Transcript ~ St. Germaine: Embrace Your Desires, AHWAA, Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

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Transcript ~ St. Germaine: Embrace Your Desires, AHWAA, October 6, 2016

[Thanks to Kate Thul for this transcript]


Saint Germaine

Embrace your Desires

St. Germaine

An Hour with an Angel, October 6, 2016

Linda Dillon: Channel for the Council of Love

Steve Beckow: Host, InLight Radio

Steve Beckow: Good evening, Linda. I’ve just received my Jesus Book and I’ve read the first chapter and I am enthralled. Can I read a passage?

Linda Dillon: Good. Wonderful! Yahoo!

SB: This addresses the question that I had. The question is are we are going to the fifth dimension? We’re not going to the fifth dimension, but our consciousness is expanding until it connects with the fifth dimension. I assumed that we were going to a place where everything is already prepared. So I was asking myself, what are we to do? What does building Nova Earth really look like? And Jesus addresses that here:

“You do not arrive in the fifth, sixth, or seventh dimensions with it all pre-constructed. This is not a pre-fab job. While there are many elements in place, there are also elements that will absolutely be missing as you leave behind the old paradigm of the third dimension.

“And, that is good news to all of us and certainly to all of you. Out of the dreaming comes what you are choosing to create and co-create. And the unity of your being, and the unity of the circle of what you wish to bring forward in terms of environment, in terms of buildings, situations, institutions, and ways of doing things.”

That just addressed that large question perfectly! So, Linda, thank you very much for this book.

LD: You are so welcome! And even hearing you read it, Steve, brings an expansion to my heart and tears to my eyes because it really does feel that we are being spoken to directly both about our individual plan and our individual questions, and the really big plan – the Divine Plan – and our bigger questions in terms of, well, how does this work? What does it look like? So, thank you.

SB: So, I am through chapter one and will probably be through the book in a couple of days. Now, today we have St. Germaine. I understand that he is interested in addressing the circumstance of desire. The biggest circumstance we all address in terms of drawing towards the Divine as opposed to drawing towards our own desire for pleasure or what have you. Before we go to St. Germaine, is there anything you wanted to say, Linda?

LD: No. I think you’ve said it. I think that St. Germaine has some very – for me, anyway, as I have been meditating on this for a couple of days – some surprising insights. And I don’t know why on earth I would ever be surprised because Archangel Michael has been encouraging us to really dream big. I mean, throughoutThe Jesus Book we are being encouraged to really dream big. And, the connection between our dreams and our desires and our creations is becoming – especially right now – more and more pivotal in terms of bringing forward into concrete action, like what we are doing. So, it’ll be very interesting to hear what he has to say. I guess I’ll listen afterwards (laughing).

SB: Yes, I predict that he is going to the reinterpret the Vedantic counsel, that all desires be put away because here we are on this new earth to play as the Creator Race and as the Children of God. And, so I am very much interested in hearing what he is going to be saying.

LD: You know, so many of what we thought were solidified, ancient belief systems that we have been using as reference points, as constructs, to proceed on our journey, have just been blown apart in the last couple of years.

SB: Yes. And that’s going to continue.

LD: Yes, it is. Get ready!

SB: I think that we were fleeing from our environment, fleeing from our friends and families and being sadhus and renunciates. And we aren’t gong to be fleeing from our environment anymore.

LD: We’re not only not fleeing, we are creating it, we are embracing it. We are it!

SB: So, that’s a huge change. Why don’t I let you make your adjustment…relax.

And whenever you are ready we will welcome St. Germaine.

St. Germaine: Greetings, I AM. How is that for a way to start?

SB: That is classic. Very good. Thank you.

St. Germaine: I AM and you are and we are and I AM. Welcome. Yes, I am St. Germaine. And, I declare this – in the joy, the peace, the exuberance, the excitement, the wonder, the awe of existence – for when you take but the time, in any reality, in any dimension to simply declare your I AM Presence, you are not only claiming, you are anchoring, you are expanding, you are aligning with your Higher Self, your Universal Self, the I AM Presence. And, this, my beloved friend, brings you into the truth – not only the truth of who you are – but the truth.

And, yes there have been many detours, many misunderstandings. Or, let me be clear, there have been many understandings, what the channel has called constructs, situations, institutions, belief systems that were useful in your old realm. But as you evolve, ascend, become, inhabit your Nova Being, co-creating with us Nova Earth, then many of these earlier understandings shift, go by the wayside or are transformed and transmuted – might I say- into a different level of comprehension.

Let us begin this discussion today by my invitation to each and every one of you – lightworkers, Gaians/Terrans, hybrids everywhere, to embrace your desires as if they were the most precious gold that you could imagine. Why they might even be amethyst! Now, what do I mean by this?

You know – and we have all discussed with you – that your deepest, greatest, fullest purpose, inherent, individual and collective, is your journey back to the Mother/Father One. Everything else is infill. But in that, in that extensive journey back to the One, back to the All, is this journey of discovery, of experience, of play and of being in form – the majestic experience. Whether you are king or pauper, serf or leader, it is all the same.

Part of your existence, part of how you journey back to the One, is through this cycle of being in form – through this journey of life as you would consider it. The desire, innate and conscious, to be in that alignment, to be on that expressway back to the heart of One is within you. It is part and parcel of who you are – what you can think of as not only your spiritual DNA, but your literal DNA.

And, I want you to consider that, what I am saying. Your literal, biological, elevated, transmuted, lightbody, lightworker, loveholder self, is embedded with this desire to align, to connect, to journey back to the love. When you acknowledge, connect, anchor, implement and begin to live that desire, then you are truly on your way. So often, I hear from so many of you, “Dearest St. Germaine, can you please tell me what my mission and purpose is?” And, this is sent, and asked and requested, from the purity, the sweetness, the tenderness and the love of who you are.

So, I do not in anyway diminish what this question is. But, my beloved friends, when you truly acknowledge within your sacred self, that your mission and purpose throughout time, throughout all space is to return to the One, then everything else truly begins to fall into place. Now, when I say things fall into place, I am not indicating to you, or implying, that I am naïve enough to suggest that everything is easy – because it hasn’t been and it isn’t – although it can be much easier than some of you make it out to be. Now notice I say, make it out to be rather than it is. And, we can talk about that in a bit.

