How to Create Your Reality by Master El Morya – Natalie Glasson

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How to Create Your Reality

by Master El Morya

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 7th September 2018 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Carrying forth divine blessings to you, I, Master El Morya, greet you. I am the guardian of the divine will and divine power of the Creator, it is my purpose to activate these sacred frequencies within your being to support your experience as an expression of the Creator upon the Earth. The divine will and divine power of the Creator holds the greater plan of the Creator for all and the power to bring creation into manifestation. Divine will and power are in constant action within the Universe of the Creator creating pure experiences that empower, expand and evolve the truth of the Creator for all to experience. These sacred energies are present upon the Earth and within your being.

Souls upon the Earth can misunderstand the presence and purpose of divine will and power, mistaking it as the universe will tell you what to do and as you accept power, so you learn to control or harm others around you, these perspectives are illusions! When you are willing to let go of your negative perceptions about will and power and how it has manifested in your life in the past, then you will begin to co-create in harmony with the pure will and power of the Creator.

What is the Divine Will of the Creator?

The divine will of the Creator is an energy expression from the core of the Creator filled with an understanding of how the universe including the Earth is synthesised, synchronised, can remain in harmony and can evolve to serve all. The divine will of the Creator holds the ultimate goal, manifestation and evolution of the Creator in any given moment. When you access the divine will of the Creator you are not only asking the Creator how your reality and actions can fit into the divine plan and ultimate goal of the Creator, you are also realising that you are an aspect of a greater whole.  You are downloading an understanding or knowingness of the numerous fulfilling options available to you in your life and spiritual growth. In truth you are always aligned with the divine will of the Creator, and yet calling this energy forth allows your alignment to be empowered. When you are receiving the divine will of the Creator into your being and distributing it into your reality, you cannot possibly make a mistake, all that you create is in configuration with the truth of the Creator. Through acceptance of the divine will your soul inspires you as to the most appropriate pathways for you.

What is the Divine Power of the Creator?

Divine power has nothing to do with control, influence or authority, instead it is the creative force that empowers or brings things into manifestation or physical experience. Power can be expressed through your being and yet your true divine power is your ability to bring thoughts, feelings and ideas into materialisation and active presence. Divine power is the active process of manifestation through or into one of the 352 dimensions of the Creator’s Universe. When you bring things into manifestation on the Earth, they have been drawn forth from another dimension to vibrate in your dimension and reality to be of use or value to you. Divine power is the change in vibration and frequency of energy and how it impacts its place of anchoring. It is also the driving force which supports the evolution and expansion of the Creator and all aspects of the Creator.

Co-Creating with Divine Will and Divine Power

The conscious downloading and activation of the divine will and power of the Creator within your being creates a potent source to fuel that which you wish to manifest. The divine will bring forth the vibration of harmony and the presence of fulfilling opportunities as well as a feeling of being supported and inspired. While the divine power energises your focus and anchors the appropriate vibrations into manifestation. When you can access and experience the synthesis of divine will and power within your being as an energy, light or knowingness you have all you require to manifest the reality you desire. Then there is simply a need to discover what you wish to manifest for yourself, reality and to support others. This can sometimes be more challenging as discovering what you need in your current stage of ascension and life is very different to discovering what you want, although they can be the same. I, Master El Morya, wish to share with you my guidance on how to create your reality. These will be steps that encourage you to enter into the most appropriate state of being and mind to serve you and empower your manifestation abilities. You will notice that most of the practices I share with you will be focused upon discovering what you need to create complete fulfilment and realising that this is not always the same as what you want or believe will create fulfilment.

Steps to Support You in Creating Your Reality

Recognising the Synthesis of Divine Will and Power

Take your attention to your Soul Star Chakra above your Crown Chakra. Say out loud, ‘I am now ready and willing to acknowledge and experience the synthesised presence of divine will and divine power within my soul and entire being.’ Focus on discovering and experiencing the energy and merging with your entire being. Move through each chakra repeating the statement and acknowledging the presence of divine will and power, until you truly believe in the energy’s presence within your being and can recognise it vibrating through and from you.

