Are Lightworkers Who Participate in the Reval Protected? – Part 4/4 – Steve Beckow

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Are Lightworkers Who Participate in the Reval Protected? – Part 4/4

(Concluded from Part 3, yesterday.)

Let me now provide a series of reassurances that have not been given so far to suggest how many times and in how many different ways this promise of protection for dedicated and purely-motivated financial stewards has been given.

Feb. 18, 2011:

Archangel Michael: It is not so much, my friend, that you are being targeted. That does not mean that you are not on the radar. Of course you are. And as you step forward to create peace on Earth, it will be even more so.

But you are also mightily protected, and you have created and built your energy field. They cannot and will not be permitted to harm you.

Yes, we know that this is a time when all the shenanigans are being put out to play. But our code word is victory and it is not victory over anything; it is victory with. It is the bringing of peace on Earth, because that is the prelude; that is the promise; it is the promise that has been made throughout the universe, but it is also the promise that has been made to the Universal Mother. And that peace will prevail. (1)

Nov. 19, 2013:

Archangel Michael: You are being mightily – and I use that word very specifically – mightily protected and this is a long-term project. (2)

April 24, 2015:

Steve: How do I guarantee that corruption won’t set in?

Archangel Michael: First of all, (laughing) WHO do you think you are working with, dear heart? …

Yes, there will be substantial oversight. Shall we say it that way? (3)

Feb. 5, 2016:

Archangel Michael: You have not incarnated to be removed, either by inflicted or imagined or created [forces]. [You’re not] in physicality [for] anything less than perfection. (4)

March 23, 2016:

Steve:  Should I hire Executive Security International to protect me?

Archangel Michael: No. You have a much better protection team, dear heart!

Steve: So, I don’t need an asset protection attorney?

AAM: Yes you do need an asset protection attorney. But you do not need private security.

Steve: Am I just to walk down the street, you know without a care in the world or do I need to fear something like kidnapping in any way shape or form?

AAM: No, you do not need to fear kidnapping but we also suggest you don’t walk alone.

Steve: Ever?

AAM: No, when you’re going to do your exchanges. (5)

July 22, 2016:

Steve: I need more reassurance in the area of protection because I’m going to be writing about [financial matters]. Do I run a risk of being kidnapped?

Archangel Michael: No.

Steve: Then that eliminates the second question which was about torture. So good!

Surely the cabal is looking at these people with a lot of money and licking its chops, right?

AAM: You are hidden in many ways. So think of it, first of all, I am pretty good at protection. I have a few souls that help me out now and then.

Steve: Do I know who I am talking to? Exactly! (6)

AAM: So do you think a few rogues are going to beat me at my own game?

Steve: Probably not! I just fear what Will Smith said in Independence Day, “Oops!” as he crashed his spaceship into the wall.

AAM: Not to worry, dear heart. You are mightily protected.

Steve: Thank you for reassuring me on that. (7)

Sept. 2, 2016:

Archangel Michael: Because you are in a position of leadership, of stewardship and of trusteeship, you do not want to paint a target on your back.

Now are you mightily protected? Well, my friend, if I cannot protect you, nobody can.

So I would suggest, of course you are safe. What you don’t want is to be bothered. (8.)

OK, now you know as much as I know.

Yes, I believe these communications to be true and effective. But you need to decide for yourself. Please take responsibility for making your own assessment and choice.

Even though the Reval has not yet arrived and none of us have money, we can still use the time to plan what we’ll do after. I’m benefitting greatly from thinking from the context of post-Reval wealth and what it can do for global society.


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Michael by Carlos Quevedo @ DeviantArt

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Are Lightworkers Who Participate in the Reval Protected? Part 3/4 – Steve Beckow

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Are Lightworkers Who Participate in the Reval Protected? – Part 3/4

(Continued from Part 2, yesterday.)

We continue our discussion of the protection of lightworker currency holders.

When I asked Michael if I should be applying for TDA monies – the billion-dollar accounts set up for each person, which the Illuminati have been using to “pay their bills” – Michael replied:

AAM: No, stand way back.

Steve: Okay, and the reason for that, Lord?

AAM: Well, there are number of reasons. One is, and I say this knowing you are fully protected, we want you flying under the radar.

And at this moment, those who are working in this arena, shall we say, are allowing themselves – and it is part of their mission and purpose to be very clearly on the radar – very clearly vulnerable and exposed. (1)

Now let’s turn to specific circumstances. First, bank theft:

Steve: Am I correct in thinking that we’re guarded against such things as bank theft?

Archangel Michael: You most certainly are. (2)

Second, protection from scammers:

Steve: Should we reserve domain names or create trademarks or should we worry about scammers posing as us?

Archangel Michael: You do not need to worry about a thing, dear heart. (3)

Next, self-doubt and poor decision-making:

Archangel Michael: Do not doubt yourself. And do not doubt what you are feeling moved to do. For we are not only moving, we are encouraging, we are pushing and pulling at times. And there are times when you push and pull right back. And, my brother, that is all right as well.

This is the time to be courageous. And yes, dear heart, rather outspoken.

Steve: I do feel courageous and outspoken.

AAM: You most certainly are. And we come to say be fearless, because you are protected. (4)

Archangel Michael: Not that we will allow you to go wrong – let us be very clear.  This plan has been an unfoldment for far too long for money to simply be washed down the drain by decisions that are not beneficial either for yourself or for others and for those who will benefit from the abundance programs, plural. (5)

And last, a fear of kidnapping, torture, death:

Divine Mother: Having encouraged you to go forth, having provided the mechanisms for that to occur, do you really think in our divinity, in our family, that we are going to arrange for a rogue bandit to harm you? You are mightily protected! (6)

Steve: Am I protected and are my loved ones also protected from such things as being kidnapped and held for ransom?

Archangel Michael: Yes. (7)

Steve: I have no fear of death. I have a fear of torture.

Arcturians through Sue Lie: Well, you don’t have to have a fear of torture because, if you have no fear of death, you can just choose to die and then they can’t torture you. (8)

Archangel Michael: The dying piece is neither here nor there. You know that I would lift you up very rapidly and take you home, joyously. (9)

Perhaps a macabre subject to ask for reassurance on and some unexpected advice, but a situation of concern nonetheless.

Tomorrow I’d like to bring together all the mentions that AAM has given to the subject (not already discussed), to bring home the point that the matter has been thoroughly looked at over the years.  There is little chance of misinterpretation of the message.

(To be concluded in Part 4, tomorrow.)


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(8) The Arcturians in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Sue Lie, July 22, 2014. I have no fear of death because I experienced my independence of the physical body in an out-of-body experience in 1977. Once we see we’re not the body, the fear of death instantly disappears. Note what Mike Quinsey said recently:

“You will realise that you are not your physical body, and this is provable at your level by the experiences of those that have had ‘out of the body’ experiences. When you permanently leave it upon death the cord is cut and you are released.

“There is nothing to be fearful about concerning death, and you have had numerous examples where souls have been thrown out of their bodies and not realised that anything has happened. This is due to them having immediately found themselves in their etheric body that is identical to the physical body, except that it is of a finer vibration.” (Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self, March 15, 2019, at )

(9) Archangel Michael in a personal reading, ibid., Aug. 1, 2014.
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Art by Yue Wang aka Sakimichan @ DeviantArt

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The Sources of Unusual Wealth – Steve Beckow

Artist ~ Georges Armand @ Tutt’Art


The Sources of Unusual Wealth

Having dipped my toe into the water, (1) I’d like to take another step or two in.

Originally I’d never have thought I’d be speaking on these matters.  But Michael predicted I would (2) and recently I’ve felt an inner pressure to be doing so.

I’d like to start looking at sources of unusual wealth by drawing attention to something Michael said to Kathleen in 2012:

“The Galactics have no shortage of money and so there will be some very massive projects and the funds will be made available but they will really ask for human leadership in order to be not be seen as trying to in any way assume control.” (3)

For anyone wanting to get involved, the galactics “really ask for human leadership in order to be not be seen as trying to in any way assume control.” This is an open invitation and a clear admission that they want humans to take the lead.

Never mind that he identified the galactics as one source of unusual wealth; they want our partnership.

The Divine Mother and Michael state that the Company of Heaven is watching lightworkers who step up to the humanitarian/philanthropic plate. Those who use the money wisely will be given greater and greater responsibilities.

The Mother said: “We give you [your] allowance and we see how you do.” (4) Michael explained in 2016:

Steve: Now I have been saying to readers that the Company of Heaven is watching financial wayshowers and stewards…

AAM: That is correct.

Steve:… And that those who do well – in other words, do the job of hydrating society – will find themselves supported to go forward.

AAM: That is correct. (5)

In the same year he added:

“Those who are in a position of stewardship, of beginning projects that lead the way to the building and the re-creation of what Nova Earth is truly about … become the spokesbeings for many.” (6)

We have only to ask and state our willingness for them to begin to work with us. Well, that’s my gut feeling.


Where’s this unusual wealth coming from?  In 2016 Michael talked about “the abundance programs, plural.” (7) I should have twigged when I head the phrase, but I did not.

On another occasion, he said, echoing the Mother: “That is why we have also said (this is an aside), there will be several waves of abundance. So we give you the allowance and we see how you do.” (8)

Later, once I began to realize the significance of being used as a pipeline, I asked him to confirm the sources of unusual wealth. And he did.

Steve: First of all, I want to have more understanding of where the inflow of money is coming from. Some of its coming from the Chinese elders, that’s correct, right?

AAM: Yes.

Steve: … And some from the prosperity packages [of the St. Germaine World Trust]?

AAM: Yes.

Steve: … Some from sequestered illuminati money, human rights abusers? [Executive Order, Dec. 21, 2017.]

AAM: Yes. …

Steve: … Some from historical assets [what used to be called “trading platforms,” historical bonds]?

AAM: Yes.

Steve: … Off-planet gold?

AAM: Yes. … Gold is a universal currency and it certainly has value upon this planet of Gaia. So, yes, those transfers have mostly been made and made about a year ago. (9)

Off-planet gold was contributed a year ago? That’s about the time when Linda Dillon reported seeing spaceships leave the Neptune mothership carrying gold to Earth. This trans-shipment may be what Michael is referring to here.

Couple all this with another remark he made about a year later: “There is a great deal of wealth, not only upon your planet but off-planet [as well].” (10)

I could name several other sources not so far named but some sources desire anonymity.

On another occasion, he described how wealth might flow:

“This will be by a variety of means. It will be by anonymous donations or checks or deposits or a mysterious interlude with strangers. And if one of those strangers should look like St. Germaine, do not be surprised!” (11)

Encounters with the Scarlet Pimpernel. My life is definitely getting better.

The Reval therefore is only one flow of wealth to be used to create Nova Earth.


All in all, he commented, “you are being given enormous, enormous sums of money. And that money will also generate money.” (12)

I don’t believe these words apply to me alone. The Company of Heaven is clearly intent on introducing abundance into the terrestrial equation by any and all means.

I believe he’s telling lightworkers that the celestials are prepared to enter into a co-creative partnership with those boots on the ground who are prepared to reciprocate.

Just to give you a snapshot of how a person can expand by taking on a larger project, look at the difference in the next two discussions.

One occurred before I’d really grasped what he wanted from me as a pipeline. I was still just a currency holder. The second occurred after. Listen to the change in tenor.

Archangel Michael: You will have ample money, dear heart. That is not an issue.

Steve: Even for universal basic incomes for a few countries?

AAM: Yes.  (13)

Now listen to the altered tone after we discussed the subject of a pipeline at more length:

Steve: Okay, so I’ll go ahead and try to create as many universal basic incomes as I can.

Archangel Michael: Yes, until such time as they are not needed.

Steve: If I’m going to be a pipeline, I should have the means to do this. Is that correct?

AAM: That is correct.

Steve: And I can rely on you to direct me to people in countries who can manage these projects?

AAM: Yes. There are already many who are fully capable, given the resources, to manage such a project. But because the political, financial, social, and institutional structure has not been there, the will has also not been there.

These people are in other positions and low-level occupations. But they are right there, sweet one, and, yes, we will bring them forward. (14)

I’ve gone from thinking about doing three or four UBIs to considering as many as possible. I get bigger in the process of taking on a bigger responsibility.

The Company of Heaven wants many leaders. Michael has already said that only lightworkers will have the depth of understanding of what’s happening to be able to lead well in the time of abundance ahead. (15)

I’m certain this is being said to get you to step up as one willing to be a leader in all that’s being discussed here.


It isn’t just the Reval that can provide the wealth. It’s just one of a number of options.

If conditions don’t improve such that the Reval can be released, Michael once said, the Company of Heaven are ready to go another route – primarily leaning on the St. Germaine World Trust to create the flow, as Michael reveals here:

“So when we say that in the current amorphous structure – well, amorphous as you know it – that St. Germaine’s World Trust is tucked into under that umbrella of prosperity packages, there is also the chance (because it is not written in stone, not even in amethyst), that if things do not go forward at a pace that is desirable for the unfoldment of the Mother’s Plan, [St. Germaine] will proceed with the disbursement of his funds in a different way.” (16)

Abundance will go ahead by one means or another and from one source or another like a swollen river seeking a channel.

I’m hoping that a picture is beginning to emerge – of massive flows of wealth, coming to Earth from all manner of sources and needing to be used to build Nova Earth while hydrating society.

