The Seven Rays – Overview & Origin – William Meader


Flight of the Rainbow Feathers by Kazytc


The Seven Rays

~ Overview and Origin ~

It is no understatement to say that the Seven Rays are foundational to the entirety of Creation. Indeed, within the Esoteric Philosophy it is believed that these seven streams of Divine Life condition all that we see and know. Each is understood as sacred, and each is a unique quality of consciousness arising from the Beingness of the One Life (Divinity).

When considering human life, the Seven Rays create the marvelous variability in the way we individually pattern our thoughts, the areas of interest we uniquely have, and the emotional and physical behaviors we demonstrate within our day-to-day lives. Beyond this, these divine emanations also underpin the consciousness of nations, the social systems that govern human civilization, as well as the energies that animate entire kingdoms of nature.  As such, the study of the Seven Rays assists us to not only better understand ourselves, but also the larger living systems within which we live.

Below is a link to a video excerpt from a workshop I did entitled, The Turning Point. The emphasis of this particular workshop was on humanity’s transition from a Sixth to Seven Ray Age. In this short video clip I am providing the participants with an overview of these two rays and their cosmic origin. I hope you enjoy it.

YouTube Video Excerpt  (& see below) 

Note:  If you would like to read an article that provides an overview of each of the Seven Rays, please click here.

William Meader

The Soul’s Purpose – Attending to the Trend of Thought – William Meader

Soul Portraits by Wendybyrd Smith


The Soul’s Purpose

~ Attending to the Trend of Thought ~

September 13, 2018 –  Blog Release

When an individual begins to consciously recognize the inner promptings of the soul, a sense of spiritual purpose will likewise begin to germinate within the mind.  In the early stages, this is experienced as a growing conviction that one’s life must be rooted in a raison d’être—a reason for being.  Initially, the specific nature of this destined purpose is usually vague and nebulous, but its broad outline is nonetheless inwardly sensed.

The first indication of soul contact is the emergence of conscience, followed by a sense that the purpose of the soul is to support the betterment of something beyond oneself.  Yet as the soul infuses more of itself into the personality, more clues to its purpose begin to crest upon the shores of one’s mind.  There is a gradual recognition that the soul’s purpose can be more narrowly defined by attending to the trend of one’s thoughts and interests, particularly those that support the upliftment of others in some way.  In short, the progressive topics and general themes that our minds continue to ruminate upon are a clue to the soul’s intention within our lives.

To fully appreciate this notion it is well to remember that the Causal Body (the vehicle that contains the consciousness of the soul) resides on the higher mental plane.  As such, the soul tends to give impulse to thematic trends of thought and progressive ideations.  And, when these contemplations reach sufficient strength and determined focus, an individual’s outer life begins to adjust in accordance with them.  Eventually, this becomes the preoccupation of one’s life, and the outer means of soulful service arises as a natural byproduct.

Many years ago the great scholar and mythologist, Joseph Campbell, popularized the notion that the spiritual key to moving forward is to “follow your bliss”.  Indeed, there is much wisdom and truth to this idea.  Yet to widen our appreciation of it I would slightly modify his statement by saying—follow the trend of your thinking that gives rise to bliss.

William Meader
Special Note
If you would like to see a video presentation on this subject,
please see the recently added series on Soul Purpose located on the Emergent Light YouTube Channel.


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Aquarius: The Fifth Ray of Concrete Knowledge and Science – William Meader @ Emergent Light

Zodiac Digital Art – Horoscope Sign Aquarius by Peter Awax @ Fine Art America


Aquarius: The Fifth Ray of Concrete Knowledge and Science

Aquarius is a sign long associated with progressive thinking, eccentricities and humanitarian awareness. As an air sign, it emphasizes the importance of the mind as an essential factor of human living. This first manifests as the mind of the individualistic and egocentric personality. However once the Aquarian steps onto the Path, this tendency is gradually transmuted into a commitment to progressive ideations in support of humanity’s welfare.  And, it is the Fifth Ray of Concrete Knowledge and Science that underlies this evolutionary dynamic within the mind of the Aquarian.

Because the Fifth Ray of Science is the foundational energy behind Aquarius, this sign is the animating force of science today. Indeed, it was Aquarius that gave birth to science in the days of René Descartes and Isaac Newton. Given the fact that we are entering into the Age of Aquarius it is not surprising, therefore, that science continues to have a growing influence in the shaping of modern day society.

Historically considered, our relationship to Aquarius has also evolved.  In the 19th century, for example, scientific understanding was rooted in Newtonian Physics and was largely applied to dense and tangible engineering initiatives. Yet today it has evolved into subtler realms, such as Quantum Physics and String Theory. Such changes give clear evidence of the evolutionary influence Aquarius has had (and continues to have) on the scientific community and humanity at large.

William Meader

Capricorn – First, Third, and Seventh Rays – William Meader @ Emergent Light

Art: At Sunrise by Freydoon Rassouli


Capricorn – First, Third, and Seventh Rays


Capricorn is a sign that has long been associated with ambition, determination, and a sense of social responsibility.  As an earth sign, it facilitates a grounded approach to life, and the belief that success is earned through applied effort.  Capricorn guides the personality in support of ego enhancement, power, and prestige.  Once an individual is consciously walking the Path, however, worldly ambition then slowly gives way to genuine spiritual achievement.  Underlying Capricorn are three sacred energies that serve as the matrix of evolutionary development within this sign.  They are the first, third and seventh rays.

The first ray is most associated with the energy of will.  When living from a strictly personality perspective, it manifests as willful determination toward personal success and social recognition.  However, when on the path of discipleship, the first ray reveals itself as the will to achieve on behalf of the soul and in service to humanity.  It is also the ray that makes it possible for the Capricornian to inwardly climb the Mount of Spirit and eventually reach the initiatory opportunities conferred at its summit.

The third ray is the energy of intelligent activity, and it too influences both the soul and personality.  When animating the lower-self, it inclines the Capricornian to apply the mind toward intelligent strategies in support of the personality’s ambition.  In this regard, the power to selfishly manipulate circumstance is also heightened by this rayological influence.  Yet, when the soul utilizes the third ray, it imbues the Capricornian with the mental insights needed to rightly express intelligent activities that are both uplifting to others and efficiently applied.

As the energy that governs the physical plane, the seventh ray is closely associated with grounded application.  This is true whether considering the proclivities of the Capricornian personality or soul.  Within the consciousness of the personality, it is the ray that gives material evidence of success in the manifestation of one’s worldly ambitions.  Yet to the soul it is the energy that defines and shapes well-organized patterns of spiritual service.  Essentially, the seventh ray grounds the soul’s efforts in useful and concrete ways and by so doing transforms the Capricornian into the practical mystic.