Want and Need

Write down on one side of a piece of paper what you want in your life, then on the other side what you need in your life. Observe and contemplate these two lists and how they differ. Do you feel more attached to one list than another? Do these two lists represent fulfilment to you?

A Fulfilled Being

Imagine yourself as a fulfilled being, what do you look like, what does your reality look like and who is present with you? Write down what you receive. Allow yourself to connect with the feeling of fulfilment experiencing it radiating from your essence into your being and reality. You may wish to practice this a few times, observing whether you as a fulfilled being changes in anyway. Complete this process until you feel you have accessed a true and pure understanding of who you are as a fulfilled being.

I Choose to Manifest

Allow yourself to connect with your inner synthesised energy of divine will and divine power. With this sacred energy emanating from your being imagine you allow your reality to drift away and you are simply your soul and the expression of divine will and power.  Then repeat:

‘I am the source of my creations; therefore, I choose to manifest…………………………….’

Allow yourself to complete the statement with whatever comes to you or feels guided. When you are satisfied with your complete statement and it feels meaningful and exciting, allow yourself to focus upon the statement as much as possible each day.

Making a Request

You draw energy from other dimensions to anchor into your reality therefore the energy becomes useful or valuable to you. The manifestation of energy flows down your being, meaning from head to toe, grounding into your Earth Star Chakra below your feet. I, Master El Morya advise you to write a paragraph of request. This is to request for that which you wish to experience to be drawn forth from the most appropriate dimension of energy into grounding and manifestation within your physical reality. Write about making the request to your soul, soul group, the universe and the Creator. Describe that which you wish to manifest, whether you wish it to ground into your body or reality and how it could appear once manifested. Explain the feeling and value of the manifestation. It can be as short or as long as you wish, keep it focused and committed rather than unclear and blurry. Read this often out loud.

Imagine yourself receiving the energy as it moves through your being and anchors into your Earth Star Chakra.

Your thoughts and feelings create the reality you experience, let your thoughts and feelings be aligned with your desired manifestation. If this does not occur, examine what is blocking or distracting you from placing your focus where it is needed and required.

With love and abundant blessings,

Master El Morya

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Art via Chakra Chakra

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Reality Sneaking Up on Us – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia


Reality Sneaking Up on Us

If we lightworkers are self-tasked with building Nova Earth, what will we do after the Reval?

I plan to take a month off and go on a long and hopefully restful trip.

Michael says to let writing be the last thing that falls off the table so I’ll continue to write during that time.

Then it’s hire one strategic person after another. After the personal assistant, the President of the Michaelangelo Fund. Then the Publisher of the Golden Age of Gaia. Then the President of the Lightworkers Fund (dedicated to providing for lightworkers in need).

Next the President of Hope Chest International (dedicated to providing universal basic incomes). And finally the President of Ancillary Services (personnel, accounting, training, legal services, IT, etc.), not in that order. Ancillary Services would have equal hiring priority with the Michaelangelo Fund.

Almost all employees will be women. I’d like women to have a chance to work with large sums of money. Also to work in every position in the company – cross-training, flattening hierarchy, etc.  To make all the decisions except those reserved for me, like the vision.

What is that vision? It’s a world that works for everyone. (1) I know it can be done because I’ve visited a state of higher-dimensional consciousness of love and bliss, through most of 2015.

In that state the world would naturally work for everyone so I know a working world can be achieved.  I’m not in that state now. But I do remember it and I do know where we’re headed.

It’s a paradox. Ordinarily the world would never work for everyone, ever. BUT in the Fifth Dimension it does.

To create a world that works is the reason for creating the Michaelangelo group of companies – to show that the world can work, to demonstrate what the principles are of a world that works.

Until we get there, with Ascension, we’re doing everything we can to welcome the space and prepare for it. We’re living as if the world could work for everyone. That calls it into creation and leaves an inheritance in the collective consciousness.

That’s the vision and the plan.

Expressing the principles of a world that works is not hard: They are love, bliss, peace, and joy. But so few of us have experienced these as higher-dimensional states that it becomes difficult to communicate about them. I could if I left the group’s focus or knowledge base, but that would have little relevance to or impact on most people.

