Video & Transcript ~ St. Germaine: The Joy of Ascended Self – Linda Dillon

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Video & Transcript ~ St. Germaine: The Joy of Ascended Self


St. Germaine invites us to claim our true essence and experience the joy of the ascended self and fulfill our sacred purpose as the embodiment of Nova Being.

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Thanks to Laura for the transcript.

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Greetings, I am St. Germaine, keeper of the Violet Flame, treasurer of the I AM Presence, and again I greet you, my beloved friends, brothers, sisters, family, hybrids, angels, earthkeepers; you are miraculous. I come this day to simply remind you of the joy of being alive.

And yes, I say that from one that is in another realm, dimensional reality, but I have walked this planet many times, and yes, there have been times when I tired, and shall I say very bluntly – got fed up with the way in which humans tended to proceed. But even in that, even in the sometimes ridiculous nature of human choices of being agents, this beautiful planet has always been the place to be; the planet that was created for the experience of love.

Beloved ones, how can it be any better? How could it be more fulfilling? Well, one of the ways in which it could be more fulfilling is in the claiming, the full anchoring, not merely of your I AM and the I AM, but of the joy – of the sheer joy of being in body, of being on planet, of being with human beings and elementals, and all the kingdoms. To have this experience when we have joined, whether it has been in the ancient Atlantis or the various civilizations or the corner of France we have always embraced what was physical.

Even when the healing work was of the most esoteric nature, when the creation was out of sheer energy what we reveled in, what we took joy in – supreme happiness, was the gift of the physical; of the feeling of skin, the sparkle of an eye, the texture of velvet or a blade of grass.

The sense of community, and when I say community I do not simply mean those that agreed with me because sometimes the liveliest most expansive situations and environments were those where those around me were not in agreement, not interested in what I had to say or teach or experience or share because we were the catalyst to one another.

And in that different respective, different points of view, yes, even yes within the practice of tolerance, we would see that there were other choices, other potentials, other possibilities and it would invite us – engage us in looking beyond our own realm, our own experience and see that truly in the Mother’s infinite creation it was always more.

And this is particularly true for you, my beloveds as you live on a planet that has developed many different cultures; so many different experiences, so many different walks of life, each of which has the full potential for joy, particularly now as the new energies, the new beginnings penetrate the entire planet. And there is truly a sense of a new day and that new day is not of lethargy or sorrow or despair. It is a potential and new beginnings, new experiences, new expansion, new adventures and the fulfillment of your sacred purpose and might I say, our sacred purpose.

You get a determined, committed implementer of the Mother’s Plan, but you are also the most adventurous. And might I say the luckiest, for not only have you volunteered, you have been selected to bring forth the joy of ascended self, of Nova Earth, of Nova Being and the truth and beauty of Gaia. Claim your joy. Not when it is all done and over with, but each and every day. Look around you. There is always something within me, and around you in the eyes and the smile of a cat or a crow or a human being to make you smile and see the magnificence of Mother/Father/One creation.

It is a gift, and you, beloved one, your sacred self, you are a gift to us and to each other and to your sacred self. Go with my love and go sweet angels, in peace, in joy, in revelry, in laughter. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

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Video & Transcript ~ Meditation: Activate Your DNA for Nova Being – St. Germain – Linda Dillon

Mandala – Expect Miracles by Mary Ann Holley


Video & Transcript ~ Meditation: Activate Your DNA for Nova Being

St. Germaine asks us to ignite and expand, and to realize our sacred divinity to bring healing to Gaia and beyond. We are the change.

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Thanks to Laura for the transcript.

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So, let’s begin by taking a nice deep breath of St. Germaine’s I AM Presence. And welcome that mischievous, devilish, blue-eyed fellow into your room, into your car, into your office – wherever you are. Take a nice deep breath of the gentlest mauve, of that simply tiny shaving of lilac, of lavender and some of that French blue and as you breathe it in feel yourself sinking into your heart, into the seat of your soul, into the essence of who you are.

And here comes Gabrielle and she is saying, “Inside that seat of your soul, inside that deepest part of your heart find those golden shards; those golden bubbles of joy.” So take a nice deep breath of that rich molten gold, and of daffodils, bubbles of yellow, of lemon sunshine.

And now go back to the amethyst of St. Germaine and breathe purple, breathe the violet flame and feel that violet flame igniting and over-lighting your own tri-flame, your own tri-flame of the Blue Diamond, and the Pink Diamond and the Gold Diamond and literally feel that sense of ignition, that sense of expansion. And remember when St. Germaine told us when we last met to take that violet flame torch and write in the air I AM and your name: I AM Linda, I AM Michael, I AM Yasmin, I AM Micki, I AM Joe.

