Archangel Michael: Have Compassion for Yourself – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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Archangel Michael: Have Compassion for Yourself

Archangel Michael asked me to have compassion for myself.

Ordinarily I wouldn’t reprint this passage, but he said: “What I am asking you this day and what I’m asking of all of humanity, all of existence every day….” It isn’t crystal clear but it sounded as if he wished it posted generally.

He’s right when he says I’ve come back from anger, aggression and – putting the best possible light on it – assertiveness. The other day I was getting irritated with someone and a voice said, “Is it of love?” And I got that it wasn’t and I stopped what I was doing. This was the very first time.

Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Aug. 17, 2018.

You know I am Warrior of Peace. But the wages of war are not the wages of peace for peace is found gently.

So, when I wage peace, sometimes it is stern and felt as forceful, particularly when there is resistance, or, yes, even recalcitrance. But generally, if there is such a thing, when I wage Peace, it is gentle. It is pervasive. It does not force. It does not demand.

It most certainly beckons and is so attractive, so alluring that of course you want to come. And, my beloved brother, that is what you are seeking. It is the sense of being in peace.

Now, being in peace does not eliminate change. It certainly doesn’t eliminate questions or queries or expansion. In fact, if anything, it permits it because in that sense of well-being, in that depth of knowing, there is the desire to go down the avenues and expansion of even greater knowing.

And yes, it may be, it can be reflected into the mental but truly it is a state of being in your heart. And there are times, sweet one, when you have felt that your sense of peace is somewhat like a bouncing ball. It is up and down.

And yet for you, my ally, my friend, my brother, peace is not just a yearning. It is essential to you. And you have learned this more and more and more over the past few years. And you have relinquished that sense of defensiveness that you carried for so many years, which often exhibited in aggression and certainly assertiveness.

You have struggled and you have worked and you have conquered and been victorious in dampening down, in finding that middle way. And so your heart and your being is demanding that sense of peace, not to the exclusion of joy or intimacy or anything.

Because in peace, in joy, in love, all is possible. It is the knowing that all is possible, it is the delight that makes your heart sing. So, you have been a little bit on this seesaw, teeter totter.

What I am asking you this day and what I’m asking of all of humanity, all of existence every day is to have enormous incredible, unmeasurable compassion for your sweet self.

Give to yourself not only that which you feel you need, that which you feel you desire, that which you feel will keep you going. Give yourself, Beloved, what you deserve. And that is a sense of compassion and deep, abiding peace.

The changes, the enormous shifts that are being wrought upon this planet, even as we speak, are based on this internal knowing of peace. Not on hurried action or reactive behaviour what you see far too much of all around you, both with small and large.

No, it comes from a sense of temperance, and yes, tolerance. And tolerance for one another and tolerance for yourself. Tolerance for the rapidity or the slowness with which things move.


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Compassion – James Mahu @ WingMakers

Art: Forgiveness & The Goddess of Compassion @ Baraka Robin Berger Fine Arts



Angels must be confused by war.
Both sides praying for protection,
yet someone always gets hurt.
Someone dies.
Someone cries so deep
they lose their watery state.
Angels must be confused by war.
Who can they help?
Who can they clarify?
Whose mercy do they cast to the merciless?
No modest scream can be heard.
No stainless pain can be felt.
All is clear to angels
except in war.


When I awoke to this truth
it was from a dream I had last night.
I saw two angels conversing in a field
of children’s spirits rising
like silver smoke.
The angels were fighting among themselves
about which side was right
and which was wrong.
Who started the conflict?


Suddenly, the angels stilled themselves
like a stalled pendulum,
and they shed their compassion
to the rising smoke
of souls who bore the watermark of war.
They turned to me with those eyes
from God’s library,
and all the pieces fallen
were raised in unison,
coupled like the breath
of flames in a holy furnace.
Nothing in war comes to destruction,
but the illusion of separateness.
I heard this spoken so clearly I could only
write it down like a forged signature.
I remember the compassion,
mountainous, proportioned for the universe.
I think a tiny fleck still sticks to me
like gossamer threads
from a spider’s web.


And now, when I think of war,
I flick these threads to the entire universe,
hoping they stick on others
as they did me.
Knitting angels and animals
to the filamental grace of compassion.
The reticulum of our skyward home.


James Mahu—the visionary creator behind the WingMakers, Event Temples, SpiritState, and Lyricus websites, books, booklets, music, art, poetry and metaphysical papers.



Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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Divine Offering Art by Madhusudan @ An Yahh




*Meaning “Pillar of Light blazing in the Unbound Space of Divine Mother’s Love”


The key to our path is to be mindful of love, light and compassion with every step, in whatever form or formlessness this takes. 

It could be Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, Metatron and Avalokiteshvara Guan Yin, Krishna and Parvati or Light in Union with Love seated on the Lotus flower of compassion. 

By constant mindfulness of such divine Energies, our Heart is transformed and delivers us from all distractions, suffering and danger. 

Mindful practice in this way allows us to discern and act wisely, to respond appropriately, and to know what to do or what not to do, as the occasion arises. 

Looking deeply into the nature of things, through the Alchemy Of Light and Sound, allows us to see all living beings with love, light and compassion, as Buddhas and Christs, and all things as part of the One Universal Mandala where clarity and loving kindness serve as a protection for us in all circumstances. 

Compassion is always informed by wisdom, prajna, and understanding. 

So our practice of compassion begins with looking deeply, vipassana, at any person or situation. 

If we are in conflict with someone, we can look deeply into the nature of their own suffering, and when we see how deep it is we do not want them to suffer anymore.

We can accept them as they are and try to help them simply by refusing to add any more suffering to their ‘plate’. 

Yum Chenmo Prajñaparamita ♥


Small acts of empathy, affection, kindness, love and understanding all enhance wisdom, prajna. 

Here are some simple practices  

1) Mindful seeing – being able to see all beings as Buddhas or Christs takes Practice. One simple practice is to keep a picture in your purse or in your phone of the Buddha or Guan Yin or a Bodhisattva Archangel or Elder or any divine being including your partner or yourself if they inspire deep compassion in you and inspire you to be mindful of love of others which in turn fills your own being with love.

By taking good care of yourself you naturally take good care of others.

Think about driving home in your car to see a little child.

If you know you are going to see that beautiful child then you will drive carefully and mindfully and naturally take care of yourself on the way home in order to see that child.

So it is with life.

If we really knew every being was a divine child, just like us, we would take exceptional care of our consciousness, awareness, mind and heart in order to be able to see them and all beings as divine. 

2) Mindful hearing – being able to hear sacred names, chants, songs and mantras is a beautiful way of awakening the energy of compassion in our hearts and being able to know all beings as Buddhas or Christs.

Find a name or chant or song or mantra that you can make your own like OM MANI PADME HUM or the Lord’s Prayer or GURU RINPOCHE or another. 

Om Mani Padme Hum Mantra Card

Say it every day at special times and in special places to awaken loving kindness and remind you that this same universal hum of loving kindness is alive in each and every person you meet even though they may not be aware of it.

Recalling the sounds of compassion often helps you to rebirth continuously the energy of compassion and love in your heart.

Hearing mindfulness of love often also births Amrita or the Nectar Of Love into your being quite naturally and you will feel the beauty of the divine realm gently melting into your heart. 


Avalokiteshvara Guan Yin has reminded me all my life through visions and dreams and direct connections that the little things in life are the real Chintamani Stone, the real Pearl. 

The small steps we take each day such as the fervent and devotional prayer to Our Father we have said since childhood is like a drop of nectar in the ocean of infinite love light and compassion, washing away fear and bathing us in bliss. 

We may not notice how the nectar has been accumulating until one day there is an explosion of Light in our Heart and we realize that the old saying “Before Enlightenment chop wood, After Enlightenment chop wood” also refers to just how important the smallest actions we take each day are when they are done with mindfulness of love and light. 

The more present and aware we are in these actions from moment to moment the more they become portals through which we can truly open magic. 

Let go of what you think Enlightenment should look like and surrender. 

Be open to what is arising within you. 

Art: Archangel Razael by Jason McCreadie

Honor the Beauty and Love, the power and guidance that comes from your own spiritual practice. 

Be free to meditate in a new way, to work with a different chant or prayer, to heal with love and unity as you are guided. 

Listen to your heart.


Trust your heart that already has the seed of Enlightenment within it.

Follow your inner guidance, the path of pathlessness, the luminous gateway to divine realization.

Breathing in “I am filled with divine love, light and compassion”

Breathing out “I fill all beings with divine love, light and compassion”

Continue breathing that way whenever you remember throughout the day, allowing the Light to enter and allowing the Flame of your Enlightened Heart to be the Light of the World.

