Everything is Changing ~ Your Consciousness is SHIFTING – L’Aura Pleiadian



Everything is Changing ~ Your Consciousness is SHIFTING

Experiencing dramatic changes ~ is the result of Consciousness Shifts.

Frequency Shifts. DNA Shifts.

Literally living in a world where everything is shifting before your eyes.

You are different. The world is different.

You see it everywhere.

You have changed and merged with the Eternal You.

Your Original Light.

Maneuvering through the states of consciousness that are shifting, as you observe this ~ everything SHIFTS more.

You have let go of all attachments.

You have mastered the elements within.

Earth, Air, Water and Fire. You live through the truth of you, your Eternal Spirit.

The Mastery of thoughts. The Mastery of Emotions.

The Mastery of FORM.

It now all flows through YOU ~ consciously.

Your Consciousness has shifted.

It is changing before your eyes, your reality.

You have merged with your Original Light.

You are Stepping into the Being of your Merged consciousness and adjusting to this Newness of Being.

YOU observe and watch this unfold, Now.

You Live and breathe this new reality into Being.

As the Consciousness of Eternal Light.

We are with You. In the Glory of the Light ~ that sets all free ~ as its Original Pure State of Being. In the Unconditional Love that is Heaven on Earth, The Divine Council of Overseers.

See in the Eternal Mirror…The Shift in Consciousness. Now.


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The Disassembling of Consciousness as Matter – L’Aura Pleiadian

Artist appreciation


The Disassembling of Consciousness as Matter

The disassembling of consciousness as physical substance is taking place. ALL matter is in the process of being dismantled.

Reformed…Readjusted, Transformed.

Recreated. Restructured. The entire system.

The signs are everywhere.

The Old has passed away.

We ARE entering the CONSEQUENCE of this shift in frequency.

Just as all physical substance is the consequence…of its own vibrational frequency.

Everything is Light and the vibrations within are what creates your reality. That is, how you perceive reality.

Waking up to the New WAY ~ is KNOWN as one shifts to that frequency.

It is automatic…in that, the response the consequence is NOT created through the old way. This is effortless.

The old way and mind of how things work is obsolete.

This is the New. This was the plan. This is the way.

You have wanted it and it is appearing. AS the result of the shift in mass consciousness is materializing.

This is THE frequency of the Heart.

Of unconditional Love. That sets free all those aspects of consciousness who thought they were captive.

Freeing Into ~ the Blissful consciousness of Being the Master. The master of form. Of consciousness. Of Light. Of all physical substance.

Being the ONE you know as your frequency that lives as the response…that is its own consequence.

Free from judgment.

Free from all limitation.

Entering in pure freedom.

Being ~ the Love that knows itself as that.

The Bliss that knows itself as that.

The Heaven that knows its home on Earth.

The lives forever as the One ~ that always existed.

And so it is. We now celebrate. The Divine Council of Overseers. We are here. Now.


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The Forces of Consciousness and how You Function through Them – L’Aura Pleiadian

Evita Works art

Art -Evita Works


The Forces of Consciousness and how You Function through Them


The questions about the economy and all that is taking place with the many upheavals appear very differently through the higher dimensions.

If you would imagine a two tiered consciousness system. Even though it is much more than that.

Picture if you will your physical form as the bottom of this two tiered level of consciousness.

Above you imagine is your Higher Self. Or the functioning program we call your Blueprint through which you function through.

The lower you at the bottom of the tier, although appearing to do its own thing separate from the Higher Self and program. Is not.

It is the you above that is guiding every experience. And although you may wonder why there is suffering then, as that has been known to be connected to the lower form.

Consciousness is a programmed playing out through a guidance system that allows all experiences to be exactly as they are.

Even the questions that come up. Or the things that come up and appear to haunt your consciousness. With sadness and pain.

It is the higher tier of consciousness that has initiated the readiness to explore that, as if a window has opened and is telling you, guiding you to what next to pay attention to.

As with all experiences. It is what is next for you to deal with.

This guidance through the Blueprint, Higher Self, higher tier of consciousness, is the complete system through which you are maneuvering through in consciousness.

As the continued going through what comes up and is next for you to deal with, so to speak, there will come a time, a moment, when the full higher tier of your consciousness, is the one that your form only knows itself to be.

Then the full embodiment, through which all the experiences are leading you to, knows itself as the one that was guiding each moment, as part of the plan before being even being here in a form.

The experiences of severe pain, versus mild pain, through the myriads of gains and losses, good and bad, etc. is the readiness to let go. Let go of the attachment to time. The attachment to any experience or outcome being anything OTHER than what is.

The guiding forces of the overseers and your own personal plan, knows what it is doing and views things very differently. As the forces of consciousness know what is triggered here to produce that new level or awareness and experience.

Your every desire even the older patterns you call addictions, are released in the same way as mentioned above.

It is a knowing that all that takes place is part of the expansion of consciousness on Planet Earth. Yet at the higher levels it is simply one expansion of consciousness after the other. This movement is in this constant flow with the Higher Tiers of consciousness. Which are forces of consciousness. That know completely what is taking place to initiate this expansion and that one.