The galactics could build a new world. But that would deprive us, its citizens, of a learning experience. The Law of Free Will says it’s our planet – we messed it up and we clean it up. But the galactics have the tools to actually finish the job.

So we’ll probably be working together, with us making the important decisions for the planet and them making the important decisions in galactic science and technology.

The Company of Heaven wants us to lead in the redistribution of wealth. And in putting the wealth to good use.

Those that step up to the plate will be given more and more responsibility and the wherewithal to really make a difference in the world.

From where I sit, the ball seems irrefutably in our court. This could be our time to shine if we step up to play.


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Steve: I will discuss this side?

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So [when non-lightworkers] are assigned … or try to step up … to create and to take the leadership role, they do not have the training and insight to do it in a way that is achievable. … So there is a lack, a vacuum of leadership.

Now, who, upon this wondrous planet, has been hiding in the shadows or edging out, or is in the limelight and is ready? … Who has been diligent and practiced patience and fortitude and stamina, and anchored the divine qualities? Who is it that is prepared to do this? Well, it is the lightworkers. (“Transcript: Archangel Michael – On Mastery and Leadership, April 16, 2015,” at

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Artist ~ Georges Armand @ Tutt’Art

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Are Lightworkers Who Participate in the Reval Protected? – Part 2/4 – Steve Beckow

lotus-pink-and-moon (1)

Are Lightworkers Who Participate in the Reval Protected? – Part 2/4
March 16, 2019 By Steve Beckow(Continued from Part 1, yesterday.)

Yesterday we heard from Archangel Michael.

Today let’s hear from the Divine Mother herself on protection:

Steve Beckow: I know that a lot of our listeners would like to hear your answer to the following question – are Lightworkers who deal in foreign currency for the purposes of irrigating planet Earth and undertaking the various programs like ridding the world of pollution, hunger, and poverty protected from things like kidnappings, torture etc?

Divine Mother: Yes.

I can elaborate. Let go of the fear, first and foremost. Because as you know, the fear halts and freezes and destroys – eats like acid – it destroys trust, and it also is the freezing mechanism that stops you from going forward.

Now the short answer is yes. But understand how this going forth happens, and there are many, many aspects and we will not get dragged down into that minutiae.

But think of it in this way – think of it in the most simple way, my child. You have a crush on a boy or a girl – oh, you are about fourteen, fifteen, and these days perhaps twelve – but you are madly infatuated and your heart is going pit-a-pat at a million miles an hour because this is your heart’s desire! But you are shy, you are not confident. You are afraid of rejection and so you never ask this boy or this girl out. You hardly even talk to them.

And then of course the big occasion comes and you see the ‘heart’s desire’ go to the party, the dance, the Bar Mitzvah, with somebody else – and you are devastated. But you are devastated because you were too afraid to step forward, and then you think, “Well, the Mother let me down” – even though I was right next to you, cheering you all along, knowing that the expansion of your heart even in this tender romance, not the fullness of Love that I speak of, but that you were afraid to try.

When you drop into fear, “Will I be harmed, will I be tortured, will I be shunned, will I be separated from what I love most about my life?” That puts you into fear rather than the forward thrust of excitement and courageousness and bringing forth. Now, having encouraged you to go forth, having provided the mechanisms for that to occur, do you really think in our divinity, in our family, that we are going to arrange for a rogue bandit to harm you? You are mightily protected!

You often say, “What is the Company of Heaven doing?” Well, you can rest assured – we are protecting you. That is a promise.

SB: Thank you Mother. I’m sure that will have a lot of people relax more. The handling of money is going to raise enough problems unto itself without having to worry about that one. (1)

Tomorrow we’ll look at Archangel Michael’s assurance on specific situations like protection against bank theft, scamming, self-doubt, and poor decision-making.

(Continued in Part 3, tomorrow.)


(1) “Transcript ~ The Divine Mother: New Year’s Message 2017,” Dec. 31, 2016 at


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Are Lightworkers Who Participate in the Reval Protected? – Part 1/4 – Steve Beckow

archangel_michael__the_justice_of_god__by_dhaena-at DeviantArt - male angel

Archangel Michael – The Justice of God by Dhaena @ DeviantArt


Are Lightworkers Who Participate in the Reval Protected? – Part 1/4

If one talks about issues such as financial management of very large aggregates of wealth, I imagine the question that arises in most people’s minds is: Will I be protected?

I’ve asked that question of the Divine Mother and Archangel Michael many times and their answer has always been “yes” – with one notable exception.

If a person is interested in managing this kind of wealth for strictly personal reasons – ambition, greed, vindictiveness, etc. – the Company of Heaven does not extend protection. One’s own personal guides do, but not the celestials.

The upshot may be that one either loses that wealth or else gets to keep enough to satisfy personal ambitions but is not given more.

But let us look at this subject of protection at length because it may be a subject uppermost in some people’s minds.

In reading this information, the reader must take responsibility for accepting it or not. Not everyone believes in the reality of channeled messages. I do, but you must decide for yourself whether you do or not.


When I last discussed the matter with Archangel Michael on Nov. 15, 2017, he said:

“[Protection] is something that many human beings do not understand and that you will share and write about over time and in the near time.

“When we declare that, whether it is a guardian angel or a guide (because they are interchangeable), an Archangel, a Seraph, the Mother herself but particularly when I say, when we say, or a guardian angel says that they are protecting you, what does this really mean?

“It means that there is no need for fear, that this very old core issue/false grid can truly be thrown into the trash heap or the recycle bin to be given back to the light. Few people really believe this and it is curious because there is seldom a situation in which we do not begin and end by saying this.

“So it is a basic wobbly leg in human/divine relationships because the relationship is starting with this aspect, based on old human experience, but it is based on this aspect of ‘I don’t really trust you so you better prove yourself and show me’ rather than proceeding not only in the love but in the mantle of protection that is around you always.

“So I am giving you this as food for thought, not so much even for your sacred self but as food for thought for how you discuss things with those who are our faithful readers.

“And the desire for many, and when I say many I mean billions, of Gaians to simply release this hesitancy to trust because it is also, of course, as you well know a hesitancy to trust oneself, to trust that in fact what you feel about yourself is trustworthy.” (1)

Does this guarantee of protection apply to all lightworkers? Michael answers:

Archangel Michael: Now I have repeatedly said to thee, not to worry about your own physical, or emotional for that matter, safety. You are grandly protected and, yes, I do take credit!

But there are many others who also accompany you and of course your cadre, your circle and we do not simply mean your immediate circle. We mean this  very broad circle of lightworkers and love holders.

Steve: Oh good, because that was a question that I had. Is it only me or does that apply to all financial currency holders and way showers?

AAM: No. Now let us suggest this. We are not saying – because that is how it can be interpreted – that some are loved and cared for and protected and some are not. Because that, again, would be a separation of ways.

But in fact, as you have witnessed, and will further witness in the very near future is that there are some engaged in this, what you think of as a currency exchange, that truly do not come, can we say, from the fullness of the Mother’s purity and desire and most certainly St. Germaine’s desire for this transaction.

What we mean, and we have discussed this with you before, about how some lightworkers and certainly the external community, the broader community is still coming from a place of selfishness and greed and self-interest.

Now we do not say this in a way of condemnation or fault or anything. But there is a pattern. Let us just talk a minute about this.

Where there is selfishness and greed, there is often – and you see it every day in your various societies – a tendency either to extravagance and flamboyance…

Steve: Yes, ostentatiousness

AAM: Yes, ostentation – or hoarding. And hoarding is simply on the other end of that spectrum. It is still the demonstration of, “Look what I’ve got.”

Steve: Service to self…

AAM: Now are we going out of our way to provide overlighting and protection to those who are neither asking or requesting or even truly accepting our protection? The answer is no.

Now it does not mean that those people’s guardian angels and guides do not watch over them. Of course they do and they are being infused, as you well know, by all the various frequencies so there is always a chance for a last-minute revelation.

Your question is: Is the Lightworker community protected? If they, again, are very low-key, not ostentatious in the slightest way and not being flamboyant not because of nondisclosure agreements or any of that which are in place and very likely will be in place for everybody, but it is the self-regulation of believing and practising and doing an internal nondisclosure as well. You do not want to announce to the world, as some would, that you have such affluence and you intend to shift the world.

Because as soon as you make that kind of, and we are not talking about action or stating what is your divine authority to state, but when you allow that declaration to go out far and wide, what you are doing is you are setting yourself up as a target.

So we are not going to go out of our way to pay extra attention, shall we say, to those who are not in humble pride.

So are the lightworkers who are diligent and see themselves in a stewardship role greatly protected? The answer is, “yes.” And you most certainly are mightily protected. The answer is, “yes.”

Steve: I don’t see how I can avoid talking about my own personal situation, Lord, given the type of writing that I do.

AAM: But you are not calling up the Wall Street Journal, saying that you are a billionaire and flashing your wealth. There is a very big difference, sweet one.

Steve: Yes, I do understand. Nothing that you said is unpleasant to my ears. That was what I was planning to do anyways so I’m good.

AAM: It should not be unpleasant to anybody’s ears who is coming from a place of heart and dedication and realizing that they have been given the privilege, the divine authority, to act on behalf of the Mother/Father One, that you can truly be the champions of change, catalysts for restoring equality and fairness and unity upon this planet.

Steve: Yes, it is a great privilege, Lord. (2)

Let me end here for today. I’ll need four articles to cover this topic properly and completely. And I’m sure it’s a topic that most currency holders have wondered about.

(Continued in Part 2, tomorrow.)


(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Nov. 15, 2017.

(2) Ibid., June 9, 2017.


Archangel Michael – The Justice of God by Dhaena @ DeviantArt

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What Unites Us All – Steve Beckow

🧡 OM AUM Shiva Canvas Painting by Sundance @ Glow Road 🧡


What Unites Us All

I like to remind myself from time to time what I basically know to be true.

Basic truth is the result of realized knowledge, knowledge that’s so deep it remains known for certain. The depth of the experience washes away all doubt and hesitation.  Not at any time thereafter do we usually doubt what we saw or felt at that time.

Michael had this to say about this kind of knowledge:

“In that, of the knowing of the universe, it is not merely knowing as information for its own sake [i.e., intellectual knowledge]. It is knowing as bedrock, as foundational to how you proceed [i.e., as realized knowledge] and, in this, how you share this deeper knowing, this deeper awareness with others, and your encouragement with them, to not get distracted.” (1)

Yes, bedrock, foundational knowledge we can count on.

The vision I had on Feb. 13, 1987 is an example. (2)

On that day, while driving my car, I was removed from time and shown a kind of divine movie. It featured the Self, the Child of God, leaving the Father and living in the domain of the Mother until it realized Itself. It then rushed back and merged with the Father again.

The overwhelming bliss I felt as I watched this tableau unfold allowed me to know without question who each actor in the play was and their relationship to each other – with certainty, without hesitancy.  Jesus said that bliss, the great Comforter, would bring all things to remembrance.

The lesson: The purpose of life is for us to realize who we are. At that moment, God meets God and for that meeting was all of this created. As Hindus say, life is a leela or divine play. There is only the One.

After the mergence of the Self in the One, I said to myself, “Now I know one thing: Enlightenment is the purpose of life.” At that, the vision disappeared.

So the first piece of bedrock knowledge would be the precipitate of that 1987 vision.

What else do I know for certain? I know that the most desirable thing in life is perpetually to live in the experience of sacred, divine, or transformative love.  (3) True love, real love, call it whatever you wish, it’s a higher-dimensional love (5th through 7th and on forever) that we don’t normally experience.

There’s nothing in any lower dimension that compares with it. I know that love for certain and have experienced it copiously (it is, by its nature, copious, embracing everything). I also know that at some point we’ll all experience it and I can’t wait.

What else? I know that I, at my essence, am innocent and pure. Big shift. Big let-go. (4)

Goodbye, “original sin.” Hello,” original innocence.”

I know that I’m not my body and that “I” survive physical death – quite nicely. Just get up and walk on. (5)

I know that physical death does not have to be painful. We can be snatched away from bad accidents, for example, before they happen. We don’t need to go through the experience of them necessarily. I know a lot about what awaits us after “death” and it’s very comforting to know it.


I’m starting to slow down in my list here. What’s that? Four things I know for sure in life? It doesn’t seem like a lot, does it?

What do I know, not realizationally, but experientially?

I know that our feelings are what decide whether we’ll act or not. Our ideas may form the content of our action and determine our direction but the trigger is our feelings.

Therefore if I want to raise my own vibration, which spiritual evolution is all about, I’d do well to raise the quality of my feelings – by every way I know.

What do I know intellectually?

On the intellectual level, I put highest credence in what the Divine Mother has told me and all of us – that She is the One, about her relationship with the Father on lower layers of Reality (below the One), that the Trimurthy is the gunas, that the seven-chakra system is only third-dimensional and doesn’t last, that Ascension is Sahaja Samadhi, etc., etc.

The Divine Mother is ultimate for me at the intellectual level. I regard her as not just an authority but the Source of authority. (6) At higher levels, I don’t feel the need for any other authority than my own.

And then I have a few ideas of my own, which you could count on one hand. (7)

OK, that’s my foundational, bedrock knowing – knowing at the highest levels such as realization. Or the best available knowledge at, say, the intellectual level.


What picture emerges?

The picture is one of a vast sweep of history – which others call spiritual evolution – proceeding in the direction of increasing Light, leading on to our realization that we are God.

