Is Reiki Trying To Talk To You? Dhwani Parikh, Reiki Rays @ Reiki with Friends

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Is Reiki Trying To Talk To You?

Article by Dhwani Parikh, Reiki Rays

From my 9 years of experience with Reiki, it is very intelligent energy. It is the one who decides whether to stay with you or not. It is the one who chooses you for healing. Let’s know how? When I was in my 6th grade, one of my friends learned Reiki and she told me about Reiki. But that time, I didn’t take this call. Afterwards, I grow up knowing many Reiki people, but I never took an initiative to learn about it. Suddenly, I have to go for my master to Italy and one of my friends told me to learn Reiki, so if anytime I am alone and can’t heal myself, I can do self Reiki. So, there were many calls from Reiki, but then I actually took it this time.

Because of so many times this happened,“Reiki” word heard by many people, I decided to learn it. I went and completed my first level with my master and it really worked. For the next 3 years, I never thought about this anymore, but keep practicing touch and self Reiki. And then I came back to India, there in my office, one of my colleagues told me that he is going to learn the second level on the weekend, would I like to join? This was my second call from Reiki. I went and learned all about the second level, with the different master as I was in different part of India. Afterwards, I started giving distant Reiki and become more confident about this and started healing friends and family members. And actually, they wonder about this. I keep seeing Reiki even more after this.

Then it was like 3 years after I was in Canada and went back to India for a vacation and suddenly I had my wisdom tooth problem. And the doctor told me to remove it, but then again, I found out that near my place, there is a master who is going to teach the third level Reiki. Again, it was blessing and I went there and learned the final level and it came as blessings. I canceled my surgery and for 2 years I didn’t do it. Reiki word also has a lot of energy. It calls you. If you don’t listen to it, it again calls you.Is Reiki trying to talk with you

Even after learning all the levels, it calls you for healing. It brings such events in life and it gives us a message to heal people. Also, many people see some numbers or patterns. Also, if you are seeing ambulance every day, that is also a call of Reiki. People who know Reiki or does Reiki comes to your life frequently is also indirect call from Reiki. If you are in the public place and hearing Reiki word or reading it anywhere that is also its call. Again, on the social media or in the digital world, if you are seeing this, again and again, that is also Reiki call. Everytime you are meeting a particular person, having things or events, that everything has some meaning in life.

If you are already a Reiki person, just keep all the senses including your 6th sense open; it calls you anytime for healing. This is very intelligent energy. Many people drop practicing it after learning the first level and never practice it. This article is for them too, Reiki needs people like you so it came to your life. So, please don’t ignore it. It is like blessing given by Dr. Mikau Usui and be grateful for this energy.

Thank you all the readers! Lots of love and light!

Dhwani Parikh

Dhwani Parikh is a Freelance writer, Reiki Usui master, Mind Power specialist, Music healer, Astrologist and Tarot Card Reader. She has been emotionally attached with Reiki from many years. She has got a very high intuitive power and very good sense of vibrations. She has lost 14 kgs of weight with help of Reiki and visualization. Reiki is the biggest part of her success in marketing and sales career. She has found her twin flame relationship by medium of Reiki. Reiki saved her from many negative events and vibrations. Reiki has brought new perspectives of her life and wants to spread this miracle of Reiki around the World. Dhwani lives in Toronto, Canada. Reach Dhwani on Facebook or email on

22 Signs That You Are Embodying Your Higher Self @Reiki with Friends

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22 Signs That You Are Embodying Your Higher Self

1. Higher Sensory Perception

Your intuition is developing at a rapid rate. Other higher senses like clairvoyance and clairaudience can also be turned on. These higher senses allow you to access information and wisdom that otherwise would be unavailable through the use of your rational mind. Harmonious lucid dreaming and out of body experiences are also ways to access higher dimensional information.

2. Knowing Your Soul Purpose

With your higher senses turned on, it has become crystal clear what your Soul’s Purpose is. Not only you know what your mission here on earth is but you are fulfilling this mission by taking action and walking your path. Your are fulfilling your basic human needs of self-growth and contribution by being on the path of eternal self actualization and being at the service of others.

3. Meeting Your Soul Family

Your frequency has attracted you to people with whom you resonate at a soul level. When you met these individuals you felt a strong and undeniable connection with them, like if you had met them before (from a past life). Even if they live on the other side of the world, the spiritual ties between you are so strong that years can go by and when you meet again is like no time has passed.

4. Meeting Your Twin Flame or Soul Mate

You are in a relationship with a person that highlights and enhances your best qualities. As well, this person will mirror back to you everything you need to work on yourself. This relationship thrives on self-growth, contribution, higher giving love and fulfillment. A necessary step for the manifestation of this relationship is cutting cords of attachments and karmic ties with previous relationships.

5. Synchronicities and Accelerated Manifestations

Your connection with the universe and life is evident. Your questions are answered through synchronicities and hidden messages are easily revealed to you by the power of your higher senses. You find messages and answers in books, nature and even random conversations. As well, you become aware of how strong and powerful your intent has become. Whatever you focus on manifests at a much faster than ever before.

6. Taking Responsibility For Your Happiness

As you embody your Higher Self you realize how powerful you are and how you co-create reality through your thoughts and emotions. You take full responsibility for your own happiness and you stop blaming other people, the government or any other outside sources. Victimization is a thing of the past and you take full charge of your healing and evolutionary process.

7. Embracing All Emotions

You have finally transcended the spiritual bypass that some emotions are ‘bad’ or ‘negative’. Instead you embrace all e-motions and instead of repressing them you allow them to flow through you. You can use anger for passion or motivation. You can easily empathize with others while maintaining the integrity of your field.

8. Holographic Nature of Reality

Like Rumi said ‘You are not a drop of water in an ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop of water.’ The holographic nature of reality is encoded within you and you can sense the interconnectedness of everything. It is obvious to you that we live in a multidimensional matrix and that you have a multidimensional anatomy. You also feel very attracted to sacred geometry.

9. Alchemical and Healing Powers

Whether it’s hands on healing, soul retrieval or any other type of healing modality you have learned how to direct your intent and manipulate energy to remove energetic blockages. You can easily connect to your Higher Self and disengage discordant energies that hinder your spiritual evolution. Often you will assist others in their healing and ascension process with your siddhis.

10. Activating Your DNA

DNA activation is the process of accreting more light into your morphogenetic field by activating the dormant strands of DNA that correspond to your Higher Self. You have at least a 12 strand DNA template that allows 12 dimensions of consciousness. DNA activation is the key to spiritual ascension and the embodiment of your Higher Self. It’s quite common for a person who goes through DNA activation to progressively experience all the other signs mentioned in this page.

11. Unconditional Self-Love

Your 4th strand of DNA corresponds to your heart chakra. One of the main benefits of DNA activation is being able to access and embody a state of unconditional self-love. No longer do you feel the need to extract love from other people, instead you see yourself as an infinite source of love. A sense of wholeness begins to unfold as you love ALL aspects of yourself, including your shadow self.

12. Integrating and Transcending Your Shadow Self

Your shadow self is the part of you that is running in reverse. It is mainly made up of archetypes, personas and complexes. Some examples are the Professional Victim Persona, the Rescuer Archetype, the Sorcerer, The Tyrant and the Absolute Perfectionist. The shadow self is what causes self-sabotage and causes you to create chaos in your life. The shadow self is created by making decisions that are not aligned with your Higher Self and manifest as reverse codes in your DNA.

13. Frequency Resonance

As you continue to raise your frequency you notice how some people begin to fall out of your holographic reality. You understand that your frequencies no longer match. The same can happen with your job or even your country of origin. In turn your higher frequency attracts you to a new grid of people, places, times, things and events that are in line with your Higher Self.

14. Honest Yes and Honest No

You are not afraid of saying ‘no’ to other people when you inner guidance tells you not to do something or go somewhere. You are not afraid of other people’s reactions and you are true to yourself. Every time you are congruent with what you want and what you don’t want you feel more powerful. As well you embrace the art of an honest ‘yes’ when the universe delivers what you desire. You don’t try to appear ‘humble’ or ‘spiritual’ by rejecting what you truly desire in your life.

15. Harmonious Family Relationships

‘If you think you are enlightened, go spend a weekend with your family.’
Ram Dass

You have realized that enlightenment doesn’t happen in a cave. You have cleared the cords of attachments and karmic ties with your family. Gone are the days where you kept experiencing the same old family drama. Your family members have shifted their approach to connect with you to higher ways and you accept/love them just how they are.

16. No Guilt, No Shame

Shame and guilt are the two lowest frequency energetic blockages in humanity. In order to embody your Higher Self you have let go of the identification with shame and guilt. You have cleared the guilt and shame you inherited from your parents through the DNA and you have released the shame and guilt that has been implanted by society and religions. Instead you choose to embrace the states of joy and bliss. You have become immune to guilt manipulating strategies often used by victims.

17. Making Decision In Line With Your Higher Self

Instead of making decisions based on fear, righteousness, competition or lack you are making decisions in line with your Higher Self and ultimately with Source-will. You are aware of Source’s intentions: the Law of One, Unconditional Love, Cooperation, Evolution, Perpetual Motion, Cause and Effect, Non-Judgment and Free-will. Even though we all have free-will and can ultimately go against Source-will (you’re unconditionally loved), you’re aware that making such decisions will trigger the Law of Cause and Effect and create a karmic imprint to re-mind you must heal that karmic miasm at some point.

18. Inner and Outer Abundance

Lack and limitation are a thing of the past. You have embodied a state of absolute inner abundance that is being reflected onto your holographic reality. You no longer seek to extract love, approval and appreciation from other people, you are the source. Happiness is within you. As well you have transcended the spiritual bypass that money is ‘evil’ and you know that money is just energy, made up of consciousness just like everything else. You enjoy financial abundance and use this abundance to create a more harmonious reality for yourself and others.

19. Mind Unplugged From the Matrix

One sign that your mind has been unplugged from the matrix is that you can clearly see the hidden agenda of those who desire to control this planet. You no longer resonate with the news and their ‘official story’. You inner truth detector can sense when someone is lying and you have become immune to the low frequency strategies and implants that constantly try to tell you ‘you are not enough’. Mindless consumerism and the herd mentality seem absurd to you.

20. Bye-Bye Idolatry

As you awaken to your co-creative powers and God-like nature, you no longer put other people on a pedestal. Your inner guru precedes any external guru and you see teachers as a reflection of your own unlimited potential. The forces of your worthiness and deservedness drive you to achieve whatever you set your mind upon. You have become the master of your own reality.

21. Overflowing with Gratitude

Gratitude is your attitude. Gratitude is your prayer. The sense of lack has become foreign to you, instead you cannot stop counting your blessings. The feeling of gratitude multiplies whatever you have and brings you even more positive experiences. You are even grateful for the challenges and setbacks that are inevitable in life, you can’t help to see them as opportunities for growth. And you probably have a gratitude journal.

22. Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

Life is meant to be fun, you know that. Being extremely rigid and disciplined suck the fun out of everything. Even though you are adamant when it comes to working on yourself and achieving self mastery, you always allow yourself to make mistakes. In fact making mistakes is part of the learning process. You have a great sense of humor and you don’t take yourself too seriously. Your inner child is thriving and you often feel energized, inspired and overflowing with creativity.

About the Author:
Gustavo Castaner is the founder of and Gustavo specializes in helping people change their frequency so they can embody their Higher Self and manifest higher vibrational relationships.

Water, Sacral Chakra and Sei Hei Ki @ Reiki with Friends

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ART : Holly Smith


Water, Sacral Chakra and Sei Hei Ki

Article by Ashwini Chubé, Reiki Rays

As a kid I loved to play in water and as a teenager I loved to play in the rain. Even now as an adult, I love being in close proximity to water. After a crazy day at work, I often love to take a warm shower or a tub bath.

We often relate water as a “cleaning agent”- be it ourselves, our clothes or our cars, our utensils or even our food. We use water to wash away the dirt. Whatever logical answer it may be but water can cleanse us off. We have never even thought of why is it so.

Well , water is all to do with our emotions. The element of water itself deals with emotions. Very often I meet people who are emotionally upset about something and just tell me “I want to cry it out”. At that time I advise them to “drink water” not just as a Reiki practitioner but also as a friend. Water soothes extreme emotions as it is vital to heal the second chakra in human body.

The second chakra located right next to your belly button is called as the Sacral Chakra or Swadhishtana is made up of the element of water. Sacral deals with your emotions and how you feel about yourself.

Many if not most of people who have asked for a healing do not understand the difference between thinking and feeling. And those who do, have a preconceived programmed belief that it is wrong to do what you feel and right to do what you think. Most of us believe that doing things as per you feel is supposedly a sign of a weak person, which is the biggest misconception known to today’s world.

Not feeling your emotions or curbing your emotions is a sign of an underactive or even blocked sacral chakra. On the other hand an overemotional or a clingy person who overindulges in alcohol or substance may have a super enlarged sacral.

Both the cases will result in unbalanced emotions. The physical manifestation will result in being conscious about your body in a very negative way, i.e.: the extremes of self-criticism /self obsession and also fatigue or restlessness.

Sei Hei Ki or the Usui healing symbol

Often used for emotional healing, this symbol has a significance of its own. It has a very subtle energy yet is extremely powerful for both emotional and physical healing. It is not just associated with emotional and mental well being but also with harmony as it has an ability to bring peace of mind and balance.

To what we call as “activate” the symbol we draw it and chant its name thrice. Very often activation results in cooling or washing kind of feeling in our chakras and aura. Clients too feel cool or washed up after using this. Many clients cry out and cleanse themselves when this is used. Always let them know they are safe and allow them to emote.
Additionally Sei Hei Ki can also be used for psychic protection, addiction recovery and even to find lost items.

