Moving Into Interdimensional Consciousness – Jeshua through Judith Coates

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ART : Bringer of The Dawn – Freydoon Rassouli


Jeshua Speaks About:June 2016

Moving Into Interdimensional Consciousness

Beloved one, we have spoken previously about the interdimensional You. We spoke about how there is focus, a most wonderful focus, upon this reality and the individuality which you see yourself to be, a focus upon a certain dimension of reality. And we spoke about how you are also expressing and experiencing in other dimensions, all in what you would see as the same slice of time. We spoke also that you are experiencing and expressing in different dimensions which do not even know time, in a reality of non-time, where the concept of past and present and future does not exist, for there is only the present Isness, only the Isness of Creator Being. We spoke about how you as the individuated energy which you see yourself to be has come forth out of Allness, the interdimensionality of You, the Isness which is not focused upon any dimension or any reality— small “r”. We spoke about how wonderful you are as an extension of all that the Father/Mother/One Source is, and how you draw the power to experience any dimension from the place of the interdimensional You. That is truly where you live: in the space between dimensions.

You believe yourself to be having a dimensional experience; you are within a certain reality—small “r”—and you have scripted that there will be certain parameters to the dimension. You have scripted that there will be a collective consciousness, that there will be the concept of time, that there will be the concept of space, the concept of physicality, and that there will be certain agreed upon laws which govern the physicality.

Now, in Truth, you are beyond any physicality. In Truth, you are the one who is determining moment by moment what the physicality means and what all of the physical “laws” mean. You are the one in a collective mind who is agreeing moment by moment that there will be such a thing as gravity, and you agree that because of gravity there will be certain weight which will hold you upon the ground.

You have also decreed that you will sometimes know weightlessness, that you will know non-gravity, and you will decree what the rules and regulations are that govern nongravity.

You have felt governed by the “laws” and rules to the point where you have said that you do not have power over these “laws,” that you are but a pawn, a victim sometimes, governed by all of the laws of physicality. And yet, you are the ones collectively who have decreed what the parameters are going to be.

The present reality where you find yourself to be is a dimension of reality based upon a collective belief in duality. Everything has one side and the other side. There is good and there is non-good; there is light, there is dark. Everything has an opposite. This is a reality which is based upon the collective belief in duality, and yet what you are seeking to know is your wholeness, your Oneness.

It is a most miraculous, wondrous thing which you do as a bridge person, for you know well how to be within this reality—it is not always comfortable, but you know well what the rules and laws are, even down to the “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts” of contemporary arbitrary society—but you also are not content to stay at that place. You read; you discuss; you think; you meditate; you allow yourself to daydream. You allow yourself to go beyond what has been the usual thinking and to go outside the box a bit.

Even as you have been reading this, you have been going in and out of this dimension of reality, for as I am speaking you focus upon what I am saying, but there may be an idea which comes and you go off for a nanosecond onto the new idea.

You go in and out, even though it seems to be a continuum of focusing upon this reality. You will think about the ideas, the concepts that we are speaking of, and there is a glimpse of expanded reality, even though you would say that you are attending to the message in a continuous fashion.

As we are speaking of the interdimensional consciousness there is a focusing which you do upon this reality, this time, this here and now, but there is also a part of you which is the Beholder. Have you experienced the Beholder? Have you felt yourself at times to be just somewhat removed from what was going on? You felt yourself to be in conversation with someone and yet there was a part of you which stood about shoulder-side and was watching everything which was happening?

When you are in the space of the Beholder, you are allowing yourself to expand the consciousness into the interdimensional You. Now, the Beholder is not the interdimensional You, but it is a step in the process of knowing the interdimensional Isness. When you are taken over by a sense of peace which does not make sense to the world, that is the Beholder of you, the expanded Self of you beckoning to you to stay in that place of peace and allow all of the rest of the activity to be whatever it needs to be.

You have experienced the interdimensional consciousness, and yet it has been your agreement so far that you would focus upon this reality and this dimension. Your agreement has been by divine agreement for a divine purpose. It has not been a mistake. It has been to fulfill a divine purpose: to know intimately this dimension and this reality and to know completion with it.

You and the brothers and sisters, collectively, with whom you now share this reality have agreed that you would focus most intimately upon a certain reality to the place where you would know how it feels to experience all the parameters of the reality. “I know how it feels to be happy; I know how it feels to be sad; I know how it feels to be on the mountaintop; I know how it feels to be in the pits; I know how it feels to love and be loved; I know how it feels to be, as I perceive it, on the outside of love; and I am complete with the belief in duality.”

You have decreed that you would focus most intimately upon this reality, and yet all the while the still small Voice has been whispering, “Remember, this too shall pass. Remember, you are more than what you have believed yourself to be. Remember and hope.” Have you heard the still small Voice of hope? Of course you have.

You have agreed that you will know this dimension and know it intimately. You will know all of the laws of physicality. You will know how it feels to activate a coalescence of light energy known as a body. You will know how it feels to activate various forms of body—not only the human body, but all forms of life—and you will come to the place of knowing your Oneness with all of life and all of its forms. For indeed, you have been every form of life which you can imagine or think of, and it is time now that you begin to cultivate the remembrance and awareness once again of Oneness with all of Life.

In your process of awakening, which is happening now, it is time and it is imperative that you practice expanding the consciousness beyond just the individuality you have seen yourself to be. You are the one who has agreed to be the bridge person; you are the one who is remembering now that you have agreed to be the light even in the darkness of forgetfulness which is yet upon this plane, this reality. In your agreement, you have said that there will be a time when you will expand the consciousness beyond the individuality. That time is now. That is why you feel such a driving motivation within yourself to read, to study, to discuss, to contemplate, to seek, to want to know more. You have said, “In the process of awakening, there will come a time when I will know that I am much more than the body, much more than the personality I have seen myself to be, much more than the individuality that I know is most wonderful, and yet I can’t quite always be happy with it. There will come a time—and this is now—when I will begin to expand my consciousness to know the interdimensionality, the Reality of me. I will come to know and to touch the space, the matrix, the Isness of me, the extension of the Father.”

When you come to the full realization that the matrix of you, the interdimensionality of You which is not focused upon a dimension or a reality, when you come to the realization that, “I and the Father are One; I am an extension of the Father,” when you come to realize that the matrix out of which you function and fashion everything which you experience is of the Isness of the Father, you become transformed. No longer can you look at the happenings in your world, in your life, in the same way. For truly, you begin to look upon all of the activities of the world, all of your experiences, through the eyes of the Father.

Then there is a sense of having come Home to the realization that, “I am so loved of my Father that never have I left Him, never has He left me. In Truth, I cannot, for I am an extension of the Father. I, in the interdimensionality of me, know my Oneness with the Father. I am the Christ.”

Now, how do you begin to expand the consciousness into the interdimensionality of you? You breathe. You allow the expansion of the body, mind, and soul which comes with a single deep breath. If ever you are in a constricted place of worry, breathe. Remind yourself, discipline yourself, do it. It takes a bit of discipline because you have to choose. Now, you know that when you breathe, you are going to have opportunity for peace, and you do not always want to choose for peace. Let’s be honest here. Sometimes you want to abide in the drama for a while.

