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The Divine Mother: After the Reval, Go Where Your Heart Dictates
September 23, 2017 By Steve Beckow

Back in 2014, I had the most extraordinary conversation with the Divine Mother, (1) thanks to Linda. I just came across it today, in the course of editing a book on the Mother.

On An Hour with an Angel, I asked her for a charter for lightworkers who are participating in the Reval. I intend to commit her response to memory.

From “Hour with an Angel: The Divine Mother: The Table is Set; You are Ready for the Dance,” through Linda Dillon, Sept. 18, 2014 at

Steve Beckow: You talked about how we lightworkers are building Nova Earth and we’re creating the new environment.

We’re soon, we hope, going to be gifted by the Reval with significant abundance and many lightworkers have taken the opportunity to buy Zimbabwean dollars or Vietnamese dong. And they will then be using a part of that to create Nova Earth.

Can you give us a charter please of what you would like to see us do with that part of the money that’s going to go to that, in the five minutes that remain?

Divine Mother: First you take care of yourself and your family. You know that already from my beloved Michael.

SB: Yes.

DM: There is a term that I use frequently with all of you, and it is gentle and it is grace.

So when I say, “Take care of those around you, those within your community” — and yes, I do mean your lightworker community — who are in need, and then take care of what your heart dictates, there are some of you who immediately migrate to taking care of humans, and there are some of you that immediately migrate to taking care of the land, of the oceans, of the seas, of restoring Gaia.

There are some of you that are moved to reinstate systems, institutions, cultures that support ethical behavior. So do that, because it is always in alignment with your mission and purpose.

There are some of you who are moved to take care of the barking animals because they are hungry.

Now, in the new world, many species that have been extinct will return. Your cities will become places of fresh air and play and gardens. And so some of you will wish to take care of that and be part of that creation.

So go where your heart pulls you.

Many of you have come to work with your star brothers and sisters, because, do not forget, we know the attention in the moment is on the Ascension and the completion of this wondrous, wondrous anchoring of love.

But the next phase, dear heart, is the ripple effect out into my universes. So many of you will be focused on working with your star brothers and sisters and the next Ascension.

Go with my love. Farewell.

The next Ascension is apparently happening in around 200 years and will have an impact throughout the universe, according to Archangel Michael. (2)

I take her words as the Divine Mother’s express statement of what she looks to me for: A graceful and gentle expansion of generosity, radiating outwards, always built on the stable platform of seeing to those around me (service to others).

What she recommended was take care of:

(1) Yourself and your family.

(2) Those around you.

(3) Your lightworker community.

(4) What your heart dictates.

From the center outwards. From my heart to the world. From home to the outside. From the local to the global. Start small, as Archangel Gabrielle once said, and expand outwards.

And to follow our hearts in that. That’s what we all want to do anyways, isn’t it? If it doesn’t bring us joy, don’t do it, right?

But to hear it from the Divine Person who birthed the universe – and all of us – is endlessly comforting.

If we all observed that one guideline – to follow our hearts, to follow our bliss, in our financial wayshowing and everything else – in my opinion, the world would work. (3)


(1) The Divine Mother is called by many names – Shakti, Kali, the Holy Spirit, the Word of God, Aum, the voice crying in the wilderness, etc.

The Divine Mother apparently incarnated as Mary, the Mother of Jesus; hence Linda’s name for her, “the Universal Mother Mary.” All of these names point to the same One, sometimes called Mother/Father God.

(2) Apparently many worlds will be ascending in 200 plus years, based on what Archangel Michael has said to me:

Steve Beckow: The next assignment is in the Seventh Dimension?

Archangel Michael: You will have a choice of planetary systems and this is just the warm-up for [that] Ascension. [That Ascension] is to bring a further rising of vibrations to those throughout the Universe. (Personal Reading with Archangel Michael and Steve Beckow, Sept. 16, 2011.)

Archangel Michael: As I have said to you, when you complete this mission, you are allowed to have 200 years off. But what you do with that is up to you, dear one! (Personal Reading with Archangel Michael and Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Dec. 18, 2012.)

(3) Now add to that what she said in 2017:

“Build what is divinely beautiful. I give you my divine authority to do so. I will guide you. I will help you. But I entrust this to you as well. …

“We are helping you. That gateway is open and you are being flooded and you are being assisted and you will be assisted every step of the way.” (“Transcript ~ The Divine Mother: Take Up Your Divine Authority, AHWAA, February 23, 2017,” February 28, 2017, through Linda Dillon, at

Priceless guidance, from my point of view.