Reiki Water meditation
Image by OakleyOriginals

Healing the sacral chakra with water and Reiki symbols

1) Bath or Shower

– Select water body type to be used i.e.: Shower / Tub.
– If you wish burn some candles to soothe you down. I recommend orange or ylang ylang.
– You can also use bath salts if you wish.
– Invoke the presence of Archangel Michael and the archangels and ascended masters.
– Draw the Master and the distance symbol on your both palms especially if you are standing in a shower.
– You can also draw the symbols in the water filled in the tub bath.
– Now draw the emotional healing symbol (SHK).
– If you are a Karuna® Reiki practitioner, draw both Zonar and Halu too; they are what I believe compassion healing symbols.
– Relax and feel the water all over yourself and your chakras.

2) Drink it up

Charge your drinking water with SHK and CKR. You may add lime juice or mint leaves, honey or lemon wedges to it. Drink that water. With every sip, it is important to feel the taste, the smell and to enjoy. Feel in the gratitude as you sip every single drop.

3) Water Meditation

Spend time near a water body and meditate there. You can choose between an ocean, a river, and a lake. Sit close to the water body. Meditate for 10-15 minutes daily. You can refer to the meditation above in point#1.

4) Swimming and water sports

Swimming can help you get the right exercise and is the gentle yet most effective form. Swimming is a great workout because you need to move your whole body against the resistance of the water. Also it is easy on joints due to water and always recommended as an exercise for the elderly, pregnant women and those recovering from health issues. Playing water sports can be a very good option too. Choose from rafting, snorkelling, jet-ski. Please note that, you should go only if you are the adventurous types and enjoy doing it.

Additional points:

The most important thing is to honour your feelings. We have been taught to do what is right and to ignore our feelings. Allowing ourselves to feel our emotions and can be very freeing. It connects the soul with the body. Pick that guitar, join that dance class, go for that relationship, adopt that pet, paint that picture, start your own venture if you want. Take that up what gives you pleasure and that frees you.

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Ashwini Chubé

Ashwini Chubé heard her “calling” and was drawn to Reiki amidst her routine job in a Mumbai based investment bank. She says her life has become Reiki after being attuned to it. She takes the help of Reiki for almost everything from little things to huge problems and everytime she does that her faith increases. Ashwini likes to write, cook, read, travel, dance in her spare time. She loves nature walks too. She is USUI Reiki Master Teacher, Practitioner of Karuna Reiki, Soulmate Reiki, a practitioner of Violet Flame, Silver Violet flame healing and Angelic healing. She is also a reader of Angel Oracle cards, Angel Tarot cards and she is a hypnotherapist. Ashwini conducts Angel mediation workshops in Mumbai, India. Reach Ashwini at and on Facebook at Urja – Holistic Energy Group (

What Does “Reiki Flows Where It Needs to” Mean? @ Reiki with Friends

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What Does “Reiki Flows Where It Needs to” Mean?

Article by Angie Webster, Reiki Rays

One of the things we often hear about Reiki is that it goes where it needs to. I have often said this myself, especially when I was first introduced to Reiki practice. However, over time and with personal experience in working with energy, I have come to realize that this statement may be misunderstood and oversimplified.

Reiki travels to various places in the body during a Reiki session. In fact, most people who have had a Reiki session will tell you that they have had the experience of feeling energy moving throughout their body or feeling energy flow in more than one location. Many Reiki practitioners sense this, as well. Among those of us who have experienced it often, there is little doubt that energy is moving in various locations, in multiple ways.

From the beginning of my experience with Reiki, I have seen that people experience shifts and healing with much more than the issue they come to treatment for. Reiki goes to the underlying issues that contribute to or create an illness, problem or pain, helping to gently open ways for the person to create a shift in their life. The shift is often so gentle and easy that they may not even be aware it’s occurring until they look back on it later.

This ability of Reiki to know and bring balance to the true cause of a problem—physical, emotional or spiritual–is what I feel is truly meant by “Reiki goes where it needs to”. Neither the client nor the Reiki practitioner need to know what the underlying cause of an issue is. We don’t even need to know the issue at all in order to bring some relief and peace with a Reiki treatment.

What does Reiki flows where it needs to mean

Image by PublicDomainPictures

However, it would be a mistaken understanding to say that it is not beneficial to apply Reiki to the entire system. Reiki will go to the underlying issue. But the energy works by accessing the aura, chakras, and the energy pathways of the client, via the practitioner. The energy body has numerous meridians through which our energy travels. These run down the front and back of the body, from the top of our head all the way to the bottoms of our feet and everywhere in between, with important energy centers along the way. It makes a great deal of sense to apply Reiki to the entire system so that it has as many access points as possible, thus offering the best possible healing.

In my practice, I am often guided or “nudged” during a Reiki session to move my hands to a different hand position, to apply Reiki in a different manner, or to stay longer than usual in a position. I feel similar things even during a distant session. I have heard many practitioners say that Reiki guides them in similar ways. If Reiki simply went wherever it needed to and we were not necessary as conduits to assist and conduct it, then we would not receive this guidance so regularly. In fact, Reiki would not need us at all! We are like the tuning forks to focus the energy where it is needed. It may get there to some degree without us, but our help brings it sharply into the areas of need.

The application of Reiki directly to areas that are in pain, ill or tense simply feels good! You can certainly offer a Reiki session that only treats a small area of the body and the person will feel relaxed and will benefit. But if there is an area that is in need, there is so much good to be done by treating there, in addition to treating as much of the system as time allows. There are many times that a spot treatment is the best method, such as for an injury. We instinctively know that we should place our hands over an area that has been hurt just for this reason.

I have seen people use “Reiki flows where it needs to” to minimize the role of the Reiki practitioner in the treatment. While it is a good thing to keep your ego out of the equation, you, as the Reiki channel, are important to the Reiki session! We work in cooperation with Reiki. It is similar to the manner that the cells in our bodies work with us. Our cells must work in cooperation with the overall goal of supporting the larger unit that is us. We can’t do anything very well without that cooperation, and our cells need us—they are us. Universal Life Force is the larger and more powerful energy and we are the cells that help it to function well on this level, through us. When we try to resist it or control it, things don’t go well, but when we work together, great things happen. It’s OK to acknowledge your role in as the conduit for focusing the energy and allowing it to flow. Feel free to participate fully with Reiki!

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Angie Webster

Angie Webster is a freelance writer, Reiki Master Teacher and meditation teacher. Angie’s primary focus in her Reiki practice is empowering women with chronic pain conditions, neurological conditions or anxiety. She offers guided meditation and shamanic Reiki as part of her practice, where appropriate. Angie is the author of Infinite Reiki, Infinite Healing: How Energy Medicine Healed my Life and What it Can do for Yours. Reiki and a healthy lifestyle contributed to her healing after a 20 year struggle with neurological and chronic pain issues. She comes out the other side with a new perspective on life and now seeks to empower others, guiding them back to their own innate healing abilities. You can follow her at:,,

THE MEANING OF THE OM SYMBOL – Naveen Kumar @ Reiki with Friends

Om type art

unknown artist



by Naveen Kumar


Before the beginning, the Brahman (absolute reality) was one and non-dual. It thought, “I am only one — may I become many.” This caused a vibration which eventually became sound, and this sound was Om. Creation itself was set in motion by the vibration of Om. The closest approach to Brahman is that first sound, Om. Thus, this sacred symbol has become emblematic of Brahman just as images are emblematic of material objects.

The vibration produced by chanting Om in the physical universe corresponds to the original vibration that first arose at the time of creation. The sound of Om is also called Pranava, meaning that it sustains life and runs through Prana or breath. Om also represents the four states of the Supreme Being. The three sounds in Om (AUM) represent the waking, dream and deep sleep states and the silence which surrounds Om represents the “Turiya” state.


Because the first of the three states of consciousness is the waking state, it is represented by the sound “A” pronounced like “A” in accounting. Because the dream state of consciousness lies between the waking and the deep sleep states, it is represented by theletter “U” which lies between the “A” and “M”. This “U” is pronounced like the “U” in would. The last state of consciousness is the deep sleep state and is represented by “M” pronounced as in “sum.”

This closes the pronunciation of Om just as deep sleep is the final stage of the mind at rest. Whenever Om is recited in succession there is an inevitable period of silence between two successive Oms. This silence represents the “fourth state” known as “Turiya” which is the state of perfect bliss when the individual self recognizes his identity with the supreme.

The Symbol Om:


Just as the sound of Om represents the four states of Brahman, the symbol Om written in Sanskrit also represents everything. The material world of the waking state is symbolized by the large lower curve. The deep sleep state is represented by the upper left curve.

The dream state, lying between the waking state below and the deep sleep state above, emanates from the confluence of the two. The point and semicircle are separate from the rest and rule the whole. The point represents the turiya state of absolute consciousness. The open semicircle is symbolic of the infinite and the fact that the meaning of the point can not be grasped if one limits oneself to finite thinking.

The Power of Chanting Om:

  1. The chanting of Om drives away all worldly thoughts and removes distraction and infuses new vigour in the body.
  2. When you feel depressed, chant Om fifty times and you will be filled with new vigour and strength. The chanting of Om is a powerful tonic. When you chant Om, you feel you are the pure, all pervading light and consciousness.
  3. Those who chant Om will have a powerful, sweet voice. Whenever you take a stroll, you can chant Om. You can also sing Om in a beautiful way. The rythmic pronunciation of Om makes the mind serene and pointed, and infuses the spiritual qualifications which ensure self-realization.

Meditation on Om:


Retire to a quite place, sit down, close your eyes and completely relax your muscles and nerves. Concentrate on the space between your eyebrows and quieten and silence the conscious mind. Begin to repeat “Om” mentally while associating the ideas of infinity, eternity, immortality, etc. You must repeat Om with the feeling that you are the infinite and all-pervading. Mere repetition of Om will not bring the desired result.

Keep the meaning of Om always at heart. Feal Om. Feel that you are the pure, perfect, all-knowing, eternal, free, Brahman. Feel that you are absolute consciousness and the infinite, unchanging existence.

Every part of your body should powerfully vibrate with these ideas. This feeling should be kept up all day long. Practice regularly and steadily with sincerity, faith, perseverance and enthusiasm in the morning, midday and evening.

By: Naveen Kumar

Unleash Your Healing Potential in Four Steps – Haripriya Suraj @ Reiki with Friends

symbols_for_healing Toni Carmine Salerno

ART : Symbols for Healing – Toni Carmine Salerno


Unleash Your Healing Potential in Four Steps

Article by Haripriya Suraj, Reiki Master, Reiki Rays

The path of healing is chosen by several souls as part of their life purpose on Earth. Many people feel an inner calling to heal and to help. They feel inspired to make a positive difference in the world. Many potential healers and lightworkers are drawn to the path from a young age and it feels very natural to them. Others have life altering experiences that launch them on the path. Either way, once the desire to heal is awakened, life takes on a whole new meaning. There are several paths that one can choose as a healer and Reiki is one of them. Many people start off with Reiki and eventually explore other modes of healing, while others commence their journey with different practices and land on the Reiki path sometime later. Many of them integrate several techniques of healing, while some stick to just one mode. There really is no right or wrong. Each path is unique and we do best when we choose the path that our inner self resonates with, for that is the calling of our soul.

If you have chosen the healing path, are you doing justice to your choice?

So often we make great choices but fail to follow through on them. We give in to lethargy and get distracted by a million things happening around us. In the process, many of us do not utilise our healing potential to the fullest. We all know someone who got attuned to Reiki but gave up in a few days or months. There are others who begin to communicate with their spirit guides and angels and then abruptly stop all communication. It happens to almost everyone and has happened to me as well. I did not practise Reiki for almost four years after my second degree. Reiki then gave me a powerful wakeup call and brought me back to the path. Even after resuming my Reiki practice, I did not utilise my potential for a very long time. One day, in meditation, I received a message from my guide that I was not utilising my complete potential. I was rather taken aback because I was perfectly content with what I was doing. I tried to explain this to my guide but the message kept returning to my awareness, “You are not utilising your complete potential.”

I did not take this seriously until I started receiving messages from different sources that I was indeed not living up to my potential. That was when I decided to take action and set out to live my purpose to the fullest.

Unleash Your Healing Potential in Four Steps
Image by josealbafotos

Considering that it relatively easily for us to get distracted and lose focus, I discovered that one of the best ways to stay focused was by forming a team with spiritual helpers from the higher realms. It is also great to form a team with our human healer friends, by catching up with them, attending workshops, participating in group healing sessions etc. However, this is not practically possible for most people on a daily basis. On the other hand, working with our celestial friends is an everyday possibility. Working with them brings a lot more focus and commitment, besides polishing our healing skills. We can literally ask to be trained by them. Right from the comfort of our homes, we can interact with them every single day and we can get trained to unleash our complete healing potential. We can receive the necessary support and inspiration that will help us blossom into powerful healers. We all have this potential in us and once we set an intention to fine tune our skills, the Universe supports us in a multitude of ways.

So, how exactly can we awaken and utilise our healing potential to the fullest? Here are four tips that may be of help.

  1. Do What You Already Know – Start off by doing the best that you can. In Reiki terms, that would amount to being committed to daily self healing. That’s the least that we can and must do if we are indeed serious about progressing on the path. Whenever you practise, request the Masters, Guides and Angels to shower their grace on you. When we are touched by divine grace, our innate capacity to heal gets strengthened and activated. This is exactly what happens even during a Reiki attunement. Most of us did not utilise our innate capability to sense or work with energy until we got attuned to Reiki. During the attunement, we were touched by a mysteriously divine energy and boom…. we found that we were indeed sensitive to energy! The same principle can be applied even as we continue to practise. When we request that we are blessed, blessings are showered upon us. Our celestial friends are very happy to help us hone our skills and we experience great learning.
  2. Offer Healing to Others – Whenever someone requests you for a healing, accept the opportunity with gratitude. Of course, there are times when people seek something other than what Reiki offers and then we are forced to politely refuse. But if all seems OK and your intuition gives you a go ahead, take up all requests for healing, even if you are a beginner in the field. Even a Reiki Level 1 practitioner has the potential to share the joy of Reiki with several others. Again, request the Masters, Guides and Angels to help you with offering healing to others. Invite them into your healing space and request them to oversee your work and to guide you if necessary. If you surrender to the process, you will often be surprised at some of the things that happen. You may sense more powerful energies flowing through your palm. Or you may suddenly find yourself offering healing in ways that you have not consciously learnt. Things just seem to happen on their own and you can sense the difference.
  3. Music and Drumming – Music has a powerful healing effect. It can add power to healing sessions by helping awaken some of our latent healing abilities. It is well known that music, especially drumming, forms an integral part of healing in the shamanic world. Experiment with drum music and see if it helps you. It is not necessary for one to follow a Shamanic approach in order to benefit from the power of drum music. Simply listening to it also brings profound benefit. Music can also help us form a stronger connection with the higher realms and thereby make it easier for us to communicate with them.
  4. Meditation – Silent meditation is another powerful complement to Reiki practice. It helps us tune into the divine essence in us. As we practise meditation, the mind becomes still and the light of our soul begins to glow brighter. So, rather than being controlled by our minds, we allow our soul to take the lead and all our healing efforts are directed from that level. Meditation also helps us listen to the guidance that our guides and angels often try to communicate to us, which is nothing but the wisdom of our own Higher Self. Even ten minutes spent in quiet meditation everyday can bring great benefits to healers.