But when you choose to breathe, then you have opportunity to know a moment of peace, a moment of expansion. Breathe now. Take a deep breath. Drink deeply of an easy breath and feel the peace of you which comes with the breath. Then breathe again.

Even though there may be many cares and concerns, decisions that have to be made, allow them to be put aside for the moment of a breath, and breathe again. Feel the expansion which happens even within the body. Feel the very cells themselves expand and speak back to you in gratitude, for you are allowing them to breathe, allowing them to be at peace within themselves.

All of the troubles of the world will be there waiting for you whenever you choose to go back and pick them up. But if you choose to abide in the peace of the breath, they have no power over you. They will wait until you attend to them, and if you choose not to attend to them, they will have to keep on waiting, and you may breathe and breathe to the place of just being, to the place of deep, deep peace; a healing peace. If the body is giving you a message of constriction known as dis-ease, you can breathe it into health. Throw a little joy in as well.

For indeed, as you breathe and you allow yourself to abide in peace, after a while there will come an idea, a humorous idea. It just comes and tickles the soul. It is a place where you feel a little bit of joy bubbling up, a joy that the world does not know, and it will heal the body if you will allow yourself to stay in that space.

Breathe, beloved one. Breathe and come Home.

The above message is taken from Chapter 2 of Jeshua’s Volume IV in The Personal Christ series, The Interdimensional Self: The Way to Peace, available here.


Raising Your HQ – Jeshua Speaks through Judith Coates @ Oakbridge University

LOTUS art painting by John Lautermilch

Art : John Lautermilch


Jeshua Speaks About:May 2016

Raising Your HQ

Beloved one, each time we meet in this way, as you are reading this, there is an increase in the vibration of your Light and your love on this plane. It goes out to all the ones who are searching for the Light, all the ones who are hurting in their own perception of what could yet be missing, all the ones who are searching, and all the ones who are open to receiving.

You have been on a path of service for quite a while, many lifetimes truly; service to yourself in allowing the awareness of Who and What you are to come to the forefront of your thinking, and service to the brothers and sisters who are not quite sure what they are looking for. Sometimes they feel that you have found it, and they come to you and want to know, “What have you found that makes life meaningful?” And you have been able to share from your heart what you have lived, learned, and have ready to give to other ones.

Truly you are a conduit for the infinite love of the Father/Mother/God/Goddess/All That Is. Sometimes you are not aware of how much you have to share. Oftentimes in the sharing, that which was semi-hidden from your own view is now coming to the forefront, and when you share it with another one, it becomes vividly true for you. So it is a gift from the giver to the one receiving it and back again.

You are feeling a certain urge now to come alive, to come truly alive in your own Being, in your own awareness, to come to the place where you know truly Who and What you are. You are wanting to feel the goodness of life, and some of the pieces are coming together for you now, pieces that you have hoped for, you have prayed for and you have waited for.

You are searching for that tiny little piece of the jigsaw puzzle which will make everything make sense, and you will find it. That is the good news. It cannot be hidden from you. You will find it. It is foreordained that you will. Why? Because you are creating your reality. And if there is a desire for something…look to the root word of desire, de sire, of the Father. If it is a desire that you have, it comes from the Father/Mother/God/Goddess/All That Is.

You have to find your joy. I know that as you go through life, there are a lot of times when it seems to be hidden away somewhere, or it may be just beyond the fingertips and you cannot quite get ahold of it. But you are coming into a time now when you are going to know that you have had it all the time.

Nowhere is it written that you have to suffer. That is only in the world and the voice of the world, but that is not where you live, move, and have your Being. You work in the world, yes, and you associate with the friends in the world, but you live, move, and have your Being in the divinity of you which is love, which is wholeness, which is joy.

So whenever you are feeling that you want to know more joy in your life, allow yourself to get excited about something, even if you think it cannot happen; especially if you think it cannot happen. Get excited about something. What would you really like to do? And get excited, because truly you have a Father/Mother/God/Goddess/All That Is who is ready, willing, and able to give you that which you ask for.

There is one caveat, which has to do with the world understanding of timing, as you know so well. There is a belief in process. There is a belief in linear timing. So that which has been generational teaching has taught you that you can put your intention out now, and maybe in six months—well, maybe if you are really lucky, it might be three months, but it has to be a process from beginning, middle, to end—if you are still keeping that intention, and still aware of it, and still working on it, it might come.

But I share with you that you do not even have to do that much. You set your intention and you get excited about it, and you put into it the vibration of creativity, the vibration that says, “Yes, I can have it. Yes, I can change everything that has seemed to be stuck, that has seemed to be just beyond my reach. I can change everything.”

And then it comes.

No matter how many years you have lived in this lifetime, you do not have to wait, you do not have to earn it, it is already yours for the taking, for the reaching out and saying, “Yes, it is mine.” But the secret to it—you may have guessed it already—is the excitement of knowing you can have it.

Get into the energy. It is the energy of accepting it that makes it happen. You do not have to wait until you have it, and then say, “Oh, now I accept it.” You accept it from the moment that you set the intention, and it will be right there with you.

Unless, of course, you still believe the generational teaching which says, “Well, everything you want has to be a struggle, and you have to wait a while, and you have to be worth it,” etc. Generational teaching is old teaching; old thinking. That which you are looking to do and to have in three days, three days from now, it is yours.

Know it, feel it, accept it. In three days—one, two, three—it will be yours. Three days. Or perhaps sooner. Take it to heart. Accept it. That which you have been waiting for, you can have; you can accept it right now. It is yours.

Now, the second caveat with this is, you have to be clear about what you want, because that which you are asking for is going to come to you. If you are sort of thinking, well this, and maybe that, and whatever, you are going to feel like it has not really come, because you have been all over the road with it.

So you get completely clear about it, and it has to come to you. It has to be yours. Ask of yourself right now, “What do I really desire? What do I really want? What means the most to me? What do I want to have, to see, to be, to do? Where? What would really make me excited?” You know it can be; not only can be; it will be. It is foreordained. The only thing that you are waiting for is perhaps a bit of the process of putting it together, but it is foreordained. That is why the wish, the desire has come to you, and it will be yours.

What I am saying to you is, as you are the extension of the one creative Source—and you are—you can have, manifest anything that you desire. In Truth, there is no limit to what you can manifest. So allow yourself in your next quiet time, called meditation, to get clear about what you would like to have, what you would like to see, who you would like to be with, where you want to go. If you want to manifest for yourself perhaps two weeks in a warm, sunny place, you can have that. Or if you want to go hiking in the snow, you can have that.

Set your intention. Put more vibratory energy into it; come alive in the imagination, feeling the reality of the intention. You can be that which you want to be. Surround yourself with the energy of ones who are turned on, because that truly allows you then to take hold of your energy and to come alive. Raise the energy level of your HQ: your Happiness Quotient.

Now, you have had some ideas come to your mind. Let’s take those ideas and see them come alive. Let’s do what is called the meditation.

Take, first of all, the deep breath which allows all of the cells of the body to come alive. Breathing in, and breathing out. Breathing in, and breathing out. Feel the rhythm of the deep breath.

