we shall call Ascension phase, have we gifted or added energies to enhance this drive and this knowing? We most certainly have. And it began with my gift of clarity. Too often, beloveds, you are given a gift, tangible and intangible, of something like clarity and you will work with it for what we see as a very brief time. And then you lay it aside as if it is a child’s toy that you have tried out and become bored with. And yet what we are doing is reigniting the very divine qualities that will not only assist but catapult you in the Ascension process, individual and collective.

I hear so few of you saying to me, “Mother, I call upon your gift of clarity this day.” Now, it is already embedded within you, like so much. So it is simply pulling it up, into your heart — yes, in tandem with me, with One, with the realms that you don’t even know of — of choosing to access it. I have given you my gift of grace, which is the crowning glory of all divine qualities, for you to simply call upon. You — and I speak in generalizations to the people of the world — you do not believe fully and completely that you are the embodiment of grace. And this still speaks to part of your fragmentation; yes, you are working on your integration. But what do I do? What do we do to enhance this knowing, again, this internal and external pulling up of the grace?

Well, I have strengthened my Tsunami of Love because as it washes through you it not only imbues you with grace; you are required to call upon the purity, the clarity, the grace to make it through. And I will not allow you to drown or suffocate or tip your boat. You have begun this day by saying that we are one. I am not calling you home. I am calling you to come and play, to play in this magnificent garden of Gaia, which has been morphed, actually, for a place for you to fulfill, a place for you to become, to create, and yes, to resurrect.

This is a term we do not often speak of. We speak of reconstruction, re-direction; but we talk about resurrection this day in the truest meaning of the word. You are resurrecting the truth of who you are individually and collectively; you are resurrecting my plan for this planet. You are resurrecting your desire to build Nova Earth. It is why you first came, and it is why you have come in form, incarnated, not that you may fly free and fly home, but that is unique in all my universes, that you will anchor and be the Love in form.

Whether you are angel or starseed, hybrid or Earth-keeper, you have all begun as that infinite and eternal spark of light and Love. That does not change. So what you are doing is awakening it, anchoring it, becoming the fullness of your multidimensional self, and letting go of any belief, any issue that bars you from joy.

Let us begin there, dear Steve, and I will let you ask questions.

Steve Beckow: Thank you, Mother. And you said earlier that… you said “in your million universes.” And I think there may be some listeners who think you’re being metaphorical, but I don’t think you are, are you?

DM: Oh, no, I am not!

SB: [laughs] Wow! It seems to me that we’re creating a whole new environment. We call it the 5th dimension. The 5th dimension exists on the other side of life as the mental plane. But we are… it appears that we are creating a new environment in the sense that we will be in our physical bodies and on the other side of life, they’re not in their physical bodies. First of all, is that true? But second of all, how will we communicate with the mental plane, as it’s called on the other side of life, if we’re in physical bodies and they’re not?

DM: You give too much credence to what you are thinking as strict confines of both the physical and non-physical realms and dimensional realms.

SB: Can you explain that, please?

DM: Now, you see… Yes, I would be happy to.

SB: Thank you.

DM: There are a variety of explanations for dimensions, but my desire — and therefore it shall be — is to make this very simple. What you have thought of as being able to access, say, the other side of life, what you think of as the 5th or 6th or 7th dimension, a part of the construct of your old 3rd was, “well, I have to die” and that in many ways was the carrot, or the reward, for leaving your form, outmoded or not. But that is not an absolute truth. It was a construct for understanding how your old system worked. And we know… and this is part of what some of you, my sweet ones, view as confusion, befuddlement, questioning; because yes, you are creating a new environment, an environment that has never been known in the realm of human experience or upon Gaia. Yes, it is a return to original plan, but that plan went awry very rapidly in the very beginning.

What is the mental plane? It is the place of…one place of ideas, of the management of… shifting, constant change, change of ideas, change of beliefs, change of paradigms, change of how you experience things. Well, one of these things that the mental plane has done is made you believe that you cannot be there in form, and that is simply not so! In fact, many of you — and you know to whom I speak in this moment — almost completely exist on the mental plane and you do have interactions or conversations with beings, seen and unseen. And this is increasingly so and I do not simply mean beings who have had human form and since moved on, I mean the angelic realm, your star brothers and sisters — telepathic communication with other human beings in form and out of form.

Now, you are thinking to experience in physical reality the 5th dimension, which many of you truly love, is that you will wish to see those who have departed, who have abandoned their physical form, with your physical eyes, not merely your 3rd and 4th eye, which is how the majority of you — and your 5th by the way — is how the majority of you tend to see that realm at present.