Love and Light!

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Haripriya Suraj

Haripriya is a Reiki Master, Angel Healer, and Spiritual Teacher. She was drawn to Reiki right from her childhood and Reiki went on to become part of her life’s purpose. Reiki is her constant companion from which she derives peace and contentment. After reaping the fruits of Reiki practice in her life, she was inspired to spread the joy of Reiki. She is the founder of Aananda Holistic Center where she conducts as well as teaches Reiki and Angel Healing. Haripriya resides in Bangalore, India. Reach Haripriya at and at Aananda Holistic Center on Facebook.

Rejuvenate Reiki Connection with Cleansing @ Reiki With Friends

tara ice blue

TARA – unknown artist


Rejuvenate Reiki Connection with Cleansing

Article by Tracy Morrow, Reiki Rays

In a previous article, Reiki Clearing to Rejuvenate the Reiki Connection, I addressed the common problem of feeling disconnected from Reiki energy. This article offered suggestions for how to begin to reconnect to Reiki energy through clearing. If you have taken the time to follow these instructions you were able to experience an energetic improvement that allowed you to more fully experience Reiki energy.

To further rejuvenate a strong connection to Reiki, cleansing is very effective. One may think that clearing is enough, and for some it may be. For others, which means almost all of us, it is necessary to take the additional steps for cleansing. To better understand the difference between clearing and cleansing, you can think of how you might dust your home with a dust cloth on a weekly basis, and how that is effective to remove the dust.

If you dust weekly, it is effective in keeping dust at bay. At the same time, on a monthly or seasonal basis, you need to do a more intensive cleansing. This deeper cleaning will wash away dust mite residue, or other residue which is not so easily dusted away. In this example, you can see how cleansing should be a regular practice for the energetic realms as well.

Reiki Cleansing

Fasting is the best way to remove toxins, including energetic toxins from the body system. Energy gets caught up in toxic chemicals that are absorbed into your body. You ingest it in the foods you eat, and breathe it in through polluted air. While some toxins are naturally removed through sweat and digestive processes, some of them remain stuck in your body.

How long you fast is up to you, but it should not be more than three days at a time. Additionally, many of us cannot completely fast due to health concerns. For us, a fast can include choosing to eat fresh vegetables and fruits, and skipping grains and other foods. Raw or steamed vegetables and fresh fruits will help detox the body.

Whichever way you choose to fast, infuse water with Reiki, and continue to do self-healing. You will want to drink at least half of your weight in ounces of water per day, even when you are not fasting. Green or herbal tea should be the only other beverage that you drink during times of fasting and should not replace the amount of water you drink.

Practicing additional yoga poses throughout your fast will further help cleanse the inner body system. Fasting can also include turning off electronics and avoiding the use of your cell phone and other internet capable devices. Using this time for additional meditation, or reading inspirational materials, this will help cleanse your mind of the lower energies found throughout social media.

As you are fasting, it is the best time to reflect on lower energy thoughts and emotions you may have been experiencing. These are a natural part of life. Responding to them with loving kindness, while making any necessary resolutions or boundaries, will help cleanse you from any stagnation in your mind and heart. You can also send Reiki to help heal your ego from these consistent lower energy activities.

As any stuck energies are being flushed from your mind, body and emotions, take additional time to self-heal and cleanse your energetic body. The most intensive way to do this is to take a bath in Epsom salt for 20 minutes. At the end of 20 minutes, exfoliate the skin of your body with coconut oil and sugar mixed into a fine paste. After exfoliating your skin, rinse off in the shower and allow the energy of the water to also cleanse your energetic body.Rejuvenate Reiki Connection with Cleansing

To further clear and cleanse your environment, you will want to use Reiki infused water combined with sea salt and sage. You can add any other natural cleaning substance that you prefer. Then, wash down all surfaces in your home and office, starting from the top and working your way down. You can also do this in your car.

After cleansing all the surfaces in your home, office, and vehicle, sprinkle salt and basil on the floors and carpets. As you are sprinkling the salt and basil, you can set the intention of all lower energies to be swept away. After 20 minutes, vacuum your carpets and mop all your floors. Make sure to throw the salt and basil that you sweep up outside of your home to be absorbed into the earth.

As a final step, you can burn sage or a cleansing incense to permeate the crevices in your environment that are otherwise unreachable. Remember to send Reiki to all areas of yourself and your environment and set the intention for Reiki to flow. At this point, any accumulation of lower energies should be removed and you should be able to feel Reiki energy flowing steadily and strongly.

There is one final step to take to completely rejuvenate your connection to Reiki, and that is connecting to it again. You can easily do this on your own just by setting an intention, although this can be difficult for some of us at times, and should not be a concern. There are additional, and specific methods that you can use to fully connect to Reiki that will be shared in an upcoming article.

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Tracy Morrow

In passionate pursuit of timeless living, Tracy Morrow is an NLP Master Practitioner, Certified Meditation Teacher, Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Trainer and Writer. Tireless in her commitment to service, she is currently invested in helping create better lives by opening minds and resources in order to improve wellness and recovery for families living with behavioral health challenges. You can find more about Tracy at


Meet the 7 Archangels That Can Effortlessly Raise Your Abundance Vibration & Manifesting Power

art mandala opening the heart

Opening The Heart Mandala – unknown artist




april-angel-monthIn case you missed Monday’s news… we’re officially declaring April as Angel Month and holy flying feathers, do we have some amazing things lined up for you over the coming weeks!

Now that the cosmic veils have been lifted after March’s DOUBLE eclipse(New Moon Solar Eclipse on 3/8 and a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on 3/23), there is a clear and unobstructed portal open to the divine…

And with April 1st fast-approaching, Michael and the 6 other major Archangels are perched patiently in the wings, just waiting for the right moment to swoop down and flood abundance into every area of your life.

 You see, abundance, just like light, fills dark places naturally and effortlessly.

To let it in, all you have to do is raise your energetic vibration and with a little help from your winged warriors of light, it’ll be far easier than you think.

Angels vibrate at a much higher frequency than us, which is why we can’t see them in our physical world. While invisible to the human eye, they are always with you… waiting to offer divine guidance and lift you with their light whenever you should choose to call upon them.

But, before we introduce you to the 7 Archangels that can effortlessly raise your abundance vibration this coming month, let’s take a closer look at the celestial Number 7 because, as you know, we’re big fans of numbers here at Numerologist HQ.


celestial-number-7The Number 7 is the holiest and most magical of all the numbers. In numerology, the Number 7 is the seeker of Truth. It possesses strength, curiosity, and a psychic connection between the spiritual and physical worlds. The 7 is reflective and inquisitive, always searching for answers behind life’s hidden meanings and mysterious manifestations.

7 days in a week…
7 chakras…
7 notes to a scale…
7 colors in a rainbow…
7 stars in the Big Dipper…
7 major Archangels…

Is there any surprise that the Number 3 (the number of the Creator) and the Number 4 (the number of earthly manifestations) add up to the Number 7? 4 + 3 = 7 (we had to throw a bit of math in there).

The Number 7 is a powerful number for manifesting your deepest heart’s desires. It represents a conduit between heaven and earth…

An illuminator of spiritual and material wealth…

A messenger of Truth…

And with the 7 Archangels on your side, waiting to point you in the right direction, you’ll float through Angel Month with a sky-high abundance vibration and unbridled manifesting power.

With that, I think it’s time…


Each of the 7 major Archangels presides over a different day of the week, carries a unique color vibration, corresponds to a particular chakra and represents specific virtues they can be called upon to help you with. And here they are…



Day: Sunday
Chakra: Crown
Color: Violet

She can bring beauty to all areas your life. You can call upon her to assist you in viewing your life through the eyes of Beauty, thinking loving thoughts, and filling your heart with the beautiful energy of gratitude. You can also ask her to assist you in beautifying your physical appearance, environment, and surroundings.

Call upon Archangel Jophiel when you need help with: Positive thoughts and mindset, gratitude, space clearing, decluttering, interior decorating, art, creativity, beauty, physical appearance, self-care, gratitude.



Day: Monday
Chakra: Heart
Color: Green

Having omniscient vision, this archangel can see the connection between everyone and everything. You can call upon him any time you would like to see your life from a higher perspective. He can assist with all you seek or are looking for, including finding the right resources to fulfill your soul’s purpose or clarify your direction. Known as the angel of peaceful relationships, he can help find your soul mate, as well as you resolve conflict with others. If you are seeking inner peace, he can help you find the spiritual meaning in any challenging situation.

Call upon Archangel Chamuel when you need help with: Clarity, direction, understanding, relationships, life purpose, finding your soul mate, resolving conflicts with others, world peace, finding lost objects, finding inner peace.



Day: Tuesday
Chakra: Throat
Color: Blue

Known as the guardian of lightworkers and the leader of the Archangels, Michael is your go-to resource for anything. His chief function is to rid the earth and its inhabitants of fear and negative energy. He carries a sword which he uses to cut away emotional entanglements, and remove negative energy and entities. He guides you toward your life purpose while empowering you with the courage and confidence to be a light in the world. He guards and protects you from negativity from others and your environment by surrounding you with love.

Call upon Archangel Michael when you need help with: Protection, life purpose, confidence, courage, strength, vitality, self-esteem, space clearing, negative entity removal, releasing emotional entanglements.



Day: Wednesday
Chakra: Third Eye
Color: Indigo

Angel of healing and miracles, Archangel Raphael restores your physical, financial, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Embodying the energies of unconditional love and compassion, he can bring healing to any situation, circumstance, person, or animal, as well as the Earth itself. You can call upon this healing angel to assist you in forgiving yourself and others, and letting go of emotional and physical toxins with love. Because animals respond to his loving energy, you can also call upon him to help you retrieve your lost pets.

Call upon Archangel Raphael when you need help with: Love, relationships, addiction recovery, health concerns, relationships, healing the planet and its inhabitants, forgiveness, compassion, weight loss, chakra healing, finding lost pets, space clearing, healing yourself and others.



Day: Thursday
Chakra: Solar Plexis
Color: Purple/Gold

Archangel Uriel is your link to the higher realms. He can illuminate your soul’s purpose. lift your burdens, and ignite your intuition. He is often depicted with an open hand holding forth a flame that brings light to all souls. This light can fuel your passion and bring insights and understanding. He can transmute all lower energies and emotions into the higher vibrations of spiritual understanding, love and compassion. He can also elevate your psychic senses and open you to clairvoyance and universal consciousness.

Call upon Archangel Uriel when you need help with: Intuition, alchemy, clairvoyance, astrology, esoteric wisdom, divine guidance.



Day: Friday
Chakra: Sacral
Color: Orange

Known as the angel of revelation, she delivers important messages from the divine, including prophetic guidance about your future. She is also the communication angel, and helps you gain clarity about your decisions, express your emotions, communicate clearly and effectively, and share your unique message with the world. She also assists in raising children with clear guidance.

Call upon Archangel Gabriel when you need help with: Creativity, clarity, communication, expression, art creative projects, writing, speaking singing, decision making, raising children.



Day: Saturday
Chakra: Root
Color: Red

Considered to be the angel of mercy, benevolence and compassion, he can bring peace to any situation. He guards your memory, so he can help you remember things you need to learn, and also release painful memories with love and forgiveness. He can also help you remember your divine spiritual mission on Earth.

Call upon Archangel Zadkiel when you need help with: Forgiveness, compassion, finding lost objects, studying, memory enhancement, spiritual purpose, emotional healing.

Try calling on the different Archangels as you go through the week, focusing on the different areas of your life you can improve by shifting into an abundant consciousness and raising your energetic vibration. Then…


To kick off Angel Month, we’ll be making a very exciting announcement on Friday, April 1st (and that’s no April Fool’s joke)! Keep your eyes peeled, you’ll definitely want to be among the first to hear this.

Many blessings,

The Numerologist Team

HINT: Ok, ok. We’ll give you a little hint. Our exciting announcement has something to do with the Number 7, the upcoming Super New Moon in the fiery sign of Aries, and the most powerful of all the Archangels. Stay tuned.

Archangel Images courtesy of Doreen Virtue Ph.D.

Archangels & Reiki by Reiki Master Sunetra Dasgupta

ART watercolor-paintings-jung-shan

ART : Watercolour painting – Jung Shan


Archangels & Reiki

Article by Reiki Master Sunetra Dasgupta, Reiki Rays

The term “Archangel” means “An Angel of higher kind.”

The Archangels take care of people by strengthening and assisting them in every walk of life. They do not believe in any particular religion, caste or creed, and help us to heal or get healed if called upon with a pure heart. But it’s very important we keep in mind that they do not interfere in our Karma. There are Four Primary Archangels who are associated with the four main Usui Symbols. They are Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Rafael and Archangel Uriel.

Michael – “Who is Like God”

He is in charge of protection, justice, truth.

Michael grants miracles and gets rid of toxins, lower energies and spirit release.

Image by bobosh_t
Michael is associated with the Dai Ko Myo

He also oversees a healer’s life purpose.

