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There’s Memory Loss and There’s Memory Loss

In the course of an installment of Heavenly Blessings, host Suzi Maresca asked Sanat Kumara:

“I was going to ask if it would be accurate to say that there’s less of me – or what I would call my awareness – that dwells here in this dimension, presumably somewhere in the 4th, resulting in a sort of memory loss?

“I’ve had conversations that I don’t even remember and it feels like I’m on autopilot to do most of the daily requirements for life as we know it. So I do look forward to having full awareness restored at some point. Can you offer any idea of what needs to take place before that happens?” (1)

Good question, Suzi. If it gets much worse for me … well, I can’t imagine it getting much worse.

Almost everyone I know is afflicted with some degree of memory loss. What’s with it?

Suzanne Lie’s Arcturians attributed it in part to staying in the Now and advised us to go to our multidimensional selves rather than our Third-Dimensional memories.


“Yes, that is an initial adjustment, which you will now be able to work through by channeling the energy – in this case your thoughts—through your crown and directly from your brain.

“In other words, the next time you forget something, instead of searching your physical brain, go directly to the ‘external hard drive’ of your Multidimensional mind.” (2)

Sanat Kumara gave a similar explanation in answer to Suzi’s question and assured us that short-term memory loss was only temporary.

Sanat Kumara: So what is happening is your awareness, conscious, unconscious, subconscious, and what we would call spiritual heart consciousness, is expanding. So it is as if the floodgates are truly opening and in that, because there is such a breadth, there are things that you will not recall because you have not brought the wholeness of your attention, either to that action or to that conversation, because there was a larger part of you elsewhere doing something that you deemed more important.

Suzi Maresca: Right.

SK: Now, is this a permanent state of affairs? No.

SM: Oh good.

SK: The memory will become sharper. But I must tell you, there are times when beings have said to me “Well, Sanat Kumara, do you not remember we had this conversation, it was about 1,000 years ago on CeeCeeCee?” [Laughter] And I must tell you, dear heart, I haven’t the foggiest.

Now, as they remind me, it comes back. I do remember the imprint of the being that is speaking to me, their lustrous beauty, and to me that’s all that counts, unless it was actually anchoring a new planet, or anchoring a higher state of being. Sometimes, the details do escape you. (3)

In one reading with me, Archangel Michael explained my own memory loss, which was happening as far back as 2012:

“And so it is not just the eradication of memory, it is the putting of memory or events ― if I can put it that way ― into their proper perspective.

“Now, I do not mean that your memory is eradicated permanently. But what you are doing right now … and by the way what each of you either have or will experience is a period where all the attention and all the focus of your being is exactly where it has need to be, which is on you, which is on who you are, your essence ― not just your form, for that is incidental; beautiful, precious, but incidental ― and the focus becomes you and the One and the place of being.

“And in that place of being is the love, is the place of connection, where the events, the intricacies, the back-and-forthing basically disappears.

“Now, does it disappear permanently? No. You will have that restoration and that understanding, but for the moment you are exactly where you need to be.” (4)

In later readings, I received his assurance that my memory’s power would return.

Steve Beckow: As I move into that higher-dimensional way of being, will my memory begin to function again?

Archangel Michael: Yes, it will. (5)


Archangel Michael: Your memory, as you call it, will return, adjusted yes, somewhat adjusted because there is a great deal that human beings spend all their time remembering…

Steve Beckow: … that they should forget.

AAM: That is correct. When we say it will be adjusted, that is what we mean.

You may remember very clearly what happened 600 years ago and not remember what you had for breakfast two days ago and that is absolutely fine. (6)

Michael may be referring to a more general memory wipe that happens after Ascension.  This second memory loss won’t be the suppression of the memory itself, but rather a wiping away of individual memories, as Aisha North’s sources suggest.

“For your memory will be wiped clean of all of the duress, and you will not waste another second thinking ‘what if’ or ‘why did I do that’ or ‘why not sooner.’ For then you will begin anew, and you will focus all your energy on creating, not on tearing down or even feeling remorse.

“For that is when you start with a clean slate, and you will have all the colours in the Universe to choose from when you start to make your own first image of the life you are about to start living.” (7)

This broader memory wipe is a necessary element of building Nova Earth, Archangel Michael explains:

“The first element of Nova Earth is the complete eradication of the old. Now, let us suggest to you that much has been done. The last decades, and certainly the last two years, have not been for naught.