Allow yourself to see in the mind’s eye a meadow, a most wonderful grassy meadow where there are little yellow flowers and white flowers and purple flowers, each one in its radiance.

Look to the horizon and see how the tall grass grows, waving in the wind. You are on a path, and as you go along the path to a hill, you walk easily up to the top of the hill, and from there you can see the valley below. It was an easy climb, and now you see the grass and the trees below.

Are there any birds? Are there any four-footed ones looking up at you? Now look to the heavens. Is there a cloud off in the distance? Call the cloud to you. Know that it is coming because you have called it. Allow yourself to be on the cloud, looking down at the grassy knoll, looking down at the meadow, looking down at the flowers. Allow yourself to drink in the whole vista below.

Know that truly you are the creator of all that you see. You are painting for yourself a most wonderful scene, and it is coming alive. You see the wind as it blows through the trees. You see the wind as it makes ripples in the grass. You see the birds in their flight. From your vantage point on the cloud, you behold everything that you have made.

Then allow yourself to look upwards. There is now a vantage point above you where you are now looking down on the cloud that you were sitting on. You are now One with the sky, being supported by the vibration of the sky. As you are sitting there beholding everything that you have created, think in your mind, what is your dearest wish? What do you want to see? Who do you want to see? Where do you want to see? How does it feel?

Fly to that which you are wanting. Allow yourself the energy of moving effortlessly to that which you desire. Feel yourself to be in the embrace of that which you desire. Everywhere you go, everything opens to you. What do you want to see? What do you want to be? Where do you want to be? Who do you want to be with? What are you doing? Are you doing it on your own or with others? How does it appear to you? How does it feel?

How does it feel to know that you create your reality moment by moment? How does it feel to be truly alive? How does it feel to be truly creative? Does it feel as the music? Can you hear the music in your head, in your ears, in your whole body? Can you feel the rhythm of life? Can you feel the rhythm of song? Are you the music of life? Are you alive in that music? Do you come to a realization of the Allness of you, the wholeness of you, the vibration of you, with and without form? Allow yourself to be with your true desire. [Pause]

How does it look? How does it feel? [Pause]

Feel yourself to be vibrantly alive. Know that truly you are energizing the energy that you are, coming alive in that energy. Know that truly you are creating and being aware that you are creating. Take hold of your desire, and make it manifest. Allow it to play out in front of you. You can have it. It is yours. [Pause]

You can have it. It is yours.

And when you are ready, allow yourself to be seated on the cloud once again, looking down at the meadow, looking down at the grassy knoll. Remember the feeling of the desire. Know that truly you hold it within your capacity to make it manifest.

Now find yourself standing on the grassy knoll looking down to the meadow. Feel yourself walking through the tall grass down to the meadow. Stretch out the arms in your mind’s eye and behold everything that you create. Hold within the heart the energy of what you have experienced.

And when you are ready, allow your awareness to come back to where you are sitting. You have now raised your HQ: your happiness quotient.

So be it.

– Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
in expression through Judith

Jeshua recommends that for maximum benefit, the above meditation be done once a day for three weeks.


LOTUS art painting by John Lautermilch

Art : John Lautermilch


The Next Level – Jeshua ben Joseph ~ Judith Coates @ Oakbridge University

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Jeshua Speaks About:April 2016

The Next Level

Beloved one, now we will speak about where you are and where you are going. In one of our previous sessions, we spoke about the Light. We spoke about how there is now in the world a seeming darkness and how the world seems to be getting darker, how the events and what you have in the various political groupings seems to be so heavy and so dichotomized, separated, split apart into a warring atmosphere with each other, some being very much of the Light, wanting to move forward in the Light, and others wanting to hold the status quo and keep where it has always been, or perhaps even to take it a bit backwards into past history.

We spoke about how there seems to be a lot of darkness, and yet we spoke that truly the reason why it is looking dark is because there is more Light shining upon it, bringing out the dark corners and showing up the dark corners; whereas before when things were all of a neutral gray color, the Light was not as great as it is now, and you were not seeing such a contrast.

So what is happening is all in perfect divine order, as you have decreed, to bring forth the Light that you are and to shine it into all of the dark places seemingly outside of you and within as well. Because there are places within you that are still holding fear, still holding the feeling of “what if.” That is why I often tell you that you are safe, because truly there is a small piece still within the psyche that says “there could be something that would hurt me, harm me; not only the body —yes, the body seems to be vulnerable—but also even the spirit of me; I’m not quite sure.”

Now I am again saying to you that truly you are safe, and you are bringing forth more and more Light into this plane that has for a long, long time forgotten its origin, has forgotten the Light from whence all creation has come.

So that little piece of fear which resides deep within is coming up to be looked at, to be examined, to be felt, and to be understood that truly it is an old fear. It has come about as there was attachment to the form, to the body or whatever form that you were choosing to be because, again, as we have spoken many times, you have played with all different kinds of forms. You have been the whales, the dolphins, the birds. You have been everything that you can imagine and even more.

You wanted to know, “How would it feel to be the creation that I have just made?” So you spent what you would call now lifetimes being whatever you had created in order to experience all, everything that you could create. Out of that has come the feeling of separation, separate from your Source, separate from that Energy which creates.

And yet you are the extension of the one Mind, the extension of the one Creator; not even as you would speak of being the Child of Father/Mother/God/Goddess/All That Is, but the extension; not separate as you think of the child being separate from the parent or the one who gives birth. You are the extension, come here to once again create and experience.

What is happening now is a most wonderful fulfillment of a decree that you made a long time ago—as you measure linear time—that said, “I want to experience everything. I want to know the Light, I want to know the darkness, I want to know the shadows, I want to know everything that I can create, and I want to call it good,” as you have written in your holy writings.

The gods, which is you, created everything—or as your holy biblos says, “God”—and called it good. And it is. It serves the divine purpose of the one Creator wanting to know, “What can I create?” So given the unlimitedness of you, being the creative One, you have created everything, everything from the place where you knew that you were totally loved and safe, to the place where you knew that you were not totally loved and safe, and everything in between.

That is your power, and that is what I want to speak about now: moving to the next level of understanding your power, understanding that truly the Light now is shining on all of the dark corners, all of the dark places, and showing them up to be just that: darkness which then dissipates when the Light is shone upon it.

So you go forward. You interact with the brothers and sisters. Sometimes it feels good, sometimes it feels questionable, sometimes it feels downright like you want to get out of that space. That is okay, because what you are doing is neutralizing everything with your Light, bringing it to the zero point of no fear, the zero point of healing, where you look upon the bodies and see them to be perfect.

You look upon the occupations that you are doing, and you see that they are places of experience where you can bring more Light into whatever you are doing, whoever you are interacting with.

Sometimes when it seems like things are the darkest and you do not like anyone—“I don’t like anyone; no one likes me”—and you are in the place which feels very unloved, unloving, stop, take a deep breath and ask, “How can I see this differently?” You can, and you will, because you are beginning to realize you are the power which creates everything you see and feel.

If you like joy in your life, if you like cake and ice cream in your life, who says you cannot have it? Only that old little voice in the back of your head from other lifetimes or perhaps earlier in this lifetime that says, “Well, maybe it’s not really for you. Other people can have it, but you can’t.” But where does that voice come from? It comes from you as you are creating. It is an old thought, and it is no longer true. It never was true.

