What is a Lightworker? – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Saatchi Art ~ Artist Jason Lincoln Jeffers – Painting, The lightworker.


What is a Lightworker?

One of the requests that came out of our recent conversation about lightworkers was a request to say what a lightworker actually is.

I’m happy to oblige.

A writer said recently: “The term ‘lightworker’ is synonymous with ‘spiritual seeker.’” (1)

In my view? Not precisely.  Lightworkers are not so much about seeking as they are about serving.

The “worker” in “lightworker” points to service.

Service to what? Service to the Light, God, the Divine Mother, Gaia and her animal and human inhabitants.

Readers here certainly will have heard the Company of Heaven tell us that we made agreements prior to birth that we would serve the Divine Mother’s Plan for us and Gaia. That Plan in a word is Ascension.

How do we know what our exact agreement is? Very simple. Notice what you love to do. (For me it’s writing.)

Notice where your bliss is. Notice what you can’t stay away from doing and do as soon as you return home. Or at the local Starbucks. Or at the supermarket. What you love to do is almost certainly a part of your mission.

Ascension itself has phases and different lightworkers may serve in different phases.

Those are Ascension itself, Abundance, Accountability, and Disclosure.  They overlap as they’re doing right now. Disclosure is expected in the near future. That overlaps with Abundance (the Reval), which overlaps with Accountability (40,000 plus sealed indictments).

Regarding Ascension, some lightworkers are assisting people to make the gradual consciousness shift that’s occurring right now. They’re also assisting people for whom the higher energies flush up core issues. They help them work through and be free of whatever surfaces. Spiritual first aid and triage, so to speak.

Regarding Abundance, other lightworkers have agreed to be financial stewards and conduits for the Divine Mother, handling large sums of money from various sources without being seduced by it and using them fairly and honestly to benefit the planet and its inhabitants.

Regarding Accountability, other lightworkers are standing up to the cabal, saying “Enough!”, exposing their crimes – right and left, Democrat and Republican – and serving in various capacities to “drain the swamp.”

Regarding Disclosure, lightworkers are preparing to serve as Earth’s ambassadors to our star family and partners in the many programs the galactics will introduce to rebuild the planet and rid it of our pollution.

This blog had its beginnings as a site dedicated to exposing the post-9/11 crimes of the Illuminati. (2) After I met Archangel Michael via a personal reading with Linda Dillon in January 2011, it became about building Nova Earth.

I notice myself returning to the theme of building Nova Earth again and again, as if I even like the sound of the words.  It colors everything.

In the face of the vision of Nova Earth, other habits and distractions no longer hold my attention. This change, this attractive power of the idea is again a sign that participating in the collective action of building a new world is part of my mission.

As a financial steward, my service is along the path of humanitarian philanthropy.

The object of our philanthropy, writ large, I think, is (A) to fuel a revolution in compassion towards the less fortunate on the planet and (B) to make of the desert a watered plain – that is, to return the planet to its state of original purity, which some call the Garden of Eden.

The service that lightworkers perform is a spiritual path to God in and of itself. Hindus call it karma yoga, seva or, simply, service.

This may be contentious but it’s my considered opinion: The lightworkers here to help Gaia and her inhabitants ascend are already ascended.

Lightworkers are starseeds, angels, archangels, seraphim, ascended masters, Biblical prophets, medieval kings and queens, etc., all from higher dimensions.

We donned the blindfold in this particular existence so that, as Michael said to me, the CoH can keep our feet on the ground. If we realized who we are, I’m told, we’d in all likelihood pack up and return home.

When the job’s done, my understanding is that lightworkers will indeed have the choice to stay or return home to their native dimension or beyond the dimensions. (3)

We’re waiters at the banquet of Ascension. We have oil in our lamps and we’re safely inside the wedding hall.

And we’re serving the great mass of people who’ve gathered to partake of the feast.  Their wedding approaches. Our feast, our reward comes later.


(1) Owen K Waters “The Helping Heart,” Light Magic, at https://www.lightmagic.us/helpingheart/

(2) Typical of that period was “I Accuse,” Oct. 18, 2008, athttp://goldenageofgaia.com/accountability/nwo-essays/i-accuse/

(3) Except … pillars. Who stay till the end.



Saatchi Art ~ Artist Jason Lincoln Jeffers – Painting, The lightworker.

Gratitude to artists for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known.
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The Recessional Wave – Steve Rother @ Lightworker


Art : Romina Lerda


The Beacons of Light
December 2016

~ The Recessional Wave ~


Beacons of Light
December 2016
Presented Live 11/19/2016

Greetings Dear Ones,

We join you this day with your game well in progress; you are making astounding leaps forward in your consciousness. We watch with great joy and share this with you because it is our vision from Home. There are harmonies and repetitions throughout your world. In reality, your time that you know as linear time is circular time and you repeat things over and over again. That is how you accomplish advancement and empowerment in your life—pretending to be a human.

A Wide Variety in Ways of Thinking

Now what is taking place is all humans everywhere are starting to align in different ways. We understand that you look at your news and everything that is taking place in your world and you see upheaval, arguments, and probably more division than you have seen in a very long time. Well, we see it too. It is not new, dear ones, for it has always been there. Quite simply, what has happened is with the new technologies and all the forms of communication of which you are now capable of, you are starting to uncover things that you have not seen before. As the Keeper has explained, because of the levels of technology which are now developing with such a wide range of influences, it is very difficult to get an accurate overview. This will continue for a while, but is it a problem? Not from our perspective. In truth, none of these differences and challenges you now see could have been uncovered otherwise.  You are starting to see that there is a wide variety—much wider than what most people thought — no matter where you are in that acclimation. It is fascinating to see how people project a reality and then walk into it, believing that everyone else around them thinks very similarly. This is happening over and over again, which is causing some of the frustration. People are not acting as expected, which creates fear in most humans. It throws an uncertainty about where you are going and how this will actually work.

Humanity Advances in Waves

There are certain things you can do to move past this. Obviously, the most common sense approach is to prepare for the worst and expect the best. That is simple, because your energy is also needed for this to take in a new world. Dear ones, you have been on a path of change, especially in the United States. The door is opening for that change, and in truth it will turn out wonderfully. Now, in the meantime there are difficulties and challenges to go through. However, we tell you there are many beings on edge just waiting to make these moves and to have their voices heard. We ask the same of you, because you have a voice no matter where you are in the process. We do not care which side you are on. Actually, the sides will start diminishing as you begin seeing that this is not the division. As humans you are so accustomed to seeing everything in duality. The moment you have a new concept you immediately decide whether it is right or wrong, good or bad. The duality is what you see now gripping Earth in the most difficult ways. This is what is causing the most fear, and at times creating a backlash effect. To simply see see the opportunities to grow to that next level and to work with it, is the way out. As we told you, dear ones, all of it is accomplished through waves. Even the advancement of humanity itself moves back and forth on this enormous fulcrum. When finally it can no longer take the pressure anymore it jumps to the next level and advances, then starts swinging until it advances again. That is how humanity works, so you can expect the forward and backward movements.

What you are also starting to see is an opening, with new realities starting to shift. As they are new, even unprecedented, is drawing a great deal of attention to them. This is what happened during your elections and there are many things that you can point to regarding what took place. Even though you will discover irregularities in your voting system, as we have predicted before, it will actually not make a difference in the outcome. These are times, dear ones, when you each decide what your vision of the planet looks like. This is going to be incredibly important that you hold that vision in harmony with others, because that is what you brought to Earth. You have that one little piece of the puzzle that nobody else could carry or work with in the same ways as before. Now, dear ones, you are going to find time to work with those.

Planting Positive Energy on the Circular Time

The larger aspect of planet Earth itself is in this wave pattern tilting back and forth consistently, but moving forward at a fairly steady pace. There will be times when things are moving too quickly and you will experience restrictions that are completely unexpected. Re-member, it does not mean that you are going to end the world. You have made a vow to create the new world and you might just get your chance. That is what you have been asking for and where this is going, dear ones. In the times of Lemuria you knew so much about yourselves and each other, and how you interacted in the world around you. There are certain aspects which are strictly human and all of you deal with: reaction, action, feeling threatened, closing your energy off, repelling things and magnetizing things to you. You do these things all the time, often unintentionally, because that is how you interact in the world around you. We are going to ask you to disconnect once in a while. Do not take responsibility for everything that happens in front of you, or you will be exhausted by the time your name is called.  You are needed; you are carrying a very important piece. We ask you to envision the future, because that is where you are all moving. So, if you plant little seeds of yourselves and your feelings in the future, these become magnetic imprints that you are able to place on the timeline in a very specific way. Re-member, with circular time it is only a matter of time before you are dealing with the same issue again. You see this in people on Earth all the time. They deal with a big issue, whatever it may be, then they go through a big expression of that issue. Everything seems to be fine for a number of years, until they find themselves in the same situation again with different people. That is circular time; it is how you deal with issues that you wish to resolve. Re-member, you can also plant positive energy on the circular time.

That is what we are asking you to do today. By placing that energy on the circular timeframe, you not only ensure that you have a future but you even speed up the entire process. If it causes things to move forward, how does one imprint on that circular time? It is done through your passion, dear ones, which is why you have it. It is what you feel when you are carrying out your passion.  Every part of you brightens and starts to glow, carrying a bit more light. Every cell in your body starts to synthesize and store more of the photonic energy, those light particles integral to your make up. You will also witness quite an advancement in the human animal itself, in that your spirit is now able to be more present in your experience on Earth. Your body will adjust to make that happen and you will begin to see changes in many ways, including some of the shifts in consciousness. When you start to come together in new ways and connect with each other, that is truly where the answers are.

The Recessional Wave

Now, we want to share with you the larger aspect of the wave. There are these huge waves and every time a new wave breaks ground, it becomes a headline. You talk about, celebrate, or sometimes even fear it if you are against it in some way. That is what happens and how it moves forward. What you do not always see is the recessional wave that flows backwards, for often it is hidden from view. Many times you choose not to look at it, so you hide it from your own view. What is happening is so beautiful because even though this has many people in fear, it is actually an opportunity to re-examine every particle of what you are building toward the future.

Understanding Other’s Believe System

The new energy is here and you are learning to acclimate into it. This has been growing ever since September 27th. It is moving at an incredible pace and you are also going to see some anomalies taking place that will not easily be explained. However, some of that has to do with a gravitational wave that went through about a year ago. It is unbelievable what that has opened up and we will tell you more about that as time goes forward. Dear ones, expect miracles and even your physics to change a bit as you start to open up your understanding of All That Is. You will be able to use it in your daily life instead of just spiritually. Many times, dear ones, you have had to retreat into a very deep meditation completely blocking off every aspect of your daily life so that you could go in and renew your spirit. What if you could renew it without disconnecting? What if you could walk in full connection of that meditative spirit with every step? That is what is happening and what every one of you is in training for at the moment. All different levels of advancement are coming together with a singular purpose of bringing love to this planet. Yes, that is the job at hand for all of you and the next level of humanity that you are starting to see. The interesting part is that bandwidth of humanity was a bit wider than most people thought. So, this is a time of reflection and understanding. This is a time to take inventory of who you are and discover what aspects you resonate with. Become more aware of cultures, energies which you would not normally not look at as they are not usually your vibration. This is the time to start stretching some of that, becoming aware of how people react on Earth and how they think. Even though we have talked much about belief systems on your planet, we tell you even to understand another’s belief system can be huge. It can make more of a difference than you can imagine, turning planet Earth on a dime. Dear ones, that is exactly what this looks like.

There is much work to do for this energy to settle, no matter where you are on the planet. You have all agreed to make this beautiful heart connection which we see at Home. It is the most beautifully intricate web protecting the Earth, lightening the hearts and carrying energy from Home. Each of you are a part of it and proudly hold that banner of being a Lightworker on planet Earth, carrying that energy from Home and re-minding people who they are. Well done, dear ones.

Now for just a moment, I will retreat and be back momentarily.

The Magnetic Wave

Well, there you are! This is Elrah of Rhythmic Service here. I thought I would come and tickle your funny bone a little bit, so I am going to change the rhythm a little bit for most of you. Humans have just been thinking way too much with so much smoke coming out of their heads that you are starting to pollute the air with it. It is just getting ridiculous! You know, you can smile your way Home without a problem. You create your own reality in front of you no matter what country you live in, which government you work with or what you have around you. Each of you have such a beautiful and distinct energy. You can light up the room around you in many different ways, so please stop giving your power away to people and things around you. You are the powerful ones. We made sure of that before you left Home; we charged your battery packs in ways that only we can and we did a pretty good job of it too. You have lots of extra energy there, so re-member that dear ones. We know some of you get really tired of carrying things on your shoulders and sometimes you are carrying too much. We have you, so you could not fall if you tried. You are on a path of greatness, one that has been opened many times before but never completed. You will be the first to do so and we mean that sincerely. You have already passed all the markers of those that have gone before, clearly moving past those from the days of Atlantis and Lemuria. But you are still trying to harmonize it all, bringing that huge bandwidth of humanity a little bit closer until you step into the next levels of it. There is a lot you can work with. Keep in mind you have a rhythm of the heart and that is magical, because each of you are different. So share that unique rhythm. Share what makes your heart sing, and step into it in some way.  Know that there is one key, for you are creator beings and you always have been. You create magic right in front of you, turn, opening your eyes, sending out this beautiful energy. Then you say, “What happened there? I do not know what to do here.” That is because you do not get the idea that you actually created it all in that way. So, we tell you to create something really beautiful and really big.

Give Thanks for What You Have

Creative energy will go a long way right now, because so many people are wrapped up in fear. It is almost as if the creative energy is not being used, so jump over here and create something magical happen while everybody is busy. Watch how much energy is going to be behind you because the magnetic wave, which before has been called the gravitational wave, will open your heart in new ways. You are starting to blend the electrical wave with the magnetic wave, as you learn how to think from the heart and how to feel from the head. Yes, it is tough on you. With the recessional wave on Earth, you have opportunities to see things from an entirely different perspective. We hope you enjoy that and that you will take a moment and do the greatest thing you can do: give thanks for what you have. Give thanks for the beauty you see all around, and give thanks for being one of the participants and help to change this world of yours. Watch as you take it to the next level.

You are magical beings, so take that and give it away. Know that every time you touch something or send your intent, love, or energy out, you are sending this beautiful stream of light capable of reaching another’s heart with your love. You are masters at it, each and every one. Keep up the great work dear ones. The energy has started and now we will see where you take it.v

It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect any time you can. Nurture one another at every opportunity and do not forget to play well together. I am Elrah of Rhythmic Service and I love ya.

Espavo dear ones.

The group

The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting : “Thank You for Taking Your Power”

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Art : Romina Lerda

Lightworker: What’s in a Word? – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

aer-freydoon-sea of serenity

Art : Sea of Serenity by Freydoon Rassouli


Lightworker: What’s in a Word?

Lightworker. noun.What’s in a word?

The Arcturian Group recently defined it as:

“Many continue to think of lightworkers as being only those spiritually gifted individuals doing healing work, teaching, or channeling. This belief is a facet of the belief in separation for in truth everyone is a spiritual being and every activity becomes Lightwork when done with awakened eyes and ears.

“Lightwork is the natural effect of an evolved state of consciousness, one that without conscious effort can lift the energy of those receptive. Even the most seemingly insignificant of daily interactions are Lightwork when they flow on energy streams of true Love and Light.” (1)

What are other partial or complete synonyms? Women and men of action, karma yogis, sevaks, servants, stewards, boots on the ground, ground crew.

In every age, there have been lightworkers. The difference between then and now is that, then, there was an occasional Saint Francis/St. Clare here and an occasional Mahatma Gandhi/Mother Teresa there. (2) Now, there are lightworkers in every nation, all over the world, pulling the load, lightening it for some.

What distinguishes the lightworker, in my mind, is the impulse or desire to give. It could be a crust of bread. It could be a home. What is given is less important than the impulse to give to, to share with, to care for others.

The Arcturian Group calls it “the natural effect of an evolved state of consciousness.” That resonates with me. In the times I’ve been in bliss or transformative love, I’ve just wanted to give, to share with, to care for.

I expect that the higher we go, the more we become founts of love. I can see it in my imagination, my inner eye, creative thought.

Yes, yes, I see it. Higher dimensionally we are fountains of love and bliss.

The only intimations, the only clouds of glory we come trailing are those deep-seated feelings of truth being struck. At some deep-seated place I feel the truth of the assertion that we are, in our higher selves, fountains of love and bliss. It isn’t up to surface consciousness. It’s more a very deep feeling.

As I write, I’m uplifted into a blissful state and forget what I was saying, why I was saying it, everything.

Bliss is a game-changer.

Do I want to interrupt it by trying to remember what it was I was saying? Of course not. There’s nothing I seek beyond bliss.

This is it. I am here. Why would I stray?


(1) Yes, yes, they’re the same. Francis was Gandhi; Clare was Teresa. United again.

Lightworker: What’s in a Word?

The Right Turn @ Lightworker


Art : Faith – by Nanne Nyander Fine Art Prints


~ The Right Turn ~

The Beacons of Light Re-minders from Home are presented Live on the internet,
transcribed and posted here each month

Beacons of Light
November 2016
Presented Live 10/29/2016


Greetings, Dear Ones. I am the Keeper of Time.

Are You Ready For the Right Turn?

We join you this day with your game well in progress, but we look at your energy on planet Earth and we are amazed. Amazed that all of you have this opportunity to project yourself onto a timeline and to play the game of pretending to be a human. I am the Keeper of Time and I have come in this day to share with you a little of what is ahead.  Now, think of a time when you have been in a car as a passenger, perhaps even when you were younger. So, you are in this car having a conversation when suddenly it makes a drastic turn and you are bracing yourself. You are thrown up against the side of the car as it goes through the turn, then you are upright once again and you resume your conversation. You are about to take a turn; it is a big one. Are you ready? We will share a little bit of this. A wave of energy which landed on Earth on September 27th, not that long ago, is basically still coming in. This wave is raising everything to new levels including the vibrations of all humans everywhere. It is not only humanity, but every plant, animal, rock, and leaf. It is very beautiful to see how it has worked, and how you have managed to move that energy in so many different ways. We will tell you that here you are about to take another turn.

Now, if you can imagine that I might be driving the car. When I drive the car I keep things rather steady, easy, and simple for pretty much everyone, because of the concern of my passengers. But there are times, dear ones, where some drivers do not think that way. For instance, if Elrah were driving the car you can just imagine that you would be thrown all over the place at different times. Now, what you are experiencing is the opportunity to see that curve coming. If you position yourself at the perfect junction, you can make it through the curve with very little effort. You will ride the high essence, cut it down to the closeness, and in effect make the curve without being thrown against the wall.. That is what is taking place. When exactly is the curve coming in? It will be experienced by different people at different times, but the majority of it will come in during the first four months of the next year—all the way through April. You have already been in preparation for these turns, and you will see many things start to change. Why? Quite simply, humanity is still rising. Because of that the higher vibration you can now see things that were blocked from your view before. Now you have that opportunity to see fully through it. You have the ability to place yourself in the position of least resistance, or even to gain something by going through the turn. The turn is all of humanity, which is a redirection. Very beautiful. The Family of E  in more mass this moment on Earth than ever before in your planet’s history.

The Path of Least Resistance

Yes, there are more people on your planet now than ever before even including during the previous times of Lemuria and Atlantis. However, you see that much of that is shifting because you are about to hit a critical mass number of 8 billion that shift everything. Does that mean you are going to be hitting that number in the first part of 2017? No, but that will be the other part of the turn or the landing. The turn is in preparation to put into motion something new and to create opportunities. How is that possible? You are examining these things every day, are you not? You are looking at all the rules you have set out for yourselves and others, and reexamining many of them. That is beautiful — well done. It means you are allowing your own belief systems to evolve to the level from which you can now see. You will be able to justify things between your head and your heart more than ever before. You will have the return of Lemuria, when two lines of time cross each other at just the right moment. You experienced one about a year or so ago and another one is coming after the turn, when the new direction is determined for all of humanity. That is what is right in front of you, dear ones. As that begins to evolve, you have new capabilities of finding and grounding passion in your life in all new ways. In truth, you will be simplifying your lives. All of these arguments, discussions, elections and all the things that have led up to this have brought up all these rather interesting points that you will want to rectify once you go through the curve, the great turn of humanity. Does it mean that you will see it? No, turns are not generally seen until they are pretty far down the road and you look backwards. Do not expect too much of it, but you can prepare yourself by projecting into the future the energy which you wish to use. It will draw you through that curve at the path of least resistance.

Technological Advancement

So many things are taking place, dear ones. Yes, this can obviously be a potential for collapse of some of your systems because a turn of that magnitude can cause things that are out of integrity to feed upon themselves. That is what happens when you have two vibrations which are opposite to each other, because in effect they neutralize each other. Quite simply, it is spiritual physics, as well as your modern-day Newtonian physics. We will be speaking of this in greater detail in the very near future, because so much new information is here. You are at this critical junction that is absolutely amazing. You work so much in the times of Atlantis for your evolution and the advancement of your technologies, spirituality, and every part of it. Yet it was cut short before and you were not able to complete the process. Now you can, dear ones, for that is what is happening. You are picking up where you left off in Atlantis. However,  instead of going through the biological side of advancement, this time you went through more of a technological side of one.  You are creating cognitive computers—computers that can think. Of course, your greatest fear is what happens when computers outthink the humans. Do they simply shut us off, lock us in a room somewhere and take over our world? Well, that remains to be seen but it is not one of the potentials that lies ahead. Instead, what lies before us a rather interesting question for humanity. When you create something and it holds true consciousness, how will that work? What will you call it and what rights will you give it? The truth of the matter is that none of you are accustomed to being creators, so you are accustomed to denying your own creation abilities. It is time to start looking at these and asking these questions ahead of time. You have no problem giving your energy to a plant or a pet, and yet it is very difficult for you to receive in that fashion. Take a step, dear ones, all of you are there.

Safety Net

During this turn up ahead, especially if you are striving to be thrown up against the side of the car at that point. We also share with you something that you all need to know: we have you. We are doing our best to protect each and every one of you, because your individual essence of the light is very important to your own evolution as well as ours. Dear ones, we are not separate from you. We are a part of you the same way that you are a part of each other. You are now moving in that direction, opening those new capabilities and starting to reveal worlds which you have not seen since the times of Lemuria. It was in Lemuria that you had deep connections with each other. It was no problem at all to connect in a different way and simply say, “Oh, you are a part of me. I feel you, I feel your needs; I will move aside and make this space for you.” Yet, there are so many levels that you can be working on with this. All of you are starting to ground exactly where you are. In Lemuria, you were connected; you worked in a similar fashion that the bees work when they are in their hives. They all communicate, yet have their own jobs and know exactly what they are supposed to do. And they are all about doing that job, which is also the new way after the turn. It is possible that many of you will be meeting your Lemurian selves.  an Energy may come over you in such a way that it takes you out of your own circumstance. All of you can be doing this in different ways, if you simply pick it up and try. Work a little bit more with it every time you get a chance. Push a little bit further, with the confidence of knowing that we have you. Is it possible to fly off the road during this turn? Of course, and  you will see many people doing, but not for you. We are providing a safety net especially for those who carry critical pieces for planet Earth, which all of you do. We honor you in ways that you cannot understand; we love you, dear ones, and that you can understand.

The Family of E

Take these next steps with joy, as you prepare to meet another part of yourself which was here during these beautiful days of Lemuria. You will not be learning as much as you will be re-membering. We hope you re-member well, because you had a society which empowered one other and that is why you have called it the “Family of E.” The Family of E has incarnated over and over and over again since the days of Lemuria. Your mission has been to be here at specific times when evolution was critical in your honoring of human rights.  One of the larger pieces of the Family of E is human rights. The Family of E is basically causing this turn, which is a re-direction, a new commitment. It is a new way to activate light in entirely new directions.

We also tell you there will be some preparation for this in different ways, though we are not trying to prepare you for the curve—you can do that yourself. We are trying to prepare you for what lies afterward. Society has the capability of creating an environment which all of you can grow and evolve into in the most incredibly beautiful ways. These are the new times on your planet. As creators, you have created them. The Family of E is back together and you are doing some absolutely incredible work. Know that your path is being watched from here at Home. We honor every part of what you are trying to do and we clear the path for you whenever possible. We ask you to do the same for each other, because that is the beginning of the empowered society that you are building today. Know that sometimes you have to go through the dips before you can reach the heights, but even the turn will not be that bad. Are you ready? We are.

It is with the greatest of honor that we greet you in these ways. We ask you to treat each other with respect at every moment that you can. Nurture one another at every opportunity and play well together on this new Earth. I am the Keeper of Time.


The group

The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting : “Thank You for Taking Your Power”

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Art : Faith – by Nanne Nyander Fine Art Prints

Your Piece of the Puzzle on the Gameboard – Beacons of Light @ Lightworker

art anna dittmann

ART : Anna Dittmann


The Beacons of Light
July 2016

Your Piece of the Puzzle on the Gameboard ~

Beacons of Light
July 2016
Presented Live 6/25/2016

Greetings Dear Ones.

You are on a path of joy. We have watched as many of you have started to evolve in so many different ways, and this day we wish to share that you have a very unique light. It is your light which has often been missing from the world around you. So, that is what we are asking all of you to do in this time we have together. You have changed planet Earth drastically and it continues to adapt moment by moment. These are not little adjustments, but major shifts you are making on your planet. All of them have the ability to return you closer to that which you know as Home, to the energy you came from and that which you can live in every day of your lives.

Puzzle Pieces

We have illustrated this for you and provided the understanding that each of you has a unique puzzle piece. Many times, you cannot find where you belong. Perhaps someone else is holding the puzzle piece and you need some of those closest to re-mind you where your own place is in the world. That is one of the reasons that many feel lost, dear ones. To some degree, each of you knows who you are and with the gift you brought from Home. What you do not always know is where that puzzle piece fits or how to use, work with or offer it up to others. Why is that important? Because so often,, people have come to planet Earth with the greatest intent and gifts. They may bring the most wonderful message of empowerment, only for others only to find out as they express their visions from Home in human forms. We love the one called Meg. She talks about speaking human, speaking animal, speaking plants…we love that and it is perfect! All of you speak many of the languages, yet possibly the strangest one for all of you is human, for it is the most challenging of all of the pieces that you see. Dear ones, every day you are learning different ways of moving through it.

Your Puzzle Piece on the Game Board

Now, it is no secret that planet Earth has evolved and is still in a rapid state of evolution. That is partly the cause of all this frustration and change. Please do not equate the two, because they are not the same. Sometimes you need motivation to start the process of moving. Often that is some of the frustration that we also see blanketing planet Earth right now. The only thing we ask you to do is tap into that piece of the puzzle that you brought from Home. You have a special part and understanding, a unique truth that you have brought from Home. Yet what you do not understand is that planet Earth needs your light right now. That is the reality of this whole process and why everyone is doing something just to “do something” instead of sitting on the sidelines. That is perfect, dear ones. However, if everyone has not started to put their own piece down, you may not know where yours goes. That can be very frustrating, because you know that you came in with something incredibly important to share. But it does not seem to be supported by humanity, even though you have learned to speak human. You cannot quite find your way through it. Often that is what is taking place, which is why we are telling to grab that deep part of your heart from Home. Whether you hear it from someone else, read it in a book or see it on television, or it comes in as a channel, it makes no difference. We speak to you in all of those ways and more. There are many opportunities for you to find the next stepping stone, that next piece that you need to launch yourself in a different way. Now, is it necessary that all of you launch yourselves and become the profound teachers which you truly are? No, not at all. What is needed is for you to express that unique puzzle piece that you brought from Home, but here is one of the major challenges with that. Most of you not only brought in a singular piece, but many pieces. This was incredibly important to your spirit to for planet Earth during this incarnation. However, during your path, travels,  and experiences on Earth, you have also picked up other truths. Often that means that you have a bit of a challenge determining which piece is the one they are talking about. What should I do? Should I just start speaking all of them? Ah, now you have it. Simply start speaking. That is the idea, just do something, because once you put yourself into motion then spirit can get behind you. If you do not move, even if spirit is behind you, there is no way to distribute the incredible energy you brought or which spirit has to share through you. These are the times to let your voice be heard in a special way. What is happening right now is that people are waiting, until they are so incredibly pushed down. We tell you, dear ones, there is a dense energy on planet Earth that is caused by all these incredible waves of fear. Part of what happens with Earth during that density, is that everyone feels compressed and as if they cannot quite speak their truth. Often they cannot even get in touch with it, or they are not quite sure if it’s really a truth. That is a shame, because many of you have spent lifetimes teaching this truth to others only to be able to bring it back at the critical junction of right now. So, what we ask you to do is watch your words as they come out of your mouth. Try to speak in a way that not only touches your passion, but also allows space for other truths for that is what you’re missing. Is it a challenge to figure out where your own puzzle piece should be placed, for everything else to work around that. In reality, you are completely guessing where it goes. Is that a problem? Not really. The problem would only be if you do not put the piece down in the first place, because then other people cannot start working around you. When you just blindly put your piece down in the middle and say, “I do not know if it goes here, but here it is and this is my truth,” then others start building around your truth. Over a short period of time you can see a larger truth. You will begin to recognize the picture that is within the puzzle, then you adjust the puzzle a little bit so it fits in the right place. That would not have been possible if everyone else was waiting around for someone else to put their puzzle piece down first.

