Beautiful art : Kusaba Kazuhisa




*Meaning “Pillar of Light blazing in the Unbound Space of Divine Mother’s Love”

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The Buddha Mandala with the Syllable OM Mani Padme Hum by Lanjee Chee @ Fine Art America


The ten shaktis or empowerments we discussed in Part 1 have ten symbols, which open ten portals.

They are light language, called seed syllables.

Here is a simple way to practice opening the portals.

I will use as an example, the Fire Shakti empowerment.

Adopt a simple relaxed posture with your spine straight.

As you read this, and sit or lie straight, begin to breathe.

“Breathing in, I am aware of the Light Language within me

Breathing out, I manifest the Light Language in my Heart”

Devote yourself to the Guru within or without, Lama, Angelic Being, Bodhisattva, Elder or whatever you wish to dedicate your path of pathlessness to.

Visualise in front of you a light sphere, like the full moon, about the size of a pea.

On it is written the letter ‘a’ in the colours of the rainbow as finely written as if on a hair.

The symbol for the letter ‘a’ looks like this in sanskrit

(in Siddham – the script of the Siddhas)


or like this in Tibetan


or your heart may reveal its own symbol.

Remember, “You are the Master”.

Focus your mind without distraction on the ‘a’

If a thought arises, recognise it through mindfulness and return to focusing on the ‘a’

If your consciousness becomes drowsy visualise the sphere blazing with light and the ‘a’ as a bright glittering letter

If your consciousness becomes distracted imagine the ‘a’ as very vivid dark blue.

Once you become accustomed to this letter visualise others like OM


or AUM


or any other Light Seed Syllable corresponding to your path.

Light Language is the essence of your True Self’s body, voice, heart and mind.

Once you can visualise this Light Syllable constantly, try visualising a mantra of seed syllables or Light Language circulating around it. This could be a rosary of a mantra, prayer or chant or a visual symbol.

This is OM MANI PADME HUM as an example. 


It can be much simpler, like a visual symbol of this mantra, if you identify with it, like jewels of purity, wisdom and unity circling the Light Syllable OM.

Once you can do that with clarity, embed the seed syllable in your heart and rotate the mantra around your heart.

Once this practice is stabilised, visualise yourself as the deity of your choice, like Guan Yin, or Christ, or Buddha, or Mary Magdalene while focusing your attention on the Light Language in your Heart surrounded by the rotating mantra, prayer or chant, or visual symbol.

When you have a moment after a cup of tea during your busy day do let me know what you experience or discover.

Love and soul blessings

Altair and Mother …


Tibetan Mantra -OM Mani Padme Hum



Son Of Lord Krishna, Son Of Lady Guan Yin, conscious walk-in from the Pleiadian Dolphin Isle Daenkus.

I am here to do the work of My Mother in assisting both in Mother Gaia’s ascension and by walking the Path of the Bodhisattva in seeking Krishnahood, Christhood, Buddhahood and healing for all beings.

Love and Blessings from the Source. Stephen/Altair gate gate pāragate pārasaṃgate bodhi svāhā ག༌ཏེ༌ག༌ཏེ༌པཱ༌ར༌ག༌ཏེ༌པཱ༌ར༌སཾ༌ག༌ཏེ༌བོ༌དྷི༌སྭཱ༌ཧཱ། “go, go, go beyond, go thoroughly beyond, and establish yourself in enlightenment”


A teacher, healer and mystic guiding the Way of Love, Unity and Harmony for the New Gaia that we are co-creating. He teaches that We are the Way and that our freedom to be our True Self is the key to transformation. “The miracles of God lie within Us. We are the Light. We are the Temple of the One Chakra whose Awakened Infinite Light Body brings all our dreams into reality.” With deepest Love and Devotion to My Divine Mother, Lady of the Earth, Guan Yin (from the Sanskrit root Guanyin/Kuan Yin/Kwan Yin) The Divine Mother who perceives the Sounds and Cries of Mother Gaia and Her Children.