Love and Blessings

Altair and Mother … ♥ 

With deep and humble gratitude to one of my teachers Thich Nhat Hanh for his wonderful stories he shared with me about the Mother of Compassion Avalokiteshvara Guan Yin.

I AM THAT I AM, אֶהְיֶה אֲשֶׁר אֶהְיֶה ’ehyeh ’ăšer ’ehyeh

I am here to do the work of Our Mother by walking the Path of the Bodhisattva, Archangel and Elder in assisting all beings to find Krishna’s Bliss, Christ’s Light and the Buddha’s Heart and Healing within.

gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā 


“go, go, go beyond, go thoroughly beyond, and establish yourself in enlightenment”

☆ ه ☆ ه ☆ ه ☆

ALTAIR SHYAM – meaning:

Altair (Eagle, Pillar of Heaven) and Nirbandh Shyam (Unlimited Light of Divine Mother’s Love) when I was given them I was told I would be ‘unbound’. So I AM.

☆ ه ☆ ه ☆ ه ☆ 

A teacher, healer and mystic guiding the Way of Love, Unity and Harmony for the New Gaia that we are co-creating. He teaches that We are the Way and that our freedom to be our True Self is the key to transformation. “The miracles of God lie within Us. We are the Light. We are the Temple of the One Chakra whose Awakened Infinite Light Body brings all our dreams into reality.” With deepest Love and Devotion to My Divine Mother, Lady of the Earth, Guan Yin (from the Sanskrit root Guanyin/Kuan Yin/Kwan Yin) The Divine Mother who perceives the Sounds and Cries of Mother Gaia and Her Children.

DEVI MAA – Art By Madhusudan

Appreciation & Gratitude to Artists, credit given where this is known


The Catalyst of Compassion – Jamye Price

Blessed Being, as always it is a precious moment when we meet in your awareness. Your awareness is a mechanism of life flowing, and as Life interacts with your awareness, it is shaped as a glass shapes water. Life is shaped by your awareness. Each drop creates a mighty ocean. As you are aware and observing, Life is being shaped by you. What potential futures are you offering to Life with your awareness?

As you observe life, whether it’s your own or another’s experience; it becomes important for you to be able to find your connection to a feeling of safety, a feeling of a potential. That is the powerful change that these times are offering. It is a change that occurs within you first, then connects out to life.

Observing life is a good exercise in finding potentials within the challenge. It’s good exercise for finding potentials with the positive things that you are wanting to create. It’s good exercise for moving through challenge and taking the opportunity that challenge always offers.

When you observe life, it is important to develop your strength that creates a level of neutrality with the physical experience so that you may connect with the potential improvement.

As you observe life, your neutrality helps you find your compassion with the present moment. As you are able to shift your resonance within, you are able to connect with a potential that resides in the subtle realm that resolves challenge into a new potential. This is the core of creating a new experience, anchoring a new creation, rather than just repeating a pattern with a different façade.


Your observance mechanisms—your thoughts and your feelings—are a powerful electromagnetic force. This is why these times are potent. You are recognizing that you can consciously utilize your subtle energy, your thoughts and emotions, to help create your manifestations. You are evolving an internal strength that maintains your connection as well as a more neutral, detached compassion so that new creation has root to grow.

As you find compassion, what you are experiencing is an evolved state of connection or an evolved state of understanding. It is a heart-mind coherence that recognizes another’s experience beyond your own.

This is why your empathic nature is becoming stronger. It is uncomfortable at first. As you have compassion for another, you are connecting, you are consciously connecting beyond yourself. You are beginning a process of reaching out to life and utilizing your subtle nature. You are connecting with something that is not physically in front of you, that is not physically palpable to you. Not all are strong enough to handle what has been natural to you.

This empathic connection creates a shift in the vibrational structure surrounding Earth.

It is most prevalent around you; that is where you experience it the most. Yet in addition, that which is non-local to you is also experiencing it. As you experience connection through compassion, you have non-localized your beingness. This is the power of your subtle bridge, your thoughts and emotions—they connect and create beyond form.

At this point in time, you are still learning the whole truth of that power. You are still growing your strength to observe positive or negative and truly remain detached and compassionate, truly remain focused on the potential creation. This is an exciting journey that will continue to amplify your Love by enhancing your detached compassion.


