Embracing Your Multi-Dimensional Self by Saint Germain – Natalie Glasson

Saint Germain


Embracing Your Multi-Dimensional Self by Saint Germain

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

You are now existing within a period of the Earth’s ascension where a multi – dimensional shift is taking place. While ascension waves and activation’s take place all the time, impacting numerous dimensions, the shift occurring now is different. Each person on the Earth and each soul on the inner planes is connecting with every aspect of themselves on all 352 dimensions of the Creator’s Universe. It is important to remember each person is born from the Creator, manifesting in numerous forms in diverse areas of the Universe. This means you are connected to every expression of the Creator. In this ascension shift, you are being asked to reconnect with all expressions and manifestations of yourself. It is impossible to understand or even acknowledge each expression and existence of yourself, therefore, an intention of connection is enough. The aspects of yourself which are most important, influential, or inspirational will make themselves known to you.

As each person/soul connects with greater aspects of themselves so they will absorb and reactivate wisdom, healing, spiritual awakening, and enlightenment. Allowing a surge of clarity and inner knowings to ground into each being and Mother Earth. While the wisdom anchored will create deep awakenings into a new way of existing for many, the most important manifestation is the presence of unity. As each soul connects with their multi – dimensional self so the entire Earth and the Universe of the Creator is united in oneness, unity, and harmony. It is the conscious awareness of unity which is the key. Each being is always connected, however, to experience and embody this fully is a powerful conscious engagement with the Creator.

Imagine if in your current reality you experienced a deep resonance of unity and oneness with every being in your world whether physical or energetic. Imagine you constantly experienced a complete togetherness with the Creator. How would this impact your reality and experience on the Earth? Would you feel more grounded, have greater clarity concerning your pathway on the Earth and trust in your own healing journey?

The Universe of the Creator and the Earth are uniting in order to create and manifest the presence of the Creator in all realities. Humanity is being asked and invited to witness this, to embody the shift and learn to express it through their beings, actions, and reactions. Never has humanity had the opportunity to consciously feel so supported and embraced by each other and the Universe of the Creator.

Illusion and Truth
You are a unique blend of different energies, influences, and expressions on many levels of your being. At a physical level, you may be influenced by your nationality, culture, historical events, family, rules, judgments and so forth. At an energetic level, you may be influenced by your soul, soul group, team of guides, angelic guides, and the Creator. Mother Earth and her cycles impact your being as does the collective consciousness of humanity. There are numerous factors that create you as the way you recognise yourself today. When we add a connection with your multi – dimensional self, we can recognise that it may be challenging to recognise what is illusion and what is truth. You may begin to question who you really are, experiencing confusion and uncertainty. The aim of the multidimensional shift taking place now is to bring forth a clear understanding which continues to evolve your truth and who you are.
There is a need to explore and exist for a while in this space of realising the numerous influences upon your being. As you begin to contemplate why you make certain actions, reactions, and creations, you will begin to acknowledge what is illusion and what is truth. Another perspective is to acknowledge and observe what serves you and what does not. You have the divine right to let go of any influences or impacts which do not serve you in your current reality and ascension. You also have the divine right to more fully embrace the influences which serve and fulfil you. The more you take time to access, explore and exist from this space, the more you will receive yourself as a unique blend, with everything you need and require available to you and accessed through you.

To release influences which no longer serve you, use the following invocation:

‘Saint Germain, I invite you to be present with me, embracing me in your transformational and liberating energy. Please release from my being any influences and impacts from outside or inside of me which do not serve and fulfill me. Please eternally release and liberate me from the impacts and influences which create illusion and a false identity in my reality and being. May I receive the necessary healing to support this powerful shift of awakening, self-realisation, and truth. Thank you.’

Allow me, Saint Germain, to come forth and work energetically with you to achieve the appropriate healing.

The Dawning of Your Unique Perspective of the World
When you recognise your Multi – Dimensional Self you also need to recognise the same in others. It is a recognition that you are greater than your existence on the Earth and sum, therefore so is everyone else. You are connected to and able to express the entire Universe of the Creator, as does everyone else. You are a unique combination of different and diverse energies carefully drawn from the Universe of the Creator to manifest and be expressed on the Earth, creating a specific reality and purpose. This is the same for everyone else on the Earth. Your specific existence then merges and synchronises beautifully with each person on the Earth creating a greater picture and collective mission which further manifests the Creator. It is your divine mission and purpose to exist in harmony with yourself, then with all beings and expressions of the Creator. Simply holding the intention of doing so, will create a deeper awakening and remembrance of your unity and divine purpose with all beings.

The Multi – Dimensional Ascension Shift of the Earth

As each soul connects with their multi-dimensional self, and therefore, unites with all expressions of the Creator at an energetic level, so a power surge is created which will flow into each being. Thus, each being has the power to create and manifest their reality aligned with their truth and Creator expression. With the deep connection to all aspects of self and truth, each creation and manifestation will not only serve the individual, it will also fulfill all beings and the Ascension of the Earth. This is the purpose of the multi – dimensional shift, to reinstate unity consciousness, so each creation serves the greater purpose and divine plan. Everyone will experience their creations and manifestations anchoring and connecting with greater speed and potential because each person is being supported by the whole; the complete nature of the Creator.

It is important to recognise that each person because of their current level of spiritual awakening and belief systems exists at different and diverse energy frequencies. Therefore, through each person the truth of the Creator is anchoring into all frequencies, this in itself creates a powerful ascension shift.

With each person being energised and enthused with so much light so there are powerful opportunities for humanity and all beings within the Universe of the Creator to create a numerous impactful and fulfilling guided ascension shift to serve all. This is a multi – dimensional ascension shift.

Embrace your multi – dimensional self and ascension purpose, recognise the truth within yourself and all being, including the Creator.

With eternal love and blessings,

Saint Germain



Saint Germain

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Master Saint Germain – Manifestation – Why do things seemingly not manifest? Meline Lafont

lotus water

Water Lillies ~ Artist Yingxi Chu


Master Saint Germain ~ Manifestation ~Why do things seemingly not manifest?

Greetings, Saint Germain here.

Let us speak about manifestation.

So, how come that you are seemingly always awaiting things for you to come and to be manifested? Because you are expecting things to happen in the future rather than in the present. So you wait and you await, focusing on and occupying your minds with the thought that it will happen in your future now. So you bring your focus to this future present in such a way that you forget to see what is there in the now and what is already unfolding in this now.

All things always linger in the now moment and being in every now moment aligns you with the greater potential of all. It also allows for all to emerge and be in this potent momentum and present itself to you as your own creation vortex. But then, you simply allow yourself to experience the delay of it because you wait for it as if it is still to come while it is already here in the now. So you delay your own creation in that sense by focusing on your timelines as if it is only there in the future.

Are you seeing the creation pattern and behavior of your human self ?! The only reason for the delay of your creations is because of your belief it can be delayed in the first place and because of your habit of always be focusing upon your future present instead of the now present. You place yourself in the future now and so are you awaiting what has to come. Are you seeing how you are always placing things far away from you in a time distance which continues to stay “unreachable” so to say, for as long as you do this?! Aligning with the Now is allowing all of your creations to exist in this now. Aligning with your future is slowing down your creation to exist, just as awaiting something does for you. And you should always be and stay in this now, my friends, for only that shall bring you more of that manifestation skill. Then you will reap the fruits of this very tangibly.

You will have to understand timelines and how these function, how these were programmed into your minds and what you have made of them through your beliefs. Many different aspects to it, is it not?! Yet all are influencing the way you experience these timelines and since these are fluctuating more than what you are used to, it gives you the impression of a roller coaster shaking all timelines into the mixer. Well no remote control shall help you to find the right frequency for you. Only the lingering in the moment of Now blends with all of them and allows for you to have a taste of all of these timelines in the most balanced way possible.

It is through inner happiness, joy and love that you access all within as well as without you, or at least that which you experience as the without. So Bless you for BEing in the NOW and for continuously representing yourself as your SELF in every way of the momentum, through many ways of your infinite potential. You are so loved and Blessed that is beyond all things, represent that at all times and in all ways of your ALL Beingness. That will bring you your manifestations through a blink of an eye ~ an effortless creation not by forcing it nor creating it with intent but by BEing just that in that moment opening the door of potential through all Beingness. That is THE moment of existence within all where all lies, lives and moves. That is YOUR true moment of creation and manifestation through the heart.

Living and Being from the moment within the moment.

Now graduate yourself from this Heaven and see beyond your own eyes. Look into the heart, straight into that moment of all things. Bless you for that moment, for your heart and for your Being.

I AM Saint Germain
Channeled through Méline LafontUniversal created gift  2012-2020.  We co-create together and share with Love. All Rights to share, blog and use excerpts are permitted by Universal law provided the content is copied unaltered, is distributed freely, and the author + website is mentioned.  Méline Portia Lafont https://inspiringspiritualwritings.blogspot.com/  

Water Lillies ~ Artist Yingxi Chu

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Ascended Masters – The Summit Lighthouse

St. Germain by Toni Carmine Salerno


Ascended Masters
Seven Ascended Masters Teach the Seven Paths to God

The ascended masters help us become aware of the Paths back to the Source. Paths that we can walk over to master the seven rays of our Christ consciousness that emerge from the white light. The seven color rays are the natural division of the pure white light emanating from the heart of God as it descends through the prism of manifestation. These are the subdivisions of the wholeness of Christ. Regardless of their color, all of the flames have a white-fire core of purity, which embodies all of the attributes of God and which may be invoked by those who desire to expand the Christ consciousness.

The seven rays present seven paths to individual or personal Christhood. Seven masters have mastered identity by walking these paths, defined as the seven archetypes of Christhood. These particular ascended masters are called the chohans of the rays, which means lords of the rays. Chohan is a Sanskrit term for lord, and lord is equivalent to law; hence the chohan is the action of the law of the ray.

To be a chohan on one of the seven rays means that this master defines the law on that ray; through him that energy of the Christ and of God flows to mankind, to all who are evolving on that particular path.

The Seven Chohans
Master of the Violet Flame, Chohan of the Seventh Ray

The ascended master Saint Germain is the chohan of the seventh ray and sponsor of the United States of America. He is a master alchemist of the sacred fire who comes bearing the gift of the violet flame of freedom for world transmutation.

Together with his twin flame, the ascended lady master Portia, the Goddess of Justice, he is the hierarch of the Aquarian age. He is the great sponsor of freedom’s flame, while Portia is the sponsor of the flame of justice and opportunity. The name Saint Germain comes from the Latin Sanctus Germanus, meaning simply “Holy Brother.”

As chohan, or lord, of the seventh ray, Saint Germain initiates our souls in the science and ritual of transmutation through the violet flame. Saint Germain and Portia deliver to the people of God the dispensation for the seventh age and the seventh ray—the violet ray of freedom, justice, mercy, alchemy and sacred ritual—a new lifewave, a new civilization, a new energy.

Diplomats, priests of the sacred fire, actors, writers and defenders of freedom serve with Saint Germain on the seventh ray.

The Strauss waltzes carry the vibration of the violet flame and will help to put you in tune with Saint Germain. The Rakoczy March, by Franz Liszt, carries the flame of his heart and the formula of the violet flame.

His electronic pattern is the Maltese cross; his fragrance, that of violets.

Master Saint Germain, Seventh Ray, and the Violet Flame

Violet Flame Mantra by Saint Germain for transmuting personal and planetary past errors in thought, feeling and action.

I AM a being of violet fire,
I AM the purity God desires.

Initiation: on the Seat-of-the-Soul Chakra
Gifts of the Holy Spirit: gift of Prophecy and the Working of Miracles
Etheric Retreats: The Cave of Symbols, Table Mountain, Wyoming, USA; The Temple of the Maltese Cross, Transylvania, Romania
Vibration: Violet, Purple, Pink, Aqua, Teal
Gemstone: Amethyst, Diamond, Aquamarine
Quality: Freedom, Alchemy, Justice, Diplomacy, Transmutation
Day: Saturday

Saint Germain’s Previous Lifetimes

As high priest of the Violet Flame Temple on the mainland of Atlantis thirteen thousand years ago, Saint Germain sustained by his invocations and his causal body a pillar of fire, a veritable fountain of violet singing flame, which magnetized people from near and far who came to be set free from every binding condition of body, mind and soul. This they achieved by self-effort through the offering of invocations and the practice of seventh-ray rituals to the sacred fire.

Saint Germain was embodied as the prophet Samuel, Saint Joseph, Saint Alban-the first martyr of Britain, and Merlin—alchemist, prophet and counselor to King Arthur. More recently, Saint Germain was Roger Bacon, Christopher Columbus and, in his final lifetime, Sir Francis Bacon.

Francis Bacon has been called the greatest mind the West ever produced and is known as the father of inductive reasoning and the scientific method. His soul entered the ritual of the ascension from the Rakoczy Mansion, retreat of the Great Divine Director, on May 1, 1684.

After his final lifetime as Sir Francis Bacon, the ascended master Saint Germain physically appeared throughout the courts of Europe as le Comte de Saint Germain.

Ascended Master Saint Germain Sponsors Spiritual Organizations

In the twentieth century, Saint Germain stepped forth once again to sponsor an outer activity of the Great White Brotherhood. In the early 1930s, he contacted Guy Ballard whom he trained as a messenger and who, under the pen name of Godfré Ray King, released the foundation of Saint Germain’s instruction for the New Age in the books Unveiled MysteriesThe Magic Presence and The “I AM” Discourses.

In 1961 Saint Germain contacted Mark L. Prophet, and founded the Keepers of the Flame® Fraternity to quicken all who had originally come to earth with Sanat Kumara—to serve as world teachers and ministering servants in their families, communities and nations at this critical hour of the turning of cycles.

Meditation upon Saint Germain

“On the sabbath of the seventh ray, you greet the Master of the Aquarian age: Saint Germain, friend of old, I am honored at thy presence here! So may I know the cosmic honor flame that is entwined with strands of gold and violet as elementals weave a garland of praise to the Knight Commander of my heart. And you tarry before the alchemist of the Spirit who has come to teach you the science of the amethyst ray and the ritual of grace that will be the law for the next two thousand years.”—Djwal Kul, from the meditation, The Hidden Chamber of the Heart.



St. Germain by Toni Carmine Salerno


Responsibility: Your Gateway to Ascension by Saint Germain – Natalie Glasson

St. Germain by Toni Carmine Salerno


Responsibility: Your Gateway to Ascension
by Saint Germain

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 27th July 2018 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Those ready can step up and embody the new wave of energy which symbolises embodying responsibility of your ascension process. For some, the thoughts of taking responsibility for their own spiritual evolution can be a daunting process that causes greater insecurity and confusion. This is due to a lack of trust in themselves and the presence of the Creator within and around them. To take responsibility, doesn’t mean that you have to guide your own spiritual pathway or achieve your ascension on your own, these understandings are born from the ego’s belief in separation with the Creator. Taking responsibility for your ascension is to open and surrender yourself to the Universe of the Creator and allowing yourself to be guided, trusting that all will be well and fulfilling. Opening yourself to the Universe of the Creator allows you to be steered in the most beautiful way to experience magnificent spiritual and soul learning, growth and understanding. When you do not take responsibility for your spiritual growth and evolution you lack direction, connection with yourself, understanding of your needs, blame others and wait for others to do your spiritual work, growth and evolution for you. Other people are always present in your reality to assist, inspire, direct and reflect the truth of the Creator to you. However, to grow spiritually with acceleration there is a need to be centred in your core by surrendering to the guidance of the Creator, and from the intention of co-creating in harmony with the Creator; this is to take responsibility for your own growth.