Making Room for Other Puzzle Pieces

This is the time to learn to speak your mind and to speak completely from the heart. Does that mean that the others are not valid? No, of course not. You are whole beings in all those aspects; you are part of the trees, the animal kingdom, and of the Earth herself. In reality, just by expressing even the smallest piece you are the voice of all. Sometimes you are the voice of the trees and plants, or even the Earth herself. All of these are also feeling this dense compression right now. Every bird in the sky, every rock on the planet Earth. We tell you, dear ones,  it is not even wrong. In truth, it is leading you to the next level of vibration and all we are asking you to do is to calm down a bit. Speak in a manner which allows room for others, and re-member that this does not need to be right or wrong. This can be one way to find your way Home and yet there are many others, are there not? That is the new energy, which is not seen much on planet Earth right now.

Dare to Make Mistakes

We also tell you that you are going through many political adjustments, for a lot of different reasons. Although we will not get into the details of it or the particulars of it, because those are not important. Humanity has shifted incredibly and feels the need to change everything around it; every human feels it. Sometimes that means simply throwing something out, because it was old and not part of the new. Well, you decide where you go with your game, dear ones. There are short cuts and many opportunities to bring that part of the puzzle into the equation. Do you have to always be right? No. Who said that? You came to Earth in order to make a certain amount of mistakes. There it is. Once you complete those mistakes, even though you pretend to learn from them, you arrive Home. You are finished; you are done. What is the number? Of course, it varies greatly for each of you. Since you make thousands of them every day, the amount itself is pretty high. The reason we are bringing this up, dear ones, is so that you do not judge yourselves.  Often that is the part that keeps people from opening their mouths and letting their truth naturally find its way into other people’s hearts and onto the planet, to make a difference with the collective.

You Are Responsible for What You Allow in Your Energy

At this point, dear ones, you are incredibly sensitive to the energies that you see. This will become very difficult, especially for those in the United States during this current presidential election. This fight is going to be somewhat of a dirty one. It already is by your definition, not ours. In reality, very little is actually being communicated at this point regarding what a person instead of who a person is and who they are not. The race has become very personal, and all we ask of you is to be careful not to get wrapped up in that. That is the illusion, how people channel their anger and frustration. They get you on their side and then move through it because they are frustrated too. What we ask you to do is something very important and we will even use one of the Keeper’s props: vote with your remote. It is not necessarily that you are voting for one person or the other, but you are controlling your environment. So when you see something come on that you disagree with, it is incredibly important to be be responsible for what you allow in your energy field. Dare to change the channel, it’s very simple.

We Need Your Light

Most of the democracies on Earth require you to participate in some way. Does changing the channel every time you see someone or something you do not agree with resolve that? No, dear ones. You are still responsible for putting your piece in place. This not only involves speaking your truth and bringing your light to planet Earth, but also participating in your governments. You probably did not expect we would say that, but that is how it is set up. Many of those who try to control do so in such a way that they want you to think that you do not have a voice. “Oh, what is the use? It is all corrupt anyway.” Have you heard or felt that at times? “Why should I even get involved? I will not even make a difference.” Many times they are intentionally trying to control the masses,  which they have done over many years. They automatically win when you step back. Please do not think that this puzzle piece you brought from Home is only about spirituality. What if you know nothing of politics and you could care less? All we ask you to do is to speak your truth and ask questions. Figure out if you can reach some sort of conclusion, deciding which voting position you would take. That would make a huge difference, and there is no right or wrong about which way you choose. What is challenging for us to watch is when you have spent so many lifetimes bringing in this beautiful puzzle piece, and then you keep your mouth shut. That is a sadness that we see all the time. So, if we could give every single human on Earth one thing, it would be confidence to speak your truth and to be able to take responsibility for that puzzle piece which you brought from Home. Your light is needed now more than ever before. Which way should it go? That is up to you, for the light is up to all of us. Light does not take sides and it does not have a political party. It is purely light. Only when things are covered over, there is a shadow created by a lack of light. That is why Lightworkers are on planet Earth…to reflect, to shine that light into places where the light cannot always exist. These are some of the greatest opportunities you have had on your planet and you are liable to see even more coming very quickly.

You Have Help- Lemuria is Waiting.

We also tell you, dear ones, you have help from the other side of the veil in more ways than you could possibly know. Over and over again, we have shared that you have been raising the collective vibration not only of planet Earth, but of humanity which is really just a vibrational range of planet Earth. Because of that evolution, everything must change. We hope that instead of moving toward a government which leads its people, that you choose a government that empowers its people. Those would be very big steps toward the rebirth of Lemuria. Yes, that is what is happening. Lemuria never did sink—not in the way you think it did anyway. The physical continent sank, but the Lemurians ascended and they are waiting for you. Some of them are directly related to you and are waiting for you to develop this multidimensional expression of your planet to a high enough level where they can interact again. It is coming faster than you understand, but you will have help. Will you all see it as help? Well, dear ones, you are so polarized on your planet right now that any light is likely to be seen as light and dark. Actually, it is liable to be misinterpreted and quite often go into fear. You have seen this many times on your planet when messengers have been ridiculed or killed for their message. It happens many times.

Approaching the Magic Number of 8 Billion

You are at one of these critical stages right now. Rather than send in one strong voice that will change your planet, we have given you all millions of voices. Yes, you have hundreds of millions and even billions, for you are approaching the magic number. What is taking place is that there is a magic number on your planet which is a critical mass number, right at the 8 billion mark, which you are approaching it very quickly. What happens when you reach that critical mass? If the vibrational status of planet Earth is not high enough, you will miss a huge opportunity. If it is taken in the wrong direction, it goes into fear. That is why you are here—to illuminate and to shine your light on fear, the darkness. Fear always is transmuted by love, in the same way the darkness always disappears with light. You are the workers of the light, each and every one of you. You have chosen to make a positive difference on this planet sometimes just by inspiring yourself, whether it is watching a metaphysical program, listening to a channel or reading spiritual writings. All of those are perfect. However, know that you will also carry part of that puzzle. We tell you, dear ones, if we were able to get one tenth of those pieces on the puzzle, it would go together very quickly, smoothly, and comfortably. There would be no challenges and very few wars to write about.

Is humanity sick of fighting yet, or do you wish to have more wars? We do not have a choice or even a vision about which is right or wrong. Although we watch, we also see the incredible struggles that you go through when you wrap yourself in fear. When humanity starts moving in a direction of separation, look for the ways that you can combine this. Seek out those opportunities no matter how small, to bring your piece to the table.

Six Years of Rapid Evolution

What if you are working with your best friend and you love this person intensely. Sometimes you wish to impress them so here you are, speaking human, trying to bring your part to the table. Does that mean they can get offended? Maybe, but that is not your responsibility, is it? If you are speaking in such a way that allows space to be in their empowerment at the same time, then you bring your empowerment to the table. It is a discussion, with no right or wrong about any of it. You can evolve to a place where you both have some understanding of both sides. That actually is the next key. So, when you bring your part to the table and you start putting your puzzle piece right down in the middle of nowhere, know that it is going to move. Know that you are not declaring this has to be here,,  or that is exactly what I came to do and it is never going to change. Allow yourself to grow with every part of it, for you have so much evolution right in front of you. The next six years on planet Earth are going to be extreme, rapid evolution. So much so that by the time you get to that seventh year and things start to slow down a bit, you will become anxious because they slowed down. You will not think, “Oh, now we can breathe.” Instead, you will say, “Where is that energy again? Why is it slowing down? We are starting to adapt and get good at this.” And you will.

Each of you have brought some understanding from Home, that only you could carry and that is why you are here. We tell you, there is no one on Earth that is just taking up space. You would not be here had it not been that you have a beautiful piece of the puzzle to bring to the table. These are the times, dear ones, that your light is needed now; it is the third time we have said that.

It is with the greatest of honor that we greet you in these ways to hold the mirror up to you from Home, so that you can see a little bit of what that looks like from our perspective. Hopefully you will re-member a little of your true spirit and your mission to planet Earth. You are workers of the light in the greatest degree.  You have changed many planets and evolved many species, yet here you are working in another one. Keep up the great work. It is the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with the greatest respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity and play this new game well together.


The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting : “Thank You for Taking Your Power”

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ART : Anna Dittmann


90 day Re-membering -Re-Union with Self @ Light Worker

art Susan Farrell.

ART : Susan Farrell


90 day Re-membering ~Re-Union with Self

Beacons of Light
May 2016
Presented Live 4/30/2016

Greetings from Home to all of you.

Your energy has set into motion an entirely new world. One that you are just starting to expand into and explore in a whole new way. Welcome to the new planet earth. We tell you this because we watch from afar; we watch from a distance and we can see a larger picture than most of you can see and it is absolutely beautiful. We tell you that as we have mentioned before, there will be many leaving during these times. It is a natural process for there are many that have completed their jobs. They are done with what they came to do and are needed elsewhere. They can stay around if they wish but sometimes they are not able to ground in the same ways and many of them return Home. Now what you should re-member is that humans celebrate birth and mourn death. We do the opposite. Yes, you have all your friends at Home; that is something very few people re-member while they are on the planet. When you return Home the memories will return.  Until then let us say that it is as if you are walking down the street focused on where you are going or what you are doing when suddenly somebody comes up to you and makes eye contact. Your brain can find no record of this person as it searches through the memory banks, but yet your souls know each other well and for just that instance you see yourself through their loving eyes.  In that moment, you re-member.

As this person speaks, your heart fills with incredible memories of your lives together and how you have worked with them over many lifetimes. You may have skipped a reunion this last incarnation but this is actually a very dear friend that you did not know you missed so much until just now. You have so many of these relationships at Home. Your veil keeps that memory from you. You cannot interact with all of the beings you know in every incarnation so you select just a few just to make your contracts with and the connections and then you come in and you start to awaken from the dream. Absolutely amazing for us to watch. The connections that you have made, dear ones, reach far beyond your understanding and all of this and now you will start to see it. That is the beautiful part. There is an opening coming for every human to make a deeper connection to the other side of the veil and it is coming in the next 3 months. The three month time window is not determined by clocks or calendars but rather by each individual as they are ready to step into it.

3 Months of opportunities to see the reality of your spirit

Over the next 3 months of your lives, all of you will have the opportunities to have the veil pulled aside just long enough to have this experience. The three month period is not calculated by clocks or calendars, but rather by each of you when you signal that you are ready.  These are memories for you will start to re-member Home the same way that person walking down the street knew you and allowed you to re-member them. You have so many deep connections that you have made over many lifetimes that are not connected to you in this incarnation so many of you will actually find that you reset your physical and your spiritual energy. This is going to be magical. Watch for these opportunities, dear ones. They do not have to be in a traumatic sense at all. They do not have to be during a car accident or during illness or things of this nature. If you set it so and you set your intent, over these next 3 months the veil can be pulled aside several times and this is our gift to you in many ways because it helps you re-member which helps top clarify your path in a higher harmony.  you would have all these attributes and you would never be sad again because you have collected so much information from so many lifetimes

and yet by pretending to be the human, by stepping into the energy, by taking off your wings, separating the veil and having an incarnation in a finite form—very difficult and yet you are doing so well with this. You are able to spread light in many facets because of who you are.

Interactions with Friends from Home

The next 3 months will offer you these opportunities. Now what will this look like exactly? It is hard to say because for every person it might be slightly different but we can also tell you that you will know when it happens. For suddenly, you may see someone or re-member somebody very clearly, knowing the inflections of their voice, the depth and tone of their voice, their demeanor, their hugs and everything about them—but you may not find them on Earth. That is happening now. Why would they wish to do that? Why would the beings that you left at Home wish to come in and have an interaction with you while you are in a physical form? Because they know they can help you re-member just by a little touch of their memories from their lifetimes that they have had with you, they can change your energy ever so slightly to where the memories can come flooding back into your own being of who you are and the interactions you have carried so many times. Breathe, dear ones, and allow this to integrate fully into your lives.

The joy ahead of you is much deeper than you can imagine and all of you as humans will step into this firmly and freely. Enjoy every part of it. Now some of these will be momentary flashes. Something may happen; you may have a memory or a flash of a face that you do not know and then go about your daily lives as you typically do. We tell you with just a little introspection, just a little bit of connection and waking up, you can find a whole new aspect and re-member friends that you left at Home. It is time for this reunion process to take place and we tell you, there will be a 3 month, 90-day period in which to experience these beautiful openings of the veil.

We Know How to Party

You have always asked for this; you have asked to pull aside the veil so you could re-member Home and that is not completely possible on Earth for if we were to pull aside the veil, you would all go Home. No one would be here on planet Earth. You would all realize this was a game you were playing and you would step out of the game into the reality of your spirit. Now, you can play the game and have these little moments and have these memories. Some of you will be able to delve into it and hold the moment for a bit longer as you re-member. But we ask you dear ones, when this does take place with you and you have these memories, flashbacks, we ask you to ground them. Try to bring up the essence of the person who is behind it because they are a friend of yours. You have so many dear friends on the other side of the veil that you have forgotten. It was necessary for you to forget. In fact, they all told you, “Please do not re-member me in this next lifetime. We will catch you on the next round. We will be there when you come Home. We will celebrate you Home in such a way that you never forget it again—until you go back in.” We tell you that is happening more than you can imagine for on Earth, you celebrate birth and you mourn death.

Bringing back all of your attributes

Once a person leaves their body and returns Home, there is an acclimation; we used to call it an acclimation period but the reality is, there is no time on the other side of the veil so it is very difficult to put that into a category or a word that would hold it. Once that acclimation is done, and most of the time it is simply a waking up, seeing the beauty and trying to capture it and to put it into what used to be your mental process. Pretty soon after trying and trying and trying to put things together and make sense of it.  drop into the heart and it all comes to you. Well, we ask you to do that.  You will have these brief moments where you can see something, have a memory or a download of information from Home. It will happen to every single one of you over the next 3 months, once you set it in motion, and to some of you, it will happen many times. There is a thinning of the veil during this next rotation and it gives you the opportunity to bring through and to re-member…not only re-member as in bringing back your memory but also to re-member, to bring back the individual members and put them back together as one. That is who you are.

Now how can we help you re-member and help you bring all of your attributes back? By helping you to re-member those you left behind on the other side of the veil. They are working; they are waiting, looking for these momentary pauses in the energetic field where they can get their love through to you. Three months, 90 days, walk in full expectation of miracles right in front of you and watch them as they start to unfold right in front of you in every way.

3 Months to reset your physical energy

Dear ones, you have so much energy here that you are playing this game of pretending to be the human but you also must realize that you are a very dear spirit. Your energy has been missed. Home has not been the same since you left so that is why we celebrate so much—not only celebrate your path and your choices on Earth, try to help you dare to make those steps even though you cannot see where your foot is going to land. You do not know the outcome and sometimes you are very worried about that but yet, keep moving. That is the one important piece that we ask you to do because several things are taking place during these next 3 months. You not only have the opportunity to have the veil thinned and for you to peer through it, but you also have the opportunity to reset your physical energy during this time. That will be up to each and every one of you. If you wish it to be so, speak it aloud 3 times. There is a magic of 3; in truth, you will find out that everything is built on threes. Everything is divisible by threes once you see all the dimensions of time and space. So, with that in order, know that you can speak this 3 times very loudly and that sets it into emotion where it can permeate the different vibrational levels and the different dimensions of time and space. In doing so, you are basically giving permission to those you left behind to fill you full of light. You are expressing your intent. Now, we warn you, dear ones, do not take this lightly or pretend that it is a game because once you do this, you will feel a change and there will be no going back. It is a very magical opportunity to see yourself from a perspective of Home while still in body.  Enjoy this and once it happens, try to give thanks. Above all, bring in the gratitude. Once you re-member some of these energies from Home that you have known before, the love that you have shared with these beings to help you re-member your true essence, give thanks. Give thanks directly to them and watch what happens.

3 Months of miracles

The next 3 months are a thinning of the veil in several areas. Also, you will see your own creative abilities enhanced during these 3 months. Now some of you are very interested in this as we watch you from Home. You must understand, we do not have egos that we must deal with, we do not have some of the attributes and some of the typical games that you play on planet Earth so it is difficult for us to always understand what your needs completely are. They are defined specifically by you in every moment so speak them aloud. Allow them to be fulfilled in a new way; allow the miracles to start coming back because over the next 3 months, there is a long line of miracles that have been waiting for you that are ready to start into motion. Once you start one, once you accept one into your life, give thanks and ground it, it opens the door for all the others. Have you ever lived a synchronistic lifestyle where no matter what you needed, it showed up the moment you needed it? Are you ready to start working with that? Are you ready to give up the struggle because that is one of the things it is going to take? You have been taught by your loving parents, a truth that worked very well for them in the lower vibrations of the new planet Earth. The paradigm was called work hard. It does not work. It did not actually work back then, but the interesting part is when a creator believes something will work, it tends to work. Now, are you ready for the next step? Are you ready to sit back and let it come to you and to let it fill you from the inside out rather than reaching from the outside in? These 3 months are an opportunity for all of you to experience that. Now some of you are asking, “Well, during these 3 months can I change the difficulties that are in my life that I have been carrying so much? I am so tired and frustrated of carrying all this energy. Do I have to balance the planet the way I have been doing? Do I have to do this? Do I have to do…?” None of it, but you will choose what you wish to do with your light. That is a choice, dear ones. There is no right or wrong about it. You do not need to go out and save the world—just simply open your heart and allow it to be touched by those that have touched you before and they will help you to re-member your true nature and who you truly are. These times are very magical, dear ones. You are being watched by all the creatures in the universe that can watch. All eyes are on planet Earth at this moment. There are so many transitions taking place, so take this opportunity to see beyond the veil.

Now we also wish to address one item for you have so much going on in the United States especially with all your elections, all of the fun, crazy things that are taking place and we will ask you to simply let go and to know it is on a path of least resistance. You have many things coming; you will have attributes and you will have opportunities to actually work with those in a new way. Do not take any of it too seriously. Take a breath, dear ones, and release the fear. Know that no matter what happens, you are going to be well taken care of. The Lightworkers on planet Earth have struggled to be there ahead of the game, holding a vibration that is very difficult on a low vibration planet. Many of you have paid a very dear price for doing exactly that. Well done, dear ones. You will now find yourself in a new space, a new opportunity, a new place for you to ground the light in a whole new way. Enjoy this journey. Know that there are no wrong turns. Know that there is nothing you have to do. Just experience it and love every part of it. That is the beauty and as you see people leaving your planet in greater numbers, celebrate them and know that sometimes the noise from our celebration parties get so loud that it might wake you out of a dear sleep and we said that intentionally. Hear the celebrations and know the love that we have on this side of the veil and we promise when we greet you Home, you will have magic in every aspect. Keep up the great work. You have placed yourself in the exact moment of time and space where you can make the highest difference. Now as these openings take place, allow yourself to be charged—full of light, full of love for the road ahead and enjoy the ride.

It is with the greatest of honor we ask you to treat each other with respect. Know that you are all playing a game of pretending to be a human and play well together.

Espavo, dear ones.

The group

The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting : “Thank You for Taking Your Power”


art Susan Farrell.

ART : Susan Farrell

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Out of the Wave – Stepping out of Reaction – Steve Rother @ Lightworker

angel   Red Angel by Mariska

ART : Red Angel – by Mariska


Out of the Wave
– Stepping out of Reaction –

by Steve Rother

Beacons of Light—April 2016

Greetings, Dear Ones,

I am the Keeper of Time and I have joined you on your timeline to share a little bit about what is coming, where you are and the beauty that we see from this side of the veil. You are in a very unusual situation; you are evolving faster than you ever thought possible. Oh yes, we understand. You watch your news and think that everything is taking steps backwards rather than forward. But it is actually the rapid movement of humanity that is causing the backlash and that is all it truly is — backlash. If you look at the last several years of your own personal life, you will see that you have evolved past things. In truth, many areas are starting to change. . This is outstanding, because now you are starting to see things from a totally different perspective. The forward movement, which has been so rapid over only a few years, has also caused a backlash and a simple balancing of the wave patterns. It is very common for humans to collectively take three steps forward and two steps back. We are telling you that it now looks like five steps forward and one step back, so please do not get discouraged about what you see in front of you. There are actually some things that you can do to anchor a new light and help the collective vibration of humanity to help form a new level of consciousness. It will be a lever higher than ever before, which will also prepare for the further evolution of humanity. You are now carrying as much as one-third more light than you were before December 12, 2012.


Love vs. Fear
This means that even the cells in your body have had to do a major adjustment to hold that light even momentarily. So you can understand why sometimes your physical body feels as if it is being taxed and drained, for it is moving at the speed of love. Dear ones, there are some beautiful things taking place. First, a new grid has formed and we are very proud of that even though it is less than a couple of hundred people. It has spread quite well in specific parts of the globe, and if nothing more it will help to balance some of these waves and return humanity to a more normal evolutionary period that is not as challenging. In the meantime, there are different sides that have taken on this area. One side hopes to move forward with love, while the other side is moving forward with fear. We are not even going to tell you that one of those is right and other is wrong, for that is up to each individual and humanity to decide.  However, we can tell you those are very clearly opposites. The opposite of love is not hate, it is fear. When you understand that, you can take your side. Now please understand, dear ones, it is not a battle. You have often fought against the darkness. Oh yes, we must fight against the darkness; battle between light and dark. Re-member, if you battle darkness with light, all you end up with is a bunch of gray. Dear ones, it is never a battle over darkness; that is not to be feared. When you fear anything you must go to battle, so take a look at the base fear that even causes you to think that or to relate to it when someone else says it. Now, it is much more about integrating than about turning off and trying to take sides. That is a huge evolution of humanity that you have not quite learned to discern yet, and that is what we would like to share with you today.
30 Days of Forgiveness
You are all one. It is very hard to say that at a time when you are going through these very public elections with everybody pointing fingers at everyone else, trying to point out the difficulties and challenges of each other rather than talking about what they would do if they were elected. Very challenging indeed. It is also being experienced on a more personal basis for many people, because some of you feel lost. You may feel like your energy and work is not having the profound effect that you have wanted it to. That is how we can help you today, for there is a very simple technique that works very well even in this energy. We also tell you that in the next 30 days, you will have a window of opportunity to use this and even have the forces of the universe behind you. It is called forgiveness, and it is not easy. What would it take for you to forgive those who put the bomb in Belgium recently?  What would it take for you to be in the shoes of one of those bombers? What would it take for you to suddenly find yourself in that position, suddenly doing something even if deep inside you felt it was wrong? That is what it will take to solve everything.
The Game of Light and Dark
These are the times, dear ones, where you have stepped onto a field of harmony. There is probably more harmony on planet Earth right now than there has been in some time. How can you harmonize with those who would do you ill will at every opportunity they can? That is what changes everything. When the light chases the dark or when the dark seems to chase the light, who really wins? Oh dear ones, there is never an argument. Any time light shines upon darkness, it takes over and that is why we are telling you they are not actually opposites. It is only the duality that humanity has been living in for so long that makes you carry those ideas and belief systems forward in your world. Re-member, dear ones, they do not belong here. Those types of reactions are also what provide extremist groups the opportunity to strike fear in the hearts of everyone. What they do not know, of course, is that no one can ever be controlled by fear for very long. Oh yes, it can have a very profound effect on anyone at any moment in time, but only over a very short period of time because you have a self-balancing system. That is why you are carrying so much light, and if it were to balance you were able to get out of the wave. You will have a grand life and all of humanity will start building together instead of fighting each other, the way you have been doing over so many years now.
What does that look like? It starts with compassion, which can sometimes be very difficult. Only when you learn about a person can understand what they are feeling, their belief systems and what is guiding or motivating them. Take a look. Do a little investigation and figure out what it is going to take for you to release your own anger. Should you want to get something back or right a wrong? Absolutely not. Now you return to the light chasing the dark again, stepping out of your evolution back into a field of duality. And yet, you have stepped into a field of Triality. Where the shadows can go away, the darkness cannot hold in the light; it never could. Is there ever a case where darkness overcomes light? No, dear ones, not even in your physics does that happen. All we are asking you to do is to carry a little more light, not only from your reactions with other things but also with the forgiveness.
Humanity Evolves As One

Now, what if you say, “Okay, we have forgiven all those people. We sent them love for their misdirection, at least from our perceptions. We sent them love as part of humanity, for they are also part of the human evolution.” As we have told you many times, dear ones, humanity is a bandwidth of vibration. Although you may consider this to be the highest vibration and that to be the lowest vibration, in truth they are all equal in some ways. Humanity has always moved in the entire bandwidth, not just in the higher vibrational levels.  But it will not work that way anymore.  Before it had to move together, so all of humanity has been limited in evolution by the lowest vibrational person. How quickly can they move? You are all interested in working with the lowest vibrational person, to see whatever you can do to bring them up and to help them evolve as well. What you can do though is to forgive them, because that works. It is the next step of humanity, which takes you out of the wave entirely. That gives you the opportunity to set something into motion for yourself, rather than to appease your anger. This happens on many levels, not only on an individual one but also on a collective level of a country. In fact, many of you have been controlled by that without even knowing it.

What happens when your country is attacked? One of the first things that people want to know is who is responsible. Then they want to find out why they did it and how can they get revenge or pay it back. That is duality, the old energy. As Einstein once said that it is not possible to solve a problem on the same level that it was created, so the solution is step above it. Step out of the frustration and anger, to start setting a higher goal of carrying more light. How would you love your enemies? Oh, what a mess that would be. But that is exactly what it is, because when you left Home those people might have been right next to you. You might have actually been holding hands with them as you came into planet Earth. Spirits do that often, so what would it take to find that? If you can reach a critical mass on planet Earth where enough people can do this, it will disintegrate all the energy that has been built upon. Suddenly their organization, if you can call it that, falls completely apart. It is not that it is negative and needs to be buried, simply they are human beings. Those souls and spirits are recovered and can actually be used for very positive purpose rather than just settling a wave.


A Critical Mass of 100,026
This is a perfect opportunity to step completely out of a wave to reach the higher position, so that you will be able to carry even more light than you thought you were carrying. You are carrying some beautiful things. Even the cells and microbes in your body are literally changing as we speak, to allow for all humans to carry more light. Now when you put the light in that way and it starts to build with people, sometimes there is a reaction. That is what you are now experiencing on a very large scale. You can change that by not reacting yourself, but it is very difficult to do. There are many wars that have started on planet Earth in a reaction. Do not let that happen again, because you have enough wars already. If you wish to play the game of going to war, you have enough already. Step out of it, then step back. When you reach that critical mass with just enough people, 100,026 to be precise then you can start forgiving and everything opens and changes. You reach a level of stability of growth in which you can literally find your way again, and step into a whole new reality together in harmony.
Giving the Gift of the Future by Forgiving

Now you have a new vision; now you have a new way of looking at things. Re-member that nothing is right or wrong, dear ones. You have come to planet Earth to be here at this exact moment so that you can be part of what is taking place. You made it, and you are here already making a difference. You are profound carriers of the light; you are the workers of the light. That is why we call you Lightworkers. You see how that works? How beautiful.Does this mean that all of the religions on your planet are ever going to agree on something? No, probably not. They do not evolve much, in case you have not already noticed. Their purpose was to find guidelines that you could follow and understand, while you were pretending to be separate from each other. But you truly were not, for you carry that light from Home and every step that you take is in density. Dear ones, can you give yourself the gift of the future by forgiving? Forgiveness clears your own path of least resistance, because it allows the opportunities to step forward without becoming attached or playing the game of light and dark. Start by saving your light within yourself. Let it out and speak your truth at every opportunity. Oh, we know, some of you have great difficulty speaking your truth because you do not feel like you should be carrying that truth at times. Sometimes you wonder, “Others know more than I do, so why should I speak at all? Why do I not just listen and gather?”  Because, dear ones, you were given part of the puzzle that you agreed to carry when you left Home and came here. All those that you promised it to are waiting for you and cheering you on to take that next step. They have been helping you along the way as well. Now is the opportunity to step in and create a new reality—something entirely yours that can take you into the next millennia. Are you ready? You have done such an incredible job already of holding the light. We know that many of you do not feel that, because you judge yourselves. We see that and understand. However,  we see it and tell you about it at times because it starts a very negative cycle. You are creator beings, so every thought that you hold between your head and your heart is manifesting in front of you. The more of your heart energy that you can put into it, the faster it manifests. So, what are the most important things that have been manifesting on planet Earth? Fear. Yes, that too is a heart energy. If the opposite of love which you hold in your heart is fear, so you can see how fear also comes from the heart.


A Reunion of Light

Take a breath, dear ones, and with that breath we give you confidence. Anchor it in your being. Anchor it within the very cells and microbes of your body, for they are all part of you often pretending to be separate from the whole. It is time for a re=union of all the light and you can make a big difference as long as you do not carry that resentment.

Now, what about other forgiveness’s? Almost every human being on Earth has some anger or frustration that they have carried for many years. It is very challenging; you are the one that is affected with all of it. During this next 30 days find people, even those from your own past that you can also forgive. Let go and correct the energy with you, for there is magic ahead, dear ones. You are grander beings than you ever understood. Home is starting to awaken from the dream. You are here, touching each other, awakening each other, sharing the light, and holding it. Dare to speak your truth. If you feel you do not deserve to do that, understand that there is a way for you to speak your truth and still make room for other truths. The grand puzzle from Home that is all starting to come together.