You are more consciously connecting in a non-local way. You already have enough heart-mind coherence to understand and experience outside of your physical self. You have begun to consciously utilize your subtle nature, and you are beginning a global connection, a global resonance, for the human species. You may have different genders, different races, different ideals in many ways; and yet with this compassion, you connect regardless of differences or physical separation.

You connect consciously with your thoughts and feelings, and you are then experiencing physically experiencing beyond yourself. Your emotions respond, your thoughts respond, and you begin a process of resolving what you are experiencing. Youbegin a process of resolving what you are experiencing. That is profound. You are not controlling another’s experience, you are Loving the human challenge into potentials of resolution.

From your logical human mind, you may think, “This feels bad. I’m crying. I don’t want to cry.” But with your subtle thoughts and feelings, you are resolving that experience within you. That is profound.

This process is so natural to you that it does not seem spectacular or powerful.

Indeed, it can even seem overwhelming, futile or pointless. But it is actually, invisibly, a profound advancement for you and for humanity as a species. Your compassion is profound.

Your vibration connecting with an experience ripples information into the field of life around you. The physical Earth responds, the biosphere around the Earth responds, the solar system receives that information and responds. It is profound.

All you have done is experience something that was outside of you and presented to you, perhaps through news or a story from another. This is why we say, “You do not just look at it. You do not just hear it. It comes into you. You receive it. You experience it.

Your process of feeling it begins a desire to resolve it, and that information is well understood by the universe.

As you learn that your thoughts and emotions create, the understanding begins through that which you already know. Then experience teaches you wisdom. It is common to begin to perceive that controlling your thoughts and emotions will control your life’s creations. Yet all that does is apply the rules of the physical into the subtle. Different rules apply.

Unconsciously you may begin to control your own life so that you can control your thoughts and emotions. Then experience teaches you wisdom as you discover that controlling your thoughts and emotions does not create a perfect life.

You then begin to discover a neutral response to experiences rather than an avoidance of experiences that stimulate negative reactions. From this powerful point of strength [neutrality], you find the potential resolution that is still a seed beneath the earth, yearning to blossom. You root that potential to grow.

You Are A Powerful Catalyst

It is palpable to those that are sensitive, and it has an effect that you do not often get to see. It is not easily correlated by the logical mind, but humanity begins to change. It is a very physical, vibrational experience and yet it is so natural to you that it feels as if you have no choice.

Indeed, you do.

In your subtle form, your higher self, your connected nature, you make a choice. You make the choice to incarnate here in this uniqueness and to be exposed at certain times to people and information that supports and challenges you. It catalyzes compassion within you. It offers you a potential to strengthen yourself. It offers you a potential to understand and experience on a new level.

When you observe a challenge or a triumph, it is always profound potential. The mere act of your compassion is a major catalyst for the evolution of you and humanity. It is profound what you do. It is profound who you are.

Compassion is Evolved Connection Areon Lyra Channeling by Jamye Price

With your compassion, observe your strength and hold healthy boundaries that feel appropriate and supportive to you. Yet keep interacting and sharing with life. The walls that you live within are good healthy boundaries. They were originally created to keep the weather from harming you, to keep others or animals from harming you. But they are so much more.

Once safety was established, the walls then allow you to shape an environment. They allow you to nurture those you love. They allow you to find your unique resonance and go out into the world as appropriate for you. If you only stay within them because there is potential harm in this physical reality, then they are not healthy boundaries. They are not helping you.

Allow your boundaries to protect you and keep you flowing in and out with life. You will find support and replenishment so that you can experience challenges that are going on in your own life or around you, and still feel compassion.

This is a powerful flow of life, “I am tuned in, aligned and capable. When I need support, I will receive it. When I am support, I will give it.

Observe your compassion, so that you are not feeling too pushed or too pulled, at least for too long.

When you hear of challenges or tragedies, do you often have an emotional reaction? Yes, that is appropriate. It is not an indicator of a lack of ascended nature or a lack of spirituality that you feel anger, resentment, or sorrow when you see challenge.

When you observe trauma, your authentic emotions are your heart-mind complex transforming and resolving based on what you are experiencing. That is powerful and profound. As you can deal with your positive and negative feelings, you are honoring your strength. You need not seek out drama, just observe what you are naturally drawn to experience. You are honoring your boundaries and not taking life onto your shoulders, but letting what is appropriate to flow through.