Continuing with the organizational start-up, I’m going to retain the services of two of my mentors from the Immigration and Refugee Board, to teach courses in credibility analysis and decision-making.  Everybody who wants can receive the training.

Then I’ll probably follow a cycle with each organization in turn – planning, preparing, creating, hiring, training, integrating, familiarizing, building momentum. Great benefits plan and lots of job creation in the process.

Only one organization will be started simultaneously or I’d go nuts. Or not. Maybe I’ll get bigger.  I seem to have an elasticity that increases every day.

I’m having to get bigger in every way. And it surprises me that there always turns out to be space for me to get bigger into, so to speak. And there always seem to be more “bigger” to get.

Don’t overlook the mounting evidence that the Third Dimension is actually gone, despite what we may believe. Our beliefs determine what we see.

It may turn out that the reason things are as they appear to us is that we believe they are that way. And can be no other way. And so the universe obliges.

You know that I’ve confronted several feelings like worry, shame, and fear which, when turned and faced into, disappeared. That left me sobered. Was the dimension I lived in purely a figment of my imagination? More and more it seems that way.

But it’s the kind of thing you want to sneak up on gradually. For this world to suddenly disappear before our very eyes might leave many badly disoriented.

This gradually-dawning awareness to the fragility of what I assumed to be stable and real (worry, shame, and fear) suggests to me that we may be able to ease ourselves into the Fifth Dimension.  Like easing into a warm bath. It’s almost sneaking up on us.


(1) The words are those of Werner Erhard.


Gratitude & Appreciation to all artists
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Do you REALLY REALLY REALLY want a REALity that is FREE from all of the old? – Lisa Transcendence Brown

Art : Valerie Maugeri @ Tutt'Art

Art: : Valerie Maugeri @ Tutt’Art


Do you REALLY REALLY REALLY want a REALity that is FREE from all of the old? ♥


What are you “willing to do” (as love) for a whole new REALity that is fully exquisite and provides you with all that you truly desire, supports you fully, makes it easy for you?

Are you willing to focus on your own vibration, observe your own actions and take responsibility yet? Are you ready to JUMP, take that LEAP and go for it yet?

Are you willing to COMMIT to yourself as a SOUL, focus on your light energy, focus your own energy on CONTRIBUTING to all of HUmanity now?

Have you EXPERIENCED (subjected yourself to) the lower unconscious density realms/dimensions/timelines enough yet?

Are you FEEDING your light, feeding your spirit and SHARING the magnificence so that others can awaken, be aware, experience this too? Are you still hiding, keeping things for yourselves, judging and seeing others as still unconscious too?

You are a Cosmic Portal…. As you ASCEND, you have the capABILITY to expose others, ignite others, inspire others and SHOW them, through your presence, your vibration, your own words, your own expanded state…. THESE REALITIES DO EXIST…. why would you hide such a thing? Unless you are not sure/don’t fully believe yet….. unless you are judging THE NEW/NEW EARTH as too weird…… then how do you expect to arrive if you cannot fully accept these realities yourself yet?

Descending your highest aspect selves into your physical form means that you WALK & LIVE THIS REALITY as pure and true. It means that you are not ashamed or worrying about other’s judgements (that’s your own by the way)…. it means that you’ve experienced the exquisiteness, you’ve seen (your ability), you’ve opened that PORTAL to what is not only possible, but very very real… and it means that when you OPEN UP FULLY to SHARE this with everyone, you CREATE/ANCHOR your own physical body into this vibrational reality here…

It’s the DOing that anchors all in the physical. Until then it just floats in the ethers as a “one day” kinda thing… Your experience is dictated by how willing you are to fully open up and BE YOUR HIGHEST ASPECT YOUS… in your physical form…..

