Ascension through Integration by Lord Krishna – Natalie Glasson

Lord Krishna ~ Artist El-i-or @ DeviantArt

Ascension through Integration by Lord Krishna
Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

I honour the divine within you,

I am Krishna, I am Krishna, I am Krishna.

I am a manifestation of the Creator. I embody the Creator in my heart, soul, and actions.

I am the sun that shines so brightly onto your face. I am the sky, the wind, and the stars. I am the water, the land and soil. I am the Earth in all its bounty and beauty. I am the love, peace and harmony that exists on the Earth and in the Creator’s spiritual world. I am your soul in manifestation on the Earth. I am your movements when you dance, the noises of joy when you laugh and the ecstasy of your jubilations. I am your kind thoughts, your loving actions, and your devotion to the Creator in its purity. I am one with you, we exist as a whole. Nothing can separate our union for we are united in the name, soul, and light of the Creator.

My dear sweet children of the Light, I am integrated and united with every aspect of the Creator’s kingdom, this is not because I am an ascended master but because I am my truth, in complete existence. You are united and integrated with every aspect of the Creator’s soul and the universe, you are simply unable to comprehend this yet but a time will come when you will experience the love of every other aspect of the Creator’s soul pour into your being and you will be in bliss.

The Influence of the Physical Body

Existing within your human body is almost like living within a cage; you are unable to escape while consciously awake. You can feel a connecting with others and to integrate your energy with the Creator’s soul, but there is an aspect of your being that is separated from the Creator due to your physical body. This is not a hindrance; it is a precious and valuable experience that allows you to focus on the divine contained within your physical body, discovering, analysis and honouring your inner energy until it is such a major influence in your life.

The physical world may seem so dominant now for you, as separation between people is encouraged, fear of illness is widespread, and the fragility of the physical body promoted. Each person is being drawn into a viewpoint of themselves and their reality which is an illusion. This of course is an invitation you do not have to accept and can instead dive into the truth of your being and the world surrounding you. To indulge in illusion is to waste valuable ascension and discovery time.

There is a need to discover a balance between the physical reality and your inner divine reality. This is where integration becomes the key. Integrating the sacred vibrations of your inner soul with the physical reality unfolding for you and all on the Earth now will create a clear vision and pathway for you to embody. Allowing you to remain balanced in mind, body and being, while living in illusion with the perspective of truth and clarity.

The greatest illusion is separation.

The greatest truths can be discovered through the process of integration.

My dear children value every moment of your time within a physical body, integrate your divine soul and sacred energies into your physical body and reality as this is your true purpose on the Earth. You must love yourself to eliminate these boundaries. As you open to the energy of your soul and embody love the restrictions of your physical body and reality will disperse. This does not mean that your body will disappear but that it will rise in energy vibration, allowing you to exist with greater integration and vastness in a physical body. When you connect with your inner divine energies you are able to reach out and share your love and light with those around you, increasing your expansive energy and unity of your light with other aspects of the Creator’s light. With this progression, you will gradually learn to become integrated with every aspect of the Creator’s soul, becoming the Creator and the beauty of the mighty soul of the Creator on the Earth, and throughout the universe.

‘I invite the divinity of my being to connect with all aspects of your being, physical body and reality now. I expand my divine energies into my entire being and into the world around me. I share my love and light openly and generously with those around me. The expansion of my light magnifies and amplifies manifesting unity with all aspects of the Creator’s light. With this progression I can see, sense, and acknowledge my natural integration with every aspect of the Creator’s soul. I acknowledge and explore myself now as the beauty of the Creator incarnate on the Earth. It is through integration I ascend, recognising the truth of the Creator within my being and the world around me. Thank you and so it is. ‘

Integration is to ascend and to become enlightened. When you expand your soul and integrate it with the aspects of the Creator’s soul you become sensitive and aware of everything that occurs on the Earth and the inner planes. Your awareness and sensitivity expand to across the Earth because you are integrated with all. You can assist and guide many from the spiritual planes because you are an aspect of every soul incarnation on the Earth and in existence on the spiritual planes. This, my dear children, is the way that we can be by your side every day guiding you forth. We are ascended masters, divine light beings of the Creator and an aspect of your soul. When you invoke our guidance and advice, we can assist you with ease. The process and practice of integration is one that brings forth major ascension shifts and awakening. Integration is essential now on the Earth as it will not only open your inner divine world to you, your spiritual skills, abilities and enlightenment will be revealed. Integration with the Creator and your soul, expanding these energies into your reality and the world will enable you to strengthen your energies, balance your being, awakening your inner enlightenment, become aware of the truth within and around you, as well as, grounding you into a new way of being.