Countless new beings are being born each moment, as Archangel Michael told us.

Archangel Michael: This is something that we have never really talked about before. In the Mother’s infinite creation there are still billions of those sparks of light being birthed to this day.

Steve Beckow:  And these are the seraphim or all of the angels?

AAM: No, all the angelics, if you take it as a very large group. (8)

We’re all of us joined together in a common evolutionary journey from God to God. Some are leading; some are following. Some are helping; some are being helped. But all are going forward, with “scenic detours.”

In this case, we serve Ascension, but the example that our star family sets in assisting us is that all of us are brothers and sisters and helping one is helping All.

We’re here to serve the ascension of Gaia and all her inhabitants. We’re lightworkers.

If we look closely at what it means to be a lightworker – quiet the mind and look into the matter – I think we’ll find that at rock bottom a lightworker has an unbreakable agreement with themselves to always go forward into the Light – and the Love that it is. They serve the Light that we all are.

So, in a practical sense, if I were to summarize what all of this foundational knowledge leads to in regards to you and me, I’d say: What unites us both, and what unites us all, for me is: An unbreakable agreement to always go forward into the Light and Love that we all are, as we know and feel them.


(1) “Archangel Michael Explains What Happened at Xenia,” September 22, 2018, at

(2) For a more detailed description of that experience, see “The Purpose of Life is Enlightenment – Ch. 13 – Epilogue,” at

(3) I know this from the heart opening I had on March 13, 2017. There’s an inner tsunami of love which flows in the heart, carrying one to an Ocean of Love. Copiousness is its quality and nature.

(4) The event at Xenia Retreat Centre, Sept. 18, 2018, showed me that. In meditation, I “travelled” through the portal of the heart, the hridayam, past the level at which the vasanas operate, into its depths to the seat of the soul, where I found the Self.

(5) I knew that from an out-of-body experience I had in 1977. Again foundational knowledge.

(6) The Father is, in material terms, still and silent. Only the Mother has sound and movement. So, when we speak to the Mother, provided the circumstances are credible, we’re getting as close to Source as we’re ever going to get. She is the Voice in the Wilderness that He is. She is the Voice in the Silence, the noise of many waters, Aum/Amen. But that’s a different discussion.

(7) Two fingers, actually. The notion that awareness varies inversely proportional to muscular tension in the body and the upset clearing process. That’s about it on my good ideas.

(8) “Archangel Michael on the Angelic Kingdom (Repost),” Aug. 11, 2017, at

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🧡 OM AUM Shiva Canvas Painting by Sundance @ Glow Road 🧡

Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists & photographers ~ Credit given where this is known. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah ❤


What’s Happening Here? Steve Beckow

Beauty of Women art by Vladimir Volegov


What’s Happening Here?

I was about to write this to an editor, when I realized I was speaking more widely.

“We need more and more writers given the task that lies ahead – and more and more of them, women.

“It’ll have to be ‘training on the job.’  Everyone is invited to do whatever they can to help.

“Quicker promotion appears than in the private commercial sector because the field is so specialized (lightworkers in partnership with the celestials and galactics) and the need is so great.”

We occupy a specialized niche. We’re a group of lightworkers who are allowing themselves to be guided in their service by credible channeled messages from celestials and galactics.

Very few in the general public believe in the veracity of our sources. I’m content speaking just to this group. I have no need to expand beyond its boundaries.

That having been said, AAM has also told us that the lightworker family will expand.

Archangel Michael: Does the conversation expand organically and naturally? Does the energy go out to the entire planet, those who want to hear and those who don’t want to hear? Yes, it does. But it begins with the lightworker community. That is what we have need of.

Steve Beckow: And I suppose then more and more people join the lightworker community?

AAM: Exactly, until it is one family and one path. (1)

Just imagine Disclosure. The ships have landed and galactics are walking the streets. People will want to know: What’s the deal here? Will they eat us? Are they taking us over? All kinds of questions will be asked and the fear of uncertainty and the unknown could run rampant.

To calm their fears, we’ll need communicators who can tell the public – accurately – what’s happening here.

And Disclosure is only one area in which we’ll need writers (and presenters, artists, and researchers, etc.).

Combine that with the well-discussed fact that this is a time of the resurgence of the Divine Feminine. That translates into needing women writers to make the general public aware of the need to come out from under patriarchy.

As far back as 2010, Mathew Ward commented:

“The feminine, or goddess energy that is pouring in to balance the masculine energy that dominated Earth’s residents for millennia is giving women everywhere inner strength, courage, confidence and determination to rise above their former status of inferiority or as possessions, a status imposed by those cultures and lands where males are considered superior.

“We do not mean that you will become a female-dominated society – you won’t – or that the goddess energy is not affecting men too – indeed it is; otherwise, this energy in-pouring would only provoke conflict between the sexes instead of accomplishing a balance of the two energies within the peoples.

“However, it is the change in women’s self-perception – from acceptance of subjugation to recognition of self-worth and the growing awareness that their combined power is a force for love, peace and harmony – that is entering the collective consciousness and moving your world ever closer to the Golden Age.” (2)

It’s time for men to step aside and allow women an opportunity to set the policy for the global community.

And equally we need people who can write about it.


(1) “Archangel Michael: A Global Reset of Values, Part 2/2, ” channeled by Linda Dillon, September 16, 2013, at

(2) Matthew’s Message, March 29, 2010, at

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Beauty of Women art by Vladimir Volegov = female face flower

Beauty of Women art by Vladimir Volegov

The Right Use of Will – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Calamity by Cashile @ DeviantArt


The Right Use of Will


The recent health challenge that I went through was extremely painful when it was happening. Let me stop there. TMI, TMI. (1)

It had numerous effects on me.

Don’t forget I had pain from my chest area already and then additional pain from my abdomen.   And somehow pain drains the energy away. For whatever reason, I only had energy to stagger around the apartment.

It drove me to seek comfort from the Mother. There was no one else to turn to in my condition. That connection was made and I feel it even as we speak.

Just as they say, pain can be a road to God. And often is, I imagine.

That’s one positive benefit.

Pain was also an amazing clarifier.

Distractions and unimportant matters dropped away in the face of it. Amazing how the head clears and the attention focuses. I wish I could be that way without the pain.

But in fact I am. And that’s one thing I realized from this experience. We tend to leave out of the conversation the thing which missing, undoes all our efforts: the will.

I don’t clear my head and focus in because I don’t choose to. I don’t have the will to do it. I’m “willing” something else – whatever it was I did. That’s the basic truth of the matter.

And if I do have the will and do choose, my commitment can be weak. I make the effort and then stop.  I’m therefore willing to stop.

We speak about “taking personal responsibility,” which is an important aspect of will.  But do we increase the magnification further and look at the choice to exert the will or not to?

If we agree so far, then how we create our own world becomes clearer. We act on certain matters and don’t on others and little by little we create a world of own choosing from it. Our outer world mirrors our inner reality.

Just as ceratin sea creatures build a wall out of individual grains of sand, so we build our walls one act at a time.

Let’s leave aside the outer world for a moment. Let’s look at the inner world of our thoughts and feelings. At present, we allow our thoughts and feelings to lead us, and overlook the will. Or pretend we do. But in the end it’s the will that decides the matter.

That’s the secret, I think, of the discipline of self-command.  It’s what the Buddha was pointing at when he talked of “the right use of will.”

The truth is so amazingly simple. I think that we tend at times to refuse to see it. Or the blazing rush of our lives makes our attention a mite shallow, too shallow to see the truth. Well, it was that way for me anyways.

I make the world out of the acts I do every day. I act in ways that I will myself to act. The world that results is the creation of all of my acts.  If I’m not happy with the world I created, talk to management.


(1) Too much information.


Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists & photographers ~ Credit given where this is known. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah ❤

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Calamity by Cashile @ DeviantArt


Write as You Speak – Steve Beckow

Amethyst Painting by Toni Carmine Salerno


Write as You Speak
February 28, 2019 By Steve Beckow

The secret of pleasing and comprehensible writing? In my view, it’s writing as you speak.

Let’s not talk about content here, but process only for a moment.

You speak to yourself at times, do you not? A little less than constantly, right? Like me?

Write as you speak.

You’re used to speaking to yourself. Now pretend that you’re speaking into the computer, through your fingers. The words are magically appearing on the screen.

The slower you type, the fewer thoughts you’ll capture so typing speed does play a role here.

My speed last measured was 98 words a minute, which for me is like talking sssslllloooowwwwwlllly.

But if I can tolerate speaking to myself that slowly, then, at 98 wpm, I can capture every word that I speak. (1)

If I only capture every second or third thought, my writing can sound jumpy. Like so many broken strands all jumbled together.

But I can say from experience that, looking back on things, if you write in the manner I described above, over time a flow will start. You may or may not be aware when you enter into some sort of divine co-creative process with someone somewhere. And then it really starts. (2)

We’ll have released our native intelligence from a layer of density and raised our vibrations.

In summary: Write this down and paste it on your mirror, aspiring writers: Write as you speak.

Postscript: Sitara has just shown me that one can actually dictate in Mac Pages. How much easier can it get? (3)


(1) The mind races ahead much faster than that. Talking to myself … well, it proceeds like a normal conversation. It might take 150-200 wpm to capture it. I don’t know.

(2) Blossom Goodchild has demonstrated in channeling how intimate this communication can become: “Blossom Goodchild and White Cloud: Absolute Proof the Change has Begun (Reposted),” February 26, 2019, at

(3) See “How do I enable dictation so I can speak … – Apple Community” at


Amethyst Painting by Toni Carmine Salerno

Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists & photographers ~ Credit given where this is known. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah ❤
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Our Third-Dimensional Chakra System Falls Away – Steve Beckow

Opening Of The Third Eye Mandala @ Sunshine Art


Our Third-Dimensional Chakra System Falls Away

I wonder how many people would agree with me if I said that the chakra system as we know it is a third-dimensional apparatus, that falls away eventually.

Here’s Da Free John reporting the phenomenon.

“In February I passed through an experience that seemed to vindicate my understanding. … I saw that what appeared as the sahasrar, the terminal chakra and primary lotus in the head, had been severed. The sahasrar had fallen off like a blossom.

“The Shakti, which previously had appeared as a polarized energy that moved up and down through the various chakras or centers producing various effects, now was released from the chakra form.

“There was no more polarized force. Indeed, there was no form whatsoever, no up or down, no chakras. The chakra system had been revealed as unnecessary, an arbitrary rule or setting for the play of energy. The form beneath all of the bodies, gross or subtle, had revealed itself to be as unnecessary and conditional as the bodies themselves. …

“Now I saw that reality or real consciousness was not in the least determined by any kind of form apart from itself. Consciousness had shown its radical freedom and priority in terms of the chakra form. It had shown itself to be senior to that whole structure, dissociated from every kind of separate energy or Shakti. There was simply consciousness itself, prior to all forms, all dilemmas, every kind of seeking and necessity. …

“There was no need to have recourse to any kind of phenomena, problem or structure of seeking. The Shakti was not the primary or necessary reality. Reality was the Self-nature, the foundation of pure consciousness, Siva, who is always already free of the Divine play. Thus, I was certain again that real life was not a matter of experience and evolution. It was to be founded in radical, present consciousness.” (1)

If this is not Ascension, it certainly is an important milestone on the road to it.

From that time until 2012, I came across nothing more on the matter. In 2012, I had the extreme good fortune to be able to ask the Divine Mother about it.

Steve Beckow: I’m trying to understand what level of enlightenment Ascension corresponds to. And I think it’s beyond the normal seventh-chakra enlightenment. I think it is what is called — and I’ll make this clear to readers — Sahaja Samadhi. Am I correct?

Divine Mother: Yes, it is beyond what you think of as your seven chakras. … We have emerged from the Third-Dimensional realm, which is that reference point for the chakra system, into the new. So yes, you are correct, in this question and in this statement.  (2)

If we were to look for milestones along the path to the ascended state, one would be a heart opening, as the Divine Mother discussed with Bright Star recently.

Divine Mother: Your ascension is not being postponed. You have had your initial heart opening. You have been doing your work. You have been looking at the chaos and understanding. Not engaging with the chaos with anger, fear, and outrage but simply observing, understanding that this has been part of the human tragedy but not fully engaged in it. So yes, you are ready, Sweet One. (3)

A second would have to be the falling away of the chakra system.


(1) Da Free John,The Knee of Listening. Original Edition. Clearlake, CA; Dawn Horse Press, 1984; c1973, 117-9.

(2) “The Divine Mother: Come to Me as I Come to You – Part 1/2,” Oct. 17, 2012, at

(3) “The Tide has Turned: Reading with the Divine Mother and Bright Star, Jan. 29, 2019,” February 3, 2019, at

A second passage from that reading is worth repeating at length, for giving yet-another description of Ascension or an important sub-process in it.

“You know when you go to the ocean or the river or the lake, there is always one person that has to jump in first and there is always this worry, “How cold is the water?” Well, you are jumping in but do not worry. It is My Infinite Ocean of Blue [the Ocean of Love that I found myself in after March 2015] and the water is lovely.

“So, yes, this is your breakthrough. Now in that, beloved one, there are times when you will feel like you are literally in the grinder or in the mixing bowl, there is so much swirling around.

