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Enlightenment in Context

I’d like to make a few spiritual distinctions here to assist us in later discussions.

I’m offering a cross-cultural perspective on what may turn out to be the “sudden” steps in our otherwise gradual Ascension.

This article may not be for all readers. Please feel free to put it aside if it’s too difficult to follow.

These are the conventionally-described levels of enlightenment up to and including the Fifth Dimension.

(1) The Mother has promised us a mass heart opening. This experience occurs when the kundalini reaches the fourth chakra.

Buddhism calls such a first-enlightenment experience, “stream-entering.” Hindus call it “spiritual awakening.” It fills one with hope and confidence.

(2) Next in classical enlightenment schemes is a sixth-chakra enlightenment experience which westerners call “cosmic consciousness.” Hindus call it savikalpa samadhi (samadhi with form). I don’t know what Buddhists call it.  I have not had this experience this lifetime and so I cannot comment on it.

(3) The first transcendental enlightenment experience occurs when the kundalini reaches the seventh chakra.  Buddhists call it becoming an arahant. Hindus call it Brahmajnana (God-Realization) and nirvikalpa samadhi (samadhi without form; i.e., transcendental samadhi).

(4) The arahant becomes a buddha, the Brahmajnani becomes a jivan-mukta (liberated while alive) when the energy moves farther and permanently and fully opens the heart. Not the heart chakra, but the heart. The hridayam or heart aperture opens as it did in the earlier heart opening but now remains open.

The resulting torrent of love incinerates the vasanas or core issues. In the earlier heart opening, which I imagine is not as strong as Sahaja, the vasanas were held at bay for the length of the experience. But they were not eliminated. Now they are.

This latter state is what classical scholars would call mukti or liberation. It’s what completes our Ascension experience.

(5) If we end up in the Fifth Dimension, that’s definitely not the final stop in our much broader Ascension.

Here’s an example of a statement made at a deeper level of awareness of the Self than I’ve reached.

“All creation,
“Streaming out of the Self,
“Is only the Self.” (1)

I cannot make such a statement because I don’t know what Ashtavakra, the author, knew. I’ve never experienced anything streaming out of the Self – not yet, that is.

(6) The final level of all our enlightenment, we think of as “Home.” We’ve now gone from God to God.  But even here, new knowledge is upsetting my accepted beliefs.

The Mother has suggested that we can “come Home” to her and the Father whenever we need replenishment. I think this is what is meant by the 13th Octave.

Until hearing that, I thought it would take endless lifetimes to return Home.

This seems to reflect what Archangel Michael has said, that all the rules of enlightenment have changed:

Steve Beckow: Is the realm that we’re building and taking our physical bodies with us to altogether new?

Archangel Michael: Yes, it is brand new.

Steve: Brand new, and the rules have changed?

AAM: That is correct.  (2)

Not only are we entering into an altogether-new realm, which we’re creating as we go along, but such important matters as dimensional access are being rearranged.

I’m having to drop matters right and left that I thought were “established” by the testimony of ancient sages.

Truly much of our old knowledge will no longer serve us. We’ll be finding that matters are actually quite different and letting the old views go.


(1) Thomas Byrom, trans. The Heart of Awareness. A Translation of the Ashtavakra Gita. Boston and Shaftesbury: Shamballa, 1990, p. 6.

(2)  Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Sept. 16, 2015.  On another occasion, I asked him about the need for repeated enlightenment experiences before Sahaja, as Sadhu Arunachala had asserted, and he replied:

“When [the text] was written it was absolutely correct. But, as you also know, the governing rules have shifted and changed.”  (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow, Feb. 17, 2017.)

St. Germaine has also said: “You see, all the rules have changed.” (“Transcript: Heavenly Blessings – St. Germaine on Where to Look for Results,” channeled by Linda Dillon, July 15, 2014, at http://goo.gl/OxNpnG.)


Art: The Mystic Cat by A Andrew Gonzalez


Vasanas, Vrittis and the Endpoint of Enlightenment – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


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Vasanas, Vrittis and the Endpoint of Enlightenment

Reposted from January 2013.

Steve is still in Sedona.

I hear many people say, “Oh, I’m clear of my vasanas.” To the best of my knowledge, very, very few people are free of their vasanas. “As one set of Vasanasis worn away,” Sadhu Arunachala said, “another takes its place.” (1)

Don’t forget that we can and do have vasanas from other lifetimes too. When Sri Ramana helped his dying mother source her vasanas, “the vasanas of the previous births and latent tendencies which are the seeds of future births came out.” (2)

Sri Ramana describes what happened:

“Innate tendencies (vasanas) and the subtle memory of past experiences leading to future possibilities became very active. Scene after scene rolled before her in the subtle consciousness, the outer senses having already gone. The soul was passing through a series of experiences, thus avoiding the need for re-birth and so effecting union with Supreme Spirit. The soul was at last disrobed of the subtle sheaths before it reached the final Destination, the Supreme Peace of Liberation from which there is no return to ignorance.” (3)

I believe that to be a description of Sahaja Samadhi, the culminating event of our Ascension. Or it could be much higher.

I’m tempted to say that, if we had no vasanas, we’d be reunited with God again, but, as far as I’m aware, that isn’t quite true.

What keeps us separate from God are what Vedantists call vrittis, which means waves or movement in the mind. Any movement in the mind keeps us separate from God, who is no movement at all (no physical movement, that is).

Vasanas are one form of vritti, but, as far as I know, any stirring of the mind separates us from God because any stirring keeps the mind alive. That’s why Sri Krishna could say: “‘The light of a lamp does not flicker in a windless place.”(4)

“When, through the practice of yoga, the mind ceases its restless movements, and becomes still, he realizes the Atman. It satisfies him entirely. Then he knows that infinite happiness which can be realized by the purified heart but is beyond the grasp of the senses.” (5)

Thus any movement in the mind – any vritti or wave – prevents the higher forms of enlightenment such as Sahaja.