But when you acknowledge that your core desire is this reconnection with the love, then what it does, is it allows you – gives you permission, encourages you, even slightly nudges you, supports you – to connect with every action, every thought, every emotion, everything that you are with that desire. And, in the life that you are currently living – because I do wish to be practical – that overriding desire then translates into how you direct your life.

When you dream – truly dream, not simply lust – you are aligning with that truth of who you are. Many of you have not fully – but you are beginning and that is part of what today’s conversation is about – you have not made the full connection between desire and determination and creation and action. You have not made the connection between desire, determination and will.

Now, desire, much like earlier conversations that we have had with you, has had a bad reputation because so often in your world – and we are talking about not just this culture or that culture, not just this belief system or that belief system – there has been an overriding belief system that desire is not positive, that desire is wrong. Think of when people talk about full passionate desire, wanton desire.

So there have been negative overtones so much that you are yearning or lusting after something that is inappropriate and out of alignment with the truth of who you are. But, in fact, if you are truly aligned with divine desire – your core desire, and taking that and implementing that as a direction, then really what you are doing is bringing yourself into alignment on that speedway, directly back home.

Desire has been implanted within your very soul design to give you very important, pertinent direction, information about how you – in this physical reality of being alive – want to direct your life. If you don’t want it, if you don’t truly, in the purest sense of the word, desire something, then why on earth would you even begin to pursue it or do it?

Now when I am speaking in this way, I am not saying that the lesser energies – what we will term lower vibrations of desire – need to be listened to or acted upon. But there are some very basic desires that do need to be adhered because they support you in this journey. ‘I desire food’ – not necessarily three squares a day – that is a very western thing. But, ‘I desire food, I desire water, I desire air. I desire shelter when necessary.’

All of these are very practical desires. But they are also desires that keep you in form so that you may truly align, pursue, live, claim, be the truth of who you are. If you dig – and we have had earlier conversations – and yes, I know, there will be further discussion about core issues and vasanas – but if you have dug deep enough to at least begin to shred and shed the debris, then you are clear on what desire is and it does direct you.

If you desire to be part of a group, for example, that works with the animal kingdom, that works with the elemental kingdom, that works with the mineral kingdom, that desire is information and direction divinely programmed into your being about how to proceed – what direction given the magnificent diversity of this planet. What desire does not do, what desire does not give you permission to do – ever – is to roll over others, to exert false authority, false control over another – to somehow believe that what you desire is more valid, more important than anybody else’s. Let us start there, dearest Steve, and proceed.

SB: Well, thank you, St. Germaine. And, I would like to say a few words, if you’d allow me, to the listener to contextualize what you just said.

St. Germaine: Yes!

SB: Okay. If the listeners would like to hear more of the discussion of this desire to return to the Father/Mother which is deeper than our spiritual DNA, as you pointed out, it is a soul implanted desire, then go to the Wiki, the first contact, well any of the Wiki’s, and enter “longing for liberation” (in quotation marks) into the search box. (1)

The fact that we have this homing beacon implanted in us and that, in trying to fill it with houses and yachts and trips and various other experiences and possessions, we always fall short. None of these ever satisfies because that desire is, in fact, for the Divine. So, that discussion, if the listeners want to pursue that further and see what the various traditions have said about it, is there.

And the other thing that I wanted to posit with you, to suggest to you, St. Germaine – I’d like your comment on this – I see as the basic spiritual movement turning from the world – and these are very plastic terms – to God. Turning from our desire for more expansions of the senses and more possessions, what-have-you, to wanting to possess God, so to speak. Is that a correct statement?

St. Germaine: That is absolutely correct. Now, you know that I have walked the planet many times, and for long times. And, I most certainly have lived and experienced many riches of all kinds. I understand the human history, the human detour, the way in which so many human beings deviated from this path of what I would call genuine desire – that desire for freedom and liberation – and became entrenched and enmeshed in the accoutrement of the physical realm of riches. Yes, when you say houses and yachts and palaces and carriages and cars and power for power’s sake, that was a deviation – an aberration of your true self. And, I am speaking to each and every one of you.

Now, I am not suggesting, as I have just said, that there is a basic desire for food and shelter and the basics that are necessary. And, let me be very clear my friends, part of the delight of being an angel at play, part of being the Creator Race, part of the sweetness of having yellow or red, part of the sweetness of having tropical weather or arctic weather – this is part of the joy of being in form.

But this level that evolved, of human greed, of false control, of acquisitiveness just for the sake of having, was an aberration of the design of what was originally intended – of the Mother’s Plan. So that was never part, that was a human – might I even say miscreation? Now that is a very strong word, but I say it for purposes of emphasis not criticism, let me be clear about that.

Now, let me make a little aside. When, long ago I established my trust, my St. Germaine Trust – which you’ve all talked about ad nauseum – I did not bring that forth during that period of time because the mood, the patterns, the behaviors of the human collective at the time were in fact this very big obsession with possessions –obsession/possession with the material realm. Now that is shifting. And to use your phraseology, dearest Steve, moving from this preoccupation with what you think of as the world, or the material realm, back to divine desire, divine pathway, divine alignment, divine love, divine will.

Now, I am going to complicate it. It seems that every time we are having these conversations, whether it is on Heavenly Blessings or on An Hour With An Angel, we are adding these elements that complicate a little. But let me do so anyway, you know how I love to tease you and make you think!

So, at this juncture, in what you think of as the Creator Race, ascension, the creation of Nova Earth, the anchoring in higher dimensionality, we are encouraging, asking, supporting, nudging you – you name it – to direct and bring the entirety of your focus to your divine purpose, your heart’s desire – they are not different – to turn to the God Path. Yes what Linda has called the Jesus Path. What Jesus has called the Jesus Path, and at the same time to be completely engaged and in and of this world. In and of this world in ways that have not been seen but heralded for a long time – but not been the status quo for a very, very, very long time. Now is that time!

