What’s the Plan for Building Nova Earth? – Steve Beckow

Artwork Painting – Earth by Svetlana Tikhonova at Fine Art America


What’s the Plan for Building Nova Earth?

What’s the Divine Mother’s Plan for building Nova Earth?

Well, the first thing we need to know about it is that it involves us.  We are essential to it, as she tells us here in one of her statements of the Plan:

“This is my Plan. I beckon you. I invite you and now I am reaching out to you. Take my hand that we may go forth in the truest adventure of the co-creation of Earth, of Gaia, of Gaians and humanity and the multiplicity of the kingdoms.” (1)

The Plan is for us to become our creator selves and rebuild the planet:  “To be your creator self is the Plan.” (2)

While Gaians have been at war with each other for almost their entire history, the Plan sees us all come into harmony, as she tells us here:

“To be in the harmony of One … is my Plan, to be in the harmony of love, in that perfect balance of bliss and exuberance and joy.” (3)

It doesn’t lack adventure, she reassures us: “I do not imply that [it] negates adventure. Quite the contrary!” (4)

We cannot become our creator selves without aligning with love, she tells us:

“You cannot fully embody and embrace the totality of your creator self, especially in form, if you are not in alignment with the love, with the will, and even with the divine mind. That harmony necessitates creation and it is also a precursor to meaningful creation.” (5)

We create from a space of love calling love into manifestation in a world entirely built from love.

What’s new about Nova Earth if there’s no love in it? she asks.

“If the love is not present, if the commitment, the demonstration of that commitment is not present in physicality, then how is it Nova Earth? How are you Nova Beings? How does that reflect the anchoring of heart consciousness?” (6)

She acknowledges that she fills us with the inspiration we’ll need to build Nova Earth:

“You are … filled with inspiration, with ideas, with love, with laughter to bring that stillness into form, into matter, into experience, into creation. And right now beloved ones, into the creation of Nova Being and Nova Earth.”  (7)

In 2015, she guided us on how to build Nova Earth.

Divine Mother: Sweet Steve, you have said to me many times: How do we build this Nova Earth?

Steve Beckow: [laughing] Yes, Mother.

DM: And you build it, my beloved son, by claiming the love, by claiming the building blocks, the glue, the dissolving agent, and you use it as your creator self however you choose.

And I support those choices because when we are in harmony, when I am permitted to be acknowledged and loved within you as you are within me, then the choices are always reflective of this forward movement of Ascension. (8)

She asks us to expand our dreams, to think big:

“Michael has spoken on my behalf many times and asked you to dream big. You’re not there yet. So let me infuse you, let me gift you that, as you expand, your creations expand. Your being expands. And the feeling, the knowing, the anchoring of my essence within reach and every one of you expands. Let it be, dear hearts.” (9)

She asks us to start close to home and extend ourselves in a steadily-growing circle.

“Take care of those around you, those within your community — and yes, I do mean your lightworker community — who are in need, and then take care of what your heart dictates. There are some of you who immediately migrate to taking care of the humans, and there are some of you that immediately migrate to taking care of the land, of the oceans, of the seas, of restoring Gaia.

“There are some of you that are moved to reinstate systems, institutions, cultures that support ethical behavior. So do that, because it is always in alignment with your mission and purpose. There are some of you who are moved to take care of the barking animals because they are hungry.” (10)

Many extinct species will return, she informs us.

“Now, in the new world, many species that have been extinct will return. Your cities become places of fresh air and play and gardens. And so some of you will wish to take care of that and be part of that creation. So go where your heart pulls you. Many of you have come to work with your star brothers and sisters, because, do not forget, we know the attention in the moment is on the Ascension and the completion of this wondrous, wondrous anchoring of love.

“But the next phase, dear heart, is the ripple effect out into my universes. So many of you will be focused on working with your star brothers and sisters and the next Ascension.” (11)

Excuse me? The next Ascension? Say what?

Well, yes. Michael revealed in 2011-12 that the next Ascension will happen after a time-out of 200 years.

AAM: When you complete this mission, you are allowed to have 200 years off.  (12)

S: The next assignment is in the Seventh Dimension?

AAM: You will have a choice of planetary systems. This is just the warm-up for [a further] Ascension. It is to bring a further rising of vibrations to those throughout the Universe. 

Hold onto your seat and see you in the Seventh!


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Artwork Painting – Earth by Svetlana Tikhonova at Fine Art America


Transcript ~ Sanat Kumara – Universal Law: Operating System for Nova Earth – Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

Sanat Kumara - unknown artist

Sanat Kumara – unknown artist


Transcript ~ Sanat Kumara – Universal Law: Operating System for Nova Earth, April 27, 2017


Thanks to Mary for this transcription.

Universal Law: Operating system for Nova Earth

Sanat Kumara

An Hour With an Angel, April 27, 2017

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Steve Beckow: Host, InLight Radio

Steve Beckow: Why don’t I let you make your transition and we’ll welcome Sanat Kumara, the Planetary Logos, the being responsible for the human civilization on the planet. He’s from Venus. He’s known to most of the world’s religions. He incarnated or visited as Quetzalcoatl, Ahuramazda for the Zoroastrians, Skandha, Subramanya, Dipamkara, the Lamplighter Buddha. He is Keeper of the Universal Laws and we’re very eager to hear you, Raj.

Sanat Kumara: And I am eager to hear you. Greetings, I am Sanat Kumara. Yes, Keeper of Universal Law, Planetary Logos, and beloved brother of Venus, of gold, of so many experiences. And I have been the Planetary Logos and will be the Planetary Logos until the Plan and the Dream and the desire of the Mother, in this phase, comes to completion.