That fence that you straddled, that “one foot in each world”, there comes a moment where you have to JUMP/step out of the old (unconscious/perceived as safe, yet the opposite of truth)…. There comes a moment when you will have to GO ALL IN…. where you will have to CHOOSE…. which earth/timeline/dimension…


NOW…. Each dimension is a consciousness first, then the physical reality matches that… so technically you are just choosing which consciousness you are willing to commit to…. seriously? Are you not willing to commit to being fully conscious and living a life of your own SOUL’S DREAMS & DESIRES HERE…. ? Are you not willing to commit to a whole new existence that is easy and has no struggle, sacrifice or fear? Do you still require FEAR to motivate you, to get you moving (or freeze until collapse occurs)? Do you still require anger to get you motivated to actually do something, to speak your truth, to stop participating/supporting the old? Really, seriously? Do you still require to do without, be without, live in lack to awaken you to the reality that that’s not what makes you happy or supports your highest everything here? Do you really still desire to keep giving your power away to others and blaming them for your inability to love, respect and choose to honor you first…. Do you really desire to keep putting your money, your time, your energy into all of those old depleting realities that do not support/feed your Spirit/Soul? Do you really still want to live in a dimension of separation until that house of cards collapses/falls? Do you really still in-JOY the choas, the drama, the hate (hurt), the loop/spin cycle that keeps your body bound to a dimension that withers up and dies?

Are you ready to leave those old REALities behind? Realities are your creation, your beliefs, your thoughts… they are what you create/insist into existence…. they are what you ALLOW…..

If you DESIRE A DIFFERENT REALITY, then you have to actually SHIFT…. VIBRATIONALLY….. out of that consciousness, out of that physical…. you have to change your own vibration, you have to open your heart & mind so that your cells can start to move and when they do, they restructure and as they do, they transmit your new reality for you……

Does fear, judgment and lack feed your happy? Does that collapsing reality inspire you, energize you, make you want to sing and dance like a crazy fool that is free to finally do whatever inspires you (and all others too?)……

You have to choose…. fear, judgment, blame, shame, guilt, chaos, disconnected, confusion, less (OLD EARTH/UNCONSCIOUS)…… or unity, love, peace, magic, fun, happy, playing, faith, connected, kindness, consideration, respect, integrity, harmony…. (NEW EARTH/FULLY CONSCIOUS)….

Are you tired? Are you done yet? If not, then you are not ready to shift your vibration…. if you wait until your human is ready, you’ll never “leave”….. and in these vibrational frequencies, staying in old 3D/4D realities is no longer an option…. the gridwork/foundation that held those in place…. it dissolved/collapsed years ago…. that was the “glue” that held unconscious realities in place… now those continue to unravel at unprecedented speed (and they will become more bizarre & mind-blowing too to startle & shake each awake)….. to MOVE EVERYONE into higher dimensional timelines…. NOW… not one day in a long long way off time….. now…. everyone…. no one gets left behind….. (yet they do, in a way, because those ready have gone on)…..

The harder you hold on, the more you buckle down, the tighter your muscles/brain/heart closes down, the more a breaking point is necessary to open you up fully again…. That breaking point is the release of energy from your cells, it’s what breaks the strong-hold that your human has trying to hold on out of fear and control…. for what it does not understand…

The breaking point is to BREAK THE ENERGY of your own ego/human’ness, your own Separation from yourself as Source and to assist you with those walls of protection coming down so that you can connect inside again, so that you can FEEL the peace, the love the rawness of feeling exposed, the vulnerability that becomes your strength, the fight that kept you in hell/prison of Separation Consciousness…..

That breaking point is so that your cells can be free to move again, because you were holding on so tightly before your physical body was dying, shutting down, held to lower dimenions/timelines that it could not take/sustain anymore…. it’s so your cells can start to move again, your body can release, all those emotions and beliefs that were pent up/suppressed can finally be FREE to dissipate/leave, first your body then your entire ENERGY FIELD OF CONSCIOUSNESS …. so that you can expand back into what you forgot when you entered the REALMS OF AMNESIA to live in a MATRIX prison… that was necessary and chosen by your own Soul…. you….. and now your Soul desires to merge inside of you and bring you back…. into a higher density plane of existence, where the most magnificent realities are already… yet your little human fears too much… yet the moment you BREAK, the fight/resistance that kept you from returning goes….. little by little or huge…. this will be determined by you…. everything is…. in a way….

