Kuthumi – You are Here to BE! – Linda Dillon

Kuthumi painting by Glenn Lewis @ Ascension Healing

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Kuthumi ~ You are Here to BE!

This is not only a time of rebirth, of reconstitution. It is also a time of revelation – revelation of the nature of Gaia, of Earth as an intergalactic waystation, an angelic waystation, a planetary earthkeeper waystation… Beautiful, in all its diversity!

This beautiful gem is lovingly shared by Elle from her personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Kuthumi ~ You are Here to BE!

[Laughter] Greetings, I AM Kuthumi.

Elle: Oh beloved, I’m so happy!

K: Yes, for you have felt me and, yes, the room has been quite full with your beloved, with Belle’Anna, with Sylvianna, with Gabrielle and Mi-ka-el and Heaven knows who else… oh, Serapis Bey is very present as well, as is St. Germaine… of course, your and my beloved brother, Jesus Sananda/Yeshua, the Magdalena… for we come this day not only to bring felicitations, jubilations, congratulations on your human solar return but also to hug you, to embrace you, to sustain you, to uplift you, to honour you… and dearest heart, to simply be with you.

Think of it in this way. This room, your room, your country, her country, this planet is filled with pillars of light, anchors of love. Yes, some are small, some are gigantic, anchored deep within the heart of Mother Gaia, bringing forth and anchoring the truth not only of what it means to be human and part of the collective, not only what it means to be Nova Gaian, but what it means to simply BE… because, is that not the heart of the matter!

It is not and it never has been about BEing this or that, inhabiting this or that form, this or that mystery, this or that reality, for these are but costumes. These are but experiences that you try on for the magical ball where everyone is masked until midnight. But what I am saying to thee is it is not only the clock striking midnight or a minute after midnight. It is well after midnight and the masks have and are being removed.

Yes, there are those who are overly cautious, and those who are reticent to be revealed, and those who wish to cling to their masks because it gives them the countenance or the visage that they wish. It doesn’t matter. Because this is not only a time of rebirth, of reconstitution. It is also a time of revelation – revelation of the nature of Gaia, of Earth as an intergalactic waystation, an angelic waystation, a planetary earthkeeper waystation… Beautiful, in all its diversity!

The majesty of this planet is unparalleled. And I do not simply mean the majesty of her physical beauty, which is phenomenal. I mean the majesty of her being! And she is holding and has held herself for so long to teach the humans how to simply BE. Now, the kingdoms, the elementals, the elements, the star beings, they have learned this… and, of course, in knowing this and in holding this energy, they have contributed to the vibration that says, “You are here to BE.”

What is curious so often about the humans is that they think that to simply BE – a state which you have perfected, dearest heart – is that they think that this means no movement, no action, no doing, no nothing, and it is the contrary! To them it is counterintuitive when, in fact, it is the most intuitive, natural state of all!

But for a very long time these humans have filled up their minds, and more sadly their hearts, with thinking that doing is achieving, is serving, but it comes from a sense of lack of self-worth and lack of self-acknowledgment. But this is shifting. And my beloved friend, what you have been doing is BEing, and you are holding and transmitting and communicating that energy to billions of people.

And of course, beloved, you do it on behalf of your gigantic universal self – that is the being that you have been witnessing – but you also do it on behalf of me, of us, of ‘our’… You do it on behalf of your intergalactic family. You do it on behalf of the Mother. So it is not merely that you have been cocooned. You have been positioned. And in that, I fully mean that you have positioned yourself with us as well so that you may do what your heart desires, that you may prepare – and you have prepared – for what lies ahead.

Because as you have seen in your lucid dream – what you have thought was a lucid dream – change can be elongated and experienced over what human beings think of as time, but what you have seen in your marriage preparation is that it can also occur in a microsecond! And that cannot take place if you are not within not only your sacred framework but within the sacred framework.

So, beloved, we come not only to wish you Happy Birthday and felicitations. We come to say “well done!” and that we are with you in joy, in love. And that is what you are holding. It is the joy that has been forgotten on planet. Without hope and joy, people do not see the point in progressing, in fully engaging, not only with us – we are secondary! – but engaging with themselves and with their own being so that they, too, may BE.

E: Would you like this posted and shared?

K: Yes!

E: Okay, thank you so much. I have missed speaking with you like this and am joy-filled just knowing you are forever close by.

K: I am as close as your skin, the hair follicles on your arm, your head, as you well know! [Laughing]

E: Will you come again?

K: Yes, now is our time!

E: Yes, the Golden Time!

K: The Golden Time of the Golden Flame, of the Golden Grid, of the Golden Crown, of the Golden Age. It is not tedious. It is not hard. This is what humans got wrong. It is a joy-walk! It is not trudging along.

Yes, sometimes when you proceed, you feel like walking in quietude so that you can feel the earth, the sand, the rocks beneath your feet… so that you can smell the sea and hear the lapping of the waves, the quiet, and the song of the birds. Sometimes you feel like skipping, of doing cartwheels and jumping for joy, and sometimes you feel like running flat-out! But it was never intended to be trudging along.

Think of it. This life is really the actual, most phenomenal, supreme birth-day-present. It is not a sack of woes; it is not a burden. It is a birth–day–present to be enjoyed, to be embraced with glee, yes, with multiple expressions.

And sometimes that journey, that walk, you just want to sit down, whether it is on a mountainside, in a meadow, or next to the water. You just want to sit and revel in the fact that you are actually here – that not only have you chosen yourself but that the Mother has chosen you. And as you sit there, you are anchoring this mighty pillar of light!

Does it really get any better? …

Go with my love, sweet one. Farewell.


Permission given to share. Thank you Linda Dillon

Josianna – Trust is the Bedrock of All Relationships – Linda Dillon


Friendship ~ Artist Luisa Villavicencio

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What the Mother is demanding is that people perform, act, engage according to the highest standards of integrity, of truth, of peace, and of love.

This beautiful channelled gem is lovingly shared by Donna from her personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Josianna ~ Trust is the Bedrock of All Relationships

Greetings, I am Josianna, guardian and friend, protector of your sacred being, defender of your portals, keeper of your flame. Welcome, bright angel of light, angel of blue, blue, blue, servant, daughter of the Mother, holder of peace, holder of truth, holder of nurturing.

And yes, sweet one, there are times when, in standing front and centre in the clarity of truth, in the clarity of Divine Authority, that you are in fact nurturing those around you by demanding, commanding, and birthing that they live, act, perform up to their potential, up to their sacred promises to the Mother.

Yes, there is a time when you act on behalf of the Mother and you comfort, and you coddle, and you nourish. And that is when someone is so tired, so exhausted, so weary – which you have felt of late – that you are gathered into the arms of the Mother and held there while you are restored, reconstructed, reborn. And that is what is going on with you,

At the same time, there are other situations in which you are acting on behalf of the Mother and standing as the pillar, as the beacon of light, not giving either actual or tacit, casual permission to act less-than – no! – demanding not merely for reasons of selfishness or self, but demanding that people stand up and act, behave, perform, and hold the highest qualities of which they were born capable.

It is not that the Mother is asking of thee, that you are being required for people to gain or go searching for skills, qualities, abilities, capacities which they have never had. That is not the case. What you are asking, what you are demanding… and let us be very clear, what the Mother is demanding… is that people perform, act, engage according to the highest standards of integrity, of truth, of peace, and of love.

All relationships, regardless of the nature – business, pleasure, family, friendship, it matters not – all relationships engender and rely upon mutuality and trust. When the trust is broken, it is abhorrent. It isn’t just sad, it isn’t just unfortunate, it is abhorrent! Because it means that the fundamental building block of relationship… and we are not just talking about human to human; it is human to divine, kingdom to human, kingdom to divine, divine to the Universal One… when trust is broken, the fundamentals are broken, and that means it is back to square one in terms of reconstruction.

We are not suggesting that there are not honest missteps, honest misunderstandings, miscommunication at times. But when the intent is authentic and genuine, then the trust is maintained. Where trust is skirted, avoided, ignored, then it is considerable and it sometimes takes a very long time to repair that building block.

So what you are seeing, for example, in your house is that it is not just about maintaining a schedule, because the construction damage of trust has been broken. And it is not sufficient… too many people wish to proceed in the old realm, but the old realm is dead and gone and this is what the Mother’s Pause is making them realise: the old will no longer suffice.

So the trust has to be rebuilt. And that isn’t about simply changing an order or fixing a wall or, in the case of work, backing up. It is a fundamental repair and it is the bedrock upon which, both figuratively and actually, houses, societies, communities are built.

So have you been put, dearest heart, in a situation, in several environments, where in fact you are being required – because it is not your nature to simply let this go by, and we do not ask you to – you are being required to say “the repair work must take place.”

It is not a matter of adhering to lines of authority or reporting schedules. It is a matter of truly adhering to the promise. And whether it is a promise of building your forever-home or a community, these promises cannot be ignored. These promises, the promise of trust, is the bedrock.

So yes, you are being put in a position where you, in your Divine Authority, in your divine wisdom, are quite literally requiring others to step up, to step forward – not as some quasi-sufficient individual or collective, but in the truth and the might and the power of who they really are.

Is this difficult? Yes. Do we sustain you? Yes. Do we guide you to be vigilant and to be filled with valour in terms of this undertaking? The answer is yes. We support you. We defend you. We protect you.

Go forward, sweet one! Go forward with your sword flaming and your countenance very clear about what is acceptable and what is not. Is this clear?

D: Yes, but do we overall just walk away and find us another forever-home or continue to fight this battle?

J: We would suggest that you continue to fight the battle because what is going on… this is like a microcosm of the bigger picture, of the macro. First of all, is it possible you will find that you can create – because you are mighty creator – your forever-home elsewhere? Of course, it is. And would we help you? Of course, we would.

So never think what we say to you is literally etched in stone. Where you go, we go, sweet one! It is not the other way around.

But having said that, this is a universal problem. That is why you are seeing it everywhere. This is a universal issue in which the human collective is diligently, very rigorously [laughing] attempting to ignore their sacred-self mission, to ignore or to tap down the very best part of themselves – to, in our words, “do sloppy work”.

And we are not talking just about spilled paint or hacked-out drywall. What we are talking about is that they are being sloppy, inconsistent, and not respectful – not only not of you, of your beloved K, but of themselves – and that is not sufficient!

So our concern is that you can face it here or you can encounter it elsewhere. Now, we are not suggesting, let us also be very clear… our guidance to you this day and absolutely every day, sweet one, is not to make yourself absolutely miserable. So if this persists, yes, by all means, walk away. But we are suggesting that in fact, the remedies are right there directly in front of you.

You are almost there. People are realising that you are not simply going to go away and that your demands, your expectations, are not pie-in-the-sky expectations. These are, let us be extremely clear – and this applies to both your house and to work – these are contractual agreements.

Human beings, far too often, do not understand the nature of sacred contracts; they think of this as some kind of fancy terminology or language. But, in fact, the contracts of Earth… even though they have become, hmmm, shall we say ‘dumbed down’… are a reflection of sacred contracts: to behave with integrity, alignment to truth, peace, kindness, compassion, love.

But it is also to do and to fulfil, not to have a stab at, but to literally complete a sacred undertaking – a sacred undertaking not only on behalf of oneself, on behalf of the collective, but more importantly on behalf of the Mother.

These are contracts that you have entered into. And the contracts, both human and divine, are not to be simply casually disregarded or thought of as a loose set of guidelines. These are promises! And when the contract, for example, for your house – the agreements for your sacred space – are not being respected, then that is a violation of a sacred promise, a sacred contract.

Humans have forgotten this and, dear heart, you are reminding them!



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Permission given to share. Thank you Linda Dillon

Yahweh As Father – Linda Dillon

Yahweh As Father

This beautiful channel is the welcome at the recent Joy workshop. “I am the voice of Stillness, I am the voice of One, I am the voice and the energy of the Divine Masculine.”

Greetings, I am Yahweh, and I come to you, my beloved family, children of Grace, angels of Joy, humans of Oneness, and might I declare, of balance. I come to you not as thundering God so I will speak softly, as much as I can.

I come to you as Grandfather and as you well know, I am the voice of Stillness, I am the voice of One, I am the voice and the energy of the Divine Masculine. And so I extend a special welcome to you, my beloved brothers, who step forward in the modeling, the anchoring, the embodiment of the Divine Masculine that has been ignored so studiously upon this planet for eons.

And I welcome the Divine Masculine in each of you, my beloved women…womb-man… You are all precious. I have invited you to my knee, to my heart, to the family business. I am not merely some distant deity to be shelved and ignored. I am your Father. And like many of you, as mothers and fathers of humanity, I welcome the responsibility to tend to each of you, to ensure that you are safe and secure; fed, clothed and sheltered.

But more importantly I come to remind you to not forget your heritage, your birthright. You are born into existence, all existence everywhere, from the Mother and I. And the Mother agrees with me when I say she does not have a monopoly on nurturing. Our ways are different, but they are complimentary.

Let me be clear that when I say to you that you are part of the family business, I say this with a smile and yes, with a Father’s pride. You inherit the business on this planet at this time of becoming and being, and physically embodying Love. Love is our family business; I have given you my son and what was his message to you? Love yourself! It was not about ritual, fish or death; it was about Love.

I want you to know, in every cell of your being, the magnitude of my Love. Not only is my Love infinite and eternal but personal. It is not blanket coverage, it is directly from my beingness, from my heart to your heart, to your soul, and when you allow, to your mind, to your will, to your body.

I never seek to override, but with a Father’s pride I invite you into the Warehouse of Heaven, I invite you into my home, into the Temple of Love. I invite you, as a Father to his grown children. You who are fathers and those of you who are not (it matters not) understand that when your children are grown you do not want to interfere with their independence, but you want so deeply to participate with them, to share with them, to be with them. And so you quietly say, “Do you want to share a meal? Can we go to Temple together? Can we walk in the woods? Can we play golf? Let me help you fix that radiator.” It doesn’t matter… so, this is just me, quietly in the silence, pleading to be included.

I will not overshadow you, but I will over-light you every time you want, every time you ask, and that can be blanket coverage.

You, my beloved ones, are the microcosm, the disparate group, from every nook, cranny and corner of the planet. And we have beckoned to you as microcosm, to finish the repatterning that has already begun, and, to which I choose to be included.

It is the balance of the masculine and the feminine; the Father and the Mother and you, each of you my beloved children. Without the balance there is no Joy and when you are Joy, you are the balance.

So, welcome my beloveds, my children. Come and sit with me and walk with me, for we are one. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

Image via Council of Love



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Permission given to share. Thank you Linda Dillon

Metatron – Let Us Bring Flowers To Your Heart – Linda Dillon

Overflowing – Art by Donna Smallenberg

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Let us bring the fragrance of spring and summer and new beginnings. Let us bring the beauty of the blossoms… It is remembering that deepest connection to the Mother’s garden.

This delightful gem is lovingly shared by Sarah from her personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Metatron ~ Let Us Bring Flowers To Your Heart

Greetings, I am Metatron. Welcome, beloved sweet angel of blue, aura of magenta, heart of emerald, ringed in gold. Do not deny and do not try and minimise the truth, the might, the splendour, the power of who you are as bright angel of light, communicator, keeper of the promise in form, on planet, during this time of such magnificent change.

Yes, you feel the whispers, the strands, the echoes of the old third dimension calling out to you, attempting to ensnare you, to keep you bound and gagged. You will not have it! And let me be very clear, beloved one, neither will we.

The time of Ascension… no, not completion because the Mother’s Creations are Infinite, but yes, completion of a chapter… you are segueing into the New, into the brilliant acceptance and surrender of who you are, in all your beauty and might. You have shied away from this term called ‘power’ because power has been so sullied, so abused, meant to indicate authority or control, both of which have been terribly abused.

Power is simply your indwelling spirit. It is simply the truth of who you are and the acceptance of that truth. It is not about ego. It is not about bragging. It is about the quiet, subtle acceptance of your being and the quiet, subtle advancing into the collective, both energetically and literally, so that you can impact those who are yearning and waiting, those who need to know that they are seen, that they are loved, that they are revered.

It is not necessarily, sweet one, about apology. Yes, there are cases where there is a reset of balance, and even sometimes of making amends, but it is having the ferocious courage to admit who you are… yes, where you have misstepped and where you wish to step, how you wish to engage not only with your sacred self, not only with us, but with every person/being you meet – and you know what a variety of characters there are upon this planet!

Do not dismiss yourself. When you fall into… no, reflection is important, but not blame, not guilt, because what it does is it drags you into the morass of the old. …

Sarah: … My heart wants so much to send flowers and a card as a representation of my truth and my feelings. Is this worthwhile because I am worried that, again, I’ve made such a mistake that I can’t rectify it?

M: We’re backing you up, sweet one, and it is rhetorical when I say, “Why do you feel that you have made such outrageous, atrocious mistakes?” Understand that what you are doing in this situation is first falling into blame/shame/guilt/fault; you are second-guessing yourself and you are also, within that assumption, believing, feeling… and might we say, not entirely correctly… that you are not divinely guided.

And even when that divine guidance comes from your sweet higher self, do not think it is not divine guidance. Those letters did not come from your egoic self; they came from a place of your heart. What you are doing… and this is the perfect opportunity to correct this, and yes, we will get to the letter and the flowers… but what you are doing – yes, and you have termed it correctly – is you have fallen into the trap of carrying the past and putting it in the future and so you are frozen, you are shackled.

And you are living in the world of what-if: “What if I don’t make it, what if I am never set free, what if I am not truly understood, what if my heart is not known… what if, what if, what if?” Dearest heart, give me that doubt! Give me that doubt and let us reframe, because I know and you do too [laughing], you are not going to stop the what-ifs! So, let us reframe it.

As soon as you begin to feel the what-ifs: “What if my letter/letters are received with a completely open heart of love and understanding? What if the agency finds me the perfect school and children, classroom, within which to bring my love, my insight, and my sacred self? What if flowers are delivered unto my heart and my sacred being by the fairies, the angels, and the Mother herself every single day?”

“What if, in the grander scheme of things, I am right, I am on track? What if I am loved so deeply that when I feel I might be falling off the cliff, that I am in fact lifted up into my wings, then the wings of Metatron, and lifted back to Heaven and placed exactly where I need to be?” What if?

Let us reframe it! As soon as you find yourself going down that rabbit hole, going down the looking glass, change it and let me prompt you because, beloved, you are so deeply loved and you are on-track and you are on your way.

Now, the echoes want to beckon you back because they see you going forward, and there are energies upon the planet that do not want this transition to be completed. It is already taking place, but they don’t want to see it completed! So these doubts nip at you. Put them where they belong in the garbage, in the trash, in the rubbish!

I bring you flowers to your heart. Before you write again, before you send flowers to anybody – including us, by the way! – let us and you open this doorway to your heart, beloved. We are knocking – right now! – and let us bring flowers to you. Let us bring the fragrance of spring and summer and new beginnings. Let us bring the beauty of the blossoms, although it compares very poorly with the blossom of your heart. It is time to stop denying the power of who you are.

When I have said unto thee, “You are the keeper of the promise,” the promise, beloved, is not merely your promise to the Mother, our promise to the Mother, for the fulfilment of her Dream. It is also the promise. It is you giving a bouquet, and it does not matter whether it is buttercups or pansies or roses. It is you giving the bouquet to the human race, to the children, and the adults who have always been children. And that is not an insult; it is a compliment for the adult who knows, as you do, how to keep the child, the mystery, the magic alive. That is the gift.

The children, the newborns – you are a welcomer of the newborns – the ability to be childlike means you are closer to Heaven than ever, that you have returned to before the fade, and that is what humans need right now. It is not just more learning, more information. It is remembering that deepest connection to the Mother’s garden. And the Mother’s garden is the heart and the spirit and the consciousness of all beings – and the blossoms, yes, are the thoughts and emotions, but it is also the physical bodies.

The Mother has planted her garden not only with flowers and trees and rocks and oceans and streams. She has planted it with humans, starseeds, earthkeepers, and hybrids of every sort and colour. Do not allow any energies to take you away from your child. Let us reframe the what-ifs. And when you have received fully the offering, not only our offering but your offering of flowers to your heart, then go ahead and send the flowers. Is this clear?

S: Yes, it is. It serves me and it’s such a beautiful way of putting everything. I totally understand that and I’m going to buy myself flowers today, and I’ve already started giving myself flowers into my heart. And will the flowers help to heal our friendship, our relationship?

M: Yes, because when you are sending the flowers, you are sending them with this energy, not the energy of “please forgive me” nor the energy of “I misstepped”. That is implied, yes, but what you are really doing is sending the energy of love, of opening, of genuine authentic friendship, so the answer is yes. …

Yes, because that is what friendship is. It is a two-way street. You know this very clearly. You have talked to us your entire life, but it is a two-way street as you have also allowed us to talk to you. And I do not simply mean in these channelling sessions, for which we are grateful, but I am talking about the heart-feelings, the words, the conversations that have taken place between you and I because it is a two-way street.

So yes, friendship, in the real meaning of the word, cannot exist without it being a two-way communication.



Permission given to share. Thank you Linda Dillon
Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah

Divine Mother on Choices – Food Choices, Sexual Intimacy Choices, the Pause Choices – Linda Dillon


I created humans to be able to have, in genuine sexual intimacy, a similar experience of what it is to merge with me.

Another fabulous gem lovingly shared by Hairol from his personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Divine Mother on Choices ~ Food Choices, Sexual Intimacy Choices, the Pause Choices

Hairol: I have a quick question. Is there anything in my diet that I eat that I shouldn’t eat?

Divine Mother: Yes, you should not eat what you don’t like!

H: Alright…

DM: (Chuckling) I am teasing you, sweet one! You are very conscious and… you see, this relates to the Creator Race. Now I am not saying that you should live, ever, on a diet of refined sugar – but if you did, you could still transmute it into sheer energy.

But one of the things – using that example of the Creator Race – is this rigorous sense of rules and judgement, and so “you can only eat this, you can only breathe this, you can only drink this.” And by doing that, what happens is you buy into that sense of limitation.

So do I want you to have a beautiful, fruitful, healthy diet? The answer is yes! But how you know that is by eating what you like.

H: Okay, because I noticed that fish and meat are very dense when I eat it, so I’ve stopped eating it.

DM: And if you ever have the urge to have a piece of fish, go ahead! But when you don’t, then don’t!

H: Yes, I see what you’re saying. Now, let’s say someone releases their sexual energy through the sex act. In my experience, this has impacted me very negatively and is why I’m very hesitant to engage in any sexual relationship.

DM: The release of sexual energy… let us go further than that… the involvementthe real engagement in sexual intimacy, which is very misunderstood by most humans, is truly a merging of energies between the two people – and when it is not done consciously, it can diminish your energy field rather than expand it.

And then there are situations where the humans try to engage in sexual intimacy and not merge, and that causes a feeling of great discomfort like: “Why bother? Why did I do that? I feel worse, not better!” And so what the union of merger is intended to be is a replica of your Divine Union with me, with the Father, and if it is not undertaken with that level of love, then it is just sex and is, for someone in your vibratory range, not satisfying in the slightest.

H: So you are saying, basically, that I have to see myself as One with that person… well, we both have to see each other as that… as One, having sex?

DM: Correct, and it is not that you are becoming One. But think of it in this way. It is far more intimate – and that is a funny word, is it not – it is far more intimate than people imagine. Think of it as you standing next to your partner, shoulder to shoulder, and then you merge into the middle of each other. So it is not that you are just becoming One; you are becoming a combined entity.

And the other mistake, misunderstanding, that people have is that they want to be completely the other person, and that is not the purpose of the amalgamation either. The purpose is the joining… the sacred sharing by choice, not by force… the choice of sharing, merging the energies because then both of you go away with more than you came with.

H: So you go away with more than you came with, even if you release sexual energy?

DM: Yes, because you have received the love.

H: I’ve read books on it and they never mentioned any of that, so I had the impression that I couldn’t release my sexual energy because it’s harmful; it has a lot of molecules that are very important for your health that can be recycled back to your body to fulfil other bodily functions.