You remember how the Buddha, after having finished extensively studying under the best Hindu teachers of his day and having reached seventh-chakra enlightenment (Brahmajnana, God-Realization, kevalya nirvikalpa samadhi) left his teachers becausehe still detected movement in his mind.

He began the practice that later became known as Vipassana, designed to observe and cause to disappear the remaining virttis or waves in his mind. And when he succeeded in achieving Sahaja Nirvikalpa Samadhi, a higher form of enlightenment (one that we’ll achieve when we’re anchored in the Fifth Dimension), he ceased. He had taken enlightenment to a new level in the society of his time. (6)

Sahaja occurs when the kundalini goes past the seventh chakra and enters the spiritual heart or hridayam, causing a permanent heart opening.

Vasanas are one form of vritti. As I understand it, negative vasanas obstruct certain early stages of enlightenment; positive vasanas do not. Says Sri Ramana Maharshi:

Vasanas which do not obstruct Self-Realization remain [after Self-Realization]. In Yoga Vasistha two classes of vasanas are distinguished: those of enjoyment and those of bondage. The former remain even after Mukti [liberation] is attained, but the latter are destroyed by it. Attachment is the cause of binding vasanas, but enjoyment without attachment does not bind and continues even in Sahaja [Fifth-Dimensional enlightenment]. (7)

Enlightenment itself is virtually endless. What may not obstruct one level of enlightenment may obstruct another. We tend to think of enlightenment as a singular event, but in fact it stretches on past the human level of existence, past the angelic, and where beyond that it ends, no one knows. We speak of “full enlightenment,” “mergence with God,” and a “return to God,” but usually the level of enlightenment we’re referring to is very far away from the endpoint of the total journey.

Nonetheless, the clearing of all our vasanas would be a wonderful milestone. We would then only have the subtle waves in the mind to release.

But that work too could take vast stretches of what we consider time. It’s a long, long journey. All that we’re doing here and now is freeing ourselves from duality – the view that sees people as separate from each other and distinct in their wants, needs, deservingness, etc. At that point we achieve unitive consciousness – the view that all are one – but that is by no means the end of the road; only a good beginning.


(1) Sadhu Arunachala [A.W. Chadwick], A Sadhu’s Reminiscences of Ramana Maharshi. Tiruvannamalai: Sri Ramanasramam, 1961, 40.

(2) A.R. Natarajan, Bhagavan Ramana and Mother. Bangalore: Ramana Maharshi Centre for Leanring, 1982, 39-40.

(3) Ramana Maharshi in M. Subbaraya Karnath, Sri Maharshi: A Short Life-Sketch. Tiruvannamalai: Sri Ramanasaramam, 1986, 24-5.

(4) Sri Krishna in Swami Prabhavananda and Christopher Isherwood, trans., Bhagavad-Gita. The Song of God. New York and Scarborough: New American Library, 1972; c1944, 66.

(5) Loc. cit.

(6) The Buddha may very well have reached a level of enlightenment that exceeded Fifth Dimensionality.  Buddhists and New-Age philosophers use different names and naming systems, without there being agreement on equivalences.

(7) Ramana Maharshi, Cohen, S.S., Guru Ramana. Memories and Notes. 6th edition. Tiruvannamalai: Sri Ramanasramam, 1993, 89.



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Vasanas, Vrittis and the Endpoint of Enlightenment

Archangel Uriel: I Assist Individuals in Their Journey into Enlightenment ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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Archangel Uriel: I Assist Individuals in Their Journey into Enlightenment

An Hour with an Angel, December 11, 2014, with Archangel Uriel

Graham Dewyea: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You and The Great Awakening. Joining her is Steve Beckow, founder of the Golden Age of Gaia and author of Building Nova Earth: Toward a World that Works for Everyone.

Our guest today is Archangel Uriel. So, with that, I’ll pass it over to you, Steve.

SB: Thank you very much, Graham. And ordinarily I’d ask Linda how she’s doing, but, Linda, you’re way, way out there, it seems. And so I’m leaving it to you, whether you want to mention anything before we go in, or just go right in to talking with Archangel Uriel?

Linda Dillon: I think we should just go right ahead.

SB: [laughs] Okay! Well, we’ll let you take a few minutes to make your transition even deeper than you already are and we’ll wait for Archangel Uriel to come in.

Archangel Uriel: Greetings! I am Uriel, bringer of the future, anchor of the now. And greetings to you, my blessed friend, and all of you who tune in to listen, to participate, to give, to receive, to be part of this sacred circle, of above and below, and of One. I am of the silver and the ruby ray. I am of the fire and the thunder, and as you have recently learned, the storm, and I am brother. I am sister. I am Archangel.

And I mention this because there has been much confusion throughout the millennia, throughout the eons about where I sit. So I introduce myself in this way. And I am pleased to join you.

Now, let me explain what I mean. Archangel, bringer of the future, anchor of the now. And prior to this, very often I would say, “bringer of the future, and the future is now,” but my role, my position in working in sacred union and partnership with all of you has shifted. And let me say that I am more actively involved with humanity, with each of you, in the bringing forth of Nova Earth, in the bringing forth of Nova You, in the bringing forth of the Nova Collective.

Before we begin, I wish to say two things: Long ago, and this night, I give you my silver flame. Yes, you have worked with many of the flames, and all of them are beyond magnificent. But I humbly offer you, gift you, my silver flame. The silver flame is a flame of illumination. (1) It is a flame of expansion, and it is to light your way that you may see through the darkness, that you may see and understand and perceive through the shadows and illusions that surround you so often.