“When you are feeling that, drop-down like the pebble into the pond, into the lake and go to the centre of your heart. Go to the centre of your foundation, the seat of your soul [where I found the Self on Sept. 18, 2018] and allow the currents of change, the tides to swirl around you but remain as if you have dropped anchor not only into Gaia but into My Heart as well.

“Because this is and it is from that point of stillness that you are literally catapulting forward. It is not that you have to go through a cleansing, an emotional upheaval, having your life fall apart and seeing that everything is in shambles.”

“Quite the contrary. What you are doing is you are demonstrating, you are role modelling, you are teaching and you are leading and showing. Yes, of course, this is a walk of trust and faith but it is not a walk of chaos.

“It is a walk of beauty. It is a walk of love. And in the stillness, think of it as if you are walking right through the centre of a cyclone, the centre of a hurricane, the centre of a tornado. And it doesn’t touch you.”

However, unlike Bright Star, it isn’t in my contract to ascend early, but rather, as a pillar, to stay here until the finale.


Opening Of The Third Eye Mandala @ Sunshine Art

Holding All the Divine Qualities at Once – Steve Beckow

Moksha ~ by Dream Painter @ DeviantArt


Holding All the Divine Qualities at Once

I remain fascinated with something Archangel Michael said recently. We were discussing the origin of wanting to forgive and yet feeling the need to protect.

I wanted to know if improvement in this area was dependent on the attainment of higher dimensionality (or less density)?  He discussed some of the factors and then added:

“It’s also a function of those human beings, particularly those in the higher vibrations, learning to hold all the divine qualities and to be operating from all the divine qualities at once.” (1)

I spent ten years reading only the works of enlightened authors – from 1987 to 1997. (2) Never, in my reading, did I come across an enlightened master advising their students to hold all the divine qualities and be operating from them all, at once.

Always it’s been about choosing one of the “virtues” and mastering it. After enlightenment, one is considered a master of that virtue – or divine state – balance, equanimity, peacefulness, etc.

Additionally, very few enlightened sages discuss what we’d call “Ascension.” The New Testament uses the term. Hindus call this stage of enlightenment – that is, ascension from the Third to the Fifth Dimension – Sahaja Samadhi. Here Sri Ramana describes it:

“[The] Heart is the seat of Jnanam as well as of the granthi (knot of ignorance). It is represented in the physical body by a hole smaller than the smallest pin-point [hridayam], which is always shut. When the mind drops down in Kevalya Nirvikalpa [samadhi], it opens but shuts again after it. When Sahaja [Nirvikalpa Samadhi] is attained it opens for good.” (3)

Sahaja is a full and permanent heart opening. It is also liberation (or moksha) from life and death – that is, from the Third-Dimensional need to be born and die. (4) There is no birth and death on the Fifth Dimension, as far as I know.

The Third Dimension is what we’re being liberated from. Therefore Sri Ramana is describing Ascension.

We also talk interdimensionality and, if a sage did, it’d be a pretty-truncated version couched in a specialized terminology. We say, for instance, that this stage of enlightenment anchors a person in the Fifth or higher Dimension.  That kind of language was more or less not to be found in our enlightenment literature, as far as my studies went.

Back to Archangel Michael’s bold assertion:

“… those human beings, particularly those in the higher vibrations, [are] learning to hold all the divine qualities and to be operating from all the divine qualities at once.”

Why would he make such a statement that’s so far outside our enlightenment traditions? He’d probably say we’re ready for it. (5)

What does it mean to be ready for it?

It means by a combination of events we have ears to hear and the motivation to listen.

It means that the energies striking the planet have relieved us of some of the tensions and pressures of density we feel so that we’re lighter and more aware; i.e., more evolved, ascended.

And how advanced? Advanced enough that we can entertain such a thought as “learning to hold all the divine qualities and to be operating from all the divine qualities at once.”

I struggle with the thought. But it’s been implanted in my mind, now. I probaby won’t be able to put it down.

Under what conditions might we hold all the divine qualities and be operating from them at once?


(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Jan. 4, 2019.

(2) The database, From Darkness Unto Light, is the result.  (

(3) Ramana Maharshi in Cohen, S.S., Guru Ramana. Memories and Notes. 6th edition. Tiruvannamalai: Sri Ramanasramam, 1993, 96.

(4) Here are some from the other side sharing their thinking in this area:

Lao Tzu: “We have not spoken of this before because it was not yet time.” (“Transcript: Lao Tzu on Humility on Heavenly Blessings,” April 26, 2013, at

“In terms of human comprehension in this moment we need to feed or allow the opening of the understandings to the human Collective – we’re talking about the broad Collective now – to be in ‘bites’ that they can chew, swallow and integrate.” (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Andrew Eardsley through Linda Dillon on April 15, 2016.)

“We are at the point where we can have this broader, deeper conversation on the meaning of the journey.” (“Transcript: Sanat Kumara: The Only Litmus Test is Love,” at

“My beloved friends, you are spiritually evolving and mature, so we can have a much broader conversation at this time.” (“Transcript ~ Archangel Michael: Understand the Divine Gift of Will, AHWAA, September 22, 2016,” at

(4) Those who do discuss Sahaja don’t make the links among the others who do, so one is obliged to piece the puzzle of different names  for the same thing together.

Most discuss Brahmajnana, or seventh-chakra enlightenment.


Moksha ~ by Dream Painter @ DeviantArt

My Awakening Journey – Part 1 – Narendra Mishra


My Awakening Journey – Part 1

PictureNarendra has written his awakening journey up in a compact book attached to this article.

Here’s the first chapter of that book.

My Awakening Journey – Part 1

Awakening Spark, 14/2/2019

For quite some time now I have been resolutely ignoring the almost constant call of Spirit to write this post. Not the least of which is because of the intensely personal nature of my awakening journey and the potential embarrassment I may incur as a result.

Now however, I can no longer ignore the imperative. The three primary reasons are

  • My contribution to the Ascension ethnography,
  • The potential for some lessons in my own journey that may be of benefit to others, especially those who will soon awaken,
  • My own way of stepping forward even further as per the repeated calls of the Company of Heaven (CoH) that we embrace authentic leadership.

In addition to the third point above, the CoH has also called upon us to revalue ourselves, to claim our true spiritual currency. After all, this is what Ascension is all about.

In my journey, I have had several opportunities to do so. Ascension is primarily about raising (ascending) our physical body frequencies so that we can match our multi-dimensional facets of our spiritual Selves.

We are by nature multi-dimensional, and we do have many fragments of ourselves that we have left behind. Ascension is the process of recovering all of these- whilst physically embodied.

What is also unique at this time is that it is being done on a planetary scale. The Earth Herself is also Ascending to the 5th through 7th Dimensions. Earth’s Ascension is a great and grand experiment that has never been done before in the entire universe. Hence the reason why a comprehensive Ascension ethnography is vital.

Apparently, Earth is the template for a galactic-wide ascension and what we do will set the tone and pace for other third-dimensional civilisations to follow with their own planetary ascensions.

How does planetary ascension take place? One individual at a time. In the past, individual sages managed their own personal ascensions which would result in leaving the physical body behind.

This time however, the situation is different. There are many souls now incarnate upon the planet that came to assist with raising the Light quotient upon Earth sufficient to initiate the planetary Ascension. These souls come from many parts of the universe and are already ascended. Many are masters of ascension and have been specially trained for this mission.

Thus, many very spiritually advanced souls are not yet ascended though they may have filled the criteria for their personal ascensions. They have opted to differ their personal ascensions to ascend en masse with the collective, or to hold the ascension portal open for the collective till the very end, and ascend last.

This lesson was one of the first for me on my personal journey of awakening as I discovered that I too was one of these souls.

From Being Right to a Love of Integrity – Steve Beckow

Awakening to Love Painting by Radha Flora Cloud @ Fine Art America


From Being Right to a Love of Integrity


What is it about me (or us) that has me be so wedded to seeing things from a right/wrong perspective?

The Company of Heaven doesn’t. Michael specifically tries to wean me from it every time I come out with a right/wrong statement (especially about the Illuminati). Matthew Ward cautions us against it; John Smallman’s Saul and Jesus. The galactics. I think all of them all do.

It reflects the way of life on higher dimensions, where souls are bathed in bliss.

I think next to love itself, which I love, I love being right.  But the effects of being right are not pleasant or … as our graphics credit says … fruitful.

How can I take this situation and turn it around from being a problem to being a solution?

Well, the divine quality of which being right seems to be a caricature, I think, is integrity. That’s its closest relative on a higher dimension.

Supposing I substitute “integrity” for “being right”? What happens?

Initially there isn’t an exact fit. What’s the difference between the two?

There’s an element of pride in “being right” that isn’t in “integrity.”

There’s an element of “me.” I get to feel competent.

OK, now I see. This is an element of me that was not nurtured in my family by my Father; my Mother did.

I use “being right” to rebuild this sense of competency, so tamped down.

But this is an ancient battle. I don’t need to keep fighting it or digging so deeply to restore my sense of competency.

I am competent.

Heavens, I could list my accomplishments, completions, and competencies. I don’t need to keep fighting this battle.

Enough, enough already. The point is made.

So if we settle the matter of competency and the role of pride in restoring a sense of it, and get that I’ve proven myself competent in several arenas, does “integrity” now dovetail with what pride is intended to do – give me a sense of competency, assailed long ago?

Still not quite. I just flashed on my Mother. OK, I get it. There’s a huge element of self-love missing.

We’ve made self-love so bad and wrong. But how could we feel one ounce of love for anyone else if we don’t feel an ounce of love for ourselves?

Love flows. It flows up from our hearts. We feel it passing through us and then it goes out to the world and continues on.

If we won’t allow love to nourish us as well as everyone else, the garden hose gets turned off at the tap. Nothing flows. No self-love, no love for others, and not much fun in life.

OK, so I turn the tap of self-love on. I make it OK to love myself.  Now does “integrity” dovetail with “being right”?

Yes, now it does. And when I breathe into “integrity,” I now feel a deep sense of satisfaction. Like peace, it has a granite-like quality. This is much different than before.

OK, I’m complete now with the need to be right and the refusal to love myself (who cares about the reasons?).

I can now translate the need to “be right” into “a love of integrity.”


Awakening to Love Painting by Radha Flora Cloud @ Fine Art America

The Benefits of the Release of Holding Patterns – Steve Beckow

The Benefits of the Release of Holding Patterns

We tend to tighten our muscles – probably so as to spring into action – in the face of a perceived threat.

If we do so repeatedly, we form a pattern of tension in the musculature of the body. The body builder’s patterning is an extreme example of making holding patterns “solid.”

Those patterns of tension prevent us from feeling the more refined of our emotions and divine states. Nothing can get through the densified mass of muscles.

I noticed during my out-of-body experience in 1977 that the physical body was a non-conductor of the exceptionally-refined emotions of the spirit body, which I then was in.

When I re-entered my physical body, my consciousness remained inside it for a while. And as long as it did, because of unpleasant events I had seen on the other side, (1) I was wailing.

“Wailing” describes the extreme pain and sadness I was feeling. “Forlorn” would be another good word.

And so, wailing as I was, I became adjusted to what I now knew was my body, and my consciousness gradually began to shift to the outside of my body – as if I was slowly awakening.

However, when it did, what had previously been a wail was now no more than a whimper. And I realized that it was my body mass – tissue and fat – that was not letting my emotions through.

This physical body is like a lacrosse ball. If you drop the latter on a hard surface, it does not bounce. It just goes “thwack!” and sits there.

If you send a spirit body’s refined vibration through this physical body, it does not go through. It just goes “thwack!” and sits there too.

This body is, relatively speaking, a non-conductor. It absorbs the sound rather than transmitting it.

It follows that any discipline that contributes to the relaxation of the musculature of the body will increase the body’s tendency to conduct the finer emotions and divine states. That in turn is another way of raising our vibrations.

The disciplines I know that release the holding patterns in the body include body work, Reichian therapy, massage, yoga, meditation, bioenergetics, rebirthing, etc.

Telling the truth recreates the original command that caused and causes the holding pattern. The truth sets us free from things small and large.

The truth of an upset sets us free from the upset, which gave rise to the holding pattern. The truth of our existence sets us free from lower dimensionality, which solves all our problems forever.

I never felt better in my life than after three months’ concentrated focus on releasing muscular tension in the body in 1976. (2)

These days I don’t have means or opportunity to practice a discipline.  But I do know the space.

The trick now would be to find a practice that doesn’t require a specific time commitment (for instance, one that’s part of everyday life) and doesn’t cost.

All the major spiritual events in my life have resulted in a release of tension, a relaxation, and a consequent deepening of awareness and experience.


(1) I watched a friend being bullied.  I asked the two people to stop but they couldn’t hear me or were ignoring me. And so I was wailing with grief. The extreme conductivity of the environment I was in at the time meant that what would have been a feeling of upset and sadness in the physical realm in this realm was wailing.

(2) And secretiveness in the mind, repression of the emotions, all holding patterns – mental, emotional, spiritual, as well as physical. That was the three-month encounter group at Cold Mountain Institute in 1976.

But also after a full breath release in a rebirthing workshop in 1987.



Endless Hope – Steve Beckow

Dancing with Butterflies by B K Lusk


Endless Hope

I’m going through another night of “the Reval will be announced today or tomorrow.”

Why do we keep following the predictions of anyone? Everyone has only been 100% wrong to date.