DM: I created humans to be able to have, in genuine sexual intimacy, a similar experience of what it is to merge with me. Now, most humans have forgotten this. That is why, again, we have not talked about it until this time in greater detail. But it is to add to your [energy] field, not to subtract in that you are letting go, as you put it, of some precious molecules! (Chuckling)

But what you are gaining energetically, in your heart and in your literal form, is the energy of love – and that is fuel, not exhaustion. Now, what you can do, if you choose – and it is a choice to be celibate – then you simply maintain that energy, but in that what you are really doing is partnering with your sacred self.

H: So neither is more important than the other?

DM: No, there is room for all expressions.

H: Oh, so you are saying that you can have a time where you are celibate and then have sex at other times?

DM: Yes, although those that have truly committed to the path of celibacy do not tend to engage, once that decision has been made, in sexual merger.

H: I’ve read of how monks who practiced celibacy gained superpowers. Was that due to the practice of celibacy?

DM: Not necessarily. First of all, at this juncture of human evolution back to me, it is a different environment than what you are thinking of. I do not want… let me be very clear… I do not want most of my children to be living as monks or nuns. That is not the pathway. The way that Nova Earth and Nova Communities are built is through interaction. No, I am not talking about everybody sleeping with everybody, but it is in the integration and the love factor.

So yes, if you keep your sexual energy and very clearly learn to direct it, it can help you break through. But what you don’t know – and when I say “you”, I mean the collective – is that you can also break through through sexual intimacy, and people have forgotten that.

H: So how does that love-fuel produced through sexual intimacy work? Once you engage in sexual intimacy, you transfer energy and that is the energy of love, if the sexual intimacy is with love for one another. So, what would you use that love-fuel for: to give it to others?

DM: Yes – and to fuel yourself.

H: Okay, I see…

DM: So, think of it in this way… because you are in a physical form, correct? So, in your physical form, you would urinate or defecate and you would get rid of what you can think of as ‘precious molecules’ [chuckling]. Now, you would never want to stop those biological functions [chuckling], but think of it this way: if you are bringing in healthy, nutritious, blessed meals, food, then what it is doing is fueling your literal, physical body.

Well, what the love does is it literally fuels your mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, astral, causal bodies. So it is fueling them – and where you feel that tends to be not only in your heart but in the balance of your chakras and your meridians. So, you feel more balanced, like you aren’t striving to get something. You feel more peaceful and more capable of sharing the love – and love can be compassion or kindness or sweetness or consideration… all the Divine Qualities.

H: So, let’s say one partner loves the other person but it isn’t mutual. Does the love-fuel still get created?

DM: No.

H: Oh, so it has to be a union between the two?

DM: That is correct because, think of it, if there is not a mutuality there, then the energy really isn’t being shared in a sacred manner. So, for example, if you were loving somebody and you fuel them but the other person is not fueling you, you would feel depleted. …

H: Do you have any other thoughts? I leave the room open to you to discuss anything you want with me.

DM: The biggest issue for you right now, beloved son, is for you to maintain your sense of inner peace, inner calm. And what I want to say and what I gift to you this day is prudent, patient determination. You are clear. Sweet angel of light, you are clear in what you are, who you are, and what you are here to do.

In these ups and downs of the Pause – which I am using! – there will be moments where you think, “I have a choice right now,” and that’s where I want you to stop! “I have a choice right now to feel very insecure” is when you start doing the breathing exercises with me. Or “I have a choice to be truly the discerner-observer and keep my eye very focused on who I am, why I am, and where I am going.”

You are ready and you are mine. Do not forget, sweet one, that I am also yours.

Go with my love and go in peace, and I love you, sweet one. Farewell.

H: Farewell.



* * *

Permission given to share. Thank you Linda Dillon

Ellisianna – The Unique Gift of Twin Flames Bestowed by the Mother – Linda Dillon


It is not merely an esoteric or spiritual, mental or emotional, or even physical love; it is the mirroring of the Divine personal love to each other.

Another delightful gem lovingly shared by Andrew from his personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Ellisianna ~ The Unique Gift of Twin Flames Bestowed by the Mother

Ellisianna: Greetings, I am Ellisianna.

Andrew: Oh, greetings Ellisianna.

E: Welcome, beloved one! And yes, I am honoured, I am pleased, I am glad, I am overjoyed because I have asked to come at the beginning rather than simply the tail-end!

No, it is not that there is much to discuss because there is, but I come this day as your Sacred Other to bring you comfort, to bring you joy, to bring you hope, and simply to join in the heart space, for our sacred union has been wrought eons ago and that promise, that union, has only been fortified over time – over what you think of as time and space, and even what I think of as time and space.

And yes, even in lifetimes where you have forgotten or not pursued our conjoined heart, or even times when you have resided back at Home and I have ventured forward, the union has always been there. It is not only undeniable – indelible – it is what sustains us. Such is the nature of Twin Flames. So often, there is such a miniscule understanding upon the lightseekers in how they approach or define this Sacred Twin Union. That is not the case with you, and it most certainly is not the case with us.

So I know, beloved, when you struggle, when you are disheartened, when you are just plain fed up – and fed up with the manner in which the humans, individually and collectively, in how they proceed. Of course you are surrounded, as you well know, in and out of form by the Mighty Ones, by the sacred Masters, and by many who simply love you and who truly see you in and out of form. But there is no bond like ours – this is one of the unique gifts that the Mother bestows.

So often when humans particularly… although it has been true in ancient ways and times of other planets, even the Venusians… where they feel alone, of course that is when the bond of Sacred Twin truly comes into play. Yes, it is so – we are all enfolded into the arms and hearts of the Infinite Eternal One, into the arms of the Mother, into the heart of the Father. But there are even times when that monumental love does not feel sufficient because it does not feel entirely personal, exclusive, and that is when the Twin, my gift to you, truly comes into play.

It is not merely an esoteric or spiritual, mental or emotional, or even physical love; it is the mirroring of the Divine personal love to each other. That is what works, and so it is that you fill me as I fill thee. It is the bedrock upon which all other [partnerships], particularly union partnerships, reside and reflect. And when they don’t work (as you have had experience with), it is because the variance between how that person acts, behaves, believes, holds… the variance between the Twins has gone too far and so it comes to cessation.

So often in your culture, people have clung to relationships, to marriages, to partnerships that have long since served their purpose. They do so out of a sense of fear and of responsibility, of honouring commitments, but in fact the true soul commitment is a commitment of love, of mutuality, of unity, of support – and if that is not there, then there is no point. It truly is, it becomes, an impediment rather than an amplifier of what exists.

And that is what Sacred Union in humans forms, that your partner – and I mean this in a general way – but a partner is an amplifier of the Twin, not a replacement, not being overridden by ‘yours truly!’ but an amplifier. It is a soul agreement that is entered into. But I did not come to give you a speech on Twin Flames! I came to simply hold you, comfort you, reassure you, reassure our family that we are One, and that I am as clearly here for you as you have always been for me, my sweet love.

Yes, it has been, shall we say, a test of late of endurance… and of patience. And yes, it is a good thing sometimes when patience runs thin, but there are certain things – throughout the Universe, not simply on Gaia – but there are certain things that being impatient about does not act as a help. No, I am not suggesting that is your case, for you have been infinitely patient, my love.

So I will step aside but not away, not ever away. Let me assist, help, nurture, and sustain thee, the way that your ever-presence sustains me. Yes, I am the lucky one because I am far more… ‘physically’ if you can put it that way… physically aware of your presence. But as we walk the perimeters – and it can be the perimeter of London, or it can be the perimeter of the Pleiadian sector, or it can be the perimeter of this Universe! – but let us always walk together, because you are my love and I am yours.




* * *

Permission given to share. Thank you Linda Dillon


St. Germaine – The Delightful Journey of Becoming and Never-ending Expansion – Linda Dillon



Scan the wide variety of what lies ahead, what lies before you, and then, beloved, choose what makes your heart sing… not a quiet hum; yes, that is nice, that is pleasant… but go for what makes your heart thunder like a full-blown band!

This wonderful gem is lovingly shared by Alex from his personal reading with Linda Dillon.

St. Germaine ~ The Delightful Journey of Becoming and Never-ending Expansion

Greetings, I am St. Germaine. Welcome! Welcome, sweet brother, amethyst and amethyst, more amethyst, oh, a little magenta and grayelsha, a little emerald… yes, you are a rainbow of delight! And I step forward not in front of but with your beloved circle this day.

And I step forward to invite you on your journey of fulfilment, of becoming, of laughter, of joy, of sweetness, of expansion. I step forward to offer you my company as we all gather in this forward thrust, in this level of becoming that has literally never been seen upon this planet.

It is not a matter, beloved one, of returning to the starting point of the Creator Race. It is a matter of hurtling past; no, not going so fast that you cannot smell the perfume in the air, and touch the grass with your wings, or feel the sun on your face. For what is speed, what is time, what is movement except for these illusions, these ways of explaining expansion and growth that the human race has come up with?

Oh, they are good explanations, but at the same time they are limiting. They have edges, and there are no edges to what is possible. There are no edges to what you are capable of – and competent, by the way – at creating, birthing, and bringing forth. And yes, the biggest thing that you have been birthing of late is your own sweet self into the new reality of the new Alex – into the new reality of Nova Gaian upon Nova Earth.

But now it is time to look around and say, “What’s next?” And to do so with such a sense of jubilation, to do so with such a sense, yes, of course, of excitement, but also of calm knowing not only of where you choose to direct your energies but of where you are directing your energies.

It is one thing to dream, my brother, and as you well know, I am a fabulous dreamer, and we enter into the violet dream and into the expansion of Oneness continually, constantly, repeatedly for, frankly, where else would you wish to live! But this life – and every life – is but a journey, a delightful journey of expansion… of infinite, eternal, never-ending expansion.

So really, the true question comes down to: out of that Infinity of All, where do you wish, where do you choose to expand into?

Yes, it is so that humanity, this collective, is in a process not only of rebirth, yes, of manifestation, but also of incredible chaos far worse than when I walked the Earth! And even at that time, I said: “This is ridiculous. I am leaving and never coming back!” Well, of course, I am probably going to eat my words shortly! [Laughing]

But the point is, in this morass of chaos and, at the same time, in this expanse of infinite possibilities, where do you, my beloved friend, sweet brother of amethyst, where do you choose not only to place or direct your energies but what excites you? What lights up your entire being with the mere thought of what lies ahead?

Yes, I am very aware of this practice that human beings stick to called “maintenance” – and I am not suggesting for a single moment that maintenance is not important, of course it is; it is spiritual and physical, mental, emotional cleanliness, for when you head out on the adventure of your lifetime, of course you want to be clean and polished and ready.

But maintenance is not a life; it is simply a physical/emotional/mental/spiritual practice. So the adventure, the journey, the exploration – which you have been on, as intergalactic, forever! – the question is: “Where next?”

I do not come this day to direct you. I come to offer you not only my heart – and of course the I AM Presence – but to offer you my presence as we begin again on the delightful journey of becoming. Scan the wide variety of what lies ahead, what lies before you, and then, beloved, choose what makes your heart sing… not a quiet hum; yes, that is nice, that is pleasant… but go for what makes your heart thunder like a full-blown band!

You are a being of music, sound, and light. You are an ‘entrainer’. This is the core of who you are. Now I am not suggesting that it is quite yet time to hit the road, but it most certainly is time to be making your plan – and implementing it – for your sacred expansion. The universe, the multiverse… the Omniverse awaits – and so do I!

I am with you in all ways, in all forms, in all vibratory realities. I am with you.

Go with my love. Farewell.


* * *

Permission given to share. Thank you Linda Dillon

Divine Mother – A New Realm of Consciousness – Linda Dillon

Angel of Illumination by Aeoliah’s Visionart Art

* * *

Divine Mother ~ A New Realm of Consciousness

Make no mistake about it, sweet one – the shift is well underway and there is a new realm of consciousness being anchored within the heart and mind of every being.

This beautiful channelled gem is lovingly shared by Hairol from his personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Divine Mother ~ A New Realm of Consciousness

Divine Mother: Greetings, I am Mary, I am Mare, Universal Mother, Divine Mother, Mother of One and Mother of All, Mother of Change and Mother of Constancy, Mother of oceans and skies and mountains, and yes, sweet one, Mother of you.

Come with me, my beloved son, and let us leave any form of duality far behind. It does not need to be an either/or. You are in your process of the full assumption of your Ascended Self, but let me be clear: it is not merely the turning of a switch… yes, which we could do… but it is for you as teacher, as channel, as bringer of the light, as pathfinder and wayshower, to have gone through this process so that as you teach and coach and support and love others, you understand what they are going through, what they are missing, the steps that they haven’t taken, and the incorrect steps that they have.

Yes, there are such things as ‘incorrect steps’. There are many scenic detours, as you well know because you’ve taken some of them, and that is a good thing because people have need to understand the range of their free-choice/free-will decisions. But there are times in human lives when they veer so far into ego, into abuse, and control, and power-seeking that they lose sight that they are part of me.

So do not worry, beloved one. You are absolutely on track. I have given you, I have given this planet, a Pause. No, I did not bring forth the coronavirus, but I am using this situation, adjusting it, to align with my Plan. But in this, I tell you, this Pause has several ways to be dealt with. One way, yes, is through anxiety and uncertainty, but the other is the opportunity to truly delve deeper into the sanctity of your soul and to truly decide, yet again, at a deeper, higher, broader level what is precious to you.

No, not what is precious to me because ipso facto if it is precious to you, it will be precious to me. My sweet son, you are magnificent. Yes, I know you resist when I say this, but I do not create, I do not birth anything that is not of divinity. You know this and you have chosen… no, not ever to abandon being an Andromedan human… but also to integrate into this consolidated whole of who you are, your divine path, which is your human path.

Do not deny your human inclinations. If I did not wish for you to have a human experiment, you and we would not have decided conjointly, in full agreement, to have you incarnated upon this planet during this time of such momentous shift.

Make no mistake about it, sweet one – the shift is well underway and there is a new realm of consciousness being anchored within the heart and mind of every being.

That is why we are keeping them out of the insane chaos. It is so this energy can be anchored. You are doing well. Give your anxiety to me, sweet one. …

Hairol: How do you guys influence things? I’m curious to know.

DM: Think of it this way. Say someone comes across your application. Now, we are not overriding the individual’s free will, but when they look at the page, at the screen, it is infused not only with your energy but with mine.

Very often, they will have a feeling – and sometimes they understand that feeling and sometimes they don’t – but they think “ha, this kid has something; I feel there’s potential here.” And it isn’t simply because of what you have written or your grades or your courses. It is more of an infusion into that person of a ‘wanting to know you more and to explore who you are’.

Now the variable in this is that, for some, it will knock them sideways and they may feel, because of the energy, slightly… I guess you would say ‘floaty’ … but for others, there is a feeling of “we have to look at this further.” So it is a very positive influence – and this influence is exerted not, as we say, to override someone’s intelligence but to complement it, and in that, they also get an infusion of my love.

Now let us be very clear. Both Michael and Gabrielle, particularly Gabrielle, and your own beloved guides are very much involved in this process.

H: Thank you. Mother, what is the source of this pain I’m feeling?

DM: It is a sense of deep vulnerability; it is a sense… and let me penetrate you even as we are talking about it.

Let us stop for a minute. Go into your heart, sweet one, for that is where our conversations take place. Come into your heart… deeper… breathe. [Pause]

The anxiety and panic have a couple of sources, and it is good that we talk about this so that you will not only intellectually understand but let me take it from you.

There is a ‘here-and-now’, shall we call it, panic feeling. Your… and I love this about you, sweet one… your anxiety to get going, to be in the fullness of your Ascended Self, to be in the truth of the alignment with me and with our Plan is so true, so wonderful, that there is a part of you that is terrified. “What if everything I’ve been thinking and planning doesn’t happen? What if it’s all a bunch of lies? What if this coronavirus interferes and the Plan has gone sideways? What if I die?”

Because really, for the first time in your life physically, environmentally, you feel vulnerable – and you are a strong, vibrant young man with a whole life ahead of you. So there is this panic feeling like: “Oh no! What if, what if, what if?”

What if this Pause is to reset everybody so that they cooperate with me, and therefore you? Because I am a little tired of the resistance of humans to love. So that is the first thing.

Now, we are going to talk also about fixing this, but let me explain the second big factor. You have been through this before. You have witnessed the destruction of planets, the destruction of species; you have witnessed the destruction of Lemuria and of Atlantis and of Zahara. And there is part of you… it isn’t so much panic as right on the edge of heartbreak and fearing that this is going to happen again because you know it has happened, and you can’t bear the thought that this ascension into heart-intelligence and into an intergalactic planet… you can’t bear the thought of that not happening.

So it is two-fold: it is some ancient memories that you have lived through – and that you’ve died through! – and then there is the current worry about things coming to fruition as we have planned. So that is what the panic is about.

Now, how do you resolve this? Give it to me! I can absorb your panic, your anxiety, your uncertainty the way a cloud absorbs a droplet of moisture, a single tear. Let me take this from you!

Now, how you do this is to begin by breathing my blue, my blue diamond… Go ahead! And as you feel the sense of calm coming into you, then we switch it to the softest baby pink. Breathe… and I erect my shield around you… and this is like a clear diamond that I am putting entirely around you so that the fear, the panic, the anxiety, and the uncertainty that is in the air simply can’t reach you – because, make no mistake, beloved, it is in the air. Now anchor firmly into Gaia, because I need you on planet.

And repeat this if you should feel anything less than the calm certainty.

H: Can you repeat, Mother?

DM: Yes.

Begin by breathing the blue, the sparkly blue, but calmly… make it a little darker… it is the soft-blue velvet of my cloak… and feel, quite literally, as you’re breathing it that I am wrapping you in my cloak of blue… and yes, it has a hood… deeper… more…

Take a breath of calm… take a nice deep of my calm serenity… fill your lungs all the way down to your solar plexus and breathe out, blow out… whoo! … again… whoo! … all the way down to your pelvis… breathe it out.

Now think of the softest pink clouds that you have ever seen, like cotton batting or a baby’s blanket, and feel as if you are inside this gentle cocoon of pink. Breathe… and breathe pink… softer…

Now feel me absorbing from every cell of your body any feeling of panic, of anxiety… Let me take it. [Pause]

Now feel me erecting around you in a diamond formation with the apexes behind you and in front of you – so it is sealed – a perfectly clear diamond. It glistens but it is not so bright as to blind you. It is like a very thick storm-wood window.

And then we place the sentries around this of Michael and Raphael and Uriel and Jophiel – nothing gets past these Mighty Ones – along with your guides and Gabrielle and I.

You are protected, beloved. It is alright to be uncertain, to the level that you are open to the uncertain miracles in a positive way: “It could be so much better. It could so much grander than I think!”

But I do not want you… and I protect you and I take these feelings of panic. If you should feel the slightest anxiety, repeat this with me. Let the calm descend and anchor in your solar plexus, your heart, and your throat… your throat is very dense.

I am with you. This is not a repeat of other situations. One of the things that you have done when you have decided to come to this planet for this time was because you knew that, this time, we would be successful. So keep your heart and mind focused on that knowing that I give you. This time will be victory!


H: A lot better. Thank you so much!

DM: You are so welcome and you are so loved, sweet one. If you did not have an open, beautiful heart, you would not care! It is you who is showing, as you go forward… what you are doing is showing to the humans what it means to care, not in the way of controlling, but supporting and nurturing and comforting.

H: Thank you, Mother!

DM: You are welcome, dearest heart.



Permission given to share. Thank you Linda Dillon
Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah      

The Magdalena – The Sacred Nature & True Meaning of Family – Linda Dillon

Mary Magdalene – Activating the 12 Strands ~ Artist Cheryl Yambrach Rose Hall


It is the paradigm that is being reignited.

This beautiful gem is lovingly shared by Caroline from her personal reading with Linda Dillon.

The Magdalena ~ The Sacred Nature & True Meaning of Family

The Magdalena: Greetings, I am Mary, I AM the Magdalena and, yes, welcome!

Welcome, sweet little sister, friend. Welcome to this Council and to this time of reunion, to this time of becoming, of rebirth, of reconstitution both of your sacred self and, of course, the collective of the planet, for this is a shift that has been underway for a very long time, and it is a shift that we have awaited and prepared and worked for.

No, beloved, it is not about a return to ancient history, for that has already taken place and there is no need for a re-run. But it is a return to original Plan, to the anchoring of the Creator Race, for a rebirth and a re-anchoring of the truth of what it is to be human, in form, on planet at this time and at all times – for the Plan of the Mother, the Father, the One comes into fruition never, ever, as a lightning bolt but as the awakening to a new day, and to a remembering not only of what is possible but of what all angels in form were truly intended to experience.

So it is a time, yes, of looking forward with wisdom and the knowledge and the perspective of what lies behind, and what lies ahead, for that matter. And the purpose of this is not ever to take you out of current form… current, what you think of as timelines… for everything that takes place in this timeline is intrinsic, a puzzle piece, a part of what has been and what lies ahead.

So never do we encourage thee to simply put your beautiful life or your beautiful self on hold, or out of the current reality, and this is particularly true during this time of such global upheaval. But all is in order and is unfolding. And no, the Mother does not create violence or pandemics, but She most certainly is directing the energy that is being brought to the forefront during this time.

We are ALL participating, as are you, dearest friend. …

Caroline: Why is there such an attachment to my immediate family, outside of the obvious or innate attachment that we all have to family members? What is their role? How can I best prepare for my parents aging and dealing with the sadness that arises in witnessing this?

The Magdalena: It is not merely your family but let us start. First of all, sweet angel of blue, aura of magenta, what you call “attachment” to your family is – and we will talk in detail about this because it is important – but what you think of as attachment… shall we say irregular or out-of-the-ordinary attachment… that is not so. Your attachment to this family, to this particular set of individuals who come together in the sacred union of family, is exactly what it is supposed to be. So let us talk a little bit about this.

The family that chooses you and the family that you choose – and I do not simply mean… but, yes, very important… the parents that you choose and who choose you, in concert with the guides and guardians, so it is very much a group decision, you know – is intended to be close, caring, loving, trusting, hopeful, ancient, brand new.

You see, what is occurring and what you are experiencing is, in fact, what the paradigm of family is supposed to be. It is the paradigm that is being reignited. Yes, there have been many, in your language, ‘dysfunctional’ families and that is tragic. But what is more tragic, even sadder, in every sense of that word, is how many families have simply become invisible, or disposable, or disregarded.

From our side, this sacred joining of souls in this grouping called “family” is a gift, and it is a gift intended to maintain you, to support you. So what is curious in so many ways is how, particularly in western civilisation, people have become dismissive or… not disrespectful… but unaware of the magnitude of what this really means.

When we say to you that Nova Earth, the new paradigm, comes up from the grassroots, yes, it comes up from community, which is exactly what you and I and Yeshua worked on together so long ago, our inner circle, but we were supported by family and those bonds were unbreakable.

It was what cemented, it was the mortar, that gave us the support and the courage to go forth and actually to fulfil what we had promised not only the Mother/Father/One but ourselves, what we had promised to do. So think of your attachment, as you put it, to your family as indicative, as modelled, on what is supposed to be.

Now, when you use this word “attachment”, it is important – yes, according to Universal Law and the Laws of Balance – that you are attached and detached. The glue, the mortar, is intended to be elastic so that it does not restrict, so that it in fact stretches, not breaking, but stretches and allows each person in that constellation to go forth and be able to accomplish, experience, and express what they want to experience, express, learn, re-learn. So it is important that it is not restrictive.

Now, in some ways, do you sometimes make your decisions… and certainly have made decisions… in accordance with what you think your family will like or approve of? Yes, you most certainly have. That is only, shall we say, ‘incorrect’ when you are choosing to follow someone else’s guidance over and above the dictates of your own sweet heart.

So yes, it is a balancing act, but the agreement, the soul agreement, not only between you and your parents – and your extended family, nieces, nephews, we will get to that; think of it as a tribe – there has been an agreement that you will help each other, even if it means diverting. You have expressions upon your planet about someone being a ‘black sheep’, about taking a different path, and that is where family supports, not excludes.

