Introducing our Family from the Stars – Part 3/3 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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Introducing our Family from the Stars – Part 3/3

Who is the Galactic Federation of Light?

Let’s focus in on one protective and explorative federation, the Galactic Federation of Light.

“I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and I along with my companions represent the Galactic Federation where contact with you is concerned.” (1) I don’t know for how many years I thrilled to that introduction. I was one of the privileged few who was able to listen in on what civilizations from other star systems were telling us and wanting us to know.

No top-secret clearance here. No danger involved. I heard everything that was being said, like a cosmic fly on a multidimensional wall.

SaLuSa and his colleagues from the Galactic Federation of Light (GFL) are our chief witnesses on the nature and mission of this federation.

The GFL presence around Earth is composed, Ashtar tells us, of  “millions of ships – no, not all directly above your planet, but certainly in circulation very close by.” (2)

SaLuSa tells us that the GFL itself is  “of a size that you would find unimaginable, comprising many millions of personnel. Yes, they are all ascended Beings and would not otherwise be allowed to join us.” (3)

The federation is “made up of units of Beings that often stay together for thousands of years,” he tells us.

“That is why we can speak from experience where your past history is concerned. Bear in mind that we do not age such as you do, and changing from one body to another is by choice and like you putting on a new suit of clothes.” (4)

SaLuSa tells us that the GFL “liaise with other galactic groups as there is co-operation between those of the Light. In this Galaxy we are the biggest single grouping, and it is dedicated to maintaining peace throughout it.” (5)

SaLuSa explains that “the Venusians, Arcturians, Pleiadians and Andromedans … serve with us, [and] are mostly associated with past contact with Earth. There are of course others, but they are not necessarily connected with us.” (6) He continues:


“You will find that many different types of Beings from other civilizations work side by side for the Galactic Federation of Light. We enjoy the knowledge and differences that other Extraterrestrials bring with them that we can all share. Sharing is the operative word that expresses everything that we do, and it is done for the good of all.” (7)

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Hatonn, Director of Interdimensional Communications

Their members “have already ascended and serve in the Light,” he reports. (8) SaLuSa repeats on another occasion: “I … wish you to know that as members of the Galactic Federation we are enlightened Beings, and our relationship to you is based upon our love for you.” (9)

They “are charged with looking after Mankind, and your upliftment and safe journey through to Ascension.” (10)

“You will understand that the Galactic Federation is not some marauding group of Space Beings. We are organized to police the Universe helping young civilizations evolve without interference.” (11)

Even though “we have advanced technologies,” SaLuSa explains, “we do not use them to overpower people, but to protect ourselves. The Galactic Federation is a peaceful organization that promotes peace and cooperation between civilizations.” (12)

Elsewhere he explains:

“The Galactic Federation of Light is not in any way a military set up, but within the Universe there are forces that we need to protect ourselves against. They are mostly the dark Ones of the Reptilian group, but we hasten to add that there are others [i.e., other reptilian civilizations] of peaceful intent.” (13)

He tells us that “past civilizations have been attacked by Space Entities or even been taken over, but these [attacks] are not in any way connected to our Federation.” (14)

They have protected us against marauders for many millennia.

“Many times advanced civilizations from within your own Universe, have set out to conquer other planets, but you have been protected by us as the Earth has been quarantined and out of bounds to them.

“Otherwise you would not have had any means of preventing a takeover, and being enslaved. Life in the lower vibrations has been quite an experience fraught with all kinds of dangers, which is why you learnt very quickly how to survive.” (15)

Even though things have looked bad for us at times, the GFL and the other federations have historically had our back, Mira tells us.

“We will persevere even if times seem overwhelming. The changes are necessary for the Earth’s survival. You will recover and all will be greatly improved upon your planet.