Call on Michael if you find yourself under psychic attack or when your job is too demanding with impossible.

Deadlines to reach and people to handle.

Gabriel“Messenger of God”

The only female Archangel in charge of communication.

Contact Gabriel: If your third eye is closed.

If you want a child she may help you conceive or bring news of conception.

Image by bobosh_t
Gabriel represents CHO – KU – REI

Helps to stay on life path and know soul’s plan.

Gabriel is also very helpful for women who have been raped.

She resembles white and purple light.

Raphael – “God heals“

Raphael is an archangel that takes great interest in helping those who ask.

Helps us to be better healers.

Raphael grants, love, miracles and grace.

Image by DominusVobiscum
Raphael represents Sei –hei- ki

He is the most friendly & jovial of all Angels, and is sweet and loving.

His color is green light.

Call upon Raphael when you are traveling.

Raphael not only helps you to heal from physical, emotional and mental pain.

He also heals wounds from past lives & childhood trauma.

Raphael helps with is finding lost pets and even lost soul mates. Can help in marriages.

Uriel – “The Light of God“

Uriel is the wisest Archangel because of his intellectual information and geniusness in problem solving.

He is very subtle and he answers prayers in sudden brilliant ways.

Uriel represents Hon – sha – ze – sho – nen

Uriel heals all natural calamities and the Earth.

He is an angel of  Transformation & Transmutation.

Call on him to release the painful burdens and memories of the past.

His color is golden light.

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Sunetra Dasgupta

Sunetra Dasgupta is a Reiki Teacher. She is emotionally attached to Reiki as she feels, when she was nowhere, Reiki came to rescue her. She heals and teaches Traditional (Usui) Reiki, Karmic Reiki, Karuna® Reiki, Soulmate Reiki, Fusion Reiki, Wagle Reiki, Angel Reiki, Tiger Reiki, Lavender Flame Reiki, Magnified Healing, Akashic Records, Access Consciousness, Aura Brushing, Cord Cutting, Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, EFT, Psychic Surgery, Angel and Tarot Card Reading. She is also an Angel whisperer. She lives in India and can be followed on her Reiki Page: Soniele Daniel Reiki


ART watercolor-paintings-jung-shan

ART : Watercolour painting – Jung Shan

Everything in the Universe has a vibration.@ Reiki with Friends

Everything in the Universe has a vibration.

Article by Haripriya Suraj, Reiki Master, Reiki Rays

Everything in the Universe has a vibration. The vibration that is felt in a place of pristine natural beauty is very different from the vibration that is felt in a dirty and polluted city. All of us have our own unique vibration as well. Some people exude powerful vibrations of love and peace. Just being in the presence of such people can raise our vibration too. Some people exude a lower vibration. In their presence, energy sensitive people feel drained and lower their own vibration in the process.

Our own vibrations change from day to day. The vibes we exude depend on the choices we make in day to day life. When we choose to take good care of ourselves and make healthy choices, we raise our vibration. When we care little for ourselves and make unhealthy choices, we risk lowering our vibration. It is a good idea to be aware of factors that contribute to the state of our vibration. Reiki practice helps us tune into our vibrations easily. It can help us check our vibration levels from time to time and make positive changes as necessary.

Low Vibration Triggers

  1.  Sensationalism and biased media reports.
  2.  Violent movies, books and other entertainment.
  3.  Company of gossip mongers.
  4.  Company of people who are overly materialistic.
  5.  Oily, greasy, high calorie foods.
  6.  Overly spicy and coloured foods.
  7.  Eating food cooked by people who are stressed or in emotional turmoil.
  8.  Artificial beverages, packaged juice, colas and other soft drinks.
  9.  Tobacco, alcohol and drugs.
  10.  Refined sugar consumed in high quantities.
  11.  Coffee consumed in high quantities.
  12.  Chocolates, cakes, pastries and sweets consumed frequently.
  13.  The need to compete and be better than everyone else.
  14.  Negative attitude and constant complaining.
  15.  Lack of self love.
  16.  Unhealed anger.
  17.  Unhealed hatred, jealousy and desire for revenge.
  18.  Constant anxiety and worry.
  19.  Unhygienic living conditions.
  20.  Lack of personal hygiene.
  21.  Lack of exercise.
  22.  Lack of fresh air and sunshine.
  23.  Addictions of all kinds- food, sleep, sex etc.


Check your Vibration
Image by Sponchia


High Vibration Triggers

  1.  Fresh air and sunshine.
  2.  Freshly cooked food that is light on the stomach.
  3.  Fresh fruits and vegetables.
  4.  Walking , dancing, swimming ,yoga and other exercises.
  5.  Fresh flowers placed in your home.
  6.  Incense.
  7.  Soothing/ Melodious/Foot tapping Music.
  8.  Comedy movies and meaningful movies with a message for the soul.
  9.  Spiritual books.
  10.  Meditation and deep breathing.
  11. Daily Reiki practice! (very important)
  12. Company of babies, children and pet animals.
  13.  Taking a shower.
  14.  Spending time in nature.
  15.  Loving yourself and being gentle with yourself.
  16.  Honouring your passions and living them.
  17.  Adequate time for rest and relaxation.
  18.  Attitude of non-judgement.
  19.  Positive outlook and trust in life.
  20.  Connecting with Reiki Guides, Angels and Archangels.
  21.  Smiles and laughter.
  22.  Being well grounded.
  23.  Company of people whose vibrations resonate with love and peace.
  24.  Seeing the divine presence in everyone.
  25.  Pampering and massage.

The lists are virtually endless. Almost everything we do from moment to moment has the power to alter out vibration. But the greater power is in our hands. External factors don’t have the power to control us unless we give our power away to them. Rather than being negligent by giving in to triggers that lower our vibration, we can make a conscious effort to spend much of our time living in ways that keep our vibration positive.

Have fun but draw the line when necessary. So, the next time you feel like grabbing an extra cup of sugary coffee, ask yourself if you can choose healthier instead. When you feel tempted to watch yet another episode of the news and crib over the state of affairs in the world, pause and take a deep breath. Ask yourself how YOU can make the world a better place in your own small way. Then go do it!

Much love and positive vibes to you ☺

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Haripriya Suraj

Haripriya is a Reiki Master, Angel Healer, and Spiritual Teacher. She was drawn to Reiki right from her childhood and Reiki went on to become part of her life’s purpose. Reiki is her constant companion from which she derives peace and contentment. After reaping the fruits of Reiki practice in her life, she was inspired to spread the joy of Reiki. She is the founder of Aananda Holistic Center where she conducts as well as teaches Reiki and Angel Healing. Haripriya resides in Bangalore, India. Reach Haripriya at and at Aananda Holistic Center on Facebook

Reiki Mudra – Part 2 – Vedant Vikrom Borah @ Reiki with Friends

art medicine woman by susan seddon boulet

ART : Medicine Woman – Susan Seddon Boulet

Article by Vedant Vikrom Borah, Reiki Rays

So now we know that each finger corresponds to a particular element, which represents these elements in our body and that it is important to balance every element in our system, mudras bring about this balance.

Many people do but most of us do not give importance to our hands. Our hands are not just the most used part of our body but are also essential in energy systems. Which part of you do you use the most to send Reiki – eyes, foot soles or hands? Receiving and giving? Eating? Blessing? Yes, yes it is our hands which we use the most.

Which finger represents which element?

  • Thumb – Fire
  • Index or Jupiter finger – Air
  • Middle or Saturn finger – Ether/Space
  • Ring or Sun finger – Earth
  • Little or Mercury finger – Water

How mudras work?

Our finger tips are the peripherals of our body; this is where nerve root endings are concentrated and are called free energy (prana/chi) discharge points. If we touch the finger to a particular part of a body or another finger tip this energy is re-directed to the body itself. When a mudra is carried out for a specified period the free energy being re-directed tones up the nervous system. These electromagnetic currents balance the constituting elements.

A simple exercise

  1. Take easy, slow and deep breaths.
  2. Stand shoulder width apart, extend your hands to your front with your palms facing down.
  3. Raise your right hand upward and bring your left hand down, extend your fingers and in swift movements open and close your palms for a count of 20-30, make a tight fist and open your palms extending the fingers again. This is to be done for both the palms simultaneously.
  4. After the counts, raise your left hand this time and bring the right hand down. Repeat the open-close of your palms simultaneously.
  5. Once completed, easily bring your palms together in front of your heart centre as if you are to create a chi ball. Do not extend your finger, keep them close or join them. What do you feel? That electric feeling between your palms is your activated free energy. Perhaps you are also feeling a chi ball.
  6. You are now ready for – a Reiki session, Reiki mudra session or Reiki meditation using the Gyan mudra (touching index finger and thumb, remaining fingers straight).

Reiki Mudra and Chakras

Since in my previous article – Reiki Mudra it was mentioned how you can begin a Reiki mudra session, I won’t repeat it now. You can also carry out the above mentioned exercise before the session as you have activated the energy channels through that. There are other mudras known for opening and balancing the chakras or to unlock the chakras and keep them spinning. Kindly check the attached links at the end of the article to learn more on how to carry out these mudras.

Once you do that you will find it interesting to note how each element and chakra align with its function. The chakra mantra or sounds help activate the chakras while chanting and practicing the mudras. Ideally you should carry out the mudra in a sequence and spend at least a minute per mudra. So, in 7-10 minutes your chakras are fresh, healthy and spinning.

Reiki Mudra (Part – 2)
Image by AlicePopkorn

Reiki Mudra for our spiritual journey

  1. Now this is an amazing mudra to work on the Spirit and protection it requires dedication and practice. The Bhram mudra connects our past, present and future and directs the self towards Righteousness. Also immensely helpful to come out of unexplained depression. Make a fist of both the hands, index finger pointing up and both hands facing each other. But the left hand should be placed lower than the right such that the tip of the index finger is aligned with the base of the thumb of the right hand. Hold this formation before you and gaze through the two fingers, or within the space between the hands. Spine straight, head relaxed and chin pulled in slightly. Close your eyes after a few minutes (11 minutes to be precise) and meditate.
  2. The Lotus mudra is one wherein we work towards ushering infinite Divine love, and this works on our Heart Chakra. Bring your hands together to Gassho position at your heart centre and slowly open and separate your fingers except the thumbs, little fingers and the base of the palms should be in contact. Expand the fingers a little but be relaxed, it will be like a lotus flower blooming. This funnels Divine energy into our Heart chakra and is amazing mudra during times of loneliness and despair.
  3. In our spiritual path, we encounter various obstacles in our way. Sometimes this block feels as if we are walking but going nowhere. So to develop deep insight the Naga mudra can be practiced. For this bring both your hands in front of your heart centre and form a cross. Place the left hand vertical between the thumb and index of the right hand facing you while the right hand is held horizontal. Cross the thumbs, left thumb crossing the right.
  4. The Abhaya and Varada mudras can be practiced simultaneously wherein the right hand is raised to the chest level, palms facing outward as in blessing or a wave (abhya mudra) while the left hand rests on the thigh with the palm facing outward and fingers pointing earth, it’s the reverse of abhaya (Varada mudra). While the former helps us conquer fear and be free from it, the latter brings about the energy of forgiveness. Together this combination works very well in our day to day life.
  5. How often do we feel agitated, anxious or so overworked that you are not falling asleep? To calm ourselves and be able to deal with daily chores, the mudra for life comes in very handy. Here the tips of ring finger and little finger touches the tip of the thumb of both hands, the remaining fingers are kept extended. It also helps reduce stress and boost our immune system.

There are numerous mudras which can be very effectively used along with Reiki and reap the positive benefits of each. However, I would still say be careful with the mudras as we need to be very sure of it and be ready to incorporate mudras and Reiki in our daily routine for a long while to imbibe its energy to the fullest. Never try too many mudras at the same time or day. We must give each mudra time to work for us. Please find the links at the end for further reading.

Love and Light.

Further reading


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Vedant Vikrom Borah

Vedant Vikrom Borah is a Biotechnologist and a Reiki healer and teacher. He practices Usui Reiki, Karuna® Reiki, Karmic Reiki, Angel Reiki, Soul Mate Reiki, Deep Healing Reiki, Tiger Reiki, Kundalini Reiki and has embarked on the journey as a Pranic healer. He feels Reiki has helped him accept and let go and live life to the brim. Find Vedant on Facebook at Healing Child.

Reiki Mudra Article by Vedant Vikrom Borah, Reiki Rays @ Reiki with Friends

buddha hand gesture mudra

Buddha Hand Gesture Mudra – Internet

Article by Vedant Vikrom Borah, Reiki Rays

It is believed that the human body is the microcosm of the five elements – fire, air, water, earth and sky present in fixed proportion in our system. Mudras help balance these elements in our body; considered as the image of the Divine. Mudra, meaning ‘seal’, has various connotations in yoga and meditation practices. Mudras are most commonly associated with hand gestures which result in subtle effects by balancing the flow of energy throughout the nadis, the energetic channels of the Caduceus. They also assist in achieving specific states of Consciousness; eliminate negative thought form and aid in mood elevation.

How to do a Reiki Mudra?

1. Wash your hands.
2. Rub your hands to create the energy flow. Alternately, create and feel an energy ball to sensitize your palm chakras. Rub or press your finger tips for unobstructed Reiki flow.Remember: your fingers represent each element.
3. If you are a Usui Reiki channel 2 or higher, draw symbols on your palm chakras and feel the energy flow.
4. Although mudras can be done anywhere and/or anytime, I personally suggest you chalk out some Reiki Mudra routine weekly and spend some quality time (10 minutes or more).
5. Keep your spine straight and relaxed, or lie down if need be but please try not falling asleep. Unless you are tired and Reiki mudras are just too relaxing ☺
6. Start your Reiki mudra and meditate (just be aware of your breath) for as long as you wish or are in trance.
7. As you come out, say your thanks and break off the energy flow.
8. Draw a large Power symbol before you to stabilize and ‘lock in’ the energy.

What Reiki Mudras can I do?