Let us begin this night by telling you, by sharing with you, my exuberance and joy, for there is new life, greater joy, new experience, new energy upon this planet of love. As you have mentioned, my home planet, if you were to think of it that way, is Venus – also a planet of love. So, I know whereof I speak when I suggest to you, when I tell you, when I share with you the good news…that the quotient of love upon this planet of grace is growing exponentially, every day, every minute, every hour. And yes, we congratulate all of you for committing your hearts, your minds, your beings, to love. Yes, of course, it is an excellent undertaking to do a meditation on love…all together, at once, simultaneously, domino effect, it matters not.

But what I also wish to say to you, “Why, why beloved ones, would you not choose to live your entire life in the luminous glory, the bliss, the sweet satisfaction of love? Why would you choose or proceed in anything else?” I know and I declare that as we speak this night that this message goes forth all over this beautiful planet of Gaia. But I also address you who are lightworkers and love-holders because you have evolved and you are evolving and yes, there is this particular project underway with my brother, Uriel, and that will broaden the pattern of love and anchor more deeply the promise.

But why, and I pose this question specifically, why would you choose to proceed, to live, to exist, to experience, to express, anything other than love? Why would you choose to be or to align with anything other than love? It makes no sense. Now, many of you, and especially in the broader worldwide context, pride yourself on logical thinking…your mental body is overworked and underfed…and so you pride yourself on the logic, or what you think of as logic – which has no basis in sound mental capacity – because you do not choose the love; you choose the ego, or you choose what you believe to be practical. The only practical choice is to align with the Mother’s love…anything else is difficult.

So often we hear, “Oh, I would like to do that; I would like to live in a world of love; I would like to live in a world of kindness or consideration…but, but, but, but, if only…” The truth of the matter is, my friends, that in any other choice, in any other action, in any other behavior, you are making your life more difficult, not more fluid, not more graceful, not easier. You think that you are complying with a paradigm that is fixed in various societies, institutions, but in fact, you are aligning with whispers and vapors that do not exist.

And that is why, as your beloved Planetary Logos, as your brother, as your friend, and as the Keeper of the Laws, I have asked to visit yet again. And that is why I have also begun by saying, let me put it very simply, “Love is winning” and let me also declare in the short run, in the medium run, and in the long run… “Love always wins!” In the case of this planet and in the human illusion that has grown up, it has taken some time. And while you think of this process in terms of thousands of years, we think of it and know of it in terms of millions of years.

We never stop this work of love and we never quit. We never pretend that it is something other than what it is and we always adhere and bring you back to what is the truth. You are entering into a beautiful new realm and chapter of existence; it is what you have asked for, prayed for, worked for, and yearned for. In this realm of existence that you are stepping into and many of you are already within, there is only one operating system. If you want to know how things work then look to Universal Law – it is not codified rules and regulations, it is an understanding of how to proceed and live and be on a planet of love.

Universal Law does not simply pertain to this planet or galaxy, it pertains for all…it is the rules, it is the understanding. So often we hear you and you say, “I’m not quite sure how this works, how this planet works…it is so chaotic.” But the chaos, the hatred, the greed, the abuse that you have all witnessed in various ways, shapes, and forms has come from a lack of adherence, from a deviation from Universal Law.

So, as you progress, entrain yourselves individually leading in stewardship and leadership leading the collective, showing them the way. You retrain, you have already been forging new pathways and what you are doing is saying, “Come, come and follow me.” You are the lead goose, you are the lead duck, you are the lead fish, and it starts, my beloved ones, with the Law of Sacred Purpose.

If you do not know, individually and collectively, what your sacred purpose is and align with that, then what are you aligning with? What are you committing to? What are you following? You are simply following ethers, you are following what does not exist. You are following others and another does not hold the key to your plan, yes, within the Mother’s Plan.

You say, “But I am not sure, Lord. Raj, can you tell me what my sacred purpose is?” And, of course, I most certainly can, I can tell you in the specific detail and I can tell you in the broadest strokes. And if you turn to me I will assist you in that discovery, in that unfoldment, that sheer joy. But what I suggest to you, my evolve, ascending brothers and sisters, is that you do know, you have, maybe diligently, been trying to ignore it, or pretending that it is too grandiose, or that it is too egoic. Stop the ignoring, the pretending. Let go of the facade and embrace yourself in sacred purpose.

There is not a one of you who has come to this planet without a full knowing of why you are here. You may have tried to bury it. You may have been fearful of criticism or exposure or vulnerability. All of that is understood, it is not even a matter, truly, of forgiveness, it is simply a matter of assumption, of assuming your divine authority and right to be in the freedom of who you are, to be in the glory of who you are, not in a way that is hierarchical but in a way that is fully participatory, cooperative, collegial, embracing, unitive. The time for pretending is over. You are assuming your mantle, you already have. Now you have need, my beloveds, to step out into the world.

So many upon this beautiful planet are still feeling or thinking that they are confused. When one claims and declares and begins to truly operate in the clarity and purity and grace that the Mother has given you, it not only acts as role model, as mentor, it bestows courage, valor, bravery, excitement in other people. There is an entrainment, a herd mentality in human beings, you see it all the time… ‘well, if they can do it, I can do it’…and that is perfect.

The nature of this collective is truly to belong, is truly to be part of, but it is part of the love, it is participating and sharing the love. And moving from that place where you simply, in privacy, enjoy the bliss to actually living in action, in undertaking, in co-creation with us using the essence, the energy of love to bring forth what the Mother has already deemed.

You have been staying the course and you have done magnificently well. But fulfillment, my sweet angels, is more than simply staying the course, which continues to be in force; it is stepping into, embracing excitedly, breathing peacefully and excited, at the same time what you are capable of and from that place of sacred purpose and intent to use the Universal Laws.

