Full On Physical LightBody/Reality Upgrades Commence – Lisa Transcendence Brown


Artist ~ Frank Howell


Cosmic Harmonics: Ultra-High Frequency Photonic Symphonics (WE/Gateways are Wide Open)… Full On Physical LightBody/Reality Upgrades Commence


Up Up and Away…
Higher and higher and higher we go….
Off the charts Ultra High Frequency Cosmic Harmonics, Photonics and Symphonics….
Gateways are Wide open and continuing to open wide….
Plasma Crystalline Physical LightBodies Super charging, rewiring, reconfiguring, recalibrating, recoding… re-everything as a part of DNA HARMONIZATION, as well as clearing distortions from within……Photonics accelerate, polarize, unify… provide the ability for each to integrate activated Light Codes fully, for those who are consciously honoring this and not trying to inner-fear with the process (doesn’t fit into old structured/boxes/beliefs).

Photonic activity “rearranges” your molecules, change the atomic structure of your DNA…..

Photonic Light expands your field, collapses anything no longer currently highest aligned for each and restructures all according to “new codes/ways”…………..

Photonic Light activates your Soul Body (LightBody)… from WITHIN YOUR BODY and shuts your human aspect down (when it’s ultra high and there’s any density to clear).

Photonic Light activate “new” (Multi-Dimensional) Information and accelerates the immense evolutionary processes we are powerfully in….

Photonic Light harmonizes from the inside out (and shows each where harmony is “not” fully inside…. by showing up in your external/body/field for you to see and work through, resolve, release, shift, vibrationally align yourself)…

Photonic Light upgrades your carbon-based body vehicle by activating your Gamma Lightbody, Crystalline LightBody, Plasma LightBody (and way so much more)….

Photonic Light decalcifies, decodes and recodes all for each one of us…. making dysfunction/distortions/old illusions visible for each to consciously shift/choose easier…. without the discomfort of separation like before…. yet where there is separation programs/energy still inside, this will become visible more….

Photonic Light is (y/our) SOURCE Consciousness activated, returned and REMEMBERED through our physical form….

Photonic Light creates a plasma experience, a lucid dreamy affect, things move, bend, breathe (sometimes for awhile) and all things reconnect and become visible….. a psychedelic experience for awhile, when moving through the Plasma Corridors/Tunnel/Vortex and “warping” through the Speed of Light…… (this will subside eventually as all “arrive” in new realities)…..

Photonic Light will feel like you are drugged at times, got run over by a Mack Truck and work through your every muscle (grids of your body) and more….

Photonic Light assists all with seeing in illusions (disillusionment is a part of the early processes for awhile), as well as clears heavy inner veils of amnesia……….

Photonic Light makes distortions LOUD… in every way, so these can be seen/heard/recognized…. within each’s own holographic illusion/reality (then what’s next is each’s)….

Photonic Light creates the most electric, magnetic and magical experiences, where all are open, in-tune and allowing/choosing this………………… (Full Presence required for full-on awesomeness)….

Photonic Light amplifies everything…. for each.

Photonic Light…. there is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy so much more. Opens neural pathways, decalcifies and stimulates pineal glands and various parts of the body to clear distortions and wake up…. tingly sensations, zapping and zoom zoom zoom through the brain/heart… blood/oxygen… every cell emitting, transmitting and RAYdiating in all new ways……….

Photonic Light goes straight for density, changes oxygen levels for breathing (blood carrying transmissions/transmitters too)….

Crystals pop, break out, become visible from under the skin on and off for years as each’s purification process increases considerably (I used to call these invisible bug bites)… these are also in every organ, the bones…. eyes….. everywhere… as the whole body undergoes a massive continual detox/clearing/purification process with each mega-blast of High Frequency Light…..

Photonic Light creates the floating affect, as well as gravity lifting/going, heart expansion and linearity goes, as many things occur for vibrational re-balancing of magnetics and multi-dimensional shifting occurs………. It also makes all of YOUR DENSITY heavy so you can feel it, clear it and recognize it. Vibrational tuning is massive during high frequency blasts so that all can FEEL everything (many reasons for this)…..

Photonic Light is how each REMEMBER as all is fully integrated, stabilized and held from within…..

Quantum States of Consciousness and Realities replace old linear/fixed ones…. as each transform, transition and complete immense DNA recoding on every level from deep within………

Open way up, honor your Quantum Lightbody as it does immense work FOR YOU…. your perceptions are important, as this is not something you fix…. It’s more intelligent than your human aspect of you………………… Merging is key here. Separation creates suffering. Control does too. Relax, breathe, listen, honor and allow yourself to “do” this process with great ease too. ♥

p.s. ♫ Photonic Light is beyond POWERFUL, it’s your FREEdom Codes, Cosmic Consciousness, Diamond Light Codes, Crystalline Light, Star Codes and so very much more. It requires your respect….. and “how” you experience these massive upgrades will be determined by how you view/honor/support your physical body as it does all this work for you……………. ♦

Mega Love from me to you!

Lisa Transcendence Brown


Artist ~ Frank Howell

Gratitude to artists & photographers. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah

Ascended Earth & Each’s Responsibilities AS a Crystalline Grid Keeper, Light Anchor & Foundation Holder Here – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Ascended Earth & Each’s Responsibilities AS a Crystalline Grid Keeper, Light Anchor & Foundation Holder Here

Your entire physical reality changes as you change, shifts as you shift, tunes as you tune… re-materializing in each moment … in response to you.

When you exist as sacred love, kindness and respect, from this profound place of peace that can’t be measured or described, only deeply and purely felt…. when you’ve worked through resistance, worked through separation, worked through and released all that is not pure and true…. The moment that something in your world does not come from these places too, it’s loud, blatant, intolerable and you choose not to have this is your world anymore. Because you don’t have to. That was the way of the old.

When you awaken, your heart is wide open, your body is happy, your soul is at peace, your eyes are full of wonder, you feel inspiration in every breath and you take great care in everything that you hear/see/feel/allow/do.

When you work, you work because you desire for all to hold and experience this brilliant magic in every moment too. For all to fully remember….

There is a kindness, a purity, a respect in your BEing….. you identify vibrational aspects as they present to decide the role they will play in your immediate world (or not). You see the capacity for love, you also see any human’ness (separation) left, and where others hearts-minds are/are not fully open yet and YOU have to decide how much you want to expose yourself to having to experience old programmed realities still…… for all is TOTALLY A CHOICE NOW.

Your new existence doesn’t include what it used to anymore…. for your existence is a choice, one that you determine, through the vibrations that you hold and transmit out……

Profound peace, profound bliss, profound purpose….

You see the different realities available, you also see what it takes to create intentionally, to experience the magical dream forgotten and you see where all are/not ready to fully experience this yet. You see where many still have stories, excuses and want to continue to blame others, not ready to step into their power because of fear of responsibility, due to ancient existences and human one’s that held distortions, had outcomes that were not awesome, where they still hold onto these stories as an excuse not to step into their own power as a sovereign being…..

For the human aspect it appears easier to stay in “safe” realities, unconscious, for they fear change and “loss” in their own realities…. loss of control, loss of things, loss of attachments, loss of the stories that they still identify with and use as a focal point for their unresolved emotions and beliefs…..

Humans don’t realize that they have been left behind, that the old realities don’t exist anymore, except within them…. they do not understand yet, that their entire physical reality is REFLECTIVE and plays a play that they hold the keys to. They do not understand that every experience is created from their DNA (unconscious and conscious), every other physical thing ENERGY & MATTER that has taken physical form FOR THEM….. so that they can finally see…. when their pure heart finally opens fully………….

As Higher Self BEings, as Light BEings, As Whole Divine Souls…. emotions and fixed beliefs don’t run your reality anymore….

Emotions don’t have the polarity, thoughts don’t blame or hold anyone victim, measure or hold anyone to old unconscious mentality realities anymore…. There is balance, there is peace, there is this amazing kindness that radiates out…. even when you have to stand in your power with a human projecting their unconsciousness out. You ARE respect, you ARE kind, you ARE a BEing that holds the ability to collapse the old by being PURE……

As we go higher, each will be challenged to see WHERE THEY FUNCTION FROM…. whether it is separation (fear/lack/blame/judgment) or unity (love, peace, kindness, integrity, honor, respect). Our NEW Earth Existence is the opposite of the old earth…… instead of shutting down/protecting/surviving, we are wide open/powerful through sacred love, because our CONNECTION AS SOURCE can’t be severed by the separation of others anymore….

Where sacred is missing, realities are chaotic, spin out of control, are emotionally fueled and there is lack of something involved. There is a dividing line that exists between UNIVERSES…. that line is what is acceptable and what is not. Separation is no longer acceptable and each is held accountable and responsible for their own actions, their own projections, their own consciousness and the realities they experience in every moment. Not one BEING doesn’t have the capability to embody their own higher selves/soul….. Yet some are not yet choosing this….

There is a huge difference between ability and choosing, capability and capacity…. and when you can observe another’s actions, you can see what they are projecting and if it’s not pure divine essence love, this is blatantly visible………… Then you have a choice as what to allow….. for every choice, every action emits a frequency that creates a reality to occur…………..