Gratitude to artists & photographers for their beautiful art – credit is given where this is known. Any queries, please contact me, Shekinah 

Our Journey to New Earth Part 2 @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie


Our Journey to New Earth Part 2, by Those Who Are Ascending through Sue lie


Our Journey to New Earth


Those Who Are Ascending

Our Journey Continues

I must admit that most of our journey through the fourth dimension was the process of visiting higher and higher frequencies of what was called “Mystery Schools.” Some of us went into the energetic patterns that we began to call “Mystery Schools,” and some of us stay at the threshold of the energy pattern to let us know if we needed to leave them.

Actually, it was inside of these Mystery School energy patterns that we met more beings that joined our groups. We called them humans because they had a similar form as humans, but their energy patterns were quite different from ours.

We started out as a relatively small group of men and women who had not had any kind of esoteric teachings. We were just regular people who had no idea or even forewarning of what we were about to experience, but our new friends somehow expanded our consciousness.

Now you might think that that would make us frightened, but our new friends gave us a constant feeling of Unconditional Love for ALL life. This feeling was so welcoming and felt so totally safe, that we totally trusted them.

Therefore, we just “let go” into this unknown experience, and wondered if we were having some kind of group illusion. It was not until we crossed the Threshold into what we called “New Earth” that we realized that we had actually left all illusion behind us.

I will try to explain the sensation of “crossing the threshold,” but I am not sure I can put that experience into words. We had left a reality so filled with lies and illusions that the third dimensional energy field had become normal.

Then, when we came to Threshold New Earth, our concepts of time and sequence completely disappeared from our minds. It is for this reason that I document our journey here on Threshold New Earth, as I know we will likely lose all connection to third dimensional thinking once we move beyond this Threshold.

Therefore, please, allow me to go back in sequence to the first sensations of our experiences of the progressive versions of New Earth. I say “progressive” because once we crossed the “energetic threshold, we found ourselves in the next octave of New Earth. As you may see, my manner of thinking and communicating is beginning to change.

I had never thought in terms of “octaves of Earth,” but since we cross the Threshold, that term seems very normal. In fact, it has been the same for our entire group, which somehow keeps getting larger and larger. Sometimes, we feel another human energy field join us, but other times, we just suddenly realize that our group has grown much larger.

I think I might be able to explain the concept of “octaves of New Earth.” After we crossed the Threshold, and after more beings joined us, we began to have a group inner knowing that just as there are octaves of sound, there were also octaves of form and of the space through which those forms may travel.

You might think that one octave is higher or lower than the others, which they were for a while. However, once we crossed the threshold, time and space began to disappear. There was only the NOW in which we were HERE.

The strangest part is that we had no problem with that total shift in our manner of perception. Somehow we were all adapted within the same NOW to an Earth reality that was totally different from any of the incarnations that any of us could remember.

It was within that NOW of realization that our Higher Selves began to merge with our consciousness and with our ever-shifting and gracefully flowing forms. Yes, as I relive that experience I can see how we all flow like cloud beings with vaguely humanoid forms.

I was told by a huge like by a Light being who identified itself as my Higher Self, that I was to be a reporter or a scribe. What that meant was that it is would be my Mission to report our journey to those who are still bound to their experience of physical Earth.

Now, before I go backwards to explain each of the versions of New Earth that our group moved beyond, I want you to know that I was just a “regular person” on 3D Earth. I still have no idea how I was chosen to partake in this marvelous event, but I do live in constant thanksgiving for this great privilege.

Therefore, before I go back to the beginning I want to share the main thing that I learned which is the power of gratitude. I will go into this concept more deeply later, but I want to say now that it was because our groups were able to be thankful for our experience that we could continue past the threshold and on to New Earth.

You see, Gaia is a free will planet. I had no idea what that meant. However, my Higher Self told me that we took a body on 3D Earth to learn how to be the Masters of our free will. I still do not understand how I mastered my free will, but perhaps it occurred when I chose to listen to and follow the directives of my inner voice.

I must admit that the most challenging directive was to “feel” the inner voice. The second greatest challenge was to find the courage to “share” my experience with others. I doubted that I would be able to share our journey with anyone on physical Earth, but I guess that is what I am doing now.

