I will be home – Lucia Sullivan

Hummingbird and Forest Spirits by Jennifer Baird


“Maybe you will come back.
And we will meet in the woods there,
By the old farm house.
Maybe we will breathe together again.
In the silence that beamed sugar lights out of my soul.
We can sit quietly in the night air.
Warm and dewy and buzzing with moon lights birth right.
In that little house down the old dirt road,
Where summertime was quiet and loud with life.
Where I sat on a black leather couch and listened to the summer bugs outside ,
Blending with my spirit.
Maybe you will come back.
And I will listen to the theme song from Dallas,
Play on a small t.v. ,
In a little room.
Full of presence and an in depth wonderment,
That only your quiet being could mold with.
Maybe we will laugh again.
In that same spot by the window.
Covered with plastic ,
And beating wildly in the wind.
Maybe we will find each other in the building blocks of the South.
Where some long dirt road leads to a portal of the past.
Or perhaps,
One in the future.
And things will be beautiful again.
But they will seem oddly different,
Without the house,
Without the beating plastic in the window.
All that matters is that you are there.
Within those walls of captured time,
We would create new houses with new windows.
And listen to the bugs breathe and give us a life so familiar.
That we had never lost anything.
We had just returned to one another.
Maybe you will come back.
And our winding roads will hold down the summertime.
For a long time.
One more time.
And I ,
I will be home.”

Written by Lucia SullivanΒ β™₯Β Copyright 2017 all rights reserved



New York

I am a clairvoyant, poet, writer, and seer. I believe all things are moving towards the light. I love music, dancing, boating, nature, and animals.