I place this in the center of the palm of your hand that you may bring it with you wherever you go. I place it within the center of your pink diamond flame, that your heart will lead you with clarity and with my love wherever you go, wherever you choose to go. And, dear friends, our hope is that what you choose to do is to go straight forward and not take any more, shall we say, scenic detours.

One of the greatest difficulties that we experience — yes, we experience; I experience! — with the beautiful collection that we call the human race — oh, and sometimes far beyond — is this illusion that you are still in the past, that you are still in yesterday, yesteryear, yester-eon. You have a saying on Earth, on this beautiful planet called Gaia, that every day is a new day, every day is a new beginning, in your reference, in your construct called time.

I am a master and an archangel of time, so I know whereof I speak. But what occurs, my beloved friends, is that you wake up and you think, or you feel, you believe, that today, this moment in which we conjoin and join our hearts, our minds, our energies, is yesterday, that it is defined by your experience primarily of this life, and your experience, your opinion, your interpretation of this life.

And you say to me, “Uriel, what else can we possibly do?” Well, our family has been suggesting and sharing with you that you have been moving out of what you think of as sequential time.

Now, I am not going to make this a lesson in quantum physics. I want to keep things exceedingly simple. If you are going to play with time, which is exactly what you are doing when you believe today is the same as yesterday, then perhaps what I might do is invite you to the future.

But what I would really like to do, and why I am here this day, is to ask you, to plead with you, to invite you, my brothers and sisters, to be in the now. And the now, yes, is the eternal and infinite expansiveness of co-creation, but it is also in so many ways brand new.

Yes, you have your reference points of how you, the collective, the planet, the elements and everything you are aware of, how it has existed before. But that does not determine what it is and what it can be right now.

When I say that I am bringing the future into your now, I am holding out to each of you the promise, the fulfillment, the completion of the cycle, of the dream, of the wishes, of the desires, and yes, even sometimes the expectations of what you are truly wishing to bring forth. And if I might be so arrogant as to say what the Mother desires to bring forth. (2)

No, I would never presume. Like you, we are in service to the Divine Mother. And it is the time of the fulfillment of her plan. But we need you. We are in this sacred partnership together.

So, if you begin your day, your night, the middle of your day by simply declaring that you are rewriting your script, your experience, to anchor into your very moment what you have been working on, praying for, playing for, then I am with you.  Where do you wish to begin?

SB: Thank you, Archangel Uriel.  I’d like to begin with “the Now.”  I’m not trying to be derogatory in any way, but I think that a lot of listeners may not know what you mean by the Now. It’s not just this current second or moment. If I were in the Now right now I’d be in a transformational space. I would open up. I would blossom.

Can you tell us, in more detail perhaps, what the Now is that you’re talking about, please.

AAU: I will speak of the Now in two ways. And yes, you are correct. There is the eternal Now, and when you enter into that state, permanently or even momentarily — and you have all experienced this and are experiencing this increasingly as you fly in and out of the Ascension portal, as you anchor more deeply in the heart of your love — it is being in the conscious awareness of Source, of your and the infinite unity of One — of one heart, one mind, one will, one essence.

But for many of you, and I have been known to be practical, you think that that explanation is too esoteric. You feel that that explanation is beyond where you are in your moment of Now. So let me also suggest to you — no, let me just tell you — that what I am speaking of this night, in this time — and we are jumping time — is your now, the moment in which you are with me, breathing in and out and wondering what the heck I am talking about.

I am not only speaking of the eternal Now. I am speaking about taking your interpretation, your belief system of what you think of as right now and saying to you, “My beloved ones, in this moment, in the moment in between your in-breath and your out-breath, how would it be if we took the silver flame and we simply transmuted, transformed, exploded, imploded, your existence that isn’t completely defined by your past, what you think is real and is mostly illusion, and that is what we are really going to talk about, and bring it into the reality of what it is you are actually fully, physically, mentally, spiritually capable of. And when you do that, of course what happens is you jump into the eternal Now. (3)

But we are talking about anchoring what you feel is the eternal Now into your physical construct of time, that you interpret as right now.
Is that clear?

SB: Well, it is clear, but you and I both know, I’m sure, that we have to use metaphors to get our points across. So, for instance, you just used the metaphor of “anchoring” it into our temporal now, so to speak. I don’t know how to anchor something into my temporal now. Do you know what I’m saying? When you say that, when you say “anchor it in”, I look around for some kind of hook, or look for the anchor.

What are we talking about? Are we talking about a spiritual faculty? Are we talking about an emotional faculty, a mental faculty? How are we anchoring this down?

By the way, I don’t know if you hear it in the background, but it’s pouring rain in Vancouver, and it’s beating on my window. And for all our listeners in California, we will get to the drought before the end of the show. Sorry, Archangel Uriel.

AAU: That is what we are here to discuss, the human drought. And the human drought, which is not merely the lack of rain, of moisture, in California, but in many places on Gaia is the drought of the spirit. And that is why I am inviting you to shift. (4)

So let us be practical. You wake up in the morning, and even though you know it is a new day, what do you do? Your reference point is — and I do not say this, my beloved friends, in any sort of critical way; and yes, is this an advanced course? Yes it is. And you are ready for it.

You wake up and you say, “Yesterday I was broke. Yesterday I was not loved. Yesterday, there was war upon the planet and drought in many places. Yesterday, there was gender inequality.” And you take that as your reference point and your definition of where you and the collective are as you begin your day.

Instead, I am inviting you to say, “That has been the process of the human experience of living in the old third that was based on lack, limitation, illusion, delusion, death, destruction, despair, disappointment, disillusionment — you name it. In that very moment — and we are not saying that this is conscious; but we are inviting you to bring this to your consciousness and to your heart consciousness.