As SOULS, we see the many facets of a BEing, we observe them oscillating between aspects, human or higher self to act out/play out whatever vibrations they still hold…. WE decide what to do with this, for in these higher vibrations, we don’t have to tolerate it or allow it in our physical reality world…. We see the different UNIVERSES that exist simultaneously, we see the ones deconstructing, collapsing and dismantling to awaken those who’s hearts are not yet open fully, and we understand WHY they are experiencing what they are…. we also see NEW EARTH REALITIES and this is where we LIVE, coming together, creating intentionally, contributing fully, making a difference through LOVE, HOLDING THE GRIDWORK OF NEW EARTH/HEAVEN ON EARTH in place. We do not compromise, as this affects all of us…..

As each comes to EXIST FULLY on NEW EARTH, you will have to REQUIRE others to step-up, like you know they can, IF THEY DESIRE the amazing, magical and infinite everything that already exists…… For the human aspects that are unconscious don’t understand yet…. and as a Crystal Grid Keeper, it’s up to you… to choose…. for everything you allow affects your reality world/dimension/universe too………..

The higher we go vibrationally, the more chaotic it’s going to get, the more the human is going to act out/panic because their realities as they once knew them have gone into full collapse. Human aspects do not understand Quantum Timeline Collapses, do not understand that the timeline they live in isn’t the only one, they do not understand that nothing out there is to blame anymore…. and they are stuck in a story….. They also don’t understand vibrations or energy, for they believe what their eyes see or their ears hear or the discomfort feelings that they’ve suppressed, and they don’t know how to listen/see yet……

You DO hold these gifts, as PORTALS to NEW Earth, as Cosmic BEings that already live on/see/experience/understand NEW EARTH and HOW all works…… You DO hold the capability, the capacity to transform all back into sacred love and respect again. YOU hold the capability to hold the gridwork in place and not waver, not go back, not lower your vibration/go unconscious when others do…….

Crystal(line) Grid Keepers have DUTIES that others don’t yet understand. WE ARE NEW EARTH and we hold the NEW REALITIES IN PLACE….. we don’t get the option of going unconscious anymore…. WE ARE RESPONSIBLE, every one of us for everything….. and this is what the human aspect fears…. the RESPONSIBILITY for holding this much POWER, because they still have unresolved/uncleared vibrations that hold illusory/holographic memories/imprints of our LeMUrian/Atlantean/Galactic timelines where greed, deceit, manipulation, mis-use of power destroyed our civilizations, not realizing those timelines have collapsed as well…. They now only exist vibrationally in each’s physical body cells… and this is what is being cleansed & purified….. for NEW Earth is all of our existences merged into one, the power of each, the gifts of each, the abilities of each…. PURE…. no longer tainted, no longer corrupt, no longer a threat…..

Human aspects can’t live NEW EARTH REALITIES YET because they still believe those other realities still exist…. they still carry on the story, they still are victim to a vibration/energy held in their bodies and distorted images of realities that their projector transmits out through their own lenses onto their own huge big screen where particles take form so that they can SEE physical representations of their own programming. They look at the outside world, the corruption, the suppression and they don’t yet realize that responsibility is now on them. That their actions, their beliefs, their mentalities support an existence….. and for every breath the are creating realities to experience in every moment here…..

Human carbon based bodies held the separation and density of the old earth in place. As each’s soul awakens, their heart opens a little (or a lot which can be quite dramatic and shake worlds), this Photonic LIGHT ENERGY runs through the body and starts to trigger/activate every fear, every unresolved emotion suppressed, every pain… as the LIGHTBODY ACTIVATES THE PHYSICAL BODY TO AWAKEN/WAKE UP….. It was dormant, it was asleep…. numbness, tingling, pain can be felt in every nerve, body part as latent/dormant codes are activated for everything to change. There was no space between cells, there was density…. and the more light we hold, the more space inside. The physical body goes through a rigorous transformation/overhaul/re-configuration process that challenges/blows the human’s mind…. for the human doesn’t realize what is happening, that they are evolving into HYBRIDS….. the things they feared before…. they become….. and it’s not a thing of fear, for that was of the old belief system too.

Human’s were meant to fear, it was all a part of the design, the agreement that we all made/decided before incarnating here. Human’s were meant to be suppressed, limited and lied to… it’s called the HUMAN EXPERIENCE/EXPERIMENT… and no, to the human, it doesn’t make any sense…. It’s a cruel sick joke when we start to awaken….. yet then, we move beyond that, to truly see, that was a part of it too….. EVERYTHING IS TO BE TRANSCENDED from within……….. for each AGREED TO THIS/CHOSE IT…. as a SOUL/Galactic Star Light BEing that incarnated/walk-in to physical form here.

Each has ASCENDED ASPECTS, that at first “float around outside/up there”…. each must first awaken to higher self/higher power existence to learn to open up/listen/take direction. Each time raises the vibration of the physical body (and triggers a release of the old) so that the higher selves can “move in”/emerge from within. Each starts to walk as a Higher Self, with a connection to/as SOURCE and power returns again. So does responsibility for everything you DO and create…. for this is no longer only about you, as an individual, this is about all of HUman-KIND…. this is about all of us…. and everything you DO/Breathe… this affects everyone…. so whether you realize it or not, you are always affecting others, but mostly yourself….. for yes, there are entire collectives for everything…. the only difference is that those who exist on NEW EARTH are not affected by the unconscious anymore. We left, went on…… Now, you live on an old earth in your mind or our NEW EARTH in your heart/soul…. Where YOU function from dictates the physical reality/dimensional reality you actually physically experience.

You embrace your ASCENDED ASPECTS and you challenge yourself, you-step up and you leave the old behind……

YOU, every one of us…. have to choose, in every moment…. your physical reality…. the one you transmit…. every bit of what you experience is now all on you. You can raise your vibration, expand your consciousness, open your heart and shift… you can shift dimensions and timelines from within you or you can keep playing in the old ones until they collapse. NOW, collapse is faster and bigger, more substantial….

Humans are fighting and in chaos, because it’s time for their SOULS to awaken fully. WE live in peace as Fully Conscious Embodied Souls.

The reality WE experience is the one that WE believe, dictate, allow vibrationally….

Amplification of REFLECTIVE REALITIES, amplification of distortions, amplification of consciousness/unconsciousness, amplification of whatever one is transmitting continually……

Until December 2015, we all worked to achieve a light quotient for Earth to Ascend. Earth Ascended. Now it re-shapes/re-structures vibrationally continually. Ascended Earth shifted dimensionally into Galactic Frequencies and every BEING is now experiencing these mega-high frequencies/upgrades/re-calibrations on a daily basis, activating inside their bodies, tuning continually. The gridwork for all unconscious realities dissolved/collapsed, which is why there is such chaos. A dismantling/de-construction of the old, transformation and re-construction of the NEW, according to SOUL SUPER- CONSCIOUSNESS….

WE all, as Crystal Grid Keepers and the Ascended Light BEings of NEW Earth, are the anchor points for HEAVEN ON EARTH and our Galactic Civilizations materializing now. WE create the foundations, we hold them in place. Together, we unity, we connect, we share, we support, we create, we anchor, we HOLD it all in place. This is not taken lightly. This is a great RESPONSIBILITY that all have now. How much each is FULFILLING is dependent on the evolution of their own PHYSICAL CRYSTALLINE LIGHTBODY FORM now.

Your form is being upgraded, huge….. for you… as you evolve in pure light. The crystals in your bodies activating as you HOLD HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS in every facet of your reality now. We’ve past the point of “no return”. You do not get to go unconscious anymore. This will yield more dramatic experiences every time you try. We are in the vibrations of intolerance…. which is of the human’s need to control, hold on, keep re-creating the old to try to subject everyone else to…. We left those realities…. they are not supported in any way anymore……

NEW Earth’s vibrations do not allow anything of the old to exist. All unconscious programs will surface to be purified, detoxed and cleansed from your physical body vessel now….. all constantly re-aligns/re-configures to the highest vibration of your PURE YOU, your SOUL encodements…. which now EMBED IN YOUR PHYSICAL BODY STRUCTURE, your muscles, spine, bones, teeth, organs, brain, flesh, skin…. every particle of you will be pure again. As will the earth… and it’s re-aligning everything to accomplish this for all now. ♥

With the utmost sacred respect and love. Get ready. You/WE ain’t seen nothing yet. It’s always going to be more powerful, more substantial, more awesome, more mind-blowing, more everything…. we don’t do small anything here. ∞ Nothing is in the future. All is NOW, for vibrationally all has already occurred. We continually physically move into these higher vibrational realities which consistently and substantially increase in every moment for all to return to REMEMBERED EXISTENCES here.

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Crystal Grid Keeper & Guardian of NEW Earth, Ascended Master, Author, Speaker, Teacher/Coach/Guide & Re-educator according to Higher Existence Evolution & Multi-Dimensional Mastery
http://www. AwakeningToRemembering.com

Exquisite photo/artwork by beloved Light, Ellen Vaman.

NEW Earth Support System Overhaul: Non-Linear Receiving Realities and Reciprocal Realities Are a Vibrational Response – Lisa Transcendence Brown

PictureMany are going to be going through huge re-calibrations regarding “support”…. 

As our souls awaken, our realities start to change. One of the areas that continually gets re-worked is “support”. How we support ourselves, what support means, how we support each other, where we lack support, where we try to over-support, where we do/don’t support, where we don’t realize what support truly is, how our gifts are to support us as we move into service fully…. where others do/don’t…. and it’s a continual process of understanding and changing how we function in these multi-faceted capacities of support….Judgment, separation, fear, lack of faith/trust, lack of intentional focus/commitment, non-belief, lack of connection inside, survival mode… with our own SOUL/the Entire Universe/Source….