“How am I able to communicate with you?” I hear you asking. The answer is that just as I am to be a scribe in the fifth dimension, I was directed to be a scribe living on the third dimension. I started telling her my story many months ago in her time, but she stopped listening to me.

I could tell that she was thinking that my story was perhaps something she had “made up,” and it was far to “weird” to share with others. However, I finally was able to remind her of our “group’s project,” by reminding her that she too, as well as several of her friends, have joined us on our journey.

Yes, I hear you wondering how she can write what I am sending her when she is with me. The answer to that question is that, since we passed into the fifth dimension, time and space has no meaning. We resonate to the fifth dimension, just as the Galactics do.

Hence, just as the Galactics can communicate with humanity while using a fifth dimensional form, we too can communicate across time and space, because to us there is NO time and No space.

Since we have crossed the threshold into this higher frequency of reality, all the rules of our third dimensional reality are left behind. We have come into a frequency where there is only HERE and NOW.

We, you note that “I” no longer think of me as an individual, but rather as a member of our group consciousness. We know that individuality is very important on third dimensional Earth, and we can choose that experience in the fifth dimension if we desire.

However, the feeling of unity with all life is so safe and embracing, that we seldom make that choice. You see we do not lose anything by returning to our higher dimensional self. In fact, we regain a great deal of what we forget we lost when we entered our third dimensional vessels.

Just as you may have an antique car that you enjoy taking out of the garage for a drive, but use your modern car for daily life, we prefer to function as our fifth dimensional self, but may eventually “take a spin” in our earth vessel.

But, it is the NOW to continue our journey. Unfortunately, we have used all the “time” that you may have to read our entry. Therefore, we will return when you have had enough “time” to read our message so far.

We leave you with the message that if you feel you are drawn to our story, it is likely because you are among our ever-expanding group. (Please note that I am now speaking primarily as “we” rather than my once individual “I.”) Be not concerned that you are also wearing an earth vessel, as your SELF in the fifth dimension is not limited by the third dimensional operating system.

Just as your computer adds a new operating system onto your older operating system, your unity consciousness with all life is simply added to your former programing of individuality and separation for all life.

As you/we continue our journey into the fifth dimension, you will retain all that you have learned in all of your third dimensional realities. You no longer have a “hard drive/physical body” that will become full. Instead, your new operating system is attached to the “cloud/your consciousness” which is multidimensional.

Can you feel how you are already “feeling” your other expressions of SELF who are sharing the illusion of time with you? All your infinite expressions of SELF are free within the Here and Now of your innate fifth dimensional self, to “take a peak” into the time and space of the third dimension.

Please remember that it is YOU who is “taking a peak” at you. In other words, YOU are observing your self from the perspective of your SELF. Once you have remembered to perceive your third dimensional self as the grounding for your multidimensional SELF, you will also perceive your third dimensional reality from a new point of view.

Once you fully embrace that YOU are a component of the WE who took an earth vessel during your third dimensional time, which is our fifth dimensional NOW, your third dimensional concept of time, space and individuality will gradually, or quickly, return to our fifth dimensional concept of WE are HERE in the NOW!

We shall return within the NOW to continue our story.

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Remembering What You Always Knew Part 2 @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Remembering What You Always Knew Part 2–The Arcturians


Remembering What You Always Knew

Part 2

The Arcturians

You do not die. Death is a third dimensional illusion. Death is not even an illusion that occurs within the fourth dimension. Your fourth dimensional self remembers that when you crossed the line called “death” in the third dimensional world, you find that you were in another world in which you feel very alive.

When you remember that, you remember more and more of the lives in which you tried to ascend and could not. But you lived a good life, you followed your spiritual practice and, in the end you “died” like everyone else. But you didn’t really die. You went to the fourth-dimensional Astral Plane.

Sometimes you travelled into higher dimensions, and other times, you remained in the fourth dimensional astral plane. Then, when you felt as though you had moved through and learned enough about the lifetime from which you just “died,” you would “die” to your fourth-dimensional life and be born into a third dimensional life.

