Making the Fifth Dimension Real – Suzanne Lie


Making the Fifth Dimension Real–The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie



The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

What does it mean to “make the fifth dimensional real?” In fact, what does real mean? One of the challenges of being human within confusing NOW is that the definition of “real”  seems to change daily. What is “Real?” and what is “Truth?” seems to change every day and with every thought and emotion.

What is actually occurring is that we are in the process of preparing our earth vessel to resonate to the frequency of the fifth dimension and beyond. It is only when our consciousness has expanded to resonate to at least some awareness, and communication, with the higher dimensions of our reality, that the third dimensional vessels which encompass your true fifth dimensional SELF will be able to remember!

This “remembering” can come in the version of a dream, a meditation, or any “peak experience” in which yourconsciousness can resonate to the frequency of the higher fourth, and/or, the fifth dimension.

Whenever your consciousness resonates to the fifth dimension and beyond, even if just for a brief moment, you will be able to experience the fifth dimensional NOW. Once you are free of the time/space format of the third and fourth dimensional states of consciousness you will be able to remember what you always knew, but forgot.

When we say “always knew” we mean that your higher dimensional expressions of SELF (which you ALL have), resonates beyond the third/fourth dimensional time and space. You will no longer be limited to the “logical, sequential” format of third dimensional communication.

When you are free of that limitation, you will be more able to perceive our Ships that are constantly visiting your planet within their innate, fifth dimensional frequency of reality. There are several reasons why humanity does not see the fifth dimension.

For one reason, people usually choose to NOT perceive what they do NOT believe in, because it frightens them. There are already enough frightening things in the third dimension, especially now within the extreme changes of your planet and daily life.

Of course, some humans do not perceive these changes because they do NOT want to perceive them. They are not ready to believe that there is a civilization that is MUCH more evolved than them, and/or a reality which they can NOT control.

Because the third dimension presents many challenges, especially within your NOW, many people have “hidden their head under the covers” and refuse to perceive the myriad changes that are occurring with Gaia’s planet and weather system.

“Oh it is just a phase,” they say to comfort themselves. However, dear planet Gaia can no longer withstand the great damage that humanity has created on Her planet. Therefore, Gaia herself has called us, the fifth dimensional, and beyond, Galactics to assist Her in Her time of great need.

There are of course many wonderful humans who have dedicated their lives to planet Gaia, Her Nature, Her People, and have come to realize that Mother Earth (Gaia, as the Galactics call Her) is gravely damaged. Furthermore, a huge percentage of that damage can be traced back to humanity.

It is for this reason that, we your Galactic Family, have been called on to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension. We say “Planetary Ascension” as all who have intertwined their personal energy field with Gaia, such as ALL the animals, plants and elementals, and even humans who have evolved their consciousness enough to perceive Gaia as a living being, are ready to release the “training wheels” of the 3D Matrix.

The 3D Matrix was created so that lower dimensional beings would have a “learning planet” on which they could incarnate in order to learn about, practice and participate in the process of Planetary Ascension.

Over the many centuries of which you are aware, it was known that great human leaders, who sacrificed themselves for the good ofhumanity and for Gaia, underwent huge initiations to gain complete control of their physical form so that they could choose to leave that physical body (die) and expand their consciousness, and thus their form, into the fifth dimension and beyond.

This expansion of consciousness was NEVER for selfish purposes, because it is the process of “serving others” that allows their consciousness to expand/return to their innate fifth dimensional and beyond SELF. This SELF was called their “Higher SELF.”

At first, the grounded ones sought to unite with their Higher SELF, whom they know was a higher frequency of the physical form that they were wearing. However, over “time,” they forgot!

They forgot who they really were, and they forgot why they chose to take on an earth vessel on a planet that would likely face huge challenges during that incarnation. Because they forgot who they were and why they took an earth vessel, they also forgot that the reason that they came to Earth was to assist with Planetary Ascension.

Worse yet, many of these brave warriors chose difficult childhoods so that they could learn more about the challenges of being a third dimensional earthling, as they called them. They had never experienced a traumatic and/or abusive childhood on their homeworld.

In fact, many of them never experienced a childhood because they chose to place their essence/consciousness into a mature being. In that manner, they could “get right to work on their assignment.”

Therefore, when they came to Earth and had one of the myriad forms of child abuse, poverty, lack of opportunity and/or diseases or birth defects, they had no way of understanding what was occurring, or how they could conquer it. Therefore, they devolved into third dimensional humans whose consciousness was far too often limited to the perception of ONLY the third dimension.

Fortunately, some of them were able to move into a version of fourth dimensional consciousness in which they could use their imagination to be creative, learn about themselves, their birth family, and the many limitations of third dimensional life.