What you do is you reset. So you reset in your heart, in your mind, in what you perceive as your physical reality. And it is slightly different for each and every one of you. And it is not pretending that yesterday did not exist. But what it is is resetting the paradigm to a higher realm.

So it is, today, “I am abundant. I am loved. I am cherished. I am valued. Today, my work with Archangel Michael, Jophiel, Uriel is successful and complete, and there is a cessation of violence and greed and war.” And you hold that vision.

Now you say to me, “Uriel, how do I hold that vision? How do I move?” You go into your heart. Feel it. Feel as if that Tsunami of Love that the Mother has already increased, feel as if my silver flame is coming down over you, anchored in the center of your precious triplane, and pushing the reset button.

So it is bringing into your conscious awareness that you are choosing, and therefore creating, through not only your intention but through your actions throughout the day that are reflective of what you are choosing to experience and create, that which is productive and desirable, not only for you but for all.

So let us be practical. You have come together in magnificent success and demonstration of what it means to be shift the energy as one heart, one mind, one focus. And you have done this through the meditation with me and with many, for the falling of rain in California. And that has been a physical demonstration of what you are capable of when you join your hearts and minds as one in sacred purpose.

Now, you know that, with the gentle rain that has been falling, there has also been attendant landslides, mudslides, flooding.   And you say, “Yes. What is that? We did not intend that when we were speaking of a gentle rain to quench sweet Gaia.” But what you have done, the Earth was so dry it crumbled. It had lost its ability to absorb.

So there was a destruction factor involved. Think of this as the destruction, the cleansing away of lack and limitation. So it may feel literally as if the earth is crumbling beneath your feet, that it is chalky and dry, but in fact it is still restoration, redefinition, replenishment.

So what I am speaking of is the human race, each of you, and, yes, you are working with far, far greater numbers than ever before, because you are ready to, but coming together in sacred purpose to redefine into the physical realm of being in form what it means to experience life upon Gaia.

Now, I know I have given you a mouthful and a headful, and I know you have questions.

SB: Well, always. That’s my job. Thank you, Archangel Uriel.

AAU: And it is a magnificent job that you do.

SB: Well, thank you very much. I think a lot of our listeners would actually like to hear what happened when we meditated. So we sat down, and we meditated, and then certain events began and took place. And those events it seems included many kingdoms.  And most of it was unseen.

Can you tell us what happened, from the moment we meditated on 15/15, on the 15th of November, from the moment we meditated until rain started saturating some parts of California, please?

AAU: Yes, and many of you have continued this meditation and thereby continued the buildup of energy. But I would be happy to share this because it is an example of how Nova being, as part of a global citizenry and far beyond, works.

You came to your hearts. You received and opened not merely to the energy that I transmit and transmitted to you. You opened your heart to your own power, your own divinity, with the belief not merely in yourself, but in the power of love in the collective to come together to create something different.

Now, a demonstration with which you are familiar — rain — so that it was not the sky turning green, so that it was something that was desirable and needed and actually served a purpose, not only for Gaia, but for each of you. Whether you live in Wisconsin or California it matters not, because you are part of a unified whole. As soon as you anchored in your hearts we joined with you.

Now, as you well know, your star family, your galactics and intergalactics were already on the job. But as soon as you joined, they joined with you. Every deva, every fairy, every elemental, the elements themselves joined with you, because you extended and you opened your hearts in not only invitation, but in the intention and action of meditation, in the stillness and the quiet, in the intention.

So you threw open the doorway, not just to your hearts, but to your beings, so that your energy fields, quite literally your expanded, true energy fields, became united with everything.

And, might I say, there was participation far beyond the planet of Earth that participated in this. Because, do not forget, there are many waiting — praying, hoping, holding energy — for this completion of humanity into the form of Nova Being.

So what took place was a surge of energy, transforming, literally, sheer energy, what you think of as molecules or subatomic particles, and transforming this into silver rain, that it could come back and return to you and return to Gaia as the substance that you had intended.

It is an incredibly significant manifestation of what you are capable of, and a practical manifestation of what you are capable of. And let me suggest to you that in that moment of now, you did not exist in the past, you did not exist in the drought, you existed bringing out of the ethers, as it were, the energy and the future of rain into your practical now.

And you did that by being in the heart level consciousness of the eternal Now, as One when you join together. And that is why we speak so consistently, and perhaps even boringly, about this sacred union and partnership. Because when you don’t feel alone, when you feel that you are truly connected to all, your energy is expanding, expanding, expanding, and you feel more powerful, more capable, more united. And you are able to literally bring up in your being, in your field, in conjunction with each other, what you are desiring to have happen.

Now, it was a small — from our perspective, small — manifestation so that you could see what it is in tangible reality, because you are always asking us for the tangible, and we understand that. It is the tangible reality of what you are truly capable of bringing forth.

So was it a starting point? Yes. A starting point. And that is why I am suggesting to you this day and why I have asked this channel to [allow me to] step forward. It is an invitation from me on behalf of the Mother and of the entire Council [of Love] and the entire Company of Heaven to continue on.

SB: There’s so much of what you say that I sit here jumping out of my seat saying, oh, heavens! I’d like to ask a question about that, and, oh, my gosh, we’ve got to find out more about that! And it’s very hard to be patient.

And I know that you have a lot that you want to say, and we want to hear it. But there is one thing I don’t think I can let pass by, and that’s that you have described yourself as the bringer of the future, and often the bringer of the future into the now.

It seems to me that what you’re actually saying is that you are the one who actually ushers a person into enlightenment, are you not? Enlightenment is the eternal Now. Is that not the subtext, the other layer of what you’re saying? Or am I out in left field?

AAU: It is not merely the subtext. It is the entire story. (5)

SB: Yes. I totally agree.