Then, that third dimensional life would progress until you would “die” to that third dimensional life and be “born” to your fourth dimensional life. It is for this reason that the third/fourth dimension is called, “The Wheel of Life and Death.”

On this “Wheel,” your consciousness is usually limited to the time/space of the physical and astral planes. Thus, your perceptions are limited to the third and fourth dimensions.

Eventually, your consciousness expands enough that you remember that you are a multidimensional being, and that you have conscious forms on many higher-dimensional planes of reality.

When you remember this while you are still wearing a physical earth vessel, your consciousness greatly expands. This acceleration of consciousness occurs because you are stepping out of the 3D/4D matrix of time and space.

Within the illusion of time, you have a time in which you are born and a time in which you die. You also believe that you are separate from others. However, when you remember you are a multidimensional being, your consciousness expands beyond the limitations of time/space.

It is then that the concepts of birth and death become third/fourth dimensional terms that only relate to your third and fourth dimensional vessels. Once your consciousness expands into the NOW of the fifth dimension and beyond your “sense of self” shifts from, “I AM a human who can sometimes visit spirit” to “I AM a spirit who has extended my essence into an physical vessel.”

However, no matter how often you remember your multidimensional nature, you may still forget it while in the daily process of wearing your third dimensional Earth vessel. This “forgetting” about your Multidimensional SELF occurs because the earth vessel you are wearing limits your perceptions to the realms of time and space.

It takes time to move through space. Therefore, you become tired, because you are busy from your working and thinking. In your earth vessel, you also feel “separate,” which can makes you upset or frightened or lonely. Sometimes you become sick. And this list goes on and on…

Fortunately, once you fully remember your true, multidimensional nature you begin to have many experiences of your own Higher Dimensional Self. These experiences greatly expand your consciousness. Then, as your consciousness expands, your perceptions expand to embrace more and more fourth dimensional experiences.

As you continue to increasingly perceive fourth dimensional auras, fourth dimensional elementals, you become more and more of a planetary being and less and less of “just a 3D human being.”

You begin to remember your myriad lives on your third dimensional planet, as well as the many in-between lives on the fourth dimensional Astral Plane. You may also begin to associate your physical life with your planetary life and your planetary self.

First you think of the planet as a living being, and then you begin to think of yourself as a multidimensional being living on a living multidimensional planet. Eventually, you will progress to being the Planet because YOU and EARTH ONE.

This is when you embrace what might be called your “animal self.” The animal kingdom does not have the separation that the “human kingdom” does. The animal kingdom has much to share with the humans.

Animals do no not “spoil their nest” because they perceive themselves as ONE with the Earth. Animals live within unity consciousness, such as a flock of birds, a heard of zebra, a school of fish.

Animals also live within the NOW. They follow the “flow of Nature,” and know at what time they can go to which place to get the food that they need. When you can embrace the unity consciousness of the animal kingdom your consciousness expands into higher dimensions as well as deeper into the planetary life-force of Gaia.

You then have the experiences of wondering, “How does it feel to be a Planet?” This question catapults you back up into, “How does it feel to be a multidimensional being?”

Your next progression of thinking might be, “How does it feel to have fifth dimensional consciousness that is based on the Here and the Now?” Once you remember the freedom from separation, you can remember the feeling of living in Unity Consciousness with all life.

As long as you are still wearing your dense earth vessel, you will likely forget the above memories, then you remember a bit more, then you forget, and then you remember even more, and then you forget.

Within this ever expanding remembering and forgetting, you are gradually jumping into higher and higher expressions of Self, then grounding these perceptions deeper and deeper into your “unconscious self.”

Then, when you return to your daily, third-dimensional self, you realize that something feels very different. You are gradually coming to the juxtaposition of “Now I’m in my third/fourth dimensional reality” and/or “Now I’m in my fourth and fifth dimensional reality.”

A very important point to remember is that when you experience your fifth dimensional self, you will leave “time.” Hence, it does not take time or effort to return to your fifth dimensional Self, nor does it take time or effort for you to return to your third dimensional self.