If they somehow did NOT get lost in the third dimension maze of difficult childhoods, limitation, separations, wars and abandonment, they became VERY strong and VERY  wise.

It was then that they realized that they had passed the “third/fourth dimensional initiations” of “life on a third dimensional planet ruled by separation, time, space, birth, death, suffering, as well as many other challenges.

Some volunteers to Earth never returned, but other brave warriors realized that since humans were totally responsible for all the distress of the planet—even the planetary changes—they realized that in order to assist Dear Gaia, they would need to incarnate in a human form, often as a child or infant, and become a third dimensional human.

Fortunately for them all, at some point in their 3D life, many of them began to remember that there was much, much more to reality than that which was displayed by the many illusions of the third dimension.

These ones realized that, if they could expand their consciousness into the fourth dimension, they would be able to discover their innate creativity, inter-dimensional imagination, the joys of nature of the deep love for Gaia, as well as for many of Her beings, which sometimes included humanity.

However, they did discover that they would need to study humanity and why so many humans had forgotten their true Multidimensional SELF. In fact, they realized that many of the lost and confused humans were Galactics, just like them, who had become lost in the illusions and negative energy fields.

In fact, they did not even know what a “negative energy field” was, as they did not exist on their fifth dimensional Home Worlds, or on their Ships. Eventually, we, the members of our Star Ships began to come into the dreams and meditations of their Galactic Friends who had volunteered to incarnate on Earth to assist Gaia and Her awakening and awakened humans.

We say “awakening and awake” humans, as those who had NOT expanded their consciousness into the higher fourth or fifth dimension were not able to perceive us. At first, we exposed our Ships more often, but we found that all that did was to frighten humans or turn us into their “Gods.”

It was not helpful for us to serve as Gods or Saviors, but we did realize that if we could find a human who was able to go through the many challenges of expanding their consciousness beyond the third and lower fourth dimensions, a member of their humanity could assist them to believe in a form of “higher power.”

We Pleiadians are not a higher power for humanity, but many of us have taken incarnations on Earth to discover the manner in which we could best assist humanity and remind them that Earth is a living being – just as they are.

We found that humans enjoyed having an external human who appeared to be “above them,” but they often worshiped us in some primitive manner rather than listening to our message.

The problem was, and still is, that Earth has been primarily ruled by a group of beings from a devolved society in the Sirius System. This “devolved society” lost its way and rather than assisting others, they began to harm others.

Unfortunately, rather than following the loving examples of Venus and the Pleiades, too many humans followed the dominating examples of the Sirians. However, the Sirians were not always dominating, but that is a different story. Basically, because the Sirians lost their “power within” they repeated what had been done to them and chose to have “power over.”

The Ascended Masters from Earth have been higher dimensional beings who have volunteered to come to Earth to assist with Planetary Ascension. Unfortunately, the humans have chosen to only perceive that the ascending individual did something for himself, and forgot the true messages of Love and Light that these ascending beings presented.

We, the Arcturians, as well as ALL the fifth dimensional beings who have chosen to assist Gaia in Her time of GREAT NEED, have come into your consciousness to remind you that Unconditional Love is the healing force of the Multiverse. We are happy to tell you that more and more humans are beginning to remember this fact.

However, the humans of Earth have developed a reality in which they put much more attention on the fear of a problem and too often forget to find and focus on the SOLUTION of that problem. Also, the dark ones have worked very diligently to put inadequate or “power over others” humans in positions of power.

However, please remember that “the darkest night is just before dawn.” Therefore, sometimes the darkness must reign in order to get humanity out of denial.  No one wants to know if their way of is being threatened, or that one that they thought they could trust can only care for themselves.

Humanity has too often put their head under the pillowrather than perceive what is actually occurring. Therefore, it is left to the brave and awakened humans, and our Galactic Family who have taken 3D earth vessels to assist them, to realize that they do NOT need to remain in that “darkest night” because the DAWN is HERE within this NOW.

Please remember that you find what you look for. Therefore, if you just look for problems, and ignore the possible solutions, the problem will remain and the solution will be forgotten.

On the other hand, just a moment or two within the fifth dimensional NOW will expand your consciousness enough to remember your true Multidimensional SELF, as well as the reason why you chose to take a third dimensional form within this NOW.

Once you remember, and “walk a mile” with your reason for incarnation, you will be able to proceed with the promise that you made before you took a third dimensional form on dear Gaia. Please remember that this “promise” is within YOU.

Therefore, as you meditate, study, and do whatever makes you remember your SELF, you will become your SELF in your third dimensional reality. However, even Ascended Masters could not always be their Higher SELF in daily life.

Therefore, be gentle with your self and allow that YOU to find YOUR way to remember your true Multidimensional SELF and to BE that SELF as often as is possible. Even your own Higher SELF does not expect that you are perfect.

