On Sacred Partnership โ€“ Part 1/5 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


On Sacred Partnership โ€“ Part 1/5

Steve is on holiday until Aug. 25, 2017.

These are excerpts from a new bookย On Sacred Partnership.ย  Itโ€™s not quite completed and will be posted to โ€œDownloadable Booksโ€ as soon as it is.

We write on what we need to learn.ย 

I my case I need to learn these arts from the ground up. Hence an in-depth introduction.

What is sacred union?

Ashira: Sacred Union is a meeting of the Souls, and this is what you are truly beginning to experience in your own evolution on Earth. Before, you used to think โ€“ I do not mean you, sweet One โ€“ but you collectively often felt that Tantra was the highest form of prolonged union, or heightened ecstasy and union. Take it twenty-two steps further โ€“ it is a union of the heart, the mind, the body โ€“ and the Soul.

And when you are in that form of Union โ€“ not only is it profound joy โ€“ it can sustain you for thousands of years. When you join with another like this โ€“ and that is what we do โ€“ the bond very rarely can or would be severed.

Now, that does not mean that we do not acknowledge that people, individuals, will go off and have assignments and missions and things that they must attend to, but the bond, the Love, the Union โ€“ does not break. It is not a whim and it is not a one-time occurrence because we also come together again and again and again and again, and each time the Sacred Union is strengthened. It is completely by choice, and yet in so many ways when it is done and in place, it is so beyond choice. It is merely the way of the Universe of Love. โ€ฆ

There are many forms of Sacred Union and not all of them have been addressed, for there is a wealth of information. But what I wish to say as we begin today, there is the individual Sacred Union โ€“ soul to soul, heart to heart, person to person โ€“ but there is also Sacred Unions of Collectives โ€“ of heart promises, love and caring of Collectives โ€“ so we, we of the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies, and I do not mis-speak if I say that all of the various Commands hold this vision and this knowing, this commitment.

We are in Sacred Union with you โ€“ not only with each other, but with you โ€“ and particularly with you who are awake, who are aware not only of our presence but of our Love. To us, of course, always in honor to the Mother and to Universal Law which we will never break.

But what this Union means in a very practical sense is we tend to you, we tend to all of you, that is why right now we send you the Pink Light โ€“ Pink Cocoon. We do not betray you, we do not usurp your power, we honor you โ€“ we honor your brilliance, your Light, your commitment, your pathways. (โ€œTranscript: Heavenly Blessings ~ Commander Ashira Returns for a Further Discussion on Galactic Life,โ€ channeled by Linda Dillon, March 25, 2014, atย http://goldenageofgaia.com/2014/03/30/transcript-heavenly-blessings-commander-ashira-returns-for-a-further-discussion-on-galactic-life-march-25-2014/.)

Divine Mother: Your greatest desire is to be in union โ€“ with us, with your guides, with your beloved sacred union partner, and with each other. When you enter into unity consciousness โ€“ think of it as the implosion and explosion of heart consciousness โ€“ it is you surrendering and at the same time assuming responsibility for the truth and the totality of who you are, all aspects, all parts โ€“ integrated divinity.

In unity consciousness, the fear of not being unique and special disappears because the knowing, the wisdom, the sublime bliss of being love is enough to let down your barriers and joyfully, ecstatically, without defenses โ€“ without what you would call vasanas โ€“ to join in genuine cooperation, admiration of each other, of the uniqueness of your gifts, of the unique expression you have chosen, and I have chosen for you. And so this sense that if I conjoin I lose something is gone. (โ€œTranscript of the Divine Mother: Density is Unloving Emotion; Love is Lightness of Being,โ€ March 6, 2015, atย http://goldenageofgaia.com/2015/03/06/transcript-of-the-divine-mother-density-is-unloving-emotion-love-is-lightness-of-being/.)

(Continued in Part 2.)


The Universal Laws: What, How, and Why โ€“ Part 1/5 – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia



The Universal Laws: What, How, and Why โ€“ Part 1/5

Kathleen has awakened my interest in universal law.

Poor Raj (Sanat) has come onย Hour with an Angelย orย Heavenly Blessingsย every year to press us to learn how to work with the laws. And I for one have not really taken him up on the subject, at least so far.

However, having actually invoked various of the laws and gotten positive results, Iโ€™m beginning to get just an inkling of how matters in this area might work.

I look forward to posting more on the individual laws the Company of Heaven says are important to our ascension.

Here, we begin with a series introducing the divine laws.

I use the question-and-answer format to cover as much ground as possible, as quickly as I can.

Why do we have Universal Law?

Sanat Kumara: Why do we have Universal Law? It is the rules โ€ฆ of how things work, and they do not change.

So one of the issues that you are working with is you are in an environment, a situation, of constant change, whether you acknowledge it or realize it or not. And so, when you refer to the law, you have a framework within which to work with that constant change, and to go to the place of balance. (1)

Sanat Kumara: Universal Law is โ€ฆ the framework upon which you come to understand how things work. It is part of the universal grid. It is part of the understandings of how things happen or donโ€™t happen, and the alignments that one can gain in terms of your own process of Ascension and return to the source of One.

So it is the framework upon which creation, what you have called the Divine Qualities, everything hangs. It is the grid upon which you come to understand how things work.

It is peculiar, is it not, that you have, as a human collective, of all breeds, such an obsession with this word โ€œlawโ€? You have judicial law. You have laws of mathematics, quantum physics, but you do not have, and you have not aligned fully or completely with, Universal Law.

And yet it is the starting point and it is the finishing point. And when you are in alignment with Universal Law, you come to a place of understanding of how to position yourself, particularly within time and space, how your actions, or inactions, or sense of being, can be measured and reflected. (2)

Sanat Kumara: When we said to the Mother, and the Mother said to many, โ€œHow will the beings, not only on Earth, not only upon this beloved jewel, Gaia, how will they understand how to construct, how to proceed?โ€ it was the understanding of the law, of how things work. Just like your scientific or natural law.

Now, you do not go about every single day thinking, or feeling, โ€œAm I in alignment with the law?โ€ whether it is human law or natural law. It is the way of being.

Now, many of the human laws that have evolved are not at all in alignment with Universal Law. And that is where things have gone awry and where false grids and paradigms have grown up, and actually assume the illusion of solidity.

But they do not have a reference point in the heart of One. And then people become disenchanted, disillusioned, disappointed, because they think they are adhering to law, and it is not having the results of creation that they desire. But it is because they have not taken the time โ€” this is not a criticism; now is the time โ€“ to understand this body of law. So the law as it exists, to answer your question, to assist you and many far beyond Gaia to understand how things work, is actually very simple. (3)

(To be continued in Part 2, tomorrow.)


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