You are “protecting” yourself from FREEDOM, from full abundance, full bliss, full magic, full everything that you most desire to experience here… you are fearing yourself out of the thing you most desire and the ease that comes with it……

You are convincing yourself of realities that are only true if you believe them and continue to make them real…

Are you ready to ALLOW Yourself the vastness of your own Multi-Dimensional realities here?

Stop. Pull away. Really really really open up to see, feel, allow…. really really really take the blinders off and see what it is you fear, see the stories, see the things you allow yourself to give your power to, see how when you complain, you are doing so because you won’t step into your power and you keep doing “that” over and over again…..

Love is for YOU… love is you respecting you, love is you no longer doing what continually betrays your purest you…. love is you deciding to stop holding yourself to less, for you to allow that energy to dissolve, to cry those tears, to get the anger out (consciously of course) and to allow your cellular body the release it begs for so that you can leave that old dimensional timeline finally…..

Your POWER comes from you loving and respecting you…. for as you DO this, you can come to connect up again to love and respect all others too. Your POWER comes from the knowledge you hold inside… it’s from your REFUSAL to keep going unconscious anymore… It’s from that inner strength/courage that comes forth when you are fully connected again….. then and only then can you RETURN…. to what you lost access to…. too….. ♥

I love you. It is always time…. Let’s do this… Are you really really really truly ready? Yes… you are…. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Galactic Guardian of NEW Earth & Multi-Dimensional Master


Art : Valerie Maugeri @ Tutt'Art

Art: : Valerie Maugeri @ Tutt’Art

You Must Vibrate INTO The Reality You Desire – Lisa Transcendence Brown


Art : Chita21 @ DeviantArt


You Must Vibrate INTO The Reality You Desire, You BElieve It Into Reality, You Make It Happen From Inside of You 

PictureAloha beautiful Master Family,

To awaken to the exquisiteness every day, to see the magic, the beauty and to revel in the brilliance…

To hear the birds singing the song of peaceful magical love, to FEEL these higher frequencies, the softness, the profoundness and the bliss that never leaves….

All of the eons and years of deep inner work, of returning to my own true self, to live and exist beyond the distortions of the old, to hold this deep sacred connection as my own soul…. and to allow it to play out in my own physical reality world…..

It’s a lot of work to understand how realities work, how holograms work, how dematerialization/re-materialization works, see the multitude of aspects that we hold, see all of the realities available and to bring them here in the physical to fully in-joy.

We all chose some heavy duty human existences to transcend. Cool part is once we actually DO it, it’s just a blip, without the visual, just an awareness, for the akash has cleared…..

To fully realize how all is created, our roles in creation, with our every breath, with our thoughts, with our feelings, with our actions…. the “sad part” (not really, because we do truly get it), is that others can’t always see it fully yet.

So many still try so hard to fight their own multi-dimensional existence now, still trying to hold onto the old, still insisting on believing that they are less, have less than full abundance…. because they are not yet ready to experience the magical amazingness of higher consciousness existence.

Another is to observe those who see the higher realms, know they are other aspects, but keep trying to be humans. They have not “learned” (REMEMBERED) how to apply this/how this correlates to their own physical reality world.

So many still believe the old programmed stories, still listen to the untruths…. because it is their own path to figure it out for themselves. By whatever means necessary to show them what they think they believe.

Truth is sooooo far beyond what all think they know, beyond what the outside shows us, beyond the words that are spoken. Truth is in the ENERGY of all…..

When your consciousness expands BEYOND the physical and INTO the other dimensions, then you get to see, feel, experience the bliss, magic and infinite everything that just waits for you.

So many “sit around waiting” for things to change, without realizing that they actually have to do the inner work, they actually have to do many things in the physical reality world. Just because there is a realization and a memory of “being that”, doesn’t make it a reality in the current physical reality world, because you have to FULLY BE THAT in every breath, in all that you are/do, in all that you transmit out into the world….

You don’t get to play human and pretend to be less. You don’t get to DO any less either.