All of this is overhauled as inner/higher connections are opened back up. At first we have to learn to DO freely, without needing anything in return. This moves us out of linear receiving and into a non-linear receiving world. This non-linear is vibrational and proportionate through energetic ratios & equations. Non-Linear receiving is a responsive reality. Eventually, all come to understand how human aspects do not hold the capacity for these things yet…. it’s up to us…. every bit of it… AS higher selves, AS Souls in physical form, as the entire Universe again.

The physical body and physical reality are continually upgraded, re-configured, re-calibrated, re-coded, re-constructed according to CHRISTED/UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS… so where all is not yet in alignment with this, it will be….

Each starts to understand as they “need” something, as they CROSS THAT BRIDGE, as it affects/touches their own world/reality, where it means something to them. Up until then…. it’s just not important… Now, everyone’s lives are to be “touched”…

These vibrations completely affect/touch every aspect of all’s realities now. Everything being brought into alignment AS SOULS, all things of human lack/separation… this becomes visible for being resolved… As all open up their grip, their hard-fast-hold on separation, and allow UNITY, coming together, REMEMBERING why we are all here, what we are here to BE/DO… everything changes…

Many do not realize where they hold back on being supportive, on contributing, on not stepping-up…. It takes something to show each…

There is a part of this journey, where you have given/done, freely, unconditionally and from your own heart/soul, contributed endlessly, as love… and you look around you at all of those who keep asking for more, taking more … yet do not reciprocate…. and you will have to resolve this within you… I had to do this years ago too, and continually, based upon each individual experience/observation….

You will have to decide what is balanced, what you desire to keep feeding your energy into… especially when you move into larger roles to work with many/groups/thousands/hundreds of thousands/billions… you will have to decide where you focus your precious energy and you will have to allow/require certain things, in order to fulfill your own purposes/missions here….. and let the lack mentality realities go…

Many will go through huge anger phases, as you start to see where others don’t yet understand/appreciate/do what it takes yet… You will have to let all of that go and move on, by focusing your own attention/energy on what is important, what is in-alignment with your own higher consciousness existence… and you will have to transcend the judgment of all of those still holding others to their own limited judgments…. for this is their limit, not yours, unless you allow it to be.

AS HIGHER SELVES/Embodied Souls…. we see human’ness, often blatantly and loud…. these amplification frequencies do this… the difference is WE ARE NOT HUMAN anymore….. WE are SOULS… here to reach/affect/trigger/activate/inspire/assist/guide… all through light, back into PURE DIVINE LOVE and POWER again. We are not here to feed the old programs, we are here to transcend them… we are here to make a difference, BE THE WAYSHOWERS…. moving completely out of lack, out of limits, out of separation, out of need…..

As all move further INTO FULL SERVICE, you will come to realize how much of this is totally in response to you…. what you DO, what you HOLD, what you allow/require and what you believe/create to exist in your own reality/world. If your life lacks, then you are not open, you are not sharing what’s important, you are not stepping up and you’ve disconnected inside from the PURITY/SOURCE of who you truly are….

Physical world abundance…. all that you desire and DESERVE, not as an entitlement, but because of what you CONTRIBUTE with all that you are…. Everyone moves into INFINITE ABUNDANCE… as they step up and become all that they ask of others to be… It’s a deserving because you have come to find your own worth, through trans-versing through your own judgment/unworthiness beliefs/energy… It’s a part of the Value System Overhaul that we all go through…

As humans, we put everything on someone else, we waited for others…. as WayShowers… it’s all the opposite… we do not wait for others, they do not affect what we are here to be/do…. We release the judgment, we don’t care about separated limits, we step up and we stay OPEN to RECEIVE all as it comes TO US…. in response to this….

This is just one way we JUMP QUANTUM STYLE, as we upgrade in light… WE become the Light Houses, the Light Keepers, the Light Bringers, the Light Anchors… WE HOLD realities/the NEW Earth Gridwork in place… from inside and with our whole body structures…..

Each will be challenged, because challenges show us what we could not see before. They help us clear the energy we held… to move on…. The challenges diminish as you move through them, deal with them, release them, transcend them from within. As you become Energy, all becomes energy too… Everything is easy again… as we do. ♥

Limits are abound… words, beliefs, thoughts, actions… Limitless is too….. The reality we exist in, is the one we create, believe, choose…

WE have moved on…. we continually do…. pay attention, observe, see what really goes on with you… and what you are allowing/choosing/committed to…. More than committing your energy, you actually have to DO… as you MASTER BEing (Divine Feminine), you will come to MASTER DO’ing too (Divine Masculine, as you MASTER Creation (Divine Birth/Child/Creator)… all comes fully into balance, everything sacred, pure, exquisite, amazing, awesome, blissful, magical, peaceful, supportive… this returns for you.  ♥

Conscious Anger is important… it shows you what you could not see before. It moves your energy in a different direction, more in-alignment with your own soul….. for it releases all of the compromise that was suppressed and held inside. It assist you with stepping up and moving on…. in a new direction… to do/be more of who you truly are….As you stop compromising your own soul, you won’t get angry anymore, because you won’t be creating the vibration to experience anymore.

Sacred honor, sacred respect, sacred love, sacred integrity, sacred contribution…. deep profound everything … this is your soul speaking, feeling, being…. PURITY RETURNED. ♥

I love you! Keep shining, sharing, supporting…. open up, step up… for this is what you are creating to experience. Your entire reality is a response to what you are transmitting/doing fully now. ♦

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Guardian of NEW Earth, Light Keeper, Oracle, Sage, Scribe, Author, Transformational Speaker. Coach/Teacher/Guide

Re-Vamping Everyone’s Value System: Huge Upgrade & Overhaul Phase Now… Lisa Transcendence Brown


Re-Vamping Everyone’s Value System: Huge Upgrade & Overhaul Phase Now… 



Lately I’ve re-focused my own energy on what truly important right now, observing the re-vamping of everyone’s value system, the cleansing of all that was held in separation, created out of separation, the evolution of HU-man-kind… to a whole new existence….

I’ve pulled away to focus on my own SOUL EMBODIMENT completion phase that I am in now… I saw to block off the rest of the year, through mid-January and to only DO that which supports what I am here to BE ,DO, share… and I have…

It’s been liberating to let everyone do their own thing, experience however they choose and to assist those ready, truly ready and truly committed to their own process here. It’s been freeing to refocus … knowing all is perfectly in alignment exactly as it is… to observe the codes and sequences as everything re-configures continually now.

These higher vibrational existences… these make all visible now. Where one comes from, their integrity, their commitment, what they place their own priorities on, where they contribute, where they hold back, when it comes from the purity of their own soul and when it does not yet….

These higher vibrational existence weed all out for us… we just honor and DO that which is in-alignment. We do not hold ourselves to the judgment and lack of others here. That’s their own prison/hell to transcend from within.

The old unconscious realities, the old limited beliefs, the separation… it all increases/amplifies HUGE as distortions are made visible, the physical realities dismantle/collapse… because there is nothing to hold them together anymore….. the glue of separation consciousness is no longer….

All SOULs have awakened, inside of the body…. the host body must upgrade substantially to hold all of the light, to cleanse the impurities of unconsciousness….

Every program is to open the heart, to unify and return all back into love, back into light, back into purity….

A WHOLE NEW VALUE SYSTEM is being reconstructed for all. This is why the unworthiness of so many has exacerbated, for one must value themselves to value their soul in order to value the souls of others…. and return HEAVEN on Earth to this physical plane here.

The old unconscious human didn’t value anything…. the land, the water, the earth, each other, them selves…. they didn’t value their energy, but they will, they didn’t value WHY THEY HAD THINGS, but they will. They did not value the sacred energies of love, respect, integrity, kindness, compassion, gratitude, appreciation, consideration, contribution, unity…. but they will.
This process requires it… for it is a RETURN to an existence forgotten/lost…. it is a return to each’s soul, fully…. through the activation of higher selves, the reclaiming of fragmented selves, the un-attachment to anything outside and the CREATION of the NEW from inside…..

It is SHARING, supporting, uplifting, empowering and taking full responsibility for every breath, every thought, every word, every action and REALIZING how everything is created from within. It’s the realizing that which you project out, you receive back, that which you wish upon others, you transmit to yourself, that which you contribute creates for you to receive, that which you hold most dear is not anything out there… it is your own SOUL… your divinity, your purity, your infinite self…. and as you do, you call forth the infinite versions of others and all physical realities too.

Every occurrence has a gazillion purposes, all necessary for our NEW Earth existence here. For without the ones that trigger the old lower vibrations, one cannot transcend what they do not know is there. For without the release of the separation/density that kept the heart-soul closed/shut off/hidden/suppressed, without the “not wanting that”, the human will not choose. Human aspects need polarity to move them into the direction of their own soul, until they do not NEED it anymore.

The physical reality is each’s play… designed to wake them up, to get their own heart open, to allow their soul to emerge. The physical reality is ENERGY and a culmination of frequencies that have taken physical matter form….. As each understand this, they take responsibility for their own actions and do all intentionally, through the purity of love.

As each DESIRES to receive more awesome, magical and amazing realities in their every moment, they will MASTER the state of BEing and DOing from inside….. The unconscious human waited until they received… here it is the opposite. Each receives as a response to what each is BEing and DOing with their entire everything….