It is a beautiful time on Earth. We know you see difficulties and understand that many of you are in personal struggles yourself, simply trying to survive. Know that this is temporary for all of you, and believe that you have the tools necessary to change everything in front of you. It starts with righting yourself and releasing the darkness to the light. Trust that you can very easily take care of every part of it.

You are magicians, every one of you. You are the grand beings from Home who pretend to be separate to  come down here and play this beautiful game. Well done! Now, consider this next 30 days as an opportunity. See how many things you can let go of and how much lighter you can become, as you forgive and give yourself the gift of the future. Welcome Home, dear ones.

It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect no matter who they are. Nurture one another and play well together.

The group

The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting : “Thank You for Taking Your Power”

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angel   Red Angel by Mariska

ART : Red Angel – by Mariska

Lightworkers Unite! Steve Rother @ Lightworker

Zaya Saikhan Sambuu  ..

ART : Zaya Saikhan Sambuu


A Call for the Family of E
– Lightworkers Unite! – 

by Steve Rother

Greetings from Home, Dear OnesWe greet you this day with a very unique message, for you have gathered many times not only on planet Earth but throughout the universe. There is a select group of spirits that have traveled wherever they were needed throughout the universe over and again. Many of you are collected on planet Earth right now, for you are the Family of E. Now, what does “E” stand for? Is it incredibly important that you have Es in your name? No, of course not. The E vibration that you use in your languages, which happens to be the most common sound of all languages, is also representative in other places throughout the universe. The E stands for “Empowerment” and for “Enlightenment,” or any translation of that would not actually do you justice. You are simply the Family of E, dear ones.

A Call for the Family of E

Why is the Family of E so unique and why is it a family? It’s very simple: You have a united purpose. Your intention is to be wherever the family is, because it has only recently arrived on planet Earth. Yes, you have traversed the Universe, dear ones. You have been here incorporating your gifts, but you also have been many places throughout the Universe. You are called on when there is a need on Earth. What are the gifts of the E family? The Family of E vibration brings so much in the way of love. One of the biggest challenges that people have is turning around and loving themselves, being able to see and embrace their own reflection in all of its perfection and imperfection. That is but a human judgment, dear ones. You understand that really what takes place here is that over time your environment—we shall simply call it a “society”—has developed certain rules and guidelines. Sometimes they are turned into laws and imposed on other people. When humanity gets completely off track, often the guidelines created start working against them actually bringing down the vibrations instead of raising them up. That is when the call goes out to the universe for the Family of E. It went out some time ago and here you are, for you are the magicians on the Gameboard. You are the ones who can come in and ground your light by telling or teaching others, and being a healer, or just by being who you are. Ahh, some of you study for it.We find it fascinating that many of you take classes to learn certain things, because we teach some of those classes. We also tell you, dear ones, you are not learning. You are re-membering—all of you are. If only we can help you hold up the mirror in front of yourself just long enough for you to get a glimpse of who you really are, you will no longer doubt that you are part of a larger picture. It is an incredible time on planet Earth, as you ground this light and bring all the vibrations of humanity to a higher level.

New Es coming in

We recently asked you to do something very challenging and shared that over the next 90 days, you would have a window of opportunity. You are now roughly 30 days into that window, which is an opportunity to express humanness in some form. That is really what makes this game special…the humanity that you can bring to each other. It is an opportunity for you to be able to see the light from Home. That is magical, for these are the energies that you now work with every day. And every day they shift a little bit for you to do something new. We tell you, dear ones, the call for the E Family has gone out again and there will be somewhat of a baby boom with new Es coming in. It will be so magically wonderful. Treat them well. Welcome them to Planet Earth. Share with them your successes, failures, and your experiences of pretending to be human on planet Earth inside of a dense, physical body. Know that you are incredibly enlightened in ways that you do not always re-member, but you carry the essence of the E Family. If at any time when you are overwhelmed or confused about your next steps, just take a breath and let the rest of the Family touch your heart.
The Purpose of the E Family
Many of you study for this journey, learning things because you know knowledge is power. When you gain knowledge of something, you gain power over it. But is power what you are really after? We are now going to ask you to step to the next level of that equation. If knowledge is power then wisdom is grace, for that is your next step. You are stepping out of the game of humanity altogether, away from the game of duality, right and wrong, up and down, black and white. We find it amazing to watch what is happening  on your planet, especially in your elections. in the United States. When you look at those, you can imagine that we are watching them also. We are absolutely amazed at what is taking place, dear ones. You have experienced a bit of a challenge in the United States, because you have completely polarized everything to such an extent that  you are beginning to see the end of your two-party system. It is actually breaking down right now and starting to divide in a new way. This change is due to the Family of E, because when things do not work the E Family comes in and offers something new. Is it always right or accepted? No, not always. However, you are always there looking for that next step to empower others and keep the energy moving in the most effective way. You, find the path of least resistance in your own life, then turn around and offer it to others. The Family of E can awaken many hearts on the planet and that is all you need, dear ones. When you turn around and work with another being, you help them re-member their own empowerment and abilities to walk as a conscious creator on planet Earth. It is then that you are doing the work of the Grand Family of E Vibration. That is what you are here to do, to awaken the others one heart at a time. It is neither a race nor is it a competition, it is just a general step in each direction to try to open and touch as many hearts with your experience as you can.

A Synchronistic Lifestyle


Some of you say, “Well, I am not a healer. I do not have a special touch. I cannot do the things others can do.” That is correct, but you have gifts that others do not. Find your gifts, ground and start to use them. As you bring them in to a practical use in any form, you make space for more.  The channel starts to flow on a consistent basis and it is very magical indeed, for that is when everything becomes synchronistic. Everything seems to fall into place magically and you experience this synchronistic lifestyle which you have always dreamed about. The Family of E can bring that to you, although you are only one the rest are starting to gather even more on planet Earth than you imagined. Understand, dear ones, that most of you started coming in anywhere from between 20 and 90 years ago. A new wave of energy is now coming in, but we will not call them by a special name at this point, dear ones. Why? Because names can get in your way more than anything else. Trust that they are from the Family of E. They are here to empower people in new ways, giving them hope, enlightening your dreams, and setting things into motion so that you can have the life that you want. This is not only for you, but also for the collective vibration of humanity.

Things You Need to Spread the Light of Home


Dear ones, you hold a magical position even where you are now. You call yourselves Lightworkers and we love that. Many of you are masters of the light in many ways and it simply means that you have intent to spread conscious light on planet Earth. Perfect. Absolutely perfect. Now to do that, there are certain things that you need, such as support systems and confidence. There are many things available to you once you set your energy into motion. You will call in others, for there will be many who gather from the Family of E.  We tell you, dear ones, we gave the Keeper something 20 years ago when we started bringing these messages through him. We told him that it was not necessary for him to call this a “channel,” or to point to other beings outside of himself. We explained that he could literally bring through all of this information under the name that he carried through his life—Steve Rother. However, instead he chose to call himself a channel. Yes, perhaps the ego had a little challenge with that. Or maybe that was simply too much for his ego to take, but we also honor the choice because it makes no difference how you carry it as long as you carry it. Some of you will be professional channels and others will be professional teachers that stand in front of thousands and heal them with your words, energy, and light. Some of you will just hold the light right where you are, tap into the collective vibration of humanity and feed everything with your grace.

Practicing Humanness

There are challenges that you will see on your news daily, for there are nations fleeing in search of safe places to live right now. Many of you are taking refugees in. Others are vetting them. Recently two countries said there are so many in need of homes that we have to reject all the rest; 20,000 in one country and 30,000 in another. What will they do now? This is where your humanness can become alive even asking these questions. Place yourself into a situation where you can imagine what that would be like if that were your family, then put yourself in the same circle. Now you are connecting the hearts.


Now, what is grace? Grace is a synchronistic lifestyle that we mentioned; it is what happens to energy. If you release energy in any form, it always finds the path of least resistance. Always. You have that ability if you do not over think it and simply allow this energy to flow. That was the biggest challenge we had with the Keeper in the beginning. He had been talking in what he called the Chat Room, to all these people who were coming up with these grand, wonderful names that they were channeling. This one over here was called by this name and that one over here was called by another name. So many were coming through from the other side of the veil and you had to re-member not only their names, but also what level of vibration they were from because that was part of  how you identified them. In truth, many people only listened to specific channels that they thought had very high vibrations, and we find that fascinating. You are playing such a beautiful game of pretending to be humans, but yet, you have not forgotten who you really are. You are spirits of the greatest nature and you have come to bring your light to planet Earth at a very critical time, a time where you can help to ground a vacillating humanity. We have asked you to practice your humanness. And we have asked you to look at your own prejudices, because everyone has them. Whatever your prejudice may be, it is not right or wrong; it is not that you must release all of your prejudices, but you should know about them. That allows you to practice your humanity, which is why the Family of E came in…to bring humanity back to humanity.  Have you noticed that everything seems to be going a little crazy right now? All of your so-called organizations are suddenly sort of dissolving and re-forming. Even your own lives are trying to find new ways to ground and anchor. That is actually as it should be, for what lies ahead for all of humanity is greatness beyond your imagination. Dear ones, trust that you have the ability to take this to a whole other level.

In the beginning of our channeling, the Keeper wanted to know all the details. Who  we were, which dimension we were from, and what credentials we had, all so that he could feel comfortable in bringing our message through. However, we told him that we would not give him any of those details at all. He asked another person that was actually a professional channel who said, “If they will not tell you what their names are, do not channel them. They are the bad guys.” He believed that for about three minutes, but we had already touched his heart and he knew it. Now he is wrestling with his brain. Well, everybody is telling me that they are bad guys, but I felt their love. I felt their energy. Very shortly after that, he released what the professional channel had told him, came back to us and said, “Knock knock. Are you still there?” And we said, “Of course, we are still there! We have never left you once during the last 12 lifetimes. What makes you think we would leave now?” The Keeper said, “If you will not tell me what level of dimension you are from, please tell me why you will not tell me that?”


“Ahh, now you have asked a question and grounded light in a new way. Of course, dear one, the reason is simply that humans will put power into labels. Sometimes you put power into your own belief system about what the labels mean. In truth, you have the essence to filter it all through your own heart and take only the vibrations that feed you. That is discernment and it is the first tool of the Family of E…to find what feeds each one of you, so that you can turn around and make a difference on this planet in some way.”

Some of you will speak to crowds; others of you will work one-on-one. Some of you will write to other people that you will never even meet, but they will follow your vibrations and they will gain from it.

Big Hugs and Gentle Nudges
In the very beginning of our work with the Keeper at one point he said, “Okay. Just give it to me.” And he put his fingers slightly on the keyboard and we told him to write the first word “The, t-h-e,” and he did.  And the moment that happened, one more word appeared, then another and another. Soon, he was typing just as fast as he could and the tears were flowing. He shed a lot of tears writing those first books, because we touched his heart in such a way that he re-membered the Family of E. He re-membered a little bit about who he was, and some of the things that he had made commitments to do before he came to this planet this time. We then gave him something that he has hung onto from that point. For when we started to bring through these messages, we always ended them in a certain way. Although we have always said, “Treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play well together,” we added something else at the very beginning. “Big hugs and gentle nudges.” That is what we send the Family of E: Big hugs and gentle nudges from this side of the veil, so that you can re-member who you are and the path that you chose to be on.You are awakening from the dream at an incredible pace on planet Earth. As your eyes open and the sleep starts to fall away from the eyes, we will be there smiling, greeting you Home in the most beautiful ways that we can. Enjoy this journey, dear ones. Know that every part of it is strictly for you. You are a conscious creator walking every step of the way. Be proud of your heritage and the Family of E. And with that we tell you, please treat each other with respect, nurture one another at every opportunity and play the new game of planet Earth together. Big hugs, gentle nudges.


The group

The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting :
“Thank You for Taking Your Power”

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Zaya Saikhan Sambuu  ..

ART : Zaya Saikhan Sambuu

What is the Real Reward for a Lightworker? ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

blue cosmic

unknown artist


What is the Real Reward for a Lightworker?

Grail 2

In 2013, I asked Archangel Michael, on An Hour with an Angel, a question that arose out of a discussion I’d just had.

A friend had asked me to write to more people than just lightworkers. I asked Archangel Michael to comment and he replied:

Archangel Michael: Does the conversation expand organically and naturally? Does the energy go out to the entire planet, those who want to hear and those who don’t want to hear? Yes, it does. But it begins with the lightworker community. That is what we have need of.

Steve Beckow:  And I suppose then more and more people will join the lightworker community?

AAM:  Exactly, until it is one family and one path. (1)

One family and one path.  We’ll all be lightworkers, whatever else we also are.

That doesn’t mean that all of us are going to be the same. It doesn’t mean we can’t continue with our spiritual discipline because we’re  lightworkers.

Like so much about this Ascension, things are now becoming additive. So “lightworker” is an additive to what we’re already doing, an additive that we’ll soon share with all the world.

What’s the difference between a seeker and a lightworker? A seeker is interested in personal enlightenment and all his or her efforts are bent towards it. Usually we call a seeker a lightholder. The true lightholder gives up every attachment (but not every thing) for enlightenment and approaches spiritual disciplines with strong determination.

A lightworker is interested in service to others and puts his or her own enlightenment second. Usually a lightworker was enlightened in other lifetimes, but doesn’t remember it. That’s implicit in so many lightworkers being incarnated angels – or “physical angels,” as Sheldan Nidle’s sources prefer to call us. (2) Angels are transcendental, which means “enlightened.”

“Lightholder” and “lightworker” are just different soul agreements.  One is not better than the other and both are needed.

It can still be the case that enlightenment proves to be part of the Divine Plan for a lightworker. Perhaps they’re meant to model a particular state. Modelling bliss has been a challenging experience for me. Lots of skinny branches, wing-walking, and feeling way, way out there.

But whatever the form of the service in question, with a lightworker, the accent is not on his or her own enlightenment so much as on the service.

Long ago, my mother used to volunteer as an usherette at the newly-built Queen Elizabeth Theatre here in Vancouver. Such a fan of the theater was she that she was totally happy just being given a free seat to watch the show, in return for her many hours of service. That generosity of spirit has always been, in my view, characteristic of lightworkers.

We’re ushers, waiters, cooks and maitre d’s at the banquet of Ascension. Volunteers for now, but paid staff later.  And we get to participate as appropriate to our service contracts.  Yes, you can drink bliss on duty. Drink deep of that ambrosia.

The minute I say this, I can hear a dozen voices shouting, “What’s my contract? What’s my contract?” Simple. What do you love to do? That’s your contract. If you love it, do it.

What to model? Easy. Model love and bliss. Not all matters are complex. Or dramatic. It’s really very simple and easy when one is attached only to service.

Service to whom? I hear from way back there.

The Divine Mother.  There’s no one else here or there, under or over, up or down to serve than the Divine Mother. She’s the One and Only, in a dress of form. And certainly the only One you and I will ever see. Her divine husband has nothing to say and doesn’t lift a finger to help her, as statues of Shakti and Shiva suggest (see below). (3)  She’s the head honcho.  He’s nowhere to be found. Jai Ma!

The Mother creates; the Father is still

Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabrielle, Seraphim, Elohim, gods and goddesses, avatars and ascended masters – everyone joyfully serves the Mother.

I hear another voice from the back: You’re really talking about the bodhisattva vow, aren’t you?

I’m not talking about it, but the discussion is relevant. The bodhisattva takes a vow not to enter Nirvana, which is one of the higher dimensions (exact dimension would probably be disputed), until all beings have gone ahead.  I think that vow is much more exalted than ours. Ours is a simple agreement to serve. As and where needed.  With weekends off and benefits.

Soon our fiber as lightworkers will be tested when abundance hits. A tsunami of money. Will we be able to maintain our center, our balance? Will we remember what the money is for? That it’s the Mother’s sacred wealth to be distributed to her beloved children? That includes us, but it extends a lot further.

A lightworker takes on assignments like these. Not for personal gain, although some personal gain may come and isn’t a bad thing. In carrying out their assignment, lightworkers stay within limits and prefer the center, the middle, the balance point. It’s from the heart, the centerpoint that love flows outwards.

How do you know you’re succeeding as a lightworker? Simple again. If you’ve been telling the truth, you should experience greater and greater release from upsets.  If you’ve been cleaning out your core issues, letting go of your conditioning, breathing love up, and sending it out to the world, you should be experiencing greater and greater levels of love and bliss.

These delicacies are not denied to lightworkers. We just set limits on our personal desires that others don’t, in the name of service.

What’s the reward for a lightworker?

I know! I know!


There is no other reward. Just say how much you want and in which account you’d like it sent to.  This is the real Prosperity Program.

Try it once and you’ll never go back to drama and trauma. Ever-new, ever-fresh bliss. (4)

Bliss is the real reward of the lightworker.


(1) “Archangel Michael: A Global Reset of Values, Part 2/2, ” channeled by Linda Dillon, September 16, 2013, at http://goldenageofgaia.com/2013/09/archangel-michael-a-global-reset-of-values-part-22/.

(2) For instance: “These exercises can permit you to ready yourself for regaining the status of physical angels.” (The Spiritual Hierarchy and Galactic Federation through Sheldan Nidle, Feb. 16, 2016, at http://www.paoweb.com/sn021616.htm.

(3) The Heavenly Father is silent and still, while the Mother creates, preserves and transforms the universes. And he doesn’t have a finger to lift. The Father is formless, invisible. Only the Mother has form and so she’s the only one we’ll ever see, hear, and talk to. Jai Ma! = Victory to the Divine Mother!

(4) Thank you to everyone who has written in saying they’ve popped through to bliss. More, more, more!


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Practicing Humanness – Changing the World with Love @ Lightworker

buddha and lots of lotus art

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Practicing Humanness
– Changing the World with Love –

by Steve Rother

Greetings Dear Ones,
After much difficulty, we found our way through to you. Let us greet you in this new energy for you have been stepping through a challenge. On planet Earth there has been so much compression and so many things that have demanded your attention, taking your focus from where you wish it to be.. We tell you, dear ones, there are so many standing in their power and making their voices heard for perhaps the first time and in these sacred times. This very unique junction of time and space, offers an opportunity for you to make a significant difference. That is the message that we wish to bring to you. The challenge is to step into your light, lean toward your focus, and help to change planet Earth during these shifts. All of you knew the changes were coming. Many of you believed that it was all going to happen within a matter of 24 hours, then you would wake up the next day and everything would be perfect. You have stepped into the new energy but it has literally caused a fragmenting of your energy, security, and shifted the stabilization that you have built your lives upon. As a result, many people are acting out. If they feel they cannot be heard and if there is no place for their energy, they act out until they make sure that someone notices. Often they even take many lives in the process. There are new energies on planet Earth that all of you are reacting to. Well, dear ones, this day we challenge you to make a difference and take specific action. You will have to determine the actions yourself, because each of you are different. Each of you hold different keys that can open doors to the larger aspects of humanity—but these keys are hidden deep within you. Let us explain.

How the Game Began

It was very critical to come in and separate, for that was what this game was all about. It was about pretending to be separate from one another and figuring out how you could get along on planet Earth. For much of the energy you have experienced and what endured on your planet, it was perfectly fine to go your own direction. You created your own internal safe spot, and did not worry about how it blended with the rest of planet Earth or the humans on the Earth. Now, dear ones, that is changing because your own perception of humanity itself is shifting. That is perfect and here is the challenge that we will bring to you. Understand, dear ones, that as you come into this planet you have certain things that draw your attention and others that tend to repulse you. Well, what are the things that draw your attention beauty? You will find that even beauty is different for each individual, so that means that there is a wide range of beauty being collected on planet Earth bringing in the Akashic Records. In effect, you are giving life to a temporary form of beauty. That is amazing and it is what you do when you anchor things in your life. One of the biggest challenges that many are experiencing on planet Earth is that they believe the separation. There was a game that all of you decided to play, and we spoke about it in the very first book that we helped the Keeper to write. There was a time when you were all at the base of a mountain enjoying things, playing your games of hide and seek, or whatever games that they were as spirits. Then someone came in and said, “We would like to play a new game. We have this game where we put these veils on and cannot re-member who we are. Then we go about our lives and we bump into one other, yet we still cannot re-member who we were or the connections that we had. It is a game all about god searching for himself, looking for herself, trying to find our reflection in the world pretending to be separate.” And so it was that the game began on planet Earth.


There are many games that go on throughout the universe and you will find several of them. In fact, one has recently found you and they are still trying to connect. We will share more about that as it gets closer. Currently, neither you nor they have the technology to travel back and forth. There is barely the technology to communicate, which is what they are trying to do right now. You are listening, too, and you have even seen some of the signals that they have sent not quite knowing how to interpret them, but soon you will. When this happens, dear ones, it will give every single person on planet Earth a different perspective. You will suddenly see yourselves as Earth beings. There will be a union of human beings on Earth, if only for the simple fact that they consider themselves all to be the same. Is that not fascinating? You look for the differences in each other. That is why when you have two people that are completely different from one another, they love and honor each other. There is always a connection; the easy ones are those that are very close to you. Have you noticed, dear ones, that it is always the cousins that seem to fight on planet Earth? It is not those in direct opposition most of the time, but those that are very close to each other and sometimes even have similar physical attributes to one another. Much of the intolerance on planet Earth right now is because of the incredible amounts of tension and fear which at times has allowed separation to be possible. The question is, “How far will you separate from each other? How far can you separate from your brothers and sisters before it becomes problematic?” And there we are—to bring you to the challenge of the day.

The Re-seeding of Planet Earth

Every human on planet Earth has some sort of difficulty or way of perceiving themselves. You all have prejudices that you have learned or  that were passed down from your parents. Look at what is taking place on the planet right now. Although we tell you it is very challenging and difficult, it also offers some opportunities that could not be had any other way. One of these is an incredible re-seeding of planet Earth, to find a more balanced connection between all beings. Although there are relatively small numbers actually doing that, it is causing some changes which will not be seen for two generations. Repeatedly you have segregated and separated into your races. Typically, you have experienced problems with those who are very close to your race, almost as if you are in a competition with them. That was our attempt at a joke. And so what we ask you to do, you are pretending to be human. How much humanity can you bring into your life over the next three months? There is a critical window opening up right now. Over the next three months you will have an opportunity to make a profound difference in the world by taking small actions. Sometimes your actions are deep within you.

Humanness: Looking Beyond your Belief Systems and Prejudices

Of course, everyone has their prejudices. Some like only certain types of people, and have had negative experiences with others; races, beings, belief systems, whatever it is that you segregate people into. Find your prejudices. We ask you, dear ones, to take concrete steps over these next three months to change. Discover something about those that you have been prejudiced against, whether it is a religion, a belief system, or a race of people. By making peace with the ones that you dislike the most and have been resistant to, that is where you can do the greatest blending and raise humanity to its highest levels. You understand, dear ones, your humanness will tremendously outpace the human fear on planet Earth. These are the times to do something. Search within yourself to find your own small prejudices—everyone has them. It could be that you prefer this over that and may not even know why. Examine these to uncover if they have to do with groups of people in particular. When you find that little area, do not be ashamed about whatever it is. No one should ever be ashamed of their feelings. However, once you trace the origin, then take action to do something positive to take a step in that direction. If it is a religion that you are afraid of, then learn more about the religion. Do some research to find out if it is truly harmful, or perhaps the opposite of what you think. Find out more about the people that you have such negative feelings toward. This may be difficult for many, because often you pride yourselves in being open rather than close-minded and prejudiced.  You have done an incredible job of changing planet Earth with your waves of love, so do not feel that you are being chastised in any way, dear ones. What we are doing here is asking you to clear the residuals and inconsistencies within you. Doing that sets the energy of everyone around you, for you are Lightworkers. You are those that spread your wings very quietly, which has a profound influence on those around you and with the game itself on planet Earth.

These are critical times, dear ones, and we urge you to do something to open that door for yourself during the next three months. Educate yourself about something that you fear, or get to know some of the people that perhaps you were concerned about or simply did not like. There are so many people struggling and a long list of reasons for the challenges. We tell you, dear ones,  it is accomplishing something tremendous to provide humans an opportunity to blend. One of the greatest things that you have accomplished during your time on planet Earth is to mix the races. It would have been very easy for you to say, “Oh, this race belongs over here and these races belong over there, so we will keep everything separate. But it never did not work very well. Now is the time to take a step further into that, to find out where fears of your fellow man are and address them. Find out more about the people going through some of these experiences, for you can be a profound help in many ways with even a small effort.

Practicing Humanness

There are challenges that you will see on your news daily, for there are nations fleeing in search of safe places to live right now. Many of you are taking refugees in. Others are vetting them. Recently two countries said there are so many in need of homes that we have to reject all the rest; 20,000 in one country and 30,000 in another. What will they do now? This is where your humanness can become alive even asking these questions. Place yourself into a situation where you can imagine what that would be like if that were your family, then put yourself in the same circle. Now you are connecting the hearts.

Breaking the Cycle of Hate in the Next 90 Days

It is a time for humanity to awaken from the dream—not just the humans, but humanity itself. There is a new energy here on planet Earth. However, you can move it into fear very easily because that is where it will naturally go if unhampered. Or you can choose to stand in the way and direct it toward love. With unconditional love, humanity and helping one another, you can fill the vacancies in people’s hearts where their fear exists. Dear ones, once you understand that there are other beings out there, you will all think of yourself in a different way. Some of those that repulsed you or that you thought were your enemies, you will now look at them from a different perspective entirely. Do not wait to set this into motion. During the next three months you have opportunities of great magnitude to do this. Make a declaration to yourself that over the next 90 days, you will not only search out those preferences within yourself. It is not that everyone needs to be liked equally, yet your silent preferences and prejudices sometimes interfere. First, work with that within yourself. Even though you may consider yourself to be a Lightworker, clear of negative energies, there is always a remnant. Sometimes that resistance was planted deeply, which is the other situation that we wish you all to be a part of.

There is a very difficult situation on planet Earth that has gone on for eons, we will call it “generational hate.” That occurs when the children are raised within a family to hate something, whether it is a race of beings, a country, your oppressors, or whatever it may be. When you teach your children to hate over and over again, it is a very difficult cycle to break. Now you have an opportunity to break that cycle within the next three months, and we promise you that it is something that will take place for all of planet Earth.

How Much Humanity Can You Express in Your Life?

Even if one of these other entities that exist around you throughout All That Is were to come to Earth, you would have such difficulties combining your efforts you would not be able to decide whether to fight them or to talk to them. This is a time to pull the veils from your faces, not only so you can see who you are but so you can see who your neighbor is and start connecting at this time. These are the times of humanity, so how much humanity can you express in your life? You may know people who have moved into your neighborhood recently, and perhaps they have felt welcome because they are feared. Step forward to make them feel comfortable in their new neighborhood, even in a small way. Dare to extend your hand to someone it has never before been extended to. These are the times that you can create huge differences on planet Earth, and we are planting the seed. Re-member, you are the most powerful angels that have ever lived anywhere.

We honor you dear ones. You have come with a very specific purpose and intention to be here at these wonderful times of change, and to be a part of this new energy. You have made it. Welcome Home! Enjoy this next 90 days.

It is with the greatest of honor that we greet you in these ways and ask you to treat each other with respect on all levels. You are all part of god. Nurture one another at every opportunity with your humanness and play the game well together.

Espavo, dear ones.

The group

The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting : “Thank You for Taking Your Power”

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Day of the Conscious Creator – A New Balance Between Spirit and Human @ Lightworker

art Blessing- meganne forbes

ART : Blessing – Meganne Forbes


Day of the Conscious Creator
– A New Balance Between Spirit and Human –

Beacons of Light—January 2016
Presented live on 12/19/2015

Greetings from Home.

We greet you with such joy! If you were able to see yourselves through our eyes for just a moment, you would understand the reverence and incredible love we have for each and every one of you. It is amazing to see you on this journey and to watch what is taking place as you begin recognizing the connections that all of you have made just to prepare for what you are doing now. Well, let us tell you something, dear ones. Something magical is taking place on planet Earth. We know that many times you get stuck in the bad news and in focusing on all the troubles, for there are many on planet Earth. Do not be confused about that, because all is as it should be. There are so many things that are starting to shake around to find the very essence of it instead of what you have been seeing, which is all the fluff around everything. It is now possible to get down to the core essence of almost anything more directly and easily, even faster than only a short time before. We are calling it the “Day of the Conscious Creator.”

Day of the Conscious Creator
It is very simple, dear ones. You have been walking around playing this wonderful game of pretending to be human. Bumping into and tripping over each other, calling this person “right” or that person “wrong,” all in a justification of where you are and everything you can see from your limited perspective. What is happening now is magical, because that perspective is starting to open very quickly. Look at all the things you have done in your lifetime. Consider the laws that have passed even in recent years, and all the changes you thought would never even take place which are now commonplace. These are exciting times for everyone — and for us to watch — as the game on planet Earth now evolves to the next level of conscious creation.

