Reclaiming My Authority – Steve Beckow

Buddha’s Teacher – Water Color Artist Meganne Forbes


Reclaiming My Authority

Most people would encounter the lessons I’m learning over a gradual period of growing up. The process would be called “maturing.”

But, because of dissociation at an early age due to domestic violence, I “matured” only slowly and incompletely.

Like many others, I built a constructed self around my disabilities. Scrapper, activist, etc.

The only time there was someone in the driver’s seat was when I got angry.

So now, having re-discovered self-command, which to others may have come naturally, I’m having to “mature” quick, to catch up with my age, so to speak.

It’s no longer acceptable to behave like a child or do any of the other things I did to camouflage my intentions and plans. And now that someone is in charge, someone who knows how the will operates and has taken on responsibilities large enough to provide the motivation, it’s time to act.

That someone is now sitting in the driver’s seat and is buckled up.

That someone simply intuitively knows that it is the final authority on all matters concerning me. It doesn’t require proof. There’s no one it’s attempting to satisfy but itself.

That someone does not need inspiring, advising, replenishment, directing. Whatever powers it, it’s hooked into an independent source.

I know these distinctions must sound basic to most people, but I’m just learning them, as the space opens up for me take this next step in reclaiming – and understanding the bases of – my authority.


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In Quiet & Stillness – Steve Beckow

Buddha’s Mom by Visionary Water Color Artist Meganne Forbes


In Quiet and Stillness

This transition that I’m going through continues. It’s like a snowball – decades of slow work on vasanas and now gathering speed.

I spent nearly six decades healing dissociation. Now I’m using a dissociative fantasy to provide leadership to myself, to assume command over myself.

I’m imagining that “I” am an older brother (Big Steve) and “Steve” is a younger brother (Little Steve). And I’m taking care of him, protecting him, organizing things, etc.

If I were to use other people’s terms for what I’m doing, I’m presenting myself through my Adult side (1)

In the course of this fantasy and with the consent of “Little Steve,”  I assume the mantle of command over the joint enterprise of him and me. Especially at key moments of emergency or crisis.

Whether “I” am a new face on the scene – it certainly feels as if I am – or just an adjustment to a pre-existing mix, I feel a part of me being supplied that has heretofore been missing – a note of self-command.

Remember that the Arcturians gave me the challenge of mastering every thought and feeling. This is me doing that. (2)

Not command over others, which is interimly and ultimately unsatisfying.

But command over oneself, over one’s ego primarily. And I now am starting to have that. It feels satisfying.

Self-command is an important missing piece in the healing of the Humpty Dumpty Man. (3) Command over myself has always been missing. I drift. I please. I follow other’s leads. Seldom do I experience myself as actually and satisfyingly leading in my life.

Again, as I said yesterday, this is all brand, new territory for me.  The path starts at the trailing edge of my leading foot.  Turn around. You can see the path behind you.  Look ahead. Nothing.

I’ve assumed command over myself, the only appropriate person I have the right to command.  That means command over my ego, my mind, my body, everything.

The ego is the only part of me that would contest the will. I’ve assumed command over the ego and I’ve been successful.

I’ve been riding the bucking bronco of a dissociative state for sixty-five years. Is this where it leads? A resumption of self-command, of command of the will over the ego? A taming of the buckaroo in me?

Well, if it is, there’s nothing more to say.  Endless chapters follow. But this is a fine plateau to have reached.

Let me experience the space of self-command in quiet and stillness – Or I may dance.


(1) Eric Berne in Games People Play set out three “ego states.” I’d prefer to call them “consciousness states.” They are Parent, Adult and Child.  “Big Steve” is my Adult consciousness state. Another name for it would be “Higher Self.”

(2) “You will be called upon to master EVERY thought and feeling.” (Arcturians in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Suzanne Lie, Nov. 8, 2013.)

(3) Enter the search term “Humpty Dumpty Man” in the site’s search box and “Categories.” Me in the later years of  my dissociative state I called the Humpty Dumpty Man.
Buddhas-Mom-by visionary Water Color Artist Meganne Forbes - female face child

Buddha’s Mom by Visionary Water Color Artist Meganne Forbes

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From Sad … and Mad … to Glad – Steve Beckow

The Last Song by Ina Wong @ DeviantArt


From Sad … and Mad … to Glad

As I reparent myself and make my transition from sad … and mad … to glad, my sensitivity to my feelings increases.

I become more aware of feelings that would have just been my “normal” back then. I was one compacted, compounded person.

At the same time, I’ve been looking through the scrapbook Dad prepared for his Mastery Class in the est Network. It’s helping me understand him.

One thing that communicated to me loud and clear was a cartoon near the front page. A frightened baby says, “What did I do now?”

I think that about sums up the contours of my Father’s upbringing, as he’s revealed it to me, and it certainly reflects how he was with me – supercritical, violent, disempowering.

This was all generational transfer, behavior that was handed down from one generation to another, time out of mind.

Time to put a stop to it.

The traits in myself are so hidden and automatic as to be almost invisible to me. They’re “just me.” But they exist just the same.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean I have to like what was done. It just means that I let the other person off the hook for it because I now understand what the other person was dealing with.

Maybe studying my Dad’s scrapbook as a means of flattening this vasana will do me good. I’d like to rid myself of every vestige of father hatred.

Every vasana I take with me into post-Reval work will become magnified. It’ll become like velcro, snagging me, if anything is going to.

Hence my great incentive to work through as many of them as I can now.

Along with a heightened sensitivity to my feelings, the thought of the work down the road gives me strong incentive to be free of my vasanas and resentments, so I can begin afresh – with myself and others – in the midst of great challenges.

The amount of suppression and withholding I did in years gone by I could never stand doing today. I’d go insane if I tried to act the way I did several decades ago – unconscious, controlling, automatic. Oh my.

I don’t think I was ever as bigoted and undiscerning as Jared Yates Sexton portrays in “The Trauma of Toxic Masculinity.”  (1) I was more of Jared’s nature. And I can also be self-serving.

Dad had very few of the benefits I had in early manhood to pull himself out of his vasanas. He had the benefits later but not in his formative (young-adult) years.

I had the benefit of advanced schooling, the freedom to wander in the halls of Anthropology and Psychology, the benefits of wonderful growth-movement workshops throughout the Seventies, and an atmosphere in which personal responsibility was valued, (2) until the jobless Recession of 1982 killed the growth movement off.

But even after that, I had the benefit of enlightenment intensives (I took 23 within a short span of years).

I have the equipment and information I need to pull out of these family ways and strike out in new and (what the Buddha called) “wholesome” directions.  (3)

And I have the motivation.


(1) See Jared Yates Sexton, “The Trauma of Toxic Masculinity,” April 28, 2019 at

(2) Though the dynamics of working with personal responsibility could sometimes be different than today and could be considered offensive by some.

In encounter groups, we called each other on behavior. When called, the other person tried it on, tested it out, and owned it if it was true. After a while this procedure became routine. After a while as well, we called ourselves without waiting for others to do it

But today this procedure would be looked upon as blaming and a valuable tool is lost.

(3) The Buddha is reported to have said: “Do only wholesome actions, refrain from unwholesome actions, and purify the mind.”


The Last Song by Ina Wong @ DeviantArt

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On the Nature of the Divine Mother – Steve Beckow

female face art by Helga Helleborus - light circle - DeviantArt

Artist ~ Helga Helleborus @ DeviantArt


On the Nature of the Divine Mother

Happy Mother’s Day to the Divine Mother and all mothers!

I’ve been asked who the Divine Mother is. Let me reproduce an article written many years ago on the subject, for that reader and for other readers new to the blog.

God has two aspects: Our Heavenly Father, who is passive and silent, and our Divine Mother, who is dynamic and sonic. We cannot “know” him; she is all we can know.

Sri Ramakrishna used many metaphors to suggest what the situation with the transcendental Father was. In one, a man sits atop a wall. Suddenly his face lights up; he goes into ecstacy; and he jumps down off the wall, never to return. Who is there then to tell us what he saw?

A second metaphor is a doll made of salt who wants to measure the depth of the ocean. But when he wades into it, he dissolves. Now who is there to tell us the ocean’s depth?

If the transcendental Father cannot be “known,” the material or phenomenal Mother (mater, matter) can. But I’ll leave the rest to this article.

The article is long and may best be read in parts.

If I were to change one element of this article it would be the equation of the Mother with Aum, energy, Shakti. When I spoke to her on An Hour with an Angel, October 15, 2012, through Linda Dillon, she had this to say on the subject:

“When I have spoken about … Shakti, I have spoken about a part of me. As I have said, I am the bridge, I am the clasp between the Father and the universe and your world.

“And Shakti has been experienced — yes, inter-dimensionally for eons as you well know – but she is not the totality of my being. My being is bigger than you can fathom, dear one.

“So I do not simply mean that [Shakti or energy] is an aspect manifesting. But it is simply larger than any of you can imagine, particularly at this point.” (“The Divine Mother: Come to Me as I Come to You – Part 1/2,” Oct. 17, 2012 at

Last revised: 19 May 2009

The spiritual Phenomenon called the Divine Mother has always been deeply interesting to spiritual seekers.

Known to sages and saints throughout history, it is the Divine Mother whom we in the West address as the Holy Spirit and Mother Nature. In India, Hindus address Her as Shakti, Maya, Kali, and Durga. She is also known as Wisdom, Aum, Amen, the Word of God.

By whatever name we refer to Her, She is an actual Entity that exists and can be directly experienced. In this paper, I present a number of conjectures about Her identity based on the recorded experiences of these saints and sages.

The Mother’s nature is one of the unfathomable mysteries of life. Nothing can be said about Her directly or positively. Almost everything that can be said of Her must be couched in metaphors; She is described in terms of waves, clouds, lights, fire, voices, music, though She is none of these. I know of no other way to discuss Her than metaphorically.

Her existence preceded language. Therefore it stands to reason that She operates without recourse to or dependence on words. As I am led to believe, no amount of intellectual understanding can substitute for a direct and personal experience of Her.

The subject of the Mother’s identity can be very dense. Even arriving at the generalities presented here required the matching of many pieces of a large and complex spiritual puzzle. In the end, all of it must remain guesswork on my part.

If we mean to follow the case as set out here, we will have to suspend disbelief, at least until the full argument has been stated.

Every name used in this essay, unless otherwise stated, is a name by which the Mother has been known to an enlightened master. Towards the end of the essay, a list of these names is given. Because all refer to the same Entity, I could have chosen any one of them as definitive. In fact, I have chosen to follow Sri Ramakrishna’s practice and refer to this high power as the “Divine Mother.”


If, after finishing this article, you wish to pursue the subject further, the best source to turn to is the Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, the recorded conversations of the Mother’s greatest devotee. While most sages knew a single facet of the Mother, the Avatar of Dakshineswar scaled the lofty peaks of enlightenment by several routes and displayed a sublime, multi-faceted knowledge of the Mother which offers a standard of comparison for other accounts.

The Mother is neither a female nor a person

To arrive at a notion of the Mother, we must first put aside our anthropocentric ways of thinking and realize that She is not a person, and not a female either, but an agency, a power in the universe which can only be understood as it is.

Avatars and enlightened saints and sages, who refer to the Holy Father and Divine Mother, find themselves in a position of needing to speak about entities which are one at the absolute level of existence and apparently two at the relative. To differentiate between them, they draw upon a metaphor of gender, as Kabir and Lao Tzu illustrate:

Kabir: “The formless Absolute is my Father, and God with form is my Mother.” (1)

Lao Tzu: “Nameless indeed is the source of creation [i.e., the Father],
But things have a mother and she has a name.” (2)

Both Kabir and Lao Tzu are differentiating between an absolute realm where name and form are not to be found and a relative plane where they are. The former is designated the Father; the latter, the Mother.

However, down through the centuries, using the gender metaphor has given rise to a difficulty. We ordinary people, lacking the knowledge that accompanies enlightenment, project onto these two high powers stereotypes and conclusions, likes and dislikes proper to actual males and females and improper to these genderless sublime entities. The Divine Mother becomes anthropomorphized into a woman, leading us to distort Her true nature and enmeshing us in a web of imprisoning thoughts.

Not a female, the Mother is nonetheless the necessary cause of gender; not a male, the Father is its sufficient cause. Not a person Herself, the Mother is the source of personhood; not a person Himself, the Father is the source of existence itself.

If we truly wish to approach an understanding of Her Nature that may help us realize Her, we must be vigilant against taking the gender metaphor farther than its usefulness permits.

The term “Mother” refers to the relative plane of existence; the term “Father” refers to the absolute

Understanding some basic distinctions about Her will require us to think in vast terms. Sri Ramakrishna hinted at this to his devotees: “The macrocosm and microcosm rest in the Mother’s womb. Now do you see how vast She is?” (3)

One of Sri Ramakrishna’s translators and biographers, Swami Nikhilananda, explains: reality has two levels, one of which may be called the absolute, acosmic, or transcendental level and the other the relative, cosmic, or phenomenal. (4) It was these two levels of Reality that saints and sages wished to speak about by using the metaphor of a cosmic male and female.

According to Swami Nikhilananda, at the phenomenal level, one perceives the universe of diversity and is aware of one’s own individual personality or ego, whereas at the transcendental level, differences merge into an inexplicable non-dual consciousness. Both these levels of experience are real from their respective standpoints, though what is perceived at one level may be negated at the other. (5)

Thus, the Mother, coterminous with this relative plane of existence, includes all things, all creation, all manifestation, all matter. The Father, the source of creation, remains ever no-thing, un-created, un-manifest, im-material.

On the relative plane, the Divine Mother creates all there is, preserves it for a time, and then dissolves it into the formless Father again

According to the saints and sages we shall hear from, it is the Mother who operates the world; that is, who creates, preserves, and destroys everything there is.

As Swami Nikhilananda observes, She is “Procreatrix [cf. Prakriti], Nature, the Destroyer, the Creator.” (6) His remarks echo ancient texts. Of Her the Upanishads declared: “Thou art the creator; thou art the destroyer by thy prowess; and thou art the protector.” (7) In the Bhagavad-Gita, Sri Krishna addresses Her as Maya.

“Maya makes all things: what moves, what is unmoving.
O son of Kunti, that is why the world spins,
Turning its wheel through birth and through destruction.” (8)

This knowledge is not privy to Hindus alone. The avatar Zarathustra taught that the Mother was in sole charge of “the management of the bodily and spiritual worlds.” (9) Solomon also knew that Wisdom “operates everything.” (10)

Swami Nikhilananda used various metaphors to suggest how She operates:

“She projects the world and again withdraws it. She spins it as the spider spins its web. She is the Mother of the Universe, identical with the Brahman of Vedanta, and with the Atman of Yoga. As eternal Lawgiver, She makes and unmakes laws; it is by Her imperious will that karma yields its fruit. She ensnares men with illusion and again releases them from bondage with a look of Her benign eyes. She is the Supreme Mistress of the cosmic play, and all objects, animate and inanimate, dance by Her will. Even those who realize the Absolute in nirvikalpa samadhi are under Her jurisdiction as long as they live on the relative plane.” (11)

She is metaphorically called the Voice in the Wilderness in the Bible because no law, no principle of organization, no structure can apply to the formless God. Only the Mother has form; as such She gives Voice to God and cries in the “wilderness” that the Father is.

The Mother made the body

Having created the universe, the Divine Mother dwells within it, as King Solomon, an enlightened devotee of the Mother, suggests: “Wisdom [Solomon’s name for the Divine Mother] … penetrates and permeates everything that is, every material thing.” (12) Sri Ramakrishna agrees: “After the creation the Primal Power [the Mother] dwells in the universe itself. She brings forth this phenomenal world and then pervades it.” (13) The Avatar of Dakshineswar confided to his devotees that “the Divine Mother revealed to me that it is She Herself who has become man.” (14)

She made the five material bodies (or pancha kosas) by which we act and know. Solomon cryptically comments that: “Wisdom hath builded her house, she hath hewn her seven pillars.” (15) It is my impression that the “seven pillars” are the seven chakras. St. Paul too was referring to Her role as the body’s creator and in-dweller when he said: “Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God [the Mother] dwelleth in you?” (16) In Sri Krishna’s words: “Every human being is essentially a soul [the Child of God or Atman, one with the Father], covered with a veil of maya [the Mother].” (17)

Let us pause with this mention of the immortal soul. We now have three eternal actors in our divine play. We have the Father without form, the Mother with form, and the immortal soul, their offspring, which the prophet Amos called “a firebrand plucked out of the burning.” (19) What is the divine drama in which all three are engaged?

If we look at events from the standpoint of the immortal soul, then it could be said, as I have done elsewhere, (18) that the purpose of life is enlightenment. The purpose of life is that the undying soul should travel out from God, into the world, where, after eons of spiritual evolution and enlightenment, it will learn that it and God are one.

The purpose of life, viewed from the Creator’s standpoint, is that God should meet God, and, through that meeting, enjoy His own bliss. (20) The Father created the Mother, who went on to create trillions of forms – prodigal children, embodied souls – which left the Father and travelled in the realm of matter, until every form comes to know itself as God.

These three actors could be called the Transcendental (the Holy Father), the Phenomenal (the Divine Mother), and the Transcendental in the Phenomenal (the immortal soul or Child of God). If we alter their order, we have what Christians call the “Trinity” – the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

We explore the Father and Mother in this article. The immortal soul is the unrealized “Son of God,” (21) the treasure buried in a field, Pearl of great price, Prince of peace, and mustard seed that, upon realization, grows into a great tree. (22) The point at which Christianity and Hinduism intersect is right here, at exactly this same Trinity, which Hindus know as Brahman, Atman, and Shakti.

The Divine Mother made the body and the Holy Father hid a fragment of Himself within its heart (the Child of God), which the Mother has raised and educated until the divine spark realizes its true identity.

The Mother arises from the Father and merges in Him again.

The Mother arises from the Father and falls back into Him again. She is like the clouds in the sky; the Father is the sky from which the clouds emerge and into which they melt again. Sri Ramakrishna tried to convey Their relationship by using the metaphor of impermanent waves forming on the ocean of Satchidananda:

“These waves [arise] from the Great Ocean and merge again into the Great Ocean. From the Absolute to the Relative, and from the Relative to the Absolute.” (23)

“It has been revealed to me that there exists an Ocean of “Consciousness” without limit [i.e., the Father]. From it come all things of the relative plane [i.e., the Mother], and in it they merge again.” (24)

Paramahansa Yogananda also used a wave metaphor to describe the Mother: “The storm-roar [the Mother] of the sea [the Father] creates the waves [materiality] – preserves them for some time as larger or smaller waves — and then dissolves them.” (25)

While the great ocean of consciousness is formless, the waves, which are a part of it, have form. Nonetheless waves and ocean are one. “That which has form,” Sri Ramakrishna asserted, “again, is without form. That which has attributes, again, has no attributes.” (26) “Water is water whether it is calm or full of waves. The Absolute alone is the Primordial Energy, which creates, preserves, and destroys.” (27)

Sri Ramakrishna describes how the relative plane emerges from the absolute and falls back into it again.