William Meader

Sagittarius – Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Rays – William Meader @ Emergent Light

Space Painting – Sagittarius by Sergey Malkov @ Fine Art America



   ~ The Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Rays ~

Sagittarius is the sign that emphasizes the aiming of one’s life and intention. As a fire sign, it tends to cultivate a sense of enquiry, and a desire to strive toward that which appeals to the personality and later to the soul. Underlying this zodiacal force are three sacred energies—the fourth, fifth and sixth rays. In combination, these rays create the matrix for the evolutionary development of the Sagittarian who is treading the Path to enlightenment.

The fourth ray is the energy that helps the Sagittarian to stabilize the enquiring mind. As a harmonizing force, it assists him or her in shooting an arrow of aspiration with steady aim. Prior to stepping onto the Path, the Sagittarian tends to enthusiastically engage in many diverse interests. Yet when the fourth ray begins to have an influence, a sense of temperance begins to contribute to the shaping of his or her perceived direction in life. In this way, the Sagittarian disciple learns to aim directly toward his or her spiritual aspiration, and does so without being deflected by unbridled curiosity.

The fifth ray is also important in the development of the Sagittarian disciple. As the energy that cultivates mental discernment, it assists one in correctly discerning the next step to be taken in the pursuit of one’s vision. It has been said that Sagittarius is the sign that rules the path. Applying this notion to the influence of the fifth ray, it is the energy that facilitates right discernment of the path in a step-by-step manner.

Finally, the sixth ray plays very strongly in the heart of the spiritually committed Sagittarian. This is the rayological energy which generates the aspirational urge. Indeed, it is the ray of aspiration itself. When these three rays are synthesized into a working whole, the Sagittarian disciple will most surely reach his or her spiritual goal. Such a person is then referred to as the one-pointed disciple.

William Meader

The Dweller on the Threshold – William Meader @ Emergent Light

Artist appreciation


The Dweller on the Threshold

For countless incarnations the focus of evolution is directed toward the personality and its gradual integration. Once the soul is consciously sensed, however, an individual begin to recognize the dual nature of his or her consciousness. The soul is then experientially sensed for the first time, and the contrast between it and personality comes into view. Aspiring to live and express the soul then ensues, increasingly becoming the aim and intention of one’s life.  Yet, simultaneously, it is discovered that the personality tends to resist giving up its long held control. In this way, the Dweller on the Threshold makes its debut.

Within the nomenclature of esotericism, the Dweller on the Threshold is a title used in more than one way. In the broadest sense, it is a reference to the totality of the personality, particularly as it pertains to its resistance to the soul’s authority and promptings. More essentially, the dweller is the consciousness of the self wrongly identified with form—thus believing itself to be the thoughts, feelings and the physical sensations it experiences. Herein is the matrix from which the dweller arises.

However, when an individual has made the transition from life as an aspirant to that of a disciple, the Dweller on the Threshold is understood in a more refined manner. True discipleship presupposes not only that there has been an awakening to the soul, but that there are aspects of the personality that have already been infused by the soul. In this context, the dweller represents various personality facets that have not yet been redeemed (infused) by the soul. To the disciple, therefore, the Dweller on the Threshold is understood as the non-infused portion of the personality that remains unwilling to yield to the soul’s regime.

It may well be asked, why is the word “threshold” associated with the dweller? The answer is that when an individual is on the Path (therefore partially soul-infused) it is the dweller that stands on the threshold of further infusion. At each initiation, the soul and a facet of the dweller stand face-to-face. This inner standoff is, essentially, the foundation of the crisis that underlies every initiation. Indeed, to take initiation is to demonstrate that an aspect of the dweller has been transformed and no longer holds sway.

William Meader


Scorpio – The Fourth Ray – William Meader @ Emergent Light

Scorpio Painting by Stanley Morrison @ Fine Art America


Scorpio – The Fourth Ray


~ The Fourth Ray of Harmony through Conflict ~

After an awakening to the soul deep within, the Sign of Scorpio has profound relevance in an individual’s life.  Indeed, all who are walking the Path are subject to the influence of this powerful sign.  This is true whether or not Scorpio is emphasized in one’s natal chart.  Sometimes called the sign of the test, Scorpio stages the transformational challenges that we each must face when on the road to enlightenment.  It is therefore not surprising that the rayological energy that underpins Scorpio is the fourth ray, also known as the Ray of Harmony through Conflict.

Deep within the recesses of human consciousness, the fourth ray stages a conflict between the disciple and the shadowing and hidden dimensions of his or her mind.  Whether referring to repressed memories from the past, unwholesome impulses that have historically been kept at bay, or various unconscious patterns of perception, Scorpio supports the transformation of these tendencies via the fourth ray.  With the assistance of Pluto (one of Scorpio’s ruling planets), these hidden factors of human consciousness are lifted into the light of day.  By so doing, the disciple is able to consciously recognize them.  From there, the painful work of psychologically transforming these undesirable patterns can begin.

Essentially, Scorpio is the sign that archetypically emphasizes the recognition and redemption of the shadow within each of us (to use a Jungian term).  Through the fourth ray, Scorpio stages inner tests that ultimately can release one into a higher and wiser scope of consciousness.  It forces the disciple to see the unwholesome patterns of consciousness that tend to inhibit the soul from fuller expression, and to unwaveringly commit to transforming them.  Phrased in the arcane language of ancient occultism, Scorpio stages the battle between the dweller on the threshold (unredeemed aspects of the personality) and the Angel of the Presence (the loving intelligence of the soul).

William Meader

What is Esotericism? William Meader @ Emergent Light


What is Esotericism?

Over the last few years, I have written on a wide variety of spiritual subjects emphasized within the Esoteric Philosophy. Such topics as the nature and evolution of the soul, the influence of the Seven Rays, and the deeper meaning behind the zodiacal signs (to name just a few) have been highlighted and discussed. Yet it has recently occurred to me that I have never offered you an introduction to Esotericism itself.

As it happens, several months ago I did a talk on this subject for a group of people in the United Kingdom.  Fortunately it was recorded, and is available for you to view on YouTube. It is also on the homepage of the Emergent Light website. Below is the YouTube link to this recording.

I hope you enjoy it.

William Meader



Virgo ~ The Second and Sixth Rays ~ William Meader @ Emergent Light

Zodiac Virgo painting by Laura Bell @ Fine Art America



~ The Second and Sixth Rays ~

As one of the Earth signs of the zodiac, Virgo has long been associated with grounded living and practical endeavor. People with Virgo accented within their natal charts will typically be attentive to detail, favor a work before play attitude, and will demonstrate clear and rational thinking. Yet deep within the energetic nature of this sign are two forces that serve as the foundation for the evolution of soulful consciousness. They are the energies of the Second and Sixth Rays.