The Question that Promotes Your Acceptance of Yourself

The question you can ask yourself is, ‘How can I co-create fulfilment and spiritual growth with the Creator and those around me?’ This question allows you to realise you are the core creator andmanifestor of your reality and existence upon the Earth. However, you cannot do it alone, therefore co-creation is always essential. It is also essential to recognise all creations first as an energy within you which takes form in wonderful and often unexplainable ways in your reality. When you recognise yourself, your creations, those around you and the Creator as energy you perceive your reality differently and realise that all energy is born from the Creator and wishes to experience connection in order to transform and create new energy.
When you surrender to the Creator and are willing to receive guidance, assistance and support from the Creator while realising that your purpose is to receive the guidance and act on it in ways that inspire and fulfil you, you are stepping up to receive the new energy waves anchoring into the Earth to aid ascension, and are taking responsibility of your spiritual evolution.

Accessing Your Purpose in Ascension

When asking for guidance concerning the purpose, journey and experience of your ascension, you realise that moments of awakening and realisations of yourself and innerself offer to you the choice of diving into the light to allow miraculous experiences to occur or to remain within limitations of preconceptions. When you choose to accept the light within your being and around you, you create a bridge between your physical reality and your spiritual being; this launches a transition process. Every moment of your existence as a human you are a spiritual Creator connected light being and consciousness inhabiting a physical body but often the physical body takes prime focus until a bridge between the physical and spiritual energy of your being is reformed and continues to be reinforced. Awakened consciousness and inspired understanding of yourself seeps into your mind and awareness as a gradual integration. You will notice that awakening repeats itself in numerous diverse forms becoming more advanced throughout your entire life.
To dive into the light and to focus on creating a bridge of light between your physical and spiritual self takes place when you surrender to the Creator, opening yourself to receive the expanse of the Creator. When you choose to surrender and download or recognise the light of the Creator within your being, especially in moments of confusion, trouble or chaos, you are taking responsibility for your spiritual growth, co-creating and achieving your purpose, allowing yourself to progress along your spiritual pathway with ease and perfection.

An Experience and Reminder of Your Ascension Purpose

Allow yourself to sit peacefully content in experiencing your solid material reality, enjoy the experience of your body and surroundings, honouring energy in physical form.

When you are ready imagine a violet beacon of light manifesting at your third eye chakra, it captures your imagination. Explore the violet energy as much as you wish.

Imagine, sense or acknowledge that you dive head first into glistening violet light, enthralled by the freedom that has been given to you as your bathe in the violet light. Your body feels weightless, your emotions light enhanced, and your mind clear. You can swim effortlessly following your intuition and inner sense of direction through the light.

Turquoise light seeps into your expansive violet pool of light, enjoy the light and notice as red, blue and green light also integrates. Imagine, sense, acknowledge you wrap yourself in each manifestation of colour, there is so much to explore and discover. You find yourself diving into each colour, vitality, freedom, energy and expansion are experienced, let your senses open to the light.

White peaceful light enters into your awareness with strength and holiness. You swim upwards and bathe yourself in the purity of the white light.

With your permission, a golden beam penetrates your central axis flowing down to the base of your being.
You are one with all that is the Creator, this is your destiny, your truth and your eternal existence. It is what you seek in every moment and now you are consciously experiencing it. Your mission is to realise that you seek oneness with the Creator in your daily reality and understand that each experience on the Earth offers you the opportunity to experience oneness.

Feel yourself shift back to your physical body, all that you have experienced drifts into your body creating a rose shaped energy at your heart centre. You have achieved your greatest desire in the entire world and universe, to be one with all that is the Creator and the universe. You embody this eternally and can access it always.

In sharing this meditation experience with you I, Saint Germain, wished to offer you the idea that ascension is ever flowing, continues, repetitive in advancing extraordinary ways, fluid, ever evolving and ever inspirational. A feeling of being guided by a driving force that is beyond your comprehension will be coupled with an emerging wise certainty within your being. In many ways, there are no stops and no time to step away from your pathway, yet a feeling of travelling nowhere fast will occur simultaneously. In truth, you are at every moment of your golden pathway achieving a greater connection and bridge between your physical and spiritual energies with an understanding of your purpose in your ascension process. Remember that your physical reality is extremely important in your ascension process as it is your canvas for expression, experience and creation. It is a series of numerous expeditions of exploration within and around your being, accompanied with embodiments of consciousness and understanding that describe your ascension process and purpose. When you create the intention to take responsibility for your spiritual growth you will allow the world of the Creator to unfold to you, experiencing with divine perfection and timing the magic, bliss, love and truth of the Creator within your being. Realising your purpose is easy, it is simply to express the Creator in beautiful, fulfilling and creative ways to support yourself and all.

I Am a light constantly guiding you,

Saint Germain

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St. Germain by Toni Carmine Salerno

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Meeting Saint Germain ~ Ascending and Descending through Form – L’Aura Pleiadian

Saint Germain


Meeting Saint Germain ~ Ascending and Descending through Form

Matter, form and DNA, the sacred Blood Line…The Knights templars..the guardians.

Consciousness in form through DNA respond in resonance to Light Frequencies.

St. Germain appearing in form, is a transformative transmission of LIGHT frequency. His appearance has graced my life, many times.

The knowing, the activation, the transformation are beyond words or description.

Knowing that we too are here to Ascend, and that we have Descended into form, is all part of the experience of knowing Being in the Age of Aquarius.

Like Christ, Buddha and the Ascended Masters, we are here to KNOW that we too can appear at any time, anywhere, and that we too, will live as our eternal form THROUGH our form.

The dissolution of fear attached to the belief in limitation is what is on the table, to be dissolved within EACH consciousness.

At the Light Frequency of NO limitation, we exist knowing that we too embody this.

The union with our Eternal Light Body. Our eternal Soul Star Matrix ~ Presence of us ~ is WHAT is inhabiting and allowing our form to breathe and exist. This WHAT Is the same being, that ignites the Blueprint, INTO the initiated states, where truth is born, as our embodiment.

There is no big fan fare, in the beauty of the appearance of the eternal walking on Earth. There is transferring of frequencies, beyond anything that could ever possible be said.

The Knights Templars are among us, guarding what appears to many as not so important. Yet it is the Blueprint that knows and the Sacred Plan, to whom the Overseers orchestrate, the simplistic way…too simple, to appear profound.

Living through your heart opens your true sight, to the Living Light, to which you are a part of and a whole, unto itself.  In this way the simplistic becomes profound.

Embrace this activation now. As the limitations in belief dissolve as if were never there. Your heart only knows truth. It  is beyond words.

Activating now, the Glory of the Overseers, in Divine Love, always.


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The Meaning of Life by Saint Germain – Natalie Glasson

Artist Appreciation


The Meaning of Life by Saint Germain

Channeled through Natalie Glasson –  26th January 2018 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa  https://www.omna.org/

I, Saint Germain, send forth my energy and light of a violet and golden clarity and purification to penetrate each of your chakras. Please receive my light into your being allowing each chakra to harmonise and unify creating a beautiful surge and upgrade of light within your being. As clarity and purification fill your being, emanating in all directions, allow your own inner clarity to awaken and rise into your conscious awareness. You are a being of divine clarity. I, Saint Germain, invite you to recite this to yourself as you experience the light surging throughout your being, ‘I am divine clarity in manifestation.’ When you feel as if you are embodying the statement, feeling and acknowledging its meaning, then simply sit peacefully observing all that you are; the divine presence of clarity. Enjoy the sensation even if you cannot understand or explain the experience.</ span>

As we begin our communication together today, with the awakened and acknowledged presence of your inner clarity, we discuss a profound subject matter; the meaning of life. It is only with the presence of inner clarity that this subject can begin to be comprehended. It is important for me to state that I am speaking of the meaning of earthly life and soul missions.

The meaning of life is personal to every being upon the Earth.

We cannot dictate to another being what the meaning, purpose or value of their life is. Even with the deepest connection to the Creator, acceptance of the Earth’s consciousness and exploration of the divine plan of the Creator, we still are unable to fully comprehend the purpose of their soul. It is also not for you to even try to do so. With a connection to the Creator, acceptance of the Earth’s consciousness and exploration of the divine plan of the Creator you have the ability to recognise the meaning of your own existence upon the Earth. Therefore, we can recognise that it is within your being that your exploration can delve deep, while it is your compassion, acceptance and forgiveness that is required by others.

To discover the meaning of your life is to sense your inner truth.

Depending on how you comprehend yourself and existence upon the Earth, this will influence the level of the meaning of your life you connect with. There is a version of your meaning of life within your emotional body, mental body, physical body, spiritual body and soul. Each version will be slightly different and will bring forth fulfilment to the aspect of your being it is held within. When one aspect of your being is not fulfilling its meaning or purpose in your current existence, this is when disharmony and unbalance can manifest within your being and experiences. Each version of your meaning of life is akin to a puzzle piece when all are engaged, activated and energised, you feel complete upon the Earth in your existence, feeling whole and balanced at a spiritual and physical level.

To discover the meaning of your life, you can begin by asking, in turn, your emotional body, mental body, physical body, spiritual body and soul, ‘What is your greatest goal in this current existence? What do you wish to overcome or heal and what do you wish to embody fully?’ Taking time to connect with these five aspects of your being will allow you to build and form a picture of clarity, direction and encouragement within your conscious awareness that will allow you to flow deeper into your truth. As a larger picture, vision, understanding or knowingness awakens within your being, so you understand the divine plan for your existence. This will ignite greater comprehension of how you can be of service, how you can heal yourself, how you can experience fulfilment and so much more.

Letting go of your ego’s demand for separation, fear and drama, brings you to a space of peace within your being.

When you experience a greater presence of peace within your being especially your ego, then it is far easier to recognise the presence of the Creator in every moment of your existence. Peace within the ego is when the ego is no longer focused on survival and instead focused upon the presence of contentment and happiness. When your ego is focused on survival, this influences your entire being and reality in powerful ways promoting experiences of challenge, pain and suffering. As well as negative and destructive thinking and feelings of being unworthy, unloved and undeserving. When you are experiencing the ego’s perception and focus on survival each day you are distracting yourself from the true meaning of your life. Therefore, the focus of the ego of survival becomes your meaning of your life.

You can call upon my energies and presence, Saint Germain, to heal and dissolve the energies of fear, separation and drama you may be holding onto and embodying as well as inviting me to realign your ego to its original purpose of supporting you in experiencing fully the meaning of your life.

‘Saint Germain, I call you forth to work with me during my sleep state from now on until your presence and service is no longer required. Please share the most appropriate healing with me to support me in the release of any energies of fear, separation and drama. With ease and perfection support me in making this energetic shift within my being. Saint Germain, I additionally invite you to dissolve the alignment of my ego to any negative aspects of survival and realign my ego to contentment, happiness and supporting me in knowing, experiencing and embodying the meaning of my life. I thank you in advance for the work you achieve with me.’

This request only needs to be made once to me, and I will begin the process during your sleep state, continuing until a greater sense of your meaning of your life manifests in your conscious awareness.

Inspiration expands your energy and allows you to access the wholeness of your being and the Creator.

When, I, Saint Germain, was in existence upon the Earth, I realised that if I encouraged myself to be continually inspired and sort out experiences, people and places that inspired me then I was constantly in a state of expanded energy able to connect with the Creator at a deeper level. This served me and encouraged me to realise that my inspiration and expanded energy/ consciousness was being projected from within my being. I then realised that the feelings and awakening of inspiration were the Creator speaking to me and through me, an activation of Creator energy from within me. I began to seek inspiration from within my being, I found every aspect of my being, thoughts, emotions and manifestations, inspirational, exploring them with great depth. The constant stirring of light, love and connection within my being created a profound oneness and unity with the Creator which was born within me. The birth of the Creator within me was far greater than any experience of connection with the Creator I had previously experienced. I discovered my self as a true expression of the Creator, feeling myself adopting the power to inspire the awakening of the Creator within others. My journey continued to deepen into the depths of the Creator within me, and so my pathways before me became an expression of the Creator, filled with clarity, direction, peace and meaning.

Invite me forth to walk beside you and direct your attention to what inspires you within and around your being.

With loving clarity,

Saint Germain  


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Are You a Member of the Team of Transformation in Embodiment? Saint Germain via Natalie Glasson

unknown artist


Are You a Member of the Team of

Transformation in Embodiment?

by Saint Germain


Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 11th November 2016 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

I am the transformation I wish to be in my world,

I am the transformation I wish to see in the world.

I, Saint Germain, invite you to repeat these two affirmations to yourself aloud or silently until you can feel, sense or acknowledge their energy activating from within your being until you feel you embody them. I invite you to use the process of repeating these affirmations as a tool of contemplation and self-observation, encouraging yourself with great love and compassion to understand their meaning to you. It is easy to understand the meaning of these two affirmations at a mental level. However, to connect with the words, meaning and energy of the affirmations within your being will create a beautiful state of enlightenment to be revealed as well as awakening transformation within your being which may be beyond understanding, yet will be comprehendible.

Transformation signifies a shift from one energy to another or from one perspective to another; it is an alteration in your energy which brings you to realise your natural alignment with the Creator.  Transformation can release you from old energies, habits and patterns as well as awaken you to greater volumes of light, love, wisdom and truth within your being. When you allow yourself to transform you are letting go of an aspect of your identity or an energy you identify with to accept a new part of yourself which holds the vibration of your soul, soul group and the Creator. You accept a part of yourself which is love and holds the vibration of freedom. The freedom pulsates around your being loosening other aspects of your identity or an energy you identify with which is hindering your alignment with the Creator. Thus, transformation takes place and becomes a continuous process until a majority of your being vibrates in harmony with the Creator’s vibration of freedom.

Transformation creates freedom within your being; freedom is to exist in alignment with the Creator as a reflection of the Creator, letting go of all limitations as they arise.

The process of transformation can be blissful as you feel yourself filling with light as limitations dissolve with ease and perfection. Sometimes transformation can cause us to evaluate energies or beliefs within us that we are holding onto so deeply that they are brought into our reality. It can feel as if your worst nightmare or exactly what you did not want to manifest is being presented to you. It may even feel that transforming from the situation or experience is unimaginable and yet you are being invited to become a master of transformation upon the Earth. Many may be experiencing desperation within which is causing them to seek outside of themselves to gain answers because they feel unable to move from their position or even instigate transformation. Those who are experiencing this now are Masters of Transformation.

With the ascension of the Earth accelerating and in dramatic contrast a deep-seated feeling within humanity that there will never be peace, love and healing because the Earth seems impossible to change, many souls are approaching my ashram and the 7th Ray of Light Ashram to fine-tune and master their ability of transformation and aiding transformation within others. A group of souls who may not be connected on the Earthly plane are gathering with a mission radiating from the depths of their being. A guidance which encourages them to study the art of transformation on the inner planes with the purpose of anchoring the vibration of transformation more fully into the Earth to create a powerful awakening or transformation within humanity. We have labelled these souls and their mission as the ‘Team of Transformation in Embodiment.’

Those from the Earth who have enrolled to be a member of the ‘Team of Transformation in Embodiment,’ are learning to work with the Violet Flame of Transmutation, embodying the 7th Ray of Light of a violet colour overseen by Lady Portia and representing transformation, the New Age, magic, purification, manifestation and more. The team are working closely with Archangels Zadkiel and Amethyst to create the balance and synthesis between transformation occurring on the inner planes and the Earth. This ensures that transformations which take place at an inner plane level impact and create shifts at a physical level with ease and perfection. Both Archangels are ensuring that transformation takes place at an earthly level quickly and easily due to the transformation being put into motion on the inner planes, as well as every aspect being supported by their powerful angelic vibrations. The ‘Team of Transformation in Embodiment,’ are also studying with me, Saint Germain, to access my abilities of manifestation of the Creator and creating freedom within from the soul to remove all that limits the necessary shift into greater Creator alignment. Their purpose is first to create transformation within their own being or reality.

The members of the ‘Team of Transformation in Embodiment,’ upon the Earth have each accepted an experience which may make them feel desperate, hopeless or that they are unable to resolve the experience. Consciously they are unaware of the choice their soul has made to be a part of this powerful team which has a purpose of mastering the art of transformation and supporting humanity in transforming into their natural alignment with the Creator. Due to their valuable work, studies and energetic transformations they are instigating upon the inner planes, members of the team upon the Earth simply need to discover like a key within them, the experience, thought, wound or new perceptive which will ignite the transformation at a physical level. Examples of the energies which when recognised would act as a key to awaken transformation are faith, self-worth, self-love, reclaiming inner power, trust, compassion and truth. A simple realisation will create a powerful and magnificent transformation which would realign their energies more fully to the Creator and divine flow of the Universe, allowing a freedom which will be a release and a completion of the lessons of numerous past lifetimes. These souls will then feel the energy and essence of transformation and the freedom of the Creator pulsating throughout their being guiding them to support others in doing the same. This is a role many are taking on at this stage of ascension in order to support a powerful release and clearing of old energies as well as enhancing faith in the Creator and the manifestation of the Era of Love.

Any soul can be a part of this learning process. Whether the energy of the ‘Team of Transformation in Embodiment,’ resonates with you and you feel you are a member or you are unsure, if you have a situation, experience or aspect of your being you wish to transform you can benefit from the energy, light, wisdom and learning which is being shared and instigated on the inner planes now.

‘Saint Germain, I wish to create and support a myriad of beautiful and blissful transformations within my being and reality, so I may exist and live as one with the Creator experiencing my natural alignment with the Creator. Please support me in achieving this now with the ease and perfection of the Creator. Support me in accessing the knowledge, wisdom, light and tools available on the inner planes to aid me in becoming a Master of the Art of Transformation with the ability to experience transformation from within my own being and aiding transformation within others. I am ready to receive, thank you.’

Steps of Transformation

  • Let yourself realise where transformation is required.
  • Call upon Saint Germain, the 7th Ray of Light, Archangel Zadkiel and Archangel Amethyst, the ‘Team of Transformation in Embodiment,’ and your own energies as a member of the ‘Team of Transformation in Embodiment.’ Let yourself experience these energies surrounding you and merging with you.
  • Ask that your soul works on the inner planes to instigate and create all the necessary transformation which is required.
  • Take time to focus upon that which you wish to transform. Allow yourself to examine polarities. Let yourself understand the energy which you wish to transform so that you can describe the qualities of it. Then allow yourself to observe what would be the opposite. Recognise if the opposite is something you wish to experience or maybe something else. Often that which we wish to experience we feel is lacking within us or we reject because of feeling unworthy. Contemplation in this way may lead you to that one key, that one realisation which allows the transformation to be instigated at a physical level.
  • Once you have discovered the key to instigating the transformation of whatever you wish, you will experience the Creator’s energy of freedom seeping into your being. If you have yet to discover the key or experience the necessary transformation then simply take time to imagine the energy of freedom seeping into your entire being from your soul with feelings of deep seated love, healing, enlightenment and peace.
  • Realise the shift which has been made, how it filters into your being and reality, your greater oneness with the Creator, realise that you understand the art of transformation.

I, Saint Germain, am present to support your inner transformation,

Saint Germain  

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unknown artist

Supporting Transformation Cycles by Saint Germain & the Andromedans – Natalie Glasson

Joshua Mays art

ART : Joshua Mays


Supporting Transformation Cycles

by Saint Germain and the Andromedans

art OM NA triangle


Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 28th April 2016 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

It is with a focus upon high frequencies of transformation that we, Saint Germain and the Andromedans, join our energy and consciousness together to be of service to you.

Have you noticed that with your continued focus upon receiving love, embodying love and expressing love that you are experiencing a constant process of transformation? Love transforms your being by encouraging you to let go of all forms of illusion you are holding onto to reveal the greater light, truth and love within your being. While the letting go of illusion through spiritual practices and physical circumstances can be challenging it is often more challenging to allow yourself to realise the truth arising once the illusion has been dissolved. Often it is the process of embodying the realisations within which can create inner resistance. The easiest way to allow processes of love, transformation, the release of illusions and the gathering of truth to take place is through acceptance and surrendering. When you accept that as a being you are constantly transforming and that transformation is a natural pathway for you then you begin to realise that every experience in your reality is to support your transformation. From a seemingly negative experience to a blissful experience, all are arriving in your reality with divine timing to allow your inner transformation and blossoming to take place. This also encourages you to realise there is a purpose for every situation and experience. It is the same for circumstances worldwide, all are opportunities for humanity to transform, to truly begin to embody love. When you have the focus of receiving, embodying and expressing love, even when you are achieving this it is only a focus or an intention. In order for you to truly embody love there is a need to release that which hinders the love labelled transformation and dissolving illusions. Then the truth which already exists within you will manifest thus the desire for embodiment becomes the experiences of embodiment from the truth within.

Acceptance is a powerful tool as is surrendering. In amidst the process of transformation there are several points when surrendering is required. To begin the transformational process there is a need to surrender to it, then there will come a time when the process of transformation climaxes again inviting you to surrender the shift taking place and the new energies flowing into your being. Finally, you are invited to surrender to the truth which is now more evident than before.

It is a wonderful practice at the end of the day to contemplate the processes of transformation small or large you have experienced that day. With your realisation and conscious acceptance so you can at that moment hold an intention of surrendering to the transformations of the day, those you are aware of and those you are not aware of. This creates further shifts of awakening and truth within your being. The practice encourages you to contemplate and understand the transformations that do take place within your being. It could be as simple as a shift in your mood, a realisation of a habit, commitment to positive affirmations, a meditation you experienced, gaining a positive understanding of yourself or your passions, helping another, participating in earth healing, letting go of judgments and many more simple experiences that occur every day. When you recognise that you are transforming many times a day you begin to see yourself and your reality in a new perspective building your confidence and allowing you to trace your spiritual growth.

It is also important as you realise that you are transforming continuously to take time to inhale and exhale once deeply and consciously. The purpose of this is to remind you of your expansive nature and how filled you are with the rich qualities of the Creator. In a single cycle of breathing you can remind and align yourself with an understanding of your expansion and connection to all aspects of the Creator. Realisations that you are never alone and you are greater than your earthly self will dawn. This is nurturing, rejuvenating and fulfilling. Simply inhale filling yourself with the realisation that you are the expansive Creator and you will notice that your exhale is extremely beautiful and enthused with Creator vibrations.

To support your continuous and often unrealised transformation we wish to make you aware that you can call upon us, Saint Germain and the Andromedans, or in fact any being or consciousness you feel connected to, to achieve specific energetic healing treatments with you. Your body and aura are receptive to physical touch and as well as energetic touch, both can create a process of realignment as well as releasing any stress, imbalance or fatigue created by transformation. All that you are is being bombarded with energy from the universe of the Creator, more than ever before, so there are specific healing treatments which can be of service to you and experienced with a simple request.

The energetic healing treatments available are energetic acupressure, energetic acupressure of the feet, hands, face and head, energetic aromatherapy to heal through the senses, energetic realignment of the spine, energetic digestive support, energetic deliverance of herbs, minerals and vitamins needed by the body, energetic cell rejuvenation, energetic emotional healing, energetic positive reprogramming of the subconscious and energetic massage to support the muscles in absorbing greater light. There are many more energetic treatments available and these are just to name a few which may be useful to you. These treatments are more than the process of transferring energy into your being. Those that you call upon to achieve the treatments with you will subtly work with your body and energy systems to create awakenings and shifts within specific areas of your being. These are precise pro cesses and so we encourage you to only experience one at a time.

Note from Saint Germain: I would encourage you to call upon the Andromedan Healing Team to bring forth the energetic treatment that you feel guided to experience or to simply invite them to achieve the appropriate treatment. I encourage you to call upon their energies as their healing is immensely powerful, their frequency very pure and they have advanced abilities in this field.

Please sit in silence or meditation communing with your soul asking for advice as to whether you require one of these energetic treatments.  If so which is the most appropriate to serve you. If you are still unsure as to the energetic treatment of most benefit for you, then simply hold the intention of experiencing the most appropriate treatment to offer the greatest blissful results and healing within your being.

Please first call upon your guides and angelic team to support and protect you. Please also invite your soul to emanate from your heart chakra to oversee the process.

‘Andromedan Healing Team I invite you to come forth to be present with me emanating your pure unconditional love into every aspect of my being, awakening the unconditional love and truth of my own being. Andromedan Healing Team I call you forth to achieve (treatment……or the most appropriate energetic healing treatment) on my being to support the transformation taking place within all aspects of my being. I am open to receive your support, assistance and guidance now. Please begin the treatment and support me throughout. Thank you.’

Please lay down to receive. Please know you may or may not feel the energetic treatment shared with you by the Andromedan Healing Team. If you are unaware of the process occurring this does not mean that it is not occurring. Please know that you can stop the treatment at any time through a simple request.

We, Saint Germain and the Andromedans are overseeing the transformation of humanity as are many light beings at this time due to the accelerated rate of each person’s transformation process. While your soul and soul group understand the purpose and mission of your transformation it is also a good practice to visualise yourself surrounded in supreme light observing the transformations taking place within you. Visualise or imagine what you wish yourself to transform into, the qualities, abilities, skills and consciousness you wish to emanate from your being. Rather than having specific desires for your transformation each time you visualise let yourself freely explore the different shifts your inner transformation could create. Let yourself be creative and free. The more you participate in this practice with a sense of freedom the more you will be influenced by visions and understanding of the transformation taking place within you. No longer will it be you exploring your desires, it will be you realising the shifts of truth taking place within you.

We, Saint Germain and the Andromedans are present to support your transitions of ascension.

In eternal love,

Saint Germain and the Andromedans

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Joshua Mays art

ART : Joshua Mays

Saint Germain ~ Embodying the new levels and ways of communication ~ Meline Lafont @ Awaken Spirit from Within

ART : Anna Dittmann


November 9, 2015

Méline Portia Lafont

 Well, Saint Germain speaking here! Blessings upon you and all of eternity. I AM always delighted to speak to you through this form of communication, albeit it be of an old fashioned way still. It has become apparent that this will soon come to change within your form of reality, and it has already begun to be so, has it not ?! By this I speak of and mean that there are other ways and forms of communication that will alter the experience of this union. We would like to describe it as, a language of vibrational tones and waves of colors.

As your sixth sense is deriving information from the higher realms for the Planetary Ascension, you too will uplift your vibration altogether with the Earth and thus move around in your spherical bodies and into lands of altered ways of communication in “unison”. So your sixth sense will become a seventh sense and an eighth sense and so on as you continue to spiral within the spiral of Ascension and All that Is. Thus all of your senses, which are already vibrating as internal portals to higher dimensions, are starting to activate and even infiltrate within your human vehicles of this realm. Bringing forth not only the activation of it but a certain level of embodiment of that kind as well which leaves you the mark to experience such within your realm of Light.

Within the spherical bodies of your “systems” as you may call these for now, you hold certain facets and information to behold when time has come for you to free this spherical vibration through the motion of your senses. Your senses are therefore everything you should partake in and with as they are your evolved and embodied experiences embedded within the realms of Light. These are not only your allies but your true perceptions and ways of seeing things as they are, because these go beyond the imaginary.

Therefore do not take things lightly but seriously when something is given onto you as vibrational information through your own senses, for these are an intrinsic part that belongs to your journey if not all of the SELF. Otherwise why bother if it would not be the case, but I tell you that it is very much the case so that within everything which crosses your path or field of vibration IS a part of your vibrational field or it would not rise up to the surface to be seen as a result of things.

Your senses are your dictionary, your guide map and your GPS in that sense that it knows all and whispers onto you what you need to know at the exact place that you are. To sense is to rather feel, it cannot be entrained by sophisticated guides, it is a natural part of your being which grows within you as you walk the pathway of your experiences. You cannot be taught how to feel, it is an “how to” experience.. Your experiences mark the vibrational expansion of your senses and influence the way they will work onto your path. The more experiences you encounter, the more knowledge you embody, you see. Your senses, in that sense, are thus a radar function recognizing what you already embody or encountered as an experience and what brings you into alignment with All that Is.

Your senses tap into the grid of existence and all sorts of Dimensions within the geometric field of all existence. You are not “you” (self) when you start to define things for your own conclusion (separation). You are “you”, as the SELF of All that Is, when you see and know things as they are within the Divine neutrality of all sentient beings. Hold that in mind and keep that in your inner vision always: that you are a pure reflection of the Divinity within all to play out your role of destined Being. Therefore your destiny is what you are as the fulfillment of All that Is through the expression of your myriad of selves on all multidimensional and exponential levels.

Your communications and the way you serve as servants of light, or vehicles of light, will come to change. There will be a new variety of direct communication from and to all of your higher selves as these funnel into your lower bodies on the Earth level respectively. You will become the mediator and messenger both at the same time. Your consciousness allows such occasion to occur as you melt your way down to the center of the spiral. You will become one with all things in life and start to spin your boundaries and world into another or higher vibrational speed. THAT, my friends, will lift many veils because your spherical and multidimensional bodies shall exceed the current Earthly vibrational collective field commonly known as 3th and 4th dimension.

You will become a direct transmitter of vibrational waveforms of unimaginable things and information in the field of quantum cosmic space, a waveform that will become you in that moment of transmission as to where you are the receiver, the transmitter and the message/messenger itself, all on vibrational level. There will no longer be need for outside guidance nor teachings on that matter, for when you awaken all your senses there is nothing to teach each other, only to let BE and BE the experiences on itself. You see?!

What awaits you are wonders within wonders, albeit it be clear that it is nothing you ought to await but yet to realize that you already BE/ARE it. It is already here and now within yourselves and you all are to bring this out of you by finding it within you first and connecting to this. You are the Cosmic generators whom keep this Ascension Wave alive and forth flowing through the various of levels you each represent, embody and radiate individually as well as collectively.

Now, have a rest in that knowing that you are your own definition of what is possible and what is not. Have a rest, you say?!? “What if our own definition of who we are and what we are capable of is incorrect?!” Then I shall say and entrust you with that knowing that the fact that you know how to form and manifest yourself as per definition or controversy or not, is the perfect way to show you that you are Master Beings for otherwise you could not form yourselves. And thus all by all is this providing you of the answer that you are always correct in that sense that it shall be exactly as what you need at that time to propel you forward in your altered state.

Imagine yourself to be in the altered state you so desire to experience frequently in your realm of reality. How does this propel you to go further into your physical world and take on new adventures when you know you may encounter other things too on your road to Nottingham. Perhaps it may be a variety of things you do not like to see nor want to see expressed into your life. That may be so but perhaps such things can be a part of your journey that will help you even more to reach that altered state you so desire to BE and feel, being brought down through you to the Earthly realm as an embodiment of this. Embodiment means that you will “own” or rather BE that altered state altogether here within this physical realm without your needing to go “out there”, wherever that may be, and being transcendent.

You can get it all together here within this space, right here and right now. This is why you are getting more into your physicality to experience all you have come to be, sense, see and feel in the other worlds of Dimensions during your occasional travels through meditation or other ways, within this realm of your physical BE-ing here to Earth. Again as stated in a previous transmission by our friends the Pleiadians: “Heaven is the fulfillment and the full alignment of your True Self with Source Code ~ for YOU ARE that eternal Flame. It is not a place which beseeches you to travel to, it is an internal state of consciousness and BE-ing you must vibrate with once more in order to see the daylight of your Cosmic nature. All is a Blissful state of transparency ~ the eternal youth within the eternal heart. “

Onwards within the flavors of eternity we continue, all as one and all together.

Loving greetings

I AM that I AM

Saint Germain

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Master Saint Germain ~ The Divine Human Blueprint – Meline Lafont @ Awaken Spirit from Within

 art Heart by Luisa Villavicencio fine art america
ART :  Heart – by Luisa Villavicencio @ Fine Art America

Master Saint Germain ~ The Divine Human Blueprint

October 30, 2015

Méline Portia Lafont

Conveyed through Méline Portia Lafont


Greetings in the most refined moment of this Ascension journey. Why AM I calling this moment the most refined moment of all is because you are ingraining yourselves into your Selves as well as ingraining the union with your Sacred partners and parts of Self.

Yes the unification of the Divine Human Blueprint has begun to stream more rapidly within your minds, your world and realities because a grand momentum of exponential degree is there to be enhanced through and by your Beings of Love radiance. Your furniture has somehow been replaced by new ones and you are stepping forth into a new world now while assimilating the Divine Templates of transformation, elevation, resurrection, Divine unity and immortality.

All these templates will sort of define who you are in this now and start to elevate your consciousness into a myriad of Rays and Stellar bursts of all proportions. Keep in mind that you are now in the midst of the greatest changeover ever and that your humility is key! You are finding yourselves being more humble towards another, perhaps even aware of what all sorts of intelligences are going through. And although all of you have different characters and ways to see and define things in your life, you are all in the midst of the same happenings which implies for all to be the greatest changeover ever.

From Human Beings on this Earth you have now transformed yourselves into Divine Human Beings simply by Self realization. It all started by awakening the heart and by becoming aware of who you all are beyond the human shell, and now at least are you walking with this knowing in much more confidence then ever. You are now called the Divine Human Beings on Terra, those Masters who are awakening their Divine potential in new ways and forms of reality.

Thanks to the final shifts which have taken place right in front of you and in the midst of your heart, during the blood moon gateways as well as the final breath of the equinox portal, you have now entered the new Era and Terra participating consciously and gazing upon the first streams of Light which color the gateways around your auras into new frequencies and quality of Divine nature.

This Self realization has truly marked the beginning of the old leaving your lower bodies and layers of Self, and has brought about much refinement within you to now boldly bring out like a toddler on new grounds finding his way and balance in this all. As toddlers you have played and examined the first given abilities to you, which initially came forth as an awakening from within. Now you have become grown ups, marching through the facets of puberty where a rebellion phase could possibly be experienced or has been experienced.

As you grow up in your new ways of understanding, you come to realize that all you see and experience in life are in fact facets of the Self searching to unify with all that you are. So you elevate yourself out of the duality program of deception, control and fear as well as the inclination to fight for things and oppose certain facets. You simply have gotten the moment of clarity that comes about, of being All at all times. And thus you continue your march with less opposing, more Self and unity.

This awareness, dear ones, is the greatest gift you can offer yourself and accept ! Because it is the key of liberation and transcendence. You now mark and decide, on a very conscious level, what you take with you in your new life and experiences and what not.

Your Divine Human Blueprint and DNA have transformed already to a certain level and continues to do so. This brings forth the crystalline foundation within your vehicles as vibration matches vibration through the law of resonance. Realize for a moment of your time that all that comes to define you in this moment is all that you are and think from this moment on. Change your perceptions and you shift yourself into another reality.

The Divine Human Blueprint is now anchoring on Earth by and through you, to enable the birth of the 6th Dimensional consciousness for the Collective, through time and space in the ethers and foundation of Terra. Yes, you indeed are continuing to expand from one moment to another and so are you moving from one reality to another in no time. Yet the many foundations that have been on your planet for so long, have become weak and some of these are breaking down as we speak. The end of that format has been clear for all to see and so this awakens many Beings on your Earth and stimulates each to perform from their own Divine Heart and make something new and fantastic.

You are what you think and you think what you are. It is one and the same in that sense that you are always that which matches your current vibration. Be nothing else than yourself on all levels and let that be the result in all the threads through life and within all that you bring to life. You are the force from within you and you are all that needs to be.

At present Earth is rising her frequency up to a 9th and 10th dimensional ethereal frequency. She is raising her consciousness with you from a Planetary reality to a Solar reality and even taking her first little steps into the early levels of intergalactic vibration which will bring about a more Cosmic vibration and intergalactic lineage on your Earth. These are all vibrations taking you a few notches higher seeding new areas of expertise as well as new councils and groups.

As you will enter over time in a more Galactic and intergalactic Dimension all will be in order with Divine intention as well as a resurrection through the full embodiment and alignment with the Galactic and intergalactic planes. But let me be clear when I say that time is non existent in this realm and that all is already abiding within you in an ethereal vibration. You are coming closer and closer to the full embodiment of that moment and all plays at heart. The embodiment of that is the manifestation on your New Earth, and nothing else.

So my dear Divine Human friends, let us begin this unification of your natural Selves as seen as the Feminine aspects and the Masculine aspects within the heart of Shamballah, the grounds of this New Earth Template, and within all that you are on this plane. You are destined to be who you are and nothing else that is beyond your knowing.

We celebrate this moment with you and we are in unification with you.

I AM that I AM,

in loving companionship and grace

Saint Germain

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art Heart by Luisa Villavicencio fine art america

Saint Germain ~ taking matters into your hands and shift! ~ Meline Lafont @ Awaken Spirit from Within

 art j d challenger native american
ART : J D Challenger

Saint Germain ~ taking matters into your hands and shift!

September 9, 2015

Méline Portia Lafont

 (Thank you to Karl Morfett for this picture)

Dear friends,

You call forth the momentum of some grand inner forces to come and play along in your world of existence. It shall be the allowance to be so as you are becoming aware of the indefinite play that is at hand here. Are you seeing the momentum at hand within your hearts? Is it not calling you to join and play along so that you can have a more fulfilling experience of joy and experience the influx of these Cosmic waves of energy?! Is it not that what you all have been joining and doing in groups to come and find what you seek?!

And that is the inner peace that is at hand, a moment of clarity as to where you are defining the natural state of consciousness to be within your own awareness as you experience the full potential of it within that momentum of peace. You see, all that is you comes about and is at hand for you all. This means that there are windows of opportunity which entails the submerging on different planes as to where all that you are has now the free access to join within this Dimension and elevate you into the Spheres and vibrations of the Stars.

What you are is coming down onto your Earthly grounds like an experience of your SELF in this level of being by heart. You are not going up, it is coming down into manifesting grounds on the level where you reside as a conscious being. It is a collision of fragmented pieces that are destined to become you once more as the wholeness of your Being and that happens as a merging when the heart resides at an inner vibration of inner peace with oneself.

A collision of worlds is what the collective sphere could experience as a worst case scenario when one would reside in the conviction of separated Source, although for many of you it is a peaceful merging when one is in allowance of the change that must take place to be a part of your conscious reality. You thus then participate in a grand manner as to where you reside within your heart lineage sphere that is in full alignment with the Greater sense of the God Being within.

You call forth the existence of Oneness to be Present within each heart on your planes. That is the same as calling forth the Higher Vibration of each consciousness within Illuminating Truth to descend into the spheres of the Earth and participate within this massive consciousness shift for Gaia in Her entirety and for Humanity. You ought to experience this within all and through the Rays of your illuminating Fire which represents your inner Truth ~ the God and the Goddess within. This to be experienced within your physical shell.

It is the conscious participation of the Divinity, the I AM and the ALL that you ARE within this limited perception and belief of what oneself is. This so that One can illuminate and disclose one’s own reality and spinning of virtue. This is what marks the change within your cells and body structures as it changes your entire world of perception and beliefs. What you come to find out within makes a change in your outer reality as well.. and so your physical body is a representation of you within this outer reality as an outer form.

The calling forth and the emergence of your inner forces to now take on an active role in your Planetary Ascension shall therefore elevate your consciousness experience into an expansion as to where you all shall come to find out what is Heaven on Earth. Earth is not leaving this experience to go out and travel across time, She is nurturing the indefinite foundation of the I AM experience within the God essence of ALL. Earth shall stay on your vibrational frequency as you elevate your own and be a part of your reality experience for as long as you choose.

Together you and Earth raise the vibrational Shuman resonance field and thus you are staying together in this journey and share your experiences of God particles and the Source Code to descend into your Beingness as you simultaneously elevate your own consciousness vibration. The Higher your vibration goes the easier these Higher Cosmic vibrations can join the play, descend and take on an active role as a submerging takes place of your cosmic vibrational fields.

Earth is being visited and has become a playfield of experiences for other Cosmic vibrations to interact with Human life, with the forcefield of Earth and to join the Magnetic Pull that each Being has as a living Source.

You are the awareness of God, you see and you know when it is time to pull your strings together and to join the forces of your hearts. It is the time for oneness consciousness and no longer that pertaining to the old separation consciousness. Focus on LOVE being within all that lives amongst you. Focus on Love being held within all forces of existence. Dark and matter are forces of Light as well, they are a vibration of LOVE as well as all other forms of existence. Focus on that and so shall Oneness be able to be your experience for all in the collective.

The tiniest focus on separation, on good and bad, on right and wrong shall enhance more of that separation/duality consciousness. See the Light and the Divinity within all my dear friends! There is no good or bad there simply is ALL as One. The attacker finds out he attacks himself when he realises that the perpetrator and the victim are one and the same, playing the role of duality within the separation consciousness.

Let us breathe oneness, let us see oneness and let us start oneness to be your only awareness from now on. A collective play is at hand here and so you should ask yourself the question of how far will you go along with all of this? When is it enough and what makes you start noticing that all of this are merely calls for attention to be loved and to be embraced with love. That is all these parts want! It is a calling for love in all sorts of forms, even desperate ones.

Call in the Unity grid to be your Presence and force within and unite with Love. You are the momentum of ALL dear friends! Now allow the Love to step forth through you as you represent this.

With the greatest eternal Love and Blessings,

I AM that I AM

Master Saint Germain

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I AM Saint Germain – Saving Mother Earth @ Victoria Cochrane

art gaias-dream-lila-violet

 ART : Gaia’s Dream ~ Lila Violet


Saving Mother Earth


The world turns and daily living continues, sometimes frenetic and at other times dull. Human life bustles about on the surface of the Earth but, deep below, all is still and quiet, cool, contemplative and majestic. If you could sit your energy inside the Earth, away from the core but deep enough to be surrounded by rock and crystal, you would know what it is to just truly be.

The planet Earth has existed for aeons of time and, well before animal or human life, the structure of the Earth was already formed and her energy stabilised. The molten core surrounds her diamond core which is her heart, and the molten lava is her heart’s protector. Although it steams and rages it is also her life blood and her warmth. The huge crystals that have formed within her are her eyes and her energy – they vibrate according to her vitality, her energy levels and the amount of love that she is able to emit. The vibration of her crystals varies from area to area and according to the vibrations of human life upon her surface. The rock formations within her and upon her are her foundations and her strength. The water wells, ponds, lagoons, lakes, waterfalls and seas are her tears and emotions, and their state reflects her moods and her challenges.

The beauty of Mother Earth has withstood the ravages of time, weather and influences of man, although there are many areas now that have been ruined seemingly beyond repair by toxicity, abuse, pollution and over-resourcing. Although Mother Earth is strong and resilient, there is only so much that she can withstand and, without adequate exchanges of energy, her resources are dwindling and her energy is waning. The importance and practicalities of recycling, greening and reduction of greenhouse gases notwithstanding, it is essential that love is returned to her in equal measure. In simple terms, the act of sending love and light to Mother Earth, the life upon and within her, her heart, her blood, her emotions and her bones cannot be underestimated.

If every human stopped for one minute every day to thank Mother Earth for her gifts, to send her love and light and to make one adjustment to their lifestyle that replenished rather than drained her, the effects on her inner and outer health would be amazing and apparent to all. The collective nature of the human consciousness and the fact that all on Earth is one with Mother Earth means that every beautiful thought and deed directed towards her and all who dwell upon her magnifies her radiance and her recovery. Of course, every toxic thought and deed has the same, opposite effect on her health. Please, beloveds, take the time to send love and healing energy to Mother Earth and to all life upon her, including your fellow man, every day. You will be astounded at the effects.

I AM Saint Germain



art gaias-dream-lila-violet

Saint Germain – Clarity ~ Meline Lafont @ Awaken Spirit from Within

leigh viner 3

ART : Leigh Viner


Saint Germain ~ Clarity

July 9, 2015

Méline Portia Lafont


A message of clarity by Saint Germain

I AM welcoming you all today and my blessings to all of you beautiful Master Beings. I come here once more to speak to you through the heart of unification as this binds us all, being sparks of the One. What I wish to speak about with you all is the meaning of clarity and the need for clarity. As I was speaking to this beloved earlier today, clarity has become an intrinsic need or part of your lives. For who does not seek for clarity, isn’t it so?

You have made this to be for real in your lives and thus created it so. Clarity can only exist and be if there is a recognition and acknowledgment of confusion and being blinded, for it is the opposite of its polarity experience. It is therefore not necessarily so that you need to experience both as a separate thing, rather bring those polarities together and experience them as one. That is the all knowing and seeing things as they truly are without having the complexity of needing to seek what you think is lost.

Nothing is lost in the first place for all is you and within you, as you know. Thus understand that when one is seeking for clarity it actually means that one has forgotten the understanding of “One” and “All” simultaneously. Clarity is a part of you, it is the true meaning of understanding who you are as a whole and that you can BE everything at once. It is the nature of true perception as to where you can perceive things as they are in truth: oneness. As soon as confusion comes in, it means that you are occupying yourself with duality structures of separation as to where you feel inclined to pull to one side or the other.

It is a thinking pattern of: “it is this way or that way”, and not all at once. That seems impossible for the human mind, thus you cannot accept this by heart. That is what clarity is showing you in this dimension: that you are taking clarity as a choice of how things are or can be.. and most of the time you probably want it to be just one sided or it would be too complex to understand. There is not just one side of explanation to offer clarity rather there are many, one might say that all things are clarity because they are as they are. As I would say: it is as it is.

Now that I AM taking you further into that matter, the only reason behind this message of today is to help you realize that not all things have to be clear to you as you tend to forget sometimes that everything is about the experience of things. To engage with your experiences and allow this to unfold is clarity for you see things as they are with an open heart.

There are many things entering your planes of duality at this time and it surely feels to you all as if your plate is continuing to fill more and more and that you have no space left to even take on more. My dear Master Beings, the only reason why you even can experience the feeling of your plate being so filled is because you hold on to certain things that are crossing your path. You take on more and more to hold and thus things will become complicated for you at a certain point as you cannot see things clearly anymore through it all. The complexity dominates.

You are filling your minds with more things to come and are already occupying yourselves with what might be coming soon as well. To live in the every now moment will make it impossible for you to even hold on to things as you flow along the stream of the moment and experience it as it is. It is like a receiving and passing on as you experience the moment with acceptance and joy.

Now, there are many time-lines and opportunities that dwell within you and are wanting to emerge into your realities which can enhance the confusion and the need for clarity. You will learn to Master your own consciousness in the sense of allowance without the fight for resistance and control. You will learn to stop seeking for answers to know, understand and have clarity as you will be offered the experience of what it is to already know, see and be clarity within. Things are as they are, there is no need to make things complicated nor to confuse yourself with wanting to know the answers to give you a false sense of contentment.

That is what you will learn in this time, that clarity is about allowing things to be as they are. To move yourselves through the many opportunities as these arise and to just experience what you hold by heart and want to BE. When such confusions arise and there seems to be too much to handle for you at the time, take a step back out of the hustle and the bustle of events, take a breather and go within for a moment. Take a closer look at all the things that are ruling your reality and your experiences and see where these creations are originating from.

Where did it all start? What made you think this way or another? Which thought or emotion has moved you towards certain conclusions or perceptions? Go back to its origin and see it there as it is, where you have built further upon to create this all into your experience. It applies mostly to the most subtle and smallest things you easily overlook. Much is always related to fear and the wanting to have things under control. Here is where confusion originates from for you cannot control anything, you just can Be.

Well let us now look at the bright side of this circumstance and see that this gift offered to you is simply a reminder of where you put your attention, what you feed and how you see yourself. You are all taking in more of yourselves from other planes and Dimensions as well, thus many different vibrations are deciding to play along and enter your human experience. Some of these aspects may behave like children: uncontrollable and wild! These feel like they are entering a playground they never were able to enter before and thus are excited!

You might wait a little bit before unleashing these aspects of yourselves until you have this overall feeling that you are ready to handle all these parts of you on the Human level as well. To be ‘up there’ in the Higher realms and experience those realms is one thing but the challenge is to bring these ‘down here’ on the Earthly level while being in a human incarnation. To channel these in through the process of grounding, equilibrium and the self realization is thus key as we keep on stressing that fact for a long time now.

Get to know yourselves on all levels as you desire and just release what is standing in your way or what is making things complicated for you. Not by ignoring or running from it but by embracing it as a part of your creation. To acknowledge is to see things as they are, Master Beings. Thus start to acknowledge ~ see ~ you as the Master Beings that you are and explore this. Clarity is you and that is what you are about to understand more deeply in the upcoming months.


Blessings and eternal love

Master Saint Germain

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The Creator’s Healing By Saint Germain ~ Natalie Glasson @ Sacred School of Om Na

art mountain-high-birgit-coath

 ART : Mountain High ~ Birgit Coath
 The Creator’s Healing By Saint Germain

Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 26th March 2015- Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings and love are extended to you through my being from all aspects of the universe of the Creator; you are deeply and absolutely loved in this moment by all that is the Creator. There is no separation or lack in the Creator’s love for you; everything is provided for you should you choose to accept the Creator’s love.

Many souls upon the Earth move through challenging situations and experiences which can be deeply painful creating wounds within their bodies. Whether physical pain, emotional pain, mental pain or any form of suffering is experienced, large or small wounds are created especially within the emotional body, however they can filter into all aspects of a person’s being causing havoc within the inner reality while being replicated into the outer reality.  When you begin to notice that all forms of suffering and pain whether inflicted by self or another cause an energetic, mental or emotional wound then you understand that many people are moving through their realities holding onto numerous wounds which they use to describe themselves. Have you ever introduced yourself to a person asking questions about them to then discover the story of the wounds they are holding onto and have experienced? Maybe you describe yourself to others by sharing your life wounds, all the experiences which have caused you pain? Many choose to define and describe themselves to others as their painful wounds, such as experiences of abandonment, lack, abuse or neglect. If you are describing yourself to others in this way then you are also describing yourself to all aspects of your being in this way. This symbolises you are also describing yourself to the universe and the Creator in the same way, which means the Creator will reflect all you focus upon back at you for further experiences of the same.

Your journey on the Earth is a process of learning, in the past it may have often been through forms of suffering; this does encourage you to develop into greater stronger aspects of yourself and truth, encouraging you to see yourself in new ways. Yet your experiences are not the story of who you are in the present moment, they are not your truth and essence. This is a very powerful concept and idea which is required by you to be let go in order to further free yourself to move beyond the ties of the old era and the 3rd Dimension. Detachment is required from the past in order to enter more fully into the Era of Love and yet this can only be experienced through the healing of wounds of suffering. Many of you have taken time to heal old wounds and yet you still include them in your description of yourself. Is it not time to live in the present? Of course share your past with others, remember your past however do not let it be included in your description of yourself.

I invite you in a quiet time or time alone to describe yourself imagining you are existing in the present moment and the present moment is all that there is. Describe yourself without delving into your past. You may notice that certain beliefs or remarks come up which refer to your past, without actually describing your past. You may notice you hold aspects of yourself back due to rejection in the past or find you have to be loud because you are trying to hide who you truly are.  Describe yourself to yourself in expansively, lovingly and truthful ways free from restrictions especially from the past. This may be challenging at first as you are asking yourself to explore more fully your energies, beliefs and inner truth. I have been communicating about past painful wounds, however you may choose to notice how you describe yourself drawing upon positive experiences of your past, try to describe yourself, let go of these also. In truth I am asking you to acknowledge, describe and speak from your present moment self, from the truth within your being. It is a wonderful exercise to notice how much you bring your past into your present with every moment.

In a private space you can be as free as you wish, I understand that when with strangers or friends you may feel uncomfortable to describe and speak of yourself in this way and so when in the company of others invite yourself to simply lovingly observe when you bring your past into your present. Notice if you are always drawing upon the same wounds to define you or if you are holding onto old happy moments not allowing yourself to have new moments of bliss. Allow yourself in your communication and sharing with others to gradually delete and erase all unneeded reference to the past. I say unneeded as sometimes it is wonderful to share a past experience of your life in order to support or illuminate another person, however when the sharing is simply to amplify and empower your attachment to your past, this is no longer appropriate. Many people on the Earth are choosing to hold onto thei r wounds which are hindering them in moving into the Era and Space of Love.

In order to be love, one is required to heal the wounds within, while in order to heal the wounds within, one is required to be love.

Wounds, pain and suffering, it wishes to speak, to be heard as this is your body and beings way of healing the wound. This is a wonderful step by step journey of healing inner wounds: to recognise it, to allow it to speak its message, to take any action which is required and to embrace the wound and entire being in the healing love of the Creator, then holding and knowing within you it is done, complete and finished.

Take a few days to be lovingly observant of others and those around you, observing how they speak of their wounds to you without even noticing. Let yourself observe what their wounds may be, there is no need to share your observation, it is achieved in a quest to expand your awareness of the presence of wounds and how they can restrict your life attracting the same in your reality repeatedly. You may wish to notice if you attract people with similar wounds to you, this attraction is your way of relaying a message to yourself. I invite you to bathe each person you observe in immense love from your soul and the Creator, while you also accept immense love for yourself as well. Again we return to reflect upon the greatest spiritual and life lesson of all; to love yourself and others unconditionally. This life lesson cannot be escaped and is often the core of all aspects of life. When you do not love yourself unconditionally and choose to act unlovingly to others then you create emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wounds within your being. Holding onto wounds of the past and drawing them into your present moment is to neglect to and to resist loving yourself and others unconditionally. Of course wounds must be drawn into the present moment to be healed, however when they are being continuously drawn we can notice an attachment.

At the very beginning of my communication I shared with you, ‘love extends to you through my being from all aspects of the universe of the Creator, you are deeply and absolutely loved in this moment by all that is the Creator. There is no separation or lack in the Creator’s love for you, everything is provided for you, should you choose to accept the Creator’s love.’ And so I come to the purpose of my communication with you, I wish to remind you should you choose to accept the Creator’s love everything is provided to you. I know in many people this can create a resistance, a feeling you may have to give your power away to the Creator to then receive all you wish, akin to selling your soul to simply have a happy life. This is completely not the case. If you allow yourself to love yourself, in that moment you are inviting the love of the Creator into and to emanate from your entire being. If you choose to love those around you whether loved ones or strangers, then the Creator’s love automatically moves through you. If you choose to invite the Creator’s love to surround and embrace you as you enjoy the experience of being loved completely and absolutely, then of course you are accepting the Creator’s love. You are accepting an eternally present love, life force energy and vibration which is your truth and reminds you of your truth. You are accepting yourself as your truth, empowering your truth and divine essence. You are allowing yourself to become a reflection of the Creator therefore you are attracting wonderful beautiful experiences into your reality meaning you can learn through beauty rather than through wounds and pain of any form.

Accepting the Creator’s love is to empower yourself and your truth. Each day and as many times a day as you feel is appropriate, I invite you to call upon all aspects of the Creator including your soul to love you unconditionally. Allow yourself to bathe in this beautiful, nourishing and healing love, breathe it into every aspect of your being. Know you are immensely supported.

As you open yourself more fully to the love of the Creator you are aligning yourself with your divine essence and so you move away from learning through pain or chaos, embracing discovering yourself through beauty and love. Everything is provided to you because you choose to recognise and receive from the Creator. When you are holding onto wounds of the past you distract yourself and choose to ignore that everything is being provided to you in every moment by the Creator. The Creator does not wish for you to experience lack or suffering of any form, however it is only you who can choose to receive all that is provided to you. The choice is made, the request sent and you open up to receive when you allow yourself to be loved wholly and completely by the Creator.

Inhale the love of the Creator and allow all you require to be provided for you. It is that easy.

Enjoy the love of the Creator,

Saint Germain

December Gateway ~ Accelerated energies pouring in ~ Meline Lafont @ Awaken Spirit from Within

December Gateway ~ Accelerated energies pouring in

November 29, 2014

I am starting to feel a sort of tension, not necessarily a negative one, of something big that’s coming our way, don’t you? I know you will probably say: “here we go again like so many times before”, but this feeling comes up strongly once more and we all know that these energy surges come in waves when we are ready for another shift. As this is what these feelings of tension or excitement of something big going to happen, represents : another opportunity to shift and change things profoundly in this state of the collective. But this time it feels very palpable to me and I can see things happening around me that are of an intense vibration.

All of a sudden people or situations around you flare up quickly and there is no time to think about how to react. It is as if you are being tested to see how grounded and balanced you are in being able to remain neutral and detached from that which is unfolding. It is as if you are being teased and invited to join and participate in the collective drama that is unfolding as we speak, for people are awakening and revolting against their own old culture and layers of reality. Well for some this is plain reality and we invite you therefore to stay away from that which is unfolding, to keep yourself grounded and remain based in your heart space reality. It is to no avail participating in that which must fall and shift, it is better to allow those shifts to unfold and pray for the best and highest outcome for all involved.

We, as human beings, need to learn how to detach ourselves from what is going on in this world as it is keeping our minds occupied with thoughts, opinions, anger, frustrations and emotions. It is trying to feed us precisely these and keep us as a part of the collective engaged in this all. It is way better to step out of this illusionary creation of your old self and transcend your own layers of illusion in order to assist the collective to transcend the old layers of drama and chaos that is about to become a probable reality for them. You create your own reality and so does the collective. Being a part of the collective allows you to also decide for the collective reality, thus keep yourself centered in your heart and you shall assist the collective to make more heart based decisions.

Remember it all starts initially from you so it is necessary to keep your eyes and focus on your own process of Ascension and to just let be that which is not your path: meaning other ones’ choices. This is not being self-centered, it means that you are realizing that you are a Master Being who is a God Creator in embodiment, as ALL of you are pieces of the puzzle you call God or Mother/Father God in consciousness. So you start to live within and work from that place of Being and knowing, create from this center and infuse this collective plane with your awareness of Self being God=Love.

The times of Money and power over Love are over, it has already shifted in the Ethereal Realms. This means that we have passed a threshold and that all has already been achieved in the Higher Ethereal planes of non time. It is now all about how WE will ignite ourselves with the awareness of this being so and working towards bringing it down onto this Earth. The way that we do this is through ourselves and that requires a high dose of Self Love, acceptance and allowance. The allowance through Trust in the Divine and in your True nature as a Being and Beam of Light.

We are now playing the role of Ascension gatekeepers to assure the roles of Ascension are being executed as they are supposed to be. This means that a lot is about to unfold, a lot of truth is going to come out and a profound shift on your inner plane is going to occur. Acceptance of this as fact is a part of fulfilling your role as a Gatekeeper and an Ascension Stellar wayshower. Many still struggle with the acceptance of their true nature being a Source of wisdom, and these are being tested profoundly in these times, these are encouraged to come out of their shell and accept their true nature as a Divine Being and for them to start working with their Higher knowing and abilities.

We are called to active duty here so allow the creativity and the inspirations that you feel burning within to come out and play. It wants you to do something with it and to BE who you are. Be conscious of yourself and bring yourself over here in Earth to assist consciously as the Being of Light that you are. I speak here of grounding, grounding, grounding. Release yourself from the strings of attachments for you all have way too much attachments going on, certainly during these festivities you call holidays as you remain attached to the old ways of living. Every day should be a thanksgiving day and a moment of being thankful for all and for everyone that is one with you. Every day should be a moment of LOVE and understanding of unity.

Let us embody this new way of being and build this new world through a process we call Ascension and to BE on this Earth. Beam your Light to where it is required of you to assist but only send it because you love all. Not to help or to take over or to decide what has to be done for another, but out of pure unconditional love and appreciation for all who ARE. Do not worry if you feel the pull to exist more into this life as a natural Being of Light while you do not know how to bring forth your creations, as time will surely tell. You will have to learn and trust yourself more so that you can show yourself what it is you are good at or what it is that you are required to bring into this world. This is you learning to detach from what others around you tell you, and to start listening to your own heart without depending on others.

I have found the last couple of months to be quite extreme to say the least. The things I have seen, felt and experienced are becoming more and more out of this world, yet it becomes natural to me at the same time. For example the lightbody activation which is something we all are intending to do and to become this lightbody once again. Yet although it seems easy to shift and change into this higher consciousness body, it is not. Remember that your physical body and your DNA carry all the particles of your past consciousness and energy as well, so that too should be cleared and should undergo the process of enlightenment.

It is awakening to your Christed Light and realizing that you are Christ in consciousness so every part of your physical body, including every cell, needs to reach the same conclusion and truly realize this. There is only one way to make things easier for your body to absorb this all and that is that you become one with your Christed Self and your body will get infused with this Christed Light. It is not wanting to run away and to go out of this body asap that will activate your lightbody Merkaba in this now as your physical experience, but it is being one with your physical body and allowing every cell to remember who you are as a lightbody.

I had the experience of a deep merging with my higher mental body this summer. This ethereal body had to merge with my lower mental body I was told, as it was the last one to still have to merge as one. This to prepare the I AM Presence to be able and descend fully into this physical experience. So as the Elohim have asked me to go and sit down in my crystal circle and to hold my gigantic rose quartz on my lap, I started to meditate and rather immediately I started to feel something happening within me. It was something I never experienced before and it was such a gentle but powerful dance and stream of energy inside of me. My soul started to move inside of me and was dancing back and forth forming a spiral movement.

It was as if my body was doing this but when opening my eyes I could see that I was not moving at all but my soul did. This warm and gentle embrace came from behind me, and I realized that my Twin Flame Saint Germain was holding me and suddenly the energies and power of this experience were ramping up. My body could not move, it was held in an upright position to straighten my spine. This feeling of Love and enlightenment is beyond words and it lasted on and on for about 25 minutes. I never felt so expanded and in unity with my body before.  So electrified at the same time like a light ball.

After that the message was clear that my Higher Mental body and the lower Mental body were now merged as one and that the embodiment of the I AM Presence could now continue. I felt tired for 3 days in a row after that as it demanded a lot of energy from my heart and from my physical vessel. The funny thing is that usually our heart starts to race during every shift or activation, but this time my heart kept beating so calm and gentle. A truly balanced state and most harmonious process.

On a similar note I had another Lightbody Merkaba activation experience not so long ago (October 2014) and this one turned out differently. I was told to work on this and that I could handle a higher notch. Since I was feeling so good at that time and fully energized I took it on me to even go 2 notches higher as I wanted to experience my Twin Flame more profoundly in me. As requested, I received it IMMEDIATELY. The energies came in so strongly that I ended up 14 days in a row with huge migraines and a physical body that could not move an inch. I was forced to stay put on my couch all these days as I literally had no energy whatsoever to even go to the bathroom or walk around.

I learned my lesson the hard way, as you can see, that we always want to move faster and faster as humans tend to have no patience. But we forget about our physical body and its atomic composition, which demands more time to process. The Spirit can handle this but it is the physical body that needs to be taken into account and the lesson I was mirrored here is that you always get what you ask for, so always ask to receive what your body can handle. I now think twice before stating decrees as I know how powerful and immediate these come to manifest.

Although this was a 2 week period of resting, my Lightbody Merkaba has expanded tremendously afterwards. The physical body is slowly absorbing all it can to later on emanate more of this Light.

The reason for my short personal sharing is to show you all how powerful your own thoughts are. So what you think you create and what you send out to another will eventually come back and be mirrored to you. Be wise when wanting to bring out thoughts in creation and think of the Highest best for all including yourself. This is a time of acceleration and the speeding up of the creations of mankind. The power is always within you and shall never cease to be so.

My love to all, let your own powers be one with you and let them be strong in Love.

Méline Portia Lafont ❤

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meline 1.12.

Learning to Be in the Flow ~ Saint Germain ~ Mel & Mike @ Walking Terra Christa

Igor Mudrov  ART

ART : Igor Mudrov

Learning to Be in the Flow ~ Saint Germain

Posted by on September 23, 2014

rays of god2Saint Germain kicked off our first Prosperity Circle on Saturday, September 20th, 2014.

As the MahaChohan of the Seven Rays of God he brought forth quite an entourage of energies within the Garden of the Temple of Oneness of the 144th Dimension.

Greetings My Dearest Ones!

It is I, Saint Germain.

I am so happy to be with each of you in this beautiful connection circle that is happening right now.  I thank you Meleriessee and Michael for inviting me for the first initiation of moving into our new teachings after the summer.

The reason that I asked each of you to bring forth those thoughts that you felt are blocking you from your full potential is, because I wanted you to have that realization within your physical essence.  As we put it out into the circle, it helps each of you (more you than me) to acknowledge that within yourself so that we can fully walk through that doorway and remove these blockages that are stopping us from our full potential.

As the MahaChohan of all the Rays, I bring forth the Essence of these beautiful Light Beings.  So today, we are going to see many Beings come into the garden with us; all the Ray Chohans, the Elohim and the Archangels.  You will see them just walking around – Master Serapis Bey, with Master Djwhal, Master Joshua, Master Paul the Venetian, Lady Portia, Lady Nada, Lord Sananda, Master Hilarion, and many more.

What is it within yourself that stops you from your full potential?

I will tell you what it is.  It’s not accessing your I AM Presence in each moment.  It takes great concentration.  It takes great practice and stability to do so every moment of your 3rd dimensional world and your 4th dimensional world that you exist in.  You can go into your meditations.  You can go into your quiet space, into your little ceremonies and bring that Essence within yourself, but what do you do with it afterwards?

So what we are going to do today is to bring that frequency within so that you can fully allow these elements that are blocking you to come to the surface.  Because what happens if you lodge it within your Emotional, your Mental Body, your Etheric Body, and even in the Physical?

How can you get to the Core of that Reflection that is within you?

In truth, it’s the reflection that is within you that is not allowing you to go further.  We talk about prosperity.  We talk about abundance.  Truly what does that mean for you?

It’s very, very important to get to beyond the money situation as so many do.  But the true abundance is the feeling of being fully content, serene, peaceful, loving, compassionate, having tenderness within yourself and allowing those elements to enfold within your full body system.  That is where you have to start.  Then the rest will unfold with you within the physical world.

So you have to fully allow your I AM Presence, your Higher Self to come fully within the extension That You Are; holding that energy within yourself so that the rest of it can be removed.  Because I tell you, I tell you my friends, my Dearest Brothers and Sisters, the Children of the Light That You Are that you will not be able to hold on to those conflictions within yourself if you constantly remind yourself Whom You Are, that Highest Essence, your I AM Presence, that Higher Self.  If you have to start with the Higher Self then that’s the way that you do it, because within that aspect of yourself there is no question of Whom You Are.  You may think that there is, but that is just your physical mind.  That is your lower self.  That is your Emotional Body, your Mental Body trying to tell you that that is not you; but in truth, it is just the opposite.

So the mirror that is in front of you must be reflected of your Highest Essence.

I share some of the thoughts that you have brought forth.

  • Time Mangement
  • 3rd Dimensional Responsibilities
  • Clearing the Etheric Body
  • Unable to Focus
  • Not Being in the Flow
  • Unable to be patient

Time Management is a big problem with each of you.  You want to be able to do what you have always done in this world, the 3rd, the 4th, whatever you want to call it on this Earth at this present time to create the money to support you.  In truth, it is just the opposite.

How do we access of Being in the Flow?

That is truly how you do it – Being in the Flow.  When you have a day that you cannot do as much as you wanted to do or you didn’t do any of it that is, because there are other important aspects that you needed to concentrate upon.

It is not about having a list and looking at that list.  Lists are good as a guidance; but they are not the rule of the world.

How many of you make lists and then you make lists from the lists of things that you need to concentrate on?

When in truth, what you need to concentrate on every day is your I AM Presence and allowing “that flow” to come in through your Higher Self.  Allow the continual frequency That You Are at that higher level to be grounded within you.  I say it takes much work.  It takes great concentration to do this.  But if you don’t do it within yourself, you cannot achieve it.

So every element that each of you have shared is now fully within our circle today.

We have to put all those thoughts out of your consciousness, because there is nothing more important right now than to bring in your full potential.

So I say to you which Ray do you feel you need the most?

Do you need to find that Will and Power?

Do you need to find your own Love and Wisdom from your Higher Essence?

Do you need to be Creative and allow that to be Actualized within you?  This is truly the Manifestation Ray.

Do you need to have Harmony and Balance?

Do you need to understand your own Knowledge from your Higher Essence?  That’s the Scientific Ray.

Do you need Inner Devotion?  (“Which all of you need”.)

Then all of these elements from the 7th Ray creates that structure.  So many think that the Alchemist is about just having the ability to manifest whatever you desire; but you cannot be the Personal Alchemist within yourself until you create that structure, until you acquire the 7th Ray fully within your Being.

Let’s just take a deep breath and feel all these colors:  the Blue; the Pink; the Gold; the Yellow; the Crystalline; the Ruby Red with the Gold; the Green, and the Gold and White together.   Feel all those Essences blending within you because you need all of them.  This is what I want you to concentrate on.  All the Seven Rays are important for you to create the foundation that you need.  Then the Violet and the Purple, the Violet can transmute all that you are dealing with but you must bring it up.  You must allow it to come up through your I AM Presence once again.  The depth of your I AM Presence coming fully within your full actualization is your Creative Essence to allow that to happen.  That’s where you create your transmutation.  You transform within these Essences together.

So let us breathe together and feel these beautiful colors-upon-colors spinning within you as these beautiful Light Beings are walking around you and assisting you and allowing your totality of Light to fully come in the structure That You Are as you feel your Higher Self and then your I AM Presence.

As we sit in the 144th Dimension of this beautiful Temple, this is your Source.  This is our Source together.

Let us feel the Source of Light coming in at this moment.

{{{ Divine Light Language Encoded Voice Transmission }}} 

Think of these Affirmative Statements:

I Am a Higher Being of Light. 

Within my breath I allow my I AM Presence, my Higher Self to fully be within my physical self, the lower part of me. 

I feel my Lower Self accepting and allowing the flow That I Am to blend within me. 

I feel my Physical, my Emotional, my Mental with my Etheric now blending into One Body of Light.   I then access my Spiritual Body. 

I access my Higher Self. 

I access my Monad and I access my I AM Presence; the totality of the Source of Light That I Am as I bring in all the positive aspects that I have ever been as I allow it to be constructed within me. 

I blend in the colors of the Rays. 

I allow myself to receive my Will and my Power. 

I allow myself to receive my Love and Divine Wisdom. 

I allow myself to now Create the Actualization of All That I Am. 

I bring forth my Harmony and Balance through the blockages I have been feeling. 

It blends within me as I tap into the Science of my Higher Essence. 

I receive my Divine Wisdom coming to me. 

This brings me to my Inner Devotion as I fully devote this moment to bring forth all these elements within myself. 

I now feel the Freedom I desire with the Violet Flame. 

We bring in the Violet Flame in this moment and allow it transmute all that does not reflect this Essence that we are accepting. 

I now accept All That I Am. 

I allow the Flow of my Essence to be in all parts of my being. 

I allow it to come into my Physical Body. 

I allow it to “Be” that movement. 

The thoughts change as I now receive my Higher Mind and my Higher Heart. 

They are together as I feel the Feminine and the Masculine within me; the Emotional and the Mental Bodies are now healed as they come fully within my Heart Center. 

I feel the Power of that I AM, of the Christed Being. 

I feel all these elements within myself. 

Now, let us bring forth the elements that you desire right now.

What is it that will help your life in this moment to achieve what you would like to have?

Don’t make it so big.  Make it small.  See it coming in front of you.  “Be” that Essence as these beautiful Light Beings are walking around you and assisting you to receive.

You hold out the palms of your hands and you feel the Essence that you desire to receive and bring it into your Heart.  Feel it coming into your Heart Center.  As it comes into your Heart Center, you feel it as the blending of the balance of your Masculine and Feminine occurs.  Your Love, your Will, and your Power is now activated within you.

Now feel it deeply through your Earth Star through your feet and ground it into GAIA.  From this 144th Dimension we send it all the way down to the Core of the Earth to be your Actualization of Whom You Are in this physical body that you call yourself.

Call upon your Higher Self’s name (if you know it); Then call upon your physical name. 


Now I Am ready to receive. 

I am receiving. 

I accept the Divinity of my Light to create the manifestation in the physical world that I need to assist myself in All That I Am. 

Breathe deeply and allow the Purification of those Essences to be fully within you.

So Mote It Be in the Light of the Christ That You Are.

You Are the Manifester.

You Are your Divine Wisdom.

You Are All that you desire to be.

Feel it and “Be” That Essence.

It is my divine pleasure as Saint Germain as the MahaChohan of the 7 Rays of God with all these beautiful Beings of Light to be with you in this moment.

Reflect upon this Essence that you have become.  It will assist you in your days of uncertainty.

I Bless each of you deeply.

With All My Love I Walk With You.

Abundance of Light ~ Creating Prosperity Together is a weekly connection circle that occurs on Saturday’s 10 AM Pacific. Please register to be part of the live call by clicking the above link  above.

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Update from Méline Portia Lafont and message from Saint Germain ~ Master consciousness @ Awaken Spirit from Within

 meline 25.9
Update from Méline Portia Lafont and message from Saint Germain ~ Master consciousness
It seems it has been a while since I shared some new updates as time seems to pass by so fast. I AM personally literally being pulled in so much energy of creativity, inspiration and work. I find myself being in a stage of profound release of past lifetimes; of all the darker facets of my being that were integrated during all my former lives. I never expected to be doing such heavy release but I see the gift and the blessing in this process as I feel that I am getting lighter and even closer to my own personal Self and Twin Flame. I understand that this is a process that is needed in order to truly get to that Light body and the Twin Flame Reunion. It has been a clear and strong message for me to only focus on that for the moment as my Twin Flame parts yearn to reunite as One.

It awaits all of you who are willing and open to receive and to manifest this in their own reality. As you ask, so shall you receive and I can affirm this wholeheartedly. In fact I have been seeing that many of you during my reading work are experiencing much of the same as I do. It is about releasing so much of our old layers from past lifetimes in general and still we are amazed of how much exactly is required to be released. It seems like a never ending story but often we tend to forget that we carry thousands if not millions of lifetimes in our Being. Before, this could not be cleared and released in a handful of lifetimes, YET we DO and we CAN do all of this work NOW in this lifetime. Why? Because so many beings, energies, portals, Solar Flares and Light Codes are available for us to assist in this release because we are in the Golden Era and all the alignments and powerful energies that are gifted to us are just profound and Magical!

I see many still tending to hold onto old beliefs and are in the waiting pose for something to come and rescue them, as they seek outside of themselves taking only into account that which they can see with their physical eyes. It might become a long journey this way and disappointment will surely come along. As many have kept on repeating this over and over; the things you seek are truly within, as always. If you take a moment to truly connect with your inner heart, so much potential arises in your reality as you inflame the core of your being with the awakening of your Divine Fire of potential and creation. It all starts from you and your intent, so hold the focus on only Love and allow your beautiful essence to blossom in this reality. You are the awakening one that awakens to your own Divine Potential and Being, no one can do that for you. And please, let go of time and dates of “events”.. Those are not purposeful but are rather distractions as to where you put your expectations upon something that is not your creation but the creation of ego. Gateway portals that are connected to time frames are entirely different as these are energy influences of planetary -, solar -, universal – and astrological positions.

Well, as we are going through the balancing and the embracing of our Divine Feminine and our Divine Masculine energies we are releasing old wounds and layers in order to achieve this balance. Many may find themselves in a state of release, a state of healing or a state of facing forgiveness. It is time to let go now in order to move to the New Frequencies as you bridge this all. You are being brought back more “into the body” to deal with those energies and this releasing because it is the final plane where it all happens and where everything needs to be shifted for the collective. You bring down into embodiment your Christ Self and your I AM Presence, so you are that Master many have been talking about for so long. It is not one, there are many!

So you are facing a time of unification with your Higher levels into this Body and this can take a while for you to get through, step by step, as you are moving through this process. Bit by bit you are allowing the Collective to do the same as you , as a Gate Keeper and Light-bearer, are anchoring the key codes that assist many on this Earthly plane. The Twin Flame reunion is a part of this process as it is truly about merging with your Self on all levels and on this plane.

So while being more “back into the body” it might be enjoyable to share joy and to have fun, as life on Earth is not always drama and chaos.. At least it does not have to be this way, it is up to you and your choices you come to embrace. You may start to appreciate more of this Earthly life and the planet, as Gaia is a beautiful consciousness and Being that is a part of you as well. Enjoying Gaia is enjoying yourself in a way. So while being more “here” anyway, you might enjoy life a bit more and stop focusing so intensely on leaving this plane ~ trying to escape this beautiful experience and opportunity for you that is unfolding.

The upcoming months will be very interesting to say the least. I AM receiving some hunches and feelings about it but it is truly too much to comprehend and to translate into human words. I usually FEEL more and I fully grasp what is being communicated to me. Sometimes we do not need to know all the information that is given to us and it is best to be in that Now moment and to allow, as information is always “history” and refers to the past. Where else does information come from if it is something that is gained through a knowing that comes forth from an experience?

I will now give some space to Master Saint Germain to share a few words from his side, he has been actively present with me lately as we focus on the merging of our Twin energies in the Twin Flame process and I am getting a deeper sense of his energies and his past. Interesting to see so much of his own darker sides in his past lifetimes that are leaving my core. We come a long way and I am very appreciative of his everlasting support to everyone during every occasion on Earth.

With Love,

Méline Portia Lafont

Saint Germain:

Greetings to you all and be Blessed my Dear ones,

As time has been progressing into the current state of Humanity, your world affairs are slightly shifting into a new awareness that has been seeded for thousands of years. It is the Collective that is taking on new forms of consciousness and is stepping into new gears of creations. As the Master beings, such as yourselves, are creating the new Earth templates with your ‘Flesh and Bone’ bodies where your Master consciousness dwells in, a great movement for Humanity on the whole is ahead and occurring as we speak.

Although this all goes through various phases and levels of integrations, Humanity is facing the old debts of duality that are being played out as we speak. As you leave this old understanding of drama and chaos behind, the new Earthly Templates are being implemented by all of you Gate Keepers and Master Beings.

It is not to focus on the drama, and the extensions of karma and release as these New Earth Templates are birthing and growing into the pillars of this new foundation where only Love is the vibrational tone and setting of this reality. It is to focus on the Divine Templates and Christ codes of your own Being, so that you anchor the peace you understand and experience within. This in order for peace to be anchored and manifested on Earth as well as for the collective consciousness to shift into gears of peace, respect and understanding that all are equal in their own Divinity.

As the power of mankind is changing into the refined resources of your own Divine potential and abilities, you all come to the understanding, step by step, of what it is to be a Master in incarnation. Many presume that being a Master is being above another or to be the ONE many await to come down and change it all for you. I tell you this is not so, my dear ones. You are those Masters we have been speaking of as we are incarnated in each and everyone of you through your own uniqueness and blueprint, for you have all come from those planes we call the Adam Kadmon as you participated in the birthing of all of our beings into all these beings that exist in the Now. Therefore you are one of those and one of us.

You see, it is not hard to comprehend that you are a Master being of Light when you simply allow to accept this in the heart. Truly find and see us in everyone of you for we are with you through the heart. We have been here for so long, only has it taken Humanity up until now to truly start to understand that we, whom you call the Masters, have been dwelling within you all along.

It has been prophesied that we shall return, and the return is now. It is happening now through each and everyone’s own precious heart. It is that which we call Self Mastery as you literally integrate the Master energies into the Core of this being on Earth. So see yourselves, each and everyone of you, as true Masters who carry the parts of our consciousness and who know that someday you will come to meet yourself in plain sight. When you do, you will come to understand what we have been given you for so long.

My flame of Love for Humanity is eternal and it shall always stay that way for you as we all restore this human Earthly plane into another state of consciousness, as we all are a part of this unfolding as One.

My Love and Grace is with you,

I AM that I AM

Saint Germain

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meline 25.9

Saint Germain ~ Relationships : Meline Lafont @ Awaken Spirit From Within

 twin flame modern and rose

Saint Germain ~ Relationships

August 22, 2014

 August 22, 2014 Channeled through Méline Portia Lafont

Greetings, I AM Saint Germain

Let us speak about relationships. Ah yes, the eternal fairy-tale and a mystery for many to understand. Allow me to share about relationships from my knowledge on this, as I have experienced many upon your Earthly shores in the past present.

There are various ways and levels of relationships and different types of relationships you all go through in order to, at the end of the day, reach the understanding and the knowing that all you have been doing is actually having a relationship with yourself. You see, relationships are here to share beautiful moments and less beautiful moments as well with each other, and to reflect upon one another who you are and what you are made of: pure Love!

So another you, in the form of another physical expression or person, comes into your life and you decide to enter into a relationship that is based on various ways of expressing this and of sharing this with one another. So you have relationships based on friendship as to where there is no romance in life but a deep and profound connection based on respect, acknowledgment and recognition of the expression and personality one is. Friends do mirror energy signatures of your being of what is going on in your inner planes and support one another in that same resonance. So you find that you attract friends into your life that will go through the same deal, that share the same thoughts and interests, to some degree if not all and so friends may support that which is actually been going on inside of you and they enhance everything. Hence that those energies on your inner plane that needs to be transcended and letting go of is being enhanced as well than, as you support one another’s resonance and thus share and enhance that what actually is being asked from you to let go of.

Than you have the relationships in romance and deep Love, the one in a million kind of relationship you never believed could come to pass. These are the actual mirror relationships that show you where you stand in life and in your evolution as you attract what you are in an awakened state. Ah yes, now we get to the point of the real deal. Let us speak more of this holographic reality of mirrors.

Often romantic involvements that are of the deep kind and nature, as to the one in a million feeling, are deeply soul connected.  You can be sure that when such a feeling is shared, accompanied with a deep recognition in one another, that you have shared past lives together. Now, that may be in various ways and forms, not always is this in a romantic involvement, but the knowing of each other is very palpable. You can be soul mates, twin souls or even Twin Flames. Each level of connection has its own depth, energy signature and function.

In such relationship involvements, the souls have decided to reconnect in this lifetime and to play a role in each other’s evolution and Ascension process. It can go from supporting the growth in strength and love, to the assistance of releasing karma. This goes through mirroring and seducing that what lingers inside of you at that particular time, to come out and play or to be experienced by you in order to transcend this and to see it is a part of you in the first place.

So whatever role is taken upon you and by the other half of your relationship, it is all a part of this holographic reality you both agreed to create in order for you both to experience what Love is on the various levels that are possible. It is in Divine order to get you to that knowing that you are Love, and to embrace yourself with that Love. So that is why relationships are here in the first place, to teach you who you are and to bring you back to that natural sense of what Love truly is.

It is so that when one yearns for a relationship, one yearns for oneself in truth for there is a feeling of missing something in oneself.. Although that is what one erroneously believes to be true, for on the other hand it is actually already within you and always has been. So you send out the request to be reminded of that particular knowing, this through experience and that is where relationships are best for. The perfect mirror with the perfect person on that moment and in resonance with each other.

Relationships can be beautiful to share and to experience, especially when the bond is soul connected and deeply related to one another as to where you can start to experience yourself in another form. When both are awakened, in resonance and start to understand, grasp and see that the other one is simply another form and expression of the Self there is so much to be seen in yourself through the other. You can start to consciously play and experience the varieties of yourself and the different levels of Love and mergings as well as powerful co-creations. It is as it were a profound change and a reawakening to your own higher level of being that is embraced by you.

At one point you might come to that crucial moment where you realise and feel that you actually do not need any relationship anymore when it comes to pointing out what you still need to see, as you start to live more in yourself ~ the expanded state of yourself. The feeling of being complete within yourself is the result of the merging with your Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, which is the Twin Flame reunion. You have a relationship with yourself through being Love. You go within and face what you need to see and to shift which is possible as you embrace and acknowledge that fact.

Nevertheless a need for companionship is what might still linger within you, so you send out to the Universe what kind of relationship you need or seek and it will be presented to you on a plate by the Universe as a result of your own creation. Mankind has been feeling alone and separated for far too long to just simply jump into that sudden point of being and feeling complete within itself. Although it is where you all are getting to in due time when you are ready and willing for this.

When being in a state of knowing that in fact all is already within you and that your companion is another expression of you on various levels, you can share, create and have wondrous moments in resonance where much creation, inspiration and Love will flow from that relationship as to where respect and freedom is pivotal. It is lingering in a sense and an awareness of the power of co-creation when you unite as one Source and bundle your energies. When all is vibrating in Love from the heart, anything is truly possible and this type of relationship is what marks the new world of being and living. In the new world, relationships, if any, are based on resonance and co-creation instead of being based on mirroring of karma and the sense of lacking something.

My friends, have a good one if you choose to participate in this hologram of relationships but always keep in mind that it is yourself that you are dating in a way. How does that knowing feel to you all? Marvelous isn’t it? If you had come to that understanding sooner, would you have journeyed in relationships anyway?! I most certainly would, as relationships are a world on their own that is truly a Mastery and school on itself. They are the best teachers but this too will eventually be transcended at a certain time and on a certain level. All in due time as Mastery is a whole creation and process on its own, that also needs to be done step by step in order to get you to that point of enlightenment.

Blessings upon all of you from my heart in eternity

I AM Saint Germain

Copyright © Méline Lafont 2012 – 2014, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered


 twin flame modern and rose


Saint Germain’s message & an update on the Lion’s Gate unfolding energies ~ Meline Lafont @ Awaken Spirit From Within

meline 19.8


Saint Germain’s message and an update on the Lion’s Gate unfolding energies

August 19, 2014

Message transmitted and received on August 17, 2014

Hi sweet friends

So we just passed through this recent huge energetic wave that was intensified by the super Full Moon on the 10th of August, after being facilitated by the 08-08 gateway in the first place. We all knew that more of these intense energies would come our way and we do not see the end of this yet. It is like we are running through a program full of surprises characterized by integrations, activations and adaptations to what is coming our way.. or better said what we are growing towards.

It is all in Divine order and we better be thankful for all of this, as major shifts are preparing us to be those gatekeepers we truly are, to hold that space for humankind and for this Ascension process that is presently going on. We are the wayshowers here in full action and we need to take our “job” seriously. No gender, age nor race should be standing in our way now to reunite as one big family and company of lightbeings. We are on our way and more is to come.

So before I will continue with a transmission from Saint Germain, let us talk a little bit about this past portal of the Lion’s gate that has been amplified through the super Full Moon and the intensified energies of the great Central Sun of Sirius that have been arriving on our shores simultaneously for about 18 days. It is so that lots of things have been going on worldwide since these gateways and even during them while for me personally I was in my own bubble of light, co-creating an event with Anrita Melchizedek and connecting with amazing soul family in the physical plane at Glastonbury Tor, UK.

We had a beautiful event and have shared beautiful energies during our transmission and everyone was in resonance with each other, filling the days with laughter and love. It truly was a beautiful reconnecting from the virtual and etheric planes to the physical plane. We started with a transmission of Light that was facilitated by Anrita and myself at the Tor on the 08-08 gateway. We gathered with close to 40 beautiful friends at the Tor and did a meditation and transmission to anchor the Diamond Flame of transcendence. A white pillar of Light was seen in the distance during this transmission by fellow lightworkers. This focus and creation was closed by a beautiful music creation by Aviva Ohm. You can find the live transmission here and download it here.

During the workshop weekend we have been going through a great amount of initiations, shifts and adapting to the higher frequencies, activating the diamond lightbody Merkaba up till the 9th dimension. We also have been working around embracing our Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Archetypes within ourselves and with the Goddess energies (Lady Portia, Hera and Isis) during my transmission. Talking about intense along with the already intense waves of energies coming from the activated portals at that time. We could see the energies shifting and we were surrounded by beautiful lightbeings that I could catch on camera. See the pictures:

There were a lot of groups in Glastonbury and all around the world that were putting a focus on peace at the same time, as well as groups working with their own energy focus and anchoring this on the Earth. We all could feel the energies enhancing and shifting globally. The more people that come together and focus on the same energies, the stronger shifts will take place allowing the change to enter and the New to be born. Collective focus in unity is a very powerful tool! Surely beautiful things will come out of all these events that were performed during these portals. We have anchored a lot, and not only through our group but also worldwide through many fellow lightworkers.

So major shocker for me when returning back to this collective reality where I find my favorite actor having exited the plane and the upheavals that had started in Iraq. The departure of Robin Williams did touch me deeply as I could sense his deep grief, of not being able to stand the harshness of this world any longer. His smile always did it for me and his genuineness. Iraq was shocking as well, so needed to work on balancing again and doing my best to “land” gently back into this collective reality after such a weekend of high vibes and resonance of Love with so many beautiful like minded hearts. Those that know me, are aware that I am not following the news and so every time I do hear things, I am completely unaware. I choose to not follow this as it is only distraction for me and attempts to bring me in fear. So, apparently it seems that these portal energies were very hard for many, I AM glad I was far away from this all and spending my time in this blissful buble.

Nevertheless, these energies caught up with me, once I got home as I could sense all of the energies and issues ~ I rather call them ‘charges’ ~ being bombarded at me. I could sense the frustrations of many as well as my own. Feeling frustrated to be back in these lower vibes while I was just recently experiencing myself on such higher levels that were so amazing and beautiful to me. I had a HARD time to come back into the body every time after meditation and it took me longer and longer to be able to ground myself fully into this body. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I had experienced the sense of being One with myself, within myself. I literally experienced my Spirit moving in spiral fluctuations within the body vehicle to integrate my higher levels along with adapting my body to the higher light frequencies of my being. I could not move, once awakening out of my deep meditation and was in a constant state of being one with my higher levels.. why would I leave that state of being? It is simply too overwhelmingly blissful and beautiful.

You see, my sweet friends, all is truly within and not “UP there”. You seek in the wrong direction if you seek it up there, it is all within you and it is YOU that you experience as Ascension.

(image made by Bob Fickes http://www.bob-fickes.com)

Alongside this co-creation I also have been working with Bob Fickes while being at the Tor to anchor energies and to link up the Tor with Mount Fuji in Japan. Bob has been channeling Merlin for 40 years ( I always loved his work, listening to his channeled tapes of Merlin when I was 18, as I have never heard anyone channeling Merlin so clear as he does) and I found him again after almost 15 years. Bob lives in Thailand now and he got the message from Merlin that Japan and the land of Avalon (England, Tor) are connected in the sense that Glastonbury Tor in England would be the old Avalon and Mount Fuji in Japan would be the new Avalon.