At first you might forget everything that happened and everyone that you were when you had that brief moment, free of time, within your fifth dimensional SELF. The “time” in which you were your fifth dimensional SELF probably feels like a second to your third dimensional self.

Within that second that you left time, you learned a great deal about, “How to remember your true, multidimensional self and your true, multidimensional reality. However, your third dimensional brain is based on time and sequence. Hence, you may remember that “something” happened, but you cannot find words to describe it.

Your physical thinking may believe that you are “learning” something, but your fifth dimensional thinking knows that you are remembering what you always knew.

While you are in your third dimensional consciousness your focus is the “out there” on what you have to do. On the other hand, when you are in your fifth dimensional consciousness, the doing becomes the being and your “dreaming” becomes the perceiving of the truth that you always knew!

However, you forgot what you always knew because you were so involved with what was occurring “outside of you” in your third dimensional life of illusion and strife.

In the fifth dimension, your thoughts and emotions become the “blueprint” of the reality that YOU are creating. Also, you remember that you chose to take an earth vessel, and you wrote your own “blueprint” for why you chose to take an earth earth vessel within that NOW

Your fifth dimensional consciousness also remembers what you came to do, and who you came to be, because in the fifth dimension doing and being is the same.

When you have connected with your fifth dimensional consciousness enough to remember your pre-birth choices, you can also remember why you have you chosen this particular life you also begin to remember who you truly are.

Once these multidimensional memories enter your third dimensional memory, you are usually “called into your active duty.” It is then that you fully begin to experience your ability to BE your Higher SELF while you can also BE you physical self.

In other words, you BEGIN TO REMEMBER WHAT YOU ALWAYS KNEW! Also, Remember to check out our:

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Please go within and consider if this is in alignment with your current state of consciousness, level of dedication, and readiness to be of

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We look forward to having you join us for this six-week intensive program which is slated to begin on April 2, 2016. Please note that this is a transformative, advanced level course, and we encourage those who are interested to be able participate in all of the live events if possible (4 webinars, multiple workshops, additional team meetings, and a group project.)  All webinar events are online and are recorded, and we also have group workshops that will occur within the small groups.

Additional benefits that the leaders in training receive include ongoing mentorship (from the Arcturians, Dr. Suzanne Lie, and Team Leaders), continuous support, sharing in a safe space, collaborative team-building, personal growth, expansion of creativity, and sense of unity in service to the planet. Lives are transformed in many ways.

If you are ready, please review the details regarding the course dates and required investment. Once you review the course summary and are ready to take the leadership leap, please submit your application for enrollment. We will gather and review all submittals and follow up with you regarding the next steps.   

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We look forward to having you join us as we step into the unknown together!


I wrote my latest book, The Journal, because the Arcturians told me to put together, in chronological order, all the messages I had received since the early 1990’s, and string them together with a storyline. This storyline was channeled by the merging of me, the human, and me the Arcturian. I invite you all to share this journey with me. I hope that the Journey assists you as much as it did me.


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Straight Talk on Ascension – Part 2 @ Awakening with Suzanne Lie


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Straight Talk Part 2–Raising Planetary Resonance–Suzanne Lie and the Arcturians

1-21-16 (This Part 2 of Straight Talk on Ascension did NOT get posted on 1-21, so I am posting it now.)

Straight Talk on Ascension

January 2016 Part 2


The more discrepancy there is between the frequency of the Higher Light and that which travels through it, the greater will be the disruption to the holographic matrix. If we can raise our personal frequency enough, we can assist in raising the frequency of our planet.

Once we have raised our collective and planetary consciousness beyond the polarized third and fourth dimensional realities into a fifth dimensional reality free of all polarity, the planetary frequency of Gaia’s Earth will also expand.

When we first entered the third dimensional hologram of Earth, we polarized ourselves into Creator/SELF and ego/self. In this manner, we could spin the lower frequency, ego/self portion of our consciousness into the electromagnetic fields of Earth’s holographic matrix.

We could then observe our ego/self’s responses to a reality based on polarities and the illusions of separation and limitation that these polarities created. Could we remember our true SELF while living in such a reality?