“Brahman [the Father] may be compared to an infinite ocean, without beginning or end. Just as, through intense cold, some portions of the ocean freeze into ice and formless water appears to have form, so through intense love of the devotee, Brahman appears to take on form and personality. But the form melts away again as the Sun of Knowledge rises. Then the universe [the Mother] also disappears, and there is seen to be nothing but Brahman.” (28)

She is energy, movement, vibration; the Father is an inactive,
unknowable void

According to Swami Nikhilananda, the essence of the Divine Mother is shakti or energy; in fact, adyashaktior the primordial energy. “Maya, the mighty weaver of [the mysterious garb of name and form],” he said, “is none other than Kali, the Divine Mother, She is the primordial Divine Energy, Sakti.” (29)

What is Shakti and what is Brahman? What is the Mother and what is the Father? Sri Ramakrishna says the distinction between the two is the same as distinction between the static and the dynamic:

“When inactive He is called Brahman, the Purusha [i.e., the Supreme Person]. He is called Sakti, or Prakriti [the Primordial Energy], when engaged in creation, preservation, and destruction. These are the two aspects of Reality: Purusha and Prakriti. He who is the Purusha is also the Prakriti.” (30)

He equates the static Father with the impersonal God, Nirguna Brahman (or the Father without attributes), and the dynamic Mother with the personal God, Saguna Brahman (the Father with attributes):

“When the Godhead [the Father] is thought of as creating, preserving, and destroyinq, It is known as the Personal God, Saguna Brahman, or the Primal Energy, Adyasakti [the Mother]. Again, when It is thought of as beyond the three gunas [the three qualities of the phenomenal world – sattwa, rajas, and thamas, or balance, energy, and sloth], then It is called the Attributeless Reality, Nirguna Brahman, beyond speech and thought; this is the Supreme Brahman, Parabrahman.” (31)

Sri Ramakrishna revealed the secret meaning behind the statues of Shakti and Shiva that show Shiva lying recumbent while Shakti dances on His body.

“Kali stands on the bosom of Siva; Siva lies under Her feet like a corpse; Kali looks at Siva. All this denotes the union of Purusha and Prakriti. Purusha is inactive; therefore Siva lies on the ground like a corpse. Prakriti performs all Her activities in conjunction with Purusha. Thus She creates, preserves, and destroys.” (32)

Thus the Father is “immoveable and actionless” (33), a profound stillness in which we discover Sat-Chit-Ananda, or Being, Awareness, and Bliss Absolute. The Mother is the movement in this stillness, the voice in the silence, the primordial, active energy in the eternal tranquillity of the Father. It is this relationship between the dynamic and the static that Jesus hinted at when he called the totality of God “a movement and a rest.” (34)

Bernadette Roberts stressed the Father’s stillness when she called him “the ‘still-point’ at the center of being.” (35) Lao Tzu emphasized it when he asserted that: “The Way [the Tao or the Father] is a Void.” (36)

Empty of name and form, qualities and attributes, and quintessentially tranquil and still, the Father is in the end inconceivable. “What Brahman is cannot be described,” declared the Godman of Dakshineswar. (37) Because ego is subdued for a time upon attaining the Father, leaving no observer to observe, no thinker to think, “no one has ever been able to say what Brahman is.” (38)

The essence of the Mother is a universal creative vibration,
symbolized by the sacred syllable ‘Aum,’ which calls matter into being, sustains it for a while, and then releases it back into the general dissolution of the Father

Hindus symbolize the primal power – the Mother as vibration or energy – by the sacred syllable – or rather vibration – ‘Aum.’ Sri Ramakrishna makes this connection when he equates Aum with the Divine Mother, exclaiming: “O Mother! O Embodiment of ‘Om.’” (39)

Paramahansa Yogananda identifies “Aum,” or “Amen,” with the Holy Spirit: Christians are familiar with the Amen from Revelation: “These things saith the Amen [the Mother], the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God.” (40)

“The ancients, not versed in the polished language of modern times, used ‘Holy Ghost’ and ‘Word’ for Intelligent Cosmic Vibration, which is the first materialization of God the Father in matter [i.e., the Mother]. The Hindus speak of this Holy Ghost as the ‘Aum.’” (41)

Holy Ghost, Aum of the Hindus, the Mohammedan Amin, the Christian Amen, Voice of Many Waters, Word, are the same thing. (42)

Yogananda links “Aum” and the “Holy Ghost” to the primordial energy:

“The Bible refers to Aum as the Holy Ghost or invisible life force that divinely upholds creation. ‘What? Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which we have of God, and ye are not your own?’ (I Corinthians 6:19.)” (43)

Now we know the Mother, Shakti, the Holy Ghost, as Aum. Aum creates, preserves and destroys.

“The cosmic sound of Aum creates all things as Nebulae, preserves them in the forms of the present cosmos and worlds, and ultimately will dissolve all things in the bosom-sea of God.” (44)

Nature is an objectification of Aum, the Primal Sound or Vibratory Word. (45)

Sage Vasistha made the same point in the Yoga Vasistha. The form of his teaching is similar to Sri Ramakrishna’s, that waves or vibrations arise out of the Ocean of Sathchidananda.

“When the infinite vibrates, the worlds appear to emerge. When it does not vibrate, the worlds appear to submerge, even as when a firebrand is whirled fast a circle appears. And when it is held steady, the circle vanishes. Vibrating or not vibrating, it is the same everywhere at all times.” (46)

Theosophist Annie Besant propagated this view as well:

“The source from which a universe proceeds is a manifested Divine Being, to whom in the modern form of the Ancient Wisdom the name of Logos, or Word, has been given. The name is drawn from Greek philosophy, but perfectly expresses the ancient idea, the Word which emerges from the Silence, the Voice, the sound, by which the worlds come into being.” (47)

Have we any representations of the birth of the Mother? A recent article in What is Enlightenment? magazine relates a vision of the author, Maura O’Connor, a student of the Kabbalah. In it she was taught by a rabbi, Moses de Leon, the following:

“Emptiness, what the kabbalists call ayin, exists far beyond concepts or language. It is like a pure ether that can never be grasped by the mind. … Emptiness is the ultimate mystery, the secretof the Cause of Causes, and it brought everything into being. …

“I must tell you of the great rabbi, Isaac Luria. Luria was a visionary like none other: he lived during the fifteenth century in the holy town of Galilee…. He spent his life ceaselessly contemplating the source of the universe, the primordial emptiness we call ayin…. He recognized that in order for the latent divinity of ayin to manifest its glorious potential for life, a cataclysmic contraction had to take place. …

“Luria understood that the absolute nature of this emptiness meant that it was so pervasive, nothing else but it could exist. In order for life to become manifest, a seismic contraction of emptiness in on itselfhad to occur, creating a space in which divine emanation was possible. …

“Following this immense contraction, God’s first cosmic act was the emission of a single perfect ray of light. This beam pierced through the void and then expanded in all directions. Think of it as God’s first breath [‘spirit’ = ‘breath’] exhaling into the abyss after eons of slumber and filling it with His divinity. This is how the universe was born.” (48)

This first perfect ray of Light is the Holy Spirit or Divine Mother. Its expansion in all directions is the birth of the universe. What we may be hearing is a vision of the creation of the universe — what scientists call “the Big Bang.”

Ultimately, She is one with the Father

This Light, this vibration called “Aum,” the Divine Mother, is one with the vibrationless Father. Patanjali states: “The Word which expresses [God] is “Om“ (49) “Oh, Lord, dweller within,” says Shankara, “ “Om is your very self.” (50) Or the Upanishads: “Om is Brahman, both the conditioned [Mother] and the unconditioned [Father], the personal [Mother] and the impersonal [Father].” (51)

Krishna, speaking as God, declares:

“I am …
Om in all the Vedas,
The word that is God.” (52)

Three Hindu masters – Swami Yukestwar Giri, Swami Sivananda, and Paramahansa Ramakrishna explain the relationship between Brahman and Shakti, or Father and Mother, by using a fire metaphor.

Swami Yukteswar Giri, guru to Paramahansa Yogananda

“[The] manifestation of the Word (becoming flesh, the external material) created this visible world. So the Word, Amen, Aum [the Mother], being the manifestation of the Eternal Nature of the Almighty Father or His own Self, is inseparable from and nothing but God Himself; as the burning power is inseparable from and nothing but the fire itself.” (53)

Swami Sivananda

“Just as one cannot separate heat from fire, so also one cannot separate Sakti [Mother] from Sakta [Father]. Sakti and Sakta are one. They are inseparable.” (54)

Paramahansa Ramakrishna

“Brahman and Sakti are identical. If you accept the one, you must accept the other. It is like fire and its power to burn. If you see the fire, you must recognize its power to burn also. … One cannot think of the Absolute without the Relative, or the Relative without the Absolute.” (55)

“Sakti is Brahman itself,” concludes Swami Sivananda. (56) Sri Ramaskrishna agrees: “Brahman is Sakti; Sakti is Brahman. They are not two.” (57) “[Brahman and Sakti] are only two aspects, male and female, of the same Reality, Existence-Knowledge-Bliss-Absolute.” (58)

When we speak to the Divine Mother, we are speaking to the Holy Father. Sri Ramakrishna teaches: “It is Brahman whom I address as Sakti or Kali.” (59)

She plays a central role in enlightenment

As we have seen, the Mother is portrayed as leading the Sons and Daughters of God to a final meeting with the Father, in what is the culminating event of many lives. As Jesus did, so have we all come from the Father into the world. We are all prodigal children wandering in the domain of matter (mater, Mother), until we realize our true nature. Many metaphors are used to suggest how this realization of true identity happens. The Mother is depicted as withdrawing Her veil of phenomenal reality and revealing the Father. She is portrayed as leading the Child of God to the Father.

Hindus, like Swami Sivananda, advise us to beseech the Mother’s help in our attempts to reach the Father.

“It behooves … the aspirant [to] approach the Mother first, so that She may introduce Her spiritual child to the Father for its illumination or Self-realization.” (60)

The knowledge of God as the Child, the Mother, and the Father constitutes three discrete levels of enlightenment. When we know this Trinity in full, we have completed the human leg of our journey back to God.

Let us examine the Mother as bringer of enlightenment and object of enlightenment.

There is a passage in Proverbs where the Mother (as “Wisdom”) is represented as speaking directly. Her words are consistent with what we’ve learned about Her so far:

“Doth not wisdom cry…
The Lord possessed me in the beginning of his way, before his works of old.
I was set up from everlasting [that is, before time], from the beginning, or ever the earth was.
When there were no depths, I was brought forth; when there were no fountains abounding with water.
Now therefore hearken unto me, O ye children: for blessed are they that keep my ways.” (61)

Why are they blessed who keep Her ways? Because God the Mother will enlighten those who follow Her commands.

We see evidence of this throughout the Bible, as the Mother enlightens those who “keep Her ways.” Hebrew kings and prophets were baptized with the Holy Spirit . Here She brings enlightenment to the disciples of Jesus upon the Day of Pentecost, after his death.

“And when the day of Pentecost was fully come, they were all of one accord in one place.
And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the house where they were sitting.
And there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire, and it sat upon each of them.
And they were filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance. “(62)

Sri Yukteswar explains the significance of this event. “Being baptized in the sacred stream of Pranava (the Holy Aum vibration)” the spiritual aspirant “comprehends the “Kingdom of God.” (63)

For many years I believed that Islam recognized only Allah, the Father. But recently I have found a passage in the Koran which demonstrates that its author acknowledges the Mother or Holy Spirit as well. The passage concerns the Holy Spirit enlightening the worthy in the penultimate experience of illumination, immediately prior to God-Realization, symbolically preparing the Child of God for meeting the Father. The Koran says:

“Exalted and throned on high, [Allah] lets the Spirit descend at His behest on those of His servants whom He chooses, that He may warn them of the day when they shall meet Him.” (64)

The Divine Mother or Holy Ghost enlightened the 12th-Century German saint Hildegard of Bingen, who testified:

“When I was forty-two years and seven months old, a burning light of tremendous brightness coming from heaven poured into my entire mind. Like a flame that does not burn but enkindles, it inflamed my entire heart and my entire breast, just like the sun that warms an object with its rays.” (65)

Hildegard-22 via Steve


Following this experience, Hildegard could not stop from singing the praises of the Holy Spirit or Divine Mother:

“Who is the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit is a Burning Spirit. It kindles the hearts of humankind. Like tympanum and lyre it plays them, gathering volumes in the temple of the soul. The Holy Spirit resurrects and awakens everything that is.” (66)

The Mother manifested to Sri Ramakrishna as clouds of consciousness and bliss:

“Suddenly I had the wonderful vision of the Mother and fell down unconscious.” (67)

“It was as if houses, doors, temples, and everything else vanished from my sight, leaving no trace whatsoever. However far and in whatever direction I looked I saw a continuous succession of effulgent waves madly rushing at me from all sides, with great speed. f was caught in the rush, and panting for breath I collapsed, unconscious.” (68)

“I did not know what happened then in the external world — how that day and the next slipped away. But in my heart of hearts there was flowing a current of intense bliss, never experienced before, and I had the immediate knowledge of the liqht that was Mother.” (69)

And She appeared to Ramakrishna’s doubting non-dualistic guru Totapuri, who until that moment refused to accept Her reality:

“Suddenly, in one dazzling moment, [Totapuri, saw] on all sides the presence of the Divine Mother. She is in everything; She is everything. She is in the water; She is on land. She is the body. She is the mind. She is pain; She is comfort. She is is life; She is death. She is everything that one sees, hears, or imagines. She turns ‘yea’ into ‘nay,’ and ‘nay’ into ‘yea.’ Without Her grace no embodied being can go beyond Her realm. Man has no free will. He is not even free to die. Yet, again, beyond the body and mind She resides in Her Transcendental, Absolute aspect. She is the Brahman that Totapuri had been worshipping all his life.” (70)

She is the kundalini energy in the body and, when that energy rises from the muladhara chakra to the sahasrara, Shakti is said to merge with Shiva. This is another way in which the Mother can lead the aspirant to the Father. Swami Sivananda says: Shakti “leads the individual from Cakra to Cakra, from plane to plane and unifies him with Lord Siva in the Sahasrara.” (71)

Sri Ramakrishna and his disciples used to sing a song whose aim was to invoke the kundalini to rise, so that Shakti would meet Shiva at the sahasrara.

“Awake, Mother! Awake! How long Thou hast been asleep
In the lotus of the Muladhara!

“Fulfil Thy secret function, Mother:
Rise to the thousand-petalled lotus within the head,
Where mighty Siva has His dwelling;
Swiftly pierce the six lotuses
And take away my grief, O Essence of Consciousness!” (72)

As each chakra awakens under the influence of our growing spirituality, the Mother is heard to “knock at the door,” in Paramahansa Yogananda’s words.

“Behold, I stand at the door, and knock (sound through Om vibration): If any man hear my voice (listen to Om), and open the door, I will come in to him. (Revelation 3:20).” (73)

Many aspirants, prominent among them Franklin Merrell-Wolff and Da Free John, were led to Brahmajnana (or God-realization attendant upon the spiritual energy reaching the seventh chakra) by the kundalini. Here is how Dr. Wolff described it:

“The Current is clearly a subtle, fluid-like substance which brings the sense of well-being already described. Along with It, a more than earthly Joy suffuses the whole nature. To myself, I called It a Nectar. Now, I recognize It under several names. It is … the ‘Soma,’ the ‘Ambrosia of the Gods,’ the ‘Elixir of Life,’ the ‘Water of Life’ of Jesus, and the ‘Baptism of the Spirit’ of St. Paul. It is more than related to Immortality; in fact it is Identical with Immortality.” (74)

Da Free John called it this “current of immortal joy.” (75) His energetic experiences with the Divine Energy or the Shakti are unusual. His process, which ended in God-realization, began one day when:

“I could feel and hear little clicking pulses in the base of my head and neck, indicating the characteristic Presence of the Mother Shakti.” (76)

The Mother knocks at the door and Da Free John hears Her and invites Her in. Meditating in a Vedanta Society temple in Hollywood, which he found to be a very powerful centre of Shakti:

“I felt the Shakti appear against my own form. She embraced me, and we grasped one another in sexual union. We clasped one another in a fire of cosmic desire, as if to give birth to the universes. Then I felt the oneness of the Divine Energy and my own Being. There was no separation at all. The one Being that was my own nature included the reality that is all manifestation as a single cosmic unity and eternal union.

“The sensations of the embrace were overwhelmingly blissful. It exceeded any kind of pleasure that a man could acquire. And soon I ceased to feel myself as a dependent child of the Shakti. I accepted her as my consort, my loved-one, and I held her forever to my heart.” (77)

This proved to be his penultimate experience before God-Realization, the “harbinger” of the Father. He returned to the temple the next day but nothing happened. He simply sat in the temple. In a moment, he became aware of his true nature.

“In an instant, I became profoundly and directly aware of what I am. It was a tacit realization, a direct knowledge in consciousness itself. It was consciousness itself without the addition of a communication from any other source. I simply sat there and knew what I am. I was being what I am. I am Reality, the Self, and Nature and Support of all things and all beings. I am the One Being, known as God, Brahman, Atman, the One Mind.” (78)

Withdrawing Her veils, moving us onward by her evolutionary coaxings, teaching us in Her school of matter, liberating us through the rising of the kundalini – there are many ways that the Mother leads the prodigal child to the Father.

No other spiritual agency has received the attention She has, under such a variety of names, and yet has been so little understood

The Divine Mother has been known to sages throughout the centuries, around the world, in religions from Advaita to Zarathustreanism. But the myriad names She has been called and the lack of integrated studies of Her have sometimes proved confusing.

I’d like to summarize the names I’ve found linked to the Mother. I’ve given one or two references for each use, though many more could have been given. This list has been derived by starting with undoubted epithets like “Holy Spirit,” “Divine Mother,” and “Shakti,” and then noting what other synonymous terms are used by the same enlightened source.

These are full or partial synonyms for the Divine Mother:

Adyasakti (or Ancient Power) (Sri Ramakrishna in GSR, 218 and 460.)

Ahunavairya (Zarathustra in GZ, 8-9.)

Amen (Revelation 3:14; Shankara, CJD, I; Sri Yukteswar Giri, HS, 23 and 24; Paramahansa Yogananda in AY, 237n and 363n and SCC, 1, 17 and SCC, 2, 22.)

Amin (Paramahansa Yogananda in, 237n.)

Aum or Om (UPAN 50 and 53; Sri Ramakrishna in GSR, 299; Sri Yukteswar Giri, HS, 24; Paramahansa Yogananda, AY, 143-4, 237n, 363n, 484, and 487n and SCC, 1, 15-6 and 19 and SCC, 2, 22.)

Breath of God (Job 33:4; Solomon in APO, 191.)

Comforter or Comforter Spirit (Zarathustra in GZ, 217; Jesus in John 14:16 and 14:26 and 15:26; Hildegard of Bingen in IHB, 9; Paramahansa Yogananda, AY, 144n and 363n and SCC, 1, 19.)

Cosmic Power or Energy (Sri Ramakrishna in GSR, 116; Paramahansa Yogananda, SCC, 2, 22; Swami Sivananda in KYW, 25.)

Cosmic Sound (Paramahansa Yogananda, AY, 237, SCC, 1, 15 and 17 and SCC, 2, 22.)

Cosmic Vibration (Paramahansa Yogananda, SCC, 1, 15-6, 17, and 56 and SCC, 2, 22.)

Creator, Preserver, and Destroyer (UPAN, 37; Zarathustra, GZ, 187, 227 and 240; Sri Ramakrishna in GSR, 32, 107, 135, and 653; Paramahansa Yogananda, SCC, 1, 15-6.)