I’ve been 100% wrong. I’ve given up on dates rather than continue being completely wrong.

You and I also know that the Reval is a matter of vibration rather than the arrival of a significant date, a significant event, or a cosmological alignment.

From whatever source and by whatever means we achieve it, we have to raise our own vibrations if we want to contribute to the speed of things. They will happen regardless. It’s just us who want them to happen asap.

It’s this way with all the events that are happening, not just the Reval. If we want to contribute to the speed of Ascension, then raise our vibrations. If we want to bring forward the time of Disclosure, then raise our vibrations.  Raising our vibrations does not stop until the Child of God merges again with the One. (1) Until then, we’re constantly raising our vibrations.

Back to the Reval, why do I keep riding this hope-and-disappointment train? Is the buoyancy of the hope I feel the addiction? Is it worth the disappointment?

A number of answers cross my mind, but one in particular appeals to me.

It’s an answer that combines what to do with raising our vibrations. If I lived in perpetual hope, and didn’t even see the grounds for disappointment, that would satisfy both needs.

And isn’t the experience of endless hope the same as the experience of bliss? Do I not get uplifted?

And doesn’t it make sense to be in endless hope in a period as hopeful as a planetary Ascension? Is not that hope, that expectancy part of the Mother’s Plan?

Finally, is not thought a creative force on the higher planes?  Hope is a thought-based emotion and divine quality. Would it not have the power to create?

Endless hope.  That’s possible. It requires that we step away from the herd again, more than just being a lightworker does, with all the risk and attention that goes with it.

But I even love the sound of it. Endless hope. I feel bliss arise immediately.

Feeling bliss itself has us also step away from the crowd. Again we stick out like a sore thumb.

Answers arise again.

I’ll be prudent about when I open myself to bliss and when not. Wasn’t it Jesus who advised us to pray in a closet so that there was nothing between us and God? No desire to be seen and thought well of? No distractions?

Bliss is my religion. And endless hope seems one good path to it.

Are there others?


(1) The purpose of life is that we realize our Oneness with the One. Once we do, “we” disappear; there is no second to the One. This is the classical understanding. It could very well be corrected in the years ahead.  I’m led to believe in more recent times that we merge with the One but return again from the experience.


Dancing with Butterflies by B K Lusk

Flow Love Out to the World – Steve Beckow

Art ~ Angel of The Presence by Aeoliah’s Visionary Art


Flow Love Out to the World

I’ve gone through a full day of activity, in and out of various states, and have returned home to write.

And a wisp of bliss arises that I recognize. When I recognize it, it expands.

Instantly any residue from the day disappears and I’m left without a care in the world.

And then a stray thought intrudes. I give my attention to it, taking it away from the bliss. And the bliss rapidly subsides.

And I return to the fear-based activity I was engaged in to sustain and ensure life.

And then I recover bliss again, surfing on a stray wisp. Instantly all care is again forgotten.

Is this what Michael called having one foot in both kingdoms?  One foot in the fear-based activity of everyday life and a second foot in the domains of bliss where there’s nothing to fear?

Rather than entering into life from the heart (in balance) and acting from there, I choose to enter from my mind, construing by my wits. Which are fear-based and have never worked.

The fact that I keep doing it shows I’m addicted (or habituated) to the pattern. Since my actions from this space have only ever brought pain, really, one could say that I’m addicted to pain. Rather than being addicted, say, to love.

I need to switch my addiction.

Random thoughts, as I sit enjoying the rising love.

God never said, “Detach from all things.” Detach from that which takes us away from God but strongly attach to that which brings us closer.

In my view, the basic spiritual movement? Turn from the world to God. Turn from the outer world to the inner world.

The purpose of life? To know ourselves as God. For God to meet God in a moment of our enlightenment.

As far as I can see, all we need to do to serve? Flow love out to the world.

I choose to swim in the Ocean of Love and dive in the pools of bliss.

Ordinarily a spiritual student is advised not to talk about their path, experiences, etc. But this is a time when all of us are going up together and so the utmost sharing of what’s been found to work and markers along the way seem to me appropriate here.


Art ~ Angel of The Presence by Aeoliah’s Visionary Art

Our Divine Lineage – Narendra Mishra

Shiva ~ The Transcendental Energy @ Let’s Paint Peace


Our Divine Lineage

The Divine Mother through Jennifer Crokaert confirmed a thought I had regarding cosmogony and our role in it. For some time I had been meaning to write this article, not knowing that I was awaiting this very confirmation.

In this post I will attempt a very simplified explanation of our immediate cosmogony and how we embody the divine qualities. It is not my intent to be perfectly exact and thorough as that would only redo the many works of Vedic literature and theosophy. I simply aim to provide an easily accessible overview.

The Divine Mother through Jennifer indicated that we each have one predominant divine quality,

“Each one of you, my dearest heart-seeds, has a virtue to which you cleave. It is like a hallmark that is stamped on your soul; it is an invisible template that shapes much of your life. For some it may be love, for others balance, for others forgiveness.”

In my understanding of cosmogony, this makes perfect sense. Allow me to elaborate.

The Creator in deciding to experience Himself/Herself creates from Itself several rays representing different qualities or attributes. These the Vedic scriptures declare to be the Sapta Rishis or the seven mind-born sons of the Creator, Brahma.

Madame H. P. Blavatsky in The Secret Doctrine equates these Sapta Rishis with the theosophical Dhyani-Chohans. A hint as to the reasonableness of this assumption can be found in both the Vedic and the theosophical teachings which each indicate that the Sapta Rishis as well as Dhyani-Chohans change with every Manvatara, or cycle of the ages.

Each of these Sapta Rishis or Dhyani-Chohans embody or personify a particular aspect, attribute, or quality of God. For example, Master Serapis Bey is Dhyani-Chohan of the Fourth or White Ray of God- the quality of Purity. A listing of the Sapta Rishisand Dhyani-Chohans can be found here and here.

I have so far not been able to obtain a one-to-one match between the Vedic Sapta Rishis and the Dhyani-Chohans though I am convinced of their identity with each other.

This differentiation of the One Creator into different qualities and attributes is analogous to the refraction of white light in physics by a triangular prism.


It turns out that this analogy may not be too far from the Truth. The greatest of all mantras, the Vedic Gayatri mantra of Sage Vishwamitra, states (in part),

“We meditate on the Divine Effulgence (Light) of that adorable Creator…”

In The Secret Doctrine, Madame Blavatsky writes,

“The One ray multiplies the smaller rays. Life precedes form, and life survives the last atom. Through the countless rays the life-ray, the One, like a thread through many beads.” [VII.2., pg. 53]

​In both Vedic literature and theosophy, the Sapta Rishis or Dhyani-Chohans were tasked with continuing creation in ever more dense/gross forms. Thus each one further refracted themselves, forming the Vedic Pitris, or Elohim according to Madam Blavatsky.

The word Pitri  literally translates as “progenitors of mankind.” In popular Hinduism, the Pitris are often worshiped as the ancestors. This is correct, yet there is far more to the meaning of Pitris than mere ancestors of a particular lineage.

Likewise, the word Elohim is the plural form for the word God in Hebrew. The word Elohim thus translates to ‘creator Gods.”

According to both Vedic (1) and theosophical literature, the Pitrisor Elohim then created firstly the Devas or celestial beings (Intelligent Extra-Terrestrials), followed by man. (2)

They fashioned the human body template (from their own image) called the Adam Kadmon template. This they were then charged with incarnating in. (3)

In The Prism of Lyra, authors Lyssa Royal-Holt and Keith Priest give a fascinating account of the galactic wars and the role of the Pleiadeans in fashioning Earth’s humanity from the DNA of 22 different Extra-Terrestrial races.

Each Pitri thus formed, was created primarily from a single divine ray or quality of God. Their essential task was to embody and learn about that quality. In their sub-refraction (to continue our physics analogy) they could only refract that particular quality in all its different meanings and aspects. Much like further refraction of the original seven rays of the rainbow spectrum produces different shades or gradations of each of the seven colours.

This brings us to our quantum selves, three refractions down. Being created from a particular Rishi, or  quality or Ray of God, we each embody a particular divine quality. Of course, we each have every divine quality at all times. Yet, there is one that stands out for each of us.

Many Hindus in India and around the world, particularly the orthodox Brahmins, trace their lineage to one of the Sapta Rishis. This is called one’s gotra in Sanskrit and knowledge of which forms an important part in Vedic rituals.

​This multi-layered refraction of ourselves is acknowledged by many names throughout the esoteric and metaphysical literature. Terms such as Higher Self, Oversoul, Supersoul, and Quantum Monad are but just a few examples.

Interestingly, in the Hindu after-death ceremonies, there is a particular rite called the sapinda shraadha which literally re-enacts the merger of the recently departed ‘soul’ with that of three higher aspects. It is often described as being the induction of the departed soul to the Pitris.

​In conclusion, I have attempted to show in this article that each of us carries one predominant divine quality. This divine quality can be traced through our lineage with one of the Sapta Rishis or Dhyani-Chohans who embody that divine quality.

​It is our task to work with that particular quality, to learn and refine it. Thus, through us, God gets to know and experience God. This is our sacred task.


  1. The Hymn of Creation or Purush Suktam in the Vedas give the following two verses in chronological order: “The moon was created from His mind, the Sun from His eyes…” and “The Brahmanas (amongst men) were created from His mouth…”
  2. Thus we have a reasonable explanation for the existence of Deva Pitris headed by Kavyavaadanal.
  3. Sri Ramcharitmanas of Goswmi Tulsidas gives a beautiful verse stating that the Devas (celestial beings, or iET) are covetous of the opportunity to incarnate within Earth’s humanity.


  1. Gomes, M. (2009). The Secret Doctrine: The Classic Work by H. P. Blavatsky. New York, USA: Jeremy P. Tarcher/Penguin
  2. Royal-Holt, L. & Priest, K. (1992). The Prism of Lyra: An Exploration of Human Galactic Heritage. Arizone, USA: Royal Priest Research Press
  3. Gita Press, Gorakhpur. (1998). Sri Ramcharitamanas by Tulsidas. India.


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Hermit in a Busy World – Steve Beckow

THE HERMIT ~ Magical Forest Tarot


Hermit in a Busy World


Three pieces of advice from AAM are coming together to shape the way I appear to be these days.

The first is his admonition not to get distracted. (1) What is happening in politics is a good example of distraction, according to him.

The second was him telling me not to enter into the fray, not to go down into the trenches. There were people, he said, whose soul contract was to do that.

The third was that the Reval was not dependent on celestial alignments, significant dates (9/11, 11/22/11, Christmas, New Years, etc.), personalities, or any other external factors. It was dependent on vibration.

The most significant outcome of taking in the combination of the three statements is that I subsequently lost interest – if I ever had very much – in the political. I’m not following anyone I know of anymore. Well, very, very few.

On the one hand, I don’t know what’s happening or not happening in the capitals and I’m not moved to find out. I’ve cut the umbilical cord.

On the other, my interest in awareness and human growth has increased a great deal.

In regards to politics, I see myself as being caught in another of what Michael calls an “addiction to pain.” There was nothing satisfying about following political news and yet I would not stop doing it.

It was addicted, habitual, conditioned behavior, done even at the cost of pain. Given that I would not alter the behavior even though it brought me pain, I demonstrated that I was addicted to it.

Seeing that I’ve taken the step of letting go of the political gives me renewed hope that I can make other life-enhancing choices during a time, destined to go on into the future, in which I get busier and busier.

Hermit that I am, I haven’t learned to cope with a busy life. No time for watching videos, webinars, or other audio/visual presentations. Just texts please. No time for very much said in emails. No time to just kick back and watch a movie.

I head into my two-day holiday – my weekend – tomorrow and I can imagine myself lying in bed all day staring at the ceiling, with all electronics turned off. Totally in stillpoint or shellshock, depending on whether your listening to me or holding a stethoscope to my body.

How does a hermit survive in a busy, interactive world?


(1) AAM:  Do not get distracted. Whether it is by outside events or internal uncertainty. Keep coming back to your heart. Keep coming back to the brilliance of your mind. You are where you need to be and I am right next to you. (AAM in a personal reading with SB through Linda Dillon, Feb. 20, 2018.)


THE HERMIT ~ Magical Forest Tarot

The Name of the Island – Steve Beckow

females face 3 artist Manisha Raju

Artist ~ Manisha Raju


The Name of the Island

Eric Berne talked about three, what he called, “ego states.”

I prefer to call them “personality states” since “ego” has a negative connotation in our society.

The three were Parent, Adult, and Child. Dominating, balanced, and demanding.

The person in the Child state can be submissive or reactive. Submissive they’re self-deprecating. They see themselves on a range from “not good enough” to “worthless.”

Reactive they have “no control” over their temper. They have “outbursts.” They don’t care where or when they argue.

People in the Parent state are conditioned to dominate the situation. Parents find various ways of making their children behave as they wish them to.

Adult is a balanced, non-reactive state. Kathleen is in this state much of the time. I think most sages would be found extolling the virtues of what Berne called the Adult personality state.

We’ve discussed it before as being in the middle, centered, grounded, balanced. It also turns out to be being in the stillpoint, in the heart, at the altar on which the lamp ever burns, etc.

All good things reside in the Adult state and all unfortunate things seem to reside in the Parent and Child states. I’m talking about personality states, not family relationships.

A person can be a parent and yet not a Parent. They can be a parent and an Adult.