So with the clarity of your desire, with that alignment, with sacred purpose in all its myriad of colors and rays, you are also taking that – the power, the infinite divine power of will and of love – and turning it, can we say, to the planet at hand; to the plan at hand, and anchoring into form what those desires, delights – De-lights – look like. And that will be families and friends and community. Yes, it is institutions, and societies and the bigger picture.

But you know – and it is still true for me – when I walked the planet, and I am having visitations again, what was most dear to me was family and friends – that sense of tribe, that sense of community. Because when that is the nucleus and then becomes the subatomic practicality of what is being brought forth into physicality, all is in alignment.

When you build from this place of love into the material world, into the every day expressions of how you live, then that truly is heaven on earth. That really is the joy of being alive. So, what do you desire, my beloveds? Do you desire to end hunger upon the planet? Do you desire to have a cabin in the woods with 20 of your closest friends? These are not incompatible.

The other thing that has gone awry so often with desire is the duality and polarity of the old third. So that sometimes you desired one thing and believed that you desired it firmly and completely. But it came down to you often feeling that you had to choose A or B or a neutrality ho-hum C – either/or. And, that is not the truth either of desire. You can create in a whole spectrum of ways.

Now you’ve had a saying – and it was prevalent in my day too – of ‘be careful what you ask for, be careful what you desire’ because that is one of the starting fundamental points of creation. So, that clarity of letting your heart explode in the truth of what you really want – not only to heal, not only to cure, not only to fix, but what is going to give you extraordinary, outrageous, exceptional joy.

So to go back to my example of living in a cabin in the woods with 20 of your best friends may give you that extraordinary joy, and taking steps to heal human hunger will also give you extraordinary joy. You don’t have to – please, be very clear about this – do not sacrifice. This is an old outworn, boring belief system. I do not mean sacrifice in terms of, ‘Oh I won’t have that piece of candy or cake. I will sacrifice this because I am being good.’ That is absurd, my friend.

You do what is best for your body and your being. What I mean is, do not believe, do not call back or re-implement the belief system that requires you, or you think requires you, to sacrifice what you truly desire and want for the collective good. If it is good for the collective, in the biggest sense, then it is good for you and true to that divine desire, then it is good for the collective.

There is a harmonious design. There is a harmonious tapestry where every millimeter of every thread is divine perfection and necessary. So it has never been and it will never be about you sacrificing what your heart desires because you think it is what you are supposed to do. That is not reflective of true desire. Is this clear, my dear friend?

SB: It is. And what you are saying is just setting off a state of explosion over here in me, St. Germaine. There is a passage in the Bible that talks about the Christ bending the knee before the Father and giving back to Him the whole world, so to speak. And for me that’s that last moment before the total reunion. Giving back all the world is giving back everything that the soul created or accumulated or saw or in any respect worked with.

Now that, to experience that moment is my desire, is my passion, is my heart’s strongest wish. And at the same time I am doing light work so I’ll be knee deep in numbers and dollars, whatever – I don’t know what the work will entail right now. It’s going to be very practical. So here I am, with a desire to see that – just as you said – see that hunger ends in the world, and a desire to merge with the One and it appears to be in conflict. And, I think there probably will be many lightworkers that will be in the same situation. What would you say to us considering this supposed dilemma that we appear to be in.

St. Germaine: And what a delightful dilemma. It is not, from my perspective, a dilemma. Think about what you have said, my friend. At the end of your journey – your big journey, we could call it “Steve’s Big Trip” – and you are holding this world to present back to the Father. Now you have choice. Would you like to present back to the Father in all that splendor, something mediocre or would you like to present back something so golden, so beautiful, so filled with love and the expression of love that it truly represents that desire to be back in the Love – to be back and reunited?

Well, it is beyond question. Of course you want the totality of the offering of “Steve’s Big Trip” to be the most splendid thing that you could ever even conceive of, and then some. None of you came – including myself, by the way – none of you came to live a mediocre life. Now there have been lifetimes because of these detours from the truth of ‘one desire’ that have been horrific. And there have been some lifetimes that because you have been true to that desire, have entailed brutality and mayhem and torture and starvation and illness and on and on.

Well, who wants to give that to the Father? “Oh, I sacrificed a great deal. Yes, there was a great deal of bloodshed and yes, this entire world I am handing you is all bloody and it is filled with chaos but please, let me back in.” No, of course not. You want it to be as full as possible. And, yes, part of that suffering will be reintegrated and transformed in ways that you do not even comprehend – in ways that I do not even fully comprehend.

But, part of that preparation, if you can think of all of your lifetimes as preparation for that moment, you want it to be as clean, as loving, as bright, as brilliant as possibly can. What can be more brilliant than being able to say – both to yourself and to the One, “I was a tiny piece of implementing, of anchoring, of bringing to fulfillment the Mother’s Dream.” Because I can assure you, my friends, the Mother’s Dream was never for people to go hungry – was never for dirty water. It was never for mayhem and war.

So while I am asking, and telling, and inviting and supporting each of you to turn to the world with the cleanest and clearest of desires. That engagement in the world, yes, which at times may feel overwhelming and also tedious, you think – and this is a good thing, in terms of grand terms. healing hunger. But when you are dealing with some of the practicalities it may feel frustrating, boring, tedious, aggravating, and that is why it is so important to keep returning – front and center – not only to your mission and purpose but your desire, your driving purpose, your core, so that you can attend in the world to what may feel at times minutiae. But if that is approached with love, with grace, with clarity, with a keeping your eye on what is really being done, then you are accomplishing, and fulfilling and experiencing why you are here, because you are experiencing the love.

So even when you sit in a room, let us be practical, and you are trying to figure out in terms of healing world hunger, transportation routes, planting schedules, distribution schedules – and there are thousands of people working on this and everybody has their piece and some are pulling out their hair because trains don’t run that way – keep coming back to who you are, to your heart’s desire about what you are really wanting to accomplish.

Now, in that it is important of course to keep your eye on what you wish to accomplish – but I also refer back to what I had said earlier – which is, ‘never does your desire have ascendency over another’s.’ That does not erase leadership, mentorship, stewardship – let me be clear about that. Someone has to drive the bus. But, when you think of process of making sure that it is inclusive, and kind and loving and understanding and patient and prudent while practicing fortitude, all of these divine qualities will come into play and be tested.