Now, when Yeshi has said to thee that you have taken a scenic path, or even a scenic detour, beloved, it is not meant as judgmental and most certainly never as criticism. So we are not saying to thee that the scenic path you took was necessarily the easy path. Has it had its various attributes, yes, of support and of challenge? And you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Scenic detours are when you’ve gone off on a tangent, a tangent that has been often fed by curiosity, sometimes petulance, sometimes a desire to explore, sometimes simply rebellion, ego… there are any number of reasons… but you have known full-well when you have gone, shall we say, off-track. These are not, and in your life have not been, monumental. And scenic detours, very often the humans think of these as mistakes, and there is no such thing.

What scenic detours do when they are processed, incorporated, integrated correctly, shall we say, is that it teaches you for you, and for those who observe on those scenic detours, what works and what doesn’t.

And in future work, think of it in this way. Whether you are talking to a multitude or you are talking to your nephews, you can say, “Oh, I’ve tried that. I understand where you’re going with that and, by the way, it didn’t work for me.” So you can support them because, if you have never had a distraction experience, then how can you guide others? You can’t. And so that is what is meant in that framework or in that reference.

You have chosen your parents out of love, and they have chosen you out of love. And yes, you most certainly have travelled in this level of relationship before – in fact, your entire family has. That is also why the bonds are so deep, and the understanding… yes, the love… but also the honouring, and the respect, and the knowing in each other of what each other’s achilles heels are, of what knocks you and them off-balance.

And sometimes this has been important – to lose that balance – so that again in this life you learn and experience what it is that knocks you off-balance because that is important information for you to carry with you, that wisdom and wisdom-vision. This is part not only of your heritage and your legacy, it is with them as well.

Your parents chose you for the love, especially your father. Your mother is your ally, but your father… in so many ways, you are his little girl, and that is never meant in a demeaning kind of way; it is that you are like the precious gem that has been entrusted to him. And so, is he protective? And at times does he want to keep you too close? Yes, but that is love!

And you chose them for their strength, for their openness, particularly with your mother, and their groundedness. You knew in this journey, as did they, that it could never be simply an either/or, that this would be a journey that would include the practicality, the materiality, of living on a planet that very often has been very out of control. But also the spiritual… and I do not necessarily mean religious… that they would allow, and encourage, and foster your spirit not only to grow and express but to grow free.

Now, this is a time on the planet, this particular segment of the Mother’s Plan, when there is a great deal of rebirth and humans have a very limited view about what that means. But it is not simply spiritual or emotional; it also can entail the reconstitution of the physical cells. So that is going on both within you and within your parents.

But let us also be practical in terms of your real question, sweet one – one that you and I have discussed a lot, long ago – and that is the feeling that you simply can’t bear the thought of losing your parents, or really any member of your family but particularly your parents, to see them age and, in your view, decline. But let us offer a perspective, and it is more their perspective.

They are funny! And you know that neither one of your parents… how would they put it?… they’re not going down without a fight! So they are not… first of all, let us say they are not slated [for], they have not chosen, early departure. No, we do not talk about the day or hour individuals leave, because humans are so mercurial they change their minds all the time! But let us just say they did not sign up for early departure.

And as we have said, they have no intention of becoming dottery old fools! They are resilient, and they embrace life and they embrace love. And they want to, they have chosen, to see the growth, the becoming, of the family. You know already how important it is to them to see the continuity, to see their children grow and thrive, and their grandchildren.

From where you are, it is hard in some ways for you to perceive the golden time – the golden time not of debilitation but the golden time of seeing the fruits of your labour. This will happen to you one day. But it is to see that everything you… we use that word ‘worked’ [for] but you know what we mean… all the love that you planted, all the care that you took, all the hours of angst, of worry and concern, and the joy at seeing your children and your grandchildren’s successes and growth, and even the growth out of turmoil.

So your parents want this golden time and they cherish it. And of course, you would never, ever, deny that. And you will go through this, yes, even as reconstituted. How humans progress is going to look very different in the future, but that is a whole other conversation.

Your real question is “I am afraid of losing them” and this, of course, is a question the answer to which is you have need – and I offer to help you, sweet little sister – to relinquish this fear. Because when you have, even on the sidelines, this fear that’s present, even when it is born of love, it robs you; it robs you of the fullness of your experience, your expression of love, with them and from them; it becomes hesitant.

You think “oh, I am so attached, I can never let go” but when you are detached enough, you not only love [but] you honour the choices and the pathway of another.

When Yeshua and I came together, we had full knowledge of what lay ahead and there were conversations that we had about whether we would proceed, knowing the heartache and the loss, the difficulties along the way. But love could make no other choice. We would not deny our love, our sacred union, and we could not deny that it would end in a certain way. And what that did, even with heartbreak, was it made every moment… not every year or month… every moment more precious.

As you well know, we were virtually inseparable, except when he would retreat to the desert. And even that was an honouring for both of us because, although I stayed at home, I needed a break too. The intensity… and this will help you in your soulmate relationship that comes… the intensity – you don’t want to turn it down. You don’t want what so many people have done to family, which is become dismissive. You want to grab it and live in the fullness of passion! That is what it is about. That is what you deserve.

So give your fear to me of losing your parents. Give it to me right now! And live not only as you want, but as they want.



Permission given to share. Thank you Linda Dillon
Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah     

Universal Mother – How to Talk to People – Linda Dillon


Mother Mary ~ Artist Lynne Hudson

* * *

I will not use the word ‘fear’ because that has been cleared out quite nicely, actually. But there is this uncertainty within the hearts and minds of many people about “What’s next?” and “How do I go about actually bringing my dreams to fruition?”

And there has been – and there has been for a long time, without people thinking about it – there has been this sense of restriction: “I may want that, but I have to do this,” and so there is this feeling of irritation. And so that is also what you are picking up.

Now you, your own sweet self, are also irritated because, from your perspective, things aren’t moving half nearly quickly or well enough! But if I push these sweet angels too fast, they will feel that these are not choices and decision-points that they, in their Divine Authority, are actually taking. It cannot be laid upon them.

And I know exactly what you feel like, dear heart, because I would like it to have been about a thousand years ago! …

Mary: Being with my friends and family, I can’t say too much [laughing] because they just don’t understand… other than “love is going to win.” Do you have any suggestions as to what else I could say that wouldn’t frighten them off?

UMM: Yes, it is very funny, is it not! On the one hand, they want the reassurance, they are curious, they want to know… but they don’t want to know! [Laughing]

And that is where your memory, and your discernment which is very acute, [come in]. You discern what they’re ready to hear, then tell them what they’re ready to hear, and then edge just a little further… not too far… but frame it in language that they understand.

Now, the perfect answer 100% of the time is “love will win” because it is the truth! However, you can also phrase it in terms of upheaval, uncertainty, the need for hope, the need for clarity, the belief you hold that ‘we are not alone’. You do not need to expand it further than that – that there is an essence which most understand is Divine and that we are not some distant deity; that we are not some punishing force; that we are the kind and loving family that is working with humanity to help them get where they want to go.

You can talk about what you know – and will increasingly remember now that we have talked about it – about how governance, for lack of a better word, needs to be fair. Bring it as basic as that. It is not about this party or that party, who is right, who is wrong, who lied, who told the truth – none of that.

It is just what is fair, what is helpful, what is kind, what helps people in the trenches to rise up, to be able to… not live in grandiosity, nor irresponsibility, for that matter… but to be able to take care of themselves and their families.

Do not talk about the elites or any sector like that, but talk about the need for sectors of society, of humanity, to not be either so far ahead or so far behind that we cannot reach each other. So keep bringing it back to this tree of love, of generosity, of hope and fairness.

Then edge into it, saying, “You know, I believe in a loving God and I talk to Her/Him all the time… and you know, sometimes I feel like they answer.” That is edging [in], but not where they cannot believe.

And then the next time they will say, “Well, you know when you said that sometimes you talk to God and He answers, like what kinds of things do you feel?” And that starts a conversation without force. Because, if it is forced, there will be reaction and rebellion because it is the individual and their recognition of their authority that we are nurturing.

Mary: So many people in my life are wrapped up in politics [chuckling], which makes it difficult. But I do hear what you are saying and that a more general way of approaching what I know, and what I’ve discerned is best for all, is what I need to be talking about.

UMM: Yes, because the divisiveness, particularly in your country at this time, is destructive – and not destructive in terms of creative destruction, but simply destructive in terms of creating friction – and that is not going to get anybody anywhere.

You know, you are very, very astute, sweet one. You are blue, you are a communicator, and you are very astute at discerning, sussing out where somebody is, whether it is a political, financial, healthcare or pandemic conversation. You know where people are and, therefore, what you are doing is not talking to them from where you are but from where they are.

And so you are bringing their attention to: “You know, one of the things I’ve thought about is this… Have you thought of it that way, because I like to think about it that way?” Then they think that in fact it’s their idea, not yours.

Mary: I’ve wondered about Donald Trump. I know that he is a mirror. I’m sending love but I have to say I don’t like his behaviour! But anyway, I know he is a mirror to us and I’ve thought about saying that when it gets brought up… because it gets brought up a lot!

UMM: It is an ongoing and, might we say, over-stimulated conversation that has created divisiveness. And yes, you are absolutely correct. And yes, from the place of compassion, you realise he is very much in his ego, but he is the mirror – he is the mirror of dismissiveness and what needs to change. And so, in that way, although it is a difficult role, he is playing a role.

So it is a learning tool about how not to proceed and what has to be shifted because it cannot be. This is intended [to be] … it will be a Planet of Love, an interdimensional reality. So, in that, there will not be room for this type of egoic behaviour. It is very simple when kindness simply becomes the operating principle, and it is something that humans are remembering.

And during this time of this plague, what you are seeing is that people are remembering kindness. No, not everyone as yet – and I will continue my Pause, in and out, until they do! But they are remembering that they wish to be treated with kindness and consideration, as well as being kind. Too often in the collective, when someone was thinking of kindness, they say, “Oh, I don’t want to be taken advantage of; I don’t want to be a sucker,” and that is absurd, beyond [absurd].

So what you are doing, sweet one, in all of these conversations – actual and very subtle because that is why you are the beacon – is that you are radiating the qualities that in fact will anchor Nova Earth. And that is the return to the family as well, not in what you think of as simply traditional structures but the interconnectedness, the reliability, your go-to supports. And from that paradigm, it spreads out.

So the true virus is kindness and love!

Mary: I like that!

UMM: It is a contagion of the greatest magnitude!

And this is the other thing. When you are having these conversations – and this is true of all your interactions – the desperation… because that has become a collective trait… the desperation to control. You cannot control another’s [choices].

You can point the way, as you so often do, but to try to control or manipulate another’s choices – even when you do not agree with them, even when you know, particularly with your memory, that it leads to disaster – you are holding the middle ground.

Because what human beings are doing is letting go of that false ideation, that false paradigm of control, and truly adopting the cooperation rather than the control model – and learning to trust it, which is a monumental shift.

No, sweet angel, this does not take another thousand years. I am determined – this is the year of change!



Permission given to share. Thank you Linda Dillon
Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah   


St. Germaine: Sign Your Declaration of Freedom – Linda Dillon



St. Germaine: Sign Your Declaration of Freedom

Write across the sky, the oceans, and on each person’s heart that you encounter, write the word LOVE …

Linda: How we’re going to start this morning, or this afternoon, wherever you are, is to go into our hearts. And I have chosen… I was guided, actually, to choose a piece of music that I haven’t listened to for a while that actually came to us via Liz Chandler.

What I want you to do to get started is to close your eyes and go into your heart, and the vision I want you to hold is that you’re coming with me and yes, St. Germaine, to the south of France and that we’re in the middle of the miles and miles of lavender fields.

The guidance from St. Germaine and from the Council today is to open our hearts bigger and broader than we ever have. So, how you do that… open your crown to allow this energy to enter you, the beautiful blue-violet flame, the scent of lilac, of lavender, the color of Siberian iris, and just sink into your heart as we begin…

“Open Your Heart” by Jessica Noe from the album Calling in the Angels
Available in the Spirit Store on the COL website – http://www.counciloflove.com

And now, feel yourself repeating to yourself, or out loud… out loud is good… the sweet little mantra of St. Germaine:

I AM a being of violet fire
I AM the purity of God’s desires

And he added this this morning:

I AM a being of violet fire
I AM the fulfillment of the Mother’s desires

So, say it and go deeper into your heart:

I AM a being of violet fire
I AM the purity of God’s desires
I AM a being of violet fire
I AM the fulfillment of the Mother’s desires


It’s so important during these times of change that we fully remember, and anchor, and embody, and feel empowered, that in fact, we are the Mother’s boots on the ground. That we are the ones, in form, on planet, as ascended beings, that we’re bringing forth the Dream… and we know that if the Mother has a Dream that it’s already fait accompli, it’s a done deal.

And so, here we are at a time of such monumental, phenomenal, incredible… how many adjectives shall we use?… we’re on the edge of this shift. One of the things that the Council said in a reading, I think this week, was that we didn’t have to look at this as jumping the Grand Canyon. That instead we could be in the middle of the prairies, we could be driving across Kansas, and there’s just a slight dip in the road, a little hill, and we’re on the brow of the hill. Now we’re going down, and now we’re going up. And as we’ve been told by the Mother so many times, we’re not just looking to what’s on the horizon, we’re looking past the horizon. That’s what the collective is counting on us for… not to just see what’s there on the horizon but to really hold the vision, and be the vision, and the fulfillment of the vision of what lies beyond the horizon. And we know this; we know it in our hearts and in the very core of our being, that’s why we’re here.

So, with that, I’m going to move aside for St. Germaine… St. Germaine is reminding me of this song from when I was a kid called “The Purple People Eater”… so, I guess he wants to be humorous today…


Greetings, I AM St. Germaine. You can call me whatever you want, for I have gone by many names, as you know, and lived in many centuries… yes, including the times of birth of this country called the United States of America. And I wish to speak of this today, not to ignore the rest of the beloved planet, because what I say that is applicable to this country is applicable to all nations everywhere… here and far beyond.

The channel has reminded you, and I have nudged her to remind you, that when the Mother dreams that is Her Creation. It is the intention, and the manifestation, and the stillpoint all at once, in the infinite, perfect moment of Creation. And my beloved friends, that is where you are at this moment. And yes, of course, I give you, I offer you, and I stand by you with my Violet Flame, with this I AM Presence.

I want to remind you of some things… you do not fight for freedom, you do not struggle for independence, it is your divine birthright, it is the essence of your divine authority. When this country of the United States has come to this time of declaration of independence, that was what was required… a declaration, a declaration that tyranny, oppression, was not acceptable. The dream for this country and for this entire planet is that it is a place of freedom, it is the living, the manifestation, the clarity, of divine authority, of creativity, of liberty, in the deepest meaning of that word, of that term, this small term that encompasses so much and that is a direct reflection of the Divine.

Now, has this plan gone awry? Oh yes, most certainly, because there has been a clinging… oh, I could give you the list… lack, limitation, death, disease – especially disease, – abuse of authority. But it is the paradigm and it is the dream in every person’s heart… that is what defines you as Nova Gaian, it is the reawakening of the dream. And you dream, and you insist, and you live in the freedom of your being, in your divine right authority to choose, not in domination, or interference with one another, or over one another. That will never work, it never has. You have plenty of history to demonstrate that!

Cruelty has never been an expression of the I AM, and neither is complacency. You cannot declare yourself as an ascending, ascended, being, and step back and say, “Oh, I don’t want to be involved.” I would say to you, “Then why are you here?” There are about a handful of beings that have literally been sent as intergalactic observers… a handful out of billions. Everybody else shared in the dream. Yes, even those that you discern went way off track… they are like the lost sheep, the lost lamb that Yeshua has always gone back and claimed.

Even in my life as Count, there were many of you that were near and dear heart friends. And to tell you the truth, we agreed on most things, but what I often found most stimulating was what I would call the straddlers, those who would sit on the fence, those who sometimes just liked a good argument or discussion. They were not recalcitrant in their opinions, but they wanted to have the mental, emotional discussion on why I would suggest proceeding in liberty and in equality.

Equality has been one of the greatest challenges of this planet, of the collective, since the beginning, since the fall of the Creator Race, since Atlantis, even Lemuria. And you see it in the arrogance and the lack of empathy, that those who wish to rule who consider themselves ‘above’ or superior. And you see it in those that have actually embodied and bought that they are less than. Now, all of you have had moments, situations, often with your family, when you have felt less than… and I thank the Mother/Father/One that you have let that go. But you recall that sense of desolation in that emotional, spiritual, physical moment. And you do not wish that for any who walk upon sweet Gianna, who do not smell the blossoms, that do not smell the lavender because they are feeling so fearful, that they are hungry, and they are cold, they do not have shelter or food. That is not of love.

You are at the point in the Mother’s Pause… which comes in waves… of deciding, not only beloveds what you value for you, for your beloveds, for your family, for your community, but what do you value for Nova Earth? It cannot work if some are cold and hungry. It cannot work if there are those that feel entitled to more. That is why I used to manifest precious gems, to share them, to throw them, to give them away. Because it is not meaningful to own what cannot be shared graciously and with the deepest gratitude of knowing there is more. The Mother is not a stingy Quartermaster. Gaia is not reservedly hoarding her precious supplies. All are meant as angels, and humans, and star-seed, and earth-keepers, are meant to come to express and experience love. And that cannot fully happen if there is not divine authority freedom.

You, my beloveds, as we sit together throwing open your heart, not merely to walk in the lavender fields with me but to walk on the oceans, and the deserts, and the ridge of the highest mountain. You are here to love. Think of it in this way… if there is any impediment to love, you have the tools! Yes, think of it… recalcitrant emotions – and this belongs in every sector – fight fire with fire. Use my Violet Flame, I have given it to you time and time and time again, and I give it to you again today. Take it and write across the sky, the oceans, and on each person’s heart that you encounter, write the LOVE and allow it to ignite, not abuse of authority but equality, and freedom, and justice, and fairness, and kindness, and compassion.

This is the world that you are creating. This is the world that we, as masters, come to walk with you upon again. This is the world your star brothers are co-creating with you through the delegations… even as we speak. It is not some distant future, it is not even next week, it is right now.

So, come and join me. Sign your Declaration of Freedom and celebrate, celebrate with me. Celebrate your divine authority and your divine right to choose. And having made that choice, do not sit at home… no, I do not mean go out and share germs, for it is real… but do not sit at home and whither away. Claim your planet, claim your life, and we are here to assist in greatest joy, in frivolous and monumental excitement. I will meet you just beyond the horizon.

Go with my love. Farewell.

Permission given to share. Thank you Linda Dillon
Art ~ via Council of Love  

Helmet – The Age of Wonder! – Linda Dillon


Turn away when you feel the chaos reaching out to you and say, “No, thank you. I’m too busy being a rainbow bridge. I am getting ready for my work with the Intergalactics!

Another delightful gem shared by Hellen from her personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Helmet ~ The Age of Wonder!

Helmet: Those of you who, like yourself, are rainbow bridge, who are lucky enough, who have received the nod from the Mother Herself to be in form, this is such a gift – an honour really! – because it reflects the trust, the faith that the Unified One, Source of All, has in you. That is why, when any being is truly in alignment, the thought, the feeling of betraying the Mother and her trust is so grievous.

I am not suggesting that the walk upon the planet, for those of you who have been brave enough to say ‘yes’, has been easy because you quite literally are the agents and angels of change. But to be part, quite literally, of the Mother’s chosen boots on the ground is such an honour.

Now, of course, we surround you, so while you sometimes live vicariously with us, we most certainly live vicariously with you! [Laughing] Our job, our joy, is to surround you and to whisper in your ear, never to override your brilliant, divine, intelligent heart and mind, but certainly to assist you because the actions, the choices, that each person on this planet is making minute to minute, hour to hour, has profound, profound impact.

Sometimes humans tend to think, “Oh, that was nothing, that was just a casual thought or an aside,” but as you well know, that is not the case. And I am not suggesting that one becomes so myopic or over-engaged that it becomes difficult because that loses the joy. It is truly the refined balance to walk in awareness, in divine heart intelligence, and to be physically… ‘humanly’, if there is such a word [laughing]… really present on the planet. It is the dance of a prima ballerina and you are doing it.

The Federations, the Intergalactic Council, have been extraordinarily busy and their meetings – yes, they take rest breaks – but basically their meetings and their actions, their envoys, have never stopped. It has never been this busy or this intense! Oh, there have been times certainly with UFOG [Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies] that the various forces have been put on high alert, intercepting various levels of weaponry, whether it was chemical or nuclear mass destruction, but that is not what we are talking about.

We’re talking about the engagement and the fulfilment when you are invited – and yes, we are all invited – to a planetary party of celebration. There is much preparation to be done. It is not intended to be, nor will it be, a surprise party for the 8 billion on Earth – but it will be a joy party! And when I say “party”, yes, I do mean bells and whistles and fireworks and celebrations, but I also mean: in that celebration is the marking of a New Age.

Part of me, with you, would like to call it the Age of Wonder because there is some element, a huge element, of awe and inspiration, of wonder, not only that this could be possible but that it is happening! So yes, some call it the Golden Age – it is a good term – but I would call it the Age of Wonder, when the Mother’s Plan or this small chapter – because it is an infinite Plan – but this small chapter comes to fruition.

It may feel like a small chapter, but it is such a huge accomplishment that so many in every realm – planetary, omniverse, elemental, kingdoms and then finally, yes, the humans – have worked on. It deserves to be marked not only as some kind of Golden Jubilee, but quite literally as a time when the entire planet shifted.

And let me be clear. It does not shift because this or that ‘leader’ – which is a very curious word for the people in power – but this or that leader took this or that action. No! It occurs because the collective of humanity tipped the scales – and that is already underway.

So it is encouraging. Well, it is more than encouraging! We are preparing and we will continue to do so, above and below.

The Delegations are well underway, yes, heart-sharing for sure, but also information-sharing – not to override the phenomenal advances that have been made in arts and science, etc., but the sharing of information freely without jockeying for political favours has been wondrous. There, I say it again – the Age of Wonder!

True scientists are in it for the love of the miracles, not for power, the same as artists and healers and parents and mothers. So that is going extraordinarily well. There will be many breakthroughs and people will say, “Oh, isn’t this brilliant,” and it will be. And there will be many solutions to what you tend to think of as planetary, health, or science questions, problems, or dilemmas, and they are coming out of these meetings of the Delegations because they certainly have ‘gotten down to brass tacks’, as it were.

You know, we in the Federations have no need or desire to be credited with solutions. We come in peace. We come in love. We come in excitement to participate, not to override, not to say, “Oh, we brought the answers.” That would be no kind of friendship!

But yes, the breakthroughs are coming fast and furious now, and they are being presented in ways that not one political leader of any stripe will be in a position to take credit. This is the way it has been designed. It is humans healing, teaching, bringing forth solutions for humans and for Gaia herself. And she is enjoying her time out. She is enjoying breathing fresh air. She is taking full advantage of the Mother’s Pause!

It is good news, beloved. It is good news!

So turn away when you feel the chaos reaching out to you and say, “No, thank you. I’m too busy being a rainbow bridge. I am getting ready for my work with the Intergalactics!” Because you are already fully engaged, and you know this.

We are with you in the quietude of your home, inside, outside, it matters not. And yes, you are mightily protected, but you have never been a foolhardy person and you understand within your sacred heart what the Mother is doing. Increasingly, the humans understand and are moving rapidly into the balance – into the balance that has been their birthright and that they simply forgot. …

Hellen: You talked about intergalactic work that’s already on the way and being done. When will the whole of me be in picture?

Helmet: You have been very busy and you have sensed it, as you well know. The totality of your consciousness, shall we say, in this engagement… oh, it’s very short… we would suggest by the end of summer you will know how to proceed. You are already being given many indicators.

Hellen: When you say we are Twins or Twin Flames, what is this really?