1. Gassho Mudra is one of the most common mudra followed all over the world.


Beverly-Pack reiki mudra


Image by Beverly & Pack


This gesture of respect and humility is our start mudra before every Reiki session (especially when we say the ‘Attitude of Gratitude’). The Gassho or the Namaste mudra represents the presence of the Divine in each one of us in our heart centre. It is a means of saying that ‘my soul recognizes the Divine in you’. It balances the male and female energies, the Yin Yang in each one of us. This position creates a subtle vortex of Divine energy at the point of contact, which is the heart centre, and aids in opening the chakra. If this mudra is carried out placing the hands at our third eye centre, the result is opening of our third eye.

2. Uttarabodhi Mudra
is also called the gesture of Supreme Enlightenment. In this gesture the index fingers of both the hands touch each other while the thumbs are crossed and the other fingers are interlaced. It is believed to charge the energy reservoirs of our system thus leading to surge of energy flow that enlightens our soul. This mudra can be used before any healing for concentration, awareness and powering up our intentions prior to our Reiki session.
Holding this gesture even for a brief period is said to high volumes of spiritual energy into the practitioners’ channels and creates a sense of oneness. It is an excellent was to merge with Reiki energy.

3. Konpo-in Mudra
, the balancing and stabilizing mudra wherein the middle fingers are placed together pointing upwards with the other fingers of both hands are interlaced and the thumbs cross, left over right. It increases the flow of energy in or channels assisting in hands-on Reiki healing. It balances the fire element and enhances perception, memory and patience in us. It helps in inculcating the sense of generosity thus subduing selfishness in an individual.

Higher beings and Ascended masters are seen performing Mudra.

1. The Bodhisattva of compassion is seen with the right hand usually in Protection or Abhaya mudra.
2. Vajradhara regarded as the highest Buddhist Deities is seen in Vajrahunkara Mudra.
3. Laxmi, the Goddess of wealth and abundance is represented with four arms, two of which are in Varada and Abhaya mudra.

Love and Light.

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Vedant Vikrom Borah

Vedant Vikrom Borah is a Biotechnologist and a Reiki healer and teacher. He practices Usui Reiki, Karuna® Reiki, Karmic Reiki, Angel Reiki, Soul Mate Reiki, Deep Healing Reiki, Tiger Reiki, Kundalini Reiki and has embarked on the journey as a Pranic healer. He feels Reiki has helped him accept and let go and live life to the brim. Find Vedant on Facebook at Healing Child.

What Does Namaste Really Mean? @ Reiki with Friends

khaleesi_by_escume-d661w1z ANNA DITTMANN ART

ART : Khaleesi – Escume / Anna Dittmann


What Does Namaste Really Mean?

A translation of “My divine soul recognizes the divine soul in you” is lovely and very much in keeping with Hindu belief. But the word by itself translates directly as “I bow to you.”When I was growing up we had a short prayer that we said before and after every activity: Om Param Atmane Namah-te is an ending that means “to you.”Namaskar is another version, which is a bit more formal, I believe.But for many, Namaste is nothing more than “hello.” I feel like assigning these dramatic definitions to Namaste is a way of exotifying another culture.So it can seem pretty odd when I see someone with a tattoo that says Namaste. I hope it reminds them to see God in everyone even though that’s not a literal translation.

namaste photo re blog

Now, as I said above Namah is a verb used when speaking to God as well as when speaking to human beings. So in that way it does imply that the respect you show others is the same as the respect you show God. (But then again in English we only have one word for “bow” also).

So Namaste means “I bow to you.” It’s that simple. It’s usually accompanied by an actual physical bow.

Param is supreme. Atman is Self, the -ne ending means “to ____”. Namah is bow. I bow to the supreme Self. (Because there seems to be some confusion in the comments, Self here means the Supreme Lord of Creation, the True Self of All)

Namah is the verb “to bow” in Sanskrit. Sanskrit uses a complex system of endings to show the relationships between words (unlike English, which uses word order).

It gives me a bit of a twitch when I see people giving super poetic translations of the greeting “Namaste.” Sometimes people say to me, “Wow, isn’t it amazing how much meaning can be packed into one word like that?” and I say, “No. That meaning might be implied but it’s not what the word literally means.”

What Does Namaste Really Mean?


The Law Of Attraction vs. The Law Of Oneness @ Reiki with Friends


Unknown Artist

The Law Of Attraction vs. The Law Of Oneness

Is there an universal law, the Law of Attraction, which says that everybody has the ability to attract things with his thoughts and intentions. According to this, if our thoughts are negative, we will attract bad things, and if our thoughts are positive, we will attract good things. The question may arise – is this law truly universal? What could be beyond the Law of Attraction?

The Promise of the Master Key

This passage is from the brochure of Law of Attraction course: “For everybody who wants to do something about improving his/her life, the best news is that it is possible to achieve what he/she really wants at any time. The choice is solely up to us. Anybody is able to do it by learning and practicing the appropriate method.”law-of-attraction-and-quantum-physics

The offer follows like this: “I would like you to imagine a large iron gate. It is a heavy gate, difficult to open. It keeps you where you do not want to be at all. It seems, however, that one day the gate will open up, and when it happens, you may experience freedom that you have so far been able to read only.

In your dreams you live where you want to be, you can empty the goblet of joys to the bottom, you may draw the income that you believe you honestly deserve, that is, you can live the way you would like to! The course offers you a chance; let us open that gate together, and once we have done that, a new world, full of possibilities and promises will open up for you. You will receive an answer to your question why so far you have not lived in the wealth you know so well that you deserve.”

Our whole life is a rush. We chase our desires and unfulfilled dreams. We are attracted by money, power, prestige, a wholesome, happy life. All this lies there hidden behind the powerful iron gate that is towering in front of us. But now we are given the master key, with which we achieve all our goals, because we will be able to open the iron gate. By the masterful use of the law of attraction we will be able to achieve everything that we have been longing for so far, everything we desire will be lying at our feet.

We Are Rushing – But Where?

What may lurk behind this life-long rush? What makes us live constantly under the spell of our goals?

Spurred by our ambitions, we pursue various goals all through our lives. We aspire for something all the time, we always want to achieve something. This restless rush is instigated by our fear that we are still not what we want to be. We are never satisfied, we always want something else, we would like to be better, more beautiful, richer than we are at present.


Everybody nurtures an idealized image of what he/she would like to be like.  The mind projects this idealized image into the future, and reveals the way leading to it.

But this image requires a constant rush, stress, anxiety and worry in our life, as nothing is free, we have to struggle to achieve our goals. And now here is the master key for us to use, it will eliminate all anxiety, put an end to the restless rush. The law of attraction gives that to us.

But even if we use the master key and implement the idealized image of ourself, the sense of satisfaction does not last very long, as there are so many other goals in life, so we set up another objective, even more ambitious, as there are so many fields of life where we have not been very successful.

That is how we pursue our goals until death, when we realize how meaningless the whole thing has been. But why are these goals meaningless, we begin to protest immediately. The protest is caused by the vary nature of the forms and shapes, as in their world every form and shape is subject to permanent change, birth and death. Whatever we attract to us with the master key, we are going to lose it, as everybody departs from this world empty-handed, all those who pursue their goals, live in the spell of past and future.

During our spiritual journey we must recognize this process, and we must realize that we no longer need to become something new, as we are all in possession of all the qualities that we have been pursuing so far in our dreams.

What is Awaiting Behind the Gate?

That may not even be the right question; the right question is more likely that “Why do we need a gate at all?”  Who created it, and who prevents us from reaching the things that are so important for us, e. g. freedom?

Spiritual manA glance at our rush reveals that there is the intention of becoming something else behind it. The idea that we need to become something else than what we are is, however, not our own. We did not invent it, it was handed down to us in the society we were born into.

Our parents and later various teachers did not accept us the way we were. From the earliest times, they try to shape us to match their expectations and those of the entire society. In order to match us into their molding forms, our parents and teachers created the heavy iron gate, and kept us away from everything that, in our infantile life, did not match their expectations.

That is how in the course of years we become mere imitations instead of independent human beings. That is how the liberty of developing our individuality according to our own rules is taken away from us.

And now, with the master key of the law of attraction, the iron gate is opened, and we may regain our lost freedom. We take a deep breath and believe that the whole world has opened up for us, we have possibilities that we have only been dreaming of previously.

The question is, what we can do with the freedom? Alas, the general experience is that most Wanderers begin to use that freedom as imitations only, for purposes our parents and teachers used to believe was freedom. In this way, we attract to us everything that was previously in short supply to us: money, power and a variety of entertainment. We achieve the goals we have been pursuing so far.spiritualawakening

But this route, as we have seen before, leads us at best to the recognition of the futility of this freedom.

Only the realization of the senselessness of the daily struggle in the world of the shapes and forms brings us real freedom, which is the freedom of the termination of identification with shapes and forms.

Law of Oneness is the Real Master Key

Once we have realized that the master key and the iron gate are not real, what can we do? How can we find truth? Is there a real master key at all, to open the gate of Reality?

Yes, that master key does exist, and it is identical with our real state of existence. This is the state of Pure Consciousness, free of identifications, the state of the Witnessing Presence


The glue that lulls that Pure Consciousness and binds it to the shapes and forms is the activity of the mind. The mind judges and categorizes everybody and everything, dividing them into good, bad and neutral categories.

If we condemn or like something or someone, we have identified with our opinion and the emotions coming with it. When we find something neutral, we put it in the ”it might come in handy later” box, which is also a way of identification.

In the state of Witnessing Presence, when we are contemplators, we are free of the desire to identify with thoughts and emotions. We no longer judge things, we no longer categorize, and do not struggle against thought and emotions. Instead, we observe them as witnesses when they appear, stay there for a while and then finally vanish. They do the dance of the forms and shapes in the space of Consciousness that is in fact we are ourselves.

Law of Oneness. This is the master key that opens up all locks!


About the author:

 Frank M. Wanderer Ph.D is a professor of psychology, a consciousness researcher and writer. Frank is the author of the books “The Revolution of Consciousness: Deconditioning the Programmed Mind”


Healers too need Healing @ Reiki with Friends

Helen Nelson-Reed - American Visionary Watercolor painter (23)

ART : Helen Nelson-Reed, Visionary Watercolour painter

Healers Too Need Healing

Article by Latha Shenoy, Reiki Rays

People are often surprised when Healers say they need healing. Even I used to wonder why healers used to ask healing from others. It was like, being a healer can’t they heal themselves ? Are they not able to find out the reason for their problem? Why are they surprised?

What they don’t understand is that Healers are human beings too. By being a healer, one doesn’t become God neither God like. Healers have chosen this path of healing as their calling. They have understood the soul purpose of their life in this birth. To help others heal from all the problems, ailments or issues anybody faces is their path of ascension. Ascension towards negating of all Karmic Debts.

There is a lot of energy exchange during healing, leaving a healer exhausted physically, mentally or emotionally. Even though they are attuned to receive unlimited and uninterrupted source of divine healing energy, they too being humans tend to get prone to negative energies of the surroundings. Sometimes due to lot of other things going on in their mind, they do the healing without proper shielding and grounding leaving them open to all types of energy entering their auras. And they get infected. They too are bound by Karmic Laws and they too have to pay their debts and learn the lesson they have chosen for this birth.

As co healers, we need to understand this and help other healers to raise their vibrations and restore them to their full potential and aid them in their path of healing and ascension towards liberation.

Latha Shenoy is a Reiki Grandmaster, Violet Flame Healer and an Angel Card Healer. She was in a Corporate Career until 2013 as a Business Development Manager and an Application Specialist in an MNC. She has done MBA in Operations. Latha has quit her career since 2013 and she has devoting her spare time in learning various Spiritual Sciences and practicing the same. She conducts workshops on Chakra Balancing and Meditation, and she teaches Reiki Classes and Angel Card readings.

10 Physical Symptoms Of A Spiritual Awakening @ Reiki with Friends

art cosmic face

Unknown Artist

10 Physical Symptoms Of A Spiritual Awakening

Have you experienced any symptoms of a spiritual awakening? Chances are, if you are reading this article, the answer is “yes!”

A spiritual awakening is an ongoing process whereby a person becomes aware of their connection to the infinite, and becomes mindful of their spiritual nature.

As spirits, we are eternal in nature.  However, when we are born into these bodies, many of us “forget” our spiritual nature.  We are often raised believing that we are disconnected from one another, and that this life is our only existence.

spiritualawakeningWhen someone experiences a spiritual awakening, they become aware of their spiritual nature, and begin to understand that they are indeed connected, and eternal, beings.   As a result, they will often experience some specific symptoms of a spiritual awakening.

Please note that not all people who experience a spiritual awakening will experience each of the following signs and symptoms, but they probably will experience at least a handful of them.  We each experience our spiritual awakenings differently as we each have different sensitivities.

1. An increased interest in metaphysical subjects and the paranormal~

awaken-728x400-e1404639389566Often people who are experiencing a spiritual awakening will become very interested in metaphysical subjects and phenomenon like crystals, tarot cards, reiki, psychics and mediums.  

This interest can help the individual understand his or her spiritual awakening, as traditional subjects and education typically fail to address questions of a spiritual nature.

2. Unusual sensations in your crown~

The crown of your head is where your crown chakra resides, and your crown chakra is what connects you to source energy.  When your crown is buzzing or experiencing other sensations, it is an indication that you are well-connected and in a receptive state to the energy of the universe.

3. Ringing in the ears~what-is-your-intention-soul-twin-flame-awaken-L-ffYeac

Some people who are experiencing spiritual awakenings experience a ringing in the ears which often happens when we are in the process of ascension.

Just as a dog can hear higher pitched sounds,  a ringing in the ears indicates that you too are becoming more sensitive to higher frequencies.

4. Vertigo~

The process of ascension is one of transformation and change.  As our energy ascends, sometimes you may feel off balance.  Deep breathing and meditation can help ground you if you are experiencing vertigo.

5. Increased chills or shivers not due to illness~

Chills and shivers are a sign that you are very connected to source energy, as such you are “buzzing” with energy.

6. Increased empathy and compassion~

awakeningIn a spiritual awakening, we become aware of our connection with all people.