Anchoring your dreams and desires, your higher self aspects you, your higher existence realities means that you are BEING THESE ASPECTS FULLY in every moment….. you do not get to pretend to be higher selves for a moment and then stop when you want to “go human”. You either are or you are not…. because the moment you forget/go unconscious/stop, then you disconnect from that dimensional reality and you don’t get to experience the abundance of gifts, the miraculousness, the amazingness fully, until you fully LIVE IT, WALK IT AND fully EMBODY it in everything that you are and do LONG ENOUGH for the physical to align vibrationally for you, for the particle matter in your physical reality to have enough time to take new form and to deliver to you the match to your new vibration that you always hold….

Vibrating into another reality physically, means you expanded your consciousness enough to know it as real, but then you contracted back down into the old dimension to work through everything that was not of your new vibrational reality… in your physical body and physical reality….

We, as humans, were the ones that were not committed enough before, made excuses, didn’t take all of this weird stuff serious, judged our way out of the bizarre awesome, held back because of some lack, believed the old untruths… because it was our own experience to live in less, to have less, to believe less that PURE DIVINE EVERYTHING….

Seeing it is only part of the process. Living it, affecting PHYSICAL MATTER form, by holding it fully…. this is the other part of the process that all will MASTER through full consciousness again. If you are embarrassed, ashamed, judging, holding back and still playing in the old, you cannot “have this” HEAVEN ON EARTH, because you are still holding onto vibrations that keep you from this…..

Seeing it is only part of the process. Living it, affecting PHYSICAL MATTER form, by holding it fully…. this is the other part of the process that all will MASTER through full consciousness again. If you are embarrassed, ashamed, judging and playing in the old, you cannot “have this” HEAVEN ON EARTH, because you are still holding onto vibrations that keep you from this…..r new. Lack or deep profoundness, separation or unity…. because every nano-second, your body transmits this information out to affect the physical matter in your own reality world.

Every decision you make, every one you avoid, everywhere you do not commit, this transmits out. All that you could have and could experience… that’s just waiting… it gets stopped. Because you transmitted “no I’m not ready yet” OUT to reverberate a physical reality back to you that reflects what you do not even realize already exists…..

When you allow yourself to fully expand, you see it all, you know it all, you feel it all… then what you DO as your physical body aspect dictates your physical reality experience here.

As you come to realize all of this, you will stop playing in the old, stop shrinking down to small, stop accepting less in your own physical reality world. You will speak the language of ENERGY to affect realities intentionally, to trigger that which you are ready to experience, to call it forth and the “biggest human mistake” is to stop believing it, stop holding that vibration and stop doing what it takes to make it all happen…..

This human experiment is yours…. you created it and chose it before incarnating into your physical body form and breathing that first breath with your star/soul light that began it all. You “think” you are in the same dimension, the same physical reality every moment, each day… when in fact you are in a multitude of them and your vibration dictates which one you are anchored in, which one you actually physically experience here.

Each moment you are given an opportUNITY to shift to another timeline, a different dimension and new reality and to expand. Each moment you are offered a multitude a gifts, so very much freedom, beyond infinite everything… if you are truly ready…. to fully embrace it with all that you are….

Realities are a response to vibrations…. what you transmit out. If you transmit mixed signals, sure but not sure enough, committed but not committed enough, worth it but not worth it enough, important but not important enough, then this is what your UNIVERSE sends back to you… it hears…. not yet, not totally ready, not completely sure, not really…. and the moment that every particle of you is…. THEN all will start to align fully for you to actually experience as your NEW EARTH REALITY here. ♥

Your judgment and non-belief, non-committed heart… this is your own barrier between the dimensions… you must get past this yourself. ♥

I love you. Open up everything that you’ve got … it’s SUPER QUANTUM JUMP TIME in every moment here. This is a lifestyle, a way of being… we don’t do small in anything that we do. That was our human reality… that went out the window when we realized how all truly works here. ♥

Have a most magical day! You make it happen…. from inside, from the depths of your soul, from the core of your being, as the entire EVERYTHING again. ♥ Get out of your head if you really really really are ready….. It’s BEYOND anything you could ever dream, yet you do DREAM IT INTO REALITY here. ♦ ∞

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