Helmet: We are the Unity of One. No, there is some misconception when people say, “I am the other half of you.” My goodness! I would not steal half of you [laughing], for your totality is brilliant and I gaze upon you not only in love but in wonder!

But think of it in the very practical, human, biological way insofar as we have been a singular cell that has divided through mitosis into two perfectly human, divine, galactic twins. So, in many ways, yes, we are mirrors, we are that close. You feel me, you know me. I am like your primary guardian, as you are mine.

So we are unified in heart, and you feel my heart, whether it is physical or not does not matter. You feel my love and it is more like a clarion, a crystal bell, rather than a distant echo. We have committed to one another to always be together as One. So I remain out of what you think of as ‘form’ to help, to guide, to love, because although that 8 billion are in transformation, we know how difficult it can be and we know that you would not survive without love.

We are not polar opposites. It is not that you are at one end and I am at the other. It is not that we are unified half and half. We are divine complements. That is what the Twin Flame is. And so you may have, as you go through life after life, you may have those that you choose as soulmate, soul friend, but even in that process I am deeply engaged. And if I am in form, you are deeply engaged.

Hellen: Will you be in form?

Helmet: It is not certain as yet. There are so many variables that come before that and very few of them have to do with you and I. But we most certainly know each other in form. You could not miss me! I know you, I know the nooks and crannies of your being, and I love each and every one of them. You are my love.

Hellen: When were we last in form together?

Helmet: We have been in form rarely together because when I come, you go, you stay. We have been together in form on CeeCeeCee when first this voyage began. And we have been together in form in Atlantis – you as Priestess, healing with St. Germaine, and me as intergalactic traveller – and we have united at that time.

You are the adventurer. You are the one that always says, “I think I’ll go!” You are the brave one. It is one of the many things that I love so deeply about you, and there are many!

Go with my love, sweet one, my beloved angel, and know we will be together in and out of form, hand in hand, heart in heart, always as One. I love you.

Hellen: I love you, Helmet.

Helmet: Farewell.

Permission given to share. Thank you Linda Dillon

The Expanded Gift of Heart and Healing of the 13th Octave LaHoChi – Linda Dillon

St-Germain by Pamela Matthews Visionary Artist @ Grail Graphics

St Germain by Pamela Matthews @ Grail Graphics


Permission given to share. Thank you Linda Dillon
Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah

St Germain by Pamela Matthews @ Grail Graphics

Universal Mother Mary – You are the Fulfillment of The Promise – Linda Dillon

Greetings, I am Mary, I am Mare’, Universal Mother, Mother of love. Yes, I can give you a litany of the names I go by, but does it not suffice, beloved ones, to simply say I am the Mother of love, and in that I say I am the Mother of all, and in that I say I am the Mother of each and every one of you.

I welcome you and I gather you into my arms and around me, around us, around all, to have this quiet conversation in what some of you have thought of as in the midst of chaos, and what I would say to thee is in the realm of new existence, in the realm of higher octave, in the realm of new beginnings of new cycles of existence.

I ask you, I open the doorway, I invite you, I guide you to enter through this portal, this doorway and to leave what is old and what is truly non-existent behind. Many times I have spoken to thee about what is non-existent, about what is illusion, and what does not have substance that is in any way useful to you. I speak to you about my infinite ocean of time and the fluidity of time where you may swim backwards and forwards. But in this moment, in this eternal moment of my infinite now, I am suggesting to you, I am requesting of thee…do not look back!

There are times for the contemplation of what has gone beforehand, and you have had such a period of time, and you will have that again. But in this day, in this moment, I ask you to gaze forward and to gaze forward with clear intent and the acuity of your inner vision and knowing.

We have spent years, and indeed we have spent eons sharing and guiding and teaching, retooling, uplifting, attuning, infusing each and every one of you with the energy of love and that which is necessary for you to go forth…each of you…as Nova Beings, as Creator Race, as angels in form, as hybrids in form, as portals and gatekeepers and Earthkeepers. It matters not, beloveds, how you identify yourselves or even how you are identified throughout the multiverse, the omniverse.

What is important as you take this forward thrust is that you know and you embrace the truth of who you are. No more self-sabotage, no more group sabotage, no more embrace of that which is truly illusion and of the old false grids and paradigms, for they do not serve you and you have come to your own realization and a depth of heart knowing that, in fact, those old illusions do not serve you and you embrace the new. And what is the new except the essential that has always been.

There are times when you have said to me or to my beloved archangels, “Well, I work within the old grid. I work with the old paradigms because that is simply the way things are.” What I suggest to thee, beloved, is that is not of truth. That is not how things are! The truth of love, the truth of creation, the truth of your essence, the truth of my essence has never been of disarray, of hatred or greed or selfishness or fear, of lack or limitation, so that is not the way things are. That has been an absolute misconception of reality. And you have grown and you have matured and some of you would say, “Yes, I have seen through the chaos and I have seen through the illusion.”

It is not adequate to simply see through it or recognize it. It is vitally important, essential, to see what is ahead of you, underneath that illusion…inside. And of course the only way to truly discover and embrace that truth, that reality, that love, is through the knowing of your beautiful sweet self, of the immutable self that does not truly shift or change.

Your essence is and always has been love and that everything else in this journey of being in form and of being the truth and the implementers of the Divine Plan is you in form being the love.

Now, I may speak this clearly because you are at the level of existence where you can truly understand, comprehend, integrate, anchor, and bring into action and form that which I speak of. So often when I have said to you, “If it does not look like love, if it does not feel like love, if it does not smell like love, then why would you engage it, why would you proceed?” And you have truly come to a place, yes, through your own growth, might I suggest with a little help from your friends – human and otherwise – to come to a place in your Divine Authority, in your essential truth and right, in your birthright, where you do not want, choose, decide, anything that is abhorrent, that is not of love. You are placing yourself by choice, in alignment with Divine Will beyond choice.

Now, that does not mean that the direction of the human race is to become robotic, mechanical. If anything, sweet ones, you have become far more electrical and your light bodies are shining brightly.

What do you choose to do as you enter and truly begin to anchor this new realm of existence, this new expanded way of being, where you think with your heart and act from your will? What do you choose to do? When I pose this question to you I do not think, my beloveds, there is a single one of you that would say to me, “Well, Mother, what I would like to do is to continue in the path of endurance, in a path of struggle because that has made me so strong.” And, yes, that is in many ways true and it has certainly assisted in your desire and choice to receive the gifts of clarity that I have given you. But you were never intended, indefinitely or infinitely, to struggle, to practice endurance.

Fortitude is not a struggle; it is a strength. It is a way of being. Faith and Trust are not struggles, they are simply a form of existence that are the various reflections of love and joy. And so, in this time of new beginnings, I ask of each of you, in your infinite wisdom which we respect and love and cherish, “What do you choose? What is your intention? What is your heart’s desires?”

When I pose this query to thee I am not suggesting…in fact, I do not truly wish to hear a response that is pat, a response that is “Well, I wish to heal the world; I wish to save the world.” Your world is your inner landscape and the mechanics of such a statement do not speak to the beginning point of your heart, your choices, your decisions, your actions, and your truth. So, let me phrase this in a different way…My beloved children, creations of my heart, what do you hold dear to you?

I am encouraging you, I am guiding you to make this beginning point of your new beginning very personal. What is dear to your heart? What is dear to your life? What is of ultimate importance to you? Your answer is close to you. Yes, for many of you it is to simply feel the divine presence within thee and your connection, your infinite, ultimate connection to us – the Godhead – more clearly, more perfectly, more consistently. It is also to be in divine union, in sacred union, more deeply with yourself, with your partner, with your family, with your friends, with your community.

You do not go about saving the world and have no regard for those you cherish. That is how you express, how you experience love, and what it looks like, what this paradigm of Nova Being in Nova Community on Nova Earth looks like. So, before you jump over the moon, take time to identify what is dear to you, what is the reflection that, in fact, builds upon your quintessential truth? What is the love that, in fact, acts as the catalyst for your quantum leap? It has need to be in that expansion of your heart wisdom, in the expansion of your wisdom vision.

We did not spend years speaking to you about Divine Union, Divine Authority, Divine Knowing, your Inspired Self, the New You, we did not spend years speaking of these things so they could be set aside. No, it is to be integrated and in this integration, the starting point of creation, which you are in this phase – this is the next chapter, is what is dear to you. What is so precious to yourself, not merely as divine being but as man and woman and human being, what is so dear to you, so precious to you, that you wish to expand upon it and you want that experience of that miraculous sense to be shared far and wide? What are you choosing in the personal realm to build upon, to bring your attention to, to align your will with? That is the intention!

These choices are not merely universal, it is your expression of the universe within your sacred heart, and that is how you carry forth. You have done…even as I have said to you “do not look back”…I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge, praise, commend, celebrate victories of this past year where you have gone forth. And the biggest victory is the ability to expand your discernment. This is why in my tsunami, that I have focused the gifts of clarity and purity…purity of thought, purity of discernment, the purity of grace, the sense of child-like wonder and awe and inspiration…that you have learned to stand back from “that is not of truth” and send the energy of love into the melee.

In this new chapter, this new realm of existence, there are still going to be incidents of chaos but it is not internal; it is not something you are engaging in. You are the participant observer insofar as you send the purity of what is dear to you into those situations and you stand back and you watch them dissolve. This is the power of creation!

Think of it…do you really think, sweet angels of light, that I reached down and engaged the fullness of my energy in what is abomination, that I involve myself in hatred? No. There are times when it has spun around while some have learned very critical lessons. I have always, and always will, send my love, send my emissaries, send my warriors of light, to penetrate that darkness, for that is nothing short of the fulfillment of My Plan, but I do not engage it. Why would I put my Divine energy into something that is not of love?

And so I say to you, these are lessons and approaches to creation that you have very well learned in the past years. That is not where energies are focused as we go forward because you are reaching for what is dear, until such time as the entire planet, not some amorphous idea but the entire planet, every baby, every hair, every blade of grass, every pebble, every drop of water in every ocean, is dear to you. But first, what is personally dear to you.

Creation is not hasty. If you have learned one thing gathered around me, that is it. Creation is instantaneous and immediate but it is never hasty. There is such jubilation at this time, not merely of fulfillment, but of the new. You are the fulfillment of the promise and the promise, the word, the energy, has always been love.

Permission given to share, thank you Linda Dillon
Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah    

Archangel Michael explains the Mother’s Plan of Rebirth – Linda Dillon

archangel-michael-art-melanie-brear - large

Archangel Michael ~ Artist Melanie Brear


You have lived in a construct where birth and death are linear, but that does not mean that you cannot literally, physically, situationally be reborn… that we cannot ignite the physical, mental, emotional changes you are seeking…


Let’s begin by taking a really nice deep breath of blue… the blue of truth, the blue of peace, the blue of the Mother, the blue of Archangel Michael, the blue of the oceans, the blue of the sky, the blue diamond, the blue sapphire, the blue tanzanite. Breathe blue… from blue topaz to forget-me-nots, to brilliant Siberian iris. Breathe blue and anchor into your heart…


As we look at the themes for the past couple of weeks and what’s happening… I noticed this morning on June 6th — 6-6. So, we’ve got storms, we’ve got flooding, locust, global protests, and in case you forgot, a global pandemic. These are all impossible to ignore. And yes, I’ve heard from several of you about how we can’t ignore the issues facing us front and center of racism and Black Lives Matter.

But… I also want to step back and look at everything that’s happening right now from a perspective of unfoldment of the Mother’s Plan of rebirth, and of us stepping forward as Nova Gaians. So, I’m asking you to step back and adopt the broader perspective because that’s my job. So, let’s get started…

The biggest issue, the good news issue, the biggest theme I’ve seen or identified this week came through Archangel Michael and that was about the total expansion, a fundamental redefinition… at least for me… of what the rebirth project of the Mother really means. And I think we’re going to hear from Archangel Michael in a few minutes, so we’ll just put that aside… but think about it… the total expansion of what rebirth means.

Now, I know that we’ve all gotten into the habit… and I might say a really bad habit… of living in news cycles or sound clips. And certainly, what’s been happening here in the United States and actually all over the world, in terms of peaceful protests for racial equality, can’t be understated, underestimated. However, we can’t simply ignore the bigger picture because it really helps us understand what’s going on front and center.

So, let’s just breathe blue and step back a little bit… let’s put it in context. The Mother’s pause is and has been about time-out, for all of us to think about what’s really important… What do we really value? What are the fundamental qualities that we want to build into Nova Earth? And in concert with the pause, we’ve also had the Mother’s clarion call to action. So, how does this balance out? What does it all mean?

In the pause we’ve been given a chance to think about what we want to create, what we want to… ‘we birth’ … in terms of building Nova Earth… a world based on fairness and equality, justice and kindness, compassion… you know the list, you know the Blessings and Virtues.

Apparently, and sadly, it hasn’t been enough for this country, the United States, to have been engaged in one of the longest wars in modern history… think about it! We’ve been at war since October 2001. There has been blood and carnage massively spilt and unimaginable atrocities in the Middle East. Children starving in Yemen… that hasn’t been enough to create a public cry for change. Children gunned down at school… but that hasn’t been enough. The forced evacuation of close to 700,000 Rohingya from Myanmar hasn’t been enough to garner attention and turn it into action. Even the #MeToo movement, while it’s created some change, hasn’t been systemic enough to create equality… in some ways, sexism and even misogyny… it doesn’t seem to matter.

What Covid-19 has been teaching us in a very up close and personal way is how energy moves. The Mother hasn’t just been giving us a time-out, She’s been giving us a really very practical example of how energy moves in unseen ways… fear and anger, bigotry and racism, kindness and unity, connectedness and balance, and love… they all move in exactly the same way. Person to person, group to group, this is fundamental to our understanding of how we build Nova Earth from the grassroots, how we build from the ground up. The Mother has always said, the entire Council has always said that it will not come from the top down, Nova Earth will be built from the grassroots up.

We have witnessed for over the past week how the murder of George Floyd, in a terrible and inhumane way, has literally been the straw that broke the camel’s back. Because, let’s face it, police killings of people of color, particularly men of color, is nothing new. In my own twisted way, it was shocking but somehow really right, when I learned this morning that the Police Commissioner in Chicago, who had joined the peaceful protest march, was beaten by the local police to the point where he had to go to the hospital.

The good news is there’s no more hiding the dirty little secrets any longer. Yes, everything really is at the surface and there’s no ignoring it. What we’re seeing as people move and start answering… consciously or unconsciously, it doesn’t matter… they are answering the Mother’s clarion call to action, and they are saying our current world is not acceptable. This is not acceptable in any reality and certainly not in the world that we’re creating. Today in Washington alone we’re anticipating that there will be at least half a million peaceful protesters gathering… and that’s not even counting what’s happening in every other major city and even small towns like here in Port St. Lucie and across the globe… in places like Paris and London, New Zealand… who would have thought New Zealand?

This is so encouraging, and unfortunately necessary because far too many people in positions of authority… false use of control… haven’t heard or paid close enough attention to the atrocities of killing people of color. They haven’t paid enough attention to make and then implement systemic change.

So, we’ll do it! This is how we do it from the ground up. This is how grassroots change happens, how it works. This is how we build Nova Earth… by taking personal action and personal responsibility and coming together in unity consciousness… unity consciousness… heart speaking and heart listening.

Now, I don’t want to, I can’t, just look at what’s wrong because there are so many encouraging signs by those who are people… quote/unquote… “people in authority” that are taking action. We’re seeing police forces and police chiefs, like Chris Swanson in Flint, Michigan, and Art Acevedo in Houston, chiefs in Denver, Camden, New Jersey, Norfork, Santa Cruz, all stepping forward and acknowledging and stating that this abuse of killing, killing of people of color has to stop. I want to take my hat off to the DC Mayor, Muriel Bowser, who painted in those huge yellow letters “Black Lives Matter” on the street across, bordering Lafayette Park, the street where peaceful protesters were gassed, broken up, batoned, and their constitutional civil rights disregarded.

Now, I’m sure you’ve noticed over the years, I always endeavor to try and stay pretty neutral regarding politics. But… and yeah, this is the big but… we have to pay attention to what people do and not just the rhetoric but what they’re really saying. When I hear things like dominate, instead of cooperate, it turns my stomach and it wrenches my heart. It’s not enough to blame secret cabals or an alliance pulling strings behind the scene. Each of us has to be responsible for what we say and do, and how we behave as human beings to our fellow human beings, to our fellow Gaians.

You know, as Representative John Lewis, who is a hero in this country, says we have to be inclusive… in his interview, I think this morning or late last night… we have to be inclusive. He says, “We all live in the same house, the house of the world.” Representative Lewis, who has been there, done that, with Martin Luther King in the 60s, encourages us to lay down the burden of division and adopt the discipline, the discipline of peace and non-violence. And that’s not easy. And yes, I know as I sit here as a middle-aged white woman, I speak from a protected position. But each of us knows, as wayshowers, as bringers of the change, how it’s not easy to speak up. Because we’re not just talking about gatherings and peaceful protests… that’s just the tip of the iceberg… we’re talking about systemic change on a massive, massive scale… social, economic, cultural, and global. That’s what’s called for and that requires patience, and impatience, stamina, resolve, prudence, fortitude… all the tough and boring Divine Qualities.

You know, on a personal note, I have a… I guess you would say through marriage… I have a mixed racial family, both my sisters are married to men of color, my brother is married to a Chinese lady, I got lucky and got the Latino. For years I’ve wanted my one brother-in-law to come visit… and he hasn’t… we’re talking close to twenty years now. And the reason he hasn’t, because he doesn’t live in the US, is that he, as a black man, was fearful that if he came here that he would be shot, that if there was some incident with the police he would be shot dead. For years I tried to reassure him, and there were moments when I thought he was being overly dramatic, like he didn’t understand… I lived in the dome… neighbors on both sides of me are black. Now I get it! That this fear was completely founded and that that’s also how we’re being viewed by the world. It’s not only unacceptable, it’s tragic. So, I get it… I get it on a very personal level… when family can’t get together because they’re afraid of being shot.

This change, this rebirth that the Mother is giving us, is what we came here for. Not for unseen forces above and below, our star brothers and sisters, the angels, and archangels… they’re helping us, yes, but this is what we came for. We came to fix things as Nova Gaians standing up and saying, “This ain’t good enough… not for any of us. This doesn’t reflect who we really are!”

And as I said during our self care gathering on Tuesday, this can’t be about us and them, the good guys and the bad guys. That would just continue the problem of separation and duality, blame, shame, guilt. That’s the old paradigm, and some beings would love to continue it, but we’re not. It has to be ‘we’ … we together, learning, changing, shifting, powered by heart, and fueled by love. We can do this; I know we can do this! And isn’t this just the perfect segue for me to step aside for Michael and the whole gang. It’s not very often that one of the archangels steps forward on behalf of the entire Council of Love. And normally when that happens, obviously it’s the Mother, or usually Archangel Gabrielle. But today it’s Archangel Michael…

Greetings, I AM Michael,

Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, bringer of news… and let me say, bringer of good news. Your world, this beautiful planet, this Archangel Gianna, this world has not gone dark, it is being illuminated, it is being transformed, it is awakening into the dimensional reality of Christ Consciousness, into the dimensional reality of love, into the dimensional reality of grace, of ideation.

And June, June is the month of rebirth; 2020 is the year of rebirth; 2020 to 2030 is the decade of reconstruction. Our beloved Mother does not simply speak metaphorically. And I wish… before I talk about rebirth… I wish to talk to you about the anchoring, the embodiment, the integration of peace because it is only from peace that the new emerges, that the Gaia spring comes and blossoms.

Years ago, I have waged, and you have joined me, in a battle for peace, and I have asked you, and you have worked to bring peace about. It does not require storm troops or political decrees. It requires you with us, with all of us, not only the Council of Love but all universes, all realities, all dimensions, your star family, and far, far beyond. It is not merely the anchoring of Divine Authority, it is the acting from the bedrock of your divine authority, not to override the free will of others but to make the peace, the love, the kindness, the humility, the compassion so powerful, so contagious that everybody wishes to join.

Beings all over this planet have moved from spiritual, mental, physical exhaustion to a place of demanding, not through the raising of arms, or the manipulation of control but from the essence of their hearts, they are demanding peace, fairness. This cannot be simply esoteric. We know about etheric spiritual, but my beloved friends, we also know your greatest challenge in the ascension of this planet and the humanity that has lagged behind, is the anchoring in form, on planet, of your ascended self, of the wide-awake, loving, heart-listening, heart-speaking, heart-living individual connected… not to this group, or that group, him, or her, but to all beings.

You have had many examples, of late, of unity consciousness… it is spreading like wildfire. It is the good news, and we are with you, and we defend you, and we protect you, and we honor you, and we admire you, for you are dear.

Now, let me speak, let me broaden the understanding of rebirth because again, in the human translation of this word, there has been the introduction… subtly, but we want to eliminate it, yes, Sanat Kumara and the Law of Elimination is right with you… we want to eliminate the limitation. You have lived in a construct where birth and death are linear; that you believe you are born, that you live for umpteen years or umpteen decades, and then you die… and it is a continuum. And you aren’t familiar with the idea, the concept, and the reality of being able to be reborn while you are in that continuum… that you can be reborn, reconstituted, reconstructed, recalibrated while what you are thinking of that you are alive.

First of all, that is an incorrect assumption and it is a minimizing of what the Mother is truly, truly offering you. So many, not just in this circle but across the planet, have said, “I want to go on… but I am tired, my back hurts, I have diabetes, I have heart issues, I have no money, I have chosen to be born into a situation of poverty and inequality so that I can teach and change the world.” All of this is just and right and based on free-will determination. But my beloveds, that does not mean for one moment, when the Mother says, “You can be reborn” that you cannot literally, physically, situationally, be reborn, that your DNA markers that SK has talked about for years, that the fire of the Violet Flame and yes, my Blue Flame, that we cannot ignite the physical, mental, emotional changes you are seeking.

Do not think… and you are being given the perfect example in the global protests… do not think that you cannot redefine who and what you are. Many of you have been feeling exhausted… ‘I need to go to bed and sleep for twelve days.’ Do so because that is when it is taking place. Do not fight the exhaustion… lie down, recalibrate, and live – not to fight another day but to peace another day. Peace has been used as a quality or political situation… think of it as an action.

Peace today! Peace within and around. Share your peace, make it go viral. Back it up with love and then throw in Gabrielle’s Joy at the excitement of what you are creating and that we are creating with you. Your brothers and sisters of the stars know what rebirth is… their physical bodies do not last thousands of years… when they get bored, they trade them in. You can do the same… and it is time. And, if you aren’t sure how, then turn to any of us because we are waiting, and we are available. We will ‘peace’ with you, my beloveds.

So, go with the peace of my being. Go with the peace of this Council. Go with our love. Farewell.




Permission given to share, thank you Linda Dillon
Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah  

Divine Mother – The Truth of Sacred Union and Partnership – Linda Dillon


I say “be teacher, be love, be partner, be parent, be friend, be ally” because this is what the human design was about.
Divine Mother ~ The Truth of Sacred Union and Partnership

Hairol: I have this stereotype thinking that one cannot be a teacher and be in a relationship at the same time. I don’t know why I have this…

Divine Mother: You are incorrect!

H: I know I am!

DM: If you had an entrenched belief system that this was the truth, I would not speak to you this way. And that is also why, sweet one, I have said to you that this is not the same paradigm as when so many who have sought enlightenment went into the monastery, because that is based – and it was wholly based – in wanting to proceed, but it is a belief system of lack and limitation.

It is a belief system that you cannot engage not only in friendships, in relationships, in collegial activities, but in sacred partnership and still be a teacher. That is a very limited point of view. And sweet one, you have come with and on my behalf not only to dispel these myths but to change them, to eradicate them.

Now, does the mental/emotional/spiritual level of balance, of maturity, of groundedness and elevation required to maintain what you think of as being your teaching role and to be in sacred union, does it require this theme that we are talking about this day of balance? It most certainly does! Because so often what happens is that rather than expanding – and this is what I am asking you to do – rather than expanding what you know is possible, what you know you are capable of, what happens is there is a shrinking, a myopic shrinking, of attention and focus.