Divine Mother (Lao Tzu in WOL, 53, 72, and 105; Paramahansa Ramakrishna in GSR, 32, 107, 136, 200, and 299; Swami Sivananda Sarasvati in KYW, 25; Nikhilananda in VIV, 24; Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, LAS, 1, 15, 21, 22, and 28; Da Free John in KOL, 132; etc.)

Divine Power (Sister Vandana, NJ, 190-1.)

Durga (Paramahansa Ramakrishna in GSR, 216.)

Embodiment of Om (Sri Ramakrishna in GSR, 299.)

The Fashioner of all things (Solomon in APO, 191.)

Holy Ghost (Jesus in Matthew 12: 31-2; John 14:26 and 20:21-2; Paramhansa Yogananda, AY, 143-4, 363n, and 487n and SCC, 1, 15-6 and 19 and SCC, 2, 22.)

Holy Spirit (Solomon in APO, 195; Zarathustra, 217 and 227; Luke 11:13.)

Holy Vibration (Paramahansa Yogananda in SCC, 1, 56.)

Hum (Paramahansa Yogananda, AY, 237n.)

Kali (Sri Ramakrishna in GSR, 107 and 634; Nikhilananda, “Introduction,” to GSR, 9-10; Nikhilananda, “Vivekananda” in VIV, 24; Paramahansa Yogananda, AY, 10, 40n, and 41.)

Kundalini (Swami Sivananda in KYW, 25 and 30; GSR, 182.)

Logos (Annie Besant, AW, 44; Vivekananda in Nikhilananda, VIV, 422.)

Matrix (Lao Tzu in WOL, 105; Sri Aurobindo, SOY, 3.)

Maya (Sri Krishna in BG, 80; Shankara in CJD, 49; Sri Aurobindo, UP, 27; Nikhilananda, HIN, 42-3 and 45; Swami Sivananda in KYW, 26.)

Mother – See Divine Mother.

Mother Nature, Mother of nature (Swami Sivananda in KYW, 26; Paramahansa Yogananda, AY, 10 and 41; Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, CML, 19; Nikhilananda in GSR, 9-10.)

Mother of the universe (Nikhilananda, “Vivekananda” in VIV, 24.)

Natural Law (Solomon in Proverbs 1:8-9, 3:1, and 6:20; Jesus in
Matthew 12:31-2; St. Paul in Romans 8:2; Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, CML, 18-9; Krishnamurti, AFM, 25.)

Nature (Paramahansa Yogananda, AY,40n and 41 and SCC, 1, 33; John Redtail Freesoul, BI, 11-2.)

Noise of many waters (David in Psalm 93:3-4; Ezekiel 43:1-2.)

Personal God or Saguna Brahman (Paramahansa Ramakrishna in GSR, 32, 149, 218 and 277.)

Power of God, Power of the Lord (Solomon in APO, 191; Swami Sivananda in KYW, 25.)

Prakriti/Procreatrix (Sri Krishna in BG, 103, 104, and 106; Sri Aurobindo, UP, 27; Ramakrishnananda, GDI, 1 and 8: Swami Sivananda in KYW, 26; Paramahansa Ramakrishna in GSR, 32 and123; Nikhilananda, “Introduction” to GSR, 9-10; Paramahansa Yogananda, SCC, 1, 33.)

Prana (UPAN , 35-8; Paramahansa Yogananda, AY, 484; Swami Sivananda in KYW, 26.)

Primal Energy, Primal Power (Sri Ramakrishna in GSR, 116 and 135; Swami Sivananda in KYW, 25.)

Primordial/Primal Energy (Sri Ramakrishna in GSR, 107 and 242.)

Relative Plane (Sri Ramakrishna, GSR, 653.)

Saguna Brahman See Personal God or Saguna Brahman.

Shakti Sri Ramakrishna in GSR, 116; Swami Sivananda in KYW, 25-6.)

Sound-Brahman, Shabda Brahman, or Pranava (PR in GSR, 263; Swami Vivekananda in Nikhilananda, VIV, 422; Sister Vandana, NJ, 190-1.)

Sound of many waters (Paramahansa Yogananda, AY, 267-8.)

Sphota (Swami Vivekananda in Nikhilananda, VIV, 422; Usha, RVW, 74.)

Spirit of the Bridegroom (St. John of the Cross, CWSJC, 580.)

Spirit of God, Spirit of the Lord (Genesis 1:2; Exodus 35:31; Isaiah 11:2; Ibn Arabi, KK, 15-6; Paramahansa Yogananda in AY, 142 and 143.)

Spirit of Truth (Jesus in John 14:17.)

Spirit of Wisdom (Zarathushtra, GZ, 13 and 187; Exodus 28:3 and 35:31; Deuteronomy 34:9; Isaiah 11:2; St. Paul in Ephesians 1:15-7.)

Spouse (St. John of the Cross in CWSJC, 75.)

Syama (Sri Ramakrishna in GSR, 271.)

Voice in the Silence (Annie Besant, AW, 44; Mabel Collins, LOP, 22.)

Voice of many waters (St. John in Revelation 14:2; Paramahansa Yogananda in AY, 17n and SCC, 1, 19.)

Voice of one that crieth in the wilderness (Isaiah 40:3.)

Wisdom or Sophia (Zarathustra, GZ, 187 and 227; Solomon in Proverbs 3:19 and 9:1 and APO, 191 and 195; Isaiah 11:2; .Jesus in Matthew 11:19; John of the Cross in CWSJC, 75.)

Witness (St. John in Revelation 3:14 and Paramahansa Yogananda in AY, 143-4 and 237 and SCC, 2, 22.)

Womb of God, Womb of Brahman, womb of wombs; Brahmayoni (Sri Krishna in BG, 106; Sri Ramakrishna, GSR, 870; Yogeshananda in VSR, 41; Sri Aurobindo, SOY, 3.)

Word (Hermes, DPH, 8 and 17; Zarathustra in GZ, 8-9; John 1:1 and 1:3; Annie Besant, AW, 44; Sri Yukteswar Giri, HS, 23 and 24; Paramahansa Yogananda, AY, 143-4, 237n, and 363n, SCC, 1, 19 and SCC, 2, 22.)

The Mother will always be incomprehensible and Her significance will remain immeasurable

One day we shall be able to say with Solomon: “Happy is the man that findeth wisdom… She is more precious than rubies; and all things thou canst desire are not to be compared with her.” (79) But though we merge with Her and reap all the rewards of doings so, we can never know Her as long as we are human.

Only those who have achieved what Jesus called everlasting life, the immortality that the experience of vijnana, (80) or stable and permanent realization, confers reach a high enough vantage point even to begin to inquire into, let alone understand, Her mystery. Even then, they can only marvel and say, with Shankara:

[The Mother] is neither being nor non-being, nor a mixture of both. She is neither divided nor undivided, nor a mixture of both. She is neither an indivisible whole, nor composed of parts, nor a mixture of both. She is most strange. Her nature is inexplicable. (81)


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Sahaja [samadhi] is also Nirvikalpa. You are probably meaning [Kevalya] Nirvikalpa, which is temporary, while the Samadhilasts. The Sahaja Nirvikalpais permanent and in it lies liberation from rebirths. (S.S. Cohen, Guru Ramana. Memories and Notes. 6th edition. Tiruvannamalai: Sri Ramanasramam, 1993, 88.) [Hereafter GR.]

[The] Heart is the seat of Jnanam as well as of the granthi (knot of ignorance). It is represented in the physical body by a hole smaller than the smallest pin-point, which is always shut. When the mind drops down in Kevalya nirvikalpa [samadhi], it opens but shuts again after it. When sahaja nirvikalpa samadhi is attained it opens for good. (GR, 96.)

This is the final goal. (Ramana Maharshi, Self-Enquiry. Trans. T.M.P. Mahadevan. 1 August 2005, answer to question 40.)

This is the “final goal” in the sense that it frees an individual from the need to reincarnate in physical matter again, but it is not the final goal in terms of subsequent enlightenments. See “The Purpose of Life is Enlightenment – Ch. 11 – Enlightenment is Virtually Endless” at


Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists & photographers ~ Credit given where this is known. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah


Sanat Kumara: You are the Angels of Change – Steve Beckow

Sanat Kumara Ascended Master


Sanat Kumara: You are the Angels of Change

In my research to trace back references to the current initiative in First Contact, I came across a wonderful anchoring discussion from Sanat Kumara, Planetary Logos, of our role in an ascending world. I repost it here.

“Transcript ~ Sanat Kumara on Heavenly Blessings: Choose Love and Action, August 2, 2016,” 

Beloved friends, you have come from far and wide, from the angelic and archangelic realms, from star systems far away. You have come as ancient earthkeepers, as hybrids, as elementals, as Venusians. But you are all human, you are all Gaian, and you are already at the table of the Intergalactic Council.

It is time that you all step forward, yes, in your individual splendour and the unfoldment of your plan within our Mother’s Plan, but as Nova Beings creating Nova Earth, bringing forth the splendour, the magnificence, the truth, the peace, the wonder, the awe, the balance. There is only one reason you are on this planet at this time, and it is to not just witness but to be a part of the rebirth of love.

My task, my role as Planetary Oversight, is to assist in the anchoring and the re-anchoring of the Creator Race and the essence of love, not only the recognition of divinity but the practical actuality of divinity within you and in all of your doings, societies, structures, institutions, families, communities, it matters not. There is no delineation.

Now at this time, very dramatic mirrors are being held up to you. And in the Tsunami of One, you are seeing and receiving inputs, adjustments, attunements, raising in frequency, vibratory rates, so that you may physically hold more love, more energy.

Now you say, “How do these two connect? You say, “vibration and frequency and love.” Everything is love. That is of the Divine Nature. Now there are many human creations that are simply distractions and deviations from that, and that has been the speciality of your old 3rd dimension. But there is no room for that any longer. I do not know how many times we have to say this!

Now I know in some ways, my friends, I am preaching to the choir, but understand what I have said this day. I am speaking to all upon Gaia. And it is time for this distraction, deception, lies, untruth, deviations, of such a magnitude that they hide the truth – it is time for this to come to an end.

Now we are doing our part, and you are being uplifted as never before. And many of you, most of you as a matter of fact at this time, are flying in and out of the portal knowingly and unknowingly. But what does it look like to create Nova Earth? Could it be smooth, non- confrontative? No, not because we do not desire it, but because human choice at this moment of what you construe of as “time” is of a nature that there is a lack of consistency in the choice for love.

And this is a word that I am almost hesitant to use. Can you imagine, as a servant which we all are of the Mother, that I hesitate to use the word “love” because upon your planet at this time, it is being bandied about without understanding that this is a sacred word. In some traditions of ancient times, and even recent times, there are words that were so sacred that they were not spoken, only held within the heart and within the pattern.

“Love” is the most sacred word. If you are to think of a term of reference point, to speak truly of the awe of One, it would be love. If you wished to nickname the Mother, it would be love. If you wished to understand the essence of the Father, it would be love. And yet this word has become misunderstood in many ways.

Now we do not halt the use of this word because the design is that it is seeping into your consciousness – and I mean the collective consciousness – that although it is misunderstood, somehow, somewhere, love is important.

And so, for example, in your political shenanigans in the United States of America, you are seeing the use of placards and people declaring love. And yet their behaviour is not of love. It is not of love of the Mother and the Father and the One or the Son. And it is not of love of humanity and unified consciousness, anchored in the heart consciousness and transformative love. It is none of these things.

And you say, “Yes Raj, we know that. How can you help us?” Well, first of all, rest assured we are helping you and the legions are at work like never before, so it is not only my company but the company of all. Understand what I am saying to you: the “company of all” – all delegations, all masters, all angelic realms, all star systems. It is not just a cheerleading team that is sitting on the sidelines!

We are working with all of you, and as we do with those that truly do not want change, it is appearing chaotic. Now let me go further. There are those that want change, and who are reverting back to what you can think of as an ancient understanding of Source, of God, of God the Father with a controlling, aggressive, thundering, punishing being. And that is a human construct. It does not have its basis in truth. It most certainly does not have its basis in love.

So what you are witnessing – yes, in the United States but also in many countries where there are despotic leaders, male and female, of every religious tint – are those who wish to be in control and who are more than eager to assume this role, to be the controlling patriarch. But what is even more chaotic is the number of Gaians eager, not simply willing but eager to embrace that type of system. So that is reversion back.

It is change but it is not, shall we say, progressive or forward thrust, new being, Nova Earth change. It is change that is based on fear and saying, “Let me run away and let Daddy take care of it.” And that is a total abrogation of self-responsibility. It is not being the observer; it is not inserting participation where you have need to. It is an abrogation of why you are on the planet. I cannot be clearer than that!

Then there are those in the middle road who believe that nothing has really changed. Gaia has ascended. She is interdimensional in her nature, hard-anchored in the 7th, present in all dimensionality. You are seeing the shifts and yet there is this group that says, “Oh, nothing has changed and we can maintain the status quo.” And even if there wasn’t the new wave, which I will speak of next, that is not possible because you have these revisionaries on the other side so that is not going to do it.

So these people are pretending that they are deaf, dumb and blind. I do not say that in the way of insult, my beloveds. I say that if you choose the middle way – and that has been preferred by many sages – then be true to the middle way, the middle path, the middle journey. It is a preferred journey of balance for many. But again, be true to the love.

Remember you are only here for one reason – to be the re-patterners, the re-weavers, the re-anchors of the Mother’s Plan. Your plan and the reason you are here is that you chose, because it was essential to your fulfilment to do this. So if you are going to sit in the middle, be true to truth.

And then there are the wayshowers, those who see the chaos and are participating in what we would call “creative chaos”. The change could have been, could still be very smooth, but because of the human choices it is not unfolding in that way. Now, did we anticipate that? Yes. We were surprised at your spiritually mature choice of collective ascension, but it was a choice.

But now there are many that are saying, “I yearn, I desire, I know who I am; I may not know every detail of how to get there,” and none of you do by the way. It is a walk of trust; it is a walk of heart; it is an unfoldment. We cannot tell you or even write the fullness of the script because that would be denying your free will, and dear hearts, you have surprised us time and time again. Even when we know we’re going to be surprised, we’re surprised!

Those who are wayshowers, who are the agents and angels of change – and it doesn’t matter whether you are hybrid, starseed, earthkeeper – you are angels of change. And the reason you are here is to be the constructors, the catalysts, the re-weavers. You are on track!

Now, do not deviate. Stay in the love. Expose what you know to be simple attachment to the old 3rd, to the paradigms, the false grids of aggression and control, lack and limitation – the list is endless. And we don’t even want to repeat it anymore because it is non-existent. There are places in the universe still to awaken, and the ascension of this planet and this race is part of laying the pattern for those that follow.

But if you desire to be part of that old, then pass on and you can reincarnate on one of those planets still in progress. There is no requirement to stay. Is there a desire on our part that you will stay and fulfil? Yes. But is it a requirement? It has never been a requirement.

The unfoldment of the Mother’s Plan is not dependent upon 7 billion or 1 billion lining up. We don’t want… it has never been the Plan that people line up and obey, salute. It has always been the Plan that the flowering of love in the heart would be such that it puts you beyond any other choice, because when you are experiencing this – what has been termed “transformative love”, what we call “real love” – there is no other choice.

So are you in the midst of chaos? Yes. And do you need serenity? And do you need reassurance? Yes, you do. And as your Logos, I am here not only to reassure but to say, “Those of you who feel you are forging the new pathway, that you are truly the wayshowers, whether it is in society, in relationship, in politics, in education, in your own life, you are doing what has need to be done.”

Does it feel at moments enormously challenging and difficult? Yes. And by the way, is the relief on the way? Yes there is, because you need some tangible projects, and this political upheaval is one of these tangible projects. And the product, the outcome, is rebirth, new understanding, broader understanding, fuller participation.

This word “democracy” is bandied about as well. It is almost bandied about as much as “love”. But democracy is simply community; it is an expression of love in community; it is an expression of trust. As you enter the love, there is no desire to control another; there is no need for lies. (1) Integrity and truth are simply omnipresent because there is that willingness – and I mean Divine willingness – to share, to create, to co-create, to be in sacred unions of every type. There is harmony.

Do you really think in other realms that we hold elections? In the harmony and balance, the ebb and flow, the love takes care of everything. Now does that mean we are not organised? Of course we are. People assume different roles, just as I, in service to the Mother, have assumed this role as Logos. But it is a role.

If the Mother had asked me – and in many ways She has asked me – to be the janitor and the clean-up crew, I would do that. And I am! And, my beloved friends, so are you. You look to me for guidance, but also what I say is, “Come stand with me because each of you carry this role.”


(1) In THAT love, there is no thought or desire to harm or hoard, only to help and share.


Sanat Kumara Ascended Master

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Transformative Gentleness – Steve Beckow


Transformative Gentleness

I observe myself in a depressed state.

I simply feel flat. There’s nothing objectionable about it necessarily. It’s lower than I like to go however.

I have it rigged up that this as an unpleasant space, an idea that triggers the mind into grumbling and becoming defensive. No thought involved. All automatic, vasana-driven behavior.

When looked at in the cold light of day, the feeling of flatness is pretty close to neutral.

Nothing about it would alert me to what comes after. There’s no logic involved. Merely whatever sense, however partial or distorted, the mind made out of the situation.

Now conscious of this triggering mechanism, I simply sit with the feeling of depression or flatness and let it stay as long as it wishes before letting it go.


Later the same day….

As a result of sitting with my feeling of depression, I’ve ended up in a sudden experience of gentleness. I think that’s the first experience of gentleness that I can remember.

I’ve had transformative (or higher-dimensional) experiences of love, bliss, peace, mastery, and abundance. (1) In the same way that they’re transformative, so was the gentleness I felt: Capable of overriding the situation and enduring, unlike everyday gentleness, which yields before the situation. (2)

The two experiences I had of them stayed around only perhaps for ten seconds each at the most and then went on their way, as if they stuck their head in.

If I was not alert, I might have regarded them as sudden thoughts of a striking nature. But my experience of them at this time went deeper than that.

I was shocked by how gentleness felt and how foreign it was to my experience.

What’s new in your life? Oh, I experienced gentleness today.  Say what?

It feels hard to talk about it.

It was an exquisite experience. As exquisite as silk is to cloth or lavender to perfume, gentleness is to whatever sense is experiencing it. I really don’t know how to talk about it, it was so strange to me but welcome to every sense.

The experience of mastery and abundance were equally unfamiliar and delightful.

I don’t even know what faculty of mine sensed the gentleness. I felt it palpably and overwhelmingly. I know that. It captured me for a few moments and then disappeared.

Maybe “captured” is not the right word. I merged with it for a few seconds and felt life through it, so to speak – in the very same way that the spirit feels life through the body. (3)

What made the greatest impression on me was that I felt it in every cell of my body. I received a full measure of the experience of gentleness.

And it was magnificent. A new world opened up for me.

So those are my first two experiences of real, authentic gentleness in this lifetime.  Somebody mark that on a calendar for me. I’m not keeping track.

If I didn’t write these experiences down, I’d completely forget about them.  But written down and taken together, they can contribute to an ethnography of Ascension. Work for future sociologists and anthropologists.


(1) All recorded on the blog.

(2) Transformative love overrides anger, hatred, jealousy, etc., whereas everyday love can be chased away by the same feelings. It takes only a moment of experiencing the former to immediately see the situation.

(3) In an out-of-body experience in 1977, I felt the spirit (me) re-enter the body and my consciousness transfer from being inside the body to being outside.  I had the same sense of being “inside” gentleness, as if my body was made of gentleness and I was the guiding spirit inside.