Taking Responsibility
You have been creators all along, even from the beginning when you were unconscious of it. That IS the game, which is why it is so fascinating for us along with others throughout the universe to watch. What you will see is a reflection, for you have been playing a game of creator unconsciously. Dear ones, you felt that you must be here. However, you could also be easily controlled and pulled, so your energy could be tagged and actually used against you sometimes. All of those things are changing, as your new perspective begins to allow you to see from the perspective of Home. When you do that, to start with you will have to go back in your lives and take responsibility for every single point. Sounds easy, but it is not. Especially since time has usually made it even worse, giving you time to rationalize your thoughts and actions. This happens with humans all the time and it is absolutely wonderful to watch. Quite simply, you are changing the game and creating from a new perspective. Fantastic! Now, what is it you wish to create? Ahh, that will be the key element for all of you to decide as you start understanding that you have been creating all along. As you become conscious of it, you can start to use it in very positive ways. Now an entirely new conundrum arrives with a whole series of choices. We find this absolutely amazing to watch, as you awaken from the dream and you find that you have magical powers. That is unbelievable to us, because we never thought that it would happen to this degree on planet Earth. It is so magical to watch as you all discover and help each other. So, what are the new questions that will come up?

A New Balance Between Spirit and Human
One of the first questions that will come up with each and every one of you is, “What do I do with my power?” Your first reactions will be to start creating something of your own passions, something that would serve you. Then very quickly, your vagus nerve will start tapping into everyone else around you. You will feel their needs and wonder if perhaps you should not focus all that energy on other people. Fascinating choices! We tell you, dear ones, there is no right or wrong about it. However, we ask you first to please treat yourself well during these days ahead of you. You will understand that there is a balance you must maintain in order to hold your power. Although you may think of it as a balance between light and dark, we have a tendency to call it “between spirit and human.” Neither one is right or wrong. Quite simply, there are balances that must be held. For every single human, the balance has now tipped as the veil is being pulled away just long enough for you to start seeing that you are truly magical beings. Yes, dear ones, you have had a hand in every creation that you have experienced on Earth. This is why we ask you first to take responsibility, and do so in a loving way. The Keeper takes responsibility for things sometimes by saying, “Yes, I really messed up that one.” And that is the way to joke about it or look at it. Re-member, there is nothing that is not alterable on planet Earth.

The New Harmonics: Place Yourself First
Some things take more energy than others, but we ask you to balance your creations to place yourself first. This is the new harmonics that must take place, for there are  tones and overtones on planet Earth that can now be heard. Although they always existed as natural formations of the wave patterns, with your recent evolutions you can start to feel and use them as part of your healing techniques. There are many opportunities, dear ones. When the Keeper was learning to sing back in high school, he was trying to figure out whether he was a baritone, bass, or tenor. He found one that was somewhat comfortable for him and played in that range. However, every once in a while he would hear something well out of his range and he would want to express it in some way. Perhaps it was a popular song on the radio, but he knew he could not quite hit the exact tune. So when that note came up, he would hit a harmonic and still be able to express it or add to the overall beautiful wave. That is what is now possible.

Vibrations of Love
Many of you have healing abilities that are in this range. Now that range may only be a few quadrillion vibrational increments, or it may be even larger. Let us just say that the average range represents about four inches. If you cannot quite hit that range, does it mean that you cannot reach healing abilities out of that range?  No, not at all, because you can hit harmonics.  That is the beautiful part of it, the magic. Now you can start to see your own effect in the world, as long as you take responsibility for your own creations .You can start to understand how those harmonics can be used to affect your world in a very big way.

What are harmonics? First, consider the wide vibrations of love. Over here you have love for a person. Then ever there, you have the love of something you enjoy doing, such as singing or painting. Or maybe you have love for an animal that has entered your life and profoundly reflected you in the most beautiful ways. There are many vibrations of love. Find one and build on it, both in harmonics and in other areas. When love is spread throughout your entire environment, guess what is reflected back? You have just loved everyone, even if they try not to love you back. You have just created the highest vibrational place in which to live and express your light. Play with it. Watch. Become aware that you are conscious creators and recognize the harmonics. When we say “you,” we are not speaking specifically to each of you. Most who are listening to this message have come early to open the doors, to hold these places and beautiful thoughts, so that others could accept them over time. You are the way-showers. When we speak of you, we talk of the collective of humanity and from the very highest vibration to the very lowest, you are a bandwidth that must move together. We have said before that humans can only advance as fast as the lowest vibration on planet Earth.

No More Secrets
Now you have several things in your favor here including your technologies, which have given you a beautiful time of no more secrets. That is amazing for us to watch, because in order for you to be fully conscious creators it is important that you are able to see through what you call “secrets.” Now, everyone has secrets. It is part of your anonymity and your autonomous behavior; it is what you often think separates you from other people. We are not in judgment of secrets, dear ones, we are simply telling you they are now very hard to keep on planet Earth. Is that not wonderful? Indeed, that is an elevation of humanity. Although it is not perfect and it is certainly not equally distributed amongst other people or other parts of the world, you can now see the wave that is changing all of humanity. You are a grand conscious creator. You do not re-member your history in most cases for the very simple reason it would probably get in your way. Yes, it would give you confidence but it would also tend to lead you to shortcuts. It was your decision to hide from yourself your own past and magnificence. Now that you are starting to emerge from an incredible wave of darkness, you bring the light with you. You have carried it forward and ushered in a new age of light. These are magical times, dear ones, and you are the magicians. Keep the great work in motion. Allow yourselves to understand that in every step it is possible for you to create consciously. Do not fear creating for yourself because that is placing yourself first, which is one of the most important elements about stepping into your power as a conscious creator.

The times are here. Welcome Home. Welcome to the new planet Earth.
It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity and play this new game well together.

The group

The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting : “Thank You for Taking Your Power”

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art Blessing- meganne forbes

ART : Blessing – Meganne Forbes

Fulfilling the Vacancy of Light – A Time of HOPE @ Lightworker

ART Photo of Fairy Wren from Enchanted Nature

Photo of Fairy Wrens via Facebook

Fulfilling the Vacancy of Light
– A Time of HOPE 
by Steve Rother

Greetings Everybody, I am Elrah of Rhythmic Service.
I wanted to join in for a moment because I am also having a birthday. Actually I have a birthday every month, but I have not told anyone about it because you do not quite have enough numbers to add up to my birthday. No, we are past the 200,000 mark now and we just kind of forget about it from that point. I wanted to celebrate with all of you though, because you understand what is taking place on Planet Earth and it is  becoming rather beautiful.HopeNow we know you have all these problems that are a concern: ISIS, Al Qaeda, plus all these different things going on in your world that you think you have to control, Dear ones, I will tell you something else. There are so many different divisions of this for you live in one aspect of it only. There are other choices being made and some of the most beautiful parts about this are occurring in another dimension of time and space right next to yours. In the dimension closest to you, if you want to think about it that way,  they have just resolved the situation. There they have found a peace, discovering a way to neutralize the hate and the war on planet Earth. It might even spread to others, so hold a little bit of hope. Why? Because the vibrational walls are becoming mighty thin now and you are going to see a little bleed through from that. All of a sudden you will be walking around thinking, “Oh, the world is a mess! I do not have anything to be happy about.” Then all of a sudden you will find yourself laughing. Well, that is a re-set and what we get to do from this side of the veil. You still have free choice. We do not impose anything on you, but we set up an opportunity for you to see the hope because that is the part that is missing. You understand that when you are looking so closely and holding on so tightly, that you actually project what you want to see on the screen in front of you. Yes, dear ones, you create your own reality this way day after day after day.You Are All Connected

When you do not see your heart’s desire reflected in other people and they do not seem to be going in the same direction that you are, now you will see a little bit of a change. It is that difference that can cause you doubt yourself and wonder what is taking place in the world around you. Well, dear ones, you are all connected in these beautiful ways. Let us just share with you that that connection is growing stronger. As you start unveiling the parts of each other, you will see the ways you are connected. It allows you to see that little shift of your own heart energy, which can make a difference with the people around you. It can even spread out into your communities, cities, countries and every part of the globe, for it is magical energy indeed.
We want to reassure you that you are never alone. Never, ever alone! Oh, you have all these challenges going on and you are trying to figure out the world. That is what you want to do. You want to explain it all on a piece of paper and say, “This is how it works. This is what is going to happen.” It does not always work that way, but you have come pretty close. Now you are reaching a point where you can rediscover your own power and that is beautiful! You have all new rhythms on planet Earth and many of you are trying to adjust to them, but we know that many times you have challenges. Re-member, dear ones, that you have strength built in; you have a part of us within each one of you.

Filling the Vacancy of Light

We want to share with you that over the next several months, there will be opportunities to release your worries and challenges that you experience, always trying to fix the world. You can start letting go of some of those things and enjoy the journey for a little bit. Now we tell you that yes, you are part of the world.Yes, these are everybody’s problems that they have to resolve and communicate with,  and you may have a part of that. For now we will wait and see, but in the meantime you have the ability to ground a tremendous amount of light. That light is in need of being grounded right away, because there is more of a vacancy of light in the Earth than you can imagine. Dear ones, you can be the vessels to bring it through. So what we are going to ask you to do, even as you have all these challenges happening on your planet, is this take a moment out of the games…all of them. Do not judge them as right or wrong, just put them on pause for a moment and work with your light. Bring your light through to planet Earth. Start bringing some of the energy through and for 30 days. Every time you look at something and your mind says, “Oh, my goodness, what is going on?” just stop. Stop whatever you are doing in that instant, take a breath, bring the energy through you and just ground it. It feels wonderful in a physical body when you do that. That is the idea, yes, you have it now! We will tell you first of all, there are some really good people on the job. A lot of Lightworkers are working at this already and we will ask you to send energy to settling the Earth collectively, but do not take it on as your responsibility. That is the important part, because once you take it as your responsibility to fix the world then you go down with it, and we need you. We need you full of energy, full of life, and full of rhythms. We are ready to set the new energies of planet Earth, so take this and make something magical of it. These are the times that all of you wanted to be here. You actually rearranged your whole cosmic schedule so you could be on Earth at this very moment. That was beautiful and we are really proud of you for being here during these times. Trust that you are making a major difference.

Refresh Your Hearts: Grounding Your Light into the Earth

Watch for a couple of things. Number 1: When you are watching your televisions or reading news stories online or in the paper, you often say, “Oh, this is really sad. This is really difficult…” Take a moment, set it down, shut off the television or whatever you need to do and run some energy to that beautiful planet that you are on. She can really use it right now and furthermore, she will provide the essence to help resolve the problem anyway. So, it is all coming in a beautiful path. Yes, you have a few more difficult turns to take. It is no surprise to tell you that you have a few unruly people on planet Earth and they are scared. That is really what this is all about. Now there are a lot of predictions we can make about it, but let us stay removed from it all for just a moment. Let us refresh your hearts and reset a new energy of hope. That is where it comes from and if you cannot find it in your own world, then all you have to do is pay attention to the adjacent reality right next to yours. Sometimes you will find yourself smiling for no reason, but that is a perfect reason right there. We are sending it to you to tickle your funny bone, to remind you that it is a game and you are supposed to be having some fun. Now you have it.

That is what we are going to ask you to do: ground your light into the Earth. She needs the light; she can use your balance in a lot of ways. That will also put your energy to work in a grounding process that is perfect, because each one of you have a little part of the puzzle that is going to be needed to build this new Earth. You all have little unique parts that are beautiful but they all have to come together, which means that you have to have enough communication to do that. Well, that is going to be happening. Now that you have the impetus to do that, do you realize what has happened? Can you see that perhaps this may be the first time that you have all these countries talking to each other? It could be magical. You could walk out of this with a beautiful escalation of vibration. You can walk out of this to live in a whole new place, so expect that. Set that in your path ahead as a crystal. Then when you walk upon it, you say, “Oh look at that. It all happened just the way we wanted it to. What do you know about that? Maybe I am a creator after all,” you will say. Yes, you are more than you can even imagine. The reality is you have done pretty well even though when you first got here, you did not want to do any of that Yes, yes, a lot of you had to panic, and many experienced separation anxiety from being away from home and being alone as a spirit. At least you think you are alone because that is the game you are playing…pretending to be separate. We ask you to connect to the Earth especially during the next 30 days. It will make a lot of difference and send a graceful energy all over the planet. That is your responsibility and it is what you came to do.

Plan B

Many of you came with very unique gifts that you brought here to Plan B. Plan A is over with and it did not end the Earth, so you have made it to Plan B. Now we are excited to see what you can build and do with this place. You have a beautiful garden planet in the universe, so what are you going to make of it — what is next? That is the question we are going to ask you now. You can wait for feedback and see what is happening with the world as things unfold. It is time for the conscious creators to awaken from the dream and enjoy the journey, for it never was about the destination. You do not have to arrive anywhere. Just stay in motion because it is about the journey, which is the whole purpose. So swing way over here, then take a little detour over there. Along the way do not forget to go down here and way up here, then experiment all over the place. Enjoy every part of it, because all of it is for your pleasure; all of it is for you. You are the magicians that set this into motion. We are simply here to help you re-member who you are and help you pick up the pieces from there.

Holding Hands

You had a lot of dreams before you came here to planet Earth, both individually and as a collective. You came in as part of a really large group, the Family of E. You have already made huge impressions and pushed the Earth, as well as  humanity, in a direction of growth and sustained evolution. Magical. Now you get to do it again, but this time open your eyes during the process. Become aware that you are not alone; you are actually holding hands with a group of beautiful people around you. Dare to look them in the eye and offer encouragement. Open those paths ,and you will start to move as a collective of humanity, instead of a group of individuals all scampering around trying to find their own way. Now is the time and you have the motivation to do so. Your leaders are also coming together for a common cause. No matter how difficult you think that common cause is or the challenges on Earth, focus on the positive. Take a look at some of the things that would not have happened had this not been in motion. You are on a beautiful path and you are truly in charge of it, so enjoy the journey. Take it wherever you like it and enjoy the areas of discovery of all kinds of planet Earth. Know above all else, that you are loved more than you can understand. We watch you every day, dear ones. We see some of the struggles you go through, and we watch you taking responsibility for things. We know when your heart is hurting and  we see that sometimes you cannot get your energy out. It is all turning around and you have that part of it deep within you. So, become part of the collective and speak your words. Let it out and do not worry about the effect it has, simply speak it from the heart. Share it in such a way that there is room for other people to have their own truth, too. Although you do not have the only truth, it is also important that you start speaking your truth because you carry that precious little part with you. You may doubt your power and you say, “Who am I? Who am I going to be? Am I the one who saves the world with my little piece that I brought from Home?” Well, you cannot unless you put it down now, can you? That is what we are asking you to do. Put your piece in place. It is time. Above all, enjoy the journey.

It is with the greatest of honor that we greet you in these ways as the collective of what you call the group. That is not a word that we put on it, but we do find it very amusing. And we also find it very beautiful. What is happening here is you have resonated a part of your heart that reminds you of Home and why you are here. So keep up the great work and know that you are loved. There is a brand new rhythm on Earth and you are pretty close to adapting it into your lifetimes. Watch for the hope, dear ones, no matter where it comes from. Accept it. Make a space in your heart for it to come into your reality, and then ground it when it does. You are on a beautiful path. Know that we are right behind you every step of the way.

It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another every chance you get and open the door for each other for heaven’s  sake, because it helps a lot. And play well together.


I am Elrah of Rhythmic Service
The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting : “Thank You for Taking Your Power”

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ART Photo of Fairy Wren from Enchanted Nature

Photo of Fairy Wrens via Facebook

Multidimensional Choice – What Happens When I Choose? @ Lightworker


use website egypt gorgeous tiny Anubis and face from isis nefer heka ba


Multidimensional Choice – What Happens When I Choose?

by Steve Rother
Greetings from Home, dear ones

We join you with a game already in progress, for you have been in motion for some time. You have been playing a game with pretending to be a human with all your blindfolds on. So magical! You cannot even see your completeness. You can only see your imperfections and we find that fascinating, because it’s actually those imperfections that create beauty on your planet. Own them. Hold them dear. Guard them. Be proud of them; watch how your reality changes.

We are here to bring you a message for the coming month, and to also give you a vision of where humanity is in this moment. These are very unique times, because as humans you are becoming aware that you are multidimensional in nature. You have always known that what you see in front of you, that which you call your reality, is only a small section of what you actually can experience and stretch out into. Humanity is now at a junction where humans will begin to access multiple dimensions simultaneously. Let us go back and explain from an individual perspective first, because that will more easily be understood.

If an individual is strolling down the illusion of time pretending to be human with a blindfold on, what happens is that they come to a point where they must make choices. Well, you are aware that choice is actually at the base of your power; it is the understanding and the expression of your light on planet Earth. So you make these wonderful choices, but what happens to the other options? You choose to move in the direction of A, but what happened to C, D and E—the other opportunities? Dear ones, because in nature you are multidimensional you never miss anything. Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you had made a different choice years ago? Perhaps you  would have decided to be in a relationship with someone other than the person you’re married to now, or perhaps you would have changed your choice about having children. Such major decisions totally change your life. Fascinating! Well, what happens dear ones, is when you choose to go down this path you will honor this choice; all of the other choices are simply taken up by your other dimensions. So, you actually miss nothing because all of it is experienced from the whole. However, only a small section of it is experienced in your reality since it’s basically a bandwidth of vibration. As you already understand, there are many radio waves going through your body right now. In fact, if we were able to capture all the radio waves that transverse through your body, you could probably pick up many individual radio stations. Because they are all going through your body at once, you actually have to tune into a single radio station at a time. That requires a device that you call a “radio” to bring in one station out of all the waves. So, that is how your reality is tuned right now. When you wake up in the morning, you know your name, where you are going and the parts that you are playing, because you are in this present dimensional reality. Now, wouldn’t it be nice once in a while to jump into one of these other realities and see how your choices would have worked out? Now you have that capability because all humans are becoming aware of being multidimensional in nature, which is actually your true nature not a new evolution. This is a new discovery and that is where all humans are right now. So many of you are learning how to access your other dimensions of time and space right now. Some are even starting to learn how to teach and guide others into multidimensional healing modalities, which can be very powerful. Now let us look at the collective.

Multidimensionality as Seen from the Collective of Humanity

Does the collective vibration of humanity, as each of you know it, cover the full gambit of vibrational ranges or is it only a small segment of reality? We tell you, dear ones, as enormous as you think that is, actually it is only a small segment of reality. You are tuned into on your own radio dial so that your body can hold and filter through that reality. Does it mean nothing else is occurring? No, all sorts of things are happening right in front of you. However, you cannot see them because you are tuned into one reality, one vibrational range. Now the collective vibration of humanity is the same and it is tuned into one experience. Does that mean that there are still others out there? Yes, there are and here is the beautiful part of that: Humans can choose which one to live in and that is new. You have always had the dimensions, but it has only been recently that you developed the ability to  perceive them. Now as you are reaching a level of your own vibration where you can start to see some of the illusions that were placed there to create having a human experience—all of it is there. Can you go back in your own mind and remember a tragedy in humanity? Remember an event that happened which brought profound tragedy and deep, horrible grieving to people around you. Perhaps the day the Hindenburg crashed or the day that the Twin Towers fell. You can go back to anything that made a huge imprint in humanity, wherever it occurred. Now you are starting to get the idea. There are other dimensional realities where that entire event was avoided, where it did not happen. Why? Because it was a choice of the collective to experience it. Now, you are becoming conscious. Humans, Lightworkers, are now becoming aware that you are multidimensional. All of these parts of you extend far beyond this limited range and in a very short time, every single person on Earth will start being able to use that consciously.  This truly is an awakening from the dream. You are all starting to awaken and discover that you are in a game already in progress that you can change. Only can you change your own individual reality by choosing very carefully. Can you choose which one of these all the humans are going to experience? No, of course you cannot. You are only responsible for yourself; however, now you can choose which one of those you wish to live in and that is new.

Choosing the Reality You Wish

There has been such a vibrational separation between dimensions and reality, which was very much needed for humans to be able to play the game. You woke up in these bodies of density and you had to adjust to them. You had to find out how to work them how you were going to evolve in them. You have evolved in so many magical ways. You can think of the collective as that which you see when you turn on your television and watch news about your world. You think, “That is the truth.” Dear ones, it is actually only a small part; the truth is that is the new reality. You can choose where you wish to live. What if you wish to live in one of those worlds that has only ever had two wars and is not at war at the current time? Can you re-member a time in your own lives where there was no war? That is a beautiful evolution of the collective. You can take yourself away from this environment but then what happens? Many of you are feeling so responsible: “Have I abandoned them? They are going to have all this horrible….” Dear ones, it is all a balance now is it not? You may experience a negative over there but on this side is simply another aspect of yourself, which will be extremely positive. For instance, maybe there is something you just cannot seem to do this no matter how much you try. That also means that over here, another aspect of you is a master at that same thing and you carry a lot of information. Now is the time you are starting to glean the information from all aspects of yourself and perfect yourself in many ways. You can also choose which reality you wish to live in. You have joined the game already in progress, so where would you like to take it? What are your dreams?

Many of you have gone into survival mode, which means you step out of your dreams. You only attempt the things that you know, and you even step backwards in your own belief systems sometimes. It is not a problem; you are human, after all. You are supposed to be experiencing all of it—the good, the bad, the ugly, the indifferent–every part That is how you find beauty on planet Earth when you are pretending to be a human, so keep up the great work. The collective vibration of humanity has many dimensions and each of you can actually choose which dimension you wish to be in from this point forward. Choose well, dear ones. Play the game. Know that you are finding the path of least resistance as all forms of energy do. Know that you are carrying more light than you will probably ever see while you are in this body. We see it and we know who you are. We are here to remind you of that beautiful game and those beautiful decisions you made that put you here right now, in the game already in progress.

It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity. Play well together.


The group

The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting : “Thank You for Taking Your Power”

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The Job of Lightworkers -The Age of Three’s- @ Lightworker

FELIS ART by Escume at DeviantArt

ART : Felis ~ by Escume @ DeviantArt


The Job of Lightworkers
-The Age of Three’s –

by Steve Rother

Greetings Dear Ones.

Tuning Into More Dimensions Simultaneously

This day is such a joy for you are entering a new reality. We have explained much of how you live in a multidimensional world, literally only seeing one fragment of who you are and your own experiences on planet Earth in a physical body. We find it fascinating that you have started to discover and uncover the other aspects of yourselves. Start to combine and find the perfection that you came to planet Earth with. As you know, dear ones, planet Earth is a planet of imperfection. In order for spirit to pretend to be a human it is necessary to divide up that perfection, which is the reason you have multiple dimensions. Now what is taking place is that you are in the process of gathering those parts of yourself that you have distributed to play this game. Now it is changing very rapidly and this is a very interesting situation. All of humanity has been living with your focus tuned into a certain range. Dear ones, at this very moment there are thousands of radio signals going through this space right in front of the Keeper’s face—thousands and thousands. Does he tap into any of them? Does he feel any of those radio signals going through time and space? No. Not unless he tunes into it. Humans cannot generally tune into a radio signal; you generally need a radio to do that. However, it illustrates very clearly that all these energies are here at one time simultaneously. It works much the same way that all 12 of your dimensions occur simultaneously, yet you only tune into one at a time. That is the process that is beginning to change.

Humanity Grows as a Collective

A while ago, dear ones, all of humanity went through an evolutionary change where you moved out of singularity into duality. This was a major advancement for humans in all areas of life. It was wonderful to watch you ground this energy, bring it in, start to use it and experience the game in duality. This is where you learned to become afraid of the dark and your own shadows, because you saw everything as one or the other. You have seen everything as light or dark, up or down, good and bad, right or wrong, and black or white. All of this is an illusion of your tuning, dear ones. When one human learns a new attribute it is wonderful, but it is not until a collective learns that same attribute that it becomes available to each. In your sciences there is something called the Hundredth Monkey Theory. Although it is only a theory, here’s the basic concept: when one monkey learns a new behavior, then another monkey learns that behavior, and so on. However, by the time the one hundredth monkey learns that behavior, all monkeys everywhere know that behavior. Some of the actual data varies, and this explanation is only for illustration purposes. However, the basis of that is absolutely true; it is absolutely true that humans can collectively grow together.

The Age of Threes

What has happened is that humanity is ready to step into triality in a new way. Stepping out and releasing the old ideas of duality—the good, bad, right, wrong and all the limiting visions of just black and white. Dear ones, it is those things that take you to the farthest edge of your abilities and of your consciousness. You can only see things truly if you take it to the farthest extremes. If this is black and that is white, it means that there is actually neither black nor white—there are only shades of gray. Once you start to see that from a larger perspective, you move out of the limitations of a field of duality and you start stepping into triality. How is triality different? How is that going to change every human’s life on planet Earth? Well, dear ones, there is a new set of attributes. . Although we speak of them as “new” to help illustrate, they are not entirely so. The difference is that humans can now reach these attributes in a new way to start connecting the missing pieces of your other dimensions. Over the next four months, you will have an opportunity to start seeing the threes. These are going to show up everywhere. You will see them whether you are looking fre them or now, so simply watch for the threes. This will start showing up in different places just to give you that cosmic wink as a re-minder that you are on the right path and humanity is moving in the direction of god, Home and light.

This is a new time on planet Earth, dear ones. You have never before witnessed such possibilities to step into your power and experience life as conscious, awakened creator. How wonderful! Of course, this will uncover other challenges because that is how humans learn   by going from one level to the next. One of the levels you will have an opportunity to learn first is how to walk in your own creations, then to harmonize with the creations of all the others around you. That is really where the magic is, dear ones. When you can harmonize in a new way with your creative abilities, it opens up the field of threes.

Moving Into Triality

Now we share with you a very interesting story, which was first brought to the Keeper in the Amor stories. Amor was a young boy living in the days of Lemuria. We told the story over a very long period of time and shared with the Keeper how that evolution took place. That story contains most of the truths of the new energy that all humans are starting to wrestle with and to uncover, learn and use. Now you will start to see the threes, just as in that story Amor was shown by his great teacher why the universe is a base of three. Here on Earth, dear ones, you have managed to work with base 12 and base 10, which is actually the most common; even your decimal system is all based on tens. Although it seems to work on planet Earth, when you start to go into the cosmos you will find that everything is arranged in 12s; the base energy of everything comes down to threes. It is the reason that many things have been interpreted into threes, even some of your old scriptures—the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. You will discover that you have new abilities, and what it means is that you can claim some of your other perfection that you have hidden in other dimensions. You will see your lives changing, as you become great at something that you were never good at before. All of a sudden, something will come naturally—like a channel—and all you need to do is follow the lead. Follow your own connections to step into this energy in a whole new way. You are entering the Age of Threes, the Age of Empowerment. In doing so, you are stepping out of duality into triality.

A Stronger Connection to Your Higher Self

Another way that we can describe this is similar to how we previously shared the difference between duality and triality. Quite simply, duality resembles a line with opposites on both sides of that line. What would happen if you added a third point to that same line? Now you have a line across here and then a third point creating a beautiful triangle. You have now entered into a field of triality. The third point is the new, stronger connection to your own higher self. Your inner guidance can start working through you in new ways and not only for you. Because many of you, dear ones, are teachers. Many of you are vessels, channels for information coming in, and you have prepared yourself for this in many different ways. Some of you will accomplish this in the same way the Keeper does, while most of you will express it slightly differently in your own way. All of you have come in with a very unique, special ray of light. It is our job not only to help you see that, but to help you to use it and step into a reality of your own creation. That is the beauty that we see and we can show you the miracles, dear ones. We can tell you to believe and have faith, which is especially wonderful because it is a mirror of your own energy. Each of you has an opportunity now to step a little bit closer, and within four months the energy will move you into the third realm. Welcome to the Age of Triality and the Age of Threes! Welcome Home, dear ones. It is a stepping stone that all of you will be making over the next several months, so enjoy the ride! Enjoy the journey and above all, try to re-member who you really are deep inside for that is the energy that you were entrusted with when you came to Earth.

It is with the greatest of honor that we greet you in these ways to try to re-mind you of who you are and why you are here. Know that we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity. It is a new game you are playing. Play well together.


The group

The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting : “Thank You for Taking Your Power”

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FELIS ART by Escume at DeviantArt

Get On With It – The Great Frustration ~ Steve Rother @ Lightworker

Krishna Paintings by Rakhi Baird at Artodyssey

ART : Krishna Paintings by Rakhi Baird @ Artodyssey


Get On With It 
-The Great Frustration-

by Steve Rother
Greetings from Home, dear ones

You are magic. Each of you holds a special form of magic, something that you specifically brought from Home. You intended to focus your entire life on bringing it to Earth, and you are starting to re-member that in new ways. This is a magical time on Earth, dear ones, where each of you can start to re-member your true power and step into it even the tiniest bit. Your actions and commitment are what creates your world in front of you, for these are new times. We will share a little bit of what lies before you right now so that you can view it from our perspective. When you do this, dear ones, you fall in love with humanity. There are times when you turn on your television sets and see that the world according to your belief systems is a mess. It appears everyone is going in different directions. Although you cannot see what is truly taking place, we do, so we will share that with you. These are amazing times that may also be a little bit challenging for many of you. You do not quite understand what is taking place. These changes are happening in many different areas simultaneously, but we will only share with you one that is making a difference in your own reality.

