L’AURA PLEIADIAN: “Being Your Divine Presence ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness”


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L’AURA PLEIADIAN: “Being Your Divine Presence ~ 5th Dimensional Consciousness”

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 “When we unite, the Child within, with the Love of 5th Dimensional Consciousness, throughout our Day, consciously, moment to moment (the inner child knows only moment to moment) we become the wholeness, the magic, the beauty of our eternal, whole selves.  WE live without limitation.  Limitations vanish.”

 ~L’Aura Pleiadian

Harmonizing all of your Bodies, including your subconscious, conscious and super conscious minds, allows the space, within you, to be unified and whole, in your own conscious awareness. That which appears hidden, your subconscious and superconscious awareness, is Not, and is constantly feeding you, guiding you, and influencing all that you do, from moment to moment.

When we gain the awareness of this, and consciously choose to function through this inherent harmony within, we master the Being Present in wholeness of Being. The attention placed on the wholeness, rather than the lack, becomes the way we are fully integrated, as the Beings we already ARE.

The idea of Being Human has lost some of its awareness of its TRUE Glory. A temporary play of being asleep, only to awaken, to your Glory.

Being Present in our Presence, is the way we enter the playing field, consciously, of a paradigm, that truly is our home in the first place. Now we dream of a better reality, a Heaven on Earth, because it already exists, within us.

When we apply our will to our everyday consciousness, with the application of 5th Dimensional Consciousness (love) we experience changes. Yet, part of this trinity, within, this wholeness, within us, includes the subconscious ~ Inner child and the superconscious our Higher self, the limitless self, and our conscious every day self.

Imagine, if you would, a trinity made up of a pillar of Light. Together all the parts, are the whole you. This whole you, I like to call the magical self. The reason I say magical self, is it is the you, that includes your Child like Being, your God Like Being, and the you, that exists in day-to-day life. Sending Love to All these parts, creates in your awareness, a unification.

Now practising Being your Divine Presence, in this unification,  includes a conscious application and focus, of not only the application of Unconditional Love (the Higher Self You, 5th Dimensional Consciousness) but also the deeper awakening of the FEELING nature You, the Playful You, your Inner Child. 

The YOU that exists in JOY. With Enthusiasm.

When we unite, the Child within, with the Love of 5th Dimensional Consciousness, throughout our Day, consciously, moment to moment (the inner child knows only moment to moment) we become the wholeness, the magic, the beauty of our eternal, whole selves. WE live without limitation. Limitations vanish.

We know we are giving space for our inner child, when we lose track of time. When we are doing those things we love so much, we lose track of time. Each inner child is unique, and Knows and Desires to Play. You follow your Bliss, not what is socially acceptable, or proper, to others.

Many of you are applying consciously 5th Dimensional love and acceptance, to all that arises.

Now I am asking you to take this practise even deeper now, and Play daily. Allow room for the inner child to express itself and play. This inner child may be shy. Be very gentle as you begin to show love, through honouring your inner child, for the power of this aspect of you, to come to life, so to speak, in your life, in Union with the Divine you, and the everyday you. So begin here. Find something daily, you just want to do that is fun. That is joyful, that when you do it, time disappears.

And watch within you, great magic unfold. Apply love to all that arises. Encourage the child within to arise and play within you. This is applying love to the child within.

When you love all aspects of the trinity within you (subconscious inner child, conscious every day self, superconscious higher self) You experience Union through this love, and you experience Heaven on Earth. Be creative, embrace your inner child with tenderness and love.

The magical You, then enters the world of your greatest Dreams come true. Because you Are ~ already, the Dream come true. You are waking up to this truth.

Your Presence is the Magical You. This is your Union, your Mastery, your Divine Being.

Practise Being Your Presence. Loving all that arises and encouraging all to arise, that appears as dormant with you. The Union of all that you already Are. The Glory of this, is so Great. This is the revealing. You to You, what you have waited to experience.

Receive and feel deeply, the Love, the Presence, that Holds You, that you are Within.



Eternal Love and Bliss!

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The Forces of Consciousness that Impregnate Matter as Memory – L’Aura Pleiadian~ The New Divine Humanity


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The Forces of Consciousness that Impregnate Matter as Memory


The Forces of Consciousness that impregnate matter, as a Living computer, interact through symbolic language directly to your subconscious mind.

This interaction, is the living computer of consciousness, that is alive. These  forces of consciousness  attributed to different states of consciousness, orchestrate all experiences.

All that occurs, is through this Cosmic computer, which the Overseers of consciousness (the forces) regulate, throughout the entire Universe.

As we input NEW forces of consciousness we upgrade our living computer, that changes the data within the subconscious. When these changes take place, new experiences are experienced.

As a learning tool of experience (the forces of consciousness) MEMORY represents the active forces, to be purified to enter new levels of consciousness.

These may be viewed through the different ages of consciousness. Where memory becomes purified, as a whole, before a new cycle beings.

Each individuated consciousness functions through its own capacity for change. For expansion, and the levels purified may surpass the consciousness, of the whole. These Beings impact the whole, as they go through the process, of purification.

When we interact with matter, it is through the subconscious first and always, as this is the program that functions, through what is, in the memory.

When you bypass the need to understand through the conscious mind, you leave behind the conscious resistance to the release of memory, that lives as the directive of consciousness, creating your experiences.

Your memory holds the active forces, that impregnate matter.  That make it alive. That interact with you, at the deeper levels. That interact with all, even if you believe it is hidden. The interaction is taking place.

AS it is the UNSEEN FORCES, that CREATE the circumstances of your life.

These unseen forces impregnate the MEMORY within your subconscious, your Blueprint, creating your thoughts, your responses, the situations and people around you.

Purifying your subconscious is the evolution you are experiencing as your Ascension. This hidden computer of Forces that regulate all of your life experiences, is going through the purification process.

Living in the Newly activated levels of Pure Awareness, you access your multidimensional Self, that lives as the Divine forces of consciousness.

They are the Divine Forces. They function through the Positive memories of creation. Through the Divine Forces of Creation, through which you began as the Star Light Matrix, that impregnated you as your unique Light Frequency.

For now, let us breathe slowly and deeply and as you do this, you become present. And you enter the depths of your subconscious without the resistance, to the activation of the New Forces, within you. becoming your data, you now begin to function through. 

Again, this is WHAT creates ALL of your experiences. 

Let us go deep. 

Let us let go of resistance. 

Breathe, relax and FEEL. Feel the download of active Divine Forces, merge in your subconscious, as you receive. 

I now receive the DIVINE active forces of Consciousness, that download and upgrade my consciousness, to the UNION state of consciousness that creates the NEW experiences of LIFE through me. Through GRACE. (feel) 

I integrate these new Divine Activated Forces, that reprogram my subconscious, throughout all time and space, throughout all timelines, NOW. 

I enter the Grand Cosmic Cycle of the Ascension, in which I am Ascended, I live through this Divine Purified state of memory consciousness. That is my original LIGHT, NOW. 

I receive this GRACE, I breathe this  into the very Heart and Soul of my Being, Now. 

And so it is! I AM the eternal Divine Light of consciousness, birthing the New, as the Divine Light that activates matter. All Now. And so it is! Now!


Eternal Love and Bliss!


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