“Towards this end our fleets remain on alert around your planet. Many dedicated representatives from other star systems are participating in this process. You have our complete and total focus.” (16)


“The armada of Spaceships,” SaLuSa exclaims, “brings you release from your oppressors, and immense love for your well being and happiness.” (17) Ker-on continues:

“The idea of contact with us was once a frightening prospect, largely projected by the dark forces and their portrayal of us as evil, and hungry to control you and the Earth. It is ironic that they have hidden behind that image, doing exactly what they have accused us of as part of their plan for world control.” (18)

The GFL have “strong ties with the Earth and humanity,” Mira the Pleiadian says. “We have a long history of being together.” (19)

“As the Galactic Federation,” Ker-on of Venus says, “we have … had the responsibility to follow your evolution.” (20)

“For the time being you are our focus of attention, and the most vital task we have had for a long time. You are part of a major event that carries so much importance for the whole process of Ascension. We are here to ensure that everything goes ahead and is completed as planned.” (21)

In addition to helping us ascend, the GFL has “the appointed task of restoring Mother Earth,” SaLuSa tells us. (22)

He describes the ways in which we are One.

“Start thinking of us all as One, as we are in reality no different to you and it is just that we are at a more advanced stage than yours. We have the same desires as you, and we too seek the truth and knowledge of the Universes around us. The Creator has given us all immortal life, and all the splendours and infinite creations to enjoy. Evolution is never ending, and we serve others so that they too may benefit from our knowledge.” (23)

To the largest extent, the GFL “keep many of our craft shrouded in a cloak of invisibility,” according to SaLuSa. (24)

Adamu of the Pleiadian civilization tells us how the galactics can work unobserved:

“You see, we can work across different densities of existence and we confine ourselves to densities other than your own so that we are not observed. This has been important as our non-interventionist policies dictate that we do not force ourselves upon a population that does not ask for, and is not ready for, our arrival.” (25)

In all that is to follow, SaLuSa says, “Ascension is only the start. Afterwards we have much to do by way of quickly moving you into the life changes that go with it.” (26)  “We will be coming back together as the veils lift,” Mira expplains; “and as the opportunities for our reunion present themselves.” (27)

SaLuSa adds:

“We are what you are to become, Cosmic Beings who have ascended and have the freedom to travel throughout the vastness of your great Universe. You are already members of the Galactic Federation, and may wish to serve others through our organisation. There are also other Councils and Federations like ours dedicated to doing the work of the Creator and opportunities abound to follow your hearts desire.” (28)

“The sooner we can invite you to join us as equal partners, the quicker we can move onto the next journey that will take us into other Galaxies and Universes. They seem to be never ending, as there is no end to creation as we see it.” (29)

“Can you imagine the numberless opportunities that lie before you, as there is certainly no limit to the adventures that you can take?”  (30)

Very little of this is imaginable until we have our first taste of higher consciousness and then, immediately and in a flash, we’ll see and recognize the possibilities.

Thus, galactic civilizations and their federations have gathered about Earth in their millions of ships to help this planet and its inhabitants ascend to the Fifth Dimension.

They protect us again our own governments, who were intent on culling the population and enslaving the survivors through a nuclear World War III. They protect us against marauding civilizations from the Third and Fourth Dimensions. And they protect us against ourselves and our tendencies to do things, such as exploding thermonuclear bombs and releasing depleted uranium into the atmosphere, that would have killed us and the planet.

And now they help us to ascend to a higher level of consciousness and join the ranks of the space-faring federations who help civilizations on their own journeys back to Source.


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Introducing our Family from the Stars – Part 2/3 ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


ART : In and Out – by Ognian Kouzmanov


Introducing our Family from the Stars – Part 2/3


Misrepresentations of galactics

For decades, the secret state has misrepresented galactics as monsters. They’ve engaged in abductions and animal mutilations to scare terrestrials. They’ve been led by some dark species like the Annunaki, whose ultimate aim was to subjugate the human race. SaLuSa explains:

“Just think for a moment how, as visitors to your Earth, we are maligned and deliberately shown as monsters bent on enslaving you and stealing your lands. We are described as ‘aliens’ when in fact we are your true family and have never lifted as much as a finger against you in anger.

“Any such activities against you are not by members of the Galactic Federation of Light, but by other Extraterrestrials or by your own forces. It is of course all done to make you fearful of us, and is not helped by some religious groups who claim we are devils.