Many Governments Do No Represent the Collective Heart of Humanity

You have this wonderful thing taking place in the United States called your presidential elections. Oh my goodness, we cannot wait to watch all of this mayhem that you are preparing. This is a massive journey into what we are not quite sure. In the beginning you used these elections to choose the best person for the job. Of course, over many decades it has turned into something entirely different. So, let us take you back quite a few years to when this change started to take place. It was actually during the early 1960s when you had a presidential election between Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy. This election was actually decided for the simple reason that one was able to present himself better on television than the other. That experience had a huge effect for the first time in the collective. Most of the people you have chosen to run your governments are lawyers. They have a history of all this understanding behind them. Why would it be that one must be a lawyer to run your countries? That would simply indicate that everything must go through the legal system. What has happened, dear ones, is that in many places in the world your governments no longer represent the collective heart of humanity. As we have very simply shared with you before, it is the collective heart of humanity that will run and rule. Now what you are seeing is your governments are trying to scamper to get in front of this. Your presidential elections in the United States are a very simple example of this happening.   All these people are jumping in front of the camera, presenting themselves very well and confidently, but what they are saying does not always make sense. Why are so many people backing and encouraging them? Because they are channeling the frustration. It is very simple. They are the only ones that have even addressed this frustration. There is a gap in the middle of your economic system, where your middle class should be, but quite simply is not. Why are your governments not representing you in that way? You have turned this into a capitalistic system and, therefore, the money speaks louder than the collective. That is in the process of changing.

Money Speaking Louder than the Collective

Exactly how this change takes place we will have to wait and see. It could possibly result in a complete collapse of the system, then rebuilding it on solid ground, which in our estimation is not a bad thing at all. We wish you would just get on with it! Or, you can continue to prop things up and pretend everything is okay, and actually make small changes along the way to evolve it in that way. We tell you, dear ones, the earlier method is currently underway but we will have to wait and see where this goes.  What about this frustration and why is it there? Quite simply, you have turned everything—especially in this area—into something based entirely on capitalism. Capitalism was the most important piece, and you have brought it into your government. In truth, through your systems, those that speak the loudest tend to get elected. Well, you are about to see how loud people can speak. In fact, you will actually end up voting most of the time by turning the channel because it will get pretty crazy over the next year. When you turn the channel, most of the time they actually know it. Yes, your voice can be heard in different ways, dear ones. Right now, it is a circus but it is fun and interesting to watch. Does it represent what is taking place? It represents the frustration that is still not being addressed.

The People’s Frustration

Why is there so much frustration? A person can see very clearly where the frustrations come from. You had an election at one point where your entire collective decided on one person, but another person became president. You can feel that your government does not actually represent you; it has more to do with those who are paid by these companies to be lobbyists. Those are the people that fill these gaps and move your government one way or the other with corporate money. Now you are at a point where you are going to make some important decisions. We are specifically talking about the United States at this time, but as you know all of your energies are connected especially through your economic systems. So, what is good for one is actually good for all countries. The whole world is watching these changes as they are evolving, because everyone will affect another. We can hardly wait to see where you go with this. We see none of this as bad and it might help you to keep that in mind, because our vision is further than yours. We can see what you build on the other side and that is why we hope you just get on with it and take that next step. Above all we hope that your governments are able to adjust  quickly enough, because currently they are not listening.

Let Your Collective Voice Be Heard

Now you have a fresh energy of new people coming in. The good part about that, at least in the United States, is that your collective voice is being heard right now. That is fascinating, for all of this is bringing attention to something that has vanished. Many people have felt like, “Oh, that is just them. They will go do their thing anyway. They do not need me to participate.” Dear ones, they do need you. You are part of the collective in more ways than you can imagine. To express your voice in that collective is going to be one of the greatest possibilities that you have. You will create your world on a small scale, as well as on a large one where you will interact with the others. It is how you all come together at these magical times. Dare to dream. Dare to bring back your hopes. Look into the future and dare to plant the greatest possibilities for yourself at that moment. Treat yourself well knowing that you are a creature carrying all the energy of what you call god. Each of you can start using those abilities to create your world around you. When you reach that highest level to where you have created something that fully supports you, that is the time you become the highest use to the universe. Those times are happening right now.

It Is Time to Get On With It

So, we will ask you, what will it take in your life to get on with it and take that next step? Are you waiting for an election or for some door to magically open? We tell you, dear ones, you have that opportunity now…very clearly. Step into it. Claim it. Step forward. Each of you has brought a part of the blueprints for the New Earth from Home. Now you may call it your internal truth, but it only fits together when you can speak it in such a way that it fits together with the other truths around you. How do you do that? Very simple. Practice. That is all there is. Keep trying and step forward in love, then you will start to fill some of these gaps where this frustration is. How can this frustration about this middle level be solved? Through creativity, and through giving them a voice. Giving them the power to re-create. Of course when we speak of them, many of them are you. Channel it and do so in a very positive way. Look for change, absolutely. There are many shifts and rapid changes that need to take place in your systems in order to transition from one area to the next. We see those about to begin, though not yet beginning. The beautiful part is that the collective vibration is making a noise that cannot be misunderstood on this Earth. People are starting to step forward very carefully, knowing that every movement they make affects others around them. Your own vagus nerve is starting to evolve so you can feel that compassion even more throughout all humans. This is part of the lightbody returning that humans are now experiencing. You can hold more of your own light.  What we ask you to do dear ones, is get on with it. Step forward. Step up. Here it comes. Deal with it the best you can and do not wait for the perfect opportunity, for it is here, now. You have so much that is taking place, yet what you may not understand is that you are in charge of all of it. The collective vibration now decides. That means if you choose to be quiet, you give up your power. It is time to speak, and step forward, to claim your willingness and your wisdom. Not that it is always perfect, but unless it is offered up there is no possibility of reaching harmony.

A Critical Date

Bring it forward. In these times, dear ones, you will be well guided. Sometimes you will open your mouth with a clear intent of your heart to speak something, but you will not quite know where the words are in your head. So you will start to channel from the heart in a new way, which is the opportunity for spirit to speak clearly through you. As you devise and develop this new way of working together in the new planet Earth, we can hardly wait to see what you do next. We tell you specifically that we have given you a date to watch for, the second week in November was to be a critical tilting point. At the time we gave you that date it had to do with the Federal Reserve making a specific move at the end of October. Now, we tell you that has already passed and you have already moved that critical date. Not out of trouble but moving in the right direction. Yes, you had a little dip in the energies in the meantime, showing some of the weaknesses in the global economies in the world and China has a big part of that. Work together with it, dear ones. Send them energy and wish them the best. Know that you are all connected. Stop pointing fingers and calling yourselves separate and claim responsibility for all of it. That is the way of the new Earth, knowing that you are part of every piece of it. Claim your failures as well as your success because that is how you grow and just enjoy playing the game. It is time to get on with it.

It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity. Play the new game well together. 

Espavo, dear ones

The group

The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting : “Thank You for Taking Your Power”

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Krishna Paintings by Rakhi Baird at Artodyssey

Remembering Your Tone – Expressing the Memories from Home @ Lightworker

art didier DELAMONICA (23)

ART : Didier Delamonica
Remembering Your Tone
– Expressing the Memories from Home –

Greetings Dear Ones.
Such a joy to share this moment with you all, for you are in the midst of an evolutionary movement. You are moving at the speed of love and the interesting part about it is that you are starting to become awakened right where you are. We will share a little of our vision of your place on the path as it is now, and more importantly about your anchoring into the new dimension of time and space.

A Conscious Change
There have been times, dear ones, when evolution has taken your stream of consciousness from one physical form to another. Very rarely has that this happened in consciousness, which is what is taking place on planet Earth. That is why the collective vibration of the universe is starting to gather information and support more of the game on planet Earth, as it is now unfolding every moment. Take a deep breath, dear ones and release it to find your center for just a moment. Close your eyes if you choose to, and let yourself expand. You have been holding yourself within a framework of resistance that you believed you had to hold. You have been spending much of your energy holding yourself within the constraints that you believed were needed to pretend to be a human. Yet, your spirit cries to be free, to speak its tone and to carry its message from Home. It is that unique tone which you brought specifically because you could carry it. From our perspective what is now taking place is that you are starting to branch out into multidimensionality and become aware of it consciously. When you do that, dear ones, the game changes very quickly..

Stretching Out In Multidimensionality
You have already stepped forward into the fifth dimension. Dear ones, we see you looking around to find out how all these pieces work. However, there is a new and critical piece that has not yet been added to the game. Because of the rise of the vibration of humanity, you have now entered a new possibility which was not there only a short time before. You have the ability to stretch out past your limitations in an energetic form so that you can collect your multidimensionality. You will also find your path of least resistance not only in your own existence, but in your entire life as a spirit in every dimension of time and space simultaneously. There are ways for you to harmonize the universe around you and one of these is a very simple process called speaking your tone. Yes, many of you have come in with a vibration, a specific tone that brings the reminder to your own physical body. Your physical body, dear ones, is vibrating and if it stops vibrating you are gone; then in reality, it does not exist. It is vibrating between a specific range that humans can perceive, touch, and work with to play the game of pretending to be a human. You have done quite well with this, walking around with a blindfold on, bumping into each other and hitting the wall looking for the door.

Express Your Tone
All of you are looking for the way Home again. You are yearning to re-member that tone and have it validated deep within you. Now you are at that location where you can spread your energy out and start to feel the other dimensions of time and space. Why would you do that? Most of you are hesitant to do anything like that because your sensitivity levels are so high. Your Vagus nerve is so highly strung sometimes that it makes it difficult for you to truly ground this light and energy, and bring it into your reality in that way. There is a actually a fear around that, which is fascinating because all energy is self-balancing. Have you ever taken two cups of water and connected them with a hose, so you make one taller than the other? Within just a matter of moments they settle. The reality is that all energetic forms know the innate path of least resistance. Now, how does that happen? Energy forms are all connected to each other, including yours. That is what we are sharing with you today – a way for you to speak and find your tone. What is your tone? Is it a a musical note that you must hit? Is it a certain vibratory frequency that must be repeated? Well, sometimes it is a tone. Other times you can re-create that by speaking toning, singing, or by creating a vibration not intended for the ears, but for the heart. That is your tone that you brought from Home. Now, how do you express it and channel your tone? Each of you brought in a unique piece that only you could carry the best and now you are assembling these pieces and re-uniting. It is a very magical process for us to watch. We cheer you on at every opportunity and you have already made a huge difference – more than you could ever see. The world is changed and you are responsible.

Practice Your Passion
How do you find that tone? Well, quite simply, you have a passion. Many of you have looked long and hard at your passion yet still say, “I still do not know what my passion is.” Well, that means that you are thinking too much; the passion is not in your head, it is in your heart. That is what you must strive to find – that feeling. Now what must a human do to re-create that feeling and be in touch with that at a moment’s notice? That takes practice, dear ones… just like anything. How do you get to heaven? Practice, practice, practice. Very simple. You are living on the planet of imperfection and you are perfecting yourself, reaching for Home. Now let us get back to this tone for a moment, because it is what you brought in. If you came just to make a sound on planet Earth then by all means, make it. If to do that you need to stand on the street corner and simply sing to your heart’s content, do that. Does that mean that is your passion? You will have to wait until you do it to find out. Then once you find it, you will say, “No, that is not my passion, but it is similar. It is singing.” Maybe you will create something; maybe you will do something; maybe you will start a band and begin recording. Maybe you use your voice in a melodic way to bring a message through multiple dimensions at once. There are all sorts of ways you can do this and there are also those that have been placed with a time-sensitive moment, connection, or critical mass point. In the world around you, when all those events and spirit align, you have the opportunity to create all those things that you wish for. It is then, dear ones, that you have what we call a magical moment. You can spread out in all the dimensions of time and space, then claim all of your power for just that instant to create something in the road ahead of you. That is the conscious creator walking with the light of Home over your shoulder all the time and using it.

Express Your Memory of Home
Time to re-member that tone, dear ones. We try to take you back to those memories that you have intentionally forgotten so that you could pretend to play the game as a human. You are a spirit deep within; in reality we know you well and you know us. We are all a part of each other in ways that you will only re-member when you shed that physical body and return to the collective of energy, which is all of us. That is the magic that you are creating. You have a deep seeded memory of Home; it is contained in your tone. What is your tone and what will it take for you to bring that out and share it? There is great hesitation, dear ones. Because you are so sensitive, sometimes you are afraid that if you speak your tone it will block others. You are concerned that they will not be able to find their own individual tone if you are speaking yours, but that is what you came to do. In reality, when you start to connect with that part of you which represents the passion it spreads like wildfire. You should see it from our perspective, dear ones. We see that sometimes when you pass a person on the street and you may not even look into their eyes or exchange any pleasantries at all. However, when you pass them on the street you light them up with the feelings of Home, with that tone. Is it a noise or a sound? It can be. Does it need to be? It is ultimately a re-minder of the heart. Find your tone by practicing it, playing with it, and stretching it out. Like everything on planet Earth, it is like a muscle. The more that you practice and exercise it, the stronger it gets and the more control you have over your creations. It is a magical time on Earth, dear ones, and it is time for all to re-member their tone. We brought a very special piece. Welcome. We are so happy that you have made it this far. Now you are starting to awaken from the dream in consciousness. Find yourself walking on planet Earth and playing this beautiful game of pretending to be the human, but we see you. We know who you are and we welcome you with the greatest honor of the essence of life and the re-minders of Home that all of you carry deep within. Re-member that tone, dear ones. Whatever it takes, speak it often. Put energy behind it and share it. Move it and you will be doing the work of the spirit. That is what you all came to do.

Teach Your Heart to Think and Your Head to Feel
Now, most of you are going to intellectualize this and think too much about it. These are the times of the heart, when you are teaching the heart to think and the head to feel. These are the times where you are awakening from the dream and finding yourself in this beautiful physical body. Enjoy this journey, dear ones. You have set it up intentionally, so that you could be there to experience planet Earth exactly the way that you did and re-member your tone. Well done, dear ones. It is with the greatest of honor that we greet you in these ways. Tickle your funny bone to help you re-member that it is just a game. And above all dear ones, play well together. Treat each other the best that you can. Help others re-member their tone, and yours will become even stronger.

Espavo, dear ones.
Steve Rother

The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting: “Thank You For Taking Your Power.”

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Subtle Influences – The Dwarf Planets Ceres and Pluto ~ Beacons of Light @ Lightworker


ART : Helena Nelson-Reed


~Re-minders from Home~

Note: This message has been edited and in spots rechanneled by the group for better clarity in this format.

Beacons of Light
June 2015

Channeled Live on 2015-06-27

Subtle Influences
The Dwarf Planets Ceres and Pluto

Greetings from Home, Dear Ones.
This day is a magic time. You have changed so much on your planet; you have shifted so much energy that you are seeing it happen right in front of your eyes. It is magical and we applaud all the humans and also the Family of E for the incredible work you have done over many lifetimes. You are here to help people re-member their power. Well done, humans.

The Six Parental Races

There is still much work to do. Although there is a great deal that we wish to share with you, you have now started to uncover your own history. It was not that long ago, dear ones, that you sent your first space probe to Mars. You will discover different forms of life on Mars that will help you understand a bit more about the six parental races that began with Earth. Now they did not create Earth—let us make that very clear–you did. You are the spirits, dear ones, there from the very beginning nurturing this beautiful, hot ball of magma floating in space the third rock from the sun. You were not in physical bodies, which  would not exist on the planet then. However,  you were in light bodies and you nurtured Earth. Many of you have done this with several other planets that have evolved throughout the universe that now have life. This is a beautiful story because when you start to understand what some of this is about, you will be looking at your own history on planet Earth. Ever since we mentioned there were six parental races, you have wanted to know who they are. Everyone has their own ideas about the original races, yet it is very difficult for us to give you those names. When we give you a name such as Sirius, Pleiades, or any of the other ones which you have labeled, understand that these are human names which are placed upon these stars. The interesting part is that there is a rhythm that connects them all. Some believe that these names and stories have been made up. Neither is the case, for it is simply an interpretation or another way to read the same story. Now you are starting to uncover the rest of the story and beginning to understand the process, which is very exciting.

Before the Formation of Planet Earth

Now we take you back to a time about eight years ago. At that time we were telling you very clearly that there would be more planets discovered in your solar system, so to watch for that as a trigger. Well, you did but decided they would not be planets. You went even further and decided to reclassify Pluto, one of your smallest planets.  These planets showed up, all of them, in Sirius. Sirius is the best, for it provided the opportunity for you to find some very magical pieces. Let us share with you part of the energy that goes back before the formation of planet Earth.

Basically, you have all this debris or matter that forms around energy and is floating in space. The moment you have energy in any form, it attracts matter to create a material expression of that energy and that is exactly what took place. As all of this debris started floating in space, many of you were the ones helping to form these planets and saying, “Oh, it would be nice if you had another circular part right here?” Of course, the biggest challenge was the planet that was to form between Mars and Jupiter never took shape.  Every time this debris would come close, the massive strength of Jupiter would pull it apart again. This left a debris trail which is very magical, but there is much more to it than that. Dear ones, we will share this information in increments. First, let us explain the basic concept of what took place. During the formation of your solar system, which you were very much a part of, magic happened.

You wanted so much to re-create an energy very similar to that which you had left at Home. When Jupiter kept pulling this piece apart and instead of congealing into a beautiful planet, it literally was distributed in a wide, huge circle of debris which you now call the inner belt of asteroids. When the planet did not form, the energy went further out to what you are now calling the Kuiper belt. This is especially interesting, because you did not even know the Kuiper belt was there until recently. These discoveries are quite telling in showing what took place; the essence and the heart of that planet went to Pluto.

The Dwarf Planet Called Ceres

Now you have seen Pluto as the very small being it is. However, in the beginning it was forming to take the essence of this sister planet, which was trying to form inside between Mars and Jupiter. Now the energy was trying to form and congeal around Pluto but it was simply too difficult to change that energy. But you had seen miracles before, so you went to shape this energy and it worked for a time. It absolutely worked, dear ones, and you will find that evidence eventually. You are not on target to find it right away, but it will be there to show you some of these changes in this incredible energy that happened. So, what took place with Pluto? The Pluto you see today is not the same Pluto that tried to carry all this energy. It was in the wrong place to have nurturing environment; the magnetic pull, as well as radiation from the sun, caused it to separate.

A New Planet Forming Between Mars and Jupiter

What you see today is perfectly round, but it has gone through quite a bit to come back into that. It is Ceres, the heart of this planet; it carries the same energy that it would have if it been a planet in your solar system. This would have been your closest neighbor where life could have formed, but it did not. Now the heart of that energy has made its way back into the inner belt, and is traveling to connect many of the pieces of its original purpose. Will a planet form now between Jupiter and Mars? It may take some time, but that is already in motion although it probably will not happen during your lifetime. It takes a long time to form a planet ; you are seeing major changes that will shift every part of your humanity. These changes in your perceptions come from the simple vibrational rise. When you raise something up there are fewer restrictions in your line of sight, and you are witnessing this massively on your planet. It is wondrous for you to re-evaluate all of your previous positions and many of your belief systems (BS) are vanishing. You are opening up to new possibilities, which is as it should be, for now we have awakened the mind and heart of god—all of you.
You understand what is taking place, but what you may not understand is the excitement that is all around you. Yes, many of you have been in survival mode. For some it has been quite difficult to ground your energy in a positive way or to find your place in the new world. Even the things that you were successful with in the third dimension either do not seem to work now or they work differently. That is part of the evolution that all of you are going through. If you can re-member the big picture, the larger overall feeling, you will understand there is very little that you need to do. You are on target to find the path of least resistance in each of your lives, dear ones. As the collective raises in vibration you suddenly shift, and things five years ago that could not even be talked about are now appearing in front of all of you for re-investigation. Very well done and we tell you, the heart of Ceres is coming back.

The Heart of Ceres

Now this is beginning to have an effect on many humans. Why? Because quite simply, you have discovered it. You are focusing on a new miracle, a piece that has been floating around very close to your own third rock from the sun for a very long time. Now you will find the influences of it which are huge, much more than what you would think of. Even in your astrology, dear ones, you consider the larger planets as having a greater pull but that is not necessarily so. What is taking place is that you will notice the subtle energies become more important than the large energies. You have always measured things by how strong or big they are, but now you will start to measure things by the effect they have. It is very possible that you will find a new rhythm for yourself, as you start to discover the importance of all of the subtle energies on planet Earth. You have learned to measure magnetism, which is a very important tool on your planet in many different areas. However, you have only managed to measure it in one of the many areas in which it is used. You do not know how to measure the magnetism and the slight magnetic variations of your heart. which actually create much of the world around you. You still have not completely connected your science and your spirituality, although every day these things are starting to move in a different way.

Pushes Against the Wave of Change

Here you are seeing things from a larger perspective every day. All we ask  is that you be willing to let go of that which no longer serves you. Much of what you carry with you, dear ones, is out of habit. Are you ready to shift your life even more than you have? All of you have taken a step or two forward to claim your place as a conscious creator on this beautiful planet. The evolution is now taking place right in front of everyone’s eyes, for the magic is here. Now, do you have your setbacks, your push against the wave? Yes, of course, you do. You see it in ISIS and in many places where the fear comes up. Now that is the question. How can you watch that, and how can you address this without the fear? It is very simple, dear ones. There is only one thing to be afraid of in your history, and that is death. Humans are usually afraid of death until they do the inner work that alleviates some of their greatest fears. Other times,  perhaps they have actually stepped out of their body, experienced it and then returned. They carry no fear of death from that point forward. Death is the number one fear, because it is only possible to be afraid of the unknown. When people start using fear intentionally to get what they want, the effect is a backlash which is still gaining speed on this planet. You are seeing many people join these groups out of the hope of freedom. At some point you will see the freedom which they experience once they join the groups. However, all of this will go away in time. It is not a new war that must be fought, instead it is an incorporation of all the energies. What can you love about those who behead other people? As long as you view them as the “bad guys” you are missing the boat, because all humans are connected. Find that part of you which is them; address it, feel it, and love it. Then let it go and you will start feeling changes in the collective vibration.

You are seeing it now with your own government. Consider the recent decisions by the United States Supreme Court. The court is not bound to make decisions which the public or the collective vibration agrees with. In their previous decisions very few have been with the collective vibration of humanity, but that will start changing as well.  A harmony is starting to take place on planet Earth and you are responsible for much of this, dear ones. If we could show you some of the previous lifetimes that you have had on planet Earth, even as  light bodies  when you have nurtured planet Earth. You would be very proud of your history, for you have not only nurtured Earth but the whole of humanity and we hope you own it. We know there are many of you who are wondering what you are doing here. “Where exactly did I sign this contract? I want to see the small print.” Well, dear ones, you did it and almost all of you are where you wanted to be. Now does it mean that you are happy and content where you are? No, that is not the nature of humans, dear ones, you know that. The grass is always greener so search for it. Enjoy what you have in this moment but do not judge yourself, which is the main piece.

Discovering New Planets and Pyramids

You are conscious creators. You have the creation ability of god within each and every one of you. Now, why is it that you cannot make things happen immediately? Well, that was a collective decision to hide this power from yourselves until you could harmonize. But that is starting now and the planets lead the way with this as well. Many of you will start to see this in your astrology, if you can interpret it. Watch the stars, dear ones, for you will discover much. Something very interesting and not too distant in the future, probably five or six years from now, you will start discovering planets close by that you have not seen before.

Well, of course! Imagine this as a discovery. Ahh, but have you ever considered that maybe the planet just suddenly appeared? You have more to ponder than you could possibly imagine. And when you hear these beautiful stories of the pyramids, do you every wonder what they were exactly? They are generators and get ready, because you still have not discovered 50% of the pyramids on your own planet. They are power transformers designed to bring the energy from the Earth and to use it in one of several forms. It is originally how your own ionosphere was formed, so that you could breathe and survive on planet Earth. Many of these pieces will start to be uncovered now. Not only will you discover these in space, but you will find more of them on your planet. Many of them are there re-awakening, just as you are.

The Other “Yous”

It is the greatest time for all of you to be here, dear ones, and so exciting for us to watch as you uncover the next piece, as you turn that next page and start into it. You are magical, but above all please re-member: you are never alone. Even though some of you have a great deal of difficulty harmonizing, that is what will bring you all back together to the next level. You are in the third wave of harmony, which means, “How can I see the other yous?” Every person is connected to you in some way and you have that magic within. Well, open your eyes, dear ones, they are all around you.

It is with the greatest of honor that we get to address you in this way and bring you these updates from our perspective of your incredible vision. Keep up this great work, dear ones. Know that you are advancing Earth and all of humanity more than you can imagine. Celebrate those times when you come together, when you are able to make those connections with the other yous. It is a time for the awakening of conscious creators on planet Earth.

Espavo, dear ones.

The group

The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting : “Thank You for Taking Your Power”

– See more at: http://www.lightworker.com/beacons/2015/2015_07-Subtle_Influences.php#sthash.yuIab4Tk.dpuf



THE TIME OF LOVE Energy Exchange ~ Steve Rother & The Group @ Lightworker

Miguel Martinez ART

ART : Miguel Martinez


Beacons of Light
June 2015

Channeled Live on 2015-05-30

Energy Exchange

Greetings from Home, Dear Ones.

This moment, right now, is unique in many aspects but so was the moment just before. You have stepped into something new and we will explain some of the process. During the next month or so, you have a unique opportunity. This has to do with the energy coming into the planet in new forms. We have told you for some time that you were developing new bodies. Literally you have been learning how to carry more of your own intrinsic light. Now more of who you truly are on a deeper level as a spirit, and not just that of the human. You are starting to carry more of that, which has been rather confusing for most of you. Why? For the simple reason that you do not always understand how this energy anchors. You do not know if you are doing it right or wrong, but we have also stepped out of the need for right and wrong in the new energy. Take a breath, dear ones, and settle for just a moment. What do you feel when you do that?

Transforming and Enhancing Energy

Well, you have been living your lives in your head for a very long time. We have told you the heart is starting to soar to new heights and importance in your life. It has always been a balance. You cannot live without one or the other, although some of you try hard to do just exactly that. The reality is that you are grounded of light; you are bringing light into this planet. You understand that the way we see all of it is an energy exchange and that is what we will call this today: energy exchange—how do you exchange energy? It’s simple if you look at the larger picture of life on planet Earth. Whether you have an understanding of physics or not it does not matter. What really makes a difference is that you see energy in motion. You understand how energy itself moves, for it only transforms from one form to another. Although there are times when you think you have created energy that has not actually been true. You have actually transformed energy out of one form into another, for every part of energetics on planet Earth involves carrying and transmuting. Now, find that energy and enhance it and you are really onto something. That is what is possible during this next month, which is a unique opportunity.

Transmuting the Incoming Energy into Love

There is a wave of energy all about the heart, which has come into your planet. It is meant to reset humanity so you can achieve a new balance between the heart and the head. There is also a focus of transmuting the love energy, and that is one of the greatest possibilities especially during the next several months. You have unique opportunities during this time period to ground love in a new way. If you are in a relationship, it allows you to take that to a new level and create some new forms of magic and transformations of the same love. If you are not in a relationship, the first connection is with you. You learn how to let the heart teach the head how to love, and then you will draw people to you to be able to transmute that form of energy.

Now, you have many forms of energy that you use on planet Earth and you use them all the time. You work with them in different ways, for you are a vessel of light. Although this is outside of your range of visible light, you will come to discover what is taking place–there is more light coming into the Earth. Now does that mean that the Earth anchors and receives the energy and as such the planet gets brighter? Only if the light from home is anchored in the hearts of humanity and transferred into love, can it be experienced on Earth. This is the greatest energy transformation and it can only be done from your side of the veil.

Now you can transform this energy in many different ways. Falling in love is one of the greatest, obviously.  You can also transmute this energy into different forms of love for all the beings around you, not just those in a close relationship. This is a perfect time over the next several months for each of you to re-establish your own grounding in this energy, and to re-establish where you will play in the new game of the new planet Earth. All energy is going somewhere, This is a form of love, dear ones. You have the capabilities now of stepping into something very magical. Do it fearlessly. Step forward into your experiment and dare to transmute all forms of energy and bring them forth from your heart  Your heart is capable of so much love.  We invite you during this time to re-ground your experience on Earth by falling in love or finding new ways to express that love.

The Voice of Your Heart

As we have mentioned for a very long time, as humanity changes there is one key element that you can especially work with and that is to have your voice heard. Many of you have come in pretending to be quiet. You pretend not to have a voice, not to bring in the energy, and not be able to translate. We know better, dear ones, for we see you and understand who you are. However, you are working with this rather well. Speaking from the throat chakra is very difficult sometimes when humans do not trust themselves, but now that is all changing and here is the interesting part. With this new wave of energy coming to planet Earth over the next several months, the voice of your heart can finally be heard. That is the most important piece—the voice of your heart.

Communication between the Head and the Heart
What is it that your heart desires? You can create and draw that into your life over the next several months, more than ever before on planet Earth. It is now possible for you to hold more of your light from Home in everyday work, while transmuting and changing all the energy on planet Earth. That is the beauty of it and it is what you do—you are energy transmuters and we see you working in the most beautiful ways. Take that energy from Home, consciously bring it in, When you are able to let your heart and head communicate so that you can put words to what this is, do so. Follow closely by taking action, because the energetics on planet Earth will support these moves more than you have ever known.

The Time of Love

It has been difficult, dear ones, because each of you came in with a critical role, a very important piece of the new energy that you are building. However, getting you to trust and share it with other people is often the most difficult part. Of course, you have been living in a field of duality where you think one person is right and another person is wrong. You are finding out that there is much more of a bandwidth of possibilities within that, and during these times you have a great opportunity to express love in new ways. Now what can that be focused on? It can be focused on anything, such as a one-to-one relationship, the love you have for your dog, or your pet goldfish. It can be focused on the love you have for your hobbies, sports and the things you like to do. Now you have the ability to bring your love to entirely new levels in all of these areas, not just one. If you wish to work on a relationship, change end, or start a new relationship, the next several months is a perfect time to do so. You will find it much easier as things line up for you to do it, even though you may not have decided which steps to take.

