Behind the Scenes with Archangel Michael – Part 2/2 ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

by Misty Frederick Ritz - Contemporary Artist and Instructor

ART : Misty Frederick Ritz ~ Contemporary Artist & Instructor


Behind the Scenes with Archangel Michael – Part 2/2

Posted by Steve Beckow on August 3, 2014

(Continued from Part 1.)


AAM: Now let us address the other issue. “Why, Michael, when you say something, does it not come to pass?”

S: [Laughter] Yes, why? [Mock belligerence.] Yes!

AAM: [Laughter] Do you think I do not hear your heart?

S: Oh yes. I know you hear! [Laughter] And now I get to hear your answer.

AAM: You will never hear me curse. [Laughs]

S: Yes, right. [Laughs.] Not the way I do.

AAM: But we are so – and this is not laying the blame elsewhere, and you have had some very clear lessons in sacred partnership in the very-human realm – we are determined to be in sacred union, partnership creation, with the human race. [Partnership means equality, which means we do some of the work too.]

Now they don’t exactly feel the same way. Are they getting there? Yes. Will we hold the energy until they get there? Yes.

Unfortunately, and I say unfortunately for humanity, and for you, Steve, and for us, and for me, Michael, is that you don’t get to see everything. You do not get to see what is unseen and what we are doing in the unseen realms.

[Steve: And it is both amazing what they are doing and it also cannot be discussed at this time for the security of everyone concerned.]

So the things that don’t happen that we prevent, that we intervene in in the divine sense of intervention, the variables that we are putting in place, the human beings that are either being contained or are being worked upon by legions, none of that is seen. [The story will eventually be told at a time when it won’t put people at risk.]

And there are times when we wish you could and did see it.

Now when you travel, you particularly, Kathleen, when you travel interdimensionally, when you allow that doorway to be fully opened, you do see it.

K: Uh-hum.

AAM: But generally when you say, don’t tell me [the money] is on the table because I can’t see it, I for one want to scream. Not because I am angry, but because we haven’t reached that frequency, that level, that meeting point yet [where we can know what is happening behind the scenes]

Will we? Yes. Is it [he pauses] imminent? Yes.

S: [Laughter] Whose imminent? [Human imminent, or timeless/galactic imminent?] [Laughter] Really imminent? Because I … you need to … let’s not go any more in this game of “it’s right there on the table.” It’s either imminent or it’s not.

AAM: It is.

S: OK, alright, I’m going to believe you. [I am at the end of my rope with the word “imminent.”]

AAM: But part of the “right now” factor, and I say this to thee, in a very personal, loving way, but I also say it to many, look at this core issue. Do what the channel has begun to term “coring” ….

S: Yes.

AAM: … and get rid of it [the core issue]

[I said I would post the discussion of balance and this that follows is that posting.]

So how do you do this? I don’t mind if we are spending a few minutes on this. If your core issue, key motivator, is this fear, and you can’t fully go there, because you know if you go there, you will die, then what is on the other side? What can you, and we, but let us be practical today, what can you put on the other side of those balance scales, the scales of justice, Sanat Kumara’s scales that will assist you.

Well, one thing you are putting on [one side of the scale] is your 501(c)(3).

Another thing you are putting on is subscriptions.

Another thing you are putting on is the fact that you‘re willing and able and about to deal with the feelings of completion.

[Of course I’m very familiar with the meaning and impact of “completion” from my encounter and est days. He is “speaking my language,” as he so often does.]

So what can you complete? There are many things that you are starting that you are completing. You complete article series. You complete insight series. You complete the asking for money, which is going to make you feel better.

Put on the other side of the scale things that will bring it into balance so that you feel better. And I don’t mean simply in a spiritual or an esoteric kind of way.

S: Aha. That’s a very interesting concept, Lord.

AAM: And then you can say, well, you know, I think maybe a little more joy would make me feel better. And what is a joy factor? Well, it is certainly your relationship. But it is also no [censored]

S: Well, yah! Yah!