Let me give an example of me acting from a particular personality state. I used to be self-deprecating. I could be said to be coming from my Child state.

There were all kinds of payoffs for doing that. I got people’s attention. I slowed down the proceedings until I was attended to.

I could identify friend from enemy. Anyone who would not come to my rescue was a potential enemy, to my young mind.

I was tiring people out all over the place, another reason for retiring to my room and reading. So it reinforced my desire to get away from my Dad.

Len showed me a cartoon the other day: The dearly departed’s tombstone read “Well, that was weird.” I share that sentiment. My life was weird.

All tracking back to a parent who was trapped in his reactive Parent personality state. Not an Adult.

If we want to actually raise our vibration, then this can’t remain just a good read. We have to take steps ourselves to emerge from our issue-clouded consciousness states – to emerge from our Parent/Child vasanas, old baggage, unfinished business, etc. I think of this as the overburden.

The Adult state is our natural state, our default. If we remove the overburden, we reveal our natural state of innocence and purity.  My guess is that all we need to do is to eliminate our issues or vasanas and I believe that we’d find the Self in the space thus created.

That isn’t the way I went, so it’s hard for me to be certain. The way I went was to dive deep into the heart at Xenia Resort. I remember passing below the domain in which the vasanas had effect. I left them far behind me and travelled deep to the seat of the soul.

But returning to removing the overburden, most people I raise the subject with say, “Oh, I have no vasanas.” I’ve been processing mine since 1975 and I’m still up to my eyeballs in them. How can you not have any? Are you not human? Are you not breathing?

This world has been at war almost continuously for 3,200 years.  Raping, pillaging, massacring – all over the planet, down through the ages. The number of scores there are to settle in most older countries would probably shock us if we knew it.

This nation hates that nation. This religion hates that religion. We’re born into a ready-made suit of vasanas that we wear all our lives. Conditioned people conditioned us and we may pass the conflict along.

Meanwhile, here we are thrashing around in the ocean of life and we spot an island on the horizon. We make for that island and find it uninhabited and peaceful. The name of that island is “Adult Personality State.”

That’s the safe harbor we’re seeking. That’s the way of being that will raise our vibrations, individually and collectively. My hypothesis is that that would lead to the object of spiritual practice, to the heart of hearts, the seat of the soul.

Let’s find out.


Artist ~ Manisha Raju

Is a Sick Body a Barrier to Ascension? – Steve Beckow

Tari Pass, Southern Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea.

Bird of Paradise ~ Tari Pass, Southern Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea


Is a Sick Body a Barrier to Ascension?

Is a sick or disabled body a barrier to Ascension? Why is the pain increasing?

In the course of research, I came across this passage in which Archangel Michael addressed these questions, on An Hour with an Angel, June 12, 2014.

Steve Beckow: Lord, a question for you. One of the big new developments in this Ascension is ascending with the human body. What have you found, and when I say you I mean the team that is staging Ascension, what are the considerations that are facing you with regard to the human body’s frailty, with regard to not going too fast, burning out the circuits?

Archangel Michael: This is a very good question and it is a question that many of you have posed to me in prayer or even in pain. I will be very frank. The human body has required a lot of work. It is not in great shape.

I don’t say that critically but you have asked a very important question. It [physical Ascension] is unique. It is the first. We are taking this form, you, each of you are taking this form and not merely abandoning it, but bringing it forth inter-dimensionally, to a higher vibration, to what you can think of as a reconstitution.

This is also part of the recovery that I have referred to earlier. It is not simply the infusion of the love. It is also the recovery, the strengthening of the body and many are reporting that. The channel forgot to mention that part, but I will help her out.

So, for decades you know that your body has been shifting and for some of you that began as far back as the Harmonic Convergence, through all these shifts, the 11:11’s, the 12:12’s, the Grand Crosses, the solar flares.

But this has been magnified and intensified in the past couple of years; well, actually about three and a half to four years. You’re shifting from what you think of as the carbon-based form to a crystalline form which is simply meaning that the structure of your being is more able to not only hold the higher frequency and vibration but also act as a transmitter.

And there are many side benefits in terms of healing and in terms of telepathic communications and simply clarity of downloads. So that has been one thing.

The thing that we have been most focused on – and I truly speak for my brother Archangel Raphael, oh yes, and St. Germaine, he is giving me the nod as well – has been the strengthening of the body as we eliminate what you think of as dis-ease, maladies, weaknesses in the human body.

You have asked about the Ascension team. Now I’m telling you, the priority is the elimination of pain because it is very difficult to be in the upliftment, in the elevation, in the bliss when you were in pain. You have moments of bliss and then your body calls you back.

That is one of the reason why also for the last while so many healing ships have been positioned so close to Gaia and have been working completely non-stop. That is an aside that I make.

You do not have the existence of dis-ease, pain, limitation, in the higher dimension. So, why are we concerned about addressing this while in the, shall we say, cleaned-up 3rd?

Because when you are more dis­-ease-stronger, more vital, more in your root chakra, then you are fully capable of taking that quantum leap.

Additionally, it is a mission of mercy, of compassion, to heal humanity because in that demonstration of the clearing or the lessening of pain, emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual, they are all in the same bandwidth. In that demonstration, what you are receiving is the message, “I am worthy, I am loved” and that is also part of the cleansing and the raising of your vibration, your frequency, your trust factor, your faith factor. So it is complex.

Now, your next question would be, “Then why am I hearing from so many lightworkers that they are feeling more pain than ever, of one sort or another?” And it is because the pain, the injuries, mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, old ailments, even past life ailments, are coming to the surface to be washed away, to be removed, from the Tsunami, from the Mother, from Raphael, from St. Germaine, from your star brothers and sisters. Everybody is working on this.

The idea, the plan is that your vessels are as vibrant as possible. Now let me be clear about this because I can feel several of you who are out there saying, “But I am still feeling crippled. I’m still feeling overwhelmed and depressed. I still have heart palpitations. I still have arthritis, My back still hurts.” I speak to you as your brother, as truth. Your Ascension is not dependent upon your body being fully recovered. It is a benchmark that we are working on achieving.

Will there be healing as you pass through the portal? There most certainly will be. Is there magnificent healing in the Tsunami? Yes, but do not think, especially those of you who have suffered and cleansed for so many, do not think for one moment that I am going to leave you behind. Our legions will lift you up and carry you through.

It is your heart, and the love, and the purity, and the grace that is your passport, your ticket. We simply want your body to be as full and as vibrant as possible, as you decide, as you have originally designed, because do not forget my sweet friends, that this is a return to your true design.

And your true design, your soul design, your original architecture did not include dis-ease. And that is also true for Gaia. The ailments, shall we say, that she has endured or suffered as a result of the illusions, and the false grids and paradigms, vasanas of humans, the pollution, the debris, the garbage, the despoiling, this will be healed as well. (“Archangel Michael: The Mother’s Essence Within and Without are Colliding – Part 2/2,” channeled by Linda Dillon, June 12, 2014, at


Bird of Paradise ~ Tari Pass, Southern Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea.

A Total Rebirth is Occurring – Steve Beckow

Tree of Life Art – I Embrace The Earth ~ Toni Carmine Salerno


“A Total Rebirth is Occurring”
February 2, 2019 By Steve Beckow

I no sooner posted this passage from Judith Kusel to the First Contact database than a wave of love swept over me:

“The cosmic forces are sweeping in. The greatest clearing and cleansing, disintegration has begun now with full force. The cosmic gale force winds are sweeping away the old, followed by the fires which transmute and bring new life and new beginnings in all forms. It is a powerful regenerative force and it is here for the next hundred years. A total rebirth is occurring – and it is immensely powerful!

“The regenerative force will sweep through our relationships with self and others and in the most intimate ones. The power of love will sweep through our illusions, our fantasies as we return to the ultimate truth. We stand naked, stripped to the core of our souls, where we cannot hide anymore. We cannot lie to ourselves and we cannot lie to others. The truth ultimately sets free – and how! The regenerative force teaches us that only Love is real and all else is illusion.

“The deepening of love occurs when we finally come home to ourselves and in coming home to ourselves, we can find the ultimate deepest love[of] the Divine Other.

“To see the Divinity – the perfection, the beauty within – and we are then profoundly, sublimely touched. It is true love which ever renews itself, and ever draws closer to the Beloved for it can do and be no other. True love is the greatest gift of this time, for those who are prepared to open the heart and soul to ever greater levels of love and being loved and not shrink away from it.

“The Power of Love is a regenerative force as much as it is a force of expansion, of rebirth and ever greater levels of soul growth.” (1)

That is all so true. The regenerative force of love is sweeping through relationships. Many seem to be quickening; others seem to be falling apart.

The power of love will sweep aside our illusions and fears and irritations. All of them will be gone. None can stand up to the inner tsunami of love, as I’ve experienced.

We’ll stand naked. Hmmmm…. Sounds menacing. I prefer to say that we’ll experience our original innocence and natural purity. But it’s the same thing. How liberating it is to decide the question of “original innocence” or “original sin.”

Only love is real. Well, when you’re drowned in an Ocean of Love, the reality of that is certainly brought home. In an Ocean of Love, there is only love, everywhere. There is no denying at that moment that love is everything.

“True” love – transformative love, divine or sacred love – is indeed the greatest gift of all time, ever new, ever sweet. All true statements as far as I’m concerned.

True love, higher-dimensional love, when it arises, utterly transforms the circumstances. Were we all to live in the experience of this form of love, this world would work for everyone. I think that’s what Werner Erhard glimpsed when he uttered the vision of a world that works.

That’s an ascended world. That’s a world in which everyone experiences, worlds without end, the kind of love – “true love” – that Judith talks about here.


(1) Judith Kusel,”The Age of Miracles,” January 21, 2019, at


Tree of Life Art – I Embrace The Earth ~ Toni Carmine Salerno

What is Ultimately Important for Us? – Steve Beckow

cat and lotus meditation

What is Ultimately Important for Us?

When love is irresistibly sweet, I call it bliss. But it’s the same state.

Now that I’m aware of the importance of the emotional/experiential world, I’m being much more watchful for the wisps of love and bliss that flitter across my inner vision. When I come across them, I breathe into them and allow them to fill me up.

I’m letting go of remaining vigilant towards the outside world and instead emphasizing remaining vigilant towards the inside world.

I need to pay attention to the fleeting emotions and states of being. Given that I know that they unpack themselves upon being recognized for what they are, I see these wisps as portals or doorways into bliss.

Not doorways in a physical manner – that shows the limits of metaphors – but in a spiritual one.

No matter what’s happening in the outside world, it’s what’s happening inside of me that’s important.

Joseph Campbell was right when he said “Follow your bliss.” I’ve become addicted to “work, work, work” and so I don’t give bliss a chance to work its blessed work. Like being blissful is not doing my work. Michael said:

“You have had a lot of physical, practical things that have eliminated the time and the spaciousness, the feeling that you can take time to really be in the bliss but it is absolutely necessary, my brother. So make the time.” (1)

He’s so right.

As I said some time ago, I’m addicted to pain, (2) as he pointed out on another occasion. I’m addicted, habituated, to behavior patterns that only result in pain and ignore or fail to take up behavior patterns that will bring me what I really want – love, peace, and bliss.

Most of the time, I hide from myself by choosing to remain unconscious of what may be happening in the inside world. I feel happy, for instance, but I’m not aware that I feel happy. I’m unconscious of the me and the happiness.

The real progress comes with being conscious of the me and the happiness. Then my inner world – again – opens into bliss.

I swore I would not do this, but I’m going to: I’m going to sit here in the bliss, just drinking it in.

This seems to be where all roads are leading to for me. For Kathleen it might be balance. For someone else, something else. But this is it for me.

Bliss does not remain unless I periodically renew it by breathing it back up and in again. And it isn’t a meditation of stillness; it’s an active drawing bliss up from wherever it is to my (conscious) awareness.

When it comes up, it wipes my memory clean of anything unpleasant or untoward. It itself is sweet beyond belief. I could indeed sit in this space forever. (3) It’s deeply desirable.

Does this not illustrate the importance of feeling and divine states? I pursue this wonderful state above everything else. Not a Cadillac or a VIP Cruise. But an inner divine state.

Does that not demonstrate that what is ultimately important for us as humans is how we feel?


(1) AAM in a personal reading with SB through Linda Dillon, Jan. 20, 2017.

(2) “Default to the Red or the Gold?” 

(3) Divine Mother: If you had seen the light as it actually is, yes, a million, billion suns… You would have simply departed.

You would have departed the life that you have designed – yes with us –  for yourself; for the service you are providing. You would have departed and simply said, “I do not need to do this. I will simply sit in the bliss of love and good luck, everybody!” (DM in a personal reading, ibid., Oct. 26, 2018.)


Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists ~ Credit given where this is known. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah ❤💖

Default to the Red or the Gold? Steve Beckow

Sailing Home Painting – Canada – by Graham Herbert


Default to the Red or the Gold?

I’ve just invoked the Law of Sacred Purpose and my guides, Michael, and the Mother to gift me with an enormous amount of love right now as I make the transition from being in the red emotionally to being in the gold.

I’m making a shift from my default being blame, doubt, and pessimism to it being forgiveness, compassion, and gratitude. (1)

I’m getting a better understanding of Michael’s term “addiction to pain.” I’ve been addicted or habituated to habits of behavior that have only ever brought me and others pain.   That’s their output and residue.