They are not esoteric, they are entirely practical and this is the operating system for Nova Earth and Nova Being. So, you cannot say, sweet ones, “Oh, I don’t know about Universal Law.” It is time to know. You would not get into a car, or a truck, or a steam shovel without knowing how to turn on the ignition or put the vehicle in reverse or forward or neutral. It is as basic as that.

Now sweet friend, dear Steve, where do you wish to begin?

SB: Well Raj, I’m really torn because I have a lot of questions about the Universal Law but I’m still back with your invitation to ‘be the love.’ When you say that…or it also comes up when you issue an invitation to be a leader, be a financial wayshower or steward, kind of a wall of worry and fear came up, fear of ridicule and voices saying, ‘who do you think you are and who gave you the right and authority? I know that the love you are talking about would sweep away those worries and fears, but I’m not in that love and so long as I’m not…I don’t know how to get into that love in the face of the worries and fears that come up for me.

SK: You have need, yes still deeper, and you are posing a question that many will feel and pose… ‘I’m afraid to be the love’ …that is really what your statements are about because it is not really fear of being a wayshower or a pathfinder because you already are. So, it is fear of the unknown, it is fear of the detail of the unfoldment of the Plan, it is fear of ascension because that again is into the unknown, and it is fear that the Mother is going to reject you

Yes, I’m letting that one sink in.

All of you and all of us exist and carry the very essence, what in human terms you would think of spiritual and physical DNA, of the Mother. So, to be the love isn’t something that you need to become, it is something that you have need to allow to ‘bubble up’ as it were.

Now, why would any being, on your side, on our side, on Cee Cee Cee or Venus, why would any being avoid being the love? It is this concern, illusion yes, but it is real at the same time. If I declare myself as the love, first of all, you are declaring yourself as divine, as an integral part of the Mother/Father/One. And is that not the ultimate hubris, ego, conceit?

But if you do and the Mother finds out – and you know She is a mother, She will always find out – what if She finds out and says, “Oh no, you are not worthy, you are not truly of my heart and loins. You have not earned a place with me. I have not assigned you to this planet or any planet in order to be the fulfillment of our Plan. I have assigned you there so you can prove yourself and you really aren’t that worthy, are you…because look at all the mistakes and missteps you’ve made.”

That is the fear and it is tragic and the fear of stepping forward is “and what if I make another misstep?” And it isn’t about fearing looking foolish. It is about the fear of hurting people or disappointing the Mother. But it also speaks to a fundamental core…yes, we are back to those core issues, are we not?…a core issue of being fearful of being expelled, unacknowledged, and a fear of your own capacity to truly be who you are. Now, that is in the broadest sense.

You are love, your cellular structure, your bones, your breath, your blood, your lymph, your organs are love. We have begun talking to you about this and it is an eye-opener, an awakening for many of you. So, when you say, “I am afraid”, you have two choices. This is ultimately, if nothing else, this is a planet of free choice so you only really have two choices: I can be the love, I can take a wild chance and really, not just try, but be who I am or I can cower in fear and keep batting up against and feeling miserable about my insufficiency. Those are the only two choices.

So, in order to be the love, it actually entails that free will decision. Everything you do and yes, at first it may feel, in human form, balancing your mental, emotional, physical, various bodies, every choice is prefaced by ‘is this of love?’, ‘am I of love?’. ‘am I operating in love?’ And when the answer is no, you go woops, and you correct and you come back because it is your choice to be the fulfillment, yes, of the Mother’s Plan, but more importantly, who you are.

Do you understand what I say?

SB: Well, I do. I’m thinking I often have trouble with the thought that love has become everything and I keep looking for a metaphor because we often understand the unknown in terms of the known, at the intellectual level. That doesn’t necessarily lead to realization but is there any metaphor that you can give me, offer me, that helps me appreciate that love has become everything? Is there anything else in the physical world, for instance, that has become everything…oxygen or…I can’t think of anything?

SK: You are correct because there is only one thing. Think of a seed, one singular little seed that you plant. Perhaps it is a sunflower seed…I am preferential to the gold…and it becomes, from that seed, it becomes a flower. Now, those two things are perceived and experienced very differently. And then the birds come and they eat part of that flower, or the bees pollenate and then it spreads, and it spreads, and it spreads, and then it goes to seed and it dies and it regenerates and it may or may not become something else.

You see, you are looking for a physical explanation for an experiential reality.

SB: Yes.

SK: Everything is love. Now, can we say if we want to play the word game, that nothing is love? No, we cannot. So, it does become confusing at times…I know and I am Planetary Logos and have travelled throughout the multiverse for eons and it is even confusing to me at times. And then I go and I sit at the feet of the Mother/Father/One and it all becomes clear again. And that is what I am asking you to do.

You see, when you start with sacred purpose – and I am bringing you back to rule number one – what it does is it narrows down. That is why I am talking this way…rather than thinking, “this is a planet of love, this is a universe of love, this is the Mother’s Plan of love” it becomes overwhelming… “my skin is love, my liver is love, my carpet is love” …it becomes ridiculous does it not?

So, when you bring it back to your sacred purpose, not in the biggest sense but in the very individual sense, because part of your sacred purpose is to experience love, to know love, and when you have experienced it then you can be it. It is one of those trick questions.

SB: Can I just interject that I have gone through experiences in which I recognized either love, in my field of experience, or bliss and the instant that I recognized them, the instant that I bestowed…no recognized is the word…they completely filled me up and took me over (laughter). Is that what you’re referring to?

SK: Yes. But in that, in that sacred purpose is the practicality of the journey of this lifetime. And the journey of this lifetime…

SB: How is that?