Your compassion may feel challenging at times and that is perfect. Let things resolve within you but do not take the responsibility of the world into you. Allow your experiences to flow, this why you still shut and lock your doors. Not everyone in the world is ready for compassion, honor and equality in the physical realm.

Observe your compassion so that you are not feeling too overwhelmed. If you noticed that you are pulled for too long in a direction, observe yourself. Step back, close your doors, allow your strength to replenish, and then open them again. That is an important aspect of honoring the power of your connection.

As always, we honor the connection we have with you in athis moment of your awareness. You are a powerful force of change, and your Love—the passive force—builds form in the subtle realm. Your Love changes Life.

Eeshah, Ehmah, Ehtah. We are connected to You, We Love You, We are forever changed by the connection.



Art : The Japanese Goddess Amaterasu – Shining the Light of Your Beauty – by Kimberly F. Moore




To truly activate this deity yoga of the Christ, Krishna or Buddha within us, we explore this freedom through both the experience of compassion and the experience of emptiness or surrender on our paths, for ourselves and all beings, on this world and all worlds.

We dive into compassion for all worlds.

The Thirty Seven Practices of Compassion for a Bodhisattva are mentioned here, as a guide to cultivating the compassion necessary to embrace all worlds with the love of a Divine Mother.

Guan Yin is the Protector of All Worlds as the Mother of Compassion both here on earth, and in all physical, astral and causal realms.

In the Lotus Sutra, She is described as the

one of the true gaze

the one of the pure gaze

the one of the gaze of broad and great wisdom

the one of the compassionate gaze

and the one of the gaze of goodwill.

The true gaze is the one capable of contemplating the true nature of all things, satya, on all the worlds.

How are we to know the true nature of all things, on all the worlds?

Truly, when we contemplate inter-being, that all nature is in this body, and this body is of the earth, and this earth is of the stars, we see that every world is in our body and every body is a star. When we are calm and clear we have the capacity to gaze upon all worlds and all dimensions because we know that the stars are also the light that is within us. This is satya.

The pure gaze is the one capable of self-purification, visuddhi vimala, who can become the light for the sake of the world, just as the cloud can become rain for the sake of the world. This is visuddhi vimala.

The gaze of great wisdom, mahaprajna, is the realisation of Divine Mother in every body’s heart, mahaprajnaparamita, the great wisdom that has the power to bring us to the other shore, the shore of safety, the shore of non-fear, the shore of liberation, by surrendering to the Grace of Divine Mother, by emptying ourself of all but Her.

The compassionate gaze, karuna, is the establishment within us of loving-kindness for ourselves and others, a nectar that falls like rain on the fires of suffering and afflictions.

The gaze of good will, loving kindness, maitri, is the capacity to transform ourself into a Bodhisattva, an archangel, an elder, who regards all beings with the eyes of love.

This transformation is something we can do, today, starting with ourself.

“Breathing in this breath of love, I breathe in peace.

Breathing out this breath of love, I give my peace to you.”

In that moment of presence and awareness, of the movement and stillness in our breathing, we are that Bodhisattva.

The mind and heart can go in a thousand directions

But on this beautiful path in life I have chosen I walk in peace

With each step a gentle wind blows

With each step a flower blooms

I often mindfully and heartfully walk watching the flowers bloom under my feet.

A very simple beautiful practice to try at any time of your day.

Be the Christ, Krishna, the Buddha Within.

You carry this threefold flame of enlightenment within you.

Let it shine.


Gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi swāhā

Love and blessings

Altair and Mother


Beautiful Art – Kazuhisa Kusaba



Son Of Lord Krishna, Son Of Lady Guan Yin, conscious walk-in from the Pleiadian Dolphin Isle Daenkus.

I am here to do the work of My Mother in assisting both in Mother Gaia’s ascension and by walking the Path of the Bodhisattva in seeking Krishnahood, Christhood, Buddhahood and healing for all beings.