You will find readings on the Reval itself and post-Reval subjects here:

GAoG will not be answering financial questions after the Reval. No one here has the expertise to do so. We will however highlight other blogs whose mission includes that and post general, philosophical discussions of financial wayshowing and stewardship.

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Imagineering – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia




I was contemplating how I could possibly supervise four large organizations and continue to write, after the Reval.

And I was building org charts in my mind, playing with this concept and that, and talking to my assistant.

And I suddenly saw us carrying the same vision and playing with it. Teasing something out of it here and adding something to it there. Fleshing this part out and recalibrating that part.

But fundamentally we were carrying the same vision.

This was realizational knowledge. I saw the matter in a flash and after that it was a settled question: Just express the vision well and unequivocally and ensure that everyone who comes on board can support that vision and bring it into reality.

Let me give an example of a vision.

Let’s take one of the four organizations – the Lightworkers Congress. (1) The function of the Lightworkers Congress is to channel lightworker’s contributions into collectively-funded, globally-focussed efforts to end world problems like hunger, drought, homelessness, pestilence, lack of sanitation, disease, etc.

That’s its purpose and I saw a number of us all carrying the same vision and working toward the same end.  That’s how we’d accomplish our task – by working with, refining, extending, and elaborating our shared vision.

I asked myself what word represents what it is we’re doing when we work this way and the word that came to mind was imagineering – not my word, but Walt Disney’s. We’re using our imaginations to engineer the end of global unworkability together.

We’ll soon have the equipment and then it’s our turn at bat.  Our turn to show what we can do. Our turn to turn this world around.

Just like the imagineers in my contemplative vision, we need to carry the shared idea with us that we can turn this world around, that we have the knowledge, the foresight and (soon) the means to transform the circumstances of our world such that life works out for everyone.

Holding that shared vision is the foundation upon which we generate and project our collective will to eradicate the global problem or condition of unworkability in question.

There has always been more than enough gold for global transformation in all areas of life and soon the first of the more-than-adequate funds to work our transformation will begin to flow.


I’m having a minor spiritual experience as I write this. It started earlier this afternoon and is beginning again, as I write.

I walked to the store and asked myself as I began my walk, “How can I make this walk contribute to world peace?” And I began waving the magic wand of my awareness around myself,  affirming, “I surround myself in peace.”

And I could very palpably feel it. Surprisingly so.

This sense of palpably feeling it was brand new to me. Oh, this was peace! Oh!

Then I lost my awareness of it in shopping.

Now here I am writing and that same palpable peace has come knocking again. It grows when I take the wand of my attention and circle my body with it.

Just like the energy bubble I built the other day when guidance suggested it, this is a peace bubble and it’s even more profound in its impact.

Peace is much more than a mere cessation of hostilities. It isn’t even a void of any sort or a subtraction of something.

It’s full of something so substantial, right, and profound that I cannot find words to describe it.  There’s nothing to compare it to. But then I say that about each new divine state I visit.

As with bliss and love, one can go deeper and deeper into peace and the deeper I’ve gone, the more incredible is the sense of solidity and certainty, appropriateness and fulfilment.

I’ve only had brief glimpses of a peace that deep. But it’s changed my mind on the subject. I feel like an ingenue, saying “I never knew….”


(1) The other three are: the Golden Age of Gaia, the Michaelangelo Fund, and the Gender Equality Fund.



Ascension, the Reval, and Us – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

art BY etheral art title celestial ascension art print

Etheral Art – Celestial Ascension Print


Ascension, the Reval, and Us

Ascension 3658http://inteldinarchronicles.

I’m writing this synopsis of what we know about ascension and how the Reval fits into it for the specific use and guidance of currency holders.

We need to begin by setting the context.  The context in which most of us have been operating for the last few centuries has been called empirical materialism.

Basically it holds that only what is seen, heard, touched, felt, and in other ways physically known is real.

But that leaves out most of the big players in the Reval, such as Archangel Michael, St. Germaine, Kwan Yin, the galactics, etc. It leaves out life after death, dimensionality, the soul, God … everything that makes life worth living.

The cabal reinforcing empirical materialism through the use of ridicule and ostracism is perhaps the most obvious way in which we’ve been dumbed down.

The “guys in the rafters,” as Poof used to call them, occupy “spiritual realms” of varying dimensions – and beyond dimensions in the case of archangels. They’re “the unseens,” as they call themselves.

They work with the Divine Mother to orchestrate the Reval, the Disclosure of our star brothers and sisters, and ascension.