So you are now at a very exciting place, because the door is opening; not only opening, but it is full open, where you can come through it, where you can be who you truly are and be happy with yourself. You can be in joy in what you really want to do, because that is what you are putting together now. You are taking hold of your life. You are taking hold of possibilities, and you are saying, “Where do I want to be in twenty-five years from now, and how would that person twenty-five years older speak to me as I see myself now? What would that person say to me?”

It opens up all kinds of possibilities. Even for ones who feel that they have lived the greater portion of the life and there may not be too much left of it, there is always life. You knew, in what seems to be a long time ago, how to live the three hundred, four hundred, five hundred years, linear years like you measure them now— no, there was no magic that it was just a figment of collapsing time, but you actually did live that long, because you wanted to create some more, you wanted to know some more, and you knew it was possible, because you were the one creating.

So you kept having experiences until finally you said, “Well, let’s trade all this in and go somewhere else, perhaps another planet somewhere, perhaps another star system.” Perhaps; and that perhaps is wide open.

This is what you have done. So now you look at the age span and you say, “Well, ones are living longer now.” This is true, but you can live even longer, as long as you want to. As long as you are having fun with it, if it is good and you are enjoying it, why trade it in? This is what you have known and what you have done.

All power in heaven and on Earth is given unto you. Now, if you take that to heart…that is a good place to take it—to the heart; not to the mind, because the mind is going to pick it apart, but take it to the heart, to the place of feeling, the place of power which knows that really truly you can do all of this and more.

This is what I said unto you as my disciples. “All that I have done, you may do, and even more.” Some have actually understood that and lived as masters for a long, long time, because they wanted to. All power is given unto you.

The next level is realizing—making real in your awareness—your power, the power of the Light which is dawning upon the consciousness, individually and collectively. There is more Light now on this plane than there was fifty or even ten years ago. Ones are becoming enlightened. More and more of your brothers and sisters are asking, “Why am I here? What is this all for? What is this about?”

There have been the ripples upon the pond. There has been an enlightenment which is moving very quickly through the collective consciousness, coming to the place where it is showing up the dark places and coming to where the next level is knowing the Light and coming alive in the Light.

That is where you have decreed you want to be: in Light, alive, in joy, in a place that knows, “I am okay. I am made of good stuff, and it doesn’t matter what others might say.” That does not matter. It does not touch you. You are in charge.

So if you are looking to do something that seems really exciting, go for it. Sit with pencil and paper and work out what the steps are, and see what you need to be doing. Then go for it.

“Well, it’s maybe a little too soon. I think there are other things that have to come into place first.” Well, so be it. But if you say, “I think I’ve waited long enough; I think perhaps I can go forward with some of this; maybe it’ll be a little bit strange, and I may have to put a few pieces together that seem a little bit different,” then go for it; go for that part.

There is nothing that says you have to stay in the same rut—nothing. In fact, everything points to the fact that whatever your heart desires—not the mind, but the heart—you can have. You just set about doing what pleases you; not in a way that is harmful to another one, but in the way that allows more Light to come into the collective consciousness, more Light into your life, more joy.

There is no one, no great referee up in the heavens somewhere, saying, “Oh, well, he didn’t do that right. She’s got to have sixteen more lifetimes to make it right.” The only referee is you.

If you allow the mind to point out all of the difficulties, that is what you are going to be seeing. But if you say maybe at first, “Well, you know, this is really what I’d like to do. I’m going to go and do it even if the golden coins are not there for me,” and then you prove yourself to be indispensable, the golden coins start to come in. You start to do what you appreciate doing, and as you do that, others may see your appreciation, and the golden coins come.

You will always—take this to heart; this is true—you will always be taken care of. You have my word on that. You will always be taken care of; wherever you are, always; even if you seem to be in a place as some of my brethren were, in a place that is called the dungeon, the prison where they were thrown into, a very small place —yet the spirit was free and did not stay in the dungeon. They knew themselves to be more than just the body, more than what was imprisoned, and they allowed the spirit of them to soar. You have their writings even in this day and time.

So take heart. Know that truly you are moving to the next level. Know that truly the Light is being ushered in at a great pace; not a slow one anymore. What you would see as you measure the linear time of two hundred, three hundred, five hundred years ago, there was even then an awakening. But now there is what I will call a full bloom blossoming of Light.

You find writings. You find voices. You find the messages coming from everywhere that speak of hope, that speak of Light. More and more in every geo-political grouping there are ones living in the Light and letting their Light shine. There is no place on holy Mother Earth that you can go where you will not find someone of like mind—hear that well. You may have to let your Light shine a little bit to attract the ones of like mind, but it is true. Anywhere you will travel on holy Mother Earth in this day, you will find ones of the Light. That was not so true in earlier times; they were of the Light but did not realize it, because there was too much emphasis upon the body and keeping the body alive. The consciousness was narrowly focused.

But now the blinders, the ones that had you looking in just a certain direction, are being taken off so that you can see much more of the Light that is out there. You are doing that for yourself. You are speaking, you are allowing other ones to know that there is hope. You are doing it with a certain opening of the soul, allowing the soul to flourish. Take heart. You are living in a very wondrous time. That is why you agreed to be here at this time. You have been here other times when there was a “turning of the age,” and that is what this is now. The next level is a turning back to the Light, understanding the power of the Light, and welcoming the dawn of a new Age.

So be it.

– Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
in expression through Judith


new cosmic

unknown artist

Applying The Light Within – Jeshua ben Joseph through Judith Coates @ Oakbridge University


ART : Elvira Amrhein – “In Truth There is Love”


Jeshua Speaks About:March 2016

Applying The Light Within

Beloved one, these are times right now when there is much of change occurring. You have felt that in your own personal life. You have had questions. You have wondered, “What is happening? Why is it happening, and how do I change it?” We will speak now about how you change it, because that is the most important next step. You have identified areas where you want to see change, things in your life where you would have change or you would move forward in something. But the question has always come back to, “How do I do it?” Now we will talk about how you do it.

I know that the world says, “You can’t change things. There are just certain conditions, and you have to live with them. You may not like them. They may be sad. They may be difficult, but you have to live with them and make the best of them.”

And you will. You will make the best of it, but not the way the world tells you. You will make the best of it by coming back to the beginning of you, by coming back to the beginning of the Isness of you, the Essence of you, the true Being of you; not what the world defines as you, but the true Being of you. You will come back to the place of power; again, not as the world defines power, but you will come back to the place of power knowing that you are the creative One.

You are the extension of the creative One. You are right here creating this reality and the friends you interact with. There is a certain…I will call it a soul group; sometimes I like to refer to it as a pod, because you are of the same pod—Pod 454 —or as you perhaps like to call it, a soul group. You have traveled, experienced, created together many times. You are all traveling together to the same place of awakening to the Light that you are, awakening to the Being that you are, and awakening to the Allness from which you have come.

You see yourself to be a separate point of Light. But you know that when you are with another one and they smile at you, there is a certain rapport that you have with them, and there is a Light which goes on. There is a Light which you feel within.