“You have let go and cleansed so much, to the point where your generosity has shone not only to us but throughout the galaxies and all over the planet.

“But it is elimination until it is a vague memory, the way it is in so many of the other galaxies.” (8)

Thus, we’ll be going through stages of memory loss. While we’re in Third/Fourth Dimensionality, we’ll have a loss of the ability to remember short-term, for many reasons.

We’ll have it because the flow of information is overwhelming our memories.

As well, we’ll have it because memory loss is designed to help us leave the linear, conceptual Third and enter the flowing, here-and-now Fifth.

It also allows us to relax as much as possible in the face of the chaos around us and to focus more on Ascension than on any drama in our lives.

This type of memory loss we may feel uncomfortable with as long as we’re focused on Third/Fourth Dimensional reality.

However, after Ascension, our memory capability will return but individual Third-Dimensional memories may be eradicated.

Given that we’ll then live in the experience of love, bliss, and joy, I don’t think we’ll feel uncomfortable with this type of memory loss.

I’ve lived in the space of “real” love and bliss for months and can personally vouch that I had very little need of my memory while in it.

Experiencing the divine states I just mentioned leaves a person feeling totally satisfied and not in need of anything save more of the state itself.


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They continue:

“Remember, it was your external hard drive that held all that you had entered into your computer. Therefore, when your computer crashed, you could restore everything that you had lost.

“Now your ‘computer’ is so full, that you have had to store your information on the hard drive and in the Cloud, as the capacity of your computer (3D brain) is insufficient to hold all that information and creativity within your mind.”.

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On Losing One’s Memory and Enjoying it – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


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On Losing One’s Memory and Enjoying it

Sacred 333Back in 1995, I had an outbreak of colitis and was put on a really deadly regimen of Prednizone.  If the colitis didn’t kill me, I thought the Prednizone would.

I lost my memory as a side effect. And, as a configuration-management administrator in a large software firm, I was the collective memory of the production side of our company – the keeper of hardware and software baselines for the different product “builds.”  I was paid to remember.

Now, flash forward to these present times, when I again have lost my memory (many others at the Sedona gathering have also lost theirs, we all discovered), I’m in an entirely-different situation.

Now, I understand that it’s being done to release me from Third Dimentia.

Third Dimentia includes things like my conditioned patterns of behavior, the masks I wear, the lines in my scripts, the facial expressions designed to win the day for me, that special way of walking, all that nonsense.  (I’m 70. I now have my own permission to walk any way I want.)

What gives me ultimate confidence in letting go of all this? Ramana Maharshi did some time ago. He said words to the effect that whatever is real cannot be let go of, try as we might, and whatever is unreal never existed.

Whatever is real cannot be let go of; whatever is unreal falls way.  Only that which is real survives.

What did exist, exists now, and always will exist? Only God. Nothing else.

So, knowing that only the divine continues to exist no matter what, I drop things with careless abandon.  Remember Mary Magdalene telling us to love with abandon? I’m willing, in short bursts, to let go with abandon.

In fact today I watched myself, having gone on a walk, drop everything. Absolutely everything in that moment. What a feeling of peace that created.

AND my willingness to drop it all is helped along the way by the love and bliss that rush in to replace what I let go of, a product of the ever-rising energies. Mother Nature abhors a vacuum and is filling the space of whatever we vacate with increasing amounts of love.

The galactics are said to have a device on their ships where, when you walk through a doorway, everything about you is instantly sanitized and freshened.  It’s as if we’re walking through such a device in very slow motion.

To get back to memory loss: I’m now feeling comfortable with the idea of having lost my memory, after going through my initial shock and fear around the subject (stemming from 1995).

I’m feeling comfortable enough to begin experimenting with it. I allow myself an hour a day to be blissfully without memory and not require myself to do anything about it or apologize for it. I want to see where that’ll take me.

Fortunately I can make it a part of my job (awareness writing). This road seems to lead to blissful ignorance. I what to see what’s really around that next bend.

I’m still living in the afterglow from the Bridge to Now in Sedona. Not ready to return to the real or unreal world but I still haven’t woken up yet either.   You’ll be the first to know if and when I do.



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On Losing One’s Memory and Enjoying it