The physical reality is each’s creation … according to that individual SOUL’S chosen journey here. To understand all, each must open their heart fully again. To MASTER ALL, each must embody their own soul fully………… ♥

The entire physical body and physical reality will be overhauled and transformed into a new existence, built from the inside out. There is nothing in the physical that is not affected by this process. It’s the point. Old Earth was not meant to survive as it was. It was never meant to succeed….. it was meant for each’s chosen human experience to transcend all from within. Each transitions over to NEW EARTH from inside…. When their SOUL say’s “IT IS TIME”.

Reconstruction of your entire reality, occurs from inside. The stability comes AFTER you deconstruct all that is not pure and true…. NEW EARTH GRIDWORK is already in place, realities await you….. you dictate how/when, dependent on what is important to you. If you compromise your spirit/soul, then you experience a REALity to show you something you could not/did not want to see before….

Here, EVERYTHING IS MAGICAL and fully abundant NOW. Nothing will look like what you thought, be like what you thought… it will be more awesome, more amazing… as you fully embrace your own DIVINITY and HOLD the frequency of NEW Earth from inside of you… all of the time. Until the energy of separation is gone, you will shift back and forth. Opening your heart fully, allows you to shift intentionally and experience the REALITIES you DO desire. Now. ♥

Each is going to find that EVERYTHING is on them. No more excuses, stories of how one can’t. These realities prove differently. ∞

Get ready loves, for AS PURE LIGHTS, you are the one that stirs it up more now, the eye of the storm, radiating out in waves of pure love and pure light, we hold NEW Earth realities in place and everything swirls around out there, waking everyone and every thing up. No one came here to be small. The light you transmit strongly will be part of what stirs it all up. This is also the point. You can handle it when you are in-alignment with your own soul. You will not worry about what others say & do, you will not succumb to human lack/separation, you will not take on their realities, their judgment, their lack… you will not need to anymore…. because YOU ARE DONE with all of that. YOU hold your light, you keep your heart open, you transmit intentionally however is appropriate for you, as you will find that these vibrations will move everyone exactly as they “need” now. No one needs you to save them… it’s their job to save themselves. Victim consciousness is gone, unless you keep recreating it and feeding it from within you.

These are game-changing frequencies that continue to increase, amplify and sort it all out. When you are conscious, you’ll be choosing what you desire to experience more of as a higher consciousness light being soul. ♥

The human will panic as realities start to collapse, not understanding that every bit of this is necessary to get their attention and open their heart to more than their own separated existence. Trying to “save them” from their experience that they required/asked for, so that they can finally see…. is your need, not theirs….

Our role is to empower others to choose their own soul first, so that they do not continue to wait until there is no other choice left. We create awareness, we share the knowledge, we provide the opportUNITY for each to do this for themselves…. for this to be the most important thing to them too…. for this is what it takes… for everyone to experience NEW EARTH FULLY….
I love you all. Keep being awesome and honoring you, for you honor all when you do. ♥

Lisa Transcendence  Brown ☼


SOUL Integration: Your Sacred Vessel/Body/Suit – Lisa Transcendence Brown

CLEARING YOUR FIELD OF SUPER CONSCIOUSNESS – Lisa Transcendence Brown @ Awakening to Remember


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A huge part of this process is clearing your field of all things that externally lend vibrationally to your physical reality here. Everything within your field, every person, every physical matter thing, every sound, every everything contributes to your reality here. The only way to truly know what is real for you, is to remove all contributions so that you can be clear, gain clarity and connect in silence to all as one again.

The human aspect will keep distractions around, get distracted, allow for distortions and need experiences to show them what is and is not in-alignment with their higher selves/spirit/soul….. It needs the external stimuli to trigger and force those unconscious programs to be visible externally…. in order to make a choice, in order to commit their energy, in order to see/feel/understand what it was not willing to before….

The higher self/soul will pull away and clear everything from it’s field. It will seek solitude and alone time, so that it can emerge easier … from within….. so that it can be heard and felt… without the distortions in the way….

The messages, the symbols, the signs… they are present in every moment… all around you “outside” in everything you see/hear/experience…. Clarity comes when you open 2-WAY COMMUNICATION with your higher self/soul/universe….. and allow it to speak through you, to you… and you truly desire to listen, honor and DO that which you are shown…. for what you will see will not be as you “thought” anything was as an unconscious separated human aspect…. it will take you in many different directions, lead you down a multitude of other paths…. experience after experience… guiding you in the direction of your own SOUL’S PURPOSES/MISSIONS here.

Pure connection with SOURCE from inside will bring knowledge and wisdom that will make you giggle, blow your mind in amazement and cause you to take a different route. The human aspect avoids this, does everything it can “not to” hear, open up, slow down…. see…. For what we come to realize is that nothing is as we thought it was, it’s more awesome, yet we’ve got tons of junk in the way that we have to release/clear from cellular memory that limited us….

Our human aspect doesn’t understand that the most magical realities exist beyond those fixed mentality and limited perceptions that no longer fit in neat little boxes… that REALities are no longer linear, they are all over the place… vibrationally…..

In the beginning we get little tidbits, pieces of a huge puzzle to “follow” that lead us to the next one…. As a human our “job” is to utilize these to “gather the pieces” and put them all together to finally start to understand… how all works…..

The heart is the opposite of linear… it’s all over the place for awhile as it activates to purify and cleanse so that it can expand SO fully, that it doesn’t close (put walls up) anymore… and light energy/pure love flows through every cell of our continually activating and integrating SOLar Crystalline Star-Light Body Structure. Everything must be re-configured, re-calibrated constantly to hold more light and re-code our realities and genetic make-up to our original PURE existence again.

We activate multiple aspects and for a long while, are all over the place, from one extreme to another while we do. We learn (Remember) not to project on others and not to allow others to project on us… we learn (Remember) how to maintain our own reality and honor all others realities that they chose/choose to experience here.

Sacred love, honor, integrity, respect… these are accessed from deep inside. As each accesses this, they become a part of our existence again… how we function…. All is love, all is pure, all is light again. We speak and act with kindness and we don’t get knocked off balance anymore. WE need not express ourselves to others unless it serves a purpose of clarification where the human aspect cannot understand yet. Our expression is in our BEing… is felt through our presence….. and speaks energetically through our field of consciousness that emanates and radiates out to touch all that we connect with in the physical here.

Clearing your field of consciousness will allow you to balance out. It will allow your body to upgrade at a higher frequency rate than when there are distortions around. The physical location you place your body, where you hold sacred, must be clean and free of clutter (chaotic physical matter), for each physical space, everything in it is also of the highest vibration which lends to raising the frequency which allows for one’s expansion of consciousness easier. Nature, color, water/flow…. crystals/andaras, other vibrational raising tools, oracle cards, pendulums, art, music… whatever opens your heart more so that your energy can fully expand…..

People are very much included in this and each will have to decide how their own reality plays out…. what is intentionally contributing, assisting with each’s clearing process (we often stay in things until we’ve cleared completely/resolved all back into love inside, then it’s time to move on, while other times we go and we clear the rest when we are gone…. both ways are perfect for our own chosen journey here).

Eventually, as all synchronizes to higher frequency realities, it’s easier to co-exist, yet more space is needed, more respect, more honoring all…. Energetically and physically we have to synchronize all … continually… for all is constantly upgrading and integrating … which moves us in & out of different vibrational realities constantly…. and we flow…..

The physical body and the physical space that all occupy… are beyond important and need total respect and attention…. loving care at all times… for these support your journey and your ability to be in-service fully…. or they “inner-fear”….

Each sees clearly the distortions that were not visible before, which is easy when one removes the judgment and anything being dualistic or personal anymore. Nothing here is done against another, it’s done for all as one. When we DO what we see is important for us/our process here, then we ARE doing it for everyone….

Human aspects will make it personal, one doing “to” or against another…which is total linear/duality…. WE do not play in the dualistic games of the old unconsciousness here. WE remove the duality and polarity and make all “for” all, restoring balance and love to all vibrational situations….. For when we UNIFY all back into higher consciousness existence… everything is done for us…. and exactly as it’s is meant to be/occur. Our “job” is to honor this and unify all ourselves…..

These upcoming times are going to intensify vibrationally so that all can hold more light. The physical body and every physical reality being upgraded exponentially for everyone now. At times it will be challenging, yet these challenges are important too. They are a part of the expansion process and each’s Transcendence here.

Light collapses the barriers, brings the walls down, removes the resistance and triggers everything that is not love to surface/be felt/experienced/play out. Physical matter breaks down and the particles re-arrange according to a higher frequency existence and come back together to take new form. This is going on externally and inside of your body… simultaneously… as both are the same. A vibrational and energetic program that increasingly continually re-aligns…. according to the programs we hold inside of us… codes and sequences of our StarGates continually activating and dialing new realities…. faster than the “speed of light” now.

When BEings come together, their codes and sequences connect and activate that which was pre-programmed long before our incarnation here. Each will trigger/activate exactly what is needed for the next reality to play out. When each are conscious and choosing, intentionally connecting, intentionally transmitting vibrations… then realities can be intentional as well. Where there are distortions, then these will be triggered to be purified and cleansed. Where souls of the same energetic signature come together, this can be beyond powerful. Fields merge, the energy is amplified huge. If each is not in the same dimensional place/space, then imbalances are triggered to be resolved. For those deep soul connections, obsession and deep feelings can be triggered to release from cellular programs. If there is a great amount held inside, this can take awhile… weeks, months, years… this whole lifetime up to this point in time…. for we are all clearing every existence now.