AAU: Now am I the only being throughout the multiverse and the magnificent arena that the Mother has created? Well, of course not. But is that my job? Is that my mission and purpose? The answer is yes. Now, why what you think of as now? Because you are ready.

The thing is that I am the guardian into the future, which is the Now. But I have also — and I do also — part of what my mission, my role, is, is to also lead you in the physical reality into the higher reality.

I assisted Abraham in leading his people to a new reality. I assist individuals in their journey to enlightenment. I assist planets and solar systems, universes, in this process.

And right now in your reference, and in mine, I work with the Mother, the Council [of Love], Sanat Kumara and all of you to anchor this energy of what you think of as enlightenment, as Ascension, as interdimensionality, as the shift. That is why I am stepping forward in such eagerness and anticipation.

You know, so often in your lifetimes, which I have observed, you will often say, “now, when is it my turn?” Well, dear heart, friends, now it is “my turn.” Now, do I, in any way, step in front of Gabrielle or Michael or Raphael? Of course not. We are a team. But my role on this team in terms of guardianship is to step forth in this moment of your now and the eternal Now.

Now, I am not as conversant at speaking in human language as some of them, so if what I say is not clear, I beg you, I invite you, I do not take any umbrage if you want me to clarify. So please, go ahead.

SB: Thank you for that invitation. You say that you step forward in that Now, but I’m sure that sentence is pregnant with meaning. What do you mean, you step forward in that Now? Do you mean that if I want to meet you I will have to meet you in that Now? Is that what you’re saying?

AAU: All you have to do to meet me in that Now is to go, each of you, individually and collectively, into that silver flame. All you have need to do is to beckon to me, and I will be there directly in front of you. Oh, some will see me, some will perceive me, some will smell the scents of an electrical storm, or moisture, or fire. All you need to do, all you ever needed to do was to anchor, yes, there’s that work again, and ask.

Now, what do I mean by anchor? I mean the invitation is not to flee your body, as so many of you would love to do. It is to be as if you are fully embodied in your physical form, but not restricted by it. That is why I am telling you, do not be restricted by this timeframe — past, present, future. Be in this moment of fullness that you are entirely capable of.

And in that presence of your divinity, of your being, invite me. Will I help you through the portal, the transom, the doorway? Yes. Will I come through the transom, the portal, the doorway to take your hand and guide you? Yes.

SB: My partner Kathleen is a gatekeeper. I’m a pillar, not a gatekeeper.  I should mention, by the way, that it was Kathleen’s idea to have the California rain meditation. I should give her that acknowledgment. But are you telling me that you, like Kathleen, who is a gatekeeper for Ascension, are a gatekeeper for enlightenment itself?

AAU: I am not a gatekeeper. There are many who have different roles. Can you think of it in this way, that I would be the overseer, or the overlighting energy of those gatekeepers?

SB: And who are those gatekeepers? Do you remember the description of Lord Tennyson — and I’ll attach this to the transcript (6) — being enlightened by a seraph? Is that an example of those other gatekeepers that you’re talking about?

AAU: Yes. There are legions. The seraphs are gatekeepers, that is a very traditional role for them. Sometimes the cherubim are also gatekeepers. But there are legions of angels that are also assigned as gatekeepers for various things. So one of the wisdom practices is that when you are seeking entry into a different realm is to always ask for the assistance of the gatekeepers, and you will know — or you already know — that if you practice or refer to the various traditions, they all have a form of understanding of who those gatekeepers are.

But from our perspective, which is the universal perspective, many of the gatekeepers are of the angelic realms, plural.

SB: All right. You and Michael and Raphael and Gabrielle decided, among yourselves, I’m sure, and with the Divine Mother, to divide up your responsibilities in this case with this ascension. How did that conversation come about? How did it transpire? What was the basis of the choices that you made?

AAU: Oh, we drew lots.

SB: Oh, you’re kidding, right?


AAU: Yes.

SB: Big lots!

AAU:  I thought we could use some humor here!

SB: Lots as big as a galaxy!

AAU: Yes. Well, you know, you are always asking for archangelic jokes, so this is one of them.  It was based …

SB: Thank you.

AAU: You are welcome! Though sometimes I am thought to be too serious. But as you well know, Sirius is a planet of play.

SB: Absolutely.

AAU: And so I proved true, to being serious. So  it was a phenomenal, in the sense of phenomena, [7] conversation.

Each of us, if we go back to the very beginning, if I might take a moment, when we emerged from the heart of One, we brought with us capacities that are of a magnitude that we may be in eternal and infinite service to the One, to the Mother. In that, we have chosen and been blessed by rays and by particular talents.

And then throughout what you and even we would think of as the infinity of time, when various missions — and this brings us to the current Ascension of humanity and of Gaia — there is an update, shall we say, of who will do what.

Gabrielle, who is the messenger and the communicator and the administrator/organizer of the multiverse, likes to organize us as well. But this decision came directly from the Mother. But she is the thread… Think of it this way. She is the thread of what, in very practical terms, is the ebb and flow of communication, of joy, of the administration of the plan.

Michael shares this role of communication in every f0rm because his choice — and we all agreed — his desire, therefore it is made manifest instantaneously, and that is what you are learning, was to anchor truth back into the experience of all beings upon Gaia.

Now, he does it far and wide, but we are talking about this situation. And inside the truth is peace. And he is the warrior, because he does not hesitate to destroy. And that is what you all have been working with him on, destroying what is not of true peace, not merely the absence of violence in all of its forms, but the anchoring of peace that is of the truth, of love, of the Mother.

That job , for this planet and far beyond, will never end. And you say, “Well, how can you say that, Uriel?” Even after you have long since gone through the Ascension, and you are in jubilation with Michael, he will still maintain vigilance to ensure that truth and peace are never lost.