In truth, your whole life can be lived in the space of knowing that you are the Light, the other person standing before you is the Light, and you meet in a lightness of heart that does not have to be and will not be of what the world tells you.

Your news media is very good at painting the picture of separation: separation from your Source, separation from each other, separation from any kind of power that you might think or like to have for yourself. But in Truth, you are that power. That is why you are here. You would not be here if you did not have the power of the divine which allows you to express as a seemingly separate point of Light; seemingly separate. And yet, as I have said, when you meet another one and you are eye to eye with that one and there is a smile on the face, you feel lighter, you feel accepted, you feel happy, you know Oneness.

Your touchstone for judging anything which you experience is love. Does it feel loving? Does it feel light? Does it feel happy? If it does not, you can change it, and you will change it, because that is what this lifetime is all about: about change.

It does not have to be difficult change. The world will say to you, “If you’re going to change something, it’s going to be really hard to do. You’d better have all of your ducks in order, you’d better know what you’re doing, and it’s going to be a struggle. Everything in life is a struggle,” the world says.

But it does not have to be. You can sail through life on the wings of love. You have felt how easy, how high, how light it feels when you look into the eyes of that “special” one who loves you no matter what you say, no matter how you look, no matter which sock you put on first; they love you anyway. And you come to a place of self-acceptance, of knowing, “Well, there is someone else, at least one— maybe if I’m lucky there might be two —who actually like me.”

You get to the place where you begin to accept once again your true role, your true reason for being. My reason for being two thousand years ago was to bring the Light and to be what has been called since then a way-shower. You are a way-shower. You are showing how to navigate through the changes to the Awakening.

Now, the how-to. The how-to resides within you. The Truth resides within you; always has and always will.

So the how-to secret is to go within. It is to shut out the world for a short bit. Then you can come back out and deal with the world if you want to. You have lived lifetimes when you have lived in a cave all by yourself, because you have said, “I don’t want to have anything to do with the world. The world is painful; too much vibration, too much going on. I’m going to live all by myself, and I’m going to pray and meditate the whole time.”

So you did, at least one lifetime, probably more than one. But then there came a nudging, a thought, an idea. “Perhaps I can take my Light out somewhere, and I can blend it with someone else’s Light. Perhaps I’m meant to do more than just stay here and be contained within myself.” So you went out, went to the village, went to the monastery to serve. You are still serving. That is why you have come into this lifetime: truly to love, to serve, and to remember; yes, three very good words, clues.

How-to? You will perhaps want to have something that will transport the mind somewhere else to be quiet. Now, I am not talking about something you ingest or something that you smoke, although you have done this in other lifetimes and/or in this lifetime, and there is no judgment. Oftentimes the smoking or eating or drinking has been part of a sacred ritual. However, now I am talking about something vibratory such as your music. There are tones of music that you can ride in the consciousness to a place of peace. That is, in truth, one good method that often has been used: to become One with the tones of the music, to become One with the tones of your crystal bowls.

That is why ones find healing with the crystal bowls and the toning. They allow the mind to be very much in tune with the vibration of the sound, and then the heart can speak. Then the healing can happen, and does, because the mind has been put to one side into a place of peace.

You have known the technique of the candle, where you will light a candle and you will sit and stare at the candle until there is a feeling of Oneness with the light of the candle. That works very well because, again, you put the mind into a quiet space.

You know yourself that often you sit down and you say, “Okay, now I’m going to be peaceful, I’m going to be quiet, I’m going to meditate, I’m going to find an answer, to whatever is going on.” And the mind says, “Oh, yes, you’d better try this. Oh, did you remember to….” The mind gets very busy. You know how the mind can be.

So the first step in the how-to is to quiet the mind. There is the technique of focusing upon the flower where, again, it is like using the candle flame. You stare at the color of the flower, the delicacy of the flower, one petal of the flower, and you become One with the flower. And the mind becomes a bit more quiet, more peaceful.

You can go within at that point and find peace, because that is truly what you are seeking. You think you have to have answers for the world, but truly what you are seeking is peace. It is that place of okayness, that place that says, “Yes, you have always been That Which you are. You have always been the love and the Light that you are.”

You may abide in that space perhaps for one second, perhaps for half an hour, perhaps for longer. Or many times throughout the day you can stop and take the deep breath and know that that is your clue to come to peace. And then magic happens. Yes, there is magic; at least it feels like magic.

The magic happens because an idea will come to you, a feeling of appropriateness, a feeling of, “This might be a way to go.” It is just an idea. You sit with it, and then you may get very busy doing other things, and it comes back to you. You are very busy doing other jobs, occupying your mind, and then the idea comes back to you. If it does, pay attention. Go within. It does not have to be for a long time, although I guarantee that once you have reached the place of peace within, you are going to want to return to it quite often, because it feels so good.

It is a place which connects with the Allness of the creativity of you. You are creating what you are experiencing right now. You are creating what seem to be words of wisdom, I hope, coming through this vibratory rate. You are creating the message; you are inviting it. You are asking, “I want to know the answer to something, but what I really want to know, what I really want to feel, is how loved I am,” and you are. You can run every which way, but you will never get away from the Love that you are. That is the good news.

You try being very intellectual about things, and the mind loves that, because the mind loves to play. So, in the how-to, what you will do is go first to the place of peace within the heart, the space of peace that has nothing to do…it does not have to do anything. “Oh, my goodness, the world doesn’t say that.” But you do not have to do anything; just abide in the space of peace.

If something occurs to you, that is good. If nothing comes, do not say, “Oh, well, I failed again. I didn’t get an idea. I didn’t get my answer.” Your answer is the peace which you feel when you are in that space. Then if there is something that you need to do, you will be told. But if you do not need to do anything, you can just sit and abide in the place which feels so good.

When you are in the space of the heart, the space that the mind has taken a vacation from, that space of peace, I would suggest that the first idea you want to deal with is that you are in charge, because you are. And again, I know that is not what the world teaches you. The world says there are many shoulds, many ways you have to be. But no, you are the one creating. You are in charge.

So abide with the feeling of being in charge, even if it is only for a couple of seconds, or perhaps longer, because it will grow longer. Know that you are in charge. You are not the victim. That is the voice of the world that says, “Maybe you’re not good enough. You’re the victim. You have to shape up. You have to do X, Y, and Z. You should not be feeling what you are feeling.”

“But I am feeling.” So you go to the place of peace within, and you abide with the idea, you abide with the feeling, “I am in charge. I—capital “I”—I am the maker of my reality,” because you are, “and I choose to be happy. I choose to go forth as Light. I choose that I want to make this life something that when I decide to lay down the body and move on to another experience, I will say, ‘That was a good life.’ I choose to make my life what I want it to be.”

You do, you can, and you will. You have what they call the tabula rasa, the blank slate to write on, and you make it the way you want to make it. That is what you have been doing anyway, except some of it did not feel as peaceful or as rewarding.

But now you are beginning to see that you would not be here, you would not be having this experience if you were not powerful, if you were not creative, and you are creative. So if, therefore, you exist—and I assure you that you do exist—you are creating that which you are experiencing, and if you are experiencing that which may not be exactly happy or fulfilling, you can say, “All right, I have finished certain chapters of my life. Now what do I want to do? What do I want to do?”