Esoterically understood, Virgo (Sign of the Virgin) supports the gestation of the Christ veiled within form. Herein is found its connection to the Second Ray. Often called Ray of Love and Wisdom, this divine energy is most associated with the Christ Principle as an archetype hidden within the fullness of Creation.  Not surprisingly, therefore, Virgo has a historical relationship to Christianity, for the motif of the Virgin Mother looms large within the Christian story. Viewed from a purely human perspective, it emphasizes the embodiment of the Christ (soul) within the human personality, particularly for those who are born in this sign.

The Sixth Ray, the Ray of Idealism, also plays a significant role in Virgo. It cultivates (within one’s heart and mind) an urge toward purification in some way. When applied to an individual who is not yet on the Path, it often results in a perfectionist tendency within the personality. Yet when the Virgo individual is consciously walking the Path, the Sixth Ray manifests as an impulse to purify the mental, emotional and physical bodies of the personality (womb) in support of the birth and expression of the soul (the Christ within).

William Meader

The American Solar Eclipse ~ A Signpost of Spiritual Importance ~ William Meader

Solar Eclipse art by Svetlana Sewell @ Fine Art America


The American Solar Eclipse

~ A Signpost of Spiritual Importance ~

As many of you know, on August 21, 2017, a solar eclipse will take place and be visible to most people living in North America. It is a rather rare event. The last time such a heavenly display occurred in the United States was in the year 1918.  When looked at with historical eyes, solar eclipses have traditionally been viewed as harbingers of doom. Indeed, throughout the centuries it was believed that they portend war, famine, national decline, or the death of a king.  Given what has been occurring in the United States over the last several months, it would seem that there may be merit in this ancient view.

From an esoteric perspective, both the sun and the moon are believed to be the energetic sources that animate the livingness of the soul and personality within every human being. The consciousness of the soul has sometimes been called the solarized mind, while the personality is said to be part of one’s lunar nature.  With this in mind, it is important that we view this upcoming solar eclipse as an outer symbol of an inner event that has both individual and collective implications.

When the sun’s light is obscured by the moon, it symbolizes that the light of the soul is being blotted out by the lunar-self, the personality. From the standpoint of an individual person, it suggests that he or she has entered into a dark night of the soul phase of life. It is a signpost indicating that the personality has temporarily reasserted its authority over the soul and the loving wisdom it conveys. Anyone who is on the Path knows well this experience, for it is a phenomenon built into the spiritual journey itself. Viewed astrologically, the probability of this is heightened if the eclipse happens to occur at a sensitive location in one’s natal chart.

The influence of a solar eclipse pertains, not just to individuals, but also to society as a whole. Given this, it is not difficult to see that the collective consciousness of American society has entered into a dark night of the soul phase in its evolutionary journey. As this eclipse travels across the breadth of the nation, it highlights and amplifies the crisis emerging within America and, by extension, the whole of humanity.

Beyond this, it is important to mention that a solar eclipse is a symbol of redemption as well. As the moon’s shadowy influence gives way, the sun’s light is resurrected from its darkened tomb. New light begins to shines forth, and a fresh cycle of illumined living can then commence. In truth, a solar eclipse is emblematic of both death and resurrection. It represents death to previous ways of being, followed by a resurrection into a wiser more soulful way of living.  Will humanity rise to the potential that this resurrected light may indicated? The answer is unknown, though the next few months should be quite telling.

William Meader


Solar Eclipse art by Svetlana Sewell @ Fine Art America

Leo – The First and Fifth Rays – William Meader @ Emergent Light


Art: The Zodiac: Leo by Fyreling @ DeviantArt



~ The First and Fifth Rays ~

When we consider the influence of Leo, we normally associate it with such things as strength, generosity and a tendency to love the limelight. As a broad generalization, Leo is often viewed as a more extraverted sign, and as one of the fire signs it holds much power. Yet, underlying these typical traits are two sacred energies that form the matrix of consciousness for those who have Leo strongly accented in their charts—they are the first and fifth rays.

It is not surprising to find that the First Ray of Will is foundational to the sign of Leo. In addition to accounting for the courage often associated with the Leo individual, in this sign the first ray manifests as the will to be. Essentially, underpinning the consciousness of the Leo individual is an inner search to find him/herself. When an individual has not yet stepped onto the Path, this psychological urge consolidates the lower ego—the personality. Yet when the Leo individual has awoken to the soul, deep within, it is then the higher ego (soul) that serves as the centerpiece of self-realization.

Though the fifth ray is often called the Ray of Concrete Knowledge and Science, another name given to it is The Dividing Sword. When considering the life of the Leo individual, it is this title that is most fitting to use. The psychological effect of the fifth ray helps to clarify that which is true from that which only seems to be true. It is the force that divides truth from pseudo truth, wisdom from knowledge and love from desire. And in Leo, it is the ray that helps the individual clearly discern the authentic Self (soul) from the artificial self (personality).

William Meader


The Solarized Mind – William Meader @ Emergent Light

Art: Olga Vercholamova


There are those who believe that the mind is an obstacle when walking the Path. They proclaim that the mind is the “slayer of the real” and that it must be put aside so that the soul can be more fully realized and lived. Such beliefs assume that the rational tendencies of the mind deflect one from realizing the deeper truths of life. Yet essentially this is only a half-truth, for the mind is also recognized as the “Revealer of the Real.”

Essentially, the mind is dualistic, for there is both a higher and lower dimension to it. Indeed, the soul itself is a great agency of mind, and is often called the higher mind. Through the revelatory insights generated by the soul, each of us is gradually guided toward the gate of enlightenment. It is true that, at times, the lower mind (mind of the personality) can be an obstacle to spiritual living. Yet the higher mind is truly a treasured gift. Through the higher mind’s influence, ideas arise within consciousness and are recognized as wisdom. Regrettably, when using a broad brush to dismiss the value of the mind we inadvertently deny the mind of the soul, as well as the profound wisdom it conveys.

In the language of Esotericism, the mind of the soul has also been called the Solarized Mind. For just as the sun casts its light upon our physical world, the mind of the soul casts its lighted-wisdom upon the spiritual realms of consciousness. To recognize the light of the Solarized Mind is to awaken to the guiding ideations of the soul as they crest upon the shores of consciousness. When taking this into consideration, to sweepingly deny the value of the mind is both reckless and ill-advised.