It is a perfect guidance system for the maneuvering through the lower dimensions, while still being the wholeness that you are. Even if the lower tier of consciousness for now, seems unaware.

It is doing what it needs to be doing, even if that does not seem pleasant of feels like a test. It is what is needed. It is what gets you to the next level. It is the plan you incarnated into.

The Higher levels, so to speak make up the many dimensions of consciousness, which include the parallel worlds.

All the levels are connected, to which you exist within. A tiered level of consciousness. Through which the higher dimensions impact the here and now and even more than that. Draw you to those experiences that bring those thoughts. Those feelings, which are exactly what is to be experienced now. That lift you up in your ever evolving consciousness, through the entire system. The levels.

Through which the Overseers, guide.

Which is the beauty of the plan you see.

As all unfolds perfectly. It is what is needed now and what happens next.

It is the perfect unfolding, leading you to exactly where you need to be. What you need to know. Who you are to be with. It is at the higher Dimensions, the Blueprint of consciousness, your frequency, that you are functioning through.




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Consciousness, Lightbody and Merkaba by The Arcturians @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Monday, October 5, 2015

Consciousness, Lightbody and Merkaba by The Arcturians


Consciousness, Lightbody and Merkaba

The Arcturians

Our dear emissaries to Earth,

We are here with you. Take a long moment to feel our presence in your room. Do you see how Mytre is with us again? It is because he is a Commander of the landing party. We are actually landed now, but only in the higher frequencies of what you would call your fourth dimension. In order to perceive us, you must look with your Third Eye and interpret our message with your High Heart.

You are now in the process of this interpretation. Be sure to put unconditional love onto any situation that troubles you, and be sure to send the Violet Fire. We ask that every time that situation comes into your awareness, you remember to do that.

There are many challenges being presented to our volunteers to Earth to assist you to “prime the pump” as they said in the olden days. You can talk and teach forever, but the teacher must keep learning by doing what you teach. In this manner the teachings will progress into the higher and higher octaves of reality.

We ask now that all our teachers fully recognize that it is no accident that they find themselves in whatever challenges that are confronting them. It is the NOW to act like the Galactic Member that you have always been.

In order to BE your true galactic and/or celestial SELF, you must go deep within to the core fears of your human self and heal them. One of your core fears is that you will not be acknowledged for who you truly are. That “fear” is a third dimensional ego fear.

Therefore, you are called upon within this NOW to go deep inside and acknowledge your own SELF. This acknowledgment of SELF will greatly expand your consciousness higher and deeper into the fifth dimension.

It is vital that you “own your power” because as you become increasingly fifth dimensional, your power of creation is greatly amplified. Part of “priming the pump” for your creative force is realizing that YOU ARE the creator of your life. As long as your consciousness remains locked in the third dimension, you can live under the illusion that “it is not my fault.”

However, as your consciousness resonates to the fifth dimension for longer and longer periods of your “time,” you enter into the “ascension initiation” of “EVERYTHING that occurs within my third dimensional reality was CREATED with your own thoughts and emotions.”

Who is creating your reality NOW?

What are you learning from your creations?

Why did you choose these creations?

When will you take FULL responsibility for the creation of your life?

Where are you sending Unconditional Love and Violet Fire?

We stress, DO NOT JUDGE YOUR SELF! Whether or not you are conscious of it, you are ALL going through a deep process of recalibrating your consciousness to this higher frequency of energy that is constantly and consistently entering Gaia’s atmosphere.

Because this energy field is fifth dimensional, it carries the frequencies of Unconditional Love and Violet Fire. When these fifth dimensional frequencies are recognized and used for the good of Gaia and all Her inhabitants, you can more easily adapt to the higher frequencies of light.

If you do not “use” these energy fields, you will “lose” connection with them. Every time you acknowledge and bless others with unconditional love and violet fire is similar to dripping red paint into clear water.

Every time you drop red paint into clear water, the water becomes a more and more red. What we are saying by this analogy is that YOU are the “glass of water,” literally as the human form is comprised of a large percentage of water.

On the other hand, the “paint” is the light. This analogy is saying that it is you that must adapt to the light, rather than the light adapting to you. Therefore, just as the water in the glass takes on the color of the “paint,” you are gradually taking on the frequency of the light.

We stated “red paint/light” as red is the lowest frequency of light. As you adapt to the frequency of red, you then move up the frequency scale of colors until you can adapt to the color purple, which is the higher frequency of light in your 3D world.

Actually, the lowest is inferred light and the highest is ultraviolet light. After that you move into the next spectrum of light, and the next dimension of reality. Many of you have asked for this NOW of great transition, but were hoping for a “free ride” into the higher worlds.

Unfortunately, you have all accumulated a great deal of limitations and fears within your thoughts and emotions. This low frequency, thought forms act as an anchor to keep you bound to the third dimensional reality that you wish to release. Therefore, we remind you in this NOW, that you are the creator of your realty.