Who is the Divine Mother, pray tell? Christians call the Divine Mother the Holy Spirit; Hindus Shakti, Aum, and Prakriti (Latin: Procreatrix).

The Divine Mother is God in its aspect as Creator, Preserver and Transformer of the world.

The Divine Mother is all sound, movement, light, etc. The Heavenly Father in contrast is stillness and silence.  Both are completely love. We can only know and speak to the Divine Mother. The Father is a transcendent Void and does not speak.

This world that the Mother created was designed to go through cycles or ages. We’ve just left the Dark Age or Kali Yuga and entered the Golden Age or Sat Yuga.

The energy hitting the planet right now is causing an elevation in everyone’s frequency. When that elevation reaches a certain point, everyone willing and able will go through a consciousness shift. That’s what we call ascension.

The consciousness shift itself is known to Earth’s terrestrial sages who call it “Sahaja Samadhi.” “Sahaja” means “natural state.” “Samadhi” means a trancelike condition. Sahaja brings liberation from physical birth and death (mukti); so does ascension.

If you wish to see a person in the state we’ll be in, read anything by Sri Ramana Maharshi. Ramana had Sahaja.

To ascend in previous times, as Jesus did for example, was an individual affair and meant leaving the physical body. We are the first generation, anywhere, to ascend en masse and retain the physical body.

We re-attain our natural state after years living “separated” from it in this Third-Dimensional world where we’ve centered our consciousness until now.

Ascension is both gradual and sudden. The human body could not endure adjustment to the amount of energy required to cause ascension if we received that energy all at once. So we’ve been bathed in tsunamis of love for the past several years, to gradually bring us to the point where our bodies can survive the “shock” of ascension.

There are also times when we make a sudden jump together, times of what Archangel Michael has called “ignition.” Ostensibly we arrive at the end of our journey in the Fifth Dimension but in actuality the journey is virtually endless.

Where does the Reval fit into this majestic plan?

The Reval is a transitional device. It’s intended to “hydrate” society during the period between “now” and the arrival of NESARA (National Economic Security and Reformation Act). This paper would be too long if I discussed NESARA as well. Perhaps read about it here: “NESARA or the Abundance Program” at

Suffice it to say that NESARA is a comprehensive program that sees to the needs of all citizens, mandates clean government, and eliminates all agencies, laws, and structures that kept the people on a prison planet.

In the period between now and NESARA, what we call “lightworkers,” which are those folks who chose to incarnate at this time to help with ascension, have been given the privilege of receiving remarkable amounts of money and using it for the benefit and wellbeing of humanity.

We could have gone directly to NESARA, but isn’t it a wonderful learning experience for lightworkers, who often have had little in their lifetimes, to suddenly be given the opportunity to take the lead in showing generosity and rebuilding the planet?

And does it not give rise to a group of terrestrial leaders who can treat later with our star brothers and sisters when they decide to uncloak their millions of invisible spaceships and make their benevolent presence known?

Lightworkers are taking the lead in building a New Earth, Nova Earth.  It’s up to us to hold some of our Reval earnings back for ourselves, hold some in reserve as a contingency and tax-payment fund, and then hydrate society with the rest.

After the Reval, I’ll be calling for a conference of lightworkers who’ve taken part to discuss and commit to largescale programs to end hunger, poverty, homelessness, disease, etc., on the planet.

No, I don’t want or plan to benefit from any of this. I’m already a currency holder and have no need to benefit.  Moreover, I’m a monk by proclivity and have no purchases I want to make. I’m in this for the benefit of humanity.

Now back to ascension. Surely you‘ve felt yourself feeling happier and happier as the vibrations rise in frequency. Or you’ve found yourself suddenly gripped by strong issues, as the energies release all that cannot go with us. All these and more are ascension symptoms.

At some point we’ll go through steps in which our vibrations collectively will rise. When we enter the higher dimension we’re headed for (the Fifth), we’ll experience continual bliss, transformative love, a radical increase in knowledge, the end of disease, etc.

I’ve experienced longish periods of transformative love and bliss in the past year and a half and I can tell you nothing compares to them and, while in them, one wants nothing else and nothing more.

So I’ve had a glimpse of those levels of higher consciousness. Once one has tasted them, one works for nothing else thereafter.

To ascend, one must have (A) chosen to ascend and (B) assimilated enough light to induce the change in body from carbon-based to crystalline-based, allowing one to endure the higher-frequency environment.

That sounds like a lot but anyone who is simply a decent person will have assimilated that level of light and the choice to ascend is made more often at soul level than at the level of everyday consciousness. By the Law of Freewill, no one will be forced to ascend: hence the need to choose.