Each must work/allow intentionally to embody their higher self aspects to integrate all back into the soul body within their own physical structure and so that all can come together at a higher frequency of consciousness to exist as one again. This is an intricate process that takes commitment/dedication and be realized for the importance that it is. This is not about each of us as individual humans anymore. This is about all of us and our forgotten existences returned and for all of humanity here.

Each will become totally responsible for everything again. As all come to realize the POWER that they hold, awaken to their own true selves, activate their unlimited gifts…. Everything that each truly desires will come forth to live fully blessed and being bathed in full abundance again. Yet it will not resemble the human’s perception of how any of this is…. for there is no more lack, separation or selfishness in anything we experience here.

In the beginning, when we start to awaken, we have to place strong boundaries to reclaim our Divine Space here. We continually cut cords of attachment and anchors to the lower realms until all cords are gone. WE establish a new way of BEing here. As all move into these higher frequency bandwidths of existence, boundaries are only necessary for the human that lacks love and respect for themselves. WE can lovingly hold these in place and still show others that there is a different way, by BEING it and DOING it…. for words are but a semblance… it’s when they SEE the PROOF that they believe…

WE are FELT…. WE are PURE….. we do not need anything from anyone…. and we come together exactly as/when all is meant to be. WE focus on all vibrationally… and let all align for us…. WE re-align that which is out of alignment… through our hearts and from the depths of our souls….. as Pure Divine Essence Power, Wisdom and Love.

Get ready loves… and honor your Sacred Space for you… Clear your own Fields…. continually…. keep them clear… as all move into much higher vibrational realities “faster” than ever before. I love you immensely!!!!

Keep touching the hearts of others through your own Divine Presence here.

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Ancient Elder & Guardian of NEW Earth, Teacher/Coach/Guide, Author, Oracle, Scribe, Transformational Speaker & Love..

Photo credit: PrimalPainter: Visit the website to purchase & support this magnificent work!

When It’s Time for the Soul/Spirit To Fully Awaken – Lisa Transcendence Brown

art two females

unknown artist


When It’s Time for the Soul/Spirit To Fully Awaken – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Everything starts to change. One’s heart starts to open and confusion enters in…. a longing, a deep sense of purpose and the “why’s” then begin….. There is a spark of light that activates… and nothing is the same ever again…. everything suppressed, hidden, ignored…. it’s coming up to be seen and understood for integration back into the purity of love and divine light. When the soul is ready, the human no longer gets to run the show. Integration MUST OCCUR or the body will start to shut down. The KUNDALINI Energy (and Crystalline Structure) activates up the spine… this is the emergence of your own spirit, ready to take physical form.

The more stubborn and resistant the human, the more “it” wants to fight and keep control… the less enjoyable the journey is. For your soul/spirit did not come here to die… it came here to fully LIVE. In your body, with you, as you.. and you as one with it. Yet the connection must be your priority, or suffering can be immense. Something has to wake us all up. Harsh or through magical bliss… both end up the same. Your soul need not fight you, for it’s is so much more powerful than you as a human are. It can just wait…. until you’ve suffered enough. Then you will beg for it to come forth, to help you, assist you, guide you, save you…. give you just “one more chance please”…

Eventually you learn (remember) not to disconnect from your soul/spirit… ever again.. eventually you learn/remember to open up and stop perceiving it as a threat. Eventually you’ve struggled enough, and YOU give up the FIGHT… that kept you asleep and separated inside…. kept you from INTEGRATING and BUILDING YOUR LIGHT… so that you can live the most magical and abundant physical reality here. Eventually “you get it”…. You were fighting yourself all along… you created your own suffering, because you weren’t ready to open up. Eventually, after losing things, after banging your head against a wall, after doing without, or having a rough time… you decide you’ve suffered/struggled/fought/resisted enough.

You actually WANT TO LIVE, you actually DESIRE to be HAPPY, you actually put your soul first… instead of trying to suffocate it. Eventually you BELIEVE enough and you commit your heart to yourself. Eventually you are ready…. to EMBODY ALL OF YOUR HIGHER SELVES. Eventually you move beyond the fear, the judgment, the lack… that you held within…. When you deny your soul, YOU are the one that suffers here. No one else… for this is your reality, your creation, your manifestation of your mindsets….

When you are the one who is not ready, you are the one that is asleep. You are the one that is asking to be shown…. The question is…. are you seeing/listening/allowing? You cannot get left behind… for your soul will not leave you unless you leave it. This is called separation from SELF as SOURCE LIGHT. Eventually the physical body will stop suffering not being allowed to integrate with you and let you go, if you refuse to open your heart/mind/energy up.

Your soul can out-wait you, it can out-everything you… For it is you, from a higher consciousness dimension. It knows everything you think, you feel, you try…it sees your fears, your lack, your inability to commit… and it’s here to help you out. It knows what it will take to get your attention, to wake you up… It’s not punishing you, it’s trying to move into your body and walk with you as one. It is you… it loves you from the depths of your core…. It’s pushing to emerge… whether you “like it” or not…. It doesn’t need your permission … it never did… It tried to honor your right to awaken with ease…..

It is you that determines HOW YOU EXPERIENCE your own awakening here…. From the depth of your entire BEing… you are magnificent, magical and amazing. You have gifts you can’t even dream of and physical realities waiting for you…. full of abundance, full of beauty, full of all that you desire….Yet you must allow and honor your own soul in order to experience NEW EARTH NOW.  Many did not choose to Ascend in the Physical, for their soul is meant to move on. You did, which is why you are reading this now. ∞ Soul separation is over… those times (vibrations) are gone.

It is time for you to recall all of the aspects of you and fully integrate as one.  Unity Consciousness/Christed  Consciousness/Crystalline/WE a Consciousness of One (same thing, different words)  Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼ Ancient Elder & Guardian of NEW Earth, Author, Teacher/Guide, Transformational Speaker on Multi-Dimensional Consciousness/Mastery & The Embodiment of Light ∞


art two females

unknown artist


NEW EARTH RELATIONSHIPS – Lisa Transcendence Brown

art Catherine Andrews re TF

ART: Catherine Andrews


Yesterday was a huge day of reflection on NEW EARTH RELATIONSHIPS, why we come together, what roles we play, the purposes, when things work, when they don’t, the balance that must be achieved by all from within, what we desire in various types of partners, how we all maintain balance as a compliment, not as a need… What it is that connects us energetically, which energies draw us together, which ones cause us to separate off to experience our chosen journeys apart….

Our NEW Earth Existence & Relationships are a transcendence of (co)dependency, complacency, lack and any “need” in every capacity. NEW Earth relationships are the opposite of human ones.

It doesn’t matter what type of a relationship it is… each is about maintaining balance of all… at all times…. seeing where distortions are, when things get out of balance and openly, honestly, lovingly discussing what works and doesn’t work and how to bring all back in balance again, together. Otherwise there’s no reason to be together, in any capacity, other than soul family that will always love and support each other, just not always in the same physical space.

Physical space is a most important thing. We understand what physical things/beings mean and when/why we allow them in our space. We do not give our space to just anyone/everyone. It takes a lot for us to share space and we cannot be in each others space all of the time, we need lots of space to expand and tune. Everyone always has to be on the same page (wavelength) and we often need time apart to honor each of us. This is sacred respect for each other and ourselves too. (p.s. Many partners have their own rooms, spending time together when the energies call, time apart to honor their own tuning process…). As more soul families and partners come together for their fields to merge, amplify and create more NEW Earth Realities here, the process looks nothing like old human relationships did.

Here relationships are of full support, inspiration, thriving, contribution and full responsibility by each for their own entire physical reality world. The human aspect holds back on what it is willing to contribute. We don’t hold back for ourselves…. We respect each other, give each other space, do what is necessary to make sure everything is taken care of…. We only pull back when there is a human aspect “taking” or “needing” without understanding…. Here we must “teach”, or guide where one is open, so that all can understand and stand in their own power AS a Sacred & Divine Being again.

So, I shall be writing/sharing/teaching much on NEW Earth Relationships, Twin Flames/Souls, Divine Soul Union Partnerships… especially since the huge portal opening/activation a few days ago and Sacred Relationships is a prominent energy present for many right now. It’s become more prominent the last many years as we all emerge in light and leave the old relationship mentalities and energies behind. Here, leaving behind means identifying, understanding, resolving/unifying and transcending all from within, and moving on to exist in a reality of more expanded consciousness than we all had before.

Honor you, know yourself, deeply, fully…. as you truly know yourself, as a soul, then you allow yourself to experience the depths of other souls open and ready for this too.