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Should I be Afraid of This Experience? – Steve Beckow

heart chakra red by Carol Herzer - chakra

Heart Chakra by Carol Herzer


Should I be Afraid of This Experience?

Mixed in with the seeming normality of our gradual ascent to a higher plane are a small number of sudden events.

These can throw us and suggest to us we’re having a health emergency. But in fact they’re the Mother’s gifts and nothing to fear or be concerned about.

I just talked to the Divine Mother in a personal reading yesterday on this very subject and will post that transcript tomorrow.

We often enter into another dimension with a burst, a suddenness, as if we’re propelled there.

For instance, my heart opening was explosive, sudden, abrupt. Almost all other transformational events I can think of have been.  (1) They’ve been brief breakthroughs into a higher level of Reality. Peak moments, tastes, visits, which have arisen without warning, all of a sudden.

I used to speak about them as being discontinuities in experiencing, combined with a radical expansion of faculties; a sudden breakthrough into another reality. Beyond that I couldn’t say more because my attention is usually fully absorbed in the world of consciousness I end up in: An inner tsunami of love, an Ocean of Love, the Light of the Self, God-consciousness. (2)

If the planetary heart opening takes the form of an explosion, as mine did, it won’t be tangible. It’ll be internal, primarily emotional. We’ll be flooded with love or wafted aloft with bliss – after the explosion; i.e., after the explosive opening of the heart aperture or hridayam. (3)

There are no words for the kind of love that one experiences then. We cannot reduce that realm to this: it won’t go. It loses everything in the translation.

However the word “explosive” does seem to capture the breakthrough point.

These events are definitely life-changing. Course-altering. Bewitching ever after. And we’ll, at some point, enter into a range of consciousness where they’ll be happening to us more often, in an otherwise gradually-ascending process.

The difference between the realm I broke through to in my heart opening and our everyday world is … almost impossible to put into words. And yet I’m driven to try. There’s nothing like it to be found in our world so what words would I use?  (4)

If a breakthrough occurs and we’re not forewarned, we may ask: Did someone put LSD in my water? Was it something I ate? We might end up in the hospital, although we’re feeling expanded and great if we know nothing about spiritual experiences. (4)

I knew, before my heart opening, that the Mother was absolutely in charge of the degree and pace of my unfoldment. So I simply surrendered to the experience, which was not uniformly pleasant. Having something shot out of your chest seemingly the size of a naval shell is at the very least shocking.

The Mother addressed this situation when she announced that we were in the run-up to a planetary heart opening.

Steve Beckow: Mother, you use the word exploding. That is why I’m commenting. 

Because, of course, the heart opening that I had March 2015, was explosive.

Divine Mother: It is explosive. It is implosive.

SB: Yes. Should I be writing on what to expect? That your heart could feel like it is exploding.

DM: Yes.
 … That is why I have begun by saying you may feel physically – because this is a physical embodiment ascension – you may feel as if you are exploding. You may wonder, “Should I call 911?”

Now if you feel this, then go ahead and do so because it will reassure you. … It is going to feel – and some of you are already feeling this – that you can’t contain it, that your very skin is imploding and exploding and that your heart and the conscious knowing of love is so big that you just don’t know what to do with that.

That is exactly how it was for me so I can vouch for her words here.

These transformational and enlightenment experiences are gifts of the Mother. Just let them happen. That’s the message of this article.

Put out an APB, (7) alerting everyone to the fact that mixed in with the gradual ascent, we’re having are a few sudden events, like a planetary heart opening, which are the Mother’s gifts to us and not a health emergency. Remain calm, as the British sign says, and enjoy!


(1) I used to give names to spiritual experiences – the Flame in the Heart, Porteau Cove, Doing without Doing, etc. Porteau Cove was like a backflip in consciousness and I ended up in the Self. Almost all have been sudden and discontinuous. All have been temporary.

(2) I ended up in God consciousness in a spiritual experience I called the Silver Bullet, back in the early Nineties. It was caused by an intersection of realized knowledge and realized love.  It happened while I was making love (no names mentioned). I knew that I was God, but could not remember the name of the body (Steve).

(3) The heart aperture or hridayam remains closed until the kundalini sparks its opening when it reaches the fourth or heart chakra.

(4) How many people know what the higher-dimensional color saroun looks like? How would one describe a color nobody knows?

(5) Bright Star thought he was having a heart attack. See “Bright Star: An Account of a Heart Opening,” December 29, 2017, at

(6) “The Mother Promises a Massive Heart Opening – Part 2/2,” at

(7) All Points Bulletin.


Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists & photographers ~ Credit given where this is known. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah 

Heart Chakra by Carol Herzer


Feelings, Will, and the Witness – Steve Beckow

masks x 3 - at Art Ranked - female faces
Art via Art Ranked


Feelings, Will, and the Witness

Some insights – probably fed to me – I just keep getting deeper and deeper.

The one I’m getting deeper at the moment is that the most important thing to human beings is how they feel.

The most important thing to me is how I feel. 

I do an elaborate dance to make the reason I act seem like something else.

I have reasons galore. I can select the most convincing from among many on any one occasion.

But if I were to really watch things, I think I’d see a high correlation between what I do and how I feel.

Some feelings I can’t stand, like humiliation or out-and-out grief. These are what Linda calls “core issues” – thoughts and feelings that we’d rather die than re-experience (vasanas).

For me, balance comes from processing them (whatever way one follows). (1) Gradually the mood swings diminish and finally we remain in the center. (I am not there, for the record.)

But seeing as I do (providing I’m correct) that feelings are our prime motivators, why am I not paying close attention to (1) the way I’m feeling and (2) how to raise myself out of emotions that drag me down?

I used to be a person who used negative feelings to push other people around. Now here I am finding I was wrong all these years. It’s the uplifting experiences like love, bliss, and joy that turn out to be ultimately “useful.”

There’s me, the witness, the driver of the car who “wills,” based largely on input from the feelings. The will is the interface between the witness and the body. Driving the car is the journey of life. What makes the journey worthwhile and memorable is how we feel.

Given the importance of feelings, raising my feeling vibes is what will raise my overall quality of life.

Raising my overall quality of life contributes to a world that works in the most significant and direct way I can think of.


(1) One way to process them: “How to Handle Unwanted Feelings: The Upset Clearing Process” at

Art via Art Ranked

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Writing History Forward – Part 2/2 – Steve Beckow

Ego ~ Alter Ego Painting by Dorina Costras


Writing History Forward – Part 2/2

(Concluded from Part 1, yesterday.)

What’s being asked of us lightworkers is persistence, determination, valor. We’re asked to stay at our posts till the end. That calls on us to expand our estimates in all directions.

The Company of Heaven has to watch what they say that they don’t let the air out of the balloon; that they don’t cause a loss of momentum. Sanat Kumara said as much when he addressed the change in Ascension plans in 2012:

“Why did we not warn you that you might be disappointed [on Dec. 21, 2102]? Because the energy, the forward thrust of what you were creating together with us, was so strong that we had no desire, particularly in the unfoldment of the Mother’s plan, to say, ‘Wait a minute and stop. Let us take time out and breathe.” Because that would have … hmm … you have a saying, ‘put a wrench in the works.’” (1)

If a process takes longer than we expect, their task is to keep our energies and determination – our morale – from flagging.

And therein come the fancy explanations and the microdistinctions among words (just think “soon”).

We could relieve them of that necessity if we simply understood that the processes underway are global in scope and universal in significance.

This process is being done for the first time (mass, physical Ascensions) and it’s being met with resistance from one determined section of this free-will planet’s free-will citizens.

They have to leave our free-will part in the whole process up to us. If we insist on fighting each other, they cannot interfere.

Add to that a whole planet in the chrysalis, becoming butterflies, and the process cannot be rushed.

Since all of what’s happening today depends on vibration, they really cannot answer questions that ask about timing. It doesn’t depend on time, celestial alignments, Earthly holidays, significant people. It depends on vibration.

Are we factoring all these matters into our considerations of “timing”?

They have to work hard to keep our morale and energy up … unless we take control of that process ourselves by resolving to stay till the end, no matter what it takes.

At which point the steps I discussed above become much more relevant. They help us stay the course when our jets are flagging and our airframes are shuddering.

They aren’t the only steps I can imagine.  Here are more.

A total change of context. Personal expansion; that is, getting bigger.  A renewal of commitment. All of the above are tools in our endurance toolbox. You may have your own.

If this was a world war, we’d get behind the war effort.  But we’re waging peace, not war. And individual freedom. And social and gender equality. It isn’t as easy for us all to get behind something.

John Kennedy called our situation the moral equivalent of war. We do need to coalesce, unite, move forward together so maybe it is.

That being said, in my view, it’s also the time to leave all the major events to divine timing and do what we can to keep morale high.

This will also have the effect of raising our collective vibration and speeding things up, if anything will.


(1) He continues:

“Does that mean that we set you up? No. What it actually means, sweet angels, is that there are times when even we are surprised. Yes, I know. Yes, it is so. We know of the grander plan and the unfoldment of that plan on Earth and elsewhere. And let me tell you that the unfoldment and the Ascension of Gaia and everything upon her is a very big piece of the plan, which is infinite and eternal.”(“Sanat Kumara: Our Heartfelt Apologies to the Disappointed,” Jan. 7, 2013, at


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Ego ~ Alter Ego Painting by Dorina Costras

Living Life as if It Really Mattered – Steve Beckow

Earth Painting by Svetlana Tikhonova


Living Life as if It Really Mattered

Happy Earth Day, Gaia and all of us!

On Earth Day, I’d like to look at living life as if it really mattered.

Any realization, I think, is a recovered memory. We agreed to go down into Third Dimensionality from higher dimensions and to forget for a time who we are in those more refined realms.

When we realize who we are, we have in essence recaptured a memory, have we not? A memory that has the power to break open doors, open our hearts, and steep us in bliss.

Bliss is the trigger for realization in the first place, as far as my experience suggests.

Once I had an experience of Brahmajnana (seventh-chakra enlightenment) and a half-hour visit to the Seventh Dimension. But neither had very much effect because both lacked the element of bliss. That’s the way they were truncated.  (1)

Without bliss, it was more or less like watching a good movie. Very interesting but not something I’d write home about.

On the other hand, on Sept. 28, 2015, during the “First Wave” that was alleged to be happening at that time, I did break through to bliss and remained in it for three months.  I do know its power.

Jesus called bliss the Comforter spirit that would bring all things to remembrance. By “remembrance” I don’t think he meant we’d know what happened on July 10, 600 BC. I think he meant we’d know all things spiritual – what Archangel Michael calls our “spiritual currency” – chiefly, the knowledge of who we are, which leads to all other knowledge.

We’re retracing our steps. And bliss, in my experience, is what opens the gates of knowledge and facilitates remembrance.


I keep feeling the need to realize at a deeper and deeper level that what I do matters.

I don’t mean that in the arrogant sense of puffing myself up, but in terms of the unfoldment of the Plan.

If I present a poor public front, it can reflect on the effort I’m associated with. Above anything else, I need to behave as if what I do makes a difference. I need to prudently watch over what I say and how I act.

Someone is planting an idea in my head. Excuse me for a minute: “Live life as if it really mattered.” That makes good sense. Thank you to whoever sent that along.

Live life as if it really mattered. Because what we’re finding out, more and more as each day passes, is that our lives – this lifetime – really do matter. They really do make a difference. That which we hoped for all our lives – that our lives might really, really make a difference – is about to come true in this lifetime.

We’re at work building Nova Earth. Just in the planning stages now, waiting for the mission to begin. But just as real for me as anything else in this world of our own construction.


(1) The experience at Xenia on Sept. 18, 2018, the sight of the Self, was also truncated in that the Light was not nearly as bright as it should have been. But I felt innocent and pure, looking at that Light, which was a tremendous reward, with great significance: It  proved that we are innocent and pure at essence.  I didn’t feel bliss on that occasion either.

My life is a workshop and, because I’m a spiritual journalist, the other side gives me experiences, knowing that I’ll write about them. But they’re toned down so that I remain in sync with my readers. As a pillar and because I know what awaits us later, I don’t mind waiting.

Earth Painting by Svetlana Tikhonova

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Writing History Forward – Part 1/2 – Steve Beckow

Masterpiece Shakyamuni Statue @ thangkashopn


Writing History Forward – Part 1/2

A reader wrote in and said she was dying of waiting.

Me too, I can assure you.

What do I do to revive myself? (1) When I need to, I go through a number of steps.

I might bring up love from my heart, which, when it arises, changes my outlook completely, no matter what the issue is.

I might ask myself what my chosen ideal, my role model, or my chief guide would do at this moment.

I might explore where my bliss lies these days.

Or I might ask myself to write history forward.

What on Earth does that mean? Well, what happens here on Earth will be studied by other civilizations. Our role in it will be publicly available and part of the study – or not.

How do I want my own part to be read – if it is at all – when seen by a planet halfway across the universe? Or in another universe? What do I want to be said about me and what I did, how I behaved, during these years?

Maybe nothing will be said but maybe lots will. If I want to impact my behavior, if I want to inspire myself and keep myself on track, the thought of writing history forward –  of behaving in ways I wouldn’t mind seeing end up in the history books – often obliges me to lift myself up and keep going.

(Concluded tomorrow in Part 2.)


(1) As a pillar, I’m here to the end so I don’t have the luxury of opting out.

(2) He continues:

“Does that mean that we set you up? No. What it actually means, sweet angels, is that there are times when even we are surprised. Yes, I know. Yes, it is so. We know of the grander plan and the unfoldment of that plan on Earth and elsewhere. And let me tell you that the unfoldment and the Ascension of Gaia and everything upon her is a very big piece of the plan, which is infinite and eternal.”(“Sanat Kumara: Our Heartfelt Apologies to the Disappointed,” Jan. 7, 2013, at
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A Bit Slow on the Bliss – Steve Beckow

art-susan-herbert-- cats

Artist ~ Susan Herbert


A Bit Slow on the Bliss

A long time ago, Archangel Michael suggested that I was spending less time in bliss than I should be.

He encouraged me to give more time to it:

“I keep saying to you and asking you, come back to the bliss. …

“When you are in the bliss what happens is that – and it is a key element, my brother – the stressors [lift], as you well know, and the new behaviours simply flow.” (1)

I know. I know. And yet I never give my attention to it. Why?

The same with love. Here I am saying to you that higher-dimensional love transforms the circumstances – the stressors lift. Anxiety is gone. I know this.

Why am I not spending more time on it?

I’m reaching certainty that the most important thing to us human beings is how we feel.  We love phenomenal tastes, exotic sights, and inviting scents. We love wealth, sleek cars, exotic adventures. We love them all for the way we feel.

We travel to Hawaii and take a hotel on the beach with a view – all for what? A magic moment when we feel out of this world.

The Fifth Dimension is a perpetual magic moment when we feel out of this world.

Say we just won a million dollars and felt a sense of deep joy and satisfaction. Those deep feelings are just one’s normal state in 5D.

Think of any experience – receiving the Nobel Prize, Academy Award, Olympic gold medal. The eternal feeling in that range is one’s inheritance in 5D.

Did that explanation come across? If not, I’ll try again. It’s hard to reduce something huge like love or bliss into a little physical container. And fruitless as well because there’s nothing in the little physical container that relates to the 5D experience.

The Fifth Dimension’s baseline or emotional floor is total satisfaction, unshakeable love, more than enough bliss to go around, flowing endlessly, time out of mind.

It surpasses the best Earth has to offer. In 3/4D:

“When we win it’s with small things,
and the triumph itself makes us small.” (2)

In 5D, one drowns in an Ocean of Love, which the Divine Mother in her incarnation as Mary, Mother of Jesus, calls “Maré,” Latin for “Ocean.”  The Divine Mother, among other things, is an Ocean of Love.

An aside: I love talking about the Divine Mother, the ultimate mystery of existence.

Besides being an Ocean of Love, she’s also a universal creative vibration known as Aum. And, according to her, this is only a small part of herself. Given that most people don’t know the Divine Mother, the conversation about Shakti, the Divine Energy, Aum may be interesting:

Steve: You once said to me that Shakti, the Holy Spirit [spiritus = breath = sine wave = Aum], was only a small part of you. Can you explain what you meant by that? Is Shakti only limited to a certain dimension, universe or realm?

Divine Mother: When I have spoken about Shakti, I have spoken about a part of me. As I have said, I am the bridge. I am the clasp between the Father and the universe and your world. And Shakti has been experienced — yes, inter-dimensionally for eons as you well know – but she is not the totality of my being.

My being is bigger than you can fathom, dear one. So I do not simply mean that she is an aspect manifesting. But it is simply larger than any of you can imagine, particularly at this point. (3)

My suspicion is that, while in a human body, I cannot know the fulness of the Mother. Fortunately, as Sri Ramakrishna observed, I didn’t come to the orchard to count all the mangoes. I just want to eat one.

But back to feeling the bliss or the love. If how they themselves feel is the most important thing to human beings, then I’d better start working on how I feel. Why didn’t I think of this earlier? If I don’t like the way I feel, choose bliss; choose love.

I know what bliss feels like and can summon it up simply by working with the breath.  The same applies to love. I know it arises from my heart and can draw it up as well on my in-breath. Now’s the time to really start practicing it. My wellness is distinctly in my own hands.


(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Jan. 20, 2017.

(2) “Erich Maria Rilke, The Man Watching,” 

(3) “The Divine Mother: Come to Me as I Come to You – Part 1/2,” Oct. 17, 2012 at
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Artist ~ Susan Herbert

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Archangel Michael on the Expansion Factor – Steve Beckow


Archangel Michael the Archangel – 10


Archangel Michael on the Expansion Factor

Here Michael addresses our fatigue. He also explains our expansion in language that applies to a heart opening.

Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Feb. 14, 2019. Thanks to Dana for our transcript.

I know you say to me, beloved one, that so many particularly of this Light worker community are tired and terrified, exhausted but when you are mirroring the highest reality – no, not the dream… the reality – to one another, it assists in this level not only of upliftment but also of completion.

Because you are bringing that energy to such a level, to such a vibratory rate of frequency that it matters not what you call it. It is all the same thing. You’re bringing it to such a level where it has no choice except to explode and expand. It is the nature of creation.

When one is truly in the essence of one’s Self, there is not a shrinkage factor. There is an expansion factor. So I remind you, and I mean all beings, you say, “Well, how am I supposed to expand when I am exhausted or disheartened or dismayed or disillusioned or disenchanted?” By finding the practicality of what brings you joy, of returning again and again and then again to ‘what is,’ not to just what ‘feels like.’ but to what is love.

And some will say, “Well, Michael, where will I find that?” And you will find it within – yes, in your heart, in the seat of your soul – but you will also find it in the blue of the sky, and the cheeks of a child, and the grisly beard of an old man, and the rheumy eyes of an old woman. You will find it in the beauty of a flower and of a magnificent building. It is all around you.

When one is overtired, emotionally or spiritually, you tend to forget to open your eyes. And when you open your eyes, as the discerner, as the observer, you allow yourself once again to feel the joy and see, witness the love, this is what restores you. This is what gives you the fuel to carry on.

This is a time of love, of the rebirth of love, of the resurrection of love. And the conclusion – let me be clear – of pain and suffering, martyrdom in any way, shape or form. Pain and suffering is not the way or the path to the future.