Not “what should I do,” but “what do I want to do? What really makes my Light turn on?” Then you start putting the mind to work with the ideas of the heart, to the place where when you get finished with this present chapter, you can look at it and you say, “Well, you know, that was a good chapter. There was a lot that I experienced. Oh, my goodness, I experienced so much, it was like the fire hose coming at me.” Yes, you know that feeling. “But you know, I’m still here. I survived it.”

That allows you to begin to accept the idea that you are in charge, that you are powerful, that you are creative, because you are. You are the extension of the one creative Mind; not as a Mind Being out there that has to be worshiped; that is an old thought; that is an old thought that you have already played with many lifetimes. “Please, Lord, I’ll be good. Just give me…whatever.” Okay, turn that around and ask of yourself, “Okay, Lord/Lady, what do I want in this next day, this next week, this next decade? What do I want?”

An exercise I often give to ones who ask me, “What should I be doing? What am I supposed to be doing?” I suggest to them that they play with an idea of being ten years, twenty years forward on. Take your age, what you think it is now, and go forward ten, twenty, thirty years and look back at the being that you think you are now. What would you like to do with the intervening years? When you get to be —let’s pick an age—one hundred.

When you get to be one hundred and you are looking back at you right now at this time, what do you see happening in the intervening years? “Well, I see friends. I see golden coins, enough; I don’t really want to get hooked on them, but enough that I can travel. I want to see places. I want to interact with brothers and sisters who are perhaps right now seemingly far away. I want to visit other places. I want to be of service. How would I like to be of service? Well, you know, I think it would be fun to do such and such. I’ve always wanted to work with the small ones, the four-footed small ones. I’ve always thought that if I could do enough with the golden coins that I could actually be free to have a whole place where I love each and every one of them—I think you have a word for it; rescue? Is that what it’s called?—okay, I could do that.”

Or you might say, “Well, no, I don’t really want to do that. I’d rather do something else; maybe write a book.” Or, “I’d like to play a musical instrument. Oh, well, you know, that would take years to do.”

Well, what else do you have ahead of you except years? Start out with the small thing known as the piccolo, or maybe the longer one, whatever appeals to you. Allow yourself to play with, “What makes my heart come alive? Where do I want to be? What do I want to be doing? Who do I want to be interacting with? What kind of people? How do I want to be when I look back from the one-hundred-yearold me, looking back to here? Well, hey, I could do…” and then ideas come to you as to what you would like to do.

Then you get what they say—you have a term for it—you get “turned on.” Your Light gets turned on, and you begin to say, “Well, I didn’t think that was possible, but you know…” And you get the mind to working on, “How could this be?”

You play with ideas. What is important is the feeling, the feeling that says, “Oh, I’d really love to do that”; the feeling of coming alive in it, before the mind gets in there and says, “Oh, no, you can’t do that.”

The feeling of coming alive in whatever topic or whatever way of service that you really want to do. By the time you are one hundred, you look back and you say, “Wow, I’m really glad I did that.” Not as the world judges, but how you judge; how you feel, how you come alive. That is the how-to. Whatever technique works for you—the candle, the flower, the music, the deep breath, the place of peace—come into the place of peace within, and then using the most wonderful gift you have given yourself, the imagination, which is sometimes defined as image action— imagination—how does it feel? How do you feel in that space? Try it on for size. If it does not feel right, okay, try something different.

Because, you see, every moment you are creating; every moment. Therefore, why not make it the best that it can be, the way that really makes you become expansive, where you come to the place you feel, “I’m really alive. Hey, I really like this. You know, yesterday I felt like, hmmm, woe is me; I don’t think there’s anything worth living for.” You have felt that from time to time, when you have been caught up in all of the possibilities, probabilities of the world. But then someone comes along and they look directly into your eyes, and your Light comes on.

And you feel—not think, but you feel —at One. Then all power is given unto you. All power, because you are that power.

This is what you have prayed for. This message is what you have prayed for, this message of being One with each other, being happy, being turned on as the Light that you are. This is what you have prayed for.

Enjoy it. And the ideas in your heart are coming alive. You want to make of this life more than what it has been told to you that you could do. You want to make of this life something that you come alive with, that you are feeling.

“Yes, this is what I want to do. This is where I want to be. This is me.” The mind is to be the servant of the heart; not the other way around. Go first to the heart. Abide in the heart, and then let the mind be the servant of the heart.

So be it.

– Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
in expression through Judith



ART : Elvira Amrhein – “In Truth There is Love”

Staying Connected – Jeshua Speaks – Judith Coates @ Oakbridge University

Yeshua from Jo Jayson 2

The Sacred Masculine – Yehoshua the Nazarene 

Artist – Jo Jayson


Jeshua Speaks About:October 2015

Staying Connected

Beloved one, let us talk now about how to stay connected to the Truth of your Being. I know that no matter how well-intentioned you may be and how peaceful it feels when you are connected, often the world will assail you with questions and possible aspects to fear. Then the mind gets very busy trying to defend against the perceived dangers or worries.

The mind’s job is to take all of the pieces and examine them from top to bottom, side to side, back to front, and upside down again. After you have done that, you feel a bit upside down yourself, and you go around in circles with the mind. Then you come back, after you get really, really tired, and the heart speaks to you that which you have known from the beginning: stop, breathe, love.

If you will remember these three words—stop, breathe, love—that is the secret. But the mind says, “Oh, that’s too easy. I want something that is really exquisite, very intricate. I want to know more.” So then the mind gets very busy, and after a while the body says, “Stop already; I’m tired.” And you stop and you breathe and you love.

You are coming now, beloved one, into a time—you are already in process with it—a time when everything you have ever believed about self and about others and about the world is changing. You have felt that. You have been reading, you have been seeing on your news media, you have seen with the conversations with friends that there is a lot which is shifting and changing, and there is a lot yet that you would like to see changing.

You are in the midst of a great revolution, and it is not an outside revolution with the brothers and sisters. It is a revolution within yourself, a turning around; not looking outside of yourself longer, but coming to looking within. This is a time which is truly going to test all you have believed about yourself and about the world and about others.

You watch your news media, and you wonder, “How can this be happening? Across the world, even in my neighborhood, how can this be happening? How can ones be so separate from other ones that they can be fighting and trying to destroy the brothers, the sisters? How can ones be so into separation that they feel they can do anything to the four-footed ones and feel that it does not matter? How can ones feel that they have the power never to be touched by that which they send out into the universe?”

Know you that whatever you send out, it has come through you already and touches you even before you have sent it out, and it will come back, and you will deal with it when it comes back. However, you have had the first wave of it as you have thought to send it out to someone—the judgment, the feeling, however fleeting it may be, of hatred, of judgment of someone else and saying, “I couldn’t be like that. I don’t see how they can be like that,” and making judgment, “I don’t want them in my world.”

Any time you have a feeling or a thought which arises like that, it is already within you affecting you. This is something you are going to want to really look at, because these times are changing times. These times are pivotal times. These times are making great change in the collective consciousness of all who walk the face of our holy Mother, the Earth.