SK: Because you have come – we will use you as an example if you will allow us – your sacred purpose is to be a communicator, is to speak the words of truth because for you, in this your particular sacred purpose, your agreement is to share your perceptions and your knowing of the truth as you know it and as you are coming to know it. And that is one of your experiences and expressions of love. So, it makes it not only tangible, it also makes it applicable to your life, it makes it manageable to your life.

And when you find yourself, whether it is on the blog or in a personal conversation speaking words that are not of truth, not of love, you feel the twinge, you know full well, ‘I am pretending, I am off-track, I am not authentic, I am not being my natural self.’ And that is what we are working with you, not doing for you, not embedding within you, it was already embedded before you arrived, that is what we are working with you to help blossom in each and every one of you, so that you come to know love and be love in every thing you do; not just in deepest meditation or experiences of bliss but how does that translate…we are at the translation stage, we are at the bridging stage…so how do you put that knowing into operation?

SB: So not just brief moments of the experience of this deep love in meditation but actually living in that experience moment to moment to moment to moment you’re saying.

SK: That is correct. And there are times, and it will grow by the way, there are times when you will say, “Well, I know that I am operation with and in the love, I know that I am the love, but it doesn’t feel euphoric today”…but it will. That is the bridge you are crossing. And then, because it becomes your true nature, not even second nature, it reveals and expands your true nature and then anything that is not in alignment with that becomes abrasively discordant. And dealings with other people, because it is a (?) that are not operating from that place becomes abrasively discordant. That is why we have all repeatedly said to you, “Do not engage in the mayhem and chaos. Do not bother any more trying to convince the recalcitrants. Make your side of the fence, as it were, your pathway so attractive, so beautiful and easy that everybody wants to go there; the same way as it once happened that everybody wanted to go to Venus.”

SB: Pathway seems very simple, let go, let go, let go, let go…

SK: And while you are letting go, take action, take action, take action, but make sure, please, that the actions are in the true balance of Universal Law – that when you give, you receive; when you attach, you detach; when you come from above, you come from below. It is the balance…

SB: I don’t understand what that means, Raj…when you come from above, you come from below…

SK: Many of you think to have the experience of the divine that you must go, but in fact, what you are doing is bringing what you have thought of as the above into the below, into your being, and then once it is in your being you are expressing it and experiencing it within yourself and then sending it out to the outer world, so you become a conduit. Think of it as a giant L, so it is directly from the heart of One and the All, into you and out to the greater collective…and when I say the greater collective I mean, of course, this is where we are focused is upon the human race but it travels far, far beyond.

For example, you are recently working with the Porlana C, which by the way is one of my favorite energies – it will transform you in physical reality more than you can even assume, guess, or estimate. But think of it in this way, your star brothers and sisters are pulling it, it is their life force, their divine force, they receive it from the above, they anchor it because it is truly their life force and then they are sending it to the without, they are sending it to each and every one of you. And it is transforming you and you can feel the energy of this change, the higher quotient of electrical energy, the absorption factor, the exhaustion, the exuberation, the fact that you can run a mile and can’t move an inch…you are feeling all of it. This is an example of the above and the below and the L factor, the love factor that you are receiving.

SB: Vitamin L.

SK: It is the crucial vitamin.

SB: (Laughter) Aha…boy, well, the Company of Heaven seems to be doing this multi-level task of moving us all forward in terms of our intellectual understanding, ushering us into new experiences, and giving us the energy with Porlana C and the others that assists with realization and assists with bodily revitalization…what a lot to direct. You are the director are you not?

SK: Yes, I am but I have a few helpers.

SB: You do, okay, how are you doing and how are we doing?

SK: I am doing just famously, thank you and I am excited…you know, I will talk about myself for a moment.

You know you all have days when you are high and you are energized and you feel that you can conquer the planet. And then there are days when you feel like you are on auto-pilot and that it is really same-o, same-o kind of dreary. There was a long period of what you think of as time where there wasn’t a lot of breakthrough in terms of the anchoring of ascension and breakthrough and love upon this planet. There were times when I had certainly, if you would use your experience felt, that my Mother had given me an impossible task or I was simply really not that great at my job and that I was taking way too long and assuming the responsibility that truly lay with me, with my team, and with all of you.

And then there is the time when you feel that you can conquer whatever is in front of you, that there is new life, new dawn, new breakthrough, new energies…and that is where we are. And why am I feeling that way, why are all of us feeling that way? My sweet friends, it’s because of you! You are breaking through, not at the speed of light but the speed of love and it is so fast and because it is beyond your understanding of quantum physics, you don’t perceive it because it happened in a nano second divided by a billion. But you are breaking through. That entrainment that we spoke of early on is happening; oh yes, there is some fish that decide to go on their own merry way – that is okay, they will be back.

So, your question is “How are you doing?” Have you also felt, when you are having one of those ho-hum days and you feel you don’t look your best, that you kind of have circles under your eyes and your hair is disheveled and then someone comes along and says to you, “You look fabulous. Have you been dieting? Did you go on vacation? Have you had a holiday? You look great, it’s so good to see you.” And when that is said to you you think ‘well yeah, it isn’t such a ho-hum day, I feel pretty good and I’m looking even better.’ That’s what we’re saying to you.

You will tend to sometimes fall into the trough of ‘stay the course’ and feel like that is all you are doing and that it is a ho-hum kind of day…no, land is in sight. You are holding the space and you are doing spectacularly well. And then you say, “But Raj, are there enough of us?” The answer is yes. Each of you are working with more than you know, assisting human beings in legion, as are we, and it is an exciting time.

When this job is done, I will continue on…and so will you. But we are not there yet, we’re at this birthing time. Think of it, of yourself, new beings are being birthed. You tend to think of your life as beginning and end and aging in-between. But there are within that lifetime, you said that yourself at different times, “I feel reborn. I feel re-invigorated. I feel like I got a second chance. I feel like I’m starting over again.” And you are! Not because you have in any way, shape, or form failed…you have broken through and you are starting that second adventure. You are at the end and you are at the beginning, altogether at once again. It is an exciting time.