Love and Blessings from the Source. Stephen/Altair gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā ག༌ཏེ༌ག༌ཏེ༌པཱ༌ར༌ག༌ཏེ༌པཱ༌ར༌སཾ༌ག༌ཏེ༌བོ༌དྷི༌སྭཱ༌ཧཱ། “go, go, go beyond, go thoroughly beyond, and establish yourself in enlightenment


Altair is a teacher, healer and mystic guiding the Way of Love, Unity and Harmony for the New Gaia that we are co-creating. He teaches that We are the Way and that our freedom to be our True Self is the key to transformation. “The miracles of God lie within Us. We are the Light. We are the Temple of the One Chakra whose Awakened Infinite Light Body brings all our dreams into reality.” With deepest Love and Devotion to My Divine Mother, Lady of the Earth, Guan Yin (from the Sanskrit root Guanyin/Kuan Yin/Kwan Yin) “The Divine Mother who perceives the Sounds and Cries of Mother Gaia and Her Children.”


Uriel Message: The obligations of Being & Doing ~ Jennifer Hoffman @ Enlightening Life

jennifer h daisies

Why is it that the joy you can feel in your life is diminished when you meet someone who is sad? How can you be happy one moment and then feel guilty for being happy when you are aware of someone else’s pain? Is it wrong for you to enjoy abundance and prosperity when others are experiencing limitation? Are you ashamed of your success when you know that others are struggling? What are your obligations to others and how can you be supportive and a beacon of light if you do not share their current state of being? It is a matter of understanding your obligations of doing and being.

The confusion arises when you believe that your being is centered around what you do and that in order for you to be the light for others, you must also support them in mirroring your own blessings. This creates the belief that you have an obligation to do for others, so that they can enjoy the same kind of life that you have created for yourself. While you can be a source of enlightenment for others, you cannot be their Source of enlightenment. There is no promise of success or abundance in life, only that there is a potential to enjoy unlimited abundance and blessings in all things, when that is one’s chosen path.

Your obligations of doing, what you do in your life and with your life, extend only to your life path. Everything you do on your life path serves you and your learning, healing, growth, and transformation. Your journey is your own creation, it is your own healing path and everything in it is part of what you are doing for yourself. What you do for others or on their behalf does not serve you, unless it is done in fulfillment of your lesson. The most powerful lesson you can learn is that you are not responsible for others’ joy or pain, their learning or their healing, and they are not responsible for yours. It is this obligation that has created lifetimes of karma and you release it when you accept that everyone is sovereign on their path, as you are on yours.

The shared journey of humanity is a complete experience of ascension and each individual path within it leads to the light, in its own way. No single path is more important and each person has their own path to create and to follow. Your obligation of being for humanity is to be in your truth, expand into the highest expression of your energy, and experience the full potential of your light. Your healing and learning becomes a potential for others when they can resonate with it for themselves.

There are no leaders, only points of alignment and resonance. There can be no followers when each person acknowledges that they lead themselves into the vibration and frequency of light that they can experience. There are teachers and students, but each person is both teacher and student, who both teaches and learns, who is both the one who experiences and the experience, for everyone who is aligned with, needs, and can have that experience.

There is a profound difference between pity and compassion and your obligation extends to compassion, which requires detachment and acceptance, but not the energy of pity, which happens when you feel responsibility for others’ path, you believe that you have an obligation to ensure their happiness, or you feel responsible for creating outcomes you believe they cannot create for themselves.

Your light shines brightest when you are in your highest energy, experiencing your greatest joy, living the most fulfilling life that you can create for yourself. This is when you are the most empowered, and it is also when you are the most powerful source of light for the world. You have an obligation to Source that is part of your path, but not to be the source for those whom you judge as being weak or powerless. Everyone is a spark of divine Source light and everyone is equally powerful. To be a light for the world, be the brightest light you can be and through the force of your being, you will light a path so others may choose it and you can experience joy and fulfillment that is aligned with your own path of enlightenment, expansion, and ascension.


If you like this article and would like to work with me because you are ready for profound personal and spiritual transformation, consider a personal intuitive consultation or intuitive coaching, where we work together to examine your life path, purpose, potential, and possibilities and help you choose one that will bring you the joy, abundance, love, peace and power that you are ready for. Click here to explore the possibilities for transformation.

Copyright (c) 2014 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved. You may quote, copy, translate and link to this article, in its entirety, on free, non-donation based websites only, as long as you include the author name and a working link back to this website.

jennifer h daisies

Compassion with Lady Quan Yin ~ Mel & Mike @ Walking Terra Christa

mel and mike quan yin


This is the transcript of our Prosperity Circle-Creating Abundance together in which Lady Quan Yin was our host within the Magical Garden of the 144th Dimension of Light of Oneness.