As love and with the highest vibration of cosmic light,

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


art Catherine Andrews re TF

ART: Catherine Andrews


May Energy Report – Lisa Transcendence Brown @ Awakening to Remembering


faces art


Published on 4 May 2016

I speak about whatever is going on with Multi-Dimensional Consciousness, LightBody Upgrades, Light Activations, Awakening, Ascension, Integration, Light, Consciousness, Opening Hearts, Letting Go of OLD Earth Programming, Crystalline DNA, Star BEing Evolution, Quantum Jumping/Leaping/Existence, The Unified Field, The Quantum Field, Everything NEW Earth NOW! All things Sacred, it is an honor to be a part of your journey home

Speak with your heart and stand in your power – Lisa Transcendence Brown @ Awakening to Remembering

lisa blog 4.5.

unknown artist


Powerful powerful powerful upgrades and activations today loves. All day… going strong. First we had cellular cleansing in the mornings (these can bring tears for many), to then shift to Diamond Light Code Frequencies, to then shift to new super high frequency activations that were “condensed”. These packed alot in and ran through our whole system…. still going… Producing has been impossible, so just had to honor and get through it however it needed to occur… sleep, relaxing the brain/body/muscles so that faster integration can occur…. Working in slow-mo. When we are tuning-up, we can’t receive or transmit very easily, so we have to step completely away. The Crystalline Solar LightBody can’t have interference when a strong tuning process is occurring. When we are emitting/tuning our magnetosphere/electromagnetic energy field… everything can be a disruption… We have to honor “no incoming/outgoing” during this time…. There’s alot of this journey that is not “convenient” (that’s the point), yet we have to honor it as it is beyond important for us all. Flow with it loves… when it is complete, you’ll awaken ready to rock and roll, with more awareness, more power, more abilities, more support, more abundance, more opportUNITY, more everything you desire. NEW realities arriving in every moment that you are Jumping Quantum Style.

I love you and will return where I can. The May Energy Report will post soon. Get your sleep/rest, nature, focus your productive energy and expand your consciousness …. Open those hearts wider… Wide open is how we exist here.

P.S. The throat chakra has been undergoing HUGE upgrades for days. More open communication…. Speak with your heart and stand in your power… by embracing the love that you are and sharing it with all that you connect with… while “stopping” the old unconsciousness as it comes into your awareness. Embrace your Mastery loves… These realities require everything that you are! heart emoticon

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

EXPANDED CONSCIOUSNESS AWARENESS FROM WITHIN – Lisa Transcendence Brown @ Awakening to Remembering

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unknown artist


by Lisa Transcendence Brown

Light brings through constant new awareness now… and obliterates, dismantles and dissolves old unconscious realities quickly and instantly now…. many things doing a 180, flipping upside down and untwisting the twisted distortions of the old distorted human realities…..

Consciousness is you standing as love, standing in your power again. It’s you at your purest form… seeing your own distortions and dealing with them. We all have to do this… in every nano second now.

Realities built on distortions or held together by distortions of unconsciousness must be reshaped through intentional consciousness or they will collapse and dissolve…. they will still reshape, just in a different way…. Nothing is as any of us “thought” that it was….

Prepared to be “surprised” by all that you see … look inward to see why you would have created that experience to see/understand more about yourself, your unconscious patterns and themes… We all have to do this continually and expand beyond the false/illusory limits that we held up until the moment before consciousness came through….

All of this light is CONTINUAL NEW HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS… In the old days (lower vibrations) there were more gaps and “spaces of time” to choose….

NOW, everything is instant…. MANIFESTATION of (y)our own vibrations becoming visible instantly…. all that we do/do not desire… both present in every moment…

Consciousness means making decisions, being responsible, doing what it takes according to your own higher consciousness now. When you open your heart, you see differently… you intentionally act differently, you allow/stop allowing depending on what is conscious and what is not. You can work with unconsciousness to transform it yourself or let it evolve on it’s own….. Which aspect of you is most dominant, will dictate the experience that you have here….

These are not realities of blame, shame, pointing the finger or guilt. These are realities of “I have the power to choose” and doing what it takes to bring the higher consciousness realities through. We leave/left the lower vibrations behind… We just see all as it is and deal with it…. We stand as love, which does not succumb to lack, cater to it or feed it anymore…. This does not benefit any one of us….

We are each always now challenged to move into a higher consciousness reality by identifying unconscious programs within our own realties and stopping/transforming them ourselves. Where we are all doing this together, we can do this as a unit, team or group. Each can assist each other where all are open, ready and JUMPING with these Quantum Realities that do not leave room for the delay of “thinking about it until it works the old way” for the old way does not work/fly in these higher vibrations here.

Your love and power must be stronger than your fear or lack. Your inner wisdom and higher guidance must be louder and more present than your be-little-ing human voice of unconsciousness is. Your action will take you down a path for an experience you “need” to show you something you did not want to see/do before, while simultaneously opening up opportUNITIES all along the way for you to see and become a CONSCIOUS CREATOR of your own realities here.

There is not moment that you are not in command. The difference which “you” is dominant and dictating/transmitting your physical reality experience for you in every moment now…. AS a Higher Consciousness Self you are doing intentionally, with the realization that every thought, every belief, every mentality, every action…. this is what is materializing your physical reality world here…. You are always observing and seeing, you are always meeting the challenges, you are always sleeping to integrate & clear old timelines out, you are always aligning realities…. and letting go/releasing all that is no longer in alignment…..

Yet in-alignment and out-of-alignment is not a judgement of good/bad/right/wrong… It is a realization that you have expanded into a different vibration that you were just the moment before. It’s the awareness that you are taking a new path, one that you’ve been waiting for. It is the understanding that your physical realities are constantly re-working themselves FOR you….. for everyone…. It is seeing that physical matter is taking new form simultaneously in response to your own “new” higher consciousness that you did not have access to before. It is many things… none that are dualistic… for you see polarity, purposes and beauty in the brilliance and magnificence of it all. As a Light BEing… you observe physical matter re-arranging itself continually to take new form… in response to your own vibrational transmissions and intentional consciousness that you hold (embody) in every moment now….

Realities are constantly being re-arranged now… this is how physical matter works. Breaking down the old and replacing it with that of NEW Earth….. moving in and out of vibrations, shifting, changing in every moment….

That which holds higher consciousness long enough can materialize and take physical form. Enough of this forms a foundation…. for more to materialize and “grow”. These are the foundations of your new galactic and ancient civilizations here. They emerge from within you and materialize around you….. You vibrate into and out of realities in every moment. Your light or density dictates the ones you have access to. heart emoticon

Observe collapses and see them as being transformed into Higher Light Consciousness… See what was unconscious about them and see all as a gift of new awareness and that as you embrace the exquisiteness and purity within you, everything realigns again instantly now….. Physical matter takes form according to each’s consciousness. Unconsciousness creates one reality, consciousness creates another. When these are inter/inner-twined within your own physical reality world, you must weed through all and reweave all again through consciousness light.

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Ancient Elder & Guardian of NEW Earth, Teacher/Coach/Guide, Author, Transformational Speaker on the Embodiment of Light

Original Post Link: http://www.awakeningtoremembering.com/…/constant-realizatio…


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unknown artist

Exponential Evolution Now – Lisa Transcendence Brown @ Awakening To Remembering

Amherst art by Anna Dittmann

ART : Amherst – by Anna Dittmann


Exponential Evolution Now lisa tanscendence brown blog

We’ve been running Pure Source through our Crystalline LightBody Structures for hours and it continues to increase now. Our crystals are operating at optimal capacity, with light and information zooming faster than the mind can comprehend. To tune into all of this light and utilize the experience to see all holographically is KEY.

I’ve been able to consciously travel through the Crystalline LightBody Structure (again), yet this time see how our Pineal Gland evolves. It starts out as a gland, we decalcify it over years of evolution here, activate the crystal inside. The pinecone is the layers (of the onion that many refer to, peeling back the layers), revealing the Eye of Horus, which gives us 360 degree range. Hidden deep in the center is a PURE DIAMOND, beyond multifaceted, the center of our ability to see (and experience) multi-dimensionally/multi-galaxy all from one physical space here. The heart must fully be open at all times and never shut down/wall up/close off again. This is imperative for FULL BODY FUNCTIONING and walking in multiple dimensions simultaneously. The challenge is MASTERING all of these in your physical reality, in ALL moments that converge as one and never separate off again.

I can see this, because I am looking at my own… and last night I asked to what point do we physically evolve. Sometimes we wonder how far we can take these physical bodies, with all that’s going on. Last night was huge in upgrades… To awaken with more knowledge of how all works.

Akashic Records, Living Holographically, Solidifying Holograms Intentionally.

The Liquid Crystalline Light courses through our veins. Our bones filled with crystals, shake, at a high productivity rate. Our “new” bodies infused with higher consciousness intelligence upgrades continually to function at optimum capacity. It does not look like what we thought it would. It’s being expanded and contorted to house a new existence. It re-vamps itself continually, based upon algorithms, equations and coded sequences within the Galactic Schematics and Enhanced Advanced Templates that constantly overlay for merging energetic consciousness with our structure here.

These Diamond Light Code Frequencies, Rainbow Frequencies, RAY Frequencies (Golden, Silver, Platinum, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire) and more, activate every particle and aspect of you in a multitude of ways. Flames, Crystals, Essences and unlimited intelligence far beyond your old dimensional limited human one. We alternate between activation of various aspects until a “whole” process has completed for a merging inside to occur. It is through WHOLE Aspects merged as ONE that we function optimally from. Embodiment is a full-time and continually evolving process and “job”.

The pineal gland, heart and entire physical body work together as an intelligent and live conscious being. Your intentional super consciousness gives you access to all as it occurs simultaneously here.

Pineal gland, crystalline structure, liquid and electromagnetic plasma energy light…. You become a crystal recorder that plays holograms, transmits, receives and processes instantly, a Keeper of Records and Knowledge of all existences…. a walking breathing intelligent organism with “powers” (gifts/abilities) that were dormant when you were a sleeping human. All awakens and continually evolves as you do. Your physical body constantly re-configuring itself to function optimally as your new systems continually come back online.