William Meader

Revelatory Light – William Meader @ Emergent Light

Third Eye Painting – Melissae – by Asia Morgenthaler @ Fine Art America


Revelatory Light

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~ The Soul’s Perceptual Gift ~

There are many aspects of soul consciousness that are easily recognized within our day-to-day lives. Such things as the inner experience of loving wisdom, sensing the underlying unitive field, and the urge to selflessly serve, indicate that the soul is shaping our perceptions.  Yet one of the most powerful perceptual gifts of the soul is its ability to awaken our minds to the realization of revelatory light.

Light is known by what it reveals. This is an occult platitude of enormous importance. When considering physical light, for example, this notion can be easily recognized. For when we look at a tree, it is the light reflecting off it that engages the eye. As such, the tree is revealed to us through the agency of light.  However, this notion is not only applicable to physical light, but to a wide variety of subtler lights as well. The light of love, the light of beauty and the light of idealism (to name just a few) are also revelatory in their nature. They each give to us a deeper understanding of reality and the soulful truths that underpin human life.

Just as physical light is delivered by way of the human eye, so too is an organ of perception needed in order to sense the soul’s revelations. Sometimes called the Eye of Vision (third eye), this organ of subtle sight gives one a deeper understanding of spiritual truth, and an ability to convey it in service to others.  Invariably, the revelatory light conveyed by the soul transcends the considerations of the personality.  Instead, it sheds light on the spiritual dimension of life, and our intimacy with the Great Life. Such is the nature of the soul’s revelatory light.

William Meader


Third Eye Painting – Melissae – by Asia Morgenthaler @ Fine Art America

Gemini – The Second Ray of Wisdom – William Meader

Gemini Twins by Kathleen Holley @ Fine Art America

Gemini Twins by Kathleen Holley @ Fine Art America



~ The Second Ray of Wisdom ~

As one of the air signs, Gemini is most associated with mental versatility, changeability, and an acute awareness of duality.  Due to it being a mutable sign, the energy of Gemini cultivates a tendency toward rapid activity, either in the outer life and/or in the dynamics of the mind.  Yet behind these traditional associations is a deeper and more fundamental energy underlying this constellation.  For Gemini is cosmically rooted in the Second Ray, the Ray of Wisdom. 

Behind the active and variable nature of Gemini is the vibration of love and wisdom.  Though normally considered a mental sign, on a subtler level it is the zodiacal force most associated with the synthesizing of love and mind, the result of which is wisdom itself.  For wisdom is ever a state of consciousness founded on the blending of love and intelligence.  When on the Path, this energy slowly conditions the Gemini individual with the capacity to think with the heart, and to feel with the mind.

Because this ray is therefore rooted in the number two, it is also the energy that governs the pairs of opposites throughout the zodiac, and does so while simultaneously preserving their magnetic interplay.  When on the Path, for example, the consciousness of the Leo individual will preserve his or her individuality (a key principle in Leo), while simultaneously integrating a sense of universality as conveyed by its opposite sign—Aquarius.  Indeed, the interplay between all of the opposing signs of the zodiac is governed by the energy of Gemini.  It is therefore not surprising that Gemini has sometimes been called the “constellation of the resolution of duality into a fluid synthesis.”

William Meader


Gemini Twins by Kathleen Holley @ Fine Art America

Gemini Twins by Kathleen Holley @ Fine Art America

Service to Humanity – Laws – William Meader

Artist : Corey Wolfe

Artist: Corey Wolfe


Law of Repulse

The spiritual path is governed by a variety of spiritual laws and principles.  Such things as the Law of Synthesis, the Principle of Right Relationship, and the Law of Love are just a few of the many precepts that guide the evolution of the soul and its destined service to humanity.  Yet as we continue on the long road to enlightenment another sacred law becomes increasingly operative.  Called the Law of Repulse, it is a quality of consciousness that must eventually become fully integrated within the life of the disciple.  

At first glance, the word “repulse” is not normally associated with spiritual living.  Quite the contrary, it is often viewed as antithetical to the soul’s proclivity to attract and unite.  As an overarching truth, the soul is indeed an attractive agency.  However, the unity sought by the soul must be rightly understood and discerned.  Though it inwardly senses the essential oneness of all things, it is also keenly aware of those aspects of consciousness (within the personality) that are inconsistent with the inner unity that it supports.  Here is where the Law of Repulse is wielded by the soul.  For it must repel any dimension of human consciousness that it out of alignment with the unity it inwardly knows to be true.

The Law of Repulse is therefore a great dispersing energy.  It emerges as a quality of consciousness (used by the soul) that rejects anything inconsistent with the evolution of life toward greater wholeness.  Whether we are considering the wayward force of desire, unwholesome patterns of thought, or the selfish impulses that still subtly hold sway, these are inhibiting patterns of consciousness that must be transformed.  It is therefore not surprising that the Law of Repulse is considered a sub-law of the Law of Attraction.  Through its wise use, the soul repels that which is incongruent to higher love, but does so as a prerequisite to greater love and unity.  In this way it highlights those aspects of the personality still in need of further transformation prior to being integrated into the soul.

William Meader


Artist : Corey Wolfe

Artist: Corey Wolfe

Taurus – The Fourth Ray – William Meader @ Emergent Light

Zodiac Taurus - by Eosvector @ DeviantArt

Zodiac Taurus – by Eosvector @ DeviantArt



~ The Fourth Ray ~

Viewed from a traditional perspective, the sign of Taurus is often associated with dependability, endurance, willfulness and perseverance. It is also intimately related to the arts, values, and the finer things of life.  However, of all of the attributes correlated to the Sign of the Bull, an innate sensitivity to aesthetics is a hallmark theme.  It is not surprising, therefore, that the Fourth Ray, the Ray of Beauty, provides the foundational influence for this zodiacal sign.

As one of the three signs through which the Fourth Ray is expressed, this divine energy cultivates a desire to creatively manifest good form.  Yet this urge is not based upon an exclusive insistence on the efficiency of form (as is the case in Virgo).  Rather, it is rooted in the conviction that, when giving form to an idea, the note of beauty and elegance must also give it flavor.

Taurus therefore desires to ground good ideas into forms that are both practical and artistically appealing.  Whether considering the Taurean artist who brings forth an artistic composition that creates magnetic appeal; the entrepreneur who designs a product that is both useful and tastefully presented; or the educator who teaches through the elegant expression of words, each is a manifestation of form that is both useful and aesthetically attractive. When viewed from a spiritual perspective, this is a matrix of perception that guides the mind and heart of the Taurean.