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A Revival of Our Will – Steve Beckow

Gaia’s Party Dress by Francene Hart Visionary Artist


A Revival of Our Will
April 18, 2019 By Steve Beckow

You know that I’m very much taken right now with the exercise of the will.

One day when I was around seven or eight, my Dad shouted at me from inches away. I shattered into a thousand pieces and only came back together again (the Humpty Dumpty Man) at age 58.

So my will has not been my strong suit. I’ve pleased people in other ways to compensate for an under-functioning will.

The time seems to have arrived to let that one go. I’ve discovered that the will has a driver’s seat with my name on it. I’m now driving the car of my will rather than compensating for the lack of it.

It’s like the genie in the bottle. It does my work for me. I have only to command it. It’s all very new to me.

Michael commented on the subject, back in 2016. I’m now experiencing what he’s writing about today:

“Where you are right now in terms of this evolutionary step is in the reactivation, the full activation of your will in terms of your Divine Will, because that is the alignment of Nova Being. It is not the aberration of will that people have come to misunderstand and [which has] a very bad reputation. …

“Begin embracing and working with this aspect of will that perhaps you have placed aside. You say, ‘Well we are not in a full position [i.e., the Reval has not occurred].’ What I suggest to you is that much creation comes about because you are willing it. So begin to work with your Divine Self Will.

“Play with it. See the harmony between your heart and your solar plexus, your head and your solar plexus. Begin to embrace what has always been within you. Welcome it home like a long lost friend, as if you have an extra set of eyes, or an extra set of hands that you didn’t even know about…or a brand new car, my friend.” (1)

That is exactly what I need to do. Welcome it home like a long, lost friend and treasure it and its collaboration with the head and heart.

A brand new car that obeys our commands. I feel like the blue people in Avatar, joining their braids with the animal’s braids and … boom! Here I go off in my new car, with me in the driver’s seat.

Where does will come from? Believe it or not, Michael puts words to the matter:

“Think of it in this way; out of the love that you think anchors in your heart, but in fact anchors in your entire being, but the heart is a good place to think of it, born out of that, in conjunction with the energy instilled within every being, within what you think of as your physical, cellular, subatomic particles, and your esoteric, spiritual, mental, emotional particles, born out of the love is the will. ” (2)

That gives us something to munch on, until someone comes along and expands on each piece of what he just said.

If you’re with me up to here, then let’s look at a message that is framed, I think, almost entirely as an appeal to the will. This is from a reading with Michael, Jan. 4, 2019:

“You are in the birth throes. This is not a time to waver. And you will see this wavering – yes, within your sacred self – and within the hearts and minds and actions of many.

“And it is imperative that you simply observe – yes, of course, reassure – but also simply know that in the moment of this uncertainty the choice for certainty, powered with determination but truly primarily with love, is at hand.” (3)

“In the moment of this uncertainty the choice for certainty, powered with determination but truly primarily with love, is at hand” – for me that sounds like a call to exercise the will, demonstrate the will, not to waver, not to give up in despair, but to choose to be certain in the face of chaos.

Wavering and not wavering are matters of will. “The choice for certainty” is an exertion of will. “Powered with determination”: indicates a strong will. “But truly primarily with love” is the big challenge for Nova Being in the area of will. Will under the command of love must be the brass ring.

How does will work and where is it all headed? Michael says:

“Will is the mover and shaker of love but it is dependent upon discernment. It is dependent upon valor. It is intertwined with fortitude and persistence because it brings to the forefront that which you wish to create.

“We are not talking about small issues. Yes, some of you are creating new homes, new jobs, new undertakings, new projects. But we are also speaking in the largest way. You are creating and co-creating Nova Earth with us, new Cities of Light, new centers of peace.” (4)

They want us to participate with them “in the largest way.” Universal basic incomes for all countries? Not a problem. Universal medicare around the planet? Absolutely. By when? Paying off all national debts? Not a big deal. Buying back all student loans, paying off all mortgages, everything like this becomes possible. The Company of Heaven tell us that they want us to think in the largest of terms. This’ll involve command over our will.

The celestials and masters need fully-functioning human partners to build Nova Earth. The Law of Freewill demands our participation and our star family would not want to be seen as imposing their will on us. They need partners who can think in large terms.

I may be repeating myself but what he said to me last summer is revealing:

“You have reached a point … where you are realizing … the magnitude of our partnership. (5)

I sure am. I wonder how many are beginning to see the “magnitude of our partnership” with the celestials?

Part of that awakening seems to involve a revival of our individual and collective will.


(1) “Transcript ~ Archangel Michael: Understand the Divine Gift of Will, AHWAA, September 22, 2016,” at

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(3) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Jan. 4, 2019. [Hereafter AAM.]

(4) “Archangel Michael: Persistence,” ibid.

(5) AAM, Aug. 17, 2018.

Gaia’s Party Dress by Francene Hart Visionary Artist


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Who is the Divine Mother? – An Excerpt From the Devi Bhagavat Purana – Narendra Mishra

hand_of_the_gods__flourish_by_Eksafael at DeviantArt - female face flowers goddess

Hand of The Gods: Flourish ~ by Eksafael @ DeviantArt


Who is the Divine Mother? – An Excerpt From the Devi Bhagavat Purana

The Puranas are a class of Hindu scriptures that cover a wide range of topics including history and mythology. Chief amongst these Puranas is the Devi Bhagavat, for it speaks of the nature and glory of the Highest, the Divine Mother.

​In this excerpt from the Devi Bhagavat, the Divine Mother Herself speaks to the Hindu Trimurthi, Lords Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra at the beginning of creation. This is a true gem.


“There is oneness always between Me and Purusha (Divine Father). Who is I, that is Purusha; who is Purusha, that is I…

The one, secondless, eternal, Brahman becomes dual at the time of creation, as a face, though one, becomes two as reflected in a mirror…. So too We become reflected into many by virtue of different Antah Karanas created by Maya (illusion)…

Brahman is the material cause of these differences. Without Brahman as the basis, the existence of Maya is simply impossible…

When the time of Pralaya (cosmic dissolution) comes then I am not female, I am not male, nor am I hermaphrodite. I then remain as Brahman with Maya latent…

See- what substance is there in this creation that is separate from Me? And what can you imagine with which I am not connected? So know this as certain- I am all these forms… So, in this creation I am One and I am many as well in various forms.” (1)


  1. The Srimad Devi Bhagawatam. Translated by Swami Vijnanananda. New Delhi: Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt. Ltd. India2004, 135-
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Everything Works by Vibration – Steve Beckow – Part 2/2


Artist ~ Maryam Morrison


Everything Works by Vibration – Part 2/2
April 14, 2019 By Steve Beckow

(Continued from Part 1, yesterday.)

This two-part article started with a comment made by Archangel Michael in 2018:

Steve: What is holding up the Reval now?

AAM: Human beings are still not quite there yet.

Steve: So is it a question of vibration?

AAM: It is absolutely a question of vibration and frequency. (1)

It caused a controversy when first posted.

I had a further conversation with him on Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14, 2019:

Steve Beckow: Turning to the Reval, can you give us an update on the impact of the work that all Lightworkers are doing to raise the vibration….

Archangel Michael: … You are doing magnificent work! Let me start there. And, yes, all the efforts are seen, recognized and embraced, engaged with. So the vibratory rate is in fact, rising rather quickly.

So while there has been some, shall we say, initial resistance to being given yet another task, the response has been extraordinarily positive. So even out of the exhaustion, the fear, the anger, the questioning, the vibration goes forth in the upward motion, shall we say. (2)

It isn’t the case that some new factor behind an isolated event has just been introduced. The same factor is and has been at work behind all significant events: All are vibrationally-dependent.

What is raising our vibrations?

Well, our own efforts, certainly, at purification of the mind, elimination of vasanas or core issues, achievement of balance, cultivation of love, service to others, etc.

Much of the rest is attributable, I believe, to the energies being beamed to us, which SaLuSa refers to in a general way:

“The Light and Love … continually bathes the Earth and raises its vibrations.” (3)

I won’t go into a discussion of individual waves such as the Tsunami of Love, Porlana C, etc. I’d like to stay at a general level for now, if you’d permit me.

Staying with Ascension for a moment, Michael tells us another factor in raising the vibration is becoming awake and aware.

If the populace is not awake and aware, if they are not prepared in many different ways, then there cannot be what I would call a peaceful revolution, … the evolution of the soul collective to a place of higher vibration, or different vibration, of what some call ascension, some call shift.” (4)

You can imagine how difficult it would be to “reach” people after, say, Disclosure, if we were all still predominantly conditioned and subservient.

Lightworker blogs, vlogs, books, videos, etc., are intended to awaken people and contribute to their awareness of what’s transpiring, to prepare them for events like the extraterrestrial arrival or a planetary heart opening.

Mike Quinsey’s source informs us that Ascension – and I think he means Sahaja Samadhi (5) – will take place when the vibrations allow it:

“When the vibrations reach the inevitable high point, Ascension will take place and nothing will delay or prevent it.

“In the meantime it is therefore up to you as individuals to apply yourselves to the task of raising your vibrations so that you are ready for it and assured of going through.” (6)

Nothing can make Ascension happen until the right vibratory level has been reached and nothing can stop it once it has.

What happens when the energies raise our vibration? Archangel Gabriel through Shanta Gabriel gives us a word-picture

“There is an increase in the energy of the Earth’s vibrational field. Because of this, people are experiencing a shift in consciousness that encourages their search for meaning in all that they do. And Universal Consciousness is now more easily available to all who seek than ever before.

“This increase in energy is also creating great and rapid change in the world around you. Information is more available, tremendous earth changes, such as earthquakes, fires and hurricanes, seem to be occurring with more frequency, and the very fabric of social, political and family life seems to have shifted into unknown areas.” (7)

I’ve thought or perhaps imagined that the pace of news was getting faster. The way in which I’m operating seems to have fewer spaces in it. The reason I don’t notice it more is that the change seems to be general and hence invisible. We all seem to be rising together.

Blossom Goodchild’s Federation of Light describes at length the nature and impact of one of the events of Ascension – probably Sahaja. I’d like to comment as we move through the quote because it’s a rich vein.

“At the moment the ‘wave’ presents itself … absolute Bliss shall be felt. Again, we say … different levels of it … depending on each one’s present state of Being”

So not all experience the same extent of bliss or are lifted to the same heights. Bliss is not one size fits all.

“This applies also, to the length of time that the very HIGH VIBRATION shall remain within.”

Aha. We’re not talking about Ascension here because that would be permanent. We’re talking about a more junior enlightenment at one of the chakra levels – four, six, or seven.

“Depending on the capabilities of the individual soul, that enables one to remain within a certain state, for a certain length of time. It shall affect souls differently.”

All enlightenment before Sahaja is temporary. Get it, lose it, get it, lose it, Werner Erhard used to say. But each time we’re a little more expanded, a little more sensitive. Duration varies with individuals.

“So, it is not easy for us to give a stated ‘time frame’. What we will say … is that … WHEN it approaches … you will KNOW and you will ‘automatically’ begin to ‘Prepare your Being’. It will be something you simply know what to do.”

So we don’t have to worry or set our alarm. We’ll know.

“The ‘preparational systems’ shall be put into place in advance and activated at the correct level when all is in alignment to do so. …

“This Energy shall be almost tangible. Far greater, would we say, than the turmoil within self, one is experiencing in these present days. We are not saying ‘far greater turmoil’! No! No! We are saying that the Energies shall be greater by far, and yet, turmoil will have left and comfort shall be discovered within the self. As it flows in, many souls will feel the newness and allow themselves to become themselves.” (8)

A perfect description of what happens in a heart opening. The energy of love we then feel transforms the circumstances rather than being altered by them. This “Energy” or love they describe is “far greater … than the turmoil within self.” It sweeps aside turmoil, rather than being swept aside by it. (9)

In the face of it, it’s like we’re a flower that unfolds to the risen sun in a microsecond. We blossom at the touch of this “Energy” or love.

They go on to describe the reactions of lower-vibrating beings.

“There shall be those who are not ready … yet, shall become aware and therefore, accept … an awakening … due to the Energy build up that will be taking place. …

“Those who do not choose to ‘accept’ what is taking place … shall still feel differently; one cannot not. Yet they will deny that which is presented.” (10)

Unfortunately they’ll walk past the door or enter through the door and then scurry out. Not this time. But maybe next time. Could this have been us in Atlantis?

When we’ve reached a certain vibratory level, we’ll have the Reval, Disclosure, and Ascension. And the word I’ve heard is we’re not far off.

Will there be more to go after this Ascension? Are there others? Archangel Michael described one to me in 2011:

S: The next assignment is in the Seventh Dimension?

AAM: You will have a choice of planetary systems. This is just the warm-up for Ascension. It is to bring a further rising of vibrations to those throughout the Universe. 


Yes, what’s happening on Earth is said to have an impact throughout the universe. The first mass, physical Ascension. Others will follow into the space we create. In a great wave, the effect of this one will ripple out into the universe.

Everything throughout the universe – and beyond – is related to vibratory level, vibrational capacity, frequential refinement. Above a certain level of vibration, we can look forward to a life of eternal love and bliss.

We’re already immortal and always have been. But within that immortal being is an ever-expanding consciousness, ever raising its vibration, on the road to perfection.


(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, March 28, 2018. [Hereafter AAM]

(2) AAM, Feb. 14, 2019.

(3) SaLuSa, June 25, 2012, at Some may be attributable to region of space we’re currently in and all manner of factors unknown to me.

(4) AAM, April 19, 2017.

(5) Sahaja Samadhi is a level of enlightenment that occurs beyond the seven-chakra system. It consists of a full and permanent heart opening and passage beyond the vibratory level in which people are born and die (the Third Dimension and its in-between-lives Fourth). Hindus call it mukti and moksha or liberation. Buddhists call it buddhahood. Christians call it salvation.

(6) Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self Message, Nov. 16, 2018, at

(7) “Archangel Gabriel via Shanta Gabriel: Stability Can Be Found Within,” Sept. 15, 2015 at

(8) “The Federation of Light via Blossom Goodchild, April 20, 2018,” April 21, 2018, at

(9) When we experience ordinary love, if another person gets angry at us, we drop our feeling of love. When we experience the “Energy” or higher-dimensional love that the Galactic Federation is talking about, it proves “far greater” than any inner “turmoil” we feel. Hence I’ve called it transformative love because it transforms the circumstances in our experience rather than being altered by them.

(10) “The Federation of Light,” ibid.

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Artist ~ Maryam Morrison

Everything Works by Vibration – Part 1/2 – Steve Beckow

Art by Kusaba Kazuhisa


Everything Works by Vibration – Part 1/2
April 13, 2019 By Steve Beckow

It wouldn’t matter if we were discussing Ascension, the Reval, or Disclosure, everything in each of these areas depends, not on timing, but on vibration.

The Arcturians through Sue Lie convinced me of this back in 2014 referring to the Reval. I won’t post the whole discussion. The essence of it is this:

“Just as New Earth is a frequency not a place, the dissemination of this money is a frequency, not a time.

“And it gets closer because more beings are coming to that frequency.” (1)

How does this quality called frequency or vibration work exactly? We know that it determines what level or dimension of life we live on. Let’s look at some examples of how vibratory level plays a part in the afterlife.

First off, we could not see or hear things taking place on a higher-vibrational level, as the transitioned Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson testifies to.

“Just as certain light rays are invisible to earthly eyes, and certain musical sounds are inaudible to earthly ears, so are the higher realms invisible to the inhabitants of the lower realms.

“And the reason is that each realm possesses a higher vibrational rate than that below it and is therefore invisible and inaudible to those who live below it. Thus we can see that another natural law operates for our own good.” (2)

What happens if we try to go higher than what our vibratory level suits us to? We encounter unpleasantness and insensibility, as afterlife commentator Mike Swain explains.

“The worlds above us are even richer in light and happiness. If I go up there (and I can) I find it too bright; the light hurts my eyes. And the vibrations are so refined that I can’t respond to them! So I reverse gear and return to this world – which suits me just fine!

“The planes below this one are denser, dimmer planes. If I go down to them, it becomes murkier and murkier until it is so creepy that I scoot back to where I belong!” (3)

Our galactic sources say much the same thing, as Mike Quinsey’s source does here:

“It would not be in the interests of those whose vibrations have not been lifted to try and find a place in Ascension as, even if they could somehow do so, it would be a very uncomfortable experience.” (4)

Beings of a higher vibratory state can lower their vibration and come down to our level, as Ashtar revealed in 2012.

Ashtar: What we have done is we have brought our vibrations to the fifth dimension in order to be at a place where we can meet you. If you are to think of the human realm and what is available currently to you, if you were looking for me, I would be out of the realm of human experience. So, let us make that clear as well.

Steve Beckow: That means above the twelfth dimension, is that correct?

A: That is correct. (5)

Oh my. I think of the state of consciousness above the Twelfth as being transcendental. But I’m beginning to suspect that it isn’t just a featureless void. My knowledge of these matters stands to be made obsolete within a year or two, I suspect.

We quite commonly speak about certain states of mind being higher- or lower-vibrational, as in Archangel Michael’s discussion of the Dalai Lama:

“The Dalai Lama, who is a sacred being, is a monk first and foremost and he is a world leader and he is a political leader and he is the leader of many movements but he does not engage in the lower vibration, the drama.” (6)

Here Michael advises us against cultivating the lower-vibrational states:

“Nothing halts the flow of energy – whether it is money, healing, information for it is all the same thing – nothing halts the flow more rapidly than the lower vibrations of desperation, despair, anger, angst, neediness, disbelief.” (7)

On another occasion, Michael emphasized the connection between vibration – not timing – and all other good things happening:

“Welcome to you, my beloved friend, during this time – yes, again – of continuing transition, opening enlightenment, higher frequency, vibration – however you think or describe this. It is not merely about one date or one date line. It is the evolution of your sacred being and the sacred being of many. It is already underway.” (8)

If we cultivate the higher-vibrational states and end up in the Fifth Dimension, what will life be like? Michael explains, again using the language of vibration:

“When you are in the fifth, you will feel… so full of vibrant energy. You will feel that you could go for days without sleeping, and just go on sheer energy.

There will be a greater sense of well-being, that your body is humming. Every person is progressing at a different rate. This is an individual process. But the general statement is your organs, your brain, your functions, your bodily functions, your circulation begin to function in alignment with the perfection of your design.” (9)

So, though we may not have been consciously aware of it, we’ve been immersed in a discussion of vibration for decades – perhaps since forever. The very idea of dimensions begs the question of vibration.

Ascension, the Reval and Disclosure are no exception to the rule. They occur when we reach a certain vibrational level – and the Company of Heaven are doing their part in washing the planet with Ascension energies. They wish us to do ours as well.

Tomorrow let’s apply what we’ve heard here to the big events we’re all waiting for.

(Concluded in Part 2, tomorrow.)


(1) The Arcturians in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Sue Lie, July 22, 2014.

(2) Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson through Anthony Borgia, medium, Life in the World Unseen. M.A.P., 1993, 132-3.

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(7) AAM to Kathleen, Nov. 13, 2012.

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(9) AAM, Dec. 18, 2012.


Art by Kusaba Kazuhisa

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The God in the Machine – Steve Beckow

Blue Angel by Pamela Matthews Visionary Art


The God in the Machine
April 12, 2019 By Steve Beckow

When I returned to my body after having been on the astral plane in 1977, I slithered into this apparatus that was almost like a wet suit.

I tapped against it and it felt like India rubber. I wondered, what can this be?

Suddenly it dawned on me that this thing I was slithering into was in fact my body.