“We would ask that you wait until we can walk amongst you and then you will feel our auric emanations, and know that we come in Love and Light.” (1)

Unlike our contact with them, their contact with us has always been in the Light and governed by the universal laws, SaLuSa tells us:

“At all times our contact has been peaceful with a view to helping Humanity. We live by the Light and have observed the protocol and Laws of God in our dealings with you.

“In time you will learn much about our involvement with you over thousands of years, and you will find that we have acted as your Guardians. We have monitored your growth, and have helped you overcome obstacles that may have seriously held back your evolution.”  (2)

Because they live by the universal laws, they cannot intervene in our evolutionary process so deeply as to defeat our learning from it, SaLuSa says.

“There is of course a limit as to how far we can go, as we must not interfere in situations where you are reaping your own karma. We have to stand back, but it does not prevent us from trying to ease your experience by continually sending you Love and Light.” (3)

What is the mission of our star brothers and sisters?

The Company of Heaven is composed of the transcendentals (seraphim, archangels, angels, etc.) and the dimensionals (galactic and terrestrial ascended masters). What does it look like for them to collaborate? Archangel Michael tells us:

“Everybody is collaborating. No, not by memo, but telepathically, energetically. It is like the finest ballet, or the sweetest orchestra. The symphony is heard throughout the universe.

“And when there is a single discordant note — and normally that comes from humanity — it is addressed immediately.” (4)

What is their mission? He explains:

“Their mission and purpose have become to spread that love and that service to others, and their primary mission at this point in time, in this universe, in this reality, as we are talking about Ascension, is to Gaia and to humanity.”  (5)

SaLuSa puts it in a sentence: “We are here to ensure [Ascension] is a success.” (6) That can mean cleaning up after cabal and preventing further largescale trouble, as SaLuSa explains: “You frequently see our craft and often in great numbers as we continue our cleansing of your atmosphere, and keep our eyes upon those who are still determined to cause trouble.” (7)

Which councils and federations are involved?

Higher-dimensional beings do their work through councils and federations.

Matthew Ward claims to have worked on the plan for Ascension. In the course of discussing his work, he alludes to a council in charge of the divine plan for Ascension.

“As one of the highest universal council’s designers of the master plan for Earth’s Golden Age, I could give you firsthand information about it.” (8)

He tells us that “there are countless galactic and intergalactic federations, councils, unified forces, experiencing clusters, collective-soul energy fields, free-spirit civilizations and other organized souls in this universe.” (9)

I’d imagine that each dimension sending a contingent or involved in retransmitting the energies to Earth also has a council, which Archangel Michael implies in this description:

“The Cosmic Councils and the Star Nations are … assisting this [Gaian] birthing process. There are several Cosmic Radiation Rays from ‘deep space’ that have been transmitting information and assisting with the new alignments.”   (10)

I imagine “deep space” is either Source or another dimension. That energy will probably be groomed and stepped down as it passes through each dimension.

On another occasion, he refers to several collaborating councils: “The Galactic Council Beings of Light, working with the Earth Councils and the Solar Councils of Light, are preparing for their contribution to this process.”  (11)

Apart from the advisory and coordinating councils, there are also protective and explorative federations all around the Earth at this time. The best known of them is the Galactic Federation of Light. Next best known is the Ashtar Command. The Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies are not well known. And there are probably dozens of others.

SaLuSa of Sirius says of the Galactic Federation of Light:  “We of the Galactic Federation are just part of a great assembly of Beings here to ensure your success,” (12) “one of many groups working for the Light forces, that closely follow your personal progress.” (13)

“We are not the only ones here to help you open your eyes to the marvelous opportunities ahead of you. There are teachers and helpers at all different levels. They come to Earth with a variety of skills and experience, and often specialize in one subject to which they are fully dedicated.

“They come from many different planets as we do, and have volunteered for tasks that demand their full co-operation. Their lives are not your usual incarnations as they have already ascended, and normally would have no need of further earthly experiences. They come out of love for you, recognizing your godspark and acknowledging your final spell in duality.” (14)

He acknowledges that he and his fellows follow the direction of “the higher authorities that include the White Brotherhood.” (15) The White Brotherhood are Earth’s ascended masters. The final decision with planetary changes rests with the residents of the Earth, including our ascended masters.