I am not preventing you from doing that, from seeing what you have thought of as the unseeable with your physical eyes. What bars you from that is two-fold. First, you do not believe it. So that is something even as we speak this day I would like you to let go of. Give it to me, child. And the second part of that issue is that you do not believe those without form can be seen. Again, that is a belief system.

Now, when you are — and so we will address that because that is different than say, seeing your star brothers and sisters, who are in physical form, so we will exclude them. When you are out of form, you have — not limitation but the full realm of choice. You may appear as a symbol, as a sound, as a color, as an orb, as a shadow, or in what you would think of as an apparition of your desired form. And that is why you hear so many on Earth who see the dead say that they saw them but they looked like they were in their twenties or thirties, or in their prime because that is the choice that that soul is making in terms of the forms. And they can dance back and forth from being an apparition form, which can be as solid as you like, or a pinprick of light, or merely a unique sound, or scent. So this is possible; it’s not only possible, it is the way it is.

Now, do you understand what I say?

SB: Yes, Mother, I do.

DM: Now, is this not something to look forward to?

SB: Very much so. And I’m sure there’s much more to look forward to that I can’t even think about or haven’t thought about.

DM: So much of what you are doing in the work — and you all — and yes, I do speak to my beloved legion, my lightworkers; yes, Michael’s as well, my love-holders — so much of what you are doing is anchoring what you have thought of as the future into your now. Jophiel, Uriel, Gabrielle, they all tell you the future is the now. So now I tell you, so much of what you were doing is taking that and bringing it inside physicality. Is this simple? Yes, and it is the most complex thing that human beings have ever done. Because you are not in the fullness of your enlightenment or Ascension; you are in the process, and it is literally charting the unknown.

That is why we are trying, all of us, to give you as much information, guidance, what you think of as ‘esoteric wisdom’, to assist you in this undertaking. You are our partners. You tend to say, “I am in service to the Mother.” And I express as you are my family, you are of me, you are my children.

Some of you do not like it when I call you child or children, thinking — thinking! — that that somehow diminishes you and it makes you amateurish or still in process of learning. But when I say this, that I Love you, my children, I am telling you of our bond, of our infinite and eternal bond; that I am of you as you are of me; that we are one family.

So, what you are also seeing and beginning to experience in what you think of as the 5th dimension — which is a delightful place, by the way, a state of being — you will also see how the shift… not the process of how it becomes, but what is the result, the outcome. So you see new relationships, new ways of being, new institutions, new Cities of Light, new buildings, clean Earth, clean air. And as you see this, as you think that you imagine it, bring it in and anchor it in your body. So, ‘now I am anchoring clean air’, ‘now I am anchoring peaceful society’, because in so doing, you are shifting the entire collective.

You do not need that many to complete this process. Think of it in this way, seeing that we are speaking of the mental plane; it took very few, as you have come to understand, to create and to anchor the desecrated 3rd. This was not a collective decision or creation. It became a collective illusion, but it was not ever a consensus. And that is why, when there was a consensus, albeit spiritual — and emotional, by the way — of the collective in 2012, that said, “We wish to correct this and do it as one.”

That in itself was a miracle and you are reaping the rewards of that miracle. Yes, it doesn’t always feel like it, does it? That is why we like and welcome the opportunity to share this perspective with you, because even the chaos, the terrible mayhem that is on the surface of cleansing is just that. It is you, not only us, sending you great deals of energy. It is you as a collective saying, “We don’t want this anymore.” So let’s bring it up the same way you would vomit, because you wish to get rid of the poison.

And my dear hearts, you are doing so. And you are doing so much faster than you believed, and you are not doing so alone. The entire Company of Heaven is assisting and doing what they do best, some of which is unseen, some of which is seen in terms of outcome.

In this time of my divine conjunction, there is the ability — the timeliness, in your framework, and in eternal framework — to join. Now may I create and change this alignment? Of course. Do I keep it infinitely open? No. And why is that? Because I know you, I know you, my beloved children. And if I say to you, which I have, that you have infinity to complete this task, then that is basically what you will do. It is not, in our terms, such a sense of urgency as in rightful alignment; all the analogies in the human realm that you can think of — the moon, the stars, the table is set, you are ready for the dance, the orchestra is playing — all of this is ready.