I’m addicted to them because of my unwillingness ever to have to endure some traumatic event I endured in the past.

That creates a vasana or core issue. If I’m vigilant and proactive, I won’t ever have to endure pain myself. Others perhaps, but not me. My vasana protects me.

Here’s what happened tonight – a rainy, blustering evening outside.

I was lonely and I decided I wanted a piece of pizza. That would definitely do it for me.

And on the way I shifted my feeling from loneliness to love. I began to love myself, as Kathleen recommends.

And then I observed myself falling back into some sort of default. And I saw that my default was in the red, in the negative. I was addicted to pain.

All my fatigue derives from it, all my despair and dismay. Garbage in, garbage out. As within, so without.

The payoff is that I get to be left alone – to write.

Nice, neat little package called “life.” Life in a bottle.

It’s like a Broadway play that will run as long as there’s an audience to see it. Once the audience stops coming, the play fades away.

OK, now I know the mechanism that lies below my suffering, my addiction to pain. I default to the negative; my residuum and desired outcome is pain and misery.

Games up when I become aware of my scripts and acts. Awareness is all that’s needed to have them subside. If I’m a participant observer in my life, this is the observer part.

Unlike the positive or divine states, the negative or dissonant states cannot last. They must be recharged on every occasion or they fade from memory.

I have to act them out, shout if they require shouting, be rude if they require that. Then they go back down recharged in memory and I am “stronger.”

The divine states will go, for sure – if we turn our face from them, if we abuse them, etc.  But of their native nature, they’re eternal and therefore lasting. They need no recharging in and of themselves. We do, but they don’t.

On the one hand, our vasanas want to stay forever but subside if we simply observe them. On the other hand, the divine states will not remain if we abuse or neglect them but expand if we simply observe them.

Vasanas that come from the constructive side of life result in pleasing things coming our way; vasanas from the destructive side, unpleasant things. I can bear witness to that state of affairs. That’s what we come into life to experience and learn from, I think.

It’s a struggle to get myself to default to the positive. I have to acknowledge it. I am the last resistor. I will never forgive. I will never forget.  I will always remember injustice, unfairness.

Nothing needs doing. I’m just aware of it all as it all floods back into memory, is observed, and is released.


(1) Kathleen’s formulation.


Sailing Home Painting – Canada – by Graham Herbert

On Raising Our Vibrations – Narendra Mishra

Ascension by Kaiser Mony @ DeviantArt


On Raising Our Vibrations

Anyone who has been following Golden Age of Gaia these past few days will recognise the theme of raising our vibrations as being prominent.

Whilst this is presented as being important to the Reval, in the greater context it is paramount to Ascension.

After all, what is Ascension but the increase in our frequency (vibrations) such that we resonate to the 5th and beyond.

The Reval is a part of the whole process of Ascension. A very necessary part, that marks a huge milestone for the Ascension efforts. Permit me in this post to briefly weigh in on my own thoughts on this topic.

Let me at the outset thank Steve for leading in this discussion. Through his invitation and example we have looked at many wonderful suggestions for raising our vibrations. Much of these we already know and I, daresay, practice. So is there something that we are missing? I think so.

There are two points that come to mind that I haven’t seen anyone write about so far. My apologies if they’re there and I missed them.

The first is the true meaning of the Reval – a purely spiritual one. As Archangel Michael (AAM) has frequently said through Linda Dillon, the true Reval is the revaluation of our own spiritual worth. This to me is the crux of the matter.

As in the Hermetic saying, ‘As above, so below’, the financial Reval is predicated upon our own spiritual revaluation of ourselves. Who we are truly as Divine beings. Only when we feel a sense of intrinsic worth can we truly manifest it externally.

Allow me to elaborate on this point further. Why aren’t we truly feeling our sense of self-worth? There can only be one answer. Our shadow side, our past-conditioning, doubts, fears, anxieties and the like are hindering our view of our magnificent Soul-self. Are we willing to face our shadow side and resolve it?

What is holding up the Reval (of currencies)? Nothing, according to AAM except ourselves- our vibrations. If we are waiting to see the indictments of those possibly in a position to stymie the Reval, then we should wonder why aren’t the indictments happening yet?

Consider that the Illuminati or Cabal are projections of our own shadow selves. Resolve your own shadow side and it will be reflected on the outside. When enough of us do it, critical mass for collective co-creation is reached and it manifests on a global scale.

The second point is related to the first in that it deals with AAM’s call for us Lightworkers to be willing to step into positions of leadership. Now. Not after the Reval. If I understand it correctly, the Company of Heaven wants to know what we can do now. We have to take the first step. We have to be the leaders.

Yes, this brings us to the catch 22 situation of needing money to do anything. But certainly there is something you can do or offer that does not need money.

The magnitude of it does not matter. The intention does. A small act done from a consciousness of true divine worth creates ripples that can be likened onto the allegorical butterfly that flapped its wings on one side of the earth and created a typhoon on the other.

A recent conversation with Jennifer really highlights these points. Jennifer was commenting to me that in the many years since she’s had her blog up, it is only now that her readership has gone from a handful to several hundred.

I reminded her that it is only because she really, truly, and wholeheartedly accepted who she was and committed herself to being authentic. Within the space of a few short months she achieved more than she did in years, simply by accepting her worth and stepping forward in leadership in her own way.

I can also attest to the exact same thing with this blog [Rekindle Your Spirit]. As above, so below. Our Consciousness, our sense of self-worth, dictates our external manifestation.

​Having made these two points above – the need for revaluation of our own intrinsic self-worth, and the need to step forward in leadership – I question myself, am I doing enough?


Ascension by Kaiser Mony @ DeviantArt

The Progression of the Journey Inward – Steve Beckow

Artist ~ Carol Heyer


The Progression of the Journey Inward

Having focused on feelings as the triggers of action doesn’t mean I’m somehow negating the role of thoughts.

Thoughts tell us what’s “right” to be done, what we want to do, what “should” be done, how to do it, etc. But they don’t impel us to action. Feelings do.

We might say that an angry sergeant major “inspired” us to act. Or the policeman “persuaded” us to do what we did. What we really mean is that they excited fear in us and we acted on the basis of that fear.

Or someone else “seduced” us by which we mean we acted on the basis of our lust.

Or we might say that someone “made us mad” by which we mean we (our thoughts) “made us mad” and we chose to act on the basis of that angry feeling.

Thoughts make action advisable but feelings, in the end, impel us to act or not.

So what? Why is all this worthy of study?  Mother Mary through Pamela Kribbe suggests why:

“You have been trained to think far too much, to gather and organize information from your environment with your mind, and from there to respond to the world. But the dimension of the spiritual world, which, in fact, runs through you and of which you are also part, is literally very close when you know how to enter into it.

“In fact, entering into the inner world is about stepping back from the outer world and becoming fully anchored in your body and feelings.” (1)

So moving from thoughts to feelings is moving inward, more deeply into our spiritual quest.

If we observe ourselves when we think, we see that we can think and be quite divorced or removed from our intimate inner reality.

But when we experience our feelings, we find ourselves quite involved and much more aware of that reality.

Of course spiritual realities go beyond even our feelings. The divine states of love, bliss, and peace for instance go far beyond our more surface feelings. They’re deeper by an order of magnitude. These all appear to be steps: thoughts —-> feelings —-> divine states.

Therefore, if we want to take a step deeper than simply observing our thoughts, then observing our feelings would be next. After that, observing the wisps of divine love and bliss in our field of experience would be next. (2)

I’m not aware of being able to do more than that by and on our own free-will initiative.

There. I just felt a wisp of love within my field of experience and awareness. I acknowledged it and it expanded. This is a very simple exercise which I believe is open to all.

It may turn out that it’s only possible with love as a divine state rather than with love as an ordinary feeling. I don’t know. But it istrue with love as a divine state.

And even here the process is not “natural.” I have to train myself to breathe into and experience the divine states.

Nevertheless, awareness of our thoughts is not something that will – or should – go away. Our vasanas are word-based. Our life decisions are. The direction we go in, the construction and use of any tools along the way, our relations with other people are all word-based. And our thoughts determine our feelings. (3)

But once we’ve looked at those and want to go further inwards, then the next step, I think, is to become fluent and fluid in the knowledge and experience of our feelings.

Most people will think to themselves, I AM in touch with my feelings. But, in my experience, the vast majority of people are not (including me, at this moment) (4) For me it’s the next place to go.

I notice a smile of excitement and curiosity when I even broach the subject. I’m aware of the benefits of being in touch with my feelings.


(1) “Mary via Pamela Kribbe: The Inner Journey,” , at

(2) Wisps of love, bliss, and peace blossom upon being recognized.  That has been my experience with all three.

(3) “Thoughts precede emotions, an infinitesimal lapse that isn’t recognized because the thought about a situation and the reaction to it seem to be simultaneous. When you perceive a situation as fearful, instantly that thought provokes the natural reaction―fearful feelings. As the thought veers into preoccupation with the situation’s possible developments, the fear feelings that follow gather force.” (Matthew’s Message, Feb. 1, 2012, at

“Most of your emotions arise not from your physical life, but from the way you think about your life. With this realization, you can begin to catch yourself in the act of thinking in a limited, fearful, separate and/or time-bound manner. This is when you can begin to release your habit of third-dimensional thinking, and begin to allow yourself to remember your innate multidimensional thinking.” (The Arcturians, through Suzan Carroll, Feb. 28, 2012, at

(4) It took me months in an encounter group even to see that I was out of touch with my feelings. The process of getting in touch with them also took time and needed to be carried on perpetually.

Being in touch is not something one can do one day and “save” it for the next. Like telling the truth, it has no shelf life. Yesterday’s in-touchness, like yesterday’s truth-telling, carries no weight today.


Artist ~ Carol Heyer

That’s Ascension – Steve Beckow

Heavenly Lotus by Scrawly @ Steemit


That’s Ascension

I’d like to bundle a few things together to arrive at a hopefully-helpful view of our Ascension – or perhaps, more accurately, of the phase of our Ascension I think we’re in.

The Divine Mother asked us recently to help take the Reval beyond the vibrational level at which the cabal could interfere with it. (1)

The Arcturians asked me earlier to “master EVERY thought and feeling.” (2)

Kathleen is mastering balance, loving neutrality in the face of anything that comes her way.

Every spiritual tradition discussing enlightenment stresses the importance of purification – ridding ourselves of our core issues or vasanas.

Do you notice any similarities or correspondences? What do all four of these have in common? And how are they related to the phase of Ascension we’re in?

They all leave us in a higher state of consciousness than that which we’re in at this moment.  They all contribute to raising our frequency levels. They all contribute to, lead to, and culminate in our Ascension. (3)

I think we’re in a particular phase of Ascension which calls upon us to let go of all that holds us back from expanding or ascending – vasanas, extreme behavior, 3D habit patterns, call it whatever you wish.

Ours is a gradual Ascension: Only as much speed as the physical body and psychological constitution can take, taking into consideration 7.7 billion people are going through this process, most of them unknowingly.

Following any of these four paths consistently would speed us along the path to our Ascension.

Michael gave a good definition of that Ascension in a recent reading when he referred to “those human beings, particularly those in the higher vibrations, learning to hold all the divine qualities and to be operating from all the divine qualities at once.” (4)

I’d say that such a person would have ascended.

Living permanently in Divine Love – what I used to call transformative love and what I’d also call Ascension – is living in all the divine states simultaneously and fluidly, if I may paraphrase Michael.

Only Divine Love is everything and holds everything; anything else is fractional, partial.

Traditionally, in spiritual disciplines, a person perfected only one divine quality – detachment, service, harmlessness, etc. That would be enough to carry them through to advanced states of enlightenment.

But it’s a sign of our evolution that Michael would even suggest we live from all of them at once.

His request can have the same effect as a Zen choan because, to imagine what space it would be that could hold all the divine qualities, we’d be “forced” into or stumble upon the space of Divine Love.

Call it what you will – raising our vibration, self-mastery, balance, or purity – we’re all urged on to do it by the rising energies. They’re raising all our vasanas to the surface, turning us into a collective cat on a hot tin roof.

And the destination is just as Michael said – living from all the divine qualities at once, in a coordinated and fluid manner. Well, heavens, that’s life in the Fifth Dimension. That’s Ascension.


(1) “The Divine Mother on the Impact of the Dark on the Reval,” 

(2) Arcturians in a personal reading with SB through Suzanne Lie, Nov. 8, 2013.

(3) The point of balance turns out to be the same as the natural, pure, and innocent Self, the open heart, the self-mastered individual.

(4) AAM in a personal reading with SB through Linda Dillon, Jan. 4, 2019.


Heavenly Lotus by Scrawly @ Steemit

Getting in Touch with our Feelings – Steve Beckow

Humpty Dumpty by Tracy Sabin @ Artflakes.


Getting in Touch with Our Feelings


I think feelings have received less attention than they deserve from us in spirituality. We tend to focus more on our thoughts – our self-commands, conclusions, decisions, beliefs, etc. Our feelings often go unnoticed.

Getting in touch with our feelings is not taught in school or in most homes. Just as sexuality, communication, and parenting are not.

If I ask many people how they’re feeling, they may say, “I feel like….” But that isn’t actually a feeling. It’s a thought.

Or they may say: “I feel that….” That’s really not a feeling either. We mistake our thoughts for feelings quite commonly.