Even if you’re hearing about ascension for the first time, chances are, if you’re reading this, you chose to ascend before entering the body this lifetime.

Relaxing on the matter serves two purposes. It helps you get through the wait. And it raises your vibrations and helps the ascension process.

A great deal more about ascension can be read here: “The Plan and Process of Ascension” at

We have nothing but wonderful events awaiting us, as soon as we get through this time of chaos brought on by the rising vibrations. It’s the “storm before the calm,” as Matthew Ward tells us. (1)


(1)   “Sweeping clean national governments and tyrannical regimes is not easy or quick, and the turmoil you are seeing—if we may twist your phrase—is the storm before the calm.” (Matthew’s Message, Aug. 15, 2015, at

All these events and more are covered in the First Contact database:


art BY etheral art title celestial ascension art print

Etheral Art – Celestial Ascension Print

Ascension, the Reval, and Us

Archangel Michael: You Are Not Crazy ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

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ART : Sascalia - Etsy

Archangel Michael: You Are Not Crazy

Michael 2211This past reading (May 21, 2105) I asked Archangel Michael how we should behave after the Reval.

I can predict that I’ll have a stress reaction and will need to stay relatively quiet. I’m avoiding any celebrations that promise to go over the top and come back to haunt us years later. AAM took the occasion to address the subject quite fully.

Thanks to Dana for our transcript.

S: So when the money comes, I’m probably going to have a stress reaction of some sort.

AAM: Yes.

S: So, please, any advice you can give me and other lightworkers on how to deal with the impact of suddenly finding your financial worries are over, you can live the life you wanted to live, etc.?

AAM: Do not be precipitous. Stand still. Now that may sound like very amateurish advice. It is one of the most difficult things for human beings to do. Go to the stillness.

Do not feel the immediate necessity, which is an invention of your imagination and ego, to jump into action. Give yourself the opportunity to breathe, to allow this shift in reality, in what you have described as your personal landscape, to sink in.

Yes, there is an entire world waiting to be rebuilt and it is not achieved if you jump the gun. It is not achieved if you are going full steam ahead and then collapse because of stress.  Stress is a physical reality.  It is not you simply creating drama. It is a bio-physical, electrical, spiritual reality.

Give yourself time, yes, to breathe, to withdraw if necessary, to scan the environment, to enjoy yourself, to celebrate and then, in a sense of no hurry, go forward.

S: Thank you for that. It’s going to be very challenging when it hits.

AAM: You have need to make sure that you take care of your sweet physical self. Yes, there are the challenges – new home, new situation, time out – but do the practical things that I recommend as well – bodywork, massage, cranial-sacral, relaxation, cycling, working out, eating properly … now this is going to be a challenge … sleeping.

All of these very basic human necessities will have need to be addressed. If you are exhausted, if you are running on caffeine and adrenaline, you do not come from a place of compassionate wisdom. And, dear heart, that is what we do. And the compassionate wisdom requires that you take care of the physical vessel that you have designed with us.

So step number one is pay attention.

S: When stress goes up, awareness goes down. So at the very time when you need awareness, discernment, memory and all the rest of it, you’re denied access. It all goes down. You’re least well equipped at the very time when you need to be best-equipped.

AAM: And that is why attention to the de-stressors that you know of, such as meditation, bodywork, fresh air and sunshine have need to be paid attention to. And I say this very strongly. It has need to be a requirement not only for you, my beloved friend, but for your entire organization.

Working endless hours under stress to think that you are completing the mission is not completing your mission. If you are not taking time for joy, for laughter, for love, then you are not completing your mission.

Take the time to engage in the laughter, engage in the glee, and the sense of “Our diligence has paid off.” We are not insane. We are not crazy. But we have full permission to act a little crazy for while. Go play.

S: I have said to myself that I will not go to one of these nights where people go AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!! all over the place because I worry that it might jiggle me just enough to set off the stress reaction that I’m sitting on.

AAM:  We would not recommend to any of you going to these gargantuan meetings of celebration. They are incendiary.

S: That’s my sense.  We do things we’d never do and it lets the genie out of the bottle.

AAM: That’s correct. It’s time for incredible discernment. And it’s not discerning to go to a venue and make public displays. It would not be wise.

S: Thank you for confirming that for me.

All channeled material herein reproduced is copyright by the Council of Love, Inc., 2015 and is used with permission.