Oh! And who am “I” then? “I” am the spirit who was on the astral planes until now, in a lucid dream.


Then, as I was contemplating, it was as if a Hoover vacuum cleaner began sucking me in. My attention shifted from being sensorily inside this wet suit of a body to gradually being sensorily outside.

Because I was watching something tragic on the other side, I’d been wailing. Feelings have much more rein on the spirit side of life, I found.

When my attention transferred to the outside of my physical body, the wailing became a whimper. That showed me conclusively how emotionally non-conductive the human body is.

Be that as it may, what I was seeing and experiencing meant – again conclusively – that I was not my body. The body could die for all the difference it made to me then. I was independent of it; in fact I operated it, drove it like a car.

It’s me inside – the Babushka-doll spirit, the soul and all its bodies, call it whatever you like – that pulls all the levers and directs the show. I’d rather be outside my body, quite frankly, but this is where I’m apparently needed.

Nowadays we’d distinguish between the third-dimensional physical body and the fourth-dimensional astral spirit. But then I just thought of it as “I.”

The body is the ultimate robot, avatar, genie in the bottle. It takes the blows and the falls.

It takes the ultimate hit at the time of death. I just step outside it and carry on into a world more loving and blissful than we can imagine. I give it no more thought than the car I park to pick up the groceries.

At no point since then have I feared death.

Manner of death? Yes. Death itself? No.

That’s the impact of one minute of seeing that I am not my body, one minute of distinguishing between me and it. Looking at things from the astral, fourth-dimensional level, I am the spirit operator of the body, the god in the machine.
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Do We Need to Fear Death? – Steve Beckow


Beyond the Veil art by Nicole Mizoguchi @ nicolemiz.


Do We Need to Fear Death?
April 9, 2019 By Steve Beckow

In the course of our Ascension, we’re invited to eliminate really deeply-seated fears.

I can’t think of one fear that’s more deeply-seated than the fear of death.

That fear evaporates immediately when one has an out-of-body experience.

I had one in 1977 and the minute I saw that my body was over there and I was quite happily existing over here, the fear of death evaporated.

Barring such an experience, we have to work up from the intellectual level (“get the idea”) and from there to the experiential and realizational levels.

Descriptions of people’s experiences of death at least anchor the idea in us so let’s begin by looking at some of those accounts.

They communicate through mediums, from the afterlife. They tell us of a variety of ways they transition and, if I have time, I’ll describe a few.

The one I want to start with is people who are removed from their bodies before an imminent disaster, such as a car crash.

My purpose in starting there is to demonstrate that, as far as I know, in the majority of cases, we’re not required to pass through catastrophes and fatal accidents; we’re removed early so we don’t suffer. And I think most people fear suffering so let’s start there.

I state as a blanket hypothesis of all these articles that the transitioned – though they might be in pain before their transition – have no experience of trauma associated with their actual passing, sometimes even watching the physical body writhe in agony while they stand apart from it and feel nothing.

Few express any caring for the physical body once they’ve stepped outside it. They go on to their new life.

Typical is the case Quan Tse describes to medium Doris Heather Buckley: “[The subject] lost control of the car and went out of his body before the [fatal] accident.” (1) He was pulled from his body before the accident.

We’ll see below that the folks on the other side who helped him are called transition guides. Matthew Ward served as one for a time.

Mike Swain provides a detailed description of being caught in what became a fatal accident with his young passenger, Heather.

“‘I see a black car coming towards us. As it approaches us, I see this other car coming behind it. I can see this other car clearly, because it is in the middle of the road, trying to pass the black car.’

“Nina [Merrington, the medium channeling Mike Swain] paused a moment, and then said: ‘The sun is glaring on the windscreen of the black car, and reflecting back into my eyes. I can see nothing but a bright silver radiance. It is blinding me.

“‘All of a sudden, the radiance changes from silver to gold. I am being lifted up in the air, out through the top of the car. I grab little Heather’s hand. She too is being lifted up out of the car.

“‘We have been lifted thirty feet above the Mini. And in one horrifying second, I see the little Mini and this large car collide head-on. There is a noise like the snapping of steel banjo strings. The little Mini bounces right off the highway, right over into the gravel verge. It is finally brought to a halt in a cloud of dust when it hits a giant anthill….’

“Nina stopped, obviously too agitated to continue.” (2)

Neither Mike nor Heather suffered any pain from the accident,.

“What impressed her listeners was the fact that [their son] Mike [who is speaking through Nina] had never seen the other vehicle until after the silver light had changed to gold. He and Heather had felt no sense of impact. They had suffered no pain. Just a gentle ascent into the air. ‘We feel vaguely sorry that this thing should have happened to them. And we both fully understand that we are, now, so far as mortals are concerned, dead.’” (3)

So no pain, no suffering. Even though their bodies went through fatal injuries, “they” did not. Persons who pass through a similar event immediately realize that the body is a “suit of clothes” we wear for a time.

They get it not at an intellectual knowledge; not at an experiential level; but as realized knowledge. The question is settled for all time: I am eternal. Death does not touch me.

Back to the rescued Mike and Heather. The were now surrounded by folks from the other side eager to greet them.

“We are also both aware that a lot of people have begun to gather round us. They are dressed in glorious colors. We recognize familiar faces, the faces of friends who passed beyond the Earth before us. We are still hand in hand; now, guided by the one who first lifted us into the air, the two of us sweep towards the skies. We drift above the two round hills known as the Breasts of Sheba.”

“In heartfelt joy, the [parents] listened, transported by the fact that the passing had involved neither fear … nor suffering.” (4)

This type of homecoming is typical of the accounts of the afterlife that I read to write New Maps of Heaven.

Mike emphasizes that “both Heather and I were lifted out of our bodies before the collision.”

“There was no pain, no shock. This process is the same in all and every form of violent death. It appears violent from your end; believe me, it is only from your end; never from ours!” (5)

And if we add to this knowledge the fact that they go on to a blessed life in what is generally called the Summerlands, we need have no concern for those who leave this physical Third Dimension for the astral Fourth.

Mike Swain, like Matthew Ward, went on to be a transition guide.

“When [the transition guides] are given a case where two cars are about to collide, for example, we lower our vibrations until that soul can actually see us: thus his attention is diverted from the violence about to engulf him. Once we are sure that nothing more can be done to avert his death, we take him by his hands and lift him out of his earthly body.” (6)

They’re an entire spirit cadre serving to pull people out of potentially-painful transition circumstances.

John Scott acted as a guide to folks transitioning and tells his father of one case:

“Do you recall the young high school boy who was killed in Durban in circumstances similar to mine? Dad, we were there; it was us who helped him over. He and I had known each other casually while we were both alive so he was relieved and, believe you me, delighted to see me!

“He knew that I had already passed over, but it still took him a little while to realize the significance of it, when I showed him the mess made by the two cars after they had collided!

“They do not suffer, these people, in their passing. I think sometimes their friends suffer more, when they see the body writhing in apparent agony, while in reality the spirit is already tasting the first freedom from pain, or lies in a blessed insensibility.” (7)

These “transition guides” know our time of passing for a certainty. An entire organization exists on the other side that takes care of “new arrivals,” just as John, Mike, and Matthew did.

It substantiates what the well-known psychic Arthur Ford said, from the afterlife: “Death is no more than the passage through a beckoning door…. Some go gladly, some reluctantly, but all in answer to the universal urge for peace and tranquility.” (8)

The afterlife is a peaceful and tranquil place. It’s a world that works for everyone. Love and bliss flow freely. No one would have a thought to harm anyone else; only to help. (9)

But getting back to “death,” the conclusion most of the transitioned reach is voiced by “Hilda” to medium Geraldine Cummings: “When I [died], I found that the most foolish mistake in my life was my long, long terror of death.”

“My message to the world is that, for me, one of the happiest moments of my earth-life was the moment of death. …

“Other people may die differently – I don’t know. I can only tell you that the word ‘death,’ judging from my experience, should have its definition altered in the dictionary to ‘the first human experience of a peace that passes understanding.’” (10)

At an intellectual level, we’ve heard evidence that our transitions are closely watched and, if circumstances arise that might cause us pain and suffering, we’re lifted out of our bodies prior to our actual “death.” As Q, says, nothing to see here.

Next post we’ll look at those who actually do die a violent death. Do they experience pain? For how long? We’ll take a look.


(1) Spirit control Quan Tse to medium Doris Heather Buckley, Spirit Communication. New York: Award Books, 1967, 38. All quotes are from New Maps of Heaven at

(2) Jasper Swain listening to his transitioned son, Mike, speak through a medium, in Jasper Swain, From My World to Yours: A Young Man’s Account of the Afterlife. New York: Walker, 1977, 21.

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(9) The astral plane is organized such that people go to a level consistent with their spiritual evolution. Those who have achieved a certain level of peace and harmony live in the Summerlands; those who are committed to violence and disharmony reside at lower levels. Thus the world can be said to work for everyone who resides in the Summerlands.

(10) Hilda to Geraldine Cummins, They Survive. Evidence of Life Beyond the Grave from Scripts of Geraldine Cummins. Comp. E.B. Gibbes. London, etc.: Ride and Co., n.d. , 139.


Beyond the Veil art by Nicole Mizoguchi at nicolemiz. female face light cosmic

Beyond the Veil art by Nicole Mizoguchi @ nicolemiz.

Gratitude & appreciation to all artists ~ Credit given where this is known. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

Archangel Michael on Being a Mirror for the Mother – Steve Beckow

Divine Mother painting by Nadya King


Archangel Michael on Being a Mirror for the Mother

I’m more and more realizing that the 2,040 pages of readings I have with Archangel Michael are a gold mine of wisdom.

Consequently I’m now going back through them with a fine-tooth comb and bringing their teachings into the various wikis we have.

The following passage points out that we see the Mother as a mirror for ourselves. But how often do we consider that we provide a mirror for the Mother?

Remember that we’ve said that the purpose of life is for God to meet God in a moment of our enlightenment. “O Thou I!” God gets to know God through us knowing who we are. So why cannot that be seen as serving as a mirror for the Mother?

Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Feb. 14, 2019. Thanks to Dana for our transcript.

Archangel Michael: There are so many hats, so many roles that you and every person upon this planet are welcomed to try out, to wear, to expand in, to experience, and to see the tapestry, the intermeshing of all the elements and all the aspects of the truth of who you are.

And to see and to experience and to accomplish all you are capable of being. And in that, I do not mean the variety of roles. I mean the totality of One and the totality of Self as divine mirror to the Mother, to the Father, to the One.

There is much discussion upon the planet of how you are mirrors to one another or how, when you gaze in the eyes of the Mother or experience the upwelling of love, that is the mirror of the essence of One.

But what you do not always give as much consideration to is how you (and I mean you individually and you collectively) [is that you] are also the mirror for the Mother.

When you think of it, when you consider it, when you feel it in this way there is a catalyst and it compels you emotionally and mentally to truly be the highest, best version of who you are.

It allows you to bring to the forefront the truth of your talents, of your capabilities, of your capacities and the truth of your heart and soul. And, in that, there is a domino effect because you become bigger, greater, truer, more refined mirrors for one another.

And as you are literally bouncing, dancing off and with one another there is an implosion and an explosion of that sacred divinity. And I do not merely mean in esoteric terms. I mean in the practicality also of living and how to live.

I know you say to me, beloved one, that so many particularly of this Light worker community are tired and terrified, exhausted but when you are mirroring the highest reality – no, not the dream… the reality – to one another, it assists in this level not only of upliftment but also of completion.

Because you are bringing that energy to such a level, to such a vibratory rate of frequency that it matters not what you call it. It is all the same thing. You’re bringing it to such a level where it has no choice except to explode and expand. It is the nature of creation.

When one is truly in the essence of one’s Self, there is not a shrinkage factor. There is an expansion factor. So I remind you, and I mean all beings, you say, “Well, how am I supposed to expand when I am exhausted or disheartened or dismayed or disillusioned or disenchanted?” By finding the practicality of what brings you joy, of returning again and again and then again to ‘what is,’ not to just what ‘feels like.’ but to what is love.

And some will say, “Well, Michael, where will I find that?” And you will find it within – yes, in your heart, in the seat of your soul – but you will also find it in the blue of the sky, and the cheeks of a child, and the grisly beard of an old man, and the rheumy eyes of an old woman. You will find it in the beauty of a flower and of a magnificent building. It is all around you.

When one is overtired, emotionally or spiritually, you tend to forget to open your eyes. And when you open your eyes, as the discerner, as the observer, you allow yourself once again to feel the joy and see, witness the love, this is what restores you. This is what gives you the fuel to carry on.

This is a time of love, of the rebirth of love, of the resurrection of love. And the conclusion – let me be clear – of pain and suffering, martyrdom in any way, shape or form. Pain and suffering is not the way or the path to the future.

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Divine-Mother by Nadya King - female face buddha

Divine Mother painting by Nadya King

Archangel Michael on Diversity – Steve Beckow

Artist Aaron Paquette


Archangel Michael on Diversity

Often Archangel Michael, in my personal readings through Linda Dillon, prefaces his message with a soliloquy, which I know he wants circulated.

Here he discusses the futility of pigeon-holing people in a world of diversity and the need to get rid of the belief in limitation.

Don’t overlook the really touching personalness of his talks – “however else you wish to employ me.” Me? Employ him? Him, employ me, if I were so fortunate. How humble.

Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, March 28, 2019. Thanks to Dana for our transcript.

I come as brother, ally, defender, activator, guardian and whatever else and however else you wish to employ me. For I have never been defined by simply one role.

No being, above, below, or throughout the Omniverse is of so singular a nature, a purpose, wants, desires, potentials, creations, or talents.

And it is a curious prospect, particularly upon your planet which, is a planet not only of love but a planet whose mosaic, whose pattern is of diversity.

So it is very curious to all of us when someone tries to pigeonhole [someone else] or even to pigeonhole themselves and define themselves in a unilateral [one-dimensional?] way.

It is a denial of oneself, of one’s sacred patterning and of the powers and potential that each and every being upon your planet carries. And we do not simply mean the humans. …

But this sense of limitation, which is but a reflection of a belief in lack, has absolute need not merely to be eliminated but to be obliterated. There is no room for such belief systems in the Mother’s Infinite Power of Creation.

And this is not simply a power that is bestowed upon one or two or that she keeps to herself. It is a blessing that is shared equally. Yes, there are many upon the planet that do not accept that blessing, that do not pick up that invitation.

And so the invitation lies unopened. The talent goes unrecognized. But there is no one that comes to the planet without unique abilities. And this is the time of grand awakening, of people, humans, starseed, hybrid, earth keeper… It matters not how they define themselves.

What they are discovering, in this time of what you think of in the North as Spring, is that these new talents, which are really original talents, are percolating and pushing themselves to the surface.

Because it is not only in divine timing, beloved. It is also in human timing. So there is a great deal occurring even though many think that there is nothing. It is in fact a very fruitful moment in the ultimate time of humanity.


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Artist Aaron Paquette


River of Love – Steve Beckow

Artist ~ Amanda Sage


River of Love

I said in an earlier article that a planetary heart opening was the most likely sudden event to present itself to us.

In my conversation with the Mother on the subject, I asked her if I should be writing about it and she said I should. (1)

It makes to me sense that the greater our understanding of the event, the easier it’ll be for us to weather if and when it happens.

Let’s begin by clarifying some notions. When I say “heart opening,” I’m not referring to an attitude like “open-heartedness.”

I’m referring to a technical, “physical” experience (2) happening to our hearts, which themselves could be said to be located on the Seventh Dimension, Michael told me.

Steve: The heart … doesn’t exist on the physical, obviously. What dimension does the heart exist at or is it multidimensional?

AAM: It is multidimensional but if you want to find a home for it, it would be in the Seventh. (3)

It’s an interdimensional experience triggered by the kundalini reaching the fourth or heart chakra. So first the energy reaches the fourth chakra and then the spiritual heart, which is altogether different, opens. It blossoms; it flowers.

The gateway to the heart, the aperture which resembles a camera’s aperture, is normally closed in almost all of us.  But then an experience happens and the heart is now “open.” That is, the aperture has opened and love now flows. I’ll reference my descriptions of it and Bright Star’s, below. (4)

In my case, I was sitting at my desk, an hour before a reading with Archangel Michael on March 13, 2015. I suddenly became aware of an energy working its way up my leg. (5)

At first I was alarmed, remembering pictures of the killer mist descending on the Egyptians in The Ten Commandments. Then I remembered that I was a servant of the Mother and under her care. If I was having an experience, it was because she willed it. So I surrendered to what was happening.

The energy ran up my body until it reached the heart chakra. When it did, there was an immense explosion, as if a 15-inch gun went off. It felt as if a bale of cotton had been jettisoned from my heart and my heart was now open.

I’m shortening my description by simply saying I found myself in a tsunami, a river of love, which swept away from me all concerns, all anxieties, all fears. I was left in original innocence and purity.

Milliseconds later, I found myself being swept away and ended up in a condition of seeing love everywhere, as if I was immersed in an Ocean of it. At that point there wasn’t a cell in my body that was not drenched in love. There wasn’t a cell in my body that wasn’t surrendered to it. I literally had drowned in love and was loving it.

And this condition lasted, on and off, for another seven months.

For the next several years, I lived in the experience of the heart being partially open. Wisps of love were enough to recreate the experience. Now less so.

This is to be expected of all spiritual experiences short of Ascension or Sahaja Samadhi. Only a full and complete heart opening beyond the seven-chakra system (called Sahaja Samadhi) is permanent.

That’s a thumbnail sketch of the experience of a heart opening.

So again, this is a technical description of a “physical” process. While the heart exists on a higher dimension, we experience it as being located in the center of our being.

When it opens, we get a taste of what’s to come, made permanent for us by the culmination of our Ascension.

I have no idea when the heart opening will occur but make a mental note to not be surprised if one day you find yourself drowning in love. You’re not having a heart attack. Your heart just opened.


(1) Steve: Should I be writing on what to expect [from a heart opening]? That your heart could feel like it’s exploding?

DM: Yes. (“The Mother Promises a Massive Heart Opening – Part 2/2,” September 6, 2017, at

(2) I regard all twelve dimensions as being “physical” or “material” (matter, mater, Mother).  Only the Transcendental is not physical, in my view.

(3) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillom, Dec. 5, 2018.

(4) See “Bright Star: An Account of a Heart Opening, at For a description of mine, see “Submerged in Love,” March 14, 2015, at

(5) One of the reasons I didn’t think this was a kundalini event was that I believed that the kundaini started in the root chakra. But Michael later told me that the kundalini was everywhere and could just as easily run up my leg.

Artist ~ Amanda Sage

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Smelling, Tasting, and Holding Hope – Steve Beckow

Earth Mother by Mara Diop


Smelling, Tasting, and Holding Hope

In my workshop years, the conventional wisdom was that hope was deferred action, wasted opportunity, useless dreaming, etc.

Fast forward to the present and Archangel Michael places some emphasis on the divine quality of hope.

I know he wanted me to post his comments from a bit back. They got lost in a pile of papers on my desktop. But here is his teaching on the value and utility of hope.

Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Jan. 20, 2017.

Archangel Michael: Hope is necessary. It is not just blind trust or blind faith. In fact there is nothing blind about any of these elements.

Hope is what acts as the glue, as the cement between the ideas, the dreams, the desires, the creation. It is in the very air that you breathe and [is] what you bring to fruition in tangible physical multi-dimensional reality.