As a result, those who are experiencing a spiritual awakening are more likely to interact with others through love and acceptance.

7. Regular instances of synchronicity~

Synchronicities, or meaningful coincidences, become common place.  To learn more about synchronicity, read “Are You Experiencing Synchronicity?

8. Accepting death~

If you become aware of your eternal nature, death starts to feel less scary and more acceptable.  In a spiritual awakening, one may come to comfortably understand that death is simply a transitional state, rather than an absolute “end.”

9. Receiving messages, and understanding what they are~spiritual-awakening

When we become connected to our spiritual nature, we become aware of messages sent to communicate with us or inspire us.

For example, at a critical moment you might see exactly the words you need to see written on a street sign or billboard.  You might also see a cloud formation that is significant or meaningful to you, like a heart or an angel.

10. Experiencing “oneness” ~

This rare symptom must be felt to be understood, but it is a moment of total clarity, whereby an individual feels wholly connected to everything in the universe.  Deep meditation can help facilitate this knowing feeling.

Have you experienced any of these unique symptoms of a spiritual awakening?  Comment below and share your story!



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Unknown Artist

8 Tips for Better Vibes in Your Home & Workplace @ Reiki with Friends

ART Heather Barron

ART : Heather Barron

8 Tips for Better Vibes in Your Home & Workplace

by Andrea S

Positive vibes are not just for people.  Our environments also have a specific vibrational energy.  Because we absorb energy from our surroundings, one way that you can raise your vibration is by working to raise the vibration of your environment.  Better vibes in your work or living space will help you feel happier, healthier and more prosperous.

Here are a few quick tips to amplify the positive vibes in your environment.  Taking a little bit of time to improve the vibes of your space will help you to easily raise your vibration and the vibration of those who live and work with you!

Tips for Better Vibes in the Home and Workplace

1. Setting intention:Waves-of-Faith-A-Morning-Meditation-Prayer

Because intention is very powerful, setting the intention for better vibes in your home or workplace is a method that is easy, effective and fast.  Simply get into a state of meditation, and then imagine your space being filled with love and white light.

It’s a good idea to set your intention for positive vibes in your space at least a few times a year, as over time the home or workspace can absorb negative energy from people and events that take place inside of it.

2. Burning sage:

Burning sage in your home or office is also wonderful way to expel negative energy, though it is a bit more time-consuming.  I’ve seen a number of explanations on how to sage, but this is the one that I use:

01-Sage-SmudgingOpen all of the windows and doors to your space.  Say a quick prayer or set an intention for the energy in your home or office. Light the sage until smoke forms. 

Keep with you a bowl with sand to collect the ash.  Then,  beginning at your front door, move around your home in a counterclockwise fashion, ensuring that the sage smoke filters through every corner, window and doorway.

Please note that hot ashes from the sage can fall on to your carpet or furniture. You might want to practice learning how to control the burn in a safe environment first (like outside), and cover your furniture to avoid damage.

As with setting intention, it’s a good idea to sage a few times a year to regularly clear out any negative energy clutter that’s been absorbed since the last sage.

3. Geodes/crystals:Amethyst-Crystal-e1377804767225

Geodes and crystals are wonderful for adding better vibes to the home or workplace. Gemstones and crystals are well-known for radiating and/or absorbing specific energy vibrations.

For example, you can use rose quartz to radiate love, citrine to bring wealth and abundance or amethyst to purify negative energy.

Be sure to regularly clean and charge your crystals before using them in your space as gemstones and crystals often absorb negative energy from their environments over time. To do this, simply run the crystals under running water for several minutes, or place them out under a full moon.

4. Colors:

Rich, saturated colors add warmth and love into to the home and workspace. Deep reds can be especially nice in the meeting areas of your home or office.

White can bring a lot of positive energy into the home, while black can absorb negative energy.  Be sure not to use too many whites (it can be overstimulating), and if you do have the color black in your home simply make sure to offset it with plenty of bright colors.

5. Sunlight:

Sunlight provides lots of natural high vibrational energy.  For better vibes, open a few windows (if you can).

6. Comfortable blankets, bedding, couches and chairs:

Spaces that provide comfort have better vibes than those that do not.  Ensure that the seating and lounging areas of your space are comfortable and inviting, rather than hard and sterile.

7. Use pleasing fragrances:

Burn candles or incense to enhance the positive feel of your home or workplace, particularly when having gatherings.  Bad smells are off-putting, so be mindful of the scent of your space.

8. Learn more about feng shui:

feng_shui_livingroomA few of the above tips are aspects of feng shui, which is a Chinese system of spatial arrangement used to improve the improve the “qi” (or life energy flow) of a space.  However, there are many more things that you can do in an effort to add better vibes with feng shui.

A few more quick feng shui tips include getting rid of clutter, lighting your home with bright, high-watt bulbs and placing pleasing items in focal points and as centerpieces.

For more feng shui tips, you can check out the books “Feng Shui Your Life: Second Edition” by Jayme Barrett and  “Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui: Free Yourself from Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Clutter Forever” by Karen Kingston.

At the end of the day, enhancing the positive vibes of your work or home space can be a relatively easy thing to do.  With a little effort you can rearrange your space to add more positive energy, which will make you (and anyone else who visits your space) feel brighter, happier and more comfortable.

So how is the energy in your home and workplace? Do you have any other tips to improve the energy of our surroundings? Comment below and share!

Thanks for reading,


Looking for more information on how to raise your vibration?

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Image by actionvance.


ART Heather Barron family and dog

Healing chronic conditions through Reiki @ Reiki with Friends

art by Najib Chakchem

ART : Najib Chakchem


Healing chronic conditions through Reiki

Article by Deborah Lloyd, Reiki Master, Reiki Rays

All of us have stories of “quick” healings with using Reiki. Usually, these immediate healings occur when Reiki is applied soon after a minor injury, or when the emotional issue is related to a current event.

Typically, a client with a chronic condition does not experience an immediate healing. One hour of Reiki generally does not take away a condition that has been a part of the client’s life for months, or years – although miracles are always a possibility. Chronic conditions are complex, emanating within a person’s whole being. While a condition may be centered in one physical area of the body, its effect spreads throughout the physical, mental/emotional and spiritual components of the person.

My own healing journey demonstrates this reality. I was a toddler when stricken with the polio virus. My legs and feet were greatly affected; my lower limbs are still atrophied and I continue to walk with a limp. It was 45 years from the onset of polio to the day I had my first Reiki experience, as a client. What brought me to the session was severe chronic fatigue, a common symptom of post-polio syndrome. The fatigue started to leave my body during that first session, and within a few sessions, it was gone and has not returned (14 years later). What I did not realize then was this was only the first step in my healing journey.

What has happened over the past 14 years is truly amazing. Many “minor”physical improvements, release of emotional blockages and spiritual healings have changed my life. The physical improvements build on one another. One evening while using Reiki, I felt a shift in my hip joints; it felt like someone reached into the socket and turned the bones. I immediately walked around and felt the difference in my gait. The following day, I felt the muscles in my hips and thighs become a little sore, as they were being used in a slightly different way. The limp improved a little bit – again. These small improvements are still happening.

Healing Chronic Conditions through Reiki

Emotionally, new memories arise, often as a result of something that happened that day. One snowy day, a fear of falling in an unplowed parking lot overwhelmed me. Certainly, I have had many falls over the years, especially on snow and ice. I realized I was feeling the fears I had after one especially bad fall, when I was a young mother. Over the next few weeks, I intentionally used Reiki to release many fears embedded in my memory. Now, I have a healthy, and realistic, respect towards icy sidewalks – not to be feared, but to be faced with caution, and reassurance. I ask for protection when walking on a treacherous path.

The spiritual healing is what truly fills my soul! Growing up as that little girl who was so different from other children, unable to run and play sports, was not easy. I felt “less than” others, and became a high achiever in the things I could do. I became an excellent student and a good listener; I had many good friends. My husband and I were brought together and continue to have a blessed marriage and family. But, deep inside, I still felt less than whole. The Reiki healing energies have healed this old belief. Now, I know that I am unconditionally loved – just as all people are unconditionally loved by the Divine Spirit. Feeling connected to the One is beautiful indeed.

My chronic condition continues to be a part of my life. By using Reiki every day of my life, the healing continues. Recently, I have been concentrating on my little feet, listening to my Guidance. Last night, I woke up in the middle of the night, and my feet were vibrating, strongly. What new miracles does the Divine have in store for me?… And, for you?

Deborah Lloyd

Deborah Lloyd is a Usui and Karuna® Reiki Master and certified holistic therapy practitioner, providing Reiki sessions and trainings in Asheville, NC. She is the author of Believe and it is True: A Story of Healing and Life Lessons. Reach Deborah at, and at Deb Lloyd Healing on Facebook (

Healing Chronic Conditions through Reiki

Five Minutes Reiki – Breath Meditation @ Reiki with Friends

art breathe


Five Minute Breath Meditation

Article by Haripriya Suraj, Reiki Master, Reiki Rays

The word ‘Meditation’ scares a lot of people! They don’t even attempt meditating because they feel it requires intense concentration and discipline. They believe it is only for the enlightened and disciplined. This is just not true.

The essence of meditation is to just be. That is, to be with yourself in the moment and to rest in the lap of your Being. We are so used to rushing around and doing things all the time that it seems difficult to just be. To meditate is to give yourself some time where you do not have to think, do or achieve. You just have to be. Once you get to taste the joy of just being, you will begin to enjoy meditation and not find it hard anymore.

There are plenty of meditation techniques and each has its own value. But one of the simplest ways to meditate is with the help of your own breath.

Image by jenniferphoon

Do this simple 5-minute meditation at least once every day. You can also do it whenever you are rushed and stressed and losing touch with yourself in the process. Incidentally, that is when you will benefit most from it. Taking these 5 minute breaks to just BE will nourish your body, mind and spirit and also help you get back to your daily routine with renewed energy.

This is how you do it:

  1.  Ensure that you will not be disturbed for five minutes and that your mobile phone is turned off. This time is for you and you alone.
  2.  Have a timer set for after five minutes so you will know you have given yourself a full five minutes of quiet time.
  3.  Sit or lie down comfortably.
  4.  Close your eyes and take a deep breath.
  5.  Visualise a huge upturned cosmic lotus over you. As you lie still, visualise that you are bathed in a shower of Reiki streaming down from this lotus.
  6.  Bring your awareness to your breathing. Breathe in and out very naturally. That is all you need to do.
  7.  If you find thoughts entering your mind, do not resist them. Just go back to being aware of your breath.
  8.  Do this for the next five minutes. Once your timer goes off, you can slowly open your eyes and resume your normal routine.

That was easy right? Please don’t try to convince yourself that you don’t have even five minutes to spare for this! If you don’t have it, you need to create it. This is for your own growth and well being.

So, go for it! ☺

Haripriya Suraj

Haripriya is a Reiki Master, Angel Healer, and Spiritual Teacher. She was drawn to Reiki right from her childhood and Reiki went on to become part of her life’s purpose. Reiki is her constant companion from which she derives peace and contentment. After reaping the fruits of Reiki practice in her life, she was inspired to spread the joy of Reiki. She is the founder of Aananda Holistic Center where she conducts as well as teaches Reiki and Angel Healing. Haripriya resides in Bangalore, India. Reach Haripriya and at Aananda Holistic Center on Facebook.

Five Minutes Reiki – Breath Meditation

Reiki Ball For Healing @ Reiki with Friends

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Reiki Ball For Healing

A Reiki ball, also known as an energy ball, is a very useful healing tool. In simple terms, a Reiki ball can be described as a chunk of Reiki that is brought together in the form of a ball. It comes in handy in a variety of situations. It is a tool that can keep Reiki flowing to people or situations. There is no limit to how creative one can get while working with Reiki balls!

How to Make a Reiki Ball

For those hearing this for the first time, here’s how you make a ball of Reiki.

  •  Rub your palms for a few seconds until you experience sensations of warmth.
  •  Curve your palms slightly so it resembles a flower bud.
  •  Begin to move your palms apart until you feel strong sensations of heat or a kind of magnetic force between them.
  •  Move your palms up and down in circular motion, like you would if you were carving a ball. Feel or visualise a ball of energy between them.
  •  If you are attuned to symbols, infuse the ball with the symbols of your choice. Visualise the symbols in the ball and it will be done.
  •  Don’t worry if you can’t feel much initially. As you practise, you will be able to sense the ball in your hands.Reiki Ball for Healing

Uses of a Reiki Ball

The following ideas serve as a reference to help you get started. With practice, you will find that the possibilities for healing with Reiki balls are virtually endless.

If you work with affirmations for healing, place a Reiki ball over the affirmation or on the page that has your writing.

Reiki Box
Whenever you work with your Reiki box, place a ball of Reiki in it. This will keep your intentions continuously charged with Reiki. If your Reiki box is in your phone, push the ball into the Reiki Box App.

Physical Healing
When there is a need for physical healing, push a ball of Reiki into the affected body part. In the case of internal organs, push the ball into the body, just over the location of the organ. Intend that the ball goes into the affected organ and heals it.

Pain Relief
If pain relief is needed, program the Reiki ball with the intention that it heals pain. Then push it into the body part or organ that needs relief from pain.

Spread Love
If you wish to send your love to someone, program a Reiki ball with the intention of sending love and toss it into the air. Pink being the colour of love, you can also visualise pink light inside the ball. Intend that the ball goes to the person and makes him or her feel loved. The other person may not consciously realise what happened. They may just experience feelings of love and warmth when the ball reaches them. This practice can bring in more love and harmony to all relationships.

Romantic Love
Program a ball with the intention of sending romantic love to your partner or spouse. Throw in some pink light as well. Toss the ball into the air. Intend that the ball reaches your beloved and conveys your unconditional love and acceptance to your partner.

reiki ball

Whenever you are in emotional pain, program a Reiki ball with the mental-emotional symbol and Master Symbol (if you’ve done third degree). Throw in some pink light and push it into your heart chakra. You can also push it into other parts of your body as you feel guided to. Intend that it brings you comfort and peace. Let go and witness the spontaneous healing that occurs.