Moreover, these times are exciting, because there is much shifting and changing which is happening. You have prayed; lifetimes you have prayed for heaven on Earth, for ones to wake up and to be kind to one another. So I say unto you, if you are going to have that kind of outcome, something has to change.

And that something is changing. That is the good news. That is the good news that I came to tell you two thousand years ago: that you are never alone, that always you are joined with me in the Father/Mother’s Love. You are always joined with my mother, whom you have worshiped and adored, and still have a fond place in your heart for her, and she for you. You are joined with all of the saints, all of the wise ones down through the ages.

Why do you think you are so interested in reading what they have to say? You have walked with them. You walk with them again as you read their writings. They come alive to you. “Well, yes, but I’m just kind of imagining that, Jeshua; it can’t be true.”

It is true; hear me well. You measure time in a linear fashion, but in truth, time is always Now. That which you can remember and think might have been a long time ago, if you can pull it back into your memory or into your present mind, it is right here with you now.

These are times that truly will stretch you, because you have said that you want to move into a new way of being, a new way which is loving, a new way which is creative, a new way which understands truly what is happening from a higher perspective. That is why you study your books. That is why you take various courses and you meet with other ones. You are finding more and more ones who are questioning, more and more ones who are believing that there has to be something more than what you have been taught, something more than what your religious/philosophical orders have said to you was the truth of your being.

Now you are going to the kingdom within. You have spent enough lifetimes and enough time in this lifetime serving the kingdom outside of you, the kingdom of the world and the kingdom of mind which will bring up all kinds of questions you can play with. But remember, you are playing.

Whenever anything gets too heavy for you, remember that you are playing. You are being creative. Stop for a moment and allow the wonderful laughter, when you are laughing at yourself. Allow the wonderful laughter to come forth and to say, “Oh, there, I did it again. I was playing with all of the heaviness of the world, and I thought I had to solve it.”

Beloved one, there is a space in between thoughts where the heart can be felt and love can be known. These times are calling out for love. These times are calling out for love of self. It starts there, and it is not what you have been taught: that it is selfish. You have to be Selfish—with a capital “S”.

You have to love Self. You have to understand and say, “I am really happy with Self. I really like myself,” before you can like someone else. Because if you are not happy with yourself, you are not going to be happy with others, and you will judge them because you are judging yourself.

These times are asking for you to be centered in loving self, living in the heart, knowing the excitement and the joy of the heart and coming Home once again to the acceptance of self. That is so important.

If you could see yourselves the way I see you—and you can—you would see the loving heart. You would believe in yourself, and you would know that every decision you have ever made was a good one, because it has brought you to this place of knowing what works and what does not, what feels good and what does not. If you had never tried a different road, you would not know what was down that road, would you?

You have never made a wrong decision. You have made decisions, and they have gifted you. Sometimes you liked the gift, and sometimes you did not. You are wealthy because of all the choices you have made.

One of the most beautiful ways to stay connected with the heart is what I have been asking you to do for a while now: to take at least five minutes every morning to visualize the Christ of you, the loving self of you; five minutes of just breathing and believing in yourself. Yes, I know that in the beginning you are going to say, “Well, Jeshua, I’ve got too much to do. I have to figure out what to wear, and I have to figure out what I’m going to say to this person. I have to figure out how to get where I’m supposed to go for this meeting. And you know, I don’t have my homework finished.”

Take the five minutes just to breathe. Take the five minutes just to sit. If the mind has to be busy, find yourself a picture that you can look at. Let the eyes go soft and lose yourself in the picture.

Allow yourself to sit for five minutes and enjoy. If you like music, put on a piece of music for five minutes. Allow yourself to get outside of the world and inside yourself for five minutes every morning. And while you are there, speak to me. While you are there, listen, because I just might answer you.

This is a time when you will want to stay connected, when you will want to stay connected to each other. If you are going through something, reach out to other ones and say, “I’m really confused. I’m hurting. I don’t really understand what’s going on, and I don’t know how to be. What would you share with me?”

These are times of upheaval. That is because you are bringing about a New Age, as it is called, a new consciousness, a new way of looking at everything. And in order to do that, you have to have the upheaval of the old.

It is the same as when you are planting a garden. What do you do first? You upheave all of the soil. You make it so that you can plant new. You do not put the seeds on top of the weeds and grass, but you dig up the soil. You make a place for the new seeds to grow.

That is what is happening right now. Everything is being upheaved so that there can be a new planting, and the new planting is happening. The new shoots are coming forth, and you are the ones who are tending the new shoots, the new consciousness of acceptance of love.

It does not matter when you take your five minutes, fifteen, twenty minutes. Stay connected to the higher Self of you. Stay connected to the love Self of you. And the first thing that you do in that five minutes is to say, “I love myself,” because you are lovable.

You, you are lovable, and I love you. If you think that no one else loves you, remember that one Yeshu’a, one Jesus, however you want to call me, loves you with an everlasting love. It has been decreed from before time began and will exist beyond the purpose of time. Always and forever I love that which you are. Always and forever we are connected at the heart.

Stop, breathe, love.

So be it.

– Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) in expression through Judith



Yeshua from Jo Jayson 2

Jeshua Speaks about: The Power of the Interdimensional Self – February 2015 ~ Judith Coates @ Oakbridge University

art by freydoon rassouli.

ART : Freydoon Rassouli

Jeshua Speaks about: The Power of the Interdimensional Self

Beloved one, I desire now to move into what you will call another stage of sharing with you, because you are ready for it. You have asked of me, “Please, can we have a bit more meat to chew on?” So yes. You have already had the appetizer. You have already had the salad. You are now coming into the main course, into what you have truly asked and wanted to know.

So in this message we are going to do an exercise which will take you to a new level of feeling, a new level of visioning, a new level of knowing Who you are, and the energy of the empowerment of that new understanding. You have had visions of what you want to do, to be, to accomplish, and you are asking, “How do I get to that place? How can I move from right here that I understand and that I feel comfortable with to a place where it will be more expansive and more into manifestation of the visioning that I have had?”

We will do a meditation now which will open up doors and windows for you to know more of your true Self.

Allow the body to be comfortable, however it wants to be, and I would suggest that you soften the eyes. Then allow yourself the easy breath. Feel with every inhale that you are going deeper. Feel with every exhale you are getting rid of the external distractions. Allow yourself to feel at peace.

Visualize, if you will, a hill, a grassy knoll, and feel yourself to be on top of that hill looking down at your surroundings, whatever may be around. Are there trees, flowers? Is there water? Are there birds? Are there other animals? Bunny rabbits? Just observe and watch. See what comes to you.

You are standing on top of the grassy knoll looking down, down the hill, past the trees, out to the water. Look to the sky. What color is it? Is there a cloud or two? What form is the cloud? Is it moving? What do you see in the mind’s eye that is peaceful? The summer breeze perhaps? The trees swaying in the wind, the grass moving? Perhaps it is tall grass; perhaps it is short grass. Visualize. How does it feel?

Then take yourself from the top of the grassy knoll up to the sky to that cloud that is up there. Do not worry about anything that is down below. Feel yourself to be on the cloud, floating easily, again looking down at the grassy knoll, but feeling yourself untethered. Feel yourself to be free, to feel, to soar, to be; just to be.