Feel the sense that that declaration of your sacred divine presence brings within you and let that grow outward past your causal, or your etheric, or mental and emotional bodies. Let’s push it out, outside your room, outside your house, outside your neighborhood, outside your city, outside your state, outside your country; let go! So that your essence, your beautiful heart is literally beaming across the planet and far beyond.

And feel how we send this violet flame to those that feel sad or lonely or abandoned or sick in disease or sorrow or grief, despair or depression. And let’s send it to everybody who’s simply on the fence – waffling, neither here nor there.

And also feel it in your heart, feel it in your essence, right down your central column from the top of your crown chakra, actually your oversoul, right down to the tip of your tailbone and your Earth star. Feel that beautiful violet, purply, brilliant light just streaming through you, activating parts of your DNA that you weren’t aware that you needed to bring online right now of Nova Being. Good. And relax and be the beautiful angel, human, Gaian, transformer, transmitter, agent of change that you are.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2018 Council of Love, Inc.

This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.


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Transcript ~ St. Germaine Comes With an Invitation to Assist Us in This Final Birthing and Crossing of the Finish Line – Linda Dillon

Flight of The Rainbow Feathers by Kazytc


Transcript ~ St. Germaine Comes With an Invitation to Assist Us in This Final Birthing and Crossing of the Finish Line…

Thanks again to Ellen for this transcription.

St. Germaine Comes With An Invitation To Assist Us In This Final Birthing And Crossing Of The Finish Line…

 I am offering you the expanded – because your ability has expanded, your ability to accept has expanded – therefore, I offer you the expanded, exploded Violet Flame!

So please drink/ jump/dive into the Violet Flame! This is the completion factor. Please do so.”

Heavenly Blessings ~ November 23, 2017

Linda Dillon ~ Channel for the Council of Love

Suzanne Maresca ~ Host, InLight Universal

[Meditation from 7:45 to 20:50]

St. Germaine: Greetings, I am St. Germaine.

Suzi: Welcome!

StG: And welcome to you, beloved angels, saints and sinners, [chuckles] masters and students – for have we not done it all and we have done it all together!

So I welcome you this day and I welcome you, yet again, into the Violet Flame, into the I AM Presence, into this deeper, higher, wider, broader sense of sacred union, not merely with your I AM – with the I AM.

I am Keeper of the Violet Flame, and I am Keeper entrusted to be the guardian, the steward of the I AM Presence, and I have been offering this to each and every one of you for over 60,000 years. I think, beloved friends, sisters and brothers, that you are ready to accept my invitation on a whole new level!

And yes, Raj (Sanat Kumara) and I are here to assist thee – by the way, as we always have been – but perhaps we are making our presence more urgently or apparently known to assist you in this final birthing. And it is not a painful birth, quite the contrary; it is filled with jubilation and celebration and joy. And it is as simple – it cannot be more simple – as simply crossing over the finish line.

You know, if you have run a marathon or done a triathlon, which many of you feel you have – and you have, by the way! – you feel that as you reach the finish line you are exhausted, you are exuberant, you are in a totally different energetic state, your endorphins are pumping strongly through your brain and through your bloodstream. But in that moment when you cross the finish line, it is but a matter of moving your body a mere few inches.

And then, what do you do? Yes, there are some that simply fall down in exhaustion, but it is exuberant exhaustion. And there are some that say, “Thank goodness I am out of that melee, that chaos. Thank God I am out of the pack.”

And then there are those that will skip and run and play and join their friends and family; and some will go and have a celebration meal or a celebration drink of water or wine, it matters not, the point being: each of you, my beloveds, celebrate and declare completion of this phase in a different way. But it is also important to realise and recognise and celebrate in ways that are in alignment with who you are.

Now, what gives you that final push – that final push for the last couple of km to run and to truly step over that finish line? And do not start moaning and groaning and saying, “Oh, St. Germaine, I didn’t know there was further yet to go.”

My beloved friends, I am not fooling around when I say to you that I have been offering this on-planet – because there are many chapters on and off-planet – but on-planet for 60,000 years, so I know about endurance! And I know about victory, I know about completion, and I most certainly know about jubilation and celebration!