These are wonderful opportunities, dear ones. You become filled with light during these times as this energy comes in. Depending on where the collective vibration of humanity is in the evolutionary stage, it will affect you slightly differently because it works as a whole. You can actually say over the next several months that you are in the time of love. These will help you to re-member much of who you really are and your connections at Home. You understand what it is like at Home. When you think of someone or something, you are transported there instantly. The same is true with Earth, but you do not actually move; the energy is there. Call it in. Ask for help and bring your own guides to a closer connection with you during this time of the wave of love coming into planet Earth. In this time of love, you can even fall in love with spirit more than you have before. Can you feel this energy moving through you? It is beautiful for us to watch. This is a way that we can touch your hearts and have you still be on Earth, communicating with each other. Now when you with such clarity and when you get that feeling, figure out how to pass it on. Very simply, you are transmuting energy. When we can touch you with the highest of love from Home, you can transmute that and bring it into the Earth into another form of love. You will find more of this as you continue to step forward. You will also see a deeper understanding of how it works, which is very much like your own physics on planet Earth. You are in a wonderful time of evolution, dear ones. We could not be prouder of the work you are doing. We still understand that many of you feel very lost and unsure at times, because things are different than they were before. But we tell you now that the opportunities of this are greater than you ever imagined. Right now is the time to start lining up some of the possibilities of your heart.

These times ahead, dear ones, we have the opportunity to witness. We watch not only as you evolve planet Earth but as you evolve yourselves. There are many things we will help you work with, such as the connection to the Earth herself and many of the changes that she is going through. Your own new structures that you will build on planet Earth to support empowered humans as you awaken from the dream en masse. The time is now. Enjoy the next several months, dear ones, as you feel this wave of energy entering onto your planet.  Let it infuse your heart in the time of love.

It is with the greatest of honor that we get to address you in these ways. We ask you to treat each other with respect every moment. Nurture one another at every possibility. Re-member it is a game and play well together.


The group


The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting : “Thank You for Taking Your Power”

– See more at: http://www.lightworker.com/beacons/2015/2015_06-The_Time_of_Love.php#sthash.PvCk1xwx.dpuf


Miguel Martinez ART

Music from Home – The Rhythms of Life ~ Steve Rother & The Group @ Lightworker

art Thumbelina @ Zimmerli Museum

  ART : Thumbelina @ Zimmerli Museum

Beacons of Light—May 2015
Channeled Live on 2015-04-25

Music from Home
The Rhythms of Life

Greetings All, Dear Ones. You are so vibrant this day!

It is magic for us to watch you from this perspective and see some of the energetic changes taking place with all of you. The magic has begun on planet Earth and all of you are shifting in a very magical way. Since it has come up several times during the course of today’s progression, we wish to speak about music. What part does that play in your life?

Mastery of Music

Well in most places, people consider music to be somewhat in the background. For the most part you have placed music in the entertainment area on your timeline and rightfully so. The interesting part is that music is so much more than that. Many of you consider yourself to be musical, yet others of you do not. Some of you say, “I cannot carry a tune so I will enjoy the music from a distance, but will not sing aloud.” Well, have you ever considered that if you are tone deaf or cannot carry a tune at all in this lifetime, perhaps you have already mastered what you needed to in terms of music? Here is the interesting part about music, it is cumulative between lifetimes.  There is no right or wrong about any of it, for the reality is that if you pick up an instrument and it fits your spirit then imagine that you have an expression to create the vibration from Home.

The Rhythms Within – The Inner Music From Home

Many of you are creating music when you speak, though you are not aware of it. You think, “I don’t do that because I am tone deaf. I cannot carry a note, so obviously I am not going to sing.” The truth is that all of you have rhythms deep within you that are starting to change, which is opening the capabilities for humanity to see itself in a totally different way. The magic has begun, dear ones.
Now imagine in ancient times, long before your recorded history, as early humans  you were making sounds. In the beginning a couple of bones would serve rather well for rhythm instruments. You learned to communicate through that form of rhythm and have used it in several different cultures as you have evolved humanity. Then you started working with the notes and became aware that your own voice had a range. You would find or make instruments that could replicate at least a tiny bit of the energy from Home. The music that each of you hears all the time is from Home. That is the beautiful part and all you are doing is trying to replicate that inner connection, the inner music from Home. It is only when two or more came together that they created a harmony, which was actually the beginning of the harmonic process; harmonizing your music with other beings became the beginning of the scales. Dear ones, the scales did not exist before you tried to come together. That was the reason they were made in the first place, so you would  be able to hit harmonics once in a while. That has evolved into all of the music that you hear in different ways. We tell you this now, because on your planet, much of your music is about to shift.

Changing Rhythms and Imperfect Scales

You are evolving very rapidly as spiritual beings pretending to play this game of humanity. As you evolve, your likes and dislikes around you will also start to change rapidly. It is a very beautiful process to watch and we will share some of this with you as we move even further into it. You will start to hear things that may sound a bit dissonant, especially having to do with rhythm. If you work with a song that has four beats but then start another rhythm with four beats which suddenly goes with five, it will capture your attention in a way that is almost a distraction. You do not think of it as music; you think of it as something wrong. Well, that will soon change as you will see a variety of rhythms that will start to become the norm. Not only the rhythms but your music in general will shift, and eventually your scales will start to find a new base.

The scales are the most difficult part. Now that you have the technology to do this, you can take the highest and lowest notes that you can create and divide them perfectly equally into segments. If you play that it will sound terrible, but why? Why does it sound terrible if you divide everything into perfect segments? Well, it does not actually sound terrible, dear ones, it simply does not have the full richness of the harmony of the overtones of one instrument adding to the overtones and the final piece of another blending together. Because in order to do that, your scales have to be imperfect.

Look at your piano keyboard and you will see that there is a missing note—at least one. You will notice there are other places where the perfection of the scales had to be brought into imperfection. Only then could your human ears could pick it up and make it sound similar to the energy and the light you always hear in the music of Home. So, these are very fascinating times for those of you who have considered yourself to be non-musical in this lifetime. We ask you to understand that although you may not be starting a recording career or step out on the road with your band, even  the rhythm and the tone of your voice emulates that music you hear deep inside. Dear ones, it helps to make the connections in everyone around you.

Cumulative Musical Skills

Now the other part of that is musical abilities are cumulative over many lifetimes. If you work very hard and study as a musician then die suddenly, you leave that lifetime. When you come back in, you still have to train your body and fingers where things are, but the rest of it comes very quickly.  In general, you basically pick up where you left off in the last lifetime with music and your expression of music. You call it “music,” but at Home we do not even identify it because it is such a part of our everyday lives. We do not even have a word to identify it as separate from ourselves, because it is such a part of each of us. That too, will also happen here.

Re-defining Music’s Place in Your Life

With the many changes in technology, you have found new distribution systems and capabilities for music.  Because of the belief that everything on your Internet must be free, many of your musicians are starving on planet Earth right now. Some of them simply cannot afford to be in the music business, because they cannot even earn a living that way. This is actually  a change in the way your society sees things and it is very fascinating. In the beginning, you opened up your Internet and everything on your Internet was free. But is it really “free”? Is it not frustrating when you download a simple thing and you end up with a virus on your computer? It happens all the time, dear ones, so nothing is really free even on the Internet because there is a reason they are doing it. They are either advertising something or downloading a program that you do not particularly want on your computer. This is a challenge that all of humanity is going through as you are re-defining music’s place in your life.

Currently, you have many distribution systems and it is very easy to tap into a wide variety of music. You are accustomed to receiving that and awakening the energy deep within you. You will also find ways of redistributing it anchoring that light. There is nothing sadder for us to see than a musician who finally records their work, but it never is heard. The changes in your way of thinking about music are starting to shift, which is beautiful for us to watch. It is somewhat of a challenge for many of you, especially those who make a living in music. The beautiful part is that music is so integrated into every being. It is music that will re-mind them of Home and they will light up when they hear it. You can change your internal energy simply by listening to music — it is magical! You have sent out the call and a wide variety of music will be available in a short time. Now, dear ones, you have ways of healing each other with music.

All of You Are Musicians

Now, what of those who consider themselves to be tone deaf? Well, we love that as it is truly magical. Quite simply, it means that you will not be able to harmonize in the same way that other people do. It does not mean that you do not have an ear for music or that you do not have that inner cord of music pulsing through you from Home all the time. Now, who creates the music at Home? That is the interesting part. No one. It is part of the overall structure of the collective and created in the same way that many of you will. You have gone through the process of working alone with your scales and have found the perfect imperfections. You are now even playing with them, dividing them equally in the Solfeggio scales and many of the master number scales that are also available. You will start playing in new ways and we will cheer you on. When you hear these melodies that at first may sound dissonant, open your heart and simply take it all in. It is not that you must like every form of music, for it is as personalized as you are. Find that piece that helps you awaken from the dream, that chord that can rejuvenate you and remind your spirit constantly of that flow of beautiful music coming from Home. All of you are musicians, for you would not be here if you were not. All of you have had incarnations directly associated with the expression of music on planet Earth. Find it now, love that and re-member Home. That is the beauty that can be shared by all of you at this point.

It is with the greatest of honor that we greet you in these ways and give you reminders…not to tell you where to look, but to help you to re-member what you already know. The beauty within each of you has begun to grow; it is magical for us to watch. We ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another every chance you get and play well together. You are more beautiful than you imagine.

Espavo, dear ones.

The group


The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting : “Thank You for Taking Your Power”

– See more at: http://www.lightworker.com/beacons/2015/2015_05-Music_from_Home.php#sthash.I2BVC2IO.dpuf


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The Blending of Dimensional Realities – The Orthogonal Matrix – Steve Rother @ Lightworker

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The Blending of Dimensional Realities
-The Orthogonal Matrix-

by Steve Rother
Greetings from Home, dear ones

The Clearing of the Veil

Such a joy, this day. This day is so special because, dear ones, this is the now moment in all dimensions. This is the beautiful part of what we will share with you today as we take you through this journey. You see, dear ones, there are things taking place on your planet now which are very exciting to you because you are starting to understand your own reality and use it positively to create everything that you wish to create from this point forward. So, you are in the now moment at the present. That is perfect because only from there you can access positive, negative, past, future and all the rest of it to really ground yourself in the moment. The beautiful thing that is taking place and that you may or may not have noticed, is the unfolding and the clearing of the veil. It is happening in many ways and it is happening for each individual slightly differently. Each person will experience it in a slightly different way and that is as it should be. You, too, will start to experience this in different ways. Let us explain some of the ways that the entire collective of humanity is actually experiencing this clearing of the veil.

The Orthogonal Matrix

You have multiple dimensions of time and space. You believe that this is your timeline because that is all you can see. You cannot see into the other dimensions which are right next to yours. How do you access them? Well, this has been a secret that has been known for a very long time and yet rarely used. How do you access the other dimensions? It is done through 90-degree turns. very simple, yet, putting it into application is more difficult. Think of it this way: you can enter the next timeline from your timeline by simply making a right turn or a left turn at a 90-degree angle. This is the  orthogonal matrix.. We will start putting some of these pieces together as we explain what is taking place as the walls between the dimensions are starting to thin even more. You are starting to experience things as a collective, not just from one dimension, but from many, multiple dimensions at the same time. Now, while this is taking place, you would usually see strange things. Let us explain.

The Blending of the Dimensional Walls

If you turn on your news and suddenly you see a train wreck, you are liable to see 3 or 4 more train wrecks in the very near future. The reality is that the trains are actually in different a dimension that are starting to blend together and that is why you are seeing repeats of pretty much every energy out there. If there is a plane crash or anything of that nature that really confounds humanity, you are very liable to see another one of these events or one very similar right after that. It happens so that you would take your energy and move it through.  There are many ways in which you can work with this energy. This is actually the blending of the dimensional walls and you have opportunities to take that energy and treat it differently in each one of these occasions. This is getting magical for us to watch because you are actually able to look into other dimensions of time and space for the first time. For the first time, it is also entering your collective vibration of all of humanity and where that is going and how that is working. You are well on your way, dear ones. It is working extremely well so keep up the good work. You are breaking down the walls between dimensions. Now why is this important to us? Dear ones, you are a perfect being and that is hard to understand because you live on the planet of imperfection. The only way you can be on this planet is to hide your perfection in many of those multiple dimensions that you live in simultaneously. And, it is working this way quite well.

Perfect Beings in an Imperfect World

Now as you move even further, there will come a time when you will actually be able to interact into some of your own other dimensional realities. Now that will be fairly interesting to you. What if you are working and building your life in this dimension.  Let us just say that you have your job, you are an xyz person doing xyz work, you have 3 children, you are married for 12 years and you are doing several different things. Perfect. Over here, the same spirit is having a slightly different experience. You are using the same core personality of all of these multiple dimensions, but yet you are having a differnt experience and making different choices in each one of these timelines. Now that is magical. There are many quantum fields and your quantum physics actually believe that making a choice starts another dimension of time and space. We tell you that is not necessary. You are already spread out into several different dimensions and you do not actually have to make the same choice in each of them. Many times you feel bad after making a very important decision between this or that because you feel that you have slighted this person or this energy over here. Dear ones, that is not the way it works. The way it works is this: when you make a really important life-changing decision in this dimension, you probably make the opposite decision in another dimension. That is the beauty of it. This is how you bring a perfect being to an imperfect planet and have an imperfect experience. From our state, that is perfect…excellent. You are getting the idea of this. Over time, you will see some more of what we will simply call ‘strange things taking place’. This is where you are starting to bleed through dimensional realities and where the divisions between them are very quietly thinning. We say quietly because that is the reality of it. You cannot point to something exactly and say this is another dimension because the moment you do so from this dimension and interact into that dimension, it changes. Literally, your influence changes everything having to do with it. You are walking, conscious creators – each and every one of you. You are doing so with an incredible amount of love. That is the energy of the new world. That is what you are bringing together.

Strange Things Happening in 3s or 4s

So why are you bringing all of your dimensions back together? For the very simple reason, dear ones, that you are perfect and you are claiming your perfection. We could not be prouder of that. Yes, some of you have difficulty with that; you have been taught that the ego is bad,that you cannot feed it and that you have to think of everyone else before you think of you. That is not so. In fact, that is an absolute misdirection of energy. Placing yourself first during these times of huge change will be absolutely necessary. You literally will get sucked into a vortex that will keep you moving around the vortex, it literally will not go through; it will simply keep you moving. We call it chasing your tail and you have done that quite a bit. You will see the first signs of the blending of the dimensional walls in global events. You literally will be able to wonder why all of a sudden you see 3 or 4  very similar events happening all at once. It is literally because you are starting to bring in the other parts of yourself.  This has to happen on a collective basis, which is why you are seeing this taking place not so much on a personal basis, but on world events or events that at least make the world news. This is what opens the door for the dimensional realities that you are creating. What is it like? Well, imagine that you are playing this game. Imagine that you have this script that you are following and there are several players who you are interacting with. All of a sudden, somebody changes the channel and you have the same actor playing a different role with different supporting characters. However, he is the same person that was over here in this channel. Now you are starting to understand. Eventually, you have choices about which one of these scripts you will be in and which one of these will become your primary life. Now, does that mean that one is more important? No. This only means that this is the timeline from which you are viewing this at this moment. Very simple. You exist in all of them but yet your perception really only comes from one dimension at a time. So, watch the world events. Watch the things that are very unusual that seem to come in 3s, 4s, or even 5s. You are starting to blend your dimensional realities together and this is simply evidence of it.

Now you have capabilities of bringing even more to the table than you ever thought possible. Planet Earth is changing; it is making space for empowered humans. Are you ready? Are you ready to take your power and to be responsible for your choices in all dimensions of time and space? That is where you are today. These are the pieces that you are putting together to take this next step – and it is working. Congratulations to each and every one of you. You have placed yourself on the planet of free choice at exactly the moment of time and space that you wanted to be there. Now step forward and enjoy this journey and know that everything you see is going to be in multiples until you learn to see multiple dimensions. Then, you will be able to gain the best of each dimension and that is actually what the blending of the multidimensionality looks like. You are right in front of it. Dear ones, you have also stepped into a timeframe which has allowed you to benefit from the cross of the timelines. The reality is that you are living in expectation right now. Dream big. Dare to venture forward and find that passion whatever it is. Without judgment you can find much more of who you really are. Step forward. Now is the time that you will feel the wind at your back for perhaps the first time in quite some time. There are important changes going forward on planet Earth. You have agreed to step forward as a collective, which is not just what you see here, but all your dimensions of time and space together. That is quite a collective. This is the time that you will see the blending of dimensional realities. It is a beautiful time and we could not be prouder of the greatest angels that have ever lived.

Espavo, dear ones. Know that we watch with pride every move you make. Do not judge yourselves; it is not for you to do. Step forward and find every piece of this that you can hold in your being today and the dimensionalities will start to roll together and your perfection will return.

It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect during these special times. Look for opportunities to nurture each other whenever you can. Enjoy this new game. Play well together.


The group

The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting : “Thank You for Taking Your Power”

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Fifteen Minutes of Magic – Re-member Your Power – Steve Rother & The Group @ Lightworker

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Beacons of Light—March 2015
Channeled Live on 2015_02-28

Greetings dear ones. I am the Keeper of Time.

Energy Waves

I am here this day to share with you what is happening on this magical planet of yours. You are changing everything every moment and it is so magical to see. As we have mentioned, all of this comes in a wave that also recedes. Many of your difficulties occur on the wave of the energy as it comes in. Fortunately it never recedes completely like the oceans do, but somehow always manages to go a little further every time the waves come in. This is part of the new physics that will begin to make sense as you start to understand what dark energy is all about. You are right on the verge of uncovering more of your understanding about the world around you, and all of its many dimensional levels. Dear ones, there are some magical things taking place on Earth.

The Energy of the Water

We have mentioned before that there are many of what you call sink holes happening on Earth. All of a sudden, the Earth literally opens up.. The other day we saw two people get off of a bus and fall right through the sidewalk. Interesting. What causes this? Well, it is a phenomenon that is happening globally because it has to do with the currents and the energies of the water beneath the surface of planet Earth. You are going to see more of these and they also move in these waves, dear ones. That is the magic that we share with you here. When you learn about the waves and you can feel them, you do not need to know exactly when they are coming in or how to be in the best position for their arrival. You will simply start to feel the energy, and that is what you are experiencing on Earth right now.

Over the next several months you will feel a new energy, and a lot of it comes from the movements underneath the Earth. Water, dear ones, is a form of energy all its own. As you can tell, water can be transformed from one form to another but never completely goes away. In truth, the water you are drinking is the same water that the dinosaurs drank eons ago. In fact, it actually circulates through the universe in different ways and that is magical too. You will start to understand more of your own origins here on planet Earth as humanity evolves to these next steps. We are telling you all of this because the magnetism of Earth has reached a level where you will resonate with it. You will feel the magic come back.

15 Minutes of Magic

Have you ever heard that every human on Earth has their 15 minutes of fame? It is quite an interesting process to think about that. At some point each of you steps in front of the camera and has at least a few moments of fame. At time when everyone is watching, you have the opportunity to be the teacher, to impart the knowledge and wisdom that you have carried so sacredly onto this planet. You have so perfectly brought your own light to planet Earth and anchored it as such. Well done, well done. Now that is the 15 minutes of fame. What if we told you everybody will be experiencing more than 15 minutes—but of magic. That is what is returning. Are you ready, dear ones, for your 15 minutes of magic? What would you do? What would you create?

Well, this goes all the way back to the famous three wishes that you would have. Of course,  as everyone knows, the only wish you would have to make is for more wishes. How simple that would be. In truth, you already have this 15 minutes of fame but it is not going to be limited to 15 minutes. There is another wave coming in, dear ones, and almost all humans are in a position to feel this in a new way. Now, when someone feels their magic it is especially important to have them ground their magic through their actions, speech, belief systems, teaching and so forth. Now what is happening is that all humans will be feeling this magic in beautiful ways. Now you have capabilities of igniting the collective heart of humanity globally, which has never happened to this degree before. You realize that many times you are now more aware of the events that are taking place in your world. You basically have given the credit for that to your technological advances on Earth. But in reality, it is your own spiritual and vibrational advances that allow that technology to land on planet Earth and to find its way into your life. So, whether you take credit for it or whether you pass the credit on, it makes no difference; you will feel it. Are you ready for 15 minutes of magic? What would you do to extend that? What would you create if you could have anything? These are the times to seriously think about them and of course, all of you are right away going into your beliefs in limitation. It is natural. You live in a field of duality where you only see things as light and dark so, of course, you will see the limitations. What are the limitations?

The Redistribution of Water: Update

First of all, you think you only have 15 minutes. There is a limitation right there, is it not? The reality is pretending that is all you have, and living as if 15 minutes was your full incarnation of that magic. Now you will see that the Earth is also re-balancing herself. We have spoken of this at great length over many years, sharing that the Earth has been wobbling ever so slightly so she had to form a new balance. This has been done, dear ones, through the re-distribution of water that you see so clearly on your Earth. The reality is that you see this as excess rainfall, or quite often as flooding. We have shown you areas of the Earth that will be most affected by this, and we will again share with you how to be in the best position at the right time wherever you are. Most of the re-distribution of water has been done on the surface of the Earth. It is now starting to take place in the subterranean parts of the Earth, such as in many of the rivers that you do not even know are connected. Now this is very important for all of you because, quite honestly, your oceans are reaching a level of pollution that is of great concern. It all has to do with particles of plastic and other pollutants. All oceans are connected, so your pollution and even Fukushima is bringing all this energy into the water of the oceans. Since the re-distribution of water mostly came from the evaporation of the oceans, it is now possible to redistribute fresh water underground. That is an advancement. Now, will you see difficulties with this? Well, we told you that you were going to see an enormous amount of sink holes and they will not always have explanations. Suddenly you see a house and the next moment it will be gone. You will see more of this in varying parts of the world, not just where they are doing what you call fracking, but every place. Of course there are many places where you know the subterranean is moving and has been for many years. The state you called Florida is filled with these underground caverns and places where water has moved and sometimes has left a vacancy. As the waters begin to rise on planet Earth, these vacancies will fill with water. These will change in many ways, dear ones, which is the reason we wanted to have another opportunity to walk you through what is coming so that you can take part.

Now, this is so beautiful to us. Many of the pieces that you have been told in the last round of Earth changes have started to shift ever so slightly. This proves to us one thing: if you give a group of very powerful creators on Earth a focus to come together for and work with, you will change your planet. You will change the evolution of humanity and your social environments, because you will start to see that you are all connected. You will stop putting this separation between yourselves that has been happening for so long. This has created the opportunity for you to play this game pretending to be separate from each other, and now here you are at this magical point about to catch this magical wave. Look for your 15 minutes—not of fame, dear ones, but of magic where everything seems to come together. And when you find that 15 minutes of magic simply extend it because you are magic, are you not?

The Beginning of a New 26,000-Year Rhythmic Cycle

You are learning a little bit of what is ahead, and this is very important. Are there challenges coming? Of course there are. You are very well aware of the planetary cycles that have been moving forward, but we also tell you of the larger rhythms and that is the piece that Elrah has brought in. You are beginning a new rhythmic cycle; it is a 26,000 year cycle and you are at the beginning of the opening of this cycle at this moment. You had to clear all the aspects of the past, letting go of many of those old pieces in order to step forward into this new energy. There simply is no room for vibrational disharmony. You must be in integrity with your heart and as you do that, a new world opens. That is the only thing that is necessary for you to activate and put into use your magic. Are you ready to do so? What if we turn the spotlight on you and say, “Here are your 15 minutes. What will you do with it?  Well, that is pretty close to what will be taking place and we hope you enjoy every part of this. You deserve to be happy. You are not only on this planet just to strive and work hard. You shine when you are happy, dear ones, and you send out a different vibrational pattern. That is what draws everything to you and causes the reaction of the universe to bring together all the particles that are aligned with your heart. In the old energies you used to do this with your head. It is what you have been working on, but now it is more about the heart. We are not asking you to disregard your head, to stop thinking or reasoning all together. We are asking you to start feeling with your heart first, because that is the new energy of the new world.

Leading with the Heart

Dear ones, you have progressed so many levels. At one point in your lives, it was more important than anything else simply to have physical strength. It was part of what your survival was based on as a species, to be strong and healthy. To possess a bigger life force energy meant your survival and success on planet Earth. As time moved forward, it was as if your grandparents became part of a certain paradigm and they had to work very hard. Then your parents started working smartly and the levels of humanity literally moved into the head. This originally took place long before your parents’ days. It was actually a wave of energy that came in with the philosophers and all the important ideas that had to be in place on Earth, so you could step forward to start the time clock moving in that direction. You have learned to think and be led by your head, not your heart, because your belief systems tell you that the only difference between you and the animals is that humans can reason. Well, we hate to disappoint you, dear ones, but animals reason quite well. You simply have not learned to completely communicate with them, but you will understand more of this as you evolve. It has been very important for you to believe that you are leaders at the top of the evolutionary process. We hate to disappoint you once again, dear ones, for you are not at the top of the evolution ladder. You are evolving each individual, as well as the entire collective, which is moving at an astounding rate on planet Earth right now. We could not be happier, dear ones. You are workers of the light, for you have agreed to carry in a specific ray which you have taken responsibility to ground on planet Earth. Now more than ever before, you have moved through eras where your physical strength was important and others where your thinking ability was king. You are now moving into the heart. How much can you feel? What can you anchor here?

Dear ones, we have worked with so many humans over many years that have laid out their life’s course according to their head. They were looking for the path of least resistance, studying and analyzing every step. They put one foot in front of the other, even though sometimes it was painful because they felt the resistance of the wind of their face. In effect, they would create something and reach their goals only to find out that their heart was no longer there, which was a very sad situation. You are going to need to find that balance between your heart and your head, to move forward. The left brain is for the Earth, and the right brain for Home. Balance and carry them both, but lead with the heart. Start first by asking what you are feeling and then lift it into your head, using the rest of the process that you have. These are new tools that can help you anchor your 15 minutes of magic. Are you ready? We are and so is the Earth. We tell you, dear ones, there are many changes still coming on Earth. You are waiting for things to settle down, but they will not be settling for a time. You have clearly stepped clearly into a new world, anchoring and bringing in your ray of light as an expression of love into this world. This is now most important.

Extending Your 15 Minutes of Magic

These are situations in which you not only reclaim your magic, but when you will help others to claim theirs. How do you extend your 15 minutes of magic?  You do it by making other people around you magical. That is the key, dear ones, for many of you have come lifetime after lifetime to be teachers on planet Earth. Sometimes you have been part of a very similar wisdom, often in many separate lifetimes that took place on the line of time. In truth, now you are here for a very important reason indeed. All of the energies that you have gathered through your collective experiences on planet Earth are coming to bear. You are bringing these forward to have all of the magic at one time. We tell you dear ones, this is the time to set things into motion for grounding your light, passion, and energy which you specifically brought from Home. It is necessary on Earth, but now it is also safe for you to do so. Before there have been many times where it was not. You will find an opening as long as you lead with your heart. Take those 15 minutes of magic and empower the others around you. Ah, that is the secret. That is the extension of everything, because you are not separate from them. They are part of you, so if you wish to extend your magic look for ways to enlighten others and empower everyone you have an opportunity to.

These are magical times on Earth, dear ones, and we applaud each and every one of you for playing this incredible game of pretending to be a human. The magic is yours and we will watch with greatness and with the most incredible love as you bask in your 15 minutes or more of magic.

It is with the greatest of honor, dear ones, that we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity. Play well together.


The group

The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting : “Thank You for Taking Your Power”


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The Job of Lightworkers ~ Transmuting Fear into Love ~ Steve Rother & The Group @ Lightworker

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Beacons of Light—February 2015
Channeled live 2014_01_31

The Job of Lightworkers
~Transmuting Fear into Love~

Greetings from Home, dear ones.

The energy of this day is magical beyond your understanding. You have found a vision of your future that very few humans have ever seen. You are accustomed to looking at your history only after the fact. F possibly the first time in the evolution of humanity, you have the ability of looking forward on the timeline. Now there are challenges, and adjustments have to take place. Much is in motion, dear ones. As you have seen from your financial perspective, and even your astrological perspective, you are now going to hear of spirit’s view. Basically you went through a change, a major shift. We had predicted this and talked about at the end of your 12-12-12. That portal was actually much bigger than most people understood and as you went through the energy, you started a wave. That wave has its precession and its recession—it goes forward and comes back again. Many times when it goes forward you consider that to be the advancement of humanity. As it washes back, which is its natural reaction; it has a tendency to bring out some of the worst of humanity. Well, that is what you have been experiencing continually on your planet ever since going through that portal.

A Wave Moving Back and Forth

So, now you have a new energy starting to land on planet Earth. It is bringing those things that you have been dreaming of, the possibilities of being conscious creators on your planet. Although we tell you of the greatness of moving into this energy and the tremendous abilities that you will uncover as you do, we also tell you there is a lot of adjustment that needs to take place for this to happen. That adjustment will be seen as a wave coming in and a wave moving back.