And that is why it is so important that that desire, will, determination and love be in clarity of alignment. Because there will be – I know, I have walked as man – there will be moments when the human transition is frustrating. Or when you say, “I am here to create a new planet. What the heck am I doing spending hours trying to figure out this minutiae?” And there is part of you that might say; “Well, you know, I’m comfortable, I’m okay, I’m taken care of. I’m going to just go on a trip somewhere and take it easy.” Well that, depending…and you thought I was going to say ‘wrong,’ didn’t you?

Depending on where you are might be the best solution because it is not for your highest good to proceed, feeling that you are burdened or doing the world a favor. We have talked and talked and talked to you about balance and about the need in Nova Earth and Nova Being: work, play, family, health, staring at the wall, spiritual pursuit. It is not intended to be laborious.

So, if the work is becoming a mountain of frustration, turn away and come back refreshed. This plan, this dream of the Mother is already in unfoldment. A hiccup in time, to breathe, to align, to be in the Love is not only necessary but desirable. So, you will live – sometimes it will feel like you are living in two worlds – but you live in the amalgam, in the harmonious reweaving of both worlds.

SB: St. Germaine, there are going to be people who turn to lightworker sources and become aware of what is happening in the world, and yet they may still have a very deep reaction to such words as the Mother’s Plan. They may be refugees, so-to-speak from the Cabal’s plan and they may have fresh in their memory Hitler’s plan. And so many of the other large plans that have been around, Stalin’s plan – I could go on and on – have been corruptly based. And now they are hearing that they are to line up with the Mother’s Plan. And, what do you say to people who are coming with these open wounds of having followed other plans and been, in their minds, betrayed?

St. Germaine: First and foremost you heal the wounds of war. When someone is lying on the ground bleeding, whether it is from a duel or the implementation of a false plan – an authoritarian regime – and in that, let me be very clear, I include the plan of the old third dimension. But I also say to you, first you tend in your medical – do not forget I am a healing giant – so in your current medical systems you have systems whereby you decide if someone is needing urgent care or simply needs gentle tending or some TLC.

Triage your populations. And you triage not by saying; “Oh, you want admission? Well, are you in alignment with the Mother’s Plan? Are you in alignment with the love?” That will never work! You deal with people, you embrace people, you heal people, you engage people in the unfoldment. Not from where you are, not from where you are comfortable, but from where they are. You do not talk to a kindergarten child about quantum physics. And that is to not naysay any being. But you must engage in loving ways, in behaviors that are reflective, not of your plan, but of where someone is.

So if they are lying on the ground hungry and bleeding and beaten up, then you do not begin at a place that will cause further injury or reactivity. You engage them with language – Saedor or even Perro – that allows that communication to truly begin. How those who have been either participants, perpetrators, or victims of these various plans – including the plan of the old third – how you engage them is by acknowledging them and healing them. How you really engage them is because you are kind and loving and considerate. You aren’t some Mullah saying; “You must adhere to my belief system or I don’t feed you.” That is not of love. Do I make myself clear?

SB: Yes, very clear. What is involved in healing is a difficult matter. I can think that I have healed a core issue, for instance, vasanas – I’ve been through it a number of times – and then it comes up again. Or, some vasanas that are so deep within me come up and I had no idea they existed. I’ll give you an example. I lost a card the other day, a laundry card with a deposit in it, about $30.00, and I was quite upset. And when I really looked at it I saw that losing something, and being hit for losing it, was one of the earliest experiences that I had as a child; one of the earliest breaks in my view of the world as being idyllic. And so I don’t know how I can heal them, so-to-speak, of a belief, or the impact of a belief, or a vasanas. Do you know what I am saying?

St. Germaine: What you are doing, my friend, is developing new patterns. First of all, you – or anybody – does not heal anybody. You know that. You heal yourself. But, through the interaction that is kind and loving and considerate, you heal both parties. So when you…you do not have to say it out loud, but let us use your example. There is someone on the ground bloody and bleeding who has lost everything. They have lost their farm, they have lost their country, they have lost their children, they have lost their livelihood. I am talking about many refugees. The situation is tragic. Now you don’t say; “Oh, I know what loss feels like. I lost my laundry card.” But, you have a knowing, and that is the gift of the vasana, of what loss feels like. You know what it is to lose your mother. You know what it is to lose a friend. You know what it is to lose.

So you don’t say to the person, you don’t engage with the person of, ‘let us wallow and stay in this place of pain.’ We are not suggesting that grieving is not necessary. It is. But in the kindness of reaching out, in the kindness and love of knowing you are being reached out to, in that exchange of helpfulness – and it is a heart connection, it isn’t a money connection – it is a kind considerate act where two beings or a million beings come together and say, “This has been awful. This has been painful and tragic and an abomination.”

But together – not with me telling you what to do – but supporting one another – because so often there is this subtle belief system that the healer will somehow direct the one being healed. And that is not so. There is a very equal and continuous exchange. So together you proceed. And you proceed in ways that are creating a new experience of what it means to be alive. And that new experience does not erase the memory of aberration. But what it does is align with what is true – the desire of all beings. And that has greater staying and sticking power, my friend. That is what heals.

SB: Just rephrase that for me again or amplify it. That the overarching, overall meaning of life, in other words the return to the One who we have departed from so-to-speak, heals. Did I get it right? Or, I think I missed something.

St. Germaine: In the coming together is the beginning of the healing. Simultaneous to that – because it is not fragmented; it is not chopped up like an onion – think of it more as layers of an unpeeled onion. As you progress from healing to companionship, to shared experiences, to shared love, to shared co-creation, then you have the entirety of the creation. And it is not segmented or fragmented. It moves and there is an exchange so that it becomes a unified whole. So it isn’t, ‘Now I am healing. Now I am healed. Now I am creating. Now I am bringing forth my divinity. Now I am love.’ No, that is not how it works. It is all integrated into one.

SB: I’m going to need to meditate on that. It is very rich what you said and it has to be fleshed out, I think…for me anyways (laughing). So I will. And hopefully you’ll come back again and talk more about that, about this process.