William Meader


Aries ~ The First and Seventh Rays ~ William Meader @ Emergent Light

Zodiac Aries – Artist : Eurika Urbonaviciute @ Eurika Art



~ The First and Seventh Rays ~

As the first zodiacal sign, it is not surprising that Aries is a carrier of the First Ray of Will and Power.  It is a sign that conveys willful energy and assertive intention.  Indeed, within the realm of mythological symbolism it has been associated with the warrior on the march.  These descriptions clearly point to the First Ray as the underpinning energy of this zodiacal force.  Yet to fully appreciate the unique evolutionary role of Aries, it must be understood that it is primarily a futuristic sign.  It cultivates within its human recipient the capacity to sense the new paradigms cresting upon humanity’s horizon, and to bring them forth with strength and certitude. Aries is therefore the sign most associated with a particular type of first ray expression—the will to initiate.

The sign of Aries is also a custodian of the Seventh Ray.  Most often associated with form and organization, the Seventh Ray also emphasizes the archetype upon which the form must be based.  At its highest expression (through Aries) this ray essentially provides the archetypal pattern upon which emergent ideations must be built.  This is why the Seventh Ray has been called the Ray of the Magician.

When on the Path, an individual strongly conditioned by the sign of Aries will meditatively sense the emerging archetypal blueprint (Seventh Ray).  From this recognition, an unbending energy of will (First Ray) then arises. This acts as the initiating force required in order to propel this new and progressive thoughtform into the mainstream of human living.  Over aeons of time, this has been the central role of Aries in support of humanity’s evolution.

William Meader

The Glove – William Meader @ Emergent Light


Art : Mother and Daughter Painting by Sascalia @ Etsy


The Glove

Prior to stepping onto the spiritual path, human evolution is uniquely designed to cultivate the personality—the ego. Indeed, for much of one’s incarnational history the development and integration of the personality has been the driving evolutionary force. Yet once an individual begins to awaken to the soul residing within, that which was the focus of development (the personality) is slowly realized to be merely a glove.

When an individual begins to recognize the duality of the mind, then the evolution of consciousness commences with new emphasis. We must be able to consciously sense the wisdom and loving promptings of the soul, while also remaining keenly aware of our day-to-day consciousness—the personality.  When this duality is sensed, two fundamental insights will inevitably emerge within one’s mind and heart.  First is an intuitive realization that the consciousness of the soul is what we are destined to become. Secondly, that the personality is not one’s true identity and that its purpose is to be the soul’s outer garment.  Metaphorically speaking, the soul represents the hand of wisdom, while the personality symbolizes the subservient glove upon that hand.

Of course, the personality will resist the notion that it is merely a glove, for it has historically believed itself to be the hand. Yet as more and more soul awareness precipitates into the mind, the personality gradually relegates itself to being the soul’s loyal servant.  It then understands itself to be a well-fitted glove through which the soul can reach a world in need.  Such are the clothing requirements of every human soul, in this life or another.

William Meader

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The Principle of Mission – William Meader @ Emergent Light


Buddha Colour by Gabriel Sampad @ DeviantArt


The Principle of Mission

Central to living a spiritual life is the question of one’s purpose and soulful destiny. It is a yearning for understanding that naturally arises once an individual has inwardly discovered the soul and its higher promptings. Every human being has a spiritual purpose to ultimately fulfill, for the soul within each of us is guided by the Principle of Mission.

When pondering the mission of the soul, it is wise to see it as a directional process, rather than a goal or an end point. The reason for this is that the soul’s purpose is not something that is fully achievable within an individual’s lifetime, but instead must be understood as a multi-incarnational endeavor. It is always, therefore, a work in progress. In truth, one can never fully sense the soul’s destiny, but only a piece of it.

Having stated this, there are many clues that can help us to recognize that aspect of the soul’s purpose to be unfolded in this incarnation. One of the most obvious is indicated by one’s gifts, talents and skills, and their synthesis into an effectively expressed working whole.  These are normally rooted in the soul itself. Their expression within one’s life has tremendous uplifting value, which is ever the underlying motive of soulful expression. For the soul’s purpose invariably will leave the Mark of Betterment in its wake.

The soul’s mission can also be recognized by examining of the trend of one’s lofty thoughts. You will recall that the causal body (the vehicle of soul consciousness) resides on the higher mental plane. As such, the soul will have a tendency to launch trends of lofty ideations. It is therefore well to constantly examine the general themes of our spiritual thoughts and interests, for at their core can be found a golden thread of soulful purpose.

An authentic sense of the soul’s destiny opens up within the mind when there is a convergence of the spiritual and secular aspects of life.  The individual begins to truly live for the sake of the greater whole, realizing that all aspects of life are spiritual. Indeed, the spiritual and secular worlds fuse as one. In the light of this understanding, the disciple gradually and surely becomes the destiny that he or she has long sought.

William Meader

Sagittarius ~ An Atlantean Legacy ~William Meader @ Emergent Light


Sagittarius Art – Villa Farnese Ceiling Fresco painted c. 1573



~ An Atlantean Legacy ~

Over the course of history, various signs of the zodiac have had an amplified effect upon the evolution of human consciousness. Even now we are aware of this as we transition out of the Age of Pisces. Suggested by this is that Pisces has had a primary shaping influence upon human consciousness for the last two millennia. However, when we extend our timescale much further back into the distant past, the Sign of Sagittarius was particularly potent and influential during the Atlantean epoch, and its legacy is still with us today.

The most primeval symbol representing the sign of Sagittarius is that of the Centaur. Indeed, its origin is believed to be traced back to ancient Atlantean times. As a creature depicted as half horse and half man, it symbolizes humanity’s inability to discern its humanness from its animal nature. According to the mythology of Esotericism, such was the case for all but the most advanced initiates living during that distant time.

Yet today the symbol for Sagittarius is increasingly depicted anew, in that the man is now riding the horse and is no longer fused to it. Symbolic of the disciple, the rider is now able to differentiate the animal from the human within his or her nature, and to shoot his arrow toward a lofty spiritual vision. He then gets off the horse to pursue the aspirational arrow which is sent forth. Occultly considered, this symbolizes a profound principle when walking the Path, for when one is truly following a spiritual calling, it requires that he or she dismount the animal within.

Not surprising, therefore, Sagittarius is the sign that rules the entire animal kingdom. Prior to awakening to the soul, the animal instinct of the Sagittarian is usually pronounced, and sometimes even prized. Once the awakening to the soul has occurred, however, the internal contrast between the animal and the human becomes more distinctively discernible. Then it is that the Sagittarian begins to recognize that the animal appetites have a deflecting effect upon his/her spiritual quest. When the animal is dismounted, the Centaur then dies and the one-pointed disciple is given birth.