Congruent with that, how can there possibly be peace if there is not healing? This is Raphael’s passion, not just a choice or an assignment. He loves to see rebirth, for that is what healing is.

It is the restoration to original form. Now, the idea, belief, around healing has been so minimized upon Gaia as to almost be forgotten. The devastation that has taken place in all the kingdoms, humans included, has been terrible, in the truest sense of the word, terrible. So, as we gazed at what would need to be done, Raphael said, “I will work with the restoration of love, with the rebirth of love.”

You know, there are beings upon your planet that say that the death of Gaia is inevitable. They haven’t the foggiest notion of what Raphael and his legions, and Gaia herself, are capable of.

And then there was me. And my joy, and the privilege, isn’t merely shedding light. So I often work with Michael, where there is complete darkness, where hope has been forgotten, or where there is a darkness of the heart. I specifically work right now with the reluctant and the recalcitrant, and that is what I am going to invite you to join me in as well.

But I will not get off this topic because we want you to understand who you are in partnership with. So I desire not only to light the way through the darkness, but to bring you over into that light of enlightenment, through that transom, that portal, that doorway.

Because my greatest joy is each of you, individually, precious individuals, and collectively, precious, knowing your divinity. That expands my being as it expands yours. And I do not think you fully know this, that when we are in that harmony of our creation, and in this situation with you, you expand, we expand. We expand, you expand. It is a co-creative effort.

Then there is Jophiel, Metatron, who will be the anchor of Nova Earth, who has held that place of safety for all beings, all creatures. He is a builder in the etheric, spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, every way that you can think of, building, holding, embodying the divinity, the love. That is Jophiel’s, and that is why you do not hear from him so frequently quite yet.  (8)

Jophiel and I work hand in hand. We all do. There is not a strict delineation of who does what. We are One, and we work as one, but this separation, division of labor was a heart conversation that you, as humans, are also entering into. No one was intended to do everything. For some, your joy is healing. For some your joy — like you, my beloved friend — is communication.

Let us begin this journey to enlightenment.

SB: We are ready.

AAU: Go with my love.

SB: Thank you, Uriel.

AAU: Farewell.

SB: Farewell.



(1) Later in the broadcast, Archangel Uriel acknowledges that his special work is in the field of bringing enlightenment to beings.

(2) This seems to me a pretty direct way of saying “in fulfilment of the purpose of life” – i.e., that we be enlightened and know our true nature.

(3) He is describing an experience of enlightenment.

(4) So his invitation to experience the eternal Now is his way of overcoming the “human drought” we’re in.

(5) The entire story = The purpose of life.

(6) Here is Lord Tennyson being enlightened by a seraph:

I stood upon the Mountain which o’erlooks
The narrow seas….

A curve of whitening, flashing, ebbing light!
A rustling of white wings! the bright descent
Of a young Seraph! and he stood beside me
There on the [mountain] ridge, and look’d into my face
With his unutterable, shining orbs.
So that with hasty motion I did veil
My vision with both hands, and saw before me
Such colour’d spots as dance athwart the eyes
Of those, that gaze upon the noonday Sun….
I felt my soul grow mighty, and my spirit
With supernatural excitation bound
Within me, and my mental eye (1) grew large
With such a vast circumference of thought,
That in my vanity I seem’d to stand
Upon the outward verge and bound alone
Of full beatitude. Each failing sense,
As with a momentary flash of light
Grew thrillingly distinct and keen. I saw
The smallest grain that dappled the dark Earth,
The indistinctest atom in deep air,
The Moon’s white cities, and the opal width
Of her small glowing lakes…   …

… my human brain
Stagger’d beneath the vision, and thick night
Came down upon my eyelids, and I fell.

With ministering hand he rais’d me up:
Then with a mournful and ineffable smile,
Which but to look on for a moment fill’d
My eyes with irresistible sweet tears…

“There is no mightier Spirit than I to sway
The heart of man: and teach him to attain
By shadowing forth the Unattainable….”
(Alfred Lord Tennyson in Marghanita Laski, Ecstacy in Secular and Religious Experiences. Los Angeles: Tarcher, 1961, 401-2.)

(1) Third Eye

(7) I.e., it happened in the phenomenal realm, the realm of matter, mater, Mother.

(8) If he’s the builder, I’m sure we’ll be working closely with him on building Nova Earth.



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Climbing Jacob’s Ladder ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Jacob's Dream by William Blake (c. 1805, British Museum, London)

ART : ‘Jacob’s Dream’ ~ by William Blake (c. 1805, British Museum, London)


Climbing Jacob’s Ladder

Posted by Steve Beckow on July 21, 2014

Enlightenment is the realization of our true nature.

Ascension is the adjustment of our energies to a higher frequency so that the dimension of existence we’re currently aware of disappears from our experience and we find ourselves on a new and higher dimension.

Ascension happens within subplanes of a dimension and between dimensions. However, the word “Ascension” is usually reserved for ascension between dimensions. But we ascend within dimensions nonetheless. People are always ascending, except under exceptional circumstances.

What exceptional circumstances? Well, we chose this lifetime to descend, to come down from higher dimensions to assist our brothers and sisters on Earth to rise to a higher one. We’re the leaven in the loaf. The work of starseeds and lightworkers raises the vibration of the whole planet.

Enlightenment is usually the mechanism that causes Ascension. In our case, if we chose to leave the body, we’d return to our native dimensions as a matter of course. The experience of enlightenment would not be needed.

In the Third Dimension, enlightenment consists of the seeing of the Light of the One (or the Form of the One) in more and more refined ways.

If it were the Light, then the first stage of enlightenment for Third-Dimensional people would be the seeing of a discrete Light, the Light of the Soul or Self.