St. Germaine: And meanwhile, take time, my beloveds. Take time and go into your hearts and explore the variations on what you desire, and embrace it, accept it, claim it as your own. And see what desires – what you termed desires- are not really in alignment with that; they are just temporal. They are just material and they really have nothing to do with that moment when you return the world to the Father.

SB: Thank you very much, St. Germaine. Very profound what you said.

St. Germaine: You are so welcome. Go with my love. Farewell.


(1) See also the series on “Understanding the Longing for Liberation,” beginning today at

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Transcript ~ St. Germaine: Embrace Your Desires, AHWAA, October 6, 2016

Transcript: Heavenly Blessings, St. Germaine on Intimacy, aired November 18, 2014 ~ Linda Dillon @ Council of Love

art Misty Frederick

ART : Misty Frederick

Transcript: Heavenly Blessings, St. Germaine on Intimacy, aired November 18, 2014

Good morning and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of The New You: Emerging Into The Brilliance of Humanity’s Heart Consciousness and myself, Suzanne Maresca.

Today we’ll be continuing this most fascinating of discussions with another member of the Council of Love, our Beloved St. Germaine! Having had many lives in human form on Earth, St. Germaine can offer direct experience and perspective on the power and potential inherent in our physical bodies, not to mention the joy.

Many of us have been living under the misconception that our bodies and anything that makes us feel good are somehow shameful and wrong. We’re growing to understand that if we intend to raise our frequency high enough to anchor in higher dimensions we need to clear any and all false grids and beliefs about who we are.

I am so looking forward to hearing what St. Germaine has to say on this topic and I can’t think of a more appropriate guide for this phase of our journey.

And may I, from the whole InLight Radio Team, wish you, Linda, a happy 40th birthday and a delightful good morning!

LD: (Laughing) Yeah, good morning and thank you, thank you, thank you! You know I think of birthdays as sort of a day where I get to express gratitude. I’m like, ‘I am so happy to be alive’ and you know, this in many ways is the most challenging..the best of times, the worst of times.

I’m so glad that the people who surround me, my InLight family, my Golden Age of Gaia family, my Council of Love soul family, my soul circle, my biological family, my beloved husband, and all our listeners, I just feel such gratitude that you’re with me, that we’re doing this together. So, from my heart to yours, thank you!

SM: Beautiful. Well, we have a nice sunny, cold day up here in New Jersey. It froze overnight… winter’s here.

LD: Well, I want to tell you it’s cold and rainy in good ‘ole sunny Florida as well. But, as you all know, or maybe you don’t know, we have been doing, we did on Saturday afternoon, a meditation for healing of the drought in California and the healing and elimination of lack and limitation, of those old belief systems because Archangel Gabrielle and St. Germaine has told us that these are just false grids and that the people of California and the people of Earth have taken the opportunity to heal drought because that’s a lack of water, that’s a lack of Gaia’s lifeblood. So the whole intent of this meditation that was spearheaded by our soul sister Kathleen Willis, is to bring an end to the drought.

So, I’ve been watching very closely the weather forecasts in California. This morning, that was one of the first things Isaac and I did, and it was raining in San Diego!

SM: Oh wow!

LD: Yes, and it’s forecast to rain most of the week. Los Angeles has a forecast for rain starting tomorrow and going for the whole week. It’s been raining and snowing in LakeTahoe and San Francisco, so I think our efforts and our coming together is really having a huge impact.

So, I would strongly ask and urge all our listeners to keep doing the meditation with Archangel Uriel. It is posted both on the Council of Love site and on the Golden Age of Gaia site and on YouTube, so keep doing the meditation for rain.

We want to bring rain not only to California, but to India, to Asia, to the Middle East, to Australia because drought has been a world wide issue. So, it’s encouraging and it’s us stepping forward as Nova Beings, as the New You. So, let’s go for it!

SM: Yeah, let’s go for it. With the power of prayer and group energy we can do anything, really.

LD: We can do anything and I think that’s what the Council is showing us. We’ve been drumming home week after week that in using the Universal Laws and our own creative power, we can affect change!

Now, I want to say one thing. I had a listener write in and say, “Why aren’t you doing a meditation for world peace?” So, I wanted to remind our listeners that every Sunday night at nine o’clock wherever you are, if you just tune in, we do a meditation for world peace. If you want more information on that it’s also on the Council of Love website. It’s not that we’re looking at drought and ignoring other really substantial issues, we’re not.

SM: Right. Okay, well for myself, I have a cold for one thing, and I may have to excuse myself to sneeze or whatever. I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed with my life lately, but last night I got that how much we get done isn’t really what matters. It’s about how we feel about what we’re doing that’s important right now and we really need to focus on that. If we’re doing something that makes us feel miserable then by all means quit doing it and go onto something else.

LD: You know, Archangel Gabrielle has said to us many times, and so has Universal Mother Mary, if it doesn’t feel like love, if it doesn’t feel like joy, then stop doing it. It’s just that simple. Change, redirect, re-invent.

SM: Let go of the fear.

LD: Let go of the fear and find something that does bring you joy because, let’s face it, life really is too short. You know, this life, this incarnation is just like a tiny blip on the radar screen! Sometimes we talk about how long things are taking and how elongated events are, but in fact, in terms of the universe, our life, our span of life is just a little blip.

So, it’s way too short to do anything other than what brings us joy! Now I know that sometimes we’re not getting our joy, like right in the minute. You know, if I’m cleaning the toilet that may or may not be a joyful task, but having a clean bathroom really does give me great pleasure… (Laughing)

SM: Absolutely true.

LD: I have this feeling that if your bathroom isn’t clean then your house isn’t clean. Of course you know that’s neurotic isn’t it? (laughing)! But it gives us joy, so it’s not just joy in the bigger sense. it’s joy in the little things as well.

SM: Exactly. That’s what I’m saying ‘it’s not how much we get done’ because certainly, I walk around my house or get on the computer and there’s a million things that I could be doing. I need to break it up into little bits so that I can handle things one at a time. If I’m looking at the big picture it’s too much and I don’t want to do any of it.