There are days that it is physically challenging to function until these upgrades anchor and set in. Each must REMEMBER, this is why you are here and all is supported when you honor your own process fully from within. The external reality has already occurred in a higher vibrational frequency reality. When your number one objective, focus, commitment is to your own overall vibrational frequency and unification process, things become much easier. Your physical reality reshapes and reforms FOR you in response. You need not always know what/when/how. All you need is to know…. The rest occurs organic, naturally and magically.

Your entire existence does change. It completely transforms through light. Observing your own Crystalline LightBody Upgrades as they occur, will give you access to knowledge that you already hold inside. Presence through the activations is KEY.

You are RE-TUNING and UP-Tuning (Tuning UP) continually now. The power of these upgrades shall continue to increase substantially. How you do the journey, how you experience it, is totally up to you, what you commit to, what you do…..

Every moment is a response…. Your expanded consciousness (or unaware unconsciousness) dictates the experience you have in every nano-second here. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Ancient Elder and Guardian of NEW Earth, Light Embodiment and Crystalline LightBody Evolution Teacher/Coach/Guide, Author, Transformational Speaker all as Higher Consciousness Love & Wisdom Light



Amherst art by Anna Dittmann

ART : Amherst – by Anna Dittmann


Finalizing Old Remnant Realities and Marking Sacred Contracts & Agreements Paid – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Vo-Dang-illustration5 ART

ART : Vo-Dang-illustration


Finalizing Old Remnant Realities and Marking Sacred Contracts & Agreements Paid In Full


This last few weeks was putting old stories, old realities, old human agreements/contracts to rest. It was saying goodbye to any unconscious relationships and timelines that no longer serve a purpose for what we are here to be/do. We all must let go of that which no longer serves higher consciousness existence. This was a period of clearing out old remnants….

We all must embrace our own Pure Divine Essence and we cannot move into new realities and hold onto the old.

That which we allow to occupy our own field of consciousness is a representation of our own. What we hold within us, what energy we feed, what we allow. It’s also a beautiful reflection when we can interact and experience the beauty of another Divine Essence Soul. We do have to realize which version is dominant, so that we can make the decision that’s necessary to move everyone into a higher vibrational timeline. Sometimes it’s chosen by one or both, depending on the consciousness of all involved. Sometimes the other chooses a different vibrational timeline to continue to work through for themselves, at their own speed, how they want to… Sometimes this is conscious, sometimes it’s not. Choose, actions, decisions are important for all of us to honor at all times now. As higher self aspects we have to make decisions when human aspects will not. It’s a part of our process of evolving back into higher selves and managing all of our aspects in this physical reality here.

Just because we are not in the same physical space doesn’t mean are not still connected as souls and family here. We are always here to support each other, we just don’t enable the old ways of lack and fear. We are never truly separate once we unify all within. We are just choosing how much we are to do realities together in this physical one here.

We flow into each other’s lives/realities/worlds and we flow out at times to do our thing. Some come back together to work/clear more, then flow back out again. We do this until there is nothing left within our own program that requires a continued exchange from the old consciousness place we were in before. We always love each other, yet existing in different dimensions and timelines means we love each other across timelines and dimensions here.

There is much to come for each of us and we all have to let completely go of those soul contracts/agreements once they’ve been fulfilled and mark them “paid in full” ourselves. As we do this, we activate new ones of a higher consciousness than we were able to maintain before. No cords of attachment, no safety nets. Everyone embracing their own higher consciousness existence again.

Physical experiences are necessary to show us what we could not see before, to help us get to that which was hidden inside and to assist us with clearing cellular imprints/memories of old consciousness. They are also for us to thoroughly inJOY, experience the magic, the bliss, the abundance of magnificence and beauty that is present when we are. WE can move out realities consciously while maintaining a higher consciosness at the same time. Hold that expanded space of love, transmitting power when necessary to align physical realities into a higher consciousness too.

We are in the middle of the Light Tunnel and inside the Rainbow Frequencies right now crossing BACK into the THRESHOLD OF THE NEW. I love you. New programming coming through. Those new realities arriving…. materialization frequencies shall begin as we come through. Could be today, tomorrow… won’t know until we hear/see/feel it. Observe and get ready! I love you! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


Vo-Dang-illustration5 ART

ART : Vo-Dang-illustration


buddha-with-lotus-flower-paulina-garoa art

Buddha with Lotus Flower – Paulina Garoa


11/30/2015 Picture

This entire phase is “The Event”. Once we enter it, it continues. Every moment is this.

Used to be there were separate activations, separate events, separate moments/periods that were an activation of higher consciousness and moving all into higher frequency bandwidths. That has changed. Now, every moment is a continual upgrade in consciousness.

This writing is going to encompass as much as I can put into one writing regarding this. Read it in pieces if you need. It will make sense to whatever aspects of you are present and ready to receive it.

As more come to work consciously with their own holographic access in the sleep state, inner world and waking state as one, there is no separation between these states. We work intentionally, consciously and with awareness in each one of these. The lucid dreamy energy of the sleep state carries over into the waking one. Walking in a dream is a bit bizarre as one anchors the other dimensional planes/realms in their physical reality here. Much of our old human stuff just moves into the “sleep” (closed-eyed state), so that we can collapse timelines faster, move through realities faster and work consciously in the “waking” (open-eyed or physical form) one. To the Light Being, there is no difference in these anymore. We are no longer bound to the linear separation of a physical form reality, a close eyed/open eyed state. These all become one.

Total awareness, continually stretching/relaxing the physical body/mind are necessary for this to occur. We have to put upgrading our consciousness first. The rest aligns in response and “arrives” in the physical in response to this. By working intentionally with the holographic realities as they present, we utilize our abilities to move through realities easier here. As one can see a multitude all at one time, existence changes, gets much easier. We just deal with the energy of all things at all times.  Sometimes that energy presents in physical form. We recognize it and we deal with it. Right then.

For the human, this new way of existence does not conform. It’s too easy and it does not make sense. There’s no struggle, no fight, no devastation, no fear, no sick or anything of the old here. We’ve all gone through our own journey of human’ness and we’ve chosen to move beyond it and merge all of our aspects into this physical one here.  We’ve chosen to let go of our stories, our attachments, our lack, our needs, our identities and all that went with this. We don’t need safe anymore and there’s nothing to survive here. We evolve back into light and we hold love, gratitude, appreciation, purity and all as family here. We’ve returned to our Galactic/God Consciousness as SOURCE and CREATOR existences here. We continually step into new missions/roles/purposes for HUmanity, yet it’s more than that.

NOW, we enter the phase of GALACTIC MERGING OF PLANES. We’ve been doing this for years within, yet now we actually have the ability to hold the vibration with all of our bodies (mental/physical/emotional/energy) merged as one here. All of the clearings/purgings, transcending all from within, unifying continually, sleeping to wake up and integrating the higher frequencies within us brought us to this here.

Our sleep state is beyond important, all along the way. Pulling away to be by our self, shutting everything else out, necessary for all to come to connect to SELF AS SOURCE and all of our other multi-dimensional aspects again. Delving into the depths of our souls and consciously working through separation intentionally. We have to purify and cleanse every aspect of us, all of our own distortions, and we can’t do do this easily with interruptions/disruptions from outside “things”. Nature provides a respite place to connect and merge with the entire UNIVERSE from within. Sleep gives us the ability to access that which we could not in a waking state before. WE emerge all along the way as we pull away, honor us, come to love ourselves fully and all things as one again.

As we do this, we then have to REMEMBER how work with the outside world to maintain and achieve the abilities to MASTER ALL AS ENERGY in any state, in every exchange, under all circumstances. WE come to understand which state serves the most benefit in how to maneuver through holographic physical planes. We activate and anchor the ones in the physical that match our new frequency we’ve achieved over all thus far. Where every moment is dedicated to anchoring higher consciousness and upgrading our evolving Crystalline Physical Form here, we are continually moving through realities at the QUANTUM SPEED OF LIGHT. As light, we are all able to do this NOW. We achieved this ability when the 2012 Gateways opened and we started merging our other aspects here. This is a continual process of merging & maintaining. All of our internal/external collapses coupled with intentional inner work moved us all into PHYSICAL ASCENSION with the anchoring of the 2012 Gateway here. We’ve continued this since, with NEW Earth becoming more accessible, visible and tangible in every moment. WE gained the ability to transcend the limited human experience here and maintain NEW Earth Existence NOW.  Every moment is MORE NEW EARTH. It’s beyond exquisite to experience. Here, we just observe human’ness and we move it out.

Activating our Galactic Templates, restoring to the original one, our physical body has been “reversing” all since, clearing distortions that were still held in cellular memory and the body releasing any physical density still held. The more crystalline we are, the less we release. The body expels all along what it does not need. It’s all done inside, the electromagnetic/bio-plasmic energy/gasses emit and do the work inside for us. Our bodies are changing form from the inside out. Our glands/organs being re-worked to basic functions, we do not urinate or defecate as we once did. Our DNA/RNA, nano-bodies, star-particles, crystals continually working, energy moving… Our cells become intelligent and our entire body communicates through the “transfer of light”. Molecular restructuring and particle realignment become normal things. Our entire physical form becomes the entire universe (the other day I became the whole galaxy, and all the stars/plasma energy were inside of me and I was holding all of these inside). Before it was becoming a star, the sun, Gaia… yet these all merge into one inside too.