To “graduate” your consciousness into the fifth dimension,” you must fully complete your 3D lessons of mastery over your thoughts and emotions. This mastery is not a “grade” that you receive in a school.

This mastery is the re-connection with your Multidimensional Consciousness, which will connect you with your Lightbody. Your thoughts and emotions bind you to the reality that resonates to the same frequency of your thoughts and emotions.

Do you see that circle?

Thoughts and emotions create your frequency of reality…

To remain in that frequency of reality you must maintain that frequency of those thoughts and emotions…

Each frequency of thought and emotions bound together into thought-forms moves out into your reality to influence your outer world by calibrating your consciousness to:

  • Your third dimensional consciousness and thus reality
  • Your multidimensional consciousness and thus reality
  • Your lightbody and thus the fifth dimension and beyond
  • Your merkaba, which is your inter-dimensional inner starship

All of the above options are created by your state of consciousness. You can only remain in any of these versions of reality while your consciousness is calibrated to that frequency. Just as your radio show changes when you change the channel (frequency), your reality shifts when ever you change your state of consciousness.

We know that all of you wish to return to the fifth dimension. That is wonderful, as Gaia is on that return route Herself. But if you are to be at the helm of your life you must remember that:

When the collective frequency of your thoughts and emotions

Fall below the resonance of the fifth dimension,

You “fall out” of the fifth dimension…

Do you see NOW how YOU are the creator of your reality?

Your Multidimensional Consciousness, your Lightbody, and your Merkaba are all components of your SELF that are patiently waiting for YOU to bring them online with your 3D consciousness. Of course, these higher versions of your self are already within the external hardrive of your Multidimensional Mind.

You will need to connect with your Multidimensional Mind to have a conscious experience of these highest components of your SELF. Then, you can download the information regarding your merkaba, Lightbody and multidimensional consciousness into your third dimensional awareness.

However, first you must link your third dimensional brain into your multidimensional mind. Then, you will then be able to have a more conscious experience of your own higher expressions of your self. Fortunately, because higher and higher frequencies of light are entering Gaia’s atmosphere, many of you are experiencing brief moments of full connections with these components of your fifth dimensional SELF.

We recommend that you are cautious regarding these downloads because your clay vessel will not easily adapt to the higher frequencies of your Merkaba, Lightbody. It is for this reason that many of you are experiencing “symptoms of transmutation.” To state it simply, these symptoms are occurring because your actual cell bodies are beginning to accelerate their spin.

We Galactics know that you must go about this transmutation slowly and carefully. We are willing to assist you in any way that we can. However, remember that Earth is a free-will planet. Therefore, you must ask us. We look forward to these requests.

Once you to be able to maintain a conscious connection with your Multidimensional Consciousness, Merkaba and your Lightbody you will need to know that there are several ways in which your Lightbody and your Merkaba are different.

We will speak more on this issue later, but for beginning adventures with these higher expressions of your SELF we will tell you that your Lightbody is the very same humanoid body you are wearing, but it resonates to the fifth dimension.

On the other hand, your Merkaba is your own Sacred Geometry, Flower of Life and Violet Flame. When you have released all that is limiting the full rise and expansion of your Kundalini, you will flash into Lightbody. That Lightbody is similar to your physical body but resonates to a higher frequency. Therefore, it is the higher frequency of you that travels inter-dimensionally.

suzanne lie merkaba

On the other hand, your Merkaba is much like your very own spacecraft. Your Merkaba is usually condensed into “pure potential.” Your lightbody is stored in your Kundalini in the base of your spine, whereas your Merkaba is stored in your High Hearth.

The inter-dimensional spaceship of your Merkaba requires total unconditional love for your self and for ALL life before it can be activated. When a Merkaba is activated, it is often thought of as Ascension.

However, if you “fall out” of powerful energy fields and thought forms of your Merkarba, or if the slightest selfish intention brushes against your consciousness, you will “fall out” of your Merkaba SELF.


We are the Arcturians

I hope you enjoy the sample preview of this insightful booklet of Gaia Speaks  



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Thank you in advance.

Sue Lie

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The Path – An Outer Reflection ~ William Meader @ Emergent Light



 The Path – An Outer Reflection

The Path

~ An Outer Reflection of an Inner Condition ~

For those who seek to live a spiritually meaningful life, a passionate yearning to understand the Path often becomes a centerpiece of interest. What is the Path, and how does it become known to us? These are essential questions for those learning to be disciples of their own souls, and yet the answers are not easily found. Too often we are inclined to see the spiritual Path as a trajectory of defined and recognizable service in the outer world. Yet in truth, this is not the Path, but instead is an effect that arises from it.

It has been said that to find the path one must become the path. Herein is a profoundly important principle to live by. It suggests that the true path is internal, and that the path of being must be traveled as a prerequisite to the outer path of doing. Essentially the truest and highest goal or purpose for any of us is to inwardly lift the sense of self to a deeper and higher dimension of ourselves. It is to draw one’s sense of identity into that soulfully wise place, deep within. This is what is meant by the notion of becoming the path.