AAM: But is also a delicious coffee drink [Starbuck’s bottled Frappacinos are my addiction!] But it also a good night’s sleep.

[I seldom sleep through the night, as most people on the team know.]

S: Yep, yep. For sure.

AAM: It is feeling that I am truly part of a team. [I have always been a lone wolf.] And I put that over there as well.

S: I know what you’re referring to. Uh-hum.

AAM: Alright! [Said like Braveheart after a battle.]

So let us even out these scales. Because now it is tipping dangerously.

S: OK. I got it. Those are very interesting comments. Thank you. …
[All of you will be fine financially, eventually,] but that is not what I want to talk about today and it is certainly not what you want to hear because you are sick of hearing me say that!

S: Yes, if it doesn’t eventuate, yes.

AAM: So let us talk about the real issue and that is feelings of self-love and self-worth and knowing that your true agreement, all of you, with the Mother is that, “I will do it no matter what” and what is also occurring in this frustration package, if we can call it that, is the activation of your deeper talents and co-creative abilities which we are dying for you to activate because as soon as it is activated, you can see us, you can feel us, you can co-create with us and we are off to the races.

S: I don’t know how to activate it, Lord. Do I stamp my foot? Do I be in such dire straits that I break through?

AAM: Sometimes stamping your foot works. Anger is simply an expression of fear so if you need to stamp your foot or scream at Heaven, go ahead.

Threatening doesn’t work. The Mother doesn’t respond to threats but she does respond, and so do we, to the elimination of fear, not to the quality of fear but to the desire to break through it.

[The broader statement would be that the Mother does not respond to personal irresponsibility but she does respond to personal responsibility.]

S: All right.

AAM: You are at a point in human evolution, planetary evolution where everything is in alignment. Now what does that mean? It means a sacred, divine, eternal, infinite moment which translates in human form not as what you really call a moment, what we would refer to as several months, where humanity can fully transform but not by clinging and saying, “I won’t step forward any further because I am too afraid, I’m too angry, I am afraid of looking like a fool.” That is a very big core issue for many, looking foolish.

S: Being conned, looking foolish and being rejected

AAM: Being abandoned, being betrayed, being conned, stepping out and believing that they were part of something big only to find out that they are alone, abandoned and isolated, separated from Source. So many are taking the step and if the light-workers don’t take the step then who does?

We are reaching down, your Star Brothers and Sisters are reaching down, as far as we can [consistent with the universal law of free will]. That’s why we wish you could see the unseen as it were. We are inches away from one another. All we can say and what the ascended masters have been working on, what you would think of as night and day, “Is please don’t quit!”

S: All right. Ok. I hear you.
[Discussion of gender persecution, to be shared later.]
S: Thank you, Lord. I haven’t even asked you one “when” question.

AAM: Thank you, dear heart. You are overwhelmed.

S: I’m over-whenned and overwhelmed.

AAM: This is a very good term, “over-whenned.” Go with my love.

K and S: Thank you.

AAM: You are so welcome. We are so grateful to both of you, to all of you.

K and S: Thank you.

AAM: Farewell.

K and S: Farewell.


by Misty Frederick Ritz - Contemporary Artist and Instructor

Behind the scenes with Archangel Michael – Part 1/2 ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden age of Gaia

by jennifer baird at Christina Faleroni - Gallery Fine Art

ART : Jennifer Baird @ Christina Faleroni ~ Gallery Fine Art


Behind the Scenes with Archangel Michael – Part 1/2

Posted by Steve Beckow on August 3, 2014

Editor Kathleen and I have decided to take you behind the scenes with Archangel Michael, in a reading through Linda Dillon on Aug. 1, 2014.

Our relationship with AAM has always been characterized by frankness and informality.

We think it useful for you to see the candid discussions that transpire and the quality of the insights given, whether in our breakdowns or breakthroughs, as we puzzle our way through what is really happening in our transitioning world, with his assistance.