These frequencies activate our Crystalline LightBody in every moment now. The waking human will start to feel energy as they start this LightBody/Crystalline (Christed Consciousness) process, the more they pay attention to what is going on inside their body and match things up. They must desire to see more, know more, understand more and want to be a part of this process though. Otherwise they go through this unconsciously and what is “higher evolution” of their entire being/existence is seen as “something wrong” while they continually are trying to diagnose or fix it and fit it back into the boxes/beliefs of their human mind. They want to control this. There is no controlling one’s evolution as an ADVANCED NEW HUE-MAN STAR-LIGHT BEING here. There is opening up to a process that is going to occur at an exponential rate now. This wreaks havoc on the human’s fixed reality. It’s only through opening up to higher-self-inner guidance and new awarenesses that this changes. Then commitment is required to actually do the experience easier. Struggle and suffering are the human’s way. Embracing and easier is the conscious being’s way. Holding light within our physical structure is how we do NEW Earth here, while re-aligning in every moment anything that presents that is not in alignment with our “new” (returned) higher existence here.

Our genetic make-up changing continually, upgrading continually, morphing and contorting in weird and bizarre ways. Our bones, cells, teeth, muscles continually breathing, expanding, contracting as light obliterates the density that was held within. Separation is density in physical form. Gravity shifts are continual as we hold more light here. The actual physical body mass changes with each particle re-alignment as each frequency activation triggers the insides of our bodies to change from dense matter (carbon-based) to liquid, gas, plasma and crystalline form.

As WE expand in light, solar winds (super high light frequency waves) weave light through us to “work” on upgrading our solar crystalline physical body structures. Our organs, bones, teeth, brain, spine, muscles, endocrine/glandular/adrenal/lymphatic/blood and nervous systems, senses… Every cell within our molecular structure is take offline from the old gridwork and brought back online with the new. How dramatic/extreme this is, will be determined by how much separation we held/suppressed and how closed off our hearts & minds were. These are our veils.

Our Multi-Dimensional LightBodies continually expand and contract. The human aspect cannot see that this is creating a new physical form/reality. It’s starts with the activation of us as energy, our 7 chakras, then moves to 13 then many many more, then to every meridian to then move to every cell. Each becoming a vortex, black hole, and individual star. The entire solar system wakes up inside. Everyone is becoming the entire universe again here now.

While all of this is going on inside the physical body, there is a feedback loop that exists between the inner world and outer world. This is your co-existence.

Every light activation triggers particles and waves for a new holographic reality to take physical form. What you hold in your physical body dictates that physical reality out there. Some frequencies load/activate new programs, while others move out old ones by triggering the cellular memory and cells where the energy/beliefs of these were held. Some activate genetic re-coding to remove the “additional genomes and human genetic markers” that we held as humans here.

Everything is the opposite as we “thought” it was. We don’t get “new” stuff. We purify and return to purity, pure consciousness, pure light energy, pure love again. WE cleanse and purify our physical structures with the obliteration of the human markers that were “extra” in our physical make up. These are what created the distortions we came here to experience and transcend. Anything of the physical reality that was produced out of that distortion will go, unless it can be transformed into Light Service for all. The entire gridwork of consciousness that held all in place was within each one of us and as we move into entirely new gridworks of consciousness (integrate) and become the CRYSTALLINE GRID, we move into realities that are configured of the higher coordinates that were held within our Human StarGates and activate in frequency for us come to exist here. All we do is tune, upgrade, hold, expand, evolve, unify and become what we forgot when we chose to enter into the veils of amnesia for our own individual and collective experiences here.  As souls, we programmed our own templates and DNA here.

NOW, we have anchored enough light to initiate this next phase, which has “started” continually for each of us as we dedicate our existence to our own Ascension/Descension/Embodiment/RE-Evolution here.

Activating AS the Galaxy, we’ve opened a gateway to another/other Galaxies for all to merge a multitude of planetary planes into one. These are done first through whatever inner planes we have access to thus far. For some it will be holographically, some it will be by seeing LightBeings/LightShips from time to time, and as all achieve the overall frequency, having upgraded their physical structure to be able to handle the energetics required to walk in/through these merging physical planes, interaction will become an option, yet the mind must be open and clear from distortions, fears and separation to BE A PART OF THE GALACTIC FAMILY UNIT that is here to transform all and assist HUmanity with coming INTO THESE HIGHER EXISTENCES NOW.

As Galactics, these GodHead upgrades activate holographic imaging that can be seen by those who have achieved the physical upgrades through their inner eyes/physical eyes to see. We morph through transmission, the crystals transmitting imagery around us from within. We glow, are fuzzy and sometimes, depending on the frequencies, our galactic signatures show through. This will now continually evolve as we do. More becoming visible, visibility for others to see will be dependent on their own abilities, openness and dedication to existing here with us. Now, these Galactic Gateways that have opened allow us to merge with the other planes, for the veils between them dissipate daily. We have achieved the physical status to be here, yet are continually upgrading so that we can all co-exist together, work together, support each other and bring forth the NEW Earth that all have been seeing and waiting for.  It’s all of us working together. It’s our light, our transmissions, our galactic/multi-dimensional/higher self names and energetic signatures that allow us to find each other now.

Three days ago, we started a continual merging process, and it’s not that we won’t be blasted from time to time, yet the blasts in these higher frequencies have turned into just continual consciousness upgrades, mergings and expedited genetic re-coding frequencies.  We’ve achieved the ability to handle the “running of source light and all of these other liquid light frequencies” through our entire physical crystalline structure form, without being incapacitated, with very little disruption at all. We do have to dedicate to these upgrades of our physical and cut out any disruptions as they become visible for us. Each on their own journey, this will be determined by what presents in every moment and where we currently are.

Here we don’t get shut down anymore. We do need more physical light to enhance the upgrade/evolution process, as we are adapting to new bandwidths where our bodies exist on more light. Food changes all along the way. The more light we integrate, the more food becomes fuel. After the original template is returned, food dramatically changes again. Our bodies moving from physical matter, liquid, gas, plasma continually now is taking what it needs from food, transforming all into light, discarding the rest, after it takes live proteins, carbs, fat, salt, sugars and utilizes them for our new genetic make-up, which looks nothing like we thought. Our bodies do all of the work, for they are conscious living beings now, bio-organisms that are smarter than us as humans are. We just get out of the way, assist and honor the process however our own evolution presents. This will be different for each one of us, as we all are many aspects and we never know which aspect is being merged in that moment.

Now, for the Galactic Planes in the physical, the human will have awareness that this now exists. The Galactics here will have the ability to see each other, find each other, work with each other, based upon Galactic Signatures that transmit frequencies that only Galactic Citizens can receive/translate/understand. Communication is energetic and this communication system is now online. Yay, congrats everyone. WE DID IT! The words are “Are you ready? Get prepared”. HOME FREQUENCIES HAVE BEEN ACTIVATED. Every moment now is more important than ever before.

We’ve entered the Gateway of December 2015 which culminates and anchors through the first half of January 2016. This entire period has begun. We are in it right now and we continue to move further through it, anchoring all other existences and planes here. WE all do this as Crystal Grid Keepers/Gatekeepers here. Only those who wait for another time will hold themselves to a timeline where these things have not occurred yet. We jump timelines intentionally by the amount of light and holographic realities we can work with in all of our states here.  We exist in all timelines while anchoring the highest ones in the physical reality here, clearing all of the ones we intentionally collapse in our sleep state and by that which we do in our conscious waking state here.

I’ll share more as I can. There is so very much occurring in every moment now. Open up and always be ready, always embrace, always expect the unexpected, awesome, amazing, magical, blissful and BEYOND. Keep moving out that which no longer resonates with you. Remove the blinders. These were your veils. We all did this. This is our chosen experience here. WE are all stepping into new roles with these higher vibrations now. I love you! ♥



buddha-with-lotus-flower-paulina-garoa art

Buddha with Lotus Flower – Paulina Garoa

September Energy Report, Molecular Restructuring, Frequency Bandwidths, Physical Embodiment of Light

between friends maxine noel

ART : Between Friends ~ Maxine Noel


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCHLR0MHRoI&feature=shareLisa Tr


September Energy Report, Molecular Restructuring, Frequency Bandwidths, Physical Embodiment of Light

Published on 8 Sep 2015

I know it’s “late”, yet it’s been super busy and I finally got this uploaded from last week! Present moment, RIGHT NOW, everything is occurring. Solar Crystalline LightBody evolution, molecular restructuring and embodying the new light frequency bandwidths within.

Cleanse, purify, honor the moment… it’s a very physical experience as all structures now come online, alive and interactive in more ways than we could ever comprehend… It takes the actual experience to truly get it and understand. Be fully present in your moment! Aloha ♥
∞ ∞ ∞

I speak about whatever is going on with Multi-Dimensional Consciousness, LightBody Upgrades, Light Activations, Awakening, Ascension, Integration, Light, Consciousness, Opening Hearts, Letting Go of OLD Earth Programming, Crystalline DNA, Star BEing Evolution, Quantum Jumping/Leaping/Existence, The Unified Field, The Quantum Field, Everything NEW Earth NOW! All things Sacred, it is an honor to be a part of your journey here!

Aloha Nui Loa… from Kauai, Ancient LeMUria… may your moments be magical and full of love as all that is.

Lisa Transcendence Brown
Ancient, Ascended Master, NEW Earth Light Anchor, Programmer, Transmitter, and Guide, Multi-Dimensional Consciousness/Mastery
Author of Awakening To Remembering & Navigating Dimensions (the 3rd is on it’s way!)