What then is the relationship between this inner Path and the outer path of purposeful service? The answer comes when we realize that the more we internally hold ourselves at the level of the soul, the more the world begins to shape circumstance to reveal the outer path to follow. When we can hold ourselves at the heights of consciousness, doors begin to open that we didn’t realize existed and needed people come into our lives at precisely the right time. Most often it is through such synchronicities that the outer way comes into view. The external path is therefore not something to strive toward. Instead, it finds you through the circumstantial messages it conveys. It does this, not in its fullness, but only as an indication of the next step to be taken. The outer way must not, therefore, be perceived as a destination but as an unfolding revelation over time.

The outer path is simply a reflection of the state of consciousness that naturally arises when the inner Path is faithfully followed and held. This requires that you strive to be the highest and wisest aspect of yourself. And, when this inner alignment can be held with a measure of constancy, the outer path unfolds as a natural reflection and directional beacon to be followed.

William Meader

Emergent Light

william meader path

Now it is your turn. – The Council ~ Ron Head @ Oracles and Healers

art cosmic female beauty

Now it is your turn. – The Council

The Council

We would discuss with you now the recent lifetime of one who has come home to us. Rather, we would discuss what he was able to bring to your attention, and offer a different perspective than what is generally perceived. We are referring to the master known to you as Masaru Emoto.

This one worked with water, and you usually think of him as showing you that water has consciousness and that it will take on and exhibit for you various forms showing the beauty or lack of same in your thoughts and words. And yes, he did do that. But there was far more importance in his message than that.

If you carry the theme of his work to its logical extreme, there emerges something far more wondrous. You are, most of you, at least somewhat familiar with the idea that you create your own world. You intellectually understand the concept. You may not agree with it all the time, but your mind can understand it.

What this work did was to simply and undeniably illustrate that your thoughts, words, and feelings do physically change the stuff around you. You can, and you do indeed, create the world you live in. The stuff from which your surroundings are created are visibly influenced by those thoughts, words, and feelings.


Now it is your turn. What are you going to do with that knowledge?  You may let it lie and eventually, for the most part, forget it. Or you may decide that this is an idea that, when truly taken to heart, empowers you like no other. You no longer need to imagine that you have an influence on what is around you. You have seen it. He has shown you. He has shown you visible proof that what is in your heart and mind does indeed influence what is. You are that powerful. You are, in fact, so powerful that you do this without even trying.

Imagine how powerful you will be when you do it on purpose.

With unconditional love for who you are, we bid you good day.

Copyright © Ronald Head. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link: http://oraclesandhealers.wordpress.com/

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The Initiating Will (The First Aspect) ~ William Meader @ Emergent Light

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The Initiating Will (The First Aspect)

The Initiating Will

~ The First Aspect ~

The first aspect is equivalent to the Father Principle, but should not be understood as primary because it is first. All three aspects are equal, though their effects in the world are quite different. The first aspect gives impulse to action, and is therefore related to the experience of will and purpose. It is the driving force behind creation, and is the energy that propels all things into existence. This dimension of divinity is dynamic and forceful, and has application at every level of creation.

When you decide to get a project moving, for example, this is indication that you are wielding the first aspect. Though its expression may be either wise or ill-considered, it is nonetheless the first aspect in action. Every one of us utilizes the first aspect within the day-to-day fabric of our lives. It is what gives rise to the motivational urge within us. In an animal, it is the energy behind the survival instinct, and in the plant kingdom the first aspect can be seen in the persistence of its perennials.

At the level of the human soul, it is the first aspect that initiated the urge to return to physical form to begin an incarnational journey in support of continued evolution toward enlightenment. Conversely, this same energy also facilitates the soul’s withdrawal from the body at the time of death—and is thus expressed as the “will to abstract”.

When walking the spiritual Path, an alert attitude to the three aspects can be quite fruitful. Such a discipline can provide much insight into the nature of consciousness as well as the experience of outer events. Even within one’s thought life we see the first, second and third aspects operative. The first aspect is the thinker, and this engages the second aspect, thinking, and the resultant effect is an intelligent thought—the third aspect.

(Note: A discussion of the second and third aspects will be presented on the next two postings, respectively)

William Meader

Emergent Light



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The Three Aspects – A Sacred Trinity ~ William Meader @ Emergent Light

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The Three Aspects – A Sacred Trinity

This blog entry was originally posted in January, 2014

The Three Aspects

– A Sacred Trinity –

As many world religions proclaim, behind all that exists is found a triplicity of sacred energies, and each is considered a dimension of the divine. We see this espoused in the Christian faith with its emphasis on the holy trinity, while in Hinduism the same notion is embraced via three fundamental deities—Shiva-Vishnu-Brahma. Yet a more generic description is used to describe this sacred trinity within esoteric nomenclature. Called the Three Aspects, these energies are understood as living states of consciousness (divine and human) and pertain to the energies of Will-Love-Intelligence. They represent the three primary qualities of life that emerge from the One Life and are imbued (in differing proportions) within all things.