To a very great degree, the answer was NO. However, those who did remember their SELF have greatly expanded their Essence far beyond what it was before their entry into our holographic playing field.

Many of us have grown attached to the blue planet, Earth, and do not wish to pull out of the matrix and leave that program vulnerable to destruction. Being the members of the Earth hologram, we—people and planet—could end the 3D Game and ascend, die, log-off (according to the belief of our grounded one who are engaged in this holographic matrix.)

Instead, we wish to raise ourselves, that is raise our grounded earth vessel AND our planet Earth, up into the fifth dimension and beyond, as the one entity that we have always been. The experiment of life in a polarized, dualistic reality has often gone poorly, especially during the Kali Yuga.

Nonetheless, what first began as a hologram has become a life form of great magnitude. We, the planet Gaia, do not wish to merely log-off from this holographic projection, as we have come to unconditionally love life on Earth.

We are aware that there are many glitches in this program, as the polarities of darkness and fear can be very destructive influences. Many of our fellow creators have become lost in this victim/victimizer polarity and the daily battle for happiness or even for survival.

We see that our Earth matrix is having many symptoms of transformation as we absorb the higher light, and we realize that a new Operating System for raising our consciousness into the Flow of the ONE of the fifth dimension is vital for a peaceful transition into the higher frequencies of planetary resonance.

After going through many years of darkness, we do not want to leave this program just short of experiencing the prize of experience the raising of the planetary vibration. Many of us remember our lives on Atlantis and wish to put right the mistakes that we made there.

We see that the same greed for power that destroyed Atlantis is rearing its ugly head now, and we want to close this hologram with the happy ending of returning to our Multidimensional SELF, people, and planet. In fact, more and more of us are having dreams and visions of beams of multidimensional light and unconditional love.

We want to be awake while we gradually and safely transmute back into our true frequency of our Light being SELF who first joined this adventure. To fulfill our dream, we must first raise our personal frequency, and then raise the frequency of the patch of Earth over which we are stewards.

As each of us fulfills our personal puzzle-piece of Earth, we will contribute it to the great Planetary Puzzle of ascension. In this manner, we will raise the overall frequency of Gaia from third to fourth, and even into fifth dimensional, and beyond.

We have put much attention on raising our personal frequency, but we must now turn our attention towards also raising the frequency of our planet. We find that as we awaken, we can more easily combine our personal ascension energy with the transmutational process of Gaia. We are starting to remember how that we have practiced our personal contribution for planetary ascension for myriad lifetimes.

We look around our reality and see that many are still trapped in the illusions of survival on a hostile planet, as well as the illusion of gaining and holding power OVER others. These polarity games have been played for millennia, but we are coming approaching “End Game.”

Extreme polarity will not be able to survive our journey into the fifth dimensional gamma waves. Therefore, as we each continue our process, we need to find ways to assist others remember their true SELF so they will no longer feel that they are in the program of “Battlefield Earth.”

Hence, as we raise our own personal frequency, we turn our attention to others and to the planet to assist Gaia in raising Her frequency. We do not have “time” to correct the viruses of fear and war, as we are approaching the NOW.

Instead, we must pull out of the battlefield and into our new Operating System of Flowing in Unity with the ONE. In this manner, we can better perceive and choose the frequency of consciousness resonates to the unity consciousness of the fifth dimension and beyond. While in these higher states of consciousness, we have a greater power over our thoughts.

We can then merge our mastery over our thoughts with our unconditional love for our self. In this manner, we become not just an individual ON a planet. Instead, we remember that we ARE the Planet!


Suzanne Lie

BACK TO 2016

Right NOW, these transformational waves of Higher Light are everywhere within your current translation of reality. We say “translation” because each of you are beginning to perceive frequencies of reality which you had never perceived before—that is, in this incarnation.

Most of you have had many incarnations on Earth. Some were parallel realities and some parallel or simultaneous lives. You chose to take these simultaneous versions of reality in order to rehearse your ascension. Now it is not just a rehearsal.