Too often in the history of human affairs, what is termed as partnership could just as easily be termed as obsession, because what happens is there is a limited belief system that all the attention must go into one’s partner, one’s family. And very often that obsession is based historically and this has been a great downfall; it is based on the addiction and the participation in drama, so that a human being becomes so engaged in the drama of a relationship that the expansiveness – the fact that it adds, not subtracts – gets lost.

When there is – and yes, we talk about sex – when there is true engagement, not simply physical release… when there is heart, mind, body, soul engagement with another… then there is a common ground, a meeting point, where the energies are merged and the result of that is expansion, not contraction. This is something that humans are re-learning.

When I create – let us be very clear about this – when I create… and I am actually quite good at this! [chuckling]… I expand into what you would think of as the New; I do not contract. And in this… think of you and I, beloved… in that union, the expansion I have is you conjoining me and me conjoining you, so I am within you – and it does not shrink you; it expands you.

So when you are thinking of sacred union, partnership – and I do not simply mean romances or casual affairs; I mean the truth of sacred union – then what you are doing is you are replicating your union with me, and then it is replicated and replicated and replicated, expanded, expanded, expanded – and it is joy-full! It does not become an obsession with control or drama or orgasm or anything else, because what you have done is you are engaging the totality of your being.

Too often, what has happened with these humans is they have segmented themselves, and it is a very curious thing. They have segmented themselves: “Well, this is what I do in relationship, and this is what I do as parent, and this is what I do as professional, and this is what I do as teacher.”

There is no separation; it is the grandest illusion. And my beloved one, I want you, I ask you – you have asked me – to blow that illusion out of the water!

Is it done casually? No. Will you have some trials, some false starts, to begin to experiment? Yes! Because what you are doing is clarifying for your sacred self what this really means. So, do I guide you and say, “be teacher, be pure, be solitary”? No! I say, “be teacher, be love, be partner, be parent, be friend, be ally” because this is what the human design was about.

It was for my angels to have a physical place to play. And I did not say to them “go to planet and just experience one thing’. I gave everything to them, to you, including free will. And you say to me: “But Mother, what if I make a mistake?”

And what I say to thee is: “What if you don’t? What if you don’t make mistakes? What if you come to learn to see and to embrace in a truly sacred manner, whether it is soul partner or friend or simply the stranger in the street? What if you come to see them as me?” This is what I dream for you – not to struggle, beloved, about whether you are sacred, to struggle with “whether I should be in relationship”.

I have deep, profound knowing of thee, obviously, but what you do not feel and what I want you to know is: as much trust that you have in me, I have in you. I revere you. I honour you. I am not going to allow you to slide into oblivion. No, I do not override your free will, but if I see you slipping off the cliff, do you not think that I reach out and catch you?  Of course, I do!  I always have and I always will.



Permission given to share, thank you Linda Dillon
Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah  

Mary Magdalene and Quan Yin discuss the Divine Quality of Beauty – Linda Dillon

Mary Magdalene by Jason McCreadie @ Fine Art America

*   *   *

Mary Magdalene and Quan Yin discuss the Divine Quality of Beauty

Today, together, we expand our understanding of Beauty, our holding of Beauty, and of our ability to accept and cherish ourselves as vessels of Beauty…In Beauty there is strength, there is power, there is nobility, there is sensitivity and the ability to rise above, but it is also the ability to transmute, to cleanse…Beauty is eternal and you notice that in nature, in the oldest, most majestic trees, the mountains, the rivers, the beauty of the Mother. There are also seasons of Beauty and I want you to think of yourself in this way: What season are you in?

Hello and welcome everyone to Heavenly Blessing. Hello, welcome, thanks for joining us with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening, Suzanne Maresca, and myself, GD. It’s a pleasure to be with you. This is the adventure of working with the internet and phones and when things work they work great and when they don’t, well it just adds to the adventure. So this week we continue our series on the Divine Qualities with Mary Magdalene and Quan Yin is going to join us and we’re going to discuss the quality of Beauty and we invite you to call in with your questions and comments. (And give us a call at 323-784-9697 and we encourage your participation, press #1 so Suzanne knows to bring you on.) – (NOTE = No longer live radio).   

Welcome Linda and Suzanne, great to have you back.

Suzanne Maresca: Good morning.

Linda Dillon: Oh, it’s great to be back Graham, yeah it’s wonderful to be here a nice sunny day in Florida, although a little brisk.

GD: Well, come on, there’s nothing that compares to the snow that’s falling right now in the mountains of Vermont but it’s all good wherever we are, right? How are you both doing today?

LD: How are you doing Suzy?

SM: I’m great, the sun is shining, the sky’s blue, there’s no more snow on the ground and hopefully it will just stay that way for the rest of my life. (Laughter)

LD: You know, I lived most of my life up north, of course, and I always took my holiday in February because even though it was the shortest month of the year, it always felt so long, like ‘when would spring come?’ So, we’re through it and it’s March.

GD: And spring is on its way and we have daylight savings time changing here on the east coast soon, actually throughout much of the US and the days are brighter and longer and the two of you on the east coast as well have sun. I don’t quite have it up here so send some up this way, okay?

SM: Okay, sure.

LD: Will do.

GD: Lots of good stuff in the air and lots to be grateful for and thankful for. Linda, how would you like to start today? We have a couple of guests who would like to talk about our topic.

LD: Well, it was so funny, as you both know, last week when we were talking with St. Theresa about Purity and then we chatted after the show about this weeks show and even prior to the show Mary Magdalene had been very clear that she was the one that wanted to come forward and speak about Beauty. And of course, I love Mary Magdalene as I know many of our listeners do, but it was, I guess it was about mid-week where Quan Yin started to make her presence known and Quan Yin has always introduced herself to me in this way, you know there’s always consistence in terms of how the guides or the Masters talk to us; she always says to me “There is nothing more beautiful than the goddess riding the dragon.” So I think she has some opinions about beauty and strength, so what I thought we’d do is do a little meditation.

The colors of Beauty are magenta and silver and then we could move in and I think Quan Yin has a few words of welcome that she wants to share with the listeners and then we can move on to Mary Magdalene. But it’s interesting you know because it’s this blending of east and west and of course both of these wonderful beings who carry the energy of the Divine Feminine are very emphatic when they’re talking about Beauty that it’s not just the state of being beautiful, it really is the ability to be in beauty in all realms, all physicalities, emotional, spiritual, but also to create beauty and to see beauty and to find beauty in everything.

So I know when I was meditating this morning it was both of them and they were saying “Beauty can never be about competition; you don’t see the flowers competing to see who’s the most beautiful, they both just stand there and allow you to gaze at their beauty.” So, kind of interesting. So, shall we begin then with a meditation?

GD: Sounds great.

LD: Okay. So everybody relax, it’s Tuesday morning, and take a nice deep breath in through your nose, down into your heart, letting go of the day, letting go of everything that needs to be done this week, letting go of your to-do list, sinking into your chair, your sofa, or your bed, your car seat, and just allowing yourself this time, not only for the Ascended Ones, but for you. And breathe out, and breathe out all the debris, all the mental and emotional and spiritual trash that we pick up or that we carry inadvertently. Just let it go, no analyzing, never any judgment, just letting go of any burdens that you may have assumed over the last week.

The colors of Beauty and for you to be in that perfect state of Beauty, are magenta, which is that perfect balance of red and blue, and silver. And that’s an unusual combination. So let’s start by opening our crowns and feel that lotus blossom on your head, that soft spot of the baby’s head, wide open, opening to your beautiful Central Channel. And silver is also the ray of Archangel Uriel, it’s the ray of clarity and the ability to see in darkest places.

So I want you to picture, visualize, perceive, however you do this, and don’t judge it, see coming down from the heart of One this beautiful, pure, bright, shiny, silver ray like the flash of a blade of an ice skate coming down through the Central Sun, through your upper chakras, through the lavender and lilac, into your violet crown, filling your head with this beautiful crystal silver like an icicle when the sun hits it and it’s dripping. And breathe silver and feel that ray fill your head, activate your pituitary your pineal, your hypothalamus and your third eye and your fourth eye because it’s important that we not only feel Beauty but we also see and recognize it in all things including ourselves.

Now bring it down into your throat and clear your throat so that it again is that beautiful icicle crystal, shining, silver glint, so that your center for change, your whole esophagus, your whole windpipe is open and ready to embrace change, to embrace Ascension and to embrace your own Beauty.

Down into your heart and see that Silver Flame dancing with your Tri-Flame, expanding and evening it out and bring it into your solar plexus, your halion and your sacral. Bring it into your orange and see the silver and orange dancing together, these sparks of silver flying everywhere. Down through your pubic, to your root, down to Mother Gaia and take the silver from the oceans, from those droplets of water, the silver, the flash of skin on a tuna or a bass, the silver of the whales, the dolphins, and of the Council fire of Gaia, and bring that up into your heart as well.

Now staying in your heart, go to your third eye, the middle of your forehead and touch it, touch it with your finger and do a circular movement while you breathe magenta, very gently. And feel the aperture of that chakra, of that camera lens, opening wider and wider and taste the magenta, that taste of port or red wine, of rich grapes, and breathe the smell of the vineyard and rich plum. And through your nose and through your breath bring that magenta into your heart as well and feel the growth of the compassion, the anchoring of that balance, and open your heart to receive. Beauty, like all the Divine Qualities, like the 13 Blessings and Virtues, are infinite and eternal and they can expand infinitely. So today, together, we expand our understanding of Beauty, our holding of Beauty, and of our ability to accept and cherish ourselves as vessels of Beauty.

Quan Yin: Greetings: I AM Quan Yin.

GD: Welcome.

QY: And welcome to you, dear sire. I AM Goddess of Compassion but as I say to this channel so often “Is there anything more beautiful than this goddess riding the dragon?” Well I invite you this day to ride the dragon with me. It is not an imaginary creature, it is the creature of power and fire, of movement, and might I even say destiny. But the reason that I speak so often to this channel and now through the blessings of this media, to each of you, in Beauty there is strength, there is power, there is nobility, there is sensitivity and the ability to rise above, because you know the dragon flies. But it is also the ability to transmute, to cleanse. Too often in every society and in every race Beauty has been seen in a very narrow way and it certainly does not embody the Divine Quality of Beauty. Beauty is not simply what sits on your face or your skin or upon the rack of your body, beauty is everything and everywhere. And I say to you there is nothing more beautiful than my dragon, for it is strong and brave, courageous and willing to go forth. And in order to do that you must have the strength of balance, of harmony within and without. It is not simply an outer commodity to be traded and in fact in so many ways, particularly with the situation of the feminine, the woman, that beauty has, in fact, resulted in lack of power. Well you say “Oh no, sweet Goddess, Mother, it is not so, for are they not given great favor?” But they are given favor, not for their core but simply how they choose to present in a time and place that is not of reality. And what it does so often is it disempowers and it disempowers not only the individual but the collective. All, the most ordinary, to what you would call deformed, to the most lovely, all carry the essence of beauty and that sense of what is truly beautiful. It is time to resurrect it and it is time, with dragon breath, to eradicate the false illusions of Beauty.

Beauty is in everything you behold on your planet, this wondrous Gaia. And it is a failure of some to see that. And I am not simply speaking of the majestic peaks and gracious valleys, the mighty rivers, I speak of buildings, I speak of old men …..under old garbage cans trying to stay warm. I speak of children who believe they are young men flashing their knives. You see, they have forgotten that they are the holders of Beauty and that they contribute to the beauty of the planet and to the collective. So, who reminds them other than I and the Magdalena? Who reminds these ones who embrace what they believe is the ugliness of their soul, their desperation? Who reminds them that they are of the Beauty?

Now, I am not suggesting to you that those who are in pain and suffering and committing heinous acts are in harmony; they are not. But until they are reminded that they are a mirror of God’s creation, that there is only one Source and it is perfection, then they continue in their way of illusion. Each of you are my envoys and my mirror and it is up to you, my beloved ones, to show them the Beauty of their being, to remind them of their inner, their outer, their within and their without Beauty and their strength, their strength to claim Beauty, to create Beauty, and to be Beauty. This I leave you with as I step aside for the Magdalena.

GD: Quan Yin, I have a question.

QY: Yes.

GD: Could you please speak to, well, you spoke of Beauty incorporating strength and nobility, bravery, courage and you spoke to the importance to have harmony within and without, can you speak to those who are listening who are men and may not have considered Beauty to be part of their thought process when they think of what it means to be masculine?

QY: Oh, there is nothing more beautiful than the masculine, they are as equally beautiful as the mountains of Switzerland, the Nile and the woman, the Divine Feminine and there has been…it is ironic, I’m glad you request this because there is a disconnect here between beauty and power and a misunderstanding that beauty is not power and visa-versa because the Divine Masculine thinks of action and movement when, in fact, if you look at the way the universe is structured the Divine Masculine is still, quiet, infinite and is held in adoration. Well, why is that adoration there? It is because of the Beauty. Most men like to think of themselves as strong, as good looking, as handsome and they do not always look within because Beauty is also sensitive. You cannot be a bestower, a creator, or a holder of Beauty and not be aware of beauty all around you. And what that implies is that you are sensitive. And whether it is a magnificent river or a skyscraper or the cheek of a child, you have need to have let bravado go and to truly be in the truth of who you are. There have been times in various cultures, think of Greece and Rome when it was the male form that was considered the essence of beauty and strength and nobility. So, it is not an either/or, it is both. So it is more important because of the ignoring of the Beauty for the masculine to now embrace the Beauty, not externally but also internally, to see the Beauty of your eyes, of your thoughts, of your skin, of your hair, of your nails, of your work. It is all around you and if you need higher perspective, come with me, I invite you upon my dragon, I will show you. And there has never been a male that I have invited to ride my dragon who has refused.

GD: Thank you for speaking to that.

QY: Go in Beauty my dear friends. I step aside.

GD: Thank you. Farewell.

QY: Farewell.

Mary Magdalene: I AM the Magdalena.

GD: Welcome.

MM: Welcome. I AM Mary, I AM Mare’. Welcome to you my brothers and sisters of the journey and yes, the journey has been long but when you put aside the ups and downs, the minutia, has it not been beautiful? When I have walked the world I was known as a great beauty in the physical sense, and there were times when that troubled me and caused me difficulty and I wondered why I had chosen, actually, to incarnate in such a way because from very early on I was in training and on a spiritual path and a path that men and women might call a path of Beauty, but that I call a path of service. There were many who liked to criticize me and who thought that I had seduced Yeshua, my beloved husband, with my outer beauty. That simply was never the truth just as it was not truth of many of the stories that were told, many quite insulting. It did not matter.

When we first encountered one another and dear Graham this speaks to your question of the goddess about masculine Beauty. When Yeshua and I first encountered one another we instantaneously recognized the Beauty within, the Beauty of our soul and the Beauty of our eternal connection and the soul agreement that we had formulated for that life. And we endeavored together to create Beauty in everything we did, the most precious being the creation of family, the creation of children. But it was like a reminder or a subtle joke between the two of us when we would venture out, when we would be in public because one of the roles, you may not know this, but one of my roles was always as the creator or the holder, the bringer of much of ritual, of the creation of ceremony.

Now as you know, much of the work we did was on the fly and we would look at each other and we would say “Well, where is the Beauty?” and then we would gaze into the eyes and hearts of those gathered and we would see the Beauty, we would see the harmony, and even if there are those who had come to be nay-sayers, to be harassment elements, very often the entrainment of the crowd would change them and bring them to that place of harmony and Beauty. For frankly it was very difficult to be in the presence of Yeshua and not to feel that sense of Beauty and of balance of all realms.

I was always a channel and so when we engaged and embraced each other it was as natural as breathing that we communicated telepathically, even when he was many miles away, and it was in this way that the bond was maintained and is maintained to this very day. What you are here for, on this magnificent, beautiful planet Gaia, is to experience a life of Beauty. It is so simple is it not, so straightforward? But if you do not see and embrace the Beauty in every moment, not just now and then, then it is not a beautiful life and therefore it is not a life of joy, it is not a life that makes your heart sing. And even in what you think of as the most hard and horrendous moments, yes such as the death of a loved one, the Beauty of your love continues, it does not dissipate it does not disappear. And then you may see it in the clouds, or in the waving grass of wheat fields, or in the sand or the stones of Galilee, but always return to your inner Beauty. You have been birthed directly from the heart of the Mother and you carry her essence and her Beauty in every way, even more than you can even imagine.

So, if you say “I am not Beautiful”, then you are denying your Divine essence and that is not truth and it certainly is not acceptance and it certainly is not allowance and unity and it freezes you in a false belief system. Do not do that. Now my beloved friends, where do you wish to begin today?

GD: One of the things I resonate with, among many when you’re talking about Beauty, is the connection that you had and have, the sacred partnership you have with Yeshua and the beauty that comes to me is the beauty in relationships generally where the connection with others is very solid, that the connection is open hearted, is vulnerable, is sacred in all forms and I’m thinking about all relationships. Can you speak to, and certainly every time you talk about your relationship with Yeshua I want to hear more and I’m sure our listeners do too, but can you speak more about what we can envision and anticipate with relationships generally, what they look like, what they feel like, the quality of relationships with Nova Earth, please?

MM: I would be happy to. Now you know that you have anchored fully and completely into the 5th dimension and into the realm with Gaia where relationships tend to take on new meaning. Because they are not dragged down, impeded, hindered, by the old illusions and this is one of the things that our beloved Quan Yin was speaking of is that so often in the past, in the old 3rd, equality was often not present in relationship; there were elements of control or lust or greed or denial.

It matters not, that is very close to ancient history now. What is happening with you, my beloved friends, is freedom. That is what people objected to so strenuously between Yeshua and I, is that we claimed absolutely our freedom to engage in true love, in sacred union and partnership. And what that is is the ability to step forward and to allow someone to truly see you, to see your Beauty, to see what you think, and I use the word ‘think’, as your shadow self, what you judge as your shortcomings which may be, in fact, some of the sweetest aspects that you carry; that is why there is no room for judgment. But in union it is not just the ability to lay yourself vulnerable and allow someone to see who you are, it is also the ability to see because you can say “Well I am in a sacred union, I have opened myself” but if you have opened yourself but have not done the balancing part of it and looked at who you are truly conjoining, yes conjoining with, and if you are not having that ongoing, wondrous conversation, as Yeshua and I did about the creation of Beauty, the creation of family, the creation of love, the creation of community, use these words interchangeably.

Now there have been many new paradigms of family that have emerged over the last fifty years and that was important because it began to break those paradigms of power and control. But what I say to thee, in a Nova relationship there is not the hesitation, not in a true relationship, that ‘I will be with you until it is no longer convenient or until I feel like I’m not growing’. If you stop growing, dear heart, it is your own decision and your own issue, not your partners and that is important to recognize. Now I am talking about genuine, sacred union, not simply what is in existence in many situations. It is the commitment; it is the heart, soul, mind, body commitment that we go forward in this union as one. So there is no breaking and you both stand equally strong, equally resilient, equally powerful because each of you brings to the relationship your own sacred attributes, your own qualities, your own history of magic.

So sacred unions are not undertaken or released casually; they are a bond, they are a bond of light between two hearts and souls that last forever. And that is why so often and I am not saying your sacred union person is your twin, sometimes it may be, but that is unusual, but when you have been in truly sacred union, that is why you incarnate with that person in various forms again and again and again and why they are so familiar and why you say “How do you do, I trust you, I cherish you, I want to be with you.” It is the physical embodiment of Beauty. It is precious beyond measure.

GD: I really appreciate you speaking to that…you were about to say something else, go ahead.

MM: And you also have that with your children. Go forward.

GD: That level of the quality that you speak of and I really like how you spoke of a bond of light between two hearts and souls that lasts forever and you are of course speaking to sacred union, sacred partnership, our children, and as I think about the higher dimension, the new paradigm where the theme is love and peace, I’m also thinking about the quality of relationships that extend further than that, so our family, immediate and extended, friends, neighbors, communities, provinces, countries, the global unit, the multiverse, and the quality of relationships where all relationships can be viewed as a bond of light between hearts and souls. Am I, am I thinking accurately in that, am I envisioning that correctly? Because in the higher dimension, if there is peace and love, that quality, that experience can be felt with the gas attendant, with the store clerk, with the neighbor, with country leaders across the world. Is that not right?

MM: Always it was intended this way. Always. So you are absolutely correct. Do you not sometimes go to the gas store and you end up chatting and truly liking and connecting with the attendant or cashier? And that is a heart connection, it is the acknowledgment heart to heart, person to person, personality to personality that ‘I acknowledge you, I see you, I honor you’. It is not based on an old fashion paradigm power structure, it is based on seeing and embracing. Similarly there are times, and they will be increasingly so, where you will meet the leaders of countries, of nations. You do not bow down, you do not stand in awe, yes you chat, you embrace. First comes the acknowledgement, then comes the ability to have conversation that is meaningful. It is not the other way around and that is where the human beings so often make the mistake.

GD: So that is what we have to look forward to, the quality of relationships generally throughout the multiverse?

MM: Yes.

GD: May I ask a clarifying question? You mentioned that we are moving into the higher dimensions with Gaia. I think you said we are in the 5th dimension with Gaia, are you saying that we are fully anchored in the 5th dimension right now with Gaia?

MM: Your hands may be free floating, sweet one, but your feet are firmly planted in the 5th.

GD: So Gaia and her inhabitants are anchored in the 5th?

MM: That is correct.

GD: And to what extent are humans still connected to the old 3rd?

MM: You are still doing some clean-up, you are still letting go of your false grids, the old illusions. Think of it as if you have magnetized boots on and you are magnetized to and standing with Gaia in the 5th as if you are in some kind of space shuttle and you are reaching, sometimes upside down into the 3rd, but more and more you are not, you are upright and you are clearly in the 5th.

GD: Gotcha. Thanks for speaking to that. I’d like to bring on Gordon from the UK. Thanks for waiting Gordon, welcome to the show.

Gordon: Yeah, hello there.

GD: Hello, what’s your question or comment?

Gordon: Okay I’ve been keeping up to date on the website for a few minutes each morning, Golden Age of Gaia website, and I read something recently with Archangel Michael, I think it was, informing us that Disclosure is soon and I’ve been prepared very recently, very rapidly over sudden awakening which was always meant to happen after reading about the Age of Aquarius twenty-five years ago trying persuade my friends that I really believed in this and they ought to look more closely. Nobody got on board and I fell asleep again and then I met somebody just in time as it would happen, three or four weeks before the 21st and they re-awoke me and explained what it was, very spiritual lady and we’re now very close as individuals, as friends and an awful lot has happened to me since then. I’ve been cleansed, I think you may call it that, I call it cleansed, very intensely over four or five occasions, twice, once in front of somebody and once almost in front of somebody, I had to run away because I felt what was going to happen to me was going to be a bit scary, so I had to go and hide in a cubicle and went through all sort of vibrationary experiences that were very physical. And now I’ve started speaking to people and I’ve made a spectacle of myself, fallen out with my family over it over Christmas, got back in tune with my family, that was always meant to happen, I needed to reassert my self in the family structure for the next stage, I believe that’s what happened. And so I’m waiting for the next episode in terms of how I’m going to be used. I believe I’m a light bearer and I always have ——- subliminally and now it’s all coming to the fore and this reading I that had of Archangel Michael, I think it was, telling us that Disclosure is coming soon sat with me comfortably. That’s when I and people like me will be prepared to start communicating with something to back it up with, if you like, something in the media, so confused people to be able to connect with what I’ve already been saying for it to link up and start to make sense to them because at the moment it feel like it’s going to be an impossible task to get all my friends and family on this level of this complete change in their existence, their being, the reason for their living, the fact that they can love, that love is free, that it’s the meaning, it’s the reason that we’re all here, it just seems like a huge task, one that I cannot shum (?). I suppose I’m looking for a sign and my question is “Is Disclosure that time when I can really feel confident going forward in speaking to as many people as I possibly can?”

GD: Great question.