Christians call this the Son of God and the Christ. Hindus call it the Atman. It is the Light of our nature. But it’s seen first as a discrete Light. Jan Ruusbroec describes it here:

“In the abyss of this darkness in which the loving spirit has died to itself, God’s revelation and eternal life have their origin, for in this darkness an incomprehensible light is born and shines forth; this is the Son of God, in whom a person becomes able to see and to contemplate eternal life.” (1)

Why contemplate eternal life? Because meditating on the sight of the Light causes it to expand, as we’ll see below. The end of its expansion is “eternal life” in the sense that we need not be reborn. But we’re eternally alive already.

“It is Christ, the light of truth, who says, ‘See,’ and it is through him that we are able to see, for he is the light of the Father, without which there is no light in heaven or on earth. (2)

This experience occurs when the kundalini, the spiritual current that the Divine Mother is, reaches the fourth chakra. Hindus call it spiritual awakening and Buddhists stream entering.

The next stage of enlightenment is when that same Light expands to fill all of creation. Christians call it the vision of the Holy Spirit; Hindus the Divine Mother. It’s also called cosmic consciousness and savikalpa samadhi (or samadhi while seeing form).

Here is Wordsworth describing the experience of the Light in all creation.

“‘Such was the Boy — but for the growing Youth
What soul was his, when, from the naked top
Of some bold headland, he beheld the sun
Rise up, and bathe the world in light!

“He looked –
Ocean and earth, the solid frame of earth
And ocean’s liquid mass, in gladness lay
Beneath him:–
Far and wide the clouds were touched,
And in their silent faces could he read
Unutterable love.

“Sound needed none,
Nor any voice of joy; his spirit drank
The spectacle: sensation, soul, and form,
All melted into him; they swallowed up
His animal being; in them did he live,
And by them did he live; they were his life”. (3)

Sri Ramakrishna describes the seeing of a Form rather than a Light. This level of enlightenment still features the dualism of seer and seen.

“Then comes the sixth plane, corresponding to the centre known as Ajna. This centre is located between the eyebrows and it has a lotus with two petals. When the Kundalini reaches it, the aspirant sees the form of God. But still there remains a slight barrier between the devotee and God. It is like a light inside a lantern. You may think you have touched the light, but in reality you cannot because of the barrier of glass.” (4)

The next stage of enlightenment sees the Light transcend creation. We “see” the formless or the transcendental. It comes when the kundalini reaches the seventh chakra and is the first transcendental vision of what Christians call the Father and what Hindus call Brahman.

Jan Ruusbroec describes it here:

“There follows a third kind of experience, namely, that we feel ourselves to be one with God, for by means of our transformation in God we feel ourselves to be swallowed up in the groundless abyss of our eternal blessedness, in which we can never discover any difference between ourselves and God. This is the highest of all our experiences and can be experienced in no other way than by our being immersed in love.” (5)

It may be the highest of Jan Ruusbroec’s experiences, but it’s not the end of the experiences of God that await us. Sri Ramakrishna describes it here:

“Last of all is the seventh plane, which, according to Tantra, is the centre of the thousand-petalled lotus. When the Kundalini arrives there, the aspirant goes into samadhi. In that lotus dwells Satchidananda Siva, the Absolute. There Kundalini, the awakened Power, unites with Siva. This is known as the union of Siva and Sakti.” (6)

It is the first “seeing” of the formless God, but it will not even bring with it entry into the Fifth Dimension.

Nonetheless, now we see why the Trinity is so important: because we’re set the task in life of realizing while still in the body the Light of the Christ, the Mother and the Father, or of the Atman, Shakti and Brahman. The purpose of life is knowing our true nature and that true nature is God. And we see our true nature in broadening stairsteps by realizing each level of the Trinity in turn.

None of these levels represents the stage of enlightenment that we’ll realize some time after Ascension. Not upon Ascension, but in a later subplane of the Fifth Dimension.

That stage of enlightenment is called Sahaja Samadhi, the natural state. Interestingly, Jesus through John Smallman once called Ascension a “return once more to your natural state of Oneness with your Source.” (7) That’s a pretty good definition of Sahaja, in my view.

It represents a permanent heart opening, whereas the earlier stages represent a temporary heart opening. It brings liberation from the need to be reborn, what Ruusbroec called “eternal life.”

Sri Ramana Maharshi describes it here:

“[The] Heart is the seat of Jnanam [wisdom] as well as of the granthi (knot of ignorance). It is represented in the physical body by a hole smaller than the smallest pin-point, which is always shut. When the mind drops down in Kevalya Nirvikalpa [samadhi], it opens but shuts again after it. When sahaja [nirvikalpa samadhi] is attained it opens for good.” (7)

“The Sahaja Nirvikalpa is permanent and in it lies liberation from rebirths.” (8)

So this is the stairway to heaven. Why heaven? Because “heaven” is the Christian word for the Fifth Dimension. This is a part of Jacob’s Ladder of consciousness and we are the angels descending it and then mounting it again.

Sahaja in no way exhausts the experiences of enlightenment that beings go through on their return journey to God. But of the loftier levels of enlightenment, we know very little.


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Jacob's Dream by William Blake (c. 1805, British Museum, London)

What is Enlightenment and How is It Achieved? ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

art blue female artist unknown USE


What is Enlightenment and How is It Achieved?

Posted by Steve Beckow on June 30, 2014

Adyashanti: The face of enlightenment

Archangel Michael’s recent message through Ronna Herman discusses the rise of world servers. (1) Undoubtedly this is a continuous process and will happen before and after Ascension.

He specifies that they’ll be enlightened beings and, of course, all of us will as a result of Ascension. And we needn’t go through the rigors that ancient sages needed to to reach that happy culmination because of the assistance that the rising vibrations on the planet are giving us.