If you do not have hope married and partnered deeply with the trust then it does not come to fruition.

Now many do not call it hope. Hope tends to be something that many seem to veer away from and that is why I’m bringing it up today.

But in fact it is the consistent and persistent holding of hope that has allowed you and so many to continue forward.

It is the hope that everything is coming to fruition, that it is coming to fruition not only rapidly but in the form and format that one desires. And if it is not in that format then it will be better than, and that is almost a guarantee.

Because the human scope of vision, even as it is expanding dramatically, is still very limited.

But what you have held out, and what you continue to hold out to so many on our platform is this hope. Not the promise of hope but the actual quality that people can smell and taste and hold as they move forward in the fulfilment of their mission and purpose as well.

You’ve had a very good example of this in your recent real-estate transactions (1)  and you have hoped for years that you would land exactly where you are landing! (2) (SEE PHOTO ON ORIGINAL POST)

Steve: That’s right.

AAM: So you know how hope works, that you hold it and it brings to you that which is truly for your highest good.

There is a quality to this divine quality [of hope] that does not allow for the lesser to intervene.

So, for example, you cannot hope for a kidney stone and have it manifest. That is not how hope works.

It is always higher, better, fuller, broader in alignment with your divine self and with the divine plan. That is one of the straightest and strongest qualities of this element called hope.

Steve: I have always had trouble with hope. (3)

AAM: Yes, I know. That is why we are talking about it. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Jan. 20, 2017.)


(1) Referring to my then-new apartment.

(2) Yes, it’s true. The exact building with the exact outlook I’ve always wanted. (I knew someone who lived in the building.)

(3) It was panned in the growth movement.

Close up of Earth Mother by Mara Diop

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What is the Pattern of the Mother – Steve Beckow

Shakti Painting by Subrata Ghosh


What is the Pattern of the Mother?

When we say that the universe is based on the patterning of the Mother, what do we mean?

What is a pattern of the Mother?

I’m going to look at two patterns here, actually. One is the sacred arc we all follow from God to God and the second is the pattern of creation, preservation, and transformation that we follow as we journey.

If you try to imagine both of these you arrive at the same conical figure: rising, persisting, and reuniting.

Regarding the first, the Mother plays a pivotal role in the spiritual evolution of the divine spark or Child of God. Its journey takes it from the Father and into the world and back again to the Father.

Jesus described the conical shape of the sacred arc this way; “I came forth from the Father, and am come into the world [the Mother’s domain]: again, I leave the world, and go to the Father.”  (5)

In the part of the arc that has us be in her domain, the Divine Mother wraps the Child of God in form. She fashions a body or a temple from within which it interacts with the physical world in order to learn, grow, and evolve into knowledge of its true nature.

Here are some Biblical statements alluding to the Mother fashioning the body.

Proverbs: “Wisdom [Solomon’s name for the Mother] hath builded her house [the body], she hath hewn her seven pillars [or chakras]. (1)

Job: “The Spirit of God hath made me, and the breath [spiritus] of the Almighty hath given me life. (2)

Paul: “What? Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?” (3)

And here’s Paramahansa Yogananda explaining the process in more detail:

“Sage Patanjali, greatest of Hindu Yogis, says, ‘The Spirit, God the Father, or Iswara, manifests Himself as the cosmic vibration, or matter.’ ‘The Spirit was made flesh’ — for the intelligent spirit materializes itself into gross flesh by changing its rate of vibration.

“Cosmic intelligence becomes cosmic intelligent motion, or vibration, which changes into cosmic energy. This intelligent cosmic energy changes into electrons and atoms. Electrons and atoms change into gas, sometimes known as cosmic nebulae.

“Cosmic nebulae, or masses of diffused gaseous matter change into water. Water changes into solid matter. Man’s body is part of this variously divided matter. In cosmic vibration all things are one, but when cosmic vibration becomes frozen into matter, then it becomes many.

“So man’s body, being separated from cosmic vibration, again must retrace the various states of higher vibrations in order to lift his consciousness from the vibrations of breath, heart, and circulation to the vibrating sound from cosmic life force and all atoms.” (4)

The Divine Mother clothes the Child of God and begins it on its spiritual journey through ignorance and illusion back to the truth of its own nature: That it is no different than the One from whom it came.

The human cycle of birth, growing, and death reflects the divine cycle or sacred arc from God to God – release, evolution, reunion.

So that is one pattern:

I can offer a second pattern as well. While we pilgrims are in matter, mater, Mother, we follow a certain generic and foundational cycle, although we probably don’t notice it.

The pattern on which this second cycle is based is the Mother’s aspect as the primal, universal creative vibration that we call Aum. Aum is Mother/Father God’s very nature, as enlightened sages say.

Shankara: “Oh, Lord, dweller within… Om is your very self, Om, holiest word.” (6)

Upanishads: “Thou art Brahman [God], one with the syllable OM, which is in all scriptures — the supreme syllable, the Mother of all sound. … The syllable OM is verily thine image. Through this syllable thou mayest be attained.” (7)

Yogananda: “God is the Word or Om or Holy Ghost or Cosmic Vibration or Cosmic Energy. God is Cosmic Sound resulting from the Cosmic Energy and Cosmic Vibration. God’s first manifestation is the Word or Intelligent Cosmic Vibrating Sound.” (8)

What is Aum’s nature? Aum is a divine sine wave that has three phases: creation, preservation, and transformation – designated as Akar, Ukar, and Makar (AUM).

These three phases are synonymous with the three cosmic forces or gunas called rajas, sattwa, and thamas and are personified as Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.

The spiritual arc from God to God and the cycle of creation, preservation, and transformation are actually the same one pattern of rising, persisting, and reuniting.  (10)

What difference is there in saying that every person goes through a cycle of release from God, spiritual evolution, and reunion with God and saying that the basic pattern of life is creation, preservation, and transformation. Or inbreath, pause, and outbreath. Or conception, gestation, and birth. Or birth, growth, and death.

They are are all based on the same pattern, wherever we find it and whatever words we use to describe it: Rising, persisting, returning, like dolphins in the water, on a sacred journey that everyone travels, to and from God.

This perpetual cycle sets the parameters of our experience in this school of life we call existence.

Is the Mother then simply Shakti, energy, kundalini and nothing more?

On An Hour with an Angel, she acknowledged that Shakti, the creative energy, is only a small part of herself:

“When I have spoken about … Shakti, I have spoken about a part of me. As I have said, I am the bridge, I am the clasp between the Father and the universe and your world.

“And Shakti has been experienced – yes, inter-dimensionally for eons as you well know – but she is not the totality of my being. My being is bigger than you can fathom, dear one.

“So I do not simply mean that she is an aspect manifesting. But it is simply larger than any of you can imagine, particularly at this point.” (9)

Shakti may only be a small part of the Divine Mother, but the rounds of our lives are patterned on it, as a conical arc or as a sine wave.

When we take a microscope and focus it on the tiniest living things or aim our telescope to take in the ends of this island universe, one among many, we see the fractal-nature of existence, the original pattern being divine, which is then replicated.


(1) Proverbs 9:1.

(2) Job 33:4.

(3) I Corinthians 6:19. “The Bible refers to Aum as the Holy Ghost or invisible life force that divinely upholds all creation. ‘What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which we have of God, and ye are not your own?’” I Corinthians 6:19. (Paramahansa Yogananda, Autobiography of a Yogi. Bombay: Jaico, 1975, 363n.)

(4) Paramahansa Yogananda, The Second Coming of Christ. Dallas: Amrita Foundation, 1979-86, 1, 15.

(5) John 16:28.

(6) Shankara in Swami Prabhavananda and Christopher lsherwood, Shankara’s Crest-Jewel of Discrimination. Hollywood: Vedanta Press, 1975; c1947, i.

(7) Swami Prabhavananda and Frederick Manchester, trans., The Upanishads. Breath of the Eternal. New York and Scarborough: New American Library, 1957; c1948, 53.

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(9) “The Divine Mother: Come to Me as I Come to You – Part 1/2,” Oct. 17, 2012 at

(10) Hindus call life a divine leela or play. In fact it is: God creates illusory divisions within Itself and has them forget their true identity. He then sends them on a quest to discover it and reunite with the One. God meets God in a moment of our enlightenment. That is the basis of the leela.


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The Mother, the Celestials, and Enlightenment: The Rules have Changed – Steve Beckow


Divine Mother @


The Mother, the Celestials, and Enlightenment: The Rules have Changed
March 29, 2019 By Steve Beckow
Mother is in Charge

In this article, I want to demonstrate that the Mother and her servants, the celestials, are in charge of our enlightenment.

I won’t draw on the evidence in our terrestrial scriptures here; I may in a future article. (1) Instead I’ll draw on events with the Company of Heaven through their channeled messages.

Let me begin with the Divine Mother’s description of how she modulated the Xenia experience of the Self that I had on Sept. 18, 2018. (2)

Steve: The experience at Xenia, Mother, was that truncated?

Divine Mother: Slightly, yes.

Steve: I had the thought [it was]. … The Light I saw should have been brighter than a thousand suns. The fact that it wasn’t suggests to me that the experience was truncated. …

DM: It was not as brilliant as possible, let us put it that way.

Steve: Alright… And again, the reason is to keep me in sync with my readers?

DM: It is to keep you in sync with your readers… But let me be very clear about that. If you had seen the light as it actually is, yes, a million, billion suns… You would have simply departed. …

We don’t mean die but you would have departed the life that you have designed – yes with us, for yourself; for the service you are providing – you would have departed and simply said, “I do not need to do this. I will just simply sit in the bliss of love and good luck, everybody!” (3)

The Divine Mother determined that the Light I saw was not as brilliant as it naturally is. She turned it down or dimmed my faculties. It shows that the Mother and her celestial servants do work with us and determine most things about our enlightenment experiences.

Here Archangel Michael confesses to measuring our experiences to me:

Steve: Now, when an experience is truncated how am I to look upon it? That you wish me to write about it as far as I’ve experienced it? That we’re illustrating things in bite-size chunks so as not to overload people? That you don’t want us to be fully ascended because we’ll stop serving the Mother in this particular regard if we do?

Archangel Michael: What you have seen is that you have been given bite-sized pieces of energy, of energy bumps, of input of what you can digest and handle and truly bring to fruition. If you are in the process of expansion, you don’t go from Grade 3 to a PhD in a week. (4)

That’s utterly fine with me. These “bite-sized pieces” have each amazed me and kept me researching for weeks at a time so keep them coming.

Othwerwise, I’m happy leaving the management of my experiences, as a lightworker, to Michael and the Mother.

Add to their role in shaping and dispensing our enlightenments the fact that the rules of enlightenment have changed.

The Rules have Changed

It was St. Germaine who first brought up the suggestion that all the rules have changed with regard to enlightenment. Here he says:

“You see all the rules have changed. You have decided to maintain form. That doesn’t mean we’re going to have you punished by not allowing you access to the 7th.

“That is the old paradigm. ‘You can’t come here, unless you die.’ Well, that’s not true! That’s what enlightenment and Ascension is about. You can go as far [as you like?], you can go and feel and be the Love that is the 7th Christ consciousness. You can have it all and then you pull it into your physical form so that you are a walking, talking, working, creating Christ-conscious Being.” (5)

The celestials, at the behest of the Mother, enlighten humans. They made the rules and I suppose they can change them.

They did so with me. I had a full-blown heart opening on March 13, 2015. But then, the next experience I had – if I recall correctly; it’s all on the blog – was a truncated experience of Brahmajnana or God-Realization.

That isn’t supposed to happen. That means a jump from the Fourth Chakra to the Seventh, without triggering the Sixth, an event known as cosmic consciousness or savikalpa samadhi.

In my case, the celestials engineered a leap over an important stage of enlightenment. That suggests to me that they can do pretty much what they please with our enlightenments.

They themselves hint at changing the rules. Once, when I suggested to Michael that he was departing from the descriptions of classical enlightenment theory, he implied that the latter no longer applied.

Steve Beckow: It’s very different from classical theory.

Archangel Michael: Classical theory has served you well. Now you are on a new course. (6)

On another occasion, he discussed one thing that was different between the way the sages operated and the way our society is and will be operating.

Archangel Michael: Now [in olden times] that sense of bringing others along wasn’t defined by dimensions. It was more a teacher/student, sage/novitiate relationship. So the framework was very different.

What you have now, is the knowingness that you are, for purposes of explanation, moving forward dimensionally, flowing back and forth, and that sense also of the flow throughout dimensions, that you can flow back and forth, that it was not restricted, that it wasn’t that you arrived at Heaven’s Gate and that was it.

This flow is new. Well, it is not new but it is new to human thinking and the sense that, yes, you [lightworkers] are not looking for students or followers. What you are truly doing, yes, as pathfinders, you are showing the way, but you are also bringing along the collective in entrainment.

Now the sages did not think of this, of their journey as a process of entrainment, of bringing the entire collective along. You do. And when I say “you” I mean the current thinking and body of understanding and knowing in the lightworker community. So the fundamental premises have changed. (7)

That’s amazing that we lightworkers are bringing the collective along by a process of entrainment. How that differs from the traditional guru/student relationship. And, yes, “the fundamental premises[of enlightenment] have changed.”

I personally find what he says fascinating and reassuring. I’m amazed to think that we lightworkers are carving out a new path. But the way he describes it resonates with me.

Once when I asked him about heart openings, his reply again hinted at changes in the field of enlightenment in the course of and as a result of this Ascension:

AAM: You are in a time of individual and collective Ascension that has never occurred upon your planet or elsewhere so many of the historic and accurate understandings with regard to heart openings have shifted, expanded, can we say? (8)

Again the departure from classical theory, “the historic and accurate understandings with regard to heart openings.” (9)

The total picture is a fluid one – just as we’re going through a tremendous transition, the transition process is itself is in transition.

Therefore we cannot rely any longer on the same spiritual sources to the degree that we once did. They are accurate as far as they go. But enlightenment itself is “shifting, expanding.” New concepts are arriving that shake up the foundations of our knowledge – such as interdimensionality, the existence of other, more advanced civilizations, new sciences, physical immortality, on and on.

Everything is shifting and we may not find ourselves going forward by anchoring to the past. Like the mussel in Richard Bach’s Illusions, we have to release into the current to realize our full destiny.


(1) See “Angels – Angels enlighten, or participate in the enlightenment of, humans,” at

(2) I apologize for always repeating the dates and names of events but I always feel the need to consider those readers who may be hearing about these events for the first time.

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(9) In classical theory what occurred was a Fourth-Chakra enlightenment event Hindus call “spiritual awakening” and Buddhists “stream entering.” See “Enlightenment – (1) Spiritual Awakening – How has the experience of spiritual awakening been described?” at and following sections.

Of it Emerson wrote: “No man ever forgot the visitations of that power to his heart and brain, which created all things new; which was the dawn in him of music, poetry, and art.” (Emerson, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Essays. First Series. London: Routledge and Sons, 1898; c1841, 166.)

Divine Mother @


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Doing the Cosmic Dance; or, Who Goes into the Stillness? Steve Beckow

Russian Dolls family faces


Doing the Cosmic Dance; or, Who Goes into the Stillness?
March 24, 2019 By Steve Beckow

When I “go into” the stillness, what is it that stills?

As far as I can see, it’s the mind.

It’s the thoughts and the feelings they call up. It’s the chatter, the hopes, and worries, and fears.

And who is the “I” whose will/intention stills it?

I have to digress for a moment. The very deepest form of that “I” is filtered down through each form or body that it inhabits.

The “I” that stills it is a higher version of my everyday consciousness but it’s not as high, so to speak, in the very deepest “I” or “Self” that I and you are.

Nonetheless the will originates in that deepest Self – the impulse, the intention.

Imagine a Babushka doll. The “I” that stills is the very outermost doll. The next one in is the one who wills to still it, but that next one and its will are ultimately to be found as the very smallest doll at the center of the Babushka nested figure, or the Void at the center of our Being.

That smallest doll is the source of the will that stills the mind. But again it’s will is expressed through all the bodies it’s using to experience new aspects of life.

It becomes filtered along the way by our attitudes, feelings, trauma and other circumstances that go to make up the manifestation of the Self at any one level.

At least that’s the way I see it.

So when I go to still the mind, I’m simply matching up to life at the highest realms. There I’m still, in terms of material things, but not still in terms of love and the divine qualities.

They flow and change, allowing me to experience life at many levels, even if I’m not usually conscious of doing so. Together they form what Sue Lie would call “the multidimensional Self.”

The truth is what’s so, Werner Erhard used to say; it’s also so what?

Well, here’s what. I remember when I didn’t know how to dance and I was as clumsy as could be. Then I learned how to dance and suddenly a whole new area of life opened up for me.

By the same token, when I know who is stilling what, I know how to dance in that arena as well. I know what I’m doing. I know who is doing it. I know where it all fits in.

The truth, on any level, has the power to set me free. In this case, knowing the truth of who stills the mind sets me from from the forced inaction of not knowing.

I can now conduct the process of stilling the mind knowingly. I can do the cosmic dance a great deal easier.


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What is That Ringing in My Ears? – Steve Beckow

Yogananda 🧡


What is That Ringing in My Ears?

Thanks to Diane for pointing out that some people actually may have tinnitus.

I’ve been hearing a ringing sound in my ears ever since I can remember.

Many people who also hear it worry that they have tinnitus. Wikipedia says:

Tinnitus is the hearing of sound when no external sound is present.[1] While often described as a ringing, it may also sound like a clicking, hiss or roaring.[2] Rarely, unclear voices or music are heard.[3] The sound may be soft or loud, low pitched or high pitched and appear to be coming from one ear or both.[2] Most of the time, it comes on gradually.[3] In some people, the sound causes depression or anxiety and can interfere with concentration.[2]

In the course of studying terrestrial sages on enlightenment, I came across explanations which identified the ringing as the sound of the cosmic motor, Aum, the music of the spheres.

Let me first establish its identity with Aum, an aspect of the Mother, and then look at what effect it has.

Paramahansa Yogananda went into most detail on Aum/Amen, the creative universal vibration, in his series, The Second Coming of Christ:

“God is the Word or Om or Holy Ghost or Cosmic Vibration or Cosmic Energy. God is Cosmic Sound resulting from the Cosmic Energy and Cosmic Vibration. God’s first manifestation is the Word or Intelligent Cosmic Vibrating Sound.” (1)

“This Amen is the faithful witness in the beginning of creation — that is, all vibrating creation is accompanied by the Cosmic Sound of Amen or Om or the Word or Holy Ghost, which is the first vibrating manifestation of God.” (2)

Listening to this sound in meditation is one pathway to Self-Realization, Yogananda tells us:

“[One] hears the sound of Holy Ghost [Aum] when all bodily and astral sounds cease. Then, by deeper meditation on this sound, by higher processes learned from the Guru, he can be one with the sound and ‘touch’ it.

“Then, after touching or feeling it, by still higher methods, the spiritual aspirant will find his consciousness vibrating simultaneously in his body and in several continents. As he progresses further by deeper and longer meditation, he will find his consciousness vibrating simultaneously in his body, in the earth, the planets, the universes, and in every particle of matter.” (3)

On another occasion, he added:

“When the Yogi … listens to cosmic vibration, his mind is diverted from the physical sounds of matter outside his body to the circulatory sounds of the vibrating flesh. Then his consciousness is diverted from the vibrations of the body to the musical vibrations of the astral body.