MM: Let us speak of this. Now I do not present myself as an agent of Disclosure, let me be very clear of that. But what I also speak of…Beauty, whether it is beauty in the humans, beauty in your star brothers and sisters, beauty in the atmosphere, beauty in the earth, love, these are always eternal topics of conversation that are not dependent. And we have had this conversation on CeeCeeCee, Arcturus, Andromeda, Pleiadians, Sirius, and our Earth. It is not determined by Disclosure or by anything other than the willingness to truly embrace love. As your vibrations are raising they are becoming of such a nature that the presence of your star brothers and sisters is simply fact.

So it is already well under way. But what you are doing, my beloved friend, in speaking the truth of Beauty and love, you are raising the vibration for those who are still stuck in the old 3rd, in the ‘show me’ paradigm and you are saying “Yes, you will have your signs but in the meantime let us speak and practice and be the embodiment of freedom, because that is what is real and that is what is meaningful.” When Yeshua and I walked the earth we used our feet, sometimes a donkey, but mostly we walked so that the pace would connect us with Gaia and those who wanted to speak with us. The pace of Beauty is the pace of love; it allows for that connection to happen. If anything, it is not about speeding spaceships, it is about slowing down. Your societies are moving so rapidly that you are not creating the time and space for Beauty and freedom. Your priorities of what is important is askew. So trust your heart and speak the truth, you will have your signs but it is not a matter of waiting for the signs. I hope this is clear.

Gordon: Thank you very much. I preconceived a fairly similar answer so I am pleased to have received your response along those lines. I have no choices but to continue and I’ll just have to carry on as best as I feel I can…

MM: Dear heart, you are doing magnificently. Do not doubt yourself.

Gordon: Thank you very much.

GD: Gordon, I would just add for me it’s been so key to stay in the peace and the calm and it’s certainly a practice of patience, isn’t it? And holding the vision for what you want for your life and for the world but patience, fortitude, prudence, those things that we’ve been discussing on the show here I think are key attributes during this time and Disclosure will come and the unfoldment of everything that we’ve been envisioning and talking about, it’s happening now and it will happen more and more. Such a great question, thank you very much for your call today.

Gordon. Thank you very much and you’ve really helped me with your website, it’s been truly revolutionary for me and I’m very grateful so thank you.

GD: Outstanding, terrific, okay please call in again. Suzanne, how about I bring you on? You have a question.

SM: Hi, umm Mary, thank you for speaking to us in this way and welcome. I actually have a comment and then a question. So my comment is kind of a question, I guess, but if we see beauty outside of us is it not a reflection of what’s inside of us as in would we even be able to perceive beauty around us if it didn’t, if it wasn’t already inside of us?

MM: You absolutely are correct. It is an outer reflection of your inner reality; it is the law, the Universal Law of Within and Without, Above and Below.

SM: Beautiful, okay so this other one is kind of a spontaneous one because I just had a caller in the switchboard and he didn’t even know what channeling was or he was pretending actually, I need to find out how to see the beauty in this person because he was attacking us for even believing in channeling and channeled messages and how could we do such a thing? And he was recording our conversation without my permission and it threw me off a little bit and I would just like some guidance on how to see the beauty in this particular kind of person.

MM: And this is exactly what I am speaking of when I tell you that sometimes you are upside down reaching back into the 3rd. This is a person that has lost their sense of their own inner Beauty, their own sense of harmony. Because if you are in harmony within yourself just like you cannot see Beauty outside of yourself if it is not within, if you are not in harmony then you do not see the harmony outside. So this is a person in a very discordant energy. But sweet angel, the fact that this one is reaching out to a light show and particularly to one like me, who he probably thinks of as harlot and sinner, see the humor in it and see the lost child.

SM: Yes, yes, there seemed to be anger behind it and he was…he told me he was recording it for his own show on BlogTalkRadio and his own listeners without permission, so he’s attacking us for not being Christians and his actions are not very Christian. So…

MM: They are not of love but what you have to do, yes very rarely will I say ‘have to’, send him love, send him the beauty so that he begins to acknowledge his beauty within. So often there were those who believed I had the ear of Yeshua…(Laughter from Mary)…that I would unduly influence him and that I would mislead him somehow. Well is it not the same today with this caller believing somehow that I am misleading Jesus? How could I ever do that? This one is the Light of the World. It is not my desire or place. So, you have to think he is thinking that he has to be told what to believe, how to behave, where Beauty lies. But it lies everywhere and when you are clear on your own freedom and harmony and Beauty, then you reflect it back. And you are not afraid of someone dimming your light or stealing your light. All you want to do is share it. So let us bless him.

SM: Yes, bless you Matthew. Okay, if I can ask a question please about something that Graham had brought up before about relationships and our intimate relationships and our love relationships with a significant other. So in terms of their being one other person that we are in relationship with in a closer way than that we are with everyone, as in like we’re in love with everyone but there’s one other person that we know always has our back…I’m not sure how to make that distinction…

MM: And that is a good thing because you are in the unified field of existence. Where you are headed, what the plan is, can you imagine when you feel that every single person, let alone star brother or sister, bear, tiger, elephant, every person on the planet has your back? But within that, because you are still within a physical reality, albeit it it is expanded much further than you can think of right now, there is still one that holds that special thought, that place, that you cook, you clean, you laugh, you play, simply in ways that are such of a heart link and light that it is a choice. This is the person that I choose to create with but it is also expanded to family, to friends, to circle. But the sacred union is when the sun goes down and you are lying deep within the night that there is one that you choose, and it is a choice always, to match the rhythm of your breath, your heart beats, and the merger of your field because this is a representation of your twin flame.

SM: And that makes me wonder if I haven’t had evidence in my life that that’s possible for me so I’m wondering if I have to wait for the shift to, our full shift not just have our feet anchored but have our whole selves be in 5th and higher dimensions. I feel like I personally won’t be in relationship until that shift happens. I don’t even think it’s possible for me.

MM: And that is because you have made that choice. So where you have said, let us say that you are very much…you are like Quan Yin and you are riding the dragon. Now this is beautiful because what you are doing is you are breaking the paradigms, you are setting new paradigms and you have said “I will wait for this because there are other issues and areas where I wish to focus my attention that are more important to me right now.” There are no rights and wrongs, that is polarity/duality. It is not a requirement, it is not a pass/fail that you need to be in sacred union but what we say is as this shift increasingly takes place it is a choice that has never been as clear or as full. Now I am not suggesting, because I have experienced it long ago and still today, that there are not those on earth who have had this wondrous gift, but many have not.

SM: Um, well I’m so happy to hear that. I was hoping that there wasn’t something wrong with me that I wasn’t experiencing that with anyone and of course you are exactly right that my focus is elsewhere at this time…

MM: Dear heart, your Beauty shines brightly within and without. You are simply riding the dragon with your sword and shield. You are very much a crusader, you always have been.

SM: Thank you so much. Well I’d better go get to the switchboard because there are other callers here so thank you so much Mary, I love you with all my heart.

MM: And I love you dear heart. Farewell.

GD: Mary, we know that what we focus on grows and I wanted to just draw out the importance of seeing the Beauty here and now and as we focus on the Beauty and see the Beauty and acknowledge the Beauty in everything and everyone right here and right now, that just keeps building and building and that’s the active, co-creative process of anchoring in this new world. Is that right?

MM: That is absolutely correct. You cannot say ”Oh when I arrive in the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, then I will see the Beauty.” No. It is seeing it today, it is seeing it in your home, your family, in your community, in everything.

GD: Yes indeed and that just continues to grow and grow. It like the love, when we feel the love and focus on the love and let the love build, it just keeps growing and growing.

MM: That is correct.

GD: And I think it’s also helpful to have a sense of what we can envision for the world. We’ve talked about relationships today, we’ve talked about some of the physical attributes of Gaia but can you, as we start to wrap up today’s show, and I would like to try and bring on some callers, although we only have a few minutes left, can you paint a picture for us what the new earth looks like? I mean that’s a big question but what is it do you think that we need to hear today around that? That we can get excited about?

MM: You see, so often and it is highlighted by our dear friend from England, when we speak of Nova Earth, what we speak of so often are the Divine Qualities, the Blessings and Virtues. They are not racy, they are not glamorous, they are eternal and infinite and so exciting you cannot believe it.. But sometimes there is a situation where the cart is definitely going in front of the horse. Nova Earth is a place of peace, first and foremost, and that does not simply mean no more war, it means the allocation of resources to what you value, it means the allocation of energies to what is dear, it is the choice of what to create in terms of Purity, in terms of Grace, in terms of fairness and equality. It is all of these things. It is a society worldwide that is based on justice and fairness so that none are hungry, none are left disempowered.

Are there many things that attract attentions such as abundance and star technology and back and forthing with your star brothers and sisters and healing ships and information beyond what you can imagine? Yes. But the foundation is peace within, love within. Just as we have said to you time and time again, the ticket to Ascension is love. It was not a passport or a ticket to an amusement park, it was not money or fame or glory, it is love. And when you have love there is peace within your heart no matter what is happening externally. That is what harmony truly is. It is the ability to see Beauty in everything even in what some may say is horrid and awful and tragic. And out of that comes lasting, eternal peace where people do not kill and maim, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, hurt each other. The rest follows. The Cities of Light follow and come because they are places of peace, of creation, of music, of portals for your star brothers and sisters, of healing, of art, of culture, of communication. But all of this is fallout from a change of heart, from shifting out of the ego and the old paradigms that have plagued Gaia, to the reality of love so that that is the most important.

And you say “But what will happen if people simply say ‘it is beautiful and it is love’, they may be slaughtered?” And what we are saying is the power of love is stronger than swords and bombs. It will wield because love is in alignment with will and when you bring those two together then you are truly creating a new world. So before you think of destruction, think of feeding everybody, think of sheltering everybody, look to what we paid attention to. It wasn’t conquering Rome; Rome took care of itself and you saw what happened. What we cared about was taking care of people regardless of race or religion so that they were knowing fully and completely how much they were loved and valued, that they were cherished, whether it was the emperor or simply the shepherd.

GD: That, everything you say, everything you share is Beauty. Wonderful, thank you so much for speaking to that. I’d like to bring on another caller and if we have time one more caller. We have some callers that have come onto the show late. So folks, I’ll do my best to bring you on, let’s try to be as concise as we can. Jeff from the UK welcome, what’s your question or comment today?

Jeff: Hello, yes. I’ve recently been diagnosed as bi-polar but I’m now fairly stable. I still have negative thoughts about people and my situation, I wondered if Mary could show me or give me some insight into the pathway to Beauty so that I may think in a more lighted vein. Would she be able to help?

MM: I would be delighted to help, my sweet angel, and also know that as you transcend the old reality, this dis-ease will go. But what I ask of thee, you are highly, you particularly, are highly cued, shall we say, by the visual. So surround yourself and go out of your way to find the Beauty every day. So whether it is pictures of nature, of incredible art, if it is wandering through a museum, staring at a beautiful portrait or person and then this is what I ask of thee: stare at yourself in the mirror and see the bright angel, the Beauty that you are, that you have always been. Practice love and Beauty. So give yourself, today I will rearrange my thoughts, consciously, three times. So when the negative thought enters, call me and say “Show me the Beauty” and I will help you and that will grow and shift and anchor. That is how I will assist thee.

Jeff: Thank you.

GD: Wonderful question Jeff.

Jeff: Thank you very much. That is very, very relevant, thank you so much. Beautiful.

GD: Terrific. Thanks for joining us. We only have a few minutes left and I apologize to those of you that wanted to come on and also share comments and questions. Please do call again; we are needing to wrap up the show.

Mary, this has been delightful. With the few minutes we have left, what else would you like to say as we wrap up our discussion about, at least for now, about Beauty?

MM: Beauty is eternal and you notice that in nature, at the oldest, most majestic trees, the mountains, the rivers, the beauty of the Mother, of your Mother and mine is eternal. But also know, and I speak to all of you, there are also season of beauty and I want you to think of yourself in this way. What season are you in? No, it is not a matter of the equinox or the moon, where are you, my beloved ones? Are you in the springtime? So many of you who are ascending are. See the Beauty of your rebirth just like the buds pushing through the earth, that gentle green demanding to be reborn.

Perhaps you are in the cycle of the winter and you think my beauty has gone; age has taken my beauty. There is no such thing you know; it is eternal. So see the beauty of the barren tree, see the beauty of the snow, of the gray water, cold against the rocks, of the winter sky and embrace that Beauty of who you are and where you are each and every day. Do not hesitate and celebrate your Beauty, embrace your Beauty and in so doing you will embrace the Beauty of Gaia and of each other. Go in peace. Farewell.

GD: Thank you, dear Mary, thank you. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon


Permission given to share, thank you Linda Dillon
Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah  

The Expansion of 13th Octave LaHoChi – Linda Dillon



The Expansion of 13th Octave LaHoChi


Lao Tzu talks about Lao’s Chi and balance and the continuing evolutionary nature of LaHoChi. “It is time for this planet’s collective, this sacred gathering of humans receive the frequencies of the transformation, the increased frequencies of this ancient Pleiadian gift, to complete not only the healing of self and humanity, but the upliftment.”

Greetings, I am Lao Tzu, Master and teacher of balance and bringer of Lao’s Chi. Yes, I surprised this channel, for seldom do I speak, for part of keeping balance is also knowing when to stay still and to keep quiet and knowing that in that silence that you are also holding the energy for many. For so often there is enough mind chatter that goes on within you that you do not need to hear yet another voice. But nevertheless I step forward in love this day my ancient friends.

When I have brought forth what you think of as LaHoChi, Lao’s Chi, I did so because I saw much suffering of my people. It was not a matter of wealth of rich or poor – there were simply so many that would suffer from different maladies, and they would not know why, and they would not know how to cure it. They would work with the ancient ways, with the smoke and with the herbs, with the roots, with the physicians who did not know very much. And so I would walk from village to village and, yes, sometimes within the palace. I would teach balance, and I would teach how to hold and to run the chi to be in balance because chi cannot ever be stagnant.

We have brought this forward again and again and again and do so again now because the energy of One is evolutionary as are you, my friends, and it is growing the same way that you are. It is in a process of ever-expansion in the creative form of the universe, for what is chi except the expression of Love? – the expression of the essence of All.

Once again I look among your people of your planet and there is need yet again to move amongst the people, and to teach them once again in various ways this essence of balance and how to allow this chi to move in and through you. It is not to be hoarded. It is to be shared and shared generously. For when you try and stop the flow, you simply create disease, illness, and you sit alone in despair. That is simply a waste of a lifetime, and it is certainly not the fulfillment of your dream.

Previously, we who have assisted in this transmission of this energy have modulated it in ways that you as vessels were ready to be the transmitters, so that you would not feel that you were overloaded or overburdened or simply could not contain it. That time has come to an end. And that is why we gather you here again. Yes, we are all here. The room is full. So I wish you to know of my presence as teacher, as father, as Master and friend. I wish you to let all of your old conceptions – all of these opinions that you have gathered throughout many lifetimes – I ask you to let them go, for many of them are  erroneous. It is time for this planet’s collective, this sacred gathering of humans receive the frequencies of the transformation, the increased frequencies of this ancient Pleiadian gift, to complete not only the healing of self and humanity, but the upliftment.

I ask for you to be the empty vessel today as we re-establish this balance within and around you, within and around all of you, and between you as well. Come home to the heart of One, and know that the heart of One is also within you. It always has been. It is not a matter of seeking. It is not a matter of searching. It is a not a matter of even asking. It is a matter of allowing and surrendering to what is already within you. It is a matter of choosing to show up. Open to the flow, and I will assist as I always have. And, we will walk together, and we will sit together, and we will heal together. Farewell.




Permission given to share, thank you Linda Dillon
Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah  


Divine Mother – The Beauty and Truth of Who You Are – Linda Dillon


So how I guide thee is not to shy away from being human, and also not to shy away from being divine! It is not, it cannot be, an either/or; that is a basic denial of the truth of your being. It is the embracing of All.

This gorgeous gem is lovingly shared by Hairol from his personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Divine Mother ~ The Beauty and Truth of Who You Are

Greetings, I am Mother, known by many, known by many names, known by many labels. I am Mother of One and Mother of All, Mother of Omni and Mother of One and Mother, sweet son, beloved one, of you.

You are coming to understand that I am of you, as you are of me, and that these silly attempts by human beings to make such divisions are meaningless. And it is not that they do so from any sense of malintent, but rather lack of comprehension and lack of understanding of their own importance, for they think in some ways very often that separation equals uniqueness. And to some extent that is true, but in so many ways uniqueness comes from similarity, from compatibility, from union and reunion, for what is old and ancient is new and revived.

That does not mean that I do not create what humans can think of as new energies, but we will set that aside for now because I come this day, not only as Mother but as your Mother, to embrace you, to encourage you, to incorporate you, to remind you of the beauty and truth of who you are – and, sweet angel, of the beauty and truth of what you are capable of, not only in what you have promised me, for that is a given, but in what you have promised yourself and what you have come to Earth to do at this time of fulfilment… not simply unfoldment, but fulfilment.

And you have come of course to do my bidding but also, beautiful son, to do your bidding, to have this experience, yes, of breakthrough, individually and most certainly collectively, but to know the glory – no, not in human definition – to know the glorious upliftment of fulfilment, of victory. And yes, victory is the word I use because so often during your day, during your weeks, during your years, I want you to not only think of but to feel, and to consider, and to celebrate your victories.

When the time had come for you to return to Earth again in this lifetime, during this momentous fulfilment, there was much playful, joyful discussion about what this particular incarnation would look and feel and taste like.

And you and we, in concert with your circle, have chosen, designed, this magnificent form in all its shining, lustrous brilliance – with the human foibles and proclivities so that you would understand the human race… which in many ways is a foreign race to you… but also that the human race would understand you, because it is mutuality; it is the sense of unity, it is the sense of togetherness, quite literally, that is important in this redefinition of the experience of [being] ‘human’.

And so you have been integrated and that, sweet one, includes human… yes, you are very star, angelic… and the personality – I want you to understand how I delineate between personality and ego – your delightful personality, yes, combined and shared with what you think of as ego, but your ego is not out of control; your ego it is not overbearing. But this human being, my Hairol, you have need to inhabit the realm of human potential, because that is how the humans will come not only to understand you but also what you come on my behalf to share, to teach, to bring along.

And if you are distant, if you are separate – that illusion – then they will not hear you with their hearts, their minds, their souls, their bodies… and, beloved son, you will not have the experience that you and I and all of us have agreed to.

So it is not either/or; that is old human, do-all thinking, which has led to the downfall of this collective human race. Yes, ego has been the achilles heel, but never has it been my intent… or your intent, by the way… to not include a sweetness of personality and a desire for personal, human life.

What you are embodying, not only on my behalf but on your behalf, is balance. If there is one thing, if you wish to summarize how things had gone awry with this collective, it would be the loss of balance. And so we re-establish this, we bring this to the forefront, and that means, beloved son, that you embody this balance.

Now, let me be very clear with you. That does not mean that you fall into or investigate the lower vibrations of what humans have done… and do, by the way. But I am not encouraging you to lead the life of a monk and to go into the caves or the monastery. You see, even that pathway – as appropriate as it has been for some, at some junctures in what you think of as time – that pathway is based on an assumption, a human assumption, that the human is not capable of balance unless removed from the main flow of life.

As I said, that pathway has served its purpose, but the intent – my Plan – is not for those on-planet and far beyond to live half-lives; it is to be spirit in form, enjoying the magnificence and the purity of Creation, mine, and yours.

So how I guide thee – and we will get into this, sweet son – is not to shy away from being human, and also not to shy away from being divine! It is not, it cannot be, an either/or; that is a basic denial of the truth of your being. It is the embracing of All. …

Let us also be clear. What is really going to happen is you are being positioned, as you well know – and yes, what we want you to do is to have the experience of what you think of as the human engagement.

Now, having said that, you know that you have had many, many other lifetimes, yes, on-planet, but most certainly off-planet as well. And you also know that the time is at hand when many of your Star Family come in very clear, [chuckling] shall we say ‘official’ Delegations to begin to braid, weave the humans, this planet, this collective into the broader fabric of a galactic and intergalactic family and species.

So the reason I am saying this is to give you the broader perspective because, with the integration – and it will not be immediate; it will be like feeding a baby chick into the human race – the more advanced understandings, the more expansive, scientific understandings of other races, what you think of as science, be it physics, chemistry, mathematics, etc. is going to shift.

So what you are doing, even as we are having this very important conversation, is you are also keeping your eyes not only on the horizon but far beyond the horizon!

So do you understand what I am saying?

Hairol: What do you mean by “far beyond the horizon”?

DM: Far beyond what humans currently can imagine!

H: Oh, okay, in terms of technology…

DM: Science, technology… yes.




Permission given to share, thank you Linda Dillon
Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah  

Grener of Ashira of Neptune – The Awakening is Happening Rather Quickly – Linda Dillon


Grener of Ashira of Neptune ~ The Awakening is Happening Rather Quickly
Welcome me home as we meet and conjoin upon this beautiful planet that is being restored even as we speak. She is a beauty!
A wonderfully encouraging channelled gem shared from a personal reading with Linda Dillon.
Grener of Ashira of Neptune ~ The Awakening is Happening Rather Quickly


Grener: Greetings, I am Grener. I am Grener of Ashira of Neptune and welcome, beloved daughter of halion. … Sweet angel of light, you have beckoned me forth, but let me also say how pleased I am to show up and to be beckoned!

D: Then it is a win-win for both! [Laughing]

G: That is correct. And yes, you are in the pause, you are in the transition, you are in the time of resurrection when you rise from the ashes, the ashes of the destruction of humanity – and no, we do not mean people dying; we mean the destruction of ‘the old’ that does not serve and has not served for thousands and thousands and thousands of years.

So the change that is in the air and in the soil and in the water are the changes, sweet one, that we have assisted in creating, that you have assisted in creating, and that set the stage for the re-emergence not only of Gaia but of this collective we call humans, regardless of where they’re from. They are on planet so they are Gaian, for, as you well know, we do not distinguish between nations other than to be aware of the cultural or historic differentiations.

Your time of service as beacon and as transmitter in this golden state comes to an end, and all of your heartfelt pleas to all of us have been heard and heeded. You have opened your heart and you have even opened your hearth, your home, to those that are disenfranchised and somewhat confused and lost, and you have mentored and very subtly taught many who have passed through these doors – or who have even just walked by!

So do not think, sweet one, that this time has been lost because from our perspective – yes, we know your perspective – but from our perspective, your presence and, yes, your willingness has been extraordinarily fruitful.

This place of California – in many ways, [Archangel] Gabrielle’s, for it is truly golden – the difficulty has been for so many that they have not realised they were golden. Oh, they have puffed up in many a different display of egos… yes, there are those that genuinely seek… but it is a very difficult place to truly, profoundly, seek.

Oh, there are numerous gurus, and, as you well know, the time of gurus has come and gone; that is ancient history. And as we, including you, beloved, as we meet and join those upon this planet, upon Gaia, we do so not as gurus, not as teachers, but as companions, as envoys, and yes, as part of Delegations.

We come to share not only our technology, not only our science – which compared to some of the Earth understandings is what we would call ‘relatively advanced’ – but we come simply with those in our backpack, in our school bag, but we do not put ourselves – ever – above any species or any race of planets or planetary beings that we have ever encountered in our various travels.

This issue of ascendency, of hierarchies, is being decimated, destroyed, eliminated and there is an equalisation, a very necessary equalisation, that is taking place particularly around and with the humans. Too often on Earth, there has been a deep sense of lack of self-worth, a deep-rooted sense of self-insufficiency, and how that has manifested has most often been in the need, the egoic need, to be over somebody, to make yourself better than somebody. That is a very difficult position not only to put yourself in but to maintain.

It has always been confusing to us why you would not simply want to stand next to somebody, heart-to-heart, eye-to-eye, regardless of height, and you have known this. And, in some ways, part of your contract, your endurance, has been putting yourself in places of insufficiency – and I do not mean ‘value’ because that would be absurd – but you have known physical/financial lack and so you know this habit of these humans to act with rather grandiose self-puffery. This comes to an end.