William Meader



Sagittarius Art – Villa Farnese Ceiling Fresco painted c. 1573


Maya ~ A Force to be Overcome ~ William Meader @ Emergent Light


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~ A Force to be Overcome ~

Within the Hindu philosophy, maya is a term that is synonymous with “illusion.”  Essentially, it is believed that the phenomenal universe that we see and know is illusory, and is therefore a manifestation of maya.  It is also believed that beyond this universal maya is found Reality—an unchanging and eternal dimension that underlies the entirety of Creation. As a broad principle, esotericism finds much agreement with this notion. Yet within the nomenclature of Esotericism, this term is more narrowly applied. For maya represents the distortions arising from the ungoverned cravings of the physical body, as well as impetuous reactions to outer life events.

It must be remembered that there are countless environmental influences that seem to force us into activities that seem inconsistent with the soul’s higher calling. These forces invariably affect the etheric centers (chakras), often generating a reactive response. Whether considering a rash reaction to anger directed toward us, the power of societal laws that unduly create conformity, or the unregulated appetites of the physical body, these are just a few of the countless examples of maya playing out in one’s life. Behaviorally speaking, maya is the matrix from which instinctive and reactive consciousness arises.

When the disciple discovers how maya has been adversely influencing his or her life, a growing commitment to countering it eventually takes hold, initially through enforced disciplines of the body. Such things as diet, exercise, and hygiene become a preoccupation in one’s life. Through this effort, the disciple begins to consciously control his or her reactiveness toward bodily cravings. A more detached attitude toward various environmental forces (either alluring or distressing) is cultivated as well. These efforts represent attempts at overcoming maya and its restrictive influence in one’s spiritual life.

The complete elimination of maya is not afforded the disciple until enlightenment has been achieved. Indeed, where one stands upon the Path directly corresponds to the amount of maya still operative within one’s consciousness. Each step forward is facilitated when some aspect of maya has been eliminated.

William Meader



Humming Bird Owl Feather Full Moon Goddess Art by Isabel Bryna @ Etsy


The Soul – A Gift from the Heavens – William Meader @ Emergent Light


ART : Soul Painting by Luisa Villavicencio @ Fine Art America


The Soul – A Gift from the Heavens

The quality of soulfulness exists within everything that is, whether large and small. Within the Esoteric Tradition it has long been understood that soul is something innate within all grades of life. This is true whether speaking of the life of a human being, a blade of grass, or the life that ensouls the entire solar system. All are essentially soulful. Though it is fascinating to consider the soul found within greater and lesser forms of life, in this writing we shall confine our discussions to the human soul. The human soul holds a very unique position in the evolutionary scheme of things. This is because in the human kingdom the soul develops the quality of “individualness” for the first time in its long evolutionary sojourn through the various kingdoms in naturThe quality of individuality is the most striking characteristic of the human soul. Compared to the animal soul, human consciousness has a much greater capacity to know itself, and to assert self will in opposition to the forces of instinct. The soul is structured in such a way that a sense of “I-ness” can emerge, thus making it possible for a person to be distinct from the consciousness of the herd, so to speak. However, this is not true of animal and plant life. To the animal, for instance, instinct is what largely governs its consciousness, and this according to the species of which it is a part.Instinct represents an animal’s innate reactivity to the soul of its species. It is a collective soul that governs its actions, not an individual soul. It may well be asked, what then of the instinct found within human beings? True it is that people will, at times, experience an instinctual reaction to various events in life. Yet, this is not characteristic of a human being per se. Rather, it is the residue of animal consciousness still present within us. It must be here understood that there is an important distinction to be recognized between instinct and intuition, for they are often confused for each other. Instinct is of our animal history, while intuition is a feature of the human soul itself, and is therefore divine. For example, the tendency to conform to mass opinion is rooted in the herd instinct of our animal past, while a sensed intuition revealing the oneness of all things comes forth from the human soul.In this example, both instinct and intuition appear to relate to a sensed unity, but as can be seen, the basis of this perception is quite different. Aeons ago, humanity evolved through the animal kingdom. As such, the legacy of animal instinct is still with us. In many ways, spiritual evolution is based on our ability to rise above the ancient animal rhythms that we still carry with us. To do so requires that we discern instinctual urge from those genuine intuitions sent forth by the soul. Within each of us can be found two forces shaping our every perception and impulse to act. The beast and the divine, the past and future, find meeting ground within every human being, and a choice must eventually be made. This is the distinguishing mark of life in the human kingdom. We stand at the midway point between that which was, and that which is destined to be, and we are conscious of both.  Verily, the human soul, in its uniqueness, has the capacity to lift us from our feral underpinnings into the radiance of divine Selfhood, as destiny preordains it to be. Such is the nature of human evolution.

The Divine Gift

To understand the human soul, we must discuss the causal body, its origin and composition. The causal body is the container or vehicle of the soul. Sometimes described by clairvoyants as the auric egg, it extends outward from the physical body, often several feet. In some of the ancient occult literature, it is referred to as the “treasury”. This is certainly a fitting term, in that the causal body is the repository of every positive attribute garnered through experience over the course of countless incarnations. The origin and formation of the human causal body is a fascinating story shrouded in ancient occult lore. For as already noted, unlike life within the animal and vegetable kingdoms, humans have individual causal forms. Legend has it that the beginning of this unique development occurred in the middle of the Lemurian epoch of human existence, approximately 18 million years ago; a time predating the Atlantian civilization. During that distant age, humankind individualized. That is to say that human beings began to spiritually manifest individual causal bodies (souls) for the first time. Most importantly, it was due to this event that humanity was able to lift itself from actions governed by mere animal instinct. With the advent of individual causal forms came the capacity to develop individualized minds. The spark of mind was born, and human life was no longer strictly guided by physical and emotional instinct. The seeds of reason, and the capacity to “know thyself” began to germinate. It would be several million years before self-knowledge and individual thought would blossom forth within the human kingdom. Nonetheless, the beginnings of such capacity took place in that far distance period in history. Such an event was only possible because of the advent of individual causal forms.

Yet, how did such a development occur? What force led humanity to move from operating within a collective soul to the creation of individualized causal bodies? We are told in the ancient esoteric teaching that this occurrence was due to the intervention of great angelic life. Often referred to as the Solar Angels, these great lives are said to have planted within humanity the spark of individualized mind. World religions have long promoted mythologies that relate to this phenomenon, though often with some distortion. Such an example is clearly evident within the Christian tradition regarding the fallen angel, Lucifer. Such an idea is reminiscent of this ancient event, though the interpretation is quite different. Lucifer has been condemned for tempting mankind with the fruit of knowledge. Yet, esoterically considered, the light created by the mind (fruit of knowledge) is what makes it possible for humanity to rise above its animal nature. Interestingly, even the name Lucifer means the “bearer of light”.