So I come this day, beloved Gaians, not merely as master, not as some ascended being, but as brother and friend that has taken this journey in form, on planet, for lengths of time beyond imagination, with you. Now there have been many times in that lengthy journey that began with each of you, by the way, accepting the fullness of Source Violet Flame energy – because this elixir, this flame, this cup is nothing more and nothing less than Source energy.

And in the beginning, you welcomed it. That is why it feels so familiar to you. And you drank deeply and you imbibed love, and you abided, yes, by what many call the Law of One, the Law of Love. It is the overarching, what my brother, Sanat Kumara, calls the “State of Being”, but it is from which all begins and all ends.

Over time, many of you turned away – the scenic detours of the human experience – and some of you stayed. It matters not because we are all here together now. But even those of you who stayed during the time, during the construction, anchoring and cement-forming of the false grids and paradigms, you would say to me, “St. Germaine, can you not soften that Violet Flame? Can you not give me a paler sense of violet? How about lavender or mauve? How about a little striation of pink?”

And, of course, I would do it because at least it kept our connection, for never have any of us yearned or wanted or hoped you would simply veer away into the darkness, into the grey null zone.

We did this with full knowing that the time would come when you would turn to us, when you would turn to me, when you would turn to the Planetary Logos and say, “We’re ready!” And you would say to me, “Samuel, turn it back up. Francis, turn it back up,” for I have been known by many names. And all of them, all those beings that I have existed as, these personas that I have adopted, I did so so I could stay with you and continue to offer you the Loving Cup.

And I do so now, not in form but as clearly present as I have ever been. And I am offering you the Elixir of Love. I am offering you the Loving Cup. I am offering you the Blue Rose of Sirius. I am offering you the Violet Bonfire. I am offering you the essence. Yes, it has become my essence as Keeper and Carrier of the Violet Flame. But this Violet Flame – what is the Violet Flame? It is the essence of Love and of Source.

So often you think: “How do we know Source? How do we know God? How do we know that infinite Creator, creative universe?”

And this essence of the Violet Flame? It is not merely a transmuter of negativity. It is a creator. It is the electrical frequency, the oscillation that increases your frequency and your rate to a level where creation and co-creation simply become your ‘new normal’. That is why SK is putting such emphasis on the Universal Laws. This is your next step.

So I am offering you the full embrace of the Violet Flame that your oscillation factor – not from negative to neutral, but from neutral to spectacular – is in full force.

The Violet Flame, the Violet Ray, is even part of the Porlana C that is sent to you by your Star family inside what you think of as that electric blue. What gives it that electric feeling and sense? It is the Violet Flame. It is what they use. And it is blended with their life force energy and they are giving it to you.

Artist appreciation

Now think of this. Think of all of us on this side and your Star family. And we are sending this to you, we are offering this to you, we are giving it to you – free of charge! [chuckles] – and even sending you blessings along with it, but that is another subject! But we are giving it to you.

This is a level of sacred union and sacred partnership that each and every one of you pray for every single day. If you were to have a human being, male or female, young or old, who approached you for sacred union and said, “I will give you my essence, and I will see you for who you are, and I will treat you for who I know you to be,” you would be over the moon, happy, joyous, fulfilled.

But, beloved ones, that is exactly what we are doing. And as each of you imbibes, steps into, embraces, surrounds yourself, fills yourself with this Violet Flame essence, you are creating unto yourself not only the perfect sacred partner, but you are turning yourself into the partner of your own being. And in that, you are able to truly engage in what we call sacred partnership and what your heart yearns for.

No, I am not suggesting that you are going to toss out of the house the person that you have been with, quite the contrary. The whole point is that you transmute and transform and transcend into a new level of love.

I am not simply offering you currency or spiritual currency or diamonds or rubies out of thin air… lead into gold. I am offering you freely, with love, with the generosity that comes from the Mother’s heart – I am offering you the I AM.

I am offering you the expanded – because your ability has expanded, your ability to accept has expanded – therefore, I offer you the expanded, exploded Violet Flame!

What do you say, dearest Suzi?

Suzi: I say, “Thank you very much!” I know things of this nature can be challenging for people because they don’t have proof. I understand that our perceptions are opening, so that will be my prayer: that people’s perceptions are opened that they might receive this information and this beautiful, exquisite gift more completely.

StG: Yes. You have this expression, and in fact I would make a joke and say I invented this expression: “What comes first, the chicken or the egg?” Can you remember us sitting in a small gathering place, a roadside inn, where we would play and laugh with these silly questions and then we would make jokes?