First Aspect – Will
(Corresponding to the Father and Shiva)

Will is the initiating energy within creation. It is the purposeful force behind the One Life as it manifests in and as cosmos. Stepped down to the mundane level of human existence, the first aspect is the energy behind the willful nature of the personality as it selfishly initiates activity in support of its ambitions. Yet on a higher level it emerges as the purposeful promptings of the soul as it seeks to initiate actions that have uplifting effect upon others.

Second Aspect – Love
(Corresponding to the Son and Vishnu)

Love is the unitive force in creation and is governed by the Law of Attraction. Cosmically considered, it is the force that ensures that all things are sensed as a part of a living singularity—the One Life. On a human level, the second aspect arises in the personality as desire and/or the experience of personal love. At the level of the soul it is recognized as a feeling of impersonal love for humanity, and a desire to express that love as a function of service.

Third Aspect – Intelligence
(Corresponding to the Holy Spirit and Brahma)

Universally considered, intelligence represents the knowingness of the One Life and is found at the core of all things….large or small. Within the human domain, the third aspect manifests as the intelligence of the personality as it seeks to manipulate thoughts, feelings and outer circumstance in support of its egotistical agenda. When working through the soul, the third aspect provides the disciple with the knowledge that supports intelligent activity in service to human betterment.

Discernment of the three aspects is an important skill to be developed as we journey along the spiritual path. This involves learning to witness this sacred trinity playing out within the circumstances of our lives, as well as the dynamic nature of our thoughts and perceptions. To know the three aspects, in the truest sense, requires that we each discover them within the immediacy of our inner and outer lives.

William Meader

Emergent Light

(Note: The next three blog posts will be dedicated to elaborating on each of the Three Aspects)

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The pulling together of core groups with certain soul groups for the next phase: 2014 -2024 @ Judith Kusel

judith kusel 16.9

The pulling together of core groups with certain soul groups for the next phase: 2014 -2024

As massive portals have now opened up there is a magnetic pull from soul to soul to unite for specific purposes.

There are core groups of souls from within certain soul groups, who have come in for specific tasks or missions to accomplish.  They were involved with the creation of the planet from the very beginning, and have returned to assist the planet through this phase of transformation.

Some have been working over lifetimes to bring back the ancient keys and codes to mankind and have held them in custody.  They at as the e-missionaries of Love, Wisdom and Power when the earth goes through intense and massive changes, and then lead the rest through such shifts.

It is no accident when such souls are being pulled together – it is by grand design.

There are souls on this planet who have been involved with the establishments of the first Mystery schools in ancient times.  They did this as a special assignment, when the gates of paradise first closed, so that pockets of these mystery schools would hold the ancient knowledge in custody for mankind.   Some of these like the Masters and Mistresses of Shamballah  exist in the higher dimensions, and therefore co-exist with mankind and teach mankind from there.

Others chose the physical realms to have concrete mystery schools, but always hidden.  One had to pass certain tests in order to be allowed to enter these schools as an acolyte, then go through more intense initiations to become a member and then through more intense initiations to reach the higher ranks.

However over time, some of these schools got corrupted too, and power plays started to happen, as one generation succeeded the next.

When Atlantis then fell, it was decided by the Cosmic Hierarchy to gather those core group souls, within certain soul groups together, for a briefing.  They were told that they had to incarnate in successive incarnations, to bring enlightenment to mankind.  All of this would culminate into the greatest mission, when mankind, after sinking truly into the abyss of darkness, would be ready to evolve into the higher states of consciousness once more as the planet wished to ascend.

In this process then, these souls were given certain signs in order to recognize each other when they met lifetime over lifetime.  As they signed soul contract before incarnating the specific time of the meeting had been set.   Each one had a certain sign imprinted on their etheric foreheads, so that only another of the core group would read this and recognize this.

During lifetimes together however it was found that karma did set in, as life on planet earth is the greatest school of life itself, and souls sometimes tended to fall asleep, only to be ignited later.  With it came love and intimate bonds, as with twin flames, and often soul mates, as the work had to be done, and it was for safeties’ sake that they married, but also because the intense love – and more importantly the higher service that they were rendering for mankind.

Since 1994 with the Great Harmonic Conversion, massive changes have happened on planet earth and the gateways to the rising of consciousness opened up.

A lot of these souls incarnated during the 1950’s  just after the last World War, in order to bring revolutionary changes in for mankind.  They were then volunteer souls, but some were also those within these core groups.

Within their soul contracts it was given that they would meet up again, and recognize each other – when the earth would go through its greatest shifts and they would then converge into one single unit, and bring those higher teachings, healing, hidden knowledge, wisdom and keys/codes etc. back to mankind.  In doing so, they would be fully activated, and would have to lead the rest of mankind and take on the mantle of responsibility for their own inner shifts and their own awakening, but then come together for the most important work to be done, once the first massive great cosmic gateway had opened up.

The first stirrings of the opening up of this gateway came about with the millennium change and moving from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius.  Thus from 2006 mass activation  happened for those in core group souls, who had not yet stepped into the leadership roles, and were then pulled into immense initiations in the inner planes, in order to get fully activated.