We also think it profoundly helpful to realize that everyone in difficulty right now is in that place to have their core issues rise to the surface to be released. Only with their release can we truly serve the Divine Mother.

We have his approval in posting this discussion.


Archangel Michael: Greetings, I am Michael.

Kathleen and Steve: Greetings, Lord.

AAM: Welcome, welcome, welcome. And I come this day, not only as brother, as friend, as colleague but as Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, bringer of news. Why, dear hearts, I wear as many hats as you do.

Steve: And you play a harp at the same time!

AAM: No, but I can paint.

Steve: Yes, the sky! [Archangel Michael is the creator of the Aurora Borealis.]

AAM: Each in their own right. It is not that one aspect of yours or mine or any being’s [is more or less important] and I suggest to you that the ascended masters are extraordinarily busy these days, as are your star brothers and sisters. Each of us has many hats, many faces, many tasks, many missions.

Yes, it is all rolled into one called “service to the Mother,” and the anchoring of Love, and we know this is not a guessing game [guessing the intentions of the CoH towards the team]. It never has been. The clarity and the purity of your heart is known just as well as the frustration, the angst, the wisps of fear that come and go. So where do you wish to begin today?

S: Kathleenn?

Kathleen: Hello, Archangel Michael. It’s good to hear you.

AAM: It is good to be heard and it is good to hear you, sweet angel.

K: I would like to start by thanking you for our 501(c)(3) for the Hope Chest. [The Hope Chest finally received its certification from the IRS, which means that people can deduct their contributions. Karen will be discussing it later.]

AAM: You are welcome.

K: That’s very special and I also wanted to tell you, you are the best coach!

AAM: Well, thank you! No one has said that in quite a while. In fact I have heard a lot of human critique, shall we say, these days, particularly around the Peace Initiative so thank you, dear heart. It is not that archangels need or I guess require either thanks or acknowledgement but gratitude is always welcome.

K: I am very appreciative of all the wisdom you’ve passed along my way. I am always referring to the words you have spoken to me. I love you. Thank you very much.

AAM: You are welcome very much.

K: I would like to ask about the subscriptions [voluntary monthly donations] that are flowing into the Hope Chest. That was a wonderful idea. I thank you so much for that.

AAM: Now I speak with both of you. We have understood and felt much of the dismay, frustration, angst, concern, legitimate concern over ethics and integrity. [He explains in a minute what he’s referring to.]

Now it is also important that you have your 501(c)(3) so that it is anchored in a legality – which is rather humorous, is it not? It is the old form but nevertheless it gives you certain protections but there is a part of you that is simply reticent and when I say you, I do not actually mean you, Kathleen.

I mean you, Steve and you, [X] and some very significant others, who are not only reticent of continually asking for money but being seen to ask for money, as well as the internal feelings, legitimate, you cannot judge your feelings, at least I would hope you would not.

And we have had this discussion before.

You feel that you are standing with your hand out and while that has been very useful for people learning to give and to receive. That [balancing] has been the gift that has had very little to do with money.

The real gift [from readers] has been the acknowledgement of spiritual currency [self-worth] and the abundance in the truest meaning of the word. Yes, practical abundance as well.

Your life and what is happening upon Nova Earth is very dynamic and particularly fluid in this moment that you are experiencing as well as we are experiencing.

The idea of subscription is balance.

[The word “subscription” is being used here loosely, because it was the original notion that was discussed and the word has stuck. The distinction is not being made between voluntary monthly donations and obligatory subscriptions. I have said “no” to obligatory subscriptions for the blog and “no” to advertising on the blog, but I have not said “no” to voluntary monthly donations.]