But we would understand because of the overriding – and I say this in very serious terms – the overriding state of being of free will; this is – I would say ‘sacred’ – but this is the rule that our Mother has made beyond any kind of tampering. And you know we love to skirt rules, and particularly unjust laws and rulers that are all puffed-up and think themselves holy when in fact they are despots, but that is an aside.

The one thing we will not interfere with or override, although I may try vehemently to convince you one way or the other, is free will.

Now you say, “St. Germaine, my prayer is that people will hear and receive,” and that is why I have spoken and do speak so vehemently this day. I am begging you, but I can’t do it for you! I am offering this, not even as an olive branch but a blazing inferno, or a chalice filled with electrical elixir, whatever works for you.

Now, where does free will come in? My beloveds, all of you have said, “Well, I don’t know if this is real. I don’t know if this will work. I don’t know what this is going to taste like, but what the hell, I’ll have a sip.” I cannot force it down your throat. And the proof of passing the finish line doesn’t come before; it comes after. So that is why I’m so urgently pleading with you, but offering you in the greatest sense of celebration!

You know along that marathon route that there are these way stations – what I would call a way station – where they offer you various energy drinks, Gatorade or sheer water, and it is before you cross the finish line. So I’ve positioned myself with you and for you – and by the way, the way station, that pickup point, is loaded with all of us. And we’re offering you as you’re running by – the finish line is in sight but just to reinforce you; and we havereinforced you, by the way, the entire relay – we’re offering you this bottle, cup, energy drink [chuckles] of the Violet Flame.

You are already ignited, your free will is already ignited, but it is your decision.

Now I want to approach this, if I might, from even a slightly different perspective because I know you all! So yes, we have covered the: “Well, I’m not sure what it tastes like but what the heck, I will take a sip.” But then there are those of you who are perhaps further back and you feel that you are no longer running. You are crawling to the finish line and you are exhausted.

And let me tell you, in truth, what you are exhausted from. You are not exhausted. And you have been receiving perhaps the palest lavender, but you have been receiving gifts and many attunements, the Tsunami, the Porlana C all along the way. You are exhausted not even because of uncertainty. You may be framing it in that way, but I want to pose it another way: you are exhausted by the chaos; you are exhausted by the lies; you are exhausted by the disgusting behaviours that human beings have involved themselves in.

Now note what I say. I do not say that the human beings are disgusting, sinful, irreverent. These are behaviours, these are sidetracks, these are diversions and distractions that they have involved themselves in, and it has all come to the surface. That’s why I say that this has been a marathon of chaos.

When you are that exhausted, when you feel that you are inching, crawling towards the finish line, it is not – I see you! – it is not because you don’t have this or that, because what you have is your knowing and your faith and the solid determination that you are going to do this. And in this, your exhaustion comes from being tired of trying and feeling that those that are in the race – the human race – with you don’t care, and would rather engage in the low, the negative side of that vibration, ‘the old’.

But beloveds, do not think that they are not being showered by the Violet Flame as well. They are moving from what you would term in terms of your spectrum is from the negative to the neutral. You have jumped – you weren’t even in neutral but let’s use that as a reference point – you have jumped from neutral to spectacular, so don’t worry about them!

Suzi: [Laughing] I’m amazed at how fast this time has gone. Many tangible things are happening on the planet indicating great change taking place. I think that what people are looking for is a shift in the financial reality of all of us. Will you speak to that please?

StG: You know I can only speak in limited ways to that.

Suzi: Hmm, I figured.

StG: And so this is not the time or place. And, in fact, I am rather aghast that there are those who in fact claim to speak for me or who claim to know my plan, which as you know is the Mother’s Plan – it is the Divine Plan.

Let me say this. There have been many final arrangements. Everything has been in place for a long time, and the hiccup for much of the expansions that you are seeking – and the creation and co-creation of Nova Earth – has depended upon humans… your term would be “getting their act together.” And I would suggest that this is part of my offering of the Violet Flame to those of you who are the tipping point – who are at the finish line!

And so, it is imperative – imperative! And you know I have often spoken outrageously, vehemently, but when I say ‘imperative’ and ‘immediate’, I mean exactly that. So please drink/ jump/dive into the Violet Flame! This is the completion factor. Please do so.

Suzi: Yes, relax and trust and just…

StG: Swim, dance, play!

Suzi: Yes. I love that! Be happy. Be in joy.

StG: You know, even when we were, shall we say, making a rapid departure from various unpleasant or dangerous situations – because there were many when I was in form who did not like me; they were jealous and so we would make a hasty departure – but even in that, we were having fun!