And let me be very clear because I am speaking, yes, as head of the Intergalactic Council, but I am also speaking to you very personally…

Now I would love in many ways to simply say, “I am welcoming you home,” and in your semi-conscious, unconscious self, you know that you are often with us on board ship or elsewhere, but I am not saying to you that it is time for you to leave. I am saying, “Welcome me home as we meet and conjoin upon this beautiful planet that is being restored even as we speak. She is a beauty!”

D: Yes, she is.

G: You know that we have not travelled so far and for so long, held the space, if it was not worth it. And there have been times, sweet daughter, when you have truly wondered: “Is it worth it?” So now comes the time of the bounty – yes, of the payoff, for endurance does have a payoff!

You will be moved. “Yes,” you say, “well, I can’t be moved during this lockdown,” and that is correct. But as you know, we are very forward-thinking, and what you also know is that you can be picked up and moved quite literally overnight, or in a very short period of time. You are of the water so we do not ask you to go to a place that is not close by the water because this is what feeds your mermaid soul. And so often, when you have been upon the Earth, you have always said, “Well, let me take my mer-self form,” or “let me be a dolphin.”

So we are fully aware of the challenges that this physical reality has served you, but you are emerging – and you are not emerging as your current self; you are emerging as your true chosen self, as we have always seen you. …

We came here not only to this galaxy but particularly to attend to Gaia during the transition, which for us has been over several hundred years, but we came because this is the Planet of Love of such diversity that everybody would be welcomed. Instead, what happened was nobody was welcomed! But that is changing, and it is changing with such rapidity that people will never again remember what it used to be like. …

What is this ‘solar flash’ spoken of?

D: I know a lot of this is false or exaggerated, but we constantly have comets hitting the Earth, etc. and this thing about Niburu has come back. That one just seems funny to me and I have to laugh when I hear people saying it is going to hit the Earth. And what is this ‘solar flash’ thing?

G: First of all, you are not about to relive Niburu. As you well know, we have… no, we would not interfere with the free will of Gaia, but the free will of Gaia is also not for massive destruction from a comet or anything else… so that is redirected. So that is a ‘fear conspiracy’, let us put it that way.

And the ‘solar flash’ is the same thing. What people are not realising, and what we have realised for a very long time… think of a solar flash as the moment of ignition within your being… when all of a sudden it is like a supernova within your consciousness and the flash simply brings a clarity of understanding, not simply a vision, but of consciousness. So it is not an external event. It is an internal event. …

It is a numbers game!

D: Well, how long approximately… I hope it’s soon… is it going to take before the ruling 1% is moved out?

G: How do you mean?

D: The people that really hold all the money and keep humanity captive…

G: Humanity is held captive because they believe they can be. So what we do is talk in terms of the awakening of the collective, rather than the restrictions of those that have to learn better. It is a numbers game! And so we are working with the huge percentage of people that are simply learning to say “No!” … yes, that is important … but also learning to say “Yes!” – to truly claim not only their heritage and their right, but who they are.

You and I have watched through various revolutions when the masses have risen up and said, “No more!” Now, we are not talking about a bloody revolution; there has certainly been too much of that upon Gaia and, as you well know, that continues to this day in various war-torn and oppressive regimes.

So we are saying that this awakening is actually underway already, so allow it to come forth. Yes, it is important. You are working on your receiving, but you are not engaging so much with the collective until you are re-situated. You are being the observer of this awakening and allowing the awakening, certainly the expansion of your own being, back to the truth of who you really are as well.

But it is happening rather quickly. Yes, there will be times of unrest, of unease, and you are in one of them right now. Many people are very worried about what the future holds, but it also allows for redefinition of what the future really holds. So we are saying a couple of months maximum.



Permission given to share, thank you Linda Dillon
Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah 

Belle’Anna – Embracing Sacred Partnership with Gaia and the Elements – Linda Dillon

Female Floral Portrait by Chinese Painter Wendy Ng


Belle’Anna ~ Embracing Sacred Partnership with Gaia and the Elements

Greetings, I am Belle’Anna, guardian and friend, sister, brother, ally, mother, father… there is not one role I would not embrace to be with you, beloved of my heart, sister of my soul.

It is right, as in the sense of Divine Plan rightness, that you are in your joy and you are not distracted for, as you had said to the channel, you have been ‘in lockdown’ for a very long time! [Laughing]

You have chosen – for this phase of your life, because you know this will change – but you have chosen for this phase, yes, to heal, to clear, but also to be in the clarity of your soul, of the collective soul, and to truly embrace our relationship – and you have taken the time to truly know not just we who are immediately serving you, but to know your soul family, your soul group – to know what is truly important, and what deserves to be cherished and nurtured and brought along because it cherishes and nurtures you.

And you have acknowledged, beloved, that there are times when a flower or a plant, the sand or the ocean, the sun or the sky nurtures you and you give it equal weight; you give it the weight, the value, that it deserves. And it is important to realise that when you are engaged with a plant, the ocean or the sky, the sand, a tree, or mist on your face, you are engaged with the elements which are fully engaged with you as well, particularly in nature. You think: “This is giving me so much!”

You have a deep repository not only of the joy but of the awe and the respect, the honouring of the offering, shall we say, of Gaia. But also what you need to fully comprehend is that when the air comes to you, when the breeze or the sunshine comes to you, and you say, “Thank you – thank you for this gift!” take a moment and feel the air and the sand and the sunshine and the breeze and the water saying, “Thank you!” back because it is a form of sacred partnership; it is a form of conjoining. You understand this.

So often, humans have forgotten this. They take the gifts of these partnerships… even if they think of it, which they usually don’t… they don’t think of it in terms of partnership. They do not think of it in terms of energy literally conjoining and being offered in sweetness and in love.

This is one of the most significant shifts that has, and is, and will be occurring.

People are having the opportunity to see all over your globe how giving Gaia a break has in fact allowed the recovery of so much – and it is giving them the chance in their own hearts to assess what they value.

So often, when the Mother has said, “Determine what you value; determine what you wish to bring forward,” the process that humans are engaging in is primarily: “Well, I like this and that; I like my work; I like my friends; I like my house; I like having more leisure time; I value family.”

But they are not yet to the point – and that is why this pause continues – where they are saying, “Oh, I like having fresh air; I like feeling the sun on my face or the mist caressing my hair,” for these are partnerships as well.

So is it a progression? Yes, it is – and the Mother is most certainly organising and talking about this.

But why am I bringing it up? Because sometimes you do not hear the air saying, “Thank you, sweet Elle!”

E: Oh, that’s beautiful, beloved, thank you



Permission given to share, thank you Linda Dillon
Gratitude to all artists. Any queries or information, please contact me, Shekinah 


Divine Mother – The Creator Race and Awakening the Collective – Linda Dillon


Divine Mother ~ The Creator Race and Awakening the Collective


Another fabulous channelled gem shared by Irene from her personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Divine Mother ~ The Creator Race and Awakening the Collective

You have been at this, yes, with me, with …, for thousands and thousands of years. You are part of the original Creator Race.

Think of it in this way.

When I spoke eons ago with Gaia and she assumed this planetary form for me, this was intended to be a beautiful planet for my angels to play. So Gaia gladly assumed a different form – the perfect form – for my sweet angels to come and have a different kind of physical experience of love. In that, there was an original group… sometimes this is misconstrued or misunderstood so I wish to clarify this with you… my angels came into form, assumed humanoid form, to have this experience of angels in a different reality.

The only reason this potential, this option, was created was simply for them to play and to have what you think of as a physical experience, a human experience. That very first group of angels that came, that I sent, that volunteered, that were anxious, excited, happy, who came to Gaia, were called the Creator Race – in fact, that is where the oft misunderstood reference point of 144,000 comes from – and that Creator Race was simply here to do, to know, to experience and to express love. That was it!

And yes, this is the thing about free will which I will not interfere with, whether it is with my beautiful mighty Archangels or you. So many – not all – but there was a group who decided they wished to control the angels and distort the Plan, to declare themselves as God upon my beautiful Gaia, and this led to such distortion… abomination… which has unfolded for thousands and thousands and thousands of years, as you well know.

I am an incredibly patient Mother, but the time has come for the restoration of my Plan, which was your plan, and that is why you are here. You transmit to everyone you meet this sense of strength, of clarity, of power – and you are not afraid of it, as many humans are, because you know and you remember. And so you awaken many just by the fact of being in the same city as them, and that is the gift you bring. Oh, you bring a whole array of gifts, but this is one of the strongest.

You are an awakener. … When you speak to people, yes, of course, you are awakening them by simply having them in your energy field – and this is particularly helpful for those that are reluctant or even, surprisingly enough, disinterested. So it is a very subtle way in which to begin to activate others to awaken.

But for those in whom you have the slightest… and I do mean slightest… inclination about their openness, about their curiosity – and sweet one, sometimes even the biggest catalyst for this is that you sense that someone is very desolate, that they are in despair, that they are unhappy… or that they are just curious. So there is an entire range of people, humans, that you are communicating with.

So you naturally, by the very act of being alive and breathing, are transmitting to many people that you will never know, never talk to, and that does not matter. It is still a huge gift. But when you feel the slight urge (and you know what I am talking about) to engage with somebody, one of the best ways – one of your best ways and, by the way, one of my best ways – is I pose it not as a matter of fact but I encourage you to pose it as a question.

So what you are doing, just by the mere fact of posing a question such as: “What do you think? What do you believe? What do you think this is about?” what you are doing subtly – because you are blue, sweet one; you are not only an angel of change, you are a communicator – so what you are doing to that person, whether it is one person or 10,000, you are saying: “I see you, I value you, I want to know what you think and feel because it is valuable.”

It is not a test, it is not an argument, it is not about one person proving this or that. It is about a question.

So, that is one way in which to engage, and it can be very innocuous: “What do you think about angels? How do you think we know angels in our everyday life? Have you ever had a crazy, wild experience where you felt your Guardian Angel was helping you?” So that is the type of question, wide open, not talking about Ascension.

But it can talk about Ascension as well to those who you think know a little bit. You can say: “Gee, there’s a lot of talk about the changes that are taking place on the planet, the cleaning-up of the chaos, and this thing called Ascension. What do you think that’s all about?” So again, you are not giving them the information; you are engaging them.

Very often – and this is a young, shall I say, a young human trait, and I do not mean young in terms of age; I mean young in terms of perhaps not so evolved – when they are given information, there is a bit of a reluctance because it is something new. Now some will soak it up like a sponge, as you well know, but others will think: “Well, I’ve never heard of that. That sounds ridiculous.” So you are engaging them.

You are a powerful, powerful engager as a teacher in other lifetimes, as an agent of change in other lifetimes. You have used this method, the Socratic method of teaching, of preaching. It can even be saying to somebody: “Well, what’s your biggest dream?” And as they share that, you start to ask them, “Well, how is this possible? How do you think it might come to be? Gee, do you ask for help from the Mother or from your Guardian Angels?”

Your reticence sometimes about raising the topics is that you don’t want to be seen as overbearing, and this is a good quality, sweet one. It is a beautiful quality because you are sensitive to the needs, the wants, the understandings of humans. But when you pose it as a question, then you are saying, you are declaring that you want to know what they see, feel, taste, hope for.

So do more of that; it makes it more palatable, it makes it more digestible. And you will see in time that others, because of this openness to dialogue, want to talk about it more and more.



Permission given to share ~ thank you Linda Dillon

Divine Mother – The Importance Of Being Deeply Discerning – Linda Dillon


Divine Mother ~ The Importance Of Being Deeply Discerning


Another beautiful gem lovingly shared by Irene from her personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Divine Mother ~ The Importance Of Being Deeply Discerning

It is important, beloved daughter, that you are deeply discerning, critically discerning… no, I mean in terms of intensity, not in terms of criticism… but that you are deeply discerning when you read people’s material, and that you are very clear.

You can feel immediately when our energy, my energy, is not fully present either in an article, or in a transmission, or in a prayer. I would like to guide you, strongly guide you, to not pay attention and to put it down when you know the piece of information or untruth is not based in love.

The human race, particularly at this juncture, has never been more secure from external influences, implants, attacks and what have you. Now let me explain. The human collective – my children – are being freed up in the free-will zone to quite literally ascend, to change the complexion of what it means to be human, so the external interferences have in fact been blocked and have been for some time.

Now, is there a great deal of chaos that has been revealed, that has come to the surface, that is very obvious and apparent upon the planet? The answer is “yes”, and it needed to because it is of human creation. So very often – and this is true of lightworkers – they will say: “Well, I am being influenced by a dark force, or I have an implant, or this or that.” It is a denial of their own Divine Authority, their own wisdom, and their own power to choose.

So when you come across something that does not feel like pure love – yes, even when it is strongly worded, you can tell the difference whether it is a divine transmission or whether it is fearmongering – and when it is fearmongering, turn away. Do not even engage in the conversation because it just perpetuates the lie.

So while I encourage you – and you are brilliant – ask the questions, but do not ask questions about the lies – things that you know are obviously not founded in love, nor founded in divine grace which you carry so beautifully.



Permission given to share ~ thank you Linda Dillon

Archangel Michael – The Tide Has Turned (Part 2/2): The Planet Is On Pause – Linda Dillon

Archangel Michael ~ Artist Jason McCreadie @ Vectraits Illustrations


Archangel Michael ~ The Tide Has Turned (Part 2/2): The Planet Is On Pause

So the creation, the taking time in this pause to truly bring forth in the clarity of one’s hopes and dreams what you truly wish to birth, is a pivotal element – a critical piece – of what you are doing individually and collectively.

At the behest of Archangel Michael, Andrew lovingly shares this beautiful channelled gem from his personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Archangel Michael ~ The Tide Has Turned (Part 2/2): The Planet Is On Pause

Archangel Michael: What is occurring in the global situation is that you have been put on pause. The Mother has spoken through this channel about “the pause” for a long time, and various individuals have certainly been through the pause and have benefitted from being in that state – no, not of inertia; pause and inertia are very different things; pause and ‘being stuck’ are very different things.

So your planet – and this is significant [in terms of] what the coronavirus is about – the entire planet is being put on pause for the reset, for the rebirth, that the Mother has talked about.

So will there be many significant events in the upcoming weeks and months? The answer is “yes”. And as we have repeatedly said, it is not a singular event – it is a domino effect. And we are not talking, let us be very clear, about the collapse of that which is valuable such as societies and communities, but it most certainly is a reset.

So yes, sweet one, the financial situation that you and I and Valdar have spoken of often is going to be prepared… let us leave it at that. …

Now, the purpose – the bigger purpose – of the pause is for people to simply stop, take a breath, make some fundamental choices and stay still. But for those who are coming at this in a state of high alert for survival, it will take more for them to get the benefit of what this pause is really about. …

Andrew: Any update on the Delegations and whether they might come out into the open during this year of 2020?

AAM: Oh, it is most likely that they will be revealed simultaneously, as you know, during the year of 2020. But it most certainly will be, shall we say, post-pause… but engaged in the pause as well… because one of the things that is being done is that much is being put in place during this time of quiet, you see, so that things are ready to go.

A: That’s great! … I wonder, do you have any other particular message for general sharing?

AAM: Sweet angel of light, it is extremely important that you – and I mean you, all Gaians – take this time, yes, to inner and outer reflect upon what it is you are not only desiring to create but are creating.

And it is insufficient to say that you are creating Nova Earth, that you are anchoring new societies, new communities, new ways of being, because unless it is up close and personal – a reflection of the innermost desire and plan of action for the unique, individualised sacred self – it is meaningless.

And so the creation, the taking time in this pause to truly bring forth in the clarity of one’s hopes and dreams what you truly wish to birth, is a pivotal element – a critical piece – of what you are doing individually and collectively.

So it is necessary during this time to take the time, to take the moments – not to live in fear – but to catch one’s breath and say, “Now… what do I really want? What is true and valuable to me? And then, how does that reflect out into the broader community? What are the gifts that perhaps I have kept hidden, that I have kept under a bushel basket, that I wish to bring to the forefront to share not only for my own joy and glory, but for the collective?”

And so these are the questions that, all beings, we encourage you to focus on at this time. Take the pause and breathe, sweet one. Go into the stillness – the stillpoint – of your heart and get ready for the actions.

Go with my love and go in peace.



Permission given to share ~ thank you Linda Dillon
Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

Archangel Michael – The Tide Has Turned (Part 1/2) – Linda Dillon

Archangel Michael ~ The Tide Has Turned (Part 1/2)

Nova Earth is not a place of exclusion. It is a place of inclusion where all the misdeeds, all the mishaps, all the sorrow, all the grief are healed – and where all are welcomed into the creation and co-creation of a world of love.

At the behest of Archangel Michael, Andrew lovingly shares this beautiful channelled gem from his personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Archangel Michael ~ The Tide Has Turned (Part 1/2)

Greetings, I am Michael. … Welcome to you, old friend, new friend. Welcome to this Council and to this Circle of One.

And yes, I come as always as brother, as ally, as friend, but I also come as Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love – and it is critically important, in all matters great and small, that the sense of peace, the sense of calm, the sense of centredness and balance not only be maintained, not only be anchored, but expanded and shared throughout the planet.

This is a time of the death of drama. That does not mean, nor has it ever meant to be, that this is the end – in any way shape or form – but it is also not the end of what one might think of as personal or global or planetary or Universal challenges. But ‘challenges’ when we use that word means growth; it means expansion; it means the anchoring and the living, the engaging, in a higher dimensional reality and in a more fluid interdimensional reality.

Drama is a vibration that in fact freezes and attempts to tether one into the lower vibrations of the old third, and that would be – in your terms, in terms of your science – like being jettisoned into outer space and simply attempting to tether yourself on air. It does not work that way in terms of practicality.

The Plan for this Ascension, as has been planned for eons and eons by the Divine Mother, is about being tethered by choice, by free will, by divine authority, on planet, in form, in community, in the unity of heart, of heart intelligence, of heart speaking, of heart listening, and in the sharing in the unity of community.

When we speak of community, as you most recently have experienced, we are not talking about a hierarchy. We do not operate within a hierarchy. The old paradigm of human hierarchies, where some are privileged and some are not, is a misconstruing of uniqueness of individual roles; it is a denial of the supreme authority of each and every being.

So when we speak of unity, we do not speak of ‘some in, some out, some guilty, some privileged’. This is important. All are equally forgiven. All are equally being given the opportunity directly from the Heart of One to be reborn – and to be reborn into the balance, above-below, within-without, of various bodies and chakras and energy systems.

Nova Earth is not a place of exclusion. It is a place of inclusion where all the misdeeds, all the mishaps, all the sorrow, all the grief are healed – and where all are welcomed into the creation and co-creation of a world of love.

There is not one being… well, there are a couple actually… but there are no beings upon the planet that do not have the strength to fulfil this mission. And there is no being upon this planet that has not misstepped, or misdirected their divine authority and mission at some point in time, whether it is 10,000 years ago or yesterday.

Hence, those who have been, shall I say, engaged in egregious, offensive behaviours are doing so, yes, out of egoic self-interest and lack of true vision. But they are also doing so that the collective can come together in a level of clarity – not of jealousy or envy or punishment or guilt – where the community of Gaia can come together and say, “This is not what we choose. This is not the way that our community operates,” and then you enfold those into a new realm of being.

Now, there are many upon your planet – not merely those who have, shall we say, taken ‘scenic detours’, but those who are simply tired, those whose contracts have been completed – there are many who are coming Home, who are travelling a different trajectory and are choosing to work, to witness, to participate in this rebirth of Nova Gaia from this side.

Is this a reaction of Gaia to rid herself of those that injure her? The answer in fact is “no”. Does it give her relief to see some who have perpetuated wrongdoings, to have them leave the planet? Well, the answer in fact is mixed because, while there is the physical release of someone not completely hammering on you constantly – and let me be very clear, evil deeds hurt Gaia – it is not merely those who are polluting or creating climate change, etc.; it is those who behave poorly.

So is she, Gaia, happy when people leave? The answer is “yes” and “no” because, for those who leave to come Home and have already been in the light, she is happy for them; and for those who have not had the breakthrough to achieve that level of understanding, there is an element of sadness, of grief, of lost opportunity. Gaia has been extraordinarily patient – as only an Archangel can be! – because she is fully aware of her role in this unfoldment.

So be very careful, my brother, [brothers and sisters] to make sure that the doorway to inclusiveness is kept open. Yes, poor behaviour – and that is putting it mildly – must come to an end. Well, that is already underway, but there has need to be individually, collectively, globally, and certainly universally, always room for forgiveness.

Now you know this. As sacred physician, if someone comes to you filled with dis-ease or injury, that they have crashed their car and they have broken bones, you do not say, “I will not treat you because you were drunk!” Of course not! You heal them, you assist them in the emergent and urgent situation, and then you address the underlying causes.

The addiction to poor behaviour upon this planet, that is usually masked by massive egos, is not truly because people feel superior. It is because in fact they feel inferior; they feel lacking in self-worth and self-love, and therefore are incapable of loving anybody else or acting in ways of love.

So the tide has turned and, yes, it is washing up upon the shores of the Mother’s Gaia many who need triage. But you don’t simply tell them to go back into the ocean and drown; first you aid them and then you allow them to heal. Is this difficult for many? Of course, it is!

But that is also why so many of you who have been engaged previously in the Intergalactic Wars are here on Gaia at this time – because you know the devastation, the destruction, the hatred that caused and resulted from those wars, and you know how long it took for those wounds of war to heal. But those lessons have been learned, and so there is a collective impetus to not repeat that level of cruelty and judgement, of penalising those.

There is only one planet called Earth – Archangel Gaia – and that is the Truth.



Permission given to share ~ thank you Linda Dillon


Archangel Michael: Pay Attention To The Transformation And Celebrate It! – Linda Dillon


When you see the genuine, deep, profound transformation, applaud it, laud it, transmit it across the airwaves. Celebrate it!

Archangel Michael: Pay Attention To The Transformation And Celebrate It!

A fabulous channelled gem shared by Susan from her personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Archangel Michael: Greetings, I am Michael, Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, Bringer of News. Welcome, beloved.

Susan: Welcome to you, Michael!

AAM: Sweet angel of light, sweet angel of blue, patience is and has been your standard, your strength, your bedrock – patience and hope and trust – and for this as always I commend you, I reinforce you. But, as my beloved sister Gabrielle will say, sometimes impatience is also a good thing!

S: I have enough of that, that’s true!

AAM: And it is good because what it means is you also see, feel, know, inhabit, embody, welcome the vision, the Plan. And in that impatience, balanced with patience, comes the spur to activity, to engagement with others – with us – but I mean with the humans as well.

And so it is this sense of balance, sweet one, and it is this teeter-totter/seesaw effect that you will go from impatience to stillpoint to patience to stillpoint – but it is not travelling to the end of the seesaw, ever. And I only say this, not because that is what you are doing – you are in the centre, and it is in the centre of all of this where you anchor and, beloved dear heart, where you belong!

If the centre point, if the lighthouse, if the cell tower, if the beacon of hope is not clearly anchored in the centre, beaming out, providing light and energy and the transmission of love and, yes, patience and impatience, then people do not know in the human realm which direction to move in, how to proceed, where to look. And you provide this, and you provide it in a way of balance, of equilibrium.

You provide it in a way that is not the blinding direct light of a halogen beam, or the dim light of a 20 watt bulb. You do this in the measure, not only… let us be very clear about this… not only in the measure of who you are, but in the measure of how someone else – yes, this collective you call the humans – how they need and require it.

So let us explain. Sometimes there is a being, a person, known or unknown, that needs the 125 megawatt bulb and that is exactly what they get from you. And sometimes the same individual, who is tired and weary and feeling exhausted, only wants a 70 watt bulb and that is what you give them. And it is simultaneous!

We want you to understand the magnitude of how you are working on the subtle levels. At the same time as you, as the lighthouse, and many are performing this function, someone else, elsewhere across the planet in India or China or Australia, needs the 1,000 watt bulb and that is what you give them… or the 10 watt bulb, or the flickering candlelight, and that is what you give them!