If I ask a person how they feel, often they cannot come up with a precise word for it.  They may not know where to look to find out how they feel.  (I’m equally out of touch, by the way.)

I may think of my feelings as the great army that supports me. But extreme emotion can also unhinge me and send me off in directions I wouldn’t ordinarily pursue.

I used to use strong emotion – primarily anger – to temporarily fuse back together again when I was dissociated (as the Humpty Dumpty Man). (1)

The answer is just to observe my feelings, to “be with” them, rather than indulging the extreme ones.

And that’s what I intend to do for the next while. Just observe the feelings that arise without acting on them. Feel into the being I am when strong feelings do and don’t blow across the inner landscape.

Just as the word “I” can refer to any of our bodies – physical body, ego, mind, Self, One – so the word “feelings” is used to refer to a wide range of phenomena.

Usually we use it to refer to our ordinary emotional states such as happiness, anger, jealousy, arrogance.

But it’s also often used to refer to the divine states.

What’s the difference? Well, the difference I’m most aware of is that our ordinary emotional states give way to the circumstances whereas the divine state of love transforms them. (2) It doesn’t yield to them. As long as we’re in it, it sweeps them away.

I won’t be referring here to the feeling of love but to the divine state of love (or perhaps “Love”).

It took me six weeks of a three-month encounter group to realize that I was out of touch with my feelings. And when I did, I ran down the trail, shouting at the top of my lungs, in awe and wonder, “I’m out of touch with my feelings!!!!”

Being in touch with my feelings – recognizing them, flowing with them –  is a very desirable state. (3)  It’s a doorway into the divine states. When we’re in touch with them, it’s easy to feel love and bliss arise; when we’re not in touch with them, we seldom notice the wisps of love and bliss that are there just waiting to expand upon our recognition of them.


(1) See “Putting Humpty Together Again – Part 1/3,” 

(2) This is so in two ways. In the first place, the inner tsunami of love strips away all impurity from us as if it were the wind scattering leaves.

In the second place, after the tsunami of love left me in an Ocean of Love, the divine state prevented negative feelings from coming anywhere near me, like a protective or insulating barrier.

(3) The experiential domain is more refined than the intellectual domain. Immediate experience is more of a motivator than thoughts. Being in touch with our feelings places us in the latter domain. Either it leads to or is co-existent with conscious awareness.


Humpty Dumpty by Tracy Sabin @ Artflakes.

Trust & Faith are Ultimate Alignment – Part 1/2 – Steve Beckow

Turquoise Moon Phoenix ~ Laura Iverson


Trust and Faith are Ultimate Alignment – Part 1/2

I asked Madison Rosenberger to send along her channeling and thoughts on raising vibrations.

(It’s fine by me that people advertise their services in their articles. We all need to live.)

In Part 2, I share a very helpful understanding I came to from reading her words.

Madison: Here is the message I received from my Sacred Guides, it was short but powerful:

“Remember that the ‘all that it is’ connects you to every single person on the planet, so every time you personally practice returning to Love and raising your vibration in any way you help the collective to do the same.

“By focusing on yourself, you help the world. Every day when you speak to your clients [Madison] you raise their vibration, not by the words you speak, but by the energy you embody. It is contagious. Remember to continuously do as Diana Cooper taught, ask Archangel Gabriel to pour his Diamond Ray of Purity into your body and for Archangel Metatron to give you a 100% Light quotient increase. Ask AA Metatron to watch your energy and to top it off whenever it dips down.”

Madison: I personally feel that no human being has met the “end goal” when it comes to raising their vibration, because really there is not “end goal.” The continual growth of our souls is the entire purpose of our lifetime here.

Any time we dip into fear, worry, concern, anger, judgment (of any kind, even judgment of “bad” forces), immaturity, victim mentality, or lack energy, we drop our vibration.

I don’t know a single human being who doesn’t experience any of these emotions from time to time. That doesn’t mean we are doing a “bad” job. Of course we are all doing the best we can, but it does mean we’re never at a stopping point when it comes to striving to live in alignment with our truest selves.

We can align with our true Divine selves with practices such as mediation and affirmations, but the best ways to raise our vibrations are through two things; prayer and surrender. Praying daily to the Archangels, as my guides reminded me, for help in raising my Light and then surrendering to the will of God.

Surrendering to the plan the High Council has for us and surrendering to the Divine flow of life means that we trust. Trust and faith are the ultimate alignment with our higher selves and there is no better way to raise our vibrations.

We are asked by God to trust him, even in the face of so much pain, so much heartache, and so much fear, we are asked to take that leap of faith and trust fall into the Oneness.

The second we fight it and try to control the outcome of our lives by expressing what we think is best, we are stepping out of the highest Light of destiny and into a lower frequency.

So above all else (and of course in addition to powerful practices that shift your frequency) have faith that all is working out as it should and pray for help along the way.

Thank you again, Steve, for all that you do for the community and the collective. Your site is a constant state of comfort for me.



Steve: Don’t go away. I’d like to comment in Part 2 on part of what Madison says here.

Madison Rosenberger, Ph.D. | Channel, Spiritual Teacher
& Yoga Teacher RYT 500
M: 7047781538

On My Own Authority – Suzanne Maresca

Artist ~ Philippe Auge @ Tutt’Art


On My Own Authority

It’s been a long road and quite a journey to arrive where we are as a Collective. Many of us have been on The Path in one regard or another for years, decades and even multiple lifetimes.

Profound realizations occur on an individual level and when they do, in the Oneness of our Collective, we achieve a new consensus without even realizing it.  Bottom line is that we agree on a great deal more than we disagree, and we’ve already expanded our awareness beyond anything we might have contemplated, say, ten years ago.

In meditation, we learn volumes about ourselves and our place in this world. We establish our own Sacred Connection to Guidance, and we introduce the simple phrase, “In the name of the Light” to insure that the Beings we’re connecting with are in integrity and alignment with the Highest Good of All Concerned.

Lightworker blogs are often reached by people looking for something. It could be that the seeker has an idea in mind or a word to enter in a search bar to find answers, and sometimes it becomes a seemingly random entry into an alternate realm of possibility.

Once a seeker arrives at our main page and starts reading, an entire world of potential opens up. When I first started reading channeled messages, I was a recovering Catholic and actually rejected anything to do with saints and “heavenly figures.”  I stumbled onto this site back in 2012 when a friend shared an article on FaceBook. The messages at that time carried information that served as blessed relief that the suffering of this world had both purpose and the possibility of reconciliation.

It was comforting to take in the intel from the one called SaLuSa back then, knowing that we have loving partners in our Galactic Family. That Archangel Michael and The Company of Heaven would be present for Humanity at this critical juncture in our evolution felt right and proper. Ascended Masters apparently on call to assist, many with experience living among us on the surface…all brought peace to my heart.

Discovering that we have lots of help from The Folks in the Rafters was sweet elixir and balm to our stormy and troubled souls.

The majority of our readers have likely been coming to the site for at least six years, some even longer. We’ve all been taking in channeled messages that encourage us to make our own connections and do our own personal work to clear out false information about who we are. It’s been a time of embracing ourselves as Divine Beings.

We may then find it difficult to reconcile when a message comes in that runs counter to what we feel to be so. I wonder sometimes if so much contrary information is meant to serve as a catalyst, propelling us into establishing our own Divine Sovereignty and Intelligence.

We’re meant to grow up here and learn. Someone just arriving on the scene is going to have a different viewpoint than the ones who’ve been at this embracing our Divinity thing for a while.

Humans are mostly all on the same path. Our perceptions of that path and our place on it are what differs. There’s no skipping over the challenging parts, the clearing and personal work. It truly is the hardship that we experience that fosters compassion and expansion. It’s in our nature to want to save others from having to go through whatever grim thing that we, ourselves, have survived.

Personal work is taking action to re-write the stories that sit in our bones telling us that we’re “less than” in some way. That others know more than we do about what’s best for us. If we don’t address our wounding, we make ourselves vulnerable to those who wish to direct our thoughts and actions.

Why are we here? In order to reach our full Earthly potential and perform our various missions efficiently, don’t we need to embrace our sovereignty? Isn’t the goal to achieve and nurture our own connection to Source, to The Oneness?

I was having a conversation with my daughter about a woman who hosts a cable show called Slutever. Provocative title, yes. The thing about this show is that it explores Human sexuality un-apologetically. Karley is the name of the hostess, and she has a background of experience that brings her to be a fearless traveler, interviewing and in close proximity to people that may not always be a frequency match for her.  She gives an air of complete confidence that however different and unusual the folks that she interacts with are, she’s always “at home” and safe because of who she knows herself to be.

The discussion turned to what could be seen as the Ultimate Peace while here in form on Earth. If we were to fully take in that we’re here for a reason, that we’re Children Of God and carry the sparks of the Divine in our very DNA, that we enjoy the full power and protection of the Light because of who we are…well then, what situation or experience would be a danger to our being?

If we don’t cast a shadow, there’s nothing for a negative entity to latch onto…no affinity spots in our Luminous Architecture that make us vulnerable. Our Light and our Clarity make for some outstanding protection.

So, how long then will we be subject to upset by a channeled message? Can we embrace our own authority when we read something that doesn’t sit right in our bones? Can we accept channels as being Human, like us? Not always perfect and not always right on?

Can we relax a little about outcome and let go of the how? It’s okay that we’re all in different stages of evolution. What matters most here is that we use our own, internal discernment when reading or listening to anything. If we’re triggered into an upset reaction, are we able to track the upset? Does it speak to a fear?

If someone comes at us with an accusation, unless we have at least a niggling fear that it might be true, there’s no upset. A message from a “higher being” admonishing us for not being good enough at raising our vibe will mean very little to someone who is solid in their own guidance and actions. We have a choice to eat that apple or just leave it.

Trust in the Self is what the goal is, because inside each of us is where all the Truth resides.


Artist ~ Philippe Auge @ Tutt’Art

Establishing a Beachhead of Understanding in a New Context – Steve Beckow



Establishing a Beachhead of Understanding in a New Context

Not only did Michael and the Mother’s call to raise our vibrations bring several strands together for me but it’s galvanized me into action.

I had never considered what our common contribution could be to all that’s going on, but now I see it: Our common contribution is exactly this, raising our vibration.

The very phrase has the ring of truth for me.

Earlier I said that “getting” this phrase was like knocking the billiard ball in a different direction. That’s in effect what it’s been for me.

I, a person who specialized in lowering the vibration by being a stick in the mud as a very young child (in order to be heard), am now confronted with the need to learn something new from square one: How does one raise one’s own and the collective vibration?

I know none of the skills.

I watched myself the other day about to say subtle things on my cellphone which were about control. That was the first time in my life I had seen myself trying to control another person. I docontrol. Amazing. So awareness is working.

I have to stay out of judgement of myself to make the process work.

OK, here is my beachhead of understanding in this new field.

I can contribute my time-tested knowledge of one principal: The truth will set me free. In the practice of awareness, the truth sets us free from muscular tension, cognitive dissonance, weakness of purpose, etc.

I now have one skill to use in raising my vibration: Telling the truth – harmlessly, of course.

OK, thank you for that. I now have a second skill in my moral inventory: I know that harmlessness comes before truthfulness. I can practice harmlessness, except where life and limb are threatened.

Alright, up comes a third principal.  My mind is popping like a popcorn machine.  In a civilized society, a crime in the past does not justify a crime in the future. There’s no justification for a moral person to avenge themselves on the basis of past crimes.

These are all skills and principals that will assist me to raise my vibration.

But rather than simply knowing them, I now need to act on them to have the desired result.

I’m now headed in a different direction with three arrows in my quiver.



And a refusal to avenge.

Not only did Michael and the Mother’s call to raise our vibrations bring several strands together for me but it’s galvanized me into action.

I had never considered what our common contribution could be to all that’s going on, but now I see it: Our common contribution is exactly this, raising our vibration.

The very phrase has the ring of truth for me.

Earlier I said that “getting” this phrase was like knocking the billiard ball in a different direction. That’s in effect what it’s been for me.

I, a person who specialized in lowering the vibration by being a stick in the mud as a very young child (in order to be heard), am now confronted with the need to learn something new from square one: How does one raise one’s own and the collective vibration?

I know none of the skills.

I watched myself the other day about to say subtle things on my cellphone which were about control. That was the first time in my life I had seen myself trying to control another person. I docontrol. Amazing. So awareness is working.

I have to stay out of judgement of myself to make the process work.

OK, here is my beachhead of understanding in this new field.

I can contribute my time-tested knowledge of one principal: The truth will set me free. In the practice of awareness, the truth sets us free from muscular tension, cognitive dissonance, weakness of purpose, etc.

I now have one skill to use in raising my vibration: Telling the truth – harmlessly, of course.

OK, thank you for that. I now have a second skill in my moral inventory: I know that harmlessness comes before truthfulness. I can practice harmlessness, except where life and limb are threatened.

Alright, up comes a third principal.  My mind is popping like a popcorn machine.  In a civilized society, a crime in the past does not justify a crime in the future. There’s no justification for a moral person to avenge themselves on the basis of past crimes.

These are all skills and principals that will assist me to raise my vibration.

But rather than simply knowing them, I now need to act on them to have the desired result.

I’m now headed in a different direction with three arrows in my quiver.



And a refusal to avenge.


Gratitude & thanks to artists ~ credit given where this is known.