And when we got far enough away, we would stop and rest the horses and have them groomed, and sit and have a cup of wine and some bread. And we would laugh because we knew not only were we doing what we were choosing to do – which, even then, was transforming the planet – we were doing so to absolutely lay down the groundwork for today.

So when I say to you: “Dearest hearts all over this planet, let’s make a hasty retreat today,” come join me!

Suzi: Yes, yes, indeed. And may I offer my sincere and heartfelt thanks to you and to Sanat Kumara, and of course to all of our friends who are working so hard with us in beautiful partnership. Hurrah! Hurrah for everyone! Thank you so much.

StG: Oh, thank you, beloved one. Let us sit and drink not only the I AM Presence but a cup of wine together.

Suzi: Yes, happily!

StG: Go with my love. Farewell.

Suzi: Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon

© 2017 Council of Love, Inc.


This channeled material is protected by copyright. We invite you to share it on condition that it is used in its entirety, that no alteration is made, that it is free of charge, and that the copyright notice, channel credit, website link, and this statement are posted.

The Purple Flame Decrees are Here: A Message from St. Germain and the Transition Team – Giselle Koy


The Purple Flame Decrees are Here: A Message from St. Germain and the Transition Team, Delivered by Giselle Koy


The Purple Flame Decrees are Here: A Message from St Germain and the Transition Team, Delivered by Giselle Koy

Greetings on these beloved holidays on Planet Earth. May thanks be given for all the plentitude and abundance here, and soon to be seen. You will need a new word for gratitude for so great will your heart be filled with thanks. It will be beyond measure and beyond a word. This is certain. Gratitude will not come in spurts in those moments when you remember but will be a constant fountaining of awe, delight, thankfulness and blessings. Blessings will beget blessings for as you bless you will be blessed. And this goes for every virtuous quality cultivated here on earth.

As part of the transition team of Ascension, which by the way is in full swing, I am here to speak to you of the changing of the guard so to speak.

I spoke to you earlier about how I too will be ascending and moving on to other realms. The mighty I Am Presence we have all shared as our passageway out of 3D will now be enhanced with a new set of decrees. These are the Purple Flames of the We Are Presence.

Yes congratulations on our arrival to “oneness” consciousness. Most of you can feel it as you look around and see all as family. The constant vigilance of invoking the Violet Flame has created the passage into the We Are Presence and its accompanying golden center. Yes this is a sphere of refined violet flame, it’s crowning glory of achievement, its heralded victory.

The Violet Flame is Ascending as well to its deeper richer new incarnation. All of your invocations over the many years have cultivated this new deep rich saturated Purple Wavelength in the light spectrum. Here are some decrees to start you off. Many of you will be receiving and writing these decrees as transition continues. Work with this Crowning Wave of Ascension with the Violet Flame as the sponsor of this Flame of Ascension.

I Am the Purple Flame of Ascension Victorious

We Are the Crowning Glory of Man’s True Heart Sharing Throughout Existence

We Are the Purple Flame of All Purple Hearts – Honored for Bravery, Service and Courage

We Are the Oneness Incarnate

We Are the Oneness Ripple Throughout Everyone’s Heart, Syncopating the Rhythm of Unity

We Are the Purple Flame of Boundary Dissolvers in 3D Earth and the Joining Forces of All Separations

We Are One, Joined through our Purple Hearts of Valor

We Are One Here and Forevermore, Manifesting Peace on Planet Earth

We Are beyond the Ultra-Violet Spectrum and part of the Spectrum of Multi-dimensional Saturation

We Are Ascension Victorious

We Are the Blessings of All Transmuted Energies Here on Planet Earth

We Are the Robes of Royal Existence – Here on Planet Earth Now

We Are the Fields of Purple Lavender Infusing Earth with the Perfume of All Transmuted Energies and Toxicities

We Are the Purple Ray of Deep Deep Love, Transmuted through the Ages Long Process of 3D Life

We Are, We Love, We Unify, We Bless, We Offer Ourselves in Full Service to the Light in All Frequencies

We Are the Purple Flame that Burns in Constant Service

We Are Those that Serve in Perpetuity

We Are the Rising of Our Civilization Over and Over Until Final Ascension

We Are the Rapid and Rare Ascension of the Entire Planet

We Are the Binding Colors of All Ascension Efforts

We Are the Tip of the Violet Flame, Kissing the Next Realm, Our Ascension Destination

We Are the Flame Fueling the Perpetuity of All Existing Transmutational Flames

We Are the Final Flame for this Planet in Her Current State at the Cusp of Ascension

We Are the Tribute Flame for Mankind’s Success

We Are That We Are

The Purple Flame Decrees are Here: A Message from St. Germain and the Transition Team, Delivered by Giselle Koy

The Shifts Waiting to Occur by St Germain ~ Natalie Glasson @ Sacred School of Om Na

patricia ariel 4.8.