The next activation came circa 2007 – 2012 with  more souls  from these soul core groups starting to meet recognizing each other, but not necessarily starting to work together as yet.    Some had to go through more activations and more initiations, so that they could join the core group.  Some had to do specific work before this could happen – each one’s specific task would in the end slot in with the core group as a whole.

In 2013 this massive cosmic gateway opened up, and so, those who were within these core groups started to be pulled together more and more.

In the last two days, the immense gateway or portal over the Southern Hemisphere has finally opened up.  It is here that the first mystery schools were brought into being, and it is from here that the massive way of activations for the next 10 years will come.  This force itself has lain dormant for billions of years, and last activated some 500 million years ago.

This will mean that those core groups who need to work together, will now be forged together.  The ancient true teachings now rise from the ashes, and this will lead mankind to the laying down of the true foundations – the core truths, knowledge, wisdom, to built solid foundations for the New Golden Age.

As this fusion happens, those twin flames who have managed to work through their karma will now step to the fore within these core groups, and activated the fire grids of the planet – as the sacred flame is returned to planet earth.  Yet this is on a level that the uninitiated do not understand, for the path of the sacred flame is a path of purity, integrity and truth.

Therefore Lord Maitreya himself is now over-lighting this whole process, as he has promised to work with the Divine Feminine and bring the balance back to the planet – the ultimate balance between the masculine and feminine, shadow and light.  He is also over-lighting those twin flames who have dedicated themselves to higher selfless service within the core groups.

(Judith Kusel)

For soul and Twin flame Soul Readings contact:  judithkusel@gmail.com

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You have come to what may be termed a crossroads. – The Council ~ Ron Head @ Oracles and Healers

Magic Wind by Alexandra Nedzvetskaya.

ART : 'Magic Wind' ~ by Alexandra Nedzvetskaya.

You have come to what may be termed a crossroads. – The Council

The Councils

It is a time of new beginnings. The channel has begun a new chapter in his life and we will now begin developing a line of information which it is time for you to understand.

We began months ago heading these messages ‘Michael and the Councils’. It seemed that too few were able to maintain interest unless the name of an Archangel was attached to the message. We believe that now you have progressed in your understanding enough for you to be told that all of the messages originate in a level of consciousness that includes your guides, the masters, as you call them, angels, teachers, light beings, and the most divine ones whom you all revere. We will now call ourselves The Council.

Understand that each of you has a council. Each of you sits on a council. As we have spoken before, your council is always in session, and all decisions are unanimous. Nothing is ever decided upon that will affect you and which you have not agrees to. As much as it may seem that way to you from your human perspective, it is just not so. The YOU that has agreed to, and in fact has probably asked for, the experiences in your life has a far greater understanding and goal in mind than you can fathom with your current level of consciousness. That is about to change however. In fact, as we have also said before, that is changing now. The growth much of humanity is going through is now becoming quite evident even though it is, by your reckoning, gradual and subtle.

The object of these messages is, and always has been, to aid you in your growth and help you to remember knowledge which you all carry, but have forgotten how to access. This challenge is being addressed in many other ways, as well. Many of your healers are learning to lead you past your personal blockages, to heal your wounds and tear down your inner walls. Much of the problem has been your inability stop judging yourselves and those you see around you. And there are other things in your way, also. We shall address these as we come to them.

It is time. You have come to what may be termed a crossroads. The time has come for plain talk and for focus on the most important things. We are sorry, but much of what you ‘get’ is just not a priority in the overall picture. We understand that you are living in places where things seem to be important that will be understood later to be less so. We understand that it is not possible for one to concentrate on lofty matters when one is hungry or in great danger. But most of you are not truly in those types of situations. And in fact, you would be amazed to know how many of those who are in them address us more often than many of you do.

So the point of today’s message is that we, as The Council, will now begin addressing questions centered more on aiding you in your quest for greater access to your own higher consciousness. We will not be instructing you in how to meditate, although we will urge you to do so. We will not be espousing any particular beliefs, although we urge you to closely examine them. But we want you to find out who and what you are. And we know that now is time for you to do that.

Now, if it helps you to think of us in terms of Universal Mind, Buddha Mind, Oversoul, or any other thing you wish to call us, please feel free to do so. We do not care. All of these terms, being coined by your human minds, are necessarily limited by your understandings and are therefore less than accurate. Even ‘The Council’ is limiting, but we understand that some name must be chosen. The important piece of information for you to receive today is that the consciousness that we speak from is within you. It is within each one of you. We can be reached by each of you. And in fact, if you all did that, we would have no need at all for these channelings. But there are many levels of awakening, and each must begin where he or she stands.

Good day for now. We will continue soon and much more often. There is much to speak about.

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Magic Wind by Alexandra Nedzvetskaya.

10 Signs You Are Raising Your Vibration and Ascending Your Consciousness: By Sabrina Reber

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10 Signs You Are Raising Your Vibration and Ascending Your Consciousness: By Sabrina Reber

Posted on: 07-19-2014 by: Sabrina Reber

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1. You are aware of the term ascension. You understand that ascension is the process of integrating more LIGHT from your higher soul into your physical being through the process of meditation and ego/shadow work. Ascension requires us to SPIRITULIZE our lower being – taking dominion over our ego/shadow consciousness, which keeps us stuck in repetitive cycles of negative, unconscious, reactive, karmic behaviors. In essence, ascension is the activation and integration of our very on Christ Consciousness which is the consciousness of our higher soul that resides in a higher vibrating dimension within our energy fields. Ascension requires us to transmute the darkness within our lower selves/physical selves so we can raise the vibrational frequencies of our emotional, mental and physical energetic bodies so we can merge with the very high vibrating energies of our spiritual bodies where our higher souls/God selves reside.

2. You are aware that you are a spiritual being having a human expereince. You know that you are a multidimensional being and that your true essence does not reside solely in the physical body. You know you are ENERGY and you are also aware of your chakra system as the gateway to your higher consciousness. Through the process of using your free will to spend time with your higher soul – through the process of meditation, where you slow down the sympathetic nervous system and the egoic monkey mind you are able to access higher aspects of your self that will help you gain greater clarity about your soul lessons and how to evolve beyond them. Meditation will also activate the kundalini, which will ascend from the root chakra all the way up to the crown chakra and beyond burning away the karmic imprints and congested emotional energies that block you from attaining a true energetic spiritual awakening where you merge into ONENESS with your higher soul.

3. You are obsessed with all things spiritual, alternative, conspiracy, healing, positivity. You want to read everything you can about the truth of your being and what is really going on our planet. After a period of delving into the horror of it all, and having to face the truth of how we have allowed ourselves to be manipulated and controlled, you decide you want to take back your energy and your power. You become less focused on the chaos and horror of the outer environment knowing that change begins with the self. You also understand that humanity’s outer environment will not change until EACH PERSON accepts responsibility for their own egoic and shadow consciousness and stops projecting their disowned negative aspects onto everyone else. When each person faces the self, we will each face God/dess and God/dess will shine LIGHT on our own darkness so we can SEE what is within us that continues to create negative mirror reflections in our outer environments. When each person takes on the mission of alchemicalizing their own soul, their vibrational frequency will be raised and it will effect the whole of humanity, the entire planet and the entire universe. When we change the SELF, we are in the greatest position to create change within others because we become transformational, high vibrational examples for others to follow. Trying to change others, without first changing ourselves perpetuates outer projections of our own issues onto others which keeps us in a karmic cycle of negative re-creation over and over again.

4. Your energy is softer – you are becoming less aggressive and dualistic. You are so focused on your own inner workings and your conflicting subconscious beliefs – that create discord within your being – that you know longer desire to spend your time focusing on other people’s beliefs. If ASKED, you will share your perspective, but you no longer feel the need to control or preach to others. You know the best way to change others is to teach, not preach. Through your example, you will inspire others to make changes within their being. You are also able to share wisdom without being attached to the outcome. You allow others, just like the Creator Of All That Is, to experience their free will to the fullest even if you know their beliefs and behaviors will lead them towards a negative experience to teach them a very profound soul lesson. You share your higher perspective, and then you set yourself free from the outcome. You are able to be compassionately detached!

5. You take full responsibility for everything that has occurred or will occur in your life. You understand that you are a multidimensional, vibrational being with many aspects of yourself in the past, present and future timelines of your very own energy fields. Your conscious, unconscious, subconscious and super conscious energies are creating your entire life experience through the NOW moment of your current vibrational energy contained within your energy fields. In order to keep our past from affecting our present and futures we will need to clean up the energy of our souls. Through the process of meditation and the willingness to self correct shadowy/egoic behavioral patterns we can turn our darkness (lead) into the gold light of our very own Christ Consciousness. In order to change our futures we will have to change the energy of our NOW.

6. You accept responsibility for your own feelings, emotions, state of health and happiness. You do not look outside of yourself for a savior. If you want to be happy, you know only you can create that for your self! If you are not emotionally stable, healthy and happy then you have the power right here, right now to make life affirming choices that will create CHANGE within your being so you can create what you truly want. You also understand that talking about making changes, and actually creating changes are two different things. After years of being disconnected from your bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) – because you were trying to avoid your pain – you are becoming more grounded into your physical being so you can deal with all of the “deal with later folders” you have filed in your energy fields. You are making more life affirming decisions for your self and becoming conscious of the choices that have the potential to contract or expand your consciousness in every moment. You are slowing down and spending quite time with your higher soul, through meditation, and you no longer feel the need to keep yourself overly busy because you no longer need to escape or run from the problems in your life. You are facing them head on, and are making better choices in all areas of your life including which activities you invest your time in and which foods will sustain and nourish your body. The need to overindulge in drugs, alcohol and fatty chemical laden foods, to numb yourself out and suppress your emotions is diminishing.