That long awaited process of planetary ascension is here. What you are learning about that process NOW is that Ascension Is NOT leaving. Ascension is RETURNING.

As you expand your 3D consciousness into your 5D consciousness, you become as creative as you always were in your “imagination.” This expansion of consciousness and creativity is because new areas of your physical brain are being stimulated by these higher frequencies of light.

Your unconscious mind is aware of these higher frequencies of light, but your conscious mind, which is too often separated from your unconscious and superconscious mind, is often not aware of these inner changes.

You can hide things from your conscious self. You can even lie to your conscious self and tell it a convenient lie rather than a difficult truth. Your conscious mind can hide out in the 3D and forget the myriad other components of your total self.

But NOW the higher frequencies of light are beginning to become CONSCIOUS.

Let us define “conscious,” which is quite complicated. Your ego self has been the “keeper of your conscious mind” for many of your incarnations. With this limited dimensional access of your conscious mind, you can only receive what resonates to your third dimensional states of consciousness.

Therefore, if your ego could believe that what it perceived was “real,” it can store it in your conscious mind. Unfortunately, your third dimensional ego is very tainted by the myriad challenges, traumas, lies, and disappointments of daily life. Therefore, it will often decide that something is real because it wants it to be real. Or think that something “real” because it wants it to be.

Hence, this area of your mind is easily “brainwashed” because is only perceives the third-dimensional, physical world. On the other hand, your unconscious mind can perceive your fourth dimensional reality, and your superconscious mind can perceive fifth dimensional and beyond realities.

What is occurring now is that the higher light has been altering your earth vessel at very baseline frequencies that were once undetectable to your conscious mind. Now your conscious mind is increasingly able to detect the higher frequencies of light because your super-conscious mind has been teaching your third-dimensional brain how to expand it’s frequency range.

It is only within your “conscious mind” that you can lie to yourself. You, our beloved ones, have been repeatedly told that your conscious mind is your “best” mind, your Self, etc. In fact, your conscious mind has suffered the most “brainwashing” by the external lies, deceptions, and fearful information.

However, your super-conscious self is awakening, and your perceptions and translation of reality are increasingly transmuting to consciously encompass the higher frequency of gamma waves. Because gamma waves are penetrating your atmosphere, your reality and your bodies, your innate gamma wave – fifth dimensional consciousness—is coming “on line.”

Most important, your fifth-dimensional conscious is beginning to intermingle with your third dimensional perceptions. Therefore, your 3D perceptions are expanding, as if someone “turned on the lights.” Actually, that “some one” is you. YOU have turned up the frequency.

It is important for you to acknowledge that YOU are on the cusp of allowing yourself to acknowledge that you can perceive a frequency of reality that is just beyond your physical perceptions. Fortunately, your “super conscious self” is beginning to merge with your conscious self.

While in a flash of a “peak experience,” many of you are beginning to receive the light language messages that are flowing into your reality from the fifth dimension and beyond.

More and more of you are learning how to share that higher dimensional information with your conscious own mind, as well as with others.

Because you are still wearing your holographic, 3D, earth vessel YOU can participate in the experience of third dimensional holographic Earth. By “holographic” we mean that you have sent a holographic replication of your SELF into your physical earth vessel.

Your earth body is the “vessel” you must wear in order to calibrate your state of consciousness with a third dimensional frequency of reality. From our perspective, it is a simple neural adjustment that will allow you to expand your consciousness into the fifth dimension. That is, it would be simple, if it were not for the brainwashing and the memory of many difficult, painful and frightening lives in the third dimension.

We are here, beloved ones, to remind you that those lives were/are part of the hologram—which you are leaving by turning towards the Light of Source (initial light source of hologram) and saying,

“I NOW remember my “super-conscious self.” It was the density of the third dimension, as well as myriad past lives, that led me to believe that the third dimension was real.”

Yes, your third dimensional body is real in that it has a third dimensional form. However, as the fifth dimensional light continues to activate your 97% “junk” DNA, your body, your consciousness, and your perceptions will begin to calibrate to a higher frequency of light.