Program a Reiki ball with the Power Symbol and Master Symbol (if you’ve done third degree). Intend that it stays with any object, place or person that needs protection. Place it over your house, over babies and children and over your belongings. You could send it along with a loved one who is travelling. Place it over your vehicle whenever you travel. Place it over food and water.

Plants and Animals
Place balls of Reiki over plants in your garden. Push them into trees. Intend that the energy helps your plants stay healthy and nurtures your garden. Place it over a pet or other animal that is unwell or needs protection.

Finding Misplaced Objects
If you’ve misplaced something, make a ball of Reiki and request it to go in search of the missing object. Toss it into the air and visualise it going away in search of the misplaced object. Thereafter, pay attention to your intuition. You may receive clues as to where the object is or you may see the location of the object in your mind’s eye. Trust the impressions you receive and look for the object as guided to. It can also happen that you are physically directed to the place that has the misplaced object.

Program a ball of Reiki with the power symbol. Toss it into rooms and other spaces that have accumulated negative energies. To thoroughly cleanse a room, place a ball of Reiki in each corner of the room. Push a ball of Reiki into the walls, the floor, the ceiling, windows, doors, wardrobes etc.

Now it’s time for you to get creative and experiment with Reiki Balls! Let your imagination run wild. Have fun!

Haripriya Suraj

Haripriya is a Reiki Master, Angel Healer, and Spiritual Teacher. She was drawn to Reiki right from her childhood and Reiki went on to become part of her life’s purpose. Reiki is her constant companion from which she derives peace and contentment. After reaping the fruits of Reiki practice in her life, she was inspired to spread the joy of Reiki. She is the founder of Aananda Holistic Center where she conducts as well as teaches Reiki and Angel Healing. Haripriya resides in Bangalore, India. Reach Haripriya and at Aananda Holistic Center on Facebook

This Is What Different Feather Colors Mean – Reiki with Friends

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This Is What Different Feather Colors Mean


This article written by Natalia Kuna was published in the magazine “Alive, So Make it Count!

Have you wondered about what it might mean when you find a feather? Feathers are ways that Spirit (of different forms) sends us  signs.

For a start, feathers (and other items such as coins, and creatures such as birds, butterflies, and dragonflies), can be signs from the angels, guides,  or loved ones in that they are near – that they hear you, guide you and are supporting you.  It can be an acknowledgement of you or your thoughts or it is their way of saying hello.

Finding a feather is often a magical moment. I have had many beautiful feather experiences and have watched one fall down from the sky onto my daughter’s lap while we had a picnic in our backyard! In my children are often sign-bearers, delivering me feathers from their playtime travels.

Feathers represent flight and freedom, soaring above, looking from a higher perspective, and moving beyond boundaries and limitations. Different colors and color combinations can also add extra  meaning. (see further below about various  color meanings).

Interpreting the Meaning of the Feather Sign

Whenever you observe a sign, take note of what you were thinking just before it happened, or  what is going on in your life at that moment. What could the sign be telling you? Don’t stress yourself about finding a meaning. Even if you do not understand the meaning of the sign at the time, it could become clearer later, or you may be absorbing it in at a sub-conscious level. Just trust that it is a sign and let go of any doubts. Enjoy the way that Spirit works, and embrace the fact you are intermingling with it and paying attention.

Asking for Feather (& other) Signs

You can ask for feather (or other) signs to come to you. And you can be specific. I once asked for confirmation that I had a male guide watching over me (which is what I was feeling and just wanted the magical validation). I asked that if it were true I be shown in the form of a blue feather. I picked blue because it was more rare and unusual, and I saw it as an obviously male color. Exactly one week later, I went to work and as I approached some steps outside there were bright blue feathers everywhere! They were fake ones but it didn’t matter. It was another of those magical moments.

It is just a matter of believing, letting go, and staying aware. Signs often remind us to be at peace and relax into the nature and flow of life. The meanings can at times be profound, and at other times quite simple. The best advice when signs happen is to not put any pressure on yourself to understand it. Take it as an opportunity to connect, take notice of and thank the ever-present Spirit. If your sign is an item such as a feather,  you can keep it in a special place whether that be by your bedside, on your dresser, or added to your sacred space / spiritual altar. Or you can gently release it back to nature or where you found it.

How do you know for sure your feather is a sign?

It is especially a sign if it comes in a magical way or you find it in an odd place. Feather signs often appear on your path in front of you, or at your doorstep. Once a feather appeared in my bag, and on my bedroom floor.

What Different Feather Colors Mean

The Native American people had a great spiritual understanding about feathers, their colors and their meaning. They would take the utmost care of any feathers that came their way as they saw it as a sacred gift, or a powerful talisman in battle.

When considering feather colors, firstly I always recommend seeking the answer within yourself first. Do you have any particular personal association with the color? What does the color make you think of or feel? What are the universal meanings of that color to your knowledge? Does the feather you found act as an answer to a question or some kind of acknowledgement. Always go with your gut and the first impressions you get, and trust. I recommend noting it down and keeping a journal of signs and synchronicities. You might see more in connection to this sign, so stay alert and enjoy the mystery of the process.

Below is a brief rundown of the possible color meanings of feathers (though trust your own heart and use this as a general guide – you can experiment with this!):

WHITE – purification, spirituality, hope, trust, faith, protection, peace, Heaven, angels, and also act as blessings and wisdom connected with moon.

RED – the root chakra (money, possessions, security, career), physical vitality/energy/life force/action, good fortune, passion, emotions, courage.

BLUEthroat chakra (communication, acceptance, speaking your truth) peace, inspiration, mental abilities/knowledge, connection with spirits, spiritual protection and psychic awareness.

YELLOWsolar plexus chakra (gut intuition, happiness), blessings and wisdom connected with powerful sun energy, intelligence, playfulness, joy, cheerfulness, mental alertness, vision.

GREEN – (heart chakra – love, emotions, relationships, forgiveness), health, healing, nature, environment, nature spirits, plant spirits, animal spirits, growth, fertility, harmony, unity,money, prosperity, success.

ORANGE (sacral chakra – sex/physical relationships, love, appetite, attraction), energy, change, optimism, and ambition, success, new ideas, will power, creativity, physical love, will power, independence.

PINK – unconditional love,  romance, feelings, friendship, caring, compassion, harmony, service, empathy, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness, honor, inspiration.

GREY – peace and neutrality (as it is in the middle of black and white), authenticness, flexibility.

PURPLE – (crown chakrauniversal consciousness, spiritual connection), heightenedspiritual growth and experiences, higher thought.

BROWN – earth, stability, grounding, endurance, home, friendship, respect.

BLACK – protection, warning, repelling or  warning of negative energy, death (as in a closed chapter), mystical wisdom – a sign that you are undergoing a spiritual initiation, growth or increased wisdom. When the feathers are iridescent, it represents high mystical insight (especially if there is a shiny iridescence).


Black and white mixed feathers can represent protection, or the sense of union.

Black mixed with purple represents a very deep spirituality. I would take it as a mystical sign.

Black, white, and blue mixed feathers denote change on the horizon.

Brown and black striped pattern (like a pheasant/s feather) – balance between the physical and the spiritual.

Brown and white – happiness, and you will go under the radar from psychic or other  harm.

Feathers with red and green in them or together would denote that you are being assisted financially. I would take it as a very lucky sign.

Grey and white symbolize hope.

In5D Addendum

Gregg Prescott, M.S.

This Is What Different Feather Colors Mean

Reiki Mudra – Article by Vedant Vikrom Borah, Reiki Rays @ Reiki With Friends

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Reiki Mudra

Article by Vedant Vikrom Borah, Reiki Rays

It is believed that the human body is the microcosm of the five elements – fire, air, water, earth and sky present in fixed proportion in our system. Mudras help balance these elements in our body; considered as the image of the Divine. Mudra, meaning ‘seal’, has various connotations in yoga and meditation practices. Mudras are most commonly associated with hand gestures which result in subtle effects by balancing the flow of energy throughout the nadis, the energetic channels of the Caduceus. They also assist in achieving specific states of Consciousness; eliminate negative thought form and aid in mood elevation.

How to do a Reiki Mudra?

1. Wash your hands.
2. Rub your hands to create the energy flow. Alternately, create and feel an energy ball to sensitize your palm chakras. Rub or press your finger tips for unobstructed Reiki flow. Remember: your fingers represent each element.
3. If you are a Usui Reiki channel 2 or higher, draw symbols on your palm chakras and feel the energy flow.
4. Although mudras can be done anywhere and/or anytime, I personally suggest you chalk out some Reiki Mudra routine weekly and spend some quality time (10 minutes or more).
5. Keep your spine straight and relaxed, or lie down if need be but please try not falling asleep. Unless you are tired and Reiki mudras are just too relaxing ☺
6. Start your Reiki mudra and meditate (just be aware of your breath) for as long as you wish or are in trance.
7. As you come out, say your thanks and break off the energy flow.
8. Draw a large Power symbol before you to stabilize and ‘lock in’ the energy.

What Reiki Mudras can I do?

1. Gassho Mudra is one of the most common mudra followed all over the world.

Reiki Mudra

Image by Beverly & Pack

This gesture of respect and humility is our start mudra before every Reiki session (especially when we say the ‘Attitude of Gratitude’). The Gassho or the Namaste mudra represents the presence of the Divine in each one of us in our heart centre. It is a means of saying that ‘my soul recognizes the Divine in you’. It balances the male and female energies, the Yin Yang in each one of us. This position creates a subtle vortex of Divine energy at the point of contact, which is the heart centre, and aids in opening the chakra. If this mudra is carried out placing the hands at our third eye centre, the result is opening of our third eye.

2. Uttarabodhi Mudra
is also called the gesture of Supreme Enlightenment. In this gesture the index fingers of both the hands touch each other while the thumbs are crossed and the other fingers are interlaced. It is believed to charge the energy reservoirs of our system thus leading to surge of energy flow that enlightens our soul. This mudra can be used before any healing for concentration, awareness and powering up our intentions prior to our Reiki session.
Holding this gesture even for a brief period is said to high volumes of spiritual energy into the practitioners’ channels and creates a sense of oneness. It is an excellent was to merge with Reiki energy.

3. Konpo-in Mudra
, the balancing and stabilizing mudra wherein the middle fingers are placed together pointing upwards with the other fingers of both hands are interlaced and the thumbs cross, left over right. It increases the flow of energy in or channels assisting in hands-on Reiki healing. It balances the fire element and enhances perception, memory and patience in us. It helps in inculcating the sense of generosity thus subduing selfishness in an individual.

Higher beings and Ascended masters are seen performing Mudra.

1. The Bodhisattva of compassion is seen with the right hand usually in Protection or Abhaya mudra.
2. Vajradhara regarded as the highest Buddhist Deities is seen in Vajrahunkara Mudra.
3. Laxmi, the Goddess of wealth and abundance is represented with four arms, two of which are in Varada and Abhaya mudra.

Love and Light.

Vedant Vikrom Borah

Vedant Vikrom Borah

Vedant Vikrom Borah is a Biotechnologist and a Reiki healer and teacher. He practices Usui Reiki, Karuna® Reiki, Karmic Reiki, Angel Reiki, Soul Mate Reiki, Deep Healing Reiki, Tiger Reiki, Kundalini Reiki and has embarked on the journey as a Pranic healer. He feels Reiki has helped him accept and let go and live life to the brim. Find Vedant on Facebook at Healing Child.

Deep Cleansing With The Violet Flame – Haripriya Suraj @ Reiki With Friends

violet flame image,

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Article by Haripriya Suraj, Reiki Master, Reiki Rays

The Violet Flame is a magnificent healing tool. Not only does it help with transmuting blocks into light, but it also acts as a source of strength, protection, and power. It can be very helpful during those moments when we feel weak, low on energy, fatigued, anxious, fearful etc. It can help us feel stronger in all ways- physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Keep in mind that the Violet Flame brings about deep and intense healing. It would be wise to use it only when you feel the need for deeper healing and cleansing. At most other times, it would suffice to stick with gentler energies such as Reiki andpink light. As always, you must trust your intuition and work with violet energy only if and when you feel guided to.

Here are some ways in which you can invoke the Violet Flame and heal from its energies.

1. Energy Companion

If you are going through a stressful period in life, request the violet flame to stay beside you like a gentle healing companion. All you need is to have it beside you. Nothing more. Its radiance will emit powerful energy and help you relax and heal. For this, you just have to request the energy in a few words like– “Dear Violet Flame, Please stay by my side and have me enveloped in your radiant light. Thank you.”

2. Violet Flame Bath

If you feel unwell or drained of energy, request violet light to wash over you from head to toe. Lie still for a few moments and allow the energy to work on you. Feel it purging your energy field of impure energies. Feel every cell in your body lighting up with health and brimming with fresh new energy. Alternately, you may visualise a huge violet flame in front of you. Step into this energy field and allow yourself to be bathed in a shower of healing violet light. Spend as much time in this energy shower as you feel guided to and then step out.

Deep Cleansing with the Violet Flame

3. Healing with the Breath

You can use your breath as a means to breathe in violet light into any part of your body or energy field. For instance, if you wish to heal a block in your heart chakra, as you breathe in, visualise violet light flowing right into your heart chakra and healing the block. Similarly, you can breathe in violet light into any part of your body that is not in good health. And as you breathe out, release all toxic energies from that part of your body. Spend a few moments doing this breathing exercise. Alternately, pause to inhale violet light as and when you remember to.

4. Violet Candle Meditation

Light a violet coloured candle and look into its flame for five minutes or so. You do not have to do anything or say anything. Just looking into its flame is meditative and brings about deep cleansing. You can also have a violet candle burning in your vicinity while you lie down and relax requesting the energy to work on you as needed. Additionally, lighting a violet candle can help everyone who is yet to develop their visual skills. As you perform the above exercises, having a violet candle near you will help you connect with its energy easily.