It is the give and receive so you are simply moving on to the next level, if we can put it that way, of give and receive without an individual and yes, particularly you, dear Steve, feeling that you are putting your integrity on the line [by having to ask for donations repeatedly. This is an ongoing conversation]

And we will have the discussion, about, well, Michael, what about what you have said and what you have promised [that first Pre-NESARA and now Reval funds will be coming] and we will also have the discussion about what the humans have and have not done [to bring in the Reval]

But I suggest to you that the inspiration has been implanted in your hearts, in both of your hearts, has been a gift and a pointing of the way to an alternative way to generate money.

Now while we are speaking of this, it also means everybody who is involved, the givers, the receivers, the intermediaries are stepping up a notch … well actually it is a quantum leap … in terms of, not only how you perceive generosity and the act of gratitude but also your ability to create, in form, in this flexible inter-dimensional reality that you are occupying. I have said enough about that.

K: That was very helpful. Thank you.

AAM: Farewell, sweet angel.

K: Farewell.
[Further greetings and formalities deleted.]
Steve-at-Horseshoe-Bay-200x200Steve: If I were to ask you to comment and say what’s coming up [with the Reval], I worry that you’d say, “It’s right there. It’s on the table” and that just won’t do any more. It’s been on the table for two or three years. So I really don’t know what to do, Lord.

AAM: What is coming up is your worst fear.

S: Well, yes, freeze and die in the dark.

AAM: No, your worst fear is not dying.

S: What is it? Humiliation?

AAM: Humiliation and not completing what you feel and know is your mission.

S: Yes, that’s true.

AAM: And you feel, if that is the case, then you would certainly rather die. So the dying piece is neither here nor there. You know that I would lift you up very rapidly and take you home, joyously.

But what I know is you are not done and we are not done. So what is coming to the forefront is this desperation and this sense of fear that not only have you not complied with what we have promised [the Mother] but that you have not and cannot comply with what you have promised.

Can we let it go?

S: Yes, I suppose. But is that what this has all been about? [The two-three year conversation that “the money is right there.”]

AAM: Yes. [Said decisively.]

S: OK, so it’s all been to bring us to this point where our worst fears come out.

AAM: Just like you are seeing in the Middle East. The worst is on the surface.

S: OK.

AAM: Yes. And the idea is, if you cannot survive and feel like you can survive, then our platform [i.e., the blog] does not survive.

But the key issue here, my beloved brother, is not simply cold, hard cash. And it is true for you and it is true for several members of your team.

Can we create other platforms? Of course we can. But that is not the agreement between you and I. That is not the agreement we have with the Mother. So the fear within the fear is that you will let down the Mother.

And to you that is anathema. That is death. So what do I want you to do? What do I ask of you? You look at this and you are strong. I would not be having this conversation with you if I did not know the level of your strength.

And you say, yes, that is all well and good, Lord, but I am tired and I understand that. And the Mother is about a half an inch away from putting you on sabbatical.

But let us suggest, it can’t all ride on your shoulders. This is an issue, vasana, that you and the channel both share. So look at the fear and give it to me. Allow the subscriptions [voluntary monthly donations] to flow. Do not nay-say the subscriptions.

S: But when you say allow, is there an active component or just a passive component?

AAM: There is an active component as well. There is an active component in that, in your writings, you are explaining how this balance [between giving and receiving] can be created. But often, what you are writing about is your fear of failure.

S: I am? Is my writing about fear of failure? Is that what you’re saying?

AAM: It’s what you are about to be writing about.

S: [Laughter.] OK. Yes. Is it OK to refer [on the blog] to what you are saying right now? Is it OK to say that a lot of what’s happening right now is designed to bring our worst fears to the surface?

AAM: That is exactly the case because, if it does not come to the surface, it cannot be released. Your issue, [X’s] issue, [Y’s] issue is slightly different because it is her work with her will, which is stronger than iron and more fluid than light. So yes, the worst is on the table but it is on the table for clean-up.

S: OK. That does help.

(Continued in Part 2.)


by jennifer baird at Christina Faleroni - Gallery Fine Art