But the new chapter, your operating system is Universal Law and it begins with you embracing every minute detail of your sacred purpose. Was your sacred purpose to be a father or a mother, a friend, a brother, a sister, a writer, a surgeon, a communicator, the first being to operate a starship? Was your job to create Nova Earth, regenerate the earth, the air, the soil? And how? I think that is where most of you are confused, sweet ones…it is the how. When you make the decision, when you hold the intent, the ‘how’ emerges and it is emerging and merging with you right now. You are doing very very well.

As Planetary Logos, I am so proud of you and honored, honored to be working, playing and loving with you.

SB: Thank you, Raj, and of course we are honored to be working with you, probably not for the first time I would suspect. Many of us have probably worked with you in the past, is that not correct?

SK: Oh yes. We are old friends. There are some, what would you call them, newbies upon the planet and they have mostly traveled from various sectors of the universe, but most of us, my friends…we have been at this in and out of various forms for a long time. No, you have this saying upon your planet, “This is not our first rodeo.”

SB: That’s funny. So the younger generation…do you have any words for them before we leave our program? They’re going to be carrying the torch, right?

SK: They are carrying the torch and they will be carrying the torch and what is unusual and very encouraging about this wonderful generation – not just their exuberance but their determination to do what they feel they want to do. It is very hard to dissuade any of this new generation from their path. It is not a matter of fortitude, it is simply a matter of knowing, and that they will do what they need to do and they won’t let anything get in their way. They are claiming this planet as home and they are claiming their circle of love.

SB: I’m afraid we’ve run out of time, Raj. Is there anything you’d like to say in closing?

SK: Begin the next adventure even if you feel, sweet angels, like you are peeking behind the curtain. Go ahead and begin. You won’t find an illusion behind the curtain, you will find me, ready, willing, able to help. Go with my love. Farewell.

Sanat Kumara - unknown artist

Sanat Kumara – unknown artist

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2017 Council of Love, Inc.


“Transcript ~ Sanat Kumara – Universal Law: Operating system for Nova Earth, April 27, 2017,” Channeled by Linda Dillon, at http://inlightuniversal.com/ahwaa-sanat-kumara/


Consider This Your Invitation to Build Nova Earth @ Golden Age of Gaia

Earth Witness Buddha by Sabina Espinet at Fine Art America

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Consider This Your Invitation to Build Nova Earth

As we’ve discussed before, we lightworkers are not only ascending personally (and we’ve ascended before), (1) but we’re also tasked with assisting others to ascend.

One of the ways we’re helping them to ascend is to come into Reval earnings which we can use to fund … well, Nova Earth, really. Isn’t that the case?

Didn’t we say to Archangel Michael some time ago, give us the tools and we will finish the job? Here come the tools.

Lightworkers who’ve agreed to become financial wayshowers and stewards of the Mother’s wealth are asked to use a part of their earnings for philanthropic and humanitarian ends.

Guess what? This gives us our opportunity to vote on how we want Nova Earth to be.  This is our opportunity to manifest, through the funds we receive, the Nova Earth we want.

The moment when we come into our earnings? That’s the moment when we have maximum advantage, influence, and buying power.

At that moment, we have a good chance to call into manifestation, through strategic gifting, matching grants, and collaborative funding, what we only envision about the New World. We’ll have a tremendous say in many matters, the most say we’ll have had to the present moment.

With the power of our coordinated, and, in some instances, combined wealth, we can fund projects that will clean up the planet, reconcile populations to each other, end crime, etc. Oh yes, and feed the hungry and house the homeless.

If we were really smart, we’d agree not to spend our earnings until we meet in congress after the Reval and arrive at an overall plan, revolving around building Nova Earth.  But I haven’t the time to lead such an initiative. What about you? Others must step forward for these ideas to bear fruit.

Perhaps we could have congresses on each of the world’s problems. Resettlement of Syrian refugees. Addressing drought in the Horn of Africa. Addressing starvation in Sub-Saharan Africa. Etc.

Do we want hunger on Nova Earth? No? Then let’s fund those who feed the hungry.

Not us. We don’t feed the hungry. We run a fund that supports others to feed the hungry. It’s an important distinction if we’re to flourish at our jobs.

We create jobs for others. We ourselves keep our hands out of the work. We’re needed to steer the ship of our foundations.

Want us to stop eating meat and set the animals free? Let’s find a non-meat food alternative. Let’s fund a company to make something really satisfying that will get us all off meat.

Is there anyone here who doesn’t realize how widespread the practice of sexual slavery is? Or that American companies are involved in it (what is D-Y-N-A-C-O-R-P)? And for sure the Illuminati are all over it.

How many people pledge to use their money to end sexual slavery on the planet? A hand here. Another hand there. On behalf of the women rescued from wretchedness, thank you.

Let’s house the homeless. Let’s employ the jobless.  Let’s provide a social-safety net of services and money, for a minimum living standard below which no one will be allowed to fall.

If the government stopped buying weapons, we’d have enough to achieve all our goals. Fortunately, we’ll have enough anyways.

We lightworkers are only responsible for this transitional period that we’re in right now: From here (July 2016) to Ascension (Sahaja). After that, the world will exist in what Hindu sages call a “liberated” state (moksha). We’ll all be naturally blissful and there’ll be no such thing as harm to another. Our services will no longer be needed.

Put another way, we’re tasked with achieving, as best we can, a world that works for everyone before Ascension.  Every action that contributes to having the world work is elevating, uplifting, inspiring. In effect, we’re all of us lifting each other up by building a world that works. In building together, we ascend.

