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Art Hans Amis known as An He Guangzhou - China

Art :  Hans Amis known as An He Guangzhou

A Message to Lightworkers – November 6, 2014

A Message to Lightworkers – November 6, 2014

The latest guidance for those on the Ascension path, from our friends, the fifth- and sixth-dimensional beings known as the Collective:


Greetings, dear ones! We are glad to have the opportunity to speak with you again today.

There is a full moon raging now, brilliant behind the clouds that hang heavily in the part of the world from where our writer transcribes this message.

It is carrying higher energies, unbeknownst to even the finest of astronomers, and messages to the subconscious of humankind. Those messages are contained in the Light that is coming directly from your sun, which is in turn reflecting the Light of the great Central Sun of Alcyone.

These energies and their higher vibrations cannot be mistaken for anything other than what they are: They are being sent to humankind at this time as part of an essential upgrade to your DNA and higher consciousness-awakening.

They are there for a specific reason, for though it may appear that governments, military operations and economies are imploding—and elections are being bought and sold, swayed by what you term Big Money—nevertheless, the great moment of Awakening is occurring. And every sacred symbol in air, word and construct of any kind is holding that higher Light, and sending its innate energies out en force to multiply the effects of it.

This is being done so that humanity will awaken more quickly and more fully in these days of recall–of remembering who you are, why you have been born onto the Earth at this time, and your soul’s very signature, including the secret language that only you can decipher, in which it speaks to you of your greatest abilities, your greatest desires, your highest calling and your greatest mission.Full Moon3

For all of you are here now not merely to evolve as individuals, though that is a high enough order.

You are here to aid in the Ascension of your entire human race, taking with you all the animals, plants and every ounce of your natural world with you.

Indeed She is already in the fifth dimension, your beautiful Earth. But for you it is a new and strange idea, to be made of crystalline composition that is Light in matter, instead of the carbon molecules and greatly reduced DNA structure that your scientists have considered to be normal for so long.

It is not normal, nor is it preferable. You were caught and forced into that situation millennia ago, but it is now being righted. And so we would beg you, whatever country you live in, not to look at your news channels and decide that all is lost.

We would ask you to look up to the skies and see, or if you cannot see him, feel the Light of the moon as it shines upon the Earth and understand that the completion of your work and your higher intentions is to be had, for the asking.

Understand that you have not been abandoned to any lower order of things, but are instead being guided to join a great stream of higher thought and intention, a higher order of peace, prosperity and soul guidance.

Full Moon4 The Soul we refer to is that of your planet and your race—for these things have souls, as well as your individual selves.

Indeed all created persons and things have a higher aspect which is their ideal, nonmaterial self, which calls to them and encourages their highest inclinations.

You have not been left to the inhumanities of the dark ones, however it may occasionally seem that they are “winning” their terrible competition for control of your minds, hearts and souls.

That was only ever a false construct, and one that has gone on for too long, and is ending.

We ask you to look up and to concentrate more now, than you ever have, on reaching the “finish line” as you would say.

Concentrate on the Truth finally being spoken in your halls of government, education and commerce.

Concentrate and visualize as often as possible the end to what has been termed the Truth Embargo.

Image the doors swinging wide open to the Truth of our presence, of Earth’s true history, of the truth regarding where science, space exploration, governments, religions, banking and finance truly are, and what they have long belonged.Cliff at Sunrise

For the lies and cover-ups can no longer continue in the astrological season which you have entered, nor will humanity be inclined any longer to tolerate them, or to feel that they are bound to tolerate them, whether all individuals are aware of the truth or not.

Be known, Truth! Come to our Earthly home, and shine as brightly as ever you have shone!

For the people of Earth and all Her angels are singing, and ready to receive you, and we know the time has come, at last has come.

Namaste! We celebrate with you, and send our Light, and great encouragement to you all.

Copyright 2014, Caroline Oceana Ryan

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Art Hans Amis known as An He Guangzhou - China