LD: (Laughing) It’s overwhelming and we don’t want to forget that we’ve been told that we’re in this period and it hasn’t ended yet, of inertia and that was a redefinition even of the word inertia. So many of us are feeling that sense of overwhelm and I don’t really feel like tackling anything. So, step back, be the observer, take the appropriate action as you absolutely need to. But know that you’re in this phase of gathering your strength for the next big push, and I firmly believe that that next big push is all of us, together, going through the Ascension Portal.

SM: Yeah and not only is it okay to do something nice for yourself, it’s kind of vital actually.

LD: It’s required and I think St. Germaine is going to talk about that.

SM: Awesome.

LD: Alright, enough of this chit chat girls. (Laughing))

So, sink in to your chair, to the floor, to your bed, to your office chair, wherever you are. Just thank yourself for being alive and thank yourself for being that important person in so many other people’s lives and not just because you cook or clean or earn money or serve people day in and day out.

Take a minute and just feel how many people, seen and unseen, above and below, love you and value you and do know and see you for who you really are ~ not just as the saint or the sinner or the provider, but for who you really are.

Now relax your shoulders, relax your legs, I see a lot of tense legs out there, your jaw and feel as if you are floating like mist on a silver lake, down into your heart, down into your core and let’s begin by taking a nice deep breath of that beautiful fiery violet ray, that ray of brilliant purple tinged with shades of magenta and red and blue. And feel that violet flame coming down from your crown like a laser light, like a beam of light directly into your heart and feel it igniting the violet flame within your heart, overlighting your sweet tri-flame. And breathe violet, woodland violets, chrysanthemums, a good red wine…and breathe.

Feel that laser beam continue down from your heart, through your solar plexus and halion, your umbilical, your tummy, right down into your root, shooting out and down into the heart of Gaia, up into the heart of Gaia and feel it shoot from the heart of Gaia right up to the heart of One, creating a perfect circle of what you are an integral and infinite part.

So, feel that beam, that beautiful bright beam of violet light, iridescent, coming down again from the heart of One, through your crown, through your head, your throat, into your heart, down through your lower chakras, down through Gaia, up through Gaia, back to One and feel that circle and let it flow. And be that light, be that love.

St. Germaine: Greetings, I am St. Germaine.

SM: Welcome.

St.G: And, welcome to all of you! Welcome to all of you my beloved friends, and yes, I am quite aware that red wine is not quite of the violet ray, but because I enjoy it so much I wish to include it, that all of you could taste the sweetness of the bounty that Gaia has to offer, whether it is grape juice or the richest claret. It is about awakening your senses. It is about tasting the richness and the fruits and the bounty of Gaia. It is about allowing yourself to enjoy being human.

Now this comes from me and I have walked the Earth many, many, many times, and yes, there is a part of me that says I will never return to Gaia until all the pettiness, the cruelty, the venom is healed. I got so sick and tired of hearing people say, “Well that’s part of life!” It is such an incorrect notion, belief system, paradigm. It is the destroyer of joy. It is the limitless ability to be in joy that is the birthright of being human.

Do you really think that the Mother and Gaia herself, who volunteered to become a planet and then said, “Well, what this planet is going to be like is it is going to be a place of such duality that humans will learn misery?” Well, I for one would never have come!

Now have I experienced lack and limitation, misery and happiness, delusion, illusion, disappointment? Yes. And did I get past it, did I learn as man? We are not talking, and I do not come simply as Ascended Master of the I AM Presence this day, I come as your brother, as a fellow traveler and as a being who has been a man and who has learned the truth; that the journey of being in form, in these magnificent forms called bodies, is intended and can be a phenomenal walk of liberation, of freedom and of joy.

Now, does it take a little work sometimes? Let me emphasize, sometimes. But, that is the point of claiming all of your joy, all of your freedom. And let me be very clear, when I talk about freedom I am not talking about taking liberties…although I wish you’d take a few more…but I am not talking about inappropriate behavior and not being considerate and kind to others. Quite the contrary! Nothing gives greater joy than sharing love. It is the entire purpose of being in form. You can talk all you want and expand your understanding of the function of your mental body, your emotional body, your seal of Solomon, your causal body, your astral body, but if you aren’t claiming and being in the fullness of your physical body, my friends you are missing the point.

I know, because I, like you, spent many, many decades, and in some situations, hundreds of years trying to prove myself to myself and to others, that I was saintly. St. Germaine is a name, not a blessing. I thought if I could purify and purify and purify and negate my physical whims and wishes, desires, that somehow I would earn the purity and that sense of detachment. Until I broke through and I came to understand, yes with a great deal of help from my friends, I came to the depth of knowing in my heart, in my solar plexus, in my stomach, to the soles of my feet, that it was not about denying the body, it was about embracing the body and allowing my physical form, and your physical form, to be the reflection , the embodiment of all the grace, the wonder, the healing, the blessings, the expansiveness of the Mother’s Love and the entire universe. That the universe was within me and without, outside, and that both were equally valuable and to be employed, demonstrated, enjoyed, enjoyed, enjoyed in physical form.

Now, often in speaking to you, my blessed family, yes, the channel speaks of her gratitude for this family, but so do I and so do I on behalf of many. You are our partners, you are our circle, you are our family. You are our allies, you are our cohorts and you are my friends.

So many times I have begun and I have said, “Come and sit and drink wine and break bread with me” as we have done so many times before. When we sat in the Temple of the Violet Flame in Atlantis and you became the healer priest, and priest was a secular term, and we broke bread and you rose like the phoenix out of the ashes of the old into the new, reborn, physical body, what do you think we did? Did I say to you, “Now, what you must do is stay in the temple and pray morning, noon and night; do not touch yourself (dog barking in background) or anything else…(This dog is vigorous!)…do not touch your body, do not touch the goblet of wine, do not touch the bread, do not touch anything, for it would be impure, and the last thing I would want you to do is enjoy a good meal with me”?

Of course not! I invited you to sit and share and to savor, not merely the foods, or the Mead, but the kinship, the friendship, each other and then to return, to go out into the world, whether it was on the islands of Atlantis, or the migrations to Egypt and then to the Middle East. I asked you to go and to spread the word, not merely of healing, but of living.