Should our funding be coordinated? I think so. But who’ll have the time? Not me. (2) Is there a hand up?

People who know how to do spreadsheets, accounting, graphing, planning, estimating – will you coordinate? Project-management lightworkers? Accounting lightworkers? Estimator lightworkers?

We’ll be focusing on looking in and looking out, in that magic moment of peak possibility, at what we’ll support and, grow and nurture with our gift of abundance from the Mother. This is our chance.

We’re building a world that works for everyone, Nova Earth, Nova Being. We’re leaving behind the oppressive Third-Dimensional vibrations that held us down, including the habits we’ve formed out of them, that persist.  Matthew Ward explained recently that, though we’re out of the Third Dimension as a location, we haven’t broken with Third-Dimensional habits.

“Although Earth and all of her residents are in fourth density location-wise,” he said, “the majority of the populace still is within third density awareness-wise.” (3)

I watched a documentary on Winston Churchill the other night. He made a bollix of a lot of his career before he became Prime Minister. Once in that chair, it became clear that what he lacked was a truly big and challenging position. He was born to be Prime Minister. He was born to oppose Hitler. And anything less and he behaved like a nuisance while as Prime Minister he was the savior of the nation.

Building Nova Earth is a big and challenging project, just the kind to bring out what’s latent in people, truly the best in people.

Let’s build Nova Earth together. Consider this your invitation.


(1) “In your other Ascension lives, all of you (even those who are now lost in darkness) have had Ascension experiences.” (“Arcturian Message – Keeping the Lights ON,” channelled by Suzanne Lie. August 6, 2014, at   http://suzanneliephd.blogspot.co.uk/.)

“YOU are a Multidimensional Being who has volunteered to wear an Earth vessel to better assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension. Your Earth body is the ‘vessel’ you must wear in order to calibrate your state of consciousness with a third-dimensional frequency of reality.” (“Straight Talk on Ascension – Part 3. By Suzanne Lie,” January 26, 2016. http://suzanneliephd.blogspot.co.uk/)

Steve Beckow: But, Lord, could we take that a step further and not only say that most of your listeners are in the process, but that in fact most of your listeners have ascended in a previous life and are here to either model Ascension or help others through? Is that a correct statement?

Archangel Michael: In one way or another, the majority … have gone through a similar process in a different incarnation, in a different reality and lifetime. (Archangel Michael, An Hour with an Angel, Jan. 23, 2012, at http://the2012scenario.com/2012/01/transcript-of-an-hour-with-an-angel-with-archangel-michael-jan-23-2012/.)

“Many of you have been through the Ascension process on other Worlds in other lifetimes. You have volunteered millennia ago to come into the experience of duality on this World so that you might experience the unique interplay between opposing forces that are at play in this World.

“You have mastered many unique challenges upon other Planetary systems and bring these qualities and attributes with you.” (Melchizedek, Oct. 4, 2011, through Marlene Swetishoff, at http://www.therainbowscribe.com.)

(2) You’d have to take up one of these ideas and do it completely yourself. Anyone who takes up an idea needs to be self-generating, self-loving, and free of self-worth and ego-gratification concerns. In other words, a mature spiritual adult.

(3) Matthew’s Message, October 19, 2014, at http://www.matthewbooks.com/mattsmessage.htm.


Consider This Your Invitation to Build Nova Earth

Standing Nervously at the Starting Line ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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Standing Nervously at the Starting Line

Writing 22I had a reading Dec. 10, 2014 with the Boss and he said some things that are so uplifting for me that I feel the need to share them.

He confirmed something I was beginning to suspect: (1) that I’m writing a book on creating Nova Earth and (2) that he’s collaborating with me on it. For me, it’s a demonstration of spiritual partnership between the two halves of the Company of Heaven on the two sides of the veil. Here is that conversation:

Steve Beckow: Are you writing a book through me on building Nova Earth?

Archangel Michael: Are we writing a book together? Yes we are.

SB: Yes we are, because I’ve been sensing that there’s a book coming out.

AAM: Yes, and it is more important than answering emails.

I had been grousing about workload. His recommendation: Enroll a personal assistant. More on that later.

SB: Oh gosh, I really do know that. This is important.

AAM: This is important, and this is the laying of the foundation, the groundwork, and the practicality – the how to, the understanding of how to proceed, and what the guidance is. So yes, dear heart, we are writing a book. (1)

I told him I felt myself out on the skinny branches here and asked for a sign that would reassure me he was there.  It isn’t my practice to hide the “warts and all.”  So here is me cringing in the corner at the thought of this assignment.

Steve Beckow: I worry that my inspiration will fail me.  I mean I’m really out there on the skinny branches here, so is there some signal you could give me that tells me that you’re there and that my inspiration will not fail me?

Archangel Michael: The sense of knowing I am with you is two-fold: first it is the sense of being inspired, and being inspired in word-patterning, sentence structure, word usage, and paragraph usage that is not your normal style.  And the introduction of ideas that have you say, “Where did that come from?”

How you know when we are truly working together, is the sense – and it is a combination – of deep peace and excitement and such a level of gratitude that you want to cry.

When you feel that your fingers are itching and there is nothing that can stop you, that is me.

SB: That’s very good. Well, you know, here I am writing a book on building Nova Earth and I’ve never built anything in my life.

The topic is about as wide as it could be. It involves seeing things transformationally, such as seeing with what Werner Erhard used to call “above-the-line,” transformational or conscious awareness, which I’m not operating out of at the present time. So what’s your advice to me as I approach a topic which is way out there in front of me?

AAM: Stop assuming that you aren’t there and allow the expansion to be completed. I am not asking you to do something that you are not equipped to do.