And then as you feel comfortable being in the cloud, feel yourself rise above the cloud even farther so that you are looking down at the cloud. Know yourself to be the cloud, and yet you are above it looking down at it, and know that truly it has supported you as you sat upon it, but now you are above it looking down at it.

The human being of you, the physical body of you rises up even higher to the place where there is just a knowing of the Being that you are, a place that is above any dimension, any reality.

You can see realities of past lives, realities of future lives. Play with that for a moment. Who have you been? Where have you been? How has it been? How will it be? Allow yourself to envision how you will be in what you call the next lifetime. Will you be the human, or will you be a bird? Will you be a fish swimming in the vast ocean, knowing yourself to be free, supported by the water, supported always by the divinity of you?

Will you be the great panther? Will you perhaps entertain the thought of being the ostrich or perhaps the monkey? A giraffe? Anything you can imagine. You can be human and you can be any other form that you want to be.

You are between dimensions, not having to be in a location of one dimension or one reality, but you are observing, you are watching any dimension that you want to watch. Know that truly your energy is in any dimension that you want to create, any form that you want to create, any being, because you are the creative extension of the one Creator, and right now you are having an experience of not being tied to any dimension, any reality.

You are allowing yourself to float, to be free, to play in the imagination with whomever and whatever you want to be. Visions will come to you and pass by. You do not have to linger on one, or you may if you want to. Allow them to come. Know what you have been. Know what you will be. Just watch. See how it all passes before and within you, because truly every reality that you create comes from within.

Know that you can create any reality that you want to when you access the place of the Interdimensional Self and you are not with a focus upon any dimension, not being tied into a certain box of a dimension, but you are floating, you are free, it is easy, and you are entertaining different ideas of forms, of ways of being.

You are even farther out than the outer space that you have talked about, and yet you are the inner space that is creating and beholding. Allow yourself to envision the different forms of being, and know that truly none of those forms encompasses all of you, because you are much more than any form. But just watch the forms as they come and pass by.

Some of the forms will appeal to you more than others, and you may linger with the forms that are attractive to you. Perhaps, as we have said, it would be the giant bird, the eagle that you know. Perhaps it would be the tiny wren, a cardinal, the bright male cardinal. Perhaps, again, you will be the great whale. Perhaps you will be the lion or the lioness. Perhaps you will be the king or the queen, or perhaps the kitchen maid. It truly does not matter, because each and every being is divine.

So you sit between dimensions and you look at what your world has been, and you see pockets of joy. You see families that are happy with each other. You see other families where there is sorrow, where ones are not agreeing with each other, where ones do not want to be in each other’s company. You know that feeling, but you also know the joy of love and of being happy to be accepted.

You look upon your world and you see the areas where brother is speaking against brother, perhaps even taking up arms to do away with the form. The energy of being can never be taken away, but one can be asked to release the form, and sometimes that is happening.

Sometimes there are areas of sickness where the body is dis-eased, not at ease, not knowing its wholeness. Allow yourself to see those areas that perhaps are not at peace and to send your knowing of peace to an area on holy Mother Earth or any other celestial body where there is life.

Know that you are powerful. You are the Christ. You are the Light of divinity. You are the power of wholeness. You are the power of Oneness, and you are One with everything that you see. That is why, when you envision certain areas, you feel the energy of that area and what is going on there.

You know that you are creative, and you are creating every reality, every dimension that you behold. You send your energy of peace into every dimension, because you desire to know wholeness and you desire to know Oneness in wholeness. You are very powerful. You have yet to understand your power, and yet as you are between dimensions, between realities—lower case “r”—you can look upon every happening, every energy form, and you can bless it with the energy of peace.

Know that truly every time you focus upon energy in form and outside of form, you are sending the divinity, the divine energy of you to it. That is how powerful your focus is. As you will feel yourself and know yourself to be One with whatever you are beholding, it has to change as your idea and your acceptance changes. It has to change, for you are the energy that reaches out and touches it.

Allow yourself now to come back to the cloud, sitting upon the cloud and looking down at the grassy knoll. Now there are birds, now there is a squirrel, now there is a fox, forms that have come out of the woods to feel your energy. And now you are on the grassy knoll watching the butterfly that has landed on your hand. You let it go, knowing that truly your energy goes with it.

You walk down through the tall grass, feeling it waving and brushing against your legs and your feet until you come to the bottom of the grassy knoll. Now you focus your eyes, feeling yourself back in the room. [Pause]

Now, I have a bit of homework to give to you. On the morrow, take out a piece of paper, any size, any color, lined or not lined. I always get these questions: “Well, Jeshua, what size should the paper be? What color should it be? What kind of pen should I write with? Does it need lines?” No. Anything you choose to write on.

I want you to pick a topic of something that you know is happening in the world. There are areas where there is conflict going on. There are areas where there is disease going on. Even closer to home, there are ones who are not at peace. I want you to focus upon what seems not to be holy from the vantage point of the Interdimensional Self that is up the grassy knoll, onto the cloud, into the space between dimensions, and to look at what is happening.

Get yourself right into the space of seeing what is happening. Then remember where you are, looking at it. In other words, you are not right down in it. Get into it at first so that you know what you are working with, and then take yourself up as high as you can go outside of this dimension, looking down at the world or at the family or at the coworkers or anything that you choose that you want to put your energy onto, the energy of wholeness. And I want you to bless whatever you have chosen as your certain topic.

If it is yourself—and this is okay; you can choose yourself to be the object of the focus—allow yourself the new visioning from a different space, a different perspective, and get yourself into that space of meditation, but not into a space that says, “Well, I can’t do anything. You know, Jeshua, this problem is too big. I can’t do anything with it.”

Yes, you can. This is what I want you to experience. I want you to get at least a glimmer of a new perspective and how you can bless any situation that you choose. And as I have said, you can choose yourself or you can choose something that seems to be miles and miles away on the other side of holy Mother Earth, any type of conflict that is going on, and send your holy vibration from a new perspective.

Because I will share with you a secret which is not a secret. As you will be looking at whatever seems to be wrong and needing help, you may get an insight, an inner sight that says, “Something is being completed here. Something is in divine order that I hadn’t seen and the news media has not seen. There may be something happening here that is bigger than what it appears to be. It may be holier than what it appears to be.”

Even if you choose yourself and you have something going on in the body that you are not comfortable with, allow yourself in the meditative state to feel a new perspective. The body is going to serve you for as long as the soul has determined that you want to be and have said you will be here to serve.

So pick a topic. Get your pen and paper. Write whatever you think is going on. Then allow yourself the deep breath and the time of quietness, and take yourself to the grassy knoll. Take yourself to the top of the grassy knoll. Take yourself to the cloud. Take yourself above the cloud. Take yourself out of the dimension and behold your subject and sit with it for at least five minutes of the clock; maybe longer. Then come back to focus and write what you have seen from a new perspective.

This is a powerful technique which can be used with any situation or person or group of persons. It allows you to move out of limited dimensional thinking into the Interdimensional Self and Its broader, truer vision. Return often to the space above the cloud, free in the nondimension. Abide often as the Interdimensional Self. I will join you there.

So be it.

– Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
in expression through Judith

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