Today we are working with Lady Quan Yin of the Karmic Board, who represents Compassion and Mercy. Many of us connect with her essence. She also represents the 11th Ray of Pink Orange. It is the Bridge from the Old Self to the New Self, the Old World into the New World, and what we are presently experiencing upon the Earth.

We will reflect the colors within the Pink Orange Flame today, as well as Crystalline colors. Quan Yin would like to bring forth more Rays of God, so you are going to see:

Blue for Will and Power; Golden Yellow for Love and Wisdom; Pink for Active and Creative Intelligence; Crystalline for Harmony and Balance; White, Green and Gold for the Science of God; Ruby Red and Gold for Inner Devotion; Violet Purple for Ceremonial Magic; Sea Foam Green for Higher Cleansing; Blue Green for the Attraction to the Light Body; Pearlescent for the blending of the Masculine and Feminine Divine; and lastly Pink Orange for the Bridge from the Old to the New Self. As we walk into the garden, reflect upon those colors through the whole walk.


Hello, I AM Quan Yin. I am very, very happy to be part of the energies today. It has been a beautiful expression of Light within the planet very recently, and it is my Divine pleasure to be here at this time. Not only am I representing the Karmic Board, but my essence of what that may mean to each of you as well.

I would like to impart to you, to bring forth your own Compassion for the Journey that you are taking and what this may mean to you. Give blessings to yourself continually and understand the process that you have been under. Do not only speak it through your Mind, but allow those energies to come fully into your consciousness, into your Physical Body, and into all your elements.

Meleriessee speaks about the Full Body System, as we are trying to assist each of you to blend those bodies. However sometimes, we cannot blend them until we look at them deeply. There can be many phases. You may have a moment within a week in which you are looking within your Emotional Body, and in another week you may have to go back. This is due to your transformation.

As you allow your energies to move further into your physical existence, more is going to come out. It is the process you are undergoing. You are consistently moving. You are within that movement. It is much like a merry-go-round. The merry-go-round stops for a while. You get off and you experience the healing that you have gone through. After that, you get back on and it moves again because that is the process of ascension. It is about de-ascending these energies into your physical existence.

You truly have taken on quite a journey in this Physical Body. So I want to embrace you for doing so. I want to give you the Compassion and the Mercy that is necessary for this process. My role within the Karmic Board is to assist individuals with this, to assist individuals in way so that when they come to the Karmic Board before entering a Physical Body, I give them the ability to understand that the process they may be undergoing will be very challenging in the physical existence.

Of course, within the Soul’s existence the remembrance of the Physical Body is not as accurate as each of you are in your remembering stages now. At that point, I ignite within an ability to connect with that Being, that Soul, to assist them in having that Compassion within themselves. This is especially with individuals that choose very hard pathways, not the kind of pathway that each of you are on, but a pathway such as that of a paraplegic or with a disability; a pathway that has been riddled with such affliction within their body due to past karmic deeds.

It is very, very important to realize where you are within your own journey, as we share through the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Unified Whole to talk about your timelines. This is what is actually happening. Your timelines are coming up, so that you can heal those past karmic ties and so that you can step into a world of anti-aging, and not have to continuously go through this wheel of rebirth. The journey that you are upon in these moments, moves you to new heights within this body continually, so that you can heal it. You can heal everything that you have been experiencing on many different levels.

This is the Compassion I want to bring forth to you today for stepping into this world, for stepping into Ascended Mastery, for stepping into this pathway knowing that remembrances will appear. When those remembrances come up, embrace them and transform them as quickly as possible. Do not hold onto them. We are no longer in a state of conditioning where Souls upon the Earth within the Physical Bodies have to struggle, or have to step into this wheel of rebirth. We want to change that for as many Souls as we can. The Karmic Board being in Wholeness makes it much easier for Souls to understand their capability. Upon this Earth you are going through this process right now. Your Karma comes right back to you in the same lifetime depending upon the pathway each Soul has chosen.

I would like to bless you today, and embrace you for taking on this role, because it is going to assist your Soul’s pathway on a much deeper level. Sometimes it is very difficult to understand between the Physical Mind and the Higher Mind.