The legend regarding the coming of the Solar Angels, if true, is very important to one’s spiritual development today. The reason is that the substance of one’s causal body is of the Solar Angel. Stated differently, the container for the soul (causal body) of every human being is composed of substance donated to him/her from the body of a great solar angelic entity, and has been for millions of years. As conveyed in legend, this angelic being has sacrificed an aspect of itself, so that it may assist a human being in the development of his/her loving mind. Strange and obscure as it may seem, to experience the soul within oneself is to experience the living nature of an overshadowing angelic being. Verily, within the Christian notion of a guardian angel is found simplistic reference to this ancient esoteric fact.

In the Eastern mystical tradition, the causal body is depicted as a nine-petalled lotus, each petal relating to a certain spiritual quality that must eventually be developed within one’s life. These petals are symbolically found in tiers, or layers within the causal body. Each tier represents a category of attributes that the soul must eventually unfold in the life. Over the course of countless incarnations, these tiers of petals are developed and slowly opened by the soul. As such, the soul evolves, and by so doing, becomes increasingly able to express itself in the outer world. Below is a summary of the tiers of petals found within the lotus, and their function:

Outer Tier:  Knowledge Petals

When this tier of petals is fully open, the knowledge and intelligence of the soul has become operative in one’s outer life. In addition, it indicates that the soul has gained relative mastery over the physical plane appetites, particularly as they relate to animal magnetism and sexual urge. An intelligent understanding and application of love begins to take precedence over unbridled animal passion.

Middle Tier:  Love Petals

The opening of the love petals indicates that the soul is able to rightly express love. The “need to be loved” gives way to the capacity to affirm unconditional love. This tier, when fully open, denotes that the soul has learned how to rightly work with emotion, while no longer being controlled by emotion.

Central Tier:  Sacrifice Petals

When this tier of petals begins to open, spiritual sacrifice becomes operative in one’s life. There emerges a profound need to relinquish all that is personal on behalf of the Eternal. When fully open, utter sacrifice toward the Will of God becomes the governing principle in one’s life. In addition, the soul has developed relative mastery over the mind. No longer is the mind able to think thoughts contrary to the soul’s intention.

Generically speaking, the unfolding of these three tiers occur in the order here given. In this can be seen the great drama of spiritual evolution over countless lives. Through each incarnation the soul develops greater capacity to express itself in this manner. In truth, the measure of where one stands upon the Path is determined by the degree of causal body unfoldment. Spiritual evolution is based upon the degree that one is able to express the soul through his/her personality (lower-self). As can be easily recognized in our experience, the personality is not always cooperative with the impulses coming from the soul. There are times when our physical appetites take precedence over the soul’s desire to act on behalf of the higher good. At other times, our emotional passions can carry us away from what the soul intends for us to do. And certainly it is not hard to recognize those moments when unwholesome thoughts distract us from our spiritual focus. Such experiences simply indicate that the soul has not yet fully opened certain petals within the causal body. Yet, it would be an error to adopt the attitude that, because the soul has not fully unfolded itself, there is nothing one can do about it. Actually the truth is found in the opposite view. It is through deliberate self-reflection, and in the disciplining of the personality nature, that the soul is given the opportunity to express itself with greater success. It is that which is most noble within us that gives evidence of this influence. If truly soul-inspired, our thoughts and deeds will always be colored by intelligence, selfless love, and/or sacrificial will.

There is much value in understanding the characteristics of the soul, its origin and nature. Other considerations are also of great importance to anyone seeking more soulfulness in their lives. Such things as an examination of the Ray of the soul, an assessment of the soul’s purpose hidden within the rising sign of the natal chart, and consideration of various karmic factors all contribute to the understanding of soul, and the nature of its unfoldment in our lives. Within many spiritual circles, there is much discussion of the soul. Yet, it is important that we truly understand what the soul is. To understand its nature is to be more mindful of how to detect it within our objective and subjective experiences. In many ways, there is no more important a topic to be considered by spiritually minded people. For to live a spiritual life is to express the soul as fully as possible. It is often a surprise for people to learn that the soul itself is seeking to evolve, and this through assistance given to it by a great angelic life. Yet such is the case. And though the soul is given this divine help, it is not enough for it to consummate its evolution. It must also depend upon the human personality to work on itself, so as to become a purer conduit for the soul’s downward radiation.

© 1999  William Meader



ART : Soul Painting by Luisa Villavicencio @ Fine Art America

The Path – An Outer Reflection ~ William Meader @ Emergent Light



 The Path – An Outer Reflection

The Path

~ An Outer Reflection of an Inner Condition ~

For those who seek to live a spiritually meaningful life, a passionate yearning to understand the Path often becomes a centerpiece of interest. What is the Path, and how does it become known to us? These are essential questions for those learning to be disciples of their own souls, and yet the answers are not easily found. Too often we are inclined to see the spiritual Path as a trajectory of defined and recognizable service in the outer world. Yet in truth, this is not the Path, but instead is an effect that arises from it.

It has been said that to find the path one must become the path. Herein is a profoundly important principle to live by. It suggests that the true path is internal, and that the path of being must be traveled as a prerequisite to the outer path of doing. Essentially the truest and highest goal or purpose for any of us is to inwardly lift the sense of self to a deeper and higher dimension of ourselves. It is to draw one’s sense of identity into that soulfully wise place, deep within. This is what is meant by the notion of becoming the path.

What then is the relationship between this inner Path and the outer path of purposeful service? The answer comes when we realize that the more we internally hold ourselves at the level of the soul, the more the world begins to shape circumstance to reveal the outer path to follow. When we can hold ourselves at the heights of consciousness, doors begin to open that we didn’t realize existed and needed people come into our lives at precisely the right time. Most often it is through such synchronicities that the outer way comes into view. The external path is therefore not something to strive toward. Instead, it finds you through the circumstantial messages it conveys. It does this, not in its fullness, but only as an indication of the next step to be taken. The outer way must not, therefore, be perceived as a destination but as an unfolding revelation over time.

The outer path is simply a reflection of the state of consciousness that naturally arises when the inner Path is faithfully followed and held. This requires that you strive to be the highest and wisest aspect of yourself. And, when this inner alignment can be held with a measure of constancy, the outer path unfolds as a natural reflection and directional beacon to be followed.

William Meader

Emergent Light

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The Initiating Will (The First Aspect) ~ William Meader @ Emergent Light

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The Initiating Will (The First Aspect)

The Initiating Will

~ The First Aspect ~

The first aspect is equivalent to the Father Principle, but should not be understood as primary because it is first. All three aspects are equal, though their effects in the world are quite different. The first aspect gives impulse to action, and is therefore related to the experience of will and purpose. It is the driving force behind creation, and is the energy that propels all things into existence. This dimension of divinity is dynamic and forceful, and has application at every level of creation.