You are not only demonstrating, beaming, at the rate of who you are; you are transmitting to others at the level that is compatible, acceptable, able to integrate to other people. And that, sweet one, is an enormous gift.

And let us say something further. Sometimes… alright, let us concede – often! [laughing]… you may feel that a certain situation, environment, collective behaviour, or individual behaviour requires a 1,000 watt bulb. That is your own soul inclination; you would like to beam the light so brightly that it brings into clear focus rigidity, strong relief, to the attention of not only those involved but to everybody.

Now, there are times when that occurs, but by and large, sweet one, the sweetness of your nature – the bringer of peace; you, the peaceful warrior with me – brings to the people, to the environment, to the situation, to the behaviour what is not going to cause discomfort, what is not going to cause rebellion, what is not going to cause rejection.

So, sometimes… alright, often!… it is softer than you would think would be useful. But you aren’t doing – and we aren’t doing – what we think we want; we are giving what is needed to that individual. Now, does this sometimes create a longer, in your reference, timeline? The answer is “yes”.

But when you attack – because a brilliant light sometimes is viewed as an attack – so when you attack recalcitrants with the brightest light, for example, then what occurs? The person becomes more recalcitrant, more resistant. So we turn it down in ways that are soft and encouraging and non-threatening, but deeply deeply effective.

Now also at this time – we are just talking about what you and my blue warriors are doing – at the same time, do not think that there are not multiple approaches on multiple fronts because, at the same time, bright angel, they are without reserve being penetrated by the Mother’s Tsunami of Love. And that is transforming them right down to the cellular level in a very practical, not merely esoteric, but in a very practical way. And they are seeking kindness and gentleness, and they are exhausted of cruelty and abuse.

At the same time, they are being gifted and penetrated by the Star Beings and their energy of Porlana C. Never has this been stronger upon the planet. So there is a multifaceted approach to this transformation that is well well well underway. And yes, if you think, beloved one, that you are impatient, have a look at me! [Laughter]

But – now there are some that are receiving that 1,000 watt bulb because the time, yours and ours, for subtlety is over. And in many of these situations, what you will witness is that the individual, many individuals, are simply choosing to leave and that is fine. They are returning home to the light, to the love, to be reintegrated, reflect, work from this side because many… it is not because they are deficient or recalcitrant… they are simply tired.

So there are those that are returning, and there are those that – in the bright light being shone either on the individual or the situation or the behaviour, or all of the above – are truly before your eyes transforming. And this is what we are asking you – and all of you, by the way – to truly pay attention to.

Yes, you see the recalcitrants, but also see and witness… and credit… the transformation where it is obvious – not make-believe, because many are simply making up stories and it is make-believe transformation, and that is not of truth or peace or anything that is of love. But when you see the genuine, deep, profound transformation, applaud it, laud it, transmit it across the airwaves. Celebrate it!

We have talked to you many times about celebration but one soul, one being, not just those in the public eye – one being who rises above the pain and suffering – this is to be celebrated!

Too many upon your planet live in what we can call ‘squalor’ – and we do not simply mean dirty or poverty; we mean emotional, intellectual and, yes, physical squalor – and this is transforming. And it does transform with the collective and individual actions that are being taken quietly and publicly, it matters not.

In fact, very often the quiet actions, the quiet interactions, are by far the most effective. And it is not that they go unobserved or unnoted; it is just that they are not headline events – but on our side, they are headline events!

So do not forget, when you see these little shifts and these massive shifts, to celebrate!

Channeled by Linda Dillon

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted. [Full terms of copyright see below]



Permission given to share. Thank you Linda Dillon

Divine Mother – Love is All – Linda Dillon

Divine Mother ~ Love is All

In refined discernment, in refined balance, in the anchoring of divine knowing and divine authority, what one initiates, chooses to experience, is love in all its wondrous splendour and forms.

A beautiful channelled gem shared from a personal reading with Linda Dillon.

Divine Mother ~ Love is All

Divine Mother: Greetings, I am Mother, infinite and eternal, Mother of Change, Mother of Constancy. Mother of One, Mother of All. Welcome, my beloved, sweet angel of light, sweet teacher of blue, bridge, visionary, magenta, aqua of the distant stars.

You have beckoned to me, as I have beckoned to you, across the infinity of my omniverse and of our omniverse into the realm of [?] that you may hear me and, more importantly, not merely feel me but experience me for that is the purpose of our union this day.

Beloved one, yes, you have come as teacher, as visionary, as bridge between realities, between dimensions, between existences. It is time for my children of this planetary system to awaken to a broader awareness – a broader understanding – and they have reached this point of readiness. They go forward in the anchoring of new realm, new reality, new understandings which in fact aren’t new at all [but] which are ancient and eternal.

Understand – you are being inspired… inspired… to remember, to recollect, to learn, to expand… yes, of course for your sacred self… but as you are beginning to understand, there is no such thing as your sacred self. It is all and it is nothing. And I do not mean that to disintegrate your essential spark which is brilliant and holy.

It is not coincidence that you have and you are studying what you can think of as the physical realm, the chemical interaction, the formulation of materiality, because in so many ways the study of this reality allows you to see that, in fact, it is not real at all – it is all transient; it is all becoming. And so it is a reflection for you to comprehend the infinity of my universe.

It is also grounding, because I do not want you simply wandering through the dimensions or wandering throughout the stars, for you have come to my planet – this beautiful planet of beauty, of diversity, of potential, of wonder, of love – you have come to this time and to this incarnation with the understanding that you will be the teacher, that you will be the voice – the voice not crying in the wilderness; that is over! – to truly open and spark, to act as the catalyst, during this time of transition for those that are seeking.

And what I suggest to you and what is known is those who are seeking are about to implode and explode – no, not as in terms of termination or destruction – but in terms of awareness and awakening. And as they do this – which is my Plan – as they do this, they look around. Many are uncertain and unclear about which direction to travel in.

Think of it in this way. If you have been in a very deep slumber and you awaken for a few moments, you are disorientated. You will think, “Where am I and what was I doing?” That is what is happening with the collective of humanity, and this is all good news. This is the opening that you and so many have not only yearned for but prayed for.

And you have positioned, and I have positioned you, with full agreement and cognizance – and clear cognizance – of where you have need to be as a bringer of hope, as an anchor of vision, in the sweetness of existence. This belief system that so many have clung to – that in fact not only is the journey fixed, but that it is difficult and that it is filled with pain and suffering – is simply not true.

And as you have learned and are learning – this mental, emotional reactivity is just that. So where my humans shift is not only from being reactive, but they shift from being initiators. Now why is this important? In refined discernment, in refined balance, in the anchoring of divine knowing and divine authority, what one initiates, chooses to experience, is love in all its wondrous splendour and forms.

That is the entire purpose of all Creation, of all existence. It is simply for you to know, to be, love – the One.

And you are beginning to comprehend this and so, yes, I am sending you a great deal of energy for you to continue on this pathway of joyous expansion, with the understanding of the collective – their touchstones – because to communicate fully, heartfully, with any being in any galaxy or solar system, you have need to know and understand and be able to relate to their touchstones, to their reference points, to their framework of what they believe is reality.

So the key in this is not [that] you move forward in your understanding, but you don’t, in terms of your vision and your teaching, move too forward that they can’t see you, or hear you, or relate to you any longer.

So, dearest heart, where would you like to begin this day?

Q: Good day, Divine Mother, I am grateful for your compliments. I am grateful for everything you have done for me – all your divine interventions without which I would be lost in the darkness. And I thank you for guiding me towards being unconditionally loving.

With that being said, I would like to begin my first question. As you know, I feel intuitively like I am not meant to go to graduate school… that I am meant to be a spiritual teacher, which you have confirmed. And I want to be your eternal servant. So, therefore, Divine Mother, I wish to ask how I may best serve you once I graduate from the university around May 2020?

Divine Mother: First of all, my beloved child, you are welcome and you are welcomed into my arms, into my sphere, into this space.

That you have travelled into the darkness – and have experienced what you term the dark night of the soul – is very important because many not only travelled there, they live there. And in that bleakness, they do not know that there is a pathway out, [and] that there are choices and options and different experiences.

So having been there serves you well, and serves me well, because you understand.  And that is, as I say: you have to speak to the people and touch their hearts where they live. So do not think that this has been a waste of experience. It has not. It has been quintessential.

Now, whether you go to graduate school or not – and we would suggest to you [that you] do not necessarily put this on the side; these, beloved, can be parallel tracks – you see what the humans have forgotten. They tend to think it’s an either/or, and what they need is this human example of not either/or but all… that you can do it ALL.

It does not mean as a spiritual teacher that you divorce yourself or that you exclude yourself from what we would call ‘the mainstream’, because you travel there because that is where your students are.  It is not for you in this life to come to the ashram and take yourself out of where the people are.

Now, yes, you are intended to be a spiritual teacher. But in the first run, do not think or do not choose simply that it has to be either/or, because I guide you and I ask you – because I will never intervene in your free will and choices, because your choices are brilliant.

Do not think it has to be either/or. You will be the teacher and you will be the individual – the man who says, “Yes, I know about higher education. I know about career. I have done this, but that is not my priority. It cannot be either/or.”

This duality of the human experience is what is truly in transition.

Channeled by Linda Dillon
©2019 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.



Permission given to share. Thank you Linda Dillon
Gratitude to all artists. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

The Divine Mother on Conscious Creation – Linda Dillon

Artist ~ Spirit painter & medium Ethel Le Rossignol @ CESNUR


The Divine Mother on Conscious Creation

A beautiful channeled gem from the Mother…”Your ascended self, bright one, only lives in the 13th Octave. For all intents and purposes, is homebase.”

It is important, sweet one, to pay attention. It is not adequate as your ascended self to simply be in the inspiration, to simply be in intention. After the stillness, in order for creation to truly take place, action must be an integral part. If you sit simply in inspiration, if you sit simply in intention without the other components of the Creation Formula, what ends up happening, dear heart, is you are frustrated and sad – and that is not the purpose. It is not the purpose of creation, and it most certainly is not the purpose of your life.

You have come, along with your sacred circle, to resurrect, to rebirth, to reintroduce, to re-anchor and to be the Creator Race. How you do this is by the anchoring in the fullness of not only your inspiration, not only your intention, but the fullness of your ascended self. And your ascended self, bright one, only lives in the 13th Octave. For all intents and purposes, is homebase.

You may send, beam, direct your love, your creations, into those that are still in transition, but where you live, the only place – let me be very clear – the only place you can live as your ascended self is in the 13th Octave. That is why we have anchored the energy of the ascended self, of the Creator Self, in form, on planet, for decades. Now it is time for you to do the same.

I do not speak just to the collective in this matter, I speak to your heart, beloved daughter. It is time to bring to fruition, not some amorphous ambition, but your heart’s desires. I have taught you, Uriel has taught you to dream with me – and what that means is also that I am dreaming with you, our energies are merged, they always have been, but now there is the conscious cognition that that is so.

In this, you move from dreaming to the dreaming of physicality, for yes, in many ways, the physical existence to which you are playing in is but a dream. But it is a tangible dream; it is a dream that I have created that you will have the experience of love in form, in tangibility. So, it isn’t just thinking or merely dreaming about your heart’s desires, it is actually physically living the life not only that I desire for thee but that you desire for thee. Nothing else will do! And in the deservingness, in the brilliance, in the might of who you are, this is what you claim, this is what you wear – this is what you deserve.

Is this a time of New Beginnings? Yes. And is it a time of dramatic change? Yes.

There is a conjunction, there is a point at which – think of this – the incoming tide meets the outgoing tide. Think of this – that is the point of implosion-explosion, that is the point of creation, and that is where you are right now. And you do not stand there alone. You stand there surrounded by many, in and out of form, but most importantly, sweet one, I am standing there with you.

You do not need to swim out or surf out to the Mariana Trench. You do not need to try and swim and hurt yourself and tire yourself trying to conquer the Tsunami waves. Stand at the shore with me. Stand at the shore at that moment when the incoming tide and the outgoing tide kiss, embrace and create.



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Archangels Raphael & Michael: Say “Yes!” – Linda Dillon

angels-Berlin via Council of Love

Archangels Raphael & Michael: Say “Yes!”
Sweet angels, are you ready and willing to accept?

At the behest of Archangels Raphael and Michael, Andrew shares these fabulous and timely gems from his reading with Linda on January 18, 2019.

Archangel Raphael: Greetings – I am Archangel Raphael. And welcome to you, beloved brother. Yes – healer, physician, creator, expander.

And I come to speak to you – yes, of course, everybody is present! – but I also come to speak to you of the healing of the human heart, the human soul, the human psyche, the collective of this most magnificent beautiful planet called Gaia because, as you well know, my mission, my service… my love for the Mother is to be her Healer – and this includes this collective, this planet, this galaxy, this section, this part of her infinite and eternal cosmos.

Now, I am not coming this day because there is an emergent urgent situation; it is not that the collective is in the emergency room – although many times we have really wished they would be! I come because there is a shift in the realm of human consciousness, as our beloved Mother has spoken of, and the shift to conscious awareness of creating and co-creating with the seen and the unseen realms, of the materialisation – the bringing forth into physicality – of what has been worked on, prayed on, in the unseen realm for so long.

And this is a significant step forward, particularly, might I say, for those Gaians who are awake and who are in a place of the balance of assuming their Divine Authority, their divine birthright, in the deepest levels of humility and compassion, excitement, exuberance and action.

Now, why do I, as Archangel of Healing of the Emerald Ray, of the Heart Centre, why do I speak of this? Because it is vibratory, and this is a theme that has been emerging of late, and a grander and greater understanding of the necessity for the vibration – the frequency – of the human race to be raised, to be cleared, ‘dusted off’ and raised.

Now, much healing directly from the Mother herself and all of us in between has been sent to this glorious planet, and to the collective of the human race. And might I say, in all modesty, that this healing has done remarkable work in the upgrading of the human collective vibration.

But you as physician, my beloved brother, understand – and that is why I speak to you about this, this day, because I also know you will share it – there is a point at which the patient, the recipient of treatment, needs to say “yes”, that there needs to be the freewill choice – this voluntary embrace and acceptance of the healing.

And, in this case, what we are calling “healing” is simply the raising of the human vibration. And in that “yes” by the humans – and, might I say, the lightworker and loveholder community – what you are doing is becoming the embodiment of the New You, of Nova Being, of acknowledging the divinity and allowing it to be activated that has always rested within.

It is like a graduation ceremony where the students say, “Yes – I have learned what I have needed to learn, I have done my homework, I have done my essays, and I am prepared and I welcome moving on to the next rung of the sacred spiral – to the next level – to fully engage with what lies ahead”… not spending time simply ruminating about what has or has not happened, about what has occurred in the past.

Learning those lessons, gaining that insight, but moving forward to the higher vibration because in that higher vibration, in the vibration we call love, the potential and the reality of being able to create more – and might I even say “more with less” – is fully present… not just partially present, but fully. So the deep embrace of the higher vibrations is and has been a gift to each of you, and to the whole of humanity.

So the question that I pose to you – and through you, my beloved brother – this day, is: “Sweet angels, are you ready and willing to accept?” As Archangel of Healing, I know, my beloved friend, that your answer and the answer of many is “absolutely, yes!” And there is the knowing that there is no room for the old paradigms of lack or limitation, shame or blame or fear or anger – or any of these.

And as you say “yes” – think of it in this way: you are saying “yes!” for millions who do not as fully understand as you do that the conscious choice is part of the process, and it is also part of the pathway and the reward.

So I thank you, my beloved. You both are doing enormously well – despite all odds, you do not know the meaning of giving up. Endurance – and I say this as one who has served the Mother forever – endurance is a mighty gift and the quality, the stamina, the courage, the consistency you have both practised is stellar.

There are great changes taking place upon your planet. Perhaps the most significant is, shall we say, the obvious arrival of your Star Family and friends – not as hidden boots on the ground, but as they step forth in the fullness of their ‘olive branch’ and their offering of community and unity, of love, of friendship, of cooperation, of the sharing of technology and wisdom… and the stories, the tales, the sharing of what lies beyond what people think of as your galaxies.

And so, beloved brother, I am with thee, I am with both of you – I am with all three of you – and I am with the totality of humanity. This is the time when I step forth on behalf of the Mother and we will raise, and you will raise, and all is in order – all is in unfoldment – not as some distant horizon but right now. That is why I come. You may note… I do not speak frequently – only when it is, shall we say, necessary. And now is one of those times.

You are deeply, deeply, deeply loved, honoured and respected. I love you, my friend.

Andrew: Thank you so much for that very inspiring message. And yes, I certainly look forward to sharing that with many. So thank you so much and farewell.

AAR: Farewell.

* * *

Archangel Michael: Greetings – I am Michael.

Andrew: Oh – greetings Michael.

AAM: And welcome to you – welcome to all of you, this small family of three! A replica, a model, of intergalactic harmony!

You have been stalwart my friend. And yes, I know – you are exhausted. And so I take you this day, not to do battle but simply to nurture – perhaps to play my harp for you or to invite you to listen with me to the celestial choirs, for their sound and their light can heal and lift the most exhausted tired soul.

When my brother, Raphael speaks of raising the vibrations, he is not adding a task, a job, another mission, for this is as natural as breathing. But it is the consciousness, it is the awareness of each of you as independent sovereign beings that you have the right – and the choice – to simply increase your frequency, and that you are at a point of awareness, of consciousness, where this is actually able to be raised by a conscious choice and decision.

It is a choice that is based on the awareness of your partnership, the unity with us in the sweetest harmony of our Mother, of our Father, of the One. So it is not an action or an undertaking that requires exertion – what it requires is a choice point and decision and a “yes”. And to you and to me and to all of us who serve – it is inconceivable that you would not say “yes!”, because the deepest longing of your heart and our heart is that raising up to a vibratory rate that is the harmony – is the song – of Nova Earth.

So I had wished to also elaborate and to further clarify this aspect of raising vibrations – it is to be done in joy, in laughter and sweetness. It is as if you have just been invited and you are underway, or perhaps even in attendance, at the coronation – not of some distant deity or monarch – but of the autonomy, the sovereignty of your soul.


Channeled by Linda Dillon
© 2019 Council of Love, Inc.
Image via Council of Love


Permission given to share. Thank you Linda Dillon 

Belle’Anna speaks of Vulnerability (Part 4/4): The Vulnerability of the Mother – Linda Dillon

Part 4 of this beautiful channelled gem series shared by Elle from her reading with Linda Dillon.

… continues from “Archangel Michael speaks of Vulnerability (Part 3/4)”


Belle’Anna speaks of Vulnerability (Part 4/4): The Vulnerability of the Mother…

I am Belle’Anna.

Elle: Hello, beloved! Wow!


Belle’Anna: Yes, I was beginning to wonder! And, of course, we all bow to the Mother in her infinite wisdom.

What so many do not think of is the vulnerability of the Mother because this is not a trait that you or we tend to assign to the Mother. And yet, She is our infinite and eternal Source and in that, in the essence of who She is, of course the Mother is vulnerable, which means penetrable.

It is not that She has chosen or created to shield herself from any of our woes, desires, victories, shortcomings. She not only knows it all, but experiences it. This is something that humans do not always have a full grasp of.

What is transpiring, how the Mother has made herself penetrable – and this is where human beings forget – is that She experiences everything. And one of the things that is going on with you and She is that you are also experiencing more and more and more and more.

The Mother has declared several times that She no longer wishes to be known as the Mother of Sorrow. Now, why does She say such a thing? How could the infinite love and joy be of sorrow? And yet, that is so often how She has been identified, and that is because She feels not just human sorrow but sorrow throughout.

We could call her the Mother of Frustration – would that not be funny! Because She knows. She does not shield it. No – She does not live in sorrow, She does not live in frustration, She does not live in pain, but She most certainly knows it. And it is in this knowing, in this infinite knowing, that also the healing comes. For when that is known in the Infinite Source of One, immediately… well, faster than that!… the healing comes forward.

And what I say to you, my beloved angel, sister of my heart, is you may have felt, you do feel, that you have been healing the physical injury. But really what you have been healing is injury and pain – and pain that has been placed within you, that you have experienced throughout many, many lifetimes, and also that the human collective has felt and experienced.

So in your… what shall we call it?… your ‘healing downtime’, you quite literally have been healing the pain of millions. So do not think it has been a punishment or futility. You have served greatly, sweet angel, and for this we thank you.

Humans have become so… no, not addicted… but accepting that human pain, physical suffering, a sense of vulnerability in terms of abandonment, that that is somehow the norm – and it is not! And it most certainly is not the norm of Nova Being.

E: I’m so very grateful to all of you, to Mother, Magdalena, Michael, and of course you, Belle’Anna. So just to take it easy and allow the healing to continue?

B: That is correct. It is mending, it is knitting, it is re-gluing, if you can think of it that way. So yes, there is no need for, shall we call it, external [help] … other than our external intervention and correction! [Laughing]

E: Yes! I felt confident in not going to A&E and that I and we together could do more, with the added support of the healing team [the fabulous Council of Love Healing Team]. I’m so incredibly thankful for their tender loving care throughout my recovery.

B: That is correct. And that has brought you into this greater sense of communion and community with those that have been engaged in the healing activities. So yes, it has let you know that even though often these energies – even in human form in terms of caretaking – are far away, they are as close as your fingertips or, shall we say, your toe tips! …

*    *    *

E: We all have so much to look forward to!

B: Yes, you do, and so do we, for this transition is so far underway.

It is curious, is it not, that so many of the human beings are literally blinded… not blindfolded, but almost unobservant. It is curious that so many of the collective are what we would call ‘event-driven’ – and what we mean by this is that they hopscotch from one event to another. And even in terms of the Mother’s grand unfoldment, they tend to say, “Well, we’re waiting for ‘the event’,” as if that is a singular thing. It is a very curious thing! And so they do not notice what is truly transpiring all over the planet.

They do not notice that the flower has not only just budded, it is blossoming! – and that there are changes, significant shifts and changes, in every realm of what you think of as human existence. They are the type of individuals who are going to go out of their house one day and say, “Oh look, the rose bloomed and it is in full blossom,” but did not take in the beauty, the savouring, of that bud to blossom.

But, nevertheless, that is an aside that we make. The transition is well underway!

E: I think I can share practically all of this from the Mother, Magdalena, Michael and yourself?

B: Yes, you can. Even though we speak to your heart, we also know through your grand heart there is the transmission to many.

E: There are so many wonderful gems for sharing, and I know when you [the Council of Love] speak to me/us, you speak to many. And yes, I feel the gems are well received.

B: They most certainly are!

E: Just briefly… I particularly loved the lucid dream involving the being with the head of a hippopotamus…

B: Correct!

E: It was so lovely! Initially I wondered if I should be afraid and then, realising how wonderful he was, found myself hugging him…

B: Yes – and it is the many faces of the Divine Feminine. It is the way in which so many forms can be assumed. There are more races than humans imagine, [chuckling] and there are many very sentient beings that you will come to know and deeply love – not in the distant future, not on some future horizon, but in the very near future. …

E: I have this sense that I could love any appearance.

B: And that is important. One of the qualities, shall we say, of not all but of several of the Star Species is of course their ability to transfigure, to adopt different forms – and you have even seen that in your various visions of Plaed’or. But there is also a comfort and respect theme that there are many beings who are simply more comfortable, happier, more at home in their true physical self.

E: As it should be!

B: As it should be! People should not be morphing simply to meet the expectations of other people. Sometimes that is done out of consideration until the humans in particular are used to these various forms. But yes, of course you can love any form because you see the essential essence, and that is what you have always done.

E: Oh, I so look forward to this part! One last thing – when posting the Mother who typically announces herself as Mary, Mare, Universal Mother Mary, and/or as Divine Mother on occasion, I wonder… does She have a preference?

B: It does not matter as long as “the Mother” is in there.

E: That’s perfect to know! Thank you, beloved. I love you.

B: You are so welcome, and I love you.



Permission given to share, thank you Linda Dillon
Gratitude to artist. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah