I Robot – Steve Beckow @ Golden Age of Gaia

Fantasy Art via Pinterest – Gratitude to unknown artist


I Robot


Kathleen has been assisting me to identify some of the conclusions and decisions that arise from my vasanas (or core issues).

I battle my own vasanas as much as anyone else.

I nearly had a heart attack when I saw how extensive the list was. And my chagrin was multiplied when I realized that this reflects my actual behavior. It isn’t simply theoretical.

I am a robot. My behavior is completely automatic at times. It’s sobering and humbling to realize it.

If I allow the destructive self-messages to remain with me, by staying unaware of them, I’ll become Ebenezer Scrooge. And it’ll take more than the Ghost of Christmas Past to wake me up. It certainly will make this clean-up phase before Ascension a rocky ride.

I see the need to keep waking up and not falling back under the spell of my vasanas.

We know this is the purification phase of Ascension. Certainly for me, everything is coming up, which makes it a wonderful opportunity to process and release it all.

I’m not heard
They don’t care
Life is cruel
Nothing ever lasts
I’m hitting my head against a brick wall
I can’t do this/I can’t make this work
This is a waste of time
I hate being manipulated
I’m not safe
I’m all alone
I don’t deserve love.
I’m not wanted
I’m on my own
I’m glad to be finished with this whole thing
I’m free
This is futile
I’m not interested in money
I don’t know how
You won’t take no for an answer
You have to watch out/keep your guard up
You can’t trust anyone
I will not shut up / remain silent
I will not keep the family secrets
I’m making my own fun
Leave me alone
I’m going to be a monk
I won’t agree to this
I don’t want to be controlled
I can’t make money
I will never fight over money
I don’t want to deal with money
I don’t want to prostitute myself
I won’t sell myself/I won’t be bought
I will not kowtow to rich people
I don’t want to be beholden to people
I won’t ask for money again
I don’t want to come out (of the womb)
Get me outta here
This is going nowhere
I’m out of here/I won’t stay another minute

I also arrived at affirmations to address the false beliefs I generated. I’d like to be able to position them next to the conclusions and decisions, but the page is not wide enough.

The affirmations supply new language, new commands to oneself that point to a more productive and beneficial outcome than anything that resides in my mind at the moment.

Conclusion Affirmations
I am heard
Folks are caring
Life is benevolent to those who are benevolent
The important things last
Nothing is impossible
I can do this/I can make this work
Nothing is a waste of time if done consciously
I am adequate to manage my own affairs
I am safe
I’m watched over by my guardians
I deserve love
I am wanted
I’m joined by others
I send these events on their way with a blessing
I am free
Nothing is futile
I am interested in the good that money can do
I know how
My answer is no
I am safe
I trust people
Decision Affirmations
I am self-expression/ I will speak
I am confidential
I am having fun with people
I am enjoying people
I am enjoying community
I’d choose a different path
I am free
I am worth my hire
I am generous
I am enjoying using money for good purposes
I am an independent person
I am integrity
I am free
I am enjoying whomever I’m with
I ask for what I need
I will come out
I am staying
I am glad we’re discussing things
I am staying


Fantasy Art via Pinterest – Gratitude to unknown artist