ART : Patricia Ariel


The Shifts Waiting to Occur

by St Germain

Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 4th September 2015- Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

In a time of such inner transformation it can be challenging to accept or recognise that greater shifts are waiting to occur for yourself, humanity and the Earth. Most of these shifts are inconceivable within your mind and yet they are already present within your soul and will be transmitted to your mind for manifestation at a physical level. You are the creator of all shifts and transformations occurring within your being and you are also supporting the same for humanity and the Earth. You may feel that your efforts are not good enough or wonder how you could possibly be assisting the Earth, even people you do not know in their ascension when you have little or no idea of your own ascension pathway and purpose. This poises an interesting question, is knowing and knowledge more important or valuable than faith or belief? Which would you choose to be a key focus in your ascension pathw ay, the quest for wisdom or the development of belief and trust?

I invite you to contemplate these questions because they are two pathways, both intriguing and rewarding, however they are very different. Many light workers seek wisdom from within their beings and in their outer reality, they desire to have spiritual knowledge as this it seems will support a spiritual reality and Creator embodiment. While some faith and trust is placed upon the wisdom and knowledge gained there is a constant desire and maybe even strive to access a greater understanding of self and the Creator in order to move along the pathway to enlightenment.  This means the light worker may never truly embody the wisdom although they will know it well in their minds.

Other light workers may not wish to access spiritual wisdom and knowledge; to know within their mind the workings of the universe, the Creator and even their own being has little value. Greater value is placed upon belief, faith and trust in the Creator, in being on the divine pathway, receiving all that is necessary and needed, generally being supported by the Creator in all ways. Such people believe even when there is no evidence and yet because of their trust in the Creator evidence comes in many moments within their daily reality.

Which do you perceive yourself to be, a soul seeking spiritual knowledge or a soul wishing to experience the complete embrace and support of the Creator? I only invite you to contemplate this question as it will bring clarity to your focus for moving easily through your ascension. It is most probably you will recognise that you seek spiritual knowledge as well as trust in the support of the Creator. You may also recognise that one is more prominent within your being than the other. You may wish to look into enhancing and further developing the area of lack as a step for greater enlightenment.  As well you may wish to acknowledge that one enhances the mind while the other enriches the heart. The mind is always seeking answers and in many ways can never be satisfied while the heart already knows all the answers or wisdom and so simply seeks to exist. In order to exist there is a ne ed for faith, trust and belief in all that is the Creator within and around you. With my sharing you may wish to dedicate yourself to realising the natural and ever present vibration of faith, trust and belief within your heart. This energy is effortless for your heart to express and to influence your entire being, it is a constant energy which aligns you to the Creator, encouraging you to exist in the divine flow of the Creator, continuously guided and supported.

You may deem yourself not advanced enough to access ascension and enlightenment because you perceive you do not have the knowledge and knowhow of others, yet if you let this go and allow yourself to focus within, you realise you are a natural being of creation. Everything you require and need is within your being already, there is very little searching or seeking that is required, the greatest energies which are valuable to enhance are your faith, trust and belief as this will allow you to accept the support of the Creator through and around you. With these energies you welcome yourself into a serene state where everything is easy and effortless as you have encouraged the mind to no longer overwork as well as supporting your heart to become the expansion it is able to be. In truth I am inviting you to change your perspective of yourself and the way you believe you have to achieve your ascension on the Earth. When you trust in the Creator within and around you wisdom, knowledge and enlightenment will flow from within you with very little effort.

This is the transition many are making on the Earth at this time, simply it can be labelled moving from the mind to the heart and yet it is such a complex shift only because it will influence every part of your being, reality and the world. Allow yourself to just think for a moment all of the belief systems that humanity holds which would be broken down and dissolved eternally. The understanding of working in order to fulfil ones needs would be erased, suffering especially poverty and hunger would gradually be removed even the understanding that technology is needed to enhance lifestyles, communication and happiness. With this simple transition of moving from the mind and knowledge to the heart and trust the entire world would be altered and shifted first from within your own being, then becoming evident in humanity as well as their actions and the world.