7. Your life is becoming more and more aligned with the “image” you project to others. Your masks are off, and you are who you say you are. You are doing your best to live an authentic life aligned with your higher soul. There is nothing for you to hide or keep a secret. You are able to openly and honestly live and speak from your heart making choices that are light filled for you regardless of what others might think, feel or say. Because of this, you are able to move beyond your comfort zones so you can gain more soul experience….which leads to greater soul strength and soul wisdom. When you are aligned with your higher soul, you are not consumed with fear. You have a high level of intuitive discernment, therefore, you trust your gut feelings and the core sensations in your body (feelings) to guide you. You are becoming the master of your ship.

8. You understand that all life is sacred…. air, water, sun, moon, stars, clouds, rocks, sand, dirt, trees, plants, animals, the Earth and even oil are all living consciousnesses that supports and sustains life on this beautiful planet. They are divine exstensions of God/dess just like humans. The living dynamics on Earth require a balance of GIVING and RECEIVING. We each take from each other in order to sustain our own life and we also are expected to give back. If we become greedy over consumers and take, take, take with no respect or regards to the energy consciousnesses we are taking from we will create negative karmic vibrational energies within our energy fields that will need to be repaid and balanced out. Energy always seeks balance. One of the ways we can give back is through heart felt gratitude for everything that gives of itself to sustain our own life. A person with an expanded consciousness is also aware that every day they are alive is sacred, every breath they take is life affirming, every meal they consume – regardless if it is vegetarian or not – sustains and nourishes the body. They are consciously giving gratitude for everything….the gift of oil from Mother Earth to drive their car, the trees that build our homes and the rain that sustains all life on Earth. People with an expanded consciousness are aware that ALL living consciousnesses have a soul contract they are fulfilling on Earth that promotes and sustains all systems. Everything supports and sustains life….even the end of a physical life, because when one life ends, a new soul is allowed to be born into this dimension so it can now have the opportunity to evolve to its highest potential as well.

8. You appreciate the diversity of creation. You understand that no two souls, just like no two snowflakes are alike. You understand that “The Creator Of All That Is” chose to divide itself into an unlimited number of divine sparks and each soul was given the power and the free will to create their lives so the Creator Of All That Is could experience itself through each one of us. If the Creator wanted everything to be the same, the Creator would not have divided itself into an unlimited amount of soul exstensions. It would have just stayed the same. An evolving soul knows that they should not try to put everyone in a box of limitation forcing others to act, think, believe, eat and BE the way they want people to be. The free will of another soul is honored and when someone does not align with your specific lifestyle you respect their free will to learn and evolve and sometimes re-volve in their own learning experiences. You are becoming tolerant of other souls and the diversity of creation, and you also use your free will to invest your time and energy in relationships and activities that are more resonate with your soul’s vibrational frequency.

9. You are becoming conscious of the direction of your energy and you know how powerful you are. You understand the power of your feelings, emotions, thoughts and words and you are doing your best to take dominion over them so you don’t project your hidden issues onto others. You also understand the world of energy and how your energy, and the energy of others, can greatly affect each others state of well being. Strong repetitive thoughts of anger, jealousy, control and fear – towards your self – or towards another person create negative energy thought forms that become thriving dark entities if the thought forms are held over a long period of time with great intensity. A strong negative thought sent to another person will travel to that person and gather the negative energies from that persons consciousness and then return double in size to the original sender who created it and feed off of their negative thoughts as well. This becomes a negative, karmic, vicious cycle if both people continue to send these negative thought forms back and forth to each other as they are giving the negative thought form the energy it needs to survive and gain great power over both of them. In addition, repetive thoughts towards another person create energetic cords. Some of these cords are loving and positive and some of these cords are negative and energetically draining. As you raise your vibrational frequency you become aware of your power to create regardless if it is negative or positive and you also become aware of the importance of spiritual hygiene. You are actively integrating spiritual tools into your life such as meditation, prayer, shielding, cutting energetic cords, the violet flame, ho’oponopono, energy breaks etc….into your daily routine. Click here for some useful tools: http://howtoraiseyourvibration.blogspot.com/2012/08/spiritual-tools-for-spiritual.html

10. You are practicing SELF LOVE and understand that whatever is happening in your life is there to help you further your evolution into higher states of consciousness. You no longer expect perfection from your self nor do you expect to master every soul lesson that comes your way immediately. You are patient and kind with your self when you make a mistake, and see it as an opportunity to learn and grow from your current state of being into a higher vibrational being. You forgive yourself for your previous unconscious choices that created pain when you were unawake, and you are actively changing your behavioral patterns so you won’t repeat the same karmic events in the future. You are loving, kind, compassionate and forgiving towards the self….therefore, you are also able to give that to others. For we can not give to others what we have not first given to our self. You are focused on the inner path of salvation where you stay focused on your own lessons and not the outer path of egoic projection where you become consumed with the lessons of others. Because you love yourself, you have a strong desire to KNOW your selves, so you are not defensive or resistant when a negative aspect surfaces that needs your love and attention so it can be transformed. You are forever refining your self, polishing the diamond within and climbing the mountain of self knowing that one day you will merge into oneness with your higher soul activating the kingdom of God/dess within.

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