So Bob asked me to anchor and create a rainbow bridge from the Tor in Glastonbury and to link it up with Mount Fuji in Japan and to send the energies of the Tor to Japan. We (myself and Bob, along with fellow lightworkers) did this on the super full moon. I anchored the Violet Flame at the Tor and created a rainbow bridge anchored at the Tor, running towards Japan and anchoring at Mount Fuji. This way the link up happened and I could see the energies of Avalon at the Tor going towards Mount Fuji under the guidance of the fairies to be anchored in Japan, and simultaneously I could see the new Avalon energies coming from Mount Fuji under the guidance of the fairies coming to the Tor. Mission accomplished!

Here you can find the links of Bob’s articles concerning this Here and Here

and Here

More will be shared about this soon when more focus and anchoring is required. I am thinking about maybe making a meditation around this, like the ones I made for the Tor and for Japan ~ I know, it is no coincidence that I already have been linking them unconsciously, I now clearly see why.

That being said, what an adventure and I am sure you all went through yours as well as these energies do not leave anything untouched! Let us now invite Saint Germain to come through and see what he wants to share about all of this all and about the current energies.

Saint Germain:

Welcome my dearly beloved fellow travelers of Light. Your mission is getting into a higher gear at this moment and so you find yourselves to be in a stronger fluctuation of energies and shifts to create that new planetary system you all have been waiting for. It is the understanding of all of you that is changing the planetary systems so they can fall and fade away slowly and gently so as to emit the new incoming energy into this plane.

It is thanks to those brave ones amongst you who are taking the lead and stepping forward to bring the creations into manifestation and to break through the limited barriers that once were created on your Earthly plane. Groups are coming together to co-create in this Global process of changeover as they put a focus on common goals and energies of resonance. There is no mistake or coincidence in these gatherings as these are fractals of certain soul groups that have been accepting in pre-birth agreement to come together when the time is right and to anchor the new incoming energies as well as their own energy signature.

Everyone has his/her own precious contribution for this world and this Ascension process and so you are all called to do your own precious and appreciated contribution, this at your own pace and through your own being. Everyone of you is therefore beyond unique and special, being a part of the oneness of All That Is. Putting out your Divine heart intent is already a major amplifier to what will come on the energy level upon your planes. Hold on to that focus once you have put out your Divine heart intention and call.

You are learning to be those teachers again you once were during the times of Lemuria, Atlantis and Egypt. It is simply a term that is being used here as you have, of course, always been these Great Master beings of Light that carry the Spark and the energy signature of the 144,000 that have descended from the Kumara energy and the Lady of Love ~ Lady Venus. It is in that initiation and activation that you as lightworkers are starting to participate and co-create in. Have a firm knowing of your Divine essence and acknowledge the Divinity within you my friends, there is no such thing of being lesser than another for all are equal.

You are Master teachers so it is time for you to take the responsibility for your thoughts, actions and creations. You will find yourselves more and more in alignment with your Higher levels, being able to experience with the Divine powers of creation through unification. Combined focus and powers are now in place for major changes upon your planes, so be responsible for your own creations and make it worthwhile for the highest good of all Humanity, not only for yourself. This is a collective stage of co-creation, as before you were only responsible for your own creations of reality and thoughts, but now you receive the responsibility for the creations for humankind as you all are starting to unite as a true collective.

This all is a part of the Self Mastery and the Mastership you all have achieved many times before. Likely not all through the process of full Ascension with the physical body in these ancient days, but nevertheless it is something you all are capable of achieving again but this time as a collective and with the body temple if this is your wish and if you have reached that state of consciousness that makes it possible for you to experience this.

The planet is being swept up with energies that are intensifying on a daily basis. Specifics are coming to the fore along with frustrations, emotions and planetary changes. The once so “thin” lines are becoming very thick and clear, the magnifying glass is placed as it were upon that which once was so thin and unnoticeable. That brings up the differences as to how human beings have perceived their lives and their rules as boundaries and limitations, as right and wrong. Diversities, separation and judgment come along with aggressive energies of frustration because those old perceptions that have been held as truth for so long are simply not able to be maintained anymore as it drives against the own personal resonance and energy.

The unawakened too are awakening to their own Divine potential, although much slower than you all as lightworkers, but nevertheless it is that kind of process that is unfolding for these with regards to cope with and work through it. A lot of frustrations are coming up because of not being able to hold on to those belief systems, so one becomes the aggressor and plays his/her frustration out that way. It is commonly believed that one is wrong or right, and that there is only left or right and it is there that the collective has stranded itself in this Now to release that belief system at present and to see right through it with compassion and love.

Let the lower planes and layers of frustrations come out in order to transcend that what once were but when they do, act immediately in compassion and in Love at all times instead of anger and destruction. Be aware of the anger not taking you over. You are transcending all of this as a collective and your role as a lightworker in this is to assist through the anchoring of Love, Light and peace so that balance can come rushing in through those planes where chaos and distortion are still prevalent. Old energies are leaving the planes so you are now in the midst of a huge transcending process within the collective planes. Trust your own guidance if anything comes up for you stirring you to be somewhere, likely it is to bring in your light and peace there through your uniqueness and Divinity.

Well, my friends, let us end with a breath of fresh air and just allow me to simply say thank you and I love you for who you are individually and collectively. I AM always standing by your side during these times so you are never alone in this.

I AM that I AM and so ARE you. Blessings upon all of you.

Saint Germain

Copyright © Méline Lafont 2012 – 2014, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered Website Méline: http://melinelafont.com

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The Violet Flame & Saint Germain Decrees + The Divine Mother Speaks @ Lightbearers Worldwide


Dear all,

I wanted to share these radio shows recorded today with timely teachings and calls.

The violet flame show invokes Saint Germain’s decrees, I AM the One and Run for the Sun.

The Divine Mother Speaks show invokes the call by the Elohim, I Challenge You.

Please join me in giving these calls if you can.

We are one with the one of all those who are that One.

Therese Emmanuel Grey
Lightbearers Worldwide

Come and join us as we invoke the spiritual energy of the violet flame for our nation, for our world and for our personal lives. It’s an uplifting and necessary action of transmutation! in the flame of Liberty!






Lightbearers Worldwide



Saint Germain ~ The current unfoldings : Meline Lafont @ Awaken Spirit from Within

art cosmic wings

Saint Germain ~ The current unfoldings

July 3, 2014

Conveyed through Méline Portia Lafont


Greetings, I AM Saint Germain

It is with heartfelt sincerity that I compliment Humanity for being such brave hearted souls and kindred spirits through this manifestation of the new world. The new world is in its full remake program where a recalibration is the festivity of that event. There are various ways, offers and pathways given to you all to climb the famous and gigantic tree of life. Be careful to not fall off the branches that hold you together during your climb. Those branches function as a rooted reality that holds you just as much in your vibration and reality as you allow yourself to be in.

The more you are out of balance or the more you are outgrowing this reality, the more the branch will become unstable to sustain you ~ meaning the branch is functioning as your vibrational reality. Time to move further to another branch is our advice or just clear some patterns of your thoughts to sustain that reality of which you are made.

The choice is always up to your own heart and soul as to where you wish to thrive towards, so take a few moments of your time every day to truly make that choice by heart so as to continue your journey and life path in the most resonant vibration of your being.

It has been quite a venture so far, hasn’t it my friends? Well, hasn’t this been foretold by myself and others as well?! Hmm?! It is always with true joy and honor to emit that particular energy to you all as a co-creation with the collective on this planet Gaia. Therefore we are all true Masters that embody that Christed consciousness and function as the Gatekeepers and teachers of this world and reality. We do not function as teachers in the mindset of being more than and above the other, it is with an understanding of each and everyone’s Divinity that we bring the teachings of our own resonance and vibrational field of Cosmic consciousness in order to contribute in one’s Divinely awakened path.

It is also your function in this lifetime, so lead by example would be the teaching of the day here, as you too will come to that understanding. Well my friends, what a time it is to truly be a part of that Divine Cosmic consciousness, isn’t it? Well I must tell you that more of that is awaiting you in the wings. There is more, you ask? Yes certainly there is way more, for it is only the true beginning, my friends, of a grand reawakening force on your planes of human consciousness. How must we tell you and show you how far you truly have evolved in a short time frame, if some still tend to seek the Divinity through proof without themselves? Hmm?! There is none, I say to you as you are the God living proof of Ascension itself.

What you are going through and all are going through, is the course of Ascension on an Earthly plane that is in the vibration of duality and polarity. Have we not learned through the teachings of Einstein that when you take away one side of the polarity in an instant, the field would be so out of control in its gravity that much damage can be made? It is the same for the Earth you know. We cannot just erase the dark in a split second without thinking about the entire consciousness that still lingers in darkness as well as in light due to the duality/polarity. It demands time, processes and consciousness awakening to get to that most natural point of dissolving the old, which is the dark in this case. Remember too that everything is pure consciousness and is essentially a part of pure Divinity, even the dark my friends.

Now what can I tell you more about the upcoming time in this time and space continuum? Well, I would say that it is necessary for you all to go in the inner planes of the heart and to keep on being there until you have mastered the grand planes of disillusion because let me be clear here, there is a Master plan behind all of this that is coming into fruition as we speak. This year is about great Divine potential as to creations and manifestations. The old is clearly being disassembled as truths are coming out on every plane, in every reality as well as in the collective reality of your world.

Souls such as governments, politicians and world leaders are now facing the truths of their own assembled parts which have been created into form onto this Earth. This truth shall not work for those anymore as they are being called by their own Divine God Self to make peace with their own true heart and Divinity. The more that Love is being emanated onto this plane, the more souls are being set free of their roles of polarity and dark, so forgiveness and victim roles are most present these days as it shows you all to choose the path of Divine Love at all times.

There is a lot of movement in the astral planes these days as many souls are transcending and trespassing those 4th dimensional planes to be rebirthed in the Christed 5th Dimensional plane of Cosmic wisdom. Shifts within shifts within shifts are taking place within all of you and within the Earthly planes as well, all being a part of the global transformation into Christed energies. Now let us be honest here; this movement brings forth a lot of discomfort for you all in these planes on many levels and for many reasons as well. Let us speak of those for a brief moment.

It is the understanding and the knowing of your God Divinity that shall assist you during this phase of transcendence, for it is all about transcending the old here and re-attaching you to the Christed planes through a rebirth or reawakening. The knowing and acceptance of that process and event is your key and your way out of the discomfort and issues as you allow this to be in your plane of reality, for fighting against this and willing to control it does not serve you at all. It is about allowance and trust that you are a God giving soul, a God kindred being that stands ready and aligned with the Cosmic Source of creation to assist every single being that is passing through the ‘wringer’ of rebirth.

Give your physical vehicle the rest it demands for it is truly important to keep your vehicle enlightened and balanced during this to enable you to bring forth that Christed Cosmic consciousness of yours through the breath of creation. Waves of energies are hitting your daily planes and lives as we speak and it does not tend to sit down for a while as you have entered the gateways to Heaven and as you pass through that ‘wringer’ of rebirth ~ again with your physical expression this time ~ All that is not of your Cosmic Christed Self is being sucked away to be vaporized into the flames of transcendence and illumination. It is that process that makes you all feel so tired and exhausted causing you all to doubt again at times.

Well, there is no time to have doubts on your plate, my dear friends, throw them away now and handle that which is already on your plate, that should be sufficient, no need to take on more or demanding more of yourself. Work through this with that which you are best in and allow. Give yourself the time and the rest you need but keep your eye on the goal, all is purely based on intention in the first place during this Ascension process. The intention to move to a new birthed plane in this Golden age! And so it is my friends!

I AM that I AM

Saint Germain

Méline Lafont 2012 – 2014, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered Website Méline :http://melinelafont.com and blog Méline: http://pleiadedolphininfos.blogspot.com

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~ Out of the ashes arise the new birthed Rays from Union with Self and Twin Flame ~ Meline Lafont @ Awaken Spirit from Within

buddha chakra - tulku jewels NEW WEBSITE

ART : ‘Buddha Chakra’ ~ Tulku Jewels

~ Out of the ashes arise the new birthed Rays from Union with Self and Twin Flame ~

May 3, 2014

meline blog 9.6.

Thank you to Gretchen Rainforest Guskey for this picture ♥

Ashes of fire are to be found everywhere in the midst of the dust these days, as the old is dissolving into the flames of illumination and Truth. It is evidence of that which once was here but now has left. There is a Golden dawn arising from the deep valley of darkness, that has held this planet into its power for so long.

We are breaking free through the veils of Illusion at this time, we are floating in a stream of Abundant Bliss and colored Rays of expression as we are unifying with our Divine aspects of Being. Merging with our Blissful state of Being, which was once our most natural Self by Essence.

Those colorful Rays of Being are merging themselves into the new Rays of rebirth and these align with the already existing higher Rays of Light such as the platinum Rays, the seafoamgreen Rays, the magenta Rays and the colorless Rays of pure energy. These Higher Rays will be the sources we start to align with and eventually re-blend with in this higher state of consciousness.

Myself and Saint Germain are re-blending into a higher expression of Ray at this time as the purple and violet Light re-blend during our re-union into a new Ray of color and expression, where we too become One as a Union. This is our higher expression as One. After this our essence as One merges with a higher expression of Ray, which is the higher expression of our Higher consciousness as One.

You all are re-blending and merging into Union with your beloved Higher Self expressions as well as with the Twin Flame expression of your being. It all starts from the heart and Union happens in the heart first, bringing your awareness of Self and your Divine exact reflection in this other You that represents your Twin Flame. The realization comes to you that in fact you are already one and reunited in the heart and that you start to express and emanate the energies of your so desired Twin Flame. See your Twin flame within you and Union is fact.

From that point on you will start to illuminate who you are as an Essence and Union as One. The world will be perceived and experienced differently by you as you start to feel whole again, complete and so you align with the oneness with Self. This is a significant point and marker in your completion and union with Self and your Twin Flame and it is an instigator of the merging with your divine Flames and colors of being, of expression.

Out of the ashes arise the new birthed Rays that are created from union with Self, from union with your Twin Flame and union/alignment with the Great central Source of All That Is, the Divine wisdom and the One in All.

Illuminate yourself with your own Divine spark of being, with your own Ray of Light and fly out with Love. Bring Love and compassion to all who are having a hard time, to all who are finding themselves in the midst of chaos, suffering, anger and hate. Embrace those who feel lost and alone with your Ray of Light as a union with your Twin Flame. Forgive those who do not know better and are desperately holding on to their own reality of Truth, even if it is an illusion. Be respectful for all life and its forces and love everything and all unconditionally.

This Is a time of Union with Self, which brings you into Union with all. This is a Cosmic time of embracing this part of you, which you always have denied and declined. For Union, we need to embrace all of our facets of being, even the dark ones. Act in Love, Be Love and send Love to all in Union of Being.

You are a cosmic Ray of Light expression on your own, radiate that Light from the heart and be in union with yourself. Enlighten those parts of you that you dislike about yourself, dare to see them and dare to love them. When acting from a state of being pure Love, nothing but Love will come forth from you.

In union as One,

I AM that I AM

Méline Portia Lafont

Méline Lafont 2012 – 2014, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered Website Méline : http://melinelafont.com and blog Méline:http://pleiadedolphininfos.blogspot.com

buddha chakra - tulku jewels NEW WEBSITE