The raising of the vibrations is what all paths to enlightenment achieve. At the end of each 26,000-year epoch, it becomes very much easier to ascend than it did for the spiritual initiates centuries and millennia ago.

Still it can be useful to hear the way the ancients accomplished it. I take my research from terrestrial sages, as found in From Darkness Unto Light at http://goldengaiadb.com/From_Darkness_to_Light.

What is enlightenment? There’ll be many different definitions. The one I prefer is that enlightenment is a radical discontinuity in experiencing which sees a person move from everyday consciousness to a greatly expanded awareness and knowledge, the certainty of being immortal, the experience of joy and bliss, etc.

There are stages of enlightenment with names like spiritual awakening (fourth-chakra enlightenment), cosmic consciousness (sixth-chakra), God-Realization (seventh chakra) and Sahaja Samadhi (a permanent heart opening, Ascension, Fifth-Dimensionality, Moksha). There are many stages beyond these, until one finally merges again with God.

Very few sages identify the level of enlightenment they’re discussing. Most are referring to God-Realization. Very few people on the planet today have yet experienced Sahaja Samadhi. An example of a sage who did is Ramana Maharshi.

Those who have ascended earlier have experienced what Archangel Michael called “Ascension lite.” They’ve entered the vestibule of the Fifth Dimension but have not yet experienced the full enlightenment available in the higher subplanes of the Fifth. Some gatekeepers (early risers) I know have ascended as many as three times. And how radiant they look!

The paths to enlightenment are many, one for each sense door and proclivity. But three factors are essential to cause us to rise. The first is the ability to discriminate between what is permanent and what impermanent, what is Real and what unreal, as Sri Ramakrishna tells us: “Discrimination means to know the distinction between the Real and the unreal.” (2)

So important is the development of discrimination that Sri Krishna cautions us: “Lose discrimination, and you miss life’s only purpose.” (3)

When a person lacks discrimination and his mind is uncontrolled, the Upanishads explain, “his senses are unmanageable, like the restive horses of a charioteer. But when a man has discrimination and his mind is controlled, his senses, like the well-broken horses of a charioteer, lightly obey the rein.” (4)

Sri Ramakrishna adds: “With the awakening of the spirit of discrimination a man wants to know God.” (5) The awakening of the desire to know God did not come easily in former years.

The second pre-requisite is to let go of the many desires for things and pleasures of the world, which constitute the unreal. As Sri Krishna tells us: “Devotees enter into Him when the bonds of their desires are broken. To reach this goal, they practice control of the passions.” (6)

The Upanishads point to the central difficulty with desires for sensual pleasures:

“The Self-Existent made the senses turn outward. Accordingly, man looks toward what is without, and sees not what is within. Rare is he who, longing for immortality, shuts his eyes to what is without and beholds the Self.” (7)

Lao Tzu advises us: “Let the senses go. Let desires go. Let conflicts go. Let ideas go. Let the fiction of life and death go. Just remain in the center, watching. And then forget that you are there.” (8)

The third prerequisite is devotion or attachment to the Real, God, the divine qualities, etc. As Sri Ramakrishna says: “[The way is] attachment to God, or, in other words, love for Him.” (9)

This devotion to God causes longing or yearning for God to arise, without which there is no match to start the fire. Sri Ramakrishna tells us:

“Nothing whatever is achieved in spiritual life without yearning.” (10)

“Longing is like the rosy dawn. After the dawn out comes the sun. Longing is followed by the vision of God.” (11)

The anonymous author of The Cloud of Unknowing gives us a deeper look at the longing required:

“Your whole life now must be one of longing, if you are to achieve perfection. And this longing must be in the depths of your will, put there by God, with your consent. …

“Hate to think of anything but God himself, so that nothing occupies your mind or ever will but only God. Try to forget all created things that he ever made, and the purpose behind them, so that your thought and longing do not turn or reach out to them in general or in particular.” (12)

One outcome of this process is transcendence of the ego and the weakening or end of separative consciousness, as Adyashanti explains here:

“Enlightenment is not only the experience of transcending the me; it’s also a condition where the me, as a separate somebody, doesn’t hold importance anymore. It doesn’t always start out this absolute, but this is the direction non-personal love pushes you toward.” (13)

Put together these three pre-requisites tell us to discriminate between the Real and the unreal, detach ourselves from the unreal, and devote ourselves to the Real. This is the basic spiritual movement.

A paradox of enlightenment is that only God can realize God. Zarathustra tells us: “The final victory is the Lord God’s own.” (14) Many other sages say the same thing. To really cement this point, let’s look at a few sages’ words.

Ibn Arabi: “Only God sees God.” (15)

Byazid of Bistun: “I went from God to God, until they cried from me in me, ‘O thou I!’” (16)

Sri Ramakrishna: “Only grandeur appreciates grandeur: and God realizes God.” (17)

Franklin Merrell-Woolf: “This space I produce that My Glory shall be revealed; yet I alone Realize that Revelation.” (18)

Enlightenment is in fact God meeting God. I maintain that this is the reason God created this illusory world: to have the pleasure of meeting himself (herself/itself) when God is the only thing that exists: One without a second.

This is a gloss on the generic path to enlightenment. Everyone will choose their own specific path, whether it be service, worship, meditation, or something else. And all who wish in this lifetime will achieve a high state of enlightenment (Sahaja Samadhi) when full, mass Ascension is complete.


(1) “Archangel Michael: Taking Control of your Destiny,” channelled through Ronna Herman, July 1, 2014, at: http://www.ronnastar.com/messages-aam/latest.html. See also Wes Annac’s excellent article, “Enlighten Yourself: Awareness Exists Beyond Matter – Part 1/2″ June 29, 2014, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2014/06/29/enlighten-yourself-awareness-exists-beyond-matter-part-12/.

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art blue female artist unknown USE