Remember, you perceive the frequency of reality that resonates with your state of consciousness—brainwaves. Those of you who are able to perceive the higher light just enough to feel the unconditional love that resonates from that frequency of light are in for quite an experience.

We will not say more in this NOW as this is YOUR script and YOU—ALL members of Gaia’s Earth—human and non-humanoid—are choosing the frequency of reality that you experience by calibrating your brainwaves/state of consciousness to the frequency of the reality of your choice.

However, only your super-conscious self is able to take this risk of being one of the Initiators of the Next Octave of Reality.

It is one of your greatest challenges that you must look into the heart of those who would judge you and send them unconditional love. To do less than that would lower you own consciousness out of your superconscious mind and back into the limitations of your conscious mind.

Your challenge is to NOT allow your state of consciousness to be lowered by “their judgment.” Allow your conscious mind to remember the past, parallel and alternate realities in which you lived during an era of “peak experience.”

These experiences are often during a timeline in which you were experiencing a reality shift. A reality shift occurs when it this NOW for you, person and planet, to calming and peacefully enter into a higher dimensional expression of reality.

This process will be greatly facilitated if you can connect your conscious mind with your unconscious mind to review what you have learned in your myriad incarnations. In this manner you will also facilitate the full activation of your superconscious mind.

We are asking you all to remember to love your self unconditionally during this process of personal and planetary shift. Please remember that:

Unconditional love for your self allows you to resonate free of the Matrix

and within the NOW of the ONE.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Fasten your seatbelts, steer with your heart, and love with your mind.

We are so very joyous for your NOW.

~The Arcturians

                         I LOVINGLY PRESENT MY LATEST BOOK: 



Hardcover Table Top book available on Amazon

All pictures drawn by Suzanne Lie

                                                                   AMAZON LINK


I wanted to share my process of writing this book. I actually got the idea from my publisher. He liked my pictures and suggested that I make a book with the pictures and just a few words for each one. I thought that was a cool idea, but did not know where, or how, to begin. Therefore, the idea sat in my mind, as it slowly moved into my heart. When I began to love the idea, I decided that I would give it a try. But how would I proceed?

Once again, the idea had to rest in my heart and mind until it was the NOW to begin. Then, one day I decided to just ask the pictures what they wanted to tell me. So, I scanned through the pictures, which were all in one file, waiting for one of them to talk to me. I had been drawing these pictures for decades, and looking through them was a walk through memory lane. As I acknowledged each picture, I gained confidence in my self to give this idea a try. I had never thought of my self as an artist, as I can only draw what comes from inside me, and I have only taken a few art classes.

Looking through these pictures was like talking to my self, as they each had a message that had been shared on my websites, newsletters, YouTube and blog. But this time the pictures came first and the words arose from the pictures. As the storyline revealed itself, I stayed in the NOW allowing each picture to tell me what it wanted to say. Therefore, I had no idea what the plot would be, or how the story would proceed. Of course, since they were my pictures, they told my story.

But my story is also OUR story of finding our own inner light, using it to heal our inner darkness, so that we can travel the path of enlightenment, fulfillment, and love. My process of drawing pictures was a means of relaxation and meditation. Long ago, I made a deal with my self that once I started a picture I could NOT stop because it was not “good enough.”

Therefore, these pictures became my teachers. I was forced to see how much I judged myself and how I wanted to tear the page off the writing pad because it was not “good enough.” Fortunately, I kept my word with myself and worked through the doubt, in my self, to allow the picture to tell me its story. Thus, as the pictures talked to me for this book, they talked about everything I had learned from drawing them.

I share this experience with you the reader, to encourage you to continue, come what may, with your life and allow your inner light to shine it’s path before you. May you, too, become ONE with your SELF so that you can become two with your greatest love.

Suzanne Lie

I wrote my latest book, The Journal, because the Arcturians told me to put together, in chronological order, all the messages I had received since the early 1990’s, and string them together with a storyline. This storyline was channeled by the merging of me, the human, and me the Arcturian. I invite you all to share this journey with me. I hope that the Journey assists you as much as it did me.

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