Galactic Advice on Working with Reval Money ~ Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

art by nadia r turner      anya and soonkar

ART : by Nadia R Turner ~ ‘Anya & Soonkar’


Galactic Advice on Working with Reval Money

Posted by Steve Beckow on July 30, 2014

Now a word to lightworkers who want to work with the money that the Reval will make available.

The Galactic Group reminds us:

“The gift of the monies is to assist. However it is a very delicate gift. For one, it can target certain ones of you who are receiving huge amounts. And for another, greed and fear are best friends. And suddenly being placed in an entirely new reality where you have huge amounts of money will bring in fear.

“For millennia lightworkers have found safety in the anonymity of poverty. So therefore for those lightworkers to lose that anonymity of poverty and then have wealth brings forth another initiation.”

The Reval “is to be a cornerstone for Ascension.” Therefore:

“All issues of money, which are immense in planetary incarnations on Planetary Earth, must be released within the recipient to raise their consciousness so that it is perceived in a non-selfish, collective, planetary state of consciousness. This money is not for individuals. It is for New Earth.”

Different light workers will use the money for different things.

“Some will take their money and go back down into the realms to battle it out with the Darkness, so to speak, as that is within their Divine Plan.

“Some will remain to establish this Foundation of an Earth that will not need money and those will be the ones that have such a generosity of heart that they wish the money to go into the initiation of New Earth. So there are several initiations.”

Lightworkers will be operating in the Fifth and higher dimensions while reaching back into the Third to work with money. They’ll be obliged to release all old-paradigm notions of it. Says the Group:

“You, all of you, are ascending ones. You are being called upon to release the illusion that money equals power. That is a very dangerous illusion and it is the core of what has caused all the horrible things on Gaia.”

Whoever works in this field will need to be able to see money as an energy field, not as a means of power over others and not as a personal possession.

“For money is the great deceptor. … The money needs to come in to that frequency of being-ness that perceives money as an energy field through which they can give a greater good to Gaia.

“Now the percentage of beings that can perceive this money in this manner is less than 50% of all that know about this money.”

We’ll have to “realize this comes through me, not from me, the same thing that happens when we channel? The money has to come through us, not from us.”

The Company of Heaven wants “this gift [to] not corrupt [the] consciousness” of the lightworkers who handle and manage it.

That assurance of incorruptibility “is much more valuable [to us] than any gold, any pieces of paper so we are calling on those who are signed up for this new expression of the new reality to focus their energy fields not on when and where they will get the money because when is in the time [illusion], of the frequency that holds fear. … When [the money will come] is within that timeless state of consciousness in which there is freedom from fear.”

People associated with the financial programs are going through many “initiations.”

Given that the Illuminati operate by sensing fear, these light workers have to be “masters of their consciousness,” as the group phrased it, beyond their fears. This is one source of these initiations.

“You will be within a huge initiation, absolutely. You have to be the master of your consciousness at all times. That is a very big challenge. It is your initiation as well.

“It is full and complete acceptance, dedication to and knowing that these monies are a Third-Dimensional illusion and therefore they are a very great initiation for your Ascension into realities in which money is no longer a reality.”

There are certain experiences “that each and every one of these members have placed into their contract for this particular incarnation so that they could assure that they would be able to ascend.”

But when you read that paragraph, perhaps don’t assume that they’re talking about ascending to the Fifth. You might think that you’ve done all your work for Ascension to the Fifth, but they may be speaking about the Sixth, Seventh or Eighth.

“Fear is your only enemy. Your hearts are pure but fear can even sneak into a pure heart to lower this consciousness into a range. It is like the example of someone who is hiding so therefore they are doing something that is very important but they know the enemy does not want them to do that and so therefore they have to do something secretly.

“Fear will take away their secret hiding place. Because the darkness smells fear.”

They offer the example of the animal kingdom.

“Like the animal kingdom, the predator animal does not know that another animal is sick. The animal knows that it is sick and feels fear. The predator animal smells the fear and goes after that animal.

“The babies have fear. The predator animals go after the babies. They don’t particularly know that’s a baby. It can’t run as fast. They smell the fear.

“The beings of darkness smell the fear and can only attack your fear. They cannot even perceive your light.”

So these are the challenges and initiations that face those who wish to work with Reval money, getting it out to the lightworker community first and then to the wider community later.

Why the lightworker community first? Because lightworkers so freed up will then be able to help the rest. And probably only lightworkers will be aware of what’s happening on the planet now. So the ripple needs to widen, first among the lightworker community and later among the wider community as more and more people awaken.


art by nadia r turner      anya and soonkar