An Introduction to Speaking with Self from Creator: Ron Head & Susan Spooner @ TAUK

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 An Introduction to Speaking with Self from Creator:


We would like to welcome all those that come here seeking knowledge of Higher Self & Spirit. We would like to offer you any insights which we are able to communicate to you and to answer the questions which have been posed. But we would urge you to think of this as a tool that we are using to show you the possibility that you may contact Us in spirit ~ Yourselves within Yourselves.

The only purpose that we have is in pointing to you, pointing for you a path that you may use to bring your consciousness up. You will see that we are using terms which are describing the rise and expansion of your spiritual selves and your consciousness.  It is merely to give you repeated  “pep-talks” and keep you on your path for as long as it takes.

We hope for you to be able to get these answers for yourself. Now, we are speaking through these two people ~ Ron & Suzanne ~ but that is not because we will not speak to you directly. We will speak to you directly; under one guise or another under one name or another. Whatever will do the most good for you, we will do! It is that time! So, that being our invitation, let us say we hope you can listen to these recordings and enjoy them very much. And we will do our best to see that you enjoy them as much as we are. Thank you.

This is a portion of the actual audio of Ron Head’s first QHHT session. This is where we became inspired to explore this unexpected connection to God, Creator, which ever name you place to this Source energy. Where some pretty amazing things happen in my and all QHHT sessions, this one threw me a bit! As this audio begins, I am grasping what was being said, what was happening and the ramifications of this session along with the tangible feeling of the energy expanding in the room. Ron and I hope you enjoy this and imagine how very big each and everyone of you are. ~Suzanne