SB: Okay, thank you for that.

I sat down a few minutes ago because the joy was mounting to such an extent that I felt I had to type.

I don’t say a collaboration as in “Oh, what a good boy am I.” If anything I find it embarrassing to be talking in these terms and my natural instinct would be to avoid them.

But we need demonstrations of how the Company of Heaven on both sides of the veil can work in spiritual partnership.  Someone has to illustrate what it looks like and this book is one such demonstration.


(1) Personal Reading between Steve Beckow and Archangel Michael through Linda Dillon, Dec. 10, 2014.


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Lightworker Collaboration in the Game of Workability – Part 1/2 ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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Lightworker Collaboration in the Game of Workability – Part 1/2

Hub 4It’s sometimes easier to visualize a relationship if a diagram is used. I’d like to offer a very rough diagram that Kathleen and I developed to illustrate the collaborative relationship among lightworkers who come together to build Nova Earth.

We think of the structure illustrated in the diagram as a Mandelbrot set. (1) A Mandelbrot set is a basic design that replicates itself, no matter how small its subunits become.

We offer a basic design and we hope that it replicates itself throughout the lightworker community, at every level.

It illustrates one way that lightworkers can collaborate to build Nova Earth.

Our diagram reflects the fact that people seem to take one of two positions in a project: either they provide services to the outreach teams or else they carry a definite good or service out to the larger community.

Mandelbrot set 3

Because it helps memory to draw on a metaphor, let’s call those who provide services to the outreach team the “baseship.” In the diagram above, the baseship is the same as the “hub.”

Let’s call the ships going out into the community and back again again the “outreach ships.” They represent lightworkers who enter fields like social work, medicine, environmental protection, journalism, spreading their light outwards, into the community.

They come back to the baseship for needed services and rest – planning, coordination, financing, resupply.  When replenished, they return to the field.

What hub and outreach come together to resolve is an end to all the unworkability on Earth that stands between us and the Ascension of the greatest number of people.

So there is actually a game to play, as Werner Erhard would call it, a noble activity occurring, to which we give the title of “building Nova Earth” and “building a world that works for everyone.”

The people on the baseship or at head office don’t offer services to the general public and the people on the outreach ships or in the field don’t take care of project accounting, coordination, planning, etc. Both teams on a project are necessary and both do different work.

Many teams collapse because the hub and the outreach think they work at cross-purposes; they don’t collaborate and they don’t see why they should.

One cannot do without the other and have a hope of success in the game of workability.

Perhaps imagine your local meet-up organizing itself along lines such as these. Instead of people saying they don’t know what to do next or they can’t get along with the other person because their aims are so different, we might now have lightworkers who recognize that they all perform different roles and that all roles are needed.

Some may see the way the total fleet (baseship and outreach ships) operates.  Some may see what the way forward is for them. Some will get that, without the total fleet operating as one, not much can be accomplished.

If we saw the need to organize ourselves in hubs and outreach, lightworkers could form a unit of basic design capable of delivering promising project work.

I believe that one could examine most organizations and see that they organize and orchestrate action to cause the hub and the outreach to work well together. They know that the success of the organization depends on it.

The successful teams are the ones who dance well together. The unsuccessful teams argue with each other and go their separate ways.  I’m in part speaking from my own invaluable experience of teams.

The meet-ups are the nascent hubs. In time outreach lightworkers will partner with the spiritual hub to form a symbiotic relationship.  This is “spiritual partnership” at the level of the group. I consider that the Nova Earth team has achieved this.

When the meet-up becomes a fully-functioning team of lightworkers building a world that works for everyone, its promise will have been been fulfilled.

(Concluded tomorrow.)


(1) See “The Mandelbrot Set” at http://www.math.utah.edu/~pa/math/mandelbrot/mandelbrot.html


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Creative Energy – The New Paradigm ~ Linda Dillon @ council of Love

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Creative Energy – The New Paradigm

July 24, 2014

The following is a discussion from the July 19, 2014 Saturday Conference Call. Normally these conversations are not shared but the insight from the Council on this difference between creative and non-creative energy is essential. The COL is guiding us to ensure we are remaining in the creative energy of Love. What does that mean?

It’s fascinating, is that what they are saying is that when you are in what we would call the old 3rd dimensional energy, and many of us are there sometimes either to do our work or because we simply slip and slide, is that that energy, the lack, the limitation, the cruelty, control, lust, and greed, are really up for grabs right now. When we are in that energy it is non-creative energy and what they are telling us is that that energy, and it’s encouraging to talk about this, that energy has no creative power. It has only the power to stall, act like fear, freezing, act as an obstacle that needs to be manoeuvred around or overcome, but it has no power to really create and certainly not to create Nova Earth and the inter-dimensionality that we are all ascending to.

Whereas when we are in the love energy, and all of us in various ways are feeling the Mother’s Tsunami of Love, and when you are traveling inter-dimensionally, which I strongly encourage all of you to do, is that you feel nothing but the love, is that that’s the creative energy, the joy energy, the divine quality energies, the grace energies that really have the power to create and create the new. So when you are going about your busy day, or not busy day, it’s just really important that you be paying attention, that you are staying in that higher energy, otherwise you are just getting basically trapped, in, you know, the construction zone where you are sitting in your car for an hour just getting frustrated.

Caller: …But isn’t this where the work is needed? Well, I’ve just asked like, “Why can’t I just go to the 7th?” I read that in your book about the whole thing between the 5th dimension and the 7th dimension, but the 3rd dimension is where we’re needed, it’s where the work is.