Integration is to accept the presence of divinity within your being and to emanate it into your being and world. Evaluating your connection and oneness with all souls, therefore becoming the truth of the Creator incarnate upon the Earth.

Time and your physical body are your only restrictions on the Earth, but they aid you in discovering the sacred jewel and golden droplet of enlightenment you are. Once this is understood then you can accept yourself as a vast and expansive energy of the Creator that is integrated with every living soul not just on the Earth but in spirit form as well.

This comprehension allows you to realise there is an aspect of your soul within every person that you meet and greet. You are one with the Earth and the universe. You are the Creator in manifestation on the Earth, and let it be. This comprehension is now grounding fully into the Earth, allow it to awaken and become active within your own being.

I share with you the bounty of love that stems from my soul. I honour the divine within you; I respect and love you unconditionally. May you now honour the divine within your soul and love yourself unconditionally.

Allow the waves of Krishna’s energy to immerse your being.

I am Krishna


Lord Krishna ~ Artist El-i-or @ DeviantArt

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A Right to the Work – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Krishna painting.

Krishna painting – unknown artist


A Right to the Work


Krishna makes a fine point, which may assume much greater importance and relevance after the Reval than it does now.

He explains that we have a right to the work, but not to the fruits of the work.

His saying is a puzzle that one has to be with for a time until it makes itself plain.

We have the right to ask to serve and to serve. We have a right to the work.

But we don’t have a right to expect one thing over another as the fruits of our service. Or anything at all. We don’t have a right to the fruits of the work.

If we were merely for hire, of course, we’d have a right to expect the fruits of our work – good pay for good work, paid by results, etc. But there would be no real opportunity for growth. These are people of whom it could be said that they have their reward already.

But we’re spiritual aspirants. As far as I’m aware, we want growth, evolution, and won’t settle for being mere hired laborers.

For us there’s a different set of rules that hinges on seeing how the universe works.

The first thing we notice about the way it works is that what goes around comes around. When we notice that, we seem to want to pay more attention to the way we behave with others. And make changes in our behavior. We also may feel curious about whether there are other laws.

There gradually arises in our view a universe that works by growth, by improvement. We now can construct a game to play where before all was the drudgery of hired labor. We delve deeper.

As I saw in my vision, (1) and we know from the Company of Heaven’s teachings, life is designed to draw us forward in the practice of the divine qualities, ultimately aimed at bringing us to the throne of the One, at last to merge again.

This ends our journey from God to God.  This ultimate merge is the aim of all life; our getting there is the work of all our individual lives.

If we get attached to the fruits of our labor – money, possessions, experiences, OK, sex – then we give no attention to the purpose of life. We dally in the pleasures of life. We become like the god who incarnated as a swine and really liked it. We dawdle and have to be coerced back to Heaven.

So I personally welcome the waning of the desire for earthly pleasures, as is happening at the present time in me. It makes my desire to be One with the Ultimate much more powerful.



Why will the matter of the fruits of our work assume greater importance after the Reval? Because our sense of entitlement could soar as our abundance grows.

And if we don’t keep our spiritual priorities straight, we could get swept away in a tide of self-indulgence. It isn’t a “scenic detour” to get stuck in six inches of thick mud.

This is one attempt to keep my (possibly our) spiritual priorities straight in the area of working for the Divine.

We have so many homilies in this area. Man proposes, God disposes. The final decision rests with God.

Hindu proverb: God smiles at two men – the landowner who says “this land is mine” and the doctor who says “I will save your baby.” Neither matter is ours to decide.

We’re to become financial stewards for abundance provided by the Divine Mother for the purpose of irrigating humanity and preparing the world for what comes after. All of this goes on in the context of building Nova Earth.

We have a right to the work of building Nova Earth, but we have no right to the fruits of our labor.

In my opinion, if we want a reward of evolutionary consequence, rather than simply temporal significance, we need to not settle for the fruits of our labor. We need to leave it up to the Divine to decide on all questions of reward. We need to concern ourselves only with the requirements of our service.


(1) “The Purpose of Life is Enlightenment – Ch. 13 – Epilogue,” at

Krishna’s Flute Tabala – Altair Shyam

Krishna Painting


With deepest devotion and love to Lord Krishna

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Altair is a teacher, healer and mystic guiding the Way of Love, Unity and Harmony for the New Gaia that we are co-creating. He teaches that We are the Way and that our freedom to be our True Self is the key to transformation. “The miracles of God lie within Us. We are the Light. We are the Temple of the One Chakra whose Awakened Infinite Light Body brings all our dreams into reality.” With deepest Love and Devotion to My Divine Mother, Lady of the Earth, Guan Yin (from the Sanskrit root Guanyin/Kuan Yin/Kwan Yin) “The Divine Mother who perceives the Sounds and Cries of Mother Gaia and Her Children.”

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