Now Is the Time of Movement

Now the interesting part about that is that you can position yourselves accordingly, by finding where you need to be of highest use.  These waves are not here to overcome you or to expose you in some way. They are not here for you to survive them. You actually created the waves, which means you can be in the best position to be carried forward by these same waves that have caused so much difficulty of humanity. So please understand, do not wait for everything to be right. Now is the time of movement on planet Earth; now is the time to set things into motion. Very clearly, you will see quite a lot of changes as this timeline cross takes place. It will take you all the way through the middle to late part of November 2015. That is what you are setting yourself up for.

Living in Harmony

In the meantime, you have all kinds of hot spots all over the planet which have been part of this wave of energy. You brought in a wave, but you did not see the recession of it because you basically hid that from yourselves. Now these energies are popping up all over the planet in different ways. An easy way to understand this would be simply that others have a different vision of the timeline. Now, we are going to call it radicalism, because in truth it has occurred in almost every religion. It just happens to be focused mostly in one, Muslim, at this moment. These adjustments need to take place not only on the planet itself, but it involves how you learn to live in harmony with religions which have done much good on planet Earth. Yet if you give your power away to anything completely, it will be problematic in the future. So these are the changes that need to take place.

This New Energy Scares Many

Now what you are seeing on the timeline is that you believe everything moving forward has brought advancement, which it has. If you look at your own technologies, it is very easy to calculate the incredible advancements you have made in a rather short time. Many of you signed declarations regarding your spirit rights, which seem to be firmly in place. These are the key elements so as you move forward on this timeline, witnessing all the new technologies, energies, and way of thinking—even a sped-up process of your own spirit. Instead of going through all the different levels, you have a direct connection now that you can activate very quickly. This is all new energy and quite honestly, it scares many. Who does it scare? Well, dear ones, you are moving this direction on the timeline. There are many people who believe in their hearts that all of these things that they wanted existed in a previous time. We tell you that is not quite true, dear ones. There were just as many problems back then as there are today. Perhaps they were not quite as visible because of the lack of technologies.

Some believe that if they take their energies and lifestyles back in time, eliminating all that you have seen as advancement, then they would finally be happy. They believe everything   worthwhile was in place in the days of Mohammad. So they and wish to go back to those times reconstructing everything, including the laws that were in effect at those times.

This is not the case, dear ones yet here is the situation. You have two beings who are absolutely convinced that this holds the future, then you have another pair saying that this absolutely holds the future. The reality is that you are going to need to step out of the way and let this settle in different areas. As Lightworkers you can actually hold some of these keys. How is this happening?

It is taking place truly out of fear, a lack of information and terror. This has worked quite well, and they have even used your technologies to spread this fear. Well, that is the piece, dear ones. You must understand that these parts are not working the way you thought they would. A revision of your view of everything having to do with this is in order. Now if you understand that these people are working from their heart, you can give them a little leeway. The challenge is they do not know the difference between force vs. power, and they have a tendency to use force when they cannot find power. Dear ones, much of this energy will need to be settled by the Muslim community itself. It is almost as if there is a civil war going on between the different factions of this religion.

Then you have another party that arrives, whether it is the United States or an entire coalition of countries, which gives them a common enemy and turns what would be a duality fight into a three-way problem.

The Job of Lightworkers

Now, does that mean that you simply walk away and leave the problems there to resolve themselves? No, dear ones. There is a responsibility there, but if you start to understand the situation the way it truly is, you’ll start to see new possibilities. What is the job of Lightworkers? Dear ones, not only can you set an energy of peace, but you can learn to find a way to love those enemies which you are calling enemies. There is no more black and white, dear ones, for everything is a shade of gray. Find that harmony in the many shades of gray. Know that many of these people have simply grown up with generational hate passed down from their grandparents, to their parents, and to them. It is expected to be carried on and understood, if they were to be a part of this social experiment. Well, now it is starting to change. It will take some time and those that feel like they are pushed forward in a new direction are resenting it. They are pushing back, which is basically what is taking place.

There will be a settlement of energy, but much of it will come from beings who already live in that part of the world. They work with the civil wars and work with responsibilities of what you allow these things to take place. There are many people who are doing business with these companies and people who have taken over certain countries. Yet, they continue to do business with them. Where is the responsibility there? Look at the possibilities for not fighting and you will start to understand more about it. Above all, look at the larger human condition of a lack of love being at the base of all of it.

Transmuting Fear into Love

Dear ones, we know that humans are afraid. We know that many times they step back into their own belief systems, when they run across problems they cannot easily resolve. Well, this has happened on a very large scale and has given them the illusion of success. Understand that it is truly the collective that will either allow this to take place, or will block it. That can be done with each of you holding what you will stand for, and what is right or wrong, in your own hearts. You can open up and try to understand these very scared people who are causing this challenge. You can either play the game or you can step aside. It is entirely up to you, dear ones, for there is no right or wrong. However, if you are playing the game on planet Earth and have decided to be here at this time, you hold a piece of it. In the days ahead, you can  hold it in your heart and create a sacred space for yourself and all of humanity. Set that into motion and know that no matter the difficulties, challenges, and terror you see on television, you have the capability of reining it all in and transmuting it into love. That is why you came.

Find the Commonalities

So watch the events that take place on your planet and try to love any time you can. Try to find those commonalities between you and your enemies, and soon you will not have any enemies any longer. That is the new way in the fifth dimension; that is the only way to resolve it.

It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another every chance you get. Play this beautiful game and take responsibility for it and know that you loved more than you understand.

Espavo, dear ones.

The group

The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting : “Thank You for Taking Your Power”

– See more at: http://www.lightworker.com/beacons/2015/2015_02-The_Job_of_Lightworkers.php#sthash.TPyIyYWe.dpuf

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~ Re-membering Your Magic ~ Awakening the Inner Wizard ~ Steve Rother & The Group @ Lightworker

A_ Andrew GONZALES by Catherine La Rose (12)

 ART : A. Andrew Gonzales ~ by Catherine La Rose

Beacons of Light—January
Channeled live 2014_12_20

Greetings from Home, dear ones.
A Planet of Imperfections

Oh, that is not quite right, but close. This day is so full of joy for all of you. We have told you over and again how magical you are on this planet. Although it seems your own evidence of your daily lives does not always support the magic that we speak of, that is about to change. There are some very interesting things that are taking place as you approach this cross in the timeline. When you pass into this energy you will start to see new capabilities within yourselves, and that is the magic part that we have been waiting to see. You understand, dear ones, you live on the planet of imperfection so you to have an experience here as a spirit, because spirits are perfect. Ah, you have nothing to learn or gain as a spirit until you come down here and divide your perfection so that you experience imperfection or some vacancies in your own energies. Well, we know it is difficult to completely understand and we will be telling you more of this as we go forward. You live in multidimensionality every single day, but here is the interesting part. To truly have an experience on planet Earth and pretend to be imperfect and pretend to be human, it was also necessary for you to hide many of your own gifts. By your own design many of your gifts have been shut off completely, in order to play the game of pretending to be a human.

You did not want to spoil the game. What would happen if you came here and you had all of these abilities to create magic? It probably sounds like a wonderful idea to you, but what about your spirit? While your spirit is playing an incarnation and planning the opportunity to raise its vibration, finding the different parts of its perfection and setting up the obstacles can actually help you gain what you need from this experience of planet Earth.

Your Own Set of Gifts

Dear ones, you have changed so much now. You passed the point that planet Earth was soon to be the late, great planet Earth. Earth never was going to die; it was all of humanity and roughly 97% of the life forms on planet Earth that were leaving. Dear ones, you woke from the dream at the 11th hour and started taking your power, you started to awaken to who you truly were and you moved past it. As you moved through the 12-12-12 most of you found yourself in great confusion, because things did not work the same as before. Yet you brought all your tools over to use in the same way and they don’t always seem to work. Now you are passing a new alignment, as all of humanity can now step past this next level and start balancing things. That is the reason there seems to be so much turmoil on your planet right now. There are so many wars, there are so many people speaking their truths—sometimes forcefully,  other times standing in the energy. So many things that have been hidden are now being uncovered. When all of these things come forward at the same time, you feel overwhelmed. Well, here is the good news, dear ones: All of you have a set of gifts. We say that intentionally because it is not a singular gift that you carry. You carry gifts in a certain area, which usually spans a wide range, and some can be perceived to be very magical once you harness them.

Instantaneous Magic

These have been quite easily been unplugged from your experience on Earth, but the beautiful part about it is they are starting to be plugged back in and one by one. You will feel levels of energy starting to come to you, and all of a sudden you will be able to do things that previously you tried very hard to do but were not able to complete. There is a new forum of magic , which takes it out of the timeline because it is instantaneous in any moment you wish and you can literally anchor this new light. Now, it is something very familiar with you. Do not think it is a new gift that you have never seen before because it is not. Even though you have unplugged these parts of yourself and your own capabilities, they still seem to work their way into your lives. Chances are good that you will be familiar with at least the general area that your gifts will start to rise. Over the next four months, we encourage you to try again things you may have struggled with before. Try to find a new way to anchor this magic along with the alignments, timeline cross and everything that is taking place. You will feel a little bit of the wind at your back and that is all that you need—a little bit of encouragement. That is the most important piece that we can all give you at this point in your lives.

It Is Time To Revisit Your Specialness

So, know that this magic is continuing in a whole new way and it will start surfacing into your life starting with very small pieces and re-membrances. You may have an idea that you have to move this large piece from here to there, but are thinking, “How can we move that?” Maybe we will bring in a forklift, a tow truck or whatever we need to move it. Then you may suddenly re-member that once you were able to move large things using only your mind. These are the ways that your gifts will surface as a spark of light or memory at first, then into something that you knew that you could do although you have not done it in a very long time. Now does that mean that you will be able to connect all the dots and move this huge thing over here? Yes, you may and only in recent months is that even possible to consider. With all the things that are taking place on Earth, your magic is awakening and is time to revisit your specialness, your uniqueness, all the parts of light that you have held within your being. Now, the question will be, “What will you do with them?” Will you use them in your work and try to make a living with them? Well, here is the beautiful part, dear ones. We have no judgment about what you use them for. That is truly not our business, is it? The reality is that you are on the planet of free choice. You can use them for anything and by using these for anything in any way, you will get good at the mastery process again. We say that because this is a full circle for humanity.

What Will You Use Your Gifts For?

There were times when you excelled at connecting your mastery, but now the magic and your mastery will start to awaken in new ways. It is a beautiful time to be on planet Earth. Yes, there are still difficulties and challenges ahead for you. The generational hatred on your planet is very difficult to deal with and it does not go away very easily. It is very deeply engrained in some people the same way that love is in others. The lack of love that you call hate can also be deeply rooted. What happens is quite simply that something takes place—a war, an invasion, whatever it is—and people are displaced or have their lives disrupted. Then they teach their children to hate those people that disrupted their lives, and it goes on and on and on. It happens on both sides of an argument, dear ones, so do not think that there is only one right side. This happens all the time on planet Earth and these things bounce back and forth in your fields of duality. Now you are able to ground some of the new magic, the magic is awakening within all of you. What will you use it for? That is the question.

Remembering Your Magic

Well, dear ones, this is your singular ray of light that only you could bring from Home. You brought it here to Earth and you agreed to use it in some way. Up to this point it has not been important, because it has been unplugged. You could not access it even if you tried, although you have memories of it. You have memories of your magic, which you thought they were dreams. You thought they were childhood memories of story books and fairy tales. Why is it, dear ones, that suddenly when someone introduces a book about magic that it takes off? Look at some of the things, such as Harry Potter, that have been brought into your life suddenly to bring new energies. Many of the books, movies, and things that you have brought are here to help you re-member your magic. You now have the capabilities of anchoring and using something very dear to you. Look within your areas of passion and at how you think other people may have a gift of magic in some way. Is it going to be that this manifests and suddenly everybody on planet Earth will have magical powers of manifestation to create everything? Whoa, what a mess that would be! It will surface slowly, but nonetheless it is magic.

Start With Your Dreams

You will not uncover it all in one effort or one memory, for it will take some time. It took you a very long time to bury those memories and now you will start uncovering them. Start first with your dream times. Many of these memories have been hidden just outside of your reach, but this was intentional. It is a vibrational division and here is your consciousness, then just outside of it is the housing of everything that connects you to all of your dimensions of time and space. We know it is difficult for you to fully understand at this point, but just take our word for it that this has been just slightly out of your reach. What is happening is that all of humanity is starting to expand energetically, without even knowing it or studying what it is. By doing so, you have brought yourself closer to Home than you have ever done before. Now is the time for these things that were just out of reach before, to start entering your reality in the slightest ways. These are the things that you can exercise, so practice your magic. You are not used to that, are you? What if you could just simply wave your hand or maybe a magic wand—we do not have a magic wand, but we have a magic pen! What if we were able to wave our magic and have something created for you? That was fun, I think I will do that again. What if we could do that? Well, this is coming, dear ones. In the meantime until you have that capability of fully re-membering, take the dreams because that is how we will help you re-member.
Many of you have challenges with dreams; some of you do not re-member them and  others think you do not dream. Dear ones, when you relax your consciousness and your image of who you think you are, suddenly you become whole again and this is happening during the dreamtime. This is your rejuvenation period, so before you go to bed give yourself permission to re-member your magic. That is all you need. Simply give yourself permission to receive what is being given to you to help you stir memories of your magic. From that point, it makes no difference what the actual dream was because you have opened the door to receive the magic and it begins at that point. Some of you will have incredibly wild dreams of mastery of all kinds of forms of magic. These are wonderful but you already had them, dear ones, for many of you had these as children. You thought it was a natural part growing and it is, but only because it is real. It was not imagined; it was not a story told to you by your parents to entertain you or to keep you distracted for a while. This was real and it is the part that is starting to return to all of you. The year 2015 is a time to re-member your magic, to awaken from the dream and start using some of this consciously in your life in different ways. This will give you the opportunity to exercise the muscles necessary to fully integrate it into your life.

The White Noise Will Start To Clear

These are beautiful times on Earth. You will start to see something very interesting, for you have suddenly opened the door to all of this input and everyone with a cell phone can take videos. You are in the time of no more secrets and you are also in the time of almost information overload, which will actually help you to clarify your purpose on Earth. As you start integrating some of your magic into your life and begin using some of these things in practical ways, all the white noise will start to clear.

Now does that mean that you will not have the problems that you are having in the world? Yes, you will. You will still continue but they will not enter your field unless you have a part to play. You will start to be able to get more focused on all of life and be able to see more of what your part in everything is. These are the times that you came to Earth for, to be here at these magical times when we would start working with your own physical bodies. Your physical bodies need adjustments as well, dear ones, for they were only designed to carry a certain percentage of your light. Here you are flooding yourself with so much more light—the bodies will adapt and they will change. The energetics of Earth had to shift first and that is still in motion, but your physical bodies will start to increase their capability of holding more light. We are not talking about the visible light in the spectrum. We are talking about beyond the cosmic rays, the highest forms of light that humanity has yet to discover. Your sciences will eventually take you there, but until you have this evidence right in front of you re-member your magic. Re-member who you are. Take the quantum leap past all of that and just jump into it. It is that simple. Not always easy, but simple.

We Are Watching Over Your Shoulder

It is time for each of you to re-member your truth, your magic, the things you can do and the capabilities that you have. Dear ones, there are times on Earth where we look right over your shoulder. We are watching you as you are frustrated with something trying to figure out, some conglomeration of energy that you are trying to solve. We are laughing hysterically because you have the magic to do so very quickly inside the whole time, and you are looking for all the answers outside of yourselves because that has been the human way. Now that is changing and this next year will start introducing a new form of your inner magic. Greet it with open arms and promise yourself to anchor it by using it in some way. Do not feel that there is lack in your world, dear ones, because that is only the illusion. Many of you do not do something because you feel it may take away from someone else. You are so incredibly sensitive to that, that you do not want to make waves on your planet. Please start making waves, for it is time to re-member who you are and use the magic within to start creating your world. You will find that planet Earth is changing and making more of a possibility than you ever thought possible.

Dear ones, it is with the greatest of honor that we greet you in these ways and walk you through these steps to see the evolution of humanity, as we have predicted unfolding right before you every day. The magic is here, you hold the magic. If nothing more, we hope to help you re-member that. It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity. Re-member it is a brand new game you are playing. Play well together.

Espavo, dear ones.

The group

The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting : “Thank You for Taking Your Power”

– See more at: http://www.lightworker.com/beacons/2015/2015_01-Re-member_Your_Magic.php#sthash.ao8pn1FA.dpuf

A_ Andrew GONZALES by Catherine La Rose (12)

The 26,000 Year Cycle – The Next Planet of Existence ~ Beacons of Light @ Lightworker

tamara adams      3 females and bird

ART : Tamara Adams

Beacons of Light—December
Channeled live 2014_11_22

The 26,000 Year Cycle

The Next Planet of Existence

Greetings dear ones. Welcome and greetings from Home.

We watch you on Earth from afar all the time, and we reach into your world when you allow it. When you open the space for that to happen, we’re here not to tell you which way to turn, nor to direct you to the shortest path to the next stopping point. We simply encourage you to re-member because that is one of the keys. What we wish to speak of today is something we have spoken of before, but now we will take it a step further and share what is taking place on planet Earth right now. As we mentioned before, the end of March is going to be a very important time for humans everywhere. Some of you will feel the energy shifts strongly, and you may even feel released as if you have finally let go of a burden. However, most will not experience that sensation. It is the higher levels that may feel this shift the most. Yet most people will simply feel like it is a normal day yet everything is changing. In truth it is not so much about a single day that is changing, for there is a great deal of energy aligning for this particular movement. So, let us explain.
March 2015

You know a little bit about axial procession and the larger cycles of what take place, for you have so many rhythms on planet Earth. Elrah is here working with you in rhythms in different ways, because these rhythms are starting to change. You have rhythms within the body: circadian, ultradian, and many different rhythms that affect your physical body and alignment with the world around you. You have a changing Lunarian rhythm, basically the cycles of the moon and how they affect all humans. If you are ever wondering if that is true, simply check in with any police station on a full moon and you will understand some of the connections that are taking place. These rhythms are all aligning to help you experience time; rhythms cannot occur without a linear timeframe in which to play them. What is happening at the end of March is only the beginning. Even if you do not feel it consciously you will experience it on some level, because it is opening up to the new energies for everyone.
The Beginning of a New 26,000-Year Cycle

When you went through 12-12-12, you entered a portal that changed and shifted everything. You landed on the other side, picked yourself up, dusted yourself off, then went back to work. You literally started working with the same energies that you did on the other side of the portal. The challenge, of course, has been that they do not seem to work or at  least not in the same way. Well, dear ones, that is for a reason. You entered a new rhythm when you went through that portal and now these rhythms have started to change. There is a larger rhythm that has to do with the axial procession and that is what we wish to speak about. You are in the beginning of a cycle that is starting another 26,000 years. Does it happen on a single day? No, but it is beginning at the end of March of 2015 and that is truly what is taking place. It will take nearly a year, roughly 300 days, to fully enter into this energy. It will take that long to grasp the new energy and really understand it. In the meantime, there are many connections you can make that can help you ground and use this new energy in new ways.

The Earth is Making Space for Empowered Humans and Empowered Societies

We have shared with you many times that the Earth is preparing a change in herself, and this is actually what is happening. Why is the Earth changing? It is very simple: the Earth is changing to make space for empowered humans. You are awakening from the dream, starting to re-member your power in new ways. Earth is now making a space for empowered humans and empowered societies to re-turn to this planet and that curve is beginning at the end of March. We say the “curve’ because in reality, it is not possible to mark and demarcate the 26,000 year cycle on a specific day. Nor is it appropriate to do so, because what happens when the date passes for those have not felt it? That is not what we want on planet Earth any more. It is very important that to some degree all of you can feel the wind at your back.  Know that you are handling this better than you can imagine. We know most of you feel like you are in survival mode. Many of you feel like the rules have changed and you have not figured out how to play the new game yet. Well, this is all changing, dear ones, in a new rhythm and that is what is taking place.
The Crossing of a Male Dominated with Female Dominated Timeline

It is very magical on so many levels and the interesting part is that the timeline you are in is male dominated, as it has been for a very, very long time. Have you ever wondered about that? Why do your representations of heaven not include female Archangels? Yes, your whole world, your entire timeline has been male dominated. Now we do not tell you that is wrong, dear ones. It is simply the way you have chosen to play the game. What we are telling you is that it is changing and that is the beautiful part. There is actually another timeline right next to yours, which has been female dominated. The two lines are crossing and leaving permanent imprints to create a balance of masculine/feminine energy on planet Earth. This is necessary to take your steps into empowerment, and for the empowered human to be comfortable on planet Earth. Now you can now use all of your energy, instead of only polarized energy of masculine or feminine. You do not make these changes overnight; you have been in the beginning of the curve and it has already shifted. For instance, you have more words on your planet right now to describe sexual expression than ever before; this is as it should be because you are losing your old restrictions around sexual energy. You were raised as a man; you were taught that this is what a man was like. You were raised as a woman; you were told these are the rules of womanhood. All of it is changing and it is the reason you are seeing your rules change even in the way of laws on planet Earth.
You Awakened at the 11th Hour, and Stayed

You are starting to see an openness that has never been there before. It is preparing for a major shift of balancing the masculine and feminine and it begins at the end of March—just a few months away. Actually the preparation has already started because humans can feel the shift coming. You can feel some of the process, and as usual you rush ahead. You are amazing, dear ones, as you start the process even before it is here. When you see who you really are and what you have accomplished by being here on this planet at this time, you will be so grateful that you were a part of this. The magic is truly taking place on planet Earth and all eyes throughout the universe are watching. This has happened before throughout the universe, but never before with people that have actually made the shift while this has been occurring. You have reemerged to start the game in a new cycle, and this time you stayed. You decided to awaken from the dream at the 11th hour and started to take your power, then everything started shifting including many of your collective choices.
Harmony with Others Is the Key to Success

The collective vibration, or what we call the collective heart of humanity, is what we watch now because it truly determines where everything is going. We have mentioned this several times because it is very helpful to understand. Previously, you had people that could control planet Earth. When you had very low levels of technology low levels of awareness, it was quite easy to control the channel of information and to make it flow your way. Although this was the way of humans before, it is no longer possible; to us that is a major advancement in the spirit of every human. It is now important to understand that the connections you made are strengthening together, which is why you have entered the third wave of consciousness, the wave of harmony. How you harmonize with humans, as well as with other beings, will determine your success on planet Earth from this point forward. It is very simple. Does that mean that you must be a popular person or must be someone who is loved by many? No, it is not about the numbers, dear ones, it is about the depth of your connection to other people.

Set Something into Motion

You have grown up with your rules, such as social rules. Some things have been acceptable for men and other things for women. All of those distinctions are fading away in this new cycle, which we tell you, dear ones, is a much larger cycle. That is the other piece that we wish to share with you today, for these imprints are crossing each other. This has happened many times on planet Earth to plant important seeds that all humans are going to need in the future in order to survive as a race of beings and to carry that light from Home. Never before have you been aware ahead of time of the timelines crossing. Here you are months ahead of time, starting to prepare yourself and to figure out what you can do to set something into motion. Each and every one of you can start a new life, you can begin a new expression; you can start something big or small, or just think about starting anything. Setting something into motion does not mean that it must be perfect or that you must follow that exact path. Paths can change and shift, but the key is simply to set them in motion between now and the end of March.

It is a magical time dear ones. You have created so much magic on your planet, and you have no idea how deep this reaches. Now you are starting to learn more about your environment and rightfully so, only this time you are learning through your own process. There have been times when this knowledge or wisdom has been dropped on your planet very clearly, but now is the time when you can feel use and anchor it to create a whole new energy for yourselves. those of you who stepped through the portal, wandering around, bumping into the walls and feeling your way through the darkness trying to figure out where your path is, you have made it! We know you do not feel like it and it may not feel like a success yet, it was a huge success and you are here. You are in the right place at the right time, dear ones. As this junction of time and space comes to leave these imprints, you are part of this energy which is something you wanted. Whether you are in agreement or not is entirely up to you. You were one of the chosen ones, dear ones, for there was a long line of spirits waiting to come in at this time. There is no one here on planet Earth that is just taking up space. Every single being has brought a unique flavor of light from Home and now that you start to use it, you can integrate this light. You can create a new lifestyle which can carry this light and be a part of your energy in every step forward.
Three Steps Forward, One Step Back

There are many changes that are occurring at this time. We ask you to keep in mind that taking three steps forward and one step back is typically the way humanity advances. Do not become discouraged with the one step back, for that is simply part of your forward movement. When you watch the news on television or become completely overwhelmed by the negativity and inhumane actions that you see in the world, do not be discouraged. This is the worst of some of these situations, and it was intended to be that way. You must understand that many of these things you are seeing are being played out simply so that you could see them. Please do not overreact to any of this; know that you are in a safe place and trust that the planet is moving.

Now, we also wish to mention a word that many of you are feeling: anxiety. Many of you have felt an incredibly strong, increasing anxiety over the last three to four months. For some of you it has turned into a full-blown depression. To others it is simply anxiety, a lack of being able to sleep through the night without worrying about something. This is happening because of the thinning veil. Although you have looked forward to this and we have told you for a very long time that the veil is truly your friend, the veil has kept you from feeling too many things. As a consequence many of you are feeling somewhat disheartened. You are feeling a lack of that very unique life spark that you brought from Home. Be patient dear ones. Do not judge yourselves by the single night’s lack of sleep, or by your feelings, or even how you feel about yourselves in these times of change.
A Step Up for Humanity

All of humanity is experiencing a radical re-arrangement on many different levels. On Earth you have a timeline that you have been living in that is based in masculine energy, and over there is a feminine energy timeline which you are about to cross. How will that affect you? Well, that is exactly the question we are asking you. How much of this can you take, how much of the balance of energy can you land? That will determine how much of this imprint stays with humanity after those timelines cross, so prepare yourselves, dear ones. Prepare yourselves to rethink your life. Prepare yourselves to dare to look under every rock for opportunities and things that have been brought to you. Even your own guides will now communicate with you in a slightly different way. It is not them that have changed, it is you. All of humanity is taking a step up and you must learn to communicate on these new levels as well. These are exciting times for us, and we know that you have gone through so much over the last several years. You have accomplished it all and have stepped forward in the new light, moving past your greatest fears to create a reality of carrying light in a new world. These are the times that all of you had hoped would arrive if you dared to stay long enough. Well, you have and the energy is shifting right now.

Dear ones, it is becoming magical for each of you. Now is the time that you can reach out your hands to share this with other humans. You do not need to use the same words, or even use the word “channeling.” You are beings of the heart so share your heart with someone else and watch how this anchors the energy. We also tell you that you will have help. Many of these challenges will be great journeys for some of you. You have known this was possible, even though it was not predicted for you originally to leave planet Earth. It would have turned into something similar to what you see on Mars had you left, but you stayed and today you have green, lush life. You have beautiful places where you can see the vibrancy of your planet and that is magical. That is only one level of physicality that did not shift, so now the rest are starting to align as new circadian rhythms are arriving. You will find your attention span, your ultradian rhythms; have been at the 90-minute mark. Now that will increase, as humans are about to evolve even further than you already have. Humans have changed more in the last 10 years than in the previous 1,000 years. Yes, you can look back and see the technological changes and other differences, but most importantly your hearts have evolved.
Taking Charge of Your Life

Now, we will work with you to release some of the limiting belief systems that can keep you stuck where you are. Dear ones, we could not be prouder. You have chosen well; you went to the front of the line to be here right now. Some of you are wondering why you are here, “Do I still have contracts? Do I still have things I need to do?” The answer is always yes, dear ones. Yes, yes and yes! These are the times you can now shift in taking charge of your life. Grasp the very base of it, a solid building of your own light and passions, for that is where you hid your light for this journey. Find those things that you love to do and step into them. Prepare for them to be an even a larger part of your life in this next cycle. This is more exciting for us than you could possibly imagine because no humans were to be here at this time, yet here you are and that is beautiful. Well done, dear ones.

All of you.
You have all been on a personal, as well as collective journey. It has reached heights and levels that were never expected of humanity on planet Earth. Well done! Now, we cannot wait to turn you loose into the new rhythms and to help you anchor them so that you can regain your confidence back and understand that you have control over your environment. This allows you to be in charge of your life, and bring those things into your life that excite you so that you can live on purpose and in your passion. These are wonderful times, dear ones. We cannot wait to see how you and the collective vibration of all of humanity work with this. Yes, the collective heart starts to open as a result of this so these are great times on our planet. We love you more than you can know and we are incredibly proud of each of you. It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity. Enjoy the new rhythms and play well together.

Espavo.  I am the Keeper of Time.

The group

The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting : “Thank You for Taking Your Power”

– See more at: http://www.lightworker.com/beacons/2014/2014_12-26,000_Year_Cycle.php#sthash.8ppDebOv.dpuf

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The Grand Reset ~ Steve Rother & The Group ~ Beacons of Light @ Lightworker

susan seddon boulet           face and lion side new

ART : Susan Seddon Boulet

Beacons of Light—October
Channeled live 2014_09_27

The Grand Reset

Lightworkers on the Job

Greetings from Home, dear ones.