It is very important to contemplate the changes to life upon the Earth which would be made by people moving their trust and faith from the mind to the heart allowing the wealth of the Creator’s light, love, consciousness and wisdom to explode in to manifestation upon the Earth. When you imagine all the shifts, transitions and transformations that would automatically and naturally be made you are actually bringing them into fruition, you are allowing your heart to bring forth new opportunities and realities for yourself and all of humanity to experience which are predominantly focused upon receiving and expressing the Creator. You may also recognise that there are many people on the Earth who are fighting the process of awakening vibrations of trust, faith and belief from their hearts, instead they are allowing their thoughts to guide them which can only cause pain, suffering and even destruction. For those that wish to continue to be dominated by their quest for knowledge and any pursuit of the mind, the love of your heart is the greatest remedy. I share this with you now as it is the present and future shift which are occurring on the Earth. Every transition will have this at the focus, it will be the core of all matters in your reality and the world. It is a time for rebirth of the mind into a new divine expression, however in order for this to occur old thought processes and perspectives are required to be eradicated which can only take place through awakening trust, faith and belief from your heart chakra; a direct gateway to your soul and the Creator. With the mental body transforming so the heart chakra will be further supported to transform impacting positively and beautifully upon all other aspects of your being.

To begin this process I wish to share an invocation to enhance your faith, trust and belief in igniting from your heart chakra.

‘I am aware of the shifts taking place within my being and upon the Earth now, I am ready and willing to assist and support the necessary transitions in taking place within my being encouraging me to move my focus to living from my heart with ease and perfection, rather than from my mind and mental body. I realise to seek knowledge and a belief that knowledge will aid my enlightenment no longer serves me, I instead focus my attention into my heart chakra to allow myself to exist from my heart centre. I now invite my heart chakra to activate the vibrations of faith, trust and belief in the Creator flowing through me and existing all around me. As I feel and experience vibrations of faith, trust and belief radiating from my soul through my heart centre, I allow myself to truly experience the value and impact of these energies on my entire being and reality. Faith, trust and belief fills my entire being, I give my focus to my heart and allow it to bring forth through me and attract all that is necessary and needed to allow me to understand that my reality is supported completely and absolutely by the Creator, therefore all is effortless and perfect. I invite myself to connect with and remember the vibrations of faith, trust and belief available to me from my heart chakra at all times especially as I make the transition from my mind to my heart into the truth of the Creator. Thank you.’

Please allow yourself to experience the vibrations of faith, trust and belief rising from within you, these are natural energies which exist within you no matter whether you doubt or judge yourself. This simple exercise will encourage you to recognise the Creator more fully within your being and reality thus creating beautiful transitions for yourself and the Earth, bringing forth enlightenment.

With love and blessings,

I am present to support your ascension,

St Germain

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St Germain – Instigating and Observing Transformation ~ Natalie Glasson @ Sacred School of Om Na

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Instigating and Observing Transformation

by St Germain

Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 28th August 2015 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

My love and the vibration of transformation which the Creator delivers and anchors through my being is expressed to you now, available for you to receive and embody to support your ascension. I am St Germain, some may call me a Master of Transformation, and yet I am simply observant of the energy of the Creator realising the potential for growth and expansion that is waiting to take place. It is my simple observation and understanding of energy which allows me to instigate and experience transformation of all forms.

I invite you to contemplate, do you know your own potential? Do you know how you can transform? Do you understand the outcome if you allowed yourself to transform? These are interesting questions. I also wish to share with you that it is valuable to your spiritual evolution to ask yourself questions such as these as it inspires understanding as well as new aspects of your truth to awaken. However when you ask yourself a question there is no need to expect an answer, this is because the question is a far more powerful instigator and activator of your energy than receiving the answer. When you receive the answer to your question this is only a response grounding into your physical body and awareness from a major shift which has occurred energetically. In truth the answer you receive can in no way describe the response which has taken place energetically. When you ask yourself questions you are encouraging your inner core energy to blossom, expand and become its truth, it is an energetic reaction which occurs within you synthesising you with the Creator. The answer you receive is almost like the description of the energetic reaction which is almost unfulfilling compared to the shift and awakening taken place within your being.

It is the same when you invite a guide or your soul to impart wisdom or guidance to you, you may receive wisdom which satisfies you, or maybe you find it challenging to receive guidance or any form of connection. The important thing is that the question has been asked, whether you receive the guidance or inspiration through your mental or emotional body it doesn’t matter because a blossoming of your truth is taking place which is impacting your ascension and connection with the Creator whether you are aware of it or not, you have received all that is appropriate and necessary. Therefore you can have faith that you are always growing, activating and transforming, the key is to encourage yourself to be observant of the beautiful energetic reactions taking place within your being.