So what… what is required, short of my simply continuing to show up in your living rooms, which I will do? It is your surrender, complete surrender, lying-on-the-floor-like-a-limp-noodle surrender to the truth of who you are, which is magnificent, operating, yes, within a human framework. But do not confuse being in a human, physical framework or reality, with limitation. You say, “Well, my body, Mother, is only capable of so much.” And what I suggest to you is you have only begun those experiments, and I do not mean cloning, et cetera, but your body may be capable of only so much, but your spirit is capable of so much more!

And you choose — I do not say this to chastise thee — you choose to believe that you are only capable of so much. And you say, “Well, yes, Mother, I do believe that, because I think I have been banging on this door forever, and it isn’t opening.” But the door you have been banging on is the door of the old paradigms. Turn away. Let us open the door for you. Let us escort you through, pathfinders, wayshowers, pillars, gatekeepers.

There is a translation factor here. And sometimes you do not ask us. So you say to me, “All right, Mother, show me. I will go with you through that door, through that portal. I have waited forever. So let it be so. And by the way, in the meantime, can you please make sure my family has a roof over their head and food on the table?”

Do you think I do not know this? Of course I do. There are two things: When you surrender and truly embrace you, and all, as Love, the physical is and will be taken care of. You can break that paradigm, and many of you are, already. But the second piece to that, my sweet angels, is so often, [you] say, “All right, I will walk the spiritual path, because that is where my joy is,” but you continue to, of course, be concerned about feeding your family and all the earthly challenges. Ask me how, not merely to do it for you, for that is the old way, when we parted seas and rained down from heaven; but when you ask in the way of partnership, of co-creation of this new world, ‘how?, what?, when?’ we understand these words.

So part of what you are creating in this new reality and what you have called, dear Steve, the new environment, is not merely requesting me or heaven to take care of it, it is proceeding in partnership, in co-creation because you are my mighty children, and you know how to do this.

Will I help? I have never stopped helping. Will I do it all for you? No, because you are learning; you are learning and remembering this power of creation. Will I let you fall, or drown? No. But you say, “But Mother, there are many falling, in war and abuse and hunger.” Yes, there are. And these are souls who have said very clearly that they will do this, this is their mission and sacrifice in order to catapult the collective through the door. So they are loved and honored and cherished as deeply and as fully above as below. And it does not matter whether they appear to be the perpetrator or the victim, because they all carry that spark of light. They are all loved.

It is the perpetrators, when they return home or to the other planes, that need the greatest comfort, the greatest compassion — no, not permission, not sanction, but healing. So do not judge. But you hold the new energy, which is the original energy.

There was never anything such as original sin. It was original divinity. And if there was ever anything that should be construed as sin, it was that this was forgotten. But now it is remembered. I beckon to you, I hold you closer and closer. I come to you as you come to me. We all do. Let us do this together.

SB: Mother, can I ask a question?

DM: Yes.

SB: Well, first of all, there’s so much that I want to talk to you about, and an hour just isn’t enough time. But let me ask this one question. You talked about that we lightworkers are building Nova Earth and we’re creating the new environment. We are soon, we hope, going to be gifted by the re-val with significant abundance, and many lightworkers have taken the opportunity to buy Zimbabwean dollars or Vietnamese dong. And they will then be using a part of that to create Nova Earth.

Can you talk to us, please, about — can you give us a charter of what you would like to see us do with that part of the money that’s going to go to that, in the five minutes that remain, please?

DM: First you take care of yourself and your family. You know that already from my beloved Michael.
SB: Yes.

DM: Then, you take care. There is a term that I use frequently with all of you, and it is gentle, and it is grace. So when I say, “Take care of those around you, those within your community” — and yes, I do mean your lightworker community, who are in need, and then take care of what your heart dictates, there are some of you who immediately migrate to taking care of the humans, and there are some of you that immediately migrate to taking care of the land, of the oceans, of the seas, of restoring Gaia. There are some of you that are moved to reinstate systems, institutions, cultures that support ethical behavior. So, do that, because it is always in alignment with your mission and purpose. There are some of you who are moved to take care of the barking animals, because they are hungry.

Now, in the new world, many species that have been extinct will return. Your cities become places of fresh air and play and gardens. And so some of you will wish to take care of that and be part of that creation. So, go towards where your heart pulls you. Many of you have come to work with your star brothers and sisters, because, do not forget, we know the attention in the moment is on the Ascension and the completion of this wondrous, wondrous anchoring of Love.

But the next phase, dear heart, is the ripple effect out into my universes. So, many of you will be focused on working with your star brothers and sisters and the next Ascension. Go with my love. Farewell.

SB: Thank you, Mother. I wish we had more time. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 09-18-14
© 2014 Council of Love


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