On other occasions he has said: “We carry out the bidding of those who have the ear of God, and carry out his plans for evolution” (16) and “we act on the Divine orders that direct our activities. We are committed to helping civilisations such as yours.” (17)

SaLuSa speaks for all the galactics here when he asks us to trust them.

“Our message to you is to have faith in us, just as you had in the Spiritual Hierarchy when you first allowed yourselves to drop into the lower vibrations.

“You knew you would eventually be swallowed up in the darkness of duality, and face the challenge of finding God within once again. However, you were promised that you would always be helped to rise up again, and now that has been fulfilled.”  (18)

Tomorrow we focus in on the Galactic Federation of Light, one of the federations here to assist us through Ascension.

(Concluded in Part 3.)


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ART : In and Out – by Ognian Kouzmanov

Introducing our Family from the Stars – Part 1/3 ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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Introducing our Family from the Stars – Part 1/3

We lightworkers, who’ve been listening to the galactics for years through their channeled messages – their preferred means of communication – are uniquely positioned to assist the rest of the world to get to know them.

And if we want disclosure to happen and happen smoothly, then we probably need to introduce the galactics to the rest of the world.

Allow me please to draw on that source of information – channeled messages – to describe on their own words what the galactics say about themselves, their councils, their federations, their mission, and their relationship to the terrestrial population.

Who are the Galactics?

SaLuSa of Sirius tells us in the most general way who the galactics are:

“We … are your future selves, and also your family from the stars. We are all connected, as One in the consciousness of the Creator. In essence we are no different to you, as we all come from the Source of All That Is.

“We too are Spiritual Beings who at this time simply exist in a higher dimension, because we resonate with that particular vibration. You will soon join us, as it is your destiny to ascend with the ending of this cycle. …

“We are coming more and more into your lives and by design, and it is not accidental because we are to go forward together. Once we can openly engage with you we see a great bonding taking place, and it will help us all to get through the final phases of the cleansing.” (1)

He tells us that the galactics around the planet today “have already ascended. We continue to evolve, and will do so until we find ourselves at One with the Source of All That Is.” (2) All will return to God some day; all are on an evolutionary journey back to the Source.

Where do they come from? Adamu of the Pleiades lists some of the star systems:

“We include many races and some of those races are very closely related – sort of brothers and sisters of the same original parent race. Some you might recognize are us Pleiadians, the Sirians, the Arcturans, the Antarians, the Andromedans and those from Procyon, Aldebaran and Deneb.

“These are names I can place in my young friend’s mind at this time. There are others [I cannot].

“Also others from outside of this galaxy are here. And ones who are far above such consideration as ‘galactic neighbourhood’ or even which universe you are from.” (3)

They are far above such considerations as race and place because these higher beings have chosen being formless emanations of pure energy.

Not only SaLuSa’s Sirians, but also “the Pleiadians and Venusians …. are very much like you in appearance.”

“After all, you are genetically linked with us and we have more in common than you might imagine. Many of you are aware of other humanoid forms, and these are simply variations that are more suited to the different planetary conditions.

“Bodies are vehicles that house your soul for the duration of your time in any one environment. Soon yours will change again, as you move into the higher vibrations and indeed for some of you they have already begun.” (4)

Not only are we genetically linked, but the “many extraterrestrial world cultures supporting your growth now … have supported the evolution of your world’s development from the beginning.” (5)

The angelics live in the transcendental, Archangel Michael tells us, but the galactics live in the Twelve Dimensions.

“You tend still to think of levels — are [your star brothers and sisters] at the same level as the seraphim, as the archangels? No. But they are part of that alignment. They are living in the higher realm, the dimensions.” (6)

Thus we’re about to witness the return of family, our guardians and mentors from higher dimensions. They seeded this planet in the beginning and have protected it through the millennia. And now they’ve returned to help us ascend.

Tomorrow I’d like to look at misrepresentations of the galactics and the relationship the galactics have to the universal laws.

(Continued tomorrow in Part 2.)


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