As you work with the violet flame, please keep the following in mind:

  1. The Violet Flame can bring about intense healing and cause toxins to be released from the system. This can make you grumpy and fatigued if you do not take care. Whenever you work with the violet flame, ensure you keep yourself hydrated by consuming water frequently. Water helps to flush out toxins from the system.
  2. Practise Reiki alongside using the Violet Flame. Reiki being gentle will help to balance the body’s energies and induce a deep state of relaxation, thereby creating fertile ground for healing.
  3. Stay grounded. The more we work with higher energies, the more important it becomes for us to stay rooted to the Earth. Get outside in nature, talk to friends and family, laugh, have fun, walk around the block, do house hold work and devote enough time to all Earthly activities. If this balance is not maintained, our system will be overloaded with higher energies and can cause more problems than benefit. And that is not what we are aiming for. So, stay balanced!

Love and Light to you!

Haripriya Suraj

Haripriya is a Reiki Master, Angel Healer, and Spiritual Teacher. She was drawn to Reiki right from her childhood and Reiki went on to become part of her life’s purpose. Reiki is her constant companion from which she derives peace and contentment. After reaping the fruits of Reiki practice in her life, she was inspired to spread the joy of Reiki. She is the founder of Aananda Holistic Center where she conducts as well as teaches Reiki and Angel Healing. Haripriya resides in Bangalore, India. Reach Haripriya and at Aananda Holistic Center on Facebook.


Guide to Archangels and Crystals ~ Haripriya Suraj @ Reiki With Friends

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ART : Chakra Healing Products, Crystals, Rocks and Gems


Guide to Archangels and Crystals


by reikiwithfriends in All About Crystals, Angels & Archangels Tags:

Article by Haripriya Suraj, Reiki Master, Reiki Rays

This is for everyone who likes working with angels and crystals ☺

Who are the Archangels?

The angelic realm is like a celestial workforce with varied departments. There are guardian angels, archangels, nature angels, romance angels/cherubs and many other categories of angels working together.

The Archangels belong to one department. Their energies are very pure and of a high vibration, resonating closely with the energies of Source or God. They each represent one aspect or quality of Source. By connecting with the archangels, we get in touch with the same qualities latent in us. We strengthen those aspects, thereby dropping layers of conditioning and negativity. We step outside the veil of amnesia and remember who we truly are. We recognise the light shining within us.

It is often misunderstood that the angels are around only to fulfil our wishes or to perform miracles in our lives. While it is true that wishes get fulfilled and miracles happen, it is not true that the angels do this for us. By connecting with angelic energies, we raise our vibration to a level which enables us to live a life of miracles. The energy of the angels only acts as a medium for us to get in touch with that part of ourselves where everything is a possibility.

The table below provides a brief summary of fifteen archangels that I learnt about from the work of Doreen Virtue. Ever since, I have worked extensively with each of them both to heal myself and to help others heal. Every archangel is associated with a crystal. If you feel a connection with any of the archangels, you may benefit by working with the corresponding crystal. And if you are drawn to a particular crystal, you may enjoy working with the corresponding archangel!

The more you work with angels and crystals, the more you will discover their resonance with Reiki. You will also learn to seamlessly integrate one with the other. Reiki, angels and crystals form a soul stirring combination indeed!

Archangel Michael

There are no complicated rituals or practices you need to do to connect with the archangels. Just call on them, talk to them, write letters to them and express your gratitude for their help. Do anything that will help you connect. Once you take the first step, their energies will pour into your life and show you the path.

Archangel Helps With Associated Crystal
Ariel Environmental issues, animal welfare and healing, healing plants, healing the planet Rose Quartz
Azrael Peaceful passing over, comfort to the grieving and heartbroken, development of counselling skills Yellow calcite
Chamuel Finding new love, friendship, career, job, lost objects, peace in relationships, healing soul mate relationships Green Fluorite
Gabriel Conception, pregnancy and birth, adoption, early childhood issues, life path of spiritual teachers and writers Citrine
Haniel Menstrual cycle, hormonal issues, fertility, personal harmony, balance, honouring sensitivity Moonstone
Jeremiel Healing unhealed patterns, conducting life reviews, emotional healing Amethyst
Jophiel Clearing negative energies, artistic projects, development of inner beauty, radiating grace Pink tourmaline, Rubelite
Metatron Chakra clearing, issues with older children, developing spiritual awareness in children Watermelon Tourmaline
Michael Freedom from fear, safety and protection, spiritual life purpose, spiritual growth, building a healing practice, guidance or assistance for mechanical repair work, cutting energetic cords Sugilite
Raguel Conflict resolution, justice and fairness, harmony Aqua aura, Aquamarine
Raphael Physical healing, good health, assistance to healers, travel safety Malachite, Emerald
Raziel Clairvoyance, manifestation, third eye healing, esoteric learning, past life healing Clear quartz
Sandalphon Healing through music Turquoise
Uriel Uncovering divine wisdom, intellectual learning and growth Amber
Zadkiel Memory, spiritual teaching and learning, healing the heart

Top 10 Crystals for Feng Shui @ Reiki With Friends

crystals fb

Top 10 Crystals for Feng Shui

by Andrew Pacholyk, MS, L.Ac.


Feng Shui and gemstones go hand in hand. Crystals are a very popular feng shui cure since their natural energies can be used to gently protect, clear and nourish energies within our environment. Crystals for feng shui purposes are based on their metaphysical properties, mineral makeup, color and shape. The choice depends on which crystalline energy you want to bring into your surrounding space. Match the colors to the Bagua areas where you can use good energy. Also see feng shui crystal cures and remedies and feng shui cures.

Top 10 Crystals for Feng Shui

1. Amber is said to bring good luck and success. In the far East amber is the symbol of courage. This ancient petrified resin has electromagnetic properties. It is excellent at detoxification and protection from radiation, especially x-rays, sun, computers, airport, planes and other people’s energies. Due to its strong connection to nature and the earth, amber is a great stone for grounding our higher energies. Use amber as a feng shui remedy.

2. Amethyst is a crystal most associated with transformation, spirituality and dream recall. Provides common sense and flexibility in decisions. Strengthens and enhances psychic abilities, imagery and mind quieting. Wear when sleeping or when awake to reduce anger, depression, grief, impatience, and nightmares. Amethyst can show us how to let go, trust and surrender. Amethyst is considered a Master Healing stone. Use amethyst as a feng shui remedy.

3. Aqua Aura is clear quartz with metallic light blue tint from electrical infusion of gold (amplifies quartz conductivity). Created by treating crystals of natural quartz with an infusion of pure gold. This is truly a `master’ vibrational crystal, as with all energies the conscious use of this energy towards enlightenment is always the prime goal. Aqua Aura has an energy that can enhance one’s intuition and communication, calm one’s nerves, and energize one’s mental abilities. It is also said to help one’s inner beauty to shine, and to attract wealth and success. Use aqua aura as a feng shui remedy.

4. Carnelian represents confidence, boldness, initiative, dramatic abilities, assertiveness and outgoingness. Precision, analysis, stimulates appetite, encourages celebration and brings awareness of feelings. This stone helps you feel anchored and comfortable with your surroundings. Provides a connection to the past or to historical events. Carnelian can improve motivation. Helps one achieve greater success in career or personal matters. Helps ground people who meditate. Carnelian is one of the most helpful crystals for healing trauma, stress and emotional wounds that have accumulated in the etheric body or the Aura and are now manifesting as physical symptoms. Use carnelian as a feng shui remedy.

5. Citrine is especially good for the workplace as it helps with problem solving, memory issues, will power, optimism, confidence and self-discipline. It reduces anxiety, fear and depression. Can guide you to harness and utilize your creative energy. Helps us analyze events, develop inner calm and security and makes us less sensitive and more open to constructive criticism. This stone is great with help in achieving goals. Citrine is the stone of abundance. It teaches us the lessons of achieving wealth and prosperity. Not just on a monetary level, but in all aspects of our lives. Use citrine as a feng shui remedy.

6. Jade is an ancient stone that has historically been used to attract love. The ancient Chinese culture has revered Jade for centuries. Jade is considered the health, wealth and longevity stone. Traditionally, Jade symbolizes the Five Virtues of Humanity : wisdom, justice, compassion, modesty and courage. Therefore, it is used for emotional balance, stamina, love, fidelity, humility, generosity, peace, harmony, courage, wisdom, justice, mercy. Use jade as a feng shui remedy.

7. Lapis Lazuli is the stone of truth and friendship. Used for higher guidance, intuition and connection to your higher self. Helps us organize, overview and make decisions for the good of all. Lapis quiets the mind and encourages elf-expression, creativity, dream insight and total awareness. Use lapis as a feng shui remedy.

8. Quartz (Clear) is the Master Healer and the “stone of power”! Probably the most versatile multipurpose healing stone. The natural tendency for quartz is for harmony. Quartz can both draw and send energy therefore it is effective for sending/receiving guidance. Quartz is used for transformation in healing and in all levels of change. Quartz stimulates the natural crystal in body tissues and fluids to resonate at the highest healing frequency. Clear quartz is thought to amplify both body energy and thoughts. It can assist in the creation of power, clarity of thinking, meditation, cleansing, clearing the aura, spiritual development and healing. Use quartz as a feng shui remedy.

9. Rose Quartz is said to open the heart to the beauty in and around you. Keep no more than two rose quartz in the relationship area of your bedroom or two stones close to your bed. Rose Quartz has a loving, healing energy associated with the heart. It brings about a strong sense and flow of love as its heart-opening properties encourage more self love and the love in an intimate relationship. Use rose quartz as a feng shui remedy.

10. Tourmaline, Black (Schorl) is one of my favorite for the workplace as it is the best crystal to use against the ill effects of low frequency and high frequency electromagnetic waves (EMF). It protects against smog, radiation and repels all kinds of negative energy. Great near computers, phones and outlets. As a grounding stone, black tourmaline can be used whenever energy feels scattered and disconnected. Use black tourmaline as a feng shui remedy.

Two exceptional non-crystalline energies:

Pearl are a symbol of pure heart and mind; innocence and faith. Because it is from the sea, it has watery and lunar elements, therefore it is used for balancing emotions. Absorbing by nature, this mineral absorbs thoughts and emotions. If you feel excessively negative while wearing a pearl, it will hold that energy until it is cleansed. Remember, Pearl is the result of layer upon layer of substance produced to combat irritation. Pearl can cool and soothe. It is very nurturing. Use pearl as a feng shui remedy.

Swarovski Crystal is not natural crystal. It is a combination of silica or sand, a salt form, referred to as soda, burnt limestone, which is considered lime and trace amounts of metal oxides. When heated at a very high temperature, these substances melt together forming an exceptionally hard and highly refractive glass. Because of their own secret recipe, the Swarovski Company could facet this glass like a gemstone and make it sparkle like a crystal. The Swarovski “lead crystal” process has exacting standards created in its own factories, controlling every step in their production. The company’s founder even invented a machine to facet the crystal glass with impeccable accuracy. Use Swarovski crystal as a feng shui remedy.


Pendulum Dowsing @ Reiki With Friends

Amethyst Merkaba Crystal Healing Pendulum


By Stephanie Arnold

Dowsing has been used for thousands of years.  Ancient Egyptians used dowsing to locate minerals and ground water.  However, it is widely believed that dowsing originated much earlier than this.  Different tools can be used to dowse, such as dowsing rods, a forked branch or a pendulum.  Pendulum dowsing was used by Marines during the Vietnam War to locate underground tunnels and mines, and has also been popular to determine an unborn baby’s sex.  French doctors regularly use pendulums to help them make diagnoses for their patients.  Because of the diversity in pendulum dowsers, there are also a number of different ways to use pendulums.

First, pendulums, such as these made of Rose Quartz, can be used in alternative healing to analyze the flow of energy in the chakras.  When the pendulum is suspended over the person’s body, it can be used to locate the chakras and any other energy blockages.  When over a properly working chakra, the pendulum should spin clockwise.  If it spins counter- clockwise or not at all, the chakra is blocked and not working properly.  Energy healing, such as Reiki, can be performed on the person to correct this and reopen the chakras.  It is important to have all chakras open and working correctly, because areas of blockages can have further issues and even cause illness in that area.

Pendulums, can also be used as a tool for divine connection.  You can ask your pendulum questions and receive responses.  When beginning, you will need to determine what the different answers are by asking your pendulum to “show” you the responses.  You may want it to show you “yes”, “no”, “I don’t know” and “Not now”.  If the pendulum does not respond at first, continue to ask until an answer is clear.  These responses are often different for everyone.  This method is the one commonly used by doctors to determine what your body needs at a particular time.  You can ask the pendulum if any item is right for you by holding the pendulum over it and watching for a yes or no response.  This works great to determine the right crystal for you, but this is also helpful in other ways, like choosing which food to eat or if a vitamin is something your body needs. Charts are available online and in stores that have written answers around a circle for pendulum dowsing.  These can be letters, numbers or even words, and as the pendulum is suspended over the cart, you can ask a question and it will point to the answers below.  This is similar to using an Ouija board.

Another use for pendulums is to determine the energy coming from an item.  Holding the pendulum over a crystal or piece of orgone, you will be able to see the flow of energy the item emits as it affects the pendulum’s movement.  A clockwise spin is positive energy flow and the larger the diameter of the spin circle, the greater the energy.  A counter-clockwise spin is negative energy.

When looking for a pendulum, you will be confronted with an overwhelming variety of colors, shapes, materials and sizes.  So how do you know which one is for you?  The easiest way to decide is by using your intuition.  Most people will find they are attracted to one over all the others.  Once you have been drawn to one, test it to see if it works well for you. You may find that certain materials work better for you than others.  The most common materials for pendulums to be made of are crystals, metals and wood.  Technically, a pendulum need only be an object suspended from your hand.  This could be as simple as a stone tied to a piece of string, but most pendulums have metal chains with an object at the end shaped to a downward- facing point.

Dowsing is useful in a variety of different ways.  Whether you are locating ground water in your backyard or determining if your body needs more vitamin C, dowsing can help you daily.

Courtesy: Healing Crystals
Courtesy: Healing Crystals

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