Making Space for the New Empowered Human

It is such a joy to be with you all. There is a large family that has gathered again and again here on planet Earth. The Family of Light—you can call it a number of different things–we call it the Family of E, Lightworkers. Many of you have come in at this time with the intention of bringing the collective to the highest level possible. That is very beautiful yet very difficult, so we wish to speak with you about what is ahead and what each of you can do. Dear ones, you can take a part i what is happening in the world around you to make space for the new empowered human. That is truly what is going on.

There are significant adjustments occurring on planet Earth. We have spoken of the tension of the tectonic plates and how humans are picking up on it, sometimes overreacting. You have come in and started to balance the masculine and the feminine. This is a challenging balance for you because you have always seen things as polarity, as opposites. To suddenly begin seeing everything as connected and whole is very difficult for humans, although you are aware that is where you are now Dear ones, you are some of the most important people that can help to ground the new thought in this new energy. Yes, you have come in with this idea but at times it means holding a truth that is against what your parents taught and even what you have learned in other areas. That is one of the more freeing parts of who you are, and the new humanity is available on planet Earth. We are very excited to share this with you today.

The Outbreath of God

Dear ones, the universe moves very quickly or very slowly depending on your relationship to it. During the last 15 years it has moved quite slowly  in some ways. More than a decade ago, we told you that there was an in-and-out breath of god that created a beautiful pulsing of the universe. The last time this shifted from one to the other, your universe was born. We tell you this was very interesting, because you have so many concepts of how you can see into the night sky. It is happening now, which is the beautiful part of this.

There is a change of direction which has been occurring during the last four years. Many of you have wrestled with the incredible denseness on planet Earth, as you have felt the changes and positioned yourself in new ways. Some have cleared the decks by experiencing Phantom Deaths of your own, daring to pass by the door you had created for yourself to go Home. Others came in with heightened sensitivities to see, feel and sense things very quickly, which is what made you healers and gave you the gift of being able to connect. Now there are advances in humanity and even your physical body is changing to accommodate the energy. One of the things that we have been speaking about is your Vagus nerve, whuch makes you feel everything. Have you ever had a gut reaction to something? Have you felt an energy and your heart started racing for no apparent reason? That has to do with your Vagus nerve and its evolution, so we wish to share with you the larger reason why it is happening. You are removing many of the boundaries which have made you separate from each other and that is what is taking place in this outbreath of god.

Not all, but many of the challenges that you see in your world are caused by the outbreath or are reactions to it. You are coming into this with a balanced masculine/feminine energy, although before from your field of polarity you saw things as opposites. There are still many who are heavily invested in one energy or the other, rather than both blended together. Those who are very invested in the masculine dominance of planet Earth are overreacting, which is much of what you are seeing on planet Earth at this time.

March 2015

Now your tendency is to polarize everything and say, “Oh that is them, not us. We are different, for that is only this segment of people.” Dear ones, re-member they are humans, they are a part of you and part of your experience on Earth. What we ask you all to do is to start seeing the larger picture of how you can connect based on what you have in common, instead of only how you are different. It is a little bit against your nature because you have come in with this separation anxiety, pretending to be separate from each other while you experience humanity and yourself. It is time to change, dear ones, and that is what is happening now. On a larger scale there is an energy change coming, and that will take some time to adjust to. We wish we could tell you that on a specific date the energy will change and everyone will feel better. What we will give you is a rough date that has to do with the evolution of humanity. shifting and that is in late March of next year.

A Chance to Reset Your Doors Home

In preparation for this new energy, many of you are re-evaluating everything in your lives. This is truly as it should be but let us explain why this is taking place. This is happening because of all the opportunities that you set up before you came in. Many of arrived with incredibly sensitive Vagus nerves so you could do your healing work, yet you find yourself overwhelmed with it and carrying everybody else’s energy even though it was not your responsibility to do so. Coming in with this heightened sensitivity, many of you have placed doors to Home. We call these “Phantom Deaths,” for they are the opportunity for you to get out of the body and return Home. You have set up circumstances, opportunities, even sometimes planted seeds of ill health in your own being, so that you could accomplish this process. Many of you are healers, so you have the understanding that sickness is wrong. It is not, dear ones. Many times it is the only way to release your spirit from that body. You all thought about this at great length before you came in. What is happening between now and the end of March 2015, is that humans everywhere will have the opportunity to re-set their own opportunities to go Home. Many of you are tired and frustrated. If you feel that you have done all that you can do, you will be presented with the opportunities to leave. Re-member, dear ones, you are on the planet of free choice. This is the only planet of free choice at this moment with the exception of the second which is now in motion. The beautiful part of that is that you can change all of this, and if you wish to stay you may re-set your energy at this time. Let us explain what that is like and what it will accomplish—not only for you but for your spirit.

Your spirit carries a certain amount of energy and light that you have been able to hold within your physical, dense bodies. That is starting to change, for there are even photons growing inside your body at this time. Soon your molecular and microbiologists will start to understand even more about the photonics of the physical body and how this can start to grow. It will change everything in your life. For now many of you are tired and know friends who will be leaving, but that is as it should be. Do not consider death in any of its forms to be wrong. Instead it is to be celebrated, dear ones, for it is a re-turning to the Home of the spirit.

Dear ones, you have done such incredible work. Many of you have orchestrated early exits; you came in with such sensitivity that you planned opportunities to get out of here as quickly as possible. Between now and the end of March you have the opportunity to re-set that energy, make new contracts, and set things into motion. This has not been the norm ever since you stepped into this new energy and moved into this new plane of light. The highly charged photonic particles that are hitting Earth every single day are offering a new experience of planet Earth. Quite simply, some of you will feel like leaving and you have permission to do so, dear ones. No one is telling you that you have not completed your mission or you must stay. Here is what will take place if you decide to stay.

Phantom Death

At some point over the next few m onths, you will go through a process of a Phantom Death. Perhaps your heart will stop on the operating table, and it will be very obvious that it is truly a Phantom Death. Others are on a more direct path. Your spirit is saying, “Go forward. Step forward.” When you come to these opportunities to go Home, they will pass very quickly. It might just be a close call in traffic and all of a sudden you realize, “I could have died just then but let me continue my path.” And you just keep on moving forward, but you will know. These opportunities are to be celebrated dear ones, not feared. You set these up at the beginning before your incarnation and this lifetime began. They are part of the contractual arrangements that you made with planet Earth, and part of your being here pretending to be human.

Re-assessing Your Life

We are bringing this up because the majority of you will choose to stay. Whatever your choice is, it is neither right nor wrong. You are on the planet of free choice and we honor you. If you come Home tomorrow you will be celebrated, but it does not make any difference how long you stay, dear ones. That is up to you. Many of you are becoming excited at the possibility of carrying more light and spirit in your own body, while you are still incarnate. What takes place here when you go through these Phantom Deaths? Whether they are something severe or just a momentary close call in traffic, your life will re-set. When that happens, you will look back at your life and try to determine the path. You will start to re-member everything, going through old memories and ideas, even tossing out your old photography books. You will look at each part of your life to re-visit it the same way that you do if you cross over and go Home, except you will not have the photography books at Home. That is the biggest difference but that is exactly what you do when you go Home; you re-assess your entire experience and re-member every part of this.

You will decide when you go Home which parts you are complete with, which parts you wish to come back in with, or if you are complete all together. It is entirely up to you, for there is no one who judges you. You are on the free choice planet which is an emulation of Home but we ask you to do the same here. For those of you who stay, do exactly the same thing. Re-look at everything in your life…every relationship, every job you have taken, your purpose for being here, and your passions whatever they are. These are the times to re-anchor on planet Earth. If you wish to go you will be celebrated, and you will also find it much easier than you thought. The reality is the transition Home is only difficult if you do not know what to expect. Once you are aware of the transitions it becomes a joyous ride, an energy travel from one dimension to the next. Most of the challenges of transitioning from one area to the other are simply because people go into fear. What happens when a creator being goes into fear? It is then that they create their greatest fears and that loop takes some time to get rid of. For those of you who are familiar with it, you pass very easily and comfortably, then you move forward very quickly. You return Home and you acclimate to Home. And for those of you who are staying, dare to allow yourself to experience it by taking some alone time, because each of you will need it.

You will need to re-assess your place on planet Earth, understand why you came here in the first place, and whether that purpose is still valid or you wish to re-align your purpose for being here. At the same time, you have an opportunity to re-visit every part of your existence. How you have interacted and the relationships you created will come under scrutiny at this point. We tell you, dear ones, it is not right or wrong. Some of you will say, “Well, I can see how I would have a relationship with my lover, my husband or my wife. But what about children?  How will my relationships with children change?” It’s very simple. You are moving into an empowered society, so everything must change including your relationships with your children and the long-term commitments that many of you have made. These are exciting times, dear ones, because their relationship to planet Earth is changing as well.

The Physical Body is Changing

You are starting to grasp the higher truths of your human experience. It is a re-membering in many areas, because your spirit is not of the density: Your spirit is truly you. It is the core personality that you carried in for eons of time and not just on planet Earth. Now you have decided to make this decision consciously instead of wiping out planet Earth and humanity, then starting over again. You literally are changing this day to day and we are so excited to watch it. We can see the challenges that you go through and when you feel lost, but we also see who you really are. We love you more than you know. You have already changed All That Is; now you have the opportunity to re-set your energy and put things into motion here so that you can step forward. As a newly empowered human, you will carry much more of your own light and be able to grow in that direction. Right now, dear ones, if someone were to step fully into light body and the world, it would be very challenging because the collective vibration of humanity still does not support it. You would find that lightbody would have huge sensitivities. That is the reason you have so many allergies and similar challenges. You do have your pollution ever since you have been burning the fossil fuels and your Industrial Revolution. However, you also have that ability to change that. The physical body is changing, experiencing a sensitivity level that you never knew before. Currently about 20% of your planet is now allergic to gluten, something you should all be easily adapted to. As you incorporate more light into the body, some of these things will have to shift and your growers are beginning to change their thinking of this. Your grocery stores have already adapted somewhat to the new needs of humanity. More will be coming and you will find rapid changes happening during these times.

The Grand Re-set of Humanity

This is a time of re-set, the grand reset of humanity. The change of the inbreath and the outbreath is taking place and what every human on planet Earth is facing right now. Along with it you have the opportunity to stay or go if you choose. No one is holding you here. If you decide to stay you will re-evaluate everything and feel free to do so. You are relieved of your contracts, even though most of you do not know it. You are re-setting new contracts, so dare to create conscious contracts on your planet. When you meet someone  with which you have set up a contract on the other side of the veil, there is a natural pull to come into that contract in some way. Most of those have been released, but that is very frustrating for some of you because you are looking for your mate whom you have contracts with. We tell you, dear ones, that many of them will still be chosen; they simply will not have quite the same pull that they had before.  Things that you had to settle, such as karmic contracts, have been completely released as far as the magnetism goes. That does not mean that when you come in contact with someone you do not feel a karmic bond of some sort. You may even wish to clear it, but that is up to you. Does it need to be done for you to be successful on Earth? Dear ones, you have already been successful on Earth. That is what we are here to share with you. You have won the game and now you are building a whole new Earth. We are incredibly excited because this one will be in much more harmony with Home, with where you are from. It gives you the ability to hold more of your creative powers than ever before. We tell you, dear ones, the movement back into light body for all of humanity can be especially difficult for some. Help the others, for that is why you came and why many of you are here right now, to be of service in this grand transition and re-set of humanity.

You think of us as watching from above; we actually are not above. It is fascinating that you think we are up because heaven is not up, dear ones, it is everywhere. You get that when you are children, awakening inside of a physical body when you are lying on your back or being held by a parent. Looking up to see the world, you gained from that all goodness comes from above. You are such wonderful beings. We cannot wait to see what this new game grows into. We are directly behind you all the way trying to open the doors easily for you, trying to make your life a little more comfortable. You do not need to struggle the way you did in the old energy. The path of least resistance will appear very quickly. Allow it to be. Let go of those things that you are holding onto for the sake of holding on and allow yourself to be re-set and repositioned. This is the new world and you are very much a part of it.

It is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect. Nurture one another every way that you can. It is why you came. Know that it is a brand new game that you are playing dear ones. And play well together.

Espavo.  I am the Keeper of Time.

The group

The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting : “Thank You for Taking Your Power”

– See more at: http://www.lightworker.com/beacons/2014/2014_10-GrandReset.php#sthash.Z3FgQtHq.dpuf

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Am I a Lightworker? The Jeshua Channellings ~ Pamela Kribbe @ Aurelia

Roerich Nicholas In Thought 1946 Russian

ART : Roerich Nicholas ~ ‘In Thought’ ~ 1946 Russian

Am I a lightworker?

From the start, Jeshua told me his messages are meant for a specific group of people. He calls them “lightworkers” and he says they are at the forefront of a wave of heart-based consciousness that engulfs the Earth right now. He says they are pioneers of consciousness and their soul’s mission is to help bring a new awareness to Earth. I did not like this idea very much at first. I thought it was kind of elitist to address the messages to a specific group of people. Isn’t the Christ energy alive in every one of us? Jeshua, however, pointed out that to be a lightworker is not to have a special status or be superior in any way. Also, every soul becomes a lightworker at some point, so it is not about a fixed group of souls. The reason Jeshua insists on addressing this particular group of pioneers is that he dearly wants to help them remember who they are. These souls are on the verge of a deep inner awakening, which will make them become teachers for Earth in the most humble sense of the word. However, because of the dense energies they encounter in human society, many of them feel lost, doubting themselves, not fitting in with society, lonely, and desperate. Jeshua’s messages, through me, are meant to make lightworker souls become aware of who they are, and to give them tools to heal their inner wounds.

To clarify what Jeshua means by lightworkers, I am going to quote an introductory note and a list of characteristics that he gave to me in the very beginning of our work together.


Lightworkers are souls who carry the strong inner desire to spread light – knowledge, freedom, and self-love – on Earth. They sense this as their mission. They are often attracted to spirituality and to therapeutic work of some kind.Because of their deeply felt mission, lightworkers often feel different from other people. By experiencing different kinds of obstacles on their way, life provokes them to find their own unique path. Lightworkers are nearly always solitary individuals, not fitting into fixed societal structures.

The word “lightworker” may evoke misunderstanding, since it lifts out a particular group of souls from the rest. It may be taken to suggest that this particular group is somehow superior to the others, i.e. those “not working for the light.” This whole line of thought is at odds with the very nature and intent of lightwork. Let us state briefly what is wrong with it.

First, claims of superiority are generally unenlightened. They block your growth toward a free and loving consciousness. Second, lightworkers are not “better” or “higher” than anyone else. They simply have a different history than the ones not belonging to this group. Because of this particular history, which we will discuss below, they have certain psychological characteristics which distinguish them as a group. Third, every soul becomes a lightworker at some stage of its unfolding, so the label “lightworker” is not reserved to a limited number of souls.

The reason we use the word “lightworker” despite possible misunderstandings is because it carries associations and stirs memories within you that help you remember. There is a practical convenience to it as well, since the term is frequently used in your current spiritual literature.

(From: The Jeshua Channelings, p.35/36)  

Psychological characteristics of lightworkers

From early on in their life, they feel they are different. More often than not they feel isolated from others, lonely and misunderstood. They will often become individualists who will have to find their own unique ways in life.

They have trouble feeling at home within traditional jobs and/or organization structures. Lightworkers are naturally anti-authoritarian, which means that they naturally resist decisions or values based solely on power or hierarchy. This anti-authoritarian trait is present even if they seem timid and shy. It is connected to the very essence of their mission here on Earth.

Lightworkers feel drawn to helping people as a therapist or as a teacher. They may be psychologists, healers, teachers, nurses, etc. Even if their profession is not about helping people in a direct manner, the intent to contribute to the higher good of humanity is clearly present.

Their vision of life is colored by a spiritual sense of how all things are related together. They consciously or subconsciously carry memories within them of non-earthly spheres of light. They may occasionally feel homesick for these spheres and feel like a stranger on Earth.

They deeply honor and respect life, which often manifests as a fondness for animals and a concern for the environment. The destruction of parts of the animal and vegetable kingdoms on Earth by human doing invokes deep feelings of loss and grief in them.

They are kind-hearted, sensitive, and empathic. They may have trouble dealing with aggressive behavior and they generally experience difficulties in standing up for themselves. They can be dreamy, naive or highly idealistic, as well as insufficiently grounded, i.e. down-to-earth. Because they easily pick up negative feelings and moods of people around them, it is important for them to spend time alone on a regular basis. This enables them to distinguish between their own feelings and those of others. They need solitary time to touch base with themselves and with mother Earth.

They have lived many lives on Earth in which they were deeply involved with spirituality and/or religion. They were present in overwhelming numbers in the old religious orders of your past as monks, nuns, hermits, psychics, witches, shamans, priests, and priestesses. They were the ones providing a bridge between the visible and the invisible, between the daily context of Earth life and the mysterious realms of the afterlife, realms of God, and the spirits of good and evil. For fulfilling this role, they were often rejected and persecuted. Many of you were sentenced to the stake for the gifts you possessed. The traumas of persecution left deep traces within your soul’s memory. This may presently manifest as a fear of being fully grounded, i.e. a fear to be really present, because you remember being brutally attacked for who you were.

(From: The Jeshua Channelings, p.37/38)

© Pamela Kribbe

Roerich Nicholas In Thought 1946 Russian

~ The Golden Key ~ The Balance of Power : Steve Rother & The Group @ Lightworker

 georges armand

ART : Georges Armand

~ The Golden Key ~
The Balance of Power



Greetings, dear ones. I am the Keeper of Time.

A Higher Vision

I have moved forward into what you call the group because today I will speak of where you are at this junction of time and space, which is so beautiful. You have been here before to experience very similar energies. Now is a unique time, because many of these challenges on Earth have come from the junctions where realities cross and leave permanent imprints. Let us explain.

Your Multidimensional Nature

You are multidimensional in nature. You look at yourself and see only one being, though of course you are not just one being. You are multiples; you are 11, let’s say for the sake of argument. With all of these beings going on at one time it is actually a grand torus. almost as if you had 11 different rays of light all moving together. Although you see time as linear on your planet, it is actually in the form of a torus. We will just call it ‘linear,’ because with your limited perceptions that is how you view time. You see it as past, present and future only because you see a line. Well, we will use your illustration for this. Of course, with the past, present and future, only one of those is real; the present You can remember when you were three years old. You can also imagine what it is going to be like when you get much older than you are right now, so you prepare yourself and move accordingly. Do you know why you age in your physical body? Because you expect to, dear ones. Not too long ago the Keeper heard someone on TV say, “I am 70 years old but, of course, 70 is the new 50—is it not?” You are re-defining everything in your world and this is perfect, as it should be. Understand that where you are right now is very unique. Let us explain why.

Crossing of Dimensional Lines

Go back to the concept of a line for just a moment, and imagine a linear line. Your other 10 dimensions of time and space are next to yours and on similar lines. Dear ones, where those lines have crossed and when they cross, they leave permanent imprints on each other. These are very unique moments and greatest stories in your history you share.. These stories, such as the one about your Garden of Eden, never change and continue throughout all of humanity Although many of you have greatly misinterpreted that one, it is true and how it evolved was beautiful indeed. It was the story of your first exercise in density, and you have had many of these throughout your history. Your greatest teachers on Earth, those whom you call masters, are simply lines that have crossed each other at different moments. These multidimensional lines, which have always been separate until now, are starting to cross. So you are currently seeing a tremendous amount of this in your lifetimes; this was the greatest hope of all that you could be here at this time.

Many of you on the other side of the veil stood in a long line so you could come here to experience the possibility of multiple lines crossing at the same time. We have described the multidimensional nature of humanity before; we have also told you that the veil between them, the walls between your dimensions, are thinning. You are starting to have this bleed through where you’re feeling things that are not quite yours. As this has happened you have lost a bit of your security or sureness of yourselves, because those walls provided you structure that is no longer there in the same way. However, it does mean that you can start perfecting yourselves in new ways. Although none of these individual lines carry all of the truth, together you are a perfect being. It could very easily be said that you had to divide your perfection in order to be here on planet Earth, to play this game of pretending to be a human. You are doing rather well. In fact, you have some very unique opportunities.

Three Steps Forward

There have been waves on planet Earth before where you have gone through similar exercises; sometimes they turned into what you have called very negative experiences. Know, dear ones, that you are in charge. That is the message we want you to have today. No matter what you see coming, no matter any difficulties we share with you in upcoming messages, know that you are in charge. How does one take charge of their lives? You have been trying since you were born with somewhat limited success, or so you might think. No, that is not true. The reality is that you are exactly where you wanted to be. Now you measure yourselves in different ways so you might say, “Oh, I wanted more money. I wanted more excitement in my job. I wanted a relationship that could actually be on the same level as me.” You have all these ideas of your success but we tell you, dear ones, you are in the perfect place. You are in the space that you wanted to be when you came down to Earth in this incarnation. So, how do you take charge of that? How does one bring joy back into their lives? Well, dear ones, at many times it is seeing things from a different perspective and re-evaluating. There is a trick in this which we have spoken of many times: you are creator beings. You are walking, conscious creators on planet Earth, and the beauty of it is you have the ability to create everything in front of you. Most of you have tried very hard to prove us wrong when we say that. “Oh, I have done everything that you said. I have done every part of it, read the books and followed the ABCs of creation. I have taken the courses and have the credentials.” You have done all the things that you thought you needed to step forward with the exception of one: responsibility. How do you take responsibility for where you are?

When you are in a situation that you do not cherish or are not happy with, the first thing to understand is that you purposely put yourself there. The second thing to understand is that you can change it. Now if you say, “Okay, I am going to sit down and change this whole thing. I do not like where I am. I am going to shift the energy this day, then, I will turn around and teach it to other people.” Most of you are wired that way, for you have come to Earth many lifetimes. Most of you are teachers at heart, yet you do not completely learn the lessons until you turn around and teach them to someone else. That is the way you think, which is very beautiful. You are part of each other. The challenge comes when you put yourself on a higher or lower level than the people that you teach. You are all part of one another, so how does one assume a level? The first thing to do, dear ones, is to ask yourself: “What was I trying to accomplish to get here?” You may know the actions and mistakes it took to get here and have vowed not to make those mistakes again. However, the reality is that your spirit led you there intentionally. The fact that many of you are in challenging situations right now would seem that there is a difficult energy on Earth, but you asked for this. You not only asked for the energies, changes, and shifts to place you here, but you asked to be one of the very few here in a physical form to experience this moment.

The Golden Key

There are many ways that you can change your reality. The first is to take responsibility for it, and to know that your spirit placed you there for a reason; the second is to change your perspective on it. Do you understand how many beings on Earth have a job that they dislike? They say, “Oh, if only I were wealthy I did not have to work at all. , then I could really make a difference on Earth. I could really teach what I came to teach.” Perhaps you have a contract at work? Perhaps there are people you agreed to meet and they are just waiting for you to speak the words you promised to. But you think you have to get another job before you can speak your truth. The key is to first find the joy in wherever you are now. Yes, if you take an inventory, joy may be a small portion and discontent may be the larger piece. You may say you still want to change but you cannot change, dear ones, until you find that spark of light. That is the piece we want to share with you today. First take responsibility for where you are, knowing that you are in the perfect place. Oh, some of you do not like that and would much rather be in a gentler place, an easier spot where the energy used to flow like in the olden days. We will tell you that the olden days were not quite as joyous as you think. You had to carry a very low vibration, for sometimes ignorance is truly bliss, and. Although you may have been in a blissful state, you were also very ignorant and it was difficult to understand what the energy was. All of humanity has risen in recent years and months. As a result, many of you are disjointed; you feel as if you lost your magic, wondering where to go from here. You do not quite know what is next, but you are closer than you think. There is a golden key and until you find it, you will not move your circumstances or change. Take responsibility and know that you can only find the golden key by experiencing all that you have just gone through. You may not be happy with the circumstances and you still may wish to change, but that is perfect. Look for the key.

How do you find the golden key? These are the crystals you have placed on your path. Sometimes they jump out at you and other times you have to become good at acceptance in order to receive them. You tend to look at something and say, “Oh, this is not going to do me any good. I need something over here, not over there.” Until you find the light in the moment and live in the now moment, you will repeat the same situation over and over again because that is the cycle. When we tell you about the grand torus and the way it moves together in all 11 dimensions of your time and space, you must understand that each part is made up of a circle. Time is truly circular, dear ones, not linear. Therefore, when you experience something difficult, we guarantee you it will repeat until you find that golden key. When you are able to change your perception of it and find that one glimmer of hope then use it. These are the ways of the new world; these are the ways of the empowered humans, for you are making space on your planet, dear ones.

A New Balance

There is a balance arriving of masculine and feminine in an entirely new way. It has come in before because all the energies have, in waves. Previously you had such a low vibration that you were not able to use it, for it completely overwhelmed you. You ended up in a grand war, which was very difficult. That does not have to happen or work in the same way this time. You are the creator beings; you are the ones creating every moment of your lives through your perception and an individual part of this grand torus, which is yours. Together you are complete and perfect, living on the planet of imperfection. It is not possible for you to carry that, so you hid it in different parts of yourself. Now is a beautiful time, because many of these energies can finally cross each other. So what happens when one of your energies cross and you meet another you or another part of yourself? You become aware of some of your perfection in the most beautiful ways. This is what is ahead and what many of you will be teaching. If you believe you are lacking something in your life then you feel, “Oh, I am not good at this aspect of being a human. I am very good at this part but this part over here is very difficult, because it has always been an enigma for me. I have never been able to figure this one out.” You can know that there is another part of you that has already mastered that part, when you come to these beautiful junctions where these lines cross as they are just starting to do.

You will see the signs in many ways including astrological. And you will see many of the imprints of this opening, for it is starting a new energy on planet Earth. It will be a time when you can fully awaken from the dream. Even if you were awake today, what would you do with it? That is the question. Why wait? Play in your mastery now. Claim it by taking responsibility for exactly where you are and knowing that you are here for a reason. Even in this junction of time and space, though this density seems to have taken over your cares and your worries on planet Earth, know that you are here on purpose. Look around you, dear ones. There may only be one person that you are here to meet in this particular moment. Make that connection. Pass on that ray of light, or receive that gift from them and it will change everything. How do you direct it? You will learn that through every aspect of yourselves, because you are becoming perfect. You are starting to cross dimensions within yourself in every moment, dear ones, especially during those things that you call challenges. Now is the time to look for that golden key; search for that one aspect that you can only reach by placing yourself in that position. Even if it does not seem all that beautiful to you, find another way of looking upon it. Are you aware that you create something every time you open your eyes and focus? The universe does not exist in the way you think it does. Look around you. I am looking at some of the things on the Keeper’s desk right now; I see pens, letter openers, and what he calls mice. The truth is, that those atoms are scattered in a random pattern. They are moving around all the time, but it is only when he looks at them and expects to see something that they jump together to make those items that he perceives. So, what would it take for you to expect something different? Expect a miracle. It means changing your thought patterns, changing the way you think about time.

Creator Beings that Age

The only reason you age in your physical bodies, dear ones, is because you expect to. You think that is what is necessary. You will find this very soon, for these are the gifts that many of your own parental races have had in the 8-12 foot range on planet Earth. Many of them are re-turning, dear ones. Does that mean you will have a space ship landing on CNN? Well, we really do not think so. But what it means is that you will start to re-member some of the magic in you. You will start to understand your true nature. Look at yourselves in the mirror and you see a limited aging being moving down a linear timeframe. Start to understand that time is circular, which is the reason you repeat things in your lives. So, if you missed it and you made a mistake, do not judge yourself. God does not judge himself/herself, for that is insanity. Leave it go and know that it will repeat through the natural, circular time and you will have many opportunities to do it if you take the pressure off. You will start seeing things from a different perspective. You will dare to go out and make lots of good mistakes. Now you will start to see your truth then you will start to understand who you truly are and in those moments, we will turn around and offer it to each other.

This is the Age of Empowerment, dear ones. It is here in a very clear way. It is here for all humans, most of which are confused by it at this moment. It came in during an incredible wave that we spoke of it 11 years before it came in. You knew it was coming in this lifetime, which is why you placed yourself here. Welcome Home. Welcome to the New Earth. We will help you understand not by teaching you or by giving you new pieces, but by simply helping you re-member what you wanted to do when you first came here. Those are the golden keys that each of you carry. Some of you brought them into the clan that you were a part of, while others brought specific rays of light to planet Earth. Many of you are from the Family of E, the Family of truth and empowerment, here to help all of humanity take this next step into empowerment and create the new world. It has already begun, which is why you are here. Celebrate it! Celebrate the situations which you believe are difficult, and doing so will help you change your perspective. It may confuse some people in the beginning, but once you are able to see it from the viewpoint of a conscious creator then it changes right before your eyes. This is the magic that all of you hold.

You are the greatest angels that have ever lived anywhere. We applaud you, dear ones. You have no idea how very special you are. You have made a veil of forgetfulness. Many of you wear it proudly, and we tell you it is starting to fade. We applaud you and are here with big smiles on our faces as you start to awaken from the dream, wiping the sleep from your eyes. You are taking charge, for a new world is here. Welcome Home. Look for those beautiful keys, those golden keys to help you create a life of your choosing. Celebrate Home, dear ones, and celebrate who you are in this now moment.

Espavo. I am the Keeper of Time.

The group

The word Espavo is an early Lemurian greeting : “Thank You for Taking Your Power”
– See more at: http://www.lightworker.com/beacons/2014/2014_07-TheGoldenKey.php#sthash.b8TJO3t0.dpuf


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