“Then his consciousness wanders from the vibrations of the astral body to the vibrations of consciousness in all atoms. Then the consciousness of the Yogi listens to the Holy Ghost or Cosmic Sound emanating from all atoms.

“This is the way the ordinary consciousness should be baptized or expanded into Christ consciousness through the expanding power of the Holy Ghost, or the all-spreading ‘Aum-vibrating-sound’ heard in meditation.” (4)

Jesus knew it:

“He that hath an ear, let him hear what the [Holy] Spirit saith unto the churches…. These things saith the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God.” (5)

The ascended master Hilarion, through Mabel Collins, described it:

“Look for it and listen to it first in your own heart. At first you may say: ‘It is not there; when I search I find only discord.’ Look deeper.

“If again you are disappointed, pause and look deeper again. There is a natural melody, an obscure fount in every human heart. It may be hidden over and utterly concealed and silenced — but it is there.” (5)

Here is Theosophist Annie Besant on it:

“The source from which a universe proceeds is a manifested Divine Being, to whom in the modern form of the Ancient Wisdom the name of Logos, or Word, has been given. The name is drawn from Greek philosophy, but perfectly expresses the ancient ideas, the Word which emerges from the Silence, the Voice, the Sound, by which the worlds come into being. “(6)

Now yogi Swami Satyeswarananda:

“‘The Word was God’ means the sound was God. This Sound is the Inner Sound OM, AUM, Amen.” (7)

Sri Ramakrishna illustrated how it could be a pathway to union with God. He called it the “Sound Brahman [God].”  He taught his disciple, Swami Brahmananda, to meditate upon it:

“One day, in the course of his teaching, Sri Ramakrishna spoke about the manifestation of Brahman as sound — the Logos. later, when I sat for meditation I took this as my subject, and it was not long before the sound Brahman was revealed to me.” (8)

Now let’s fast forward to our sources today. In 2014, I asked the Divine Mother if she was Aum, the voice of one crying in the wilderness. She replied:

Steve Beckow: Mother, you’re also known as the Word of God, Aum, the voice of one crying in the wilderness, and the noise of many waters. …

DM:  Yes, I am … the voice crying in the wilderness.  (9)

Archangel Michael also touched on the matter when discussing how he makes his presence known. I asked him in 2013 if he signalled his presence with a high-pitched ringing in the ears. In the course of his response, he also affirmed that the sound on other occasions could be the whir of the cosmic motor.

Steve: Is a loud, high-pitched ringing the sign of an overlighting presence?

Archangel Michael: Yes.

S: Oh, I thought that was the sound of the cosmic motor [Aum, the Divine Mother, the Word of God].

AAM: It is the cosmic motor but it is the cosmic motor tapping you on the shoulder and saying “We’re here.” (10)

We had a similar discussion on another occasion:

Archangel Michael: When you wish for inspiration, go quiet. Yes, you will hear the ringing again and again and again. And simply listen. And allow.

Steve: The ringing. Is it at base the Mother? Is it at base the universal creative vibration?

AAM: There are two ringings that you perceive, and one, yes, is the universe. And the universal tone, as it were. But there is a higher pitch that I tend to come in on. (11)

Well, I hear that ringing all the time. Does it mean Archangel Michael is there all the time? He responds:

Steve: How do I know when you are whispering in my ear?

Archangel Michael: Often it is prefaced by a high pitched ring.

Steve: Oh, I hear that all the time.

AAM: Yes, I know.

Steve: [laughing] Are you here all the time?

AAM: Yes, I am. (12)

So if you’re hearing a ringing in your ears, fear not! You’re not losing your hearing, risking dementia, or going insane.

Either that’s the first audible resonance of the music of the spheres or else it’s your particular angel making his or her presence known.

According to the sages, hearing this is a great blessing and, if you focus on it in meditation, can be a path to union with the Divine.


(1) Paramahansa Yogananda, The Second Coming of Christ. Vol. 1.  Dallas: Amrita Foundation, 1979, 22.

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(3) Ibid., 17. The Mother is the Holy Ghost – or Holy Spirit. “Spiritus” equals “breath.” Breath is composed of an inbreath, pause, and outbreath. These are equivalent to creation, preservation, and transformation – which are equivalent to the three gunas of rajas (creation, Brahma), sattwa (preservation, Vishnu) and thamas (transformation, Shiva).

Hindus equate this with Aum, which breaks down into Akar (inbreath, creation, rajas, Brahma), Ukar (pause, preservation, sattwa, Vishnu), and Makar (outbreath, transformation, thamas, Shiva). The equivalent for Western civilizations is the Amen, as in Jesus’ statement: “These things saith the Amen.”

(4) Ibid., 20-1.

(5) John 1:1-2. Solomon also knew it. He called the Holy Spirit “Wisdom:

“Doth not wisdom cry

“The Lord possessed me in the beginning of his way, before his works of old.

“I was set up from everlasting [that is, before time], from the beginning, or ever the earth was.

“When there were no depths, I was brought forth; when there were no fountains abounding with water. …

“While as yet he had not made the earth, nor the fields, nor the highest part of the dust of the world.

“When he prepared the heavens, I was there: when he set a compass on the face of the depth.

“When he established the clouds above: when he strengthened the fountains of the deep.

“When he gave to the sea his decree, that the waters should not pass his commandment: when he appointed the foundations of the earth.

“Then I was by him, as one brought up with him: and I was daily his delight, rejoicing always before him. …

“Now therefore hearken unto me, O ye children: for blessed are they that keep my ways.”  (Proverbs, 8:1, 22-4, 26-30, and 32.) [My emphasis.]

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Yogananda 🧡

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Are Lightworkers Who Participate in the Reval Protected? – Part 4/4 – Steve Beckow

Michael by Carlos Quevedo @ DeviantArt


Are Lightworkers Who Participate in the Reval Protected? – Part 4/4

(Concluded from Part 3, yesterday.)

Let me now provide a series of reassurances that have not been given so far to suggest how many times and in how many different ways this promise of protection for dedicated and purely-motivated financial stewards has been given.

Feb. 18, 2011:

Archangel Michael: It is not so much, my friend, that you are being targeted. That does not mean that you are not on the radar. Of course you are. And as you step forward to create peace on Earth, it will be even more so.

But you are also mightily protected, and you have created and built your energy field. They cannot and will not be permitted to harm you.

Yes, we know that this is a time when all the shenanigans are being put out to play. But our code word is victory and it is not victory over anything; it is victory with. It is the bringing of peace on Earth, because that is the prelude; that is the promise; it is the promise that has been made throughout the universe, but it is also the promise that has been made to the Universal Mother. And that peace will prevail. (1)

Nov. 19, 2013:

Archangel Michael: You are being mightily – and I use that word very specifically – mightily protected and this is a long-term project. (2)

April 24, 2015:

Steve: How do I guarantee that corruption won’t set in?

Archangel Michael: First of all, (laughing) WHO do you think you are working with, dear heart? …

Yes, there will be substantial oversight. Shall we say it that way? (3)

Feb. 5, 2016:

Archangel Michael: You have not incarnated to be removed, either by inflicted or imagined or created [forces]. [You’re not] in physicality [for] anything less than perfection. (4)

March 23, 2016:

Steve:  Should I hire Executive Security International to protect me?

Archangel Michael: No. You have a much better protection team, dear heart!

Steve: So, I don’t need an asset protection attorney?

AAM: Yes you do need an asset protection attorney. But you do not need private security.

Steve: Am I just to walk down the street, you know without a care in the world or do I need to fear something like kidnapping in any way shape or form?

AAM: No, you do not need to fear kidnapping but we also suggest you don’t walk alone.

Steve: Ever?

AAM: No, when you’re going to do your exchanges. (5)

July 22, 2016:

Steve: I need more reassurance in the area of protection because I’m going to be writing about [financial matters]. Do I run a risk of being kidnapped?

Archangel Michael: No.

Steve: Then that eliminates the second question which was about torture. So good!

Surely the cabal is looking at these people with a lot of money and licking its chops, right?

AAM: You are hidden in many ways. So think of it, first of all, I am pretty good at protection. I have a few souls that help me out now and then.

Steve: Do I know who I am talking to? Exactly! (6)

AAM: So do you think a few rogues are going to beat me at my own game?

Steve: Probably not! I just fear what Will Smith said in Independence Day, “Oops!” as he crashed his spaceship into the wall.

AAM: Not to worry, dear heart. You are mightily protected.

Steve: Thank you for reassuring me on that. (7)

Sept. 2, 2016:

Archangel Michael: Because you are in a position of leadership, of stewardship and of trusteeship, you do not want to paint a target on your back.

Now are you mightily protected? Well, my friend, if I cannot protect you, nobody can.

So I would suggest, of course you are safe. What you don’t want is to be bothered. (8.)

OK, now you know as much as I know.

Yes, I believe these communications to be true and effective. But you need to decide for yourself. Please take responsibility for making your own assessment and choice.

Even though the Reval has not yet arrived and none of us have money, we can still use the time to plan what we’ll do after. I’m benefitting greatly from thinking from the context of post-Reval wealth and what it can do for global society.


(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Feb. 18, 2011.

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Michael by Carlos Quevedo @ DeviantArt

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Are Lightworkers Who Participate in the Reval Protected? Part 3/4 – Steve Beckow

Art by Yue Wang aka Sakimichan @ DeviantArt


Are Lightworkers Who Participate in the Reval Protected? – Part 3/4

(Continued from Part 2, yesterday.)

We continue our discussion of the protection of lightworker currency holders.

When I asked Michael if I should be applying for TDA monies – the billion-dollar accounts set up for each person, which the Illuminati have been using to “pay their bills” – Michael replied:

AAM: No, stand way back.

Steve: Okay, and the reason for that, Lord?

AAM: Well, there are number of reasons. One is, and I say this knowing you are fully protected, we want you flying under the radar.

And at this moment, those who are working in this arena, shall we say, are allowing themselves – and it is part of their mission and purpose to be very clearly on the radar – very clearly vulnerable and exposed. (1)

Now let’s turn to specific circumstances. First, bank theft:

Steve: Am I correct in thinking that we’re guarded against such things as bank theft?

Archangel Michael: You most certainly are. (2)

Second, protection from scammers:

Steve: Should we reserve domain names or create trademarks or should we worry about scammers posing as us?

Archangel Michael: You do not need to worry about a thing, dear heart. (3)

Next, self-doubt and poor decision-making:

Archangel Michael: Do not doubt yourself. And do not doubt what you are feeling moved to do. For we are not only moving, we are encouraging, we are pushing and pulling at times. And there are times when you push and pull right back. And, my brother, that is all right as well.

This is the time to be courageous. And yes, dear heart, rather outspoken.

Steve: I do feel courageous and outspoken.

AAM: You most certainly are. And we come to say be fearless, because you are protected. (4)

Archangel Michael: Not that we will allow you to go wrong – let us be very clear.  This plan has been an unfoldment for far too long for money to simply be washed down the drain by decisions that are not beneficial either for yourself or for others and for those who will benefit from the abundance programs, plural. (5)

And last, a fear of kidnapping, torture, death:

Divine Mother: Having encouraged you to go forth, having provided the mechanisms for that to occur, do you really think in our divinity, in our family, that we are going to arrange for a rogue bandit to harm you? You are mightily protected! (6)

Steve: Am I protected and are my loved ones also protected from such things as being kidnapped and held for ransom?

Archangel Michael: Yes. (7)

Steve: I have no fear of death. I have a fear of torture.

Arcturians through Sue Lie: Well, you don’t have to have a fear of torture because, if you have no fear of death, you can just choose to die and then they can’t torture you. (8)

Archangel Michael: The dying piece is neither here nor there. You know that I would lift you up very rapidly and take you home, joyously. (9)

Perhaps a macabre subject to ask for reassurance on and some unexpected advice, but a situation of concern nonetheless.

Tomorrow I’d like to bring together all the mentions that AAM has given to the subject (not already discussed), to bring home the point that the matter has been thoroughly looked at over the years.  There is little chance of misinterpretation of the message.

(To be concluded in Part 4, tomorrow.)


(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Aug. 2, 2017.

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(8) The Arcturians in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Sue Lie, July 22, 2014. I have no fear of death because I experienced my independence of the physical body in an out-of-body experience in 1977. Once we see we’re not the body, the fear of death instantly disappears. Note what Mike Quinsey said recently:

“You will realise that you are not your physical body, and this is provable at your level by the experiences of those that have had ‘out of the body’ experiences. When you permanently leave it upon death the cord is cut and you are released.

“There is nothing to be fearful about concerning death, and you have had numerous examples where souls have been thrown out of their bodies and not realised that anything has happened. This is due to them having immediately found themselves in their etheric body that is identical to the physical body, except that it is of a finer vibration.” (Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self, March 15, 2019, at )

(9) Archangel Michael in a personal reading, ibid., Aug. 1, 2014.
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Art by Yue Wang aka Sakimichan @ DeviantArt

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The Sources of Unusual Wealth – Steve Beckow

Artist ~ Georges Armand @ Tutt’Art


The Sources of Unusual Wealth

Having dipped my toe into the water, (1) I’d like to take another step or two in.

Originally I’d never have thought I’d be speaking on these matters.  But Michael predicted I would (2) and recently I’ve felt an inner pressure to be doing so.

I’d like to start looking at sources of unusual wealth by drawing attention to something Michael said to Kathleen in 2012:

“The Galactics have no shortage of money and so there will be some very massive projects and the funds will be made available but they will really ask for human leadership in order to be not be seen as trying to in any way assume control.” (3)

For anyone wanting to get involved, the galactics “really ask for human leadership in order to be not be seen as trying to in any way assume control.” This is an open invitation and a clear admission that they want humans to take the lead.

Never mind that he identified the galactics as one source of unusual wealth; they want our partnership.

The Divine Mother and Michael state that the Company of Heaven is watching lightworkers who step up to the humanitarian/philanthropic plate. Those who use the money wisely will be given greater and greater responsibilities.

The Mother said: “We give you [your] allowance and we see how you do.” (4) Michael explained in 2016:

Steve: Now I have been saying to readers that the Company of Heaven is watching financial wayshowers and stewards…

AAM: That is correct.

Steve:… And that those who do well – in other words, do the job of hydrating society – will find themselves supported to go forward.

AAM: That is correct. (5)

In the same year he added:

“Those who are in a position of stewardship, of beginning projects that lead the way to the building and the re-creation of what Nova Earth is truly about … become the spokesbeings for many.” (6)

We have only to ask and state our willingness for them to begin to work with us. Well, that’s my gut feeling.


Where’s this unusual wealth coming from?  In 2016 Michael talked about “the abundance programs, plural.” (7) I should have twigged when I head the phrase, but I did not.

On another occasion, he said, echoing the Mother: “That is why we have also said (this is an aside), there will be several waves of abundance. So we give you the allowance and we see how you do.” (8)

Later, once I began to realize the significance of being used as a pipeline, I asked him to confirm the sources of unusual wealth. And he did.

Steve: First of all, I want to have more understanding of where the inflow of money is coming from. Some of its coming from the Chinese elders, that’s correct, right?

AAM: Yes.

Steve: … And some from the prosperity packages [of the St. Germaine World Trust]?

AAM: Yes.

Steve: … Some from sequestered illuminati money, human rights abusers? [Executive Order, Dec. 21, 2017.]

AAM: Yes. …

Steve: … Some from historical assets [what used to be called “trading platforms,” historical bonds]?

AAM: Yes.

Steve: … Off-planet gold?

AAM: Yes. … Gold is a universal currency and it certainly has value upon this planet of Gaia. So, yes, those transfers have mostly been made and made about a year ago. (9)

Off-planet gold was contributed a year ago? That’s about the time when Linda Dillon reported seeing spaceships leave the Neptune mothership carrying gold to Earth. This trans-shipment may be what Michael is referring to here.

Couple all this with another remark he made about a year later: “There is a great deal of wealth, not only upon your planet but off-planet [as well].” (10)

I could name several other sources not so far named but some sources desire anonymity.

On another occasion, he described how wealth might flow:

“This will be by a variety of means. It will be by anonymous donations or checks or deposits or a mysterious interlude with strangers. And if one of those strangers should look like St. Germaine, do not be surprised!” (11)

Encounters with the Scarlet Pimpernel. My life is definitely getting better.

The Reval therefore is only one flow of wealth to be used to create Nova Earth.


All in all, he commented, “you are being given enormous, enormous sums of money. And that money will also generate money.” (12)

I don’t believe these words apply to me alone. The Company of Heaven is clearly intent on introducing abundance into the terrestrial equation by any and all means.

I believe he’s telling lightworkers that the celestials are prepared to enter into a co-creative partnership with those boots on the ground who are prepared to reciprocate.

Just to give you a snapshot of how a person can expand by taking on a larger project, look at the difference in the next two discussions.

One occurred before I’d really grasped what he wanted from me as a pipeline. I was still just a currency holder. The second occurred after. Listen to the change in tenor.

Archangel Michael: You will have ample money, dear heart. That is not an issue.

Steve: Even for universal basic incomes for a few countries?

AAM: Yes.  (13)

Now listen to the altered tone after we discussed the subject of a pipeline at more length:

Steve: Okay, so I’ll go ahead and try to create as many universal basic incomes as I can.

Archangel Michael: Yes, until such time as they are not needed.

Steve: If I’m going to be a pipeline, I should have the means to do this. Is that correct?

AAM: That is correct.

Steve: And I can rely on you to direct me to people in countries who can manage these projects?

AAM: Yes. There are already many who are fully capable, given the resources, to manage such a project. But because the political, financial, social, and institutional structure has not been there, the will has also not been there.

These people are in other positions and low-level occupations. But they are right there, sweet one, and, yes, we will bring them forward. (14)

I’ve gone from thinking about doing three or four UBIs to considering as many as possible. I get bigger in the process of taking on a bigger responsibility.

The Company of Heaven wants many leaders. Michael has already said that only lightworkers will have the depth of understanding of what’s happening to be able to lead well in the time of abundance ahead. (15)

I’m certain this is being said to get you to step up as one willing to be a leader in all that’s being discussed here.


It isn’t just the Reval that can provide the wealth. It’s just one of a number of options.

If conditions don’t improve such that the Reval can be released, Michael once said, the Company of Heaven are ready to go another route – primarily leaning on the St. Germaine World Trust to create the flow, as Michael reveals here:

“So when we say that in the current amorphous structure – well, amorphous as you know it – that St. Germaine’s World Trust is tucked into under that umbrella of prosperity packages, there is also the chance (because it is not written in stone, not even in amethyst), that if things do not go forward at a pace that is desirable for the unfoldment of the Mother’s Plan, [St. Germaine] will proceed with the disbursement of his funds in a different way.” (16)

Abundance will go ahead by one means or another and from one source or another like a swollen river seeking a channel.

I’m hoping that a picture is beginning to emerge – of massive flows of wealth, coming to Earth from all manner of sources and needing to be used to build Nova Earth while hydrating society.

The galactics could build a new world. But that would deprive us, its citizens, of a learning experience. The Law of Free Will says it’s our planet – we messed it up and we clean it up. But the galactics have the tools to actually finish the job.

So we’ll probably be working together, with us making the important decisions for the planet and them making the important decisions in galactic science and technology.

The Company of Heaven wants us to lead in the redistribution of wealth. And in putting the wealth to good use.

Those that step up to the plate will be given more and more responsibility and the wherewithal to really make a difference in the world.

From where I sit, the ball seems irrefutably in our court. This could be our time to shine if we step up to play.


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