Take a deep breath. Allow everything that has happened to you in the last few days to dissipate. As we sit in this garden together, this is our reality. Hear the running water. Listen to the birds. Reflect within the Essence of this garden, and allow those beautiful moments of harmonious creation to be breathed into your Heart Center. It is this remembrance that is most important. If you take these Essences we are experiencing presently and put them into your other circumstances during the day, it will help you to transform whatever is coming up for you.

I, as Lady Quan Yin, take this moment to fully embrace upon you the fluidness of the Pink Orange essence. Your journey is a continuous bridge into a new space of your essence. It is the space of remembrance from your Higher Self, into your Monad, and I AM Presence. Your physical existence, your personality, can be reflected through those integrations of the Light that you are. So allow this Light to be fully within you. Feel the deep compassion that your Higher Self has for you in this moment, for accepting your role within this Physical Body.

Allow the essence of Pink Orange, with all the other beautiful Rays of God, of the Blues, the Pink, the White, the Ruby Red, Golden Yellow, Pearlescent, Blue Green, Sea Foam Green to blend within you. It does not matter where they go within your Chakra system. Think of your whole system as One Body of Light. They flow within you like sparkles of Light within this beautiful garden, as you now embrace whom you have become in this moment. It does not matter what your next step is. Take this space and allow yourself to stop. Breathe, and feel the beautiful essence of how far you have come. Allow that compassionate essence that you are to blend fully within your Being through this Breath of Light.

Oh! I AM Lady Quan Yin! I call upon the essences of the Compassionate Divine Being that each of you are to come into your Full Body System. Feel it in your whole Physical Body. Relax the body. Breathe through the essences. Feel all these beautiful colors of Light, sparkles of light, flowing within you as you think of these essences.

I have traveled far and I have traveled wide to arrive in this moment of time.

Today I embrace my journey.

Today I embrace my transformation.

Today I embrace all that I have become.

I feel myself walking across a New World. But today I must stop and reflect. I must allow myself to be Compassionate for the challenges, for the struggles, for the pain, but most of all for the joy, as right now I feel the essence of joy coming fully within me.

I allow myself to be blessed as I bless others continually.

I take the Light that I give outwardly and bring it fully within me.

I AM a Divine Being of Light.

I AM a Compassionate Soul that has traveled far and wide into the existence of my physicality. I now embrace this fully through my Earth Star. I feel it in my limbs, I feel it in my physical existence. It molds who I AM in this moment.

I breathe and I feel the essence of Pink Orange. It has helped me to travel from One World into another. This is my embracement in this moment.

I AM all that I AM in this moment and I will be more in another moment. But I must truly take time to reflect on how far I have come, otherwise I am moving forward too fast through my stages and I will not understand the journey if it is too quick. I may lose the structure that is needed for the balance in my world.

Today I have balance.

Today I accept and as I accept, I transform myself deeply.

Now, each of you, fully bring in your desirous thought.

What is your desirous moment?

What is it that you want to manifest in your world?

You have the ability to do it all. You can see that by the way that you have accelerated within your own existence. So now create it outside of yourself. Create the piles of Golden Light that is yours, and manifest them into what you desire. You have the power to create all that you are.

Let us take a moment and feel that reflection coming deeply within. See it, hold it within the palms of your hands. Hold your fingers on top of each other. This is the purest manifestation of what you desire. You see in front of you a Golden box. You open up that Golden box, and there are your treasures. These treasures may be particles of yourself that you need, or it may be something that you need in your present circumstance in this physical world. Create it now, create it now, and see it! You are at a perfect time in allowing the Light that you are to be you.

{Divine Light Language Voice Transmission}

Breathe all that in. Become the desire. Become the manifestation. You must feel it within yourself. Only then it can be. We call upon Compassion and Mercy to be within every individual Soul in this circle, in this moment, in this beautiful garden. Say these words unto yourself.

I now allow my manifestations to be within me because they are me, my thoughts are my body, my emotions are my thoughts as I expand into my Full Body System.

I expand into my Higher Mind.

I AM my Higher Heart.

I allow this expansion to grow outside of me, so it becomes my structure upon this Earth.

I AM that I AM.

I AM a Divine Being of Light.

I allow my Compassion to go through the veins of my Heart into the thoughts of my Higher Mind as now they are One.

It is my pleasure to be here with you as Lady Quan Yin. I walk with you and share with you Deep Compassion of the beauty that you are. Blessings and Love in all ways.

We Are One. Let us breathe deeply.

Feel those energies as the beautiful Quan Yin is expressing them through us.

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