The purpose of any form of healing is that you may then re-engage in the joy of life. How does this begin? There has been a great deal of discussion about sacred union, about sacred partnership, but how do you even begin that if you do not have a love and a passion for your physical self, for the physical form, the personality, the ego, and yes, I know all about ego, if you’re not passionately involved in a love affair with your self? How, how do you ever engage, not only in sacred work, but in the human work, person to person to person, lover to lover, friend to friend, daughter to mother, mother to son, father to grandfather, how do you ever engage in a truly meaningful way if you are not first and foremost engaged with yourself? If you are not being honest and truthful and having explored the territory of your own being, how do you begin? Well you can’t! Or you can’t fully, not in the measure of love and joy that I am talking of this day.

So, let me be frank! Do you know your body? Yes, Yeshua has talked about knowing the truth of your heart and your soul, but I add to this this day, and I say, know the truth of your body! I am not merely talking about intimacy and orgasm and sexual encounter, although that is critical; if you do not know what pleases you physically, how can you share and even be interested in knowing what pleases your beloved, physically?

The human body is the form, the gift that you, your guides, and some of us, have talked about and negotiated. But you had the final say about what this body looks, feels, tastes, smells and how it performs. So then why would you come and then proceed to think that your body is something disdainful, something to be ignored or whipped into shape or subdued so that you could go forward? That is right back to those who, out of a sense of entitlement, try to control you and that, my sweet angels, is not permissible. Your body is the angelic form, in form.

If you do not think that on this side, that we do not live in an almost continuous state of ecstasy, then you have misunderstood what it means to be ascended, what it means to be angelic. We do not go into the morass of pain and suffering. Do we witness it and are there times when even the beloved Mother is sad? Yes, but that is not the state of being. It is an observation about the mess that has been created by these false illusions.

So, can we start today, in this new day, talking about loving your body, your fingernails, your hands, your chin, your nose, your eyes, your belly button, your sexual parts, your toes, your knees? Can we talk about how grateful you are to be able to walk, because there are many on the planet, for reasons of teaching compassion, who can’t walk! Do you open your eyes and say, “I am so lucky to be able to see”? No, what I hear from you is, “How come my third and fourth eye isn’t open? How come I cannot see you?”

Well, let me tell you my friends, one of the reasons is that we want you first to see and to embrace the beauty of you, of who you are, of those around you, the beauty of Gaia, to taste the air and the sweetness of the water. In doing that, you open your third and fourth eye, you open your neural pathways to hearing by listening for the sound of the bees, the birds, the footsteps of the rabbits and the deer, even the human footsteps in the thick of New York City or Bombay.

Use your senses, explore your body. This is something else, too often you do not touch, and again I do not merely mean sexual touching, but you do not touch yourself. You do not touch your arm and feel the texture of your skin. You do not touch your belly, the place where you hold so much birthing energy. It does not matter whether you are male of female, you’ve been all, you’ve been both. There is not one being upon the planet that has not been homosexual, lesbian, bi-sexual, or heterosexual. Those are simply choices and each is glorious because each presents a different opportunity to explore unity and sacred partnership. But, you don’t touch yourself enough!

I see you touch your belly and you say, “Oh good, it’s flat, oh good it’s hard, oh good I don’t have jelly belly”. Or you say the critical, “Oh no, I have a muffin top, oh no, there’s a layer of fat.” You don’t simply put your hands on your belly and say “Thank you, thank you for accepting the food that I feed you, thank you for letting me know, not only when I am spiritually hungry, but when I am physically hungry so that I can engage in union with Gaia”, for it is Gaia who feeds you, it is Gaia who quenches your thirst. So I am eager to talk about intimacy in every form. So yes, I am inviting myself back Suzanne, but let us begin with your sacred self. Now, having said that, dearest Suzanne, where do you wish to begin?

SM: Ah, you are always so welcome to come back any time you want. It’s wonderful to have your perspective on this topic of enjoying our physical reality and thank you for joining us.

There’s been so much discussion around the return of the Divine Feminine, that it feels of equal importance to understand the expanding role of the masculine in our unfolding consciousness. I have a lot of compassion for men these days because the messages of ‘how to be a good man’ vary wildly. We value sensitivity and open communication, but being too sensitive can be seen as weakness, and there’s also a danger of sharing too much and having the meaning of what you’re sharing be misconstrued. Gender is, in itself, a dualistic fact of our lives. As we expand in the unity consciousness, how will the roles of gender shift?

St.G: There is no such thing as being too sensitive, there is no such thing as being too tender or too kind. Now when I have lived in Europe, I have been outrageous! And I chose in a social setting often to be outrageous in order to break through what peoples conceptions were of these very roles of male and female.

Yes, it is the return of the Divine Feminine, but it is the return of the Divine Feminine to every person and being on the planet, including every man, who too often, because of the old… and we see this in every culture… because of the old acculturation, that the male has been slotted into certain roles. Now that has broken down enormously so that the protector, hunter, warrior, stoic male is becoming more balanced.

But let us also say, that in that return of the Divine Feminine, inside of that or alongside of it, but really within, but you can conceive of it how you want, is the true nature of the Divine Masculine. Too often the male face of the divine has been seen as thundering, punishing, stoic, warrior like. And I know, I have done it! But why would there be a need for such delineation? You have called it duality and yes, there are two genders…well there really aren’t, but that is the concept so you are seeing it. Now the feminine, from my perspective is the lucky one because you get to carry the child. You get to bring the energy right into you and carry it and nurture it. So let’s face it, you get a head start.

But, it doesn’t happen without the male. And now we aren’t talking about a sperm donor, we are talking about truly this sacred coming together, which is actually very much a group process, to come together to create life. So, it has never been one or the other. But because of many of the old roles that men were forced or socialized into, and certainly by many mainstream religions, is that they were absent from that real joy of creation.

Now you are seeing a shift and a dramatic shift, more than ever before upon planet of men allowing their sensitive nature and the importance, not just in terms of lineage or bragging rights, but the care and nurturing they are giving their children, the fullness of that partnership called family. Men are having a hard time.