LD: No, but if you are thinking, and I’m glad that is a great question, but if you are also listening to the InLight Radio shows particularly Heavenly Blessings where we have been doing this kind of the hands on work, most recently with St Germaine, but on an Hour with an Angel as well, is that you don’t want to anchor yourself in the old 3rd. Where ever you go, whatever you do, think of it as we as human beings have the inter-dimensional realities, 1 through 12, available to us. That is how the realm of human experience on Gaia was created. The old 3rd, what we call the old 3rd, which now when you look at it is just vapours, it’s not even solid, it’s just like mist. You don’t…no they are correcting me…you can’t really anchor there, because there is nothing solid to really anchor on. It’s like in our human reality if you are trying to stand on a cloud it’s not really going to work very well for you if you are in your body.

So we send our energy, we send our creative energy, our love energy, our healing energy, our raising the vibration energy, however you think of it, we send that to the old 3rd and people who are clinging to that cloud, but we don’t live there. The physical experience we are having is at the lowest, and I don’t want to use that term as in ‘hierarchy’ but just in terms of numerology, is the cleaned up 3rd, which is the place to have a physical experience and to have the experience of free will. But we are not trapped in just being in the new 3rd, because simultaneously we are traveling into the 4th, the 5th, the 7th, the 1st. Please don’t forget the 1st and 2nd dimension, they are vitally important. Traveling up to the 10th and 11th to hang out with the masters, but we are not restricted. So we send the energy into the old 3rd, but try your best, don’t live there.

Caller: Linda, it’s so interesting that you say that this morning, customers coming into work this week there have been some horrific, horrific things that people are going through, violent, awful things and in meditation this morning I’ve had a really hard time dealing with that energetically because customers I had known being murdered and all sorts of stuff going on. Sanat Kumara had me have a look at my energy field in my heart and it was in two. The words he used I remember he said that is dead energy. And so that is exactly what you are talking about, I hadn’t thought about it in terms of non-creative energy and have never heard them use that exact terminology before.

LD: Yea. They are giving us new…you know the energy has shifted so significantly, you must have noticed that Mother Mary is talking to us in ways that she’s never talked to us before. So is St. Germaine, so is Ashira, they are being more blunt with us. Yes it is kind, it is loving, it’s uplifting, but there is directness, as if they are speaking to beings that are more spiritually aware and evolved. So they are telling us more really like it is and what we really can do and what is not going to serve. So dead energy, that is pretty clear. And this started for me when the whole thing started to decline again in Iraq, because you know that is very distressing with ISIS, basically for me it brings up all the memories of the holocaust because people are being lined up and machine gunned down after they have dug their own trenches to fall into and then just bulldozed over.

This is horrendous, horrendous stuff and it’s like we are in the middle of it and here we are in Ascension? So the key is not to go and engage in that energy, send it, send it special express. We have our Peace meditation tomorrow night let’s focus on the Middle East; it’s a tinderbox but don’t go and sit in it. And it reminded me, because years ago I went and I lived in Saddam Hussein’s house and confronted the guy and had interactions, it was like meeting the devil if the devil ever had a form, it was terrifying. But they are not telling us to do that kind of thing anymore, it’s like send the energy, but don’t sit in the energy, don’t live there.

Caller: So how do we not, I understand when you say not engaging in the drama, but do we bring ourselves to the 13th Octave?

LD: That is a great idea, bring yourself to the 13th Octave, anchor in that fourth click into Gaia and then go about your day, but it’s even more practical than that. You know sometimes you can go to the supermarket and let me tell you, I am not a shopper, so going to the supermarket is one of the more challenging things. The lights, the really tall isles, I’m really short, its overwhelming, there is too much of everything in the store, including people with all their energy going crazy because they are worried that they have to stretch their dollar as far as it will possibly go. For me it’s really hard energy. But sometimes you can put yourself in the space and you can waltz through the supermarket and you are in the Love and you have such a wonderful time, you know from the moment you walk in, to the moment the guy helps you with your little buggy to the car. And that is the Love energy. And other times you go in and sometimes someone bangs you or looks at you or says something grumpy and you come right back and you match their energy, you get grumpy all of a sudden and you think, ‘oh, I hate being here.’ You can’t go there. So when you find yourself doing that you have to go quickly put your hands together and click yourself up and raise yourself up, don’t go to that stalled energy.

Caller: Linda, I wrote you about my experience with my sister over the weekend, two weekends ago, how I just didn’t buy into any of the negativity that she had and I wasn’t aware of choosing not to do it until a day or two later, but then it lasted two more days and am I correct in saying she was in the 3rd and I was in another? It was a breeze for me not to enter into her energy field and prolong any of that.

LD: You didn’t buy into it, that’s a really good example because the other thing that happens is that it puts you back in the sludge; but if you stay in the higher dimensions then you just…it does become a breeze and it becomes pleasant, it’s like an enjoyable experience.

Caller: So this is something I come up against, do I say something to the person like ‘I’d really rather not…or can we talk about something a little more uplifting’ or do you just let them vent and just not ask questions?

LD: It’s different in every situation. This is where our discernment comes in, because, you know, sometimes if you say something it’s just going to escalate the situation and sometimes saying something can instantly shift the situation, so it just depends. I wanted to share with you, years ago, when I was living in San Diego, we had a class for people who were training to be teachers for the Council of Love and at the end of the weekend we went out for dinner together and we were all in a very high, celebratory space. We went to this wonderful restaurant down by the harbour, Harbour House. When we walked in we were seated next to a family who were literally abusing their kids’ right in front of us, yelling and nasty. It was awful. So for those of you who know LaHoChi we began to use that position and just flaming or violet torching that table. And the energy changed. No one said a word, but we all started sending the energy and that table changed immediately. By the end of dinner it was like they were our new best friends and the kids were running all around laughing. But we didn’t say a word. So it just depends. Use your discernment.


creative energy linda dillon