Remember that you chose to BE a human so that you could learn how to assist humans to remember that “even humans are Multidimensional BEINGS who are brave enough to limit your “human self” to the third/fourth dimension so that you can better SERVE GAIA and AWAKEN HUMANITY.

Blessings to you all, and we, the members of your Galactic Family, thank you again and again for the service that YOU are giving to Gaia and Her Humanity.

The Arcturians and your Galactic Family

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Archangel Michael on the Fifth Dimension – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Silver Flair Mask Painting by Patty Vicknair @ Fine Art America


Archangel Michael on the Fifth Dimension

As I work my way through my readings since 2010, I’m coming across some real gems from Archangel Michael.

In this one, I’m feeling ennui and he cheered me up by giving me an “enticing” view of what’s down the road.

From Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, April 13, 2016.

AAM: We have need to talk about this sense of ennui. … You could use a very long vacation or a series of short vacations.

That is why we have begun this day by speaking of what lies ahead. That there is a new realm, a new chapter….

Let me talk to you…

Steve: Please…

AAM: And I will talk to the channel as well so I’m asking her to come back.

Alright, many times we have spoken of a new realm of existence and even that term is infused with hope and grace and promise and wonder, and the sense of the fulfillment of dreams.

But in reality, in your realm, as you have said often weighed down by the practicalities of no money and limited love life or the engagement in community which has been very rewarding for both of you, there isn’t really a sense of what does this mean, “a new realm of existence?”

If you were to go to bed tonight and you woke up and not just a sense of bliss or ecstasy and not the sense that the world, the physical realm as you know it, had disappeared but that you woke up and you knew, just upon opening your eyes, that everything from the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual realm had shifted.

You would be aghast with wonder and there would be a moment of slight trepidation. What lays outside my front door? But it would also be [colored] with such excitement that you would be rushing out the front door to discover what.

Can you imagine walking out that front door and finding that you could telepathically understand and connect, not intrusively, but in a heart and mind way, not only with human beings but with your star family walking the streets, with the animals that were roaming free and safe, and with the elementals that live in your parks and rivers and streams and oceans. And that the attitude, the behaviours and the level of understanding had been translated, transmuted, transformed into knowingness of love. (1)

Steve: That would be wonderful.

AAM: That is the new realm of existence that we are talking about.

Steve: Yes, I have experienced that so I do know what you’re talking about.

AAM: And it is for the entire planet. It is not a distant dream! It is not a doorway that is far away.

You see there are two things that are going on simultaneously. And while you are looking to the practical, and we understand that, the signs, the shifts, the financial support, the institutional shifts…

At the same time, within the Mother’s time, there is simply the desire and the declaration of a new realm of existence beginning.

Do these exactly coincide? No. But they are very close. What we are suggesting to you is that the new realm of existence is upon you. It’s right there.

Steve: And I’m not realizing it, is that the case?

AAM: You will recognize it. So do you need to keep your heart and mind an entire being open to it? … Because you both are communicators and announcers of this new realm which is why we are discussing it. A new realm and that would completely eradicate a sense of waiting or ennui. (2)

Yes, yes, you are at the doorstep. Your hand is on the door handle so we are inviting both of you, step through.

Steve: What does that look like, “step through,” Lord. What does that take?

AAM: It takes fortitude, determination, faith, trust and loving yourself enough to give yourself the chance to say, “It can be entirely different, I am of Creator Source. I am Creator and I choose a different realm of existence.” Not reality, but realm of existence. And so when you go to sleep at night, both of you are declaring, “I will awaken to a new realm of existence.” And allow it to emerge, as if it is emerging like Atlantis from the waves.

Steve: And the new realm of existence is characterized by universal love and bliss?

AAM: Yes.

Steve: Alright, so that is what we should be looking for.

AAM: Yes, and it is what is knocking on your door and you are letting it in. You have been doing this so it is transcending into a more permanent state of that realm of existence.

Steve: Okay, very good. Anything more you want to say on that?

AAM: I think this should entice you adequately, would it not?

Steve: Oh, that state would be the answer to all my dreams, all my requests, I’m sure, Lord!

AAM: It would be the answer to many dreams and you will help many to see it, to discover it, to shift into that realm.

It is not about the separation of humankind when stuck in the old and the other in a new realm. It is simply opening the floodgates.  (3)


(1) A much stronger, more impactful love than we know in everyday life.

(2) The flow of love that he spoke of earlier will wipe away all our worries.

(3) “Floodgates” is a good metaphor because, once the heart is open, the inner tsunami of love flows like a torrent. By “heart is open,” I mean something very specific however; not simply an attitude of “open-heartedness.”


Silver Flair Mask Painting by Patty Vicknair @ Fine Art America


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