I invite you to sit peacefully or to simply allow yourself time to commune with your inner most sacred energy. As you are breathing deeply focusing upon the beauty of light, love and consciousness that you are which exists within your being, I invite you to ask these questions only one at a time allowing yourself to take time to feel and observe the energetic response and blossoming taking place within your being. Who am I? What is my key skill or ability in this lifetime? How can I heal myself? What is my potential or purpose? Why am I here on the Earth? You may wish to compose questions which resonate with your soul and current existence.

Ask yourself in your mind, ‘Who am I?’ Then take the attention of your mind to your heart chakra and be observant of the energy at this area. Observe any energy, colour, sensation or feeling which rises or swells into your being in response. Even if you are not aware of what is occurring, know and hold faith that beauty is arising from within your being. Do not try to understand, analyse or investigate the energy simply be accepting because the energy awakening from within your being in response to your question is so valuable and sacred. Even if you cannot understand the energy something more important is occurring, you are embodying the energy, it is embedding within your physical being and will become a natural expression. This signifies that when you ask the question, ‘Who am I?’ the answer from your soul is synthesised with your entire being, thus accelera ting your ascension dramatically. Imagine then if you were to ask the same question with honesty and love several times a day, each time giving yourself space to experience the energy reaction forming within your being, then you would allow yourself to embody your true self through this simple practice.  This is to instigate and observe your own transformation in a very simply way.

Sometimes it is easier to observe the transformation of another rather than yourself, this is also valuable as it encourages you to be aware, sensitive and attentive. When you are observing the transformation of yourself or another you are witnessing the energy of the Creator evolve into a greater potential, you are expanding all limitations in order to recognise the Creator with greater truth and awareness. This is an ability to be encouraged because when you allow yourself to observe the greatness of the Creator you allow yourself to move away from living with limiting perspectives. It is truly freeing for your heart and soul when you hold the belief that anything and everything is possible and that each soul is far more expansive and beautiful than their current existence.

Transformation is to observe and allow the energy of the Creator to expand into its beauty and perfection. You have this divine right in every moment of your reality, thus realising your greatness and potential on the Earth as a spiritual being of light and an aspect of the Creator.

I invite you to call my energy, St Germain, forth to be present with you. Allow yourself to breathe my energy deep into your being sensing my energy, light and consciousness. When you can sense my energy present with you I invite you to ask me a question. Say in your mind, ‘What is your truth?’ then simply allow yourself to be observant of my energy. I, St Germain, will transform before you, I am already my truth and yet my soul will heighten my entire being bringing forth purer aspects of my truth to merge with you. You may feel the transformation of my energy within your own being, this is simply because we are connected and present together in this space. It is also due to the fact that all aspects of the Creator, including you and I are united as one, never separate. Simply allow yourself to practice this free from expectations, as you poise the question your own soul will blossom and expand in response as well.

Additionally I invite you to sit before a flower, plant or tree. I invite you to hold the intention of recognising the energy of the flower, plant or tree, then when you feel ready ask in your mind a question such as, ‘What is your truth?’ Allow yourself to simply be aware of the energy, vibration and colour of the flower, plant or tree as it evolves into an expanded greatness. Observe the transformation, even if you simply hold an intention or sense the transformation occurring. It is a wonderful technique to practice as it will encourage your deeper understanding of transformation as well as developing your sensitivity to the subtle shifts occurring within your being and within all aspects of the Creator.

It is techniques such as these that I share and encourage within my ashram upon the inner planes and which Lady Portia shares within the Seventh Ray of Light Ashram. If you wish to work closer with myself, St Germain or with Lady Portia focusing upon activating, observing and experiencing transformation of the energy of the Creator then you can call upon us sharing with us your wishes to study with us upon the inner planes. This will mean that during your sleep state your attention and awareness will be transported to either my ashram or Lady Portia’s ashram on the inner planes to continue a focus upon activating, observing and experiencing transformation. We will share with you many teaching which will support the evolution of your soul upon the Earth, your enhanced sensitivity to the energy and presence of the Creator as well as encouraging you to support the ascension of all upon the Earth. You can also call upon myself, St Germain to meditate with you downloading the same teachings concerning transformation so you may receive them with conscious awareness.

It is my purpose to ignite abundant transformation and alignment with the Creator,

Saint Germain

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