When you decide to get a project moving, for example, this is indication that you are wielding the first aspect. Though its expression may be either wise or ill-considered, it is nonetheless the first aspect in action. Every one of us utilizes the first aspect within the day-to-day fabric of our lives. It is what gives rise to the motivational urge within us. In an animal, it is the energy behind the survival instinct, and in the plant kingdom the first aspect can be seen in the persistence of its perennials.

At the level of the human soul, it is the first aspect that initiated the urge to return to physical form to begin an incarnational journey in support of continued evolution toward enlightenment. Conversely, this same energy also facilitates the soul’s withdrawal from the body at the time of death—and is thus expressed as the “will to abstract”.

When walking the spiritual Path, an alert attitude to the three aspects can be quite fruitful. Such a discipline can provide much insight into the nature of consciousness as well as the experience of outer events. Even within one’s thought life we see the first, second and third aspects operative. The first aspect is the thinker, and this engages the second aspect, thinking, and the resultant effect is an intelligent thought—the third aspect.

(Note: A discussion of the second and third aspects will be presented on the next two postings, respectively)

William Meader

Emergent Light


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The Three Aspects – A Sacred Trinity ~ William Meader @ Emergent Light

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The Three Aspects – A Sacred Trinity

This blog entry was originally posted in January, 2014

The Three Aspects

– A Sacred Trinity –

As many world religions proclaim, behind all that exists is found a triplicity of sacred energies, and each is considered a dimension of the divine. We see this espoused in the Christian faith with its emphasis on the holy trinity, while in Hinduism the same notion is embraced via three fundamental deities—Shiva-Vishnu-Brahma. Yet a more generic description is used to describe this sacred trinity within esoteric nomenclature. Called the Three Aspects, these energies are understood as living states of consciousness (divine and human) and pertain to the energies of Will-Love-Intelligence. They represent the three primary qualities of life that emerge from the One Life and are imbued (in differing proportions) within all things.

First Aspect – Will
(Corresponding to the Father and Shiva)

Will is the initiating energy within creation. It is the purposeful force behind the One Life as it manifests in and as cosmos. Stepped down to the mundane level of human existence, the first aspect is the energy behind the willful nature of the personality as it selfishly initiates activity in support of its ambitions. Yet on a higher level it emerges as the purposeful promptings of the soul as it seeks to initiate actions that have uplifting effect upon others.

Second Aspect – Love
(Corresponding to the Son and Vishnu)

Love is the unitive force in creation and is governed by the Law of Attraction. Cosmically considered, it is the force that ensures that all things are sensed as a part of a living singularity—the One Life. On a human level, the second aspect arises in the personality as desire and/or the experience of personal love. At the level of the soul it is recognized as a feeling of impersonal love for humanity, and a desire to express that love as a function of service.

Third Aspect – Intelligence
(Corresponding to the Holy Spirit and Brahma)

Universally considered, intelligence represents the knowingness of the One Life and is found at the core of all things….large or small. Within the human domain, the third aspect manifests as the intelligence of the personality as it seeks to manipulate thoughts, feelings and outer circumstance in support of its egotistical agenda. When working through the soul, the third aspect provides the disciple with the knowledge that supports intelligent activity in service to human betterment.

Discernment of the three aspects is an important skill to be developed as we journey along the spiritual path. This involves learning to witness this sacred trinity playing out within the circumstances of our lives, as well as the dynamic nature of our thoughts and perceptions. To know the three aspects, in the truest sense, requires that we each discover them within the immediacy of our inner and outer lives.

William Meader

Emergent Light

(Note: The next three blog posts will be dedicated to elaborating on each of the Three Aspects)

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Dark Night of the Soul – A Misnomer and Friend – William Meader @ Emergent Light


Dark Night of the Soul

– A Misnomer and Friend –

The Dark Night of the Soul (DNS) is an experience that spiritually minded people know well.  We all have had periods when we feel spiritually bereft of God’s countenance and grace.   As a notion first put forward in the 16th century by St. John of the Cross, the DNS causes us to feel abandoned by the Greater Life that has previously given us inspiration and guidance.  Essentially, the cause of the DNS stems from the inherent battle waged between the demands of the personality and the higher prompting of the soul.  Given this understanding, there are only two conditions where freedom from the DNS can occur—either when one is a young soul and not yet on the Path, or someone who has reached true enlightenment.  Indeed, it is part and parcel of life consciously evolving through the human domain.

It is interesting to realize that the common view of the DNS is a bit of a misnomer.  With one exception (the fourth initiation), it is actually not something experienced by the soul.  The soul isn’t feeling spiritually forsaken, but instead it is the lower self, the personality that suffers in this way.   Indeed, most often it is the soul that imposes the blindness upon the personality, not as punishment, but as a test. It is a burning ground of uncertainty and adjustment.  The DNS frequently comes forth in order to arrest the hastening personality.  Every step upon the Path must be earned through the crucible of personality crisis and consequential change.  The DNS forces the personality to face an aspect of itself in need of transformation.  Given this, it is more appropriate to called it a dark night of the personality experience.

When walking the Path, it is wise to view the DNS as a developmental friend, rather than foe.  It facilitates an unfolding of consciousness through an undoing, and is built into the fabric of the journey itself.  Whether considering the crisis period experienced by Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, Prometheus chained to a rock, or the isolative and brooding experience of the Buddha under the Bodhi Tree, all of us will experience the DNS, many times over.  As such, when those moments of spiritual darkness and doubt seem to invade the mind, remember that you are in good company, and that “this too shall pass.”

William Meader



The Eternal Now: An Esoteric View of Time ~ William Meader @ Emergent Light


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The Eternal Now: An Esoteric View of Time

There are many who believe that to fully live in the moment is a spiritual principle of great importance. Yet what exactly does this mean? Commonly it is suggested that it pertains to the importance of being vigilantly present and engaged in the immediacy of life and circumstance. Yet, when considered through the lens of Esotericism, such a notion is seen as only a partial truth.
Though the Esoteric Philosophy fully agrees with the importance of being engaged in the moment, it also states that we must simultaneously be attentive to the wisdom of the past as well as the unfolding future. This is to say that it is best to be fully engaged in three dimensions at the same time—the past, present and the future. This is the Eternal Now. It is to experience these three facets of time as singular in essence while also distinctive in their offerings to our awareness. In this regard, it is a paradoxical state of consciousness.In truth, to live in the Eternal Now is the prerogative of a fully enlightened master. Nonetheless, when an individual is consciously on the Path and doing the work of transforming his/her consciousness so as to be more soulfully aware, the outer fringe of the Eternal Now can be subtly sensed. Indeed, the path of evolution is an incremental journey that gradually leads each of us into realm of the Eternal Now where the experience of no-time, sequential time, and all-time are realized as One.William Meader mead 13.9