Often, when I would attend a function, in your terms think of it as a large dinner party, and I would manifest various beautiful stones for the fun of it…given the crowd, it was what they wanted ~ diamonds, sapphires, rubies. Nevertheless, I would manifest them for the sheer pleasure of it and to show how manifestation takes place. Now I have to admit that also made me a great hit with the ladies!

But often when I would manifest such a stone, I would cry. In the middle of an auspicious gathering, one minute I would be laughing and joking and being outrageous and the next minute I would cry. And so many would look at me and say, “Have you had too much wine? What is the problem, has your mistress left you yet again, huh?”

I would say, “No, I am crying because of the beauty of this stone.” This is what I did with the stones really, and I would hold it and they would look at it, at the depth of the blue in the sapphire, or the purity or the fire of the diamond, and people would see and they would be brought to tears because they had forgotten the meaning of beauty. And then I would give it away and I would say, “But now, look at the beauty of this one” and it was not always a woman, often it was a fellow man. And from the beauty of the gem we would look at the person, and there was always great excitement to see who would be chosen, because it allowed them to truly be seen, not for their position or their wealth or their wit, but for who they really were and who they really are because so many of you that I am speaking to this day have been with me in Atlantis or France or the New World. So, it was to use the examples of physicality and it was also to use the example that it was all right for a man to give a man a beautiful gift and to be sensitive about it.

There is no such thing as caring too much. Now, because of the false grids and paradigms that have existed in your old 3rd, did that mean opening up your heart as an incredible risk taker to be hurt? Yes, but what is the alternative? There is none. Why would you wish to close yourself off? Can you imagine the loneliness? So, you take my advice and you spend the time to discover the beauty, the richness, the territory of your body, of your likes and dislikes, of your lust and I do not mean that in a sinful way, I mean what fires your passion. So you take the trouble to find all of this out and then you are not free to engage? Well that would be absurd!

So take the chance, it is worth it!

SM: Well, thank you for that. If I may ask maybe one more question. Could you please speak to the sexual energy as an avenue of alchemical transformation? Do you know what I mean by that?

St.G: Well I think I do! (Laughing).

SM: (Laughing) I think you do. Okay!

St.G: My dearest Suzanne I do believe you are talking about sex? Can you imagine such an outrageous topic for a spiritual undertaking program? I am happy to talk about it!

SM: Awesome! I know we’re a little crazy here!

St.G: Yes, finally there is nothing crazy about sexual sacred union. And I know because I have not been celibate. And I might say that one of the things, one of the elements or aspects that often kept me going and kept me on Earth was, in fact, the ability to engage in sexual sacred intimacy with others. And yes, I have had a selection of partners, as have all of you. Even if you believe that you have only been with one person in this lifetime, you have had a parade my friends, of partners over the many, many lifetimes.

So, forget this purity, monogamy, faithfulness issue. Faithfulness is a matter of the heart, but that is another discussion.

When you join with another in the true bliss of sacred union and when you come to a place of mutuality and orgasm, that is very important, let me repeat this, it is mutuality, it is not simply one partner being satisfied, it is both.

Yes we know that sometimes there are mechanical difficulties, or that people have orgasm at a different moment, but the union in that alchemical moment is you returning, absolutely leaving your body and being fully in your body. It is the best example of bi-location that anyone can ever think of.

You are completely present and you are not present at all. You are the spark of light, the sheerest of energies, and you are so fully physical at the same moment. And in that alchemical moment, you are connecting, you are becoming the sheer energy and re-connecting, not merely with your divinity, but with THE Divinity. When I say that I have the honor to claim that I am master, not only of the Violet Flame, but of the I AM Presence, do you get there by deep meditation, by ritual, by prayer? Yes you can. But you also get there in that physical moment of orgasm, of truly letting go. Because, what you are doing is declaring your freedom. You are saying, “I am fully a physical being and I am nothing other than this spark and point of light!”

And it is in that moment…if you are co-creating, for example, with one you cherish, because I am not an advocate of casual sex because it is not rewarding. So to me, intimacy is a very intimate act. Now can it be achieved with a stranger? Yes, but that doesn’t matter, it is still an intimate act. But in that moment if you and your beloved are saying, “What we are creating”, you have created the intent: “We are creating a child, we are creating abundance, we are creating rain in California, we are creating an opening for people to see and hear and feel.” You would be amazed, and I use this all the time; in fact I never had sexual intercourse with a partner, male or female, that we did not discuss beforehand, the nature of what we were bringing forth.

SM: Wow.

St.G: So when you talk about it, it becomes woven into the physical intimacy and the sheer energy when you are completely out of your body. So you are anchoring it into the physical realm and you are creating it in the etheric realm as well.

It is a powerful, powerful tool that, because of this growth of control and lack, that you were taught to forget. Now the miracle of creating children was never forgotten. But the rest of it was placed not even on the stove…not even on the fire! So bring it back because this is a way in which you create directly with your I Am Presence, with their I Am Presence and with The I Am Presence.

So to say, “I am not having sex but I am a spiritual person so it doesn’t matter.” Well my friends, it does. And the moment of ecstasy starts with experiencing it yourself. Do not deny your physicality, all of it.

SM: Thank you! I’m weeping tears of joy right now and I am so happy about this. It is exactly, exactly what I was hoping for, thank you, thank you! So you’ll come back again?

St.G: I would love to come back again, because we have just scratched the surface.

SM: Perfect. Wonderful.

St.G: About the love of self, the claiming of your birthright of joy for your sacred self. But now I want to talk about, in the coming weeks, about the joy of joining with others. But in the meanwhile, if I can leave you with a thought… Take time to nourish, to touch, to taste, to smell, to listen to your body, to your beloved physical, magnificent, rich body. You are made out of the essence of One. You are the essence of intergalactics. You are the essence of angels. You are the essence of Gaia. How could you possibly not love yourself?

SM: (Sigh) Ah, wonderful. Thank you so much.

St.G: Go with my love, go with my beautiful amethyst gem, look at the beauty and then look at yourself my beloveds. Farewell.

SM: Farewell, thank you!


art Misty Frederick